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RAISING BIGHOUSE Renewal & Hope in Tsawout




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Movie Making Magic

Bannockburn Farm


Remembering... those who gave their lives, so that we can live ours.

The SeniorCare Group would like to pay tribute to those who have sacrificed for their country and fellow Canadians. Let’s honour their legacy by living our lives to the fullest in their memory.








MEET YOUR NEIGHBOURS Local Veteran William Murdoch


ARTS SCENE Paying Tribute Through Painting


ONE FOOD, THREE WAYS The Humble Leek: Local & Flavourful


CONVERSATIONS & COMMUNITY First Nations & Municipal Government

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THIS MONTH'S CONTRIBUTORS Jo Barnes, Brooklyn Cribdon, Jenna Falk, Sherrin Griffin, Janice Henshaw, Jesse Holth, Tina Kelly, Paula Kully, Cassidy Nunn, Deborah Rogers, Ashley Ruffle, Joan Saunders Marita Schauch, Courtney Thomas Linda Walker P.O. BOX 2173, SIDNEY, B.C. V8L 3S6 To find Seaside Magazine near you, visit Get Seaside direct to your door; email for subscription details Seaside Magazine is printed 12 times a year by Mitchell Press. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Reproduction requests may be made to the editor or publisher via the above means. Views of contributors do not necessarily reflect the policy or views of the publisher and editor. Staff of the magazine cannot be held responsible for unsolicited manuscripts or photographs. We acknowledge and thank the W̱SÁNEĆ people on whose traditional territory we live and work.

photo by Janis Jean Photography

LIVING OFF THE LAND Anchored in Agriculture

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ON THE COVER See Seaside Homes - page 64 Photo by Janis Jean Photography

Rachelle Keeley’s approach to business is refreshingly personal and generous with a high standard of integrity. Premiere Executive Suites is Canada’s largest and most trusted provider of fully furnished temporary residences with the highest standards of quality and hospitality. It is an internationally accredited corporate housing provider through ISAAP and CHPA. Rachelle Keeley holds a Bachelor of Science and a master’s degree and purchased the Victoria franchise 16 years ago. She built the business from the ground up, starting with one suite and $3,000 and managing all aspects of the business on her own. Today the company employs 13 people and manages 60 privately-owned suites in 30 different buildings. The Victoria office consistently achieves goals and exceeds projections through the personal approach which builds trust and loyalty. Premiere’s success is three-fold, and embedded in its culture is the fundamental belief that business is about people, not properties. Premiere Suites Victoria works closely with owners to successfully create a “hands-free, worry-free” property management partnership by professionally marketing and monitoring their valuable assets as well as lobbying provincial and regional offices to protect the owners’ investments. The staff are treated like family and acknowledged for their valuable contributions. Clients are also treated with the highest professionalism and often become friends. Premiere’s product is important to business people relocating for work and for local people who need safe and secure interim furnished accommodations while their personal residences are being renovated or repaired due to seasonal damage. Rachelle’s philosophy of regarding “people first,” on every level of business, has proven to be exceptionally successful and has a significant impact on the Greater Victoria and Sidney communities.

250-595-5639 | 834 Johnson Street, Victoria |






Diving into the world of slow fashion isn't easy, but it is transformative. Knowing that you're making a real difference for the planet, and for the hands that make your clothes, is something powerful. It's not all or nothing. Every step is progress and can bring joy. Simplicity is beautiful.

New & Noteworthy and In Good Health exemplify Seaside Magazine's commitment to showcasing the local lifestyle we all love. While writing these articles, I've been inspired to take better care of myself and I have the privilege of getting to know the amazing people that live and work on the Peninsula!

Starting a family is a vulnerable and exciting time of life and while everyone has faced struggles and challenges throughout the pandemic, new parents more than ever need support from their families, friends and community. This time has shown me support can come in many different shapes and forms.




When I was asked to do In Fashion I was honoured, then nervous. I had to have my picture taken! I am a financial advisor who farms, not a model. But I was lucky to have Janis Jean as the photographer. Not only was she amazing at putting me at ease and making me feel good, she made it fun.

I never used to alter recipes, but I've found it so interesting and exciting over the past few years to play around a bit more with ingredients. That's why I try to write about possible options, as cooking can be a fabulous way to explore your own tastes and personality.

Fall seemed to appear quickly this year, and with it the need for comfort and sustenance in the kitchen. It's the season for something simmering on the stovetop and enticing scents bubbling from the oven. This month we celebrate the humble leek!


First Word

from the


Sue Hodgson

If there's such a thing as a "sales gene," I was definitely born with it. From my earliest days I loved persuading people to buy what I had to sell. First it was lemonade. Then, to what was probably the chagrin of my small neighbourhood, when I was about eight, it was Girl Guide cookies. My father worked for CIP (Canadian International Paper) and my mother was a traditional stay -at-home mom, raising all four of us. Dad's company was based out of Montreal, so I'd see him coming and going from trips, suitcase in hand, and I would dream of his adventures on the road. My father worked hard and he kept working no matter what hardships he faced. I'd like to think I'm similar to my Dad – our shared passion for business, drive to succeed and persistence. My father was a true inspiration to me in many ways. When I look back at my childhood, high school and university years, it's clear how I can trace the interests and drive that later shaped my professional life. Think about it: if you plan on working 40-hour weeks from age 40 to 65, that's 90,000 hours of your life at your job. You'd better enjoy it! As I think about our community, the place I call home; we are so lucky to be surrounded by such a supportive and loving group of people we can call our friends and neighbours. Remember: it's not about whether you can do it all; it's about whether you can be happy whatever you're doing. And then I think to myself and smile; I love my job!

e d i s a Se Sue

Photo by Janis Jean Photography. Clothing provided and styled by Style Coast. For more, visit

Raising the Bighouse:

Revitalization in the Tsawout Community by Brooklyn Cribdon

July 17, 2009: This was the

last time the SȾÁUTW̱ (Tsawout, pronounced "say-out") Nation had a gathering place. On a Friday evening in 2009, a fire engulfed the Nation's Longhouse, with flames visible across the Peninsula, and left nothing but ashes and bits of steel in its wake. One resident, concerned for the safety of others, tried to open the door to the longhouse and ensure no one was trapped. Thankfully, no one was inside or badly hurt. Where wounds arose, however, was in the hearts of the Nation – in the souls of the people. No longer did Tsawout people have a place for ceremony, teaching or healing. What was once a cultural and spiritual home suddenly became a visual reminder of heartache and loss. SMIŁE,ÁUṮW is the SENĆOŦEN word for the bighouse. Bighouses are vital to the well-being of Indigenous nations and communities. The bighouse is a cultural and spiritual gathering place that is truly the "heartbeat of the community." The space serves as a sacred place to share in traditions, ceremonies, marriages, funerals, and the passing of oral knowledges from Elders. Without this gathering place, culture and language are being lost – especially for the younger generations whose participation and learning are key in keeping culture and traditions alive. Not only is culture being lost, but without a longhouse, there is also harm to the community's wellbeing as people have been displaced from where they once found a sense of direction and identity. This particularly holds true for the youth and young people of the Tsawout First Nation. The longhouse is a space where young people can find refuge and release emotions, stress and sadness. They can sit with 10 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | NOVEMBER 2021

Elders and seek guidance. And importantly, they can find belonging where they aren't alone. Participating in and witnessing ceremonies, practising SENĆOŦEN language and sharing in traditional dance and music can all provide a deep connection with meaning and purpose. While some teachings from Elders can happen at home, it is very different (and less accessible) than at the bighouse surrounded by community. As a result of the fire in 2009, Elders have been holding on to teachings and effectively been silenced for over a decade. This leaves an entire generation without a much-needed connection to their culture and the ability to learn about themselves, who they are, and where they come from. In an emotional interview, Becky Wilson, Executive Assistant for the Raising the Bighouse project, shared the story of how close family and community members' lives were lost shortly after the world was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic. These lives, however, were not lost to the virus but were taken instead by suicide. Additionally, not only did the community have to bear witness to the loss of some of their youth, they saw these losses happen one after the other, without the ability to mourn or heal collectively in the longhouse. Wilson, who had just experienced deaths in her family in Cowichan, was then faced with arranging funerals, holding space for others, and her own mourning for two more young souls that were now gone. The impact of a worldwide pandemic on top of a community left without a gathering place became very evident. There is hope shining through the community though. 12 years after fire and destruction, the Tsawout community is finally witnessing the construction of a new bighouse – a place that can support the youth and the community as a whole. After the initial trauma from 2009, and the

residual trauma over the last decade, there is a lot of excitement surrounding the construction, which began with a groundbreaking in November, 2020. A year later, work is progressing quickly and there is hope that the new longhouse will be completed in December this year. The construction is a combination of partnerships from Vancouver Island's Built Contracting, as well as work from community members, including Becky Wilson's son and nephews. "To have our community members being a part of the build is amazing and it means just that much more. I have noticed the happiness it has brought to everyone in our community and the excitement and anticipation for it to finally be done," says Becky. Soon, those in the Tsawout community will no longer see empty land, or even hear machines working on that land, but instead hear the sounds of drums and the smell of smoke that signal the life and vibrancy of the bighouse. There are feelings of anticipation, renewal and joy across the Tsawout First Nation as they watch the bighouse come to life, day by day. As Becky Wilson put it, "the bighouse is bringing life back to our people." Each morning brings the community one step closer to standing together as one and no longer being deprived of culture. Rebuilding the bighouse is not only a revitalization project. It is also an act of preservation and autonomy.

photos by Amanda Cribdon Photography

If you'd like to learn more or watch an impactful video trailer about Raising the Bighouse, please visit In addition to the longhouse itself, there will also be a large dining hall where folks can share in feasts and meals. The SȾÁUTW̱ Nation has a GoFundMe set up to help complete the interior of the bighouse, including the community kitchen. Becky Wilson notes that donations can also be made easily directly to the Tsawout Nation by mailing or dropping off a cheque in person. The Nation can then record these donations in the tally on their Go Fund Me webpage.


The holidays are just around the corner, and this year you can experience the magic of Christmas in Sidney as never before! Capture the warmth of a small-town Christmas, and safely enjoy beautifully arranged lights and unique displays throughout Downtown Sidney from November 14 to December 31. Adding to the holiday spirit, enjoy a weekly performance by the Festive Brass Ensemble, horse-drawn carriage rides, a family-friendly scavenger hunt, Community Christmas Tree and an outdoor Christmas Market! Find out more at

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M E E T YO U R N E I G H B O U R S by Deborah Rogers | photo by Amanda Cribdon Photography

William Murdoch Our community consists of people with all sorts of stories. Some have lived here all their lives, some moved here for school or work, and many in our community moved here at retirement. I spent a charming morning at Sidney All Care Residence, meeting of one of those retirees, Bill Murdoch. Despite hip and knee issues Bill looks very fit, in fact I met him just after he'd finished a fitness class. He has a wonderful memory,

and a twinkle in his eye as he tells me that no one will want to hear his story! I was brought up never to ask someone's age so I'll leave it for you to do some math. Bill, whose official title is Brigadier-General (Retd), joined the military at age 18, in 1952. It was a way for him to gain an education he otherwise couldn't have afforded. He joined the Air Force and learned to fly the WW2 Lancaster Bombers, "really noisy old planes," There's a photo of a Lancaster on

Winter Market November 6th & 20th, December 11th | 9 am to 2 pm RCMP Barn | Saanich Fairgrounds 1528 Stelly’s Cross Road 250-216-0621 14 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | NOVEMBER 2021

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A Flight with Dad






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Bill's table and it certainly looks like a piece of equipment from another era. As part of the 407 Maritime Patrol Squadron from the CFN base in Comox, Bill spent three years flying missions, down to San Diego and San Francisco and over the Pacific, and every summer in the years 1953-55 over the Arctic. Bill chuckles when he tells me about the difficulties of landing those huge Lancasters on the improvised air strip at Resolute Bay. If the intervening years have blurred the details, he has clearly never forgotten the experience of being up in that harsh northern environment. Their mission there was observation; this was at the height of the Cold War of course, and he told me they did spot Russian submarines. It was while stationed at Comox that Bill met Audrey, who would become his wife, and ultimately the reason he ended up in Sidney when he retired in 1992. After those three years flying Bill moved into a teaching role, first to student navigators and then to young cadets. He and Audrey moved across the country from Winnipeg to Centralia, back to Winnipeg then to Toronto. His next posting was to Germany in 1968. The years at the base in Lahr were happy ones. With his young family they were able to travel around Europe, and Bill learned German at the university. He had moved into Administration management by that point, and the next role on his return to Canada was with the Chief of the Defense Staff. I asked if all the upheaval was worth it. "Oh yes! They made the mistake of keeping promoting me!" laughed Bill. Eventually he was working as the Chief Administrative Officer to the Chief of the Defense Staff, which meant lots of time in the Prime Minister's Office and trips accompanying Trudeau across the globe. That's Pierre Elliot Trudeau of course, though Bill says he did know Justin as a child too. To work in the Prime Minister's Office, Bill tells me "you have to listen, don't speak." Bill's final military role was as the Commandant at the illustrious Canadian Forces college in Toronto. After retiring from the military he held a civilian position for five years, then it really was time to retire to Vancouver Island. Before I wore out my welcome we talked a little about Remembrance Day. "I really do think we have to remember history and celebrate history." Bill said, "I think it's important to continue to celebrate Remembrance Day and to remember the people who gave their lives up for their country." Thank you Bill for all your years of service to Canada, and for sharing some details of your long service career with our readers. And to all the members of our armed forces, whether serving or retired, a thank you for your service: we see you, and we remember you.





Now that I’m on my own, how do I manage my financial future?

We understand the emotional rollercoaster that comes from the death of a spouse or a divorce. Your financial picture has changed and brings with it the question “Will I be OK?”

Life changing events can add an overwhelming number of financial decisions. For over 30 years we have been helping women achieve peace of mind about their financial future. If you would like a chat or our free Will I be OK? toolkit - just ask! Annette Quan

Viola Van de Ruyt



Senior Investment Associate

Investment Advisor

Racheal Jamieson Investment Associate


National Bank Financial - Wealth Management (NBFWM) is a division of National Bank Financial Inc. (NBF Inc.), as well as a trademark owned by National Bank of Canada (NBC) that is used under license by NBF Inc. NBF Inc. is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NBC, a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: NA).




Let our personalized service guide you to the gifts she’ll love this holiday season. Find luxurious cashmere, beautiful pajamas and cozy robes from the brands you love.

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INSIDE OUT by Linda Walker Peninsula Physiotherapy & Massage

Fit & Functional: Your Foot Health

Foot pain is no laughing matter and affects many people! Due to the fact that our feet are a main weight-bearing joint, it's very important to keep them healthy and functional. To better understand how to do this, let's start by breaking things down into acute injuries versus long-term or chronic changes. Acute injuries are defined as those that happen through traumatic events where there is a "point in time" when an accident occured. This may include things like stubbing and breaking a toe or a forefoot bone, breaking an ankle or straining the Achilles tendon while running hard up a hill. When acute injuries happen, there's a very clear assessment and treatment protocol to follow. For instance, you may have X-rays or muscle-tendon ultrasound to help diagnose the problem, usually at the hospital or your GP. Then we perform physiotherapy to rehabilitate the injury and get you fully functional. We often see clients in our clinic for post-fracture or strain rehabilitation. Fractures and ligament sprains take six to eight weeks on average to heal, and soft tissue injuries to muscles or tendons take four to six weeks. Early diagnosis and rehabilitation are the fastest route to recovery and we encourage people to come in as early as possible to expedite good healing and return to function or sport. During physiotherapy rehab you can expect a thorough assessment of both the area directly injured, as well as surrounding joints and tissues.

Flu vaccination - it protects us all

Education is key and you should seek out as much information as needed about what to do and what to avoid. Manual therapy and research approved modalities are often applied to help decrease pain, improve mobility and regain strength. Exercises are prescribed according to the timelines of tissue healing, and are progressed within a pain-free range of motion. Your practitioner should make sure that your activity goals are met before discharge and/or return to sport. Chronic injuries, or normal "use over time" issues, require a different approach. These types of issues are easier to understand if we take a moment to explain what typically happens to the foot with normal use over time. The most common finding is that the longitudinal and sideto-side arch of the foot slowly descend towards the ground over time. This is due to the pressures of gravity, body weight and added forces from specific sports. This creates lengthening of the plantar fascial muscles and ligaments which hold the arch up. The small cushioning pads under the base of the toes decrease in height which can lead to extra pressure on the toe joints. The calf muscles and Achilles tendon shorten and can lead to altered movement of the foot, ankle and knee and pain and dysfunction will result. Treatment aims to resolve any altered tissue length or strength in order to restore more normal biomechanics. The foot has amazing movement adaptation in order to keep you balanced, so we take the time to assess the root cause of the problem and build you back up!

