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May 2016

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Dig out your green thumb... and let us take care of the rest.

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Love at f irst Bite It’s the best of the best Cut from the top 12% of Canada AAA beef. Sterling Silver beef is more richly flavoured than lower grades of beef, providing exceptional tenderness, juiciness and taste in every bite or your money back. It’s beautifully marbled Marbling is the white flecks of fat within the muscle that melt into the meat as it cooks, giving it succulent flavour. Sterling Silver beef is highly marbled for superior taste and texture. It’s aged just right Sterling Silver cuts are naturally aged no fewer than 21 days to maximize tenderness and richness of flavour.

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Andrew Coss and Canadian Champions Eddie and Banner see story pg. 15


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a dog that inspires

Can We Talk: Sue Hodgson Talks With Cora Thomson, Pet Therapy Volunteer Seaside’s 3rd Annual Pet Photo Contest: Our Top Three Readers’ Submissions Going to the Dogs: in Style! The Dedication and Passion Behind Dog Shows

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Seaside Homes: Beach Home Meets Modern


What’s Happening This Summer: Events Calendar for Tots, Kids & Teens

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w e N s ’ t a Wh The outside looks the same, but on the inside we’ve made Sidney’s living room even more comfortable & inviting! We invite you to come in and find out what’s new.

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Your Neighbourhood Liquor, Wine, Cold Beer and More Store! Knowledgeable, Friendly Staff | Loyalty Program | Extensive Selection | 9am - 11pm Every Day

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6 | may 2016

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Born in Campbell River and now living in Saanich, I discovered my love of fine arts at an early age. When not practising dance steps, I was writing stories or making things in my room. When family members asked "Why is there never any paper in the house?" I was usually the answer! I hold a B.A. Honours English from UVic and have had work published in Seaside, Monday and Island Writer Magazine. For the last few years I have been a travel writer focused on the Caribbean. I am a trained dancer and singer and am actively involved in the local theatre and film scene. In May I take to the stage as Sybil in the Mary Winspear and Peninsula Players production of Fawlty Towers. alison coley-donohue

Twenty years ago, when Meadow Oak Nursery opened on our family's acreage in Deep Cove, I found my calling in horticulture. Being the owner of a garden centre is my labour of love and I'm grateful for the opportunity to bring more beauty to this stunning area where we live. New cultivars and varieties of plants keep each season interesting and fresh, and seeing wonderful customers return each spring with happy, smiling faces is a fabulous reward. I'm lucky to have amazing staff who truly care for our business, our customers and our plants. My daughter Elise is our new cashier-in-training this spring, when she's not playing fetch with our border collie in the yard. Hence my interest in the topic of this month's West Coast Gardener column! janice henshaw

I was delighted to write about the home featured in this issue. Not only did I get to meet a wonderful family, but I also visited their lovely home on the sea. As a former "gopher" in construction (that means "go for this, go for that"), I love seeing how people create their "havens." While travelling over 43,000 kilometres across Canada and the States, I searched for the perfect new place to move to and never found it. But when I travelled on the ferry back to Vancouver Island, I could feel in my heart that I had arrived. As Dorothy said: "There's no place like home." I write and produce life story and retirement gift books. Enjoy a meditative reflection on my website at

Publisher Sue Hodgson 250.516.6489

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Jo Barnes, Shelley Breadner, Rachael Coates-Holland, Alison Coley-Donohue, John Creviston, Gillian Crowley, Shauna Dorko, Doreen Marion Gee, Lara Gladych, Valerie Green, Janice Henshaw, Tina Kelly, Alan Kendrick, Em McCormick, Rosemary Scott, Rod Spooner, Maureen Sweeney, Hans Tammemagi, Virginia Watson-Rouslin, Jo-Ann Way P.O. BOX 2173, SIDNEY, B.C. V8L 3S6

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rosemary scott

As the owner of the Deep Cove Market in North Saanich over the past 11 years, I have had the pleasure of meeting many people in our community who share the same passion for food I do. It is a treat for me to be able to bring forth the abundance of local produce, sweets and savories that are available to us on this wonderful Island. I have seen many people who suffer from gluten, dairy and other allergies and am happy to source out products for them to enjoy. Specialty foods? That's just fun shopping for me! Always searching for new items to keep everyday cooking interesting and delicious, I look forward to sharing some of my favourite recipes with you in the Island Dish column.

Victoria Airport/Sidney Emerald Isle Motor Inn Victoria Airport Area

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The  Latch

the latch inn & restaurant • sidney

Inn and Suites

may 2016 | 7

first w or d Every month, I have the privilege in my First Word column to share with our readers a few words, thoughts, and ideas that are either on my mind or related to current events or stories in the issue. It might surprise you, but it’s not always easy! Every day I keep a journal of my fitness routine, making sure I remember what I’ve done and what areas I need to concentrate on, so as not to duplicate the exercises from a few days ago. The benefit it has brought to my focus time at the gym is amazing, and it allows me to have clarity before I head in. This type of journaling is easy, but other types, like storytelling, take a lot more work. A pen coupled with paper is a powerful life tool. I can remember as a little girl I loved to write poetry; it was an outlet that allowed me to share my feelings of the day, but with the ability to remain a little anonymous. To this day, I still write things down on paper. I create lists, jot down ideas and thoughts and even have a few short positive words posted on my computer to look at when I might be having an “off” day. Journaling regularly is a tough practise, but I always feel great

afterwards. There is lots of research that says if you struggle with stress, depression, or anxiety, keeping a journal can help you gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health. I know what you’re thinking: “writing a few sentences a day may keep the doctor away, but so will eating lima beans! Why should I bother journaling when I’ve already got so much on my plate?” The act of writing accesses your left brain, which is analytical and rational. While your left brain is occupied, your right brain is free to create, understand and feel. In sum, writing removes mental blocks and allows you to use all of your brainpower to better understand yourself, others and the world around you. Keeping a journal helps establish order when the world feels like it’s in chaos. It helps you get to know yourself by revealing your innermost fears, thoughts and feelings. Look at your writing time as personal relaxation time, a time when you destress and wind down. When writing First Word, I sometimes have no idea what might come of it or where the words will take me, but often it focuses on the thoughts of the day, the people I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had. This is what I love about it. So try it. Allow yourself to escape into your world and be better for it!

Sue Hodgson,


Home care designed especially for you • Personal Care

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Stasia Hartley Area Director

Debbie Short, RN Manager of Clinical Practice

8 | may 2016

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ROSEMARIE Seaside Magazine welcomes your feedback! Send letters to the editor via R O OT or post your comments on our Facebook wall! Letters may be edited for space and content. I think the article is great! (Growing Young Farmers: It Takes a Community.) Thanks for thinking of this “promotional” opportunity! Grant Franceschini, Principal, Deep Cove Elementary

Just finished going through this month’s issue and I wanted to say, the magazine has never looked better. The writing, pictures and layout are amazing. Keep up the fantastic work. Tim Flater

A Fresh

Perspective on Real Estate

I do enjoy your publication. So cheerful, postive and well presented … bravo! Natalie Agate

Thank you for [Sue’s] First Word and interview with Matt Ashmead in the April issue. The story of bees is fascinating and terrifying at the same time. Albert Einstein’s comment is a wake up call and reminds me of something my friend Dr. Craig Wagstaff said about frogs: “when they go, we are next.” What a mixture we humans are … so kind in so many ways and so destructive in others! Allison’s Last Word is very touching and I think applies to so many of us … it is too easy to procrastinate getting in touch with people we have known and loved when we are no longer actively engaged with them. Thank you for sharing your experience … so sorry for your loss. Pene Beavan Horton

Choosing the Right Realtor Does Make a Difference. “ Living and working on the Peninsula, I have the local knowledge and connections to ensure a positive real estate experience.”

So where are all the bees? I have a billion dandelions on 23 acres off Keating and not one bee I could see … I remember them everywhere this time of year. Must be roundup sales are up at [hardware stores] and elsewhere. So sad, really.

Looking to purchase? Avoid feeling overwhelmed

Brett Mindus

Thinking of selling a home or developing a property?

and use my experience and knowledge to find the home of your dreams.

Exposure is everything. Leverage my background and marketing to turn selling into “SOLD.”

I am a huge fan of the Stonehouse Pub, and I must say I was very disappointed with the review by Lara Gladych (Rediscover the Stonehouse: Stonehouse Restaurant and Pub). All she talked about was the food. I know quite a few people who frequent that place, and none of them talks about the food. They talk about the setting, the stone house, the gardens, the fact there is no traffic. It is easily the loveliest pub on the Peninsula, the closest thing to a proper English country pub that we have, and the beer is good. Pubs are for beer, country pubs are for country. Chris Odgers

Have questions? I’m here to help you find answers and provide insight into the local area.

Call Rosemarie Root

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can w e tal k publisher sue hodgson talks with Cora thomson, pet therapy volunteer at The veterans memorial lodge at broadmead Seaside loves all of its furry friends, and we are hosting our Third Annual Pet Contest in this issue. Animals can give comfort that sometimes no words can offer. They provide more than just a warm furry body; many instinctively understand when someone needs comfort and they

offer it unconditionally. There are many organizations that are in need of volunteer assistance, what brought you to St. John Ambulance? Truth of the matter is that I saw an ad in the paper and I thought: “what a lovely way to combine my love of meeting people with my love of spending time with my dog.” You hear a lot these days about dogs who alleviate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, horses who cure kids with ADHD, and dolphins who can relieve depression. After 14 years of volunteering at The Broadmead Lodge with your “sheltie” therapy dogs, share with us some of the highlights of how this program has made a difference for the veterans. I can just see the change in the veterans; they light up and you can see how much they want to visit. Many veterans had dogs of their own and they miss spending time with them. In order to be a therapy animal, dogs must be very socially interactive with

people, such as those in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation units and schools. What qualities/personalities make the best therapy animals? Do you think these are innate qualities or can they be taught? Temperament is the number one quality, followed by a friendly and quiet nature. I think that some dogs are born with the right temperament, but it can also be taught. There was a great book written once called There Are No Bad Dogs and I believe that it is the owner/handler’s responsibility to help their dog feel comfortable meeting people and other dogs. How does life with a therapy dog differ from that of the usual owner/pet relationship? In a usual owner/pet

A Pet Care Centre with the Best Spa in Town! relationship it doesn’t matter as much how a dog interacts with others. A dog could be shy, timid or more reserved and the only thing that matters is if that dog’s personality fits with its owner. Therapy dogs really need to have an outgoing personality and be interested in engaging with people. They have to show that they are comfortable meeting all kinds of people, not just an owner. What training does a dog undergo to prepare it for this work? How does one go about becoming a volunteer? The owner/handler is responsible for training their own dog and a therapy dog must be completely responsive to their handler. I took Corrie to obedience classes at six months old and that taught her how to follow basic commands and also how to react with other dogs and people. I guess some people could do that themselves, but Corrie came to me from a farm and it took effort to get her comfortable with the noise and traffic of Royal Oak where I live. To volunteer, you contact St. John Ambulance or Pacific Animal Therapy Society and the dogs must be certified which includes both the owner/handler and dog. There is a testing process of six to seven scenarios involving swarming and other things to help gauge the dog’s comfort in difficult situations. To bring your dog to a facility like Broadmead, volunteers go through an interview process, reference and criminal record check, and orientation/training after their pet therapy animals have been certified. At The Veterans Memorial Lodge at Broadmead, I do the walkthrough orientation with all new pet therapy volunteers. What is the best part of your job? I think it’s the entire job! When I leave the lodge, I have such a good feeling about how happy people were because of Corrie’s and my visit. Every visit, I have at least one person reach out to say how happy they are that we came. Photo by

Cora Thomson, St. John Ambulance Pet Therapy Volunteer at The Veterans Memorial Lodge at Broadmead As a lifelong lover of animals, Cora finds great joy in providing Pet Therapy services with her dog Corrie. Now retired, Cora spent her career focused on engaging with the public which helped shape her passion to engage in the community as a volunteer. Prior to being married, Cora was a stewardess for the Canadian Pacific Airline and then after raising her children, she went back to work in the UVic financial aid office where she regularly interacted with students, faculty and staff. She has a strong understanding of the human need for connection and enjoys spending her retirement visiting the seniors and veterans at The Veterans Memorial Lodge at Broadmead with her lovely dog Corrie. Photo: Volunteer Cora Thomson with therapy dog Corrie and veteran Roy.

Comfortable, clean & healthy fresh air environment Quality, nutritious foods • Exercise yards up to one quarter acre Feline “Cuddle Time” • K-9 Playschool course All managerial staff “Certified Kennel Technicians” Recommended by veterinarians • Full grooming services available

A Full Service Pet Care Facility

250-652-2301 2918 Lamont Road, Saanichton • email: Just minutes from Victoria Airport & BC Ferries Terminal

A Great Place to Call Home

Welcoming All 55 Years & Older Call us Today for Information or to Book a Tour!

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may 2016 | 11

Thank you for the many entries. It was a tough job narrowing it down to three winners! To view more visit

scout by Em McCormick

I’m Scout, an Aussie Shepherd, and like a true shepherd I am a busy, busy girl. You may have seen me at some of my favourite hangouts, herding the waves (difficult task) at Island View Beach, keeping my people on task while running at Elk Lake (way easier), or showing off my frisbee catching skills at Iroquois Park in Sidney. Yep, I get around with a happy heart and a smile on my face.

gypsy by Rod Spooner

I’m a five-year-old purebred “Bengal” who has been given the name “Gypsy,” but I’ve also been called many other unprintable names as a result of my bad habit of breaking, destroying and shredding. I’m beautiful and I know it, which is partly why I get away with the havoc I create. Another interest is running from window to window rattling the blinds at night, affording my owners a few hours’ sleep at best. If I’m lucky, I get taken for a stroll so I can put the dogs in their place.

