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Victoria Humane Society Love to the RESCUE FROM THE KITCHEN MOTHER’S DAY CAKE




WEST COAST GARDENER Planting for Pollinators

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MAY 2024
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“I can imagine no heroism greater than motherhood.”
—Lance Conrad

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there from the SeniorCare Group. Thank you for your enduring love, support and strength during these challenging times. You are true heroes! 250-589-0010
250-589-0010 250-589-0010
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Whether you are new to the area, going through a life transition, or unhappy with your current situation, you will find that Deborah takes a unique approach when working with her clients.

Her 25 years of experience in the investment industry is her guide when working with investors. Deborah realizes that building a strong client relationship is rooted in trust and transparency is key to an investor’s success. The foundation for a strong relationship is ensuring compatibility and effective communication. Investors want to know that their financial advisor is committed to their success and willing to take the time to listen to what is important to help them determine their goals.

It may surprise many to learn that investing is often not about achieving the ‘highest rate of return’, but rather having confidence that their financial advisor understands their goals and will prepare an investment plan that will help achieve those goals. What one investor considers important, another may not, therefore, goals, plans, and solutions are as unique as the individual, so too should be the portfolio!

Experience matters when it comes to guiding investors through turbulent markets. Although setting goals, determining the appropriate asset allocation, implementing a strategy, building a portfolio, and monitoring investments are essential to successful investing, the most important factor is the amount of time that the professional spends with the investor. The more investment knowledge and understanding of the markets that an investor has, the greater the chances are for success. When investors are prepared for volatility and understand the emotional roller coaster that can be experienced during market corrections, the less chance they have of making decisions based on emotion rather than discipline and logic.

A financial advisor who has experience guiding investors through these market corrections is an invaluable asset to achieving one’s financial goals.

Don’t take chances with your financial success because experience truly does matter!
Raymond James Ltd., Member - Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

Offering Real Estate Sales with Commercial, Residential and Strata Property Management Service Divisions 250.656.3486 • #107-2360 Beacon Avenue • Sidney, BC Located in the Garden Courtyard Next Door to Home Hardware Keep Us in Mind When Looking for the Perfect Home with a Big Yard for the Children and Pets.
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MAY 2024

JO BARNES PAGES 38, 54 & 68

A single event in the lives of those I recently interviewed changed their lives in ways that they could not have predicted at the time. I saw the significance that one experience can have. So, take advantage of opportunities that come your way. They just might forever change you.


This month, I researched two diverse subjects – a new build for Seaside Homes and a story about the awesome Victoria Humane Society. They don't have much in common, but I hope through these stories, you learn about new things and are inspired by so many interesting and wonderful people.


It was such a pleasure writing about a local business that has been a mainstay in Sidney for almost 24 years! Their commitment to community and the sense of family that they bring to their dentistry practice was heartwarming. And, excitingly, their legacy and expertise are soon to be expanding!


Peek into a Peninsula family of six (and their big farm dog, Rex). Raising this family is a group project – this community is full of people and places who help out! It is a joy to grow here, in a place that supports all its generations.


Kathryn Alvarez, Jo Barnes, Don Descoteau, Jamila Douhaibi, Scottee Giles, Tabatha Golat, Heidi Hackman, Janice Henshaw, Jesse Holth, John Kernaghan, Randall Mang, Tilar J. Mazzeo, Nancy McMillan, Colleen McNamee, Janette Melvin, Marcelo Najarro, Jacqueline Nicoll, Cassidy Nunn, Deborah Rogers, Joan Saunders, Marita Schauch, Peter Simpson, Stephanie Staples, Joshua & Kelly Steeper


















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First Word from the Publisher

Every May, with Mother's Day on the horizon, I think of my mom, who I lost so many years ago. She was tough, but boy, do I miss her every day!

My experience of being a mom has been very different than hers was, and not just because of the different times we raised our families in. My journey through motherhood included navigating the turbulent waters of a divorce over a decade ago. It's a path that taught me resilience and forced me to grow, while my sole commitment was to my children. Today, as I watch their independent lives flourish, I reflect on the role that divorce played in shaping our family dynamics and perhaps my approach to parenting.

Divorce catapults you into the realm of single parenthood, with so many challenges and uncertainties. Regardless of the pressures involved, my objective was clear: cultivate an environment where my children could thrive emotionally and intellectually. At least I tried my best. I've given them as much love, stability and guidance as I could (or as much as they would accept) as they've gone from adolescence into adulthood. Letting go has been a poignant lesson for me; I grapple with the bittersweet reality of releasing them into the world, but I realize that true love entails fostering independence, even if it means I miss them every day. It's exciting to see them make their mark in life, even make mistakes, and chart their own paths toward futures unknown.

Today I'm proud to see how they have both blossomed into amazing individuals. While divorce may have altered the course of our lives, it does not define us; I think that's the most important lesson. When we weather upheavals in our life, like divorce or bereavement, we learn our strengths. Seismic change can move us toward growth and self discovery. My take on the true essence of motherhood? To nurture, empower, and inspire.

Happy Mothers Day!

These puppies may have already found a family before this issue hits the streets, but there are many animals waiting for their forever homes at the Victoria Humane Society. For information, visit Photo by Janis Jean Photography.
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THE AMAZING Victoria Humane Society

Adopted from The Victoria Humane Society (VHS), George (left) is one lucky fella! His new owner, Seaside Magazine's publisher and owner Sue Hodgson, says her furry pal is almost four months old and growing like a weed. Sue is an experienced dog owner but says it's still a surprise when you bring home a new puppy and, among other things, have some sleep-deprived nights. Walks, bathroom breaks, feeding, playtime – your usual way of life is turned upside down. On the other hand, Sue says it's been a great experience for her. "George is adorable and a lot of fun!" Like many of us, she has found that having a pet helps fill the empty spaces left behind when our young adults leave the nest. The wag of a dog's tail in welcome or the comforting purr from a contented cat in our lap can bring us great joy and solace.

If you are a volunteer or have adopted a pet from the VHS, you know firsthand the excellent work this non-profit organization achieves. Here are some numbers – in 2023, VHS rescued and adopted out 1,321 dogs and cats! They have a remarkable 98% adoption success rate. Currently, they have 80 dogs and 120 cats in foster care who have been transported in from all over Vancouver Island. This month, they expect a shipment of over 30 puppies arriving from Northern Saskatchewan.

To find out why so many pets have been surrendered, I met with two dedicated volunteers at the VHS Shelter, Michelle Tinis and Bonita Joe. They put in countless hours helping out wherever they are needed – pet care, shelter cleaning, transport intakes, laundry (there's a lot of it), fundraising, spay and neutering clinics and adoption events. "Pets are given up for several reasons, with cost being a significant factor – the increasing expense of vet bills, pet food and supplies, and higher living costs." Unfortunately, some people must give up their beloved pets due to work or a home rental situation.

To find out more about the VHS, let's pretend for a moment that we are a litter of abandoned puppies that have been transported in. We are scared! And hungry! And dirty from being in a cage for too long. We are greeted by a caring volunteer who persuades us to come out and welcomes us with open arms. Such a lovely, comforting feeling! Once calm, we are gently bathed and dried, brushed, given


are taken to a vet for treatment. Life is suddenly wonderful! We have our photos taken for the VHS website, Instagram and Facebook, and then, most wonderful of all, we meet our foster parents who take us to their home and with patience and caring, teach us social skills, help us gain confidence and have fun playing together until we find our forever home. At the appropriate time, we are spayed or neutered and given our first set of vaccinations. Over 80% of animals that come to VHS require these services, which are done onsite by local vets, vet techs and volunteers.

Executive Director Penny Stone, together with many like-minded individuals, started the Victoria Humane Society in 2013. "We've become a tight-knit village, though sometimes it feels like we're all warriors on a mission." The VHS rescues hundreds of animals yearly, which adds up to thousands over the years. How is all this loving care possible? "We manage this thanks to the incredible support of our donors, our 200 foster families and the dedication of our 300 kindhearted volunteers, who juggle countless roles with grace."

The Victoria Humane Society's greatest dream? To find and purchase a property of at least five acres on southern Vancouver Island to establish a permanent shelter, says Penny. "A place where animals can take a breather and find their perfect foster and forever homes as we get to know them better. It's all about living our slogan of 'let the love begin.'" This is a wonderful, heart-warming opportunity to help Penny and her dedicated volunteers turn their dream into reality. Volunteers, foster families, and donations are all greatly needed! Every gift, large or small, helps the VHS give these adorable critters the opportunity for a better life. Check out their website to find out how you can help –there are countless ways!

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~ Anatole France

#5-7103 W Saanich Rd, Brentwood Bay | OPEN MON - SAT & WE DELIVER! 778.426.4290 PET MARKET PET MARKET Family Owned & Operated Your Pet Deserves the Best! 101 - 9830 Second Street, Sidney, BC salvador-davis com 250-656-3951 Our family serving your family for over 50 years Real Estate Conveyancing Mortgages Estate Planning Notarizations
Photo of George by Sue Hodgson; other photos courtesy VHS.

Joe’s Family Pharmacy Welcomes Two New Pharmacists!




Lara was born and raised in Northern B.C. Over 10 years ago she become the Associate Owner of Shoppers Drug Mart in Sidney.

Lara has provided services like flu shots and medication consultations to thousands of patients who call the Saanich Peninsula their home. She is now looking forward to continuing this service at Joe’s Family Pharmacy.


Taira is a pharmacist who has spent over 22 years servicing the Saanich Peninsula. Needing a change, she has come over to Joe’s Family Pharmacy.

Taira supports her patients by providing consultations, injections and spreading laughter to everyone around her.

Joe’s Family Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy open 7 days a week.

We offer compounding, blister packaging and free delivery in addition to other services. Transfer your prescriptions through our website or call us – we’re happy to help.

We are a 100% locally owned and independent pharmacy.

7819 East Saanich Road, Saanichton | 778-426-2420 |

Often, the experience of travelling with your pet may not seem like much preparation is required; however, you'd be surprised with some of the considerations you should know about! In a recent survey, an alarming trend was unveiled in regard to pet travel safety practices among Canadian pet owners. Shockingly, nearly 30% of pet owners fail to secure their pets adequately when taking them for a drive, while an additional 9.7% allow pets to sit on a passenger's lap without proper restraint.

One common method employed by pet owners is the use of collarto-seatbelt attachments to secure their pets during car travel. Yet, experts caution against this practice, highlighting the serious risks it poses in the event of an accident. These attachments can potentially lead to severe injuries or even death if secured around the pet's neck. Instead, experts recommend utilizing a harness or a specialized pet car crate for safer travel. Having a travel checklist is also advantageous as it spares you the need to repeatedly consider what to pack, so you can just grab and go! Essential items to include might be: dry and wet food, a leash, a water bowl, necessary treats and/or medications.

Further, it might be interesting to find out that insights from the survey shed light on where pets typically sit in vehicles, with the majority occupying the front passenger seat, followed by the middle back seat and the back passenger side seat. It's crucial to

note that allowing pets in the front seat can be dangerous due to the deployment of airbags during a collision, which can cause serious harm to pets. However, regardless of whether pets are adequately restrained, accidents can still happen, so the inclusion of pet insurance can be helpful in covering any unexpected medical expenses and providing peace of mind to pet owners in unforeseen circumstances.

A good rule of thumb when travelling away from home with your pet is ensuring they have proper identification, including collars with up-to-date tags and microchipping for added security. Additionally, pay attention to their comfort and provide necessary amenities such as ample ventilation, water, breaks for exercise and familiar items to reduce anxiety. The accommodations you'll need to make with your pet in tow will greatly depend on the time of year and the local weather where you'll be trekking, ensuring that neither heat stroke nor hypothermia occurs.

Regardless of whether travelling by car, plane or train, or making a quick trip to the vet's office, you can easily prioritize your furry friend's safety by simply minimizing risks. As a reminder, a sudden jerk of a car to stop quickly could have lifelong consequences and end in tragedy if your pet is secured by their neck. Remember: a little preparation goes a long way!

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Pet Travel 101: What You Need to Know for a Pawsitive Journey

matter the season, sidney always offers plenty to do! Take part in a race, enjoy live music and cultural programming, celebrate the community, and discover family-friendly activities Discover a full line-up of events online or pick-up your seasonal Sidney Printed Events Calendar at select locations or find paper copies at the Sidney Information Centre

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SEASIDE talks with Joshua Steeper (Beacon Law), with work-at-home mom and podcaster Kelly, Elisha (11), Elizabeth (9), Abigail (6) and David (3), about what's


When you don’t care how much it costs? Always all the wine pairings with good friends. On your walls? Guatemala – a painting from Kelly's birthplace, cloud white walls and big windows. (Clean white space is precious with a big family!) In home décor? The old Church pew.

photos by Janis Jean Photography

In your closet?

Stripes, black, white and cream. In your family room? Lots of fort building blankets. In your bathroom cabinet?

Vitamin C serum for mom, beard oil for dad. In the yard? Rex, our 130lb Mountain Mastiff. In the kitchen? Dad's "puff puff pancake" (Josh’s Dutch baby recipe has become a Saturday morning tradition).

When you want a day out with the whole family? Bear Hill – we've gone up that hill through every stage of parenthood. On your playlist? Gospel music, family movie soundtracks in the van and Kelly's podcast – "The Holy Grind of Motherhood." On your feet? Mom & kids: Doc Martens, Blundstones and Chuck Taylors. Josh: I'd rather be barefoot! When adding colour to your outfit? pocket square or a Doro lapel pin. list? Spain. On your skin? tan for Josh. On your Netflix queue? Wolves (because it's about home), family cooking shows and sci-fi thrillers for mom and dad.

Get active this Move for Health Day and enjoy FREE admission to drop-in activities!*

Celebrate the beginning of AccessAbility Week with us by enjoying FREE admission to drop-in activities!*

Get rewarded for staying active this June! Pick up or download an activity card, and begin collecting stamps to win exciting prizes!

E V E N T S upcoming M O V E F O R H E A L T H D A Y
2 P R O - D D A Y S W I M
F R I D A Y , M A Y 1 0 F R I D A Y , M A Y 1 7 S U N D A Y , M A Y 2 6 J U N E 1 - 3 0
Join us 1:30-4pm for a fun swim with music, games and prizes
*Some restrictions apply Scan to learn more about all our special events.

Lessons in Feeding a Baby

Lesson One: Embrace the Mess

My 11-month-old daughter's face is a collage of green, orange and purple, a vibrant blend of the remnants of her lunch. I imagine my face must be flecked with similar colours, the resulting splatters a sign of her enjoyment of smashing her avocado, dahl and berries into her tray and rubbing the mixture in enthusiastic circles. Her shirt and pants are coated with the remains of the meal and her short hair is slick with the goopy avocado she rubbed vigorously into her hair as if applying shampoo. The highchair is coated in drips of purée and halfeaten, squished blueberries. I remind myself again, as I resist the urge to immediately wipe the food from her face, that this "mess" is an important part of her learning about food; instead, I bring my face in closer towards hers, and receive some sticky pats on my cheeks from her tiny, purée-covered hands. Sometimes it's better to just become a part of the collage.

Lessons Two & Three: Food can be Fun, and Always Accept Help from the Dog

She waves her spoon around as if conducting an orchestra and giggles when a spoonful of dahl plops onto the floor beneath her. She squeals with delight as our dog pounces from underneath the highchair and licks the spill up in seconds, then retreats. He gazes straight up, waiting patiently for the next morsel of food to rain down. Normally, I don't love him begging around the kitchen table – he's usually relegated to his kennel until after mealtime – but these days, I welcome his dining room clean-up assistance. I know it's valuable for babies to really experience their food: play with it, smush it, smell it, wear it and hopefully taste at least a little bit of it! Babies, it seems, can make any food fun, and that means an inevitable mess.

Lesson Three: Trust the Process

Because my oldest daughter was born at the beginning of the pandemic, we were really on our own when it came to introducing solid foods. We did the usual, starting with purées and baby cereal, and then I learned more about baby-led weaning. This is where parents allow the babies to self-feed, offering developmentally appropriate hand-held foods.

I had a lot of anxiety about what foods to offer and how much, choking, allergies, nutrition, when to introduce cow's milk, to offer water, to transition to two snacks a day and three meals … as a first-time mum, I found it all overwhelming. I was anxious about being home alone feeding her when my husband was away at work, forever terrified of her choking or having an allergic reaction. Thankfully, I found some amazing online resources to help guide me through this process. Most importantly, what I learned was to

trust in my baby and her own instincts. To follow her hunger cues, not force feed her with the spoon, and allow her to make her own decisions about what foods she'd try.

Lesson Four: Eating is a Workout

There's a quote about how parenthood is all about getting up after having just sat down minutes ago. I feel this most deeply around mealtimes. One day I'm going to count the number of times I get up and down in any given stretch of mealtime and I know the number is going to be astronomical. From making the food, serving it and feeding the toddler to feeding the baby and the dog and trying to sneak some food into my own mouth – it's all a workout. The flurry of back and forthing from the table to the fridge, back to the table, to the stove, back to the table, to the cupboard, back to the table … "just getting my steps in!" I tell myself as I squat to the floor to pick up the baby's spoon which has been dropped (or purposely tossed) to the floor for what feels like the hundredth time in one meal.

Lesson Five: Food Connects Us

While sometimes it feels like an exorbitant amount of my time is spent thinking about/prepping/eating/cleaning up from meals, at the end of the day, food offers us more than just nourishment: it's the time I get to spend connecting with my kids while grocery shopping, cooking, baking and eating with them.

2 4 0 5 B e v a n A v e n u e , S i d n e y B C
Stephanie Peat
Vincent Maureen Vincent Maureen Vincent Professional Real Estate & Property Management Services 2 5 0 . 6 5 6 . 0 1 3 1 John Bruce John Bruce John Bruce
Van Der Vlugt
Van Der Vlugt
Van Der Vlugt
Clemente Anna Clemente Anna Clemente & & & Tony Tony Tony Clemente Clemente Clemente Wendy Berke Wendy Berke Wendy Berke Clemente Property Group Clemente Property Group Clemente Property Group
Stephanie Peat

Aging in the right place - all you need to know

C.A.R.E. Fair

Community Attachment to Resources and Engagement

for Seniors


10 am to 5 pm

Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney

What is the C.A.R.E Fair?

Forum for seniors and their care-giver families on the Saanich Peninsula

11 engaging speakers throughout the day

60 info booths with organizations, agencies and vendors providing services to seniors

Free to the public


Organized by

The C.A.R.E. Fair is sponsored by these Community-Minded Sponsors - Thank You! Realizing potential. For all women.

Anne M. Delves CFP CLU Proud Sponsor



Meet your Seaside Magazine photographer, Janis Jean. Janis has been with Seaside for four years and says that she always had an "ultimate goal to take photos for Seaside ." With a camera in her hand and/or her two retriever dogs by her side, Janis has been immortalizing Saanich Peninsula residents throughout many seasons.

