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March 2017

Is Discretionary Investment Management Right For You?

Publication: Seaside Magazine Material Deadline: January 31, 2017 Insertion Dates: February 10, 2017

As a Senior Wealth Advisor, my responsibility to my clients is to make sure all the pieces of their respective financial puzzles fit together. Your investment portfolio should be operating in harmony with other financial considerations involving estate planning, business operation/succession, tax planning, and personal/family circumstances. Think of the following information within the context of your unique financial picture. What It Is:

Discretionary Investment Management involves delegating the day-to-day responsibility for the operation of your investment accounts to a properly qualified and licensed Portfolio Manager (PM). The parameters for operation are set out in a personalized Investment Policy Statement (IPS). This document is the product of a lengthy conversation delving into (and quantifying) financial targets, risk tolerance, the extent of the Portfolio Manager’s authority, limitations on investment quality, special tax considerations, and unique personal preferences. The IPS is essentially the road map to be followed by the PM on behalf of the client.

What It Does:

Scotia Wealth Management™ is an innovative team based approach to wealth management that addresses the entirety of your life—your family, your business, your future—one facet at a time. James McCrodan, FMA, CIM® Portfolio Manager Senior Wealth Advisor 250.389.2123

2. It frees up valuable time to be spent on more pressing business and/or pursuits of interest such as extended travel.

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Enriched Thinking®

1. It reduces your list of worries and responsibilities by delegating day to day investment decision making.

3. Formalizes your relationship with your advisor, by clearly articulating the parameters of operation. Those of us licensed to provide discretionary service have met higher academic and experiential requirements. 4. Process driven security selection and deselection enhances overall risk management. 5. Whether at home or away, trades are executed as and when required by strategy with no potentially costly time delays. Your portfolio benefits from continuous monitoring and management. 6. Improved periodic reviews as there’s more time to deal with client specific plans and objectives as opposed to portfolio transactions.

Find Out More:

To discuss this service within the context of your personal circumstances please call my office to arrange a confidential meeting.

Scotia Capital Inc. is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada. For more information visit The McCrodan Group is a personal trade name of James McCrodan.

Creative & Production Services 100 Yonge Street, 10th Floor Toronto, ON M5C 2W1

James McCrodan is a Senior Wealth Advisor at ScotiaMcLeod®, a division of Scotia Capital Inc. – The McCrodan Group at Scotia Wealth Management and can be reached at 250-389-2123, or This article is for information purposes only. Investors should consult an advisor before acting on any recommendation. A fee based solution is not right for everyone. When making recommendations, we take a complete look at your financial situation, including risk tolerance and objectives to determine a strategy or strategies best suitable to your individual needs. Views expressed herein are solely those of the author and not those of ScotiaMcLeod or Scotia Capital Inc. ScotiaMcLeod is a division of Scotia Capital Inc., member CIPF.

The promise of Spring... brings a little more bloom to our cheeks.

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I believe we will be seeing more of a trend toward blurring the lines between planted landscapes and homes that are filled with light and life. Biophilic design is a movement that is based on the belief that humans thrive in environments that have natural light, fresh air and plant life.

This article on intuitive eating has utmost importance to me as it was the first step out of my disordered relationship with food and into my new life. When I stopped “waiting” on the weight I started living a vibrant life, which I hope for more people to discover.

Ballet lessons and my mother’s piano playing sparked an early love of the arts. Over the years, I have come to appreciate all the ways the arts interpret and strengthen culture. My column tries to capture the wealth of artistic endeavors on the Saanich Peninsula.

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As we all know, this year is Canada’s 150th anniversary. While many of us are looking forward to the upcoming celebrations, we may want to visit places like Esquimalt Lagoon – and nearby Fort Rodd Hill Historic Site – before they get too crowded. Don’t forget: entry is free in 2017!

My fiancé lives with chronic pain, and we’ve struggled to know whether she needs chiro, physio, massage, acupuncture or a combination of multiple therapy styles. When I spoke to Bozena about Reach Health and osteopathy, light bulbs were going off! I had no idea this kind of all-encompassing treatment existed.

Don’t be a bag lady! With today’s longevity for women, there are many years of retirement ahead. As the average age of widows in Canada is 56, many will face this alone. Can I afford to retire? I touch on some of the important points of making this decision.

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first word Every day I feel privileged to know so many incredible women in our community. Whether it’s my next door neighbors, my children’s teachers, my colleagues or the many local entrepreneurs … they are everywhere I look. In this issue of Seaside Magazine we are celebrating International Women’s Day by showcasing women in business with our Sixth Annual Women To Watch contest and special supplement. From real estate to law and accounting to retail, women on the Saanich Peninsula and the Islands are providing local jobs, excellent service and innovative products. I feel guilty mentioning some women-run businesses and not every single one, so you’ll have to read through the entire magazine to meet them all! Whenever I’m strolling down Beacon Avenue, or attending meetings of the Saanich Peninsula Chamber or Sidney Meet Up, I see more businesswomen who are creating value in our community. To me, it’s important to support women in business to help

them achieve their absolute potential. Women are a growing force in start-up enterprises and they make up the majority of purchasing decisions; research shows diversity contributes to better outcomes in business and in our communities. In The First Sex: The Natural Talents of Women and How They Are Changing The World, anthropologist Helen Fisher writes: “Women have many exceptional faculties bred deep in history: a talent for words; a capacity to read non-verbal cues; emotional sensitivity; empathy; patience; an ability to do and think several things simultaneously; … a penchant for long term planning; a gift for networking and negotiating.” We need to celebrate and encourage women in business. It’s not easy. Running your own business, as I know from Seaside, is always challenging. Sometimes you have the world’s best boss and the best employee. In many cases, both roles are filled by you! Opportunities will come – they always do. Trust yourself enough to jump at them. Never be afraid to go for it. And remember, you deserve to have the best life and the best career that you can have!

Sue Hodgson,



Shou l d I g e t a P e r s o n a l T r a iner?

You may have been told that getting a personal traine r is a good idea; but have you been told why? A Personal Trainer can… 1. Motivate You: Chances are they did n ot grow up with a perfect fitness program and washboard abs. Most personal trainers got into the profession by following a path for their own self-improvement. They have been through the love/hate relationship with fitness and health and discovered that it can be fun. They can motivate you to start your own journey. 2. Create a specific plan: The “personal” behind personal training comes from an assessment and planning of a program that is built to suit your specific schedule, needs and lifestyle. 3. Provide results:… but not instantly. Personal trainers can give you the tools to create the body you are hoping for but they are not magicians. Have patience and trust in their advice. 4. Keep you accountable: Most trainer/client relationships do not have you working together for every session, so they will give you homework to keep you on par with your plan. However, if you do not do your homework, it will be evident during your session. 8 | march 2017




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trade student spotlight

Karlee Munro: Welder by Stu Rhodes

Karlee Munro’s first real exposure to

welding came when she was about 10 years old. She always enjoyed being her dad’s shadow when he was working around the house, and this included helping out during a renovation when they had to add two more treads and risers to a metal spiral staircase. A few years later, Karlee completed an aptitude test that identified welding as a good career fit for her at around the same time she landed herself in a metal work class at Stelly’s Secondary where she really started to develop her interest and skill. “Welding isn’t really that easy you know. It’s like an art form that requires special attention to detail,” she told me. When in Mr. Hack’s metal work class she completed the obligatory projects as quickly as she could so she could sneak into the welding booths and spend hours "burning rods" and perfecting her skills. It became very clear early on that Karlee wanted to advance her welding skills, so she completed all her grade 11 academic requirements in the first semester so she could transition to Camosun and participate in the seven-month Welding Foundation program in the second half of the year, earning her “C” Ticket. Karlee returned to Stelly’s for her Grade 12 year and graduated with buckets of credits, including a Work Experience course she completed as a work study program working on aluminum vessels at Titan Boats, which further inspired her to advance her skills. She has now completed the next level of training at Camosun, earning her “B” Ticket, and is also acquiring certification of her CWB's (a collection of specialized certifications granted by the Canadian Welding Bureau). Karlee’s passion for welding is not a selfish pursuit: she has returned to Stelly’s for a series of Open House showcases where she has shared photo by

her experiences with younger students and their families. This year she even hosted a mini welding lesson for curious beginners. Last fall she took time off work to volunteer at a Mind Over Metal Welding Camp hosted by the Saanichton Individual Learning Centre in partnership with Thompson Rivers University. She was able to share her passion for the craft and help students overcome the difficult techniques involved in vertical and overhead welding. Part of Karlee’s love of the craft is the challenge it presents. “It can be awkward, dirty, and difficult, but I love it! I like the opportunity to not be so girly,” she said. “I gain the respect of my male counterparts on a totally different level when I can pull off a difficult task. Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean I can’t do it, and just because I don’t want to be girly at work, certainly doesn’t mean I can’t be girly!” Carhartts by day and heels by night! Karlee is currently working on a few freelance welding projects that are on the artistic side, but she sees herself getting employment with a larger firm, possibly building boats, or maybe even doing structural steel work. She “wouldn’t mind trying work in high places.” To other students, she has this to say: “Don’t be a spectator watching others take on the challenge. Own it yourself! Learning to weld has been an awesome experience!” This young woman is certainly one to watch and definitely one that local employers should try to add to their roster. Contact Stu Rhodes at 250-415-9211 for more information on how to get involved as a student apprentice, or as an employer sponsor in this, or any other career program in Saanich School District. View the promotional YouTube video, “Jump Start Your Career” at http://www. march 2017 | 11

seaside magazine's 6 th annual


TO WATCH "One woman can make a difference … many women working together can make a big difference." ~ Arlene Antonik by Amber Isles RockCoast Confections

Last March, surrounded by

a room full of amazing women in business I was named Seaside Magazine’s 2016 Woman To Watch. What an honour! As any entrepreneur knows, starting a business from the ground up comes with its fair share of ups and downs. Awards such as these and support from the community is what drives us business owners to keep going through the hard times. When I started my confectionary company five years ago, I had a pretty clear vision of what I wanted the future to look like. Of course I do tend to look at things through rose-coloured glasses, but I was not blind to the fact that there would be a lot of smog to get through in the process. When talking to someone interested in starting a business venture, I first stress that you need to have clear goals in mind: year one, year five, year 10 etc. Most importantly, the goals need to be based on what you are looking to achieve. Are you doing this to support your family, create something innovative, filling an untouched area

of the market … ? For me, my vision was a little unusual: combine my love of cooking and my animal welfare work. How could I create a business that offered a comfort product to the public but also allowed me to eventually continue my work with animals? Well, one thing at a time: I would put all my time and effort into creating and building my brand until the time came that I could take a bit of a step back and continue my animal welfare projects. This is a number of years away and I am not exactly sure what form it will take – perhaps opening a rescue ranch for stray animals to be rehabilitated and rehomed. For now I will continue to pour my passion into my business, creating new products for retail and working towards perhaps opening a storefront. The best part about owning my company is I can dream up all sorts of crazy things and, if I want it bad enough and work hard enough at it, chances are I just might get there! So, congratulations to this year’s winner of the Woman to Watch award. It is thanks to women like you that have been in my life that I even thought my dreams could be made into reality.




Introducing the 2017 Applicants We asked women in business to nominate themselves based on their business model, innovations, environmental credentials and challenges met. The 2017 “Woman to Watch” will be announced at Seaside Magazine’s cocktail event March 8th. To reserve your space email

Tara Brunet

Clare Faulkner

Shannon Hall

Training by Tara Brunet

Island Hand Therapy Clinic

Anam Cara Spa + Beauty Bar

Balanced • Genuine • Caring

Professional • Empathetic • Sensitive

Healing • Nurturing • Safe-Sharing

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Elise Tonn Designs

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Quality • Reliable • Creative

Abby Lopez

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Studio A Hair Design

Susan R. Lucato, CPA

Ann’s Island Photography

Professional • Accommodating • Friendly

Education • Empowerment • Empathy

Service • Integrity • Friendliness

Shai Thompson

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Cheryl Young

House of Lily Koi

Brandi Wein For Hair

Creativity • Service-Oriented • Ethical

Integrity • Honesty • Reliability

Sidney Meet Up Network of People in Business

Rose Designs

Let Your Light Shine Through

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Suzi is Your Friendly, Professional Realtor: a Community Focus and a Local Approach!

As an Esthetician for 24 years, I know my journey is Divinely led. So many of us want to feel good about ourselves, but the real healing comes from the inside and radiates out! My Dermalogica Facial Treatments combined with Healing Reiki are truly magical.

My family opened Dockside Realty Ltd in 2006 on Pender Island, expanded to Saturna Island, and has now opened their newest and unique location in Sidney By the Sea. At Dockside Realty our visions and values align with community involvement, supporting local business and providing personalized service for our clients.

My passion is to walk with you one manicure, pedicure, facial or Reiki Treatment at a time and to be a vessel of LOVE that touches not just your skin, but your soul!

The Place Where Beauty Meets Spirit!

Licensed Esthetician & Reiki Master

2341 Henry Avenue, Sidney 250.655.6571 |

We have also incorporated the work of local artists at our Sidney location to bring together a gallery of fine homes and art. Come on in and meet me, whether you are interested in Real Estate, or just want to peruse our beautiful showcased artwork.

9713A Second Street, Sidney 250.656.5062 |

Many of you know Ann now: the highly motivated, successful Gold MLS award-winning local realtor. But what many of you don’t know is that Ann has worked in the Real Estate Industry for over 12 years, all while being a single parent to four daughters and going the extra mile for the people of her community. A master multitasker, during this time Ann also owned and operated Dig This when it was first located on Beacon. Community oriented, she participated as the fundraising coordinator for Peninsula Baseball & Softball Association, raising enough money for the two digital scoreboards you see at the parks today. “From friends driving the kids while I had to work, to constant client referrals from people … I couldn’t have done it without the support of the people of the Peninsula,” Ann says of her quick rise to success as a realtor. “We are all so blessed to have that small home town feel and sense of community here; I couldn’t have done it without living in a place that provided that.” “Three years ago I met Ann and she educated me on the differences of buying versus renting and the reality of investing in my future. Ann’s friendly but professional way of teaching and encouraging me to look outside the box took me from paying someone else’s mortgage to paying a little bit more and investing in myself. Ann’s knowledge and experience has proven beneficial in many ways. I too am a single parent; I look up to her for her genuine concern and care for all those around her, not just clients.” ~ Jennifer Williamson

107 - 2360 Beacon Avenue, Sidney | 250.656.3486 |

Lianne is a founding partner at Beacon Law Centre. The award winning firm, established in 2000, believes simply in excellence for its clients. Every client’s experience with Beacon Law Centre’s staff and lawyers should be outstanding. How is this achieved? • Through careful listening to your needs, coupled with a friendly but frank and practical approach • With prompt, timely guidance, offered in most circumstances for a flat fee that demonstrates high value for money • With carefully crafted, plain language paperwork that avoids legalese • Through trusted and long-standing relationships with clients who can rest assured the firm has their back • With conveniently located offices in Sidney, Brentwood Bay and Royal Oak Lianne brings over 20 years of experience and care to bear upon her clients’ matters. Her core services include real estate, wills, estate and executor services, and business law. If you would like to use Lianne for your legal needs, please give Beacon Law Centre a call. Beacon Law Centre 250.656.3280

140 - 4392 West Saanich Rd, Victoria | 104 - 9717 Third St, Sidney | 5 - 7115 West Saanich Rd, Brentwood Bay

In order to be successful in business you need a support team. This is friends, family, lawyers, bookkeepers and accountants. In my mind, this group should all have your back and help you out wherever you need it. Whether it’s a pat on the back or assistance in financial planning, these things ideally should go hand in hand. Normally this isn’t the case. Your friends and family supply the shoulders to cry on in times of stress and the cheers of champagne glasses for your successes. Your lawyers, accountants and bookkeepers guide you through the ins and outs of the HR departments, the government requirements, liability protection and the dos and don’ts of financial planning. This is where I differ. I can be your shoulder to cry on and pop your champagne cork for you when you’re celebrating; I’ll aid you to success and deal with the “dreaded tax guy.” I will be YOUR bookkeeper and you can count on me as your friend!