Dexter by Alan Kendrick

My name is Dexter. My brother Santana and I have been together for 20 years. We had to move last month, and temporarily we got to stay at our nice neighbour’s farm. We received much love and mom came every day. The only thing is we were in a pony stall, so every day when mom drove in, we would take turns sticking our head out of the little pony window and make faces at her! 12 | may 2016

Craig Walters

Bill Brooks

Shelley Mann

Dan Juricic

Roy Coburn

We Have the Skills to Negotiate the Best Deal for You Anywhere in the World

Ross Shortreed

Lisa Dighton

Beverley McIvor

Karen Dinnie-Smyth

Peninsula Properties | 250.655.0608 | #14-2510 Bevan Ave., Sidney Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated

Jack Barker

Ron Phillips

Debbie Gray

Gay Helmsing

Stephen Gagnon, AMP Kelly Curtis, AMP Mortgage Planners #2-4440 Chatterton Way, Victoria BC

Don Bellamy

Jeff Bryan

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with Patricia Haakonson Experience the Difference!

se Toxin Free egan ered roducts

Discover Younger Looking Skin! Lose Weight and Feel Great! Delight in Health osecs! ook or opintar onstaon oa · 250-889-4348

Refurbish Your Outdoor Patio Cushions! Cushions manufactured with top-quality outdoor fabric can withstand summer sun and summer showers. Inserts can be refurbished or replaced. LA SS IC



Nancy McMillan • 250.655.1257

Accounting, Bookkeeping & Tax Services 2 Locations to Serve You! 3-2490 Bevan Avenue in Sidney 766 Hillside Avenue in Victoria Call 250.590.5162

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Making a Difference! by Doreen Marion Gee

This is part of a rotating series of articles on members of Sidney Meet Up, featuring people in business on the Saanich Peninsula. According to Huffington Post, women spend over $426 billion a year in beauty products. But what is in those lotions and creams that gobble up our paychecks? Patricia Haakonson wants to educate women about premium cosmetics that are healthy for the body from the inside out. She is on a mission. The Executive Regional Vice President of Arbonne International, Patricia blooms with youthful energy. She travels the world, training and coaching women to excel as entrepreneurs. In her role as an Arbonne consultant, Patricia provides at-home demonstrations and offers advice and educational materials regarding skin care ingredients, nutrition and weight loss. Arbonne boasts a range of 400 exclusive products, from skin and body care and make-up to nutritional supplements, energy drinks and weight loss remedies (and much more). First and foremost, "We are about 'health and wellness,' not beauty." Arbonne product lines are specially formulated to be beneficial to the body and health enhancing. Their skincare creams are developed by carefully choosing botanical ingredients with specific beneficial properties. Everything in the Arbonne catalogue is "pure, safe and beneficial;" all items are toxin-free, botanically based, and vegan certified. Patricia: "There are no toxic materials, parabens or carcinogens that do harm to people." Patricia loves the Arbonne adventure because "I wanted to do something that allowed me to be of service and where I could make a difference – both in the lives of women and in the world." She is proud of Arbonne's healthy, nourishing cosmetics: "I feel that everything I do helps people look better, feel better and live longer." Her second inspired "mission" is "to do something that will impact the entire cosmetic industry so that they will sit up, pay attention and stop using known carcinogens, known toxic chemicals and ingredients that are known to be detrimental to health. As a society, we have to convince enough women to move their disposable income towards good healthy skin care, cosmetics and nutrition. That will catalyse positive change in the cosmetic industry." "Research has shown that, on average, women put 515 toxic chemicals into their skin every day when they use skin care products." Those hazardous substances seep through the skin and into the body and bloodstream. Arbonne's creations are safe on the skin and within the body. Plus "We list every ingredient in every product." Patricia Haakonson's mantra is "Imagine the possibilities!" By having a positive impact on the lives of so many people, she has imagined it, done it, and is now basking in the after-glow. For a complimentary sample of her cosmetics, please contact Patricia at 250-889-4348 or For more information visit

Going to the Dogs: in Style! by Jo Barnes

These fellows are stars,

with gorgeous hair, perfect teeth and smoldering, soulful eyes. And ladies, if they like you they might lean forward, look deep into your eyes and ‌ lick your face! Banner and Eddie are local golden retrievers who will be competing in the upcoming Vancouver Island Dog Fanciers Association Annual Conformation Show held in conjunction with the Greater Victoria Dog Obedience Training Club Obedience and Rally Trials May 27 to 29 at the Saanich Fairgrounds. This all-breed event is part of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) spring series of shows and points earned count towards the national championship. Dogs come from as far away as Australia and Asia, with professional handlers; others compete with the help of local amateurs like Andrew Coss, owner of our featured retrievers, Banner and Eddie. "Showing dogs is one of the few sports where amateurs compete right alongside professionals, and being competitive, I enjoy that aspect," says Coss. "I was looking for new challenges after retiring from coaching soccer after 35 years. I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a try. I went to classes and went to conformation shows to watch the handlers with their dogs." The May Conformation Show has various breeds of dogs being evaluated on how well they conform to their established breed standard. Points are awarded for things such as head shape, bite, ear set, tail, feet, and coat condition. "You want a dog that stands and looks proud, one that resembles the perfect silhouette for their breed," says Marilyn Clayton of North

Saanich Dog Obedience Club. The Obedience and Rally Trials are team events where dogs must perform specific exercises under the guidance of their handlers: to sit under different circumstances, to follow alongside the handler and respond to various commands. Training for shows involves dedication. Most dogs and owners take weekly classes and have varying goals. "For obedience and rally, dogs need to learn how to do behaviours in front of other people and other dogs," says Clayton. "The breed standard for golden retrievers is to show them in working condition," says Coss, "So this involves lots of long speed walks, field retrieving and swimming." Handlers want their dogs to look their best, which means detailed grooming routines. "Some dogs need stripping (pulling the dead hair from the coat) and scissoring," says Janet Lynch, owner of Groom That Dog. "Others like golden retrievers are bathed and table dried. A product like mousse is put in their coat to get the hair to lay flat; we have powerful dryers to dry the coat in the direction we want it to go." Showing dogs means long hours and dedication, sometimes with big dividends. Coss' retrievers are both Canadian Champions and Grand Champions. But there are other rewards, like travelling as a family and making lifelong friendships. Says Coss: "We've been very blessed; all of our Goldens love showing and travelling. If they didn't, we wouldn't be doing this." For more info about the dog show, email showsecretary@ or call 778-395-3647. Photo by may 2016 | 15

We’re celebrating


at the Mary Winspear Centre

The Washboard Union Vancouver-based sextet The Washboard Union bring their authentic blend of country and bluegrass to the Mary Winspear Centre on Thursday, June 16 at 7:30pm. In the few years they have been together, The Washboard Union have become one of the most exciting and talked about new bands on the Canadian country music scene. After winning Roots Artists of the Year by the British Columbia Country Music Association, they’ve signed on with the country music powerhouse Sakamoto Entertainment and inked a recording deal with Warner Music Canada/Slaight Music. Led by members Aaron Grain, Chris Duncombe and David Roberts, the three friends realized their shared love for the art of songwriting and storytelling when they were roommates in Vancouver. Their jam sessions and in-house concerts became the basis of the music that set them apart as one of the most unique talents in country music today. In January 2015 they headed to Nashville, Tenn. to record their latest EP In My Bones, working with renowned country producer and songwriter Trey Bruce (who has worked with Faith Hill, Randy Travis and Diamond Rio). Since its release, their

current radio single Maybe it’s the Moonshine broke into the Top 10 and continues to climb the Canadian Country Music charts.

Realty, Select Janitorial, Manulife Investments, Coastal Heat Pumps, Invis Mortgages, Sidney Transmissions and the Mary Winspear Centre.

The Washboard Union is a band that you simply have to see live to fully appreciate! Join us for this unique concert experience.

Rotary’s Monte Carlo Gala event will be a night to remember. Good Times, Good Fun! Tickets are on sale from the Sidney by the Sea Rotarians and at the Mary Winspear Centre box office. Tickets are limited - get yours soon!

Rotary Monte Carlo Gala Diamonds are Forever We are excited to invite the community to our fifth Rotary Monte Carlo Gala being held May 14th at the Mary Winspear Centre. Diamonds are Forever is the theme of our premier fundraising event of the year in support of charitable projects funded by the Rotary Club of Sidney by the Sea. This year we are contributing to the Victoria Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Society, ORCCA Dental Society and Mercy Ships. The Gala will feature a martini bar, music, dancing, Monte Carlo style games of chance, as well as silent and live auctions, and excellent appetizers. Rotary is very pleased that the Mary Winspear Centre is the venue for this outstanding event. Major supporters of this Gala evening are Tower Kitchens & Millwork, Holmes

Fires Burning Mountain Dream Productions and the Mary Winspear Centre are delighted to present our resident youth theatre class in the musical theatre production Fires Burning on Friday, June 24 at 7:00 pm.

What’s Happening

Fires Burning is set in the late 1800s when a disaster hits the small western town of Calldoon’s Crossing. This dramatic musical is full of tragedy, love and hope and is a true reminder of the strength and resilience of the human spirit. Join Jodi and Caroline as they work to build a new life for the children of their town. 

Tickets are available for all listed events, contact the Mary Winspear Centre Box Office.

Summer Theatre Program: Reservations are currently being taken for the Mountain Dream Productions 2016 Summer Theatre Program. Have fun while learning in an intensive two-week day programme in all musical theatre disciplines. Students will learn how to sing, act and dance while working towards a full-length musical production on the final night. Contact the Mary Winspear Centre to reserve your spot!

May 3

Exotic Vegetarian Indian Cooking Class 4 Free Travel Presentation with Mile Zero Tours 5-8 Peninsula Players: Fawlty Towers 12 Eagle Heights Africa Spring Gala 13 Zimbabew Canada Tour – Water to Villages!


Tyler Shaw at Oak Bay High School 14 Rotary Monte Carlo Gala 15 DanceWorks Gala 17&18 Sidney Spring Carnival 17 The Rat Pack, Direct From Vegas 28 Canadian Kettlebell Sport Nationals 28 Murray Hatfield Magic Show

2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney | 250.656.0275


Sidney Concert Band “Swing into Spring”

June 4&5 Whitespace Dance Showcase 2016 4 Lobsterfest 10 Centrepointe Dance: Robin Hood at Sherwood Forest

11 Taking it to the Street 11 Passion and Performance Spring Showcase 19+ 12 Spring Serenade 15 Thunder From Down Under 16 The Washboard Union 24 Fires Burning 25&26 Garden City Cat Show

common cents fur-friends fur-ever! We are all faced with worrisome situations involving our pets at one time or another. They become core members of our family and help us through many of life's ups and downs. The last thing we want to contend with is making a decision for their health and by Dr. Shelley Breadner welfare based solely on the cost of Breadner Veterinary Services the treatments. There are many options today to assist us in managing our finances in difficult times. The pet industry has several methods of assistance in this area. It is important to plan for such events prior to having to make a decision in a hurry. Saving for a Rainy Day: This is a great idea for starters, especially when online banking allows for multiple accounts. Automatic fund transfers on a regular basis can be set up to create a savings' account for pet health issues. Saving does take time and commitment, as "borrowing" from the fund all the time will leave it lacking. Sometimes the expense of hospitalization, treatments or surgery may be greater than the amount you have saved. Prolonged care or chronic disease may also make it difficult for some families to manage. Pet Medic Health Cards: Pre-approved medic cards are available to allow for a line of credit for medical care for your pet. These can be used as a credit card to the limit determined, and can be paid back over time. Be sure to check interest rates and payment details. Pet Insurance: Several companies provide pet health insurance for your pet. There are various levels of coverage and the fine details need to be reviewed to ensure you get the right one for you. It is prudent to do your research to find the package most suited to your needs. It is important to be aware of what your pet insurance company covers. The most common areas of conflict for clients include: • Increasing premiums without previous insurance claims • Reduced insurance coverage imposed due to multiple claims • Lack of coverage for behaviour problems or complementary medicine Pet Insurance has given peace of mind and financial coverage to many clients for their pet's health care. In a time where health care costs are rising, we see similar changes in the pet health care world also. Diagnostic tests, surgery, dentistry, specialist consultations, hospital care, accompanying therapies and even cremation and pet memorial packages are available to provide care for our pets through all stages of their life. Consider planning for your pet's future via one of these options. Consult with your veterinarian and support team for further information. The life you save may be that of your closest loved one. 18 | may 2016


Local Garden Resource Guide

Celebrating 20 years in business, Alison and her staff at Meadow Oak owe the success of the nursery to the love of plants. They are happy to share their passion and knowledge to help everyone make the perfect choice, whether you are a new or seasoned green thumb. Choose from a huge selection of gorgeous annuals, hanging baskets and custom moss planters for a stunning summer display. Enjoy a relaxing shopping experience in the heart of Deep Cove. 250.655.1756 1070 Wain Road, North Saanich

4660 Elk Lake Dr., Victoria BC • 250-658-5415

Wildwood Outdoor Living Centre is an all-in-one destination for all your outdoor needs. We are a family-owned company that takes pride in supplying Victoria with high quality plant material, gardening supplies and outdoor décor. We are also proud to carry Canadian-made Beachcomber Hot Tubs, outdoor furniture, BBQs and outdoor kitchens. Wildwood Outdoor living Centre is the place to come do it yourself, or have it done for you. 250.658.5415

Meadow Oak Nursery

Tree & Landscape Ltd. Spring is here and there is no better time to apply Garden City mulch. Made with local organic tree waste, Garden City mulch is fantastic at reducing those pesky weeds while also retaining water and protecting the soils. Did you know? Garden City mulch also breaks down to feed your landscape so you don’t need synthetic fertilizers! Make your garden fantastic this season: use Garden City mulch! Visit our website to order your shipment this season. We sell out fast! 250.385.4858

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Full & Partial Dentures Dentures Over Implants Relines & Repair (same day) No Referral Necessary FREE CONSULTATIONS!

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Golf and Dinner Every Wednesday Starting May 4

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Award Winning Wines On-Premises Winery Barrel Aging (for Red & White Wines) Referral & New Customer Incentives Clean & Friendly Environment

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in p U rsuit of the Gol d en Y ears Pet companions: purrfectly suited for seniors When it comes to unconditional love and affection, our pets trump anyone and everyone. Whether dogs, cats or birds of a feather, pets are a joyful addition to any household, offering companionship, comfort, and security – both emotional and potentially physical as well. It is a by Shauna Dorko well-known medical fact that they Owner, Sidney SeniorCare even reduce our stress level and blood pressure. There are also those who believe that pets help their senior owners to jump start their memory banks, helping them to relax and focus on positive memories rather than fixate on current physical challenges, loss or worries about the future. For seniors, especially those who live alone, pets can singlehandedly improve quality of life and well-being in so many ways: Companionship – seniors can often be lonely, some with very few visitors, and pets can greatly reduce loneliness and resulting depression. Pets are not only wonderful company, but their love and utter adoration is uplifting. Sense of Purpose – taking care of a pet gives seniors a "raison d’être," and the daily routine of feeding, walking and grooming a pet is healthy for seniors. Pets also live in the here and now – they don’t worry about tomorrow – which helps seniors to live more in the present, rather than mourning the past and dwelling on tomorrow. Health & Well-Being – pets are natural de-stressors for us humans. Their unconditional love, acceptance and desire to please us makes us feel valued, infusing us with a sense of gratitude and overall well-being. Some pets also encourage seniors to be more active, get outdoors more often and engage with the world around them. Protection – pets will very often alert us of impending danger and possible harm. Extremely protective of their human families, they will do their best to warn and protect against intruders, and other things that may mean us harm such as fire. Some pets’ incredible wayfinding abilities have even been known to help seniors find their way home. Learning – having a pet can encourage a senior to research and learn about a particular breed and its care, which is mentally stimulating at an age when it is more important than ever to challenge the brain. Overall, there are many benefits to experience by a senior pet owner, with the right pet suited to the senior’s lifestyle and abilities. For certain care challenges, there are plenty of services and resources available to help seniors care for their furry or feathered loved ones. Written in collaboration with Sherrin Griffin. We welcome all comments, suggestions and ideas for future columns. Please email us at with "Seniors" in the subject line.

salish sea ne w s "releasing a non-native animal into the environment can spell bad news for native species"

Don't Let It Loose! by Tina Kelly

Good intentions of well-meaning pet owners can sometimes backfire for the animal and the environment. Whether you've grown tired of pet ownership or have a desire to give your pet freedom, releasing a non-native animal into the environment spells bad news. Adaptations of certain exotic pets means they won't survive in our environment, but what if they do survive, thrive and are able to reproduce? The Invasive Species Council of British Columbia's (ISCBC) "Don't Let it Loose" campaign aims to educate the public on the environmental impact of letting aquatic plants, invertebrates, reptiles and fish loose. Our Salish Sea watershed is affected by the red-eared slider – a common pet turtle. Purchased when looniesize, this species grows to reach the size of a dinner plate and can live for 40 years – often too long for pet owners. Red-eared sliders can lay more than 80 eggs a year, significantly affecting the native western painted turtle population. The invasive red-eared slider forages on the same food as the western painted turtle. Competition for food and other resources is a concern for conservation biologists as is the opportunity to spread disease. Another invader indirectly introduced to our freshwater habitats is the American bullfrog. Escapees from farms – where they were raised for their meaty, tasty legs – have reeked havoc on our local ecosystem. These large frogs are voracious eaters, eating anything that fits in their mouth: native frogs, salamanders, snakes, small mammals and ducklings. "Lack of awareness and incorrect depictions of pet releases, as those seen in Finding Nemo, are contributing factors to this problem and

bullfrog tadpoles can be tempting to catch and raise as pets but when no longer wanted, are being released into a different pond or wetland, helping the invaders spread," says Sue Staniforth, ISCBC's Education and Outreach Coordinator. Simply put: invasive and introduced species disrupt the natural balance of an ecosystem and damage native species populations. What to do instead of releasing unwanted aquatic pets and plants? • Contact the place where you purchased the animal to see if they will take it back. • Contact local science centres, zoos

or aquariums* to see if they can use the animal for educational purposes. • Report sightings to your Regional Invasive Species Committee. • If all else fails, have a qualified veterinarian euthanize the animal in a humane manner; it's far kinder than letting it starve to death in the wild or destroy the homes of native animals and plants. For more information visit *Note: the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea does not currently host fresh water ecosystems and cannot accept unwanted freshwater – or tropical saltwater – pets.

may 2016 | 21

this month in history "may – a joyous month of celebrations and the beginning of summer!"