Find out about immunization and where to get your flu shot at

Flu vaccines reduce the severity of illness and the incidence of hospitalization. This year it is more important than ever to reduce the impact of flu season on our healthcare system. Immunization protects you, your family and your community.

your community, your health 250-656-2948 NOVEMBER 2021 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 17

Leeks Three Ways

by Courtney Thomas, Quince Café & Ice Cream photo by Janis Jean Photography

With the changing seasons and cooler temperatures outside comes a desire to spend time in a warm kitchen making the most of all the local produce available. Root vegetables and alliums feature prominently this time of year and what better time to take advantage of the beautiful leeks found at local farm stands. Here are a few suggestions for cozy, flavourful meals to enjoy this season. For full recipes visit SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA or email us at NEWS@SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA

LEEK GALETTE 8-10 mediumsized leeks, sliced lengthwise then cut into thin slices

salt & pepper

3 tbsp butter

4 tbsp crème fraiche

2 tsp fresh thyme

pastry dough storebought or homemade 1 tbsp Dijon mustard 1 egg, beaten

LEEK & POTATO GRATIN 2.5lbs yellow 1 cup heavy cream potatoes, thinly sliced 2 tsp salt 2 leeks, sliced freshly ground pepper lengthwise and 5 sprigs thyme cut into 1" pieces nutmeg 1 cup half & half 2 cloves garlic, minced cream

2 tbsp melted butter 1/2 cup breadcrumbs 2 tbsp freshly grated parmesan 1 cup grated Gruyere


(a side dish - plan for 3 pieces of leek per person) leeks, sliced lengthwise then cut into pieces about 4-6 inches long olive oil

2 tsp Dijon mustard fresh parsley, minced 2 tbsp white wine vinegar salt & pepper

fresh parmesan, shaved

fresh lemon zest



Peter Dolezal

Capital Gains Tax Peter Dolezal is a semi-retired Sidney resident. He offers INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL CONSULTING SERVICES to individuals, couples and companies. To date, he has assisted more than 270 clients across Canada, principally in Greater Victoria and the Lower Mainland. No Financial Products to Sell Leads to Truly Independent Advice.

In Canada, the capital gains “Inclusion Rate” is the percentage applied to any capital gain realized. The result, referred to as “taxable capital gain,” is included in one’s taxable income. Currently, the inclusion rate is 50%. This means that only 50% of any realized capital gain is taxed – obviously, a very desirable outcome. The Inclusion Rate has not always been 50%. In 1988/89 it was 66.67%. From 1990 to 2000 it was 75%. For only a single year in 2000, it dropped back to 66.67%. After 2000, it has remained steady at 50%. The lesson from this? The Inclusion Rate on capital gains is an easy tax change for government to make, depending on pressures on government revenues.

Author of

The Smart Canadian WealthBuilder

(Third Edition) Included in the curriculum of several Canadian Colleges.

Should we be worried that the Inclusion Rate will once again change to a higher percentage? Absolutely. The Liberals have been re-elected with an almost identical Minority Government.

For the Liberals to retain power, either the NDP or the Bloc will need to support the government in any future confidence vote. With hundreds of billions of excess spending on numerous COVID-triggered support programs, the government will be desperate to increase future revenues, while limiting tax increases on the average voter. The capital gains tax, largely considered to benefit the wealthier slice of the population, could clearly become a target. It is noteworthy that raising the capital gains Inclusion Rate to 75% was included in the NDP’s election platform. They will have extraordinary leverage to push in that direction over the next several years. Canadians with secondary residences, investment properties, or substantial unrealized capital gains in non-registered investment portfolios, would be wise to seriously consider in their financial planning, the impact of a potential increase in the capital gains Inclusion Rate.

For personal financial consulting services, contact or visit for Client Testimonials and more

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L I T T L E A DV E N T U R E S by Cassidy Nunn | photos by Nunn Other Photography

Becoming a Parent in a Pandemic By the time this column is published, I'll have a 19-month-old. It's been 19 months of pandemic living with a newborn and now a toddler. Most of my friends have still never held my daughter, and many have yet to see her in person. So I think it's best to start at the beginning, to give some context to where we're at as a family. It's common to have an idealized "birth plan" when expecting a baby. And while you're told it's good to have a plan, you're also advised that likely nothing will go to that plan. But I like to be organized and prepared; I'd intended to stop working two weeks before our baby girl's due date to spend time "nesting" a little. I had visions of decorating her unfinished nursery, shopping for last-minute baby items, cooking easyto-freeze meals, and allowing myself to relax and enjoy the last days of being a family of two (not counting the fur babies). Instead, as our community and much of the rest of the world headed into lockdown in mid-March 2020, I found out I was to be induced two weeks early. Baby girl was coming ahead of schedule and in a global pandemic. I'd been nervous before, but my anxiety and apprehension reached a whole new level as I watched my plan evaporate. There was no guide to having a baby during a global lockdown. With the restrictions, the doula we'd hired wouldn't be permitted in with us for labour and delivery, but I was thankful my husband was so I'd have his support. In the days leading up to my induction date, I didn't leave the house other than for midwife and ultrasound appointments. My husband worked from home. My aunt grocery shopped for us. Out of an abundance of caution, we scrubbed the groceries in the sink wearing rubber gloves, looking at each other in disbelief. There were

so many unknowns at that time about how the virus was spread, so many questions we didn't yet have answers for. We read the news incredulously as we heard how COVID-19 was spreading and affecting the world. We met my best friend's newborn by FaceTime. We held Zoom meetings with our doula and grappled with the difficult decision as to whether we should risk having our parents come over after our baby was born to help. The thought of us being completely alone with a newborn, running on almost no sleep with no extra physical support, was daunting. That saying – it takes a village to raise a child – kept running through my mind. What do you do when you're supposed to stay away from the village? But pandemic or not, this baby was coming. Our daughter arrived healthy, with a thick head of hair and beautiful big eyes. I was filled with relief and more love than I thought was possible. Our hospital team was so supportive, kind and helpful during such a huge moment in our lives and during a very stressful time for health care workers especially. When I look back, her birth marked the beginning of an enormous shift in our lives in two ways: the world outside was changed drastically and the world inside our home and relationship was transformed as this little being entered our family and made us parents. The proverbial village was still there for us, offering support as best they could from afar, with front-door food drop offs, calls, texts and video chats. It wasn't the postpartum experience I'd envisioned, but the time it allowed us to bond and connect as a family has been special in its own way. NOVEMBER 2021 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 23

F R O M T H E K I TC H E N by Joan Saunders | photos by Amanda Cribdon Photography

Embracing the Season There's something about this time of year that makes me want to hunker down in the kitchen and create hearty meals. It's the season for soups, for stews, for roast dinners with apple crumble for dessert. It's when aromatic steam envelops you as you stir the

mixture on the stove; it's when your glasses fog up as you open the oven door to check how the casserole is faring. And while the weather may be cold and rainy outside, you're creating warmth inside. There's something magical about that, about the process of making a meal. I hadn't really gotten into cooking with squash until the past few years, when I started to discover a number of fabulous concoctions from some favorite cookbooks and websites. With this recipe you use the acorn squash as not only a very tasty part of the meal but it's also the delivery system for a lemony, herby, cheesy, yummy rice and bean stuffing. It can be the main part of a vegetarian meal, or a side dish for a more substantial event. What I love about this recipe is that it is infinitely adaptable. You can add more mushrooms or onions if you have a hankering for those earthier flavours; you could leave out the beans or throw in a different type. If you lean towards a bit of sweetness in the mix, what about corn or chopped apple? If you want to add some meaty goodness, toss in chunks of sautéed spicy sausage. That's what cooking can be about: taking what you enjoy and working in your own personality. What's also great about squash is not only that they're grown locally, but they also look so darn good when they are stuffed, baked and sitting on a platter. They are beautiful, seasonal, tasty and make an attractive edible serving container. So, what's not to love about embracing squash and the season?

Rice, Bean & Herb Stuffed Acorn Squash 2 medium acorn squash (about 1½ pounds each) olive oil, salt, pepper Stuffing: 2 tbsp olive oil 3 cups sliced mushrooms; any varieties you prefer salt, pepper 6 tbsp butter 2 shallots, sliced thinly 1 clove garlic, minced ½ cup fresh basil leaves, roughly chopped 2 tbsp fresh thyme leaves

1 tbsp chopped fresh sage leaves ½ cup dry white wine 2 cups water 1¼ cups uncooked wild rice blend 1 (19 ounce/540 ml) can cannellini beans, drained and rinsed juice of 1 lemon ½ cup shaved manchego or parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 400°. Line a large, rimmed baking sheet or pan with parchment or foil for easier clean up. To prepare squash, use a sharp knife to slice through each from tip to stem. Use a large spoon to scoop out the seeds and stringy bits inside and discard these. Cut along one of the channels to keep it easier. Place squash halves cut side up on lined pan. Drizzle 1 tbsp olive oil over the squash; rub the oil into the cut sides of the squash. Sprinkle with some salt and pepper. Turn them over so cut sides are down against the pan. Bake until squash flesh is easily pierced with a fork, about 40 minutes. Leave oven on. Heat olive oil in large skillet over medium-high heat. Add mushrooms; season with salt and pepper. Cook until soft, about 4-5 minutes, then stir and continue cooking until mushrooms start to caramelize, about 3 more minutes. Reduce heat to medium-low, add butter, sliced shallots, garlic, half the chopped basil, the thyme and sage. Cook, stirring a bit, until shallots are soft and starting to caramelize as well, about 5-6 minutes. Pour in 2 cups of water and the wine; bring to boil over high heat. Stir in rice, cover pan, reduce heat to simmer. Continue simmering until rice softens up and most of the liquid has evaporated, 50-55 minutes. If you need to, add a bit more water, but I haven't found this to be an issue. Remove pan from heat, stir in beans, lemon juice, ¼ cup of the cheese and rest of the basil. Turn cooked acorn squash halves right side up; scoop filling into each squash half. You might have too much; it depends on the size of the squash. Keep extra for another day. Sprinkle top of each squash with rest of cheese. Return to oven; bake for about 10 minutes or until cheese is bubbly and golden. Recipe adapted and combined from: Half Baked Harvest Super Simple by Tieghan Gerard

What's Happening Bruce McCulloch

Thursday, November 4

Bruce McCulloch has written or performed several one-man shows including Two-Headed Roommate, Jazz Stenographers, Slightly Bigger Cities and most recently The Pink Dot Stories in San Francisco. Bruce has two spoken word/ comedy/ music CDs Shame-based Man and The Drunk Baby Project. "Tales of Bravery and Stupidity" is a one man show that is funny and at times touching. Part stand up, part storytelling it looks at some of the bravely stupid things that Bruce has done, and things we all do as we get ourselves in and out of trouble as we “throw ourselves at life.”

Martha Wainwright

Monday, November 15

Martha Wainwright's music is rich, adventurous contemporary folk; there is an artful streak to her melodies that's evocative yet uncluttered, her lyrics offer a smart, unblinking look into her own life, and her vocals show her exploring the possibilities of her instrument with a bracing individuality and lack of pretense. Teaming up with producer Pierre Marchand (Sarah McLachlan, Rufus Wainwright), she recorded her seventh studio album in her hometown of Montreal, with the resulting Love Will Be Reborn issued in August 2021.

Barney Bentall & the Cariboo Express November 11-14

This November the Saanich Peninsula Lions Food Bank and the Mary Winspear Centre will team up to present our annual major food bank fundraiser with Juno award-winning musician Barney Bentall over four nights at Sidney's Mary Winspear Centre. In the past 14 years of presenting the Cariboo Express concerts we have raised $200,000.00 for the Saanich Peninsula Lions Food Bank. The Cariboo Express is a one-of-a-kind variety show hosted by Barney Bentall. The cast has boasted the likes of Ridley Bent, Matt Masters, Dustin Bentall, Kendel Carson, Leeroy Stagger, Matt Masters, Wendy Bird and a red hot backing band who perform as The Gold Rush Allstars.

Raine Maida & Chantal Kreviazuk Thursday, November 18

Chantal Kreviazuk, a two-time JUNO Award winner and Raine Maida — a four-time winner with Our Lady Peace — are one of Canada’s most influential cultural couples. Kreviazuk made her critically acclaimed fulllength debut, Under These Rocks and Stones, in 1997. Since then, the Winnipeg born singer-songwriter has released five more studio albums, and garnered five JUNO Award nominations. Maida has forged a dynamic career as a solo artist and the front man for the band Our Lady Peace, 25-time JUNO Award nominees, including winners for Rock Album of the Year in 2003 (Gravity) and 1998 (Clumsy).

George Canyon

Monday, November 21 & Tuesday, November 22

Warm your hearts this holiday season with an Acoustic Christmas with George Canyon. Featuring George’s personal Christmas favourites and radio hit singles from his 30 year career. George Canyon rose to becoming one of Canada’s hottest Country Music stars in the early 2000’s and has won countless accolades and awards, including Juno Awards, CCMA Awards, and ECMA Awards to name a few with hit songs like Just Like You, I Believe in Angels, and Drinkin’ Thinkin’.

Remembrance Day Live Stream from the Sidney Cenotaph Thursday, November 11


ARTS SCENE by Jo Barnes | graphic courtesy Island Blue Print Co. Ltd.

The Poppy Project:

Paying Tribute Through Painting For 100 years the poppy has served as a symbol of remembrance. Millions have been printed, put together, and pinned on lapels. Now they are being painted. Local artist and art teacher Odette Laroche and her students created oil paintings of poppies based on Old Masters' paintings,


a wearable work of art. Reversible Rain Rolls Right Off Soft & Silky Fabric


250-658-2725 | 5325 Cordova Bay Road at Mattick’s Farm 28 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | NOVEMBER 2021

all of which were assembled into a vibrant mural to bring attention to, offer support and raise funds for the veterans. The final stunning display is now on view until the end of November at Odette Laroche Gallery. "I was inspired by the veteran who walked around his Oak Bay home to raise money for charity," shares Odette. "Veterans gave us freedom. Veterans are why we have the life we have today." Odette is referring to John Hillman, an Oak Bay veteran who, at the age of 101, walked 101 laps around his retirement home and raised money totalling over $166,000 for the organization Save the Children. His inspiring walk for charity reminds us about giving of ourselves for the benefit of others. It goes to the heart of what veterans have done for our nation. The poppy mural beautifully illustrates this and strikes a chord in viewers. "They love the whole presentation and are struck by how many different pictures are within it," shares Odette. "It evokes emotion. They are touched by it and give a donation. Many have experience with parents who are veterans." The project, which took three months to complete, got underway in the spring of 2020. Odette was inspired by the poppies of renowned artist Georgia O'Keefe. "I wanted to use a piece of artwork by O'Keefe as she is famous

for her poppies," shares Odette. "They are very detailed and beautiful." Initially, each student was assigned a mural section and a matched image from a painting done by an Old Master such as Van Gogh or Cézanne. The idea was to paint in such a way as to adapt the Old Master's image. "The Old Masters are more recognizable by people and their work has stood the test of time," says Odette. Once completed, the challenge was to bring all the individual paintings together into one mural. Odette found lines and characteristics on each painting that could connect well to other paintings, and piece by piece, successfully assembled the art mural. "It was quite complicated, but I enjoyed it!" exclaims Odette. Island Blue Print Co. Ltd. has scanned each picture and assembled all of them into one image which is ready to be reproduced on paper or canvas (at left). Odette is looking for donations and sponsors of the project and a place to permanently hang the installation. The six- by eight-foot mural represents the skill, hard work and creative vision of Odette and her students. They come from all walks of life and have been in Odette's art program for many years. "They are artists who have been with me for 10 to 12 years. We meet every week. We've become friends," comments Odette. Over the years, Odette has witnessed how creating art impacts students. "People have been through something, and art helps them through it," says Odette. "When you paint the experience, you get it out there. Art is therapeutic, and for most, a creative outlet." A graduate of Victoria College of Art, Odette focused on oil painting and took classes with master painters in both Canada and the U.S. She opened a gallery near the Sidney Marina in 2003 and then in 2008 moved to the present Beacon Avenue location. With an ever-growing number of people turning to her for direction and answers to art questions, she decided to start teaching. "People were always asking me about techniques, colour and composition," says Odette. "I started teaching oil painting." For Odette, teaching these art enthusiasts is very rewarding. Art for her has always been a joy. "Art has always been in me. It's my happy zone," shares Odette. Odette has also contributed to the poppy mural and takes great pride in the end product. "I personally painted seven pictures myself," she comments. "We're all proud of how it all came together." Inspired by veterans, the poppy mural represents not only the collective creativity of many gifted artists, but it speaks to us and serves as a reminder to honour and support the veterans in our midst on Remembrance Day and throughout the year. Corporate and private donations accepted at www.odettelarocheart. com. View the mural at Odette Laroche Gallery upstairs at #203 2527 Beacon Avenue, Sidney.

