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November 2017

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Planning for Future Growth: It’s Happening Now on the Peninsula November 11th: Remembrance & Relevance Parkland Secondary: Innovative, Inspiring and Inclusive What’s Happening This Winter: Events Calendar for Tots, Kids & Teens Seaside Homes: Dad, Daughter & Dog – Living in Harmony Due to Innovative Design

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ron armstrong page 33 I was tipped off to the existence of Canadian Electric Vehicles and the operation proved both innovative and inspiring. Its setting is unique, way off Vancouver Island’s beaten path in the wide green spaces of Errington. The combination of that scenery with the intriguing small enterprises dotted around the area make the drive well worthwhile.

matt hall page 75 These are the confessions of a dedicated plant nerd. I love talking about plants. As a matter of fact, it’s difficult to shut me up when I start talking about plants. Now Seaside Magazine is giving me a podium to gab about plants on a semi-regular basis? This might be dangerous …

james mccrodan page 32 I’ve always been a big-picture type of person and view life in general as a puzzle where the pieces can, and should be, modified as we go. This is a guiding philosophy in my work with my clients. Managing what is manageable, respecting what is not, and knowing the difference helps to keep anyone’s big picture in sharper focus.

cassidy nunn page 16 This month I reflected on Remembrance Day as I took Andy Anderson’s portrait in front of the memorial in Sidney. He and his colleagues put in so much time and energy each year with the poppy campaign for the Royal Canadian Legion. Please take the time to donate if you can and purchase a poppy.

krista rossato page 76 I am a designer and historically a bit of a perfectionist. Over time, I have learned the benefits of changing my expectations for success. In doing so there is a sense of relief that comes with knowing and accepting that failure is a possibility. Dare to fail and see what happens!

linda walker page 45 I am a knowledge expert in Physiotherapy on the Peninsula and write this month on new innovations in health care, which need to be used in addition to a solid understanding of the underlying cause of each injury. We help clients benefit from new treatments, and make informed decisions for their own health.

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first word We can’t see into the future, and fortune cookie predications will only get us so far! But you can’t deny that change is happening all around and innovation is pushing boundaries: in tech, manufacturing, medical research, everywhere. It happens to be practitioner week for me; dentist Tuesday, optometrist Wednesday and family doctor on Friday. I know at the ripe age of 51, I’m not super woman anymore, but this aging process has me puzzled at times. I’m hopeful though that the docs have some answers, and new innovations that will assist me! There are a few things I’m meticulous about, and good oral hygiene is definitely one of them because a healthy mouth can really ward off so many medical disorders. So I go in confidently to see Coast Dental Care, and as I wait for my turn, my mind shifts to thinking about my age and I wonder about the “what ifs.” We do the full examination and everything looks good. Whew, I get to keep my teeth, no innovation required! Next is Central Saanich Optometry Clinic and this is one area in which I’ve noticed significant changes over the past


year. With all the research and writing we have to do at Seaside, it can be very challenging. I say to Paul: “I’m fit, I eat well, go the gym daily, so what is going on with my eyes? Can I somehow get a new set?!” He looks at me and smiles. “The real shift is noticeable between the ages of 45 to 55, and really every pair of eyes are so different. It can just suddenly happen.” I think to myself, “thank goodness I have regular exams.” After examination my eyes pass the tough tests, except for a decline in close focusing, or what is called presbyopia. I find out my left eye is stronger than my right, so Paul suggests trying a single contact lens. We do that, and suddenly my world has changed in an instant. I step outside: everything seems brighter, clearer and I can actually read the newspaper without my glasses. “Paul, you’re a genius!” A teeny, tiny change and the world looks like a different place! It’s not quite Friday yet, but my visit to the family doctor about my wrist, and what is likely carpal tunnel syndrome, is on my mind. I wonder what innovative techniques might be suggested – bionic arms perhaps?

Sue Hodgson,


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Professionals Winners’ Luncheon: 1. Steve Haley-Browning, Seaside Magazine; Fran Daviss, INVIS; Laura McLarty, Flush Bathroom Essentials; Sue Hodgson, Seaside Magazine; Art Finlayson & Silvia Bonet, Finlayson Bonet Architecture; Shannon Kowalko, 10 Acres Farm Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Mixer at Hook & Hook Renovations: 2. Anna Thomas, Intrigue Hair Design; Richard Flader, Flader Chartered Professional Accountant; Beth Humphreys, Beauty Contour; Steve Haley-Browning, Seaside Magazine 3. Pat Taylor, Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce; Louise Liboiron, Professional Cleaning Services Nuttycake Studio Grand Opening: 4. Kim, Peter, Emma and Ava Blacker (photo by Amanda MacGarvey) 5. Professional athlete Casey Atkin and her mother; Seaside Magazine’s Sue Hodgson Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation Gala: 6. Charlie White, SPH summer student; Chryseis Green, SPHF. 7. Sue Hodgson, Seaside Magazine; Nicola Ker, KerHR Inc. 8. Christina Pullen, Church & State Winery; Karen Morgan, SPHF 2017 Crystal Awards: 9. Mark DeMedeiros, First West Credit Union; Denny Warner, Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce 10. Doug Wedman, Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan; Andrew Bradley, Itty Bitty Sign Shop; Tara Keeping, Tiger Lily Events 11. Andi & Larry Hook, Hook & Hook Renovations Photos by except where noted

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Planning for Future Growth: It's Happening Now on the Peninsula "To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing." So said Elbert Hubbard in 1898. In thinking of those words, do you sometimes wonder who in our community is willing to face criticism and rise to the challenge of planning for future growth on the Peninsula? And what their plans are? Evan Peterson, the owner of Barefoot Planning, a Victoriabased planning and urban design consultancy, believes that our communities are facing a number of extraordinary challenges, including an "unprecedented housing crunch and the small matter of a changing climate." In response to these challenges, Evan says: "We need to change our predominant development paradigm and respond with innovation at multiple scales – from greener buildings to properly functioning watersheds." "At the neighbourhood level, innovation is not about patching over or dressing up our dysfunctional post-war development patterns," says Evan, "but is instead about directly addressing the causes of these unsustainable, unhealthy and inequitable built forms. Put simply, it means a transition from (so many) low-density, car-oriented, singleuse areas (e.g., suburbs, strip malls) to higher density, walkable, mixed-use neighbourhoods." This is not a new idea and Evan says that, as a planner: "It feels tired and clichéd. Yet, we have so few local examples – primarily due to outdated development regulations, a culture resistant to change (regardless of its merits), and a social climate that tends to be problem

by Janice Henshaw

10 | november 2017

– rather than solutions – oriented. (When you read 'higher density,' did you cringe a little?) So, what we often create instead is more of the same … or a watered-down version of the real thing (e.g., compact yet auto-centric development)." Evan believes that neighbourhoods should transition from an emphasis on a lot of private outdoor space and single-family homes to neighbourhoods that have a series of common spaces in which to build community: spaces that allow for interaction between neighbours, create areas for kids to play, and set aside room for gardens and other amenities. Instead of tracts of detached family homes, he envisions a stacked mix of unit sizes and configurations, accommodating residents throughout their lifespan. "As you begin to replicate this basic concept across a neighbourhood," Evan says, "you suddenly have the population density to viably support shops, services, and transit integrated within walking distance of people's homes." In addition to environmental and health benefits, this allows people to remain in their communities longer as they age. That sounds good as far as it goes; however, Evan says the innovative part comes in the effective layering of built, social and ecological infrastructure. "The built infrastructure houses and moves us (i.e., homes and streets/paths, etc.). The social infrastructure connects us and enhances our well-being (i.e., playgrounds, recreation centres, childcare, seniors care, etc.). The ecological infrastructure maintains proper ecological functioning and a healthy living environment (e.g. urban forests, wetlands, rain gardens, bioswales,

etc.)." Evan believes we cannot "simply densify without [a] the design consideration to creating livable spaces and [b] the ecological consideration of maintaining or restoring functioning ecosystems." Some of the principles Evan discussed can already be found being put to work in Sidney and North Saanich. Town of Sidney Municipal Planner Corey Newcomb explains that Sidney is focused on developing the town as a truly walkable community for all residents. "We believe this will help to improve the quality of new housing and also the economic and social health of residents and the local environment." Sidney planners have also worked with developers to build "live/work" units in the downtown, says Corey. "This allows ground floor commercial units to be used for residential purposes as well. Sidney is also promoting residential units for families downtown by requiring 10% of any new units in multifamily buildings to be threebedroom units, and the units must be on the lower floors so they don't end up as high-end penthouse units. Town Council has recently established an affordable housing fund to help facilitate new affordable units in Sidney. Sidney's Official Community Plan focuses on putting density close to the downtown, where most of the amenities are located. As part of development in and around the downtown, Corey says Sidney is pursuing public and "active transportation" options like improved sidewalks and cycling facilities. A recently adopted bylaw requires bicycle parking in multi-family buildings and provides additional on-street bike parking with new development. "Overall, we are working toward building a greener, more sustainable lifestyle option in Sidney, of which housing and transportation are two big factors – and we're trying our best to make this lifestyle available for everyone." In addition, Sidney Council is trying to expand this successful model of green urban living. "Currently in the works as part of the West Side Local Area Plan (for the industrial area west of Highway 17) is an idea to create an innovative mixed-use village that could potentially include a large component of

affordable housing and much improved active transportation options." In North Saanich, Mayor Alice Finall says that since its incorporation over 50 years ago, residents have supported Official Community Plans that emphasized slow growth and sustainable land use patterns. The focus has been on "protecting, maintaining and enhancing rural, agricultural and marine resources." As a result, Mayor Finall says, "North Saanich is one of the healthiest, most livable and most beautiful communities in the region and perhaps on the Island." There is an extensive trail network throughout the municipality, a large provincial park, several CRD parks, numerous municipal parks, and several public beach access points. All of these enhancements "substantially contribute to the

"At the neighbourhood level, innovation is about directly addressing the causes of unsustainable, unhealthy and inequitable built forms."

ingridjarisz SELLS VIC TORIA Personal Real Estate Corporation

health of our residents as well as residents from other regions that access them." The zoning in North Saanich provides considerable opportunity for market housing, explains Mayor Finall, but "current housing needs are definitely in the non-market, subsidized range." She says that Council is moving forward with an Affordable Housing policy to address this need now and into the future. She notes that Council has already adopted measures to support non-market or below-market housing, including allowing secondary suites in most of the municipality, and carriage houses on properties that are larger than one acre. "These efforts increase housing affordability options without undue destruction of the livability of the community." Thank you, Evan, Corey, and Mayor Finall for sharing your ideas and giving so generously of your time. It's clear that you don't believe in following Elbert Hubbard's wry non-advice. (Editor's Note: Unfortunately, we did not receive input from Central Saanich as CAO Patrick Robbins said he was unable to participate at this time due to competing priorities and capacity.)

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Thank you for including our call for new Directors in Gillian Crowley's Seaside Arts Scene column. And thanks to Gillian! We have received response to our call and hope to add more enthusiastic Directors to our ArtSea Board. Diane Thorp President, ArtSea

Thank you so much for the makeover. I had fun and love the pictures in the October magazine. Roxana Reid The “Name Our Cocktail” contest was fun to enter and even more special to win! Thanks so very much! I will truly enjoy making this unique Magenta Magic Martini for my friends … Cheers! Laurie Bint

A beautiful cover! (October 2017) Your covers are always exceptional! Enjoyed the issue as well. Virginia Watson-Rouslin

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Where Are We In the Cycle?

Publication: Seaside Magazine Material Deadline: January 31, 2017 Insertion Dates: February 10, 2017

I’m referring to the Business Cycle: the period of time measuring a full cycle from recessionary trough to recessionary trough. Understanding the Business Cycle is important for both generating returns and managing capital risk. The latter being the main objective as we enter the late innings of the current cycle. The Business Cycle we track is that of the U.S., simply because it represents such a large chunk of global GDP. Market corrections associated with recession tend to be longer in duration and slower to recover than those triggered by a specific event. For this reason, it is important to have a clear understanding of the Business Cycle, and where we stand in it is crucial. An asset allocation strategy relying on the Business Cycle can help to improve returns and limit drawdowns in a portfolio.

James McCrodan, FMA, CIM® Portfolio Manager Senior Wealth Advisor 250.389.2123

Scotia Capital Inc. is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada. For more information visit The McCrodan Group is a personal trade name of James McCrodan.

So where exactly are we? Well, the best estimate resulting from our analyses suggests 2019 could be the start of the next recession. The typical relationship between the Business Cycle and the relative performance of asset classes implies continued outperformance of equities versus bonds through to mid-2018. However, things can change which is why continued monitoring of indicators is essential in the coming months. If you would like to delve more deeply into this topic as it pertains to your own portfolio please call my office to arrange a confidential review. James McCrodan is a Senior Wealth Advisor at ScotiaMcLeod®, a division of Scotia Capital Inc. – The McCrodan Group at Scotia Wealth Management. For more information, visit This article is for information purposes only. Investors should consult an advisor before acting on any recommendation. A fee-based solution is not right for everyone. When making recommendations, we take a complete look at your financial situation, including risk tolerance and objectives, to determine a strategy or strategies best suitable to your individual needs. Views expressed herein are solely those of the author and not those of ScotiaMcLeod or Scotia Capital Inc. ScotiaMcLeod is a division of Scotia Capital Inc., member CIPF. The McCrodan Group is a personal trade name of James McCrodan. Creative & Production Services 100 Yonge Street, 10th Floor Toronto, ON M5C 2W1

Scotia Wealth Management™ is an innovative team based approach to wealth management that addresses the entirety of your life—your family, your business, your future—one facet at a time.

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Enriched Thinking®

In our assessment of where we stand in the Business Cycle, we consider key indicators such as output gap, employment and the yield curve. Typical late stage conditions include low unemployment (upward pressure on wages), near full capacity utilization (upward pressure on the price of goods) and a resulting increased rate of inflation. Increasing inflation will prompt action from the Federal Reserve Board as they increase short rates to cool inflation. Cooling inflation also cools the economy and puts downward pressure on earnings. Stock markets are anticipatory by nature and in the past have started to sell down around six months in advance of the official start to the recession. Keep in mind that stock market sell-offs are an imperfect recessionary indicator. It’s an old joke that markets have predicted seven of the last four recessions.

Aeronautical Research on the Peninsula

by Gillian Crowley

From a Saanich Peninsula pumpkin

field comes a shout: It's a bird! It's a plane! No ‌ it's a UAV! The large gleaming flying machine, reminiscent of a radio-controlled kid's toy, is a remotely-operated Unmanned Air Vehicle. Researching and testing these vehicles is one part of an exciting collaborative program between the University of Victoria and international commercial partners. Started in 2012, UVic's Center for Aerospace Research (CfAR) focuses on research, development and testing of unmanned vehicles, ranging from small quadcopters (similar to drones) up to large fixedwing "mini-airplanes" that can fly for up to an hour. "UAV's are becoming ubiquitous," says the Director of CfAR, Afzal Suleman. "They allow for commercial applications that were previously impossible or prohibitively expensive using manned aircraft and helicopters." CfAR offers extensive expertise in aerodynamics, structures, controls, design optimization, systems integration and flight operations. UVic is considered a leader in Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, a field of engineering that allows the designer to simultaneously incorporate many relevant disciplines of aircraft design. Each project provides exciting opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in UVic's Mechanical Engineering program, who work in teams with engineers to conduct cutting-edge research and development. The successful flight of a model based on their research must be a memorable moment in the students' education! Initially, joint funding from the Western Economic Diversification Fund, industrial partners and the university got the program off the ground (so to speak). At present CfAR is working on projects with Boeing, Bombardier and Qinetiq Training Systems. Their UAV technology is helping to make it possible to experimentally validate and

evaluate the next generation of aircraft which will use longer, thinner wings and unconventional configurations. These design changes are intended to decrease drag and thereby improve fuel consumption. Lower consumption is driven by economics and the environment, as passengers demand cheaper airline tickets and concerns mount over jet fuel emissions' contribution to climate change. Professor Suleman is proud to point out that the CfAR program is the only one of its kind in Canada. The Center creates work and learning opportunities for eight full-time engineers (most graduates of the program) as well as 10 graduate students and two to three undergraduate co-op students. The Center also conducts applied research on small satellites and rockets. CfAR is contributing to the Peninsula's economy as well. At the Victoria International Airport, CfAR leases a 1,500-square-foot design office and over 4,000 square feet of hangar space, including an electronics/avionics laboratory, aircraft systems integration area and a variety of ground testing capabilities. Transport Canada has issued CfAR a blanket Special Flight Operating Certificate (SFOC) which enables the team to test fly smaller UAV models in a field not far from the airport. For larger models, they have used test ranges near Grand Forks, B.C. and in Foremost, Alberta. UAV's have been employed in other countries for security, agriculture, mining and search and rescue applications. Suleman says CfAR currently can't take on those types of projects because Canadian regulations don't allow them to fly the UAV's beyond the visual line of sight. "But Transport Canada is working on clarifying those regulations," he notes. The next time you think you see a UFO on the Peninsula, take a second look. It's probably another UAV undergoing a test flight above the pumpkins. november 2017 | 15

November 11th:

Remembrance & Relevance by Jo Barnes

"He was my

age!" These words from a Scout reflect how the themes and messages of Remembrance Day can still come alive for today's youth. But how do we keep telling the stories of the World Wars and military history and keep it relevant for the younger generation? "It's important to put things into context for youth and to help them understand the sacrifice people make in order to prevent genocide or keep peace," shares Ross Benton, National Volunteer Services Team, Scouts Canada. For some youth, they learn within a community group like Scouts, which focuses

16 | november 2017

on community service, respecting heritage and culture and contributing meaningfully to society. Young Scouts make wreaths and present them at the local cenotaph or participate in parades. Some join Sea Cadets. "We spend time teaching our cadets about the importance of Canada's role as a leader in worldwide peacekeeping and in maintaining security around the world, as well as the service and sacrifice of Canadians during past conflicts," says Lieutenant Nancy McAleer,

Commanding Officer, Sea Cadets, Victoria. When young people join together with the larger community in front of the cenotaph, it's an opportunity for them to join members of the military and honour those who sacrificed to protect the privileges and freedoms we enjoy today. "We stand side by side with Canadian Forces members at these events," says Nancy. "All young Canadians should be aware of our history and the citizens who came before us." Shares former sea cadet Andrew Sherring: "For me, it's like you're revisiting a funeral, mourning for an old family member. It's a

responsibility you do willingly." Education about remembrance and veterans begins early. The Royal Canadian Legion sponsors a province-wide poster and literary contest for grades one through 12. As well, young people participate in the annual Poppy Campaign, which not only generates funds for veterans but also bursaries for youth. "Cadets and bursary recipients are all involved with poppy tagging," says Andy Anderson, Poppy Campaign Coordinator (pictured at the Sidney Cenotaph). To share the stories of military history and its relevancy, meaningful dialogue is key. "I tell the scouts when my grandfather was 17 he and his brothers went overseas, and by some miracle they all came back. They realize they are the same age; it's a real eye opener," shares Ross. "The kids today know about Remembrance Day, but they don't stop to think about it really," says Andrew, adding: "It takes years to develop understanding of what it means. It takes a while for it to sink in and see that this is what it took for the way the world is now." There are also other ways to engage our young people. "We can participate in events such as the Battle of the Atlantic parade and the candlelight vigil at God's Acre (veteran's cemetery at CFB Esquimalt)," suggests Nancy. "We can have guest speakers come talk to youth, hold open houses at military installations and basically make connections with the community." "Schools often have gatherings leading up to Remembrance Day," says Ross. "Legion groups host activities to thank the youth; it's here young people begin to have a context." Remembrance Day is also a reminder that people continue to sacrifice and serve in present-day conflict and peacekeeping missions. "In my experience there are more Canadians of all ages attending November 11 events the last few years. It has become more popular in our culture to acknowledge the efforts of our military members, especially since the Afghanistan conflict," shares Nancy. Andy adds: "The Invictus Games and dedication places like the Afghanistan Memorial all keep the stories relevant." It's all about connecting past to present. Theatre artist and educator Mark Hellman recently coordinated an oral history project with students at Victoria High School. The project was created for Canada's 150th celebration; its focus was to gather elders' stories and create a permanent record of their voices and memories. "It connected students to living history around them. They could talk with someone who grew up in another era before them," says Mark. The students listened as seniors shared stories of the war and the things they experienced when they were about the same age as their high school audience. Says Mark: "The project gave students a sense of seeing a world through the eyes of someone of their same age." Young people can also learn through war-based dramatic presentations, like those given by Victoria based Story Theatre Company which uses source material like soldier's letters to engage students and help them access what it was like to live during the wars. On Remembrance Day we look back, yes, but it also prompts us to look around and connect with each other, regardless of age, and cherish the freedoms and privileges we all have in Canada. Photo by Nunn Other Photography.