May Celebrations by Valerie Green

May 1 (May Day) ushers in

the fifth month on our modernday calendar. Various May Day festivities were once a highlight in every village throughout the United Kingdom. Today we tend to connect just two special holiday celebrations with the month of May: Victoria Day and Mothers' Day. Victoria Day was first celebrated in England to honour the birthday of Queen Victoria who was born on May 24, 1819. Victoria came to the English throne at the age of 18 and ruled from 1837 until her death in 1901. The monarch's birthday became an official holiday in Canada in the year 1845. In 1952, the holiday was moved to the Monday preceding May 24 and today, Canada is the only country that celebrates the May 24 weekend. In the year 1896, the Victoria Day holiday weekend was marred by the catastrophic collapse of the Point Ellice Bridge here in Victoria, an event which sent 55 people to their deaths in the waters of the Gorge. That day has remained a tragic one in Victoria's history. Here, however, are some happier facts about the Queen after whom Victoria Day is named. It is believed that Queen Victoria was the one who started the trend for women to be married in white wedding dresses. Victoria herself had married her first cousin, Prince Albert, on February 10, 1840, and subsequently gave birth to nine children who produced 34 grandchildren for her. Which brings me to the second special May celebration – Mother's Day. This event is celebrated at different times throughout the world.

22 | may 2016

For instance, the United Kingdom celebrates it on the fourth Sunday of Lent (in March); Norway on the second Sunday of February and Egypt on the first day of spring. In the Philippines and in Japan Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Here in Canada, we celebrate Mother's Day on the first Sunday of May every year. Through the years, Mother's Day has become one of the most popular holidays of the year and here are a few trivia facts to prove it. In 1934 there was a stamp issued to commemorate the holiday. For the restaurant industry, Mother's Day has become one of the busiest days of the year. Carnations are the traditional flower for Mother's Day and the florist industry thrives on this day. Statistics show that over $2 billion is spent on flowers every year. In the year 2009, it was estimated that there were around four million births alone and one story goes that a woman in Russia gave birth to 69 children over the course of her 27 pregnancies! A mammoth feat. Mother's Day is also the most popular day to call your mother and in the year 2011 there were apparently over 122 million phone calls made throughout the world. Today there are an estimated 1.7 billion mothers worldwide and apparently the average age of first-time mothers is around 25 years old, despite the current trend of women delaying motherhood until their 30s. May – a joyous month of celebrations and the beginning of summer! Valerie Green is an author/historian and can be reached at

Find Fashion Peninsula Your

photo courtesy sidney bia

On The

by Rachael Coates-Holland

I find that I often get inspiration from other people when it comes

often hear: "you're young; you can wear that," but I believe everyone to my wardrobe. Just because I’m in the fashion industry doesn’t can wear what they want, as long as they put their own spin on it. mean I always know what to wear, and sometimes I find myself When I wear my favourite jeans and button down shirt, I uninspired, wondering how I can jazz up my current look. wear them pretty casually: the front tucked in ever so slightly, my shirt at least one size too big I mostly try and follow the current trends, keeping in mind my lifestyle and where I live. A lot of times and my jeans pretty tight, whereas "Be inspired by each fashion magazines show looks that aren't practical for when I’m styling a retired or older other, enjoy your me, but they're still helpful because they give me ideas customer I am conscious of their budget, lifestyle and personal on how to "dress down" an outfit they've shown. That's style and the style where I have fun: "undressing" their looks and making sense of style! Most of the retired of your best friend, ladies I know are pretty hip and them my own. and remember that I’ve talked a lot about the importance of wardrobe are willing to try something new. I confidence comes essentials, like a long cardigan, a great pair of jeans and a get so much pleasure helping them find their "look," and its flattering comfortable shoe. These things are still at the top of my from within." list, for the simple reason that they are versatile. when they get their inspiration Versatility is so important, whether you are still in the from me. working game, retired or a stay-at-home mom. Ladies, be inspired by each other, enjoy your style and the style of your best friend, and remember that confidence comes from within. Speaking of moms, with Mother's Day fast approaching I've been thinking about the moms I know and how they dress. Our ages When you feel good, you look good, and from what I see walking range, and so does our style. When I’m working with customers, I down Beacon Avenue, you look good! may 2016 | 23

Sheer Luxury

“Clothes just don’t look right without properly-fitting

undergarments,” says Marie Rosko, owner of Sidney’s Sweet Talk & Lace Lingerie. In business since 1989, she and her trained staff, Hazel and Bea, are there to ensure not only good looks, but comfort when it comes to buying lingerie. Sweet Talk & Lace caters to all ages. Their popular bra lines include French-designed Chantelle, German Felina, Wacoal, Calvin Klein, Triumph and Warner's. They also carry hard-to-find lingerie such as Diamond Tea, Linclalor, Indian cotton and the very popular Cyberjammies . The most gratifying part of the job for Marie and her staff is providing excellent customer service. They strive to make certain that you have a distinctive and satisfying shopping experience. They appreciate their customers’ patronage, and know they will leave feeling very satisfied, more confident and looking fabulous! The staff at Sweet Talk & Lace have more than 30 years of experience to help customers find the perfect bra. A professional bra-fitting will allow customers to find the perfect style and fit to enhance their curves for a younger , smarter-looking silhouette. "Our customers feel ecstatic when they Photo, L to R: find a comfortable, Bea, Marie and Hazel well-fitting bra that accents and improves their figure," says Marie. “We wish our customers to feel they have purchased lingerie unique to their own individual tastes and desires." When asked her about the progress that has been made

in women’s lingerie, Marie says: “The best advancements have been the wonderful new fabrics, the assortment of styles and the vastly improved design and workmanship.” The selection of underwear Marie offers is not only functional and flattering, but very beautiful too. Their alluring pieces are perfect for women who celebrate their femininity with the “sheer luxury of sensual lingerie.” Sweet Talk & Lace Lingerie is the place to find gorgeous and comfortable nighties, robes, chemises, slips, pyjamas and loungewear. Update your nightwear with their latest summer designs and fresh, fashionable sleepwear. “Sweet Talk & Lace Lingerie is an elegant lingerie boutique that offers an exciting selection of the latest fashion in lingerie, with a well-presented display of stylish, sophisticated garments and price points for every customer,” says Marie. Photo by

F ashion F ocus Exist Hairworx Love. Laugh. Celebrate your Mom today and every day. Happy Mothers Day! Mention this ad and receive 10% off any product for the month of May! Hanky Panky The world's most comfortable thongs – great for spring, summer … and feeling good! 250.656.2321 1C - 9851 Seaport Pl, Sidney 250.656.1002 2424 Beacon Ave, Sidney

The Dancing Orchid

250.656.1318 2416 Beacon Ave, Sidney

The perfect gift to celebrate Mom: Thymes Goldleaf® Gardenia, a classic favourite reinvented in a modern blend of charming elegance; a dewy floral fragrance blooming with layers of femininity. Looking good starts with beautifully soft and fragranced skin … and remember: if you feel good, you look good!.

Happy Mother's Day: First and Forever Love

Luxury Consignment and Full Wardrobe Services

The Dancing Orchid

The Perfect Gift for Mom is waiting for you right here: jewelry, luxury purses, summer dresses and What Not to Wear style services. 778.351.3018 | 2507 C Beacon Ave, Sidney

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boo k revie w the three sisters bar & hotel by katherine govier

g ou


on h o



d ow



If you've ever travelled west

et & gift


of Calgary on the Trans-Canada to Banff, you'll remember the stunning presence of the Three Sisters mountains on your left, a certain sign that you've reached our magnificent Canadian Rockies. reviewed by Those triple peaks give Katherine Virginia Watson-Rouslin Govier's latest novel a fitting title for a work that aims to tell the story of the early settlers and trail guides, the rowdy and rugged men and women who made the Rockies their home and explored its beautiful, but dangerous country. Nestled beneath the Sisters lies the fictional town of Gateway, where Herbie Wishart, the best guide in the business, makes his living. Gateway has a hot springs, was host to the Prime Minister's wife, riding in on the railroad on a cowcatcher – and the Three Sisters Hotel. Herbie is hired by the American archaeologist "Doctor Professor Charles Hodgson" to take him, his manservant, his lovely daughter Isabel and sulky son Humphrey on an expedition. It's the Rockies' motherlode of fossils the professor is searching for. Hodgson decides that he and his party will stay put for several more days, agreeing to meet Herbie at another site, but the Hodgson party don't show up. And thus, their disappearance becomes the focus of search parties and intense interest in both Canada and the U.S. Says Govier: the Americans "act as if its most famous scientist had been kidnapped and was being held for ransom, as if Canada had absconded with this man, when, truth be told, Hodgson had been absconding with Canadian fossils." It's this mystery that holds the story together, told from 1911 (in Herbie's time) to 2011, when his three granddaughters become owners of the Three Sisters Bar & Hotel. As the years pass the surprising answer to the Hodgson mystery unfolds. In between, Govier creates memorable portraits of other characters, including my favourite: Helen, an Ottawa mandarin, working for the national parks, writing lackluster brochures about a place she's never seen. Until she comes west: she's smitten, and begins a new career making movies about the Rockies.

New Releases – Available at Tanner's Books Journey to Munich by Jacqueline Winspear (hardcover fiction) The Night Stages by Jane Urquhart (paperback fiction) His Whole Life by Elizabeth Hay (paperback fiction) The Ice Child by Camilla Lackberg (paperback fiction) The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha (hardcover non-fiction) The Way Of The Gun by Iain Overton (hardcover non-fiction) Our Zoo by June Mottershead (paperback non-fiction) Stalin's Daughter by Rosemary Sullivan (paperback non-fiction) 26 | may 2016

A Dog That Inspires by Hans Tammemagi

The smile on George's face

lights up the entire room. A senior who suffers from cognitive impairment, he has just arrived for a physiotherapy session with Lisa Markin, a registered nurse. Her assistant, Cajun, an adorable fiveyear-old golden Labrador, greets George by enthusiastically licking his face, and George loves every wet kiss. Over the next hour George is led through a series of physio exercises designed to help him relearn motor control and basic life tasks like feeding himself and dressing. When he throws a coloured ball at a bin and misses, Cajun returns the ball for another try. George is asked to move three kibbles from one bowl to Cajun's bowl. When the task has been completed, Cajun gets to eat the kibble, but only after George gives the command. A close bond has developed between the man and the dog, and it is easy to see that George maintains interest and tries harder because of Cajun. The value of pets in medical situations and to help seniors is recognized because they make it fun to do therapy that otherwise is boring and difficult. It also removes stress and anxiety and offers good companionship. Studies show that interacting with a dog can lower blood pressure, calm people who are agitated, refresh confused minds, release strains and tension and ease feelings of loneliness and depression. In the Victoria area, St. John Ambulance and Pacific Animal Therapy Society operate programs where volunteers bring their pets to hospitals and nursing homes and spend time with the patients and residents. Lisa, however, has taken this concept a huge step farther. In 2008, after 18 years as a nurse, she was looking for a change and was inspired by a TV program about animal-assisted therapy. Nothing was available in Canada so she took a one-year certification course in Chicago. She and her husband bought a dog, Rowan, who had been especially selected and trained since a puppy to assist with therapy. Rowan went through an additional rigorous nine-week certification course with Pacific Assistance Dogs, from which only half the dogs graduate. Lisa started to offer animal assisted therapy through her company, INSPIRE, and discovered there was a demand for this service. Her business took off in 2012, when clinical trials were piloted at Aberdeen Hospital and proved very successful. Because provincial health care provides no support, Eldercare Foundation stepped up and sponsors the program through volunteer-raised funding. Lisa stresses that animal-assisted therapy (AAT) is far more than the social interaction offered by visiting dog programs. AAT is a goal-orientated client-specific procedure for which both the dog and nurse have specialized training. The interactions are documented and evaluated just like any other nursing care. The AAT program has proven hugely effective. Barbara MacDonald, the Program Coordinator for West Shore Adult Day Program, says: "It brought tears to my eyes to see the residents of

Aberdeen Hospital respond to Rowan in such an engaged way. I knew some of these residents and was amazed to see how motivated they were to do activities with the dog. One man I remembered had not used his hands or feet since his injury several years before and there he was kicking at a ball and moving his hands to reach a treat for the dog. I asked immediately if we could get this for our clients." There are numerous other happy success stories. These programs work because therapy dogs are completely accepting of people, offer unconditional affection and instinctively understand when someone needs comfort. Most importantly, though, therapy dogs are selected for their personality and then receive extensive training. For example, Cajun, who replaced Rowan who retired recently, knows 55 commands, can open/shut doors, turn lights on/off and can help people get dressed. Cajun is very passive and adapted to crowds and noise and can cope with cars, buses, trains and other means of transportation. Lori S. McLeod, Executive Director, Eldercare Foundation, says: "The animal-assisted therapy program is so successful that we're looking for ways to expand it." For more information visit INSPIRE at or Eldercare Foundation at


Deborah Rogers Associate Publisher

I’m very happy to join the Seaside team full-time having worked with them for the past two years as a writer, editor and Editorial Director. My communications and marketing background, along with my love of the Saanich Peninsula, make this the perfect new role for me!