250.813.2880 |

can we talk publisher sue hodgson talks with lorraine brewster, senior manager of panorama recreation centre Your love of, and connection to, parks and recreation started at a young age as a playground leader. With 30 years of experience in the field, you still have such an affinity for it. As senior manager at Panorama Recreation you oversee the entire operations, programs, maintenance and administration of about 150 staff. What does a typical day look like for you and how do you make it all work? When you believe in what you do and you have passion for your work, every day is fulfilling! Each work day looks different, from working with staff and community partners to provide recreation programs and services, planning and managing capital projects, and developing strategic opportunities for the delivery of recreation services. The goal is to keep Panorama moving forward as a leader in the field of recreation. And last but not least: exercising daily so I can lead a healthy lifestyle and be at the top of my game! Panorama is a leader in our community with its many active lifestyle programs. As a member of the facility I can appreciate how the organization continues to grow and diversify. An example is the most recent addition, and focus on rehabilitation, with Tall Tree photo by

Integrated Health currently on site. What other priorities might we see in the coming year(s) with regards to the requirements of the facility and the diverse and changing needs of Saanich Peninsula residents? Peninsula Recreation has a five-year strategic plan that outlines strategies

and initiatives for recreation services. One of the priorities includes evaluating facility needs on the Saanich Peninsula to enhance and complement programs and services. As we grow, we continue to seek and develop partnerships to assist with the delivery of recreation programs. Through the community engagement part of our strategic plan process, we heard offering food services at Panorama would benefit and complement our services. We continue to explore the feasibility of establishing food services at Panorama and to determine how we will incorporate this service for our patrons and user groups. Leaders in recreation and public health are concerned about the increasing amounts of time people (especially children and youth) spend in sedentary digital pursuits, instead of active recreation and unstructured play. Panorama will continue to implement our Physical Literacy awareness plan to educate our community and provide programs to enhance recreation opportunities. Panorama Recreation has a 25-year capital plan to address some of our infrastructure requirements for the future. To meet the recreation requirements of the community and to upgrade our existing facilities to make them more energy efficient, we continue to seek grant opportunities and provide a sustainable capital plan. You have recently updated the refrigeration system for the ice in Arena B with CIMCO, an acclaimed industry leader in ice rink technologies that has installed over 5,000 ice surfaces worldwide, including 80% of the NHL facilities and 100% of the NBA facilities. What prompted this decision and what did it entail? The refrigeration system was identified in our future capital plan to be replaced as the production of freon would cease in 2020. The system failed sooner than anticipated so we moved forward with the replacement of a more environmentally friendly refrigeration. Panorama received $500,000 from Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program to support the "Arena B Floor Replacement

Project" which will go towards rehabilitating the floor system, rink boards and glass in Arena B. Can you expand on this project and the important role of safety in this? The project will replace the refrigerant piping with a new HDPE refrigeration system which will last longer and is maintenance free. The arena will be moved north and east to provide adequate length and width to the player benches and the penalty and timekeepers boxes will be relocated to the spectator side. The new dasher board system will have higher performance features such as aluminum frame which will improve the safety by making the boards more flexible. Higher glass and safety shields are additional safety enhancements. In April 2015, Panorama was awarded the grand prize of hosting an NHL Pre-Season Game, $100,000 to fund arena upgrades and the title of Kraft Hockeyville. There’s no question about it: sport brings communities together, and that is so often found at an arena. What has this exposure meant to the enhancement of Panorama? The experience of Kraft Hockeyville was amazing! It all began when Jason Fletcher and his passion for the community submitted the application and his story about his experience as a volunteer. What a proud moment it was for Panorama to be the winner and the incredible out pouring of community support. We can’t truly measure the exposure we have had by winning but I believe it helps when we are seeking grant funding for Panorama to stand out as leader in the field of recreation. The Peninsula Recreation Commission (appointed representatives from Central Saanich, North Saanich and Sidney) recently completed a five-year strategic plan where a number of specific priorities in health and wellness for our community have been outlined. What would you say is the commission’s mandate for a healthy community? The Peninsula Recreation Commission objective is to provide recreation and leisure activities and facilities to the citizens of the participating municipalities regardless of age, gender, religion or economic status. As you know, it’s our special Women to Watch issue, celebrating women in business and coinciding with International Women’s Day on March 8. If you were able to give some advice to women of all age groups, what would it be? Be authentic and true to your own values; this takes courage and builds confidence. Don’t wait for opportunities, know what is important to you. Create the opportunities!

march 2017 | 17

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When we think of a dream job, very few of us think “Funeral Director,” however this is the job that I love. My background as an estate and trust advisor dealing with the complexities of estate settlement and the family dynamics that executors often face has helped hone my skills. By supporting people during the worst time of their lives, I feel I can make a difference. Earth's Option offers a low-cost, green approach to cremation and burial by providing full funeral arrangements in the comfort of the family’s homes.

5 - 831 Devonshire Road, Victoria 778.440.8500 |

Alana hasn't just been a skin therapist for 17 years: she is also the Saanich Peninsula's only certified Oncology Esthetician, has extensive training in Advanced Skin Analysis and has completed her training in Natural Nutrition to focus on skin health through nutrition. This means Alana's approach is holistic but is steeped in scientific research and advanced skin care methodology. Minus 10 Facial: If you've been struggling with bumpy, uneven skin texture, are sensitive to everything or are simply annoyed your skin just "doesn't look the same anymore," then you'll want to talk with this highly experienced esthetician about restoring your youthful glow.

312 - 2453 Beacon Avenue, Sidney 250.686.6208 |

Revolve, Evolve, Involve! At Exist, we love to keep expanding our expertise and continue to constantly educate ourselves. We have a full-time esthetician on staff offering a wide range of waxing and nail services. Enjoying our first year in our new location, overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean, inspired us to become more carbon neutral. Bring in our partner in crime Green Circle salon who helped us become a 95% recyclable salon. From cut hair, to foils, to colour tubes and overuse, we recycle everything. So when you visit us, rest assured we are working WITH the environment, rather than against it. Come see us at Exist Hairworx.

1C - 9851 Seaport Place, Sidney 250.656.2321 |

With over 17 years in the dog grooming industry, Janet is dedicated to the people and animals who put their faith and trust in her. She offers grooming to all breeds at her new studio, and also recently added "Anesthetic-Free Teeth Cleaning for Dogs & Cats" by Cheyanne Cave of Happy Tails Teeth Cleaning. Integrity is a core value at Groom That Dog. Mainly, it is all about caring. After her tender loving canine grooming, Janet loves to "see the dogs happier and their owners pleased." (by Doreen Marion Gee)

Groom That Dog by Janet Lynch 10109 McDonald Park Road, Sidney 778.977.3647 |

Healthy Hair Starts with a Healthy Scalp! One in four people suffers from scalp issues and 75% of our population suffers from fine and thinning hair. The growing practise of Trichology allows one to see scalp issues and contain or cure them. It is time to take the next step in creating beautiful hair and look at the underlying health of our scalp. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with you and creating beautiful hair!

Michelle is a lawyer at Henley & Walden LLP, located in beautiful downtown Sidney. She is passionate about empowering her clients with the knowledge they need to tackle their everyday problems. Michelle uses her honest and approachable communication style to assist her clients with separation and divorce, estate planning and administration, real estate and general civil litigation. If you would like to find out how Michelle can help you, please call for an appointment today.

102 - 2376 Bevan Avenue, Sidney 1.250.539.0934 |

201 - 2377 Bevan Avenue, Sidney 250.656.7231 |

Donna’s interest in hearing started at a young age while sitting on her hard-of-hearing mother’s lap during visits to the audiologist. She was fascinated with the entire process. Donna went on to obtain her Masters’ degree in audiology and after years of working in government, medical and corporate clinics, she realized her long-time dream of opening her own clinic in 2010. The majority of hearing clinics in the greater Victoria area are either wholly or partially owned by hearing aid manufacturers. Hear – Central Saanich is one of the few remaining 100% locally-owned clinics. The focus at Hear is on the full spectrum of hearing health care: prevention, assessment, diagnosis, management and treatment, rather than strictly on the sale of hearing aids. If hearing aids are the best option for treating your hearing issues, Hear gives you access to products from the six major manufacturers in the world.

7159A West Saanich Road, Brentwood Bay | 778.426.4876 |

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Shai Thompson is the proud owner of House of Lily Koi, Vancouver Island’s premier luxury consignment boutique. With over 20 years’ experience as a wardrobe stylist, Shai and her skilled team pursue excellence in every direction as they model an authentic visual presentation in the world. An expert in personal style education, etiquette, image consulting and public relations, Shai understands that style is a reflective extension of who you are and that selfesteem and confidence are a result of embracing one’s own personal style.

The team at Hughesman Morris is passionate about helping people understand and feel comfortable with their taxes. Janine continually strives to ensure each person has a positive experience when visiting the office and aims to provide clients with the confidence and peace of mind that she can help.

Luxury Consignment and Full Wardrobe Services

2507 C Beacon Avenue, Sidney 778.351.3018 |

Whether you require accounting assistance or help with personal, corporate or estate taxes, Janine and her team are here to meet your needs. Call the office now to book your free consultation!

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Dominique Alford is a partner at Henley & Walden LLP. Established in 1976, the award-winning firm’s philosophy of availability and responsiveness is the foundation of its business. From simple legal questions to complex issues and disputes, the lawyers at Henley & Walden LLP provide practical advice and enduring solutions across a range of legal services. With four lawyers and a full complement of knowledgeable and experienced staff, Henley & Walden LLP is proud to provide legal services to the residents and businesses on the Saanich Peninsula and beyond. Dominique uses her 20 years of experience as a lawyer to provide her clients with sound, practical and easy to understand legal advice. Her practice areas include real estate, business (corporate and commercial), estate planning (such as wills, powers of attorney, representation agreements and trusts) and estate administration, including executor services. If you would like to meet with Dominique about legal services please call Henley & Walden LLP to make an appointment.

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Mariann Abram Debra Bartlett Terry Calveley Irene Dunic Magdalin Heron Michele Holmes Lisa Kirkham Terry Stockus


e live, work and play in the Greater Victoria Area. This beautiful environment and the people living within it form our community.

For all we receive, the women of Holmes Realty are committed to giving back, and further strengthening that community. Real estate is our passion and we have focused on providing first class, full service, real estate to all our clients whether they are selling a condo or a castle. Within our team of professionals is an associate who matches each unique client’s personality and needs. An associate who listens. An associate who works hard. An associate who asks the right questions — and can find the right answers.

Holmes Realty Ltd.

250-656-0911 2481 Beacon Avenue, Sidney BC

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After moving to Sidney in 1993, the owner of Nancy's Sew Creative saw an untapped market in our indoor/outdoor active and pet-friendly Peninsula lifestyle, so she started sewing slipcovers for indoor furniture. More recently, she added refurbishing outdoor furniture to her repertoire. "Slipcovers that are easily removed for washing are the answer to keeping furniture clean and refreshed. They also protect furniture from the damaging rays of the sun." Nancy also refurbishes boat interiors and makes draperies, valances, shades and bedding. (by Doreen Marion Gee)

Window Coverings and the use of fabrics in our interiors from drapery, slipcovers, upholstery and bedding is my passion! For the past 25 years for clients here in Sidney, Victoria & the Gulf Islands I have been creating unique and innovative interior solutions. Inspiration starts in your home and my studio on Third Street. We work together on a plan and my talented team, from drawing board to final installation, delivers the best.

pete snell photography

Nancy’s Sew Creative 250.655.1257 |

101 - 9818 Third Street, Sidney 250.656.7659 |

Our Family Practice is Growing! Dr. Misty Watson and Dr. Randy Kerr are pleased to welcome Dr. Zara Bello-Hernandez to our practice. Dr. Zara brings eight years of experience working with pregnant women, children and families from her practice in the UK. Dr. Misty Watson is in her 20th year of practice in Saanichton, and is passionate about her work with pregnant women and newborns. Both have a different approach to chiropractic care than most people have experienced. They focus on releasing stress and tension being held in the body and the nervous system which is preventing the body from being healthy and well. Though chiropractic care is most well known for helping people with back pain and headaches, Dr. Misty and Dr. Zara see families who are looking for solutions for unique health challenges. Pregnant moms with babies who aren’t well positioned for delivery; infants who struggle with misshapen heads, breastfeeding challenges, colic or reflux; and children with pain associated with growth spurts are all typical in a day’s work for these family practitioners.

107 - 1931 Mt Newton X Road, Saanichton | 250.652.9350 |

Radiance Body Wax & Sugar Studio offers hair removal services to achieve smooth, radiant, hair-free skin.

We provide care and attention with our preparation of tax returns, including Canadian, U.S., Estate and trust returns. Communicating with clients is of the utmost importance in our office.

As an Esthetician, I always encourage women to embrace their most radiant self, which starts with basic and essential self care. Sometimes we need a reminder that when we take time out to care for ourselves, our inner resources are replenished. This leaves us feeling more confident and connected with family, friends and our community.

We work with clients to ensure deadlines are met and the best tax outcome is reached. New clients are always welcome!


My focus at Radiance is nurturing trusting, positive client relationships while providing efficient, thorough, discreet and comfortable professional service with a warm and personal touch. body wax & sugar studio

103 - 9710 Second Street, Sidney 250.656.7284 | 250.889.3310 |

The Women of Newport Realty Having Heart and Passion is the Key to Real Estate It's our job to take care of you. Living better starts with a team, and who better to partner with than the great group of women at Newport Realty Sidney. Newport Realty Sidney is local and community based, with a global reach and a goal of helping the community be the best place to live.