Growing up in Victoria and moving to the Peninsula in her teens, Janis says that her heart has always been here. A lover of photography even as a kid, she remembers having a '70s Kodak instamatic and often seeing her dad with a Canon around his neck. Gifted with the ability to read people and get them to put their guards down, Janis attributes this not only to her years of photography, but also to her time in the police force.

Janis moved to Vancouver in 1988. Prior to that she had been a dispatcher for police, fire and ambulance for Central Saanich. Janis worked on the North Shore and always had at least one bridge to drive over to get home; she remembers there were many times when there would be an accident on one of the bridges and she would have to sleep in the office. She was doing some side work in photography at the time, and says it was a challenging contrast of "detective during the week and weddings on the weekend." Janis moved to Port Moody to have a smaller-town feel, but she missed home.

When she came back to the Peninsula in 2001 after having her daughter, Janis took three years off from policing and didn't want to go back to full-time. She got hired to do job sharing and says there are "so many gems about the smallertown living and the people here." Some of those perks were a commute with two stop signs instead of a bridge, going home at lunch and later dropping by her daughter's school at recess.

After retiring from policing at 49, Janis knew photography was "going to be my next chapter." She sees her job as really getting to know people and then, she says: "I could bring out the best in them." People rarely want their photos to be taken, and sometimes look at her like she's their dentist, but

The Dancing Orchid 250.656.1318 #104 - 2537 Beacon Avenue
her the gift of pampering

Janis sees such value in capturing the right moment at the right time and then being able to share that with her clients.

Photographing owner Stacey Toews at Level Ground and getting up in a big bucket and taking photographs of the Saanich Peninsula firefighters – even though she is terrified of heights – are two highlights in her work with the magazine. One of her "most endearing" photo shoots was capturing a father and son during calving season at Michell Farms. Even though she doesn't eat meat, Janis says their ethical raising of the cows and being part of a heartwarming moment was a beautiful thing to be able to capture.

And of course, we can't forget about her two black retrievers, Charlie and Frankie. Janis says she and her husband are "dog people to the point of insanity." She's the go-to for dog questions with her friends, but admits to never being good with discipline. Though her dogs are gentle giants, every time she gets a new pup she says "it'll be different this time … he'll be trained." She remembers a trip to the Oregon Coast when Charlie, now 13, ran at a family and stole their whole chicken. Janis ran down the beach as her husband apologized profusely. But the best part was, Charlie went back and stole the same family's dessert! It was an off-leash area, but by then her husband was offering them cash. And now, says Janis, the dogs "have long leashes."

From the Peninsula to policing in Vancouver and back; splitting her pants while photographing weddings to facing her fear of heights; chasing after her dogs to capturing the perfect picture; Janis

has done a bit of everything, but says "my biggest role and honour in life is to be a mom." And that's the thing about meeting your neighbours, your photographers and even your friends. There is so much complexity to each of us that even if we think our story isn't interesting, it always is. Above photo courtesy Janis Jean.

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The Creative Corner

At The Creative Corner, we’re more than just stationery. We are your go-to destination for igniting inspiration, finding unique gifts, and even just picking up basic essentials for school or work.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist, a dedicated journaler, a puzzle enthusiast, or simply seeking specific stationery items, we have something special just for you. With our carefully-curated selection of products, including top-quality brands like Leuchtturm 1917 and customizable Travelers Notebooks, you’ll find everything you need to unleash your imagination. Visit us today and explore a world of endless creativity!

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Brentwood Bay’s Hidden Gem - Your Happy Place! 110

– 7088
Saanich Rd, Brentwood Bay

Seaside Magazine's Charity Road Hockey Tournament is Back!

On June 8, lace up your sneakers, grab your hockey sticks and join us for a fun-filled day of street hockey and fundraising. This event brings together our local community and Help Fill A Dream, a non-profit organization that helps fulfill the dreams of children facing life-threatening or critical conditions.

Registered teams will participate in an adult street hockey tournament with families enjoying the TD Family Fun Zone, offering ice cream, popcorn, VRX racing simulators, games and hands-on booths from organizations like the McTavish Academy of Art. The one-day event will take place at Iroquois Park in Sidney.

The best part of the tournament is that all funds raised will go towards fulfilling the dreams of some incredible kids in the community, thanks to Help Fill A Dream. These experiences could be anything from a family trip to Disneyland to specialized medical equipment to meeting their favorite sports hero. Over $150,000 has been raised in previous years, and this year we're aiming to increase that total. By participating in the tournament, you will be helping Help Fill A Dream raise funds to support their mission and make a difference in the lives of these incredible local kids.

So, bring your friends, family, and colleagues and join us for a day of hockey, fun and community. Thanks to the generous support from TD Bank,, and many other local businesses and organizations, this year's tournament promises to be the best one yet.

Let's make dreams come true at Seaside Magazine's Charity Road Hockey Tournament 2024 – register your team, join us as a volunteer or come cheer on your favourite players! For more information and to register your team, visit


MULTI-GENERATIONAL TRAVEL: An Unforgettable Adventure

Taking up surfing at 75 is not for the faint of heart, or sane. But it lifted my heart when I looked up from my board to see my granddaughter, six, fly ahead of me on the crest of a wave.

As predicted by our instructor, Harper needed no pointers, no physics lessons. "Don't listen to me," the Tofino Paddle Surf guy said to her. "You'll know what to do." She had popped up after a wave surged under her, straight to the classic surfing stance, and rode the water till the force waned. In those moments, proud Papa reflected on how rare this would have been to previous generations.

For mine, with multi-generational holidays a big driver of the travel industry, a whole array of experiences shared across three generations is possible. Indeed, a recent New York University survey found 54% of grandparents polled said they were planning holidays with children and grandchildren in the next three years.

The Conference Board of Canada lays the surge at the feet and bank accounts of baby boomers who still have the energy and wealth to finance multi-generational trips. And boomers want to share something different.

"Forget solo travel," says AFAR Magazine travel editor Jen Murphy. "The big trend now is to bring the entire family along for an unforgettable adventure. Families are forgoing the family vacations of the past, where quality time was spent parked at the beach, and instead are looking for transformative experiences that the whole family can share." Murphy expects the trend of multi-generational travel to continue to grow in the years to come, particularly with a focus on educational travel experiences.

My first trip with my daughter Kate and granddaughter Harper was to Quebec City when Harper was 18 months old. I will forever remember the little exclamation that rang softly in my ear, though it was emphatic from one so young. "Wow," she gushed as I held her and she took in the imposing Chateau Frontenac Hotel over my shoulder. It loomed over the old town and the St. Lawrence River. "Wow" was a new feature of her pithy communication skills.

The trip was a combined Mother's Day gift to Kate and an early Father's Day present to me. Since then we've done winter and summer resort holidays, each one producing memories that will ring sweetly for the rest of my days.

The time on an Ontario lake cemented Harper's chosen medium –water. At five, she tossed the kids' paddle aside, picked up a large one and stepped into a medium-sized kayak. By the second day, she tied another kayak to hers and was towing other small children around the little bay.

That illustrated another benefit of travel for kids – a new experience with other children promotes independence and problem-solving. New friends too wary or young to try the kayak? Bring them along for the ride.

Psychologists note children are never too young to learn from travel, from being introduced to new languages and cultures to learning empathy for others.

That Quebec City trip when Harper was less than two exposed her to a taste of Europe just a short flight away and, by staying at Hotel Valcartier, part of a family resort about 30 minutes from the city centre, she was literally immersed in French. Its indoor water paradise, Bora Parc, was running full tilt on the holiday weekend. With 15 waterslides, double surf wave and multi-activity adventure river exploding with shouts and laughter, we slipped into the benign family pool.

Joy has its own universal language, and Harper glowed as it lapped around her.

Photos at left & this page, bottom by Pam Martin. Top photo, this page, by Kate Kernaghan.

P t d B -Watchkeeper Sponsors-In-KindCOMMERCIAL BANKING C I B C P R I V A T E W E A L T H MAY 2024 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 27

Every year the Victoria Humane Society rescues over 1,300 unwanted and injured animals who have nowhere else to turn. Today alone, we have over 80 dogs and 120 cats in foster care. And more on the way. Please consider how you can help.

Help give them the life they deserve.
the love begin.
Donate ∙ Adopt ∙
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Opening Day

Opening Day

June 1st 2024

June 1st 2024

Entertainment for All Ages



Get ready for a season of community, fresh produce, and family fun as the Peninsula Country Market gears up for its opening day on June 1st, 2024! After months of meticulous planning and preparation, our team is thrilled to invite you to join us at the picturesque Peninsula Country Market for a summer filled with delightful vendors, lively music, and memorable moments.

Get ready for a season of community, fresh produce, and family fun as the Peninsula Country Market gears up for its opening day on June 1st, 2024! After months of meticulous planning and preparation, our team is thrilled to invite you to join us at the picturesque Peninsula Country Market for a summer filled with delightful vendors, lively music, and memorable moments.

Entertainment for All Ages

Entertainment for All Ages

Get ready for a season of community, fresh produce, and family fun as the Peninsula Country Market gears up for its opening day on June 1st, 2024! After months of meticulous planning and preparation, our team is thrilled to invite you to join us at the picturesque Peninsula Country Market for a summer filled with delightful vendors, lively music, and memorable moments.

Join Us on Opening Day!

Join Us on Opening Day!

Join Us on Opening Day!

Mark your calendars and gather your loved ones for a day of celebration and discovery at the Peninsula Country Market. Whether you're a seasoned market-goer or experiencing it for the first time, we guarantee you won't leave empty-handed—or with an empty heart. So come one, come all, and experience the magic of our market season, where fresh food, friendly faces, and fond memories await.

Mark your calendars and gather your loved ones for a day of celebration and discovery at the Peninsula Country Market. Whether you're a seasoned market-goer or experiencing it for the first time, we guarantee you won't leave empty-handed—or with an empty heart. So come one, come all, and experience the magic of our market season, where fresh food, friendly faces, and fond memories await.

Prepare to be serenaded by the sounds of live music as talented performers take the stage throughout the season. Whether you're a music enthusiast or simply looking to relax with friends, our shaded seating area provides the perfect spot to unwind and soak in the melodies. And while you're here, why not grab a cup of coffee or a delectable treat from one of our many vendors? With each purchase, you'll be supporting local businesses and indulging in the flavors of our community.

Prepare to be serenaded by the sounds of live music as talented performers take the stage throughout the season. Whether you're a music enthusiast or simply looking to relax with friends, our shaded seating area provides the perfect spot to unwind and soak in the melodies. And while you're here, why not grab a cup of coffee or a delectable treat from one of our many vendors?

Prepare to be serenaded by the sounds of live music as talented performers take the stage throughout the season. Whether you're a music enthusiast or simply looking to relax with friends, our shaded seating area provides the perfect spot to unwind and soak in the melodies. And while you're here, why not grab a cup of coffee or a delectable treat from one of our many vendors?

With each purchase, you'll be supporting local businesses and indulging in the flavors of our community.

With each purchase, you'll be supporting local businesses and indulging in the flavors of ou community.

Mark your calendars and gather your loved ones for a day of celebration and discovery at the Peninsula Country Market. Whether you're a seasoned market-goer or experiencing it for the first time, we guarantee you won't leave empty-handed—or with an empty heart. So come one, come all, and experience the magic of our market season, where fresh food, friendly faces, and fond memories await.

Family-Friendly Fun

Family-Friendly Fun

Family-Friendly Fun

At the Peninsula Country Market, there's something for everyone to enjoy, no matter your age. Our Peninsula Co-op Kid Zone is back and better than ever, featuring new and exciting additions that are sure to spark joy in the hearts of young adventurers. Let your little ones explore, create, and play in a safe and welcoming environment, while you mingle with neighbors and discover the true spirit of community.

At the Peninsula Country Market, there's something for everyone to enjoy, no matter your age. Our Peninsula Co-op Kid Zone is back and better than ever, featuring new and exciting additions that are sure to spark joy in the hearts of young adventurers. Let your little ones explore, create, and play in a safe and welcoming environment, while you mingle with neighbors and discover the true spirit of community.

At the Peninsula Country Market, there's something for everyone to enjoy, no matter your age. Our Peninsula Co-op Kid Zone is back and better than ever, featuring new and exciting additions that are sure to spark joy in the hearts of young adventurers. Let your little ones explore, create, and play in a safe and welcoming environment, while you mingle with neighbors and discover the true spirit of community.

An Atmosphere Like No Other

An Atmosphere Like No Other

An Atmosphere Like No Other

Nestled in the heart of the Saanich Fairground, the Peninsula Country Market offers ample space to wander and explore. Breathe in the crisp country air as you stroll through the aisles, taking in the sights of bustling vendors and eager

Nestled in the heart of the Saanich Fairground the Peninsula Country Market offers ample space to wander and explore. Breathe in the crisp country air as you stroll through the aisles, taking

Nestled in the heart of the Saanich Fairground, the Peninsula Country Market offers ample space to wander and explore. Breathe in the crisp country air as you stroll through the aisles, taking in the sights of bustling vendors and eager shoppers. With plenty of easy parking and welcoming volunteers on hand, your visit promises to be stress-free and enjoyable from start to finish.

Saturday’s from June 1- Oct 12 -

Saturday’s from June 1- Oct 12


Saturday’s from Jun C

p @peninsulacountrymarket
Fairgrounds Saanichton
June 1st 202
Saanich Fairgrounds Saanichton BC
9am-1pm @peninsulacountrymarket

St. Francis Pet Memorial Pathway and Garden

story & photos

This year St. Stephen Church, in Saanichton, will have been serving the people of Central Saanich, and beyond, in the same building at the same location for 162 years. Truly local heritage!

The church is located in the middle of its cemetery – a wonderful, peaceful location overlooking Mount Newton Valley with the waters of Saanich Inlet in the distance.

For more than 50 years, one of the many community activities held at St. Stephen Church has been the annual "Blessing of the Animals." This event has been held beside the church, where people would bring their pet dog, cat, hamster or horse to be blessed. That fact sparked the idea that there should be a place in the community where people could remember their pets, as well as their relatives. A "Pet Cemetery" was suggested.

However, Stephen King readers would know that referring to this area as a Pet Cemetery might not be a good idea, so many names and ideas were suggested. St. Francis, being the patron Saint of Animals, was appropriate. A "Memorial Garden" where trees and flowers could be planted – a nice touch! A pathway with bricks engraved with pets names; great! All good suggestions, so all were used and the St. Francis Pet Memorial Pathway & Garden was born.

The Diocese of Islands and Inlets British Columbia considered two locations. One was at St. Stephen in Central Saanich and the other at St. Mary, Nanoose. At St. Stephen the location had to be apart from the existing cemetery. There are some who would like to be laid to rest with their pets but sorry, only the ashes of cremated pets are allowed here. The field was considered, but that would limit its use for weddings and summer camps. The solution was across the creek. The area is surrounded by bushes and trees, within sight of the field and indeed, across The Rainbow Bridge*.

Applications for an engraved brick for your pet can be found on the parish website at Look for St. Francis Pet Memorial Pathway and Garden. Click and scroll

down for the application form. You may choose where in the pathway your memorial brick will be placed, and your pet's cremated remains can be placed under your brick or scattered around the garden.

The Pet Memorial Pathway and Garden is growing. Trees and flowers have been planted and benches placed. When visiting the St. Francis Pet Memorial Pathway and Garden, look for the broom hanging in the tree. If you wish, sweep the leaves and berries from the pathway. If not, then sit, relax and reflect on the joy our pets have given us and this wonderful location.

*"Rainbow bridge" is the idea that just this side of heaven is a mythical place where pets go upon death, eventually to be re-united with their owners.



Spring in to WIN

Monday Tuesday


A Month of Giveaways!


Sidney All Care Residence: Gift Basket (value $100)


Look out for the Seaside Magazine ballot boxes at local businesses throughout May. There are 31 chances to win – we'll be drawing for all the prizes at the end of the month. Good Luck!

Enter at: 2269 Mills Rd, Sidney 7

Enter at: 9805

Prairie Inn Neighbourhood Pub & Liquor Store: $50 gift certificate

Enter at: 7806 East Saanich Rd, Saanichton 12


Each of these businesses listed is donating one great prize for Seaside Magazine's Spring In To Win giveaway. Entries are limited to one per person, per location.

All 31 draws will be done at the end of the month and winners will be notified via phone and posted on the Seaside Magazine social media pages.

Enter at: 2305


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Enter at: 9833 Third St, Sidney

Debbie Gray: $100 gift certificate for Gray’s Café
Enter at: Remax Camosun - Sidney #14-2510 Bevan Ave, Sidney 13
Simply Pure Ice & Water: 5 gallon jug + 24 Alkaline fills (value $200)
Beacon Ave, Sidney
14 Market Collective: $30 gift card
Enter at: #115-5325 Cordova Bay Road at Mattick's Farm 19 Davidson Chambers: $75 gift certificate
Enter at: 2674 Beacon Ave, Sidney
The Gallery at Matticks Farm: $100 gift certificate Enter at: #109-5325 Cordova Bay Rd, Victoria
Ecotopia Naturals: $75 gift certificate
Enter at: 9816 Seaport Place across from the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea Aquarium
Brentwood Bay Village Empourium: Native Northwest T-shirt (value $25.99)
at: 7103 W Saanich Rd, Brentwood Bay 27
Deep Cove Trading Co: $25 gift certificate
Sidney Harbour Dental: Teeth Whitening Kit (value $250)
Pier Hotel: Signature logo hotel robes from The Sidney Pier Hotel (value $100)
Seaport Pl, Sidney

We're celebrating the change of seasons with a huge giveaway! This May Seaside Magazine has teamed up with local businesses to bring our readers a whole month of prizes. There's something to be won EVERY day, a real "Spring In To Win" of gift certificates and products from all your favourite stores and businesses.