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november 2017 | 17

The Centre of Your Experience

What’s Happening at the Mary Winspear Centre

Their numerous critically acclaimed recordings

has earned them multiple BCCMA awards

Celtic Christmas

have included their own original songs as well

for Country Club Act and Group or Duo of

as tried and true standards, both instrumental

the Year in 2016 and in 2017 received their 1st

On Monday, November 20 the Mary Winspear

and vocal.

CCMA award nomination for Video of the

The Barra MacNeils

Centre welcomes back The Barra MacNeils for a Celtic Christmas concert to kick off the

Year. The Barra MacNeils live concert experience

holiday season.

brings so much more to the stage than most live

Their new album Chris Buck Band was

acts ever can. Multiple lead vocalists,

released internationally in spring 2017

One of the most beloved concerts on the

beautiful sibling harmonies, top drawer instru-

featuring 4x top #40 country radio hits includ-

mental prowess on a wide variety of acoustic,

ing, “Leave Your Light On”, the club country

stringed, percussion and wind instruments

dance sensation “Giddy Up”, “Sun Sets Down”

blended with dancing, storytelling, Gaelic

and their billboard top 20 radio smash “That’s

songs and a journey through an ancient culture;

When You Know ft Kira Isabella”.

seasonal circuit, the Barra MacNeils Christmas shows always features a highly entertaining brand of traditional seasonal fare mixed with entertaining stories and new musical twists; stamped with their lush harmonies and intricate instrumental

it is family entertainment at its highest level. The live experience is wildly energetic and Steeped in Cape Breton tradition with strong

always captivating, with a twist of a country/

Celtic roots and musical artistry, this diverse

rock sound, it’s hard for any music fan to sit

sold-out houses.

and talented family group continues to wow

still during their performance!

Fans can look forward to classic favourites

captivating vocals, harmonies and

stylings. Their show has been touring nationally, as well as in America, for years to

including: Oh Holy Night, Ave Maria, A Christmas in Killarney and Auld Lang Syne as well as some comedy, seasonal stories, music, singing, dance and memories that will

audiences around the world with their extraordinary musicianship.

Chris Buck Band Join the Chris Buck Band, one of the hottest

As a group, the MacNeil siblings are widely

November 25 at the Charlie White Theatre.

acts in the Celtic world. Hailing from Sydney Mines, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, the family group is deeply rooted in Celtic music, culture, dance, language and history.

Making their second appearance at the Charlie White Theatre in less than a year, The Celtic Tenors return December 5 and 6 with their

extend beyond the season and last a lifetime.

regarded as one of the greatest live concert

The Celtic Tenors Christmas

festive Christmas concert.

rising stars in Canadian country, on Saturday, Their holiday program will include a unique performance that will represent their pasts Chris Buck Band is fast earning the reputation

and signature harmonies. The song selection

of being one of the hardest working country

will come from their holiday album titled The

bands in Canada. Their high energy kick stomp

Celtic Tenors Christmas, and will include Oh

driven brand of rock fused country music

Holy Night, The First Noel, and Wexford Carol.

The Celtic Tenors have established themselves

The Celtic Tenors, you’ll get more than a

as the most successful Classical Crossover

performance by world-class artists. You’ll enjoy an

artists to have ever come out of Ireland, and

evening to savour and a night with tenors who

continue to re-invent the whole “Tenor”

despite their incredible success don’t take

idiom. The Celtic Tenors continue to stretch

themselves too seriously!

musical boundaries while paying homage to their traditional Irish roots. Signed on the

Their eclectic mix of classical, folk, Irish and pop

spot to an international record deal in London

will leave your audience applauding for more and

in 2000, their first album went on to achieve

demanding a return engagement.

double platinum status in their homeland, Number 1 in Ireland and Germany, Number 2 in the UK, and won them countless awards.

Coming Events

2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney | 250.656.0275


1 3 4&5 6 10-12 16-18 18 19 19 20 23 24 24 & 25 25

Master Your Money Comic Strippers 19+ First Chance Christmas Craft Fair Great Canadian Songbook Pirates of Penzance Barney Bentall Saanich Peninsula Hospital Auxiliary Christmas Bazaar Edie Daponte Under Paris Skies Christmas Vintage Retro & Collectibles Show Barra MacNeils Young’uns PIGS Pink Floyd Tribute Rancho Vignola Harvest Sale Chris Buck Band

December 1-3 5&6 6 7 8 9 & 10 15-17 15 16 22 & 23 25 26-29

Peninsula Singers Christmas Joy The Celtic Tenors Master Your Money The Lonely Roy Orbison Tribute Uncle Wigglys Blues Songs of Christmas Last Chance Christmas Craft Fair Sleeping Beauty at Berwick Royal Oak Allison Crowe’s Tidings w/ Céline Sawchuk Nearly Neil Diamond “Nearly Christmas” Sleeping Beauty Community Chistmas Dinner Sleeping Beauty

island dish

Curried Lentils and Portobello Mushroom

Snowdon House Gourmet & Gifts

As fall arrives I find myself missing the long hot days and nights. I do, however, love the leaves changing colours and then floating to the ground in a carpet of red and orange. Now that the harvest is almost complete, warm comfort foods start to grace our tables. For a change from the usual soups or stews, I cooked my Snowdon House Curried Lentil soup, added mozzarella cheese and stuffed a portobello mushroom and baked it. Super easy! I served it with a cob of local corn on the cob and herbed butter! Yum.

photo by

by Laura Waters

Curried Lentils and Portobello Mushroom Snowdon House Curried Lentil Soup Mix ½ cup shredded mozzarella cheese 4 portobello Mushrooms 1 tbsp butter Preheat oven to 350°. Prepare Snowdon House Curried lentil Soup Mix according to the instructions; it takes approximately 20 minutes. Remove the stems from the mushrooms and chop finely, then sautée in a fry pan with butter. Remove from heat. In a bowl mix the mozzarella cheese, curried lentil soup and chopped mushroom stems. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat. Stuff mushrooms with the mixture, place on a tray and bake for 20 to 25 minutes, or until the mushrooms are cooked through. Serve with a medley of roasted vegetables or corn on the cob. For herbed butter, simply mix a ¼ cup of your favourite, finely chopped herbs (a blend of basil, thyme and oregano is great), blend into a cup of soft butter and refrigerate until you’re ready to eat. Use on corn on the cob or mashed potatoes. Enjoy! november 2017 | 21

photo by


The Importance of Remembrance Day

Commander Peter Chance (Retired)

To me Remembrance Day is all about the hard won freedom: the sacrifice of thousands who heard the call to arms in September 1939 to fight on foreign soil to rid us of the tyranny of Nazi Germany. Freedom comes at very high price but it’s worth the cost.



keekeeklean Professional House Cleaning



Skechers New Balance Asics Saucony Champion Stormtech & more ...

don’t worry be HaPPy we klean & we’re snaPPy!

250.656.6161 • 2443 Beacon Ave, Sidney

Home $30/hr • Office & Holiday Rentals $35/hr • Moveout $40/hr 250.896.6540 | |


More Than a Pair of Sneakers: Hypersport Activewear by Doreen Marion Gee

Sometimes, when

interviewing the owners of Saanich Peninsula businesses, I discover hidden treasure. Many times the services and products they offer go way beyond expectations and the name on their door or website. A case in point is Hypersport Activewear on Beacon Avenue in Sidney. I was amazed by their functionally diverse products and skilled services that go way beyond simply fitting a new pair of track shoes. The owner is taking an active role in enhancing the quality of life in this community. Anthony Ewen, the very friendly and affable owner of Hypersport, has been at the helm of the successful business since 1999. There are no "fillers" in his shop, only the highest quality brands of running and walking shoes, cross-trainers, sports attire, hats, socks, and Canadian-made bathing suits. Men, women and kids will find the latest styles of trendy footwear and sportswear at very reasonable prices. The number-one priority for Anthony is taking good care of the people who walk through his door. Remember the good old days when salespeople would actually fit a shoe to your foot? Every day, Anthony brings back that level of attentive service to local people. "Jennifer" is buying a new pair of runners that accommodate a

110+ Premium Loose Teas • Coffee & Giftware Locally Made Gifts, Spices and Delicious Food Products Now Selling Vintage & Retro Goods

250.479.0497 • C - 4649 West Saanich Road

corrective orthotic insert for her foot: "The people here make my feet happy. The staff always take the time to make sure that the shoes fit." After almost 20 years of fitting shoes for active people, Anthony knows how to ease foot stress. He recommends and fits specific walking and running shoes that provide optimal comfort and are best adapted to particular feet. His caring service also includes accommodating foot problems. For instance, a bunion might require that the person be fitted with a running shoe with extra "give" in the stressed area. Anthony will then locate specific brands that are flexible in these parts of the shoe. Shopping at Hypersport Activewear is much more than simply buying a new pair of sneakers. Anthony's products are not just cosmetic, but functional and practical. Sleek fashionable tops are also designed to cool the body under exertion. Fashionable running and walking shoes also provide extra comfort to troubled feet. When Anthony fits someone for a pair of walking shoes or a jacket for running, he ensures quality plus comfort. Anthony and his staff are enhancing people's well-being on the Peninsula. Jennifer strides out the door, beaming in her chic and snazzy new runners. They look great, but feel even better. Find Hypersport Activewear on Facebook for more information.

• Plugs into a regular outlet • Durable and lightweight • Made in Canada

250.881.2680 november 2017 | 23

in good health

A Degree Above:

Saanich & Saanichton Physiotherapy by Jo Barnes

This is one of a series of profiles on some local businesses that are working to keep us all in good health. When most people visit a physiotherapist, they expect to heal by degrees, but there's one local clinic where it's the degrees that heal. Local physiotherapist Scott Simpson wants the best for clients, so his recent post-doctoral work, to determine if there is a system to better understand what therapies will benefit clients the most, comes as no surprise. Scott's post-doctoral studies, through the University

Do You Have Pain? 13%

end up moving to a home that is easier to manage



of Western Ontario, augment a growing list of educational designations he has acquired including a Kinesiology degree, Physiotherapy degree, Masters of Clinical Science, and Doctorate degree. "I was looking at back pain and trying to find an algorithm. I had a panel of expert therapists across the country," says Scott. His recent studies reviewed multiple different back pain presentations and correlated them with the most effective courses of treatment relative to short- and

long-term cost as well as functional disability. "I was looking at better outcomes for patients and best improvements for them without spending a lot of money," he says. "To do this we need to allocate the right treatment to the right person at the right time." Scott's primary approach is from a functional perspective. How can a patient improve their condition in minimum time and cost? Manual therapy and exercise regimes tailor made for clients can prove costefficient and beneficial.

Family & Implant


New Patients Welcome!

take time off work due to pain

seek assistance in daily acitivities change their jobs due to pain


We Can Help You Break Through Pain With the Latest Research.

Dr. Mitra Hashemi

250.656.1199 250.652.0132 7865 Patterson Road, Saanichton 5401 Hamsterley Road, Victoria 24 | november 2017

#104 - 9845 Resthaven Drive, Sidney

Scott is passionate about his profession and staying current with the latest research and treatment options. "People on the Peninsula deserve the best quality of care. I want to get someone better using smart tools and using science efficiently," shares Scott. Scott is keen to provide innovative care that enables clients to get results in fewer visits. He's also committed to ensuring service is convenient and accessible to people. Last year he opened a second location beside Elk Lake. His enthusiasm and pursuit of providing optimal care seem to be paying dividends. Not only have staff numbers grown, but client numbers have too. "Things are going great. We're getting busier all the time to the point where we've had issues with enough space. Many clients are coming from Broadmead, Cordova Bay, Royal Oak and Prospect Lake." Among those coming through the doors of the clinic, alongside elite athletes and performers,

are older adults who are keen to stay active, in some cases, at a competitive athletic level. "We're treating an exceptional population

"Scott's objective is clear: he is keen to offer a one-on-one approach and a physiotherapy facility that is welcoming." on the Peninsula," shares Scott. "They are pushing their bodies harder as they age, and research fully supports this as an essential component of health and well-being." But while the approach may be based on objective research, it is never cold and impersonal. It's here that Scott's objective is clear. He is keen to offer a one-on-one approach

Come Visit Us in Our New Location!

and a physiotherapy facility that is welcoming. "I want it to be like 'Cheers'– you want to go where everybody knows your name," he says, adding: "I like the concept of a country clinic where you talk to people and you know their name when you see them out in the community." He likes to mentor other therapists and collaborate with them towards service excellence. Shares Scott, "I like to empower my staff to be proud of their work. I tell them to try to get on the same wavelength as their patient." It's about clear communication with clients and working towards improved functioning and optimum health. It's about tracking pain and treating conditions in an effective way. It's about trying to ensure high degrees of improvement for clients. And for Scott and his staff, they make this possible by bringing years of experience and numerous degrees of education.


• New Patients Welcome! • Emergency Treatment • Insurance Plans Accepted • IV Sedation Available


#101 - 2376 Bevan Ave, Sidney 250-655-1122 •

#215-9764 Fifth St

Above Capital Iron november 2017 | 25

Delicious Sesame Snack Bars These sesame bars are a great snack for kids, or work snack when you’re busy and on the go!

Combine the cashews and coconut into a coarse mixture in either a food processor or blender. Mix together the honey, sugar, nut butter, vanilla and salt in a pot on medium-high heat until everything is well combined. Add all the ingredients to the wet mixture and mix very well. You can press the mixture into silicone moulds or an 8 x 8 inch parchment lined baking pan. Bake at 300°F for 18 to 20 minutes, take the bars out of the oven and allow them to cool, transfer them into the fridge. Once they are fully chilled, either pop them out of the moulds, or cut the bars into whatever size you would like. These keep best in the fridge in a air tight container. ½ cup raw cashews ¾ cup unsweetened shredded coconut ¼ cup honey ¼ cup palm sugar, or whole brown sugar ¼ cup peanut butter, almond butter or nut butter or your choice 1 tsp vanilla 1 tsp sea salt 1 cup sesame seeds ½ cup pumpkin seeds

Want the freshest ingredients? Make sure not to miss us!

November 24 & 25

Parkland Secondary:

Innovative, Inspiring & Inclusive Parkland Secondary is excited about our innovative technology programs that are creating new experiences and opportunities for our students. From coding, to computer hardware, virtual reality, drones, computer-aided design, marine science technology, 3D printing, astronomy, technology clubs and many more practical applications of technology, Parkland is preparing our students for many opportunities ahead! The entire Parkland community has been working hard to build innovative programs and classes that will prepare students for 21st Century opportunities. Our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) has been incredibly supportive of all of our activities. Parkland students are very enthusiastic to utilize new technology as part of their learning and preparation for post-secondary opportunities. All around Parkland, we are surrounded by innovative industries, such as aerospace manufacturers, simulation systems, virtual reality companies, marine technology development, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping and web production houses. We hope to connect our students with opportunities to work in and support these new industries as cutting-edge employees who will help drive this whole region forward. Some of the most exciting initiatives around technology and innovation at Parkland involve new classes we are creating and offering to students. Web 2.0 is a class focused on teaching students a wide spectrum of technology skills, including both component hardware and software programming. We also offer an electronics and technology class which teaches students to build devices, practice circuit building, soldering, and programming robots to compete against each other. Parkland offers a drafting course, automotive technology courses, new woodwork and metal work equipment and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines to

support students in the trades. Another way we are building interest around technology at Parkland is to create new clubs that help students develop interests and exposure to engaging technology. Our technology club teaches students how to maintain computers and how to assemble and configure the newest components. We have regular get-togethers to play games and test out our newest builds, while creating a social support network. Parkland is acquiring resources to support innovative technologies and their use in the classroom. We are building a new high-end Virtual Reality (VR) computer that students from all subject areas can use and implement to explore digital environments and resources. Parkland's biology classes can tour through the human body's systems through immersive videos while the art class creates threedimensional digital art. We are also purchasing a drone, a small, autonomous, remote controlled flying vehicle that will be available to students to teach elements of our new curriculum: coding, drone development, media support and to gain proficiency operating these new technology tools. Parkland is preparing students for a technological future through all these innovations. If you would like to know more, you can always come and check us out during our open house on February 8, 2018, as well as reach out to our principal, Lizanne Chicanot (lchicanot@ or our teacher-librarian, Aaron Mueller (amueller@sd63. We are an innovative, inspiring and inclusive community that is striving to best prepare our students for the exciting future around us, working and developing new skills for industries in our community. Authored by the Journalism 12 class with photo credit to the Digital Media class. november 2017 | 27

FOR TOTS, KIDS & TEENS December 2:

Family Discover Scuba. Exciting scuba-diving fun for the whole family with an introduction to this aquatic world in a PADI "discover scuba" program. Shallow water. 4 to 5 p.m. 8 yrs+. $40. Saanich Commonwealth Place – Rockfish Divers. Register: 250-475-7600.

December 3: Sea Shirt Sunday. Create your own ocean-themed fashion T-shirt, pillow or bag. Bring pillow case, cloth bag or T-shirt (white shirts available for purchase). $2 for fabric paint. 1 to 3 p.m. All ages. Regular admission; passes and memberships accepted. Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea. 250-665-7511.

December 9: Canada 150 Free Skate. Celebrate Canada's 150th birthday with a free skate sponsored by the District of North Saanich. Bring the whole family! Saturday, 12 to 1:20 p.m. All ages. Panorama Recreation Arena A. 250-656-7271.

December 10: A Day

With Santa. Hey kids! Don't miss this special Sunday of totally free family holiday activities: movie (10 to 11:30 a.m.); skate and/ or kindergym with Santa (12 to 1:20 p.m.); Christmas crafts (1:30 to 2:30 p.m.). Respectively: Silver City Victoria Cinemas; G.R. Pearkes Recreation Centre; Tillicum Centre. Tots/parents. Drop in. 250-475-5400 (Pearkes).

All ages. Free. Register by email at or call 250-656-0944. Sidney/North Saanich regional library.

December 27 to 29: Winter Holiday Daycamp.

Experienced leaders will make the holidays sparkle with fun activities: swimming, cooking, games, and arts and crafts. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 5-11 yrs. 3/$90. Gordon Head Recreation Centre. Register: 250-475-7100.

January 9: Tot Tuesday. Parents: accompany your little one for some fun-filled learning through an ocean-themed story, hands-on activity and a craft. 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Age: preschool. Drop-in. Free after paid admission or use of annual pass/membership. Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea. 250-665-7511.

January 9 to March 13: Half A World Theatre. An exciting opportunity for teens to experience the art of theatre and to brush up on acting and performance skills in improvisation, storytelling, creating characters, and more. Beginner to advanced. Tuesdays, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. 15+ yrs. $149. McTavish Academy of Art. Register: 778-351-0088.

January 13 to March 3: Creative

December 17: Grandma and Me

and the Xmas Tree. Kids will love spending time with grandma, making a tree ornament, singing holiday songs, decorating cookies and sipping tea. Sunday, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. or 1 to 3 p.m. 3-6 yrs. $26/ grandma & child. Saanich Commonwealth Place. Register: 250-475-7600.

December 23: Winter Holiday Storytime. Join friendly librarian, Virginia MacLeod, for stories, songs and rhymes that celebrate the joy of the season. Stay and make a winter-themed craft. Saturday, 10:30 to 11:15 a.m.

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Movements for 3-5 Year Olds - Journey Into Space. Kids will

go on an exciting space adventure, while they explore a variety of movements that introduce them to dance fundamentals and yoga. Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. $100. McTavish Academy of Art. Register: www.mctavishacademy. ca. 778-351-0088.

January 20: Music Bingo &

Minute to Win It. Teens' favourite "Minute to Win It" challenges are coming to Teen Lounge – from KaBoom and Defying Gravity, to Junk in the Trunk and Stack Attack. Guess the lyrics to today’s Top 40 tunes in "Music Bingo." Saturday, 6 to 8 p.m. Grades 6-9. Free drop-in and pizza. Greenglade Teen Lounge. Greenglade Community Centre. 250-656-7271.

Is Tax a Problem for You?

