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Living Off the









On a property assessed at $1.5 million dollars, the speculation tax stands to cost property owners up to $7,500 for 2018 and $30,000 annually thereafter if they do not declare, or are not entitled to, an exemption to the tax.

Property owners should be receiving a notification in the mail from the provincial government. If you have any questions about your notification or would like assistance navigating the process to make your declaration, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In cases of joint ownership, all owners must make separate declarations. Regardless of the nature of your ownership interest of a property or whether you personally receive a notification, if you are listed on title or deemed to be an owner of property, you are required to make a declaration with respect to the tax. Even if you have lived in your home for 40 years, you still have to take action on the speculation tax.

The lawyers at Henley & Straub LLP have done extensive research on this topic and have corresponded directly with the Speculation and Vacancy Tax Rulings Team to ensure we are informed with respect to a myriad of possible scenarios.

Henley&Straub LLP

We stand ready to help you understand your situation and provide you with accurate and timely advice with respect to the speculation tax and how it affects you.

P E R S O N A L & B U S I N E S S L AW

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The promise of Spring... brings a little more bloom to our cheeks.

Live life

on your terms!

Consistent quality, flexible home support, customized to fit your unique lifestyle.

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Proud to be Canada’s Longest Established Brokerage & Vancouver Island’s Largest Independent Brokerage. We invite you to come visit us at our office in the Garden Court.

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Walt Burgess

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Patrick Achtzner

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2019 WOMEN TO WATCH Our 8th Annual Women in Business Special Feature

GOING SOLO The Single Woman of Today



SEASIDE HOMES I Want a She Shed!

LIVING OFF THE LAND NEW! Sustainable Living in Saanichton



REWIRING Using Past Skills to Build New Lives

“Living Off the Land” photo by Nunn Other Photography

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bring yOur MAD SkiLLs To ThiS WORkPlaCe. Start or grow your career in Sidney. It’s better here ;-)

Book a colour service during the


and receive a complimentary haircut (New clients only. Valid with select stylists only.)

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Starting a small business can seem daunting from our seat on the couch. A life-changing career as an entrepreneur doesn’t happen all at once. By challenging our reservations and persevering with our dreams, we will soon discover there has never been a better time or place for business than in Sidney.

Fine food and drink are one of life’s greatest pleasures. Being able to create a wonderful meal for friends and family can be incredibly satisfying. Take the time to enjoy cooking, and put your heart into your food. The secret ingredient can be love!

GAIL GOTTO PAGE 67 Although we live in an incredible place called the Saanich Peninsula, the question remained with us as to what is still out there and what adventure was waiting for us in other parts of the world. These thoughts took us to Africa. What we witnessed in diversity and simplicity was immeasurable.

SHANNON HALL PAGE 36 I am so passionate about YOUR skin and helping you to feel and look your best naturally! The tips I share will allow you to learn how to shop smart for seasonal skincare this spring! Spring is the best time for a skin treatment; let me help you to love the skin you’re in!

STU RHODES PAGE 59 I am a carpenter, and I wrote about a new version of an old craft. Revitalizing Saanich School District’s Carpentry program will help a lot of young people launch their careers and help a lot of builders bolster their work force. This is a story about partnerships, passion and sustainability.

NANCY WOOD PAGE 26 I am so inspired by many women I have come to know from Peninsula Newcomers. I hope you enjoy meeting three who have moved to the Saanich Peninsula and through their words, stories and artistic endeavours, inspire others to do great things. My wish for every reader? BE INSPIRED!

Owner / Publisher Sue Hodgson 250.516.6489 Editor in Chief Allison Smith 250.813.1745 Account Manager Steven Haley-Browning 250.217.4022 Editorial Director Deborah Rogers Design Assistant Kelsey Boorman 250.580.8437 Staff Photographer Cassidy Nunn This Month's Contributors: Jo Barnes, Muffet Billyard-Leake, Devon Bird, Kristen Bovee, Chris Compton, Chris Cowland, Gillian Crowley, Alana Delcourt, Doreen Marion Gee, Lara Gladych, Gail Gotto, Sherrin Griffin, Shannon Hall, Janice Henshaw, Linda Hunter, Paula Kully, Janice Long, Cassidy Nunn, Elli Reilander, Stu Rhodes, Deborah Rogers, Viola Van de Ruyt, Nancy Wood P.O. BOX 2173, SIDNEY, B.C. V8L 3S6 Seaside Magazine is printed 12 times a year by Mitchell Press. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Reproduction requests may be made to the editor or publisher via the above means. Views of contributors do not necessarily reflect the policy or views of the publisher and editor. Staff of the magazine cannot be held responsible for unsolicited manuscripts or photographs.

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What is the true definition of success? At a recent business event, I struck up this topic of conversation with a few colleagues and surprisingly many of them took awhile to answer and in fact it created quite a stir amongst us. As a member of Magazines Canada, I’m just in the midst of working with one of their travelling consultants: I’m matched with a magazine expert for a one-on-one consult, giving guidance and a fresh perspective on how our business is doing. So this idea of success struck a cord with me. It can be such a personal thing and what drives one entrepreneur may be quite different for another, so self-determining success among your peers is incredibly difficult. By nature, we as entrepreneurs are competitive, so depending on the company we keep we may view ourselves as a high flyer or behind the curve. Perhaps one of the solutions is to never measure ourselves against anyone else and instead, establish a set of matrix that apply exclusively to us. We can step back from our business and look at our kids. Do they have a roof over their heads, food on the table, schooling paid for, and do we spend time with them? Have we crafted opportunities to give them the skills and knowledge to make it in this world? Do they have more material advantages than we had, yet have the drive to set their own pathways? If we’ve answered yes to most of these questions then I think we’ve realized a tangible return on investment. We’ve put our family first and no success of our peers can take that away. Now, let’s shift back to the business. Is our brand well known? Do we have goodwill among customers and colleagues? Is the business bound for familial succession, or sale? Have we made efforts to maximize value upon sale or transfer? Are our personal holdings diversified beyond the business itself, and do we know why that’s important? If yes came up on top, then likely we’ve achieved return on effort we’ve put into our business and personal finances. Are we exhausted yet? So much to think about, but I’ve been told many times that getting the estate in order is the key to creating the kind of return that lasts well beyond our lifetime. And really, it’s among the truest measures of success, don’t you think?

e u S


Publisher & Owner


Finding beauty in small spaces. Small Expressions “Patterns in Nature” Art Show & Sale

All pieces are sized at 12” x 12”, or less.

A unique collection of original and creative artwork of over 30 local artisans on the Saanich Peninsula. Paintings, jewellery, glass, pottery, wood

In Tulista Park Where art happens.

and photography. Eclectic, unpredictable and representative of the rich and varied talents of island artists.

March 2-21, 2019 9565 Fifth Street Sidney 250.656.7400 10:00 am to 4:00 pm daily.

ArtSea supports and promotes the development of the arts and cultural activities on the Saanich Peninsula.

Laura Invites You to Visit Snowdon House

Cook Curried Lentil Soup and Serve Hot on Baked Sweet Potatoes Snowdon House’s dedicated founder Laura Waters has been creating, cooking and gardening her way through life for as long as she can remember. Snowdon House Gourmet & Gifts, named after Laura’s grandmother, is tucked away in a peaceful little glade just off Mills Road in North Saanich. Surrounded by grassy fields and lush, woodsy landscape, it features a gift shop, which boasts unique food products made on the farm.

Dips • Soups • Brie Toppers Beer & Cider Bread Mixes Fruit, Herb & Blossom Infused Vinegars

After extensive research and creativity, unique Douglas Fir products, made from the trees grown on the farm, emerged!

Douglas Fir Infused Vinegars West Coast Bread Mix Douglas Fir Seasoning Fir & Fire Brie Topper At Snowdon House, we are extremely proud to offer great quality and flavour for your enjoyment.

Farm Shop Hours Tuesday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

...Connecting Our Farm toYour Table

$9 ea. 3/$25

Portobello Portobello Mushroom Mushroom Stuffed Stuffed with with Ginger Ginger Coconut Coconut Dahl Dahl Soup Soup Snowdon House Ginger Coconut Dahl Soup Mix 1/4 cup nutritional yeast


4 portobello mushrooms 1 tbsp coconut oil

Preheat oven to 350°. Prepare Snowdon House Ginger Coconut Dahl Soup Mix according to the instructions; it takes approximately 20 minutes. Remove the stems from the mushrooms and chop finely, then sautée in a fry pan with coconut oil. Remove from heat. In a bowl mix the nutritional yeast, ginger coconut dahl and chopped mushroom stems. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat. Stuff mushrooms with the mixture, place on a tray and bake for 20 to 25 minutes, or until the mushrooms are cooked through. Serve with a medley of fresh spinach, peppers and cucumber.

1. Add Water

4. 2. Add 3. Soup Cook Enjoy!

1890 Mills Rd, North Saanich • 250.658.3419 •

Starting Small, Dreaming Big: There’s Never Been a Better Time to Open Up Shop in Sidney Some may caution the budding entrepreneur on starting a bricks and mortar business in the current retail climate. Despite the warnings of increasing online competition, fickle consumers and ever-changing behavioural trends, small business owners are taking the plunge and turning their dreams into reality. What by Devon Bird they are finding is that there has never MODEN been a better time or place than starting up in Sidney. Here's why. Defying the inherent risks of small business ownership, the retailers of Sidney continue to serve as the vanguard of connection, education and expertise within the community. They offer a welcoming human alternative to the anonymity of online purchasing. Spanning all manner of specialties, these business owners function as local experts helping to navigate the needs and wants of their patrons. They also create space to gather and share, to educate and be educated, and participate in what matters most in their community. Sidney offers a unique trove of economic variables to existing and beginner business owners alike. Sitting at the head of three travel gateways – the Victoria International Airport, Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal, and the Anacortes Ferry Terminal – Sidney sees approximately 40,000 tourist footsteps through its streets annually, according to the Sidney Business Economic Indicator's website. With its mild climate and proximity to the ocean, Sidney serves as a tourist destination the majority of the year, offering an ever-expanding base of consumers for local businesses to offer to.

Even greater than the reliable influx of tourist traffic in the warmer months, it is the effort and dedication of local patrons that keep doors open year-round. They remain curious about new business, encourage beginning entrepreneurs, and are loyal customers of the long-standing local institutions. It is because of their commitment that Sidney has become the intersection of healthy business and small-town values to both local and destination shoppers. Driving this increased focus on community engagement is the Sidney Business Improvement Association. Its emphasis on communality and stimulating economic growth through local events, advertising and creating a network of local retailers provides significant value to those who chose to do business here. The year-round event calendar stimulates local engagement and provides opportunity for greater visibility to new business owners. This resource is invaluable in cultivating awareness in all things new to Sidney for both residents and its vendors. Choosing where to open your new business requires more than a viable location and relatively low business costs, although Sidney offers both in spades. Intrinsic in this decision is quality of life. Operating a business in Sidney situates you in the heart of a community that is innately welcoming, supportive and diverse. The majority of both shoppers and fellow retailers makes Sidney an equally profitable and positive place to become an entrepreneur. Starting a new business is challenging. There are inherent risks in going it alone and building from the ground up. But in Sidney, the risk is worth the reward. If you have something of value to offer and you have always dreamed of being your own boss, Sidney is one community that has proven to welcome new business with open arms and open pocketbooks.




TO WATCH "One woman can make a difference … many women working together can make a big difference." ~ Arlene Antonik I can’t say that I am a Sidney native, but I have lived by Muffet in North Saanich since 1969 Billyard-Leake which has made Sidney my Muffet & Louisa market town for most of my adult life. When I decided to buy a business in the summer of 1986, Sidney was a busy little hub serving Sidney residents and the surrounding municipalities so, why not? I bought a small business on the corner of Fifth Street and Beacon Avenue, not because I had a need to bring my love of food and cooking to the world, but because it happened to be for sale at the right price! We thrived, expanded that space to twice its size that fall, expanded again in 1990 and then ventured a second store in Victoria in 2002. During those years, Fifth to Fourth (the home of iconic Tanner’s Bookstore) was the centre of Sidney. The Pier Hotel, the Sidney Waterfront and Cannery were just holes in the ground at the end of the Avenue. Business grew, our population was more mixed demographically (our neighbour Odyssia stayed open till 1 a.m. on weekends!) but truthfully, we did not communicate much as merchants, we did our own thing. There were various business associations that were membership based and didn’t exist for long, too few members and too little income to do very much promotion

– but we did not need them so much then: times were good. Then 2008! Times changed! Huge financial crisis in the U.S. and for us at M&L, a new landlord and a big rent increase after 24 years of stability. The Pier and the Waterfront/Cannery had built to fill in the gaps on the water front, the centre of Sidney had moved down the Avenue, and we decided to move too. This was a new environment for Sidney merchants: people were spending less, online shopping had grown to something that almost everyone did, and the SBIA was still three years away. A group of us formed the Merchants’ Co-op and this is where we really started to know each other and work together. We were full of ideas and grew a strong community, some men for sure, but I have to say, mostly women. We planned and held successful events, work was done on the edge of our desks and we had no money – we raised funds as we went but we developed a wonderfully warm and supportive group of people who still work together today. We work as a community, recommending each other to our customers and doing all we can to take care of people who are so kind as to shop with us, and to keep those customers shopping in Sidney. This community of merchants and the people who support them by shopping in Sidney are the reason why, despite all the challenges Sidney is facing today (and there are many!), I am still here sharing space with Dig This in the prettiest building in Sidney.




Introducing the 2019 Applicants We asked women in business to nominate themselves based on their business model, innovations and challenges met. The 2019 “Woman to Watch” will be announced at Seaside Magazine’s cocktail event March 7th. To reserve your space email

Humaira Ahmed

Annilee Armstrong

Rosemarie Bongers

Locelle Digital Inc

Red’s Chair

Archway Health & Wellness

Wendy Burton

Marianne Fish

Sandy Hamel

Vanessa Lee

World Tree COP Inc

Beyond the City Tours

AOS Partners

Storyoga Inc

Sue Martinson

Cordelia McFadyen

Rachel Meadows

Sheila Minten

Rascals Pet Market

Inspired Living Nutrition Inc

MarSco Canine Crunchies

All Care Canada (Sidney) Inc

Tracey Scott

Jessica Sommers

Natasha Townsend

Samantha Whitney

Tracey Scott Photography

The Farmer’s Daughter

Triple Smoke

Stem to Stern Massage Clinic

2 0 1 9 W O M E N T O WAT C H

Catherine Potin

E N G E L & V Ö L K E R S VA N C O U V E R I S L A N D

Victoria Premium Real Estate.

As an Esthetician for 26 years, I have experience and education to share. Feeling good about ourselves comes from within, then radiates outward. My facial treatments, combined with Healing Reiki, are simply magical!

Our concierge level of service delivers peace of mind to market your property and obtain the best outcome for you: the highest possible purchase price and a stressfree transaction.

I am passionate about educating you on how to FEED, FORTIFY and FINISH your skin while nourishing your soul naturally.

Our hope and our aim is to have the successful sale of your home be the first of many opportunities in which we can be of service to achieve your real estate goals.

Your skin is a direct reflection of your total body health. You are more than a face: you are a body with a beautiful soul. Nurture each.

Every Home is a Mansion. Our focus is on you – It's your move! Advanced Skin Therapist Reiki Master

Dermalogica and Skin Health Skincare + Jane Iredale Skincare Mineral Makeup

2341 Henry Avenue, Sidney 250.655.6571 | 250.893.3308 |

Dominique Alford –


With over 21 years of extensive legal experience and expertise in wills and estate planning, estate and trust administration, real estate, corporate and commercial law, Dominique is committed to providing her clients with practical and easy to understand legal advice. Dominique and her highly experienced and wonderful legal assistants relocated in October 2018 to establish Alford Walden Law in a bright new office on the second floor of the Landmark Building in beautiful downtown Sidney. Dominique is also dedicated to serving her community and sits on the Board of Directors of the Saanich Peninsula Community Foundation, is the President and active member of both the Brentwood Bay Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of Brentwood Bay Foundation and is a founding member of 100 Women Who Care – Saanich Peninsula. When she is not assisting clients or out supporting her community, Dominique can usually be found cooking a gourmet meal for family and friends or scuba diving in a warm corner of the world!

*Alford Walden Law is a division of Dominique J. Alford Law Corporation

216 - 2506 Beacon Avenue, Sidney | 778.426.3330 |


Lianne is a founding partner at Beacon Law Centre. The award winning firm believes simply in excellence for its clients. It was voted Victoria’s top law firm for the city’s largest newspaper this year and has held a similar honour in the Peninsula News Review’s Readers’ Choice Awards for six years running.

Chloe Cross, BA, PFP

Every client’s experience with Beacon Law Centre’s staff and lawyers should be outstanding. How is this achieved?




Through careful listening to your needs, coupled with Financial•Planner a friendly but frank and practical approach

Investment & Retirement Planning • With prompt, timely guidance, offered in most circumstances for a flat fee that demonstrates high value for money

Chloe Cross, BA, PFP

• With carefully crafted, plain language paperwork that avoids legalese • Through trusted and long-standing relationships with

Chloe Cross, BA, PFP Let’s connect.

Financial Plannerclients who can rest assured the firm has their back

As a BMO firm’s core services include companies; home sales; Financial Planner purchases and mortgages; subdivisions; and wills, Chloe Cross, BA, PFP I wil As a Financial Investment Retirement Planning with powersPlanner, of attorney, and health&care agreements. Financial Planner Investment & Retirement Planning BMO Financial Group, I have the experience and expertise you can rely on. pers

Investment &Lianne’s Retirement Planning focus is in estates and probate. Her law

Let’s connect.

Chloe Cro

Beacon Law Centre Investment & Retirement Planning Chloe Cross, BA, PFP I will help you define redefine your financial objectives then develop a 250.656.3280 Abo Financial Planner personalized plan for success.Sidney Branch Financial Planner Investment Retirement Planning BEACON AVESaanich Rd, Brentwood 140 - 4392& West Saanich Rd, Victoria | 104 - 9717 Third St, Sidney | 2461 5 - 7115 West Bay I am As a Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning with Commitment Investment & Retir My About me... SIDNEY, BC V8LService 1X7 Victo Sidney Branch BMO Financial Group, I have the experience and expertise you can rely on. 2461 AVE attain I am you a graduate University I am committed to building solid, lasting ChloeBEACON Cross, BA, PFP I will help define of or The redefine your of financial then develop a Phone: objectives 250-655-2122 SIDNEY, V8L 1X7 FinancialBC Planner Victoria, with a degree in Economics. I have relationships with all of my clients. Financial Planner desig personalized plan for success. As a Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning with Fax: 250-655-2117 Investment & Retirement Planning attained the Personal Financial Planning Consistently communicating, promptly years BMO Financial Group, I have the experience and expertise you can rely on. Phone: 250-655-2122 Planner Investment & RetirementFinancial Planning My Service Commitment Aboutdesignation me... (PFP). I bring to my role 10 returning phone calls, and quickly Sidney Branch Chloe Cross, BA, PFP I will helpPlanning you define or redefine your financial objectives then develop a with Fax: 250-655-2117 As a Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Let’sup connect. 2461 BEACON AVE years ofofexperience in personal banking on lasting administrative matters are Group, I I am a graduate The University of I am committedfollowing to building solid, Financial Planner BMO Financial personalized plan for success. Financial Planner ® SIDNEY, BC V8L&1X7 Victoria,with with BMO a degree in Economics. I have relationships with allpriorities. of my Chloe Cross, BA,clients. PFP Investment Retirement Planning I will help you define My oB Bank of Montreal. top Chloe Cross, BA, PFPTogether, we will regularly Financial Planner promptly personalized plan for s attained the Personal Financial Planning Consistently communicating, My Service Commitment About me... Financial Planner Investment & Retirement Planning review your plan, and make adjustments to Phone: 250-655-2122 Sidney Branch Investment & Retirement Planning My (PFP). Business I bring toPhilosophy my role 10 returning phone calls, and quickly Planning Investment & Retirement I can Fax: 250-655-2117 Financial Plannerdesignation 2461 BEACON AVE accommodate lifelasting changes as theyAbout I am a graduate of The University of I am committed to Branch building solid, Sidney years of experience in personal banking following upSidney on2461 administrative matters are Branch Salt Spring Island Branch BEACON AVE clients. I am a graduate of finan The Univ SIDNEY, BC V8L 1X7 Victoria, with a degreemy in Economics. I have relationships with all of my Investment Retirement Planning I can enhance Financial Planner Financial &Planner with BMO Bank of Montreal. clients’ overall long-term top priorities.2461 Together, will regularly BEACON AVE 116 FULFORD-GANGES ROADwith a degree in Ec SIDNEY, BC we V8L 1X7 Victoria, My value to you attained the Personal Financial Planning Consistently communicating, promptly prope financial success with personal attention, BC250-655-2122 V8L 1X1 SALT SPRING ISLAND,attained BC V8Kthe2S4 Personal Finan Phone: 250-655-2122 review your SIDNEY, plan, and make adjustments to Planning Investment & Retirement & Retirement Planning Phone: As Investment a Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement with My Business Philosophy designation (PFP). I bring to Planning my role 10 returning phone calls, and quickly designation (PFP). I bring to Let’s connect. As aFax: Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning with 250-655-2117 Fax: 250-655-2117 I also accommodate life changes as they arise. proper planning and ongoing counsel. I will help you focus on your financial Phone: 250-655-2122 BMO Financial Group,years I have experience and expertise you can rely on. years of experience in perso of the experience in personal banking following up on administrative matters are Fax: 250-655-2117 BMO Financial Group, I have the experience and expertise you can rely on. I can enhance my clients’ overall long-term with BMO Bank of Montreal Chloe Cross, BA, PFP IBMO alsoBank work with qualified and priorities. Together, we will: assoc I will help you definewith or redefine your objectivesand thendedicated develop apriorities. My toneeds you offinancial Montreal. topvalue Together, we will regularly Financial Planner success then with personal attention, I will help you define or redefine your financial objectives develop aFinancial Group personalized plan financial for success. My Business Philosop associates within BMO • Articulate your goals who review your plan, and make adjustments to Investment & Retirement Planning proper planning and ongoing counsel. I will help you focus on your financial My Business Philosophy personalized plan for success. About me... I can enhance my clients’ ov who can provide specialized services to • Define your time horizon accommodate life changes as they arise. My Service Commitment help & Retirement Planning Sidney Branch As a Financial Planner, Investment I also work with qualifiedwith and dedicated needs and priorities. Together, we will: As a Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning with financial success with perso Let’s connect. I can help enhance my Iclients’ overall long-term ensure that your broader financial • goals Identify gaps 2461 BEACON AVE I am aFinancial graduate of Theassociates University ofwithin am committed torely building solid, lasting proper planning andneed ongoin BMO Group, I haveand the experience and expertise you can rely •on. Articulate your BMO Financial Group the My experience expertise you can on. Service Commitment AboutBMO me...Financial Group, I have My value to you a Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning withan Ashelp a with Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning SIDNEY, V8LBA, 1X7PFP financial success with personal Victoria, a degree inor Economics. Iyour havefinancial relationships withattention, all ofwith my clients.a I also work with qualified Chloe BC Cross, Let’s connect. you define redefine objectives then Let’s needs are met. • As Implement your plan horizon who can provide specialized services to develop I willconnect. help you define orI will redefine your financial objectives then develop a • Define your time

Let’s connect. Chloe Cross, BA, PFP

Chloe Cross, BA, PFP

Chloe Cross, BA, PFP Let’s connect.