�The Company You Keep� * PREC =personal real estate corporation

Maryan van Stolk *PREC

Ingrid Jarisz *PREC

Kimberly Legeard

Newport is recognized for its high-caliber sales force, its distinctive advertising and most importantly, the successes it has brought to sellers, buyers, investors and developers on southern Vancouver island. We believe that superior service encourages customers to return willingly for that service and to share their experience with others. tel: 250. 656.4626 | 250.385.2033 | toll free: 1-888-886-1286

email: |

Dr. Kristen Bovee, ND Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Dana Tishenko, ND Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Elli Reilander, ND Naturopathic Medicine

Did You Know? naturopathic Doctors … • have at least eight years of post-secondary education which includes a four-year naturopathic medical degree from an accredited institution • bridge modern science with traditional medical approaches to create individualized treatment plans • address the root cause of disease to allow patients to achieve their best possible health • can diagnose disease, order and interpret lab results, and prescribe pharmaceutical medication when necessary • are experts in digestive health, hormone balancing, and pain management • are covered by most extended health care plans

now offering:

energy adrenal immune Brain sharpener chill out slim shot

The Wellness Shot Bar Injectable nutrients to boost your day.

102 - 9725 Fourth Street, Sidney | 250.655.1660 | Energy

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Injured? Need Help? Serving the Peninsula for 30 years, and with a newly renovated clinic in Sidney, we’ve got the best team of top notch professionals right in your neighbourhood. If you check any of the boxes below, call today for an appointment and let us help you function pain free fast. Low Back Pain Shoulder Pain Hip Pain Knee Pain Jaw Pain Dizziness Chronic Pain, PTSD Stress, Anxiety

• 9 Therapists to Treat You • Book Online at • Direct Billing Available • Open Early & Late • Open Saturdays for Massage Therapy

9733 Fourth Street, Sidney | 250.656.4717 |

This local interior design team has been busy with new designs for residential and commercial properties on the Peninsula and throughout Greater Victoria since 2008. Their passion is creating spaces that truly reflect the way their clients wish to live. Your home and décor should not only make you feel comfortable, it should feel like it “fits.” A fresh set of objective eyes on a home is a first step in understanding renovation and new design; these designers are able to break down and simplify the process by eliminating the feeling of “don’t know where to begin.” Reusing or reinventing materials and furniture already in the space is a key to their design, and an unexpected bargain or vintage find can be the final piece of the puzzle. This team is also very active staging properties for sale. Victoria’s hot real estate market now demands every property be presented at its very best for a fast sale at the best possible price. Staging creates a neutral appeal to a very broad audience, thereby opening it up to a greater pool of prospective buyers. Call today for your one-day room makeover, design and renovation project, colour consultation and real estate staging needs.

Remarkable Interiors 250.812.1625 Styles by Stacey 250.208.5025

Trust, Transparency & Tailored Solutions

Deborah’s service went above and beyond my greatest expectations! Her persistence, expertise, commitment, and highest ethical standards are wrapped in an energetic, warm and caring person. She invested her time and considerable knowledge in developing a custom plan that was perfect for me. I wholeheartedly recommend Deborah—she listens! CARROL D.

Investors Deserve an Independent Approach

I inform, educate and provide guidance to my clients so they understand and have confidence in their investments. I take the time to explain how my recommended solutions fit their risk tolerance and financial objectives. If something is too complicated for my clients to understand, I don’t believe it belongs in their portfolio. With a lower fee structure than many bank-owned investment firms, Raymond James makes it easier for me to provide affordable products and services, while exercising the freedom to make independent decisions. Through Raymond James I offer my clients a vast repertoire of products to help them meet their needs. Raymond James’ wealth management team of professionals can address virtually all of my clients’ needs. Whether it’s a comprehensive financial plan, an estate review, a meeting with an insurance specialist or the services of a trust agent, our team has the right person for you. Our industry tends to create people who sell products to clients rather than provide solutions. I see myself was a solution provider, rather than a salesperson.

I welcome your call.

Deborah Reid, FMA, FCSI® Raymond James Ltd. 216–9764 Fifth Street, Sidney Deborah Reid is a financial advisor with Raymond James Ltd. The views of the author do not necessarily reflect those of Raymond James. This advertisement is for information only. Raymond James Ltd. member of Canadian Investor Protection Fund.


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Partnerships: If you are, or have ever been, an independent businesswoman, then you know that being your own boss can be quite a struggle. Creating a partnership with a likeminded person can be the key to a successful worklife balance. At Salvador, Davis & Co., we have been so fortunate to have partners with similar values and ethics. We highly recommend this business model for those who want to share the joy of business and personal growth.

Maybe it’s Time to have "The Conversation." Celebrating a life is truly personal. The way you pay tribute is different for everyone. We can help you in a time of need or to plan ahead by pre-arranging your wishes; planning memorials and experiences that are a real reflection of you or a loved one. We invite you to drop in for tea and to have a meaningful talk.

Sands Eco-CremationCentre Notaries Public • Wills • Power of Attorney

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2355 James White Boulevard, Sidney 250.391.6294 |

With 15 years working in the dental hygiene industry, Paulette is the new owner of the Sidney Dental Hygiene Clinic.

In the two years since purchasing Studio A Hair Design and Beauty Bar, Abby has extended the already full-service salon to include the latest in men's barbering, acrylic nails and eyelash extensions.

She takes great pride in educating the public on good oral hygiene practices and helps people understand why oral health care is an important aspect to their overall health and well-being.

Come in and enjoy a day of beauty with one of Studio A's talented team members: alongside Abby work senior stylists Brigitte and Sandie and Annabelle, a junior stylist.

The Sidney Dental Hygiene Clinic offers comfortable, individualized, oral hygiene treatments in a relaxed environment. Paulette is pleased to serve the Saanich Peninsula and Gulf Island communities.

102 - 2423 Beacon Avenue, Sidney 250.655.4884 |

Follow the salon on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with the latest promotions: @studioahairdesignbeautybar.

101 - 2462 Bevan Ave, Sidney | 250.655.0094

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Celebrating life’s moments through the many different events is important to us and that is why we are passionate in creating that event for you. We offer a host of packages and services tailored to the needs of each client, from the bride to the corporate customer. We are professional and passionate coordinators who use our expertise to create immaculate and stress-free events for our clients. We are your one-stop shop for wedding and event planning.


Tiger Lily Events: Timeless Elegant Planning. 250.668.6757 |

In 2015, Jessica opened Seaside Cabinetry & Design. After working for almost a decade in downtown Victoria, she saw the need for a boutique cabinetry design studio in Sidney so she took the plunge and seized the opportunity. Within a year, Jessica and her husband, Tony, had outgrown their original showroom. They moved into downtown Sidney and are now located at 9715 First Street. Jessica loves working with local customers and local suppliers and has such a wonderful time working with Women on the Peninsula. The tight-knit community has been very welcoming and she feels at home in Sidney. Seaside Cabinetry & Design exclusively sells Merit cabinetry and carries two cabinet lines to accommodate any budget. Jessica has a genuine interest in getting to know her clients and works tirelessly with them to help create rooms that are unique and special to them. Every kitchen bears Jessica’s signature stamp: innovative, personalized design and absolute quality.

9715 First Street, Sidney | 250.812.4304 |


Managing the World’s Most Important Investments …


Do you have questions about your investments? Do you have questions about the fees you pay? Do you have questions about Socially Responsible Investing?

Women can feel overwhelmed and not well understood by the financial industry. We are pleased to help women with their complex needs.

We are happy to help. Call us for a coffee and a chat.

205 - 2537 Beacon Avenue, Sidney | 250.657.2220 |

National Bank Financial is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada. The National Bank of Canada is a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (NA:TSX).

Dedicated to Wellness in Our Community


Inspired by nature and backed by science, we create new horizons in health and wellness by empowering you with the finest whole foods, supplements and lifestyle solutions.


the natural path

by Dr. Kristen Bovee Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic

A major part of my practice is supporting women of all ages with hormonal issues. Hormonal wellness is fundamental to a woman’s health because hormones can affect the delicate balance of systems in our body including our nervous, endocrine, digestive, skeletal and cardiovascular systems. They have a powerful affect on making these systems work together in harmony to maintain a healthy functioning body. However, when hormones become unbalanced, it is no wonder women seek help because of the many symptoms that can arise as a result. Our current medical system offers a limited number of options to help correct hormonal imbalances. In adolescence, the birth control pill is offered to lighten periods and clear acne. During reproductive years, fertility challenges may lead to expensive and invasive approaches to conception rather than supporting a woman’s health as a whole. In perimenopause, the birth control pill is offered again to lighten periods and offer regularity. During menopause, synthetic estrogen is given to mitigate hot flashes and night sweats. Sleeping pills may also be prescribed for insomnia as well as antidepressants for mood changes. For hypothyroidism, one is often prescribed a synthetic inactive thyroid hormone replacement Bio identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a hormonal approach that seems to bridge the gap between synthetic pharmaceuticals and natural medicine. Many times, if a woman is experiencing extreme symptoms of a hormone imbalance, I will immediately suggest BHRT to get her support quickly. Bio identical hormone replacement means exactly that; using an exogenous hormone that looks exactly like the hormone our bodies use. Synthetic forms of estrogen, progesterone and thyroid hormone are metabolized by the liver and used by our cells differently. Although some of our symptoms may improve, it is a foreign agent working in the place of what our bodies are used to and can potentially cause risks that can be worse than the

Women in Wellness: Healthy Hormones symptoms one is trying to treat. Bio identical estrogen comes in two main forms, estradiol and estriol (E2 and E3 respectively). Estradiol can be taken orally or topically via compounded cream for hot flashes, night sweats, menopausal anxiety and insomnia. Estriol is a form of estrogen that is regularly compounded as a vaginal cream for incontinence and vaginal atrophy. Progesterone is also taken as an oral (pill) form or compounded cream. It must be prescribed when a woman is taking estrogen and still has a uterus. Given at bedtime in a sustained release form, progesterone has been clinically shown to improve sleep. It is used for women with heavy periods, fertility issues and PMS. It is my favourite female hormone. Desiccated thyroid

is natural thyroid that provides the body with both active (T3) and inactive (T4) forms of thyroid hormone. One should always be tested for both hormones since our pituitary often does not function to its optimum, skewing our diagnosis for hypothyroidism. Bio identical hormones are regularly used safely as support for women of all ages. As we pass through different stages of our lives, our body changes and one of the greatest impacts on our health is our hormones. Using natural approaches can safely balance our hormones while making us feel better as we age. Naturopathic doctors are medically trained to use and prescribe BHRT and will also support other systems to achieve an overall healthy body balance.

The ArtSea Gallery Presents: Small Expressions March 4 - 31, 2017

This unique show challenges the artists to fit their creations into 12 x 12 x 12 inches finished size. Painting, collage, photography, sculpture, fibre, pottery, metal and wood could all be represented. Come and see what happens when your favourite artists dream up “small expression” masterpieces. You may even have to purchase one for yourself! The ArtSea Gallery has many creative and imaginative shows scheduled for 2017. Come in and enjoy the wonderful local art. Visit our website for more information: Open Tuesday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (closed Mondays) 5th & Weiler, Sidney • Free Admission & Parking We acknowledge the assistance of the Town of Sidney, District of North Saanich, Municipality of Central Saanich and the Province of BC through the BC Arts Council. march 2017 | 31

Victoria Author Valerie Green Releases New Historical Book "Fifty Conversations from the Past" with Sue Hodgson, publisher and owner of Seaside Magazine

Telling tales from B.C.’s history from the perspective of the people who lived it Fifty Conversations From The Past is a completely different way of looking at the history of British Columbia. This book takes us on a journey through time with a travelling reporter who conducts imaginary interviews with some of the many characters who were part of British Columbia’s exciting history. Since 1990, Author Valerie Green, has written over 17 nonfiction historical books ranging from books on heritage houses (“If These Walls Could Talk”) to books on upper and lower class early Victoria such as “Above Stairs.” In addition, she has written true crime books such as “Vanished – The Michael Dunahee Story.” Her debut novel, due to be published is being described as “the definitive British Columbia novel.”

The following are some brief excerpts from the book: “I had been warned that Sir James Douglas could be very forbidding due to his overbearing manner and enormous physique. Despite this, I refused to be intimated by him and decided to simply treat him with the respect I thought he deserved, wrote the reporter --before asking the first question.” “A hard-headed, practical, no-nonsense Scotsman, Robert Dunsmuir accomplished a great deal in the province. His story was a true rags to riches one but his death in 1889 caused much conflict within his large family. The reasons for this are revealed through questions.”

She also wrote a popular column in the Saanich News for 19 years called Pages From The Past and for the past 11 years has written monthly columns for Seaside Magazine on the Saanich Peninsula. This March Seaside Magazine presents her latest book in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation and the 50th anniversary of Sidney, B.C.’s history of Incorporation as a town. “I decided to write Fifty Conversations from the Past because I strongly believe that history is best told through the voices of those who actually lived,” stated the author. “I have, therefore, written these interviews in a creative non-fiction style but they are all based on fact as they describe the evolution of our province.” The “Conversations” begin with an interview with Governor James Douglas, the Father of British Columbia, and continue with interviews with such notables as Emily Carr and Nellie McClung. The author travels back in time to talk with the first white woman to come to British Columbia and does not neglect some of the many important visitors who came to the province such as Rudyard Kipling and Princess Louise (Queen Victoria’s daughter).

Available in Local Book Stores


Now semi-retired, Valerie Green lives in Saanich, Greater Victoria, B.C., and is available on request for interviews, book signings or readings. 50 Conversations from the Past will be available at local book stores, visitor attractions and through the Seaside Magazine website. For more information or media enquiries please contact: Publisher, Sue Hodgson, Seaside Magazine -, Author, Valerie Green -,

As publisher and owner of Seaside Magazine, a local publication for Sidney, B.C., who would have thought that I would publish a book about history!

This book is presented as an enthusiastic celebration of the many people that make up the history of British Columbia. Whether you are a high school or college student, postdoctoral fellow, professor, scientist or lay person, you will find a body of useful information within the pages of this book. Other elements provided by the author are the numerous interesting historical details and fascinating photographs. Through these pages you will also discover just how important some of these characters were back in the day – told through their own voices. I think the author can be confident that many readers will gain a broader perspective of the pioneers, athletes, adventurers, gold seekers and politicians of their day. Special thanks and gratitude to all who were involved to make this book come alive.

- Sue Hodgson,

Seaside Holdings, Publisher, 2017.