Income Tax | Bookkeeping | Payroll | Bill Paying | Construction Specialist

orate aying Corp Bill P onal & / Payroll/ rs e P • ping ry okkee ents dviso • Bo Statem Business A l ia c an New • Fin ing & ialists onsult C Road Spec n • anich 2B4 tructio a s S n t o s a • C . V8M 851 E 102-7 ichton, B.C n a 5 a S -784 0-652 m us: 25 ll a C y 28 | november 2017 y .pegg www

We’re Here to Help.

Peggy Yelland

250.652.7845 #102 - 7851 East Saanich Rd, Saanichton Peggy Yelland & Associates Inc. is

By Doreen Marion Gee

See individual websites for more information, registration and online brochures with lists of more classes & programs.

January 21 to 27: Family Literacy Week. Kids and their

February 16:

Teen Lounge Water Olympics. Have a blast with some Winter Olympics-inspired fun: cross country skiing, skeleton, curling and more. Friday, 6 to 8 p.m. Grades 6-9. Free drop-in. Greenglade Teen Lounge. Greenglade Community Centre. 250-656-7271.

families are welcome to join library staff in celebrating the joy of reading. Special events, activities, reading, learning and playing together. Sunday to Saturday. All ages. Free. Sidney / North Saanich Regional Library. sidney-north-saanich. 250-656-0944.

February 23: Watershed Wonders. Join the Shaw Centre and

January 23 to March 13:

special guests for a fun-filled family day of activities, games and presentations focusing on the whole watershed. Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. All ages. Free with admission, annual passes or memberships. No registration required. Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea. 250-665-7511.

Introduction To Coding. This thrilling course will introduce children to basic coding skills to use in making their very own games. The final project is a game on a USB stick to take home. Tuesdays, 6 to 8 p.m. 9-12 yrs. 8/$195. Greenglade Community Centre Room 8. Register: 250-656-7271.

January 28: Winter Wildlife.

Through games, crafts and hands-on exploration, the whole family will learn about how wild critters adapt to this wintry, chilly, and challenging time of year. How do they stay warm? 12 to 3 p.m. All ages. Drop in anytime. Admission by donation. Nature House. Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. 250-479-0211.

February 1 to March 8: Hawaiian Hula Dancing! Children will learn

the traditional Hula Dance, which portrays the story of the accompanying song, by using the hands and hips. Thursdays, 3:45 to 4:30 p.m. 6-12 yrs. 6/$60. Greenglade Community Centre Room 4. Register: 250-656-7271.

February 13: Petite Picassos – Handprint Love Bug Mixed Media Canvas. Enjoy being artsy with your little one. Join staff to help your child create a Mixed Media mini-masterpiece. Parent participation required. Complimentary kindergym admission follows. 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. 2-5 yrs. $10. Greenglade Community Centre Room 7. Register: 250-656-7271.

February 14 to March 14: Home School Swimming Lessons. In each twice-weekly session, home-schooled children will enjoy a 30-minute Red Cross swimming lesson and 30 minutes of free fun time in the pool. Mondays and Wednesdays, 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 6-14 yrs. 9/$72. Panorama Recreation Centre Main Pool - Lane 6. Register: 250-656-7271.

February 25: Raccoons are Wild. Who are these masked rascals? Are they bandits or just very clever at living alongside humans? Featuring the “Way Cool Raccoon School” puppet show, crafts and hands-on exploration. Sunday, 12 to 3 p.m. All ages. Drop in anytime. Admission by donation. Nature House. Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. 250-479-0211.

February 28 to March 21: Pop Art – Design Your Board. Teens will use imagery from popular culture, advertising and comic books to create a piece of art – which will go onto an old skateboard or snowboard (not provided). Wednesdays, 7 to 9 p.m. 14-17 yrs. 4/$240. Greenglade Community Centre Room 6. Register: www.crd. 250-656-7271.

Call Your Mummy … the New Playmobil Pyramid Has Arrived! in Sidney at 2494 Beacon Avenue and in Victoria at 1831 Oak Bay Avenue november 2017 | 29

#107 - 2360 Beacon Ave, Sidney | 250.656.3486 | |

The Legacy of Pemberton Holmes: Pemberton Holmes began in 1887, as a small family business and one of Vancouver Island’s first real estate brokerages. 130 years later, Pemberton Holmes remains Canada’s Longest Established Brokerage & Vancouver Island’s Largest Independent Brokerage.

Harry Fowler

Wendy Herrick

Inez Louden

Maureen Vincent

Stephen Postings

Patrick Achtzner

Ann Watley

Walt Burgess

Paul Butterworth

Offering Real Estate Sales with Commercial, Residential and Strata Property Management Service Divisions

Celebrating Our Nation's Heroes by Mandy Parker

Director of Development

When looking

back on his years of service, it was the moments of madness over Hannover that a young Sergeant Frank Poole remembers most vividly. He was manning the top turret in the bomber. They were returning from a bombing run over Berlin when a German night flyer crept undetected below the plane. It fired at the bomber and struck the starboard wing, setting it ablaze. Damage was extensive and the order was given to bail out. Shortly after the order the plane's gas tank ignited. Poole says the blast blew the plane apart and sent both he and the wreckage hurtling towards the ground. That was over 72 years ago and the memories are as fresh as it were only yesterday. Today Sergeant Poole lives in his home in Saanich and participates as a client at the Veterans Health Centre at Broadmead Care. At Broadmead Care, a third of our residents and clients are the men and women who served in our military to help build Canada to what it is today. They fought for many of the freedoms we experience on a daily basis. This year marks Canada's 150th anniversary and groups around our nation have been sharing stories of how our history has impacted their lives. We have a lot to be proud of as people from all walks of life, like Sergeant Poole, contribute to our independence. As a way to honour and acknowledge their experiences, Broadmead Care has partnered with the Victoria Foundation, Suburbia Studios and Riptide Studios to create a video that celebrates the bravery, courage and extraordinary stories of a few veterans living at Broadmead Care. Over the next several years, our WWII and Korean veterans will have all left us. With them go their stories and experiences of courage and bravery which helped build Canada to be what it is today. In celebration of Canada's 150th, we want to acknowledge the contributions of our veterans and honour their stories with dignity. Captured on film are interviews from several of the veterans, including Sergeant Poole, living at The Lodge featuring their

stories during some of our nation's more challenging times. While the film will be presented around Remembrance Day, it will be made available for all to see on the Broadmead Care website at www. We invite you to join us by watching, sharing and remembering our nation's heroes.

Broadmead Care is Vancouver Island's designated residential care facility and adult day programs provider for hundreds of WWII and Korean War veterans, seniors and adults with disabilities. Broadmead Care operates the Veterans Memorial Lodge at Broadmead, Nigel House, Harriet House and Veterans Health Centre.


Spend this holiday enjoying the company of your guests while we take care of the rest. From yuletide feasts to holiday getaway packages, gift the perfect holiday celebration with gift certificates from the Villa Erie Resort. Allow us to assist with your holiday preparations today! 600 Ebadora Lane, Malahat • • 1.250.856.0188

november 2017 | Studio 31 Revisions

2546 Government Street, Victoria, BC, V8T 4P7 • T 250.385.6737


13th Saanichton

common cents

community chriStmaS & Winter market Since 2005

Live Music 10-1

A Peninsula Family Tradition Saturday, December 2nd • 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Tally-Ho Carriage Rides

Winter Market Pioneer Square 9 -1

9 :00 11: 15

10 - 1

St. Mary’s Church Cultra & East Saanich

Fresh Cup Café Christmas Tree Trail 10-1

9 :00 11: 15

9 : 30 - 12:30 Pioneer Museum

event SPOnSOReD BY:

Drive-Thru Food Bank: Drop Off at Pioneer Square

Meet the Newest Member of Our Team:


C.J. (Kip) Wilson

saanichton law offices Reasonable, Common Sense Legal Advice 250.544.0727 • #6-7855 East Saanich Rd, Saanichton • 32 | november 2017

technology: weighing the risk Technology; the term itself can strike fear into the hearts of ordinary people at its mere mention. Even though it has brought us everyday convenience, productivity and wondrous amusement, it has also brought us heightened anxiety, confusion and downright fear when by James McCrodan the console on the new washing Senior Wealth Advisor, The McCrodan Group machine looks more complicated than the dash in a 747. However, technology is everywhere and spreading. It's the fastest-growing sector in terms of revenue generation and job creation globally. As such, it has a place in any quality portfolio. The question is how best to tailor your participation in this sector to suit your objectives and risk tolerance. When investors think of technology, they think of the FANG stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) plus Apple. By far these are the best known names as their products and services play a part in most of our lives on a daily basis. So why shouldn't we invest? Well, the short answer is we should, but let's understand the risks before making any moves. Everybody knows Netflix and Amazon. We binge watch wonderful shows on the great home theatre we bought online through Amazon. Both have great products and services. Heck, what could go wrong? Well, both Amazon and Netflix trade currently at over 240 times earnings. For perspective, Apple trades at just under 18 times earnings. Expectations for growth for Netflix and Amazon are very, very high. Their debt levels are very high. Their balance sheets are structured for aggressive growth. Apple, on the other hand, is a much larger company with a lower rate of leverage. While Apple's rate of growth will be slower, the potential downside risk for the investor is also lower. Google (now Alphabet) also trades at a much lower multiple of 27.5 times earnings. Google is about half the size of Apple, but its balance sheet is even higher quality with a much lower level of debt. Are Apple and Google better investments than Amazon and Netflix? It all depends on your objectives and risk tolerance as well as the future performance of the respective companies. Make your choices with capital preservation in mind. If you can't decide what to own but you want to participate, there's always the ETF alternative. Most major ETF providers offer sector funds for technology. Some will even offer sub-sectors. If you decide to go this route, check out the trading history of the ETF candidates. Make sure there's ample daily liquidity and that the embedded management expense ratio is reasonable. Best of luck, and if anyone knows how to program a delicate cycle … send me a note at

Small Operation, Big Impact by Ron Armstrong

Production of electric cars for a mass market has started to happen. However, "Canadian Electric Vehicles" of Errington – a small unorganized community between Nanaimo and Coombs – has been building electric vehicles for over 20 years. President Randy Holmquist began his unique career by building his first dune buggy in Grade 10 at Wellington Secondary School. After graduation he took auto shop at Malspina College, where he achieved second in class and found a job as a marine mechanic. In 1989 he read an article by "an old guy" who had converted a Chevy van to electric power. Randy bought the conversion manual for $12 and was hooked. He took a wrecked 1963 Triumph Spitfire and "cobbled together" a working electric car using a surplus WWII aircraft starter-motor from a Princess Auto catalogue. In 1992 he converted a Datsun pickup using a 19hp forklift motor. It could carry 1,700 pounds of batteries, giving it a 70- to 80-kilometre range, which carried him to and from work. In 1996 he quit his marine mechanic job and devoted himself to perfecting electric vehicles. BC Hydro asked for a prototype to read home metres, but the service area was beyond its range and hills were problematic. The Fleet Manager of the B.C. Government became very enthusiastic about converting a Chevy s510 using the same battery and motor combination. He and Randy did a number of car shows together, during which then-Environment Minister Moe Sihota drove

the vehicle. In 1998 Randy joined VIATEC (Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology & Entrepreneurship Council) doing a program with Environment Canada called "Clean Air Vehicles NOW." It was promoted to large businesses such as BC Ferries for utility functions, but without success. Two years later Randy was approached by Los Angeles International Airport to build an electric-powered aircraft refueling truck. Over 65 of these 12,000lb trucks are now in service, from Vancouver to Dubai, with more being built each year. In 1997 he bought his Errington property, which had the space for a proper multi-bay shop. Randy's next development was the Might-E Truck in 2003 (shown above), which is completely adaptable to many uses. The total weight of cab and chassis is 2,500lbs on four wheels. A 72-volt, 30hp motor supplied by 12 six-volt batteries(16kw) gives a 50-mile range (depending on load and terrain)and up to 25mph. Its load capacity is 300 to 500lbs on-road and 1,500lbs off-road. Customer configurations include a flat bed with sides, service body with tool compartments, dump box, garbage hauler and others. Right now Randy and his crew are finishing the conversion of a Zamboni from propane to electric for Port McNeil. Canadian Electric Vehicles has sold over 100 Might-E Trucks to customers from Tofino to The West Indies. Truly a great success for one Island man with a dream, and a sign of our transportation future. november 2017 | 33

Dedicated to

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SeaRich™ Omega-3 1500 mg EPA • 750 mg DHA • Vitamin D3

Helps Support Cognitive Health And Brain Function Natural Factors SeaRich Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 is a great-tasting higher strength formula made using the freshest, highest quality fish oil to support brain function, heart, bone, and joint health. Each teaspoon provides 1500 mg of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), 750 mg of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in triglyceride form that offers higher bioavailability and no fishy repeat, along with 1000 IU of vitamin D3. This higher strength formula is ideal for promoting healthy mood balance, supporting concentration, and learning potential in adolescents 14 years and older, as well as for adults looking to maintain

4 Supports cardiovascular health

cognitive function later in life. SeaRich Omega-3 is sustainably sourced from sardine, anchovies, and /or mackerel, is rigorously tested for purity, and certified by ISURA™ and the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS®). Naturally sweetened with (near-zero calorie) monk fruit and blended with natural, nonGMO flavours, SeaRich Omega-3 can be taken directly from the spoon or even be added to smoothies!

4 Helps support cognitive health and brain function 4 Vitamin D3 helps maintain healthy function of your muscles, nerves, and immune system 4 Vitamin D3 also helps your body absorb calcium, supporting healthy bones and teeth

HerbalFactors Ultimate Prostate Support ®

For ALL Men Over 40

Natural Factors Ultimate Prostate Support is a combination of eight of the best-known and researched herbs to help promote prostate health. This unique combination helps reduce urinary difficulties related to prostate enlargement. It often improves sleep quality by reducing the need for frequent nighttime urination and may also support healthy erectile function. 4 Improves urinary flow 4 Support for benign prostatic hyperplasia 4 May reduce night time urinary frequency

Saw palmetto improves the metabolism of testosterone in the prostate, which helps improve all symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Pygeum africanum, lycopene, and beta sitosterol, a phytosterol

similar to cholesterol, all provide powerful improvement of symptoms. Nettle is a mild anti-inflammatory, and modulates the stimulant effect of male sex hormones on prostate cells to improve BPH symptoms. A powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, turmeric has been shown to slow prostate cell proliferation. Rye flower pollen extract improves urological symptoms, including nighttime urination. Natural Factors Ultimate Prostate Support combines these powerful ingredients in one formula for the best in prostate support.



the natural path

by Dr. Kristen Bovee Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic

The Future of Natural Medicine

To be an effective doctor in natural medicine, I spend a lot of time (and money) investing in education to be able to pass along my knowledge to support patients in their health. I would like to share the three areas of innovation in natural medicine I have found the most intriguing and that have the potential of improving patients' health using "vis medicatrix naturae" ("the healing power of nature"~ Hippocrates). Stem cell therapy is the utilization of our own body's immature cells to regenerate body cells and tissue. In adults, stem cells act as a repair system for the body, replenishing adult tissues. These cells are "harvested" from our own bone marrow or fatty tissue using a special technique in an advanced medical office setting performed by a trained orthopaedic specialist. Stem cell therapy is not new, but it is becoming more accessible and used in more medical situations. The most common is arthritis, osteoarthritis, and bony or soft tissue repair. This is an important development in medicine since there are few therapies effective long-term (cortisone shots and oral antiinflammatories), these therapies come with unwanted side effects, and surgery is often not effective and has several risk factors. IV nutrient Therapy. I have been trained to administer intravenous (IV) infusions of vitamins, minerals and botanicals for medical situations. IV administration of nutrients is not a new part of medicine, but it is an essential approach in advanced medicine that has advantages over other approaches when treating chronic or acute conditions or in optimizing overall health. When nutrients are infused into a vein or injected intramuscularly, a few things happen biochemically: a) 100% administration of the dose enters the body. This is important for people with absorption issues such as celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disorders, or if you are depleted from disease or infection. 2) Changes take effect immediately as cells utilize the nutrients most efficiently. Taking a nutrient orally is first sent to the liver which means we may process or eliminate nutrients before it gets to our tissue. 3) Higher doses of nutrients can be infused in a shorter amount of time. This is important for when therapeutic doses are needed (as in vitamin C therapy used for cancer treatment) and it requires an elevated concentration in the blood stream. DNA and anti-aging. DNA is the genetic code for all our cells. These strands of information are the key to our body's health and longevity. DNA has protective lengthy "caps" on the ends of its strands called telomeres. These shorten with each cell division, however, and when they reach a critical length the cell stops dividing or dies. This internal "clock" is what causes our bodies to age and heal at a slower rate. Researchers, such as Dr. Helen Blau PhD. at Stanford University,

are seeking the keys to keeping and lengthening telomeres to aid healing and slow the aging process. Nutritional supportives can also help prevent telomeres from shortening are those that reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body. The nutrients found to optimize in the diet to prevent telomere shortening include: Vitamin D, vitamin K, coenzyme Q 10, folic acid, and B12. Fifteen years ago, probiotics and acupuncture were considered new aspects of natural medicine. Today, innovative approaches to health seem much more sophisticated. We will certainly hear more about these areas and possibly will use ourselves for optimizing our health and wellness.


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first Wednesday every month

Enjoy a cup of coffee and join Deborah for a relaxed, interactive financial discussion. Learn how to take control and become the master of your money. This month’s topic The Magic of Growing Tax-Free Investment Accounts!

Wednesday, December 6th,10:30 -11:30am

Drop-ins are welcome, RSVP appreciated 250.657.0700

MARY WINSPEAR CENTRE Lebbetter Board Room 2243 Beacon Avenue W, Sidney

Deborah Reid fma, fcsi


Financial Advisor

216-9764 Fifth Street, Sidney

Raymond James Ltd., Member - Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

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Physical Literacy:

Panorama Rec Focuses on Local Schools In partnership with School District 63 and funded by Island Health, Panorama Recreation has been providing physical activity programs and opportunities for students at Kelset, Sidney and Keating Elementary schools with a focus on fundamental movement skills, which are key in contributing to physical literacy. Physical literacy occurs when individuals acquire the skills and confidence to allow them to enjoy a variety of sports and physical activities. Physical literacy improves physical health, academic performance, cognitive skills, mental health, psychological wellness, social skills and healthy lifestyle habits. In the long term, physical literacy is a key contributor to being physically active for life, resulting in healthier individuals and a healthier community. By working within the schools, Panorama hopes to provide a quality physical activity program to students who may or may not have access to structured recreation programming. As a result, the goal is that children will continue to participate in physical activity now and throughout their life span. During program instruction, children are exposed to fundamental movement skills (dodge, hop, skip, jump, balance, kick, etc.) through fun activities, games and challenges. As part of the grant funds, a

variety of new sports equipment was purchased which has made each session fun and exciting. Feedback from school principals, teachers and parents has been positive. Staff have commented that it has been a great experience offering a program where children learn a variety of basic skills through fun activities that will give them the confidence to participate in physical activity and be active for life.