Chloe Cross, BA, PFP, BA Econ Chloe Cross, BA, PFP

Chloe Cross, BA, PFP

BMO Financial I have the experience and expertise you ca BMO the Financial Group, I have experience and expertise you can relyI will on. help you focus attained Financial Planning Consistently communicating, promptly associates within BMO Finan Financial amPlanner graduate of of The The University University of ofpersonalized I plan am committed committed tothe building solid, lasting II250-655-2122 am aa graduate IPersonal am to building solid, lasting proper planning and ongoing counsel. on your Group, financial for success. Phone: • Identify gaps I will help you define or redefine your financial help thatyour your broader financial Chloeobjectives Cross, BA, PFP Chloe Cross, BA, PFP Planning plan for success. who canobjectives provide specialized (PFP). to ensure myredefine role 10 returning calls, and quickly Investment & Retirement then d I will help youI bring define or financial then develop a personalized Fax: 250-655-2117 Victoria, with aa degree degree in in Economics. Economics.designation have relationships with allwith of my my Victoria, with II have relationships with all of clients. I also work qualified and dedicated needs and priorities. Together, we will: Financial Financial Planner help ensure that your broad years ofme... experienceplan inneeds personal banking up onPlanner administrative matters are Service Commitment About • Implement yourpersonalized plan are met. My following plan for success. personalized for success. Sidney Branch the attained the Personal Financial Planning Planning Consistently communicating, promptly attained Personal Financial Consistently communicating, associates within BMO Financial • Articulate your goals Investment &Group Retirement Investment & Retirement Planning needs are met. with BMO Bank of Montreal. toppromptly priorities. Together, we willPlanning regularly 2461 BEACON AVE I am a graduate of The University of I am committed to building solid, lasting My Service Commitment About me... My Service Commitment About me... My Service Commitment me... designation (PFP). I bring to my role 10 10About returning phone calls, and quickly designation returning phone calls, and quickly who can provide specialized services to • Define your time horizon review your plan, and make adjustments to Sidney Branch Sidney Branch SIDNEY, BC V8L 1X7 (PFP). I bring to my roleVictoria, with a degree in Economics. I have relationships with all of my clients. My Business Philosophy accommodate life changes as they arise. 2461 BEACON AVE promptly 2461 BEACON AVE years ofI experience experience in personal personal banking following upcommitted on administrative matters are I am committed to building soli years of in banking following up on administrative are I am a graduate ofFinancial The University of that I am matters committed to building solid, lasting help ensure your broader financial • Identify gapsI am a graduate of The University of am a graduate of The University ofthe I am to building solid, lasting attained Personal Planning Consistently communicating, Phone: 250-655-2122 I can enhance my clients’ overall long-term SIDNEY, BC V8L SIDNEY, BC V8L 1X7 Victoria, with a degree in Economics. I have relationships with all of my clie Victoria,(PFP). degree inmy Economics. I have relationships with all 1X7 of my clients. designation bring toneeds role 10 met. returning phone calls, and quickly with BMO BMO Bank of of Montreal. Montreal. topaI priorities. priorities. Together, we will regularly Bank top Together, will regularly are • Implement your plan Victoria, with a degree in Economics. I with have relationships withwe allMy of value my clients. to you Fax: with 250-655-2117 financial success with personal attention, attained the Personal Financial Planning Consistently communicating, pr attained the Personal Financial Planning following Consistently communicating, promptly years of experience in personal banking up on administrative matters are Phone: 250-655-2122 Phone: 250-655-2122 review yourtoplan, plan, and make adjustments to review your and adjustments to attained the Personal Financial Planning communicating, promptly designation (PFP). I bring to my role 10 returning phone calls, and quick Ireturning will help you focus your financial proper and ongoing counsel. designation I Consistently bring my role 10 make phone calls, and quickly with BMOplanning Bank of(PFP). Montreal. top priorities. weon will regularly Fax:Together, 250-655-2117 Fax: 250-655-2117 My Business Philosophy accommodate life changes asand they arise. years of experience in personal banking following up on administrative accommodate life changes as they arise. years of in personal banking following up on matters designation (PFP). I bring to my role 10experience returning phone calls, quickly needs and priorities. Together, we will: I also work with qualified and dedicated review your plan, andadministrative make adjustments to are My with Business Philosophy with BMO Bank of Montreal. top priorities. Together, we will BMO BankBMO of Montreal. priorities. Together, willarise. regularly accommodate lifeyour changes they •top Articulate goalsaswe associates within Financial Group can enhance enhance my clients’ overall overall long-term II can clients’ long-term years ofmy experience in personal banking following up on administrative matters are review your plan, and make ad plan, and make adjustments to Myclients’ value to youto My •review I who can enhance my overall long-term Defineyour your time horizon canBusiness provide specialized services My Business Philosophy My Philosophy value to you financial success with personal attention, financial success attention, with BMOwith Bankpersonal of Montreal. top priorities. 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My Business Philosophy

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2 0 1 9 W O M E N T O WAT C H

Carolle Batham CURVES SIDNEY

As the owner of Curves Sidney for the last eight years, I want to share and celebrate our community of women who strengthen and care for each other.

Jen Porter & Amy Carrier EXIST HAIRWORX

Exist Hairworx is celebrating our 20th year in business and would like to thank everyone for the continuous love and support.

Our strength training workouts range from low to high intensity; helping women of all ability levels to build lean muscle and enhance their metabolisms.

We are excited to welcome our new Junior Stylists, Jen Porter and Amy Carrier, to our dynamic team. Jen and Amy graduated at the top of their class!

We are proud to have been chosen to be able to do BioAge fitness testing, a test of fitness, health and wellness to discover your true fitness age.

They will be offering 15% off all their services for the month of March; phone to make an appointment and come meet Jen and Amy at our studio on Seaport Place in beautiful Sidney-by-the-Sea!

A Curves membership gives you the tools and support you need to reach your goals and set the stage for a healthier, more active future. Come visit us in our new BIG location!

2425A Bevan Avenue, Sidney 250.656.9870 |

1C - 9851 Seaport Place, Sidney 250.656.2321 |

I became a certified professional bookkeeper because I genuinely wanted to help businesses and individuals achieve what I have: happiness, success and the ability to provide for my family. I know that not everyone loves bookkeeping, taxes and numbers but I do, and I am good at it! I have been working as a bookkeeper since 2011 and I have three daughters who I strive to be a role model for. I feel that the most important gift I can give to my girls is setting a positive example and showing them that they can do whatever they want to do and be whomever they want to be. I grew up on the Island and am proud to call the Peninsula my home. It truly is a great place to live and work, and I have come to realize that this isn’t a city where who you know opens doors for you, but rather a collegial business community where hard work, determination and word of mouth is the key to growing your business.

250.813.2880 |

Adrienne Peirce & Amber Wilkin SAANICHTON LAW OFFICES

Full Service Real Estate Practice

Adrienne has over 15 years’ conveyancing and real estate experience and is a dedicated paralegal to Saanichton Law. After hours you will find Adrienne running around with her six-year-old son and three Bernese Mountain dogs.

Sales Purchases Refinances First Nations Lands Real Estate Listings for Sale Subdivisions, Rights of Way, Easements

C.J. (Kip) Wilson


With 14 years’ experience as a legal assistant, Amber is a strong asset to Saanichton Law and their conveyancing department. In her spare time you will find Amber exploring the Island and going on adventures with her family. She is a proud mom of three children.

6 - 7855 East Saanich Road, Saanichton | 250.544.0727 |

Anna Thomas –

THE CUT CARTELS BARBERS INC Anna Thomas is excited to announce the opening of The Cut Cartel Barbers Inc in Sidney in February. The Cut Cartel combines the art of barbering with a man cave style lounge where clients can enjoy locallysourced beverages and shoot pool while watching the game. Clients are welcome to book the Barber Lounge for private parties and events. Anna earned her BA in Fashion Design and Technology in 2002 and went on to open Ignition, a line of women’s motorcycle gear that sold across western Canada. Craving a change in career to help people look and feel their best, she went back to school for a certification in cosmetology and found her new passion. Anna has been working as a stylist in Sidney since relocating from Vancouver in 2012 and opening her own salon: Intrigue Hair Design. After attending the Paul Mitchell Hair show in Las Vegas in July she was inspired to create a unique barber lounge for the men of the Saanich Peninsula. And The Cut Cartel Barbers was born!

2425 Bevan Avenue, Sidney | 778.351.2001 |


Brea Segger:

Sustainable Living in Saanichton by Jo Barnes

Many years ago living on the Saanich Peninsula required people to draw their sustenance directly from the land upon which they lived. While most of us today rely on grocery stores, markets, or at best tend to backyard gardens, there are still those in our community for whom living off the land is a way of life. This is the first in a Seaside Magazine series featuring local community members who all share the same passion for the land and love of what they do. She was born on an acreage and has a corporate finance degree, but her heart lies with the animals and plants around her. You can take the girl out of the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the girl. Born and raised in the Cowichan Valley, Brea Segger, co-owner of Ravenhill Herb Farm in Saanichton, is quite simply living her dream of caring for the land she lives on, growing food organically and sharing sustainable living with the greater community. “I’m literally one of those people who wake up every morning and say ‘wow, I’m so fortunate to be here!’ Yes I’m living my dream,” shares Brea. After working many years as a business and organizational manager handling mergers and acquisitions, Brea moved from Vancouver back to the Island where she met her now-husband Todd Howard. Together, and with another partner, they built Pacific Rim College which offers education in holistic medicine and sustainable living. Brea became Director of Operations and went on to create

photo by Nunn Other Photography 20 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | MARCH 2019

the Holistic Doula Certificate Program, but her love of nature and childhood dream of farming continued to call. After the birth of her children, she began to listen to that inner voice. “I asked myself: ‘What do I want to do?’ I wanted to grow food and have animals,” she shares. In 2014 the couple had been entertaining the idea of buying property when one of the college instructors told them about a farm for sale, called Ravenhill, situated off Mount Newton Cross Road. Even before she saw it, Brea had a strong hunch it was the kind of property she’d always envisioned would be her home. “As she was describing it, I said ‘that’s the place!’” says Brea. “The property called to me. I knew I had to be here.” By the end of that year the couple had purchased the property. Nestled among tall Douglas firs and copper beech, Ravenhill Herb farm is 10 acres of stunning natural beauty overlooking the Saanich Inlet. It’s here that Brea and Todd grow herbs, vegetables and fruit, raise chickens and goats, and offer sustainable farming programs to schools and public tours. The farm also serves as one of two campuses for the College’s Permaculture Design Program. It’s daily work that involves much detail, but that comes naturally to Brea. “I have spatial awareness; I can see the big picture and put it into small details.” Ravenhill is a quiet retreat where often the loudest sound emanates from a farmyard chicken or a raven calling out high above the trees. The winding entrance leads into a West Coast woodland site which boasts a 106-year-old farmhouse; onsite pond; outbuildings for animals, storage, and plant culture; and a vegetable and herb garden where Brea is in her element. “For me it’s so fun. At first, it’s the seed sprouts, and I’m so excited. I talk to these like they’re my children!” Herbs are sold from the onsite farm stand, through website order, and used in the medicinal pharmacy at Pacific Rim. Produce from the veggie and herb garden and eggs from the chickens are harvested and used to provide daily food for the family. “I really love that we have so many food options here. We’re in this very productive West Coast Vancouver Island area where we can actually have food all year around.” It’s a lifestyle linked to the land. For Brea, it’s important to pass along to the next generation the importance of our relationship to environment. Her own children, Ela and Oliver, are growing up in a setting where daily they can roam and connect intimately with their natural surroundings. “We raise them to appreciate nature. When kids understand the intricacies of nature and how that relates to our life and how we’re not separate, that is important to me,” says Brea. “My grandparents’ generation had the skills of growing food, raising chickens and sewing or knitting your own clothing. A lot of these skills have been lost and not passed down. Bringing these skills back is really part of the food security movement.” Living off the land ultimately means giving back to it. It takes time, energy, learning and commitment but in the end, it brings the joy of harvest. And for this woman, it means coming home, finding your roots and your place in the world.

2536 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.656.5676


2 0 1 9 W O M E N T O WAT C H

Jessica Sommers

Fran Daviss

T H E FA R M E R ' S D A U G H T E R



fromagerie . bistro . wine bar

As you may have guessed, I have a huge passion for all things cheese and wine! Being the owner of The Farmer's Daughter allows me to combine my love for travel with what I do for a living. We travel the world right in our shop, tasting wines and cheeses from all over the place which can be seen through our diverse selection. The Farmer’s Daughter is the culmination of a girl’s love for cheese and the hard work and dedication of fulfilling a dream.

fromagerie . bistro. wine bar

With over 40+ years’ experience in the financial industry and 20 years of mortgage experience, Mortgage Broker/Planner Fran Daviss brings a wealth of knowledge to serve you. Customer service is Fran’s passion; she thinks outside the box and brings enthusiasm to finding a mortgage that fits your life. As an independent mortgage broker, her business has been built on offering honest, impartial advice with attention to detail. Fran was voted the 2017 Professionals Winner in the category of Customer Service by Seaside Magazine

101 - 2360 Beacon Ave, Sidney 778.351.3500 | 778.426.0749 |

Alana has been a licensed esthetician since 2000 and is the Peninsula’s only certified Oncology Esthetician. Passionate about quality and care in esthetics and committed to continuously improving her skills, she is certified in many specialized esthetic services, including her recent certification in Oncology Esthetics and Advanced Skin Analysis.

Q&A with Alana Delcourt:

What services are you passionate about? SKIN! My Advanced Skin Analysis courses, and being a self-proclaimed “skin nerd,” give me the tools to really understand skin. Better yet, I can tell if the products you are using are right for your skin, as well as whether they are working! What do you like best about owning a business? It’s been rewarding to take all of the skills and experience I’ve learned over the years and put it toward helping others ... to give my clients the best, which is what they deserve. What motivates and inspires you? Every day I look forward to starting new and lasting relationships. Many of my clients have been with me for years, and it has been a privilege for me. That’s a great reason to get out of bed in the morning.

312 - 2453 Beacon Avenue, Sidney | 250.686.6208 |


2 0 1 9 W O M E N T O WAT C H

Taewyn Farrell G A R D E N C I T Y T R E E & L A N D S C A P E LT D .

Taewyn is a born and raised Victorian. She’s spent the last 12 years dedicated to the landscaping industry and the last seven years as the Chief Operations Officer for Garden City Tree & Landscape.

The team at Hughesman Morris is passionate about helping people understand and feel comfortable with their taxes. Janine continually strives to ensure each person has a positive experience when visiting the office and aims to provide clients with the confidence and peace of mind that she can help.

As COO, Taewyn juggles balancing the working lives of the Garden City team as well as organizing projects and timelines for the companies wonderful clientele. Co-owners Chris Stansfield & Colin Eaton credit her dedication as a key reason for the company's continued growth and success.

Whether you require accounting assistance or help with personal, corporate or estate taxes, Janine and her team are here to meet your needs. Call the office now to book your free consultation! 250.385.4858 |

Emily Coulter

Willy Dunford*

Ingrid Jarisz*

Lori Ann Sutherland

9768 Third Street, Sidney 250.656.3991 |

Maryan Van Stolk*

Winnie Wu

Mary Secord-Fisher

Mona Palfreyman

The women at Newport Realty are community-minded real estate professionals who bring you the world's most respected real estate brand. They truly love giving clients the most compelling service experience possible and would like to express their gratitude for being voted as the the Finalist Real Estate Brokerage in the Times Colonist Reader Choice Awards! It is an hounor to receive such an important recoqnition and to be part of this great community.

Local Knowledge

Global Reach

* PREC = personal real estate corporation

The Women of Newport Realty Sidney Local knowledge, with a global reach and a goal of supporting the community to be the best place to live. tel: 250. 656.4626 | 250.385.2033 | toll free: 1-888-886-1286


Andi Hook

H O O K & H O O K R E N O VAT I O N S & D E S I G N

Andi has always had the design bug. Growing up with a designer and moving frequently gave her a natural ability to redesign new spaces.

Preparing both Canadian and U.S. tax returns, we ensure deadlines are met and the best tax outcome is reached.

After studying Architecture for two years in California, Andi switched her major and completed her degree in Interior Design in New York. In 2008 she and her family relocated back to Canada, where she and her husband opened Hook & Hook Renovations and Design.

Assisting and communicating with our clients is important to our team. Our goal is to reduce the stress and anxiety taxes can cause. New clients are always welcome!

Along with her design expertise, Andi has over 15 years of experience in design and project management.

Hook & Hook Renovations & Design 250.893.8124

2440 Bevan Avenue, Sidney 250.656.7284 |


Sue opened Rascals in October 2017 with a goal to arm her customers with the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions for their beloved pets.

Radiance Body Wax & Sugar Studio offers hair removal services to achieve smooth, radiant, hair-free skin. As an Esthetician, I always encourage women to embrace their most radiant self, which starts with basic and essential self care. Sometimes we need a reminder that when we take time out to care for ourselves, our inner resources are replenished. This leaves us feeling more confident and connected with family, friends and our community.

When Sue’s Labrador retriever Jimi Hendrix became ill at a young age, she began to question the ingredients in commercial diets. Sue realized that you have to be ever conscious of what you are putting in your pets’ bodies. Sue encourages customers to read the ingredients and know where your product is coming from.