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Congratulations to ORCCA recipient of $16,800 from

100+ Women Who Care Saanich Peninsula ORCCA’s purpose is to provide children and adolescents under 19 years of age from low-income families access to oral care in a not for profit setting. It is based on the beliefs that all children and adolescents have the right to healthy oral care and that effective oral care positively transforms the health and lives of children and adolescents. The award from 100+ Women Who Care will be used to offset expenses incurred during Covid. We bring together 100 women in the Saanich Peninsula who care about local community causes and who are committed to community service for just one hour every three months. At our quarterly meetings, we jointly select a local charity or not-for-profit organization and each write a $100 cheque to the selected organization. Visit for more informaiton.


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photo by Amanda Cribdon Photography

L to R: Ryan Windsor, Joni Olsen and Geoff Orr

Conversation & Community:

First Nations and Municipal Government by Jo Barnes

In a conversation, there is a world of difference

between hearing someone and actually listening. While the relationship between local municipal governments, First Nations councils and communities are always developing, the efforts to communicate and the projects which are launched are most successful when dialogue is respectful, and time is taken to fully understand all perspectives. "Trust is built over time," says Joni Olsen, Tsartlip First Nations Councillor and Policy Negotiations Analyst with the W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Council (WLC).

Sidney Outdoor Christmas Market An opportunity to shop local and find unique Christmas gifts! Sunday, November 14, 2021 10 am to 4 pm (rain or shine) Mary Winspear Centre 2243 Beacon Ave, Sidney 32 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | NOVEMBER 2021

"It's so important to have sincere and authentic dialogue," notes North Saanich Mayor Geoff Orr. Central Saanich Mayor Ryan Windsor concurs: "It is important to listen. We are building trust and respect." Community connections on the Peninsula grow out of geographic location, economic relationships and historical agreements. Tsartlip and Tsawout First Nations are part of the Central Saanich municipality and residents have full voting rights. Even though Pauquachin and Tseycum First Nations do not get a municipal vote, this does not prevent them from building a relationship with the municipalities. Most people understand that municipal governance comes about through an election process. Community residents vote for a mayor and council members. First Nations communities also have elected representatives, but elders within these communities have significant influence on decisions. It is easy to look at communities merely through the lens of geographic location and governance. However, at their core, communities are people. This effort to understand the people which make up a community is where the work begins. "It's about entity versus people. Take the time to understand and engage on the human individual level," comments Mayor Orr. While the current climate of reconciliation prompts parties to engage, racist reactions may challenge any progress. "There is a large movement right now for reconciliation," says Joni.

"This encourages municipalities to step up to the plate. Citizen racism slows forward movement, and racist acts are still experienced by community members daily." Municipal councils have standing protocols to acknowledge the traditional territories upon which they work. However, according to Joni, that is only the beginning as there is a lack of understanding and ignorance that is based in fear that still exists. "It is about overcoming misconceptions about our community history and the stereotypes," says Joni. "Often, the fear is not logical." Whether it's a municipality or First Nation community, each has its challenges. In the words of Mayor Orr, all must ask the question: "How do we advance our community?" One step toward advancing all local First Nations was establishing the W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Council. This organization serves as a unified body that represents and coordinates efforts of the Tsartlip, Tseycum and Tsawout First Nations in their interactions with each other and with various levels of government. "We advocate and create relationships with local councils," shares Joni. Since forming, the council has completed significant initiatives. A Letter of Understanding was drawn up between the Federal Government and W̱SÁNEĆ and committed both parties to move forward together towards lasting reconciliation and to work together to make progress on issues important to the W̱SÁNEĆ Nations. At its heart, the purpose of dialogue is to foster understanding. It helps to learn another's language, even in basic terms. "We are trying to understand the pronunciation of SENĆOŦEN (sin-chaw-thin)," says Mayor Windsor. "It's a small step but huge in terms of understanding." Conversations can lead to collaboration. Projects such as the new stormwater system and crosswalk on Stelly's Cross Road are examples of successful collaboration and consultation. "Community forums were held. Tsartlip First Nation, the Federal Government and Central Saanich council worked together. It was successful in terms of safety issues for the community," says Mayor Windsor. A positive relationship between municipal and First Nations councils hinges on opportunities for all parties to sit at the table together. Sometimes this may involve a third party like MODUS, a communications and engagement consulting group. "Currently municipalities are working on new Community Plans and servicing agreements," comments Joni. "The WLC has worked with MODUS which is coordinating the review and update of local municipal policy, which will amongst other things, better reflect local indigenous values in their policies." Effective communication between local governments and First Nations can lead to collaboration and positive change. All parties agree that dialogue must be open, sincere, respectful, and embrace all perspectives. "To do this work you have to open yourself up and put away preconceived notions," shares Mayor Orr. It's about ensuring there is an opportunity for everyone to have a voice, be willing to make mistakes, be authentic, and learn from one another.

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Life at Amica Beechwood Village is once again its wonderful, normal self. Take walks in the private gardens. Enjoy extraordinary cuisine, anytime. Catch up with loved ones, face-to-face. Experience exceptional Assisted Living care and support in a premium residence with safe social connections that make life easier, and better, for everyone. Right now.

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October Book Club

Open 9am to 5pm - 7 days a week

Check out some of our new and bestselling titles!

by Deborah Rogers

Book Club

The life and politics of Petra Kelly, German Green Party pioneer, seem to have been forgotten in the years since her murder in 1992. One of the aspects of this month's read that our group enjoyed so much was being immersed into the past and learning about this charismatic, passionate young activist. Shaena Lambert's Petra presents the reader a fictionalised account of Kelly's short life. It's narrated through the voice of one of her political peers, Manfred, and covers the time period from the early 1980s as Kelly burst onto the political scene and brought a swath of Green Party candidates into the West German parliament. Petra has just won the Ethel Wilson Prize for B.C.-authored fiction, and our group certainly agreed that the book was beautifully written, and a really intriguing way of presenting some interesting ideas. Whilst focused on Kelly, the story's cast of supporting characters, especially the ex-NATO General Emil, raise the topics of generational trauma, feminism, eco-activism, nuclear disarmament, party-politics, espionage and good old-fashioned love affairs. Reading Petra had sent many of us off down a rabbit hole of research, looking for photos, maps of Berlin and facts about the time. It was interesting to hear each other's discoveries, and lots for us to get our teeth into at our meeting! One issue that many of our group raised was the decision to present the story as fiction, yet leave Petra as the very real character at the centre. There was no consensus over whether it was the correct approach, but we did agree that it was a story we might not have come across were it not for book club, and many were really glad to have read it. Also recommended by one member is Oh My Darling, a collection of short stories from Lambert. This novel leaves readers with a real sense of sadness: at Petra's death of course, but also for the wasted potential of that burgeoning Green movement. Many of the issues that they were pushing to confront seem just as relevant today, and the way that environmental activists are treated does not seem to have progressed very much in the intervening years. Our next meeting is the last one of the year for our group and we're going out as we started, with an author Q&A. We will be reading Becoming Lin by Tricia Dowler, and Tricia will join us to answer some of our questions. The meeting takes place on Tuesday November 9, 6:30 p.m. via Zoom. You must be registered with our mailing list to get login details for the meeting: www.seasidemagazine. ca/book-club.

Vinyl Café Celebrates Stuart McLean Fiction | HC $34.00


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The Company:

The Rise & Fall of the Hudson’s Bay Empire

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How Conflict Shaped Us

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Signature Chefs’ Recipes from Vancouver Island and the Salish Sea

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A Line to Kill

Anthony Horowitz Mystery | PB $24.99

Ten Lessons for a The Best of Me Post-Pandemic World David Sedaris

Margaret MacMillan History | PB $22.95

Island Eats:

The Judge’s List

Fareed Zakaria Current Affairs | PB $22.95

No One Wins Alone Mark Messier Sports | HC $39.99

Humour | PB $23.99

Burke’s Law:

A Life in Hockey Brian Burke Sports | PB $22.00

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T H E N AT U R A L P AT H by Dr. Marita Schauch, ND Tall Tree Integrated Health Centre

Everything You Need to Know About Diabetes Prevention November 14 is World Diabetes Day and it is important to spread awareness around diabetes prevention. There are many myths and outdated information out there about diabetes, and yet, it affects one in three Canadians, including a 50% chance of those who are age 20 right now developing type 2 diabetes in their lifetime. Despite the high risk factor for developing the disease, less than 50% of Canadians can identify even half of the early symptoms of diabetes according to Diabetes Canada. First off, what exactly is diabetes? Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that results from problems controlling the hormone insulin, and hence affecting blood sugar regulation. Diabetes symptoms are a result of higher-than-normal levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood. Higher levels of blood sugar can lead to serious health problems in the long and short term. Some of the warning signs of diabetes include: • Increased thirst • Extreme hunger • Frequent urination • Irritability • Fatigue • Frequent infections • Slow-healing sores • Blurred vision If caught early, many cases of type 2 diabetes can be managed and put into remission with key lifestyle changes. While there are certain factors beyond our control, such as family

history, ethnicity or age, the good news is that type 2 diabetes is highly preventable through a healthy lifestyle. Eat a Healthy Diet. Eating a healthy diet is paramount to every aspect of our health, but it is especially important in diabetes prevention. Keep refined sugars to a minimum and focus on eating plenty of fresh vegetables, whole grains, good fats, and protein. Fats and proteins are particularly important in helping to regulate blood sugar. Stay away from items like soda, candy and other processed foods as much as possible. Get Moving. Physical activity helps use up excess blood sugar, as well as improves and maintains insulin sensitivity. I recommend aiming for 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per day. Simply walking is a great and accessible activity that goes a long way in creating lasting health. Lose those Extra Pounds. Excess weight is an important risk factor in developing type 2 diabetes, as the more fatty tissue you have the more resistant your cells become to insulin. Even reducing weight by as little as 7% has shown to reduce diabetes risk by 65%. Incorporating diet and exercise changes should be enough to support most people in this effort, but hormonal factors could be at play if diet and exercise prove ineffective. Speak with your health care practitioner if you suspect this may be the case for you. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above for diabetes warning signs, visit your health care practitioner. They will be able to test your blood glucose levels to assess the best course of action for you.


Village gallery LTD. Art & Sculpture Custom Framing Printing Services Fred Dobbs

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N E W & N OT E WO R T H Y by Paula Kully

News, changes, updates, launches? Email

Timing is Everything Christmas is Coming Early! With pandemic restrictions still in place for indoor gatherings, many of the usual Christmas craft shows and markets have been cancelled. But, good news! Westcoast Impressions is bringing the "Sidney Outdoor Christmas Market" to the Mary Winspear Centre on Sunday, November 14 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. If it's raining, bring your umbrella and do some Christmas shopping locally.

Second Time Around

1950s Gretsch archtop guitar that was stolen 45 years ago. The whole story is amazing and can be found online but in a nutshell, after more than four decades of searching and purchasing 385 Gretsch guitars trying to replace the instrument, it has been located. Through the ingenuity of a neighbour who used facial recognition software, the guitar was found in a YouTube video being played by a young man in Tokoyo! Congratulations, Randy, on the return of your prized possession.

Picture This

Author Teoni Spathelfer has just released the children's book, White Raven, the second in a trilogy that follows three generations of women in her family. The book is illustrated by W̱SÁNEĆ artist Natassia Davies and tells the story of Teoni's mother's experience at St Michael's Indian Residential School in Alert Bay. White Raven is published by Heritage House and is available in bookstores and online.

Saving Memories

Guess Who Found What They Lost?

The Saanich Peninsula Hospital & Healthcare Foundation has launched its annual fundraising campaign titled, Picture Perfect. The

Famous local resident Randy Bachman has found his cherished

2493 B Beacon Avenue 250-655-0372

The Sidney Museum has received a grant from the Terry Reksten Memorial Fund that will be used to purchase a negatives scanner. The archives include many photo negatives that have not been digitized. Over time these negatives will degrade and the images would be lost forever. Thankfully the new scanner will ensure they are preserved!

Picture Perfect

Two Shops; One Block!

2485 Beacon Avenue 250-655-7118

Or window-shop our galleries at 38 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | NOVEMBER 2021

goal of the campaign is to raise $2 million to purchase a new, state-ofthe-art, X-ray machine for the Saanich Peninsula Hospital along with some other smaller pieces of equipment. The existing X-ray machine is 16 years old and is in need of replacing. To support this worthwhile initiative that will help many people, visit

It's Hard to Say Goodbye The Snow is Leaving Mattick's Farm Sunday's Snowflakes at Mattick's Farm is closing as of December 1st. After 40 years in business, owner Wendy Graham has decided to retire. Wendy acknowledges that she has made many friends over the years. She states: "Saying farewell is the hardest part. I would like to take a moment to thank you all for the great time. I have had a fabulous ride!"

Farewell to the Calendar Girl On October 10, 2021, the community and the Sidney Sister Cities Association lost a valuable member when Brenda Whittingham passed away. Longtime member of Sister Cities Bob McLure referred to Brenda as their "Eagle Eye Calendar Girl, Niimi stalwart, SSCA Socials host, photographer and 'Now hear this' meeting closer." From that description, you know she was well loved and a driving force within the Sister Cities.

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Taking Care of Business Onesies Let's take the time to recognize two thriving businesses on the Saanich Peninsula that are celebrating their one-year anniversary. Making a business succeed is hard work that deserves notice. Congratulations to Patricia Pearson and Ashley Stelck of Hansell & Halkett and to Peter Zwaag and Erik Twisk from Dutch Green Design for celebrating one year in business in Sidney!

A Cut Above There's a new set of scissors making men look their best. The trendy Mankind Barbers, formerly known as The Cut Cartel Barbers, is under new ownership. Aleatha Hozjan took over the shop in August and invites customers to sit and relax in their licensed lounge and enjoy a beverage and play a round of darts before their appointment.


GUARANTEED* To learn more, call


Wednesdays Just Got a Whole Lot Yummier Fall means the return of Fondue Wednesday at The Farmer's Daughter. And, to top it off, after a year and a half, the stools have been returned to the bar and the outdoor patio has heaters. This is great news as it means more space inside and out to enjoy this amazing experience in Sidney.

2355 James White Blvd., Sidney, BC V8L 0A1 *Includes: Cremation, Arranging & Administration, Local transfer of deceased and shelter, a vehicle used for administration and transferring and a minimum required cremation container.

Arbor Memorial Inc.