Haven Spa: Eminence Gift Pack (value $100)

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Rascals Pet Market: $75 gift certificate

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Enter at: #101-2376 Bevan Ave, Sidney boutique

Ray Dahl Optical & Optometrists: Pair of sunglasses (max. value $350)

Amica Beechwood Village: Spring-themed Amica gift basket (value $100)

Deep Cove Customs: Design consultation with inhouse designer (value $250)

Enter at: 9544 Aurora Pl, North Saanich

Hansell & Halkett Vintage Home Decor: $50 gift card

Enter at: Garden Court #105-2360 Beacon Ave, Sidney 31

Pacific Heat Pumps: Free maintenance sessions & gift basket (value $300)

Enter at: #11-9843 Second St, Sidney

Thursday Friday Saturday Wednesday
gift certificate to the theatre
& Louisa: $100 gift certificate
Beacon Ave, Sidney 10
Academy of Art: Spring Wreath Art Kit (value $48.50)
2243 Beacon Ave, Sidney
McTavish Rd, N. Saanich 15 Focus Hair Design: $30 gift certificate towards products
at: 102-2557 Beacon Ave, Sidney 16 The Shop: Local Gift Basket & $20 gift certificate to The Shop (value approx. $75)
at: 9719 First St, Sidney 17 Dancing Orchid: $25 gift certificate Enter at: #104-2537 Beacon Ave, Sidney 18
BIA: $100 Sidney by the Sea gift certificate
Beacon Ave, Sidney 22
24 Paper Chain: $25 gift certificate
Bay Rd, Victoria 25
10 Acres at the Pier: $100 gift certificate Enter at: 2538 Beacon Ave, Sidney
5325 Cordova
One Stop Furniture: Tempered glass art (value $299.99)
Enter at: #202-9768 Fifth St, Sidney 8
Michell Valley Plants: $50 gift certificate
Enter at: 2451 Island View Rd, Saanichton
piper + ally: $75 gift certificate Enter at: #111-5325 Cordova Bay Rd, Victoria 29
The Dancing Orchid 23

Committed Canines & Their Crew

The number of shows on crime scene investigation, cold cases and uncovering disappearances make up for a great deal of television and streaming. It's rare that a story doesn't end with whodunnit and how. But, in real life, sometimes the most that can be done is to make sure that families are reunited with the bodies of their loved ones.

Jason McMillan joined the Canadian Cadaver Canines (CCC) non-profit organization over two-and-a-half years ago and says that their goal is to provide closure for individuals and families;

they do this by assisting in the "recovery of presumed deceased individuals in an effort to help families and communities find answers about their loved ones." After someone has gone missing, search and rescue is immediately deployed to find individuals, but when they aren't successful, the CCC team's trained crew are dispatched to find the body.

Doctors, paramedics, social workers and mechanics are some of the professions that make up the completely volunteer-run CCC team, which Jason says requires extensive training and examinations. Volunteers become canine handlers, field techs or both; the field techs work with GPS, maps and help ensure that the handler is safe throughout the search. Canine handlers go through a two-year process of training with their dog in order to work in the field. Though the organization works throughout the province, many of the team members live and train on the Saanich Peninsula.

Jason got involved in CCC when he wanted to give his energetic Plott hound puppy Olivia a new challenge. Olivia was going through Jason's training quickly, so he took her to Pet-A-Palooza where the CCC team was showing off their dogs' skills. Jason says: "I went to the intake with my little pup and haven't looked back." Though the group is not breed specific, not all dogs make it through the rigorous training. Due to health issues, Olivia didn't make the team, but Jason's dedication hasn't wavered. He is now training a Dutch shepherd named Osiris. There are currently four active dogs on the team and seven more being trained.

Outside of the intense toll that this kind of work requires, the biggest challenge is the patience and time it takes to train the dogs.


Jason says that it's about 15 to 20 hours of training a week for the two years, and the struggle is that it often feels like "one week you got it, the next week you don't." But even with this time commitment, Jason echoes the feelings of the other trainers, saying he absolutely loves it. Each Friday night at 6 p.m. they meet up to walk for over an hour working on focused leash challenges. Because of the care put into their pets, Jason says they are "forever protective of the dogs and how they interact with other dogs," often not taking them to off-leash dog parks where there is too much of an unknown.

Once dogs and handlers are trained, they wait for the call to action. When requests come in, teams of about three check their availability and the weather patterns in the area they are heading to. There needs to be a certain amount of wind and humidity for the dogs to track cadavers. Part of the dogs' training is to distinguish between human and animal scents, whether it's bodies or bones. The organization works on cold cases up to 30 years old, so dogs need to be prepared for a number of scenarios. Jason says that they are there to "help people who have not had the ability to come home," but that even if they don't find the individual, there is at least another area that has been searched, which can aid in providing some closure.

Losing a loved one and not knowing where they are is unimaginable for many, but the work that the volunteers at Canadian Cadaver Canines are doing is extraordinary. During such a serious crisis, this organization not only steps in to help, but also doesn't leave a bill behind when they leave. Helping families during their time of need is what this dedicated group, and their dogs, train to do.

To find out more about their great work visit: www. They can also be found at the annual Pet-A-Palooza, where the people don their gear and the dogs show off their skills. Look out for upcoming garage sales, bottle drives and other fundraisers to support their work.

A Pet Care Centre That Loves Your Pets as Much as You Do!

Comfortable, clean & healthy fresh air environment

Exercise yards up to one quarter acre

Feline “Cuddle Time” • K-9 Playschool course

All managerial staff “Certified Kennel Technicians”

Recommended by veterinarians

• Full grooming services available

250-652-2301 2918 Lamont Road, Saanichton

• email:

Just minutes from Victoria Airport & BC Ferries Terminal

FREE DELIVERY on the PENINSULA! BOSLEY’S IN SIDNEY #4-2353 Bevan Avenue 250.656.6977 · @BosleysSidney Thank You for Your Continued Support! The last Thursday of every month is SENIORS’ DAY 10%regularpriced merchandise off
Photos by Tanya Murchie. Above: Ian Taylor with bloodhound Marina.
A Full Service Pet Care Facility


For our community of animal lovers there is an army of businesses ready to help you care for your pet. From vets to groomers and pet provisions to training, Seaside Magazine brings you some of the Saanich Peninsula’s animal service providers.


Happy Tails

Teeth Cleaning

At Happy Tails Teeth Cleaning we offer professional cosmetic teeth cleanings for dogs without the use of anesthetic or sedation.

Give your doggie the smile it deserves!

Book at our Spa'w location in the Royal Oak Shopping Centre for a luxurious experience for you and your doggie.

Voted Victoria’s BEST Pet Care Service for 6 years in a row!



9810 Seventh St, Sidney in the Mariner Mall (next to Subway)

We’re your dog and cat specialists offering a variety of quality raw, kibble and dehydrated diets that are just right for your furry friends. Cool ID tags, gorgeous collars and a curated selection of yummy treats, harnesses, apparel, packs and lifejackets for all your summer adventures.


Shop 24/7 online at Free Next Day Delivery over $50.


Services ANIMAL
us help you on this exciting journey as we walk you through your pet's nutritional needs to find that perfect diet suited just for them. OPEN MON - SAT & WE DELIVER! 778.426.4290 Family Owned & Operated PET MARKET PET MARKET #5-7103 W Saanich Rd, Brentwood Bay FUREVER PET PALS · 250.516.6489 INSURED LIFETIME OF EXPERIENCE COMPETITIVE RATES I’M SO BORED, I COULD EAT THE COUCH DOG WALKING 36 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | MAY 2024

DENISE GACH, General Manager


Owner /Head Dog Trainer

CommuniCanine Training & Behavioural


CommuniCanine offers group dog training classes for all ages and private behavioural counselling for dogs with specific challenges. From our Puppy SuperStart to Mind Your Manners programs, we can help turn your dog into the lovable, obedient companion you’ve always wanted.


Village Pets Specialty Pet Products

At Village Pets, you are always a VIP –VERY IMPORTANT PET! (Woof/Meow!)

Village Pets is a small store with a big heart! We have a little bit of everything under one roof. Dog, Cat, Bird, Small Animal, we carry it all. Locally owned and operated since 2019. GROOMING NOW AVAILABLE. Come on in!


#3 - 7816 E Saanich Rd, Saanichton


Bosley’s Pet Supply Store

We are a locally owned and operated pet supply store that understands how important your pet is to you. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are eager to assist you in making informed decisions about the overall wellbeing of your pet


#4 - 2353 Bevan Ave, Sidney @bosleyssidney Gifts that will command your attention!

#loveyourlocal with the monthly Seaside Magazine giveaway box, filled with amazing gifts from our local businesses.


Find the image of the box hidden somewhere in this issue.

Visit by May 31st to let us know where you found it.

Community Partners:

Brentwood Bay Village Empourium muffet & louisa • Provenance Fine Things

Country Bee Honey Farm

Burl & Blossom • Ecotopia Naturals

McTavish Academy of Art

Congratulations to March’s winner, Doug C.

Caring for Pet Wellness & Nutrition Caring for Your
Serving Sidney for 13 Years!
& Nutrition
Monthly Giveaway!

Kidpreneurs with a Passion for Pets

The market was ripe for the opportunity. Local focus groups tested the product. Package design was finalized. The business was ready to launch … just as soon as everything was packed into grandma's car!

Sisters Aurora (above), age 11, and Jasmine Thompson, age 15, of North Saanich, are the young entrepreneurs behind a new organic dog treat that they presented on April 13 at Kidovate at Victoria's Bay

Centre, a youth entrepreneurship market for middle school and high school students.

The inspiration for this venture came from the girls' love of their own dogs. "We both like dogs and baking and cooking. These treats are good for dogs; they are healthy," shares Jasmine.

The venture has provided a great opportunity for the girls to develop skills and abilities and to tap into personal interests. "I love dogs. They give you so much joy," shares Aurora. "I would like to be working with dogs in the future." Jasmine adds: "I've always loved cooking, and I have my Food Safe certificate. I like math a lot. I've made lists of ingredient amounts and nutrition percentages in the treats."

While the girls are learning a lot through this process, at its core, their project comes down to their love of dogs. As well as serving as an inspiration for the sisters' venture, the family dogs, Jasper and Wiggles, have been enthusiastic taste-testers of the treats.

"Pets are so important for us," says Jasmine. "They are living beings that we are responsible for, and we're wanting to make products that are good for them." After doing a fair amount of online research, the girls decided on two types of dog treats: salmon and pumpkin. The treats have no preservatives, antibiotics or hormones. They are handmade using fresh organic ingredients without gluten, wheat products, lactose or added salt.

"They're really healthy for the animals," comments Aurora. "Salmon helps to give them silky shiny coats, and pumpkin is good for digestion. Also, there's no salt in them because it's not good for dogs." The

Mother. for every occasion Putting Your Love for Her Into Words. Paper Chain 250-658-2725 | 5325 Cordova Bay Road at Mattick’s Farm

salmon treats feature locally-caught sockeye salmon and the pumpkin version is made from locally harvested pumpkin. Organic elements such as oat, rice, and chickpea flour, hemp seed oil and beetroot powder are sourced from the mainland. Everything is done by hand in small batches. The salmon has gone through a canning process which makes any bones extremely soft and edible. The pumpkin has been cut into pieces, retaining the peel, cooked, blended and finally canned.

Over $5.5 million raised towards our $15 million goal!

"We blend all the ingredients, weigh each amount and then put it into silicone molds. We bake them at 300° for about half an hour," outlines Aurora. Jasmine adds: "Then the treats continue baking in our toaster oven at a dehydrate setting. They last longer this way."

After reviewing a number of possibilities, two mold shapes were chosen for their appeal. The salmon version is a bone-shaped treat; the pumpkin variety is in the shape of a heart. "We chose these shapes because they're so cute!" says Jasmine.

During the process, the sisters have been sharing the product with friends and family. Positive reviews have been affirming. "We gave away samples to our friends and cousins to give to their dogs, and they all wanted more," smiles Jasmine. Aurora adds: "One of my friends told me that her dog would get upset if her family pulled out any other dog treats. Her dog wanted our treat!"

Participating in the Kidovate event means taking care of an assortment of business-related tasks including signage, display, and visual marketing. Jasmine, a long-time craft enthusiast, created numerous sampler packages. "I put a few of the dog treats in small squares of cheesecloth and tied them up with specially designed labels that I make. It's a creative giveaway," she says.

From initial idea to creation to marketing, the product journey can be full of twists and turns, but for these two girls, enthusiasm reigns. "We worked around things that came up. We researched quite a bit," relates Aurora. "No matter how hard you think it might be, you can succeed."

And, just how good are these treats? Well, based on their wagging tails and happy demeanor, they are definitely Jasper-and-Wiggles-approved!

For more information, visit

space for comfort and care

With your help we can transform Saanich Peninsula Hospital’s Acute Care Unit

Our Acute Care Unit’s dedicated doctors, nurses and support sta are committed to exceptional care for every patient. There have been huge changes in medical equipment, tools and procedures since Saanich Peninsula Hospital was built in 1974. After five decades of devoted service, it’s now time to upgrade the Acute Care Unit to reflect the quality of care that is provided there every day.

Every donation counts, please donate today.

50 high performing
the US and Canada!
Recognized by the Association For Healthcare Philanthropy as one of the top
organizations across

THE END OF THE GRAPE: Where Next for the B.C. Wine Industry?

It's springtime, and, here on the Saanich Peninsula, the grapevines are budding. Spare a thought, though, for the vineyard owners in the Okanagan. 99% of the crop was lost in that brutal cold snap – and with it many of the vines.

How was the Saanich Peninsula spared? Vitis vinifera – the plant that produces fine wine – is hardy down to about -20°C. We got down to about -16°C locally. Parts of the Okanagan got down to -27°C.

Starting again will involve pulling out those vines and replanting, probably not earlier than next spring. From there, it's three years to the first crop. That's 2028 before we'd expect the Okanagan to recover – assuming vineyard owners decide to replant. Many of the smaller producers probably will not. If these past two winters are a sign of the predicted unpredictability, replanting a marginal crop is unlikely to be sustainable. At best, expect scarcity, higher prices and increased consolidation in the winery sector. More realistically: grape production is winding down.

While there won't be the same shortage of Vancouver Island wines –offering perhaps a chance for our wines to shine for a few years – the local industry faces its own long-term challenges. Wells across the Peninsula failed last summer, and most of the southern Island is now considered an aquifer of concern. Perverse provincial legislation makes more environmentally-friendly growing practices like dry farming economically unsustainable. But even if the legislation was amended, grapes don't have good prospects. While our maritime climate offers us some winter protection from killing freezes, the reality is that we are best suited as a region to early crops that mature before our dry season begins or autumn crops that benefit (as grapes manifestly do not) from the October rains.

But great wine doesn't need to be made from grapes! Any fruit or vegetable can be fermented. Nor do these wines need to be the nauseatingly sweet fortified dessert wines that currently dominate this category. Lean close, and I will tell you a winemaker secret: that stuff is sugar and booze masking poor-quality wine. Don't let it turn you off the category. If you enjoy a Sauvignon Blanc with green pepper notes, you can get your head around a dry raspberry wine with Pinot Noir notes. Market research shows that 68% of consumers, when introduced to "alternative" wines, are positive.

It's a growing international movement among serious winemakers, because this is not just a B.C. reality. Wine Enthusiast ran a feature in 2023 on the fruit wine movement in the U.S. There are some great "alternative" wines coming out of Ontario, which, thanks to our interprovincial trade restrictions, we can't easily sample. In province, Forbidden Fruit Winery in the Similkameen ( is about 40 years ahead of the curve and is the place to start if you're curious.

Change is the only constant. Farmers know it better than anyone. We pulled out half our vineyard last year. The new raspberries are leafing out. The plum saplings are in flower. Nature finds a way; so can winemakers and wine drinkers.


What's Happe i ening

A M A R Y W I N S P E A R C E N T R E & S E A S T A R P R O D U C T I O N S P R E S E N T A T I O N

The Peninsula Players Halfway There

The small town of Stewiacke, Nova Scotia is located exactly halfway between the equator and the North Pole. Into this town wanders Doctor Sean Merrit, newly dumped by his fiancée and looking to leave his troubles far behind. The first people he meets are four local women, each with issues of their own. What follows is a month of lessons learned for all, through hilarity, tears and the bonds of unshakeable friendship. Sugar and spice and everything nice…with a dash of Maritime salt! Halfway There is a feel good theatrical experience that will keep you smiling long after you leave the theatre.

A word from the Director, Misty Cozac

“When I pitched Halfway There to the Peninsula Players Board about a year ago now, I remember thinking that this play may be set in Stewiacke, NS, but the dynamics and relationships are reminiscent of any small town in Canada, including Sidney. I wanted to direct a play that would resonate with the local community - one where people saw themselves onstage - the good, the bad, and the hilarious! Although the plot has some romantic elements, the heart of the play is the friendships between the 4 lead women - Rita, Vi, Mary Ellen and Janine. I saw four modern Golden Girls - the flirty one, the steady one, the naive one and the sassy one. Each one brings the best out of the others. Having it set in the Maritimes has opened the door to adding some wonderful LIVE music, courtesy of our roving minstrel, Cam Culham. Those who attend this show will be treated to a big hug of a play with a lot of laughs.”

Coming Later this Year






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Tart Shell

2 cups blanched asparagus slices

1” size, cut pickled asparagus (store bought is OK or google a quick pickle recipe)

2 cups arugula

1 tbsp grated parmesan parmesan vinaigrette (or a store bought balsamic vinaigrette is great)

1 small fennel, fronds removed and thinly sliced

1 radish, thinly sliced

1 tbsp sliced almonds, toasted and crumbled

Parmesan Vinaigrette

6 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1 cup olive oil

7 tbsp finely grated parmesan (real is best)

3 black anchovies

1/2 lemon zested + juice of 1 whole lemon

3 garlic cloves, finely chopped

2 tsp finely chopped shallot

4 parsley stems, finely chopped

3 tbsp capers (no juice)

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp mustard

salt + pepper, to taste


Asparagus season runs from late March to June. It can be found at the grocery store all year round, but it’s during these months that asparagus can be sourced locally and when it is most flavourful. Asparagus stands as a beacon of versatility in the realm of culinary delights. Its slender spears lend themselves to an array of cooking methods, from simple steaming to indulgent grilling, sautéing, roasting and even pickling. Whether featured as a star ingredient in a creamy risotto, tossed into a crisp salad or elegantly wrapped in prosciutto for a gourmet appetizer, asparagus adapts effortlessly to various cuisines and flavour profiles. It seamlessly complements a spectrum of other ingredients, from seafood to poultry, pasta to eggs, offering a harmonious balance of texture and taste. Asparagus not only shines in savoury dishes but also surprises palates when incorporated into inventive desserts or blended into creamy soups. Its versatility knows no bounds, making it a staple in kitchens worldwide and a cherished ingredient for culinary exploration.



1 3/4 cups heavy cream

1/2 cup 2% milk

1 tsp salt

1 tsp black pepper

8 egg yolks

1 large whole egg

1/4 cup chopped

asparagus (1-3 spears, depending on size)

1 handful spinach

1 tbsp chopped fresh basil

store-bought crust or pastry shell, or homemade quiche crust

For full recipes visit


& click "Food" tab or email NEWS@SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA


4 spears fresh


1 cup arborio rice

1 cup chicken or veg stock + 4 cups


shaved parmesan

6 leaves of basil

1 tsp chives

2 tbsp + olive oil

1/4 cup leeks,

We provide all the dental services you need to achieve and maintain a beautiful smile. We are committed to providing each and every patient with treatments tailored to their specific needs and goals. We provide all our patients with the highest level of care and treat them like our own family. We offer evening hours to ensure you can receive treatment without compromising your schedule. If you’re looking for a dental office near you, look no further. •

Connect in the Heart of Nature 1155 RESORT DRIVE PARKSVILLE BC | TIGHNAMARA.COM | 18006637373 Visit Us at Our New Location for a Tour! 250-656-1841 | 9833 Third St, Sidney ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS NOW OFFERING BOTOX
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The latest in Dental Technology SIDNEY HARBOUR DENTAL YOUR DENTIST IN SIDNEY Exceptional Dental Care for the Whole Family Dr. Tracy Mitchell 46 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | MAY 2024
General, Cosmetic &
Dentistry •

Prospect Lake

The oak leaves have unfurled, scattered wildflowers lend bursts of colour to the land, birds' nests sing with new activity, and frogs repeat their stories from the tall grass. It's May at Prospect Lake! Longer daylight hours and warm weather make spring the perfect time to enjoy an early morning of fishing or a beautiful sunset reflected in the calm water. If you live in this stretch of cottage country heaven, you are one of the lucky ones indeed. The rest of us can enjoy a day trip to explore the area, thanks to several easy-to-access parks.