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on prescription eyewear with AR coated lenses

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250-655-1122 • #104 - 2376 Bevan Ave, Sidney Conveniently Located in Sidney Centre Easy Access and Lots of Parking

28 | may 2016

My Story This is my Christmas story. I am an American cocker spaniel and a "rescue dog." There are lots just like me looking for homes and new friends. I was four-and-a-half years old when I was left at the Victoria SPCA about five years ago because of "allergies," they said. My coat was a mess, I had bad infections in both ears and was scared of men. My attitude about life was so sour at that time that somebody said I should not be put out for adoption. Kind people at the SPCA worked with me, though, and helped me get better, groomed me a bit and my attitude improved to the point that they said I'd fit in with "an older couple." One day, the Missus and the Old Guy walked in and they said they missed having a dog. The OG said he wanted a "real dog" and I didn't qualify – "too small," he said. They took me for a walk and I got on really well with the Missus, who said I should come home with them and I did – in fact I sat on her lap all the way there! Even though my new people seemed kind, I was still nervous as to whether or not I had a forever home. A lot of baggage came with me and I was still scared – of new surroundings and people I didn't know – and I lashed out at many things. One day the OG picked me up and I almost bit him – I had a broken rib in my past life and it still hurt. I growled at every man I saw except Mike across the street – he was my next new friend. They said I was "bug-eyed scared" of just about everything else. I was lucky: my new people allowed me to have my own space, gave me time to move in and didn't push things too much. The fellows on the block all turned out to be really nice – they'd get down on the grass and make friends with me and pretty soon I really enjoyed getting ear rubs, belly scratches and treats. Life had taken a turn for the better! When the Missus and the Old Guy went away and left me with neighbours, I thought: "Here we go again." But then they came back! I finally was sure I had my "forever home" and crawled into Missus' lap to tell her how happy I was. Now I give back all the affection I can to Missus and the OG who says I am his best friend too and a "real dog" after all. There are lots of others just like me, all of whom need a home but may carry lots of baggage because of unhappy past situations. Thanks to rescue groups, most of us find good homes. I know it took a lot of patience on the part of my new people and they gave a lot, but I hope I give back even more – they say I do. Photo by by Max

Panorama Teaches Youth Leaders "Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things" 1 Employers often look for staff with strong leadership skills – but how do you get leadership skills if you don't have job experience? The leadership training programs at Panorama Recreation provide youth with skills that will help them towards future education and job possibilities. "Many young people in our community are looking to develop skills which will benefit them as they move into adulthood or search for jobs," says Jason Gray, Community Recreation Coordinator (Youth Programs). The Youth & Teen Leadership Development Programs enable young people to be more independent and also care for others. Home Alone, for ages nine to 13, teaches the skills necessary to be safe and responsible when home alone. The course looks at problem prevention and handling real life situations. Babysitters Training for age 11 to 15 covers care for young children, safety skills, basic first aid and handling emergencies. Future Leaders for those ages 13 to 16 is a week-long course focusing on what is involved in being a camp leader. "For the youth who participate and complete these programs, it adds depth and experience to their resumés," says Gray. The area of aquatics also provides excellent training. Many young people discover an affinity for swimming and water activity and are inspired to share this positive experience with others. Panorama offers courses that culminate in lifeguard and swim instructor designations. The program begins with Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross (age 13+), followed by Standard First Aid (age 14+), National Lifeguard (age 16+) , and Water Safety Instructor (age 15+). Courses are programmed to allow individuals to complete everything in a summer or over a school year. As well as learning water safety, first aid, CPR-C and teaching techniques, participants build social and team skills and make close friends.

by Jo Barnes

Mother’s DayDay Mother’s

"The training enables high school and university students to be certified for what is considered a great part-time job that pays very well," says Aquatic Coordinator Miko Heddle. "For those taking the instructor courses, all the skills can be applied to other activities and sports coaching." Panorama also offers the BCRPA fitness courses starting with the BCRPA Fitness Theory and Exercise Physiology course for age 15 or older. A Group Fitness Instructor designation involves completing the group fitness module and instructor competency evaluation. Those wanting to become a Personal Trainer need to complete a nine- to 12-month program including a weight training module, personal training module and instructor competency evaluations for both. Real life experiences, valuable information and excellent guidance – the Panorama Leadership Training Programs help youth to build confidence, acquire the kind of skills employers seek, and become leaders in their community. 1

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• may 2016 | 29

peninsula restaurant profile

Burger Brilliance: Canoe Cove Joe’s by Lara Gladych This is the first in a six-part series of profiles featuring some of the Saanich Peninsula's wonderful restaurants and pubs. I first met Joe Bourdeau and his wife Cheryl back in 2014. They warmly welcomed me into their restaurant, which they had taken over not too many months earlier. Canoe Cove Joe’s was Joe’s dream. He’d always wanted his own place, where people would come in not just for great, uncomplicated food, but to see him and say “Hi.” The notion of customers swinging by

for burgers and a beer with him, not just at his restaurant, was prominent in his mind. They are now nearing their second anniversary, which falls on June 1, and Joe has established a following on the Peninsula. Regulars come in, some every day, to chat with Joe and grab something to eat. He prides himself on knowing most of them by name. The restaurant itself has gradually transformed since the Bourdeaus came in. Joe and Cheryl have made it their own by continually adding to the nautical décor,

changing out the old seating, modifying the colour scheme and just generally refreshing the place. The patio is prime seating during the outdoor months. It is now open to enjoy with the warmer weather, so you can take in the sun and the quiet atmosphere at the marina while you eat your breakfast or lunch. Joe’s burgers are what he has always wanted to be known for. The beef patties are his own recipe. They are handmade, simple and straightforward, and really hard to beat.

A Delicious Meal. A Thirst-Quenching Beverage. The Warmth of Family & Friends. Looking Forward to Seeing You This Spring

We hope to see you and your family for Mother’s Day at the Spitfire Grill. Reservations recommended: walk-ins welcome, but seating may be limited. Brunch Buffet: (no regular menu) 830, 1030 and 1230 Seatings: $20/$8 under 10

Summer’s Classic Open Daily 8 am - 3 pm 250.656.5557 • 2300 Canoe Cove Rd, North Saanich 30 | may 2016

Dinner: Regular menu available Mother’s Day menu $28/person 250.655.0122 | 9681 Willingdon Rd | North Saanich

Fri & Sat 8 am to 9 pm Sun - Thurs 8 am to 8 pm

9881 Seaport Pl, Sidney 250.656.5643

If you’d prefer an alternative to beef, you can choose from chicken, salmon, veggie or oyster. The Ultimate Burger is the most popular by a long shot, and it nails the mark with its unpretentious appeal. As Joe has said: “People come in and say it’s the best burger around.” I won’t argue this point. His crab cakes are pretty special, too. As an appetizer, a small meal on their own or in a breakfast benny, they are tender and sweet, and have just the right consistency. Canoe Cove Joe’s isn’t just about burgers, crab cakes and the like. Breakfast is served every day and Joe’s bennies are worth a try – all four of them! I’ve written about the fries in the past, and will mention again how good they are. If you’re sometimes torn, as I am, between a side of fries or salad, just take the plunge and enjoy the fries; they’re worth the splurge. Calamari and poutine are both new to

Joe’s menu. The calamari “have some heat to them,” and the poutine is made with real

"Joe’s burgers are what he has always wanted to be known for. The beef patties are handmade, simple and straightforward and hard to beat." cheese curds, original poutine sauce and those notable Kennebec french fries. Muse wine is on the menu, as are Vancouver Island Brewery beers. Soon Joe will be launching his own private label red: “Not Your Average Joe” Bordeaux. Brilliant! After-hours functions are starting to catchon on at Joe’s. He’s eager to host your next

gathering, be it a staff meeting, wedding, fundraiser or party. Get in touch with him and let him put together a menu for you. Though I may not have pegged Joe as a baker, he does bake his own muffins and cinnamon buns, and pies too. The muffins are always plentiful, and easy to “grab-andgo” if you’re in a hurry. Joe continues to add new items to the menu seasonally to keep it fresh. With the change in weather as summer nears, he wants to have great fresh-air food available for his customers. They have that fantastic patio to sit out on and enjoy a sunny day, and the right food makes it even more appealing. Do something different and take advantage of the early morning daylight for breakfast at Joe’s. Or, venture out to the marina for an afternoon burger and a pint. Either way, he’s looking forward to meeting you. More info at Cook & Oscar Photography

Free Shuttle Friday & Saturday From 9 p.m.

“Absolutely first class …” Same Great Pub; Now Family Friendly!

Liquor Store On Site!

Now With a Larger Kid’s Section: Charles Dickens Pub & Eatery Great Food, Friendly Staff & the Best Selection of Craft & Import Brews Now Family Friendly Until 10 p.m. Daily


2250 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

Kid’s Menu • Acitivity Sheets High Chairs & Booster Seats

“Large portions … excellent food. New restaurant area is kid friendly. Great selection of beers. Well worth the visit.” (

7806 East Saanich Road Saanichton 250.652.1575

Open 8 am to 9 pm Seven Days a Week 2320 Harbour Road, Sidney 778.351.3663 | may 2016 | 31

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health care

new therapists have joined the the team. Aimee Thompson is providing Registered Massage Therapy and Dr. Benn Drysdale is providing Chiropractic Care. The clinic offers a diverse treatment skill set for resolving most muscle/soft tissue and joint injuries. You'll find them at 3-9764 Fifth Street, close to the corner of Bevan. Call 250-6564611 or visit hnnjeys to book an appointment.

Feet First

Zen Time


Introducing Soul to Sole Mobile Foot Care, offering nursing foot care to individuals in their own homes. Sessions with owner Glynis Miller, LPN, include assessment and foot bath, clipping, filing/sanding and appropriate treatments, all finishing with massage. Glynis may also be booked for educational presentations. Visit or call 250-858-7729. She's on Facebook too!

The Yoga Studio, in Sidney, is looking for new instructors. The studio has been acquired by Devi and Dietmar Dombkowski, and they are looking for teachers in a variety of styles. Guest teachers and presenters may also rent their space for their work. Come in and try a free class! You will find The Yoga Studio at 9819 Fifth Street, above Theo's Restaurant. To speak with Devi or Dietmar, call 250-655-5254.

Knitwear Fashion

Bend & Stretch


Adam Olsen and the Olsen family have brought their Salish Fusion Knitwear to a store near

At Sidney Chiropractic and Massage Therapy, Dr. Repsch has retired and two

Victoria Distillers is scheduled to open this

Tea Time

Opening in Rockland in May is Rudi's Tea Room, at the Cary Castle Mews, part of the Government House estate. The Tea Room offers a chance for visitors to enjoy lunch, tea, pastries and other refreshments, all prepared by the Executive Chef at Government House. The Mews will be open for the 2016 season beginning May 24, and hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, until September 3. Learn more at Government House is located at 1401 Rockland Avenue, Victoria.

Get the Ball Rolling … Mini Golf is open at Island View Golf! Weather permitting, the whole family can play from 10 a.m. to dusk. Located at 7081 Central Saanich Road. Call 250652-5215 for more information.

you! Crafted by Vancouver Island knitters and based on Tsartlip First Nation designs (Brentwood Bay), their pieces can now be purchased not only online, but also exclusively at the Brentwood Bay Village Empourium. Visit the Empourium in Trafalgar Square in Brentwood Bay, or shop the full line of products at

Spirits Up

month in Sidney! The public will observe all aspects of production and will finish with a tasting of the premium spirits and bitters. There is an on-site lounge where you will find bartenders experimenting, and where guests can enjoy a cocktail and locally-made preserves and charcuterie. The distillery is opening at 9891 Seaport Place. Read about them at, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for up-todate news!

Man's Best Friend New in Brentwood Bay is VI K9 Consulting & Training. Owner Tyson King offers Obedience and Behavioural Reconditioning Training for pets and their owners. He is a trained PTSD Service Dog Trainer, and offers services and workshops in the area of service dog education and training. Follow VI K9 on Facebook, or find out more about Tyson at Reach him at 250-888-2005 or email VI K9 is located at 6973 Wallace Drive.

Sidney’s Pet Centre Proudly Serving Sidney & the Peninsula for 27 Years Come See Us for All of Your Pet’s Needs! #4-9769 Fifth St., Sidney 32 | may 2016

| 250-656-3314 |

Shop Local

Think Local ... on the Saanich Peninsula

Part of what makes our neighbourhoods special are the businesses that thrive within them. As Saanich Peninsula entrepreneurs we strive to meet the needs of, and give back to, our diverse community. We ask that you please take a minute to think about the large potential of your consumer dollar.

When you shop local, more revenue remains in your community, supporting parks, schools and more! For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $46 is recirculated back into the local economy.

Statistics courtesy of Photos courtesy,




Your Guide to the Peninsula's Goods & Services

Laloca - Fair Trade and Local Products Ethiopian scarves handcrafted using ancient weaving traditions combine cotton and silk. Made by an ethical and eco-friendly enterprise that creates sustainable livelihoods for women. 778.351.3844 | 2367 Beacon Ave

The Yoga Studio

Brown's The Florist When you walk through the doors of Brown's The Florist, you walk into a beautiful flower shop that delights your senses. You might think to yourself: "Wow – this must be such a nice place to work." You'd be right – we love what we do. You might also think: "This flower shop has been on the corner of Beacon and Second for as long as I can remember" and you would also be correct – we've been in this location since the 1960s. We've been blessed with fantastic ownership and amazing management – our team is our strength. Our designers are award winning, because we take our jobs very seriously. We breathe, brainstorm and discuss flowers every day. We're focused on being the best; we constantly challenge ourselves to improve and our designers are trained by some of the industry's finest. Our loyal customers trust us to send flowers to celebrate special occasions; we are so grateful for your support. By choosing to shop local, you have helped us stay in business and look forward to a bright future. We take great pride in giving back to our community and use 80% of our advertising budget to sponsor and support local events and charities. When you send your order with Brown's we guarantee our work. Follow our Facebook page to see some of the fun things we are working on!

The Yoga Studio in downtown Sidney is warm, welcoming and dedicated to a high quality of safe, mindful instruction in Yoga and spiritual/metaphysical studies. 250.655.5254 9819 5th St

Hypersport Come see us at Hypersport for all your footwear and active lifestyle clothing. Our professional staff will ensure that you get the perfect fit. Buy one get one half off and 70% off sale on this month! 250.656.6161 2443 Beacon Ave

Lolly Gobble Sweet Shop Lolly Gobble Sweet Shop aims to provide Sidney with a traditional candy store experience, complete with unique confectionery and gift ideas like our beautiful Candy Bouquets – perfect for Mother's Day! 778.426.2541 | 9774 3rd St

TEMOSENG Charles Elliott

250.665.7511 9811 Seaport Pl

Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea Come experience this aquarium and cultural centre engaging people in the learning and conservation​of the Salish Sea Bioregion.

You are investing in your community by supporting its unique businesses. Appreciate what makes our neighbourhoods different. Our one-of-akind businesses are an inherent part of the distinctive character of our Saanich Peninsula neighbourhoods; that is what brought us here and will keep us here. Shop local and stay connected to the merchants in your community. By supporting independent businesses today, you are investing in a unique and sustainable future for the Saanich Peninsula community.