Arbor Memorial






0.125” all around


THE GOLDEN YEARS by Sherrin Griffin VP, Operations, Sidney SeniorCare

Seniors Really DO Feel the Chill More It's amazing how quickly our atypical hot dry summer has transitioned into our totally typical cool, wet fall. I've already got my gloves out … they're the kind of cheap, stretchy gloves that are sold in a tri-colour three-pack at Shopper's Drug Mart for $5, but since I lose them ALL the time, they suit me just fine and are perfect for this time of year. I keep two pairs for myself and give the third to my dad who tends to wear them indoors year-round to keep his hands warm and limber. I thought that odd until I myself approached my senior years. Feeling the chill more means that I'm not only wearing my little gloves 10 months of the year, but always searching out fuzzy blankets and throws to wrap myself in as well. Despite feeling a little annoyed by my new colder reality, I was relieved to find out that increased cold sensitivity is generally associated with the normal process of aging. What was surprising though was how many different factors could be responsible: • Older adults have thinner skin with a thinner layer of fat (which conserves heat) underneath, making them feel colder. • Circulation decreases as we age. The walls of our blood vessels lose their elasticity and blood moves slower through our bodies causing the temperature of our extremities to fluctuate. The blood vessels in those f oareas r W in te r ...2 0 % o f f b o a t & o u td o o r constrict trying to retain body heat, resulting in cold hands and feet. Nerve endings can be affected, leading to numbness and tingling. Poor

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circulation can also create a build-up of fluid in the legs, ankles and feet. Certain medications can alter blood flow and circulation as well. • We lose muscle mass as we age; approximately three to eight percent per decade after the age of 30, with an even higher rate after 60. When you lose body mass, your body lowers its metabolic rate to conserve energy which means that senior bodies might be unable to generate enough heat to maintain a "normal" temperature of 98.6°. • Certain health conditions such as diabetes, peripheral artery disease and kidney disease can restrict blood flow and lower body temperature. So, although it seems that Father Time has an inescapable impact on our ability to self-regulate our body temperature as we age, there are positive ways to ensure warmth and comfort for your senior loved ones: • Make sure the senior's home environment is warm enough. The average, and safe, room temperature for an elderly person is about 78°, according to the international journal Age and Aging. • Make sure seniors are adequately dressed, for the outdoors and indoors, by wearing layers that they can remove if too warm, and that gloves, hats and scarves are easily accessible. (Light gloves may help even indoors like in the case of my own dad.) p• a tio c ".u s io n s & c o v e r s Mention Seniors need to eat regular healthy meals which will help to keep their body temperatures up. Certain foods are even scientifically proven to indirectly raise body temperature like complex carbs, bananas and avocados. • Seniors should avoid excessive alcohol, which lowers body P temperature, among other risks. • Encourage seniors to be as active as possible. Movement such as walking, stretching, and really any other means of moving their bodies is effective for improving circulation. LAUNDRY S • Elevate seniors' legs. If mobility is an issue, walking may be physically impossible. Low activity means our hearts have to work extra hard to circulate blood9842 to the outermost partsST of theSIDNEY body. Small BC SECOND adjustments, like elevation, can be very helpful. Your Pooch Messing Your Car Up • Consult with a healthcare professional to ensure no underlying Auto health conditions that haven't been addressed. Detailing Even with winter loomingJust on themention horizon, armed thiswith Ada better understanding on how to combat the chill comes aging, I 10019 Galaran Rd that #1 Sidney, BC,with V8L 5X3 250.655.63 am confident that I can help myself and the senior loved ones in my life stay warm and comfortable. And with that being said, I'm off to Shopper's Drug Mart again … those $5 three-packs of stretchy gloves make great stocking stuffers!

10% Pet

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Your donation makes us picture perfect. Help us replace our aging X-ray machine.

your community, your health


At the Saanich Peninsula Hospital we’re currently using an X-ray machine that was installed 16 years ago. It’s been a workhorse, but it has reached the end of its life. Have you ever sprained, fractured or broken a limb? Have you ever ended up with pneumonia after a bout of influenza? If you have, chances are your doctor sent you for an X-ray at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital. X-ray machines are one of the most important diagnostic tools in our healthcare system. The one at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital needs to be replaced, now! A new, fully accessible, state-of-the-art machine will ensure our Medical Imaging department continues to perform its vital role at the heart of our hospital, and work hand-in-hand with our surgical department.

Help us to ensure that our community has the tools to support your health and that of your family.


Sometimes the newest application of an old technology can paint the prettiest picture. The first clinical use of X-rays was in 1896. Since then, more than 5 billion X-ray examinations have been conducted worldwide. The X-ray machine at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital has made a solid contribution to this result – it’s been in continuous use for the past 16 years. It’s not just old, it’s well past the end of its expected life. And given the new demands surrounding COVID, the room that houses it needs more than one entrance/exit. A new X-ray machine will do more than diagnose broken bones and pneumonia (although that’s important!). It will be faster, will expose patients to less radiation and will also allow Medical Imaging to work more closely with surgical services. The Manager of Medical Imaging, Allen Lavoie, sees the real potential of a new machine: “to offer virtually all required medical imaging right here at our local hospital for Peninsula residents.” Some of the advantages of the new Siemens machine are: • It’s all digital, with higher resolution images • It’s faster, which means less radiation exposure • It will be fully accessible for all patients, regardless of their mobility • It can stitch images together allowing for large images to be created. This would allow them to perform x-ray procedures such as scoliosis and pre-op orthopedic exams that are currently sent to the downtown hospitals

To ensure we’re providing the service that people deserve, we also need to make some renovations to the room where the X-ray machine sits. We need to bring the room up to modern day safety standards and replace the aging flooring. Our Medical Imaging department is constantly looking for ways to expand and improve the service that is offered to Peninsula residents. They are constantly looking for ways to support other services such as the Surgical Services program at SPH, and the BC Cancer agency. Help us to fund a new X-ray machine, and renovate its home. Your donation will make us picture perfect here on the Saanich Peninsula!

Your donation is a vital part of the picture.

A message from Shelley Mann, Board Chair

This past year, we needed support in new and unexpected ways. More than ever before, members of our community made a significant difference in helping to keep us all safe. You might wonder if we’re going to take a rest after such a stressful and challenging year. We are not. This year’s goal is $2 million for important equipment purchases, the largest of which is a new X-ray machine (and a renovated room to house it). We want to make our Medical Imaging Department, in the words of its Site Supervisor, Allen Lavoie, “the best on Vancouver Island”. The total cost of a new Siemens X-ray machine will be $700,000 and renovations to the X-ray room will likely cost between $600,000 and $800,000. While this is, by far, the largest part of the campaign, there are other pieces of equipment on the list:

The Foundation’s staff works hard to make the best use of contributions, because they are gifts (in the truest sense of the word) in support of the best healthcare for us all. Please help us; complete a tear-off slip in this insert to send a contribution, or simply visit us online at and click the “Donate Now” button. It’s up to us – you and me – to ensure that our community receives the world-class healthcare that it deserves. With best wishes for your good health,

• A chemistry analyzer ($100,000) and an automated slide reader ($47,500) for the Lab; • An ECG cart ($24,000) and a Stress testing Case system ($48,500) for the Non-invasive Cardiac Lab; • An ultrasound specifically designed for echocardiography ($42,000);

SHELLEY MANN, BOARD CHAIR Saanich Peninsula Hospital and Healthcare Foundation

• Cardiac Monitors for the Emergency Department ($125,000); • A Stryker OR table for the Operating Room ($112,000); • A flexible endoscopic examination system for Speech Therapy ($45,000); and finally, • A disinfecting washer for Acute Care ($44,000)



Introducing: this year’s Honorary Campaign Chair Peter Chance will happily tell you that he is in his 101st year. As a naval veteran, he has travelled all over the world, but as he says, “I have never seen a community quite like the one where I am proud to live – a community that comes together to help one other.” With all those years under his belt, Peter has had lots of experience with the healthcare system, but not for himself. He has cared for two wives who passed away in the Saanich Peninsula Hospital’s Long-term Care Unit; his first wife in the 1990s and then his second in the 2000s. He can’t say enough about the care in LTC. “I was so grateful for the outstanding care they received, and for the compassion the nurses, doctors and care aides showed each wife, and me as well.” Peter has expressed his support for the hospital over the years in many ways. He has sat on the Board of the Foundation, and assisted with fundraising in its early years. He has been a generous donor throughout his life on the Saanich

“I have never seen a community quite like the one where I am proud to live – a community that comes together to help one other.” Peter Chance

Peninsula, and he volunteered at the hospital, helping patients and families find their way to appointments and to loved ones in hospital. He continued to come to the hospital for his weekly volunteer shifts until he turned 95! Peter is thrilled to be the Honorary Chair of this year’s campaign. He knows that, through the Saanich Peninsula Hospital and Healthcare Foundation, the people of the Saanich Peninsula have become critically important partners in the work of our hospital. “I hope that this year, you will

give generously to help the Foundation purchase a new X-ray machine for the SPH.” “Anything you give will be deployed as soon as possible. After years of watching their work, I can assure you that the Board members and staff of the Foundation work tirelessly to make the best use of your donations, and use those donations to respond to the very real healthcare needs of the Saanich Peninsula.”




We’re trying something new this year! Filming our campaign video is a highlight of the year for us at the Foundation, but it is a lot of work. Coordinating time with busy healthcare professionals, as well as trying to minimise our impact on the hospital environment, can be challenging. With COVID-protocols in place still at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital we wanted to find a different way to produce a compelling campaign video – one that would capture the public’s imagination – without interfering with daily life at the hospital. When you watch our video this year you’ll find the cast have been represented by friendly animated characters based on Board Chair Shelley Mann, outgoing and incoming Presidents Karen Morgan and Sarah Bragg, and the head of Medical Imaging Allen Lavoie. The audio was recorded off-site but real images from the hospital have been incorporated into the video.

Watch our campaign video at

Raising money for the health of our community is a serious business, but this is one area where we felt it was appropriate to have a little fun!

Make us see double!

Be a part of our donor match pledge. A long-time resident of the Saanich Peninsula, and their family, feel so strongly about our X-ray machine campaign that they’ve offered a generous donor match pledge. They’re challenging the community to donate to our Picture Perfect campaign and will match donations, dollar for dollar, up to a value of $700,000.

It's a great time to double the value of your gift!

Highlights from the 2020-21 financial statements

‘Picture Perfect’ 2021 Fundraising Campaign


Enclosed is my tax deductible gift of:

Investment, rental income & other................ $1,914,842

o $1000 o $500 o $100 o $50 o $25 o Other Amount: $ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . o cheque enclosed or o Visa o Mastercard

Total Revenue..................................................... $6,341,296

Card No.: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Donations........................................................... $4,336,966 Events....................................................................... $89,488

Expiry Date: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Signature: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Total grants to SPH..........................................$3,029,259 Total grants for community healthcare...........$320,553 Total overhead expenses................................... $730,570 Expenses as a % of revenue......................................11.5%

o I would like to make a monthly donation of $ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . by: o credit card o void cheque enclosed Name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Total funds invested at year-end:............$17,796,237 This summary is not meant to replace our audited financial statements, which are available on our website,

Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . City: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Postal Code: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

During the 2020-21 fiscal year, funds were spent on: Acute Care $53,080 Palliative Care $105,873 Equipment $484,672

Email: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Phone: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Doctor of the Day $49,019 Education $39,371

o Long-Term Care $388,598

Community Healthcare $320,553 Other Total $38,432

Day surgery $1,870,214



New X-ray machine and renovations


I have remembered the SPHHF in my will


Another piece of equipment:


I would like info on how to make a gift to the SPHHF in my will

o Activation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $405 CT Scanner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $825 Operating room . . . . . . . . $9,875 Chapel. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,025 Chaplain Support . . . . . . $15,000 Emergency room . . . . . . . $5,650 Music therapy . . . . . . . . . . . . $832 Physician lounge. . . . . . . . $4,233 Volunteer services . . . . . . . . $587 TOTAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,349,812

I would like to receive occasional email updates and information from the Saanich Peninsula Hospital & Healthcare Foundation.

Wherever the need is the greatest

A receipt will be issued to acknowledge your generosity. BN 11913 0540 RR0001

Hospital Office: 2166 Mt Newton X Rd. Saanichton, BC V8M 2B2 Ph: 250-652-7531

Sidney Office: 9710 Third St. Sidney, BC V8L 3A2 Ph: 250-656-2948

With a little help from our friends…

Peninsula Singers Spring 2021 Virtual Spring Show ‘Spring Celebration’.

Despite the cancelling of their concerts this year, the Peninsula Singers continue to raise money for music therapy in both Long-term Care and Palliative Care. Who would have thought that singing could result in donations of over $58,000! Everyone at the hospital is so grateful to this hardworking group, who employ their talents to support such an uplifting program.

term Care residents at the McTavish Academy of the Arts (MAOA). Every week, for six-week sessions, residents take the hospital bus over to MAOA. They are so glad the art is returning again!

Firm Management has been hosting a golf tournament every year for 15 years. Last year, despite the fact that they had a “virtual” golf tournament, they raised over $20,000, bringing their all-time total raised for your hospital and your healthcare to $178,000. Over 100 local businesses and individuals contribute to this total each year. Extra good news is that they were able to hold the tournament in person this year! (Sadly, the Foundation team did not win the box of toilet paper for being the worst team this year as they did in 2019). A special thanks to the Fimrites for their generous support over the years: they truly have made a difference.

One of the other cherished programs offered to residents at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital is the Art Therapy Program. Recently, the Foundation received a fourth grant of $24,500 from a family foundation. This gift will provide continued art therapy to LongLTC resident enjoys the Art Therapy Program.

Fimrites on the green.

Are you looking for another way to support local healthcare? •

Did you know you can donate AIR MILES to the Saanich Peninsula Hospital & Healthcare Foundation? If you call (250) 656-2948 or email (chryseis. to request one of our AIR MILES cards, you can use it at any of the retailers who give AIR MILES, when you make purchases. All points earned support our fundraising efforts.

Island Return-It has provided us with a charitable account, so when you drop off returnables, you can just say you want the refund to go to SPHHF.

We also have a Peninsula Co-op account. When filling up at a Co-op Gas Station or buying groceries at a Co-op store you can use our account number: 130700 and we’ll benefit from an annual rebate payment.

In this moment... A family recipe was passed on to the next generation.

Connecting people with the right spaces. MHCOLLECTIVE.CA

I N FA S H I O N by Jenna Falk Ocean Spray Galiano

Slow Fashion in a Fast-Moving World In a society that places busyness on

the room is hiding in your closet – literally. they weren't that expensive to begin with, and The global fashion industry contributes you're not that attached. You can simply buy a approximately 10% of greenhouse gas replacement (which comes with its own hit of emissions. It produces nearly 20% of shopping dopamine). wastewater. It uses more energy than The problem with fast fashion is that it is both the aviation and shipping industries inherently unsustainable. Underpaid overseas combined, through production, shipping workers and externalized environmental and ultimately the disposal of fast fashion damage (such as harmful dyes and chemicals garments. Shocking, right? in wastewater) are cornerstones of this business JH Fast fashion is a term describing just what model, allowing fast fashion to remain an WE ARE CLOSING STORE you think: clothing and accessories you can economically viable option. SupplyOUR chains crossDECEM buy for relatively low cost, that are flowing WE AREcontinents and oceans, making it very hard to CLOSING OUR STORE DECEMBER 01, 2021 into stores at a nearly constant rate. Items Forty trackyears theseago impacts and assure accountability. on December 1st, I began my life Forty years ago on December 1st, I began my life in retail with the are typically lower quality and do not last opening But there's an opportunity here, Iand can of Sunday’s Snow�lakes. wasit fortunate e opening of Sunday’s Snow�lakes. I was fortunate enough to also open very long. But you don't worryCurves too much translate many areas of your life. and EverySunday’s Sn Lingerie, Something Moreto and Sunday’s Snow�lakes here Curves Lingerie, Something More Mattick’s Farm. about throwing away the items atbecause time we purchase at Mattick’s Farm.something, we're making a decision. are "need to haves" and "nice to I have made many friends duringThere this time and feel very lucky to have spent a big part of mymany life doingfriends what I love. I have made during thisbetween time and fee haves." There is a balance we each find I am grateful and proud to have had the opportunity lucky to have spent a bigSlow partfashion, of my life doing wha affordability and quality. coined to share these experiences with my amazing staff, customers, colleagues, suppliers and community I am grateful and proud to have had the opportun by design activist and professor Kate Fletcher, is who have supported me over the years. to share these experiences mythan amazing clothing that is quality-basedwith rather time- staff, Saying farewell iscustomers, the hardest part. suppliers and You community THANK YOU based. It iscolleagues, thoughtful and intentional. buy I would like to take a moment to For the sweet times 5325 Cordova Bay Rd, who have supported me over the years. fewertime. items, but choose products made to last thank you all for the great and memories we Victoria BC V8Y 2L3 shared together! 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I have had a fabulous ride! Tel: 250-658-8499 and sustainable wardrobe. And just like fashion 250-658-8499 shared WE together! had a fabulous ride! STORE DECEMBER ARE CLOSING OUR I have made many friends during this and feel very01, 2021 should be – have fun while you do it. lucky to have spent a big part of my life doing what I love. w w w . s u n d a y s n o w fl a k e s . c o m w w . s u n d a y s n o w fl a k e s . c o m For more information, visit I am grateful and proud to havewhad the opportunity to share these experiences with my amazing staff, years ago on December 1st, I began my life in retail with the a pedestal and prioritizes convenience over longevity, it can feel like you're walking upstream when you try to stop and do things differently. When it comes to your clothing, nurturing a lifestyle of conscious consumption can be one of the most powerful choices you make as a consumer, with far reaching environmental and social impacts – all for the better. When you think of the environmental impacts of your lifestyle, what comes to mind? Your annual electricity consumption? Gasoline for your car? Food? These aspects of our resource use do have meaningful environmental impacts. But the elephant in












Saying farewell is the hardest part.




orty customers, colleagues, suppliers and community who have supported me over the years. pening of Sunday’s Snow lakes. was fortunate enough to also open 42 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | NOVEMBERI 2021

y Rd 3 ,


– Wendy



BE y R0 na life 1, te in 20 21 ’s eno ret Sn ail u ow gh w la to ith ke al th s h so e er op e en ve ry ov e.