Prospect Lake is 200 acres in size and stocked with rainbow trout annually. If you have a small boat in tow, you can make use of the Echo Lake Boat Launch at the end of Echo Place on the eastern shore. Boaters must abide by local bylaws and Transport Canada regulations.

Whitehead Park on the northern tip of the lake is a beautiful spot where Prospect Lake Road, Tod Creek and Goward Road meet. There is a great playground, ample parking, seasonal washrooms, a carry-in boat launch, small dock, green space and picnic tables under picturesque willow trees.

Estelline Park is tucked away down a narrow road, with limited parking and a marshy carry-in boat launch.

Further down the western shore, South Prospect Lake Park can be accessed from Prospect Lake Road. Fawn lilies are in abundance on either side of the foot trail as we head steeply down a couple of hundred metres to the lake that boasts beautiful views and water access.

Our final destination is a May Day gathering at a friend's parents' place who have a dock on the lake and several big old trees. We show the kids how to set up a traditional maypole and dance with the ribbons. They whirl around and around until they're dizzy and laughing, then lie in the grass making flower crowns. Patio string lights come on as we start the barbecue to the clink of glasses. It's the beginning of another season to be grateful for and we stay up late, sharing our wishes in the evening light.

Things to Note:

• To get there, take West Saanich Road, Burnside Road West, or the Interurban Rail Trail to Prospect Lake Road or Goward Road

• Learn more about Prospect Lake Parks at

• Find out about the Friends of Tod Creek Watershed restoration projects at



Located in the desirable neighbourhood of Robert’s Bay, The Bayside Towns are surrounded by nearby beaches & trails, yet moments from the dynamic high street of Sidney. Feel naturally at home in the community where your life takes root. Bayside Towns offers contemporary living, intelligent design and unparalleled quality. Functional living spaces that reflect an inspired West Coast lifestyle.

Surrounded by green space and just steps to Sidney’s waterfront, Bayside Towns offers a convenient location paired with a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood setting. Experience everything Sidney has to offer.

Floor plans, neighbourhood information, fit and finishes and much more are all available on our website. Register for updates s work continues!

Site tours now available, contact us for details!


SHOP. MEET. PLAY. EAT. Terry Stockus
the QR code and click the link to visit Scan
2518 Shoracres Road | Sidney | $5,995,000 | 5 beds | 4 baths | 3,843 sq.ft. | 30,492 Lot Sq. Ft. Stunning Waterfront Estate in the Heart of Sidney By The Sea. Luxury finishing through and through. 1355 Tapping Road | North Saanich | $3,298,000 5 beds | 5 baths | 4,022 sq.ft. | 3.97 Acres 1689 Texada Terrace | North Saanich | $2,249,000 3 beds | 3 baths | 3,054 sq.ft. | 7,747 Lot Sq. Ft. 5920 Wallace Drive | West Saanich | $2,399,000 4 beds | 5 baths | 2,525 sq.ft. | 6.22 Acres B-2283 Weiler Ave | 1 Level Duplex | $1,299,000 3 beds | 2 baths | 1,425 sq.ft. | 5,146 Lot Sq. Ft.

The Circle of Life : Sidney Centre Family Dentistry

From jerseys and hockey skates to white coats and forceps, the future of dentistry in Sidney is coming full circle.

Advances in technology touch all areas of our lives, and as expected the dental field is no exception. What may be surprising, though, are the new additions to Sidney Centre Family Dentistry that are close on the horizon and bringing fresh approaches to care. Jaci and Loren Braun opened their office in June of 2000, whilst Jaci was pregnant with eldest son, Riley. Fast forward 24 years and the proud parents are eagerly awaiting the graduation of Riley and their youngest son Payton, both now finishing up their first year of dental school.

Riley, studying at Midwestern University in Arizona and Payton, at California's Loma Linda University, are due to graduate in 2027, and they have plans to join their family's practice back home here in Sidney. Both have had their white coat ceremony, a rite of passage in dental school where a white coat is placed on each student's shoulders, signifying their entrance into the dental profession. Jaci proudly donned Payton's coat for him during his ceremony.

The U.S. schools are known for providing students with the opportunity to learn exceptional clinical skills while gaining experience with the latest materials, procedures and technologies. The brothers are excited to return to their home community and offer patients the benefits of all their diligent studying.

Many of the advancements they are exploring are in further digitization of the office. Some fascinating examples of innovations that will be seen are the following:

• Impressions done by taking photographs of the mouth, rather than the gooey materials currently used.

• Digital images of the teeth will be three dimensional, allowing the observance of greater details than existing two-dimensional digital X-rays allow.

• Artificial intelligence will interpret dental images in order to facilitate the diagnosis of dental disease.

These translate to more efficient diagnostics, greater accuracy in disease detection and an all around more pleasant experience for those reclining in the dental chair.

The family's connections to the Sidney community run deep. Many

We Do Hands-On Assessment & Treatment! ACTIVE BALANCE PHYSIOTHERAPY STUDIO CALL US FOR PHYSIOTHERAPY AND KINESIOLOGY 103-9816 Seaport Pl | 250.208.5942 | SEAN GRAVES, RMT Bringing Care To You Mobile Massage Therapy Professional & Compassionate Direct Billing Available 250.514.1209 • SIDNEY CENTRE FAMILY DENTISTRY Dr. Loren J. Braun New Patients Welcome • Emergency Treatment Insurance Accepted • IV Sedation Available 250.655.7188 | #215-9764 Fifth St. | 50 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | MAY 2024

patients have watched Riley and Payton grow up, first from pictures at the front desk, then during homeschooling at the office, and later working some reception duties and even sterilizing instruments. The boys are familiar to many patients and if you're a hockey fan, you're sure to know them from their time playing for the Peninsula Panthers. They were teammates, Riley as team captain when the Panthers tragically lost Grant Gilberston in a car accident and went on to win the league championship in his honour, in 2022. Loren was also heavily involved in hockey through coaching, time on the hockey association board, and lending his expertise as the Peninsula Panthers team dentist. It's fun to think that many of the teammates the boys played with may one day be their patients.

From jerseys and hockey skates to white coats and forceps, the future of dentistry in Sidney is coming full circle.

Sidney Centre Family Dentistry welcomes patients of all ages, offering young and old alike a relaxed, low pressure environment for procedures which make some people nervous. Many existing patients were first seen as young children, then through their teen years and now feel comfortable bringing their own children for care. Jaci affectionately calls this: "The circle of life in a dental office."

Jaci and Loren love treating entire families and caring for them as they grow and change, and their family of clientele cares too. Jaci continues: "Many times when I give patients updates about the boys being in dental school or Riley getting married, I get the response: 'I can't believe they are old enough to be in dental school; I remember when they were only this tall,' as they hold their hand three feet off the floor." Many patients have been with them since the beginning, a testament to the close-knit practice.

The small family of staff, most who have been with the office for over 10 years, provide the kind of familiarity which imparts trust and confidence. And, importantly, they are there when you need them most. Same-day emergency care and sedation services (oral, nitrous oxide and intravenous sedation) for patients who need it complement their full slate of services. Direct billing to insurance plans also eases the payment process at the end of your visit.

From championship titles to winning the hearts of clientele, there have been many proud moments for Jaci and Loren. Now, there's much excitement as they look down the road to the time when their boys return to join their Sidney office.

Family & Implant Dentistry Now Offering Sedation #104 - 9845 Resthaven Dr, Sidney 250.656.1199 | PENINSULAPHYSIO.CA 9733 4TH ST, SIDNEY 250.656.4717 GARDEN GOT YOUR BACK? WE GNOME HOW TO HELP! CALL TODAY OR BOOK ONLINE! MAY 2024 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 51

We excel at finding your perfect outfit for any special occasion Whether it's for cruising, mother of the bride or any special event 2493 B Beacon Avenue (250) 655-0372

M A K E S K I N C O N G E S T I O N A N D T E X T U R E A T H I N G O F T H E P A S T ! U s i n g t h e n e w e s t l i n e f r o m E m i n e n c e , r e v e a l y o u r m o s t g l o w y a n d r a d i a n t s k i n B l a c k S e e d a n d C h a r c o a l w o r k l i k e a m a g n e t t o d r a w o u t i m p u r i t i e s , g i v i n g y o u t h e c o n f i d e n c e t o s k i p o n f o u n d a t i o n D u r i n g t h i s f a c i a l , y o u r s k i n w i l l b e t r e a t e d w i t h a H i g h F r e q u e n c y m a c h i n e u s e d t o t r e a t a n d p r e v e n t s t u b b o r n a c n e , s h r i n k e n l a r g e d p o r e s , a n d r e d u c e t h e a p p e a r a n c e o f f i n e l i n e s & w r i n k l e s T h i s t r e a t m e n t i
e s c o m p l
t a r y e x
t i o n s u s i n g t h e n e w D e s i n c r u s t a t i o n G e l f r o m E m i n e n c e . PLUS! FOR THE MONTH OF MAY PURCHASE BOTH THE CHARCOAL CLARIFYING OIL AND MASQUE AND RECEIVE $47 OFF YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE A SECRET GIFT WITH PURCHASE!
n c
u d
i m e n
t r a c
in Sidney

Sound Healing: The Benefits of Frequency and Vibration

While I do my dream job – helping people through sound – I find myself amazed at how something as simple as sound can make such a big impact in people's lives. So, what exactly is Sound Healing, Sound Therapy or a Sound Bath?

More and more people are now turning to alternative forms of healing, and opening up to different perspectives about how they want to live their lives. There are so many wellness options people have access to now, and Sound Healing is one of them. It's easy for our energy to get knocked off balance, and having regular Sound Baths is an extremely relaxing and gentle way of supporting our internal energy, helping us feel better.

In a Sound Bath you get to lie down, making yourself as cozy as possible on a mat with a pillow, blanket, bolster and anything else you want to have. The Sound Healer facilitating the session might use an assortment of different musical instruments that will give off very specific healing frequencies and vibrations that fill the space you are lying in. These instruments can range from crystal singing bowls, gongs, shamanic drums, didgeridoos, tuning forks, ocean drums, tongue drums, chimes and more. You simply lie there, bathing in the vibrations of the sounds from these instruments and relax, as you get an energetic spa for your mind, body and soul.

Playing these instruments in a Sound Bath supports the many

energy centres in our body that oversee the regulation of energy that flows through our organs and systems. They help move through energy imbalances and blocks that are causing any mental, emotional or physical discomfort so the body can start to heal itself. The notes being played have a frequency that supports this process and the instruments are tuned to a specific hertz that has its own energetic benefits. A couple of the most common ones you will hear are 432hz, which is tuned to the frequency of nature; and 528hz, which is the frequency of unconditional love and DNA repair. One more benefit of a Sound Bath is how the frequencies of the instruments can entrain our minds into a delta or theta brainwave state and put us into a restorative sleep, quieting the mind and allowing the body to relax, reducing stress.

This form of gentle healing can be found by attending group Sound Bath events or workshops. There are one-on-one Sound Healing sessions with a certified Sound Healer or Sound Therapist if you are looking for the session to be more attuned to your personal needs.

Many alternative modalities like Sound Healing can bring simplicity back into helping ourselves feel better. These kinds of tools are an amazing assist while you heal yourself, and what better support to have than one that feels safe, gentle and kind in your body.

For more information visit,

About 17% of British Columbians –somewhere around 800,000 people –are experiencing a mental illness or substance use issue today. The Canadian Mental Health Association has issued a call for kindness this year – for others, and for yourself.

Find resources and tools online:

Showing compassion towards others is a simple way to show them that you care. It may not be in your power to change their situation, but kindness and understanding are powerful tools when someone is su ering. Compassion can also help you feel connected to those around you.

Mental Health Week MAY 6 – 12, 2024



Harmony of Heart and Home

She may fly high when she sings, but even a songbird needs a place to land. Sidney-born vocalist, Diane Pancel, is a talented soprano with a four-octave range who is enjoying a successful career, but she never forgets her family roots.

"When I was young, I remember saying to my mom 'I'm a pop star!' My mom handed me the vacuum cleaner, saying: 'OK little pop star, go clean your room,'" shares Diane. "Now that I'm a grown woman, I am grateful for that. My parents kept me grounded all these years."

Diane is a multi-faceted jazz and R&B singer who has performed nationally and internationally and collaborated with wellknown names in the music industry such as David Foster and Nelly Furtado. She has provided the voice for countless radio and TV advertisements and sang the national anthem at NHL, NBA and MLS sporting events. These days Diane's schedule continues to be busy, with an appearance with The Commodores Big Band at the Mary Winspear Centre, an upcoming show in Switzerland in August and the "Musical Homecoming" for Parkland Secondary's 50th anniversary in September.

Diane shares that her journey has been an interesting, winding road, but her love of music remains as strong as ever. "When I reflect now on the things that I've done all these years, I think I am just as passionate about it all as when I started."


While many don't get a professional start until their adult years, Diane attained that pivotal moment at the age of 15. "My dad took me to Roan Sound recording studio in January of 1989," she recalls. "On July 21, 1989, my first album, titled Creature Made in Heaven, was released."

Just prior to that memorable day, Diane had returned from a family vacation in Hawaii where she had experienced a unique musical opportunity. "On the island, there was a studio where you could record a song. I really wanted to do this and begged my parents. I recorded four songs and also did a music video," she relates. "They showed the video on a large television screen that faced out onto the street. My video became the number-one requested video."

The experience prompted Diane to change direction in her life. "At this time, I was a competitive figure skater. I knew skating had a shelf life. A skater could eventually go on to do ice shows or become a skating judge," she says. "So, I shifted my passion to music."

Her love of music perhaps comes as no surprise. Her father was an opera singer, and music was a constant in the family home. "Dad was the singer in the family and he was my voice teacher," she says.

Diane took part in choir at her elementary school and participated in musical theater, acting and dance at Parkland Secondary School. She also did musical appearances outside of school both in Victoria and Vancouver. At age 17, accompanied by her first professional band, she toured throughout the province and Alberta.

Her family roots inspire an international flavour to some of her repertoire. "I grew up with music around me. My dad is from Hungary, and my mom is from Portugal," Diane shares.

The Great American Songbook, which is a collection of jazz standards and popular songs of the early 20th century, was a key influence in Diane's music. "Singers like Nat King Cole, Connie Francis, Sam Cooke, Doris Day and Aretha Franklin really connect with the music, lyrics, and their

Dr. Matthew Foulkes and his team are committed to providing all our current and new patients a relaxed environment with calm and quality care. Come visit our office and staff!

audience," she relates.

Her show "Ladies of Hollywood," which she wrote and starred in, pays homage to Doris Day, Judy Garland and Marilyn Munro and her "Ladies of Song" showcases the music of Rosemary Clooney, Whitney Houston and Barbara Streisand. Recently Diane performed with Kim Greenwood at Herman's Jazz Club in "Doris and Judy," a show celebrating the music of Doris Day and Judy Garland.

Music allows Diane to communicate with people, and sometimes the songs resonate in a very personal way. "I did a show called 'Summer Love' at Herman's Jazz Club. It was 10 days after my dad had passed away," she says. "It was one of the first places where I had performed. I sang She's Got You, a Patsy Cline song, and she was my dad's favourite singer. I felt like I was coming full circle that night."

For Diane, love of music will always be the centre point of that circle that allows this talented songbird to fly to new heights.

THE VILLAGE GALLERY SIDNEY, BC 2459 B EACON AVENU E , S IDNEY www . 77 8 . 42 6 .1113 Art & Sculpture • Custom Framing • Printing Services “Morning Oak” Ken Foster MAY FEATURE : GALLERY PHOTOGRAPHERS KEN FOSTER • DAVE HUTCHISON • ALAN KLUGHAMMER HELEN B. WATT • MIKE WOODING Our services include
to: • Examinations & Hygiene • Crowns & Bridges • Complete & Partial Dentures
Restorations • Root Canal Therapy • Extractions • Clear Aligner Braces Dr. Matthew Foulkes, BSc. Hon., DDS Accepting New Patients & Walk-ins are welcome 250-598-5441 | #230-4460 Chatterton Way
but aren't limited



BioSil is a patented source of choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA®) that is clinically proven to help with the formation of collagen for thicker and stronger hair, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin elasticity, and stronger nails. By activating activating your body’s own production of collagen, keratin, and elastin, while simultaneously protecting existing levels of collagen from degradation, it provides the most beautiful results for healthy hair, skin, and nails. BioSil is non-GMO, gluten free, and suitable for vegans.


Glowing Skin

•Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

•Improves firmness and elasticity

•Promotes a plump, bright appearance

Luscious Hair

•Reduces fraying + split ends

•Thicker, stronger + fuller hair

•Healthy shine

Strong Nails

•Strong, flexible nails

•Smooth, fast-growing nails

•Mends + prevents thinning, peeling, splitting nails

Liposomal Vitamin C

Natural Factors Liposomal Vitamin C is an advanced, highly absorbable source of Vitamin C that is easy to digest. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for immune system function and collagen formation; critical to wound repair; maintaining healthy bones, cartilage, teeth, and gums. HELPS IN COLLAGEN FORMATION


Glutathione LipoMicel Matrix

Natural Factors Glutathione LipoMicel Matrix delivers an enhanced source of the antioxidant glutathione to protect your body from the oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Glutathione is a key supporter of the body’s defence against age-related conditions.