Antiques, books, collectibles and jewelry. Estates and private libraries purchased. 250.655.0700 #106 - 2506 Beacon Ave

Brown's The Florist

Photo by Bob Orchard

Galleon Books & Antiques

Springtime at Brown's The Florist is the start of our locally grown floral product arriving fresh, daily into our shops. Come visit us today. Sidney: 250.656.3313 2499 Beacon Ave Downtown: 250.388.5545 757 Fort St Westshore: 778.433.5399 #102 - 2972 Jacklin Rd

Muffet & Louisa Bodum is back! Traditional French presses for that perfect cup of coffee any time of the day. Glass and stainless steel models to choose from. 250.656.0011 | 2506 Beacon Ave

The Dancing Orchid Thymes Goldleaf ® Gardenia: A classic favourite reinvented in a modern blend of charming elegance; a dewy floral fragrance blooming with layers of femininity. 250.656.1318 2416 Beacon Ave

Beacon Cat Hospital A full-service veterinary hospital dedicated exclusively to providing "Special Care for Special Kitties." Committed to providing exceptional and compassionate care in a community-based environment. 250.656.5568 9711 A 5th St

Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea Ever wondered what kind of life is out there in our oceans? What could be lurking right off the Sidney pier in the Haro Strait? Who are the Coast Salish Peoples for whom the Salish Sea is named? How can a Rockfish live to be 100 years old? Come and explore a unique experience where you are transported into the waters of our very own Salish Sea. The newly-named Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea (formerly Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre) connects the public with the Salish Sea Bioregion and its ecosystems through engagement, knowledge and awareness, offering an interactive and informative experience of science and culture to young and old. Located in the Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa, the Centre, which opened in 2009, welcomes 80,000 visitors a year who come to explore over 160 species and 3,500 animals including a giant Pacific octopus, wolf eels and Pacific salmon. The Centre is also home to Eve, or A9, our Northern Resident Killer Whale skeleton, a beautiful and rare marine mammal artifact. Take advantage of the only year-round aquarium and cultural centre on Vancouver Island and learn how to explore and conserve our world-class environment. Open daily – visit for more information.




Your Guide to the Peninsula's Goods & Services

Pitt & Hobbs Touch of Wellness Massage Therapy

Brentwood Bay Village Empourium Already popular with the locals, Brentwood Bay Village Empourium is an experience well worth venturing out of your way for. Located in the heart of Brentwood Bay, Empourium offers a unique hybrid shopping experience within a retro general store ambience where you can eat, drink and browse to your heart’s content. Aside from expertly prepared coffees and fresh baking, you’ll find a fascinating variety of unique gifts, cards, home and kitchen décor, art, jewelry, apparel and accessories. Linger over a light meal or Sunday brunch, including organic salads, house-made granola or the Panini of The Day. Enjoy a glass of wine or local beer with lunch, or relax in the afternoon with a pot of Level Ground or Silk Road tea, or a frosty ice cream soda or milkshake hand-made the old-fashioned way – on a 60-year-old mixer – and served in a footed parfait glass. Empourium uses locally-sourced ingredients and products from local farmers and artisans such as Jody’s Naturals, Dan’s Market, Salt Spring Island Kitchen, Carnivore Meats, Shabby Sparrow Designs, Saanich Organics, silver jewelry by First Nations artist Gary Seaweed and contemporary knitted designs from Salish Fusion.

Cancer Care, Pregnancy and Post-Partum Massage, Infant Massage, Geriatric Massage, Pain Management, Injury Prevention and Recovery, Manual Lymph Drainage, ICBC patients and more.Recognized by most extended healthcare providers.

To make a proper cup of tea, you need a beautiful tea set! Royal Albert's vibrant and vivacious "Polka Rose" is perfect for the bride-to-be or to celebrate mom! 250.656.3088 | 2408 Beacon Ave

Devon Jones RMT 250.665.7972 7226 W Saanich Rd, Brentwood Bay (inside Bayside Medical Centre)


Brentwood Bay & Village Empourium Café and retail in a beautiful setting, featuring expertly prepared organic espresso, house-baked treats, delicious fresh lunches and carefully curated gifts, décor and more. Licensed.

BC’s Biggest Selection Flush Bathroom & Travel Essentials 102-2537 Beacon Ave Sidney 250-655-7732

Flush has a huge selection of toiletry bags for men and women. Be sure to visit and check out their growing selection of travel essentials! 250.655.7732 #102 - 2537 Beacon Ave

778.351.0178 #12 - 7103 W Saanich Rd Brentwood Bay


may 2016


Sophistication & Serenity: Positive Vibrations on the Waterfront

The entrance is spacious and airy, filled with light. You can’t help but pause to soak in the serenity.

Beach Home Meets Modern Story by janice henshaw | Photography by

If you like puzzles, then you know that delightful feeling of satisfaction when the last piece snaps into place and the picture is made whole. Walking into the Lochside home of Sky and Ben gives me that same feeling, only magnified. Every piece has been meticulously planned, crafted and assembled into a home that radiates sophistication, spaciousness and serenity. On the day I visited, the expansive low bank waterfront view was stunning. Two sailboats with billowing spinnakers coasted in front of Sidney Spit and James Island, and, to the south, the majestic snowcapped Mt. Baker rose out of low-lying clouds. Sky and Ben built their home as a gathering place for entertaining family and friends. When they arrive home from work (they are partners in a shared medical practice) their dream home and the sea awaits them. “It’s an inspiring place to unwind; it’s our base for adventure, and our haven,” Sky says. The three-storey house is centered on half an acre, which the couple purchased in 2011. “Once we had the land,” Sky explained, “we designed the house to meet our vision and luckily we shared most of

the same ideas and concepts. It was fun to plan our home together.” As I drove down the stamped concrete driveway, I passed a boathouse on the right and a sport court on the left. The 5,100-square-foot house presents itself through white pillars mounted on stone bases and has an attached three-bay garage. Kyle Leggett of Java Designs drew up the plans and Bryan Milkowski was hired as the contractor. The entry is spacious and airy, filled with light. You can’t help but pause to soak in the serenity of the soft grey walls and clean white trim in this oh-so-modern version of a beach home. Open stairs with white spindles curve up to the right, and the newel and the area above the doorway arches are finely detailed. A cozy sitting room waits on the left. Music plays throughout the house via a Nuvo whole home audio system that can be controlled by an iPhone. Sky says she played with every possible shade of grey before choosing Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl for the walls. The white oak flooring (Hakwood) provides a natural-looking base. Over the living room and kitchen, the ceiling changes to white planks, carrying through the “beachy” feel. Huge picture windows frame expansive seaside homes | may 2016 | 39

With the help of friends, Sky chose Shaker cabinets, honed granite countertops and a white subway tile backsplash. A griddle is concealed under the chopping block; perfect for Saturday morning pancakes!

views of the ocean and Sidney. Sky designed the kitchen with the help of a couple of girlfriends, and said that a great resource was the website, which provides thousands of design ideas. She chose Shaker cabinets, honed granite countertops and a white subway tile backsplash that includes a pot filler (a wall mount kitchen faucet) above the side-by-side gas stoves. Spices are conveniently lined up in recessed shelves. A griddle is concealed under the wood chopping block, and Sky says it works great on Saturday mornings when the kids gather at the island for pancakes. The overhead pendant lights carry out the nautical theme and modern look. Next to the kitchen area is a home office, beverage centre and pantry. In the office, a long, custom-built counter faces the ocean and provides Sky and Ben with individual workstations. The kids have their own desks in the play and study area across the hall. It’s all about the view in the master bedroom. “The sunrises are incredible,” says Sky. “Every morning we look out over the ocean. We are so blessed to start our day taking this in.” Ben’s added touch was remote-controlled blinds. In front of the windows, a beige lounge seat with soft cushions makes a perfect place for the family to gather in the evening for reading or a chat. 40 | may 2016 | seaside homes

The ensuite bathroom features a large walk-in shower encased in frameless glass and shiny white tiles. There is a built-in bench seat, two rain showerheads and a river rock floor. A freestanding bathtub has its own space in front of a window with a view of Haro Strait. Last, but not least, a spacious walk-in closet opens up outside the bathroom. Along the hall, Sky and Ben’s son’s bedroom features an aquarium, and their daughter’s bedroom has a dreamy yellowtrimmed bed with an ocean-facing window seat. Between the two bedrooms is a Jack and Jill bathroom with individual sinks, mirrors, and a shower. There are inspirational sayings throughout the house including, “Hello Sunshine! Life is Beautiful. Notice it” and “Be Silly, Be Honest, Be Kind.” Sky believes they create positive vibrations, and are good reminders to think about what is important. Downstairs in the media room, a fitness bike is perched in front of a large TV screen. Ben chose a darker shade of paint, Silver Fox, for the walls, which are adorned with hockey jerseys. An exercise room equipped with a rubber floor is next, followed by a guest room and ensuite bathroom. With oceanfront and Portuguese laurel hedges on both


BC’s Biggest Selection 102-2537 Beacon Ave Sidney 250-655-7732

(top) In the master bedroom, a lounge seat with soft cushions makes a perfect place for the family to gather.

Timeless Elegance, Unmatched Quality

(bottom) In the backyard, wood accents add lovely detail, and comfortable seating encourages outdoor living.

sides, privacy in the roomy backyard is assured. Wood accents add lovely wall detail. A gas barbecue and fireplace are ready for action, and comfortable seating areas along with heaters and night-lights encourage outdoor living all year round. Arriving home from fishing, Sky and Ben’s 11-year-old son tells me that they caught a 10-pound salmon that morning – “Not a big one,” he says. I ask him what he likes best about living on the water. “I like kayaking, boating and fishing.” He likes to go paddle boarding too, and often goes crabbing, taking the traps out on his boat. As I prepare to leave, Sky notes that unexpected guests have recently moved in. At first, she noticed a fishy smell by the driveway and assumed that Ben had left some bait outside, but it turned out that a family of otters had dug in under the front deck. One can hardly blame them for their oh-so-discerning taste in homes! To see more of this photoshoot, visit

Jessica Kwa s n i c a A . A . , D i p. I D

Professional s e r v i ce s from design through inst a l l at i o n

2071 D Malaview Ave W, Sidney | 250.812.4304

w w w. S e a s i d e C a b i n e t seaside homes | may 2016 | 41

Learn to Paint, Distress, Crackle & Antique Your Old Furniture & So Much More!





Bring your Own Piece to Paint

UPCOMING CLASSES: 11am - 4pm April 13th April 24th May 11th May 29th June 8th June 19th

Admiral´s Roofing ATTN: Paul Pellow 5417 WEST SAANICH RD VICTORIA BC V9E1J9 CANADA

Reliable • Responsible • Professional • Guaranteed

$50.00 per class Call for Details

James David fax 1 866 725−6046 ; toll 1 877 478−4593


Fully Insured 14661997AB 14661997AB / TD / 3UWWP / E / 2506521818 / Y / / Reroofing HB01 / James David / 1−667038233 New Construction Admiral´s Roofing / 100818 (VIC)Victoria / Roofing Contractors / 1 Skylights Repairs Torch on Systems *14661997AB*

• Preparation • Painting techniques • Embellishing with metallic wax, stencils & image transfers • Sealing and protecting

Open Daily 10 - 5 7925 East Saanich Rd. 778.426.1660 •

They’re On Top Of It.

Call 250.652.1818 For a Hassle-Free Estimate • #9 - 6782 Veyaness Rd, Saanichton BC







Pour des corrections, veuillez communiquer avec votre con Veuillez apposer votre signature pour confirmer votre approbation aujourd’hui. Please sign to confirm your approval today.

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We Love Making People Happy!

Award Winning

250.652.5081 • www. • #11 - 2075 Henry Avenue West, Sidney 42 | may 2016 | seaside homes

w est coast Gar d ener Animals and your garden Our pets share our outdoor space, and we want to keep our four-legged family members safe while they are enjoying their outdoor living. As gardeners we have to be mindful of the risks of growing a number of plants that could be harmful if they were to by Alison be ingested. Consider finding plants Coley-Donohue that might deter pets from digging and Meadow Oak Nursery playing in beds that have already been lovingly cultivated, while not putting safety at risk if you have young animals or they spend much time unsupervised in the yard. Marauding deer leave frustrated gardeners no choice but to select plants that aren't on the menu of the unwelcome guests. However, the reason that deer don't find certain plants palatable is often due to the toxicity or poisons within. Rhododendrons are widely used in our local deer-resistant gardens and a mature plant makes a nice den for a dog to lay under. But the stems look like a nice stick to chew on for a bored Fido or a teething puppy and the plant is toxic to them if ingested. Euphorbia is often recommended as a versatile choice that deer definitely don't eat. When a stem is broken or cut, euphorbias exude a milky white, poisonous sap. While the plant would probably also deter our chewing canines, if a rambunctious dog broke a stem off and the sap got on his fur to later be licked off, that would not be good. In our perennial borders, watch out for daffodils, foxgloves, lily of the valley, cyclamen and begonias as being harmful if eaten. Some great choices that are deer resistant and safe for our pets and will most likely prevent them from exploring the garden are herbs and aromatically scented plants. Sages, lavenders, rosemary and thymes can be used at the garden's edge to deter pets from exploring further and also repel deer. Licorice-scented agastache, bee balm and lemon-scented marigolds can also keep them out. Lemon balm is also strongly scented but is highly invasive if it's left to flower and seed, so be forewarned. Let's not forget about the cat mint! Aromatic foliage will keep the dogs and deer at bay but this lovely perennial will keep your cats happily rubbing and rolling in it. In the veggie garden, beware of the nightshade family. Tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and peppers have extremely toxic foliage to pets, and us! Also watch for rhubarb leaves as well. Our yards are a great place to spend time with our fur family. Let's keep them safe while still growing beautiful gardens! For more information call 250-655-1756.

Sweet Dreams Boutique® beautiful bedding & linens 250.383.6133 636 Broughton St, Victoria

250.656.0510 2492 Beacon Ave, Sidney

It’s Like Adding Another Room to Your Home! Bedrooms • Closets • Offices • Kids Rooms • Sewing Rooms • Custom Cabinets

Vancouver Island’s only authorized Murphy Wall Bed Dealer Call 250.744.2195 or 1.800.670.5505 3075 Douglas St, Victoria • seaside homes | may 2016 | 43

on d esi g n designing with your pets in mind Your furry feline friend is stationed at the window screen, sniffing the breeze and imagining all the adventures it could be having outside. But outside is a hazardous place, with predators, toxins and unfriendly neighbours a constant threat. You also love feeding songbirds and hummingbirds, but don’t wish to lure by John Creviston them to an early demise. Some people Catscape/Beautiful World Living Environments have solved this problem and made their cats very happy by providing an outdoor enclosure. An enclosure for cats is ideally attached to the home, with direct access via a window or cat door. In this way the cat sees its enclosure as an added “room,” and not an isolation space if the enclosure is across the yard somewhere. Despite what some people think, cats do like to be with us, even if they are not as obvious about it as dogs are. Within the enclosure should be a variety of climbing and resting structures at different levels, with means to reach them. This can mean shelves, branches, cat trees, hammocks or other such “furniture.” Ideally, non-toxic plants should be planted in and around the enclosure to provide shade and a sense of security as cats love

Let the Sun Shine

Sunbrella Fabrics Limit Fading for Beautiful Outdoor Living

to peer out through foliage! Your enclosure can also be a beautiful garden feature, serving as an arbour or trellis, and can protect precious plants from the ravages of deer! Enclosures are generally made of welded wire mesh, sometimes on a frame. In some instances they contain “tunnels” – wire mesh tubes leading from one place to another. Increasingly an enclosure is a place for people first, such as an enclosed deck or patio that is also secure for cats. Every home is different, and even identical homes are positioned differently in orientation to the sun; this will have a huge impact on how to design an enclosure. South exposure can become too hot, and north exposure too cool and without opportunities to bask. People have different tastes and preferences, and cats have vastly different personalities or abilities, and these factors also influence the design. Cats are not the only companion animals that can benefit from an outdoor enclosure: rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets also love opportunities to be outside in the fresh air. In warm weather, reptiles such as lizards and tortoises greatly benefit from access to direct sunlight. Birds too love to be outside in a safe place. Costs for enclosures can range widely, depending on factors such as size and complexity but even a small, simple enclosure can provide an enhanced quality of life for you and your pet! For more information visit

b y Pa u l a G r y p m a Upholstery • Window Coverings • Mirage Retractable Screens • Marine Cover Story Bedding at

Call 250 . 889 . 4585 for a Consultation Appointment 44 | may 2016 | seaside homes


250.656.1999 |

Hot Properties

For Sale on the Island

8620 Kleewyck Rd North Saanich

10770 Madrona Drive - North Saanich

Captivating 1.57 acre country estate perched over the protected waters of the Saanich Inlet. Tastefully and exquisitely remodeled in 2007. Panoramic water views and awe-inspiring sunsets from all principal rooms. Expansive deck with lap pool and master bedroom on main with 5 piece en-suite. Private shoreline complete with mooring buoy. $1,980,000. MLS 361807.