SEASIDE talks with Ashley Ruffle, local financial advisor, about what's


On your feet? Toms & Miz Mooz. When you need more than a clutch? A purse from Cameron Rose. When it comes to your go-to "uniform?" For day-today, jeans and a hoodie. When you want to throw fashion out the window and be all about comfort? Roots sweat pants. In your closet? Cozy sweaters.

When you want to smell irresistible? Coconut Body Butter from The Body Shop. On your luxury wish list? A facial at Tigh-Na-Mara. In your bathroom cabinet? Burt's Bees lip balm. On your skin? Eminence Organics Skincare. In haircare? Eleven from Will + Wheel Hair Lounge. In your makeup bag? Elate clean cosmetics. On your bedside table? Framed family pictures.

On your walls? Art by AnnaMarie Trelford, Wendy Pickens and Rhiana Moore. In the kitchen? "Dark Knight" - a Queen Bees Farm tea. In home décor? Eclectic. On your playlist? Florence & The Machine, Of Monsters & Men, Led Zeppelin. On your Netflix queue? Derry Girls, Schitt's Creek. When you want a night out? Seaglass Waterfront Grill or the pub at Brentwood Bay Resort. When you don't care how much it costs? Empress 1908 Gin from Victoria Distillers. When adding sparkle to your outfit? Woven Stone Co. bracelets.

photos by Janis Jean Photography

Harvest Sale November 26 & 27 Friday: 9am - 7pm • Saturday: 9am - 5pm Mary Winspear Centre • 2243 Beacon Ave, Sidney

For the eighth year in a row, we at Rancho Vignola are preparing to bring this year’s FRESH CROP NUTS & DRIED FRUIT to the community of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. The Mary Winspear Centre has been our chosen venue since day one, for our always anticipated annual harvest sale. Having strong ties in Saanich we couldn’t be more motivated to adapt to the times, to continue to host our family harvest sale, and bring fresh nutritious foods to the Island we love.

2020 was the year we had to spin on a dime to find ways to create the same personalized buying experience we have become known for, while adapting to the changing realities around us. Working with the Mary Winspear Centre team, we were able to create an outdoor experience that still allowed for genuine exchange. We share enthusiasm for seasonal fresh quality foods with our customers, and being able to talk about our products and the growers that we know and trust really is important to us. This year our customers will be welcomed at arrival at MWC, with the large rear courtyard set as our staging area for product display and order pickup. All you will need to do is fill out your personal order form and hand it over to us. We will fill your order while you wait, making it a contactless shopping experience. We have over 100 products to share this year including bulk nuts, dried fruits, seeds, premium confections, and many gift ideas. We truly are looking forward to welcoming you to see this year’s bounty for yourself!

Homemade Almond Milk

Any store bought almond milk simply doesn’t compare to home-made almond milk, and making it yourself at home couldn’t be easier! All you need is a powerful blender and a good quality nut-milk bag. It is essential to start with truly fresh raw almonds to obtain the unbeatable creamy rich clean taste of this milk. Expect to want to use it in EVERYTHING, as you look for more opportunities to incorporate it in your daily routine. We suggest adding it to your smoothies, your cereal bowl, or even waking up in the middle of the night for that sneaky glass of almond milk and cookies. Find Rancho Vignola nut bags at our Sidney Harvest Sale and all the raw nuts you will want to make your own nut milk at home.

Fresh Almond Milk Ingredients:

1 cup raw almonds 3-4 cups water Pinch of salt

Optional: A few pitted dates or other sweetener of your choice

Soak almonds in a few inches of water for 12 hours or overnight. Drain and rinse. Add fresh water, almonds, a pinch of salt and optional sweetener and/or vanilla extract to your blender. Blend on high for about 2mins or until well processed.

Strain the almond milk with a nut bag. Pro Tip: twist the bag just above the almond milk and then squeeze downwards, collecting all the pulp in the bottom of the bag so you can extract the most liquid with the least mess. Pour your almond milk into a container and refrigerate up to 4-5 days.

Seasonal Suggestion

You can make an absolutely decadent dairy-free Irish Cream using this almond milk and a cup of raw cashews. Find this recipe and more on the Rancho Vignola website:

Learn more about Rancho Vignola at

SALISH SEA NEWS by Tina Kelly Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea

Mean Green Eating Machines Be on the look out. The lookout for an unwanted visitor – a visitor who moves in and is difficult to remove. The moniker "mean green eating machine" offers some indication as to how this visitor treats its new home and roommates. Awareness about this unwanted and uninvited visitor – the European green crab (carcinus maenus) – is growing. At the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea, questions and comments about these invasive crabs are increasingly more common. Some visitors are seeking clarification or more information while others are looking to confirm a potential sighting. How do you identify European green crabs from local species? European green crabs and green shore crabs (hemigrapsus oregonensis) have differences beyond the fact one is meant to be here and one is not. But it turns out neither are always green. Shape of the body or carapace can help; an invasive green crab's carapace is wider at the top – triangular or diamond in shape – whereas native shore crabs are relatively square in shape. Kelp crabs (pugettia producta) and helmet crabs (telmessus cheiragonus) are two other crabs that could be misidentified as the invasive species. Identification based on colour and shape has limitations, but there is one clear telltale feature: invasive green crabs have five spines, or marginal teeth, on either side of the eyes. The European green crab is among the top 100 most invasive species in the world. In some regions, it ranks in the top 10 most unwanted species. Introduction of this species to the Pacific coast of North America is thought to have occurred in San Francisco in 1989 and the species has spread ever since. Hitching rides on boats and in ballast water are significant ways aquatic species (adults or larvae) are introduced to new areas.

As their nickname suggests, their appetite is voracious. They are masters at breaking through the protective shell of mussels and clams and are known to eat other crab species. These crabs take over habitat, outcompeting local species for space and food. In the process, they excavate sediments and destroy eelgrass meadows, itself a critical habitat for so many species including salmon and forage fish such as Pacific herring. Their destructive power can alter the shoreline and change the landscape. In many areas, the presence of European green crabs has significant economic implications. How can you help? Know how to

accurately identify and differentiate the invasive crab from native species (Remember those five "teeth!") and help scientists track the spread. Report sightings to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (email and be sure to include the date, location and a picture. Note: Sidney's fishing pier hosts an educational sign about the European Green Crab. The Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea is a nonprofit aquarium and education centre located on the territory of the W̱SÁNEĆ people. For more information visit

We are a boutique style Mattress and Bed store. Our goal is to provide a good selection of excellent beds and mattresses for all your needs in a pleasant environment in the absence of pressure, sales gimmicks and ridiculous markups. We want the experience to leave you comfortable and smiling! Our pricing is fair and includes free local delivery. We also remove and dispose of your old items. We feature Restwell’s Back Supporter series. These are made in Surrey BC, provide incredible support and comfort, are affordably priced and are built to last. Many of us are moving to smaller spaces. Sidney Mattress & More handles Small Space Solutions including Trundle Beds, Chest Beds and Murphy Beds. If you’d like to dress up your space, we handle upholstered and wood bed frames and headboards. Need pillows, sheets or mattress protectors? We have those too! Please come and see us and

Introducing our new Assistant Manager, Lily!

Let Us Help You Sleep Better! 778.351.2113 | 1A - 2353 Bevan Avenue, Sidney | NOVEMBER 2021 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 45

LIVING OFF THE LAND by Jo Barnes photos by Amanda Cribdon Photography

Sea Dog Farm:

Anchored in Agriculture At this Saanichton farm, the farmer works like a dog, a sea dog that is, who is charting a new course, this time on the land. Tucked away amidst the firs and cedars alongside Centennial Park, Sea Dog Farm is a peaceful pastoral property owned and operated by retired naval officer Shawn Connelly and his wife Katy. Its name pays tribute to both Shawn's seafaring career and also to the previous dog kennel operation that thrived on the property years ago. "I'm a retired officer with the Royal Canadian Navy where I served for 33 years," shares Shawn. "The farm name is a nod to that and also to the former dog kennel and park that was here." Tending the land is not new to this couple. Shawn grew up in a rural area of Eastern Ontario and worked often on dairy farms gaining a working knowledge of animal husbandry. A former teacher, Katy has always been an enthusiastic gardener who enjoys details and researching plants, produce, techniques and methods. Before purchasing their farm, they lived in Oak Bay where they maintained a beautiful garden and raised chickens and bees. Their new Saanichton farm is an opportunity to fully embrace their love of the land. "Everything we've done has led to this point," shares Katy. Upon retirement, the couple purchased the five-acre property in 2017, and have worked tirelessly to clear trees and debris and overgrowth, convert the former kennel into chicken housing, enhance the existing orchard, plant berries, build a greenhouse and construct numerous raised beds for organic flowers and produce. "The property is on the Agricultural Land Reserve," comments Katy. "We thought it should be returned to its intended purpose." Organic methods, recycling and reusing are commonplace here. No pesticides or herbicides are used. Feedbags are recycled for gardening use. Old trees are chipped and used on trails or as mulch or compost. Chickens roam and alpacas graze; their manure a vital source of fertilizer for the soil. The five alpacas on the property are valuable for pasture maintenance and fire mitigation. They eat weeds, refuse berries, and their manure is a superior soil fertilizer. There are 61 fruit and nut trees on the farm, but most produce is raised above ground. "The soil is very much clay. It's a lot easier to grow produce in raised beds," says Katy. "We prefer not to till the land." The produce menu at Sea Dog Farm is extensive. Offerings include lettuce, kale, spinach, cucumbers, pumpkins, garlic, peppers, tomatoes as well as many fruits like strawberries, raspberries,

blueberries, apples and plums. In addition, they sell eggs and alpaca fiber. The flowers grown onsite are bundled into attractive bouquets. "We have a variety of flowers here. Dahlias are lovely and sell well," comments Katy. Over the years, the Sea Dog farm stand has become a well-known community landmark along the Centennial Park trail. "We have one farm stand at the end of the driveway," says Shawn. "The other is at the centre of our front lawn which runs along the Centennial Park. We get a lot of walk-by traffic." Customers enjoy the ease of buying homegrown fresh produce in their own neighborhood. Whether it's a quick stop for produce or to stock up on farm fresh eggs, transactions are straightforward and convenient. "It's the honour system at our stand. People pay using the cash box there," says Shawn, adding with a smile: "And, you never know. Someone once paid using all nickels!" Shawn and Katy receive positive feedback regularly, sometimes in notes left behind on the stand. "We get some great notes like one that said 'I really love your kale!'" remarks Katy. The arrival of Covid shone a light on food security and the importance of local farms. Shawn and Katy felt the positive impact. "Our farm stand has never done better!" notes Shawn. "People are really embracing what we're doing here." Community support has been rewarding, sometimes surprising. "During Covid, we had a contract cancelled and shared this

over social media," says Shawn. "Before we knew it, there was an overwhelming support from everyone including The Roost who reached out to us to give us the opportunity to showcase our flowers." If you think that retirement means slowing down, you'd be barking up the wrong tree at Sea Dog Farm. For these farmers, it's both an opportunity to pull up anchor and put down roots on the land and to share good food with the community.

I’m Not Just a Real Estate Agent I’m Also Your North Saanich Neighbour VANCOUVER ISLAND REAL ESTATE EXPERTISE

Making Realty Dreams a Reality Thaddeus Monckton, Realtor - B.Ed.,M.A.


Macdonald Realty Ltd. | NOVEMBER 2021 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 47

YOUR SOURCE FOR BLUNDSTONES IN BRENTWOOD Expanded Selection of Styles and Colours!

YOUR SOURCE FOR BLUNDSTONES IN BRENTWOOD Expanded Selection of Styles and Colours!

YOUR SOURCE FOR BLUNDSTONES IN BRENTWOOD BAY Offering a Wide Selection of Styles & Colours

7154West WestSaanich Saanich Road, Brentwood Bay 7154 Road, Brentwood Bay, BC 250.652.1002 7154 West Saanich Road, Brentwood Bay, BC Phone: (250) 652.1002

COMMON CENTS by Ashley Ruffle Financial Advisor Edward Jones Financial

RECEIVED AN INHERITANCE? HERE'S WHAT TO DO NEXT According to estimates, about $1 trillion will be transferred from one generation to the next between 2016 and 2026. Have you thought about what you'd do if you received a lump sum inheritance? Before you start spending the cash you've received, there are many factors to consider. Depending on the size of the inheritance, it could have a major impact on your financial future and there could be tax considerations – your strategy should be well thought out and intentional. You don't have to decide on your own: working with your financial advisor, as well as your tax and legal professionals where appropriate, can help you determine a strategy that makes the most sense for you. Here are some strategies you may want to consider. Pause and take time to think. First, it's important to allow time to mourn your loved one. Making financial decisions in an emotional state is never a good idea. This may mean putting the money aside while you grieve. Consider how your family member would have wanted you to spend that money to help inform how you use it. Pay off debt. An inheritance may provide an opportunity to make a fresh start, debt-free. Begin by paying off high interest rate credit cards and loans, including any student loans. Set up an emergency fund. If you're still working, we recommend having six to 12 months of living expenses in an emergency fund. If you're retired, we recommend setting aside three months of living expenses for emergencies and 12 months of living expenses for everyday spending. Invest for your retirement. You could use part of your inheritance or lump sum to contribute to your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) for the year. Save for children's education. It's never too soon to save for the high costs of a child's higher education. Consider investing in a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). Make a major purchase. Would your loved one have liked to have known that you took that "trip of a lifetime" or put the pool in the backyard that you've wanted for years? Review your own estate plan. An inheritance may alter your own gifting plans or just serve as a great reminder to review and update your own Wills, powers of attorneys and beneficiaries if appropriate. Your financial strategy is likely a great roadmap for how to put your inheritance to work. Your financial advisor can help you evaluate your situation. Edward Jones, its employees and financial advisors are not estate planners and cannot provide tax or legal advice. You should consult your estate-planning attorney or qualified tax advisor regarding your situation.

Portugal Walking & Wine Tour with Jane Johnston Sept 27 to Oct 4, 2022

Ukraine From a Woman’s Perspective with Cathy Scott May 16 to 28, 2022

Explore Scotland’s Highlands, Islands & Culture Capitals May 18 to 28, 2022

Traditions & Foods of Central Spain Oct 20 to 30, 2023


NEW LOCATION 105-2423 Beacon Ave, Sidney | 250.999.9800

1889 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria | 250.595.1161 BC Reg. 75524/63139

UNIQUELY YOURS 2536 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.656.5676





You are investing in your community by supporting its unique businesses. Appreciate what makes our neighbourhoods different. Our one-of-a-kind shops and services are an inherent part of the distinctive character of our Saanich Peninsula neighbourhoods; that is what brought us here and will keep us here. Stay local and stay connected to the merchants in your community. By supporting them today, you are investing in a unique and sustainable future for the Saanich Peninsula community.

Garage Cycle Spin Studio Garage Cycle is a boutique spin studio providing an exhilarating cardio workout inspired by outdoor biking. With small class size, ambient lighting and uplifting music, Cyclers are sure to enjoy a personalized and inspiring ride. 778.873.7881

One Stop Furniture & Mattress One Stop Furniture & Mattress is a family-run business in the heart of Sidney. Established in 2006 in an 800sqft. store on Second Street, they now operate a two-level, 9,300sqft. store in the Sidney Centre (near Save-on-Foods). While they have grown immensely, they maintain that small business mentality and pride themselves in treating employees and customers as part of their extended family. They work mostly with Canadian suppliers, offering quality, unique furniture and accessories for every room. With custom-made products, customers are able to design the perfect piece while making the most of their space. They proudly support and carry a number of art pieces from local artists. Customers are sure to feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease from the moment they walk in the door with friendly, knowledgeable staff and above-and-beyond customer service. One Stop Furniture & Mattress is celebrating their 15th anniversary this month! To celebrate, they are giving back during their annual Anniversary Sale. They are offering great savings on every purchase and donating a portion of their proceeds to the Victoria Humane Society and the Victoria Hospice Society. Help them fundraise and save even more!