Natural Factors Quercetin LipoMicel provides 250 mg of quercetin in each liquid softgel. This is a great choice for anyone who requires blood vessel support or individuals concerned about their everyday exposure to oxidative stress from their environment and normal metabolic processes. BLOOD

Quercetin LipoMicel

Dedicated to Your Sidney Fifth at Bevan 9769 Fifth Street ◆ 250.656.2326 Victoria 2950 Douglas Street ◆ 250.384.3388 Cook Street Village 343 Cook Street ◆ 250.381.5450 YOUR BEST VALUE FOR QUALITY VITAMINS, ORGANIC GROCERIES & MORE! AVAILABLE

Supplement Recommendations for Moms

Being a mom in today's world is often a borderline super-human experience. From working to caring for the kids, the home, and having your own interests and hobbies, self-care and side hustles … it's no wonder many mothers are burnt out. With Mother's Day this month, there's an opportunity to celebrate mothers and –while a day of pancakes in bed and flowers is oh so lovely – let's take it a step further and look at the top supplements to help support longlasting good health in mom, no matter what stage of life she is in. As always, be sure to consult with your healthcare provider before taking any new supplements, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Expecting and Breastfeeding Moms

Folate/Folic Acid. Folate is essential due to its role in fetal neural tube development and reducing the risk of birth defects.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Omega-3s, particularly DHA, are important for baby's brain and eye development during pregnancy. They can also support postpartum mood and cognitive function.

Iron. The body's iron requirements increase during pregnancy and postpartum to support the expansion of blood volume.

Busy and Stressed Moms

Magnesium. Most women are magnesium deficient. Magnesium is often referred to as the "relaxation mineral" because of its role in muscle relaxation and stress resilience.

menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. It may help regulate hormonal fluctuations.

Evening Primrose Oil. Evening primrose oil contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an omega-6 fatty acid that may help alleviate breast pain and tenderness associated with hormonal fluctuations during perimenopause.

Calcium/Magnesium. Calcium is an essential mineral for bone health and the prevention of osteoporosis. Magnesium is important for regulating the nervous system, improving sleep and supporting the stress response.

Happy Mother's Day!

Vitamin B Complex. B vitamins play a crucial role in energy metabolism, mood regulation and the stress response. A B-complex supplement can help support overall energy levels and mood balance during stressful periods.

Vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for immune function, mood regulation and overall well-being. A supplement may be needed, especially in Canadian winters or if you're too busy to get out in the sun!

Probiotics. Maintaining a healthy gut microbiome is crucial for overall health, mood and stress resilience. Probiotic supplements can help promote gut health and support healthy digestion.

Adaptogens. Adaptogenic herbs such as ashwagandha, rhodiola rosea and holy basil can help the body adapt to stress and promote a sense of calm. They may also support adrenal health and help mitigate the negative effects of chronic stress.

Menopausal Moms

Black Cohosh. This herb is commonly used to alleviate

will I be okay?

We strive to create an environment where women feel safe and encouraged to build their confidence in making wise financial decisions on the path to the life they envision.

We meet monthly, on the third Wednesday of the month. Scan the QR code for event details.

Please join us for a free women’s workshop to discover your financial purpose and to start your Life By Design.

Viola Van de Ruyt

Wealth Advisor


Racheal Jamieson

Wealth Advisor


National Bank Financial - Wealth Management (NBFWM) is a division of National Bank Financial Inc. (NBF), as well as a trademark owned by National Bank of Canada (NBC) that is used under license by NBF. NBF is a member of the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization (CIRO) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF), and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NBC, a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: NA).
that I’m on my own,

Growing Pollinator-Friendly Gardens

Now that spring is upon us and flowers are in abundance, you may notice more pollinators in your garden looking for food.

When most people think of pollinators, they think of bees (did you know there are approximately 450 species of bees in British Columbia alone?). But pollinators aren't just bees – wasps, hummingbirds, butterflies, moths, beetles, ants and other insects are also pollinators as they help many plants reproduce by moving pollen from one flower to another. Pollination is important for a strong, healthy ecosystem as over 80% of the world's crops rely on pollinators to produce food. Without pollinators, much of our food crops would disappear.

Unfortunately, the numbers of many pollinators are declining. The biggest threats to pollinators are habitat loss, disease, invasive species and the excessive use of pesticides. Luckily, there are things we can do to help:

Restore Natural Habitat

Invasive plants (such as English ivy, Himalayan blackberry, and others here on the Saanich Peninsula) have the unfortunate ability to take over and destroy diversity in an ecosystem. You can help restore natural habitat for pollinators on your own property by removing invasive plants and replacing them with native species.

Protect Bee Homes

Some solitary bees (bees that do not live in a colony) make their homes in fallen trees, under fallen leaves, and even in mud. Consider leaving twigs, branches, stumps and leaf litter on the ground and not clearing them away. Also, leave exposed patches of soil around your property for bees to make their homes.

Say No to Pesticides

Pesticides can be devastating to beneficial insect populations such as pollinators. There are other ways to manage pests that are safer for the environment and its inhabitants. You can find information about alternatives to pesticides on the District of Saanich website:

Plant for Pollinators

By considering pollinators' nesting and foraging needs, we can plant pollinator-friendly gardens.

Bees and other pollinators largely feed on flowering plants and are attracted to certain colours and scents. To bring as many pollinators as possible to your garden, plant a variety of flowering plants of different


bloom colours: bees tend to prefer bright white, yellow or blue flowers; hummingbirds are attracted to reds, oranges, and whites; beetles enjoy white or green. The Province of B.C. has listed a selection of flowering plants that are good for a variety of pollinators:

Blooms Year Round

Pollinators are active on the Saanich Peninsula from early spring to late fall, so plant with bloom season in mind. By having a variety of flowering plants on your property and ensuring a steady supply of diverse blooms each month, you are helping pollinators do their job nearly year-round.

Plant in Groups

Plant flowering plants in groups to increase pollination efficiency. Then pollinators don't have to travel as far between plants and can transfer pollen to the same species.

Native Plants

Use native plants, with a variety of sizes and heights, in your garden as often as possible. This provides the best food and habitat for our native pollinators adapted to this region. There is such a diversity of native plants on southern Vancouver Island, and they can be incorporated into a garden that already has ornamental (i.e. non-native) plants. Read this brochure to learn about gardening with native plants:

By growing pollinator-friendly gardens, you can help provide food, habitat and shelter for these important animals and be a part of the solution to reverse declining pollinator populations.

The new photographers Gallery, that operated from 2019 to 2023 as a physical gallery on Beacon Avenue in Sidney, is now an online gallery, featuring photographic works by some of British Columbia’s best professional photographers.

The online gallery continues to showcase the talents of contemporary and award-winning photographers inspired by the scenery, diverse wildlife and culture of Canada’s West Coast. Many of our photographers are also world travellers and have captured images from other parts of Canada, the United States, Europe,

Visit and browse the gallery at


Cultivating Beauty, Sustaining the Earth

Elevate Your Outdoor Space While Nurturing the Planet



I 250.385.4858


When the trailer for this month's Screen Scene recommendation, 3 Body Problem, was first released, I knew straight away that it was going to be a show worth watching. I eagerly awaited the release and immediately binged all eight episodes when it premiered on Netflix. This science fiction series was just the right blend of a scripted drama with a clever sci-fi backdrop. 3 Body Problem is an intellectually stimulating series that seamlessly merges philosophy and theoretical science, while remaining accessible to casual sci-fi fans.

Based on the Hugo Award-winning Chinese novel The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin, the English adaptation came shortly after the 2023 Chinese series of the same name. Produced by the same creative team behind Game of Thrones, 3 Body Problem weaves a captivating tale that spans decades and dimensions, from the turmoil of China's Cultural Revolution to a future where humanity faces an existential threat from an enigmatic alien civilization. As the characters grapple with mysterious phenomena, moral dilemmas and the legacy of past decisions, the narrative unfolds with a steady gripping intensity. With its blend of intrigue, cosmic discovery, and personal turmoil, 3 Body Problem offers a thrilling exploration of the human condition amidst the vast expanse of the universe (or universes). To try to sum up the series in one paragraph is a disservice to the topic itself. This is definitely a "you have to see it to believe it" kind of show.

Despite some real-life drama surrounding the series, including the tragic death of Lin Qi, one of its executive producers, 3 Body Problem has captivated audiences with its ambitious storytelling and thoughtprovoking themes. While the show has faced criticism for cultural appropriation and changes from the original book, it has also garnered support from the author, Liu Cixin, himself. While no second season has been officially announced, the show's writers have hinted at plans to adapt the entire trilogy, promising more mind-bending adventures to come.

3 Body Problem is a thought-provoking journey that challenges viewers to contemplate humanity's place in the universe, the long-term consequences of our actions, and the possibilities of what lies beyond the physical realm. The richly crafted world, compelling characters, and intricate plotlines create an immersive viewing experience that leaves audiences pondering long after the credits roll.

3 Body Problem is a must-watch for both sci-fi enthusiasts and those craving clever storytelling. For more shows that deliver thoughtprovoking narratives and rich character development, check out my recommendations below.

1. Black Mirror, Netflix

2. The Expanse, Apple TV

3. Westworld, Crave

4. 12 Monkeys, Apple TV

• Craig is ready to help with your buy and/or sell now!

• Many years of award-winning service successfully navigating markets in transition.

• No obligation and free market analysis of your property.

• Take the stress out of real estate knowing he has you covered – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Call, text or email Craig today!

S CREEN SCENE YOUR REAL ESTATE EXPERT Saanich Peninsula and the Surrounding Areas
| 4 0 % o f f F r a m e s * G i v e a w a y s T r e a t s & P r i z e s 1 0 1 2 3 7 6 B e v a n A v e 2 5 0 - 6 5 5 - 1 1 2 2 * O n l y V a l i d o n M o d o E C O & W o l f O t h e r r e s t r i c t i o n s m a y a p p l y MAY 2024 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 61

Deep Cove Customs

Deep Cove Customs (DCC) has now expanded the services that we provide. While still supplying custom millwork and cabinetry options for the kitchen, bathroom, closets and living spaces of your home, we are now offering full renovation services to our clients. We have truly set ourselves up as a one-stop shop for clients who wish to keep things simple. Whether you are a home owner, contractor or commercial developer, we can provide the personnel and services to complete your project, all while working with your budget. For the DIYers out there we also provide ready-to-assemble cabinetry options that will allow you to assemble and build out your own projects. All RTA projects come with detailed design plans, 3D models, and support from DCC from start to finish.

Stop by our new expanded showroom at 9544 Aurora Place in North Saanich for a free consultation and let us help you make your dreams into reality. If you're truly looking for a place to help you that can be practical and affordable while still providing all the benefits or a custom supplier, then DCC is the right fit for you. Be sure to ask about our warranty program that allows us to provide a 15 years warranty on all installations that DCC provides, giving you the reassurance that your investment is covered.

LOCAL … Love


You are investing in your community by supporting its unique businesses. Appreciate what makes our neighbourhoods different. Our one-of-a-kind shops and services are an inherent part of the distinctive character of our Saanich Peninsula neighbourhoods; that is what brought us here and will keep us here. Stay local and stay connected to the merchants in your community. By supporting them today, you are investing in a unique and sustainable future for the Saanich Peninsula community.

Deep Cove Customs

Cool spring mornings make a warm alpaca wrap a necessity!

102-2360 Beacon Ave, Sidney

250.656.0011 |

Local, affordable custom cabinets … right here on the Saanich Peninsula! We offer a full-service shop, from design and manufacturing through to the installation of our exceptional product. We’ve expanded our business to include full home renovations! Deep Cove Customs is so much more than Cabinets now.


9544 Aurora Pl, N Saanich (call for appt.)

Seaside Cabinetry & Design is a boutique-style cabinet showroom located in downtown Sidney. Custom Design, Merit Cabinetry, Lifetime Warranty. We have hundreds of styles and colours to choose from.

Showroom Open by Appointment


9715 First Street, Sidney


Garden Court 105-2360 Beacon Ave


When we don’t sleep well, it is often easy to assume that it can’t be a problem with the mattress because it’s relatively new and was expensive. Don’t make that mistake. Come see us and Let Us Help You Sleep Better!

778.351.2113 |

1A - 2353 Bevan Ave, Sidney


Opening THE SHOP was my dream, my passion, and my vision. Tuesday, April 9 is our two-year anniversary, and what a two years it has been. Thank you, the client, for making my dream come true!

At THE SHOP, vintage, reused, revived, we carry treasures from local crafters and artists. I look for that unique item, that special piece and that visionary artist. Along with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, we also have a lovely bench out front, just for you to relax.

The great people who support local and frequent THE SHOP make me so appreciative. My wonderful clients (you) make THE SHOP a success. It's because of you that we are still here (and word of mouth is still one of the best ways to keep THE SHOP open, so please spread the word!).

We have a little bit of something for everyone at THE SHOP that won’t break your budget: kitchen items; pillows; cards; clothing; plants etc. THE SHOP is located at 9719 First street, Sidney. Come visit soon and expect an unexpected shopping experience that you will want to tell all your friends about.

We are open Tuesday to Saturday 10 - 5; Sundays 11 - 3.

Shaves Beard & Mustache trim Hair Replacement - Colouration or 2481 Sidney Avenue, Sidney BC V8L 1Y8
AT: 250 533-1177 7 OPEN DAYS

A Teatime Treat

Usually for Mother's Day, I cajole my son into baking something with me. He's always been easy to persuade, as the end result is obviously something he's going to be able to eat. However, this year he's left the country, so I don't have my favourite baking companion around to push me to try something new. Left to my own devices, I decided to try making a Victoria Sponge Cake.

Why a Victoria Sponge? Let me tell you: after a few attempts I was questioning that choice myself. Each time the sponge cake

was decidedly un-spongey, and my taste testers were getting very tired of choking down another dry attempt. But I was determined to succeed; I wanted to nail this classic teatime treat, so I soldiered on.

And I'm glad I did. While the traditional Victoria sponge just has jam as a filling, it's also perfectly acceptable to add some cream. This cake tastes like spring, it's light and not too sweet, and I figured that it would be perfect for tea on Mother's Day.

Some hints? Make sure that your flour and baking powder are fresh – if the ingredients

are past their use-by date, your cake won't rise properly. As well, use room temperature ingredients as they blend together more easily which results in a smoother batter.

I have to admit that I really wanted to get this right because of the Great British Baking Show. It's one of those bakes that they refer to a lot, and I thought it would be fun to try. And, in the end, I'm glad I persevered as it was all about finding, adapting and amalgamating recipes to create one that I liked the best out of the many, many options out there. It's not a difficult cake to make,



Cake Ingredients

1 1/4 cup + 2 tbsp self-raising flour

1 cup + 2 tbsp superfine (berry) sugar

1 tsp baking powder

1 cup room temperature

unsalted butter, cut into cubes

4 eggs, room temperature

1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract or paste

1 cup thinly sliced strawberries (plus halved strawberries to decorate top)

1/2 tbsp sugar

and it truly is a light and lovely treat that's perfect for May and for Mother's Day.

Preheat oven to 350°. Butter two 8-inch baking pans. Line bottoms of pans with parchment paper. Put self-raising flour, sugar and baking powder into a mixing bowl. Stir to combine.

Add rest of the ingredients; beat together with an electric hand mixer or stand mixer until batter is smooth. Use a spatula halfway through to mix and ensure that it's well combined.

Divide batter between the two prepared cake pans. Bake until golden (about 28-30 minutes). To check for doneness, a toothpick inserted in the centre of cakes should come out clean. Cakes should also be springy to the touch and just coming away from the sides of the pans. Cool cakes completely before assembling.

In a medium bowl, toss together the thinly-sliced strawberries, sugar and lime zest. Allow to rest/macerate until the sugar dissolves (about 15 minutes).

Chantilly Cream

In a stand mixer with whisk attachment, or handheld mixer, combine cream, icing sugar, vanilla; beat until whipping cream has mediumstiff peaks. You will see clear marks in the cream from the beaters. Then add ½ cup jam and beat again until the cream has stiff peaks. You want the cream to be fluffy, but strong enough to hold the weight of the top cake layer.

1 tsp lime zest

1/2 cup jam (either strawberry or raspberry)

icing sugar for dusting the top Edible flowers for decorating (if desired)

Chantilly Cream Ingredients

2 cups whipping cream

1 1/2 tbsp icing sugar

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 cup jam (again, either strawberry or raspberry)

Place one of the cooled cake layers on a serving plate or cake stand. Spread ½ cup of jam on the cake layer, then top with a one-inch layer of chantilly cream. Then distribute the macerated sliced strawberries over the cream. I like to make a little edge around the outside with some cream to hold the berries in.

Place the second layer of cake on top of cream and strawberries. Make sure that the cream stays within the cake layers, so don't push down much. If needed, run a spatula over the cream to fix it up a bit.

Dust top with icing sugar and decorate with any leftover strawberries and/or edible flowers. Serve with rest of chantilly cream. This is best eaten the day it's made.


Stellar Food • Stunning View Exceptional Service

Open Daily 11am to our last seating @ 7:30pm

2320 Harbour Rd, Sidney @ Van Isle Marina


Starters Lunch

Albacore Tuna Stack

Blue rare seared tuna, avocado, pickled vegetables, mango salsa, wonton threads & microgreens.

Stuffed Portabella

Mushroom Herb-marinated and stuffed with blue crab, sweet peppers and Vancouver Island goat cheese, oven-roasted and finished with Asiago cheese and a sweet tomato puree.

Sea Glass Surf & Turf


Artisan Green Salad

Greens, sweet peppers, carrots, red onion, beets, candied pecans, sun-dried cranberries, microgreens.

Sea Glass Waldorf Salad

Petite filet of AAA beef, firegrilled to your specifications, with Argentinian red prawns, Pont Neuf potatoes, smoked chili aioli and crispy leek straws.

Sea Glass Fish Tacos Crisp and juicy! Tossed in a roasted chili oil and Parmesan cheese.

Roasted Chili & Parmesan

The Peninsula's Only Micro Coffee Roaster

Open 7 Days a Week

8 am - 4:30 pm

Granny Smith apple, candied pecans, sun-dried cranberries, celery, curry dressing, artisan greens, fire-grilled breast of chicken, local beets and microgreens.

in Saanichton at the corner of Mt. Newton & Wallace


Langoustine and Blue Crab Roll Fresh baked brioche bun stuffed with lemon basil infused baby lobster and blue crab salad and artisan greens.

Wild Mushroom & Pear

Flatbread Fresh basil pesto, baby arugula, Asiago and chèvre cheeses.

Crispy Triple B Sandwich

Crispy fried chicken thigh, honey-cured bacon, house-made blackberry mayonnaise, Little Qualicum Brie, artisan greens, field tomatoes and red onion on a toasted brioche bun.

Crispy Chicken & Waffles

Two Belgian waffles, crispy fried chicken thighs, coleslaw, maple-infused peach compote, chipotle aioli and house-pickled red onion. Peninsula

Wings Crisp and juicy! Tossed in a roasted chili oil and Parmesan cheese

Fraser Valley Pork Chop

Grilled to perfection! Housemade BBQ sauce, peach and goat cheese compote over roasted butternut squash and sweet potato mash, seasonal vegetables.

West Coast Cioppino

Wild sockeye salmon, Argentinian red prawns, Digby scallops and seasonally fresh seafood, sweet pepper salad, local fingerling potatoes, roasted fennel, tomato and saffron broth, herb-toasted baguette.