Completely redone oceanfront home perched atop one of the most swim-able coves in Deep Cove. A rare find is this double lot home with 100 feet of shoreline. Engineered seawall, tiered to the beachfront with fully heated and insulated converted boathouse. $2,475,000.

Stephanie Peat | 250.656.0131 | | 250.656.0131 |

1106 Greig Avenue – Brentwood Bay

Madrona Drive Beauty - North Saanich

Sitting on 2+ acres of woodland bliss, this lovely home is in super condition. A fantastic floorplan with 4 good-sized beds up is perfect for a growing family. Large living room, f/p off dining room and a large family room off the kitchen. Quiet street, families nearby & near Butchart Gardens, Brentwood Bay – a world class location. $799,000. MLS# 361486.

Fantastic modern design maximizes light in every room with soaring ceilings, maple floors and quality finishings. Sensitively designed with an elevator, wide doorways and no-step entry. Extensive decks look out to Cowichan Bay. Bonus 14’ high garage/workshop with 12’ door. 18,295 sq.ft. lot allows for guest cottage, possible subdivision potential. $1,250,000. MLS 363414.

Brett Jones 250.385.2033

Deb Scott & Glen Myles | 250.385.2033

622 Edith Pt Rd Mayne Island

11468 Chalet Road- North Saanich Oceanfront 7,400-sf custom Deep Cove beauty boasts 5bd/6ba, incl. caregiver suite and bespoke home office. Wet bar, media room, pool, sauna and hot tub. Nothing has been overlooked. Wow, parties! One acre mature landscaping. Watch the boats from the south backyard, or meander on down to the ultra-private beach. $4,250,000. MLS 361841. Winnie Wu 250.480.9908

Welcome to the perfect getaway or starter home! This 1,000sqft cabin has 2BR, 1BA, open plan living/kitchen, hw floors, and even ocean views! Cottage feeling, yet a splash of modern lingers throughout. Brand new studio – great for guests, hobbies, or a home business. Walking distance to trails, beaches and boat launch. $349,000. Brenda Dean | 250.539.0739 Toll Free: 877.539.5227 |

772 Menawood Place Cordova Bay

Build Your Dream Home or renovate the 70’s inspired architectural view home with approval for 2-lot subdivision in place. Steps to golf, shops, trails & beaches. Newly priced at $959,000. Ingrid Jarisz (PREC*) 250.656.4626

Meet Our Friendly


Name: Helen (Baking Maestro) Position: Pastry Chef We love what we do and it shows. Come in today and meet the rest of our wonderful team.

The Sidney Pier Hotel • 9805 Seaport Place •


Join us for another fantastic summer of fun in the sun with our action-packed and adventure-filled summer camps!

Whether you enjoy exploring the outdoors, being creative with crafts, inventions or ingredients, or have an interest in experiencing something new, we guarantee there will be something for everyone in our dynamic camp lineup this year. Live well & have fun with us this summer, and join us for camp! 46 | may 2016

250 656 7271



hanging baskets • planters • perennials • annuals • herbs • small trees • pottery

Treat Mom to One of Our Beautiful Hanging Baskets Thousands to Choose From!

Open Mon - Sat: 9 - 5.30 Sunday: 10 - 4 6536 West Saanich Road, Saanichton 250.652.8338 |

Making You Happy at Patio Gardens by Doreen Marion Gee

At Patio Gardens, the

customer is king. Staff customize their service and products to cater to customer needs on a regular basis. Cultivating smiles and sunny faces is as important to them as growing luscious plants and creating beautiful baskets and container gardens for patios and gazebos. Nestled in the lush Peninsula countryside, Patio Gardens is a colourful cornucopia of elegant flowers, bushes and hanging and potted plants. Everything is eye candy: the hanging baskets are small stunning works of art and the mini-gardens in containers are crafted with an artisan's skilled hand. Owners Yvonne and Paul Bulk believe that people still deserve to enjoy a beautiful garden, despite the fact they may be living in smaller spaces with patios and balconies: "Our niche is definitely container gardening (growing plants in pots) and hanging baskets." Even though their focus is on patios and decks, they still carry many items for a standard garden. Radiant bedding flowers reach for a spring sun. With pots, containers and accessories, this is a gardener's dream. Patio Gardens staff will customize your order for a hanging basket or container garden, making it special just for you! Plus they "offer a service to customers where they can bring their containers from home and we will plant it up for them." The friendly gnomes at Patio

Gardens go the extra mile: "A new development this year is more perennials, shrubs and trees. If there is a specific plant you are looking for we will try to hunt it down." The worker bees are busy: "We continue to do over 3,000 hanging baskets of different sizes." Yvonne and Paul "offer different prices, something for every budget." The garden centre carries everything for that serene patio oasis; staff "are always happy to help customers choose." The fairly priced items in their gift shop add finely-crafted embellishments. The workshops at Patio Gardens are an innovative extension of the staff's expertise. On May 28, children can escape to a world of magic by creating their own "Fairy Gardens," and adults can build their own enchanted gardens on May 19. A zest for art and fun is shared by staff: "Deirdre, who teaches most of our workshops, has a passion to pass on her creativity and loves teaching both adults and kids." Their personalized service is custom designed for every person and group: "We will do custom workshops for clubs, groups of friends or birthday parties." Yvonne and Paul invite craftspeople to showcase their talents at their "Vendor Market," July 16 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Spots are limited. Please reserve a table via email at When you shop at Patio Gardens, they roll out the red carpet. Contact:

FeRekEtriaEl! w

Celebrating 5 Years in Business!

100+ Premium Loose Teas • 7 Gourmet Coffee Varieties Locally Made Gifts, Spices and Delicious Food Products Tea and Coffee In House and To Go

250.479.0497 • C - 4649 West Saanich Road

Join us to Celebrate Monday, May 9th 6:30pm to 8:30pm See you how Vibes can help you meet your wellness goals. 2506 Beacon Ave, Sidney 778.426.2146 |

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Skin Cancer Awareness by Dr. Maureen Sweeney

How many cancers do you know of that can be prevented? Skin cancer in its various forms is the most common cancer and can largely be prevented. Ultra violet radiation from sunlight is the number one cause of skin cancer. You are at greater risk of developing skin cancer: • If you have lighter skin and eye colour; • As you age; • If you have had three blistering sunburns; • If you use tanning beds; and • If you are frequently outside, even in Canada. There are two broad groups of skin cancer that result from UV exposure: melanoma and non-melanoma. All arise most frequently on sun-exposed skin: face, head, ears and neck. The most common form of fatal skin cancer, melanoma is fast growing, is not always dark in colour, may spread from where it develops to other distant organs and can also occur in non-sun-exposed areas of the skin and on mucous membranes such as the mouth. In 1935 melanoma occurred in one in 1,500 individuals; in 2010 the rate grew to one in 50 people. Non melanoma cancers – squamous cell and basal cell – are slower growing and tend to be localized. Prevention and early detection through screening is cornerstone to lowering the burden for all types of skin cancer. If caught early there are a variety of treatment options and excellent cure rates. Use this self-exam and ABCDE guidelines from the Canadian Dermatology Association to perform your own self assessment: http://www. There are a number of measures for prevention by limiting exposure to UV rays: • Apply sunscreen, even when it’s not sunny; don’t forget your lips. DNA-damaging UVA, UVB and UVC radiation is not blocked by cloud cover. • Use broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against all three UV wavelengths. • Sunscreen with SPF of 30+ that is water resistant is the best choice. Apply at least 10ml. • Apply to exposed areas 30 minutes before you go outside; reapply every three to four hours, more frequently if sweating or swimming. • Wear a hat. It’s easy to forget about your scalp. Wearing a hat with a brim adds protection to your eyes, ears, forehead, neck and nose. • Powder sunscreens can also be used to protect the scalp and hair line. • Cover up. Clothes don’t block all UV rays, but the more covered you are, the more protected you’ll be. • Minimize sun exposure. Stay indoors or in the shade when the sun’s rays are most intense – typically between late morning and early evening. Sunshine makes us feel better and is essential to life, so enjoy the rays but keep your skin protected – you will have less risk for cancer and your skin will be healthier and look better. Live Young Medical

the Force

Our hospital is now home to The Force—the

most advanced CT Scanner on the Island. Light years ahead in technology, the FORCE will be a vital tool for our hospital. It’s scanning time is even faster than the time it takes for a Jedi to the get onto the scanning bed. Radiation output is no more than any Earthling would receive just by living on the planet. And it’s laser-precise, 3D, rotating imagery provide our staff with the intel to perform success after success in the OR.

We couldn’t have done it without you. Your donations have made—and continue to make—all the difference in the world. It is you who keep us moving forward in providing state-of-the-art healthcare for everyone here on the Peninsula and beyond.

It’s our hospital 250-652-7531 48 | may 2016

May is skin cancer awareness month.

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The excitement is building as renovations take place for the new CT Scanner at Saanich Peninsula Hospital.

New Hi-Tech Scanner for Saanich Peninsula The Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation had a new, state-of-the-art, CT scanner in their sights when they launched their annual fundraising campaign in 2013. Fantastic response from donors has enabled the purchase and (soon-to-happen) installation of “The Force.” Installation date is set for the beginning of June (with the machine coming from Germany). However, SPH now has a mobile CT Scanner in place, and the excitement is starting to grow around the hospital! With donations tallied many months ago, donors may wonder why it has taken so long? Karen Morgan, SPHF’s Executive Director, filled us in: “You don’t have enough space in the issue for the whole saga! The short version is that this machine was part of a group purchase (although it will be the first to be installed on the Island). It took some time to get that organized and the prices negotiated. Then it had to be approved by Shared Services BC, the provincial government’s purchasing authority for all of the health authorities in the province. While it was a long process, Dr. John Mathieson, the

Head of Medical Imaging (Physician Services) is always conscious that he’s working with donor dollars and he worked hard to get the best machine for the best price.” Saanich Peninsula residents will benefit from this brand new machine. It has better imaging and much lower radiation dosages than earlier machines. It will also allow more diagnostic tests (particularly cardiac) to be done at SPH. Karen: “Over the years, I’ve come to see that residents of the Saanich Peninsula feel a great sense of ownership of their hospital and support it so generously. It’s humbling, not just for the staff of the Foundation, but for the staff and doctors in the hospital. We all feel supported, encouraged and valued by the community. And we can’t say thank you enough.” If you want to know what else is new and planned for SPH you’ll have to stay tuned! There are some surprises in store at the June 16 golf tournament, the October gala and at the wonderful community events held to support the hospital. You can always keep yourself updated on Facebook.

Would you like to be better prepared for retirement? Contact me for an invitation to my fun and informative workshops for women.


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islan d d ish

Spring Fettucine When I think of spring, lamb and asparagus come to mind! The Galloping Goose Sausage Co. in Metchosin makes excellent herbed lamb sausages. They are gluten- , MSG- and preservative free. We are fortunate here at the Deep Cove Market to be able to carry fresh asparagus from Raphael at Guités Farm on Oldfield Road. I'm a big fan of easy one-dish meals, so I have combined a number of items I carry here at the Market into one entrée. This dish could easily become gluten free by substituting the pasta with a rice pasta or quinoa. I also think the lemon cooking sauce would pair nicely with chicken if you are not a lamb fan. We carry farm-fresh, free-range, antibiotic-free chicken from Kildonan Farms located right here in North Saanich. I am also a huge lover of Greek food, so I combined the lemon and lamb with peppers, onions and feta. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! by Rosemary Scott Deep Cove Market

Greek Pasta with Sausage, Peppers & Onions (serves 3 - 4) 1 package Galloping Goose herbed lamb sausage (4 links) 1 package Al Dente lemon chive fettuccine 4 oz. Rao's homemade Lemon Cooking Sauce 1 yellow pepper, chopped in ½-inch pieces ½ red onion, diced grape tomatoes, halved local asparagus cut in 1- to 2-inch pieces feta cheese, crumbled Cook fettuccine according to directions on package. Pan fry the sausages in a little olive oil. When browned, remove from heat and slice into one-inch-thick medallions. Return to pan

and add the chopped red onion. When the sausage looks cooked through and the onions are tender, add the peppers and asparagus. Sauté for a few minutes until the veggies are tender crisp. Add the tomatoes and cook for one more minute. Drain the fettuccine and return to pot. Drizzle the lemon cooking sauce over the pasta and mix until the noodles are thoroughly coated. Plate up the noodles and top with your sausages and veggies. Sprinkle liberally with crumbled feta cheese. Remember that you can substitute chicken for the lamb, and quinoa would be a great alternative for the fettuccine. I served a local mixed green salad on the side Bon Appétit!

RBC Dominion Securities Inc.

PROFESSIONAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT Deborah Reid, investment advisor and financial planner, and her extended wealth management team help to bring you peace of mind. Her team consists of: QEstate

planning specialist planning consultant


QFinancial QWill

planning specialist and estate consultant

For a complimentary consultation, please call 250-655-2884 or e-mail RBCRBC Dominion Securities Inc.*Inc.* andand Royal Bank of Canada areare separate corporate entities which areare affiliated. *Member-Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Dominion Securities Inc. is isa member company Dominion Securities Royal Bank of Canada separate corporate entities which affiliated. *Member-Canadian Investor Protection Fund.RBC RBC Dominion Securities Inc. a member companyofofRBC RBCWealth Wealth Management, a business segment of Royal Bank of of Canada. ®Registered trademarks of ofRoyal RBC Dominion 15_90853_V9E_003 Management, a business segment of Royal Bank Canada. ®Registered trademarks RoyalBank BankofofCanada. Canada.Used Usedunder underlicence. licence.©©RBC DominionSecurities SecuritiesInc. Inc.2016. 2015.All Allrights rightsreserved. reserved. 15_90853_V9E003

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Market Fun in the Sun!