Time to start thinking of holiday gift ideas … even if it may be for you! We have furniture for every room in the house, as well as lamps, décor and wall art. Start your holiday shopping early and take advantage of our Anniversary Sale today! #202 - 9768 Fifth St, Sidney 250.655.7467 (SHOP)

DCC Cabinets Local, affordable custom cabinets … right here on the Saanich Peninsula! We offer a full-service shop, from design and manufacturing through to the installation of our exceptional product. 250.412.3472 2071 Malaview Ave, Sidney (call for appt.)

Trouble Sleeping? Everyone Deserves Cosy Feet!

When you don't sleep well,it is often easy to assume that it can't be a problem with the mattress because it's relatively new and was expensive. Don't make that mistake. Come and see us to

Handmade sheepskin slippers for the whole family! Shop muffet & louisa, muffet & louisa part 2, and online.

778.351.2113 | 1A - 2353 Bevan Ave, Sidney

250.656.0011 |

Begin Starting Your Day Rested!

102-2360 Beacon Ave, Sidney

REIKI FOR WELLNESS with Elizabeth Candlish Deep relaxation for the stressed Body and Mind – "experience for yourself the healing art of Reiki." Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit. 60 or 90 minute Reiki Sessions available. Reiki (all levels) taught throughout the year. Gift certificates available. Mobile service available. 250.686.0222

Your local choice for flowers and floral gifts to help you and your loved ones Stay Connected From A Distance.

Seaside Cabinetry & Design is a boutiquestyle cabinet showroom located in downtown Sidney. Custom Design, Merit Cabinetry, Lifetime Warranty. We have hundreds of styles and colours to choose from. Showroom Open by Appointment

250.812.4304 | 9715 First St, Sidney

We are locally owned and passionate about supporting our local growers, economy and the environment. We are open seven days a week and deliver from Sidney to Sooke and some of the Gulf Islands


Reiki for Wellness Elizabeth Candlish is the owner of "Reiki for Wellness" based in Sidney. As a Master/Teacher/ Practitioner in Usui Reiki she has learned other modalities over the years: Reiki with Crystals, and Reiki with Drumming to name but two. Elizabeth began her business in 2006 on the Sunshine Coast, until 2018 when she moved to Vancouver Island and made her home in Sidney. Her Healing Studio in her home, for clients and students, provides a comfortable and safe environment whether providing a Reiki session or teaching Reiki classes. A Reiki session is an amazing experience and is different for every client. Each session builds on the last one for deeper healing, leaving clients feeling relaxed, calm and quietened in the mind. Reiki assists in bringing the body back into harmony – healing body, mind and spirit. Elizabeth includes her BioMat in the Reiki session, filled with crystals to provide a warm and comforting sensation. Reiki has helped many people over the years in dealing with anxiety, stress, aches or pains, chronic conditions and clients going through cancer. A Reiki session lasts 60 or 90 minutes; visit or phone Elizabeth for details at 250-686-0222.

BEHIND THE SCENES by Deborah Rogers | photo byJanis Jean Photography

Behind the Silver Screen We've all seen the increase in TV and movie filming on the Saanich Peninsula these past few years. A fleet of catering trucks and dressing room caravans suddenly appear at the Mary Winspear Centre or the Saanich Fairgrounds; American flags replace the Canadian ones on Sidney's Pier, or there's snow on Beacon Avenue in August! But what if you don't have the budget of Hallmark or Netflix? There's a budding grassroots filmmaking industry in our area too, and they're making award-winning stuff. This month I was

literally invited behind the scenes; the scenes of a small-budget indie short film, Imitates Life. Filmmaker and Director Tabatha Golat is passionate about movies. She tells me that her dad would host Film Fridays through her childhood and her interest grew through summer camps at the film school on Galiano Island as a teenager. After years of writing and filming home movies, Tabatha attended film school in Victoria and set off to work in the industry in Vancouver. Now she's back on the Island, living in Central


Delivery now available

Order online or call us. Available from July 15th.

2410 Beacon Ave, Sidney


Saanich, and taking every opportunity to get behind the camera and create. A small grant from the CineCentral Filmmakers Society in partnership with SHAW Spotlight has allowed her current project to come to fruition. It's a tiny budget in the world of film, but with a generous, supportive community, that $2,000 grant stretched to four days of shooting with a cast of four (plus local extras) and a crew of eight! I joined the set towards the end of day one, tiptoeing onto a scene starring the lead, Kaliandra Capri, playing Amy. I've never been on a film set before, but I had an idea of what it would be like, from watching movies ironically! An Airbnb property in Dean Park (use of which was generously donated) was the setting. It was a basement suite and quite cosy for the number of people present. Filming requires a lot of equipment. There's the camera obviously, with cameraman Matt making quick decisions about how to achieve those interior shots without colliding with hallway walls or showing the boom mike inadvertently. That boom, at the time I arrived, was being held by sound expert Brent from the bathroom, tucked out of shot. Kaliandra needed to move from the "bedroom" towards the "kitchen" down a tight hallway. Matt had to walk backwards to capture the movement of the scene. That's where another crew member assisted, with his hand on Matt's back to guide him. Behind those two was Tabatha herself, directing the shot, watching the acting and deciding when to call "cut." When you watch a finished film it's very hard to appreciate the number of repetitions of each scene, each line even. Kelly Finnerty, the project's writer and co-producer, was also operating the clapperboard and explained to me how vital it is. Each scene and each take is noted on the board at the start of filming and the board claps to signal everyone to be quiet and ready. When Tababtha comes to edit all the footage down she'll pair the notes she was constantly taking with those clapperboard numbers to enable her to wade through the hours of footage. Imagine having to react to the same thing over and over again! It was fascinating to watch Kaliandra repeat her lines, adjusting the emphasis or the look on her face each time, taking notes from Tabatha between shots. I don't want to give too much away about the plot but it's a comedy and features Will, played by Sean Baker, as Amy's "Perfect Man." Off camera makeup is being touched up, lines practised, and scenes blocked out. It's high energy and exciting and I could tell how tight this crew was with each other. Tabatha said by the end of the shoot they felt like a family. As well as the scenes at the house, filming took place at James Island wharf (pictured), The Roost, McTavish Academy of Art and Marigold Café. All of these businesses were tremendous about providing space and freedom for the film crew to operate. Unusually for a film project this one came together very quickly due to the perfect combination of a story waiting to be told and the grant deadline. The completed project will be submitted in December, and audiences will be able to view it next year (the film will show on SHAW Spotlight). Tabatha hopes that this film, like her previous indie-short The United Guys Network, will be picked up for the Festival circuit. Watch this space for updates!

Martyn Stimpson CPA, CGA, LPA

You have worked hard for the assets you have. Let our team of professionals help you safeguard both them and your financial future. Stimpson | CPA works primarily with business owners, investors and rental property owners. • Personal, Corporate and Estate Trust Tax Filings • Estate planning • Eldercare Services • Free Consultation Stimpson | CPA 202 - 830 Shamrock St, Victoria 250.590.5211 |

Dr. Brendan Wallace O.D. | Dr Mike Joljart O.D. Dr. Samantha Bourdeau O.D.

#101 - 2376 Bevan Avenue, Sidney 250.655.1122 NOVEMBER 2021 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 53

Peninsula Flavour:

MENU of the

The Peninsula's Only Micro Coffee Roaster Open 7 Days a Week 8am - 4pm

MONTH GREAT British Food Locally Owned & Family Operated Open Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm

in Saanichton at the corner of Mt. Newton & Wallace

A Selection from the Menu at Chef on the Run - Sidney All Meals $10.50 – includes entrée, your choice of 1 starch & 2 veg.

Take-Out / Delivery


Nov 8 - 12

250.655.3141 |

Pan Seared Salisbury Steak

Chicken Curry ‘Madras’ Boneless Chicken

Centre Cut Pork Chop*

leek/dill sauce topped with mash potato


9781B Second St, Sidney

Fishermans Pie Cod, Salmon and Shrimp in a simmered in a medium/hot curry sauce

topped with a peach sauce and toasted almonds

Nov 1 - 5

Beef Creole – Louisiana (GF) Beef steak Baron of Beef with pan gravy

Apple Butter Chicken (GF on request)

Boneless chicken breast topped with an apple butter sauce

braised with green peppers, tomatoes in a beef gravy

Cantonese Pork Tenderloin (GF)

Pork tenderloin marinated and baked in our Hoisin sauce (* Items corn starched. Please note the beef & chicken base contain barley, wheat) FOR LOCAL DELIVERIES (Mon – Fri only) PLEASE CALL BEFORE 10.30 AM

Baked Virginia Ham (GF) With a Pineapple/Raisin sauce

Pan Fried Lemon Sole (GF on request) Dover Sole with a light Lemon sauce

Nov 29 - Dec 3

Share some warmth this season!

Vegetable Lasagna

Layered pasta & fresh vegetables with béchamel sauce

Beef Bourguignon

Beef steak braised with onion & mushrooms in a red wine sauce

Braised Liver

Fresh sliced Liver with an onion gravy

Chicken L’Orange (GF on request)

Beef Steak Ragout * Beef steak braised with

Pan Fried Rainbow Trout (GF on request) With a Shrimp sauce

Breaded Pork cutlet dressed with a fres Mushroom sauce

Boneless chicken breast glazed with an orange sauce

Safely Open!


Hawaiian Pork Balls

Simmered in a sweet and sour sauce

Nov 22 - 26

Grilled Fillet of Arctic Char (GF on request) Delicate sweet flavor shipped to us direct from the Yukon Lakes

Pan seared then slowly baked in a mushroom sauce

Nov 15 - 19

Chicken Peche Almondine Chicken breast

Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding

With an onion gravy

Join Us for Great Food & Beverages or Call us for Take-out

fresh root vegetables in a hearty gravy

Grilled Weiner Schnitzel

$10 – Burger & Fries or 1 lb Wings after 8pm (Sun-Thurs)

Mon - Sat: 11am-midnight; Sun: 10am-midnight

Please Support Your Local Businesses

Neighbourhood Pub & Liquor Store

2250 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

7806 East Saanich Road, Saanichton





Helping Heal Our Companions:

A Pet Care Centre That Loves Your Pets as Much as You Do!

Balfour's Friends Foundation

Comfortable, clean & healthy fresh air environment Exercise yards up to one quarter acre Feline “Cuddle Time” • K-9 Playschool course All managerial staff “Certified Kennel Technicians” Recommended by veterinarians • Full grooming services available

Be it a cat, dog, horse or hamster, those of us with pets know all too well the joy that our four-legged companions bring to our lives. Those therapeutic benefits of pet ownership have never been more important than during the recent pandemic. Now imagine that your beloved companion is sick or injured and you can't afford the vet bills. The decisions to be made are unthinkable, but unfortunately, they are reality for many less-fortunate people in our communities. That's where Balfour's Friends Foundation comes in. Founded in Sidney in 2012, Balfour's Friends Foundation is a registered charity that provides supplementary financial aid for low-income pet owners on Vancouver Island, to help ensure that their pets receive essential veterinary care. Recipients include seniors, single parents, unemployed individuals, students and people with disabilities. Balfour's Friends is entirely volunteer-based and dependent on donations. Annual police and firefighter calendars are one of the Foundation's primary fundraisers. In these calendars, police officers from across Greater Victoria and firefighters from across the Saanich Peninsula pose proudly with their family pets. As first responders, these calendar models have seen first-hand the positive impact that pets can have on the well-being of vulnerable people in our communities. Balfour's Friends is founded on the conviction that by helping pets to stay healthy, we are contributing to the health of our communities as well. When you purchase a calendar, you can be assured that nearly 100% of all funds received will go directly to pay for veterinary care. Filled with beautiful, high-quality photos taken by a team of local photographers who generously volunteered their time, these calendars make great gifts for teachers, office workers, grandparents and animal lovers of all kinds. They are also perfect for tucking into a stocking or gift basket! "Firefighters & Friends" and "Officers on Pawtrol" (shown above) calendars are available for sale online and at select local businesses for a minimum donation of $15. For more information – or to donate – visit Photo credit: Leah Gray (Spirit Hills Photography).

A Full Service Pet Care Facility

250-652-2301 2918 Lamont Road, Saanichton • email: Just minutes from Victoria Airport & BC Ferries Terminal

FREE DELIVERY on the PENINSULA! We are Grateful for the Continued Support of Our Customers! The last Thursday of every month is



o ed pricise r a l d regeurchan m

BOSLEY’S IN SIDNEY #4-2353 Bevan Avenue 250.656.6977 · @BosleysSidney


Access activities in the pool, on the ice, in the weight room, take a fitness class and more! Visit us online or scan the QR Code with your mobile device for pass details or to purchase.




Keep Warm and Carry On: Rodco Draperies & Upholstery by Jesse Holth

This is part of a rotating series of articles about some of the Saanich Peninsula's unique shops and services.

With the holiday season upon us, it's time to hunker down and get cozy with friends and family. There are plenty of options for giving your room a much-needed makeover to get it ready for guests – and sometimes all it takes is a new set of drapes! Roger Comartin, owner of Rodco Draperies & Upholstery, recommends choosing a fabric that matches the existing colour scheme in your home to pull the whole room together in a snap. "There's no need to redecorate your entire place – a new set of drapes will transform the look of any room," he explains. You can also choose a piece or two to focus on – for example, reupholstering your favourite chair in a new colour can breathe life into the room and give everything a fresh new look. An important aspect of the winter season is also climate control: you don't want to worry about being too chilly on a cold night, or losing money to your heating bill. Enter Rodco's custom draperies – just like you use your blinds to keep out the sun when it gets too hot, drapes are an extremely effective way to keep out the cold. But drapes don't always have to be heavy or weigh down the look of your room; Roger describes how a recent client requested embroidered sheers, and she decided to go with a lighter colour. "The size of the room just doubled," he says, noting that darker colours tend to be more dramatic while lighter colours can visually expand your space. It's double duty, as drapes keep in the heat while also coordinating with your home décor. Another client recently purchased a new condo that came with the existing furniture, so Roger suggested reupholstering a few key pieces. "You can bring in a bright colour and it will look like new," he explains. "Everything will look totally redone, with one simple fix." Draperies come in all shapes, sizes, colours, textures, and materials, so why not get creative? While it may be daunting to think about redecorating your whole place, you can easily use your imagination to consider what it might look like with a different window treatment, or a new set of drapes in a bold colour or fun pattern. And if it helps you stay cozy and warm throughout the winter, that's a bonus – something practical and beautiful you'll use year-round!

Thank You to everyone for taking our Covid journey seriously and Thank You for your support! Welcome, Be Smart About Being Healthy and Safe

Yes we can help you with upholstery blackout shades & draperies for your bedroom or for your WHOLE strata Draperies


& Upholstery

250.656.4642 •

Your destination for elevated fashion for everyday living. Shop our new arrivals for Fall in-store and online now.

2418 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.655.0774 @boutiquemoden

Bring Your Masks Here to be Recycled! focus hair design 102-2557 Beacon Ave, Sidney

• Great team • Monthly promos • Certified Green Circle Salon Now Accepting Donations for our Christmas Food Hamper! Mondays - by appointment only • Tues - Sat 9-5 • Closed Sundays

250.656.8122 •

Open 7 Days a Week Eat in-house, outdoors on our patio, or take-away. 7900 Lochside Dr Saanichton, BC (Mt. Newton Cross Rd Exit) themarigoldcafevictoria | | 250-544-6359

PENINSULA "1000 X 5" Children’s Book Recycling Project: By the Numbers In 2011, I wrote an article for Seaside Magazine about the "1000 X 5" Project, announcing over 33,000 books distributed and seeking community support. Much has happened since then. Now, I'd like to tell our story "by the numbers"– largest to smallest: • Over 170,000 books have been donated (and purchased) for distribution to young children and families on the Peninsula. Books are donated at Saanich elementary schools, the School District Office, and Peninsula Co-op Food Centre on Keating Cross Road. Our storage space is filled with books waiting to be processed and systems are in place for receiving more. • 2,500 children receive books annually; some receive several gift bags to help families build home libraries.