Radiance My focus at Radiance is nurturing trusting, positive client relationships while providing efficient, thorough, discreet and comfortable professional service with a warm and personal touch. body wax & sugar studio 250.889.3310 |


5-7103 West Saanich Rd, Brentwood Bay 778.426.4290 |

Rewiring: Using Past Skills to Build New Lives These three dynamic women recently moved to Vancouver Island and are doing things that are interesting and inspirational. They have built on former skills in creative ways and developed new skills as part of their retirement or, as one woman calls it, "rewirement." Erin Davis. In 2016, after a 30-year career hosting Toronto's preeminent morning radio show, Erin Davis and her husband Rob knew it was time for a new chapter, not so much about retiring, but "rewiring." As relatively young retirees (Erin is 56), they moved to North Saanich, not just to rewire but also to heal. In 2015 their only child, Lauren (also a broadcaster), died suddenly at age 24. A new bride and mother of a seven-month-old, she passed peacefully in her sleep of undisclosed causes (coroners suspect but were unable to completely blame the drug prescribed to augment breast milk production). After returning to the air, after 15 months, Erin left CHFI and was approached by publisher HarperCollins an effort to make their shattered lives meaningful. Even though Erin has been writing a daily journal, enjoyed by 3,000+ ( the request to author a book was daunting, especially on a very raw topic. Erin dedicated months to writing the manuscript. In February of this year, Mourning Has Broken: Love, Loss and Reclaiming Joy was published to critical acclaim and notable sales. Erin is currently on the book tour. by Nancy Wood

In addition to travelling (including numerous trips to Ottawa to visit four-year-old grandson Colin), Erin has been building on skills from her broadcast career, refining and reconfiguring them. She is now a popular public speaker and emcee, nationally. Rob built an in-home sound studio and from there, Erin records for Disney, talking books (including her own), ads, and more. Erin and Rob hope the next chapter in their lives is fulfilling and productive, (whether in the new professional work or their work as Rotarians), healing and nurturing. One step they took towards the latter was having a bench dedicated to their daughter in a most peaceful setting at Sidney's Iroquois Park. Gael Hannan. Gael loved her home city of Toronto, but its busyness, noise and traffic started to wear her down. She and her husband Doug were self-employed, making them somewhat portable. Gael's a writer and public speaker on hearing loss issues. Doug had been raised in Sidney, his three older children lived on the coast and their youngest, Joel, planned to move west after university. Gael's sole goal was to live somewhere beautiful – the Saanich Peninsula got her vote! Gael still feels the same amazement as when she arrived in 2015. On her first day in her home office, she watched three deer meandering down the rock cliff into the backyard woods of arbutus and Garry oak. A sign from the universe to Gael: "You did the right thing to move here!"

Don’t just tell her …

Show Her .

for every occasion

Slipcovers for Living!

The Dancing Orchid 250.656.1318

2416 Beacon Avenue


Removable • Washable Custom Cushions & Shades Available

250.655.1257 |

Gael is an internationally-renowned advocate for people with hearing loss. Her creative approach uses humour and drama to illustrate life with hearing loss and the need for better communication access. Since moving, she has worked with local hearing loss groups and is regularly invited as a keynote speaker. Her talks are funny and enlightening. Gael has a large following for her weekly articles for and other organizations. Her first book, The Way I Hear It: A Life with Hearing Loss, was published in 2015. Gael was tempted to take a break from writing, but most writers don't retire: they keep writing because they have to; it's what they do. The demographics of Saanich Peninsula means that more than 50% of the population has some degree of hearing loss, making them what Gael calls "my people." As a cochlear implant and hearing aid user, she also knows it's not always easy keeping a sense of humour with some of the daily frustrations. As Gael says in her book: "If you can't laugh at yourself, I'll be happy to do it for you." Celia Guilford. Moving to Sidney in 2016, Celia wanted a change from her life which was split between Manitoba, Indonesia and Pakistan. She liked Sidney's charm, walkability and proximity to the ocean and airport. She fell in love with the Island while taking her Master's Degree in Human Security & Peacebuilding at Royal Roads. Celia has worked to support vulnerable populations in conflict and post-conflict environments. Once on the Peninsula, Celia "rewired" to pursue her passions. She continued contract work with HumanitarianHR, focused primarily on the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse of refugees in refugee camps. Celia's other passion is creativity – she is writing a book for girls (about all the things she wishes she knew by age 13), and she opened a Sidney studio, a hub of creativity where she transformed silk and wool into luxurious clothes that are works of art. Part of the profits go to humanitarian work for refugees. ( At press-time, Celia had just made a major decision. Heeding a request from her daughter who now has two young daughters. Celia is heading back to the Prairies to be more actively involved with her daughter and granddaughters. In asking for tips for settling here, Celia's said "get involved and throw yourself into lots of new things." She found that between being a member and a volunteer with Peninsula Newcomers, joining art groups and getting to know her neighbours, it was easy to build a great group of friends quickly. Celia's positive energy, her willingness to help and her bright ways will be sorely missed in Sidney. And we have a feeling she will be missing Sidney!

Now Booking At:


2 0 1 9 W O M E N T O WAT C H


I have been inspired this past year by being more involved with our great community!

In 2015, Jessica opened Seaside Cabinetry & Design after seeing the need for a boutique cabinetry design studio in Sidney. Within a year, Seaside Cabinetry had outgrown its original showroom and moved into downtown Sidney.

Having a passion for helping people find the right fit in their hairstylist, helping them find their perfect style and educating them on how to maintain it at home is such a pleasure.

Jessica loves working with local customers and suppliers. Seaside Cabinetry has transformed over 300 spaces since 2015, providing quality Merit Cabinetry on the Saanich Peninsula and the Greater Victoria Area.

Continuing my education with Paul Mitchell as a

Every kitchen designed by Jessica bears her signature stamp: innovative, personalized design and absolute quality.

National Educator helps me stay on top of the latest trends for my loyal clientele. Find something you love to do and you'll never work a day in your life – I truly work in my dream job.

9715 Fifth Street, Sidney 250.812.4304 |


Window Coverings and the use of fabrics in our interiors, from drapery and slipcovers to upholstery and bedding, is my passion! For the past 25 years, I have been creating unique and innovative interior solutions for clients here in Sidney, Victoria and the Gulf Islands. Inspiration starts in your home and my studio on Third Street. I like to start with an in-home consultation to see your space and discuss what you need. It may be simple new blinds for privacy, an innovative drape for an awkward window, fresh upholstery for an old heirloom – whatever your home needs, I am ready with solutions. We work together on a plan with my talented team, from the drawing board to final installation, providing quality workmanship at a competitive price. Years of experience in the business have taught me that personal care is the best way to ensure my clients get exactly what they want.






101 - 9818 Third Street, Sidney | 250.656.7659 |


We offer the chance to have your dental hygiene services performed by independent dental hygienists, in a stressfree environment, at The Sidney by-the-Sea Dental Hygiene Clinic.

At Stem to Stern Massage Clinic, improving overall client wellness is what we strive for. We are dedicated to providing a relaxing experience!

Oral health is essential for overall wellness and it is an integral part of physical, social, and mental well-being. Our dental hygienists are oral health professionals, who have a minimum of 15 years experience, with a background in prevention, public education, and periodontal care. Catherine, Donna, Gina and Paulette look forward to meeting you. New patients are welcome!

102 - 2423 Beacon Avenue, Sidney 250.655.4884 |

We believe that massage brings the ability to enhance daily lives by balancing, restoring, relaxing and rejuvenating. Witnessing and hearing about the changes our clients are experiencing in their health is the driving force behind our passion at Stem to Stern. We welcome people of all ages and abilities to experience treatments, we are mobility friendly and we offer a scent-free environment. We look forward to being part of your wellness choice!

333 - 2453 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.656.4116 |

Local interior design business owners Tracey Jones and Stacey Kaminski have partnered for the past 10 years creating beautiful interior spaces. Really connecting with the homeowner is key to a successful design plan. Every space is unique, so really listening to all the wishes and concerns (including budget!) of the client is a priority. Form AND function! If you are taking on a renovation big or small, these Peninsula-based stylists invite you to call them for a design consultation. If you are getting ready to sell, they are active in the real estate market staging homes. Bringing in an objective set of fresh eyes to an older space can do wonders for a quick update – resulting in a better listing that sells faster! Making what you have work and injecting new creative ideas to pull it all together is their passion. “We are inspired by the beauty of the Island we live on. Fresh, comfortable, well designed rooms not only look great but are timeless! We love using the colours, texture and natural elements reflected in our environment.”


STYLES BY STACEY 250.208.5025

2 0 1 9 W O M E N T O WAT C H

In the four years since purchasing Studio A Hair and Beauty Bar, Abby has extended the already full-service salon to include the latest in men's barbering, acrylic nails and eyelash extensions.

Celebrating life’s moments through the many different events is important to us and that is why we are passionate in creating that event for you. We offer a host of packages and services tailored to the needs of each client, from the bride to the corporate customer.

Come in and enjoy a day of beauty with one of Studio A's talented team members: alongside Abby work stylists Brigitte, Alyssa and Sene.

We are professional and passionate coordinators who use our expertise to create immaculate and stress-free events for our clients.

Follow the salon on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with the latest promotions: @studioahairdesignbeautybar.


101 - 2462 Bevan Ave, Sidney | 250.655.0094

We are your one-stop shop for wedding and event planning. Tiger Lily Events: Timeless Elegant Planning. 250.668.6757 |

The Women of Sidney All Care Administrative Team

ALL CARE, WE CARE, I CARE: SIDNEY ALL CARE RESIDENCE The administrative team at Sidney All Care Residence is strong group of women. They are a dynamic team that work hard at making moments matter every day for our Sidney All Care Residence family. Sandra joined our admin team in 2014 and is celebrating her fifth year with the All Care family. Sandra has fourteen grandchildren and has been an active member of the Army, Navy and Air Force club for five years. If you pass by reception, chances are Sandra knows your name. Kylie joined our admin team in 2018 after relocating from Kelowna with her husband and two boys, ages three and six. Kylie brings with her four years of administrative experience in long-term care. Her infectious smile will brighten your day. Nicki, our Administrative Assistant, joined our team in 2017. Nicki has three boys, ages nine,sixteen and seventeen. She loves baking and anything country. Nicki brings an extensive background in scheduling and her outgoing personality is a wonderful asset to our team. Kate, our Administrative Manager, joined the Leadership Team in 2016. Her joyful, helpful personality shines through in everything she does. Kate brings with her a Bachelor’s degree in business management, majoring in Human Resources, and nine years of experience devoted to ensuring great quality care for seniors.

2269 Mills Road, Sidney | 778.351.2505 |

Tracey Burns


T R A C E Y B U R N S C O A C H I N G & C O N S U LT I N G My fascination with coaching began in our family-owned legal research company. Grappling with the personal dynamics that often plague families in business, I began researching the skills I needed to cultivate a healthy company culture and discovered the power of coaching. I completed my professional training in 2007 in Accomplishment Coaching’s rigorous Accredited Coach Training Program, hold a Professional Certified Coach credential and a Diploma in Coaching Supervision. Today I remain on the Accomplishment Coaching leadership team here in Victoria, B.C. and in past years have led, coached and trained coaches in Seattle, San Diego and Kuala Lumpur. There are many myths and misconceptions about coaching. Coaches are not experts ready to give you advice and we don’t replace our important allies – therapists. I am certainly no expert in life! If I were to call myself anything it would be resilient, having journeyed through crippling back injuries, cancer and personal trauma. I share those stories to remind clients that to falter is to be human. I’ve been described as raw, real and relatable and that’s more than okay by me. Life occurs in relationship and our ability to communicate and deeply understand each other is critical to our continued existence. Our true intentions are often skewed by interpretation and story. The delightfully messy space created between speaking and listening has been an area of constant research and fascination for me that eventually birthed my coaching niche in communication and relationship. The partnership I create with my clients is sacred, spiritual and at times inexplicably magic. My coaching method is ontologically based, a cutting-edge approach that encompasses an understanding of how our thoughts, physiology and use of language impacts our results. This future-facing process is truly fascinating. Together we clarify long and short-term goals, identify barriers to success and co-create structure and accountability. I’ve been leading this transformative work for 14+ years impacting the lives of hundreds of people in over 25 countries and have developed leadership and communication programs including “The Emotionally Intelligent Leader” and “Cultivating Creativity Through Healthy Conflict” launching Spring 2019.

250.812.4433 |

2 0 1 9 W O M E N T O WAT C H

Nancy, Yohanna, Susan, Ria & Lucy M E E T T H E G I R L S AT S I D N E Y C A S U A L S Smiles for Everyone! Being able to serve and provide clothing, footwear and accessories for our customers’ needs definitely puts a smile on our faces! We are enjoying introducing new lines with exciting fabrics and technical advances as well as lines that are tried and true and have stood the test of time. We endeavor to provide brands that are eco-conscious and whose corporate philosophy is sustainability. We like to think that our apparel and products will help maximize your urban adventure – from everyday comfort clothing to technical and functional clothing, we can outfit you. For those on the go, whether at home or abroad, we have a great selection of mens and ladies fashion wear, travel wear, footwear and accessories. Come check out the new Spring 2019 inventory that is arriving daily, including quality brand names such as Habitat, Viyela, Royal Robbins, Smartwool, Tilley, OluKai and Skechers.

Sidney Casuals 2513B Beacon Avenue, Sidney | 250.656.4413

Viola VandeRuyt & Annette Quan Investment Advisor

Senior Investment Associate

V A N D E R U Y T W E A LT H M A N A G E M E N T G R O U P | N AT I O N A L B A N K F I N A N C I A L W E A LT H M A N A G E M E N T Life changing events such as death and divorce can leave women feeling overwhelmed by the many financial decisions – we can help! Women and their families approaching, and in the early stages of retirement, may face many challenges ranging from care of elderly parents or grandchildren to illness, while often combined with suddenly being single. VandeRuyt Wealth Management Group offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your financial needs now and in the future are being met with trustworthy, straightforward advice that takes into consideration your personal circumstances and values. Responsible Investing is an area of concern for many local investors and we work to ensure the values that are most important to you are honoured. Please call Viola for a chat and a no obligation second opinion on your situation.

205 - 2537 Beacon Avenue, Sidney | 250.657.2220 | National Bank Financial - Wealth Management (NBFWM) is a division of National Bank Financial Inc. (NBF Inc.), as well as a trademark owned by National Bank of Canada (NBC) that is used under license by NBF Inc. NBF Inc. is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF), and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NBC, a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: NA)

I began my beekeeping journey 11 years ago and started a business in Vancouver, Urban Bee Supplies. The business grew quickly but despite its success, my dream was to move home to Saanichton so I could raise our three kids in the same amazing town I grew up in. In March 2016 we sold our home in Tsawwassen, moved our family back to Saanichton, and Urban Bee Honey Farm became a reality. Since those early days, a lot has been happening at Urban Bee! We proudly sell Peninsula neighbourhood honey as well as unique infused honeys; we have a cafe that serves local teas, coffee and baked goods; and we sell seasonal turkeys, chickens, pork and other local artisan goodies. In store there’s a honey tasting bar so visitors can try all the honeys we offer, and they can check out our observation hive to see the bees working in their hive. We finished our pollinating garden, and are now expanding it to incorporate a miniature western town that will include a variety of farm animals for children of all ages to enjoy. Watch for this to open in a couple of months! This summer we’ll host free tours in the garden: we’ll show you which plants support each type of bee, and share with you tips on how your garden can help the bees. We’ll also be leading private paid tours where people can suit up and go into a bee hive, taste fresh honey and see the bees in their natural element. We’re proud to announce that we were awarded the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Crystal Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit in November, and in January we were given the Grant Thornton Vancouver Island Business of the Year award for Food and Food production. This spring I’ll start teaching Beginner Beekeeping courses. I co-teach with Julia Common from Hives for Humanity, and we make sure every class is entertaining and educational. We’ll only teach one class in Victoria this spring; it’ll run April 6 to 7 in Brentwood Bay and spots fill up quickly, so contact us to sign up right away! We make learning fun and we laugh a lot, so even if you forget everything we said, at least you’ll have spent the weekend with a smile on your face! Without bees we won’t exist – so if everyone did a little something to help them we can have a huge impact on their existence.

6440 West Saanich Road, Saanichton | 250.580.0263 |

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Going Solo:

The Single Woman in Today’s World by Doreen Marion Gee

A child of the '50s, I was

raised in a time when the definition of success for a woman was getting a man and that ring on her finger. Fortunately, half a century has brought a seismic attitude shift, opening up a world of opportunities for women and avenues for fulfilment in their lives. One of those is savouring life as a single person. With choice comes power. "You're going to be an old maid," snapped my brother when I was only 17, rather shy, and still boyfriend-less. We have come a long way since an era when that sinister term defined a woman's worth solely in terms of whether she could snag a guy. Over 50 years, as women gained a foothold in the areas of higher education, employment and career development, their standing in the world became more tied to personal achievements. The steady empowerment of women is the direct result of increased choices in their lives, with multiple definitions of, and paths to, success. With more options on the table, they are more likely to choose the right one. Being in a romantic relationship is only one of many ways to be fulfilled. Plus, many women nowadays balance the benefits of a relationship and work. The sky is the limit! "More people are single than ever before, and for many, it's a joy" reveals the author of I don't yearn for someone to complete me (2018): Why more women are staying single ( au.). For one woman interviewed: "coupledom is not the end goal. I'm just very happy in my world … and I don't yearn for someone to complete me," debunking one misconception. Other stereotypes about single people, such as being miserable and lonely, "are either grossly exaggerated or just plain wrong" states U.S. social scientist, Bella DePaulo, (quoted in the article), who believes that "it is more possible than ever before to live a full, complete and meaningful life as a single person." After years of marriage, I now enjoy being blissfully alone. Paradoxically, the biggest benefit for me of going "solo" is that my world has expanded and become much richer! I now have more friends than ever before in my life – both men and women – and am actively involved in the community. Along the way, I learned that "alone" does not mean "lonely." There is always a downside, though, such as struggling to get the top off a jar by myself and wishing there was a rent-a-guy service! Or when couples gawk at me like I just rocketed in from Jupiter when I sit in a restaurant by myself. Sometimes it is not easy being a "one" in a world of "twos." For many local women, the perks of going solo are immeasurable. "I very much like the idea that when I lock that door I can do anything I want," remarks Cheryl Young.

Devorah Stone offers a wry twist on the single lifestyle: "I can cook up whatever I like, whatever way I like it, and if it doesn't work, I'm the only one who needs to eat it!" On the other hand, many women relish the sweet rewards of a committed relationship: "We stayed together because our marriage was built up on loving and caring for each other" reflects Geraldine Bruckel. "'Happy' is different for every woman!" We need to change the zeitgeist. Let's ditch the archaic notion that a woman is not enough in and of herself and needs to be attached to someone else to be a whole person. Maybe we should be teaching young girls that it is okay to be alone, and that there is no right or wrong when it comes to living your life. The possibilities are endless.



Transition Your Skin from Winter to Spring by Shannon Hall AnamCara Spa + Beauty Bar

Spring cleaning time! Spring cleaning your skincare is as important as decluttering your home or detoxifying your body. Let's begin in your own bathroom (take this article with you). Keep or toss? Just like your food, your skin care products expire, rendering them to be useless or even damaging to your skin. If you can't remember when you purchased it, toss it! Do you really use all the products you own? If you don't have a NEED for that product, it goes. Assess your bathroom drawer and really consider if you are using each item. If the answer is "no but what if …" say goodbye.

Will I use this in the summer? Most of us have seasonal skin changes. We tend to use heavier, more moisturizing products in the fall/winter, and more lightweight, oil-free options during spring/summer. If you aren't going to use those products after the weather changes, especially if you know the product will expire by the time you will use it again, throw it away. But I feel like I’m wasting money! Skin care is very trial and error. What works well for your friends might do nothing for your skin. Be wise with your money. Ask for samples whenever possible. Purchase smaller sizes for your first time using a product. Speak with an esthetician before purchasing a product to discuss whether or not it might be appropriate for your skin type and lifestyle.


Spring has sprung at the Market! #ShopSomethingDifferent


Reach For Lighter Products. Springtime on the West Coast brings higher humidity levels.Your skin will require a lighter moisturizer for more normal/dry or normal/oily skin types. Using a lighter weight moisturizer allows your skin to feel more in balance with the spring season! SPF is still needed. It is a must – every day. Find a daytime moisturizer with a built-in Broad Spectrum SPF 50 (Dermalogica's Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50 is one I highly recommend) to radically prevent premature aging and sun damage. Layer with a tinted moisturizer, pressed minerals or BB foundation with a built-in SPF. Depending on your skin type, Jane Iredale Mineral Skincare Makeup Foundations, one of my favourites, are designed to protect and flawlessly finish your skin! Exfoliate. Exfoliation promotes skin cell turnover, which allows your skin to be smoother and ready to properly absorb your serum and/or moisturizer giving you a youthful glow! Get on board with exfoliating! Evaluate Your Makeup. Foundation! It's less about colour and more about consistency. If it isn't part of your skincare regime, it truly needs to be. Switching from a heavier, creamy foundation in winter to a tinted moisturizer/ SPF or even pressed mineral powder/SPF still gives great protection against pollutants and provides extra sun protection! If you are starting to notice more oiliness, shine or "melting" of your makeup, it might be time to switch to something more lightweight and mattifying. Visit Your Esthetician. Nothing will give your actual skin a deep spring cleaning like a visit to your friendly esthetician! They can address all of your skincare and foundation concerns directly and can customize your facial and prescribe the correct skin care regime for your lifestyle. Facial treatments are recommended on a monthly basis. Change of season means facials are a definite MUST for all skins types. Eat well and hydrate. Healthy skin begins within.