To get your copy contact Seaside Magazine at 250.516.6489 or

common cents

Will I End Up a Bag Lady? This fear for women is a very valid question. It is by Viola Van de Ruyt usually asked in the form of VandeRuyt Wealth “can I afford to retire?” My Management Group standard answer has always been: “well, that depends on what you plan to do in retirement.” Will your days be filled with gardening and volunteer work or will it be golf and cruises? In addition to discussing what a client will spend their money and time on, we also discuss family longevity, health and the unexpected variables that can derail the best-laid plans. With the average age of widows in Canada being the shocking age of 56, it is important to think about how your retirement finances would change if you lose your husband. What if one of you had a prolonged battle with cancer? Unfortunately, we baby boomers have grown up with the idea of “Freedom 55” being planted in our mind, but for the majority of Canadians it is not possible or realistic. A more realistic scenario being embraced by boomers is a retirement in stages. First stage may be continuing in your existing career for a couple of extra years but living off the income you would have in retirement as a test. The second stage continues in the same profession but with reduced hours or entering a more flexible profession that you planned towards in stage one. The third stage of complete retirement may not occur until your

late 60s or even early 70s. If your parents or grandparents lived into their late 80s or 90s you should be planning into your 90s and even 100. Starting full retirement at age 70, many women will still be looking at a retirement of 20 to even 30 years! Research on the spending patterns of retirees has found that they initially spend heavily on projects, travel and dreams or goals. After a few years, spending often tapers down as the bucket list is checked off and stabilizes to a more modest level. The worries are that spending can dramatically increase with escalating health care and housing costs in the later years. The elephant in the room for many baby boomers though is the mortgage or the more innocent-sounding line of credit. You should not be planning to fully retire if you carry these debts. Can you avoid becoming a bag lady? The answer is YES, if you plan ahead with eyes wide open. A trusted advisor will help you balance your current wants with your future needs so that you can have peace of mind. For more information visit

The last Thursday of every month is



on regular price merchandise


*Some restrictions apply. See in-store for details.

Pandora | Brighton | Personal Indulgences In the Sidney Pier Hotel 2536 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.656.5676





#4-2353 Bevan Avenue


@BosleysSidney march 2017 | 33

A Daimler Brand

Be adventurous. Be limitless. The bold GLA compact SUV fuses rugged versatility with the pure passion that defines every Mercedes-Benz. Its nimble size delivers an ideal mix of flexibility, fuel-efficiency and fun, whether you’re negotiating city traffic or navigating cross-country. And its advanced engineering delivers genuine capability, extraordinary comfort and class-leading innovation. The GLA is a compact SUV that’s pre-filled with big ideas—and eager to take on yours. Get inspired at Total price: $40,810*

© 2017 Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc. 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 4MATIC SUV shown above for illustration purposes only. *Total price for 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 4MATIC SUV includes MSRP of $38,000, Freight and PDI ($2,295), DOC of $395, environmental levies of $100 and EHF tires of $20. Registration, insurance, Admin ($495), PPSA up to $48.45 and taxes extra. Please see Three Point Motors for complete details. DL 9818 #30817.

Three Point Motors

A Division of the GAIN Dealer Group

2546 Government Street | 250-385-6737 |

Villa Eyrie Wine Society: Simply Sublime by Lara Gladych

My visit to the Villa Eyrie Resort

for their second Wine Society Social is hard to recap without feeling a bit nostalgic – that’s how much I enjoyed it! The entirety of the experience from beginning to end was full of lovely details, and I dare say even enchantment when you consider the snowy circumstances of that evening back in February. The Wine Society was designed to bring together a group of like-minded people to enjoy superb cuisine paired with wines from around the world. It’s unique in that, rather than wine tastings alone, guests enjoy a delectable five-course meal while learning about the vineyards and foods of the region that inspired the menu. It’s an effort to support a “wine culture” on the Island, and is a must-do for the wine and food lover. Going into the event, it’s easy to overlook the social aspect of the evening given that you’re likely arriving to a room full of strangers. Do not underestimate the power of wine and delicious food to make way for wonderful conversations with people you barely know. I felt utterly convinced that I was alone in the world with the other guests at the resort for this one night. We had a branch of the dining room to ourselves and an ample view of the snowscape outside. I can’t recommend it enough if you have the desire to escape a day-to-day life of busy-ness and bustle. This was the Wine Society’s second instalment, an Italian Fiesta. It was a five-course meal with wine parings celebrating the vineyards and regional foods of Italy. The monthly event is held at the Summit Restaurant, in the newly reopened and renovated Villa Eyrie Resort, nestled atop the mountains of the Malahat summit. The theme and design of the evening will vary each month, keeping it fresh and new for returning guests. The man behind the wines, and our Wine Educator for the

evening, was Ingo Grady, Director of Wine Education for Mission Hill Family Estate and von Mandl Family Estates. It was Ingo who selected for us a repertoire of everything from a light and sunny Aperol Spritz prepared with Mionetto Prosecco, to the more intense Guado Al Tasso il Bruciato, a blend of cabernet sauvignon, merlot and syrah. Imagine, if you can, the respective food pairings of a Kusshi oyster with blood orange mignonette, the amuse bouche, and later on, a red wine braised Pemberton beef short rib. In preparation for the event, Ingo and Executive Chef, Terry Pichor, collaborated to put together the perfect menu. To highlight each wine, Chef Terry created each dish with authentic Italian inspiration and his own West Coast mastery, using local, fresh and organic ingredients where possible. It’s a symbiotic pairing of wine and food. Terry designs a menu that brings the notes of each wine to the forefront, and likewise, the wine selection enhances each dish and highlights Terry’s culinary expertise. When I met with Chef beforehand to discuss the upcoming dinner, he emphasized that while guests can expect unrivalled cuisine, it is the intent for the evening to unfold in an unpretentious and casual manner. The team delivered. It was a perfectly executed evening with a very approachable, yet elegant, air. Throughout dinner, guests paused for an introduction from both Ingo and Terry as each course was tabled. I think it was notable to all of us that Chef was present as much as he was, and for me, it was also charming to have Ingo dine and socialize with us. The intent is to move the Socials outside where possible in the warmer months to come. I can’t begin to imagine what creative delights are in store for guests of future gatherings, but rest assured, this is an event that will not disappoint. For more information, visit march 2017 | 35



Enjoy any 90 minute Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy or Hot Stone Massage g in March and receive a

$20 ard

Pier C

Gift Card given at time of purchase and good for future transactions

Schedule your appointment today! Offer good on appointments in March 2017 only – subject to availability Does not include RMT Massage

We are located in The Sidney Pier Hotel • 9805 Seaport Place Tel: 250.655.9797 •


Your Neighbourhood Liquor, Wine, Cold Beer and More Store! Knowledgeable, Friendly Staff | Loyalty Program | Extensive Selection | 9am - 11pm Every Day

2134 Keating X Road 250-652-4400 Liquor Express Vancouver Island

36 | march 2017

3170 Tillicum Road 250-384-0060

759 Yates Street 250-384-4136, ext. 3



inside out

What Are You Weighting For? by Tara Brunet

Are you waiting on the weight? Do you have things that you are waiting to do, wear, or experience until you reach a certain “goal weight?” What if I said you could do all of those things today? I’m sure wearing a bikini right now sounds a little bit terrifying, or going on a first date and putting yourself out there seems impossible, but how long are you going to keep putting these things off? A funny thing starts happening when you stop waiting on the weight. First, you realize no one cares what you look like in a bikini except for you, and then you realize you are worthy of love no matter what size you are. You are worthy of anything you want! This idea – called radical self love and acceptance – starts with loving every inch of yourself despite your perceived imperfections. It means eating nourishing foods from every single food group, no longer labelling foods “good” or “bad,” and just eating what you truly crave. It means living your best possible life starting today – no weight loss required. The first step is get out there and start doing everything you said you would do when you reached your goal … but now! Go buy that gorgeous lingerie and slinky dress! Rock your bikini on your next vacation without a care in the world, and go ask out that guy you’ve been eyeing at the coffee shop. You can have and achieve anything you want, regardless of the size of your body. Then, start unabashedly loving the food you put in your body Training by Tara Brunet

and find ways to move that make you feel unstoppable. Start tuning into what your body desires, whether it’s a fresh crisp apple or a fresh-out-of-the-oven apple pie. These foods will have the same pull on you when you start allowing all foods into your diet. There are no restrictions, and therefore no reason to overeat. All foods are available for your enjoyment in unlimited quantities. I know you are probably thinking “Sounds nice in theory, but I’m pretty sure I will never stop eating.” When you start to recognize certain foods are no longer off limits, the guilt and shame goes away, along with the rest of the deprivation and binging cycle. When you can learn to completely trust your body, there’s no need to disrespect it with food. This process is called Intuitive Eating. Through intuitive eating and exercise, you will end up at the perfect weight for you. Perhaps this is heavier than you thought was your ideal weight, and perhaps it’s lighter. It’s time to throw out the scale and stop relying on external sources to tell us how we should feel about ourselves. Exercise should be enjoyable and make you feel empowered, not exhausted. As women, we are so unbelievably hard on ourselves when it comes to our bodies, and as a society it seems to be encouraged. I encourage you to step out of this mold that has shaped us and create your own ideal of what your body should look and feel like. Put the joy back into health, exercise and eating and start loving every second of your life. And please, stop waiting on the weight.

march 2017 | 37

behind the scenes

Backstage at the Mary Winspear

by Paula Kully

Within its walls, the Mary

Winspear Centre is a beehive of activity that encompasses a wide variety of workshops, classes, conferences and performances. It brings live entertainment to the Charlie White Theatre that ranges from local high school musicals to big names like Canada’s Jann Arden. On the outside looking in, you buy your tickets, take your seats and enjoy! But, what goes on behind the scenes is organized chaos at its finest. Take, for example, Mountain Dream Productions’ Triple Threat Theatre Company’s performances which take place in January and June each year. This performing arts school has been operated by Artistic Director Margaret Watt since 1990 and provides youth from as young as six up to 14 the opportunity to develop the toolkit of a “triple-threat performer” which means they can dance, sing and act – an absolute prerequisite for a Broadway performer. Bringing the Company’s productions to the stage is a collaboration between Mountain Dream and the Winspear Centre. It begins with selecting a script. This falls to Margaret and Managing Director Rob Forbes, who take into consideration the abilities of their students, along with the quality of the script and music. The upcoming June production of Peter Pan, the British musical, was acquired from the International Theatre Company in London and has been performed on London’s West End. The licence comes with pre-recorded music, without vocals, for every aspect of the play including songs, opening and closing music and even background music during scenes. 38 | march 2017

Once the script has been secured, the work of casting begins. This year’s production is somewhat different as approximately half the cast will come from outside the school. This includes adult roles for 10 pirates, Mr. and Mrs. Darling and of course, the infamous Captain Hook. Although every student will have a part in the play, auditions were held for key roles such as Peter Pan. The cast rehearses four hours per week for 17 weeks for a total of 68 hours. To put this into perspective: a professional Broadway company will rehearse daily for two weeks before performing in a play. Both Margaret and Rob stress that although their students are not professional, the show they put on with the amount of time they rehearse is well beyond their capability. Margaret explains: “One of the nicests things I heard about our productions was in January when two of our students, aged 10 and 12, performed a duet together. A woman who attended the show said that, halfway through the song, there was a gasp throughout the audience as they realized the quality of the performance they were watching.” The show is supported from start to finish by the professional staff of the Mary Winspear Centre. They facilitate box office service and their amazing volunteers provide front-of-house staff and ushers as well as refreshment service during intermission. Rob states: “The Winspear Centre is a top notch facility!” Most people don’t realize the amount of work that goes on before opening night. Every move on stage is blocked. Every scene has to be precisely orchestrated but look natural. Besides rehearsals, sets

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must be built, costumes created and makeup organized; the construction and instruction is a gruelling amount of work. Backstage is organized by Clive, the Company’s volunteer Props Manager while Stage Manager Tina ensures everyone knows where they are supposed to be and gives lighting and sound cues to the Mary Winspear crew. Lighting and sound are all provided through the Charlie White Theatre. The week of the show, Mountain Dream meets with the theatre’s technicians to design the sound and lighting. They go through the script, line by line, and determine timing of music and stage lighting. This is followed by a full rehearsal with the cast to ensure it all fits, followed by a second rehearsal, a full dress rehearsal and finally, opening night. Once the curtain closes on the final show, the performance may be over but the lessons and experience remain with the cast and crew. Musical theatre, at this level, builds confidence, develops communications tools and creates an experience of being part of something bigger than yourself.

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at the Mary Winspear Centre

Countermeasure The Mary Winspear Centre presents a unique musical experience featuring the a cappella ensemble Countermeasure on Wednesday, March 15 at 7:30pm. With award-winning a cappella that will bring you to your feet, Countermeasure has won worldwide acclaim and sold-out houses in the UK, Canada and US. You’ll experience sophisticated arrangements, seamless harmonies, lively performances and infectious energy. Their dramatically choreographed show, where every song tells a story, has received standing ovations worldwide. Featuring 14 of Canada’s top harmony singers, Countermeasure’s genre-defying contemporary sound takes a cappella to the next level. Formed in 2010, Countermeasure is led by award-winning composer & arranger Aaron Jensen. The group performs original compositions and reimagined standards by artists from Cole Porter to the Beatles, with a particular focus on pop and jazz arrangements. It’s a cappella singing at its best, incorporating innovative live looping, vocal percussion, and instrument sounds made by the voice. The ensemble won one of two spots in the Best Jazz Album category from the Contemporary A Cappella Recording

Awards in the U.S. for their debut CD, “14 Characters”, followed by the criticallyacclaimed album, “Made to Measure”.

Valdy The Mary Winspear Centre welcomes back Canadian music legend, Valdy, with a solo performance Friday, March 17th. Paul “Valdy” Horsdal has been part of the fabric of Canadian pop, country and folk music for over 40 years. Combining the art of storytelling and music, Valdy captures life’s most special moments with warmth and magic. Playing around 200 shows a year for four decades, performing live is still enjoyable to the long-time Salt Spring Island resident. Valdy is an energetic performer, famous for jigging and dancing on stage, and establishing rapport with young and adult audiences alike. To date he has 14 albums, 22 singles, and four gold records, and has sold nearly half a million units worldwide. Famous for the hit ‘Play Me a Rock ‘n’ Roll Song’, Valdy toured the world several times over. He has also won two Juno Awards for Folk Singer of the Year and Folk Entertainer of the Year, along with seven additional Juno nominations. He was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 2005, and

the Victoria Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in ‘08, something he says is an honour, if not somewhat perplexing. “As a folksinger, I play it all. I was inducted into the Victoria R’n’R Hall of Fame, but I’m still a folksinger, thus cover ALL styles of music,” he commented. Valdy’s recent albums include “Contenders”, a collaboration with friend and fellow singer/songwriter, Gary Fjellgaard, and a solo release, “Viva Valdy: Live at Last”. Playing crowd favourites, new material and even a few surprises, an evening with folk icon Valdy will entertain those both young and young at heart.