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A WIDE SELECTION OF EVS IN STOCK NOW Serving Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland

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Serving Vancouver Island the Lower Mainland 250-655-3534 ������������ �|��and � ����� ����� Follow us on Facebook: Motorize - Your EV Store

36 | november 2017

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historically speaking

Remembering Why We Remember Perhaps because there has been so much horror in the world of late, by Valerie Green it seems even more important every November 11 to remember why we honour all those who serve their countries. On November 11, 1919, when the first Remembrance Day was held throughout Commonwealth countries to mark the end of the First World War, it was simply a new concept held at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month to remember those who had lost their lives for their country. Today it has become so much more. We might well wonder if the true significance of Remembrance Day and all that it stands for has been lost over time. For instance, do we truly understand the significance of the red poppy? Each year the poppy is sold by the Royal Canadian Legion to raise money for needy veterans. During the Napoleonic Wars, it was said that the small red flower always bloomed over the graves of fallen soldiers. The same thing occurred during the First World War in France and Belgium when the little flower flourished in the soil and rubble around the graves of fallen heroes. Gradually, the poppy became the symbol for those who had fought so bravely for their countries. Today there are approximately 90 war memorials throughout British Columbia and hundreds across Canada where ceremonies will be held this November 11. From Ottawa east to Prince Edward Island and west to Vancouver Island, these monument sites serve as reminders of the men and women who put their own lives on the line so that we are able to live in a free society today. Here is a story of one small war memorial which once stood at Gore Park on the west side of Shelbourne Street opposite the Shelbourne Plaza. It was dedicated back in 1919 to honour the First World War dead, but not until November 11, 1957, was a peace memorial unveiled there. A few years later, urban development grew up around the little park. Mr. A.E. Horner, after whom Horner Park near Mount Tolmie is named, was a horticulturalist who played a leading role in the original ceremony at Gore Park in 1919 and then, 40 years later, came forward to protest the erection of a gas station next to the park and peace memorial. In May of 1970, the Municipality of Saanich erected its own monument on the front lawn of the municipal hall as a result of a council decision to move the Gore Park Memorial. That monument at the Saanich Hall stands in memory of all the war dead 1914-1918, 1939-1945, 1950-1952 (Korea) and beyond, as well as to Major Ernest W. MacQuarrio, the ceremonial chaplain from 1972-

1993. It stands 1.7 metres high and is set on a concrete base and dais of rough cast finish, headed with the words "LEST WE FORGET." Although Gore Park no longer has its own Memorial, it has now become part of the Memorial Avenue Committee Plan and has recently been improved with landscaping and tables as a small oasis along busy Shelbourne Street. No matter where our politics or beliefs might lie, may we never forget the importance of living in a free society and this November 11, at the 11th hour, we should once again honour and remember all the brave men and women who continue to strive for freedom on our behalf. "If ye break the faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields." *** Valerie Green is an author/historian and can be reached at

Innovations in Hearing Technology Hearing aids have changed dramatically in my 27 years as an audiologist. Innovations such as rechargeable batteries and the ability to wirelessly connect to the television or a cell phone have made hearing aid use easier and more enjoyable. As an independent clinic, Hear Central Saanich has access to a range of devices from the world’s top hearing aid manufacturers. Call to schedule your evaluation and hearing aid demonstration. Locally owned and operated by:

Donna Stewart,M.A.,Aud(C),RAUD

7159A W Saanich Rd

Also serving Pender & Mayne

Call: 778-426-4876

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Christmas with an Island Feel:

A Touch of Saltspring Ed Price has been the General Manager of A Touch of Saltspring Christmas Show since its inception in 1991. The show started out in Victoria, 26 years ago, and today is still running strong out of Panorama Recreation Centre. It is the largest attended arts and crafts show Vancouver Island, and is a great venue at which to kick off your Christmas shopping and bolster your Holiday spirit. This year you can expect over 230 crafters and artisans from Salt Spring Island, and across B.C. and Alberta. The show runs from December 1 to 3, in this, its 13th year at Panorama. After all this time, there are still two of the original artists showcasing their wares. As always, entry to the show costs only $5 for all three days. Parking at Panorama itself is limited due to the high volume of event visitors (in combination with Rec Centre users), so guests are encouraged to use the the park-and-ride shuttle service from Rotary Park (on Chipmunk Court, off of Canora Road) where there will be ample parking. The show is family owned and operated, and is a unique preChristmas shopping destination. It showcases an exclusive selection of high-quality, artisan-produced gifts and goods that are of local origin and unlike most of what you'll find elsewhere in your Christmas shopping travels. At Touch of Saltspring you'll find handcrafted pottery; jewelry and sculptures; wooden bowls and paper goods; foodstuffs of all sorts, from seafood to baking to canned and jarred treats; textile pieces and Holiday decorations – all under one roof. Back in 1991, it was just Ed and a few others from Saltspring, who saw the opportunity to fill a void in December where there were no other craft shows to avail avid lovers of this type of event. Today the whole floor of the tennis bubble at Panorama is teeming with vendors, and Gulf Islands vendors are still at the heart of the show. This event is wheelchair accessible, and there will be food and refreshments to keep you going as you make your way around. A Touch of Saltspring is open Friday, December 1 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m; Saturday, December 2 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m; and Sunday, December 3 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 250655-0967, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. by Lara Gladych

Meet Lucia Lucia White is one of the amazing Client Service Coordinators for our Sidney branch. She manages the needs of clients and team members with brilliant expertise and professionalism. Not only does Lucia care about her clients and our team of care givers: she also cares for the community. Every year she raises funds for important causes. If you want to experience the compassionate care of Bayshore Home Health, give Lucia a call today! Sidney 778.749.0014

Victoria 250.370.2253

#102 9840 Fifth St

#380 1900 Richmond Rd

Nanaimo 778.841.0109 #204 1650 Terminal Ave Bayshore HealthCare has been enhancing the quality of life, dignity and independence of Canadians in their homes since 1966. Recently awarded a 2017 Vancouver Island Business Excellence Award in the Health Care category, a 2016 Crystal Award for Business Excellence in the category of Contribution to the Community and named one of Canada’s Best Employers 2016 by Forbes Media.


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te ebra

November 11 & 12 10am - 5pm

15% OFF

Everything We Make! Try Some Tasty Samples


Hot Mulling Spice




l Noe


Customer Appreciation Day!

Farm Farm Shop Shop Hours Hours Tuesday Tuesday -- Saturday Saturday 10 10 a.m. a.m. -- 55 p.m. p.m. 250.658.3419 • 1890 Mills Road, North Saanich •

fashion focus Q: Is tucking in your shirt in or out of style? The great debate: to tuck or not to tuck. My take on this topic really is about lifestyle and age-appropriate behaviour. Remember we communicate with 94% body language and presentation. What are you saying nonverbally with your presentation of self? A young man in his 20s may wear a T-shirt untucked and jeans no problem but a man in his 40s may look best in a buttondown, tucked-in shirt and jeans. With life comes wisdom and a feeling of confidence. So when we see a man in his 60s with his shirt untucked, it's most likely because he’s retired, and earned it.

Q: What kind of coat should I buy to go over my suit? I love classic camel lightweight cashmere blend outerwear and not just for men. I know these are quite costly, but so worth your investment. This classic colour and fabric with a single breast will last your lifetime and then some. This look also transitions to weekend wear – rocking denim, a large knit sweater and boots.

Q: What's "turtleneck hair?" LOL it really is a thing! Turtleneck hair is when you pull your turtleneck over your head and leave your hair tucked in! It gives a voluminous bob look. I love trends!

Q: How can I add drama to my eyes? I was taught this quick and easy way to highlight eyes without spending too much time on them. You put the eyeliner on the inside of the bottom and inside the top of the eye. Yes, it does smudge a little with wear but that looks hot. Doing a mirror check every few hours helps.

a k s A


It can be difficult to feel amazing every day, but I'm here to help you find answers and give direction when it comes to creating and organizing your wardrobe. Always remember: nobody's perfect! Email your questions to Q: What is the best colour for lips this season? From barelythere nude to pop it out loud, lipstick is all a part of being playful with the fall season. Some seasons, that will be all I add to my wardrobe identity. I like the lips that last for the holiday season – there's so much eating drinking and being social. A great tool is the clear lip liner you put around your lips so they do not run into the corners of your mouth etc.

November Style Tip: Yes we have been here before, but let’s review. When you try on clothes, trying then on for fit not sizing is the number one rule of thumb. The absolute last thing you want to look like is 15 pounds of potatoes in a 10-pound bag! So if you think you may have gained a pound or two this summer and plan on dressing up for the holiday season, I suggest trying them on now. If they don’t fit, it’s time to go shopping. You want to shop now because the selection is higher this time of year and you have a better chance of getting what you want, not just what you need. So many people complain there is nothing out there that works for them. You’ve got to be proactive; the early bird gets the worm! november 2017 | 41

Get the Look At ...

r e v o e k a M


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Wrap HLK $58; hat HLK $38; rhinestone earrings HLK $28 fascinator HLK $28


ur a K-B

Betsk 250.656.1002 2424 Beacon Ave, Sidney

Luxury Consignment and Full Wardrobe Services

Betska is a local Executive and Life Coach, best-selling author, keynote speaker and much more!

Vintage velvet purse HLK $98 778.351.3018 2507 C Beacon Ave, Sidney (entrance on Second Street)

Joseph Ribkoff dress HLK $98 250.655.0094 #101 - 2460 Bevan Avenue, Sidney

Arianne “Stacy� camisole corset #5835 and full brief #7356 Sweet Talk & Lace Corset $75 / brief $29

photos by | makeup by Anna Thomas

A Closer Look At ... Redken Rewind 06 $25.59 Evo Helmut Strong HairSpray $24.95 Full Head Foils & Hair Cut $131 Studio A Hair Design & Beauty Bar

Safer Beauty Products by Beth Humphreys and Anna Thomas

Gloves HLK $18

We all use cosmetic and personal care products. From makeup to moisturizers, deodorants Beyond Beauty Network and shampoo to the sunscreen that we put on our children, the average person uses at least 10 products each day. Considering that products put onto the skin are very quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, it is alarming that many of the ingredients in these products are largely unregulated in Canada and the U.S. There is increasing evidence that our exposure to toxic chemicals is linked to a rise in cancers, asthma, infertility and other chronic illnesses. Some of the ingredients to watch out for when you look at your products are: Phalates and Parabens – suspected of being endocrine disruptors that interfere with reproductive functions; BHA and BHT, Coal Tar, and Formaldehyde which are known carcinogens; Retinyl Palmitate and Retinol which may damage DNA and speed the growth of skin tumours when used topically;

y a D m o Fr ht to Nig Simple & Stunning

Jessica Simpson pumps HLK $38

Ethanolamines (MEA/DEA/TEA) linked to allergies, skin toxicity, hormone disruption and inhibited fetal brain development Synthetic fragrances, which are often listed simply as “Fragrance,” may contain any of over 3,000 chemicals which could be allergens, skin irritants and/or hormone disruptors. Fragrance is a specific area of concern because the blend of fragrances is considered a trade secret and is not required to be listed on ingredients lists. There is hope. Many companies are now beginning to champion the cause of safer beauty products and list their ingredients. Companies such as Beautycounter, Goop and Vancouver-based companies RMS Beauty and Ilia provide high quality, effective products without the use of many of these questionable ingredients. Beautycounter, a direct sales company in the U.S. and Canada, is working with the American and Canadian governments to change the regulations on what ingredients are allowed in personal care and cosmetic products. What can we do? Do your research – Check your products for toxic ingredients and purchase products that are safer for you and the environment. Demand Better – Contact your local MP or Environmental Defence of Canada ( and tell them that you deserve better.

For more information, visit

Innovation at Work:

Sidney BIA Ask a Local Program by Susan Simosko

Innovation is at the heart of the Sidney

BIA's work. Almost since its inception five years ago, the Sidney Business Improvement Area Society has sought new and creative strategies for meeting its mandate "to increase footsteps to Sidney." By footsteps we mean potential customers, clients and event attendees – those people who come to Sidney to enjoy the Town's many amenities: great shopping, excellent service, culture, art, wildlife and history, to say nothing of the friendly people who live and work here. The Ask a Local mobile visitor services cart is a premier example of effective innovation. But first a little background: in late 2016, the Town of Sidney issued a request for proposals (RFP) to manage the Sidney Visitor Information Centre. The RFP asked for innovative, creative strategies that would go well beyond the traditional face-to-

Managing the World’s Most Important Investments …


Looking for a second opinion or have questions about Socially Responsible Investing? Call us for coffee and a chat.

Annette Quan

Viola Van de Ruyt



Senior Investment Associate

Investment Advisor

National Bank Financial is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada. The National Bank of Canada is a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (NA:TSX).

44 | november 2017

face services offered at most visitor information centres. As Donna Petrie, Executive Director of the Sidney BIA, says: "We put our heads together and came up with more than a dozen different strategies that we thought would be exciting and fun to implement and would definitely offer visitors a unique experience." One such idea was the Ask a Local mobile unit, designed by Donna and Morgan Shaw, the manager of the Visitor Information Centre, and paid for by the Destination BC Innovation Fund. Resembling an old-fashioned ice cream cart, the unit was built by Tower Kitchens to Donna and Morgan's specifications and was ready for action by the start of the summer season. Each day, trained volunteers pushed the cheerful blue-andwhite cart down the street and began welcoming visitors, including many residents, at the bottom of Beacon Avenue. They provided information, directions, advice and a friendly smile to people from around the globe. "With their mobile iPads, the volunteers were able to offer pretty much the same service as in the Visitor Information Centre," says Morgan. "But with one big difference: the source of information and advice was right where the visitors were! It was a highly effective innovation that was fun and successful. We will definitely continue it next year." The Ask a Local cart dispensed information to over 12,000 people, and in total, the Visitor Information Centre met the needs of over 34,000 people, some coming from as far away as Uzbekistan, Asia, Europe and beyond! That's innovation at work! To complement Visitor Services, the Sidney BIA has also developed a self-guided flat map that showcases Sidney's sculptures, historical markers and business district. "It's just a start," says Donna. "We hope to have a fully interactive map available to help travellers plan their Sidney experience even before they get here. Yes, we have lots more innovation up our sleeves!"

inside out

by Linda Walker Peninsula Physiotherapy and Massage

New Knowledge for Better Health

As fall fast approaches, patients are reporting stiffness returning to their bodies. This is common here in the rainforest and comes with the territory! People are also commenting about how unprepared they feel for their body's aging processes. Since this is the Innovation Issue, I thought I'd help enlighten people with new knowledge in three areas of health. First, let's dispel the myth of osteoarthritis being a "disease." The purpose of clarification is to empower and change people's view of their health to become active in their body's maintenance. Too often, as soon as someone says you've got a "disease," you feel like there's nothing you can do about it. Here's where knowledge can change your view and lead you to take positive action. Osteoarthritis is the natural result of pressure and friction created by gravity and daily use of your weight bearing joints, spinal column included. We learned in grade 11 physics that when you rub two cells together the results are heat, and the wear and tear of the surfaces (you were paying attention in class, right?). This is what defines and causes osteoarthritic changes to your joints over time. Now that you're in the know, what can you do about it? Well, we can't live on the moon, but you can certainly do exercises that create space for your joints. It stands to reason that since gravity is squishing you down every day, a daily space-creating elongation program is necessary for best results. So when patients ask me how long they have to do their exercises, the answer is always: "Until you

don't want to use your body anymore." One of the newer treatments for osteoarthritis is injecting joints with your own spun blood to increase the amount of cell healing potential in the joint. Called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), there is some evidence that it may create short-term relief. But gravity is still coming! So the best way forward is to use this type of treatment for temporary relief so that you can get moving with exercises that lubricate the joints and buy joint space back without impact. Exercises like cycling, swimming and yoga are made to reduce impact, strengthen muscles, support good joint alignment and elongate muscles to increase the space between your bones. Second, the newest brain-scanning equipment shows that you create a deep state of recovery for your nervous system while you're in the second phase of deep REM sleep. This helps you stay healthy in the long term. Even more encouraging is that the researchers found that you can actively create the same deep state of recovery while meditating! Learning how to apply breath awareness for better health is essential. Lastly is good news for patients suffering from dizziness: there are more accurate assessments to clarify if your dizziness is created by eye movement disorders. Although this base knowledge has been around for years, we can now better assess and treat more specifically using this new knowledge. So keep moving, keep warm, and our team is always happy to help!

Help protect our patients and staff from the flu From December through March, to help protect against the flu, all hospital visitors will be expected to wear a mask if they have not had a flu shot. Look for complimentary masks near main entrances, hand washing stations or at reception/admitting.

Protect yourself and your loved ones by getting a flu shot. Visit your local pharmacy or physician to get immunized at a time and place that is convenient for you. Visit ImmunizeBC's Flu Clinic Locator ( or call HealthLink BC at 8-1-1 to find participating pharmacies and other community vaccine providers across BC.

your community, your health 250-652-7531 november 2017 | 45

A Perfect Venue for Birthdays, Anniversaries and Weddings! Sunday Brunch 10-2 Traditional High Tea Open Wed to Sun 5-9 pm

Peninsula Eats:

MENU of the


n t Us I n! i s i V Comeew Locatio at S Our N - 10pm Tuesy-s

11am Sunda Open am - 9pm 11

Take a Closer Look at What’s Available at Roost Vineyard Bistro & Farm Bakery


t, Sidn

h Stree

8 6.40e8book! 5 6 . 0 5 c

An Eating & Drinking Place!

a s On F

Find U

Selections from the


Boondocks Pub Visit for more info!

Wings (regular or boneless). Hot, honey

garlic, teriyaki, Cajun, bbq, dry bbq, Thai chili, lemon pepper, Asian, salt & pepper. ½ lb $7.50 / 1 lb $13.50

Potato Skins bacon, green onions,

sour cream. $8.50

2250 Beacon Avenue, Sidney


Quesadilla blended cheeses, green onions, jalapeño. $11 / add chicken or beef + $2.50 / add bacon $2 Garlic Prawns with garlic basil aioli. $12 Spinach & Artichoke Dip with

hand cut tortilla chips. $9.25

Nachos blended cheese, tomatoes,

green onions, black olives, jalapeños. $17 / add guacamole + $2.50 / add spicy beef, chicken or shrimp + $4

Chargrilled Chicken Caesar $15

Baked Onion Soup $7.75 Garden Salad side $4.50 / small $7 House Caesar side $5 / small $7.50

Mediterranean Chicken Salad romaine, feta, tomatoes, black

olives, red onion, cucumber, sweet peppers, vinaigrette dressing, grilled chicken breast. $15

Avocado Shrimp Salad

Taco Bowl black olives, jalapenos, red

The Works tomatoes, cucumbers, red

Soup & Sandwich $8.75

onion,carrots, cucumbers, mixed cheese, ranch. Choice of beef or chicken. $15

Blue Plate Special $10.75

made tartar sauce. $10

onions, carrots,sweet peppers, blended

Fresh Cut Fries $6

Boondocks Signatures

Garlic Fries with tangy garlic dip. $7 Waffle Fries $8 Chicken Tenders house made &

Boondocks Burger bacon,

with mayo $15

Veggie Burger mushrooms and

Cajun Salmon Burger wild caught salmon fillet with tartar sauce $13.50 Fish Tacos battered cod, cabbage, salsa and cilantro lime creme $13.50

mushrooms, aged cheddar $15

aged cheddar $15

Poutine a classic favourite. $9

Chicken Burger simply grilled,

Serving the Best Fish & Chips on the Island, and Great Burgers and Southern Fried Chicken Too!


Open 11:30 to 7:30 Tues-Sun


teriyaki or Thai. ½ lb $7.50 / 1 lb $13.25

New England Clam Chowder cup $4.50 / bowl $6.50

Pan-Fried Oysters with house-

9100 East Saanich Road, North Saanich

Boneless Pork Bites Honey garlic,

cheese, egg, croutons, roasted chicken and ham. $16

bowl $5.50

panko breaded with choice of dip. $8.25

Bistro Open 7 Nights a Week

Daily Creation cup $3.50 /

Popcorn Shrimp $9

A Passionate Farm Experience

1931 Mount Newton X Road, Saanichton

Soups & Salads

avocado, shrimp, green onions, tomatoes, cucumber, egg, choice of dressing. $15


Mon-Fri 7am to 5:30pm Saturday/Sunday 8am - 5pm

The Latch 2328 Harbour Road, Sidney


Book Your Christmas Party Soon! Special Seasonal Menu Available

The Peninsula’s Only Micro Coffee Roaster

Family Friendly Until 10pm Daily!


ift 9819 F

Great Food. Friendly People.

10153 Resthaven Drive, Sidney


Global Flavour, Local Tastes. Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Espresso. Dinner Thurs - Sat

Zanzibar Cafe

1164 Stelly’s X Road, Brentwood Bay


Edie DaPonte: Singing Saturday Nights at the Beacon

Beacon Landing Restaurant & Lounge Open at 11 a.m. Daily 2537 Beacon Avenue, Sidney


Bennies, Burgers, Beers & More Open 8am to 3pm Daily

2300 Cano e Cove Road, North Saanich


cano ecovejo

Shrimp Melt artisan peasant loaf loaded with shrimp and garlic basil aioli $14 Oyster Burger panko breaded

oysters, house-made tartar sauce $14

BLT a simple favourite $10 Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Artisan peasant loaf, sharp white cheddar, jack, orange cheddar and parmesan $10

Chicken Club stacked high with

house roast chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato $13.50

Beef Dip thinly shaved roast beef with

au jus for dipping on a Portuguese roll. $14

Beef Dip red onion, cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, black olives, sweet peppers, house made vinaigrette. $13.50

Great Food and the Best Patio in Town. The Only Thing We Overlook is the View!