• 2008 was the year our work began. We have sustained the project for over 13 years, with a lot of help from the community. We do this work because: o When we read to children, we give them our full attention, confirm they are valued, and help them associate reading with pleasure. o Regularly reading to young children increases their chances of early success in school. o Literacy affects everyone. The

A little birdie told us that the holidays are right around the corner!



consequences for adults with literacy challenges are profound. • 1,000 books (or stories) by the time a child is five years old amounts to fewer than one per day. Some children hear many more; others hear few to none prior to entering Kindergarten. • 21 agencies/ community programs distribute our gift bags of books for babies, toddlers and preschoolers and their families. • 11 volunteers meet weekly to screen the books for suitability and to count, label, sort and bag them for distribution. Their dedication amounts to thousands of volunteer hours. • One note like this inspires us: "I have a fivemonth-old son and would love to have access to more books for him as I don't have a lot of money … I love reading to my son … and am so glad to know I can read him a variety of books instead of the same two over and over!" We are grateful for our partnership with Saanich Schools, and the in-kind support of the Peninsula Co-op Food Centre and agencies that distribute the books. Although we don't have predictable sources of funds to sustain and extend our work, we are thankful for financial support resulting from grants and donations – most recently from: the Times Colonist Literacy Society, ORCA Book Publishers, Saanich Peninsula 100+ Women Who Care, Saanich Peninsula Literacy, Brentwood and Sidney-by-the-Sea Rotary Clubs, the Districts of North and Central Saanich, and individual donors. For more information, contact Daphne Macnaughton, PENINSULA "1000 X 5" Project Leader, at















I N G O O D H E A LT H by Paula Kully

Do you have fitness goals you want to crush? Are you experiencing pain? Are you frustrated because you cannot sleep?


Family & Implant Dentistry

Now Offering Sedation #104 - 9845 Resthaven Dr, Sidney 250.656.1199 |


Active Balance Physiotherapy Studio:

Staying Active with Osteoarthritis Physiotherapists Shelley Dumais, Emma Rigsby, Kym Tribe and acupuncturist Cydney Smith are passionate about people, enthusiastic about an active lifestyle, and are committed to helping our community with their health and wellbeing. According to the Arthritis Society in Canada, osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis. It affects more than four million Canadians or one in seven adults; more than all other forms of arthritis combined. Osteoarthritis is a progressive disease that can cause severe pain and in some cases requires surgery. Presently, there is no cure for OA but professionals like Shelley Dumais of Active Balance Physiotherapy Studio in Sidney can help you manage the symptoms of OA and improve your mobility and function. As Shelley states: "Having a diagnosis of osteoarthritis does not necessarily mean you need a joint replacement." We asked the team at Active Balance Physiotherapy about OA. What is osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis is a breakdown of the protective tissue called cartilage that covers the ends of the two bones within a joint. The loss of cartilage causes the bones within the joint to rub together. This "bone on bone" creates pain, stiffness and other symptoms. People think of OA as an "old people" disease but it can occur in adults of any age. In fact, many people are diagnosed before the age of 45. OA is also called degenerative joint disease, degenerative arthritis, and wear-and-tear arthritis. What are the symptoms? Osteoarthritis often progresses slowly over a period of months or years. In the early stages, it may come and go as mild pain and aching but in time, the damage progresses and symptoms can become more constant, even occurring at rest and disturbing sleep. The most common symptoms of OA are joint pain, aching, morning stiffness, loss of flexibility, reduced range of movement in the affected joints and joint swelling. The intensity of pain can increase over time as OA is a progressive disease. In some cases, OA can become debilitating and joint replacement surgery may be required. As well, depression and sleep disturbances can result from the pain and disability of osteoarthritis.

Get to Know Josh, Our Great What causes Osteoarthritis? Aside from the breakdown of cartilage, other factors that can increase the chance of osteoarthritis include age as the risk of OA increases as we get older. Obesity can also be a contributing factor as carrying extra body weight adds stress on joints. Joint injuries from playing sports or an accident can increase the risk as does repeated stress on the joints from work or sports. Genetics may also be a factor as well as bone deformities and certain metabolic diseases like diabetes. What areas of your body are most commonly affected by OA? OA can appear in any joint, but the most common areas are the hands, fingertips, knees, hips and spine, particularly at the neck or lower back. What can people do to manage OA? Exercise is medicine. Regular cardiovascular exercise, weight management and aquatic exercises are great for people with OA. What do physiotherapists do to help patients manage OA? At Active Balance, our physiotherapists will use some handson therapy to optimize your functional movement. We prescribe therapeutic exercise, which is proven as the most effective way of reducing pain associated with OA. Our specialists can help with pain management through acupuncture, Intramuscular stimulation (IMS), Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS), and Interferential Therapy. How does Acupuncture and IMS help with osteoarthritis? Acupuncture and IMS signal your brain to release neurotransmitters called endorphins and enkephalins, which scientists believe reduce the sensation of pain. Research also shows that inserting an acupuncture needle induces the production of cortisol, a hormone that helps control inflammation. IMS has been shown to improve range of motion and decrease pain and inflammation. How can walking aids and bracing help with OA? Walking aids such as walking poles, canes or a walker help to optimize your gait pattern which helps to decrease stress on your arthritic joints and ultimately decreases your pain. Braces provide enhanced stability while reducing pain, swelling and pressure on weakening joints resulting in increased confidence as wearing a brace provides the extra support you may need. Unloader braces are custom-designed braces made of moulded plastic, foam, and steel struts to stabilize knee joints. The brace is designed to put points of pressure on the thigh bone, forcing the knee to bend away from the painful area of the joint. To book an appointment for Physiotherapy or Acupuncture visit

"Having a diagnosis of osteoarthritis does not necessarily mean you need a joint replacement."

Massage Therapist (RMT)


Tyler Lawson Tyler is the Peninsula Panthers head sports therapist and specializes in orthopaedic manual and manipulative therapy, K-taping, soft tissue release and acupuncture



Proud to be both the Panthers' Team Dentist and a Panthers' Team Dad!

New Patients Welcome • Emergency Treatment Insurance Accepted • IV Sedation Available 250.655.7188 | #215-9764 Fifth St. | NOVEMBER 2021 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 61

We shall not forget.

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#107 - 2360 Beacon Avenue, Sidney | 250.656.3486 |

Ann Watley

Seasons Greetings from all of us at Alford Walden Law During the Holiday Season more than ever, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made and continue to make our business possible. In this spirit and these trying times we sincerely thank you and wish you a healthy, happy and safe Holiday Season.

– Dominique, Julia, Wendy, Jody & Darrel

The Alouette:

Boutique Condo Living Introducing Sidney's boutique condo living where Scandinavian style meets Seaside living with every convenience at your doorstep. Julie Cove is the owner, who wears all the hats of developer, designer and sales rep for this about-to-be completed project right on Beacon Avenue. With over 30 years' experience in design and numerous building projects, Julie's talent in making spaces beautiful comes naturally. She has waved her magic design wand around Sidney for years with her previously well known retail store. Since its inception in 2001, this property has always been a place of beauty and creativity as it was the home of The House Dressing, Julie's lovely home design shop and an icon in Sidney. The dream of creating a mixed use property that would provide uptown residences and a commercial space to adorn this seaside avenue has finally come to life! Old world brick combined with fresh clean modern white is a welcoming style. Julie is excited to bring you The Alouette, a project she has been dreaming of building in Sidney for over 15 years. With much patience and perseverance she has succeed in creating a beautiful space that is helping to build community and downtown living that inspires a more vibrant neighbourhood. The Alouette is designed with the homeowner in mind, on a fresh foundation of natural style using warm yet very light-reflective surfaces such as blonde wood flooring, soft white walls, satin finish cabinetry, brushed gold accents, quartz counter tops and innovative lighting to set the stage for a cozy and inviting modern space. Julie prides herself on her creativity and unique ability to build desirable spaces where people want to live. Working with a strong team of industry professionals, she has a proven track record in creating excellent value and style that is evident in this project. She is excited to offer these uptown homes for purchase. A promise of exciting seaside living with wonderful memories, just waiting to be made. For more information, visit

778.426.3330 | #216 -2506 Beacon Ave, Sidney | Business & Corporate Law • Commercial Law • Real Estate Wills & Estate Planning • Estate & Trust Administration • Notary Services

An Exciting New Business on the West Side of Sidney FULL RETAIL LIQUOR Great Prices, Even Better Service Open 7 days a week

9am - 9pm

9429 Canora Road, Sidney



SEASIDE HOMES by Janice Henshaw | photos by Janis Jean Photography

Bannockburn Farm – Thriving after 164 Years!

On the lower south slope of Mt. Newton, Bannockburn Farm began as a one-room cabin in 1855. William Thomson built it for his young wife Margaret and their infant son David. They were among the first pioneers to establish a home in the Saanich valley, which was then accessed only by a trail from Victoria. In 1852, The Hudson's Bay Company bought 18,000 acres of land from the Coast Salish, and the original settlement at Bannockburn Farm ran to 200 acres. Before meeting Margaret, William had survived a shipwreck on his way from San Francisco to Vancouver Island. The inebriated ship's captain smashed the English brig into shore just north of Nitinat. Margaret, also from Scotland, had arrived on Vancouver Island after a stormy five-month voyage. She was 15 when she married William, who was 25. They had 15 children! Cougars, bears and other wildlife roamed the forests around Bannockburn Farm then – and they still do today. Industrious workers, full of courage and ingenuity, these early pioneers were made of solid stuff.

A huge thank you to everyone for all their constant support in our little shop; our first year has been a great success! We are truly blessed to be part of this amazing community. Lots of fun new things coming in each day, tons of local gift ideas, vintage finds and fabulous furniture! Tuesday - Saturday 11-5 | Sunday 12-4 Garden Court 105-2360 Beacon Ave | 778.351.2773

Tilar Miles, the previous owner and winemaker at Parsell Vineyard in the Martindale Valley and her husband Robert must have some of that pioneer blood coursing through them because they have taken on the huge task of restoring Bannockburn Farm. Both are 18thcentury historians and professors. Things have changed since the cabin days. The total size of the home is now around 4,000 square feet. On three levels, there are six bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. From a terrific wraparound farmhouse veranda on the second level, there is a gorgeous view of valley farms, forest and big sky. Tilar says: "We fell in love with the house when we first saw it. Well, I did. It was not the first choice for my husband. I said I was going to have it, and he was like, 'Oh my god! You're insane!'" The house and farm had become too much work for the previous owners, and the Miles family had to catch up on a lot of deferred maintenance. Once painted in red with yellow trim, the house now shows its graceful lines in fresh white limewash and grey cedar trim. The first limewash in the area most likely came from Butchart Gardens, a former limestone quarry. NOVEMBER 2021 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 65

Various people have suggested that Bannockburn is haunted by a ghost or two, but the Miles haven't experienced a paranormal visit so far. One legend is that Margaret Thomson still inhabits the house. On one occasion, neighbours have told the Miles family, a historical society came for a visit. While one of the society's members was on the upper third-floor landing, she apparently commented that it was a "pokey little house." She later swore up and down that a cold hand, which certainly didn't belong to anyone on the tour, then hit her on the back and tried to push her down the stairs! Today the farm is bursting with life. There are chickens, sheep, white geese and, of course, a gentle livestock guardian dog named Frankie. A vineyard graces a sunny slope, and the geese help keep the weeds down. Parts of the extensive garden are at least 100 years old, says Tilar. "For a serious gardener (and I come from a family of serious gardeners), it's like getting to drive a vintage Rolls Royce every day." Tilar and Winona Pugh have started a heritage garden project at Bannockburn called The Lost Garden. The idea is based on an essay by Alice Walker called In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens. Tilar explains that "We are collecting from local families of all backgrounds cuttings of the plants that women passed along to other women. Seeds might have been the only thing that some women could take with them if they were immigrants, early settlers, or displaced by settlement." Tilar says that she and Robert have mainly focused on refreshing the interior of the house. Areas of damp plaster in the walls have been repaired, and fireboards added behind stoves. There is new enamel on the vintage clawfoot tub, and a "hideous" 1940s yellow bathroom was "corrected." Fresh paint, warm bronze fixtures, handsome, exquisitely crafted antique cabinets and beautiful wallpaper make each room unique and special. The house is a mysterious and cozy maze of rooms and passageways – a place to get lost in, full of history and stories and connections. Three red brick chimneys with fascinating curves pass through the rooms on the top floor. Tilar laughs as she says: "It is a house of cards held up by the chimneys. They are basically holding the house together as there is no modern framing." The farm is an early example of "stress" construction. Lightweight insulation board has been carefully added to the sloped attic walls, and an electrical retrofit reached the stratospheric total of $50,000. Modern outlets, sadly, had concealed knob-and-tube wiring, a problem experienced by many purchasers of older houses. "There isn't any insulation in the walls, so it's a pretty chilly farmhouse in winter," said Tilar. The single-pane glass windows are the originals from the 19th century, and you can still see where, in the 1890s, one of the naughty Thomson boys scratched his name into the glass with his mother's diamond ring. Heat for the house comes from a heat pump, two Valor propane fireplaces manufactured in North Vancouver by the Miles' family, and two woodstoves, including an arched three-tier Ulefos stove, a cultural heritage piece from Norway that was a wedding present. On one wall hangs a painting circa 1900 that depicts the same room. The original chair, vases on the windowsills and curtains match those in the picture, creating a strong feeling of connection with Bannockburn's past visitors and owners.





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Outdoor Oasis


In the kitchen, which is below grade, the outside walls are twofoot-thick fieldstone. When these "bones" of the house get heated, the room temperature stays very comfortable. The star feature in the kitchen is a restored cream-coloured Aga Cooker highlighted 68 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | NOVEMBER 2021

by a dark blue wall. Originally invented in 1922 by a blind Swedish physicist, Aga Cookers have devoted followings amongst fans of country houses in parts of Canada, the U.K., and parts of Northern Europe especially. The elegant stove has two top heating plates and three ovens, allowing for some fairly serious homestead baking, should the mood hit. The farmhouse-style dining table is from the mid-17th century, an original piece from around the time of Shakespeare. And what does it feel like to live and work in a house with so much history? Tilar replies: "Bannockburn doesn't belong to us, but rather we belong to it. It's a house with a spirit, and, without sounding too woo-woo, the veil is thin here. Humans have inhabited this piece of land for 10,000 years or more. The garry oaks in front of us have stood for hundreds of years. The house has stood for nearly 165 years. You are never really alone at Bannockburn."

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2405 Bevan Avenue, Sidney BC

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Hot Properties

For Sale on Maryan van Stolk Vancouver*Island N E W P O R T R E A LT Y

WithHouse over 20 years DUNMORA ESTATES Magnolia

of extensive awardwinning real estate experience, Maryan is committed to providing her clients with a high level of personalized service This Executive residence situated on 2.5 acres in Dunmora Estates is attention detail. enveloped in serenity and surroundedand by beautiful grovesto of trees.

THINKING OF SELLING? I have serious buyers looking to purchase in the North Saanich, Deep Cove areas. If you're thinking about making a change, give me a call for a complimentary market evaluation.

Exquisitely designed, she offers exceptional quality, and features luxurious finishing throughout including a truly gourmet As acoach professional new kitchen, swimming pool, house, and outdoor kitchen with exquisite gardens for your Realtor, shefamily's takesCentral pride Saanich tranquil lifestyle! $3,700,000. MLS886641

Maryan van Stolk* in engaging with her clients toBall understand their 250.656.4626 (personal real estate corp*) Marilyn | 250.818.6489 specific needs and developing a plan, with them, to turn their COUNTRY ELEGANCE 870 Falkirk LYRA - Designed to Heighten Your Lifestyle $1,700,000 visions into reality.

If you’re thinking of making a move or relocating, Maryan has the knowledge and experience to help guide you through making your dreams come true! Stunning two-bedroom & den penthouse features

vaulted-ceilings & floor to ceiling windows that An absolutely stunning, custom-built dream home on a very private invite you to enjoy unbelievable 360° views from * personal real estate corporation 1.13 acre gated Ardmore property. This storybook French Countryspacious private terraces offering an outdoor gas style residence with over 4,300 sq ft boasts a fabulous gourmet grilling area, an abundance of room for entertaining kitchen with granite counters, tile floors, quality & unobstructed views of Downtown Victoria, Olympic appliances and custom cabinetry, with a charming selfMountains, & Swan Lake from your very own hot contained cottage. Well worth the investment in this tub. MLS 882834 prestigious neighbourhood! $1,998,000 MLS. 885506 Ingrid Jarisz* . 250.656.4626 (personal real estate corp*) Marilyn Ball | 250.818.6489

2444 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

250.656.4626 |

COMING SOON - Waterfront Living


photo courtesy Sidney BIA

This wheelchair friendly one level home features 2200 sq.ft, 2 bedrooms + den, 2 baths, gas fireplace, secure underground parking and views that encompass the Sidney Harbour, Salish Sea, Olympic Mts & Gulf Islands. Walking distance to all of Sidney's finest amenities, and just minutes from ferries and airport.