Experience a spectacular summer in sunny Central

Saanich as the Peninsula Country Market celebrates its 25th Anniversary! The market was officially opened by Mayor Ted Jones under sunny skies on Saturday, July 6, 1991, at the old Fairgrounds in Saanichton – and we’re still going strong! Over 50 vendors offer a tasty blend of local products every week – farm-fresh veggies and berries, seafood and locally-raised meats, fine local wines and ciders, homemade jams and chutneys, traditional ethnic foods, breads and baked goods – plus a colourful diversity of quality handcrafted products. To honour our long history of support for local farming, we are partnering with 4-H and the Saanich Fair Kidz Zone to build an Agriculture Education trailer that will be set up at the Market, at the Kidz Zone during the fall fair, and can travel throughout the region to educate young people of all ages about the importance of local farmers and food production. We’re kicking off this grand venture with seed money provided by the Saanich Fruit Growers and District of Central Saanich and looking for donations from the community to help fund this important legacy. Look for our Ag Ed tent at the

market this summer and on The market opens its season on Saturday, June 4, at Pioneer Park in Brentwood Bay, as a partner in the annual Brentwood Bay Festival ( The festival features a lively community parade and a day of family activities and great music in Pioneer Park, and of course, a vibrant market with over 60 vendors offering a broad range of local products and services. The festival is organized by the Brentwood Bay Community Association. The market returns to the Saanich Fairgrounds on June 11, running every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. through Thanksgiving, rain or shine, except for the weekend of the Saanich Fair. Enjoy a country morning among friends surrounded by the bustle of a country market on a verdant field, your shopping bag bulging with just-picked veggies and homemade bread, enjoying a gourmet coffee and sweet treat with friends while tappin’ your toes to market music by market faves and newcomers like Knackers Yard, Bowker Creek Band and Trifaucis. Dogs are welcome too! For more information visit our website at and follow us on Facebook (/peninsulacountrymarket).

e4 s Jun n e p O at the Bay d twoo Bren stival Fe

Enjoy a Country Morning Among Friends Local Farm Fresh Produce • Local Wineries Meats • Breads & Pastries • Preserves • Hot & Cold Food Live Toe-tappin’ Market Music • Quality Crafts

Saturdays 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. June 4 - October 8

Saanich Fairground

1528 Stelly’s Cross Rd

photo by


World Oceans Day Shaw Centre for

the Salish Sea is celebrating “World Oceans Day” with a big outdoor party at Beacon Park on the Sidney waterfront. Come and revel in all things “ocean.” Entertainment, exhibitors, food. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. All ages. Free. Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea. 250-665-7511.

June 7

Cooking for Fun: Stir-Crazy Stir-Fry Night Teriyaki Chicken

and Mandarin Orange Vegetable Stir Fries. Children will be introduced to the exciting world of cooking exotic dishes. All materials and ingredients supplied. 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. 7 to 12 years. $19. North Saanich Middle School Foods Room. Registration: 250656-7271.

June 10

Preschoolers in the Park Little

ones can have an adventure at Mount Douglas Park. Kids can play, giggle and enjoy circle time and adults will love an urban walk. Bring a stroller or child carrier. Parent participation required. Friday, 10 to 11:30 a.m. 1 month to 6 years. Free/Drop-in. Info: www.saanich. ca. 250-475-5421.

June 10


Tie-Dye Teens will have a “retro” blast, making and creating things with tie-dye ink. Supplies provided. 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. 12-18 years. Free. Bayside Teen Lounge, Bayside Middle School – Room W111. 250-656-7271. June 11

Snorkeling for Kids Have lots of fun

learning the basics of snorkeling and play some games to try out your new skills. Equipment supplied. Okay to bring your own fins. 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. 7 to 12 years. $20. Saanich Commonwealth Place. Registration: www. 250-475-7600.

June 18

Stand-Up Paddleboard for Kids

Instructors will teach you how to standup paddle on specialized paddleboards designed just for kids. Required: ability to swim in deep water. 12 to 1 p.m. 8 to 14 years. $20. Saanich Commonwealth Place pool. Register: 250-475-7600.

June 26 Morning Mist Canoe Adventure

Kids and adults can savour a beautiful morning paddle on Elk Lake. Join a CRD Regional

Parks naturalist for a guided paddle while searching for eagles, herons and turtles. 8 to 11 a.m. 5 years and up. $20 + gst (15 years+); $10 + gst (5 to 14 years). Pre-registration required by June 23: 250-478-3344. Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park. Info:

July 3

July 4 to September 2 Mountain Bike & Dirt Jump Camp Kids will

love the high-octane fun of mountain biking and dirt jumping. Learn the basics, safety and trail-side maintenance. Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. 6 to 10 years. $105/week. North Saanich Free Ride Park. Registration and specific requirements: 250-656-7271.

July 11 - 15 Portraiture - Beyond the Selfie Teens will discover the art of portraiture through mixed media, painting, photography, drawing and journaling. Monday to Friday, 1 to 4 p.m. 12 to 17 years. 5/$106. Cedar Hill Recreation Centre. Registration: 250-475-7121. July 13 “Book a trip” to Outer Space A UFO will land at the Sidney/North Saanich Library and aliens from “Science Venture” will share the wonders of outer space through hands-on, minds-on extraterrestrial activities. 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Ages 5+. Free. Registration:, 250-656-0944 or in-person. sidney-north-saanich. July 18 - 22 Waterriffic For water-lovers: water sports, stroke improvement, games, crafts and water survival lessons. Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 8 to 11 years. 5/$135. Gordon Head Recreation Centre. 250.475.7100 July 20 Meet the Raptors! Be up close and personal with live wild birds of prey. Isaac from the Raptor Centre in Duncan will talk about his magnificent raptors. 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. All ages. Free. Registration:, 250-656-0944 or in-person. July 25 - 29

Byte Camp – Music and Video Production

Create your own music and music video. Craft your own song from scratch using cuttingedge software. Experiment with video, special effects and editing. Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 9 to 12 years. 5/$250. Central Saanich Cultural Centre Room A. Registration: www.panoramarecreation. ca. 250-656-7271.

in Sidney at 2494 Beacon Ave 52 | may 2016

Sea Shirt Sunday

Create your own fishy fashion with a cool oceanthemed T-shirt. Bring a T-shirt or cloth bag or buy a shirt at the Centre. 1 to 3 p.m. All ages. Regular admission plus $2 for paint. Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea. 250-665-7511.

in Victoria at 1831 Oak Bay Ave (next to Harry’s Flowers)

By Doreen Marion Gee See websites for more classes & programs. Panorama Recreation & Saanich Recreation: See online brochures for lists of more classes, programs & summer camps. August 2 - 4

Pre-registration required at 250-479-0211. Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary.

Barnacles Buddy Camp – “Crabtastic Octopus” Little future

biologists will discover the diversity of ocean animals big and small through educational games, activities, crafts and more. Tuesday through Thursday, 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. 4 to 6 years. $56. Pre-registration required. Registration forms at: www.oceandiscovery. ca. Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea. 250-665-7511.

August 20

Saanichton Family Festival

Have a ball with the whole family with an inflatable obstacle course, vendors, games and prizes. 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Free. Saanichton Fairgrounds. Info: 250-656-7271.

August 2 - 4

Morning Beach Camp at Island View Beach

August 8 - 12

Kids on Broadway An introduction to musical theatre. Children will learn how to act,

dance and sing. Performance on final day. Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. 7 to 10 years. 5/$99. Royal Oak Middle School. Registration: 250-475-5421.

August 13

Heroes Inc. – Superheroes @ Your Library

August 13

Creatures of the Summer Night Explore Swan Lake’s

Don’t miss the excitement: Superheroes are flying to Sidney/North Saanich Library and will answer your questions. Get your own photo op with your favourite masked marvel. Wear a costume. 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. All ages. Free/Drop-in. 250-656-0944. nightlife – learn how to find owls, bats and other nighttime creatures and discover how they adapt to a nocturnal life. 8 to 9:30 p.m. Families with kids 6+. $4 (members); $6 (non-members). Meet at Nature Hut.

Kids will love a week of sandy beach fun: games, making sandcastles, collecting seashells and more. Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 3 to 6 years. 5/$65. Island View Beach. 250-656-7271.

August 2 - 4

Lantern Making Magic

Kids make monkey-shaped illuminated lanterns. Learn different paper and decorating techniques. Enjoy a lantern procession. Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. 6 to 9 years. 5/$106. Cedar Hill Recreation Centre. Registration: 250-475-7121.

Now Open On Hillside Avenue!

Hillside Location 1581 Hillside Ave 778.265.5651

Mattick’s Farm Location 5325 Cordova Bay Rd 778.265.5432

Shop Online & Create Your Gift Registry @

Let new ideas take root. Beacon and Fourth in Sidney Open Monday to Saturday 8am - 8pm Sunday 8am - 6pm may 2016 | 53

Groom That Dog by Janet Lynch Expert Dog Grooming A Safe Place for Your Dog Pick Up & Drop Off Available

Groom That Dog

Thank you to our great clients, their owners and my amazing helper Karen! Here’s to another great year!

ingrid jarisz



2444 Beacon Ave, Sidney, BC V8L 1X6 | 250.656.4626

Always Providing the Best For Your Pets!

• BiologicVET Health Products for Dogs & Cats

This is part of a rotating series of articles on members of Sidney Meet Up, featuring people in business on the Saanich Peninsula. Ruff! Ruff! I am a furry four-legged client at Groom That Dog on the Saanich Peninsula. It is such a fantastic place to get groomed and pampered that I just had to tell Seaside Magazine readers all about it! I love it when my master takes me to Groom That Dog. The owner, Janet Lynch, really cares about animals. She hugs and strokes me and makes me feel loved and special. After her grooming, I feel sleek and beautiful and I even smell good! Did you know that Janet has over 17 years in the dog grooming industry, with lots of experience in dog obedience, dog showing, kennel work, dog sitting and more? One day, she knelt down and whispered a secret right in my big floppy ear: “I value good customer service and being truthful and forthcoming with my clients.” Wow. No wonder this place is always so busy! Ms. Lynch is always there for her customers; if there is an issue, she follows through with people until the problem is fixed. My pals with special needs are welcome here – Janet is very kind and sensitive with them. She helps dogs that have issues due to age or when they just need more time to be cared for in a quiet manner. One time when there was a “paws” in her schedule, Janet told me why proper grooming is so important for dogs. The smart lady will sometimes catch health problems in my friends before anyone else. She explains that “I believe that a well groomed dog doesn’t just feel good but shows how good it looks and feels by the way it presents itself.” “Educating people about coat care and taking the extra time to show them how to comb and brush is important to keep mats away. Also it prevents skin problems that can occur when dogs are not looked after properly.” We have a wonderful new human at Groom That Dog. Lorna Henthorne is spoiling all of us with her sweet loving care. Janet is over the moon: “Lorna is working out great. She has been grooming most of her life but was really looking for the right fit. I really think she has found it at Groom That Dog. She loves the little dogs and SAANICHTON ONLY has a lovely calm manner with the ones that are a bit unsure or insecure, so it’s nice to have a second groomer on board. I am lucky to have her.” Oh, I almost forgot. On April 16, Janet Lynch celebrated her first year in business. Big licks to the lovely lady! Now pass the doggy biscuits. Contact:

by Doreen Marion Gee

Flexible Hours • Pick Up & Drop Off Available 778.977.3647 • 10109 MacDonald Park Road (Near Slegg Lumber)


Ruff Ruff ! I Love it Here:

• Dehydrated Food from The Honest Kitchen and Grandma Lucy Mural by Paul Archer

9802 5th Street, Sidney 250.656.4700

Home Improvement

Let us help you with alll your YOUR and out. We projectsSAANICHTON - inside SUPER have everything you need!


Mon. to Fri. 8 am - 8 pm Sat. & Sun. 9 am - 6 pm




YOUR 2356 Beacon Ave., Sidney (250) 656-2712

Mon. - SAANICHTON Fri. 8:00 - 9:00, Sat. 8:00 - 6:00, Sun. 9:00 - 5:00

7816 E. Saanich Rd. Saanichton, B.C. Ph: 250-652-9119

Seaside Magazine's

3 rd Annual Road Hockey Charity Event

J une 11th Mary Winspear Centre

Gold & Diamonds Found in Sidney!

g n i k a To it t t e e r t S the

The Sidney by the Sea Rotary Club has found these treasures here on the Peninsula and there are two ways you can share in the gold and diamonds. The gold is mined each week through the Gold Mine Raffle, a weekly 50/50 draw. Playing the game is easy. Contest participants simply register by purchasing a ticket number for a toonie at a local participating merchant. Each week, you visit one of the 13 participating businesses and play your number for a toonie, depositing it in the contest box. On Mondays, the boxes are collected, the toonies counted and the winning number selected. The winner receives 50% of that week's proceeds, 25% goes to the week's featured charity and 25% goes to the Sidney by the Sea Rotary Club to put towards additional projects in our community. The weekly pot has been growing, proving that the more people who play, the bigger the winnings! The "Diamonds are Forever" at the Rotary Club's Monte Carlo Gala – the best night you can have in Sidney with your clothes on! On May 14, come out in your finest and try your luck at the gaming tables, bid on some great auction items, dance the night away and try your martini shaken, not stirred! Tickets are on sale through the Mary Winspear Centre box office and online (250-656-0275; This year three community groups are partnering with Rotary on this event – ORCCA Dental Clinic in Sidney, which provides dental care to disadvantaged children and youth under 19 years of age; Victoria Parkinson and Epilepsy Society; and Mercy Ships, which provides urgently needed dental and surgical care in Africa. Come out and have a great time and do some good at the same time. This almostannual event sells out quickly, so get your tickets early! For fun instructions on how to play the weekly 50/50 Rotary Gold Mine Raffle and details on the Monte Carlo Gala, visit www. For up-to-date information on Gold Mine and Monte Carlo like the Sidney by the Sea Rotary Facebook page. Photo by

30 Teams Raising $30,000 to Celebrate Help Fill A Dream’s 30th Anniversary HOW TO REGISTER A TEAm 1 Use the Link and Course Keyword to Register Your Team Keyword:100136 Click “Add to cart”

2 Create Account or sign in to existing account 3 Cart Checkout with number of teams registering 4 Print Appropriate Waiver Forms and Pledge Forms (Links provided in Description for Event - Child and Adult) Cost per team $300 – 10 players max. per team Registration questions? Please contact Registration Committee member Elizabeth Moss at Register Early, Limited Space. Ages 7+

Join us in Becoming a Dream Maker!

In Support of

The 3rd Annual “Taking it to the Street” charity event is an event in collaboration with and support of Help Fill A Dream Foundation. Thank you from Seaside Magazine and Help Fill A Dream Organizing Committee. may 2016 | 55

in g oo d health

Integrity. Innovation. Energy.

Saanichton Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic by Doreen Marion Gee

This is the first in a six-part series of profiles on some great local businesses that are working to keep us all in good health. With two recent total knee replacements, I soon learned the vital health-saving value of physiotherapy: The prescribed exercises and physiotherapy sessions were a major determinant of the success of the surgeries and whether I would ever be able to walk again. Dr. Scott Simpson of Saanichton Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic is proud to champion their excellent research-based treatments that benefit people in this community immensely. He is committed to

providing individualized care with “integrity, innovation and energy.” The staff of Saanichton Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic are proud to celebrate 35 years of helping people enjoy active high-quality lives on the Peninsula. A team of six therapists provide exceptional care to locals: “Saanichton Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic provides an extensive array of physical rehabilitation therapies and treatments. From sport-specific, preventative and rehabilitative therapies to massage therapy, acupuncture, orthotics and bracing, our therapists are motivated by a proactive mission to return you to normal

activity as soon as possible.” Dr. Scott Simpson, owner, is a highly skilled health professional with a Doctorate in Physiotherapy; he is presently completing a post-doctoral fellowship that turns out graduates who, on average, produce treatment results in the top 9% of all therapists in North America. Excellence and scientific integrity are core values to Dr. Simpson: “We provide the most up-to-date research-based treatments. We track patient progress with analytical tests which allow us to adapt based on the individual needs of the patient. Our goal is to reset a problematic injury, restore function

Family & Implant

Proudly Serving the Saanich Peninsula for 35 years


New Patients Welcome!