A Family Restaurant Serving Freshly Prepared, Quality Food

Kitchen Hours: Sun to Thurs 11-9 Friday & Saturday 11-10

8 - 8 Sun to Thurs 8 - 9 Fri/Sat

A Year-Round Farmers’ Market, Bakery & Bistro Featuring Seasonable, Sustainable, Local & Organic Farm Produce and Products from the Saanich Peninsula. Open Daily 7am to 5pm

9681 Willingdon Road, North Saanich

1780 Mills Road, North Saanich

Pub & Restaurant 9881 Seaport Place, Sidney




Find Us On Facebook!

Group Bookings Available!

E AT • D R I N K • B R O W S E

Open 11am - Late Night

Licensed cafe, gift shop and art gallery Open 7 days a week

2476 Mt Newton X Road, Saanichton

Brentwood Crossing, 7103 West Saanich Rd.

choice of dip. $13

Pesto Salmon with stirfry vegetables and rice. $17

Chicken Penne chicken and

mushroom pesto penne with Caesar salad and garlic toast. $15

Seafood Fettuccine shrimp,

clams and prawns in a creamy Alfredo sauce. $16

Fish & Chips tempura battered cod or salmon. one-piece $9 / two-piece $16 / prawns $15 / oysters $13 NY Steak Sandwich 6oz prime

NY strip steak on garlic toast with fries and house Caesar salad. $19

Teriyaki Rice Bowl chicken or beef

Cajun Chicken Caesar Wrap $13.50

$15 / prawns $17

Tenders & Fries house made with

vegetarian marinara $14

Spaghettini Primavera

Extreme Cheese jack, cheddar,

Pepperoni pepperoni, jack & cheddar

Chicken Pesto mushrooms, onions,

Mediterranean spinach, red onion,

Spicy Chorizo smoked chorizo,

Beef Taco spicy beef, salsa, jack & cheddar cheese, topped with fresh tomato, lettuce & sour cream. $15

feta & Parmesan cheese $13

roast chicken, house made pesto and Alfredo sauce. $15

jalapeños, sweet peppers, jack & cheddar cheese, topped with salsa fresca. $15

Home of the Skookum

Open 10am to 12am Daily

photo by Nunn Other Photography

Pizza cheese. $14

tomato, sweet peppers, black olives, feta, Parmesan & Swiss cheese. $14

Contemporary West Coast Dining Open Daily 8am to 9pm

Neighbourhood Pub and Liquor Store

7806 East Saanich Road, Saanichton


Find Us On Facebook!

2320 Harbour Road, Sidney



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behind the scenes

There's More to YYJ Than Meets the Eye

Driving along the Pat Bay Highway near Sidney, I am often thrilled at the sight of a plane suddenly swooping into my line of vision as it comes in for a landing at the Victoria International Airport. Or, how exciting is it to first hear the great whoop, whoop, whoop of a military helicopter before seeing it moving through the sky like a giant dragonfly? Some days, we may even be treated to a special viewing of an antique plane from bygone days – all because we have an airport right here on the Saanich Peninsula. The Victoria International Airport, also known as YYJ, is the 10thlargest airport in the country and consistently wins awards for its outstanding customer service. During 2016, over 1.8 million passengers came through the airport while during the summer months this year, it served between 170,000 to 200,000 people per month. Perhaps one of the most key components of the airport is the airport air traffic control tower and the people who work within it. Without them, aircraft could not navigate safely in and around the airport. They are responsible for approximately 400 to 500 aircraft per day during fall and winter months, and 700 to 800 per day during the busier summer months. Of these aircraft, 70% use visual flight rules, which means they are smaller aircraft where the pilot is able to see outside the cockpit to navigate. The other 30% are large or commercial aircraft such as Air Canada, Jazz, West Jet and so on. The air traffic control tower at the Victoria Airport is owned and by Paula Kully

48 | november 2017

operated by NAV Canada, the not-for-profit company that provides air traffic control and other navigation services for the country. It is one of 41 towers and 55 flight service stations operated by NAV Canada located at different airports from Victoria to St. John's. The tower at Victoria Airport operates 18 hours per day from 6 a.m. to midnight. Outside these hours, air traffic is managed by the Kamloops Flight Service Station. The tower's team consists of 18 controllers and two supervisors who are managed by Darlene George, the Manager at YYJ for the past five-anda-half years. Prior to that, she was an air traffic controller at the Langley Tower for 14 years and taught for three years. Darlene also manages the flight service station in Victoria's Inner Harbour. There are four positions at the Victoria Airport tower that work together to ensure aircraft can safely take off and land. The pilot's first point of contact is the clearance delivery controller who provides the pilot with important information before they head down the runway such as confirming transponder codes. From there, the ground controller provides instructions for the pilot to taxi to the runway and the tower controller gives take off clearance and monitors the airspace around the airport for seven nautical miles. The outer controller monitors airspace outside this zone. NAV Canada provides all their own training. Certification for controllers at YYJ takes between 10 to 12 months to complete whereas larger airports may require further training. Air traffic controllers around the world must speak English to

Custom Cushions

Removable Washable

Slipcovers for Living!

Shades Available

photo by

250.655.1257 •

communicate as required by the International Civil Aviation Organization, but they also have their own extensive phraseology and acronyms that would seem like a foreign language to the untrained ear. A phonetic alphabetic and numerical system replaces letters and numbers with code words to minimize confusion and misunderstandings between air traffic controllers and pilots. For example, the letter "A" is "alpha," "B" is "bravo" and "C" is "Charlie." Instead of the number "nine," the term "niner" is used. We are fortunate to have the airport and its many resources and people within our community as they contribute to the economic diversity of our area by allowing goods and people to be transported here with ease and convenience. The Airport Authority is also a wonderful community partner that has contributed to developing a positive lifestyle for residents through initiatives such as the well-used flight path where you will always find people walking, running and biking while they enjoy watching the air traffic overhead.

Enthusiast driven. Cayenne.

Every Porsche is a sports car. The Cayenne has embodied this DNA ever since it was introduced in 2002. In the Sport Utility Vehicle segment, each Cayenne generation has successively raised the bar to a new, higher level.

Porsche Centre Victoria 737 Audley Street, Victoria BC 250-590-3022 porschevictoria

2017 Porsche Cayenne available from $72,180* 2017 Cayenne S Platinum Edition shown above. *Available from pricing based on the 2017 Porsche Cayenne with MSRP of $69,600 and Freight/PDI ($2,580). DOC ($395), environmental levy($100), tire levy ($25), insurance, registration, taxes, PPSA (up to $48) extra. Porsche Centre Victoria DL2230 # 31209

november 2017 | 49

TAKE YOUR NEXT GIFT OUTSIDE OF THE BOX Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or just to say “Thank you”, the ultimate gift can sometimes be hard to find. With so much to offer, including track getaway packages and merchandise by Grand Prix Originals (for unique vintage style racing gear) and the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, give the track enthusiast in your life the adrenaline-fueled adventure they have been looking for.


the light side

Cutting Edge – That's Me! I really am the perfect person to talk to about this issue's theme: innovation. In fact, some call me Mr. Innovation; yessiree bob. Totally innovative. You see, I am always being innovative, I, uh … is it getting warm in here? Where was I? Right, innovation. Let's start with a complete list of things I am good at and see how innovative I have been: 1) … Okay, admittedly the list of things I am good at is embarrassingly short. Well then, how about list the things I may not be good at, but at least enjoy, and look at how they have improved through me being innovative. I like the outdoors, dogs, literature, food and drink. Boats have figured prominently in my life and my favourite means of propulsion are, uh, paddle and sail. Hmm, doesn't sound very innovative really. Sounds kind of old fashioned, when you think about it. Dogs. Dogs have been friends with man for thousands of years now and over the millennia our relationships have changed so much … ah, that's not true either, really. Nothing has changed there. (A digression: our 10-week old Labrador retriever puppy, the latest canine addition to the household, is currently creating havoc as I attempt to meet the deadline for this article. Puppy chaos has not changed either.) Which brings us to literature: my favourite authors are Shakespeare and Tolkien. Wait a second: one guy has been dead 400 years and the other wrote fairy tales. Hardly qualifies for the topic of innovation, when you think about it. So far I am zero for three. But food and drink! Here's a topic I can sink my teeth into. (Sorry, just can't resist a corny pun.) Why, my favourite method of cooking is barbecuing, using charcoal and a ceramic cooker that has been around so long now that … Argh, I am digging myself deeper! Alright! Alright! I am not innovative! Not even remotely. I am terrible with modern stuff. I am old fashioned, virtually a Luddite in today's society. My father always said I was born 100 years too late, as growing up I was always mucking about in the woods with a dog or messing around in a rowboat or canoe. Don't get me wrong now, I don't reject modern technology or anything: I am just a little slow to embrace it, not to mention the fact that I don't really understand it very well. I do own a cell phone, though I was likely one of the last people on the planet to get one, and to this by Craig Campbell

day I'm nowhere near proficient at its use. I seem to hang up on callers more often than picking up. (That last statement dated me, didn't it?) I meant "disconnect," not "pick up." I truly admire innovative people and how our world might improve if through innovation we can make things better. Not to be negative, but we are heading for environmental folly should we not reverse, if not at least change, our course. Through developments such as electric vehicles, green energy, stabilized harvesting of resources, etc. we can leave this world a better place for future generations. As for me, I am off to the woods with the dogs.

"I am old fashioned, virtually a Luddite in today’s society. My father always said I was born 100 years too late."

The ArtSea Gallery Presents: Artisans Gift Gallery Show & Sale Until December 22, 2017

(The Artisans Show is closed Mondays) ArtSea Community Arts Council presents our annual artisan show featuring contemporary and traditional works. Enter the waterfront gallery to view an outstanding variety of works from over 40 Peninsula Artisans. There is always something new so drop by to find that perfect Christmas gift.

Call to Action for Lovers of the Arts We’d love to add you to our Community! Direct your tax deductible donation to help your Community Arts Council (ArtSea) support your favourite arts program. Join Us • Donate • Volunteer! The ArtSea Community Arts Council has many creative and imaginative shows scheduled for 2018. Come in and enjoy the wonderful local art. Visit our website for more information:

Open Tuesday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Closed Mondays 5th & Weiler, Sidney • Free Admission & Parking We acknowledge the assistance of the Town of Sidney, District of North Saanich, Municipality of Central Saanich and the Province of BC through the BC Arts Council. november 2017 | 51

The Monarch

Using Art to Honour by Curtis Gobbett

Kaiden and Carter Gobbett

Your Independent Investment Advisor Gerald Kazanowski, B.A. Econ., CFP

Financial Advisor, Manulife Securities Incorporated. Life Insurance Agent, Alexander Odas Kaz Consulting Group Ltd. Financial Advisor Associate

Manulife Securities Incorporated

We are independent, trustworthy, knowledgeable and regulated. Our approach is a transparent, confidential and personal process to help turn your dreams to reality. Working together to achieve your financial goals because we are all unique, special and different.

TFSA | Fee-based Program | ETFs, Mutual Funds Stocks and Bonds | RRSPs, RRIFs and LIFs GICs | Other Specialty Investment Products

250.656.9942 | #302 - 2400 Bevan Avenue, Sidney 52 | november 2017

(eight and five years old) are consistently trying to find their mother, Melissa, throughout their daily lives. Whether it's in the clouds while on the playground, a flower in a garden, or a monarch butterfly spending just a few extra seconds fluttering by, they are always looking for that connection. Sadly, the boys lost their mother to a rare form of brain cancer in April of last year. From the very moment Melissa had been diagnosed, both Kaiden and Carter were heavily involved in spending time and caring for their mother, but now that she is no longer here they are always looking for avenues to honour and stay connected to her memory. Over the past year-and-a-half, they have kept busy with projects that they like to dedicate to Melissa. It's something that has meant a lot to the boys and has become something the whole family enjoys doing together. One day, Kaiden was thinking about all the other children who have lost loved ones, and was feeling concerned. He wanted to reach out to them. Inspired by some recent classes he had been taking at the McTavish Academy of Art, and because both Carter and Kaiden take so much pride in their creations, they came up with a perfect way to connect other families. One of the greatest ways to express love, anger, sadness, and all other emotions that are present when families go through loss is in Art. Whether it be drawing, music, dance, painting, etc., the Arts have proven to give that outlet that so many desire. Although it will never bring those we've lost back to us, we can find the means to express ourselves, regardless of age, when we don't always know how we're feeling, or have difficulty sharing. Quickly, the Monarch Mission was born on the premise that we have all lost someone who meant the world to us. Both Kaiden and Carter have explained that whenever they see a monarch butterfly it reminds them of Melissa, smiling and playing along with them. She had always said that once she was gone, this would be a way they could know she was still there loving them as she always had. So, in her honour, the young brothers have established The Monarch Mission: a series


Those We’ve Lost

In memory of their late mother, brothers Kaiden and Carter Gobbett have established The Monarch Mission to help others through artistic expression.

of events, connected to the expression of art, where proceeds from tickets sales will go to the purchase of art supply bags for children, families or maybe even those currently stuck in a hospital bed. The Mission is something that lights the boys up whenever they speak about it and makes them feel good that they're helping others through the experience they've gone through at such a young age. On December 8, 2017, The Art For Everyone Foundation will be holding its very first Monarch Mission event: Metamorphosis; Paint with a Purpose, at The McTavish Academy of Art. The event will be a fun-filled, instructor-led class that will offer adult beverages. For those with children, babysitting will be offered at the Academy for $5/child. It gives the adults a nice evening away to try something new and exciting, all while supporting a terrific cause that so many hold close to their hearts. Please visit to learn more and purchase your tickets for the event or email for more information.

Everything Your Pet Needs to Keep Them Happy and Healthy!


250.656.3314|9767 Fifth St, Sidney|

november 2017 | 53

Sidney Scores B.C. Boat Show! Now in its 29th year, the BC Yacht Brokers Association (BCYBA) annual Boat Show is about to make a big splash with a planned venue-change and return to Sidney. It’s an exciting development made necessary because of space limitations at the Victoria Inner Harbour where the West Coast’s largest in-water boat show has been located for many years. Some Peninsula residents will remember a small show was held in Sidney many years ago; now plans are for a new iteration to showcase boating and the on-the-water lifestyle. The show, renamed the BC Boat Show, will take place May 3 to 6, 2018 at Port Sidney Marina. Steven Threadkell, Boat Show manager, is delighted with the new arrangements: “Sidney is a special place and we have received such enthusiasm and support already from local government and area businesses. We have plans in the works to make this more than a boat show - more like a festival for all to enjoy.” The Mill Bay Marine Group will be the presenting sponsor of the 2018 event, and the new venue at Port Sidney Marina will offer expanded opportunities for vendors and exhibitors. Duane Shaw, President of Mill Bay Marine Group: “From the instant that we purchased Port Sidney Marina, we wanted to get the boat show back. The BCYBA shared this enthusiasm and I think we all could not be more excited for the future of the BC Boat Show. “We feel that Sidney’s location close to BC Ferries, Anacortes Ferry and the airport will help to draw people from across western North America and provide vendors with an opportunity to maximize their exposure.” If you haven’t been to a boat show before you can expect that your summer on the water will start in Sidney! Visitors will see everything from paddle boards, kayaks and inflatables, to small and large sail and power vessels – all available to board and inspire dreams about your next adventure. Additionally there will be many merchants and services on display including boatyards, clothing, fishing gear and lots of other cool, outdoors and water-related products and activities. Plan to make a day of it, feast your eyes and fuel your dreams. As always it will be a family-friendly event. Sidney’s Mayor, Steven Price, welcomes the return of the show to Sidney: “Our community is welcoming and supportive and we have the resources and facilities to successfully accommodate an event of this scale.” Make sure you save the date for this exciting new event on the Sidney calendar. For updates follow @BCBoatShow on Facebook. Contact Steven Threadkell for vendor applications or to book a spot: or 250-885-9134.

It’s more than what donations buy, it’s what donations do. Donations don’t just build facilities and buy equipment; they change lives. That’s why we are dedicating the next year to raising $2 million to support important modernizations of our hospital, from Emergency to Residential Care and Palliative Care.

Your donation will help us do more for our patients, staff and community.

your community, your health 250-652-7531

november 2017 | 55

seaside arts scene by Gillian Crowley

November may be our rainiest month but there's more than If there are any events in the arts enough going on in music and arts world coming up on the Peninsula, and crafts to keep us warm. please let us know via: Artisans Gift Gallery

Mozart's Toy Symphony and A. Vivaldi's Concerto for Flute in D major, Il Gardellino or The Goldfinch. Tickets at the door or in advance at Tanner's Books, Sidney or City Scribe Printing, Brentwood Bay. St. Elizabeth's Church, 10030 Third Street, Sidney. November 12 at 2:30 p.m.

Get your gift buying done early at this popular show of contemporary and traditional works by Island artisans. The selection is eclectic and unpredictable, including jewelry, glass, pottery, turned wood, fibre art, wearables, photography and holiday dĂŠcor. Meet the artists and discover the rich and varied talents of Island artisans. Free entry. ArtSea Gallery at Tulista Park, Sidney. Ongoing to December 2, daily 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (closed Mondays).

The Victoria Gilbert & Sullivan Society presents one of Gilbert and Sullivan's most beloved operettas. The Pirates of Penzance combines whimsy and light-hearted satire with comical pirates and hummable tunes. Enjoy the stirring music and the iconic "Major-General's Song." Directed by Roger Carr with choreography by Ashley Evans and music direction by George Corwin. Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney. November 10 at 7:30 p.m. and matinees at 2 p.m. on November 11 and 12.

Musical Salute to Our Veterans

Under Paris Skies

The Sidney Concert Band and the Saanich Peninsula Pipe Band will salute our veterans with a variety of band music, marches, vocals and stirring pipe music. A prelude to Remembrance Day. Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney. November 5 at 2:30 p.m.

"Music with a Twist" An afternoon for all ages with the Sidney Classical Orchestra performing entertaining music with extra musical programs. Listen to a goldfinch, tap along to the toys and then watch the orchestra disappear! F.J. Hayden's Symphony No. 45 in F sharp minor (The Farewell), L.

The Pirates of Penzance

Enchanteur! Fall under the spell of Edie Daponte's rich voice in an original show this month. Edie is a local favourite as the house singer at Sidney's Beacon Landing for over five years, and she's also performed jazz vespers in St. John's North Saanich and entertained at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation Galas. Under Paris Skies – La Musique de Edith Piaf combines music and entertainment inspired by Paris. With a live four-piece band Edie will perform many of the French cabaret singer's soulful and emotional numbers: Non Je Ne Regrette Rien, La Vie en Rose, Hymne a L'Amour. Tickets at the Mary Winspear Centre. November 19 at 2 p.m., Charlie White Theatre, Sidney.

An Evening with George Mercer and Ulrike Narwani

Leave a Lasting Legacy on the Saanich Peninsula with a

Your Community Your Gift Your Legacy Visit our Website For More Information

56 | november 2017

Continue the buzz from September's Literary Festival by listening to readings by two local authors whose exciting adventures are reflected in their works. Ulrike Narwani and her husband co-wrote a memoir, Above the Beaten Path, about their adventures flying a single-engine light plane into remote corners of the world. At the reading Ulrike will also dip into Collecting Silence, her debut volume of poetry. Joining her is George Mercer who worked across Canada as a national park warden for more than three decades. His passion for parks and protected area is reflected in his fiction series Dyed in the Green which also weaves mystery and suspense throughout. Proceeds go to support the 2019 Sidney & Peninsula Literary Festival. Tickets at Tanner's Books, Sidney or online at sidneyliteraryfestival. ca. November 24 at 7 p.m. Shoal Centre, 10030 Resthaven Drive, Sidney.

The Young'Uns Just one chance locally to see Teeside's trio, The Young'Uns, who currently hold the coveted "Best Group" title bestowed by BBC Radio 2's Folk Awards two years in a row. Engaging and heartwarming, these lads write and perform a cappella or play subtly accompanied songs that reflect current times alongside traditional songs from their native Northeast England. Presented by the Deep Cove Folk Music Society. Mary Winspear Centre, November 23, 7:30 p.m.

Peninsula Singers Christmas Joy concert at the Mary Winspear Centre. December 1 and 2 at 7:30 p.m. and December 3 at 2 p.m.




Saanich Peninsula Shops & Services Part of what makes our neighbourhoods special are the businesses that thrive within them. As Saanich Peninsula entrepreneurs we strive to meet the needs of, and give back to, our diverse community. We ask that you please take a minute to think about the large potential of your consumer dollar.