SEASIDE talks with Alana Delcourt, owner of Fresh Esthetics Studio, about what’s


In your makeup bag? More like trunk ... colour and lots of it. LIT cosmetics from Calgary. Adding sparkle to your outfit? I wear my Virgins Saints and Angels necklace from Marmalade Tart; I always get a ton of compliments on it! When you want to smell irresistible? Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

When you want a night out? I always take my go-to purse from House of Lily Koi; it’s vintage and my style: “glitter and glam deconstructed” In your closet? I love colour and prints. Victorian designer Ola Dubois is a favourite. Her dresses are so comfortable and can dress up or down! On your luxury wish list? Vintage faux fur jacket or matching pantsuit In haircare? Any and every curl and frizz tamer

When you want to throw fashion out the window and be all about comfort? I’m currently sporting leopard print sweats When you don’t care how much it costs? Spa days,nights away, concert tickets, courses … When it comes to your go-to “uniform?” Jeans and a nice button shirt and a fur collared sweater On your skin? Being an esthetician, SPF every single day! And an Antioxidant Serum and Omega Serum On your walls? I love art! B2 Creative art! (A local artist.) In your bathroom cabinet? Professional Skincare by Rhonda Allison In home décor? Retro / upcycled / new furniture and art makes for an eclectic mix photo by Nunn Other Photography


We are a leading local brand with world-class business resources and national and global connections.

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Our commitment to you includes a quality customer experience and if you require it, professional property management services.

DFH Real Estate Ltd. • 2405 Bevan Ave. • Sidney, BC • 250-656-0131


Hormone Balancing Superfoods for Women A woman’s hormonal system is an intricate communication system between your brain, ovaries and adrenal glands. These chemical by Dr. Elli Reilander messengers control an incredible Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic number of biological processes in the body! They can impact everything from how you sleep and how you gain weight to how well you remember where you put your keys. When there are imbalances in this system, we can experience an array of symptoms – hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, irregular periods … the list goes on! Nutrition can play a big part in helping regain control of our hormones and relieving those unwanted symptoms. Check out these hormone balancing superfoods and how they benefit your hormonal health. Cruciferous vegetables. Ok, so I realize this isn’t just one food, but this group (that includes broccoli, brussels sprouts and kale) packs a serious hormone balancing punch! These vegetables contain an array of vitamins and minerals to support healthy metabolism and detoxification of hormones, mainly estrogen. One important compound known as indole-3-carbinol (I3C) helps reduce the negative effects of estrogen in the body by converting it into less aggressive metabolites to be processed by the liver. This means that it can relieve symptoms of breast tenderness and heavy periods or may be useful in premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and some hormonally-driven cancers. Soy. Now here’s a legume with an underappreciated role in our health. Over the years, soy has stirred up controversy and has received some negative press. Soy contains a molecule that looks a little bit

like estrogen; this is called a phytoestrogen. These phytoestrogens can bind to our own estrogen receptors, which elicits a weak estrogen-like response. This is great for menopausal women because they aren’t producing enough estrogen on their own, so when a gentle estrogenic molecule occupies empty receptors in the body, it can provide relief of some menopausal symptoms like hot flashes. Why the controversy? Due to this phytoestrogenic activity, there have been concerns that soy may be linked to breast cancer, disrupt thyroid function, and that it will lower testosterone levels in men. Fortunately, research has shown that soy consumption is correlated with a lowered incidence of breast cancer, doesn’t disrupt thyroid function in humans, and when consumed in moderation doesn’t have a negative impact on male hormones or fertility. We must keep in mind that soy in its natural and fermented forms are a culinary staple in many Asian cultures and has been for thousands of years. Wild Salmon (and other healthy fats). For years, the low-fat diet craze was a complete disservice for women all over North America. Women need fat, period. Every sex hormone in the body – estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and even cortisol – are derived from cholesterol. This means if you starve your body of healthy fats then you may not be able to keep up with hormone production. Ultimately this can exacerbate hormonal symptoms, your ability to adapt to stress, and even fertility. It’s important to remember that not all fats are created equal. Processed foods and trans-fats are problematic for our health and contribute to chronic disease. However, mono- and poly-unsaturated fatty acids (salmon, avocado, olive oil, etc.) are healthy choices for balancing cholesterol levels, reducing inflammation, and protecting the heart.


Peninsula Eats:

MENU of the

The Peninsula’s Only Micro Coffee Roaster

Mon-Fri 7am to 5:30pm Saturday/Sunday 8am - 5pm


bour Road Deli HarSpecializing in Coffee,

eal. ous M ace. i c i l e epl AD s ng Fir i w Friend o l & G r y l u i O am th of F m r a W

Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, Burritos & More

Delicious Food in a Spectacular Setting

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Open Seven Days a Week! 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.


nt estaura 50.656.5643 R & b Pu dney 2 ace, Si l P t r o rp eap 9881 S umr unne r


Open Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm #17 - 2235 Harbour Road, Sidney

1931 Mount Newton X Road, Saanichton

Take a Closer Look at Rumrunner Pub & Restaurant




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Starters, Shared Plates & Salads Calamari lightly breaded, quick-fried, greek style seasonings, red onions, on tzatziki sauce

Asian Jumbo Shrimp Salad

sesame chili stir fried red stripe jumbo shrimp, cashews and vegetables on tahini drizzled romaine, crisp wonton noodles

Red Stripe Jumbo Shrimp

Bay Shrimp and Rock Crab Salad bay shrimp and crab stuffed

steam baked with herbed garlic butter, on wilted baby spinach, served with fresh baked bread

avocado, blue cheese, hard boiled egg, smoked bacon, tomato and cucumber on artisan greens

Rock Crab and Bay Shrimp Cakes panko crusted rock

Caesar Salad hearts of romaine, baby kale, house croutons, pancetta bacon, shaved grana padano, roasted garlic and Caesar dressing

crab and bay shrimp on chipotle aioli and roasted red pepper coulis

Roaster Chicken Wings dry, hot, bbq, teriyaki, thai chili, salt’n’pepper, lemon pepper

Salad Greens mix of tuscan tango, baby oak, sweet gem, crisp vegetables, pumpkin seeds

Salt Spring Island Mussels and Little Neck Clams

Spinach Salad hard boiled egg, crisp apple, bacon, pecans and red onion

steamed in a spicy harissa tomato broth, served with fresh baked bread

Sliders one bbq beef, one grilled chicken, one salmon


for two or more – after 2:30 p.m. Tortilla chips layered with plenty of cheese then baked with black olives, diced tomato, jalapeños and green onions; served with a side of salsa

Artichoke & Spinach Dip

baked with gruyere and parmesan cheese, served with crunchy tortilla chips and fresh baked focaccia bread

Group Bookings Available! Open 11am - Late Night

FEATURE $14.95 Dinners (served from 5-8pm)

Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs.

2300 Cano e Cove Road, North Saanich


cano ecovejo

2476 Mt Newton X Road, Saanichton


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Savoury Pies Pastas Pizzas Chicken

Sunday Roast $25 250.655.0075

Saanich Peninsula’s Best Pub Scene

Home of the Skookum

Open 10am to 12am Daily 12” x 16” take and bake


Neighbourhood Pub & Liquor Store Open 11:00am Daily & 10:00am Sunday Featuring Daily Specials, Music Bingo & Deals for Seniors


7100 Wallace Dr, Brentwood Bay

7806 East Saanich Road, Saanichton

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Co-op Food Centre 2132 Keating X Rd

grilled soft tortilla shell

Cioppino snapper, little neck clams, jumbo shrimp, Salt Spring Island mussels, Pacific halibut and wild coho salmon simmered in a vegetable fennel tomato broth

Chicken Pot Pie with tender pieces of mixed vegetables simmered in a cream-based sauce, baked under golden puff pastry

Halibut, Sockeye Salmon and Jumbo Shrimp simmered

Steak, Guiness & Mushroom Pot Pie Montreal Smoked Brisket

in medium spiced red coconut curry with edamame beans, fresh tomatoes and udon noodles; side of fresh baked bread

on grilled marble rye with grainy dijon, Swiss cheese, house coleslaw and a garlic pickle

Haddock Wrap

New York Steak grilled AAA

fresh chili herb spiced local haddock filet, chili lime aioli, fresh avocado, tomato and crisp coleslaw wrapped in a

Angus steak, with mushroom sauté on grilled focaccia bread

Battered Seafood - gluten free! Long Line Caught Cod Filet large piece $22 / regular piece

West Coast Halibut Filet large piece $26 / regular piece


on a toasted sesame seed kaiser bun with grainy dijon aioli, tomato, lettuce and a dill pickle spear

Grilled AAA Angus Ground Chuck or Gilled Natural Chicken Breast

Pan Roasted Wild Sockeye Salmon Filet or West Coast Halibut Filet on a toasted sesame seed kaiser bun with house remoulade, tomato, lettuce and a dill pickle spear

Global Flavour, Local Tastes.

Great Food. Friendly People.


The Best Selection of Local, Craft & Import Beers on Tap

1164 Stelly’s X Road, Brentwood Bay

2250 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Espresso. Dinner Thurs - Sat

Grilled House Made Black Bean Veggie Patty

on a toasted sesame seed Kaiser bun with chipotle aioli, tomato, lettuce and dill pickle spear

Contemporary West Coast Dining

Open Monday/Tuesday 9 to 3 Wed. through Sunday 9 to 9

Family Friendly Until 10pm!




2320 Harbour Road, Sidney



After Divorce:

Taking Control of Your Financial Future Divorce can change your

by Viola Van de Ruyt Investment Advisor

VandeRuyt Wealth Management Group

retirement plans and your lifestyle expectations. With an aging population, many newly retired couples are facing "grey divorce" which lacks the working years to recover from. In dealing with many clients over the years who have gone through life transitions such as death and divorce, I have found


Where Art Happens! SMALL EXPRESSIONS SHOW March 2 - 21 Artists are invited to display “small” works of art – nothing over 12” in any direction. It can be a challenge to the artist and offers a wonderful variety of original and creative artwork.

VOLUNTEER/MEMBERSHIP DRIVE & STUDENT ART SHOW March 22 - 28 Drop by the Gallery and learn about ArtSea and enjoy some artwork by local students.

that logical decisions often do not prevail. Emotions are entwined very closely in financial decisions, and none more strongly than in divorce. These range from anger over the past to fear of the future. It is important that these emotions don't hold you back. Here are three steps that will help you build your financial confidence. Plan. Know what you have and what you need. Take an inventory of all your assets, your debt and all sources of income. List what you spend and look at what is necessary and what is for your lifestyle. Look backward at bank and credit card statements for a few months to determine what you really spend. An important part of this step is to review your beneficiaries on registered plans and insurance, and of course review your will and power of attorney. Educate yourself. Ask questions, as there are no stupid questions. This does not mean you need to get a business degree, but you will gain confidence if you learn some of the language and terminology of the financial world. Emotional Checkup. This can be the most difficult task of all without a neutral third party advising you. Emotional mistakes can range from shopping as an escape to investing too passively. Does your lifestyle need to change? These three steps can be greatly aided by a trusted advisor. While friends and relatives mean well, they're not necessarily up to date on their facts and more importantly their situation may be quite different from your reality. This is what professionals are there for, so don't be afraid to ask for help. For more information visit Viola Vanderuyt is an Investment Advisor with National Bank Financial (NBF). National Bank Financial - Wealth Management (NBFWM) is a division of National Bank Financial Inc. (NBF Inc.), as well as a trademark owned by National Bank of Canada (NBC) that is used under license by NBF Inc. NBF Inc. is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF), and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NBC, a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: NA).

ENCHANTING BEAUTY March 29 - April 4 Suzannah Hahrt and Celia Louise Guilford. Jewelry and silk wearable art.

ArtSea Gallery Hours: Every Day 10 - 4 (unless otherwise specified)

Visit our website for more information:

David Busch

for Saanich-Gulf Islands

Real Representation, Real Results 250.479.1241

Authorized by Joey Vaesen, Financial Agent

SPARKLING CREATIONS April 5 - 11 Marni Siddons, Barb Drechsler, Christiana Marshall & Sue Sutton. Four Island artists exhibit their work for sale. Acrylic painting and jewelry. | 42 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | MARCH 2019













The Centre of Your Experience

What’s Happening at the Mary Winspear Centre

Barney Bentall & the Legendary Hearts In celebration of the 30th anniversary of their debut, self-titled album, Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts return to Sidney for a performance at the Charlie White Theatre on Sunday, March 10. The Juno Award-winning band, whose present-day lineup features Bentall and Legendary Hearts Mike Crozier, Jack Guppy, Colin Nairne, and Dave Reimer, released the platinum-selling album in June 1988. The eponymous album featured their chart-topping single “Something to Live For,” as well as radio playlist staples “Come Back to Me,” and “The House of Love (Is Haunted).” Canadians first met Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts when MuchMusic embraced an indie music video for their heartland anthem “Something to Live For.” Soon after, they released a selftitled album via Epic Records, which sold over 100,000 units and earned the band a JUNO Award for Best New Group. As life began moving at a dizzying speed, Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts were swept into a circle of peers that included Blue Rodeo, k.d. lang, The Tragically Hip, Colin James, 54.40, and The Odds. Their career education took place in parlaying strong grassroots popularity into a national

following, and by playing to crowds in seedy bars, concert halls, and arenas all over Canada. At its peak, the band was playing 200 shows a year, graduating from touring in a van, to a motorhome, to tour buses. Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts released four further studio albums: The Lonely Avenue (1990), Ain’t Life Strange (1992), Gin Palace (1995), and Till Tomorrow (1997). A Greatest Hits 1986-1996 was released in 1996. Their body of work amassed twenty Top 30-charting radio singles and multiple platinum or gold-selling albums. Toward the close of the 1990s, the band members each transitioned into their own musical endeavors, including Bentall who went on to release four solo recordings. Since going their separate ways over 20 years ago, the band still performs live together on special occasions, and will take this 30th anniversary celebration to select cities throughout Canada in 2019.

Tom Cochrane The Mary Winspear Centre presents Tom Cochrane on March 12 & 13 in the Charlie White Theatre. Tom Cochrane and his band Red Rider, have firmly cemented themselves as a popular arena touring act across Canada in the past few decades. However, this spring,

Cochrane and Red Rider will be performing a series of intimate theatre shows in both Alberta and in British Columbia. Tom Cochrane has been the recipient of 8 Juno Awards, plus multiple songwriter awards from SOCAN, CAPAC, and ASCAP. Cochrane is also a GRAMMY nominee, a member of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, and the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame. He holds an honorary doctorate, has a coveted place on Canada’s Walk of Fame, and has been honoured with both the order of Manitoba and the Order of Canada.

Aretha Franklin Tribute Flying in Direct from the Las Vegas strip for one night only, Friday, March 22, the Aretha Franklin Tribute Show, Respect To the Queen Tour stars internationally renowned and #1 Aretha Franklin Tribute Artist - Denita Asberry. Denita has been a feature artist on The Las Vegas Strip in multiple shows including, the Solid Gold Show at Bally’s, Legends in Concert at the Flamingo and Solid Gold Soul at Harrah’s in both Reno and Tahoe. Like Aretha, Denita was born in Detroit. Her portrayal of the Queen of Soul electrifies audiences with her uncanny look, charisma and powerful voice.

Audiences will be delighted to listen to the classic monster hits of Aretha such as “Respect,” “Chain Of Fools,” “I Never Loved A Man,” “I Say A Little Prayer,” “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,” “Think”, “Ain’t No Way,”…and the list goes on.

Andre-Philippe Gagnon On March 27 & 28 Andre-Philippe Gagnon is back with a brand new show called “The History of Rock and Roll”. It’s a musical journey through the soundtrack of our lives - from the fifties to today.

Andre Philippe Gagnon is the number one singing impressionist in the world today. Known as the man of a thousand voices, he has played to sold-out audiences around the world for over three decades. His impressions of famous personalities including Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Louis Armstrong, The Black Eyed Peas and even Fred Flintstone, are rapid-fire and amazingly spot-on. Gagnon can slip from Frank Sinatra to Pharrell Williams in the blink of an eye!

Coming Events March

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Karen Clark “Stage Stars” The Neil Young Show Chance to Dance Blood Donor Clinic Completely Creedence Alfie Zappacosta Barney Bentall & the Legendary Hearts Tom Cochrane The Comic Strippers Crafted Farmhouse Market Aretha Franklin Tribute Show The Sleeping Beauty Ballet Psychic & Spiritual Arts Fair

2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney | 250.656.0275

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Andre-Philippe Gagnon Keys to Serenity Blood Donor Clinic Palm Court That’s Entertainment Island Band Festival Sidney Literary Festival Menopause the Musical Easter Vintage, Retro & Collectibles Show Peninsula Singers “Dreams Come True” SPAC Spring Art Show Blood Donor Clinic

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Digging Up Bones – Or Should We Say Stones?

At the end of February, Sidney said goodbye to Mineral World and the Scratch Patch, a long-standing, family attraction on the waterfront that was both educational and fun. Mineral World operated for more than 20 years in a section of the building which now houses Victoria Distillers. In 2014, they closed and reopened under new ownership in 2016 in their most recent location on Seaport Place. Mineral World offered a unique selection of gifts, jewelry, artwork, fossils and other treasures. Its brightly coloured "scratch patch" (little caves and alcoves) will be greatly missed by children and adults alike. For the rock hounds amongst us, we are sad to have to say farewell.

Legal Eagle Flies Away In January 2019, Pearlman Lindholm expanded their Victoria

Offices to the Westshore. Unfortunately, this resulted in the closure of their Sidney office. They now have offices at #1 - 111 Presley Place on the Westshore and their original location in Shoal Point at Fisherman's Wharf. They are excited to be a part of the Westshore's growth and welcome the opportunity to serve more of Vancouver Island.

TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS New Board for the Books The Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) Board of Trustees, which is the governing body for the Sidney Library, recently held their Annual General Meeting where the new officers and Executive Committee members were elected for the year. The Board of Trustees is comprised of elected representatives from 28-member municipalities and 10 regional districts. As a result of the 2018 municipal election, 28 Trustees are serving in their first term with VIRL, or are returning to the Board after several years away. Brenda Leigh, from the Strathcona Regional District, was elected as Board Chair and Mayor Gabriele Wickstrom, from the Town of Port McNeill, was elected as Vice-Chair. Locally, Councillor Jack McClintock represents the District of North Saanich and Councillor Barbara Fallot the Town of Sidney.

And the Winner Is …

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personal tax preparation

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Peggy Yelland & Associates Inc. is a local Saanich Peninsula accounting firm which provides the following services: • • • • •

Personal & Corporate Income Tax Bookkeeping/ Payroll/ Bill Paying Financial Statements Consulting & New Business Advisory Construction Specialists

Call us: 250-652-7845

102-7851 East Saanich Road Saanichton, B.C. V8M 2B4


At the 19th Annual Vancouver Island Business Excellence Awards, held in January, Saanich Peninsula businesses took home almost a quarter of the awards handed out. Four local businesses were recognized in their category. Entrepreneur of the Year deservedly went to McTavish Academy of Art, which transformed a vacant school into an exciting community arts centre. Trich Analytics, whose vision “is to lead a global movement towards the regulation of proactive and non-invasive methods of micro-analysis to find long-term solutions to environmental and occupational health challenges” won in the Technology category. Urban Bee Honey Farm won in Food Production. The business is more than just a honey farm. Among other things, they also raise pork and poultry and operate a coffee and gift shop. Finally, Bayshore Home Health, with a location in Sidney, won in the category of Health Care! Congratulations to these remarkable businesses that make the Peninsula such a wonderful place to live.

Spring Flowers Perhaps not completely new, but definitely noteworthy, a lovely newish flower shop opened last summer in Brentwood Bay. Petals n Buds, which is located at 7159 W Saanich Road, is owned and operated by Tara Koshman. Tara is a floral artist who blends her own unique style with cutting edge European methods. Petals n Buds provides flowers for all occasions. Check out their website for details:

Keeping it Simple®

A ROOM WITH A LONG-TERM VIEW The Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa offers not only ocean views and a bustling waterfront community, but also environmental stewardship, through their state-of-the-art geothermal ocean powered heating system. We are proud to help members finance business solutions that are not only good for the customer but also the environment. And with our $6/month BizSimple™ Business Account we help put your money towards innovative solutions – not towards unnecessary bank fees. See the full story at

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Actually, we do feel this good a

This kind of camaraderie doesn’t just happen. It grows naturally when you share a comm that knows no bounds. At Holmes Realty, each one of us is proud to serve the people livin a tight focus on our clients’ needs and what will serve them best. We are known for our ou for our commitment to excellence in every interaction.

about where we work every day...

mitment to community ng in Victoria, keeping utstanding service, and


D E B ' S D AY O U T

The Best Laid Plans!

by Deborah Rogers

You know I like to get out and try new things, and I had all best intentions of a new activity at a new venue for this month's Day Out. Well, best laid plans ‌ the weather interrupted things, and my

Day Out became a Day IN! I've seen it referred to as #snowmaggedon, and certainly the snow in February was out of the ordinary for our temperate Island. I'll admit, I was excited when the forecast predicted unusual accumulations of the white stuff. It never snowed where I grew up, so I hadn't yet had the chance to get jaded with the cold, disruption and shovelling. Truth be told, I had never, ever in my life, shovelled snow. More on that later ‌ . My "Day In" began with an unusually late start for a weekday. School closures had been announced the night before and everything was calm and quiet inside the house, and outside. I'd heard the plows in the night and knew that the main road would be passable, but a look out the window quickly confirmed that my driveway was not! Snow Day for many means no work, but with a computer and 50 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | MARCH 2019

internet access home can become an office very easily. My husband set up base at the kitchen table, and I took the den (the teenagers kept on sleeping). There is something so distracting about snow falling though. I spent more time staring out the window than I did at the keyboard. It is mesmerizing watching as the flakes twirl to the ground, get caught in the trees and build up on every surface. It transforms the landscape, camouflaging the boring garbage cans and recycling boxes, sitting so prettily on top of everything. Except this was no gentle dusting: it was like a great spatula of frosting had been flopped onto us! Snowfall requires new language in your vocabulary. You can't go for a walk in it, you have to tromp through it. Snow doesn't fall off the overloaded tree branches: it flomps off. Things were getting out of hand outside and I felt it was time I tackled the driveway. I wasn't planning to get the car out, but what if there was an emergency? Here's what I learned about shovelling snow: it's hot, heavy work; when there's over a foot of snow you quickly run out of places to pile it; arm day at the gym has nothing on two hours of shovelling. Even after I had made good progress creating a clear zone around the car, the driveway was still so long, and snow covered. Two hours in and I was no nearer to being able to get out!