Chilliwack The Mary Winspear Centre presents Chilliwack for two evenings of great Canadian Rock n Roll with guest Jesse Roper on Saturday, April 1 and Sunday, April 2. Rising out of the ashes of psychedelia in 1969, Canada’s legendary Chilliwack released 12 albums over a 15 year period producing numerous Canadian and international hits including “Lonesome Mary”, “Fly At Night”, & “California Girl” in the 70’s; and “My Girl (gone gone gone)”,

“Whatcha Gonna Do” in the 80’s. All this work led to fifteen gold and platinum certifications, a host of awards, high profile TV appearances and colossal concert tours. Chilliwack’s reputation for consistently powerful shows continue, and with the live CD THERE AND BACK still winning over new fans and delighting long time ones, Bill Henderson and the band are rocking like never before. Hearing the revitalized Chilliwack of today is like hearing those songs for the first time… all over again.

Opening the show, Victoria’s own Jesse Roper will be performing a solo acoustic set. Jesse has an explosive live show, the genuine quality and charisma of his versatile blues rooted soul, rock and country funk is as approachable as his charm. Quickly gaining momentum, the wheels on Jesse’s faithful van keep turning, chronicling a year of extensive touring and success of becoming a major festival draw. Roper was chosen to compete at the 2016 International Blues Challenge in Memphis TN.

What ’s Happening March 3 4 5 11 12 15

Karen Clark Stage Stars Victoria Fish & Game Banquet Fundraiser Bazan Bay Run Dance Extravaganza Dance Unlimited Countermeasure

17 31

This show is one you won’t want to miss. Tickets for Chilliwack’s return appearance are on sale now at the Mary Winspear box office.

2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney | 250.656.0275

Valdy Bridge Victoria Spring Sectional

April 1&2 1& 2 8

The nostalgic may appreciate his throwback vibe akin to Stevie Ray Vaughan and vintage Texas blues, however, his music remains current with his fiery energy captivating audiences while his knockout live performance blows them away.

Chilliwack with guest Jesse Roper Bridge Victoria Spring Sectional Peninsula Garden Club Plant Sale


Easter Vintage, Retro & Collectibles Show 18 Orcas At Risk 20 Palm Court Orchestras Solo 21 & 22 Sidney Lions Club Conference 28-30 Peninsula Singers Canada A Celebration of our Nation 29 & 30 Saanich Peninsula Arts & Crafts Show and Sale

99 New Homes for North Saanich

Sidney’s Pet Centre Come See Us for All Your Pet Needs! Proudly Serving Sidney & the Peninsula for 28 Years #4 - 9769 Fifth St, Sidney

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42 | march 2017

by Janice Henshaw

The site of Eaglehurst homes

in North Saanich is bustling with cranes, delivery trucks, excavating machines and workers. A new community of homes – 99 in fact – will be built in this 13-acre area, a development project which has been in the works for over 14 years. Eaglehurst describes the community of homes as a "thoughtfully designed neighbourhood complete with double sidewalks and an extensive landscaping plan that includes community gardens." The expert design and construction team behind this development consists of Citta Construction, Sandy Nygaard Interior Design, and Murdoch de Greeff Inc. Landscape Architects. The first phase of 20 homes is selling now and includes five house plans to choose from, including a “Master on the Main,” and two options with mortgage helpers. The freehold (non-strata) homes start at $749,900 (GST included) and require only 5% down. The homes will be ready for occupancy in the summer of 2017. The sales team of REALTORS®, Brooke Alexander and Jeff Holmes, note that every Built Green™ home comes complete with premium, upgraded finishings at the time of purchase. Some of these features include nine-foot ceilings on both floors, privacy fencing, a landscape package, in-ground irrigation, stainless steel appliances, Caesarstone counter tops, designer tile in all of the bathrooms, and on-demand, tankless hot water heaters. Located at the Canora Road entrance to the development, the attractive, two-storey show home is 3,308 square feet on a 5,000-square-foot lot. Styled in West Coast contemporary, the home

has four bathrooms, four bedrooms, and a den. Gourmet cooks will appreciate the gas stove while everyone will enjoy the cozy atmosphere enhanced by the gas fireplace in the living room. The functional floor plan has been professionally staged to include a lovely blue feature wall in the living room and den. In the kids’ bedrooms, fun, bright colours – orange and cranberry with black accents – give each space its own personality. The master suite is a relaxing oasis painted in robin’s egg blue. It has two walk-in closets that include customizable shelving and drawers. The deluxe ensuite features Eaglehurst’s premium finishes with radiant heated flooring, large mirrors and double sinks. The spacious shower has a rain showerhead and the glass door swings open with the smooth weight of quality. Mike Dalton, vice-president of Citta Group, said his team is very proud to have been chosen as the builder at Eaglehurst. “Quality design and workmanship are hallmarks of the Citta name, which make us a good fit for the developer’s goals for the project. New, quality subdivisions such as Eaglehurst rarely come around so we intend to build a lasting product of which Citta, as well as the community of North Saanich, can be proud." Having sold a client into the new development, Mark Salter of RE/MAX Alliance noted that "In 10 years of working as a residential REALTOR® in Victoria, the team at Eaglehurst was one of the most professional that I've encountered on the other side of a transaction. I was impressed with their responsiveness, and attention to detail. I truly appreciated that they were so willing to help address the points that are most important to my clients."

personal tax preparation

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Peggy Yelland & Associates Inc. is a local Saanich Peninsula accounting firm which provides the following services: • • • • •

Personal & Corporate Income Tax Bookkeeping/ Payroll/ Bill Paying Financial Statements Consulting & New Business Advisory Construction Specialists

Call us: 250-652-7845

102-7851 East Saanich Road Saanichton, B.C. V8M 2B4

march 2017 | 43

island dish

Chef's Quiche Lorraine This month's recipe is a

by Rosemary Scott Deep Cove Market

tribute to Chef Lucien Frauenfelder (pictured top left). Swiss born in 1938 and European trained, he will be sadly missed and remembered by all his friends, family and loyal customers at Bistro Suisse in Sidney. He wanted to share one of his recipes as a thank you and farewell!

1¼ lbs (567grams) Swiss cheese 1¼ lbs medium cheddar 1 lb bacon 3 lbs onions, sliced thin 9 eggs 6 cups (1.5 litres) whole milk 1.5 cups flour salt, pepper, nutmeg

Pastry 7 cups flour 1 lb Tenderflake lard 1 egg 2 tbsp white vinegar 1.25 cups ice cold water Make dough following the instructions on the lard package. Grate cheeses and set aside. Cut bacon into small strips and fry slowly without it browning; add sliced onions and fry over low heat until the onions are transparent. Set aside. Beat eggs with whisk; add milk and mix well. In a large bowl, mix the flour, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Add the milk/egg mixture and whisk briskly until smooth. Add the cooked onion bacon mixture and then the grated cheese. Season to taste. Line two baking sheets with rolled out dough all the way up the sides. Pour the mixture into them, and bake at 400°F for about 30 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool slightly and cut into squares or diamond shapes. Serve hot. This recipe freezes beautifully if you want to pre-cut your servings and wrap individually for future meals. This is a very large recipe; I didn't cut it in half but would think that most people would want to. I felt very privileged to meet with Chef Lucien before he passed to discuss sharing his recipe with you. I hope I did this quiche justice!

Physical Literacy at Panorama Recreation Centre: The ABC’s of Health by Jo Barnes

When we teach a young

child we hope that their skills in writing and reading will make them a literate person. However, what about the connection between educating the mind and the body? Do we do enough to teach physical literacy? “If we want individuals to be active for life, they need to develop physical literacy throughout their childhood,” says Jason Gray, Community Recreation Coordinator for Youth Programs at Panorama Recreation. Panorama offers a variety of programs that incorporate and promote physical literacy. Little ones explore basic movements in Mini Movers or Active Start. For school age children there’s Sportball Soccer or Floor Hockey Action. Programs like Sportball Me and My Dad offer opportunities for parents and kids to enjoy physical activity and develop skills at the same time. So what is physical literacy? In order to be healthy in the mind and body, we need to learn as children how to be physically competent. We wouldn’t expect a young child to read a book before he or she knew how to make sounds or identify letters. Likewise, we don’t presume they’ll be confident in an activity setting without teaching them how to move and develop their physical abilities. “Just like reading and writing, movement is a learned skill,” says Jason. “It includes the ability to confidently and competently throw, catch, jump, strike, run, kick, and move with good balance, agility and coordination.” Panorama partners with local organizations Pacific Institute of Sports Excellence (PISE) and Vancouver Island Sportball. “Both of these organizations are well known in the recreation community for their knowledge and expertise in physical literacy and sport,” says Jason. Physical literacy is integrated into programming in many ways such as introductory games where children are asked to hop like a bunny or zig zag around markers. It all starts with staff education. “Our recreation staff is offered training in fundamental movement skills multiple times throughout the year,” shares Jason. Public education is also key. Panorama provides brochures and displays about physical literacy and come April 2 will host Physical Literacy Week offering free sample class opportunities and workshops by the PISE. Family Fun and Sports Nights in the spring are opportunities for sport and movement in a non-

competitive atmosphere. When we learn and become confident in our basic movement skills and fundamental sports skills, we’re more likely to get physically active. This is critical today when children are living more sedentary lifestyles. “What’s exciting about physical literacy is that it isn’t solely teambased or competitive, says Jason. “It allows children to participate with confidence in all of life’s activities, not just sport.” Physical literacy is the groundwork we use as the building blocks to a lifetime of good health.

Make Your Neighbours Jealous. Create a Show-Stopping Lawn.

Premium Garden & Lawn Soils Fertilizers & Grass Seed

Over 20 Years Serving the Peninsula Quality Products for All Your Landscape & Gardening Needs Delivery Available to Greater Victoria and the Gulf Islands. Call 250.656.6719 march 2017 | 45

Wildlife & Historic Sites at Esquimalt Lagoon

Come gather at the farmhouse for the second in our 2017 series of cooking March 14 & 21 explorations featuring 1-2:30 p.m. & 6-7:30 p.m. our Snowdon House Gourmet products!

Cooking Explorations

For More Information on Cooking Explorations visit

Register via or 250.658.3419. Cost $15

Parsnip Poutine with Creamy Tzatziki Salad Seafood Quiche with Dill & Lemon

Customer Appreciation Day! March 9 from 10 - 5

One Day Only In-Store Shopping 15% Off Selected Merchandise

Goat Cheese Cheesecake with Raspberry & Mint Gelée

Farm Shop Hours Tuesday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. 250.658.3419 • 1890 Mills Rd, N. Saanich 46 | march 2017

One of the most remarkable features of Esquimalt Lagoon is how it almost feels below sea level. Part optical illusion and part reality (this low-lying area is by Jesse Holth considered a Tsunami Hazard Zone!), the wide expanse of ocean is visually striking. With parking all along the Coburg Peninsula, you’ll drive on the narrow spit of land that separates Esquimalt Lagoon from the rest of the ocean. Take your pick: you can walk along the beach side, facing the Olympic mountains and a view of downtown Victoria, or you can walk along the lagoon side, where migratory birds come to rest. In fact, Esquimalt Lagoon is a Migratory Bird Sanctuary – birds often stop here on their journey between North and South America. The saltwater lagoon and surrounding trees are a birdwatcher’s paradise, where you can spot great blue herons, bald eagles, large groups of swans, and countless other species. Don’t forget to bring the binoculars – they can help you spot wildlife, as well as iconic buildings like Hatley Castle, just inland of the lagoon. This area is also a great place to collect shells, and is popular with kayakers. It’s home to some of the oldest Douglas firs around Victoria – not to mention some of the biggest Douglas firs in the entire province. Just pay attention to the signage if you plan to bring your dog(s), as much of it is on-leash to protect this important bird habitat.

island adventures

in Victoria at 1831 Oak Bay Avenue (next to Harr y’s Flowers)

in Sidney at 2494 Beacon Avenue

Victoria’s Newest Garden Centre A New Garden & Floral Experience at Mattick’s Farm

Esquimalt Lagoon has a very interesting history. About 10,000 years ago, toward the end of the Fraser Glaciation, a large chunk of ice separated from the rest of the ice sheet and began to melt. This eventually created the lagoon, while ocean currents deposited sediment around the ice block to create the Coburg Peninsula (where you now park your car). Used by First Nations for thousands of years, the lagoon provided opportunities for clam harvesting, fishing, and other subsistence activities. When the naval base was established at Esquimalt Harbour in 1854, they even used the Coburg Peninsula as a firing range. This continued until the late 20th century, when the military college was closed and Hatley Park became Royal Roads University. Why not make a day of it? Head to nearby Fort Rodd Hill Historic Site, which includes the Fisgard Lighthouse – the first permanent lighthouse to be built on Canada’s west coast. Dating back to 1860, the interior has been turned into a two-storey exhibition about shipwrecks and the lighthouse’s history. Fort Rodd Hill itself is a coastal artillery fort that was built to protect Victoria and Esquimalt Naval Base in the 1890s. Plenty of command posts, guardhouses, gun batteries and underground magazines are still standing. Visitors can explore the grounds, tour some of the buildings, and walk a number of nature trails. Make sure to head down to the ocean, too – this beautiful lighthouse on the coastal bluffs is not to be missed. Visit the Government of Canada websites for more information about the Migratory Bird Sanctuary and these important National Historic Sites.

• Full Service Flower Shop • Fruit Trees, Shrubs, Edibles & Native Plants • Locally Made Giftware • Passionate & Creative Staff • Distinctive Local Garden Art

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new & noteworthy News, changes, updates, launches? Email

by Lara Gladych


their second store. Renovations are underway. The friendly neighbourhood market will offer products ranging from local foods and fresh organic produce to green cleaning solutions.

Pizza Pleaser

Something Tasty

Colosso Pizzeria & Grill is open in Sidney for dine-in and take-out, at 9819 Fifth Street. They have a Pizzeria in Brentwood, too, at the corner of West Saanich and Wallace.

Julien Creperie Co. is also new to Sidney! Located at 2380 Beacon Avenue, Julien offers sweet and savoury crêpes, healthy drinks and gourmet Cafe Fantastico coffee. Everything is made to order in front of the customer with premium, local and seasonal ingredients.

Natural Foods Mother Nature’s Market & Deli is scheduled to open this May! Currently operating on Cook Street, the Sidney location, at 2310 Beacon Avenue, will be

Feel Better There’s a new walk-in clinic to serve us on the Peninsula:

RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, T3, Happy Personal Happy Personal T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs, We Aim To Be T4, T5, T3,Season! T4AP, T4AOAS, That Friendly Tax Tax Season! Partner! RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, T3, T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs, At Darren J. T4, T5, T3, T4AP, T4AOAS, Proulx, CPA, we RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, T3, can make the T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs, whole experience T4, T5, T3, T4AP, T4AOAS, of understanding RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, T3, and handling your T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs, accounting needs T4, T5, T3, T4AP, T4AOAS, simpler and RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, T3, easier. T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs, Let us start T4, T5, T3, T4AP, T4AOAS, working on RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, T3, making your T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs, personal, estate T4, T5, T3, T4AP, T4AOAS, or business tax RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, T3, and accounting T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs situation add up to more than just puzzle pieces.