When you shop local, more revenue remains in your community, supporting parks, schools and more! For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $46 is recirculated back into the local economy.

Statistics courtesy of Photos courtesy,




Saanich Peninsula Shops & Services

Enjoy Enjoy gReAt gReAt sAViNgs sAViNgs and help and us help FUNDRAise! us FUNDRAise

Brown's The Florist Fall is in the air, a time to enjoy the colours of the season. Golden and burgundy tones are found in our fresh, locally-grown flowers. Sidney: 250.656.3313 | 2499 Beacon Downtown: 250.388.5545 | 757 Fort St Westshore: 778.433.5399 #102 - 2972 Jacklin Rd

One Stop Furniture ShopsAlesAle Our Our Biggest Biggest AnniversAry AnniversAry eVeR! eVe • High End Quality • High Furniture End Quality Furniture • Huge Selection • Huge Selection • Above & Beyond • Above Customer & Beyond Service Customer Service • Deliveries - on•your Deliveries - on your schedule schedule • Access to thousands • Access ofto items thousands of items

BIGGEST ANNIVERSARY SALE EVER – DONATE AND SAVE! Celebrate our ONE ONE STOPSTOP 11th anniversary with huge savings until F U R N I T UFRUER NSIHT UORPE S H O P December 15th and help us fundraise for two great charities.

• High End Quality • High End Furniture Quality Furniture • Huge Selection • Huge Selection One StOp Furniture One StOp Furniture ShOp inc. ShOp inc. • Above & Beyond • AboveCustomer & BeyondService Customer Service 9819 Fifth Street, 9819 Fifth Sidney Street, Sidney • Deliveries •– Deliveries on your schedule – on your schedule 250-655-SHOP 250-655-SHOP (7467) (7467) • Access to •thousands Access to of thousands items of items

Muffet & Louisa Our friends from Barking Dog Studio left us on Labour Day; we were sad to see them go but are enjoying making the most of our complete store again! We now have room to feature more pieces of Don Bastian's wonderful live edge furniture as well as the gorgeous wooden stools and boards highly crafted in walnut by Thank U Fine Furniture. Another pleasure for us, now that we have more space, is that we are able to show the charming restored furniture by Ashley Halkett and Patricia Hansell, as well as pieces by Debra Wilson. These very talented women find beautiful but neglected pieces of older furniture and give them the new lives they deserve by accentuating their beauty with wax or paint. Even with all these additions that bring new life and interest to our store, we have been able to make space for more of what we started with – our exceptional kitchen products. The very best of everything you really need for your kitchen! We hope you will come and visit us soon, and for sure don't miss our "Treat Yourself" open house on November 17 and the Annual Sidney Kickoff to Christmas Merchants Open House on December 2. Check our website or social channels for details.

Come Come in andin and see forsee yourself! for yourself! Why go anywhere Why go anywhere else? else?

9 8 1 9 F i F t h9 S 8t 1r 9 eFei t, Fth Sid St nreeye t,2S5i0d. 6 n5e5y. S h2O5 P0 . (675456. 7 S )h O o P n( e7 s4 t6o7p) f uor n ei tsut roep. fcua r n i t u r e . c a

250.655.7467 (SHOP) 9819 Fifth St, Sidney

Beacon Pet Hospital We provide care and treatment to a wide range of pets including cats, dogs, birds, ferrets, rabbits and pocket pets. Additional time for each visit is scheduled to ensure the best pet care is provided. Bring your pets to experience our high quality services. For special offers visit our website. 250.656.5568 | 9711 A Fifth St, Sidney

Wine Kitz Sidney "Whatever the mood, no matter the moment, create your own Atmosphere™!" An independent, family-run business, Wine Kitz Sidney is a retail and onpremises wine-making facility. Locally owned and operated and celebrating 15 years in business, Wine Kitz offers excellent quality and award-winning wines. 250.654.0300 | #5A - 2042 Mills Rd West, Sidney

Acanthus by the Sea Home Décor Inc. Unique home and garden design solutions in a refreshing shopping experience right in the heart of Sidney. Offering custom blinds at 50% off with FREE in-home consultation and on-site upholstery. Mention this ad for 25% off your purchase. 778.426.4436 #11 - 9843 Second St, Sidney

You are investing in your community by supporting its unique businesses. Appreciate what makes our neighbourhoods different. Our one-of-akind businesses are an inherent part of the distinctive character of our Saanich Peninsula neighbourhoods; that is what brought us here and will keep us here. Stay local and stay connected to the merchants in your community. By supporting independent businesses today, you are investing in a unique and sustainable future for the Saanich Peninsula community.

Deep Cove Customs Muffet & Louisa Get ready to treat yourself! Before the holiday rush, join us at Muffet & Louisa for an exclusive evening of specials, giveaways, door prizes and refreshments. Check our social channels for more details.

Local, affordable custom cabinets … right here on the Saanich Peninsula! We offer a full-service shop, from design and manufacturing through to the installation of our exceptional product. 250.412.3472 | 2071 Malaview Ave, Sidney (call for appt.)

Galleon Books and Antiques

250.656.0011 2506 Beacon Ave Sidney

Going Platinum Hair Design & Esthetics Going Platinum is a Full Service Salon located in the heart of Sidney, B.C. Whether receiving a Platinum Pedicure or a Colour and Cut service, all our staff are highly experienced and will be sure to exceed your expectations! 250.655.3443 | 2426 Bevan Ave, Sidney

Dockside Realty Welcome to our Gallery of Gulf Island Artwork and Real Estate Properties. Come and meet Suzi, your local Real Estate Agent, providing full services for the Peninsula and Victoria regions. 250.656.5062 9713 A Second St, Sidney

Galleon Books & Antiques Selling and buying Antiques, Books, Collectibles and Jewelry. Estates and private libraries purchased. Lest We Forget. #106 - 2506 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.655.0700

Located in the Landmark Building on Beacon Avenue and celebrating 15 years in business, Galleon Books and Antiques boasts a unique selection of fine books, antiques and collectibles. A shop which has been a part of Sidney's Booktown since 2002, Galleon specializes in out-of-print non-fiction material with a strong B.C. influence. Owners Rod and Brian thought the combination of books and antiques would make an interesting and attractive incentive for the allaround shopper. "Having a little bit of everything for everyone is our motto," says Rod. While the majority of the store's stock is found locally on the lower Island, many of the pieces, along with their history, manage to creep into the shop from all corners of the world. Brian, who resides in Quesnel, manages to find many unusual oddities relating to the Cariboo/ Chilcotin region history, mainly artifacts and ephemera not normally found here on Vancouver Island. A few items have even popped up from the gold rush days in Barkerville! Come visit and bring your goldpans – you never know what you'll find!


Janis Jean Photography



Saanich Peninsula Shops & Services

Red's Chair If nobody is asking who did your hair, it's time for a visit to Red's Chair! Professional hair styling services in the privacy of a home salon.

By appointment only.

Capital Cat Clinic Annilee Armstrong 250.888.7755

Take 2 Personal Training

250.881.1218 5411 Hamsterly Rd, Saanich

Lotus Village Yoga | Westcoast Wellness Recharge your energy and connect with your inner voice by joining in our Silent Retreat November 25. Spend the day in stillness and serenity to gain personal insights and open yourself up to greater creativity and inspiration. Reserve your spot now at 778.351.3934 | 617 Wain Rd, North Saanich

Take 2 Personal Training Starting November 20, join Michelle twice a week for a five-week Cycle Fit program: off-season cross-training for cyclists of all levels. Reduce musculoskeletal imbalances, increase bone density, and improve performance.

Vibes Fitness


Golfer? Ken joined Vibes and improved his handicap. Why don't you! A Safe, Supportive and Effective workout guided by a Trainer. Book your Free Trial. Email 778.426.2146 | 2506 Beacon Ave, Sidney

Janis Jean Photography

Michelle Bourgeois’ approach to health, well-being and fitness emphasizes the personal in Personal Trainer. Michelle believes that everyone has the basic human right and the potential to feel great in their body. By supporting each individual on this journey to actively live their best life possible, Michelle teaches and trains people to move with strength, ease and grace, thus increasing their ability to do the activities and pursuits they love and want to do in their life. Whether it is through focused one-on-one training with Michelle or in an exciting and fun small-group class, the ultimate day for Michelle is when she helps her clients to feel great in their own skin. Now is the time to feel supported on your journey to be your best, boost your self-confidence, reduce stress levels, lose weight, increase your energy levels, age gracefully and actively live pain free. Now is the time to fully engage in all aspects of your life. Join Michelle for her 12-week New Year’s Evolution program. Make 2018 the year to invest in your health, your well-being, make it the year to invest in YOU!

A quiet, spacious and gentle environment on the Peninsula, dedicated to cats only. Medical care, surgery, X-Ray, dentistry, anesthetics, boarding and grooming are all on site.

Come Let Us Adore Him: 11th Annual Nativity Exhibit The annual Nativity Exhibition "Come Let Us Adore Him" is officially in its 11th year. Come and visit this free community exhibit featuring the Christmas Nativity story. Ceramics, art, needlework and crafts depict the birth of Christ through the representation of traditional and non-traditional displays from many countries: Israel, Germany, Norway, Mexico, Japan, France, Italy, Africa, the U.S. and Canada. A large collection of local and international creches display over 800 scenes. Visitors step back in time experiencing this sacred event in history, walking through the gym which is decorated as the market streets of Bethlehem, a "White Room" featuring only white, crystal and glass nativities, a "Whimsical Room," depicting both lighter and modern nativities, and then the new Winter Wonderland – all this amongst hundreds of twinkling lights and soft music that enhance the experience. In the chapel there is a short video presentation: selected scenes from the Nativity story accompanied by beautiful music provided by many talented artists, including the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Christ loved little children and we have two special areas for them. One contains a life-sized stable with dress-up clothes that they can try on and pose in the manger with stable animals for a Christmas photo. There is also a craft room, open Monday to Friday from 6 to 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 2 till 8 p.m, where they can make a

Nativity ornament to take home for free. "The purpose of a Nativity creche is to bring to life the events of the birth of Christ so that all who view the scene may personally share the wonder of those who originally saw it." While the author is unknown, this definition dates from the 1600s and is still valid today. The 2017 Nativity Exhibit is a peaceful start to the beginning of the season, before the commercial rush of Christmas is upon you. Whether you believe or not, this artistic showcase, depicting one theme, is amazing. Photos are welcomed. Wheelchair accessible. Free admission. Open daily from 2 until 9 p.m. at 2210 Eastleigh Way, Sidney, from November 26 to December 4. For more information visit or the Facebook page Come Let Us Adore Him.


DECEMBER 2ND 5 : 0 0 P M TO 8 : 3 0 P M










d i s t i n c t l y s i d n e y. c a

november 2017 | 61

deb ’ s day out

photos by

There's No Escape!

It's not everyone's idea of a good time, being locked in a room with their colleagues, but this month for my "Day Out" I had the opportunity to try an "Escape Room," and who better to try it with than the rest of the Seaside team? A phenomenon that's become globally popular, taking inspiration from "escape-the-room" style video games, the idea originated in Asia and now Escape Rooms can be found in cities around the world. It's a physical adventure game where you are, quite literally, locked in a room; the only way to escape is through solving a series of puzzles within a time limit. I've been hearing about the idea for a while, but wasn't sure it was for me. Generally I'm a reluctant game player, and to be honest, a bit of a sore loser! But I am a good problem-solver and I don't mind puzzles and riddles. I was prepared to try. Although they vary in details, the general idea of an Escape Room is the same everywhere. You book a time slot, choosing your theme based on who is coming with you (some are rated by age and not suitable for younger children) and on the number taking part. It sounds obvious, but a small group can be a big disadvantage when you're sorting through lots of information. by Deborah Rogers

62 | november 2017

On our appointed day, four members of the Seaside team showed up at Trapped Victoria, an unassuming-looking building on Wharf Street. We had booked into their "Medieval Prison" themed room. A significant part of the experience is the atmosphere created right from the start. A Games Master guides you to the door of your room and sets the scene. By locating you in time and place, your senses start to get a little messed with even before you enter the room. I want to be very careful not to give away anything that would spoil this Escape Room experience for others, but I can say that the careful way that the scene was set up ensured we started our hour feeling disoriented. It's a little like being on the set of a play; you become part of the story. But how do you get out? When I had thought about it ahead, I'd wondered if not being Canadian would be a disadvantage, thinking there would be questions and riddles that might require general knowledge. It wasn't like that. The puzzles are more logic-based, requiring very close attention to details,

the ability to think quickly, and to move on from an idea if it doesn't work. Also important to note is that one member of the team has a radio and it's possible to request two clues during your time in the room if you get completely stuck. Being locked in a room is certainly a way to discover what your team mates are like under pressure. I found out that my Seaside colleagues are very determined; they had the room turned inside out looking for every possible piece of information that might help us escape. There was good collaboration and some lateral thinking. I discovered that I am not quick. Logical? Yes. Careful and considered? Certainly. Calm under pressure? Well, yes and no! As the time ticked away I was surprised how hot and bothered I started to feel. The puzzles are difficult and I was annoyed that I didn't seem to be contributing much. We used our hints, made good progress, but sadly couldn't decipher the last set of clues to find the solution to the final puzzle. The hour seemed to fly by and despite not succeeding, we left Trapped highly animated, flushed from the experience, excited to tell our partners, and debating the points where we could have made different choices. As a teambuilding exercise I think it's one of the best I've ever done. We were united in our failure! A week later I went back. Different team, different room. I didn't escape again. I'm beginning to worry that I am the weak link! What do you want to see Deb do next? Send your ideas or invitations to news@

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We Have a Heat Pump for Every Budget! 2475 Mt. Newton X Road, Saanichton 250.656.6868 |


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Give us your books – take back your life!

Bookkeeping, Accounting, & Tax Services 3-2490 Bevan Avenue in Sidney 766 Hillside Avenue in Victoria 250.590.5162

Groom That Dog by Janet Lynch Expert Dog Grooming A Safe Place for Your Dog Pick Up & Drop Off Available Now Featuring:

Anesthetic - Free Teeth Cleaning for Dogs & Cats by Cheyanne Cave

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Security House Accounting Services: Take Back Your Life by Doreen Marion Gee This is part of a rotating series of articles on members of Sidney Meet Up, featuring people in business on the Saanich Peninsula. Do you take your fridge apart every month to do regular maintenance and fix any problems? No, you hire refrigeration experts. Yet many business owners feel they alone can handle the extremely complex machinations of keeping their enterprise financially healthy. Since the success of any business is largely dependent on a strong financial foundation, it makes perfect sense to invest in expert help from people who specialize in building it. Security House Accounting Services staff are eager to liberate their clients from sleepless nights of financial hand-wringing. Their credo is "Give us your books – take back your life." Security House Accounting Services now has three offices where they provide their valuable bookkeeping services: two separate offices at their Hillside Avenue location in Victoria and one on Bevan Avenue in Sidney. According to Certified Professional Bookkeeper Colleen Hoggarth, Security House owner and "Chief Number Cruncher," her company's general financial bookkeeping service for businesses involves taking a company's receipts, invoices and bank statements and using that information to prepare and provide the business with a monthly financial statement. The firm is undergoing a technological sea change as they incorporate new computer programs and mobile applications to enhance and increase their services. Always responsive to the needs of clients, designated staff will now travel to business addresses and do their bookkeeping work on-site, if requested. Colleen and Sabrina, Administrative Coordinator, happily explain how they "Take back your life." The most important benefit of their service is the peace of mind that comes from avoiding pitfalls, thus taking a load of worry from clients' minds and freeing them to enjoy their lives. Colleen reveals the value of their expertise: "The important point about having regular bookkeeping done is that people can see where they are at every single month with their business. If people wait until the end of the year, it is too late to make a 'course correction' if things are going sideways." With trained Security House professionals taking care of their books, business owners have more time and energy to build their enterprise, market their talents and skills, and relish moments with family and friends. "We do the things nobody else wants to do. We give businesses back the information they need to run their businesses well," assures Sabrina. Security House offers businesses an opportunity to grow and thrive. "Any business owner needs to look at what their strengths are" remarks Colleen. "I will hire people to do things that I am uncertain about." With something so essential to the very life of a business as healthy finances, it is smart for any entrepreneur to acknowledge that they can't do everything. For information, visit

The Business of Building Bridges: BCAFN Indigenous Business Forum She invited many voices to speak as one. Lisa Mueller, Aboriginal Business Consultant and Coach, created the recent Victoria British Columbia Assembly of First Nations (BCAFN) Indigenous Business Forum which brought government, industry, business and community leaders together with First Nations to engage in a conversation about economic development and major projects. "The conversation is from a First Nation perspective and is about partnerships with government in a positive way," shared Lisa. "We can't do business without First Nations at the table." Sponsored by British Columbia Assembly of First Nations (BCAFN) and Indigenous Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), the forum at the Delta Point Inn brought together provincial government officials, provincial band chiefs, and leaders from BCAFN, Business Council of BC, Resource Works, Red Cross, forestry, mining, ethno-archaeology, and indigenous law sectors. Conversation spanned a wide range of topics from reconciliation to environmental impacts on First Nations economic development. Keynote speakers were Melanie Debassige, Chief of Staff, BCAFN; Honorable Scott Fraser, BC Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation; Dr Andrew Weaver, BC Green Party Leader; and Ken Peacock of the Economist Business Council of BC. The forum was a platform for government, industry, business and community leaders to talk about economic development and to showcase business activities and priorities from a First Nations perspective. A thread running throughout the day was mutual respect between all parties. "We must have respective partnerships always approaching with an open mind," said Honorable Scott Fraser. "We want to see indigenous as engaged and equal partners." Arguments were made about the importance of government and all sectors working with First Nations to bring about successful profitable by Jo Barnes

economic development. "We need a different approach," shared Andrew Weaver. "It is critical in projects to start working with First Nations right from the get go." "It is important that fruits of growth in economy are shared," said Fraser. Speakers elaborated on the scope of First Nations' projects and business endeavours such as hotel developments, employment initiatives like living wages and clean energy ventures. A panel discussion about First Nation and provincial emergency readiness looked at the impact of the summer forest fires. While communities came together and worked together effectively, there were also challenges with provincial initiatives not working in tandem with First Nations efforts. "We have generations of fire fighters, the most trained you'll find anywhere," said Chief Joe Alphonse, Tl'etinquox, adding: "It is best when they (provincial fire fighters) just work with us." Added Harry Spahan of First Nations Emergency Services Society: "We need to realize each community is tied to their land and they understand it the best." Discussions of reconciliation issues in the early afternoon highlighted the importance of equal opportunities for dialogue. MLA for Saanich North and the Islands Adam Olsen brought into sharp focus the importance of having indigenous voices in the place where decisions are being made. "It's just being in the rooms and at the tables. This is part of reconciliation!" said Olsen. Collaboration and mutual respect while working together towards an economic partnership; it's a pursuit worthy of all parties. Perhaps through Lisa Mueller's passionate efforts to build the conversation, the voices will become one.

"We must have respective partnerships always approaching with an open mind. We want to see indigenous as engaged and equal partners."

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Elizabeth May, OC, MP Saanich - Gulf Islands

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salish sea news

Diving on Dry Land by Tina Kelly

Canada's coastline exceeds 200,000

kilometres but a mere 25% of its population lives in coastal zones. Of that small percentage, how many are certified to dive? Weed out the non-swimmers, the underage, those with health, physical or financial limitations, and those like me, the "too nervous to do more than float about with a mask and snorkel," and you have an incredibly shrinking number. If only there was a way for everyone to dive, no matter the obstacles. Enter virtual reality (VR). Three-dimensional computergenerated worlds are not new innovation but access to 360-degree real-life video of real-life places is growing rapidly with advances in film and computer programs. Last year, I had the opportunity to volunteer for the SXSW Eco Conference in Austin, Texas. Unlike its big brother, SXSW, which focuses on music, film and culture, SXSW Eco aims to "create a space for business leaders, policy makers, innovators and designers to advance solutions that drive social, economic and environmental change." They had me at environmental change and free registration for volunteers. I was one of the first 40 in line lucky to make it into the one – in highdemand and limited availability – Virtual Reality (VR) session. Kitted out with a VR headset and headphones, I was ready for my first dive at the click of a button. This inaugural dive took me to Bird's Head Seascape, Indonesia, a crystal blue haven teeming with coral and shoals of vibrant fish. It took a moment to acknowledge this experience was to be more than focusing forward; after 40+ years of watching movies, my brain knew no other way to view film. Moving my head up, down and around changed the view of my surroundings: I could see behind me, below me to the bottom and up to the surface above me. It was remarkably real.