Time to call in the backup. The kids came out and we worked together to roll some really big snowballs. Ok, so that's not shovelling, but it did remove the top layer of fluffy snow, and we trampled some areas flat. Snow balls became a snowman, probably the largest I've ever created. He stood guard at the front of the house as I passed the shovel to the kids and headed back inside to dry out and warm up. There isn't much that's more precious than hearing your children squealing and laughing together. The driveway may not have been completely cleared, but chasing and snow fighting took place, which sounded much more fun. Checking in with emails, typing a few words, sharing a post on Facebook: working from home was working out okay. My disgruntled cats made things challenging at times: they're used to coming and going as they please, but every time they went out their cat door, I'd hear it click again a few moments later. I guess it's hard to do the necessary cat business when the snow is deeper than you are tall! They settled for sitting on the window sill, watching the sky and chattering at the birds that were hopping around under the hedge. Unexpected weather is tough for wildlife. I don't usually feed birds (because of the aforementioned cats), but I felt quite sorry for them. I'd heard on the radio that a good alternative to birdseed is oats mixed with peanut butter – I had those, and was glad to prepare a little food for my feathered neighbours. As it started to get dark I wrapped things up on the computer and moved into the kitchen. Hot soup for a cold day and the promise of a quiet evening by the fire. My "Day In" turned out to be a pretty special experience. I got some exercise, used my creativity and connected with the environment. Home is a warm and cosy place, and surrounded by family, there's not really anywhere else I'd rather be. What do you want to see Deb do next? Send your ideas or invitations to

for making your donation

THANK YOU TWICE AS NICE Because of you we’ve received over $650,000 since this pledge challenge was launched. Long-time donors Don and Ruth James, through the James Family Foundation, had challenged the community to match their pledge of $650,000 to this year’s fundraising efforts. So, your donations doubled to $1.3 million! With less than $500,000 to go we’ve nearly

reached our campaign goal. It’s your donations that help us support patientfocused, team-based medical care and bring family doctors to the Saanich Peninsula and to our hospital. With your continued support we can help ensure every resident on the peninsula has a family doctor.

your community, your health 250-652-7531


CAREGIVER RESPITE LICENSED 7 - 12 PROGRAM (Kindergarten - Grade 5) The Caregiver Respite program is developed for participants with mild to moderate cognitive decline and their caregivers. Caregivers may enjoy some respite time while their loved ones enjoy guided social time, light exercise and recreation activities. Instructors will lead participants through a variety of activities, games and exercises to enhance cognitive engagement, mobility and balance. A light snack and social time is included. Program starting April 2019. Please contact Fitness, Weights and Rehabilitation Coordinator, Krista Enderud for details. 250-655-2184



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MOVE IN THIS SUMMER/FALL 2 beds starting from $549,900


Live/Work Townhomes starting from $649,900



Weekly Open House Hosted By Ingrid Jarisz, Newport Realty Sidney Ltd. 2444 Beacon Avenue Every Wednesday from 11:30-1:30pm Newport Realty Office

WWW.THEQUARTET.CA *PREC This is not an offering for sale which can only be made in conjunction with the delivery of a Disclosure Statement. A filed Disclosure Statement for The Quartet may be obtained from the developer Sidney Fourth Street Development Limited Partnership. Illustrations and renderings are proposals only and do not represent the finished building, suites or views. The developer reserves the right to alter plans, designs, specifications and finishings from those shown without notice.


Real Estate is People are m

2444 Beacon Ave Si


Rise in Transient Lifestyles Impacts Seniors Left Behind by Sherrin Griffin

When my husband and I decided

not to have children, all of our VP, Operations, friends and family members were Sidney SeniorCare aghast. "Why not?" they asked with incredulous looks. "You two are perfectly set up for kids!" In their eyes, "set up" meant married, living in a family-friendly neighbourhood with a house, backyard and white picket fence ‌ but their biggest concern was "Who will take care of you when you're old?" It was a fleeting thought that did occur to me, but seriously, was that a legitimate reason to have children? A few of my friends seemed to think so, but I threw caution to the wind and decided that we'd just have to manage ‌ somehow. Maybe it was my own sense of stubborn independence or possibly it was the up-andcoming trend that I was already witnessing, where the children of aging parents were no longer settling near their progenitors. Whether a more lucrative job took them out of the city, province or even country; or perhaps their pursuit of a warmer climate, less stressful lifestyle, or vision of a "better life," it was becoming evident to me that it is no longer a given that children will put down roots near their older relatives. We can try to justify it by the skyrocketing cost of living in most major Canadian cities, resulting in the need to work more or even relocate for a better job opportunity. And then there are those who reject the hamster wheel and daily grind in search of faraway places that offer adventure and/or an alternative, healthier lifestyle. Ultimately, whether we blame it on pure economics or the trend towards a more transient way of life, facilitated by increasingly

accessible travel and enticing global opportunities; the end result is that more older relatives are being left behind. In less industrialized countries, where the demands of the typical North American over-achieving lifestyle are not so prevalent, children tend to settle near their parents and aging relatives. Still living by traditional values, rather than motivated by financial or status-driven pressures, children are more apt to remain closer to home. And, certainly, there are cultures where families are more inclined to live in close proximity, or even in the same house, and take care of each other as the years go by. The impact of leaving senior parents behind can have ramifications that are less than ideal, but thankfully these days there are some positive options to consider: relocate the parent(s) to the family's new destination if feasible; if not, try incorporating quality home support services into your parent(s) daily routine. Another option is to research assisted living facilities, on the rise as our senior population increases, to ensure that your parent(s) are comfortable, safe and well taken care of. As I find myself approaching my senior years, I take great comfort in my own version of a cohabitation plan in which my like-minded girlfriends and I have resolved to live together, help support and take care of each other while we age; another emerging trend, especially among single senior women. Option 2? Despite my decades-long decision to not have children of my own, I am blessed with a strapping young nephew, who, I think, has a soft spot for his old Auntie, and hopefully won't mind helping her out from time to time! MARCH 2019 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 53


photo by Nunn Other Photography

Heritage Acres

by Cassidy Nunn

Countless times over the

years I’ve driven by it on the Pat Bay Highway. I’ve stared at the impressive trains standing proudly in the field, seen the grassy expanse fill up with polished-until-they-sparkle semi trucks for a truck show, watched the steady flow of traffic drive through the gates at Halloween for the Pumpkin Express, and yet I’d never been to visit. Heritage Acres is “a hidden gem on the Peninsula,” according to John Yardley, President of the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society (SHAS), and I couldn’t agree more. Yardley, a retired diesel mechanic and an active member of the Vancouver Island Model Engineers (VIME) has been involved with Heritage Acres since 1993. He and other members of VIME run the popular miniature railway at the site but his involvement extends to all parts of the 29-acre property. The site, which can be accessed off Lochside drive, is open to the public 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., seven days a week, and is run almost entirely by volunteers. According to Yardley, many people visit for the first time for the train rides that VIME offer throughout the year and then stumble upon the museum and other historical and pioneering artifacts that call the property home. The museum is teeming with relics from carriages to sewing machines to pioneering veterinary instruments, radios, dental tools and even a 1931 Ford Model A. Most of the artifacts have been donated, but the collection was started by the Saanich pioneer Willard Michell’s personal collection of old tools, household and farming equipment. The Newman Boathouse by the pond is home to a variety of restored marine artifacts and the original Saanichton 54 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | MARCH 2019

school house was moved to the property. Heritage Acres offers many activities throughout the year, including the VIME Sprint Meet; the Old Time Summer Fair where there are hay rides, trains running and all the buildings open up for the public to view, and the popular Fall Threshing weekend where grain that has been grown on a parcel of land supplied by Michell Farms is brought to Heritage Acres for threshing. Yardley explains to me that first the oats are cut from the field with a binder (the way farmers would have done before combines were introduced) then the grain is brought to the grounds and fed into the threshing machine, which separates the grain from the stalk. These types of demonstrations allow the public to see how this type of machinery would have been used by pioneers. “Rather than being a static display, [the equipment] comes to life a bit,” says Yardley. Rentals are available for weddings, family and corporate picnics, truck shows, dog agility and scent training, and memorials can also be held at the Pioneer Chapel, a non-denominational chapel. SHAS is always looking for more volunteers and members; membership is $30 a year and offers full access to the grounds including working in the various shops – woodworking, machining and blacksmithing – or if the outdoors is what you crave, gardening and landscaping help is appreciated. There’s also a great social aspect with membership: the coffee room is a place to catch up and make new friends. So the next time you drive past, be sure to think about popping in to visit this “great place to learn the old ways” and support this incredible turn of the century landmark.




Saanich Peninsula Shops & Services Part of what makes our neighbourhoods special are the businesses that thrive within them. As Saanich Peninsula entrepreneurs we strive to meet the needs of, and give back to, our diverse community. We ask that you please take a minute to think about the large potential of your consumer dollar.

When you shop local, more revenue remains in your community, supporting parks, schools and more! For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $46 is recirculated back into the local economy.

Statistics courtesy of Photos courtesy,




Saanich Peninsula Shops & Services

Wine Kitz Sidney Spring is in the Air! As the trees begin to bud and the flowers start to blossom, it is a sign … are you ready? Don’t get caught short! Visit us today. 250.654.0300 #5A - 2042 Mills Rd West, Sidney

Rascals Pet Market Rascals was built on an immeasurable love of our pets, which is an integral part of our business and mission. We offer a different approach to feeding pets by recognizing that no two pets can be treated, or fed the same, given that they are not the same. Pet owners have the option to choose from our selection of high quality dry and raw pet foods and treats, as well as supplements and remedies as unique as each pet and owner walking through the door. While our vision has remained the same throughout 2018, and into 2019, we have expanded significantly on our product lines, bringing in even more fresh, local pet products. 2018 also saw the introduction of some of our most popular lines of raw dog and cat foods. Our product research continues to be extensive and rigorous to ensure quality and integrity. We opened our doors in October of 2017, with our close-knit team: Sue, Howard and Martha. Our goal is to continue providing personalized, caring support to our customers, and arm them with the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions for their beloved pets.

MODEN is where function meets fashion. You don’t need a special occasion to look and feel your best. Our selection of quality, current, and classic clothing and accessories ensures there is something for everyone – for every day. 250.655.0774 | 2418 Beacon Ave, Sidney

Chef on the Run Seven different meals each week: your choice of rice, pasta or potato and two vegetables plus main for just $9.50. Balanced and nutritious; cooked and ready to reheat for an easy meal! Delivery available; call for details. 250.655.3141 9781 Second St, Sidney

Groom That Dog

Muffet & Louisa Enjoy clean hands and a clear conscience with this pure soap, free of colouring agents and palm oil. Visit our store to experience the different scents and discover the variety of products made with love in France by La Compagnie de Provence. 250.656.0011 | 9813 Third St, Sidney

We offer expert grooming in a relaxing, safe atmosphere for your dog. We also feature anesthetic-free teeth cleaning for dogs and cats by Cheyanne Cave of Happy Tails Teeth Cleaning. 778.977.3647 10109 McDonald Park Rd, Sidney

You are investing in your community by supporting its unique businesses. Appreciate what makes our neighbourhoods different. Our one-of-akind businesses are an inherent part of the distinctive character of our Saanich Peninsula neighbourhoods; that is what brought us here and will keep us here. Stay local and stay connected to the merchants in your community. By supporting independent businesses today, you are investing in a unique and sustainable future for the Saanich Peninsula community.

Brown's The Florist PET MARKET

Spring is in full swing at Brown's The Florist, with fresh flowers to enjoy both inside your home and to give as gifts to loved ones. Sidney Downtown Westshore

From top quality Canadian raw, dry, or dehydrated foods to local treats, chews and accessories, Rascals only provides the very best for your furry friend at great prices for you. Open 7 Days a Week & We Deliver!

778.426.4290 | 5-7103 West Saanich Rd, Brentwood Bay

Brentwood Crossing With a built in spice rack, solid birch butcher block, removable drip tray and optional casters and bar seating, this Canadian-made Gourmet island has it all. Comes in your choice of stain! 250.655.7467 (SHOP) 9819 Fifth St, Sidney Brentwood Crossing Shopping Centre

BRENTWOOD CROSSING SHOPPING CENTRE Located in the heart of Brentwood Bay, this vibrant shopping centre boasts ample parking, a vast array of local businesses and shopping experiences. We appreciate your business! 7103 West Saanich Rd Brentwood Bay

Homemade, from Scratch Food Variety of Baking • Ice Cream Lunch Items Including Quiche, Soups, Salads and Sandwiches #104 - 2527 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250-656-1657

Located in the heart of Brentwood Bay, this shopping centre is home to many local businesses such as Carnivore Meats & More and Rascals Pet Market. It’s easy to do your banking at Island Savings Credit Union, drop off your taxes and bookkeeping at Island Tax & Bookkeeping and then enjoy a beverage and fine foods at the Brentwood Bay Village Empourium. Yami Sushi, Subway and Pizza Hut offer great options when you are on the go or need something to bring home for lunch or dinner and Canada Post and the BC Liquor Store are ready to serve you. Brentwood Crossing Shopping Centre has undergone a major renovation and is near completion. Come on by and see all the changes. We are here to provide you with a great shopping experience. Hope to see you soon at Brentwood Crossing Shopping Centre!




Saanich Peninsula Shops & Services

Focus Hair Design March is here; it’s almost spring so change is in the air! Visit Focus Hair Design for the change of style you might be looking for.

Focus Hair Design The Women At Focus Hair Design! The young … and the slightly less young! (the slightly less young was not available for the photo.) In 2016 owners Clare Wedgwood and Mahrisa Raiska, with the amazing Bailey Affleck and Kate Markwort, jumped into renovations and a leap forward with environmental awareness as a Certified Green Circle Salon. In just over two years the salon has a new bright look and has been awarded with the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce’s award for Green Business of 2018. This has been accomplished in partnership with Green Circle, clients and the team’s educational efforts to create further awareness within the community. We are proud to have accomplished so much in such a short time. At a young age, Mahrisa and Bailey knew they wanted to apply their amazing artistic talents to creating beautiful hair. Clare came to this realization after various careers and a need to get back to her creative roots. All three started at the salon and all, including team member Mark when he was a teenager, received mentorship from friend and colleague Master Stylist Christopher Wootton. And finally, the Salon’s wonderful Kate keeps everyone organized … but stylists must be careful not to use/ lose her favourite pens!

Seaside Cabinetry & Design is a boutique-style cabinet showroom located in downtown Sidney. Custom Design, Merit Cabinetry, Lifetime Warranty. We have hundreds of styles and colours to choose from.

Showroom Open by Appointment 250.656.8122 #102 - 2527 Beacon Ave, Sidney

250.812.4304 | 9715 First St, Sidney

Deep Cove Customs Local, affordable custom cabinets … right here on the Saanich Peninsula! We offer a full-service shop, from design and manufacturing through to the installation of our exceptional product. 250.412.3472 2071 Malaview Ave, Sidney (call for appointment)


professional house cleaning

I'm sure the cleaning fairy will be here any day now! Do you have a busy life, kids in activities? Keekeeklean wants to make your house sparkle and your life easier. Book a clean and experience our attention to detail. Residential $35hr; Holiday/Office $35hr; Final $50hr. Licensed. Registered. WCB Protected. Sidney: 250.896.6540 Victoria: 250.857.1628

Sidney by the Sea Dental Hygiene Clinic We focus on preventative dental hygiene in a relaxed environment. Complimentary complete dental hygiene exam and diagnosis ($100 value). We are accepting new patients! Paulette Reid, RDH, BBA, MSc 250.655.4884 #102 - 2423 Beacon Ave, Sidney


Carpentry: Tiny House – Pt. 1 by Stu Rhodes

We're not just building

houses, we're building sustainable futures! Saanich School District is launching a revamped version of their Carpentry program this February. The program will be hosted at SD63 Continuing Education School on Mt Newton Cross Road where students will learn the basics of the craft under the tutelage of teacher Brandon Heyer. Brandon brings a wealth of construction experience as well as exemplary teaching skills to this innovative program. Students will spend three days per week learning about carpentry and putting their skills to practice as they construct a "tiny house." On Thursdays and Fridays students will take their skills to industry where they will get a chance to see the real world as fledgling apprentices with local building contractors. Upon successful completion of this five-month pilot, students will transition to Camosun College during July and August to participate in a Level One Apprenticeship photo by Nunn Other Photography class. They'll earn "dual credit" course credits that count on their high school and college transcripts as credits toward their eventual trade certification. Once the Camosun of the construction sector will help industry to remain sustainable in portion of the training is finished, students will return to industry on an ever evolving marketplace. a full-time basis with their employers. CFBC works very closely with Vancouver Island Construction The class project of building a tiny house will be sponsored in part Association. Many VICA members have already stepped up to offer by the Construction Foundation of BC. The mandate of CFBC is work placements for students. This transition to work component to, "help build the next generation of skilled workers in BC." To will be one of the hallmarks of this program as it really gives students that end they've made a significant commitment to help with the the opportunity to sample the nature of the work and the culture of acquisition of building materials for the tiny house. CFBC Executive the workplace. Director, Abigail Fulton, expressed her delight in the newly forged Wendy Walker, principal of SD63 Continuing Education, partnership: "We are very pleased to be partnering with the Saanich couldn't be happier with the new model for this pilot and the new School District on this exciting project. Applied learning creates partnership established with CFBC. "Equipping students with the attitudes, skills and knowledge in our youth that will serve them well appropriate technical skills and simultaneously providing them throughout their life – whether it's pursuing an exciting career in the with an opportunity to gain relevant work experience will provide trades, or simply solving every day problems. Building this tiny house the perfect recipe for success. Positioning our program ahead of the will enable students to not only learn new skills and apply them, intensive, traditional apprenticeship class gives students a longer but also engage in a project that focuses on sustainability – for the runway so they can build confidence in their abilities and better environment, for the community and for industry." relate theoretical concepts to tangible learning experiences on actual Indeed, sustainability is a consistent theme of this endeavour. The construction sites." tiny house will feature a number of green technology concepts, the Stay tuned over the coming months as we follow the project and technical training and transition to work will enable graduates to eventually learn where the tiny house finds its "home." make a sustainable living, and their contributions to the labour pool MARCH 2019 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 59

Dedicated to

in Our Community

Support After A Workout, Injury or Surgery

Total Body Collagen

Total Body Collagen from Natural Factors is a unique formula featuring hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, L-tryptophan, L-glutamine, vitamin C, and biotin – essential nutrients that promote healthy skin, muscles, and connective tissue.

Whole Earth & Sea

Pure Food Bone Structure

Hydrolyzed collagen promotes collagen synthesis and has been shown to help reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. Collagen and hyaluronic acid work together to provide structure, strength, and resilience in the body’s tissues, and are vital for maintaining hydration in the joints. This formula also supports muscle growth and recovery, helping physically active people to build lean muscle mass.

Pure Food Bone Structure provides real nutrition for building bone and keeping it strong. The 100% organic, non-GMO, nutrientrich plants grown on Natural Factors farms are harvested at their peak and immediately raw processed using EnviroSimplex® to retain the vital bioenergetic vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, and antioxidants.

Collagen can also help reduce visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines, and together the nutrients in Total Body Collagen support wound healing, immune function, antioxidant activity, and nutrient metabolism, with benefits for skin, hair, and nails. Total Body Collagen contains highly digestible, non-GMO hydrolyzed collagen from pastureraised and grass-fed cattle.

Rapid Relief. Optimal Performance.

