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ignition Buying a car has become increasingly complicated, so Seaside has decided to lend a hand! With the assistance of Motorize Auto Direct, this month we turn on the Ignition for our readers.

Bentley Continental GTC by Al Duncan

With the scent of Connolly hides evoking distant

memories of a great uncle's sitting room experienced only on special occasions, I lean forward, stopping for a brief instance to marvel at hand finished and gloss coated wood inlays. So perfect it rivals the finish on a Stradivarius. I push the start button once. Gauges dance to life. As if in slow motion, a series of deliciously mechanical whirring sounds begin and seconds later, with the bellow of a V12 Merlin Spitfire, the engine roars to life. All 12 cylinders, twin turbos, four intercoolers and 522 horsepower. Clicking the intricately machined gear selector down four notches into what may as well be labelled "clear for takeoff" engages the sublime six-speed gearbox and feeds power to all four wheels. I taxi for the runway and … This Bentley is a sophisticated beast, one to be appreciated and enjoyed by the few who can pony up for the price of admission. She will run at the upper end to 197 mph with the top up and with the wind in your hair to 187 mph. Zero to 60 times are right around

The Bentley Continental GTC: a sophisticated beast

the five-second mark. Fit and finish is flawless as are the usual mod cons such as climate control, premium sound system and navigation. In the "twisties" she feels taught and composed, giving away no hints whatsoever regarding her heavyweight status. The ultimate gentlemans express and a true GT, pedigree checked and approved. I like mine in white, thank you very much, but a full spectrum of distinguished colors are available. She put a wide grin on my face and I stepped out feeling refreshed, yearning for more and wanting to to feel the visceral intoxicating roar of that Merlin engine again. Model as shown: 2010 Bentley Continental GTC, 4,500 miles, $148,000.

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