My sevenminute dive was completed before many others in the room. Any doubts regarding how real an experience VR films offer were cast aside as I witnessed the other "divers" react with a hand stretched out to touch a sea creature or a flinch of a shoulder to evade a school of fish. Diving a far-flung exotic location was a magical adventure but the benefits of VR extend beyond the value of entertainment. Conservation International hosted my trip below the surface. Their film tells the story of a reef once damaged and overfished now restored and monitored – the former and the latter by the same local citizen. Aside from showcasing these good news environmental wins, VR has the potential to simply promote awareness through exposing the landlocked and non-divers to beautiful, fragile and unique underwater ecosystems. The hope: that having an immersive experience with real-life locations from anywhere in the world will not only educate but motivate citizens to conserve. Watch Valen's Reef (360 Video) Conservation International on YouTube; without the appropriate gear, it will not be true VR; however, right click your mouse to move the video and view 360 degrees. Moving the image will also display the English translation.

Let Us Do the Work …

... so you can sit back and take life in! Books In The City can help you get – and stay – in great financial shape!

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October Meeting

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by Deborah Rogers

It was great to see some new faces out at our October meeting, alongside many regulars; in fact it was our best attended meeting so far! We were discussing Anosh Irani's The Cripple and his Talismans, a strange and darkly comic story set in Bombay. Irani is a Canadian writer who grew up in India and it was obvious that he knew his setting very well. The city and its inhabitants are boldly drawn with many evocative (some deeply unpleasant) images that will stay with our group of readers. We discussed how Irani's storytelling was inaccessible to some: not all of the group made it through to the end of the book. It's a challenging novel to summarise, too, as the magical realism style means that strange and fantastical things happen around every corner as the protagonist's literal quest to find his lost arm becomes a figurative search for meaning, redemption and acceptance against a grotesque fairytale backdrop. Those book group members who have travelled to India certainly felt the book resonated with some of their own experiences. The layers of India are well represented from extreme poverty to great wealth, and they felt there was some truth to the graphic representations of Bombay. It is a very visual book. Irani's great skill in capturing a scene must stem in part from his experience as a playwright; when there was dialogue between characters the book seemed to especially come alive. There are some really funny passages if you don't mind taking your laughs from bleak extremity. One member brought the suggestion that the story may have engaged readers more had it been presented as a graphic novel: we were intrigued by the idea. The Cripple and his Talismans wasn't a stand-out success as some of our 2017 reads have been, but there was lots to discuss which made it a good book club selection. It was perhaps inevitable that we ended up on the path of discussing other books that had clearly influenced Irani, books which covered some of the same themes such as Rohinton Mistry's A Fine Balance. One of the things that excites me about our reading community is when one person will mention a book and I see several others note it down. We take inspiration and ideas from each other's reading; the book selection for the month is just a jumping-off point. Our last meeting of the year will be Wednesday November 15 at the Sidney/ North Saanich library's Nell Horth room, 6:30 to 8 p.m. We will discuss Rabbit Cake by Annie Hartnett. We'll take a break in December then start up again in January! You can keep up with book club news by signing up for our e-newsletter through our website

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Literal experts for local booklovers

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seaside homes

Dad, Daughter & Dog:

Living in Harmony Due to Innovative Design

Story by janice henshaw photos by

Why move from Deep Cove to Sidney? “It was time for a change,” said Simon Kirk. “Everyone wants a new home, right?” Simon was tired of spending four hours each Saturday mowing his acreage in Deep Cove, and he was fed up with all the maintenance chores that come with owning an aging wood house. At first, it had been fun, but after a while, it all became rather tedious. “Having a big yard to kick around a soccer ball wasn’t needed; it’s not what we did anymore.” A further problem was the lack of public transit. Meeting up with friends was a challenge for his daughter Hayley, who wasn’t driving yet. So Simon, Hayley and their dog decided to move to Sidney, not downtown, but in close proximity. Their new home was purpose-built to make the most of the ocean view, provide space for Haley and her friends, be low maintenance, and feature a modern design. Further specs included three bedrooms, a private rooftop deck that couldn’t be seen from the road, and a two-vehicle garage. Simon met with designer Jeff Causton of Blackline Design in Victoria and pretty much told him to take it from there. Jeff enjoyed the design process for the narrow 6,000-square-foot lot. “The result is truly a house like no other,” he says. From the street, Jeff did not want the focus to be a double garage, so he adopted a creative solution and separated the garages. “Typically, small lot (infill) design presents a number of challenges and trying to get a double garage with what I had in mind was proving difficult – until I split them apart.” One garage faces north and the other faces east. Taking on the role of contractor, Simon had the two-storey, 2,450-square-foot house built after subdividing a property on Goddard Road. The ground level includes an office, media/ teen room, bathroom, master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, laundry room and the two garages. The upper floor includes a second master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, guest bedroom, fourth bathroom, and open concept living room, dining space and kitchen. Tony Rechsteiner of Seaside Cabinetry in Sidney said that his team had fun working on Simon’s kitchen. “The overall design and location of this home are tremendous and our goal was

Top: high gloss white upper cabinets and teak lower cabinets highlight this contemporary kitchen. Bottom: a panoramic western view of coastal mountains and ocean all the way south to the Port of Sidney is visible from the hidden rooftop deck.

70 | november 2017 | seaside homes

simply to make a functional workspace while taking full advantage of the natural lighting and ocean views.” High gloss white upper cabinets and teak lower cabinets highlight this contemporary kitchen. “The added touches of a panelized fridge and white waterfall quartz island top brought the whole look together.” The kitchen also doesn’t lack for seating: comfortable bar stools surround an eight-foot-long island. From the main deck, an outside set of powder-coated aluminum stairs leads up to the hidden rooftop deck. From there, you can see a panoramic western view of coastal mountains and ever-changing ocean all the way south to the Port of Sidney. Simon’s plans include a hot tub, but, right now, it’s all about relaxing with friends and family and watching the boats go by. The outside layer of the house was selected for

design. design. renovate. renovate. furnish. furnish.

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Featuring being attractive and maintenance free. Mayer Exteriors put on all the siding, working in winter weather that “sucked,” said Simon. The lower level is sided in horizontal HardiePlank Colour Plus (pre-finished in aged pewter) and the upper level is sided with Arctic White panels to create a cool contrast. Brown entrance siding that looks like wood but is actually aluminum creates a third contrast. The main entrance fiberglass door has small glass panels that look warm and inviting at night. There is no wood to be painted, nor to attract burrowing ants or West Coast rot. Simon has worked in contractor sales at Slegg Building Materials for 18 years, so he has the good fortune of knowing many of the tradespeople who work on the Peninsula. “There’s a lot of complexity in building a modern home; a lot of things can go wrong,” said Simon. “This house has a flat roof and there’s a ton of metal flashing outside. There were some learning curves for sure. I relied on good trades.” He recommends that if you are building or renovating a home, you consider hiring good sub-trades because they are the people who are up to date on building codes and trends. “Hire the right people, but don’t micromanage their job.”

Admiral´s Roofing ATTN: Paul Pellow 5417 WEST SAANICH RD VICTORIA BC V9E1J9 CANADA

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seaside homes | november 2017 | 71

The upper floor includes an open concept living room, dining room space and kitchen.

Some other notable features include LED lights under the vanities and cool tile designs in the walk-in shower.

Sweet Dreams Boutique® beautiful bedding & linens

In c pr red Ic Ibl es e !

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74 | november 2017

Some other notable features include an outside shower for postbeach clean-up, a heat pump, heated ensuite bathroom floors, LED lights under the vanities, and cool tile designs in the walk-in shower. Engineered oak hardwood floors in a light matte finish unify the home and don’t show marks or scratches from Dakota, their black lab. Molded panel Masonite Interior doors are from Slegg’s Door Shop− the Berkley West End collection. LED lights beside the glass-paneled stairwell and in the kitchen create a peaceful ambience at night. “It’s beautiful here in summer, the doors are kept wide open and we live on the decks and down at the beach, but in winter, it’s stormy here. It blows hard.” When asked if it was a great place to storm watch, Simon laughed and said, “Yeah, it seems like fun, but after about a month, I’m done with looking at storms and am ready for summer to come along.” Now that the home is finished, Simon has downsized his maintenance to 20 minutes of lawn cutting. He says that the best part of his new home is living so close to the beach. After work, options now include sitting on the deck, walking to the beach, or going kayaking. “I just have dinner to cook, not 500 things to fix!” Simon is also looking forward to taking his boat out because, after sitting all year on its trailer, it could do with a spin. It’s something to think about: decreasing the number of chores and “must do’s” in our lives so that we can create more time to enjoy family and friends – let loose and have some fun!

west coast gardener

by Matt Hall Wildwood Nursery

Autumn is an exciting time of year for us in the nursery industry. Our daily mail is full of catalogues from our growers, that are brimming with plants to fill our nurseries with in the spring. It’s also when the new cultivars and varieties of plants, bulbs and seeds are first revealed to our curious eyes. These plants are often the fruits of months (or even years) of horticultural innovation, cultivation, and research and include varieties that may become prevalent players in our future gardens. With the theme of innovation in mind, here are some new plants that have us looking forward to 2018. The “Desdemona” Rose – A new offering from the David Austin stable of English roses. This is a very long blooming shrub rose whose peach buds break into a strongly scented white flower. It’s also no slouch in our wet climate. “Bella Bellissima” Potentilla – Maybe it’s because I’m from the prairies, but I have a real soft spot for Potentilla. I try to talk more coastal gardeners into choosing them for their hardiness but I’m told, time and again, that they’re a bit dull. That’s why I’m really excited for the intense pink flowers of Bella Bellissima. Now try and tell me they’re boring … “Little Miss Figgy” Patio Fig – Not only does it have the funniest cultivar name I’ve seen in ages, it also is touted as a very reliable dwarf fig. At five feet tall and three feet wide, this plant won’t challenge your space requirements and can even be grown in a pot. It also sports attractive blue-green leaves and will produce a good quantity of dark purple figs. “Harbor Light” Tulip – This is one of the most unusual tulips I’ve seen in a while. The white flowers stack on top of one another in a bloom redolent of alfalfa. It is a very strong presence in spring borders and will turn heads. “Tête a Tête Boucle” Daffodil – Although more correctly called a “rockgarden narcissus,”

Beautiful Botanicals for Next Spring the Tête a Tête has been a staple for alpine and small space gardeners for years. New for this year is “Boucle,” which has a double flower for added texture and colour in your garden. “Goldfingers” Mexican Orange – Although it was developed a decade ago, 2018 will be the first year that Goldfingers will be available in reliable quantities. It’s a great shrub that has the gold colour of “Sundance” but with a narrow leaf that gives it a feathery look from afar. It doesn’t scrimp on strength of scent either. “Mad Hatter” Pepper – This is one of the

most oddly-shaped peppers I’ve ever seen. Its wacky four-lobed shape and angry red colour belie its gentle sweetness and ease of growing in coastal gardens. These are just a taste of some of the new varieties of plants that are available to us for the coming season. If there are any plants that you want to know more about or want me to bring in especially for you, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at matt@ Have questions to ask our team of experts? Send your gardening queries to

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on design dare to fail, strive to learn Increasingly, we are a culture obsessed with success, achievement, and mastery. We benchmark our efforts against statistics, letter grades, pay increases, popular media, and more. Yet, our greatest hurdle is our fear of failure. We agonize over by Krista Rossato failure – we try to avoid it, we doubt BA, BID, RID, LEED® AP ourselves, we protect ourselves, and we id8 Design constantly question: “What if I fail?” The fear of failure can be paralyzing and it is the biggest obstacle that designers, creators and innovators face. However, innovation is built on the lessons of failure – and learning to embrace it as part of the creative process is a difficult but necessary step towards success. There is a long list of innovators who repeatedly faced failure before they ever succeeded: Thomas Edison made over 6,000 attempts before perfecting the incandescent light bulb, Walt Disney was fired from an early job for “not being creative enough,” and J.K. Rowling endured rejection by multiple publishers. Failure, therefore, is not a lack of success as commonly defined, but rather the process by which to achieve success. Some see the word FAIL as an acronym: Fearless Attempts In Learning. To take risks, and many of them, is crucial in the design process. It results in an understanding early on of what doesn’t work, what needs to be fixed, what adjustments are required, and what needs to be re-tested, all of which sparks fresh new ideas. Here are a few Dos and Don’ts the next time you find yourself lucky enough to have failed: DO reflect: Think of failure in a productive way – your biggest setback is opportunity to becoming your best comeback. DON’T dismiss: Acknowledge that what you are trying is really hard! DO take responsibility: Failing is uncomfortable. So rather than feel embarrassment, shame or regret, remind yourself that you can handle this. DON’T blame: Finding fault is neither helpful nor productive. DO take action: Use this as an opportunity to sharpen your skills and to look for new solutions. DON’T give up: You may have failed, but that doesn’t mean you are a “failure.” Reflect on other times you have bounced back, and draw upon those experiences to remind yourself that you can do it again. “Failure is our greatest teacher.” Perhaps this is why we encourage children to experiment, to take risks, to push forward, and to challenge what is in front of them. Therefore, the next time you hear yourself asking, “What if I fail?” instead ask, “What will I learn, if I dare to fail?” !

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Beautiful Arts & Crafts

830 Clayton Rd, North Saanich

so ld ! 75 %

Hot Properties

The Pinnacle 46 luxury Sayward Hill condominiums Featuring spectacular views of Cordova Bay and Ridge Golf Courses, Mt. Baker and Haro Strait! DESIGN: de Hoog & Kierulf Architects; INTERIORS: Kimberly Williams. Steel and concrete construction; secure underground parking and storage. Anticipated completion Summer 2019. After a day on the greens, enjoy the panorama from your fabulous terrace. PRICED FROM $1.1 million (incl. GST). Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626 (*PREC)

Beautifully presented on level 0.53-acre property, 2,836 sq. ft., 18 ft. vaulted ceilings, gourmet kitchen with professional grade appliances. Main level master suite with walk-in closet & 5 piece ensuite with 3 additional bedrooms up, one could make a great media/games room. Sunsoaked property backing onto ALR. MLS 384370.

#402 - 9710 Fourth St, Sidney $1,298,000 MOVE IN READY! This south-facing two-bedroom condo has lovely water views of Bazan Bay. Featuring a den, expansive patio, covered parking and generous storage so you can live comfortably. Outfitted with efficient appliances and contemporary finishes, Vela is conveniently located just two blocks from Sidney by the Sea’s bustling downtown. MLS384352.

Michele's Team 250.656.0911 |

Another Day in Paradise - Deep Cove 545 Cromar Road, North Saanich

Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626 (*PREC)

The Quartet Sidney Located steps to three beaches and a Marina, this tranquil property offers complete privacy on .87 acres of fully fenced natural West Coast gardens, including small woodland and ocean glimpses. Nestled amongst the trees is a charming 4 BR/3 BA home with a double garage. A greenhouse, artist studio, small summer house and children’s playhouse complete this estate. Truly a magical property! MLS 383683. $989,000. Suzi Jack* (*PREC) | 250.656.5062 |

Sidney is a vibrant town at the shores of the Salish Sea. It offers the warm welcome of a smaller community, but also boasts a wealth of adventure, culture and culinary opportunities. At the centre of town, you’ll find The Quartet: a boutique collection of 19 modern One, Two, and Three Bedroom Condominiums and 3 Live/Work Spaces. Priced from $354,900 + GST. Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626 (*PREC)

The Arbours Brentwood Bay

Private 1.01 acre sanctuary. Sophisticated, elegant, yet casual West Coast comfort. Gourmet kitchen, formal and casual dining spaces and adjoining living and family rooms great for entertaining and family functions all soaking up the views and sunshine. This home has a bright, spacious separate legal suite, or great space for guests /extended family. A must see! MLS 383531. $2,098,000.

The Arbours is located in idyllic Brentwood Bay, featuring 30 One and Two Bedroom Condominiums, and 4 Live/ Work Spaces. Currently preselling by appointment only with completion anticipated for early 2019. Features include 2 designer colour palettes, an electric fireplace in each living space, quartz countertops and backsplashes, double-sink, and beautiful KitchenAid appliances. Call to book an appointment to go over pricing, floorplans, and interiors.

Maryan Van Stolk* | 250.656.4626 | (*PREC)

Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626 (*PREC)

Panoramic Sea to Sky Vistas 1123 Highview Place, North Saanich

Experience a

new kind of

Happy Hour Unwind and rejuvenate with a relaxation massage 60 minutes – $100 90 minutes – $135

Free Gift An aromatherapy eye pillow by...


Annual Holidays at Haven event November 22 from 7-9pm Tickets available now at Haven reception

with 60 or 90 minute relaxation massage in November 2017

We are located in The Sidney Pier Hotel • 9805 Seaport Place • Tel: 250.655.9797 • 78 | november 2017

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food & drink Cocktails & More

The cocktail lounge at Victoria Distillers, in Sidney, is now closed for the winter. You can still shop their retail store, Tuesday to Sunday, 12 to 6 p.m., and experience their tours and tastings, Friday through Sunday, hourly from 1 to 4 p.m. Guests can look forward to more unique cocktails and fun in the lounge and waterfront patio in the spring.

Five Year Mark Sea Glass Waterfront Grill celebrated its fifth anniversary on October 15th. Owners Ron and Maureen Vincent would like to say thank you to their wonderful, faithful guests, and to their incredible crew, too. "Without all of you, there would be no Sea Glass!"

EVENTS & FUNDRAISERS For a Friend Take 2 Personal Training and Nutritional Consulting hosted "Workout for Vanessa," on Saturday, October 14. Funds were raised to support Vanessa Pettinger, who was critically injured in a motor vehicle accident this past August, and is now without sight. 100% of money raised was donated to Vanessa, to put towards her

transition home and any physical adaptations needed to help her feel secure and comfortable in her living environment.

Hospital Support The Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation's new annual fundraising campaign launched in October. This year the Foundation's goal is to raise $2 million to support important modernizations of the Saanich Peninsula Hospital. From emergency, to residential, to palliative care, this year the Foundation is looking at even more ways to support the Hospital and make a difference in the lives of Peninsula residents, including a new echocardiogram service. Visit to learn more about the campaign, or to donate online.

Gallery Showcase The Gallery at Mattick's Farm is showcasing it's third annual group show, "Illumination of Love," which runs through November and December. It consists of smaller, giftpriced paintings, from which a portion of each sale will be donated by The Gallery and participating artists to B.C. Children's Hospital Foundation. Help make this the most successful year yet! www.

Saanich Massage Therapy, is celebrating 20 years as Registered Massage Therapist. "I've had the great fortune of meeting so many fabulous people over the years who have entrusted me with their health and well-being, and I take that very seriously. Many of you have been coming here for years and years, regularly, and I consider that such a privilege," says Adam. Located at 1864 McTavish Road.

Day Spa Opening Beauty by Brette is a new full service day spa in Sidney, at #101 - 2527 Beacon Avenue, next to Fairway Market. Brette Laframboise, spa owner, offers eyelash extensions, facials, manicures, pedicures and waxing (with a speciality in brows). Brette prides herself in providing a clean, relaxing and blissful environment. www.

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Treat yourself to an evening of specials, giveaways, door prizes and refreshments before the holiday rush! Join Muffet & Louisa, and Flush Bathroom & Travel Essentials, on Friday, November 17 from 5 to 8 p.m., for an exclusive evening of customer appreciation and celebration. Watch their social network posts for more details.

Practitioner Milestone

Festive Painting

Susan Adam, owner of North

Paletteable Pottery and Arts,

at Mattick's Farm, is hosting a special Vintage Christmas Tree Painting Party the evening of November 4. Choose either a 6 or 8 p.m. time slot, and enjoy live music by Charlie Dutton, a gingerbread man cookie decorating station and seasonal refreshments. Register online at www., or email

BUSINESS Studio Move Nuttycake Photography has moved to a studio at McTavish Academy of Art, on McTavish Road in North Saanich. Jo-Ann Way celebrated her move with a grand opening at MAOA on October 13th. She is known locally for her work in Seaside Magazine, and also has a repertoire of art photography and photographs in the genres of family, couples, advertising, architecture, commercial, wedding and boudoir/ dudeoir.