Extra Strength Curcumin This form of PURICA Curcumin represents the latest science in this well researched and established category. Controlling inflammation is a key part of managing many chronic health conditions, and PURICA’s 30% BDMC can help you with that as it: ✔ Improves curcumin stability, bioavailability and prolonges survival in the blood ✔ Offers an ORAC value of 565,000 units. Regular curcumin has just 9,500 units ✔ Inhibits NF-kB and MSK1 to combat inflammation from two targets. Regular curcumin only inhibits NF-kB. ✔ 1 capsule per day

Vegan Bonebuilding Formula

Purica Ionic Bone NEW

PURICA combines industry leading ingredients in this new product. If bone health is of concern to you then PURICA’s Ionic Bone will help you meet your daily needs for the essentials: calcium, vitamins K2 & D3 and magnesium. This powder easily mixes in hot water to form a highly absorbable, ionic solution. This non-GMO, gluten free & vegan formula is highly bioavailable calcium comes as Calcified Atlantic Seaweed and includes 72 trace minerals.



by Dr. Kristen Bovee Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic Hydrate IV Wellness Centre

Daily Habits for Optimal Athletic Performance Whether you are a seasoned

marathon runner or a novice triathlete, treating your body well is a major determinate of your performance. With athletic event season coming upon us, the following tips can help you train, perform and recover optimally. Get enough restorative sleep. Sleep is an essential part of athletic recovery. It is at night that our rebuilding hormones such as DHEA and growth hormone release at their highest levels of the day. However, it’s necessary to reach our deepest level of sleep in order for our bodies to heal. Melatonin is produced by our brains and assists us into restorative sleep. Low blood sugar levels at night causes cortisol release, which is a common cause of insomnia. If you are having trouble getting and staying asleep, eating a balanced snack of proteins and carbs such as apple and nut butter can assist your brain in producing enough melatonin and keeping stable blood sugar levels through the night. Eat a balanced breakfast – include protein and fat. You hear it all the time: start your day with breakfast. If you don’t have an appetite in the morning, start with small portions to train your body to get used to eating earlier. Breakfast determines your energy levels in the day. Before you head out for a morning workout or a run, be sure you have eaten a balanced meal with protein, carbs and fats. Some healthy options for breakfast include: egg and avocado on a bed of greens and whole grain toast; Greek yogurt, berries, chia and nuts; steel cut oats, ground nuts, and a scoop of protein powder with almond milk. Drink enough water and electrolytes. Being hydrated is essential for both performance and recovery. Losing 2% of body weight in fluid can decrease performance by up to 25%. If you are not sure how much to drink, the following formula is a good guide: multiply your weight in pounds by 2/3 to calculate the daily ounces you need. To further calculate taking into account exercise, divide the number of minutes you exercise by 30 minutes and multiply this by 12 ounces; add this to

your optimal daily intake. Be sure to begin with eight ounces of water before starting exercise and rehydrate every 15 minutes. Electrolyte replenishment is necessary if your workout and training is more intense. Eat well; limit supplement fads. You don’t need to take fancy supplements to perform well: food is often the only medicine we need. However, if you’re consistently having symptoms of poor performance and recovery despite your best efforts to eat well, it is best to have a naturopathic doctor or holistic nutritionist analyze your diet so they can make appropriate recommendations for you. Start slow, set goals, and stay consistent. When increasing activity levels or ramping up your training, it is best to set realistic goals for performance; take it slow and steady. Some of my favourite apps include Strava, Couch to 5K Runner and PEAR personal fitness coach. The apple watch and Fitbit are also motivating and easy devices that help you track your performance. With so many fun events coming up (TC10K 30 year anniversary!) this spring, these easy habits will help you perform your best and feel great doing it.

Elizabeth May, OC, MP Saanich - Gulf Islands

250-657-2000 | 9711 4th St., Sidney BC V8L 2Y8 MARCH 2019 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 61

Another Award! Bayshore Home Health has been named Vancouver Island Health Care Company of the year at the 19th Annual Grant Thornton LLP Business Excellence Awards. This award is a reflection of the outstanding care that Bayshore care givers provide in communities through out Vancouver Island. From Sidney to Victoria, to Nanaimo, Parksville and Qualicum (and many places in between!). Bayshore has been recognized for helping seniors stay safe and 2019 WINNER independent in their own homes.

If you would like to experience award winning care, call Bayshore today.

The Bayshore administrative team accepts their award at the January 24 awards gala in Nanaimo, B.C. Sidney 778.749.0014

Victoria 250.370.2253

#102 9840 Fifth St

#380 1900 Richmond Rd

Nanaimo 778.841.0109 Qualicum Beach 250.947.9775 #204 1650 Terminal Ave

650 Berwick Road North

Bayshore HealthCare has been enhancing the quality of life, dignity and independence of Canadians in their homes since 1966. Recently awarded a 2017 Vancouver Island Business Excellence Award in the Health Care category, a 2016 Crystal Award for Business Excellence in the category of Contribution to the Community and named one of Canada’s Best Employers 2016 by Forbes Media.

Your Neighbourhood Liquor, Wine, Cold Beer and More Store! Knowledgeable, Friendly Staff | Loyalty Program | Extensive Selection | 9am - 11pm Every Day

2134 Keating X Rd 250-652-4400

3170 Tillicum Rd 250-384-0060

759 Yates St 250-383-2588

Liquor Express Vancouver Island


#12 - 1153 Esquimalt Rd 250-361-3530

930 View St 250-361-1469 @liquorexpressbc

498 Old Island Hwy 250-391-4458


by Chris Cowland

Come Friendly Bombs and Fall on Slough

When people ask me what part of England I'm from, I usually reply "Windsor." Tens of thousands of overseas visitors flock there every year, it has interesting shops, cobbled streets, the Thames, and of course the famous Castle. But if you look in my passport, it shows my birthplace as Slough. If you think Regina is ugly, just spend an hour in Slough. Famous as the location of the original U.K. series of The Office, it is home to around 850 factories in its industrial Trading Estate, and the source of much employment. That's what brought my mother's family from their village in Wales, and my father from East London soon after the war. Their houses had adjoining gardens, and that is how my parents met and married in 1951. When I was born the next year, we rented a small apartment above the garage in Eton where my dad worked, and when I was four, we paid £1,000 for a small terraced house in the neighbouring village of Eton Wick. You could see Windsor Castle from my front yard. You could not see Slough, a mere three miles away, but most days you could SMELL it. Slough was home to belching smokestacks, notably the famous Mars chocolate factory, home of the Milky Way, Crunchy, and of course Mars Bars. The north wind would waft a sickly-sweet miasma across our gagging village, and we would pray for it to veer to the northwest, where the sewage works were located. At least they had a smell-masking perfume. At age four, I attended Eton Wick Primary School, which was only 50 yards from our house. Built in 1888, I still remember the flickering gas lights in the classrooms. We had metal nibbed pens and bright blue ink in desktop inkwells that needed daily replenishing. We would have epic ink flicking battles, my first introduction to mischief at school. This all ended with the invention of the first ballpoint pens, though these could be dismantled and made into pea shooters. At 10, I began cycling four miles each way to my secondary school, Slough Grammar School for Boys. There I met my best mate, the flatulent Irishman Cormac, whose diet consisted of tea and baked beans. Cormac was the master of mischief. In those days, caning and being beaten by a ruler or running shoe were everyday occurrences, but led by Cormac, we would always get our revenge. Our teachers parked their cars along the front of the school, but if you crawled on your knees you could avoid being spotted through the staff room windows. The simplest trick would be to pry a rear hub cap off a teacher's car, insert a couple of large coins, then replace the hub cap. The teacher might

notice a slight clanking as he drove off, then centrifugal forces would pin the coins to the outside. Until the next traffic light! Word got round the staff room after the first half dozen trips to the local garage, so we had to find something more subtle. The humble kipper is not just a magnificent breakfast dish, but if you crawl under a car and insert one in an exhaust manifold, it heats up and smells like a burning Lucas electrical component after about five minutes of driving. Another trip to the garage! So we didn't have any real bombs, but we dropped a few stink bombshells in Slough. John Betjeman would be proud.


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Achiote Rubbed Turkey Tacos This is a recipe best served with a pile of warm tortillas and a margarita. The combination of turkey, corn, kale and black beans provides a filling and nutritious dinner that can even be served at a dinner party. I find that turkey is an by Chris Compton underutilized source of protein and the only time it is looked towards is during the holidays when it is dressed with all of the seasonal classics. It has so many more uses, and is a great source of lean protein. These bold Mexican spices will bring a new dimension to turkey you may have not experienced before. Enjoy cooking for your friends and family. Serves 4.

½ tbsp cumin seeds, toasted then ground *Achiote is a traditional Mexican spice which imparts earthy citrus notes and is used to colour foods red. Find it at Latin grocery stores and online. Begin by peeling garlic. Combine all marinade ingredients in a blender and blend until thoroughly combined (doesn’t need to be smooth). Marinate your turkey for at least one hour and up to eight hours. When ready to cook, layer a casserole dish with the onion on the bottom, followed by the turkey leg and topped with the bacon strips if using. Cover with tinfoil and cook at 300° for 2 to 2½ hours or until pull-apart tender. Shred and keep warm. Moisten with the cooking liquid before serving.

Black Bean and Kale Salad

1kg turkey leg 2 strips bacon (optional) 1 onion, sliced

1 small can black beans, rinsed 1 head green or black kale, finely sliced 1 cup corn kernels, cooked ½ red onion, julienned


Salad Dressing

2 sour seville oranges, juiced 2 limes, juiced 6 cloves garlic, crushed 1 chipotle pepper (in adobo) ¼ cup oil 2 tbsp achiote paste* 1 tbsp salt ½ tbsp ground pepper

1 clove garlic, crushed 2 limes 2 tbsp white wine vinegar 1 tbsp honey 1 tbsp Dijon mustard

1 tsp cumin seeds, toasted then ground ½ cup canola oil salt and pepper (to taste) Throw all ingredients for dressing, except for the oil, in a blender and blend thoroughly. Once combined, begin to slowly stream oil into the blender, keeping it on low speed. After dressing is emulsified, season to taste. Finely shred kale by taking the tough stems off and stacking the leaves on top of each other in a manageable pile, roll like a cigar and then finely slice to about 1cm wide. Toss the kale with a few tablespoons of dressing to coat and massage to break down the tough leaves. Allow to sit for at least 10 minutes and then add the rest of the salad ingredients. Allow salad to sit for at least 30 minutes before serving. Can be kept in the fridge for at least three days.

Having a Will Means Planning Ahead and Protecting Them.

Mango Salsa 1 ripe mango, diced ¼ jalapeño, diced small ¼ red onion, diced small ¼ cup cilantro, chopped 1 lime, juiced 2 - 3 tbsp olive oil salt and pepper (to taste) 12 soft taco shells lime wedges Chop all ingredients (except shells and lime wedges) and combine. Season to taste. To serve: Place all components in bowls. Serve with warm tortillas and lime wedges.

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Margarita (6 servings) 375mL 100% Agave Tequila Blanco 185mL lime juice (about 6-7 limes) 180mL Cointreau simple syrup to taste ice cubes or crushed ice 12-18 slices of lime to garnish kosher salt Simple Syrup 250mL agave syrup 250mL water Begin by juicing the limes. Add tequila and cointreau to lime juice. I usually put this mix into swing top bottles and let it chill in the fridge overnight. When serving, set up a rimming station with a bowl of limes and kosher salt spread on a plate or bowl that is wide enough to fit the glasses you are using. Once glasses are rimmed, fill with ice and add the margarita mix. Set out a bowl of lime wedges and a bottle of simple syrup to allow your guests to sweeten the drink to their own taste. For the simple syrup, combine ingredients, bring to a boil and allow to chill. You can use any type of sweetener you want (honey, brown sugar, maple syrup); however, agave syrup is the preferred choice for tequila drinks. No matter the sweetener, always use equal parts sweetener and water.

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This is Africa. This is Africa – a dream that for us became a reality. Our trip took us through Kenya, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, a journey of almost two months. The diversity of the countries within this continent is nothing short of amazing. To see those countries, as well as the people and the animals in their own environment, was magical. The people of Africa made us realize how privileged we are. Their happiness, kindness and the simplicity of their lifestyle was something to admire. One can watch nature programs on TV and read books, but to be there and watch the animals – how they eat, play and protect their young – is something to behold. We were informed by our guide that the chance of seeing a leopard was almost impossible, as they tend to be secretive creatures, but we saw seven on five different occasions! We saw elephants by the hundreds, crossing the rivers, taking mud baths and looking after their young. We had the privilege of seeing a baby elephant that was almost two weeks old. These young calves are recognized by the pink edges of their ears and trunks, which turn grey when they reach a month old. At this age, they have to kneel and drink through their mouths until their trunks mature. There was an abundance of lions: females, some with cubs; mature young males; and some who let the world know they were really close – usually around 4 a.m. There were rhinoceros, hippos, zebras, giraffes, cheetahs, wildebeests, Cape Buffalo, meerkats, springbok and kudu, elan and many others from the antelope family. Also, hyenas, by Gail Gotto

jackals, baboons and monkeys. We came too close to a spitting black cobra at our last camp in Kenya. With an array of birds, these countries are also a birder's paradise. Arriving at Victoria Falls, we watched the rushing waters with vapour clouds making their way into the massive ravine, making this one more incredible wonder. From the Falls, we made our way to the wetlands in Chobe, Botswana, where more elephants were in abundance. On to Namibia to the waters of the Okavango and into Etosha National Park, where the land is arid but the animals – still many – adapt to their surroundings. South from there to the coastal sand dunes, hundreds of feet high reaching down to the Atlantic Ocean, then inland to the red dunes – the highest in the world, where the sand is so fine that the landscape changes every time the wind blows. From Namibia, we made our way into the Kgalagadi (Kalahari) Desert and on through the vast valleys of South Africa to Cape Town. Here there were fewer animals, but the scenery of the land was breathtaking. Our time in South Africa included a trip to Robben Island, The Cape of Good Hope, where the winds were fierce and the ocean wild where we saw South African fur seals and penguins who were quite entertaining. We ended our time in Africa with a trip to the wine district of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, where we enjoyed some very impressive wines. People ask us: "what was the best part of your trip?" Our reply? "Every part was the best." Would we go back? In a heartbeat. Pure magic. MARCH 2019 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 67


Do You Feel Your Age? by Lara Gladych

Seaside Magazine wants to live up to our slogan of being "the voice of the Saanich Peninsula," so, in every issue, we ask people to answer a question. We're looking for responses from all ages and across the diverse neighbourhoods that form our community. I was recently working on a project for my mother's 80th birthday. It made me very mindful of age and the passage of time as I flipped through old photo albums and pictures from long ago. I started to ponder age and wondered how people feel about aging. Is it just a number, does it represent some season passed, or those yet to come? Being that I timed my usual street interviews badly as to coincide with the snow storms of February, I had to get creative with finding responses 68 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | MARCH 2019

for this month's column. I polled people in my own circle via email, this time asking the following question: "Do you feel your age, or is age a state of mind? In March, as we catch a glimpse of spring, do you feel that you are (still) in the springtime of youth or that you have a reached a later season in life (and if so, what are your feelings about that)?" Those who responded were all women – so sorry, gents – but I hope that their answers resonate with all, male and female. Kristin, 36, had this to say: "I feel forever 25 (but with a few more grey hairs). Honest to God I do. I can pull up my boot straps and act like a grown lady when I have to, but in my heart of hearts I feel like a mid-20's gal. I hope I never feel old, not because I don't want to get older, but because I think having a young mind, having fun in life

and not taking things too seriously are hopefully helpful with living a long healthy life." "I can go through all seasons in just a few hours! Age is always a 'state of mind' … quit thinking about it and just let it happen." This was Joyce, who is 76 "and climbing." I heard from two of my daughter's friends, Courtney and Josephine, both 16, who shared their answer: "We both believe that age is a state of mind, though there is no use in denying your age. Your perspective on your age plays a great role in how you view yourself in the current moment. How old you are doesn't determine anything significant, and nothing should hold you back from achieving what you want to achieve. It is meaningless to preoccupy your mind with such thoughts; time is inevitable." My daughter, Gabby, 16, chimed in too: "When you are with the right people, age doesn't matter. You can act

e 16 • Deadli ne o Ag t p Ap u ril s d 15 Ki

Know an



Tell us why they are one of the Saanich Peninsula’s Kids to Watch

"I'm not crazy about aging, but what can you do? It's better than the alternative, as they say!" yourself whether that means you are young at heart or an old soul." Bridget is 35. "I don't feel my age. When something happens I still look for a grown up. I don't feel like I'm in the spring of my youth – I made way too many silly decisions back then. I feel good that I'm old enough to be settled, but not so old that I can't be still be silly sometimes." Lisa, 53, said: "As I have gotten older, I've thought more and more about aging. I'm not crazy about it, but what can you do? It's better than the alternative, as they say. I do think age is mostly a state of mind. Most of my friends are a decade younger than I am. My husband is almost a decade older. It can feel a little isolating at times but overall we all feel bonded by our kids and common interests and get along really well despite any age difference." "No I do NOT feel my age! I have always been told by my mom and my nana that age is just a number and that you are only as old as you feel, and that is what I truly believe! Keeping active, staying healthy and working with kids helps me a lot. Mind over matter!" said Lesley, 45. "It depends on how much sleep I get," said Olga, 70. "Sometimes I feel that I'm in the summer of my life and at other times, I feel like I am in the twilight zone." Thank you for the comedic relief, Olga. Some words of wisdom from two other women who have left their mark on the world. From the beautiful Coco Chanel: "Nature gives you the face you have at 20; it is up to you to merit the face you have at 50." And from the iconic Betty Friedan: "Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength."

Kids to Watch Tell us



I Want a She Shed! A What? A She Shed!



Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed? Worn out from getting home from work and trying to fit too many activities into too short a day? Does your partner retreat to their hideout or special room and your kids to the family room with their friends from where they burst out every few minutes asking for snacks or drinks? Does the phone never stop ringing? As every mother knows, even the bathroom may not be a safe refuge. So where do you go when you need a slice of rejuvenating peace? Your very own She Shed – that’s where you go. A “She Shed?” What exactly is that? Well, they have been around for decades but the terminology is relatively new. She Sheds can range from a repurposed garden shed to a shelter made of canvas-covered woven vines, a classy tree fort house, a manufactured kit shed, or a custom-designed She Shed outfitted with a chandelier and drop-down window bar. The design can be humble or grand; cozy; rustic or modern; or one of a kind, but the main thing is – it’s yours! In short, it’s a warm and cozy one-room “shed” located conveniently in your backyard. It is your haven: a shelter that protects you from the noise and complexity of the world, a place where you can just hang out, sit back in a favourite chair with a cup of tea, heave a big sigh, relax and daydream. Or it can be a place where creativity thrives, allowing you to focus on inspiring work or crafts. “Too expensive to build,” may be your first thought. But what if you fire up your imagination and hunt down recycled materials and repurpose doors and windows? Do the work yourself? Once you begin your search, creativity is the key, and you will find unique solutions to fit your budget. Yes, this project may be daunting, but it can also be fun! It’s important to figure out the function of your She Shed before you build it, so that your design will meet your space requirements for furniture, shelving and creative space. Every inch counts! Will you use it for writing, reading, meditating, exercise, business, art or socializing? Is it a serene, humble space to be used on warm days in the summer or do you need additional lighting, heat, cooling, plumbing, power and the internet? Before investing in these, make sure to check your community bylaws to see if a permit is required. What kind of siding will you use? You can match your home, or, even better, come up with your own unique look. For the outside walls, you can use plywood, corrugated



Bonita Talstra transformed her long-held wish for a room of her own into the habitable shape of a She Shed that she uses for quilting.