This stunning WATERFRONT on Cordova Bay's "Street of Dreams" is a rare find! Updated, cozy 3BD/1BA Cottage is the perfect spot to enjoy the property and plan your West Coast Retreat. Incredibly sunny, gently sloped, 50'x 300' lot offers fabulous views and a very private pocket beach with great access and privacy. MLS 878829

Willy Dunford* 250.656.4626

Ingrid Jarisz* and Maryan van Stolk* 250.656.4626

(personal real estate corp*) 70 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | NOVEMBER 2021

(personal real estate corp*)


Monthly Giveaway!

302 - 9560 Fifth Street $460,000

#loveyourlocal with the monthly Seaside Magazine giveaway box, filled with amazing gifts from our local businesses. One of the best views on the Saanich Peninsula! This lovely top floor 2 bed one bath condo is in a fabulous location, is affordable, east facing, right across the street from the waterfront walk-way and just a few walkable blocks into downtown Sidney. 50+ sorry no pets or rentals. MLS887917 Michele's Team | 250.656.0911

How to Play? Find the image of the box hidden somewhere in this issue. Visit by November 30th to let us know where you found it.

PH402 – 2409 BEVAN AVENUE $949,900

You will enjoy the sunny SE exposure with ocean, mountain & city views from the large balcony. Conveniently positioned one block from restaurants, shops & services & a short stroll to the ocean. This stunning light filled open concept Penthouse of almost 1500 sq. ft. offering two bedrooms, 3 bathrooms is a lovely space to entertain. A perfect place to call home. Karen Dinnie-Smyth Personal Real Estate Corporation 250.655.0608

WILLIS POINT ROAD $750,000 Thanks to September’s Community Partners: Woodshed Pizza • Cordova Candle Co. Stonehouse Pub • RockCoast Confections Burl & Blossom • Lifestyle Markets Author Valerie Green Picture perfect Willis Point. Offering .65 of an acre, build your dream house on this accessible mostly level lot with roughed in driveway & several opportunities for building sites on the property. Nature is at your backdoor with easy access to ocean side walks & mountain biking trails. "The Point" is a wonderful community and a great place to live. Karen Dinnie-Smyth . Personal Real Estate Corporation 250.655.0608

*one entry per person, per issue. Each entrant is eligible to win the Seaside box giveaway no more than once per calendar year.


L e t ’ s b o o k yo u r fa m i ly s es s i o n to day !



PET PALS DOG WALKING & PET SITTING w w w. a m a n dac r i b d o n .c o m · 250.516.6489

p : 2 5 0.8 9 6. 9 31 2 | E : i n f o @a m a n dac r i b d o n .c o m


P h t i u r chase! W t f i G $55 VALUE

RECEIVE A FREE CITRUS & KALE POTENT C+E SERUM IN NOVEMBER Say Goodbye to Free Radical Damage The potent Vitamin C in this serum is stabilized by botanically-derived ferulic acid delivering antioxidants to help brighten skin, improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce the appearance of free radical damage. Offer valid November 1-30 2021

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O Christmas Tea: A British Comedy The holiday season is fast approaching and, after nearly two full years away from the stage, beloved British comedy duo James and Jamesy are back with O Christmas Tea. Whether it's with friends, family, loved ones, or on your own, an evening spent in the theatre with James and Jamesy is sure to be an evening you will never forget. O Christmas Tea is a rollicking holiday spectacular that's ideal for fans of Monty Python, Mr. Bean, and Dr. Seuss. James and Jamesy have delighted audiences for decades with their unique take on traditional British comedy and they're excited to make their eagerly awaited return to the stages. "After 20 months away from the stage, we are beside ourselves – both literally and metaphorically – to be reunited with our audiences, many of whom have become like extended family over the festive season, and to again feel the buzz that only the magic of live theatre can bring," explained Aaron Malkin (James), the taller, less-hirsute half of the award-winning duo. The time away, due to pandemic restrictions on live entertainment, has reinforced not only the passion the duo has for its shows, but also the importance that humour plays in our lives. "We are so excited to once again be able to bring friends and family together, especially now – more than ever – we are reminded to dream big, embrace imagination, and celebrate a childlike excitement for merriment," added Alastair Knowles (Jamesy), the eccentric half of the award-winning duo. "There are definitely going to be some surprises for our regular audiences, with whom we're thrilled to reconnect this season." O Christmas Tea is rich with wordplay, comic physicality and cleverly crafted interactive elements reminiscent of classic British pantomimes. However, it is James & Jamesy's boundless imagination and endearing chemistry that creates the extraordinary magic of this unique festive experience. During the action-packed production, a Christmas wish for tea is surprisingly fulfilled in titanic proportions. As the world floods with tea, our duo must find innovative and hilarious solutions to keep them afloat as they try to make their way back home. Already a festive tradition for thousands of theatre-goers, this year the O Christmas Tea tour is brighter than ever, with dates across the Pacific Northwest including five dates across Vancouver Island – Courtenay, Duncan, Nanaimo, Sidney, and Victoria – offering both long-time fans and those new to the James and Jamesy experience a chance to enjoy the festive production. Grab your teacups! The shows will be held November 20 at 7:30 p.m. at the Mary Winspear Theatre, Sidney; and December 19 at 3 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at the Royal Theatre, Victoria.


ANDRE LAFOREST Owner Barber, Hairskeen certified non surgical hair replacement

Restoring your hair to the glory of a more youthful image without surgery has never been easier or more impressive! Hairskeen’s technologically advanced, innovative designs allow for amazing aesthetics and versatility to deliver you the ultimate in customized modern men’s hair replacement. Hairskeen’s endless styling possibilities will give you an amazing look that other guys will envy. Schedule your consultation with Andre and discover the life-altering advantage of the Hairskeen hair replacement system.

BOOK AT: 250 533-1177 or 2481 Sidney Avenue, Sidney BC V8L 1Y8



Sidney Concert Band: Salute to our Veterans

by Jo Barnes

Connected Heritage Exhibition


2434 Beacon Avenue, Sidney Presented in partnership with the Icelandic Canadian Club of BC, this fascinating art exhibit explores the connections between Iceland and Canada. The exhibit features original pieces by six different western Canadian Artists. Admission is limited.

Nov 5-11 Nov 19-25 Nov 26-Dec 2


Artists & Colour: A Personal Response in Fibre Diverse Threads Artisans by the Sea

ArtSea Gallery Tulista Park, 9565 Fifth Street, Sidney Featured art includes multimedia, painting, sculpture, collage, pottery, textiles and much more!

Musical Movements (Ages 3-5 years)


Mary Winspear Centre

Sidney Museum

Weekly Art Shows


NOV 2 – DEC 7 3-3:30PM

McTavish Academy of Art 1720 McTavish Road, North Saanich Classes provide an opportunity for little ones to explore movement and the fundamentals of dance. Musical instruments and props like hula hoops or scarves may be used to allow children to really use their imaginations.

Tree Appreciation Day (Age 16+)

NOV 6 10AM

Centennial Park, Saanichton A great opportunity to learn about and plant trees! Help plant fruit trees in the orchard and shade trees around the concession area. Email if you'd like to be involved.

Spring Bulbs:

Low Maintenance Perennials for Sun & Shade



2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney Under the direction of Bruce Ham, the local band will be marking Remembrance Day with a special tribute to frontline workers for their work and contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tickets $20 per person available online and through Mary Winspear Box Office 250-656-0275 |

Peninsula Newcomers Club Luncheon

NOV 10


Boondocks Bar and Grill 9819 Fifth Street, Sidney Welcoming women to the Peninsula since 1987! Pre-booking required. Guest speaker: Erin Davis. Erin is the author of the book Mourning Has Broken: Love, Loss and Reclaiming Joy, a 2020 inductee into the Canadian Broadcasting Hall of Fame, and the long-time host of 98.1 CHFI’s Morning Show until her retirement.

Radio Sidney Theatre: “Badges & Bullets”

NOV 13 7PM NOV 14 1PM

Original theatrical production live-streamed Presented by The Peninsula Players, the Mary Winspear Centre and Radio Sidney, this is a production for all ages! Set in the 1940’s, Badges and Bullets is a lighthearted comedy which features a radio play within a play. The show pays homage to the early days of radio when shows were broadcast live and anything could happen on the air. Tune in & enjoy!

Mixed Media & Floral Art Workshop (Age 16+)

NOV 14 1-3:30PM

McTavish Academy of Art 1720 McTavish Road, North Saanich Led by artist Laura Bonnie, you’ll create a unique floral work. Regardless of whether or not you’ve painted before, this is a wonderful opportunity to be creative. Draw inspiration from a colourful bouquet and then be playful and expressive using different mediums including papier-mâché.

Indian Inspired Cooking Class! “Festive Foods”

NOV 16


Virtual - Vancouver Island Regional Library

North Saanich Middle School Food/Textiles Room

Another informative session offered as part of the Virtual Gardening Series, this time round focusing on low maintenance perennials. Free. Register and access the Zoom link through the Vancouver Island Regional library website. virtual-gardening-series-spring-bulbs/

10400 McDonald Park Rd, North Saanich Led by Nidhi Jayant Sheth, you’ll learn to prepare authentic Indian recipes using fresh produce and aromatic spices like cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and saffron. Bring your appetite! After class, sit down and enjoy the dishes you’ve made.


NOV 17-21 10AM-4PM

#201, 2506 Beacon Avenue, Sidney (Landmark Building) For over 30 years the Saanich Peninsula Hospital Auxiliary has hosted an annual bazaar, and this year it takes the form of a special festive Pop-Up Shop. There will be knitted, sewn and other handcrafted items, art, jewellery, and assorted Christmas items for sale. All proceeds to purchase items for the care and comfort of patients and residents of the Saanich Peninsula Hospital. Payment is by cash only. Masks required for entry. For info: 250-652-4636

When you want to know what’s happening on the Saanich Peninsula. SUBSCRIBE SEA M







CFUW Saanich Peninsula General Meeting


NOV 23


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The public, friends and guests are welcome to attend the CFUW SP Speaker Series. "Proof of Vaccine" for COVID-19 will be required for entry. Guest speaker: Dr. Rob Sealey, “Medical Cannabis for Seniors – What Works.” $10 per person.



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2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney









Meet You Neighboursr SEASIDE HOMES BACK



A Flight with Dad








Family Affair:






So You Never Miss An Issue! Digital: $1.99* per issue or $20* per year Delivered to Your Door: $65* per year *plus applicable taxes

NOV 25


Mary Winspear Centre 2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney Learn about permaculture, a system that adopts arrangements observed in flourishing natural ecosystems, and how to apply it to your own garden. An instructor from the Compost Education Centre will be your guide offering valuable tips and information.

Ballet Étoile Canada: “The Storybook Nutcracker”

SEA E SID SID S E A S ID 20 E ID E S sh A 21 E FreE SEA SIDE MEN StartS W to


Mary Winspear Centre

Resilient Lifestyles: Permaculture 101



Holiday Season Pop-Up Shop


Together Again

NOV 27

2PM & 7PM

NOV 28 2PM

Have something for Take Note? Email





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2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney This unique production tells the classic Nutcracker story through dance, narration, and vibrant costuming. This magical production is ideal for younger audience members and first time ballet attendees. Proof of second vaccine required for anyone over the age of 12, along with government issued ID for those 19+.

He ad s

Mary Winspear Centre

to grap



Assistant Coach

1 Rogan BACON

Ashton LUKAN

Goaltender - 2002




David MOODY Forward - 2002


Assistant Coach


Goaltender - 2004

Forward - 2005



Head Coach/Dir. of Hockey Ops

Assistant Coach



Theodore ST-DENIS




Defence - 2004


Forward - 2001

Defence - 2003

Payton BRAUN Forward - 2002

4 Mason McNEILL

Defence - 2004

18 Aleko SDRAKAS Forward - 2002


home games

Panorama Recreation Centre 1885 Forest Park Drive North Saanich


Puck drops at 7:30 p.m.

5 11 12 19 26

vs. Victoria Cougars vs. Saanich Predators @ 2:00 pm vs. Kerry Park Islanders vs. Westshore Wolves vs. Oceanside Generals @ppanthersvijhl

Visit our website:

23 Robson SCOTT Defence - 2003

24 Ryan GRAMBART Forward - 2003


2021-22 Peninsula Panthers Jr. Hockey Club

Rachel SCHMIDT Athletic Therapist

5 Reid FRYER

Defence - 2003

20 Sterling LYON Forward - 2001

25 Owen COX

Forward - 2002




Matthew SEALE

Defence - 2002

21 Logan SPEIRS

Forward - 2001

Defence - 2002

22 Tanner BANKS

Forward - 2002

The Peninsula Panthers Organization are excited to be back playing hockey in the Vancouver Island Junior Hockey League this season in what they anticipate will be as close to normal as is possible. The League shocked everyone when it expanded from 9 to 11 teams with the addition of the Lake Cowichan Kraken and Port Alberni Bombers. The League consists of two Divisions, North and South. The Peninsula Panthers will play twice against the North - Campbell River Storm, Comox Valley Glacier Kings, Oceanside Generals, Port Alberni Bombers, Nanaimo Buccaneers and the Lake Cowichan Kraken. The ‘Cats’ will go head-to-head with their South Division opponents - Saanich Predators, Kerry Park Islanders, Westshore Wolves and Victoria Cougars - a total of ten times for a 52-game Regular Season. Brad Tippett returns for his 6th season as the Bench Boss and this time around will be joined by Assistants Len Dawes, Bill Ansell and former Panthers All-Star, Spencer Loverock. Rachel Schmidt is back for her 4th season as the Club’s Athletic Therapist. The Club has signed 23 players at this point, 20 of whom hail from the Greater Victoria area. Eight members of the roster played their Minor Hockey on the Peninsula including Lingard, Braun brothers, Sdrakas, Speirs, Scott, Phillips and Maloney. Moody was obtained from the Whiterock Whalers in the PJHL and is now attending the University of Victoria. Bacon’s family recently relocated to Greater Victoria while Lukan hails from Spruce Grove, Alberta and was recently obtained via a trade on October 11th. He is currently the only billeted player. Junior hockey fans are welcomed to the friendly confines of the Panorama Recreation Centre this season, albeit, each is required to wear a mask and provide proof of double vaccination. Help support the Peninsula Panthers and Junior hockey on the Peninsula.









Forward - 2003

Forward - 2003

Defence - 2003

Forward - 2001

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Allison Smith With every Remembrance Day, my thoughts turn to my grandfather, who passed away in 2008. A veteran who served with the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals in the Second World War, Norman Constantine was very involved with Gibsons Legion #109. Some of my fondest memories are of watching him march proudly in the local Remembrance Day parade, and dancing together in the legion hall afterward. At his memorial service, one by one his fellow veterans removed a poppy from their uniform and placed it gently on the table in front of a picture of my grandpa. "I think it's important to continue to celebrate Remembrance Day and to remember the people who gave their lives up for their country," says veteran Bill Morgan in Meet Your Neighbours (pg 14). As the years roll on, surviving veterans from the Second World War are lost, and the need to honour these people, and their stories and sacrifice, grows ever greater. As thoughts turn to remembering and the holiday season approaches, the call to "Shop Local" is perhaps not the battle cry it once was. But as the pandemic drags on – and on! – it's still so important to remember our small local businesses. In addition to all of the amazing shops and services on the Saanich Peninsula, with restrictions eased on indoor capacity limits there will be lots of opportunities to support local makers at craft fairs and holiday markets over the coming weeks. Many of these artisans and entrepreneurs have barely held on over the past 20 months or so, and your support may make the difference as to whether they are still in business next year. And finally, as we think ahead to a hopefully brighter 2022, the editorial team will get together to discuss content for next year. We look at our columns and plan features, and take into consideration the feedback from our readers as to what we could be doing differently. So now is your chance! We'd love to hear from you; what would you like to see? What changes should we make? Please email with your suggestions.

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At Sidney All Care Residence one of the many things that sets us apart is the level of one-on-one, personalized care your loved one will receive. We enjoy taking the time to get to know each and every resident on a personal level, learning their individual preferences in order to be able to offer them the best care possible.

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