Brentwood Walk-In Clinic, at Bayside Medical Centre, 7726 West Saanich Road.

business launches

Fun in the Mud Push Monster is the brainchild of a Sidney dad who wants his kids away from electronics and into playing in the mud! Jevon Upton (JR Marine), has produced an indestructible toy for children ages one to eight. The pushable monster truck has an adjustable handle, comes in multiple colours, and can be “customized” with sticker packages. “Get dirty, get rad, and explore the outdoors.”

Relax and Unwind Nix Motiuk, RMT and certified Spa Practitioner, has debuted a mobile massage business, Autumn Sunshine Massage. You choose your massage location, be it in the comfort of your own home or outdoors - wherever you will feel most relaxed. You can also visit Nix in her own space at Saanichton Physio and Sports Clinic. 780-245-0588.

Fresh Foods


#105 - 9717 Third St, Sidney

48 | march 2017

All Smiles Sidney-By-The-Sea Dental Hygiene Clinic is under new ownership. Paulette Reid is a Registered Dental Hygienist with more than 15 years in the industry. She’ll be working alongside three other hygienists who have been with the clinic for four years each. Paulette has a great passion for the senior community, and is committed to providing highquality service for all clients.

Whiskey Wins B.C. whiskies emerge as medalists for the first time at the Seventh Annual Canadian Whisky Awards! Our very own de Vine Vineyards Winery and Distillery received a silver medal for their Glen Saanich Single Malt. “B.C.’s micro-distilling industry is newer than in other parts of the country and I’m so excited to see them starting to come into their own,” says Davin de Kergommeaux, Chairman of the judges.

Feel Good Brews

Sidney Seafoods is a local family business providing freshly caught seafood at affordable prices. Email sidneyseafoods@ to find out what’s fresh off the boat. Buy directly from the fisherman!

Category 12 Brewing is hosting a Mixer and Silent Auction, March 15 from 6 to 8 p.m., to benefit the Victoria Therapeutic Riding Association. Call 250-652-9668.

business news

Fond Farewell

Simply Cremations & Funeral Service is moving to a brand new location in Sidney by the Sea. As of March 20, Leslie and Jordan will look forward

Lunn’s Bakery, one of Sidney’s longstanding favourites, has closed. Robert Lunn extends his thanks to his loyal and valued customers for their kindness and patronage over the last 40 years.

There For You Tax & Accounting for Individuals, Businesses Trusts & Estates

to seeing you at #102 - 2360 Beacon Avenue, in the Garden Court behind Quizno’s. www.




Saanich Peninsula Shops & Services Part of what makes our neighbourhoods special are the businesses that thrive within them. As Saanich Peninsula entrepreneurs we strive to meet the needs of, and give back to, our diverse community. We ask that you please take a minute to think about the large potential of your consumer dollar.

When you shop local, more revenue remains in your community, supporting parks, schools and more! For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $46 is recirculated back into the local economy.

Statistics courtesy of Photos courtesy,




Saanich Peninsula Shops & Services

Brown's The Florist Beautiful fresh tulips in a rainbow of colours – a feeling that Spring is just around the corner. Sidney: 250.656.3313 2499 Beacon Ave

The Dancing Orchid

Brentwood Bay Village Empourium Spring has arrived, and Brentwood Bay Village Empourium is here to brighten your day, your wardrobe and your home! Proprietors Alice Bacon and John Carswell invite you to stop in and enjoy the social atmosphere of their family-owned business, have a coffee or a bite to eat, do some browsing and find some seasonal treasures. Relax outside in the sun and enjoy an old-fashioned milkshake, or find a corner to plug in and get some work done while enjoying an expertly prepared espresso. Indulge in a glass of wine or craft beer with your freshly-made lunch, or stop in to browse the diverse selection of coffee ware, décor, accessories and gifts. Since opening in the summer of 2015, Empourium has continued to expand the range of local gifts, cards and accessories, as well as sourcing unique items from across Canada and around the world. The newly opened “Gallery at Empourium” features the work of local artists and photographers. Friday evenings they’re open late, and feature live music by local talent and an open mic night the last Friday of each month. Follow them on Facebook for regular updates and information. Located at the corner of Wallace Drive and West Saanich Road in the heart of Brentwood Bay. Open 7 days a week.

LAMPE BERGER: purifies and scents the air in enclosed spaces like no other system. New lamps and fragrances now available at the Dancing Orchid. For the month of March, receive a free 100ml bottle of neutral with the purchase of a Lampe Berger Lamp.

Downtown: 250.388.5545 757 Fort St Westshore: 778.433.5399 #102 - 2972 Jacklin Rd

250.656.1318 | 2416 Beacon Ave

Muffet & Louisa Sharpen up for spring! Global kitchen shears and 20 cm cook's knife set. Regular $250; now on for $140. 250.656.0011 | 2506 Beacon Ave

Laloca - Fair Trade and Local Products Traditional Indian, African and Middle Eastern spice mixtures made accessible to the western palate – known to transform an everyday meal into a tasty sensation. 778.351.3844 | 2367 Beacon Ave

Going Platinum Hair Design & Esthetics Going Platinum is happy to feature our two organic skin care lines – Seaflora and Viva Organics – for the month of March. Enjoy 10% off on all Esthetics services throughout March. Pamper yourself and get ready for Spring! 250.655.3443 | 2426 Bevan Ave

You are investing in your community by supporting its unique businesses. Appreciate what makes our neighbourhoods different. Our one-of-akind businesses are an inherent part of the distinctive character of our Saanich Peninsula neighbourhoods; that is what brought us here and will keep us here. Stay local and stay connected to the merchants in your community. By supporting independent businesses today, you are investing in a unique and sustainable future for the Saanich Peninsula community.

One Stop Furniture Shop Sophisticated yet charming, this French Provincial look was made to enhance any décor. This is a timeless look that will never go out of fashion. 250.655.7467 (SHOP) 9819 Fifth St

Barking Dog Studio Unique and One of a Kind! We feature the imaginative works of over 85 Vancouver Island artisans for Unique Furniture and Décor, Pottery, Jewelery, Health and Beauty … and we are specialists in refinishing furniture with Chalk Paint!

Keekeeklean Professional House Cleaning

250.216.3423 | #109 - 2506 Beacon Ave

Beacon Cat Hospital We are committed to providing the highest quality medical and surgical care with dedication, compassion and respect towards owners and their beloved pets. We dedicate additional time for each visit to ensure a comprehensive examination of the patients and that you are well informed about their health status. Please make an appointment and visit us at 250.656.5568 9711 A Fifth St


Professional House Cleaning

Don’t worry, be happy, we will clean and we are snappy! keekeeklean offers affordable, scheduled appointments by our qualified staff. Enjoy stepping into a spotless dust-free home or office after our team has worked their magic! • Licensed • Insured • WCB Protected 250.896.6540 |

Brentwood Bay Village Empourium This beautiful hybrid shop and café features a unique selection of accessories, décor and cards. Enjoy espresso, wine, beer, home baking and light meals. Live music Friday nights, Sunday brunch and much more. 778.351.0178 | Brentwood Crossing 12-7103 W Saanich Rd |

“Don’t worry be happy we clean and we’re snappy.” Keekeeklean offers affordable, scheduled appointments by our qualified staff. We do it all: residential, holiday rentals, offices and move-out cleans. You will walk into an immaculate space after our team has done their magic! My team covers a wide range of tasks to free up your time. Send an email to, book an appointment and see how we go the extra mile and make everything sparkle. Our affordable rates complement our world class customer service and attention to detail. Quality control and my team are of the highest standard and more importantly, we care about getting it right for you. Friendly, reliable and we’ll work around your busy lifestyle. Keekeeklean is registered, insured and WCB protected. All staff have recent criminal record checks and references are available upon request. So remember: “Don’t worry be happy we clean and we’re snappy.” • Residential Service $30 an hour • Office $35 an hour • Holiday Rental $35 an hour • Move In/Move Out $40 an hour • Post-Construction $40 an hour For more information visit

A Delicious Meal. A Thirst-Quenching Beverage. The Warmth of Family & Friends.

peninsula eats

Looking Forward to Seeing You This Spring.

Pub & Restaurant 9881 Seaport Pl, Sidney 250.656.5643

Bistro Now Open For Dinner! by Jo Barnes

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9100 East Saanich Rd, North Saanich 52 | march 2017

This is the fourth in a six-part series of profiles featuring some of the Saanich Peninsula's wonderful restaurants and pubs. It sits on the shores of the Salish Sea, home to migrating whales and king salmon. It offers up signature shrimp and crab. And it echoes a fascinating history full of local notorious characters and their escapades. Situated in Sidney-by-the-Sea, the Rumrunner Pub & Restaurant is an extremely popular spot that serves up a piece of the Pacific Northwest lifestyle: creative cuisine in a setting that has delighted visitors from around the world for decades. “It’s not a bad view from the office every day!” quips general manager Bill Singer. While customers praise the food and

service, their comments repeatedly focus on the view from the pub. Located at 9881 Seaport Place, the pub offers a truly amazing seaside vantage point. Gulls flying by, visiting whales, views of the marina, and Mount Baker rising in the distance; it’s a West Coast wonderland. The Rumrunner is a place customers brag about and tourists seek out because of the overall experience. The pub takes its name from the book by Marion Parker on famous rumrunner Johnny Schnarr, a fellow who has been one of the pub’s patrons. “I met him,” shares Bill. “He came to the pub many times, and we became friends.” The pub’s Rogue’s Gallery, in fact, pays homage to rumrunners like Schnarr and has served as a welcoming place for these men

Repast With a Past: The Rumrunner Pub & Restaurant

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Real, Delicious Food for the Active Appetite

Open 8-3 daily 2300 Canoe Cove Rd, North Saanich

On Monday, February 6th we lost our favourite customer and one of my best friends – Rick Broadley.

to reminisce. “The pictures have brought these guys back to rum-running and the days of their youth,” says Bill. It becomes clear that customer relationships are what propel Bill along his business journey. “It’s a human business,” says Bill. “We are part of people’s lives. They know my family, they know me.” Yes, the Rumrunner Pub is definitely closely connected to the community. Patrons have asked that celebrations of life for their loved ones be hosted here. That’s as personal as it gets. The pub is also a trailblazer. It was one of the first on the Island to offer restaurantstyle meals and started a precedent of

“Roast Beef Fridays.” It offers traditional pub fare like fish and chips or corned beef sandwiches, but also takes advantage of its coastal location by featuring local seafood specialties like cedar plank salmon or blackened halibut fillet. “The cioppino (fish stew) is very popular as are the crab and shrimp croissants,” says Bill. And to quench your thirst, you might ask? A full-service bar offers an extensive selection of local and import beer and wines. Don’t miss the very popular rumrunner punch! Come for the cuisine, come for the view, but come back for the experience. The Rumrunner Pub brings you a West Coast welcome, a place of safe harbour and a spot to re-launch.

Rick was well known for his talents as a carpenter, father and husband. He leaves behind his amazing wife Betsy and hard-working son Ted. To my friend Rick: thanks for all your teaching and being such a great person to be with. All your friends at the Prairie Inn miss you! Love always, Jamie Day

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Bayshore Home Health is a full-service home care company, offering everything from hourly to live-in care services, and basic home support to palliative and dementia care. Let us help you navigate the health care system! Stasia Hartley, Area Director | Debbie Short, RN Manager of Clinical Practice

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Bayshore HealthCare has been enhancing the quality of life, dignity and independence of Canadians in their homes since 1966. Recently awarded a 2017 Vancouver Island Business Excellence Award in the Health Care category, a 2016 Crystal Award for Business Excellence in the category of Contribution to the Community and named one of Canada’s Best Employers 2016 by Forbes Media.


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16oz Umbria drip coffee with your Made To Order Wrap before 8:30am 9805 Seaport Place, Sidney, BC • 54 | march 2017

WI Shows Community Strength Through monthly meetings, a small band of women has formed a mighty network for support, socializing and doing social good. The Royal Oak Women’s Institute has frequent outings to museums, galleries, gardens and sometimes a guided tour of a specific area of the city. But what you might not know is that since 1912, the members of the Royal Oak Women’s Institute have been part of the operation of Royal Oak Hall on West Saanich Road. In 1928 the trustees of the hall sold the building to the Royal Oak Women’s Institute for $1,400. The Institute members have maintained and operated it since that time, with the hall receiving heritage designation in 1979. The Women’s Institute of B.C. falls under the umbrella of the Farmer’s and Women’s Institute Act. One of the bylaws states that there will be no debt: all repairs, purchases and maintenance are paid in cash at the time of purchase. The group keeps the Hall fully rented to dance clubs and exercise groups, and all money earned and not required for future maintenance is donated to charity. There’s a long history to this small group. In 1922 the British Columbia Women’s Institute started raising funds for a children’s hospital in Vancouver. In 1925 the proposal was to build the hospital at Mill Bay. The WI received funds from the British Royal Family and the decision was made to call the hospital Queen Alexandra Solarium. The Royal Oak branch continues to make annual donations to the now Vancouver Island Children’s Health Foundation. Several years ago the ROWI was looking for an organization that protected women and families. They were directed to a facility that provides second stage housing and counselling. It’s fun and rewarding to buy Christmas presents and fill Easter Baskets! The group also provides a fund for emergencies. A social outing several years ago visited Haliburton Community Organic Farm. The group was impressed with what they were doing and felt they could help. The farm was to provide opportunities for education and apprentices. The branch decided to provide money for bursaries and to assist in the payment of apprentices. The branch meets the second Wednesday of each month September through June. There is a

short business meeting and then refreshments and time for socializing. Often there will be a speaker. A recent presentation of videos of a women’s farm in South Africa led to financial support for an irrigation system to replace one that had been stolen during the night. Although the group tends to support local

needs, they will consider all deserving causes. They also financially support the Associated Country Women of the World which is the international body of the Women’s Institute. This body fights for women’s and girls’ rights in countries that do not recognize their rights.

march 2017 | 55 Studio Revisions

seaside arts scene by Gillian Crowley

these grannies are deflating clichés about aging and proving that life can be lived to its fullest at any age. Free. Sidney/ North Saanich Library, 10091 Resthaven Drive, Sidney. March 8 from 6 to 8 p.m.

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Small Expressions Members of the local Arts Council will display some of their “small” artworks in this unusual show. Local artists work within 12 by 12 by 12 inches, both 2D and 3D works, in a variety of mediums. See the creativity that can be expressed in a limited space. Free admission and parking. Tulista Arts Centre, 9565 Fifth Street, Sidney. March 4 to 31, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (closed Mondays).