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HWY. #17

metal, or put on wood shingles, board and batten, or clapboard siding. Or how about an eco-friendly abode – a smooth, sculpted cob house made of straw and clay? Finish off the look with exterior trim and your own artistic touches. Search for a style you like and go for it! Mistakes happen, but they can all be fixed (paint and putty do wonders!). Don’t go for perfection – go for the best you can do at the moment, and that’s good enough. For the roof, you can use rolled roofing, asphalt composite shingles, metal or wood shakes. The floor can be anything from bricks tamped in sand to concrete, tiles, or carpet. You can learn how to do it yourself, or invite friends and family to visit and have fun working on your project. YouTube videos are invaluable for learning how to do construction projects. Another treasure is the wonderful book She Sheds Style by Erika Kotite. The book has great photos and easy-to-understand information on everything you ever wanted to know about building and decorating your own She Shed. Once the outside of the shed is finished, the best part is still to come! You get to finish the inside of your She Shed with your favourite colours, textures, art and much-loved treasures. Be bold, and dispense kindly and firmly any limits to your imagination. After all, you can change the look whenever you feel like it! “A room of one’s own: Is there anybody who hasn’t at one time or







photo by

A She Shed is the perfect place to use funky patterns and textures; things you may not use in your main living space but suit you to a tee in your special space!

another wished for such a place, hasn’t turned those soft words over until they’d assumed a habitable shape?” Such a beautiful question asked by architect Michael Pollan in his book A Place of My Own: The Architecture of Daydreams. Bonita Talstra transformed her long-held wish for a room of her own into the habitable shape of a She Shed that she uses for quilting. She and her husband Roger decided that building a shed was the best way to accommodate her growing collection of supplies and equipment, without having to move to a bigger house. “I had taken over most of the family room,” said Bonita, “and it was becoming too cluttered for our family. It wasn’t bringing me joy anymore.” Roger designed the nine- by 18-foot shed and they hired a contractor friend to build Bonita’s new space. Bonita and Roger wanted to do as much of the work themselves as possible, so their friend did the main contracting, and he also taught their kids Ruby, Cameron, and Simon some basic building skills at the same time. Apparently, they really enjoyed using the nail gun and table saw, but weren’t quite so enamoured about digging the trench for the electrical work! Bonita says: “It truly was a family effort and I am so proud of them 74 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | MARCH 2019

for their contributions to the end product, which I love! They are proud of the work they put into it as well and learned so much in the process.” They used recycled and repurposed products wherever possible to cut down on costs, but also to add character. For example, the flooring came out of a local 100-year-old barn, as well as the barn boards, which they used for a feature wall. “I added my own personal DIY touches, such as upcycling a blingy chandelier, painting an upholstered vintage chair, and cutting the antique door in half and turning it into a Dutch door. “I love looking out of the large windows into our yard and seeing all the deer, rabbits and birds. It is a very peaceful space to quilt. Sometimes I sit in my studio in the morning, with my coffee, and do my menu planning or just sit and enjoy the peace and quiet.” All I want is a room somewhere, Far away from the cold night air, With one enormous chair; Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly? (“Wouldn’t it be Loverly” 1956 song from My Fair Lady – lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner).

Marigold Takes Shape on the Peninsula If you have recently driven along the Pat Bay Highway, you have noticed the luxury condominium rising at Marigold, Central Saanich’s newest and most anticipated community. Construction continues and the excitement builds as construction of Phase One of Marigold continues. The spacious townhouses and duplexes looking out onto Lochside Drive are taking shape and the five-storey condominium with ocean views is attracting a lot of interest. “We are ecstatic about how Marigold is developing,” says Tim Hackett. “Marigold is not an in-fill project, it is a brand-new community featuring a wide range of housing options.” Marigold is being developed by an award-winning team with deep Vancouver Island roots. Tim Hackett and Steve Mann have building and construction expertise that extends beyond 40 years. Tim Hackett is the developer and owner-operator of Tofino’s world-famous and architectural- and design-award winning Long Beach Lodge Resort and Central Saanich’s Polo Park, among other projects. Steve Mann is owner of Don Mann Excavating, one of Victoria’s largest and most well-respected excavating companies. Marigold’s architecture is influenced by classic modern, West Coast designs. The rooflines, woodwork, stone and accents reflect the unique palette of Vancouver Island. Meanwhile, beautiful natural scenery and amenities are making Marigold a popular choice for families, downsizers and (located minutes from the Keating Industrial neighbourhood and Sidney Business Park) people working on the Peninsula.

“Marigold will soon be the most sought-after neighborhood on the Peninsula,” explains Tim Hackett. “Marigold will have a small commercial centre, park and paved walking paths to make the community a popular place to enjoy a morning coffee or take a relaxing stroll.” Many buyers on and off the Island have taken notice of Marigold. Listing agent Shelley Mann of Holmes Realty continues showing Marigold’s interior fixtures and future presence on the Saanich Peninsula at Marigold’s Sidney show suite. Shelley is also booking hard hat tours of the site. “People are fascinated by the incredible views of Haro Strait from the condominiums,” says Shelley Mann. “The townhouses and duplexes are also attracting a lot of interest as people discover their size, beautiful design and careful attention to detail. For example, the two-car garages are placed behind the duplexes with porches off the front looking onto Lochside Drive provide great street appeal and the unfinished basements in the townhouses provide a significant amount of additional, customizable living space.” People are discovering Marigold’s diverse range of home styles and abundant amenities, all set in a gorgeous environment. These townhouses, duplexes and condominiums will move fast as the precompletion price discounts expire, and the spring real estate sales season heats up. Learn more by visiting the presentation centre at 2387 Beacon Avenue, Sidney Wednesday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, visit


MAKE THIS YOUR NEW HOME Consider Marigold’s collection of spacious, luxurious condominiums, duplexes and townhouses.


office . 250.213.8229 email . web . 2481 Beacon Ave. Sidney B.C., V8L 1X9

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The Art of Colour One of the reasons I hear people say they love the store is because of the use of colour. I will say that I am by Janice Long a colour afficiondo, but I’m not afraid Calla Design to use it and recognize the impact it can have in creating an inviting space. As I look around my store, most of the furniture is actually upholstered in neutrals – the colour comes from the local original art featured on the walls or the “purple” room here in the store. Most people stick with neutrals when decorating their homes. For decades, the reason I’ve heard for this is: “in case we want to change.”



The reality is, however, most people don’t make big changes unless they are moving or have a life-changing event. To buy a can of paint in a neutral is the same price as purchasing a real colour. The fastest way to get the biggest impact for change in your room is with wall colour. Some of you will choose a colour you’ve had success with before. However, it may not be quite right in a new home, where perhaps the living room now has northern light as opposed to the southern light you had before. Or maybe it’s a colour you saw and liked at a friend’s house. Go out on a limb and choose a colour that defines you and your space. The possibilities are endless and some people are overwhelmed by too many choices, so where to begin? You can draw the colour from an accent cushion, a beautiful rug or a glorious painting. You were drawn to purchase these for a reason … . Having chosen the colour palette you want to work with, how do you get the right version of it on the walls? The same shade of paint on four walls of your living room will all look slightly different, depending on lighting (both daylight and artificial). Is this a room slated for an evening look, or do you want it to be something to inspire you throughout the day? How many of you have multiple cans of paint stored in your basements, with multiple versions of the “desired” colour that are all just not quite right? The finishes you choose also impact the final result. This is where a colour consult can save you both time, money and frustration. Clients I am currently working with have a pair of spectacular neutral


See us before you go...

chairs that were lost on a rug of the same colour. They have a stunning painting in the room with an array of rich colours to draw from. We selected a beautiful rug with a much darker base colour to ground the room. The sofa is now the “wow” colour of the artwork, which is red. A custom ottoman is being made using a different fabric and colour to carry the theme. Lastly, a new chair is an additional opportunity to introduce another texture and colour to the room. Accent cushions in multiple pattern/colours from the painting complete the look. You have probably read or heard a designer say that there should be a little black in every room. Just like the little black dress, less is more, but black can serve to enhance just about any environment. Something as simple as black picture frames can create a stunning feature wall. A black ceiling? Why not? How about black dining chairs or a cocktail table, or maybe the drapery hardware? The most sophisticated way to light an evening room is to have all of your lamp shades in black. If you want to really dazzle the senses, paint all of the walls in one room black. That idea is not for the faint of heart! You don’t want your home to look like everything was purchased in a day; it should be curated so that it’s a reflection of you. Colour, be it large swaths or that fabulous piece that you brought back from your travels, is a place to begin … . For more information visit

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• Specializing in designing & renovating kitchens & baths • Additions & floor layout renovations • Computer space planning • Celebrating 19 Years

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Hot Properties

Brentwood Bay WATERFRONT! $2,475,000

Seldom do homes with SW exposure and access to the warm, calm waters of Saanich Inlet become available. Immaculate home features approved and professionally built dock with deep water moorage and foreshore lease. Incredibly maintained, 1996 quality built 4 BD, 3 BA home of 3,025sf with natural light and views from almost every room. MLS 390937.

10973 Madrona Drive, North Saanich

SOLD! Let my 21 years of real estate sales experience help you sell your home! Looking to buy? Give me a call – I work with buyers too! Maryan van Stolk* 250.656.4626 (personal real estate corp*)

Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626 (personal real estate corp*)

Spectacular Views! $1,400,000

From this 1-owner, bright & meticulously maintained 2,010sf, 2BD/2BA, luxury home features floorto-ceiling windows capturing brilliant sunrises, panoramic unobstructed vistas over both golf courses, Gulf Islands, Salish Sea & Mt. Baker front & centre! Open concept designer plan, includes entertainmentsized living/dining, balcony to enjoy the views/BBQ's, chef's kitchen and luxurious master suite. ML # 399744.

Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626

(personal real estate corp*)

Sayward Hill $1,280,000

Offers Victoria's best VIEWS & WEST COAST LIFESTYLE, sandy beaches, world-class golf at Cordova Bay, biking trails & local shops all at your front door yet only 20 minutes to Downtown or Airport. This home offers exquisite finishing in a spacious 1,882sf open concept that has been meticulously maintained. ML #402245.

Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626 (personal real estate corp*)

For Sale on the Island Beautiful, Modern & Affordable – Perfection!

Outstanding Value in Sidney by the Sea

Contemporary elegance meets West Coast in this 3 bedroom nearly new home nestled in beautiful Brentwood Bay. Offering timeless appeal with a well-appointed kitchen, modern open living/dining room plan and a feature fireplace. Ideal family layout with a spacious master suite and two bedrooms on the upper level.

Immaculate, split level home in a popular family neighbourhood close to airport, ferries, parks and walking trails. Nicely presented with an impressive list of upgrades, functional layout and a spacious and bright ambience. Sunny, fully fenced yard for kids and pets to roam. Move-in ready with suite potential!

1199 Stelly's X Road, Brentwood Bay

2035 Ocean Avenue West





Stephanie Peat 250.656.0131

Stephanie Peat 250.656.0131

105 - 2341 Harbour Road, Sidney

Executive North Saanich Home

11083 Greenpark Road, North Saanich


Prepare to fall in love in one of the largest homes in this well maintained complex. Many upgrades to the complex have taken place over the past few years and that carries into this 2 bedroom home. Nothing to do but move in, renovated from top to bottom.

Great ocean views and mountain from this hillside home in exclusive Green Park Estates in North Saanich. 3,854 square foot modern style home on one acre. Soaring 16 foot ceilings in living room/dining room. Grand deck perfect for outdoor entertaining. 3 car garage. MLS 405687.

Call to view.

Karen Dinnie-Smyth Personal Real Estate Corporation 250.655.0608

Michele's Team | 250.656.0911

February Book Club by Deborah Rogers

Meet Eva, reader of an

ever-expanding repertoire Eva loves how working at Tanner’s Books has expanded her reading repertoire. Three years ago, before Eva started working at Tanner’s, she never imagined how much she would enjoy reading poetry and classic literature. She’s enjoyed all of Matt Haig’s books and is currently reading his new non-fiction, Notes on a Nervous Planet. Eva is also reading The Water Cure by Sophie Mackintosh. Both of these books, she says, have her thinking differently about things. One of Eva’s favourite recommendations is Sjon’s breakthrough novel, The Blue Fox, a book she has re-read a few times. “To me, a book is a present you can always open again and again.“ When you’re in need of a new recommendation, look for Eva or talk to any of the friendly staff at Tanner’s Books. They always have time to listen, and make a suggestion that will fit just right.

at Beacon & Fourth in Sidney | open 7 days a week 250 656 2345 |


Exceptional wintery weather caused the cancellation of our February Book Club. I was very disappointed, having made quite an effort to read our book of the month, Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance. I don't read a lot of non-fiction and it wasn't an easy read for me; I'd been looking forward to hearing what I expected would be diverse reactions from our group. Thankfully many members reached out by email to share their feedback. Hillbilly Elegy is a best-selling autobiography. Vance grew up a self-described "hillbilly" in the so-called rust-belt of America, in Middleton, Ohio. His book describes his journey from there to Yale Law School to his current position as a venture capitalist. So far, so rags-toriches, except at heart Vance's story isn't so much about his trajectory as it is about trying to explain the place and society he comes from. Vance feels that the poor, white American is little understood, and poorly served by its government. And in telling the story of his dysfunctional family and their friends and neighbours, he provides an insider's perspective on a region, and sector of society that doesn't usually get much exposure. It is undeniably a sad book. Vance's childhood is a litany of violence, abuse and extreme poverty. But it's also full of characters who love, and are fiercely loyal too, especially his grandparents. I found the author to be surprisingly dispassionate considering the subject matter, and personally didn't warm to him despite feeling sympathy for his story. Other readers though, loved the book. They found it very revealing about the rust belt working class, causing them to wonder where their future is going, and the way they seem to have entrusted it to Trump and his promises. Another comment was that Vance learned diametrically opposed things about the poor versus the rich. As a child he learned to defend honour with violence and to be loyal to the hillbilly culture. Once he was exposed to the rich he learned they have connections and help each other with job contacts, references and supportive encouragement. In essence they do things differently and that produces different results. The strongest message the book gives though is the inequality in America, that poverty, whichever race is experiencing it, is oppressive and removes opportunity. Several people emailed to say that they feel this book is a mustread to help understand what is happening in America today, politically and socially. Thanks for reading along, and sharing your thoughts. Our next meeting takes place March 13 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Shoal Centre. We'll be discussing The Power by Naomi Alderman. For more information and to sign up to our mailing list, visit


Sharks, Sharks and More Sharks

"10-foot-long Shark Washes Ashore in North Saanich" – a shocking news headline for many. A bigger surprise may be – according by Tina Kelly to Canada's Department of Fisheries Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea and Oceans (DFO) – 14 species of shark have been documented inhabiting our West Coast waters. To most, sharks are more commonly associated with warmer climes and the majority of the 400+ species of sharks are found there. Of our 14 species, some are considered common and several have been documented but are rare, either due to low numbers or because they may only stray into our region during warm water events. The shark ashore in Coles Bay – a bluntnose sixgill shark – is one of our common species but is also widely distributed in many temperate and tropical seas. Why sixgill? Most shark species have five gill slits. Another difference between this shark and many others is the presence of only one dorsal fin instead of two. Upon close inspection, the dead sixgill was gravid (pregnant). As fish, sharks are often assumed to be egg-layers and some do, but not all. The bluntnose sixgill is ovoviviparous: young feed off individual yolk sacs within the mother, hatch inside and are delivered live. Bluntnose sixgill sharks prefer living in deep water near the ocean floor but they can also be found in shallow waters and even at the surface. A decade or so ago, diving with sixgill sharks was an activity drawing adventure seekers to a reef off Hornby Island. Sightings have since decreased and this species is currently listed as "Special

Concern" under the Species at Risk Act. Other local species include brown cat shark, Pacific sleeper shark, salmon shark and tope shark. Fishers may be familiar with another common local: the spiny dogfish. This relatively small shark, at five feet, is often incidentally caught when salmon sport fishing and, due to its name, is often not thought of as a shark. The second largest – at a whopping 33 feet long – species of fish in the world, the basking shark, is considered a local species, but is exceptionally rare. These large sharks inhabit surface waters, often with their dorsal fins exposed. While once common there are now only a couple sightings per year and they find themselves on the endangered species list. The toothless, plankton-eating basking shark was abundant prior to the 1950s. At that time, gillnet fishers reported basking shark entanglements ruining their nets, resulting in loss of income, and a government-sanctioned cull began. The combination of net entanglements, the cull and a fishery for the shark's liver oil undoubtedly contributed to their current day endangered status. Rare shark species – though still listed as sharks of British Columbia by DFO — include short fin mako, sevengill, common thresher, Pacific angel and even great white shark. Whether it was a surprise to you or not, sharks are just another component of our incredible West Coast marine biodiversity. Pop in to the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea and ask one of our educators for a Department of Fisheries and Oceans Sharks of B.C. poster. Or download one at The Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea is open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Photo courtesy RonDeVries. MARCH 2019 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 81


Talking with Dana Tishenko: Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic by Paula Kully

Recently, when a dear friend of mine was

Dr. Dana Tishenko, ND

faced with a cancer diagnosis, she explored all her options and ultimately decided on a combination of conventional medicine and naturopathic medicine for treatment. Local naturopathic doctor (ND), Dana Tishenko, supports this philosophy and I had the opportunity to talk to her about naturopathic medicine and her Sidney practice. What is naturopathic medicine? The Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors defines naturopathic medicine as "a

distinct primary health care system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. It is based on the healing power of nature and it supports and stimulates the body's ability to heal itself." Why did you choose to become an ND? I have always known that I wanted to be in health care and my father was a large influence. He is an MD and he loves his profession but he was frustrated with short appointment times, as he knew that more time was needed with his patients.

My aunt, also an MD, introduced me to acupuncture and that really sparked my interest in complementary health. When I met a Naturopath it was a light bulb moment: I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up! I could combine my interest in health sciences and nutrition, and practise preventive medicine – dream job! How long have you been practising in Sidney and what brought you here? My father was military and I also joined the military. My first posting brought me out


Dr. Loren J. Braun New Patients Welcome • Emergency Treatment Insurance Accepted • IV Sedation Available

We Are Proven to Get You Better Faster!

Dr. Tishenko, a licensed naturopathic physician, can help you identify hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and establish healthy lifestyle habits for optimum physical and mental health.

Hormone Health Digestive Health Naturopathic Medicine Can Help! 250.655.1660 #102-9725 Fourth St, Sidney




7865 Patterson Road, Saanichton 5401 Hamsterley Road, Victoria

#215-9764 Fifth St

Above Capital Iron

to Victoria, and I fell in love with the West Coast. I did leave the Island to pursue my training as an ND at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in Vancouver but knew I would return. I have been practicing in Sidney for just over six years. What sets naturopathic doctors apart from a medical doctor? How long does it take and what is involved with getting your certification? In truth, I think there are more similarities than there are differences between NDs and MDs. It takes a minimum of seven years to become a licensed ND. Both MDs and NDs must complete an undergrad degree which includes core prerequisites such as organic chemistry, biology and psychology. The first two years of both medical programs are focused on biomedical sciences such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and pathology. The difference is in the last two years where Naturopathic Medical Students will focus on preventive health, nutrition and naturopathic

healing modalities. What are some of the most common problems you see people for? I have a family-style practice so I see a wide range of conditions. That being said, many of my patients come to the clinic with

"[With naturopathy], I was able to combine my interest in health sciences and nutrition and practise preventive medicine – dream job!" irritable bowel syndrome type symptoms or digestive concerns. Some patients are looking to prevent the progression of diabetes, some have unexplained chronic fatigue, and others are interested in hormone health. We do a lot of lab work for patients and I like to spend time reviewing results because I believe it is important

for patients to understand their health so they can take an active role in maintaining it. What are the most common misconceptions people have about naturopathic medicine? Many people think that we are opposed to conventional medicine or that we are anti-pharmaceutical, which is not the case. Naturopathic doctors are health care professionals that are trained to work with other health care professionals. Is naturopathic medicine effective with serious illnesses such as cancer? Naturopathic medicine can be very helpful as an integrative therapy to a patient with a cancer diagnosis, but there are no natural standalone cures for cancer. I often help patients understand the therapies, radiation and chemotherapy, as recommended through their oncologist, and then we look for ways to support their body as they undergo therapy and help them recover once the cancer has been treated.

Family & Implant


New Patients Welcome!

As an independent Audiologist, I have access to every make and model of hearing aid available on the market today. My recommendations are based on what best suits your hearing loss, lifestyle, aesthetic preferences, and budget. I work for you, not a hearing aid manufacturer. We can help you hear.

Dr. Mitra Hashemi

7159 W Saanich Rd Brentwood Bay Donna M. Stewart Audiologist and Owner Call: 778-426-4876

2019 03 Seaside.indd 1

2019-02-13 5:31:39 PM

250.656.1199 #104 - 9845 Resthaven Drive, Sidney MARCH 2019 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 83

A Pet Care Centre That Loves Your Pets as Much as You Do!