6oz Fire-grilled AAA Beef Tenderloin Grilled to your liking, crispy leek straws, red wine and peppercorn reduction, caramelized onion compound butter, Parmesan and scallion mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables.

YOUR GUIDING LIGHT TO GREAT BEER! Open 7 Days a Week | Taste In or Take Out FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED 9829 Third St, Sidney |
or 1 lb Wings 7806 East Saanich Road, Saanichton 250.652.1575
Mon - Sat: 11am-midnight; Sun: 10am-midnight
Pub & Liquor Store @prairieinnpub @theprairieinn Gift cards available online! Visit
Burger & Fries
A Selection from the Menu at SEA GLASS WATERFRONT GILL
Flavour: FEATURE of the MONTH
2250 Beacon Avenue,
250.656.5042 Join Us for Great Food & Beverages or Call us for Take-out

Nancy's Sew Creative

This is part of a rotating series of articles about some of the Saanich Peninsula's unique shops and services.

Spring is finally here. Blossoms are everywhere and it is time to tend to our summer things. We will change over our wardrobe, don our outdoor gear and tend to our gardens, our boats and our recreational vehicles. If we have stored them carefully, they will be in tip-top condition. On opening my shed, I discover that some little critter has destroyed our dog beds. Boats and RVs may have some mice and mold issues. Spring is rolling out, and so are winter's issues. The outdoor cushions we enjoyed last year may be looking a little faded and flat.

I am happy to say that there seems to be a bit of a return to repair and re-use. It could be due to the current high cost of living, or concerns over our effect on the environment. Some of you may have visited the Repair Café operating out of Deep Cove School. A group of talented individuals are repairing small appliances and many other items, and there are many online sites which are a wonderful source to find pretty much anything used and at a reduced cost.

I am spending my days refurbishing outdoor cushions. They come to me in varying conditions. A client recently brought me a set where birds had pecked the top cushions. The Sunbrella fabric used on the cushions had been discontinued. The cushions had to be covered in new fabric, but in some cases, a coordinating stripe could be used. I try to refurbish in the most effective and low-cost way.

I meet many RV owners who wash the fabric on their cushions in the spring, only to find it has disintegrated and torn. If the cushions are original to the vehicle, new foam inserts may be needed. There are many types of foam and toppers available. Us older folks require a little more foam to accommodate our aging hips.

Many boaters experience mold and mildew issues in addition to sun burn. Once again, if the cushions are original to the boat, the inserts may require replacement or just an extra layer of foam. If you require only replacement of foam inserts, I will send you directly to my supplier in Victoria. They have had many years of experience and will steer you in the right direction.

I can refurbish outdoor cushions with new stuffing and Sunbrella Furniture Fabric. It is moisture, fade and mold and mildew resistant and is available in many solid colours, stripes and textures. My boat cushions were covered in Sunbrella fabric 15 years ago and are still in good shape, and so are the inserts. Sunbrella Furniture Fabric will protect your inserts. It is a solid investment.

I see clients by appointment, so please give me a call at 250-655-1257 to arrange a time to drop by with your cushions to view samples and get a quote on your job. 250.655.1257 • Recovering and Refurbishing Your Outdoor Furniture 250.656.4642 • Draperies & Upholstery Rodco SERVICE WITH A SMILE Thank you for your support! Yes we can help you with upholstery, blackout blinds & draperies for your bedroom & MOTORIZE them! 203-2527 Beacon Ave, Sidney | 250.655.8278 | Odette Laroche Art Gallery is packed with original oil paintings in various styles of painting from intuitive, impressionistic, expressive, abstract and realism. Commissions accepted. Personalized painting lessons and mentoring in a small class setting and friendly atmosphere. Beginners are welcome. Odette Laroche ART GALLERY Open Monday - Saturday 9-5 • Closed Sundays and Satutory Holidays 102-2557 Beacon Ave, Sidney • 250.656.8122 • Great Team Certified Green Circle Salon Spring is Here! Our team is excited for all the fresh cut and colour appointments to come! Book your next appointment in advance to ensure availability or a free consultation with one of our stylists. UNIQUELY PENINSULA

BIRD & BEAN FARM : The Wonder of a Woof

When people hear the term "woofer" in relation to a farm, they might picture a happy farm dog running through the fields. But while Alex McArdle of Bird & Bean Farm on Cordova Bay Road has two dogs for which the farm is named, the term woofer actually refers to a global farming educational and cultural exchange program in which she and her farm participate.

Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is a movement that creates a mentor-mentee relationship in which those new to sustainable and organic farming can learn from those with experience in this area. This learning can involve travelling and working on farms in other countries.

"Years ago, I heard about WWOOF from a friend, and was involved in the program in the U.K. and New Zealand. It's a great learning opportunity and a wonderful way to travel," shares Alex,

Mother’s Day at The Farmer’s Daughter

Spoil Mom with specialty gift baskets, cheese & charcuterie platters to go, or treat her to a wine & cheese tasting in our intimate bistro & wine bar!

adding: "Last summer, we hosted people from the U.K. and Germany and they volunteered on our farm here."

Nestled among tall firs and arbutus, the farm, formerly known as Belle Isle Farm, is a beautiful space. Originally, Alex worked here as a farmhand, and then in the fall of 2021, she purchased the farm business, renaming it "Bird & Bean" for her two dogs, a Labrador and a border terrier.

"We have two dogs. One is named 'Skeena' or 'Skeena Beana' as she gets called. This is the 'Bean' in the name. The other dog loves to perch like a bird on the couch which accounts for the other part of the name, 'Bird'."

The farm's produce is diverse. Harvest begins in early June running to the end of October with an extension in November for particular items. "In spring, we have lettuces, early mustards and various choy and then melons, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots and strawberries later in the spring into mid-summer," says Alex. "Later in the season, we have garlic, winter squashes and pumpkins."

Farm work is demanding, and as Alex relates, assistance from those in the WWOOF program is invaluable. "Our volunteers come for about three weeks to a month. We teach them about farming, and house and feed them. They help with plant bed preparation and cover crops, harvesting and cleaning up plant beds."

The WWOOF mandate to create worldwide awareness of ecological farming and sustainability resonates well with Alex who did an undergraduate degree in Sustainability and Sociology and also a law degree focusing on environmental and Indigenous law. Her passion informs her volunteer work too as she serves on the CRD Water Advisory Committee, the Haliburton Organic Community Farm Society, and as chairperson for the Esquimalt Farmers Market.

Regenerative agricultural practices are applied at Bird & Bean with a view to enhancing and rehabilitating the farm ecosystem. "The farm is low to no till. Hand tools like broad forks and rakes are used. We do cover

fromagerie bistro. wine bar
778 - 351 - 3500 101 - 2360 Beacon Ave., Sidney 68 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | MAY 2024

cropping and we don't use pesticides or sprays," says Alex. "We can minimize damage by pests using various means like insect netting or row covers."

Alex has also been able to improve the irrigation system, which makes it more efficient. "The irrigation was quite rudimentary and we had to rotate valves manually. We were able to put in automatic solenoid valves, and now we can run irrigation overnight in each planting zone."

Produce is marketed through the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Customers sign up and receive a weekly box of the farm's harvest. "Our farm tries to offer as much variety for the customers as possible," notes Alex. "It's fresh and locally grown."

Receiving positive customer feedback is always valuable, but sometimes the reactions are surprising and gratifying. "One customer said they weren't too keen on melons," relates Alex. "But when they tasted the ones in their CSA box from us, they raved: "I love melon now! I had no idea!"

Bird & Bean produce is also marketed through farmer's markets where there is an opportunity to not only get local food into the hands of the community but also to educate people about sustainable farming and food security. "It's important to try to support your local farmer and buy local food. The food landscape is changing," she comments. "There is a need to diversify because

the current food system relies on monocrop farms. Supply chains are at risk right now and the global food system is affected by climate change."

The farm venture has brought new connections with volunteers keen to learn more about their part in sustainability as well as customers and other farmers. Says Alex: "I love what small scale farming can do to bring people together."

Providing fresh healthy food for people and working to enhance the vitality of the land all puts a smile on Alex's face, and her four-legged "woofers" don't mind the occasional carrot that comes their way!


M a k e t h e m o s t o f y o u r

v i s i t a n d c h o o s e f r o m o u r

l i s t o f q u a l i t y a m e n i t i e s

f r o m s o m e o f o u r

f a v o u r i t e l o c a l

b u s i n e s s e s

W a n t a c h i l l e d

b o t t l e o f w h i t e

w a i t i n g f o r y o u r

a r r i v a l ? D o n e

H o w a b o u t a f r e s h

a n d v i b r a n t

b o u q u e t o f f l o w e r s

t o w e l c o m e y o u ?

N o p r o b l e m !

2 5 0 - 6 5 5 - 9 4 4 5 9 8 0 5 S E A P O R T P L A C E , S I D N E Y B C W W W S I D N E Y P I E R C O M S I D N E Y P I E R H O T E L A N D S P A MAY 2024 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 69
Life enjoyed your way. At our Independent Living residences, discover an effortlessly enjoyable everyday. Norgarden & Peninsula | 250.656.8827 | 2300 & 2290 Henry Ave Locally Owned & Operated |

Book Club

April Meeting

The title of our April selection, The Book of Hope – A Survival Guide for Trying Times, had plenty of appeal for our group. Who wouldn't like some suggestions on how to stay hopeful when the world feels like it's falling apart? But it was quickly clear that the contents of the book had left our group divided. It's formatted as a conversation between Dr. Jane Goodall, respected anthropologist and conservationist, and Douglas Abrahms. Through a series of in-person, online and email conversations the two discuss the idea of what hope is, and how it is possible, or essential, to remain hopeful.

It was very interesting to hear how differently our readers experienced the book. For those who had listened to the audio book, the conversation format was successful, and to hear Goodall herself relate incidents and experiences from her life was very impactful. For many who had read the book it landed differently. The main complaint was about Abrahms who seemed unsuited as a co-author, lacking credentials and contributing little. It was Jane's thoughts that our readers were hungry for, and some came away disappointed by them too. Where the title suggests a guide, really the book is a nature book, sharing stories from the animal world to help us understand humanity better.

There is no doubt that Jane Goodall continues to inspire and make an impact with her life. But what became really interesting at our meeting was when the discussion moved from the book towards the philosophical question at its heart: "what is hope?" and "without hope who are we?" It was apparent that the subject was significant for many in the room. We're a big group of people largely unknown to each other, so each month when we gather to share our thoughts, we're really putting ourselves out there. Books provoke strong opinions; they are often written purposefully to challenge assumptions or question the status quo – and that means our readers come to the meetings full of passion about what they've read. This Book Club group is so respectful of each other's opinions, and brave to speak opposing thoughts amongst strangers. It was hard to get a strong consensus on what the goal of this book really was, yet the discussion, debate and challenging of each other's point of view was surely a good outcome.

For our May meeting we'll be reading The Son of the House by Cheluchi OnyemelukweOnuobia. You can contact the Sidney/North Saanich Library to get your name on the wait list for a copy. We'll meet on Tuesday, May 14 at 6:30 p.m. at the Sidney/North Saanich Library. Sign up to our mailing list for Book Club news:

Welcome to our new CEO


MA (Leadership) DSc RHL (c)

The Board of the Saanich Peninsula Hospital & Healthcare Foundation are pleased to announce the appointment of Heather Edward as our new CEO. Heather brings many years of experience in healthcare leadership to the role, along with enthusiasm and innovative ideas that will help us continue our important work supporting healthcare excellence at Saanich Peninsula Hospital and in our community.


WELCOME TO PHOTOGRAPHY ENTHUSIASTS OF ALL ABILITIES! Sidney Shutterbugs Camera Club Visit or email Tanya Murchie at Meet new people in a fun, casual atmosphere and learn to create fabulous photos. Twice Monthly Meetings • Location Shoots Weekly Coffee Get-Together


The Rising!

Pieta had loved the circus since she was a little girl – so much so that at the age of 12 she convinced her dad to build her a trapeze hung from a sturdy branch of a big tree in front of their house. She would spend hours swinging or hanging upside down from it. Time passed and the upside-down days faded away to make room for adulthood responsibilities, competing priorities and the realities of daily life.

Fast forward many decades – she may now be a senior on paper but that little girl inside still loves the circus, so when she saw an ad for a circus workshop right here on the Peninsula she contacted me right away and asked me to join her!

Welcome to The Rising! Based out of the Westshore, this Centre for Circus Arts was founded in 2017 by professional circus artist and coach, Sarah Scheunhage (left), who had the business acumen to partner with Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse to bring a Beginner Circus and Cider workshop to the Peninsula.

Between the orchards and the ocean view, you couldn't have asked for a more lovely backdrop for this interesting, challenging and fun afternoon. Expertly and patiently coached by Sarah and fellow instructor Sierra Tanner, eight of us circus newbies learned entry level, modifiable and accessible moves. Our group ranged from people in their 20s to their 70s, and everyone was able to participate although some of us (yes, me!) needed more of a "boost" than others. They had props available to help and while encouraged to stretch your limits, no one was pushed beyond where they were comfortable.


At our event, there were two apparatuses – silks and lollipop lyras – on which to practise our "grace." We were shown many moves with fun names such as "man on the moon" and "the secretary." Detailed instructions were given before we attempted each move and we would all dutifully nod, but I don't think it was just me that forgot every single instruction as soon as we approached the apparatus. Our ridiculously strong coaches deployed award-winning patience with us and what I really enjoyed was watching the camaraderie of a group of strangers quickly becoming fans and supporters, cheering each other on, clapping, encouraging, whooping and hollering!

Some came with a friend and some came solo. One woman came because her husband signed her up, and one came because her kids are signed up in the regular classes and it looked like so much fun, she wanted to try it herself! All are welcome to these non-competitive classes, which incidentally are not divided by gender.

Sarah says one of the common concerns is believing it's too late to get started – she says "no way" and they have a Master's Program for 55+ to prove it! She loves teaching beginners and says: "Aerial Circus has a magic to it. Seeing students' faces when they get on the apparatus and learn their first skills and feel empowered is very rewarding. We love their positivity!"

After our training was complete, we were encouraged to sign up for Cirque de Soleil. Just kidding: we were actually turned over to the kind staff at Sea Cider, brought to our reserved table on the patio and enjoyed a flight of cider (alcohol or non) to debrief our awesomeness and get to know each other better. Each and everyone there had a blast and would happily recommend the afternoon to a friend.

And as for Pieta, the little girl with the long-time love of the circus, she has since signed up for time at the gym to build her strength so that so will be able to hoist herself up farther next time!

For more information, visit;

2536 Beacon Avenue, Sidney 250.656.5676 Mother’s Day is May 12th - Exquisite Gifts - Pandora - Pyrrha - Brighton TM PROVIDING VITAL NUTRIENTS TO YOUR LANDSCAPE, NATURAL WEED CONTROL, MOISTURE RETENTION & ROOT PROTECTION Unlock the Power of Nature in your Garden GARDEN CITY MULCH & SOIL I I 250.385.4858 Great Shoes Take You Great Places! 250-656-5606 • 101-2537 Beacon Avenue, Sidney • WATERLILYSHOES.COM MAY 2024 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 73

Peter Dolezal is a semi-retired Sidney resident. He offers INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL CONSULTING SERVICES to individuals, couples and companies.

To date, he has assisted more than 330 clients across Canada, principally in Greater Victoria and the Lower Mainland.

No Financial Products to Sell Leads to Truly Independent Advice.


As of the end of March, Canadian, U.S. and many Global Equity markets have reached record highs. On one hand, investors are euphoric as they see their net worth rise –at least on paper.

At the same time, some investors begin to worry that the new market highs presage a major market reversal, leading many to wonder if it would be prudent to exit Equities, to find safety in still high-yielding products such as GICs.

History tells us that when record market highs are established, we are definitely closer to an adjustment, or even a major reversal, than would be the case in more stable markets. A “Bear Market” is inevitable – at some time. We just have no idea when. The current “Bull Market” will reverse eventually, but it could last for months or even years – or it could turn tomorrow.

If, in this circumstance, an investor moves to Cash, he/she runs a major new risk. It has been proven that if one misses only 20 days of Equity investment over a 10-year period, average total returns over that decade will be seriously impaired. The best 20 days of significant market increases often occur soon after a relatively brief market downturn. If, having bailed out in favour of short-term safety, we are not in the market, we lose out.

This is not to suggest that investors ignore prudent portfolio adjustments when markets hit new highs. For example:

In initially setting up our portfolio, we had determined that 10% was the desired

weighting for a particular sector, such as Banking. Now, we find that weighting to have increased to 14%. It would be prudent to rebalance the portfolio by selling the excess growth and reinvesting the proceeds in sectors which have declined from their original percentage allocations. Such rebalancing is wise, and never a mistake.

We should also ensure that our percentage of portfolio allocations to Equities vs. Fixed Income is appropriate, given our age, needs and overall financial circumstances. If 80% in Equities seems too high, a downward adjustment with a corresponding increase in Fixed Income, such as Bonds or Bond Funds, may be appropriate.

We need to realize that if professional market prognosticators cannot time Equity market turns with any degree of certainty, the average investor has almost no chance of doing so.

Since we cannot control or predict Equity market moves, we, as investors, need to focus on the risk factors we can control. Keeping portfolio holding costs to minimal levels while achieving solid yields, as well as broad sector and geographic diversification, are not only attainable objectives, but also critical.

Do recognize that record high markets will inevitably adjust, sometimes quite significantly. However, history also tells us that such reversals tend to be quite brief, rarely lasting more than a year before recovering and resuming their upward trend over the long term.

personal financial consulting services, contact or visit for Client Testimonials and more. Author of The Smart Canadian WealthBuilder (Third Edition)
in the curriculum of several Canadian Colleges.


PADDLING TOGETHER IN PARTNERSHIP: Working Together to Support Students

We are excited to inform you that on May 2 and 3 the Saanich School District will be hosting the Vancouver Island Career Educators (VICE) Conference with Camosun College's South Island Partnership team. The title of our conference is "Paddling Together in Partnership." Working together to support all our students is a goal we all share.

Regular readers will know that we usually highlight a high school student who has found success in the trades either by taking a district sampler course, a dual credit program with one of our post-secondary partners, or by working as part of the Youth Work in Trade program. We wouldn't be able to offer these programs if it weren't for the strong partnerships we have with other post-secondary providers, and particularly Camosun College. The seeds to embark on a career journey while still in high school are planted much earlier.

Nicola Priestly (right) is the director of the SIP (South Island Partnership) team and is also a volunteer on the Skills Canada BC board of directors. We value this partnership and this month will be focusing on Skills Canada BC's vision. It is "the catalyst that creates and fosters connections within communities facilitating exposure to trades, technology, and career opportunities for youth." This vision is accomplished through regional competitions, try-a-trade events and InSpire presentations.

InSpire presentations occur in middle schools from November to February and are taught by volunteers, and led by another SIP Trades Transition Coordinator, Ben Haber (at right with Nicole). Last year there were over 200 InSpire presentations in the Greater Victoria area. This is where the seeds are planted and the fun begins.