As a thank you, mention this ad for 35% off your first treatment

Dr. Mitra Hashemi

250.656.1199 250.652.0132 7865 Patterson Rd, Saanichton

#104 - 9845 Resthaven Drive, Sidney

Book Online:

56 | may 2016

through manual therapy, and reinforce our treatments through customized therapeutic exercise and education. A key aspect of the scientific method is to always adapt, be skeptical, learn to listen, and innovate based on quality research. I absolutely love what I do for work and enjoy helping others embrace the benefits of movement.” Innovation underscores everything at Saanichton Physiotherapy. Dr. Simpson seeks out the newest and best treatments, therapies and technologies: “There are two interesting tools that we use. The first one is called ‘IMS’ or ‘intramuscular stimulation,’ a treatment where we apply acupuncture-type needles into muscular trigger points to try to release tight bands of tissue. For some patients it is almost a breakthrough, allowing them to return to activities they enjoy. The second tool is called ‘real time ultrasound,’ which allows us to see under the skin and locate soft tissue injuries. It is particularly useful for muscle, tendon and ligament strains to inform us about the perfect

Neck & Shoulder Pain?

level of treatment. The two treatments work well together, because we can look for trigger points with the ‘real time ultrasound,’ then hit

"Innovation underscores everything at Saanichton Physiotherapy. Dr. Simpson seeks out the newest and best treatments, therapies and technologies." them perfectly with the ‘IMS.’ In turn we can objectively monitor the healing of tissue over time, by observing it and then correlating that information with functional ability.” When it comes to the profound importance of regular exercise, Scott offers valuable and interesting insights. It is now possible to compare multiple interventions, in the short and long term, based on the cost to patients

Your Journey to Health Starts Here

and the health benefits and improved quality of life that the interventions bring. “With this tool we can compare exercise, therapy, bracing, injections, medications and surgery. The research generally suggests that exercise is the big winner. It’s basically free, and helps promote positive long-term health outcomes.” A high-energy river seems to run through Dr. Simpson’s work and life. He is an accomplished athlete, excelling in endurance sports, especially distance running. He was the 2006 Canadian National Champion at the 10k distance. His energy and experience are valuable commodities at their Sports Clinic. Once again they use evidence-based research “to make the best possible decisions related to care, ensuring athletes can return to competition with full confidence and safety.” Post surgery, my goal is to regain my energy, movement and quality of life. We are fortunate that Saanichton Physiotherapy achieves that goal every day with local people. Contact:

SIDNEY CENTRE FAMILY DENTISTRY Dr. Loren J. Braun • New Patients Welcome • Same Day Emergency Treatment • Insurance Plans Accepted • IV Sedation Available

Sheri Piacente

Registered Massage Therapist 18 years of experience

I Can Help! Book Online Today!

“ We believe that

all people have the potential to enjoy an active, vibrant, and healthy life ”


Dr. Randy Kerr • Dr. Misty Watson Reach your health potential


#102 - 9710 Second St, Sidney

Healt h is an Inside Job & We’re Here to Help!

250.655.7188 #215-9764 Fifth Street

Above Capital Iron

w w w. s i d n e y c e n t r e d e n t a l . c o m may 2016 | 57

seaside arts scene by Gillian Crowley Is there something happening in the Peninsula or Gulf Islands Art Scene we should know about? Email

Fawlty Towers Frolic The iconic bewildered Spanish waiter and the insufferably pompous Basil Fawlty will jump off the television screen and onto the stage when Fawlty Towers opens at the Mary Winspear Centre. One of the funniest British television series, Fawlty Towers has brought belly laughs to audiences of all ages. Famous Monty Python alumni John Cleese co-wrote the original television sitcom and starred as frenetic innkeeper Basil Fawlty. The Peninsula Players will reprise the "Communications Problems" episodes featuring The Hotel Inspector and Basil the Rat. Everyone will enjoy a laugh a minute as they wait to see if Basil Fawlty will go over the edge. Charlie White Theatre, Sidney, May 5 to 8 at 7:30 p.m.

58 | may 2016

and matinee performances May 7 and 8 at 2 p.m.

West Coast Chamber Players The West Coast Chamber Players will perform a concert full of variety, including Mozart's Horn Trio, Bach's Musical Offering, Paganini's Duo for Bassoon and Violin and an exciting piece by jazz musician Paquito D'Rivera. The five musicians will also play a work by young Canadian composer, Mathieu Lussier, an assistant professor at UniversitĂŠ de Montreal. The players for this concert are: Jim Stubbs, trumpet; Lauren Stubbs, bassoon; Yoomi Kim, piano; Kate Rhodes, violin; and Karen Hough, horn. May 15 at the Peace Lutheran Church, 2295 Weiler Avenue, Sidney. For information and tickets call 778-426-0025.

Local Writers Read in Sidney Tricia Dower, a fiction writer now living in Brentwood Bay,

will read from her new book, Becoming Lin. This second book in a planned trilogy has been described as a "penetrating study of a marriage and evolving sense of self as [the protagonist] confronts the fear that keeps her from an unfettered future." Dower will be joined by Victoria writer Grant McKenzie, an internationally-published author of six "edge-of-yourseat" thrillers, and a mystery series set in San Francisco. The readings are a joint presentation by the Sidney and Peninsula Literary Society and Tanner's Books. All ticket proceeds go to support the 2017 Sidney Literary Festival. Tickets at Tanner's Books or online at May 18 at 7 p.m. (doors open at 6:30 pm), Red Brick CafĂŠ, 2423 Beacon Avenue, Sidney.

Sidney Concert Band's "Swing into Spring" In this family-friendly concert, Sidney Concert Band will offer a variety of music, vocalists

and a trombone ensemble performing under musical director Rob Bannister and guest conductor Bruce Ham. The afternoon features vocalists Stephanie Benbow, Georgina Stevens, the hauntingly beautiful Gabriel's Oboe with Kryn Zedel, and a Jason Gordon solo on euphonium. Mary Winspear Centre, May 29 at 2 p.m.

Art Victoria Now This exciting juried show displays the works of selected artists residing in Greater Victoria including Victoria, Sooke, Saanich, Sidney and the Westshore. Art lovers can appreciate paintings, sculpture, fabric art, photography and other artistic expressions as well as support local artists through their purchases. Presented by the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria. The Atrium Building (800 Yates Street). Gala Reception Friday, May 13 at 7 p.m. (ticketed).Show dates: May 14 through May 23.

Big Bike Ride Needs Support! We need your support on the Big Bike Ride! Why? • Heart disease and stroke represent two of the three leading causes of death for Canadians; • More than 1.6 million Canadians are living with the effects of heart disease or stroke; and • Nine in 10 Canadians have at least one risk factor for heart disease or stroke. Your Contribution Gets Results: Whether it's delivering breakthrough medical advances, effecting social change or educating consumers and healthcare professionals on how to prevent and manage heart disease and stroke, every dollar gets results that change lives. Consider that your support is contributing to the health of Canadians right in your community. Here on Vancouver Island the Heart and Stroke Foundation has placed 85 Automated External Defibrillators (AED) as of February 2016. With most of the Sidney area, high volume centres covered, the most recent was placed in the Sidney International Ferry Terminal in April 2015 and this year the top fundraising Big Bike teams from each region (north and south) will win the opportunity to place an AED in their community! About the Big Bike: One bike. 30 seats. 20 minutes. Two kilometres. One great team working to create more survivors! The Heart & Stroke Big Bike is a team event geared towards companies, community organizations and groups. Teams are

Maximize your return on life.

composed of up to 29 enthusiastic riders who each commit to fundraising in order to support heart disease and stroke research. On event day, one of our drivers will accompany riders as they pedal through their community and celebrate their accomplishments! Help heart disease and stroke survivors go home to the people they love! Register now at to ride in Sidney on Tuesday May 24! For details contact Jodi Gaiser at or 250-410-8094.

WHAT’S HAPPENING the TulistaPresents: Park Gallery The Tulista ArtsatCentre Join us for our SMALL Expressions “Just Because”: May 2nd - 8th Show. Both 2D and 3D artwork all

CACSP Small Expressions Show

March 4th to 29th Friday Fibre Friends presents their Tuesdays - Sundays, 10am-4pm

Third Annual Fibre Show sized to fit Fabulous within a 12” x 12”Arts x 12” space. Featuring: painting, collage,

“Touch of Art”:photography, May 9th -glass, 15thsculpture, fibre, pottery, metal, wood and more.

Paintings in acrylics & watercolours: Sherry Filipovic, Kathy Lee, Shirley Marshall, Marlene Mitchell, Sylvia Nicholson, Jan Pelton & Linda Proctor

“Finding May 17th - 24th 5th & Weiler, Sidney A FreeWay”: Admission & Parking

Marking on Textiles: Susan Duffield, Kristin Rohr & Sharon Stoneman

We acknowledge the assistance of the Town of Sidney, District of North Saanich, Municipality of Central Saanich and the Province of BC through the BC Arts Council.

Spring Arts Festival May 23rd - June 5th

To discover our True Partnership Process contact: Todd Hummel, CIM, PFP Investment Advisor 2461 Beacon Ave, Sidney, BC V8L 1X7 Tel: 250-655-2210 Toll Free: 1-855-743-6457

BMO Wealth Management is the brand name for a business group consisting of Bank of Montreal and certain of its affiliates, including BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc., in providing wealth management products and services. ® BMO “(M-bar roundel symbol)” is a registered trade-mark of Bank of Montreal, used under licence. ® “Nesbitt Burns” is a registered trade-mark of BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of Montreal. If you are already a client of BMO Nesbitt Burns, please contact your Investment Advisor for more information.

BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. is a Member – Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada.

“Art Across the Water:” May 26 - 28, Sister City Anacortes, WA Art Show “Swing into Spring:” May 29, Sidney Concert Band at Mary Winspear Centre School Art Program: May 30 - June 3, Art and demonstrations by students

Spring Studio Tour June 4th & 5th

The Tulista Arts Centre has many creative and imaginative shows scheduled for 2016. Come in and enjoy the wonderful local art. Visit our website for more information: Open Daily 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. • 5th & Weiler, Sidney Free Admission & Parking We acknowledge the assistance of the Town of Sidney, District of North Saanich, Municipality of Central Saanich and the Province of BC through the BC Arts Council. may 2016 | 59

m ay

w h at ' s h a p p e n i n g tuesday evenings

Saanich Peninsula Toastmasters Meeting 7.30 p.m. at Vancouver Island Regional Library, Sidney

Toastmasters has a specific structure that provides a safe forum for speaking while giving encouragement and support. 3RD THURSDAY OF EVERY MONTH

Sidney Sister Cities Association General Meeting 7 p.m. at the Nell Horth Room, Sidney North Saanich Public Library More information at

Speakers and discussions on the association's ongoing projects. May 6

Scottish Country Dance Group Ceilidh 7 to 10 p.m. at The Centre 1229 Clarke Road, Brentwood Bay (beside the library)

The Scottish Country Dance group in Brentwood is having a Ceilidh at the Centre and invites you to attend. There will be simple dances called and all ages are welcome. This is a fundraiser for the Centre. Cost is $5 per person or $10 per family. Wear clothes that allow for movement and soft-soled, light-weight shoes. You are welcome to come and watch as well. Refreshments will be served. Come and enjoy yourselves! may 7 & 8

2016 Fairfield Artists Studio Tour 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. |

An annual self-guided tour that provides art-lovers an opportunity to meet local artists, tour their studios and view their work while exploring the beautiful neighbourhood of Fairfield, Victoria. May 8

The Beach Rocks! (Guided Walk; all ages) Island View Regional Park (Central Saanich) 12:30 to 2 p.m. 250.478.3344 |

The tide is out! Join a CRD Regional Parks naturalist and get a glimpse of the creatures that live beneath the rocks. Be prepared to get your feet wet (bring sandals or beach shoes). Meet at the grassy area adjacent to the picnic shelter off Homathko Road. Peggy Yelland & Associates Inc. is a local Saanich Peninsula accounting firm which provides: • • • • •

Personal & Corporate Income Tax Bookkeeping/ Payroll/ Bill paying Financial Statements Consulting & New Business Advisory Construction Specialists

Staff speak: Mandarin, French, Greek, Tagalog, Dutch, German, Norwegian and Punjabi

Basic Returns starting at (5 Slips Maximum) No Appointment Necessary

{ $49.


$100 value 50% discount

personal tax preparation call us: 250-652-7845 102-7851 east saanich road saanichton, b.c. v8m 2b4

60 | may 2016

May 12

Joint Community Fundraiser 6 to 9 p.m. at Mary Winspear Centre | 250-889-4103 | |

A wonderful community event presented by Eagle Heights Africa in BC in partnership with Parkland Secondary School. Silent auction, marketplace, student performances, music, delicious food and more. Proceeds help students in Kenya. Tickets available from the Mary Winspear Centre – adults $18 + GST; children $13 plus GST. May 13

FREE Minute to Win It 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. @ Panorama Recreation Centre 250.656.7271 |

Extreme Teen Event, 11-16 years. From Ka-Boom to Card Ninja we're bringing your favourite Minute to Win It challenges to Teen Lounge! Great prizes to be won! May 16

Mighty Myths & Stories at Fern St. 7:15 p.m. at 1831 Fern St. (Park on Begbie.) 250.477.7044 |

The Victoria Storytellers Guild welcomes you to hear and tell stories! Come celebrate International Storytelling Month. Admission $5; students $3 (includes tea and goodies).

last word This month we celebrate pets: how they become family members, love and support us with unconditional devotion, make us laugh with their silly antics or frustrated with their naughtiness, give us a sense of purpose … in short, how they evolve to be so much more than just animals. My family has always had pets: many cats and dogs – and even a turtle that lived to the ripe old age of 19 – have shared our home over the years. Animals have always been near and dear to us: My mom was on the Board of Directors at the West Vancouver SPCA and won a B.C. Humane Education Award for her work that included bringing our cat and dog into classrooms to talk about the responsibilities

of pet ownership. Many can’t imagine not owning a pet. We all know that the comfort and companionship they provide is a boost to our emotional health, but I recently learned that pet ownership can benefit your physical health as well. According to, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institute of Health have conducted studies that found that pet owners experience decreased blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels – all of which can ultimately minimize their heart attack risk. For those who have already suffered a heart attack, research also indicates that patients with a dog or cat tend to have better recovery rates. These benefits are thought to be connected with pets’ tendency to help reduce or at least control their owners’ overall stress levels. When an animal combines that ability to help both our emotional and physical health, such as therapy dog Cajun in A Dog That Inspires, that’s when the real magic

happens. Hans Tammemagi shares his story on page 27.

Things I Learned This Month ❖❖❖ The “Don’t Let it Loose” campaign aims to educate the public on the environmental impact of letting aquatic plants, invertebrates, reptiles and fish free in our environment. p. 21 The stems of rhododendrons, a common sight on the Saanich Peninsula, are toxic to dogs if ingested. Learn more about what plants are pet-safe in this month’s West Coast Gardener. p. 43 May is skin cancern awareness month. Skin cancer is the most common cancer and can largely be prevented. p. 48

Allison Smith, Editor

First with the backroom scuttlebutt LES LEYNE @LeyneLes

reports on politics every week in the Times Colonist

may 2016 | 61

Sidney, BC 250.656.1138

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Seaside Magazine May 2016 Issue  

Think of our publication as an extra dimension of our community space, a place where the voice of the Saanich Peninsula is treasured and cel...

Seaside Magazine May 2016 Issue  

Think of our publication as an extra dimension of our community space, a place where the voice of the Saanich Peninsula is treasured and cel...

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