The Stars Align for Ballet Étoile

Comfortable, clean & healthy fresh air environment Quality, nutritious foods • Exercise yards up to one quarter acre Feline “Cuddle Time” • K-9 Playschool course All managerial staff “Certified Kennel Technicians” Recommended by veterinarians • Full grooming services available

A Full Service Pet Care Facility

250-652-2301 2918 Lamont Road, Saanichton • email: Just minutes from Victoria Airport & BC Ferries Terminal

Dr. Samantha Bourdeau O.D

101-2376 Bevan Ave Sidney, BC V8L 4Z9 Phone: 250-655-1122


by Gillian Crowley

Sheer grace and athleticism is

part of what makes ballet a special art form. Even those who don't know a jeté from a plié will discover the local Ballet Étoile creates magic accessible to all. "We see ourselves as a way for the community to enjoy dance through a narrative structure – people like to see a whole story evolve on stage," says Ashley Evans, director and principal ballerina for Ballet Étoile. The dance troupe is a dream come true for Evans who has performed in Ballet Victoria and the now-defunct Canadian Pacific Ballet. In 2013 she formed Ballet Etoile to give local ballet dancers another way to keep doing what they love. The initial seven dancers started small, performing classical ballet in the 80-seat Berwick facility auditorium followed by summer evening gigs in Butchart Gardens' fairyland setting. There the troupe connects with a diverse audience by choreographing a blend of contemporary music (think Beatles and ABBA) and traditional ballet music. Over the past six years their popularity has blossomed and Ballet Étoile is now filling the seats in Sidney's Charlie White Theatre at the Mary Winspear Centre. Last December the troupe put on three performances of the "Storybook Nutcracker," a condensed version of the Nutcracker Suite suitable for wriggly younger children. The sold out shows featured young dancers from local dance schools in addition to the 12 core ballet dancers. In March the company will perform Sleeping Beauty at the Charlie White Theatre. Ballet Étoile has attracted a number of dancers who had performed with other ballet companies and then gone on to "regular" jobs. Evans says: "We have a veterinarian and several government workers,


SIDNEY’S ART STORE imagine • create • inspire

for instance, and everyone is motivated because they want a place they can continue to dance." David Roland and Amalia Schelhorn are former dancers with the Berlin Ballet and the National Ballet of Canada who now play character roles and act as mentors to the ensemble. Evans is a whirling dervish who not only is the company's elegant prima ballerina but creates the choreography for each performance and creates all the costumes. During her years at Canadian Pacific Ballet she helped out in the wardrobe department where she picked up some of her seamstress skills. For the upcoming Sleeping Beauty ballet, she has been sewing all the tutus and other costumes. "The cost of costumes is prohibitive so making them yourself is the only solution," she says. At 90 minutes long, the Sleeping Ballet production is a shortened version to ensure younger children can enjoy the story and the dance. Evans says she loves to see the excitement and wonder on the faces of her student dancers at rehearsals. "They may have practised some of the variations (a solo dance) in their ballet classes but it's so thrilling for them to see these dances in the context of the whole ballet." Evans graduated from the University of Victoria with an art history degree and says the relationship between art and dance has always fascinated her. At rehearsals she likes to talk about the history of the ballet and the marriage of artistry and character essential to ballet: "Every movement has to reflect the character the dancer is embodying," she says. Tchaikovsky's music in Sleeping Beauty still gives Evans "goosebumps." The music and magical story, interpreted through the ballet dancers' artistry, is bound to give the audience goosebumps too. Photo by Alan Austen.

art & framing

Victoria: 905 Fort St., Victoria BC V8V 3K3 Tel: 250-385-9786 Sidney: 2455 Beacon Ave., Sidney BC V8L 1X7 Tel: 250-656-1233

Because family matters. Let us take care of yours. Our people do things differently, they are trained to focus on your family’s specific needs and help you say good-bye. • Cremation services to suit your budget • Environmental products available • Serving all faiths and cultures At your time of need, or when planning ahead, rely on your community cremation specialists:


Sands Eco-Cremation Centre by Arbor Memorial 2355 James White Blvd, Sidney, BC

Arbor Memorial Inc.


Arbor Memorial




Sands Eco Family Matters Ad


5”w x 7”h




4 Colour Process


Downgrade is the New Upgrade

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4 6 9 1 8 5 3 2 7

3 7 5 4 2 6 9 1 8

1 8 2 3 7 9 6 4 5

Sudoku Solutions

Puzzle by


7 5 6 9 4 3 2 8 1


9 4 1 8 6 2 7 5 3

2 3 8 6 9 1 5 7 4



5 1 7 2 3 4 8 9 6


6 9 4 7 5 8 1 3 2



#4-2353 Bevan Avenue

3 2 6 1 7 8 4 5 9

*Some restrictions apply. See in-store for details.

7 4 1 6 9 5 3 2 8


5 9 8 3 4 2 1 7 6

on regular price merchandise

Hardly Simple 2 1 7 5 3 6 9 8 4


Middle of the Road

Puzzle by


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The last Thursday of every month is

6 8 9 2 5 3 7 4 1

to be passing by faster than the speed of light? Keeping up with life's pace can be a challenge as we navigate the decisions that will move us forward in our slow living communal adventure. We continue to ask ourselves if there is perhaps a better way? More often than not, the answer is yes and involves not only going slow, but also going small, both of which appear contrary to the way of the world; faster, newer, bigger, better. While I am not for one moment suggesting that we return to an earlier time before so many great and modern advances, what I am suggesting is that we might all want to ask ourselves what we can do to make things easier, slower and simpler, while still participating in a wonderfully progressive world. For the past few years we have been implementing intentional changes to reduce our footprint, to bring pause to everyday living

and to create a future with purpose, all while remaining as much as possible in the present moment. Small changes made now will likely become second nature and move with us into this next chapter. These include walking errands rather than running them, using bars instead of liquid soap, adding "do nothing" to my to-do list, swapping glass for plastic, fixing what fails, washing more dishes by hand, parking further away from our meetings, drinking our tea more slowly, hanging laundry on the line, saying no more often, growing some of our own food, making soup instead of supper, owning less, sharing more and leaving part of the weekend for rest. Being mindful of a more intentional way of living has made designing our small house in Shirley a wonderfully simple process. We began by looking at how we presently use our spaces, what we actually need in order to live well, what kind of footprint we want to have and what kind of legacy we want to leave. Keeping our answers in mind, we have, along with our designer, created a beautiful and basic home. The current layout focuses on sustainability and longevity and includes a private and a public side, seven loosely defined spaces, minimal measurements with maximum light, no stairs, no closets, little storage, few furniture pieces, wide openings, inexpensive finishes and thoughtful materials, all in an open and welcome design. Breathing life into this idea of collective contained living has given us time to catch our own breath. Now, with our eyes on a smaller and slower life and having cleared our minds, we can finally turn our thoughts to clearing the land. Join Linda quarterly, as her family designs a plan to share a life which includes listening to the land and to each other, introducing themselves to the place and to the people, and living a communal future in Shirley, B.C.

4 5 2 7 6 1 8 9 3

Is it just me or do the years seem

1 7 3 9 8 4 5 6 2

by Linda Hunter

Take What to See & Where to Be





by Jo Barnes

Our NEW & Expanded Community Events Calendar!



For the Love of Africa Society Charity Fashion Show Cordova Bay United Church, 813 Claremont Ave, Victoria

The styles in this charity fashion show may be from days gone by, but the generous spirit behind it never goes out of vogue as giving to others is always in fashion. Since 2004, “For the Love of Africa Society” has been bringing hope to Tanzania through its sustainable development projects like building schools and other infrastructure. From 2 to 4 p.m. on March 9 at Cordova Bay United Church, the organization hosts its Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, a fundraising event featuring a fashion show of beautiful Victoria fashions, closed bid auction and afternoon tea. All proceeds benefit the society’s work with youth in East Tanzania. Tickets $25 available at Seaberry Garden & Flower, Mattick’s Farm or .

Have something for Take Note? Email MARCH 2019 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 87

Young Soloists with the Sidney Classical Orchestra



Holistic Nutrition Series: Beat Your Sugar Addiction

630 - 8PM


St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church

Panorama Recreation Centre

10030 Third Street, Sidney For the eighth year in a row the SCO will provide a unique opportunity for young musicians from across Vancouver Island to perform in a public venue with a professional orchestra. $25 Adult; $13 students of any age; age 19 and under FREE.

1885 Forest Park Drive, North Saanich Keen to feel more energized and achieve better nutritional balance? Workshop is led by Sarah Heavenor, Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

Pro-D Day Skate / Swim


Panorama Recreation Centre 1885 Forest Park Drive, North Saanich Just $2 for a swim or skate! 1:30 to 3:30 swim; 1 to 2:20 p.m. skate.

Community Resource Fair

130 - 4PM


Shoal Centre 10030 Resthaven Drive, North Saanich Sponsored by Beacon Community Services. Come learn about valuable services and resources in your area. For info: 250-656-0134

APRIL 11-14 | 2019

Sidney LitFest Mary Winspear Centre and SHOAL Centre 16 Canadian Authors, Readings, Discussions, Wriing Workshops and More!

C.C. Humphreys

Esi Edugyan

Carmen Aguirre Lorna Crozier Wayne Johnston Darrel J. McLeod Kathy Page and many more....

Buy ckets at Tanner’s Books in Sidney or online at

Fun Friday: Scottish Country Dancing

7 - 830PM


The Centre for Active Living 50+ 1229 Clarke Road, Brentwood Bay Easy dances – wear comfy, soft-soled flat shoes. $3 per person; members free. 250.652.4611,

Genevieve and Wild Sundays



St. John’s United Church 10090 West Saanich Road, North Saanich All-female quintet that features the award-winning songs of Vancouver-Island singer-songwriter Genevieve Charbonneau whose timeless music is rooted in folk and country. Tickets at the door.

Alfie Zappacosta in Concert

730 - 930PM


Mary Winspear Centre 2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney Alfie Zappacosta, is one of Canada’s premier songwriters and performers who boasts a recording and acting career that has spanned over 40 years. 250.656.0275;

Speaker Series

2 - 330PM


The Centre for Active Living 50+ 1229 Clarke Road, Brentwood Bay Guest speaker: Ann Nightingale. Topic: “Nesting Birds.” 250.652.4611,

Crafted Farmhouse Market

MAR 15/16

Mary Winspear Centre

2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney 5 to 9 p.m. Friday; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. This unique shopping experience features local handmade goods and vintage items. 60+ creative vendors, live music, local drinks 88 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | MARCH 2019

eats, door prizes, swag bags and much more! $5 at the door; kids free.

Embracing the Wild: Gardening with Native Plants


MAR 16

Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary 3873 Swan Lake Road, Victoria Basic workshop for gardeners interested in growing droughtresistant native plants including how to identify native plants and info about their benefits and cultural history plus an intro to CRD water conservation programs

Stories at Fern: Myths, Legends and Epics



Shoal Centre

10030 Resthaven Drive, Sidney. Fourth Monday of each month. 1:30 to 3 p.m. A free support and educational group for people with lung conditions (sponsored by the BC Lung Association). 1-800-665-5864.

Caregivers of Family and Friends Support Group

Saanichton Bible Fellowship Church: 1 to 3 p.m. second Wednesday of each month. Shoal Centre, Sidney: 7 to 9 p.m. second Thursday of each month.


Ages 19+. 1229 Clarke Rd, Brentwood Bay. Every Wednesday.

Celebrating World Storytelling Day! Everyone welcome, $5 admission, students $3.

MAR 18 - 24 MAR 25 - 29

McTavish Academy of Art 1720 McTavish Road, North Saanich This camp for kids age 5-8 is designed to nurture children’s physical, social and emotional development while fostering creativity and imagination. Activities include: yoga and mindfulness, art, creative writing and dance.

LEGO Exhibit

Sidney Better Breathers Club

The Centre for Active Living 50+

1831 Fern Street, Victoria

Creative Kids Spring Break


Peninsula Newcomers Club Luncheon Haro's Restaurant & Bar, Sidney 2nd Thursday of each month at 11:30 a.m. Pre-booking required:

Saanich Peninsula Toastmasters Meeting

Vancouver Island Regional Library, Sidney Tuesday evenings.

10AM-4PM daily


Sidney Museum 2423 Beacon Avenue, Sidney This is the newest presentation of the ever-popular LEGO Exhibition which celebrates over 60 years of LEGO imagination. 250.655.6355 or

Grow Your Own Food10 MAR101101 23 130 - 330PM

Panorama Recreation Centre 1885 Forest Park Drive, North Saanich Ages 16+. For those keen to start growing their own fresh produce – includes site selection, timing, starting seeds and other valuable info.

CFUW General Meeting



Want Seaside Delivered Direct to Your Door Every Month? For just $65 per year, receive Seaside, Your Saanich Peninsula Voice, in your mailbox every month.

Subs crib Now e ! $65/ yr

Mary Winspear Centre 2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney Guest speaker: Alison Ross, Owner, Kilshaw’s Auctioneers, Topic: “Buying and Selling at an Auction” Members - Free, Non-members $10.

For more information email or call 250-516-6489 MARCH 2019 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 89

Take Home a Tinker Tote from VIRL It’s tinker time for anyone with a Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) card! Starting on Friday, February 15, VIRL’s brand new Tinker Totes became available for customers to borrow and take home to experience the five aspects of STEAM learning, where S is for Science, T is for Technology, E is for Engineering, A is for Art, and M is for Mathematics. “STEAM learning can help young people build foundational skills to prepare them for the future,” says VIRL’s Director of Library Services and Planning, Melissa Legacy. “Our new Tinker Totes, as well as being a lot of fun for the whole family, could help to spark

Pulse Talent Slegg Lumber Appelation Spirits Richlock Rentals Provenance Fine Things Shoppers Drug Mart Victoria Distillers Mark’s Work Wearhouse Collega International West Coast Beauty Hoyne Brewing Pacific Audio Works


Alpine Group Eminence Jane Ireadale Tyneham Beacon Café Monk’s Office Cosmoprof Wendy Picken

new passions and interests in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math in kids from Sooke to Sointula.” VIRL launched the STEAM Tinker Totes on just in time for the Family Day long weekend. There are five fantastic Tinker Totes available for loan: • Sensory Playtime – helps kids explore and learn through sound • Code-a-Pillar – teaches kids about coding and computational thinking • KEVA Connect Planks – sets the foundation for imaginative building • Handbells – Introduces music and composition • Magna-Tiles – Perfect for the aspiring builder The Tinker Totes can be checked out from any VIRL branch for three weeks. Simply search Tinker Tote in the VIRL catalogue to reserve one. Just like all other children’s materials, there are no late fees for the Totes. More information about the Tinker Totes is available on VIRL’s website (

DG Bremner Victoria Distillers Alpine Group Brown’s Florist Buddies Toys Chef On The Run Westjet Nova Beauty

Decorate Victoria Lifestyles Markets Lolly Gobble Sweet Shop Panorama Recreation Snowden House Richlok Rentals Four Paws Pet Boutique Lifford Wine & Spirits Phillips Brewing Mission Hill Winery Tinhorn Creek Winery

The BC Boat Show is Back!

After a hugely successful 2018 show, the 29th annual BC Boat Show will be back at Port Sidney Marina in Sidney from May 2 to 5, 2019. Join thousands of boating enthusiasts at the centre of the West Coast's scenic cruising corridor for four days of all things marine. The 2019 BC Boat Show will be the largest in-the-water boat show on Canada's west coast, attracting thousands of visitors from across British Columbia and Washington state. With 225+ international exhibitors, the show features a wide selection of power and sail vessels ready to fulfill dreams big and small. Additionally, an enormous variety of goods and services are on display and for sale in the tented pavilion – everything from outboards, dinghies, navigation equipment, rigging, boat yards, chandlery, clothing and a host of boating and fishing gear. Adding to the festival feel, guests are invited to enjoy a beverage and snack on the floating beer garden. "Sidney is a unique and exciting seaside town on Vancouver Island and is at the centre of the most beautiful recreational cruising waters in the world. We have plans to make this more than a boat show – more like a festival for all to enjoy," says Steven Threadkell, BC Boat Show manager. The BC Yacht Brokers Association (BCYBA) signature event is pleased to announce that Mill Bay Marine Group has returned as the presenting sponsor. As a not-for-profit group, the BCYBA is proud to have supported many other non-profits at previous shows including: Boating BC, Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue, Canadian Power and Sail Squadron, Mercy Ships Canada, Sail and Life Training Society (SALTS) and Saanich Peninsula Lions Food Bank. The show also brings significant benefit to the community through its promotion of the recreational boating industry along with the thousands of visitors to Vancouver Island, eager to enjoy the charm and amenities that Sidney has to offer. Once again the Town of Sidney, local businesses and associations have extended a very warm welcome. After last year's successful return

to Sidney, more activities, displays and events and a floating food and beverage garden will take place both in and around Port Sidney Marina. Dry land exhibition space will be in a large tented pavilion and the show will feature more in-water display space than ever before. For more information, visit

Victoria Author Valerie Green Releases New Historical Book "Fifty Conversations from the Past" with Sue Hodgson, publisher and owner of Seaside Magazine

Telling tales from B.C.’s history from the perspective of the people who lived it

Fifty Conversations From The Past

is a completely different way of looking at the history of British Columbia. This book takes us on a journey through time with a travelling reporter who conducts imaginary interviews with some of the many characters who were part of British Columbia’s exciting history.

Since 1990, Valerie Green has written over 17 non-fiction historical books and true crime books.

Available in Local Bookstores!

To get your copy contact Seaside Magazine at 250.516.6489 or MARCH 2019 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 91

Peninsula Panthers

A Look Back at the 2018-19 Season

What an incredibly busy 2018-19 season it was for the Peninsula Panthers Hockey Club, and no week was busier than a 7-day stretch in mid-February. The Peninsula Panthers are now deep into their 1st Round of the VIJHL Playoffs and although the task is a monumental one, the Club has hopes of winning out in the Playoffs and moving on to the Cyclone Taylor Cup Championship which will crown a Provincial Jr. B champion in mid-April in a tournament hosted by the Campbell River Storm. The host Storm and one other team from the Vancouver Island Junior Hockey League will be two of the four Clubs who will make up the tournament with the other two joining in as the KIJHL and PJHL champions.

Two weeks ago the Panthers welcomed in the Rogers Hometown Hockey crew to the friendly confines of the Panorama Recreation Centre on a cold and snowy Friday night. Tara Slone, co-host of Hometown Hockey, took part in the pre-game on-ice ceremony and stole the show. The production crew was onsite and some of the footage, which was shot in the game involving the visiting Kerry Park Islanders and the Panthers, was aired on the 30-minute Hometown Hockey segment on Rogers network on the Sunday afternoon. It was a thrilling evening for those in attendance and for the players from both teams. On Family Day Monday, the Panthers hosted the annual Peninsula Minor Hockey/Fan Appreciation 3rd jersey giveaway game in what easily proved to be the largest crowd of the season. A packed house watched the Panthers and Saanich Braves in an exciting game and this was followed by an on-ice ceremony after the contest was in the books. Many happy PMHA players

and fans alike held their breath as the winners were drawn and then the winners went down on the ice to accept a game-worn jersey. It was a special afternoon and is easily a fan-favourite contest of the season. The Peninsula Panthers have started their 2019/20 marketing campaign headed by Team President, Coreen Zubersky who will be out in the community over the next several months. This part of the hockey business is probably the most important aspect of the running of any Junior Club. Without sponsorship - the bloodline of the Peninsula Panthers - the Zubersky family could simply not operate in the manner that they wish and in the manner in which fans and sponsors on the Peninsula have come to expect. The Panthers wish to thank a host of people who are imperative in keeping the Club healthy and happy. Fans, volunteers, billet families, media, and of course each and every sponsor play a vital role in allowing for Junior Hockey to flourish and thrive on the Peninsula.


Visit our website: Come on board with the Peninsula Panthers Are you or your company interested in advertising and marketing opportunities with the Hockey Club? We will find an advertising package that is suited for you. Call Coreen at 250-652-1804.

Peninsula Panthers Junior Hockey Club 2018 - 2019 92 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | MARCH 2019

Jr. Hockey Club A Very Special Evening

Pictured above is co-host of Hometown Hockey, Tara Slone. Right is Slone dropping the puck prior to the Panthers and Islanders game with Islanders’ Captain Romaeo D’Intinio and #22 Panthers forward, Fraser Auchterlonie. Below is the Peninsula Panthers Hockey Club and winners of the 3rd Jersey after the Family Day affair. The 3rd jerseys featured the Peninsula Panthers logo and bold text while on the shoulders a Family Day insignia on one and the Peninsula Minor Hockey Association logo on the other.

Hometown Hockey at Home Game - Panorama Recreation Centre

(All Photos by: Gordon Lee Photography)

PMHA / Fan Appreciation Game -

February 18th

Panorama Recreation Centre


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There is a woman who I’d like to take the chance to celebrate this month, although she’s not from this community and none of you will have heard of her. But she is a woman who helped make me who I am. My grandma, Peggy Margaret Fry, died on January 28th, just two weeks before what would have been her 96th birthday. I’m writing this as I travel back to Vancouver Island from her funeral in England. I am so grateful to have had a grandparent right into my forties - and for my kids to have had a great-grandmother who they will remember. Funny, sharp-witted and intelligent, with an independent spirit that sometimes seemed at odds with the times she lived through, Peg made an impact on many lives. I’ve been thinking a lot about her stories. Stories about her childhood; the village she grew up in; about my great granny; about my grandad Os; and of course stories about the war. She told me stories about my dad when he was little and then stories about me and my brothers when we were young. They were always the same stories, told each time with the same enthusiasm and humour. Peg captured all those memories for us and shared them; reminded us and told us where we came from. It’s a fantastic skill to tell a story, to pick out the funny bits and capture the essence of the person or time you’re relating. Peg’s stories have given me a sense of history and connection to my ancestors. Peg would want you to sit right next to her, to walk arm-in-arm or with your hand in hers. The physical connection was a gift. It said ‘I love you’, and ‘I’m proud of you’, ‘I’m pleased to see you’ and ‘I want you near’. I knew I would always be wanted, and welcomed with a story, any time. From my grandma I’ve inherited that love of storytelling (and also of flamboyant footwear). I hope I can make even half the impact that she has on the many people she touched over her long life.

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