Then in March, hundreds of middle schoolers descend on Camosun College's Interurban campus with unbridled enthusiasm to compete and learn in events ranging from spaghetti bridge design, woodworking, sumobot and the very popular and famous gravity car racing. This year Saanich took 75 students and won gold and bronze in Jr. Woodworking, gold in gravity car and gold, silver and bronze in sumobot. The winners in gravity car and sumobot will be moving on to a provincial competition. Try-A-Trade events occur at middle schools in May. At this time, whole classes participate in a gardening, metal or carpentry workshop.

Competitions for the high school students include graphic design, culinary, baking, photography, carpentry, automotive, hairstyling, pipe fitting, welding, public speaking, photography, cabinetmaking, electrical and electronics. If students place first in the regional competition they can compete in the provincial competition in Abbotsford. This year Saanich is sending four students to compete at the provincial competition and we are very proud of their accomplishments. If students win provincials they move on to the national competition. Last year two of our Saanich Students represented BC at the Nationals in Winnipeg: Keira Paterson for photography, and Henry Heinicke for public speaking. Henry captured the Bronze Medal for B.C.!

We are so thankful to our classroom teachers for instilling high standards of excellence in their students, to Skills BC/Canada, and Skilled Trades BC for making these opportunities available to our students. Strong partnerships are like plants: they start with a good idea (seed), and require a special kind of nurturing that leads to success. Congratulations to all the wonderful partnerships that help us all get there.


News, changes, updates, launches? Email


So Jack's on the Water has gone into the old Rumrunner Pub spot, Taco Shell is moving into the former Starbucks, it'll be cooks not books as Refire will take over the old Beacon Books location and a smoothie joint called Sapodilla's Smoothies & Juice Cafe has opened next to Scotty's Dog Shack.

Got that?

It's musical kitchens with no one left out as the food scene gets reshaped by all this movement.

Jack's on the Water is an attractive makeover with great views of Haro Strait. The décor is sleekly minimalist with real floral accents and a square bar with the mandatory TV monitors for sports fans.

Food-wise, the revamped space offers higher than roadhousequality cuisine at prices that match other social-house places. We had great reviews for the Meatlovers Pizza and Crispy Chicken Burger. One thing seems sure: with an expanded patio and those big-sky views, the joint will be rockin' this summer.

Refire Kitchen, which has two locations in Victoria, offers prepared foods available to buy in store or online. Try the shepherd's

pie or lasagna bolognese, roasted chicken and orzo soup or a take 'n' bake baguette.

Meantime, Taco Shell owner Michael Ghaly is excited about the prospect of moving into the Beacon-and-Third Street location and possibly expanding his menu. He's saying "more," just not more of what at this point. Maybe some Egyptian, his heritage?

Sapodilla's Smoothies & Juice Cafe, named for the tropical fruit Sapodilla, offers bowls and smoothies, many featuring acai, a berry with antioxidants. Owners Trevor and Susan Millington are bursting with good health, walking ads for their fare.

In another food development, Masala Roots is providing excellent Indian takeout in Brentwood Bay. It operates out of the Bicycle Pizza's kitchen in Beauregard Commons at Verdier and West Saanich. The Aloo Gobi and beef curry won applause from us!


The coast's premiere arts competition has announced dates and criteria for the 2024 show. Jurors will select about 375 submissions of original


work with a focus on technical ability as well as artistic accomplishment. Creativity, invention and fresh perspectives are encouraged. See www. Online submissions in seven categories run until June 1 and the Sooke Fine Arts Show and Sale runs July 27 to August 5 at SEAPARC Leisure Centre.


The ambassador at the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea has been released back into its native waters after being star-in-residence at the Sidney aquarium. His fans may be up in arms, but turns out he was getting too big – a two-metre span – just more than four months into an anticipated six-month stay.

A short-term replacement named Ace has stepped into the role after a Sooke fisherman found it in his nets.

Tanner was named after the late Clive Tanner, the bookseller who helped turn Sidney into Booktown. The giant Pacific octopus delighted thousands of visitors during his residence. He's now back patrolling the waters near Ucluelet.


The $400,000 Central Saanich project will connect the multi-use Lochside Trail at Mount Newton Cross Road to Lochside Drive, separating bike and pedestrian traffic from vehicles.

The work, the result of a grant from BC Active Transportation Infrastructure, paves the way for a connection to a new multi-use trail along Mount Newton from Hwy. 17 to Saanichton Village next year.


A visit by Project staff last June has resulted in 70 Ukrainians being fitted with a 3D prosthesis following wounds suffered in defence of their country against Russian aggression. "30 of these people were helped in Kiev alone," said Hand Project CEO Michael Peirone. "It's very rewarding for us to help with the equipment and expertise and partnering with people in Ukraine."

He said in another foreign mission, 50 people in Kenya have been helped since 2020. However, he noted there is plenty of need and donations can be made at


Sarah Bragg is being lauded for her strong leadership role in the fundraising success of the Saanich Peninsula Hospital & Healthcare Foundation (SPHHF). She leaves the Foundation as the hospital staff prepare to celebrate SaanPen's 50th anniversary. There will be a celebration June 15 and in the meantime, hospital officials are asking former staff or volunteers to share their memories via

The SPHHF board has announced that Heather Edward will be the new CEO. Heather brings many years of experience in healthcare leadership to the role.

STEVE MIDDLETON LIVE! WITH GUEST KINZA TYRRELL ON PIANO THURSDAY, MAY 23 7:00 PM Tickets at 250-656-0275 or 2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney A Cup of KINDNESS Share your story with until May 31, 2024 Tell us about an act of kindness you experienced and get a cup of coffee on us! MAY 2024 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 77

YourLocal Garden Resource Guide

Eurosa Farms and Three Sheeps to the Wind Family Farm

Proud members of the Saanich Peninsula community for 43 years. Visit our farm stand at 1246 for flower off sales as well as eggs and seasonal produce.

Fundraising and Tours available for groups: 1246 Greig Avenue, Brentwood Bay

Since 2009, Owned & Operated by Tara Michell

With over 300 varieties of flowering plants for your hanging baskets and containers, you are sure to find everything that you are looking for and more! We have beautiful hanging baskets that will be a hit with mom this Mother's Day! Also available:

• Tomatoes

• Small fruits

• Seeds

• Herbs,

• Hand tools

• Gift certificates

• Veggie starts

• Plant pots

• BC made fertilizers

• Perennials

• BC made soils

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff look forward to helping you with creating your bloomin’ happy place.

250.886.0494 | Instagram & Facebook: michellvalleyplants

Elevate your Landscape with Garden City's Certified Kelp Mulch, a premium blend that boosts plant health and growth!

Our unique process combines dry organic kelp with Island Gold mulch, composted to unlock a powerhouse of micronutrients. Experience enhanced moisture retention, weed reduction, and nutrient enrichment for your plants.

4370 Interurban Road, Victoria

250.385.4858 |

Largest Selection of Ceramic Pots in

Victoria! Patio Gardens is a unique Garden and Home shop with a variety of annuals, perennials, shrubs, vines, indoor plants, ceramic pots, soil , garden and home décor and much more.

We are also famous for our large selection of beautiful Hanging Baskets.

Open Tuesday through Saturday from 9-5; Sunday 10-4; closed Mondays.


6536 West Saanich Road, Saanichton



At Amica Beechwood Village, the day is yours to spend any way you wish Whether you like to keep busy and stay social or relax and take things at your own pace, we’ll work to discover what makes you, you Together we’ll create a senior living experience that ’ s all yours, including personalized, professional care that evolves to meet your needs, even as those needs change. And, like spending the afternoon shooting the breeze, that never gets old. Join us for a complimentary lunch & private tour.

Chace Whitson Personal Real Estate Corporation 250.818.9338 Erik Rapatz Personal Real Estate Corporation 250.686.3182 Shawn Dubois Personal Real Estate Corporation 778.922.2427 Rose Root REALTOR® 250.508.0112 Brent Going REALTOR® 403.875.4080 Kimberly Legeard REALTOR® 250.217.9751 Devin Sorenson Personal Real Estate Corporation 250.418.5565


This grand, 4,500-sq. ft. house in North Saanich was designed by Tim Rodier of Outline Home Design and owners Christopher Troke and Mark Lindholm. Chris and Mark have been involved in the development and real estate business around greater Victoria for over 30 years. Due to their reputation and experience, they were recently asked by CTV’s Lifestyle channel to feature one of their homes, so they chose this newly-finished house located at 1084 Maple Road. It will be on an episode of Country House Hunters Canada and air this summer.


The front cathedral entry is impressive in height with twin posts, wood soffits, a clear globe light and engineered cedar siding. White Hardie Panels give the engineered cedar siding a striking contrast. Glass panels surround the custom-built hemlock door. Inside the home, ceilings range from 10 to 14 feet on the main floor. Extensive millwork is showcased throughout the house. White walls, several skylights and strategically-placed windows enhance the look of largess and wonderful flow-through light.

There are three bedrooms up and one large bedroom/office on the lower level. Each bedroom has its own ensuite, walk-in closet and custom millwork. The eight-foot oversized interior doors are crafted from hemlock. All seven bathrooms have heated tile floors, floating

cabinetry, undermount lighting and walk-in showers. The spa-like principal ensuite also has a stand-alone white soaker tub in which you can relax and have a view of the property.

The spacious chef's kitchen has Monogram (GE premium-grade) appliances, a built-in dishwasher, a natural gas range and a wall oven. There is also a wine fridge, microwave, and 48-inch double fridge and freezer with another upright fridge in the adjacent pantry. The white quartz backsplash and countertops contrast with the dark island cabinetry, which has a convenient bar sink and a built-in wine rack. The upper cabinets have no handles, so they have a sleek, minimalist look. Some upper cabinets have glass fronts, and there is open shelving. A dark trim board at the top highlights the island's colour.


Next to the kitchen is a "waiting to be enjoyed" great room with high ceilings, a gas fireplace, cabinets and illuminated floating shelves. The Champagne Oak floors are long plank, engineered hardwood, which adds to the elegant look. Light flows in from the large windows and patio doors that open onto the sunny 1,000 sq. ft. suspended concrete deck. From there, you can look down to the deluxe 33- by 16-foot in-ground saltwater heated infinity pool that has a nine- by nine-foot hot tub in one corner. A state-of-the-art, high-efficiency natural gas boiler system heats the pool and domestic hot water. Down a few steps from the pool is an entertainer's paradise – a covered patio that faces southwest and provides an excellent area for an outdoor kitchen and bar area. Movie night at the poolside, anyone? Bring your bathing suit!

pillows | duvets | covers | sheets | sleepwear Sidney 250.656.0510 2492 Beacon Ave. Downtown 250.383.6133 636 Broughton St. Mayfair 250.590.3319 226-3417 Douglas St.

The lower level of the home has a large family room, office and games room with a wine bar. There is abundant storage and easy access to all the mechanical systems. Electric heat pumps for heating and cooling provide 10 individual comfort zones. Prewiring for future solar panels has been completed. Audio-visual wiring and a security system are in place, and the pool is on Bluetooth, so all these systems can be operated from your cell phone.

A spacious attached triple garage next to the house was also built with high ceilings; Chris says the height makes it possible to install a car lift. If an owner has a car collection, it helps save on space. The well-designed front entry to the garage and cottage provides enough level space to accommodate multiple vehicles, a boat or an RV. There is also an east-side laneway that allows for further parking or storage with the potential for RV hookups.

Landscaping is low maintenance, with shrubs and grasses – all looked

after by an automatic sprinkler system. Next to the main house and garage is the double carport and cozy two-bedroom, 825 sq. ft. carriage house. There is over 5,300 sq. ft. of living space between the two homes. The two-level detached carriage house also has high ceilings. All appliances are Haier stainless steel. For comfort and quiet, the stairs and upper loft have carpeted floors and as in the main house, windows bring in lots of light and break up the tall walls. They are clad in galvanized aluminum for durability and an attractive look.

A relaxing feature of the one-acre property is the duck pond in the southwest-facing fully fenced backyard. Chris says they had to be very careful when constructing the house and finishing the grounds to protect the riparian area. Altogether, the houses took 17 months to build.

Built in 2023, this contemporary West Coast home on Maple Road is for sale – without any furniture. According to Karen Gray, a Coldwell realtor who gave me a lovely tour of the house, some buyers


prefer seeing a prospective new home without furniture because they can project their ideas for the living space. But for those of us who don’t have that kind of vision, we can also see the house virtually staged online because of artificial intelligence (AI).

AI software programs use our favourite unknowables – algorithms – to calculate clear pathways through the rooms and optimize furniture, plants, pictures, orientation, distance and pairings between items. With their tutorials, we can learn to set up our room size and layout and add wallpaper, paint, windows, doors and furniture. If considering buying a new recliner or couch, we can set up the exact size and shape of our living room and try different fabrics and colours to decide what looks best. It sounds like great fun to “zhuzh” a room or home – to create something more stylish, lively or attractive. The exciting part about these programs is that we can rearrange our homes without moving a stick of furniture!

*Subject to applicable terms and conditions, and rebate availability and eligibility. Save up to $6,000 in energy efficiency rebates.* Ask us how! FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED (250) 900-4588 BOOK A FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATE Coastal Heat Pumps is your local, family owned and operated residential heat pump experts. Providing expert heat pump installation, maintenance and repair from Greater Victoria to Ladysmith. 1A - 2353 BEVAN AVENUE, SIDNEY 778-351-2113 • SIDNEYMATTRESS.COM Let Us Help You Sleep Better! All Sizes and Types • Restwell (BC Made) King Coil • Murphy & Chest Beds Bedroom Furniture • RV and Marine Custom Open Mon - Sat 10-5 and by appointment outside regular hours MURPHY MAY 2024 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 85



Choosing a renovation contractor or new home builder is a big decision. Yet, experts say many consumers could benefit from doing more homework before jumping in.

Victoria Residential Builders Association (VRBA) Executive Director Casey Edge says: "People often do more diligence buying a TV than hiring someone for a six-figure renovation." Among other things, Edge advises consumers review a contractor's projects, references, WorkSafeBC coverage, plus Better Business Bureau and VRBA affiliations. Noting that specific training is not required for renovation contractors in BC, Edge says new home builders – many of whom also do renovations – must be licensed by BC Housing - Licensing and Consumer Services and undertake 20 hours of professional development annually.

Next on his priority list, he strongly recommends a fair and balanced contract based on fixed-price or cost-plus rates. Change Order forms are also advisable to address potential issues such as cost overruns, project delays and adjustments to the scope of work.

When it comes to estimating building costs, Edge recommends consumers obtain quotes from several contractors, noting that materials and fixture choices, as well as municipal delays and fees can affect costs.

For ballpark purposes, the online estimating tool by quantity surveyors is a good starting point. Its calculator presently indicates the average build-cost in Victoria of a single-family dwelling up to 2,500 square feet with basement is approximately $411/ square foot (SF), or $387.10/SF without a basement.

Respected, CARE Award-winning home builder and renovation contractor Kyle Velikovsky of White Wolf Homes prefers to deal with clients who come to the table prepared. "If the estimated cost is $1 million and the client's goal is $750,000, I would rather be direct and not mislead them. It's all about fit and setting clear expectations, so the project can be a success in quality, budget and timeline."

While Velikovsky says new-build construction costs are generally predictable, renovation costs can vary, especially when unexpected complexities arise. In addition to updating and reviewing plans and costs on an ongoing basis, White Wolf provides its clients with online access to software that tracks the original estimated cost against revised costs that reflect changes if and as they arise.

Ready to take on a project? To start your diligence, consider filling out an Expression of Interest form at



MATTICK'S WOOD! $1,698,000

You will be impressed with this immaculate 2000 custom built, 3BD/3BA, 2,410sf home with commanding entrance, incredible natural light, excellent finishing with recent upgrades. Fantastic layout, option for Primary Bedroom on the Main, entertainment-sized living room, gas FP, separate dining room, spacious kitchen w/eating area & easy access to a sunny, south patio. MLS 951222

Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626 (personal real estate corp*)


This impressive 3bed/4 bath home was built to maximize light, space & the natural beauty that surrounds it. Well-maintained w/ updates over the years, Formal LR, adjoining family room is perfect w/ easy access to large outdoor deck. kitchen w/ newer appliances & custom cabinetry. Inlaw suite potential and 3-car garage. MLS 959652

Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626 (personal real estate corp*)


Experience Westcoast modern design with a European flair finished to exacting standards and thoughtfully designed to maximize efficiency yet offer spacious living in 1,948sf featuring vaulted ceilings over 12ft, skylight, 3BD/4BA, white oak engineered hardwood floors, Bosch/FisherPaykel appliances and other upgrades by original owner. Easy access to common bike room & u/g secure parking. MLS 957328

Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626 (personal real estate corp*)


Enter the front gates and appreciate the beauty of this 5 acre sanctuary. A well-maintained 3,504 sq/ ft West Coast home which includes a chef's kitchen, an artist's studio loft, extensive outdoor decks for entertaining and plenty of parking. Grow your own grapes, veggies or flowers on this stunning private property. MLS 951926

Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626 (personal real estate corp*)



Rare opportunity to own one of the most desired locations in this near-new concrete/steel 2019 JAWL DEV. quality building overlooking CORDOVA BAY GOLF with unobstructed, commanding views of Mt. Baker, Salish Sea & beyond. Exceptionally spacious, contemporary 1875sf home, 2 Bed/2 Bath, Media Room, Home Office. Underground parking, storage locker and EV charger. MLS 957695

Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626

(personal real estate corp*)


A special property offering a true natural Westcoast setting surrounded by majestic firs with inspiring SW ocean views of Saanich Inlet and Malahat Mountains! Attention to detail with thoughtful & extensive updates makes this 1BD, 1BA, 765sf home movein ready, or to dream about a new custom-built home on the .71 acre oceanview lot. MLS 957522

Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626 (personal real estate corp*)

For Sale on Vancouver Island



6 BEDS | 7 BATHS | 5,377 SQFT | C$4,195,000



#1 - 9877 Seventh Street, Sidney


This new contemporary style home is at the end of a quiet street on a one-acre level lot with a sunny southwest rear yard with private pond. The homes offer over 5,300 sq ft of living space with over 2,500 sq ft of outdoor entertaining space plus triple garage, double carport, boat /RV parking and a separate carriage house. The main house has 4 large bedrooms all with their own ensuites, 14 ‘ high ceilings, custom millwork, chef’s kitchen, heated tiled floors and a 33’x16 ‘ heated in ground saltwater infinity pool and hot tub. Large outdoor covered patios, bar and outdoor kitchen areas. The carriage house is detached and offers 2 bedrooms, high ceilings, patio, lots of parking. The home is conveniently located within 10 minutes to the airport, ferry, shopping, golf and marinas and is within a 5-minute walk to the Deep Cover Market and Deep Cove Elementary. This is an excellent home for entertaining, family or multi-generational ownership opportunity.