Granny Power Film Screening Celebrate International Women's Day with the Raging Grannies! The Library will screen Magnus Isacsson's documentary Granny Power. Learn about this unique international movement that started 25 years ago as a satirical protest group in Victoria. Remaining active and finding a voice as elderly women,

St. Paddy's Day with Denis Donnelly Wear a bit o’ green and join Denis Donnelly as he performs music from his beloved Ireland. Denis will sing, play guitar and Irish harp, and be joined by his long-time musical partner, the gifted Lanny Pollet, who will play Irish flutes. Together they will recreate some of the most beautiful and enduring songs and tunes from that amazing tradition, including jigs, reels, and music of the itinerant 17th/18th-century harper, Turlough O’Carolan. Presented by Deep Cove Folk Society. Tickets at door. St. John’s United Church, 10990 West Saanich Road. March 10 at 8 p.m.

Friday Films at the Library View three outstanding short films by National Film Board filmmakers. Mabel: Feisty,

fiercely independent and firmly rooted in place, 90-year-old Mabel Robinson broke barriers in the '40s when she became the first woman in Hubbards, N.S. to launch her own business – a hairdressing salon where she still provides shampoo-n-sets over 70 years later. The film celebrates the power of friendship, doing what you love and staying active. Debris: A portrait of Tofino, B.C. intertidal artist Pete Clarkson as he crafts his most ambitious and personal project to date: a memorial to the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami. Revealing Marie Saint Pierre: Meet Quebec fashion designer Marie Saint Pierre in this art documentary. The film gives razor sharp insights into her creative process as well as being a woman entrepreneur in the exclusive world of luxury fashion. Sidney/North Saanich Library, 10091 Resthaven Drive. March 31, 1 to 3 p.m. Free.

Spring Reading Series – C.C. Humphreys and Tilar Mazzeo Two talented authors will read from their works in support of 56 | march 2017

the 2017 Sidney & Peninsula Literary Festival. Chris (C.C.) Humphreys is an actor and writer of historical novels. Having played Jack Absolute, (The Rivals by Sheridan), he stole the character and has written three books about this 007 of the 1770s. He has also written a trilogy for young adults, The Runestone Saga. His newest book is Fire, a gripping reimagining of events surrounding the 1666 Great Fire of London. He is joined by Dr. Tilar Mazzeo, author of numerous works of narrative nonfiction. She divides her time amongst coastal Maine, where she teaches English; New York City; and Saanichton. Her latest book, Irena’s Children, is the remarkable history of a “female Schindler,” Irena Sendler (1910-2008), who saved more than 2,500 Jewish children from the Nazis. Tickets: Tanner’s Books and online at www.sidneyliteraryfestival. ca. SHOAL Centre, 10030 Resthaven Drive, Sidney. March 17 at 7 p.m.

February Meeting by Deborah Rogers

Some of our great new releases!

We were a smaller group at our February meeting due to vacations and sickness, and possibly, due to our reading selection. All the Broken Things by Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer presented a challenge for many of our readers – not because of the way it was written, but because of the subject matter. There were some strong reactions to the presentation of such a sad collection of beings – Orange, Bo and Bear – and the animal rights issues were enough to deter one reader completely. Most of us made it to the end of the book though, and even those who hadn’t, had plenty to say and reflect on. The author’s decision to adjust reality a little to fit a constructed timeline was one of the first topics of discussion. Where does the line between fiction and nonfiction sit when basing a story on real life events? Does it matter to readers if thoughts like “that couldn’t have happened then” interrupt the narrative? The “broken things” of the title were heart wrenching and disturbing. Whilst we acknowledged the desire of the author to force us to examine them and our reactions to them, it made for heavy reading. Themes of difference and acceptance resonated throughout alongside the overwhelming question of how do those people in the world who aren’t broken deal with those who are? Or, are we all broken in some way? Looking at the book as a vehicle to present themes made it easier somehow to understand the surreal setting. Communication; loyalty; empathy; duty; these were all ideas that ran through the story, with the main character Bo personifying the struggle to live within a contradiction of these: literally wrestling his way through life. We talked about refugees, disabilities, child abuse, rejection and anger. Though some of the subject matter was dark, our discussion remained lively and the very fact of this being a book that wasn’t universally well received by the group caused us to remember why we wanted to be in a book club in the first place. The opportunity to read widely and beyond our comfort zone; the chance to hear other people’s thoughts (and maybe allow them to change our own) – it was all positive stuff! Many of the Book Club thought they would look for other books by the author as her style was engaging and certainly thoughtprovoking. There were treats from Quince Café too, that’s a great incentive to come along next time! The Book Club selection for our March meeting is The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. The meeting will be held on March 15 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the SHOAL Centre, Resthaven Drive, Sidney. Visit www. for a more information and to sign up!


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Jacqueline Winspear Fiction | PB $19.99

Three Sisters, Three Queens Philippa Gregory Fiction | PB $22.99

Dishonorable Intentions Stuart Woods Fiction | PB $13.50

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Community "Fun" in Fundraising The art of fundraising can at times be a delicate balance of the needs of the organization and the interest of the donor. Some of the best ways to engage new and old donors is to create a fun environment that both promotes and supports the charity and at the same time gives the donor an opportunity to have fun. On May 12, 2017 Broadmead Care will be hosting their 14th Annual Broadmead Care / Commissionaires Charity Golf tournament, an annual fundraiser by Shannon Donnelly Broadmead Care

58 | march 2017

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that supports the Veterans and seniors at the lodge, and this year’s tournament sees some big changes! “We have an amazing group of volunteers who are dedicated to promoting a new direction for our tournament. Firstly, we are moving to Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort and Spa,” says Director of Development Mandy Parker. “We are increasing the number of golfers from 126 to 144 and we are aiming to raise over $140,000.” Money raised from this year’s tournament goes towards the Make Room Campaign in support of renovating Veterans’ and seniors’ rooms. The goal is to renovate 229 rooms at a cost of $366,400 ($1,600 per room). The Veterans Memorial Lodge at Broadmead is over 20 years old and, as you can imagine, the furnishings have reached the end of their useful life. It is with community support and donations that Broadmead Care is able to provide the best possible care for WWII and Korean War Veterans and seniors at the Lodge. Once again, we are very fortunate that long-time benefactor Rudi Hoenson has offered to “double up” all donations made through the tournament up to a total of $25,000, creating a huge boost. Donations are already coming in as part of healthy rivalry between retired and current Navy and Army personnel with donations to cover the cost of one or two rooms, giving the winning team some much earned bragging rights. “This will create extra fun and excitement on the day of the tournament. Golfers and donors will know that their money will be going that much further thanks to Rudi’s generous gift. His support is inspiring and gives us an even bigger reason to get out there and have some fun!” For more information on how you can be a part of this longstanding fundraiser in our community, visit or call 250-658-3274. Organizers are still looking for sponsors and golfers, and of course making new connections with donors. Broadmead Care is Vancouver Island’s designated residential care facility and adult day programs provider for hundreds of WWII and Korean War veterans, seniors and adults with disabilities. Broadmead Care operates the Veterans Memorial Lodge at Broadmead, Nigel House, Harriet House and Veterans Health Centre.


The Bleating of the Lambs by Trysh Ashby-Rolls

Lambs and their mothers dot the landscape across the Gulf Islands. Lambing is in full swing. Alongside the driveway up to the warm sheep shed where Jodi Schamberger bottlefeeds day-old twins, older lambs curl into their mothers' wooly backs in fields of scrubby grass. Two grey lambs with black faces, exhausted from a play-fight, fold together like a ball of yarn to nap. Jodi's own flock of 18, including a ram, is care-taking this flock of 22 while the farmer is away. The lambs suck vigorously until their individual bottles are empty. Following their birth the lambs did not suck well and were fed every couple of hours including through the night. “It's hard, but you do it. It's part of the job.” The bottles contain colostrum, precursor to mother's milk, high in the nutrients lambs must have if they are to survive. If they don't get the colostrum in the first six hours of life when they best absorb it, “then they're pretty much toast.” Jodi has to make up a batch of artificial colostrum from a package. The mother has a condition called mastitis and is unable to feed her babies herself. Barbara Grimmer is B.C. Director for the Canadian Sheep Federation, with a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry. “Mastitis is an inflammation of the udder,” she explains. “The udder gets hot and red.” “It's a good sign the lambs have made it through 24 hours,” says Jodi Schamberger. Soon she'll switch them onto specially formulated sheep milk powder. “They'll be on that for three months.” Every flock on small sheep farms has its resident ram, kept busy once the days start growing shorter and ewes come into oestrus. “Before they're bred, females are given what's called a grain 'flushing' that's high in protein,” Jodi says. “You want twins.” This is the second year one of her own ewes has had healthy triplets.

Every day, she walks both her own and the farm she's looking after, looking for ewes either in labour or going into labour. “I know all my sheep by name. In labour, either they don't come in for feeding or they stand off a bit from the group. Their behaviour changes.” Dr. Grimmer says the ewe's voice changes. “It's the same special voice she uses to talk to her lambs.” She observes that when the ewe starts labour, she'll go into a corner, paw the ground with her front legs as if making a nest, get comfortable and settle in. At the farm Jodi Schamberger is care-taking, she's noticed ewes in labour will stay among the trees. “The lambs usually arrive quickly.

The ewe cleans them off before they stand up to nurse.” Jodi daubs iodine on the umbilical stub, picks up the babies and the ewe follows her into the shed. “The mother pants a lot but she's quiet when she delivers,” Barbara Grimmer says. “She doesn't want to alert her enemies.” Ravens mainly, and eagles when they return to the islands. Despite the odds, most lambs survive and thrive. As if to illustrate the point, two males, tiny horns protruding, chase and tumble in boisterous play on the driveway leading back to the road. Suddenly spotting their mother, they charge at her for a snack.


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in good health

Synergy-Based Healing: Fostering Self-Care with Reach Health by Phillip Van de Ruyt This is one of a series of profiles on some local businesses that are working to keep us all in good health. Saanich Peninsula locals have welcomed the newly arrived Bozena Niedziela with open arms, and are keenly seeking her treatment at Reach Health on Second Street in Sidney. Reach Health is a multi-discipline clinic, which offers Massage Therapy; Acupuncture; Traditional Chinese Medicine; and, now at the hands of Bozena, Osteopathy. When I asked Bozena who can benefit from osteopathic care, she answered simply: “Everyone can benefit,” and explained that

she “can even provide treatment for vitality, sleeplessness and nervousness.” So whether you or a loved one is ailing or not, Bozena’s practice is worth your consideration. So what is osteopathy about? “My practice is about fostering self-healing and care,” says Bozena. “I provide very gentle physical alignment. My initial consult evaluates where the greatest suffering and need for treatment is.” Her treatment begins with structural alignment (pelvis, sacrum, shoulders, hips, diaphragms, respiratory system and thorax). Next she moves to the muscles, connective tissue and joints. Finally Bozena does a

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visceral (organ) alignment. Bozena explained that visceral alignment is often the root source of chronic pain. Many of us live with aches and pains that we, or even our doctors, cannot explain. It becomes clear how our bodies are affected when we consider that our organs can be shifted out of position, too close together, or even stuck to joints or muscles. Visceral treatment can even help relieve constipation, IBS, acid reflux, fatigue and menstrual problems. Bozena provided examples of visceral correlations, explaining that: “Neck problems can relate to gallbladder dysfunction. Urinary

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Bozena Niedziela BA, M.OMSc Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

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bladder problems can cause foot pain. Lower back pain can come from digestive problems. Left shoulder pain can relate to emotional heartache and grief.” In short, Bozena strives to bring harmony and synergy to her patients’ bodies. She compared her hands to ultrasound technology, explaining that they are “trained to feel the state of tissue.” At a patient’s first visit she often feels a lot of bogginess in their body, and after just one treatment it is considerably relieved. Bozena spoke about osteopathy with a great deal of passion. I wasn’t surprised to learn that her practice is family motivated. Finding treatment for her daughter’s ailing health first inspired her to pursue osteopathic care. Her grown children are now living all over the continent, and she chose a life in Victoria to be with her son. Bozena came to us from Ontario, where she completed her education and started practice as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner. She admits there is greater demand for her skills out east,

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but feels optimistic about her future here. She explained that while osteopathy is very popular in France, Great Britain and the United States, it

"Visceral alignment is often the root source of chronic pain. Many of us live with aches and pains that we, or even our doctors, can't explain." is still gaining momentum in Canada. I asked what we could do to bring her practice to the forefront of locals’ minds. She said it really comes down to “cooperation within the mainstream medical system.” Communication between medical professionals and referrals are the main keys to her success. Surprisingly, doctors in many provinces are not allowed to refer to

natural medicine practitioners. Fortunately for Bozena, B.C. does allow family doctors to recommend some natural medicines, like osteopathy. More and more health plans are also covering this kind of treatment. Reach Health operates around the philosophy that one type of treatment is not the be all and end all. The clinic’s colleagues communicate about their patients (with full consent) and often refer to one another. Many patients come seeking massage therapy, only for their therapist to find they can benefit from osteopathy or acupuncture, for example. Bozena also refers out of the clinic to naturopaths, to help her patients with organ detox. Bozena and her colleagues at Reach Health are treating a wide variety of ailments, and bringing considerable comfort to people on the Saanich Peninsula. The benefits of their care are vast, and Bozena stays up to date with continuing education. I have no doubt her healing hands will indeed Reach far and wide among those who have yet to find relief.

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seaside homes

From the rooftop terrace of the home, the northern view of Robert’s Bay contains contrasting shades of the sky, islands and the sea.

Living Large on a Tiny Ocean-View Lot

Story by janice henshaw exterior Photography by jody beck

From the rooftop terrace of Bob and Brenda’s home, the northern view of Robert’s Bay contains contrasting shades of the sky, islands and the sea. A blue heron flies by at eye level, followed by a V-formation of honking Canada geese. An enormous white wake curls up onto the beach from a speeding powerboat. In vivid contrast is the large painting by artist Blythe Scott, of Robert’s Bay, hanging inside on the living room wall. The painting invites the viewer to experience a different perspective, one of exuberant and lively colour. “It makes us happy every time we look at it,” says Bob. Brenda and Bob, along with their two labradoodles, Mork and Mindy, moved into their new ocean-view home almost exactly two years ago – on Valentine’s Day. Their furniture had not yet arrived, so they sat on lawn chairs and slept on an inflatable bed; they thought the house was a great Valentine’s present. It all started when the couple was renting a home in Deep Cove, and regularly cycling into Sidney. By chance, they discovered the property on Fifth Street, which consisted of two lots, one 30 feet wide, and one 50 feet wide, with a small old house straddling the centre lot line. Knowing that they didn’t want a large lot or home, they decided to build on the smaller of the two lots and see if the resulting home gave them enough room. If, after a year or two, they found it didn’t, they planned to build on the larger lot and sell the first home. Bob said they decided to build rather than renovate because, since 2010, they have renovated over 50 houses in the Phoenix Arizona area. “The results can often be dramatic, but there are always compromises. We wanted this to be a clean slate, and the challenge of building with such severe site limitations was exciting. In many ways, it was like designing and building a boat with absolutely no wasted space.” They developed a basic design concept for the lot and then approached architectural designer and visual artist Dan Boot of Studio DB3 to refine the design and use his houseboat design experience to maximize every square centimetre. Tidman Construction Ltd. was selected as the builder and Bob was extremely happy to find they have a great team of onsite supervision and sub-trades. “Our superintendent Art Luining was the absolute best,” said Bob. “The quality and attention to detail

seaside homes | march 2017 | 63

Low maintenance materials include corrugated metal siding and stucco … “modern, clean-lined and simple living.”

are as good as it gets – and we see a lot of construction.” The house’s terrace and expansive front window opening are striking features, though neither were part of the original plans. Approval was not given for a setback relaxation to accommodate a front deck off the living room, so they re-thought the design. A central glass-sided interior stairway was incorporated that leads up to a much larger roof deck with 360-degree views, so now they have a wonderful outdoor entertaining space. Bob and Brenda noted that the staff at Sidney’s Development Services and Building

Department was “incredibly helpful in guiding us through the complexities of building a small home on an even smaller lot. They are the best.” The lot size is 3,500 square feet, and the 1,400-square-foot, twostorey home has 700 square feet on each level. The two bedrooms with den, three-bathroom home is Built Green™ (energy-efficient rated standards). Low maintenance materials include corrugated metal siding and stucco. Third-generation builder Andrew Tidman describes the home design as “modern, clean-lined, simple living.”