11th Annual Crystal Awards for Business Excellence An evening of celebration that included cocktails from De Vine spirits, a delicious seasonal West Coast menu artfully prepared by Butchart Gardens staff, and an entertaining glimpse into Category 12 brewing courtesy of owners and guest speakers – Michael and Karen Kuzyk. For a full list of the winners, visit www.

november 2017 | 79


Peninsula Panthers Jr. Hockey Club








Tristan ERNST

Braeden HANSEN




Goaltender - 1999

Forward - 1999

11 Joe STAFFORD-VEALE Forward - 2000

21 Logan SPEIRS Forward - 2001

Young, Exciting, Skilled!

Goaltender - 1999

Defence - 1998

Bryson HINES Forward - 2000

23 Jack TAYLOR

Forward - 1999

Forward - 2000

Matt LAWRENCE Forward - 1999

25 Carson COX

Forward - 1999

The Seaside Magazine and its owner, Sue Hodgson is a huge player in the Community on the Peninsula and she allows the Peninsula Panthers the opportunity to introduce our group each year. For this, both Coreen and I are extremely appreciative and we cannot thank Sue enough. The renovations at the Panorama Recreation Centre have really been a game-changer for our Club. The Staff and Management at the facility are unbelievably supportive and it has made coming to the rink an absolute joy! The management at the Panorama really understand the importance of Junior Hockey on the Peninsula. It is a big part of our community. I will discuss a bit more about our program however this time around I thought I would let our Head Coach and Director of Hockey Operations start out by sharing his thoughts with you. Brad Tippett: Pete and I had a number of long detailed meetings following the January 10th deadline last season. We wanted to map out a longer term strategic plan and critical path for the direction we wanted the team to pursue. This included every aspect including evaluating our depth chart, the practice and game schedule, travel, infrastructure, scouting and the spring/fall training camps. At every meeting we came closer to defining the type of young men we wanted to keep and to add. The 8 C's –Coach-ability, Confidence, Courage, Composure, Competitive, Committed, Consistent, Control. But the most important criteria of all was – Do you want to be a Panther? We were faced with some hard decisions following the season. As of November 1st, there are only three players remaining from our roster of 14 months ago. We have assembled a group who are more skilled, bigger, faster and with a little more “Scaracter”. I am far more concerned about that than the dates on their birth certificates. This group was born from the answer to one question – Do you want to be a Panther?





Forward - 1999

Defence - 2000

The Peninsula Panthers graduated five players to Jr A which was an accomplishment that pleased all within the Organization. The loss of Gavin Yee and Zack Evans late in the summer threw us a bit of a curve ball and forced some creativity on defence. Even with those losses, we still have a solid core. We now have two solid goaltenders and our forwards pride themselves in being responsible in both ends of the ice. Our recruiting was maybe the easiest part as many of our young players practiced and played games with us as affiliates last season. The two Winnipeg players - Matt Lawrence and Skyler Diamond-Burchuk - just folded in seamlessly. We also had a couple players who surprised to the upside and simply played their way onto the team from training camp. As a young group, the renovations at the Panorama Recreation Centre forced us to grow up early as our first seven games were on the road. Although it was not an optimal situation, we are now reaping the benefits of that experience. I refuse to call us a young team any longer. We just have young men who knew the right answer to the most important question – Do you want to be a Panther? This is Brad’s 2nd season with the Club and he is now familiar with the players and the league. I believe he is the best Coach in the Vancouver Island Junior Hockey League and feel so lucky that our paths managed to cross 16 months ago. He seems to care about the program as much as Coreen and I do and I have a close relationship with him and consider him a friend as well as a great Coach. Two weeks ago a fellow gifted the Kimberley Junior B Hockey Club a whopping $7.5 million. His kids play Minor Hockey in Kimberley and the donor wanted Junior Hockey to survive and thrive. This is taking support of the Club to the highest level but the fact of the matter is that Junior Clubs across Canada could not survive without financial support of the community. We have a number of spots available for signage, rinkboards, wallboards or back-lit. We have other inventory that might interest you as a business on the Peninsula and we would welcome you in as a sponsor with the Panthers. Our website has Coreen’s contact information and so please feel free to email or phone her and she will be more than happy to help you out. We have a much improved team over last season and this has resulted in an uptick in attendance. I have seen our group improve game over game and believe that we are on the verge of really going into the next gear. This is an exciting time for each of the players and for our Organization and I hope that you will come out and join us in this journey. The entertainment budgets for families are stretched these days and so I encourage you to stay right here on the Peninsula to get your much needed hockey fix. We have six home games in the month of November and so please make note of these dates, come out and enjoy! Pete Zubersky


UPCOMING home games Panorama Recreation Centre 1885 Forest Park Dr. North Saanich

Skyler DIAMOND-BURCHUK Defence - 1999


Thomas SPINK



Head Coach/Hockey Ops.

Tanner WORT Forward - 2000

18 Bailey ROSS

Defence - 1998

Defence - 1999


Forward - 2001

19 Brendan MARTIN Forward - 2000


Puck drops at 7:30 p.m.

3 10 17 20 24 28

vs. Saanich Braves vs. Campbell River Storm vs. Kerry Park Islanders vs. Oceanside Generals vs. Westshore Wolves





Marshall BROWN

vs. Victoria Cougars @ppanthersvijhl

Visit our website:

Ty HERMSEN Forward - 1997

Forward - 1999

Forward - 1999










The Perfect Gift? Seaside Delivered Direct to Their Door Every Month!

Subs crib Now e ! $65/ yr

For more information email or call 250-516-6489

sudoku Middle of the Road


9 6 8 9 4 8 6 4 9 2 5 8 9 5 3 6 5 8 3 7 4 3 2 7 7 6 1 5 2

Puzzle by

Hardly Simple

3 The last Thursday of every month is



on regular price merchandise







2 8 5 4 9 1 4 4 5 8 9 2 3 3 6 9 7 4 9 1 2 3

Puzzle by

*Some restrictions apply. See in-store for details.




#4-2353 Bevan Avenue



82 | november 2017

KEEP YOUR BRAIN HEALTHY The Alzheimer's Association recommends doing puzzles like Sudoku to strengthen brain cells and the connections between them. Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square. *Sudoku Solutions may be found on the opposite page.

Annual SPH Auxiliary Christmas Bazaar The Auxiliary to Saanich Peninsula Hospital Annual Christmas

Middle of the Road

Hardly Simple 9 3 6 7 8 2 5 4 1

7 1 2 5 6 4 3 8 9

4 5 8 1 3 9 2 6 7

6 7 5 2 9 1 8 3 4

Puzzle by

2 9 4 3 7 8 6 1 5

1 8 3 6 4 5 9 7 2

8 4 1 9 2 3 7 5 6

5 6 9 8 1 7 4 2 3

3 2 7 4 5 6 1 9 8

9 3 6 8 1 4 7 2 5

8 5 2 6 3 7 1 4 9

7 4 1 5 2 9 3 8 6

1 9 5 7 4 8 2 6 3

Puzzle by

2 6 7 9 5 3 8 1 4

3 8 4 2 6 1 9 5 7

4 2 8 3 7 5 6 9 1

6 1 3 4 9 2 5 7 8

5 7 9 1 8 6 4 3 2

Sudoku Solutions

Bazaar and Craft Sale happens Saturday, November 18 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney. This one-day event, and our annual grand raffle, generate almost one third of our total annual funds. The 2016 total of $104,000 made possible the purchase of more than $207,000 for special programs, equipment and facilities, chosen specifically to enhance the care and comfort of our residents and patients. In our 43 years of service, we have raised almost $2 million to purchase things such as the ECU bus, state-of-the-art beds, specialized ER/LAB equipment and bedside monitoring units for the new post-surgery recovery area. We have also made significant contributions to the SPH Foundation toward their efforts to improve hospital facilities, and so much more! Our group meets once a month and we welcome new members. Our ongoing and annual projects include a Garage Sale, and Easter and Christmas Craft and Bake Sales at the hospital. We create and donate complimentary His and Hers amenity kits for ER patients unexpectedly kept longer, saving family/friends the need to retrieve necessities when they have more critical concerns. We also have a family team producing delightful knitted “Collette” dolls (pictured at right), given as gifts to children receiving treatment in the ER or in surgical day-care, as a comforting distraction. We now fund the new initiative of the SPH Volunteer Group, to provide items to comfort senior citizens who await attention on arrival in the ER. The monthly Birthday Party for Extended Care Unit residents is hosted by our auxiliary members, with a tea party complete with china cups, birthday cake and entertainment! We also distribute the daily newspaper to ECU and palliative care residents. In preparation for the Bazaar, our Crafty Crew and dedicated members are currently very busy making jams, jellies, baked goods, hand-knitted, quilted, sewn crafts, and collecting White Elephant treasures, jewelry, collectibles, books and art work. Our customers will be able to enjoy homemade breakfast sandwiches or hot dogs,

coffee and drinks while they shop. This year we will be featuring a fun new "Mystery Wheel!" Spin the wheel for just $2; every spin will win a valuable prize of local merchant Gift Cards/Certificates or one of hundreds of truly great mystery prizes. Raffle ticket sales will continue at our hospital Gift Shop, or from any SPH Auxiliary member, right up until the draw takes place at 2 p.m. at the bazaar. (Tickets are just $5 and offer the chance to win $500 cash, a $200 car detailing package, two $100 ladies wear gift certificates, or a priceless handmade quilt!) Thanks in advance for your valued support! For more information, visit

“It Feels Good to Know It’s All Taken Care Of … Over 70% of people polled admit it … they don’t know the details of their partner’s final wishes. How about you?

Join us at Sands Eco-Cremation Centre every Thursday for muffins and coffee and have a free consultation from 11am - 2pm.

Call Stuart Green today to order your newly revised FREE Planning Kit.


2355 James White Boulevard, Sidney november 2017 | 83

Saanichton Community Christmas: A Family Tradition The Saanichton Village Association, in partnership with Seaside Magazine and the local businesses of Saanichton, invite you to join in the fun and festivities of the 13th Annual Community Christmas & Winter Craft Fair event, held on Saturday, December 2. The tradition of this event continues to happen in the spirit of giving at an important time of year, with all the proceeds and food gathered to benefit the Sidney Lions Food Bank. This seasonally spirited event has continued to grow each year to include: The Christmas Tree Trail throughout the Village, Tally-Ho horse and carriage rides, Gingerbread decorating at Pioneer Museum, The Grinch, live music with “Fine Spirits,” and of course, The Pancake Breakfast with Santa hosted at St. Mary’s church on the corner of Cultra Avenue and East Saanich Road. The Winter Market continues at Pioneer Square with 12 local craft artisans so you can do some Christmas shopping with the family! The event engages everyone, young and old, and is a chance to bring the community together over complimentary coffee, tea, hot chocolate and mulled cider which is served at various places throughout the Saanichton Village … along with some fabulous cookies and treats. Food donations are collected during the event on behalf of the Sidney Lions Food bank.

You’re in good company. Each day 124,000 Victorians read the Times Colonist. More than 214,000 of us read one or more editions of the newspaper each week.

More than just your community newspaper. The Times Colonist will publish 14 magazines in 2017 to complement a growing line of digital products and services.

The Saanichton Village Association proudly hosts this annual social event. “We’ve put in a lot of years creating a familyfriendly event that gets people out of their cars for a walk around the village so they can discover local people and places they didn’t know existed,” notes Jim Townley, President of the SVA. The community Christmas event goes from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pioneer Square is the central location for the Food Bank Drive-Thru drop-off, and residents are asked to donate non-perishables and cash donations for the Sidney Lions Food Bank. Come out and support this wonderful community event, and don’t forget to start the day off with a “flapjack with Santa.” For more information on the event visit


is a winner. Times Colonist subscribers can enter more than 50 contests each year, ranging from VIP concert tickets to trips for two to California, Mexico, Tuscany, Paris, London and Rome.

Boosting the local economy. Along with our 175-plus full-time employees the Times Colonist employs more than 1,100 youth and adult carriers.

Our readers, our advertisers and our many community partners help make your daily newspaper stronger than ever. Thanks! 84 | november 2017

what ’ s happening 3RD THURSDAY OF each MONTH

November 20: Knockers in a Knit in November –

7 p.m. at Vancouver Island Regional Library, Sidney

7:15 p.m. at 1831 Fern St. (Park on Begbie.) 250.477.7044 |

Speakers and discussions on the association’s ongoing projects.

Join us for stories told in the oral tradition by members of Victoria Storyteller's Guild and friends. Doors open at 7:15 p.m; stories start at 7:30 p.m. Admission $5; students $3 (includes tea and goodies). " For people who love to tell stories, For people who love to listen, For people of all ages."

Sidney Sister Cities Association General Meeting

2nd Thursday of each Month

Peninsula Newcomers Club Luncheon Haro’s Restaurant & Bar, Sidney Pier Hotel Pre-booking required. More information at

Just moved to the Saanich Peninsula?Ladies – come join our club! tuesday evenings

Saanich Peninsula Toastmasters Meeting 7:30 p.m. at Vancouver Island Regional Library, Sidney

Toastmasters has a specific structure that provides a safe forum for speaking while giving encouragement and support. november 5: Salute to Our Veterans: A Remembrance Day Concert 2:30 p.m. at Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney 250.656.0275 |

Highlights of the concert include John Williams’ Hymn to the Fallen. The band will also feature Big Band music of the ‘30s and ‘40s. Georgina Stevens will recite In Flanders Fields and Wayne Speller will play The Last Post. Air Cadets from the 676 Kitty Hawk Squadron will perform readings of soldiers’ letters home from the Great War. The Saanich Peninsula Pipe band will be our featured guests – ending in a combined/massed performance of Amazing Grace. november 7: "Powered by Love" Book Launch 2 p.m. at St. Andrew's Church, 9691 Fourth Street, Sidney 250.665.6137

There is an exciting opportunity in Sidney this November for supporters of African grandmothers to see where their money is going. Powered by Love tells the remarkable story of the Stephen Lewis Foundation's work against AIDS in Africa. Guests at the free event can meet the author, Joanna Henry; Gladys, one of the South Africa's Grandmothers Against Poverty and AIDS; and Lisbie Rae, a local grandmother who is featured in the illustrated book. Tanner's Books is handling book sales, which can be autographed. All royalties will go to organizations run by and for African grandmothers of AIDS orphans. november 12: "Music With a Twist" Sidney Classical Orchestra Concert

Stories at Fern Street (since 1989)

november 24: Pro-D Day $2 Skate

1 to 2:20 p.m. at Panorama Recreation Arena A, 1885 Forest Park Drive, North Saanich 250.656.7271 |

Join us for a fun-filled Pro-D Day skate! Bring your family and friends for skating fun, music, games and prizes. $2 admission. november 24: Pro-D Day $2 Swim

1 to 3 p.m. at Panorama Recreation Centre Pool, 1885 Forest Park Drive, North Saanich 250.656.7271 |

Join us for a fun-filled Pro-D Day swim! The entire pool is open for recreational swimming including the waterslide, rope swing, climbing wall, diving board and spray toys. $2 admission. november 25: Furry Forest Friends (guided walk - 5 yrs and under)

10 to 11 a.m. at Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park, Saanich 250.478.3344 |

Join a CRD Regional Parks naturalist for a fun-filled forest walk with your young ones. Explore mammal adaptations, play the "Camouflage" game, and learn all about our furry forest friends. Meet at the Beaver Lake Nature Centre off the main parking lot. There is no fee for this program but you must preregister. Call 250.478.3344 by November 8. november 25:

Sidney Lawn Bowling Club Annual Bake & Craft Sale 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 9580 Fifth St, Sidney (across from Tulista Park)

This sale gets bigger every year. Get your delicious Christmas baking, hand-crafted gifts, live swags and wreaths, beautiful gift baskets for all your loved ones, jams, jellies, pickles, candy, dog treats, snacks and much more. Stop for a tea/coffee and a goodie at our Christmas Café. Lots of free parking and free admission. November 26: Vesperae pro Serveto performance for choir and chamber orchestra

2:30 p.m. at St. Elizabeth's Church, 10030 Third Street, Sidney 250.480.1133

2:30 p.m. at St. Elizabeth’s Church, 10030 3rd Street, Sidney

This will be a delightful afternoon of entertaining music with an extra musical program – listen to a swallow, tap along to the toys, and then watch the orchestra disappear. Program: W. Boyce, Symphony No. 4 in F major; Stephen Brown, Fancy on She's Like a Swallow; F.J. Haydn, Symphony No. 22 in E flat major; The Philosopher, Hob. 1:22; L. Mozart, Toy Symphony; F.J. Haydn, Symphony No. 45 in F sharp minor, The Farewell, Hob. 1:45.

This new work by Nicholas Fairbank will be performed by the Via Choralis chamber choir, the Chalice Choir of First Unitarian Church of Victoria, and chamber orchestra, all conducted by Nicholas Fairbank. Tickets: adults $18 at the door ($15 in advance), students with card $5 (at the door only), children 12 and under free. Advance tickets from Tanner’s Books (Sidney), from choir members and online at Brown Paper Tickets.

november 17: Speakers Series

November 28: Canadian Federation of University

1:30 to 3 p.m. at The Centre, 1229 Clarke Rd, Brentwood Bay 250.652.4611 |

Speaker will be Brent Cooke, recipient of the Robert Bateman Award – Artist of the Year 2015 from Canadian Wildlife Federation, and a Medal of Excellence and Best in Show from Artists for Conservation. Topic: Wildlife Artist Experiences China. Admission is by donation. Refreshments served. Everyone welcome.

Women Saanich Peninsula Meeting

7 p.m. at Mary Winspear Centre, 2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

The CFUW Saanich Peninsula invites the community to our November meeting to hear a presentation by Dr. Kirsten Moore, speaking on "Youth Suicide Prevention – What we have learned." Free admission; all welcome. november 2017 | 85

last word For the past few weeks, my daughter has been excitedly

photo by

anticipating her third birthday. This is the first year that she really seems to know what’s going on, and she just can’t wait. I’ve got several bags of decorations, craft supplies to make games, treats for loot bags etc., and every time I turn around she is sitting with the contents of the bags spread around her, chatting about who is getting the purple glow stick, who will drink from the pumpkin cup, and whom she will gift with the valuable watermelon sucker. Watching her and sharing in her excitement is so much fun, but it makes me question when I last had that much excitement about something. Let’s face it: being a grown-up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, sometimes, but having passion for something in your life, trying new things and finding something you love, helps

We Aim to Be That Friendly Partner! At Darren J. Proulx, CPA, we can make the whole experience of understanding and handling your accounting needs simpler and easier. Let us start working on making your personal, estate or business tax and accounting situation add up to more than just puzzle pieces.


#105 - 9717 Third

Tax & Accounting for Individuals, Businesses Trusts & Estates St, Sidney

86 | november 2017

bring that excitement back again. My sister told me recently about an exercise where you write out two different scenarios: a) if one year from now your life is exactly as it is today, how does that make you feel, what does it look like to you, and are you fulfilled? or b) if one year from now, you’re living your dream life, how are you feeling? What does your dayto-day look like? I guess ultimately, this is about asking yourself whether you’ll be happy if your life is the same in a year, and if the answer is no, understanding what needs to change to get you on the path to that dream life. At its essence, innovation is simply change, and I bet some of the innovators featured in this issue feel “third birthday excitement” often as they figure out a way to do something in a more environmentally-friendly way, create a new product, or show someone the world through fresh eyes. Perhaps their innovation is on a smaller scale, just baby steps of growth every day on the journey to making their lives more fulfilling. Innovation is a necessary part of life, but it’s also a scary one. As Krista Rossato says in this month’s “On Design” column, our greatest hurdle is our fear of failure. But without failure, we don’t learn. And without learning, we don’t change. Here is to all the innovators, big and small, and their desire to grow.

Allison Smith, Editor

Available now back cove 32

Sidney, bc 250.656.1138

We’re All About Care …

Get to know us better & discover why you’ll love it here.

Musical Memories

Musical Memories is a program that brings personalized music that residents enjoyed earlier in life through digital music technology, vastly enriching the lives of our seniors. For more information about this program or to donate, please contact Judy Peterson, Community Enrichment Manager by calling 778-351-2505 or emailing

Elsie Dalrymple, Resident at Sidney All Care Residence

Proudly Offering Long Term Complex Care and End of Life Care Services 778.351.2505 • • 2269 Mills Rd, Sidney