Minstrel Pl, North Saanich

Beautifully designed and decorated 3 bedrooms, 3 bathroom townhouse, 1 block from all the shopping and amenities on Beacon Avenue.

Primary bedroom on the main with 2 more bedrooms on the upper level as well as a family room. Move in ready. A must see.


Shelley Mann

Ideal for executives or retirees, this 4-bedroom residence boasts gleaming hardwood floors, two gas fireplaces, and classic white kitchen. Nestled on a quiet cul-de-sac backing onto John Dean Park, this unique home offers a variety of nearby amenities and recreational opportunities. $1,375,000. MLS 957023.


Call or TEXT: 250.687.8900


Experience prime 55+ living in James Bay with this impeccably maintained 2-bed, 2-bath condo boasting a south-facing balcony, new kitchen, and modern updates. Enjoy natural light, nearby amenities, and the tranquil allure of Beacon Hill Park and downtown Victoria just moments away.

MLS 957598

Mona Palfreyman 250.656.4626


Maryan van Stolk* 250.656.4626 (personal real estate corp*)

Stephanie Peat 250.656.0131


This charming 3 BR / 2 BA home exudes a warm and casual elegance throughout. Once inside, you’ll be impressed with just how bright and cheery this home is. The floor plan offers large principal rooms, wide hallways, lots of big windows and an easy flow with many updates throughout.

MLS 957368

Jordy Harris 250.385.2033



If you’re thinking of making a change, let me help guide you through the process with my 25 years of experience.

Just under 1000 sqft of indoor living space + 700 sqft of outdoor wrap around terrace with views of the Olympic Mountains. South facing, sun drenched 1 bedroom plus den with open plan is sure to impress! It’s rare to find outdoor space this generous with the option for year round gardening and ideal for pet lovers. MLS 950028

Maryan van Stolk* 250.656.4626

(personal real estate corp*)

For Sale
on Vancouver Island
3194 Douglas Street Victoria, British Columbia V8Z3K6


$1,849,000 PH7-2285 Bowker Ave, Oak Bay

GORGEOUS OAK BAY PENTHOUSE built by Abstract in 2020 with beautiful top-of-the-line finishing. Take in stunning sunsets & a view of the mountains from a quiet 440sf private balcony at back of the building. This spacious 2 Bdr+ large Den + 3 Bth suite has A/C and a concierge and is a short walk to Willows Beach, shops, cafes & groceries MLS 959735

Nicole Burgess | 250.384.8124


$2,749,000 9344 Lochside Drive, Sidney


OCEAN VIEW! Gorgeous 2019 built Jenny Martin designed home with ALL THE EXTRAS!

7 Bdr, 5 Bth, (2 Bdr legal suite) 4014sf finished, SPECTACULAR floorto-ceiling windows & vaulted ceiling, Dbl garage with workshop, custom greenhouse, built-in outdoor Twin Eagles BBQ system. Right across from the beach! MLS 957713

Nicole Burgess | 250.384.8124


To feature your listing in next issue's Hot Properties contact

Sidney Lions Club:

60 Years Volunteering in Our Community

submitted by Sidney Lions Club

How time flies as we approach 60 years as a service club in Sidney. We received our Charter from Lions Club International on June 27, 1964, and have actively contributed to local and international communities ever since we formed, with pride and distinction.

Just mention the name "Sidney Lions" on the street in Sidney and people will say "Christmas Toy Drive," the "Food Bank" (now in its 40th year of operation), the "Children's Eyeglass Program" or the "Lions Lunchbox (our Food Truck)," just to name a few things that quickly come to the mind of local residents.

The Sidney Lions Club is a service organization that strives to help individuals of all ages in our community for a variety of causes. We have also made many contributions to local, national and international projects for disaster relief.

With our 60th anniversary coming up in June, club members decided to celebrate by providing funds for improvements to playground equipment on the Saanich Peninsula. Some of our parks require upgrading in this area for them to continue being fun, safe and varied, but most importantly, have components that are easily accessible for all children.

For years our involvement in the community has continued to grow. Along with our mainstays of the eyeglass program, the Lion's Lunchbox, and Christmas tree shredding, we have expanded to include helping the ORCCA dental program, the White Cane Society, many local youth programs, (Sidney Guides and Scouts, and Kittyhawks), the Balfour Friends Foundation, Easter Seals Camp Shawnigan, and the Lions of BC Hearing Conservation Society.

We have expanded our Christmas Toy Drive for the Food Bank and it has been extremely successful in reaching hundreds of families in our community.

We are always looking for new members who espouse the motto "We Serve." With membership growth, so too grows our ability to provide events and contributions to our community. We are preparing for a major fundraising gala in the fall. With this in mind, we are having a Membership Drive at Tulista Park on May 11 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Please stop by for a coffee, a bite to eat and meet our members to see the impact you can make in our community. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our club. We look forward to seeing you on May 11th at Tulista Park.

Meetings are on the first Tuesday of each month (except for July and August) at the Maple Palace Restaurant in Sidney. More information about the club's activities and meetings can be found at


The Seniors Advocate:

Applause for a Decade Focused on Seniors’ Well-Being

Isobel Mackenzie was appointed Canada's first provincial Seniors' Advocate by the B.C. Government 10 years ago and since then has been dedicated to raising the social conscience, improving conditions and leveraging research to push for government and community action for seniors' well-being.

Familiar to many residents on the Peninsula, Isobel built the capacity of Beacon Community Services to offer a wide range of services before becoming Seniors' Advocate. The leadership she provided in B.C. and across the country has elevated the conversation and awareness around the needs of both residents in care and the workforce. Since Covid, her efforts have focused on the need for increased support for those caring for loved ones in their own homes. Isobel has been recognized nationally for her work and it was telling that at her retirement festivities (aptly following National Caregivers' Day) politicians from both sides of the aisle praised her service and recognized the impact of her work. We in CFUW Saanich Peninsula applaud her work as well: she has been a great source of inspiration and knowledge. We have appreciated her counsel and for welcoming our own efforts in this arena. This has led to our advocacy initiatives throughout the province to bring awareness on home and long-term care and aging in place.

Dan Levitt, Isobel's newly appointed successor, will be officially opening the C.A.R.E. Fair (Community Access to Resources and Engagement), a forum for seniors and their families to learn about the many resources available to them. Dan comes to the Advocate's position with 30 years of experience in senior-living, long-term and dementia care. The C.A.R.E. Fair will be an opportunity to talk with Dan in person.

The C.A.R.E. Fair event will feature 60 information booths with agencies, vendors, and service-providers who focus on seniors. There will be talks throughout the day on topics ranging from age-friendly communities, to estate planning, to caregiver advice, to scams and fraud, hearing and sight challenges and more. Gathering information is the first step in making good decisions to age in the right place. Those who attend the Fair will receive a directory of all agencies and vendors participating in the event so attendees will have information to take home. Organized by CFUW Saanich Peninsula, the event is supported by the three municipalities, generous community sponsors and a federal government New Horizons grant.

Save the date: the C.A.R.E. Fair on June 6 at the Mary Winspear Centre is a free-to-the-public event.

For more information, visit


Take Note

What to See & Where to Be

The Socrates Café

TUESDAY, MAY 14 & 28 | 2 TO 4 PM

Beacon Brewing, 9829 Third St, Sidney

Participants delve into philosophical conversations in a social setting.

Looking to take a deep dive into a variety of topics while embarking on a voyage of self-discovery?

Curious individuals are finding just that at the Socrates Café in Sidney.

Based on a concept inspired by a Christopher Phillips book of the same name and the guide he later developed, the café is part of an international movement that aims to provide safe and welcoming spaces to discuss ideas and hear the perspectives of others.

Group founder Chris Scattergood, instrumental in starting a similar group when he lived on Pender Island, emphasizes the self-discovery aspect.

“As you talk about things you learn who you are,” he says, adding of the original concept: “it was an idea that would improve both the knowledge base and the capacity for critical thinking.”

Attendees at a recent gathering at Beacon Brewing, which provides the space free, agreed exploring ideas and concepts with others in a deeper way helps to not only achieve better understanding, but to clarify one’s own beliefs about specific things.

To learn more about the Socrates Café or indicate interest in joining the group, send an email to, or drop by and say hi on one of the above listed dates.

TAKE NOTE May 2024 | Community Events

Our Living Languages

Sidney Museum

2423 Beacon Avenue L-3



Visitors can learn about efforts by First Nations communities around the province to preserve and enrich their languages. The exhibit is designed to honour the resilience and diversity of Indigenous languages in the face of change. Museum admission is by donation. Visit or call 250-655-6355 for more details.

Drawing Connections: 40 Years of Art and Hope for the Salish Sea

Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea

9811 Seaport Place, Sidney



Take a visual journey through ecological stories that have shaped this region over the past four decades. Explore the intersections of art and science, past and present and land and sea. This exhibit features artwork by Mark Hobson, Bill Adams, Alison Watt, Briony Penn, Rob Butler, Peggy Frank, Anne Stewart and Peggy Sowden. Visit or call 250-655-7511 for admission information.

MAY 3-4 7:30PM

Peninsula Singers: That’s Entertainment

Mary Winspear Centre

2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney


Revel in a musical lineup inspired by the timeless hits that sizzled the movie screens with Hollywood’s song and dance numbers, vaudeville and old-fashioned showbiz. Joined by veteran accompanist Karel Roessingh on piano, the group will perform songs from Broadway’s best musical theatre numbers to theme songs from 70s TV sitcoms and modern classics. It’ll be enough to have the audience dancing in their seats! Purchase tickets at or call the box office at 250-656-0275.

May Day Fair

Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse

2487 Mt. St. Michael Road, Saanichton



Come celebrate spring on the orchard grounds with this indoor/outdoor market combined with free entertainment and family friendly activities. More than 30 vendors will be on hand and a variety of delicious food and beverage options will be available. Enjoy live folk music, dancing, face painting, maypole twirling, tintype photo shoots, a build-your-own bouquet station, tarot readings and more. Find more details at

TRC Speaker Series

MAY 8 12-1PM

What does it mean to uphold Indigenous economic relationship?

Join this free online lunchtime talk by Shalene Wuttenee Jobin, a Cree and Metis scholar and VP, academic at the First Nations University of Canada, about the intersections of settler colonialism and economic exploitation in the region known today as Canada. Arranged by the Sidney/North Saanich Library, this event is part of the Learning with Syeyutsus Speakers Series. Register at jobin-uphold-indigenous-economic-relationship/

Brian Robertson/

Michael Burnyeat

MAY 10 7:30PM

Deep Cove Folk Society | St. John’s United Church

10990 W. Saanich Road, North Saanich

A wonderful musical partnership. Robertson is best known for his finely crafted songs about the West Coast, while Burnyeat is a sought-after fiddle champion whose accompaniments are legendary. Tickets are $10 each at the door; visit for more info..

Caregivers Wellness Fair

SHOAL Centre

10030 Resthaven Drive, Sidney

MAY 11


Learn about options and possibilities in this event cohosted by Beacon Community Services and Family Caregivers of B.C. Related organizations and businesses will be on hand with information about their services and caregivers can enjoy free refreshments and a light lunch. Other elements include door prizes, gifts, exercise and treatment demos and rides on an accessible bike provided by the Cycling Without Age Society.

Mother’s Day Dinner

SHOAL Centre

10030 Resthaven Drive, Sidney

MAY 12 4:45-6PM

Gather your family and come to SHOAL for a family dinner. The three-course meal includes a salad starter and dessert. Tickets are $32 ($27 for SHOAL Members) No tax or gratuity. Call 250-656-5537 for tickets

CSSCA Speaker Series

MAY 17 2PM

Bill Collins: The Story of Cascadia Seaweed

The Centre for Active Living 50+

1229 Clarke Road, Brentwood Bay (next to the library)

Bill Collins, co-founder and board director of Cascadia Seaweed, is an oceanic visionary, a trained geologist and an innovative entrepreneur. He recently attended COP28 in Dubai, where he was invited by PLAN International Canada to participate in the Canadian Pavilion and speak about global hunger and the climate crisis. Admission for the talk is $2 and tea/coffee is $1. For a full Central Saanich Senior Citizens Association calendar, visit


Blood Donor Clinic

Mary Winspear Centre

2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

MAY 20


Do your part and donate and help save a life. With the clinic set up at the Bodine Hall at the Mary Winspear Centre you can do so close to home. For more information, or to book your Sidney appointment visit and type Sidney BC in the location box. You can also call 1-888-2-DONATE (1-888-236-6283).

Concert: Steve Middleton with Kinza Tyrrell

Mary Winspear Centre

MAY 23 7PM

2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney Victoria-based guitarist and BMG/RCA recording artist Steve Middleton brings his trademark acoustic fingerpicking and warm, powerful vocal style to the Charlie White Theatre, accompanied by multi-talented pianist Kinza Tyrrell. Having recorded more than 10 albums including his recent release Waterline, Middleton has recorded original music for TV, film and radio and has had more than one million streams of his songs. Tickets are $56.70, available at or by phone at 250-656-0275.

Curiouser & Curiouser: A Mad Hatter’s Literary Tea Party

SHOAL Centre

10030 Resthaven Drive, Sidney

MAY 25 2PM

The Sidney and Peninsula Literary Society brings this special event for readers and writers, featuring readings by and discussion with authors Gregor Craigie (Radio Jet Lag), Frances Peck (Uncontrolled Flight), and C.C. Humphreys (Someday I’ll Find You). Tickets, $30 in advance only, are available at Tanner’s Books or online at Find more information at

Sidney Concert Band

Broadway on Beacon

Mary Winspear Centre

MAY 26 2PM

2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney Hear beloved show tunes from classics Fiddler on the Roof and The Music Man and more current productions such as Hamilton and Wicked from this beloved local group. With special guests the Allegro Dancers, Peninsula Singers Ensemble and Trounce Alley Quartet also on tap, it promises to be a truly entertainment packed afternoon show that will have you singing along and tapping your toes. Tickets are $25, available at or by phone at 250-656-0275.

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Submission deadline: 1st of the previous month

(eg May 1 for June issue events)


Saanich Peninsula Stroke Recovery

Association Communication Group

Mondays | 10am-12pm

Seventh Day Adventist Church

10-11am: Social time – coffee/tea/cookies. 11am-12pm: Individual groups for:

• those requiring speech improvement led by a Speech Language Pathologist

• those with physical disabilities led by a Kinesiologist

• caregivers, led by an experienced convenor

Victoria Mendelssohn Choir

Mondays 7-9pm

SHOAL Centre Auditorium A

This group of friendly folks sings music from the Baroque period, sometimes peppered with modern works. If you like to sing, have some choral experience and can read music moderately well, come along and see what this choir is all about. New members are always welcome. For more information, email

Afternoon Bingo

1st & 3rd Wednesday | 1-4pm

Centre for Active Living 50+

These everyone welcome games take place in the lower hall, next to the public library. The third Wednesday features hot dogs and pop for sale starting at noon.

Caregivers Connect:

BC's Virtual Caregiver Café

2nd Thursday | 2-3:30pm

This peer support group is open to all caregivers. Please register at 230336162808251 or email cgsupport@

Grief & Loss Circle

Fridays | 12–3pm

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

If you're needing a place to talk about your feelings, perhaps after losing a loved one, Holy Trinity offers a supportive, non-judgmental place to talk and hear how others are processing grief and loss in their lives. Lunch will be served during the break. For details, call 250-656-3223 or email

LGBTQ2+ for 55+ Seniors

3rd Saturday | 10am

St. Paul's United Church

A safe place for community members to make new friends and connections and support each other on their personal journeys. This is not a counselling group. Participants are encouraged to register, but walk-ins are welcome. For details email


Last Word from the Editorial Director

Do you know the expression "bitten off more than you can chew"? That's how I'm feeling these days, with more responsibilities than I know how to handle. I've been having trouble sleeping. My brain's never-ending "to do" list appears at 3 a.m. each night, which, ironically, is the absolute worst time to try and think rationally about anything!

Today I took myself out on a long trail run. That's not unusual on a Sunday, but the friend I normally run with was away doing a race, so I thought I'd better do something substantial by myself. My husband kindly dropped me off at Goldstream Park with a promise to leave the car at the other end. On a glorious sunny day, the prospect of just me and the miles (and three big climbs) that lay in front of me seemed like the mental break I needed.

I hit the wall about a third of the way through. That phrase "I've bitten off more than I can chew" circled constantly through my mind. More than feeling hot and out of breath, I felt under resourced. Despite having a pack with plenty of snacks and water, the climbing had left my legs weak and the descent was challenging my balance and agility.

It becomes a mental game to keep going when your body tells you it can't. To distract myself from the endless trail, I worked my way through things that are feeling insurmountable in my life right now. Puffing my way up another hill, I played out an intimidating meeting in my mind. Picking a route down a rocky descent, I answered an overdue email in my head. Slogging through the last few kilometres, I started thinking about this column.

In 500 Days in the Wild Dianne Whelan embarks on an epic journey across Canada: hiking, biking, snowshoeing and paddling. As she settles into the rhythm and challenge of keeping moving forward, she finds that the reasons that sent her out into the wilderness – her dismay at the state of the world, and disconnect from modern life – become lost to her. The focus became each footstep, each paddle stroke. Readers, I did four hours today, but I got a little taste of her experience. Those worries weren't big enough to sustain me; they shrank out there in comparison with the trees and hills. I'm pretty confident that I'll sleep through tonight too!

This puppy may have already found a family before this issue hits the streets, but there are many animals waiting for their forever homes at the Victoria Humane Society. For information, visit

Photo by Janis Jean Photography.


The Alzheimer's Association recommends doing puzzles like Sudoku to strengthen brain cells and the connections between them. Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square. Answers found at right.



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SIDNEY All Care Residence

We’re All About Care...

“The most important thing in the world is family and love”. ~ John Wooden Len Keeling, who turned 100 years old in March, with his family including his great grandchildren.

At Sidney All Care, our priority is to create an atmosphere where residents and their families feel at home. We create a sense of community and engagement through our recreational activities. Exercise classes, gardening, walks to the gardens, puzzles, birthday parties and special events provide families and friends with opportunities to share activities together. Our weekly live music concerts in our theatre provide entertainment and enjoyment for everyone.

We also provide private common rooms and gardens for families and friends to have their own dedicated space to share meaningful moments with their loved ones. Whether it’s celebrating birthdays, holidays, or simply spending time together, these spaces are designed to connect families and friends. We look forward to our residents and families sharing laughter and precious moments that last a lifetime.

Our experienced care team is an extension of your family, caring for those that mean the most to you. To learn more about Sidney All Care, please contact our Community Relations Manager Claire Sear at or 778.351.2505.

778.351.2505 • • 2269 Mills Rd, Sidney Proudly Offering Long Term, Respite and Palliative Care
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