A fresh and vibrant green unifies and sets a delightful mood throughout the home, starting with the couch.

“We wanted our home to withstand salt, sand, grandchildren and dogs,” says Bob. To ensure the floor will withstand heavy usage, they chose industrial-looking vinyl tiles. “We thought that the pattern of the tiles looked like it could be used as flooring on a working boat. It was love at first sight.” The white-trimmed beige walls are accented with a fine collection of local art and the floor is warmed by colourful area rugs. A fresh and vibrant green unifies and sets a delightful mood throughout the home, starting with the couch. It’s fun to pick up the other splashes of green – reflected in the two glass pears on the window sill, a tiny vase, the lamp bases, cushioned storage seat, and minimalist, low-backed stools in the kitchen. The contemporary high-gloss white cabinets are from Ikea. While the house was being built, BIOPHILIA Design Collective Ltd. began to design the landscaping. “The challenge,” said designer/ owner Bianca Bodley, “was to create a landscape consistent with a modern aesthetic, that could tolerate summer drought and winter salt water flooding as well as the daily activities of two high-energy dogs. We kept the majority of the landscape permeable to respect the sensitive environment. Native grasses, succulents and a swamp variety of maple tree were planted along with an abundance of flowering plants to encourage the bird and bee populations of the neighbouring estuary.” The fence was constructed from raw steel attached to square pipes set into concrete. Each of the fencing panels was welded on site. “This type of square mesh fencing doesn’t obstruct the surrounding view,” Bianca notes, “but it keeps the dogs in. Where privacy was called for, we planted bamboo against the fencing to create a more discrete space.” Last summer, Bob and Brenda decided to stay in their new home and sell the adjoining lot. They love their unique space and enjoy the interaction they have with people walking to and from the beach along Fifth Street. Although they have no outside storage or covered parking due to the small lot size, they haven’t had any design issues. “We wanted to try living small; so far, so good.” The home is bright to the point that sunglasses are sometimes needed inside on a sunny day. On a rainy day, Bob and Brenda turn on the electric fireplace and enjoy relaxing with a good book. They say it’s magic to have a view of Roberts Bay from their front windows, Mermaid Creek from the rear windows, and both from the lovely rooftop terrace.

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Industrial-looking vinyl tiles were chosen to ensure the floor will withstand heavy usage, but they’re warmed by colourful area rugs.

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A great landscape that will stand the test of time is both sustainable and attractive. In its creation, the designer should consider water conservation and habitat creation for birds and insects while at the same time creating a landscape that is unique, by Bianca Bodley distinct, attractive, and complements Biophilia Design Collective LTD. the architecture and personality of the buildings it surrounds. The landscape is not only an extension of the home but should be seen as a continuous system with the home in order to be as sustainable as possible. If the landscape design is conceived of at the same time that the home is being planned, there is an opportunity for the full potential of the site to be realized. For example with regards to water conservation: storm-water management systems within the landscape can best be coordinated with the roof and gutter design. In doing so, the process of harvesting and utilizing storm water can be made beautiful through the integration of rain gardens, bio-swales and water features rather than just utilitarian water capture and storage. To create the healthiest and most inspirational home environment, the integration of plants should extend into the residence in the form of interior atriums and courtyards, living walls, rooftop patio space and of course the land around the home. A cohesive plan (considering the landscape with the house plan) will also take into account sun exposure and wind in order to optimize sheltered locations for seating and full sun locations for food production. One of the first stages in the design process is to understand how the landscape will be utilized, be it for entertaining, active recreation or simply to enjoy experiencing the view without the need to spend too much time on maintenance. With these lifestyle objectives identified as the focus of the design, I then work towards them through the lens of sustainability. It is also very important to me that a landscape has unique elements that reflect the client’s personality, be it through pieces of art or sculpture or through the style and composition (classic or contemporary). I believe the most important element of a good design is cohesiveness and flow and that the materials used within it are long lasting and timeless. This is reflected in our work through an inclination towards using materials in their original form. I love to use steel and concrete as well as wood that isn't painted or stained. I believe there is both an honesty and timelessness to this approach. Our design approach harkens back to a time where the raw elements themselves were the focus of beauty; water, stone, fire, metal, and timber are unified by cohesive plantings to create texture and softness. With these focal points we create spaces that make people want to come outside and feel playful, centered, and at peace. For more information visit

Hot Properties

For Sale on the Island

502 - 748 Sayward Hill Terrace Sayward Hill offers Victoria’s best WESTCOAST lifestyle with Ocean/ Mountain Views, sandy beaches, world-class golf, biking trails & local shops all at your front door yet only 15 minutes to Downtown or the Airport. This SUBPENTHOUSE home offers fantastic VIEWS with exquisite finishing in over 1,880sf open concept that has been meticulously maintained. You will be impressed! Ingrid Jarisz* | 250.656.4626 (*PREC)

Coal Point Retreat – North Saanich

Serene Waterfront Location

10522 Lyme Gr, Sidney Secluded Peninsula home on Sidney’s Tsehum Harbour. Watch sunrise over Mt. Baker & sunset over Salt Spring Island from your water side deck. 2671 sq. ft., vaulted ceilings, entertainment kitchen, main floor master bedroom. Outdoor deck with heaters. Selfcontained 757 sq. ft. guest suite with separate entrance. MLS 373742. Michele's Team 250.656.0911 |

The Price is Right! – $58,900 Mayne Island Just a short stroll from the ferry terminal, this .39-acre building lot makes it easy to leave your car behind. Some of the work has already been done, with a driveway and power ready to go, and community water available. Not ready to build yet? This would be the perfect camping getaway. Own your piece of paradise on Mayne Island! MLS#373076.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own one of the most unique southwestern points on the Saanich Inlet. The property has a spectacular vista, 360-degree views with year-round sunsets to enjoy from the hot tub or the 4,500sqft wrap-around deck. Approx. 1,000 feet of ocean frontage, and Private Island attached by a footbridge. MLS 367340.

Brenda Dean | 250.539.0739 Toll Free: 877.539.5227 492 Dalton Drive, Mayne Island V0N 2J2

Lakefront Stylish Home –

Maryan van Stolk* | 250.656.4626 (*PREC)

Salt Spring Island

Maple Bay - Waterfront Estate

Stylish 2 bed, 3 bath home with vaulted ceilings, feature fireplace, great kitchen, master suite, family room, expansive decking, private vineyard on sunny 6.84 acres. New roof & septic! Close to town. Your special retreat awaits! $1,150,000. MLS# R2129453.

6848 Stoney Hill Road

Excellent low bank waterfront on 11.31 acres, facing southwest with approx 1,000 feet of ocean frontage. Main house is a 3 bed Arts & Crafts style home with water's edge wraparound deck and private dock with deep water moorage and large workshop that could easily be a studio and a charming guest cottage! MLS# 366752. $2,600,000. Maryan van Stolk* (*PREC) 250.656.4626

Li Read 250.537.7647

Oceanfront Home with Dock –

Salt Spring Island

Welbury Bay oceanfront with dock! 4BR/ 2 BA home, open plan living / dining / kitchen. Superb sunny large deck for morning coffee or dinner. Lovely sea views! 0.95 acre. In popular Scott Point area. Ready to go, just move in! $1,380,000. MLS# R2104757. Li Read | 250.537.7647 |

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Serving the Community With the Same Trusted Owner For Over 30 Years

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west coast gardener getting your peninsula yard and garden ready for spring With all of that wintery

weather now behind us we are on the path to a sunny and warm spring and it's time to start thinking about getting our yards and gardens into shape for the season! Here are a few tips to get your by Cam McLennan property back into shape. Island Pro Mowing Tree Trimming. It's easier to take and Landsaping Inc. Fully Insured We Offer Services All Winter care of tree pruning when the leaves are still beginning to grow. This makes it easier to spot the dead branches as they won't have any new growth, Reroofing so you can prune them away to get a cleaner look to your tree and make New Construction it healthier in the process. Due to the snowfall we've had this year you Skylights might even have some damaged branches to remove as there are many Repairs trees used for landscaping purposes that are not durable enough to take a Torch on Systems heavy snowload. #9 - 6782 Veyaness Rd, Saanichton Hedge Trimming and Pruning. If you haven't pruned the shrubs and hedges around your property in a while, then the beginning of spring is as good a time as any to reign in all that uneven growth ip ilson and give your hedges a nice uniform appearance. Neatly trimmed hedges and shrubs will greatly improve your curb appeal. As with the trees, have damaged hedges from the snowfall. Any broken ections, veuillez communiquer avec votre conseillerdans les 48 heures . / For corrections, please contact your Consultant withinyou may 48 hours . branches will need to be pruned out. poser votre signature pour Signature ______________________________________________________________________________________ otre approbation aujourd’hui. Nom / Name ______________________________________________________ Date ________________________ Removing The Green Debris. After a long winter there can be a to confirm your approval today. J’ai pris connaissance des conditions au verso et j’y consens. / I have read the conditions on the reverse and I accept them. large amount of green waste left over on your property. You might Page 1 of 1 Annonce diffusée est de 100.0% de la taille réelle imprimés. / Ad shown is 100.0% of actual printed size. have broken branches, damaged trees, piles of leaves, garden beds in need of cleaning and more. If you have an area on your property to take the waste to, that is excellent or you can arrange for a local landscaper to come and remove the greenwaste and take it to an appropriate composting facility. Irrigation System Start Ups. Irrigation systems are a modern day convenience when it comes to properly (and efficiently) maintaining your lawn and garden. However, irrigation systems must be maintained in order for them to continue operating trouble free. In the spring, your irrigation system needs to go through what is called a “spring startup.” This process will blow out any dirt or debris that may have gotten inside and get the water flowing again. Native Gardening and Planting For 2017. If you're ready to get your hands dirty in your garden this spring, the CRD has some Reasonable, Common Sense Legal Advice excellent gardening workshops available to the public related to gardening with native plants and you can learn more at their website: • • gardening-workshops.

C.J. (K ) W

saanichton law offices

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#6-7855 East Saanich Road, Saanichton

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historically speaking

Francis Verdier House on the Move!

The Francis Verdier house on West Saanich Road is a well-known landmark on the Saanich Peninsula, but by Valerie Green things in that area will soon be changing. Built in 1911 in the popular Arts & Crafts style, this large one-anda-half-storey residence, with gabled roof, front gabled dormer, fulllength open front veranda and decorative piers, will soon experience another event in its evolution by moving to a new location. The house was originally built as a symbol of success for Francis (Frank) Verdier. Frank was the son of Etienne Verdier who, together with his brother Alphonse, was among the first settlers on the Saanich Peninsula. Their story began in 1849 when, in their 20s, they left Toulouse, France, to head for California and the gold rush. Having no luck in the gold fields, they headed north in 1852 to Fort Victoria. Etienne found work driving a water cart for George Stelly, another Peninsula pioneer. Two years later he owned the business, supplying water to city residents. He married Honora Kilroy, an Irish girl who had arrived on the famous Bride Ship, the SS Tynemouth, in 1862. Eventually Etienne and Honora moved out to the Peninsula and settled on land near Alphonse who was also living there with his first wife, Anna, daughter of pioneer Angus McPhail. Etienne and Honora lived on the George Stelly Farm where eldest son, Frank, was born in 1865. Frank grew up with First Nations children, learning their skills with bows and arrows as he hunted deer or trapped bears. Later Frank Verdier (nicknamed “Big Frank”) was able to buy the Stelly Farm, renamed it Verdier Farm and eventually sub-divided this 60-hectare land into over 100 parcels. Frank became successful in many such real estate deals through the years and played a large role

in the forestry industry of Vancouver Island. With a team of 12 oxen, he helped clear the Sooke Road and cut the first trail from Forbes Landing to Campbell Lake. He was most well-known for the part he played in mapping out the original route for the Malahat Highway. He also ran for Saanich Council in 1913. By 1931, he was the oldest timber cruiser on the B.C. coast, and he and his second wife were still living in their prestigious West Saanich Road house. Now another episode in the life of that house is about to happen. Matt Peulen, President of Stride Properties in North Saanich, is developing the .99 of an acre Verdier property in three phases: the Greater Victoria Housing Society will own and operate a 40-unit rental building; six townhomes will be built and sold; and the Verdier residence itself will be relocated. “The developers will enter into a Heritage Revitalization Agreement with Central Saanich to create eight rental units within the house,” notes Matt. He is particularly sensitive to the heritage importance of this residence and aware of the original apprehension concerning privacy and height of the new buildings. The biggest opposition to his plan had been the relocation of the house. Local residents preferred that it stay on the property. “And fortunately, we were able to make some changes to the design and relocate the house within the property. It will now face Stelly’s Cross Road,” Matt adds. These changes will begin in April with the current tenants of the house relocating within Central Saanich. Contractors will then be hired to do the reconstruction and restoration of the house and the Verdier residence will live on. Verdier Avenue in Brentwood Bay is yet another memorial to this pioneering family on the Peninsula. Valerie Green is an author/historian and can be reached at march 2017 | 71

Peninsula Panthers

A Look Back at the 2016-17 Season

The Peninsula Panthers Jr. Hockey Club will look back at the 48-game Regular Season and the sudden death wild card game and although at times there were struggles and the learning curve was steep, the team is set up to compete at or near the top of the Vancouver Island Junior Hockey League for the next two or three years to come. The Organization made a conscious decision to go with young and talented players and to put building blocks in place for the next few years. Although they knew that at times it would be painful this 2016/17 season, they never deviated from the plan. Prior to the January 10th midnight trading deadline, the Organization moved four of their older players including two 19’s and two 20’s in order to give their young group an opportunity to see more ice coming down the stretch and into the playoffs. And the moved paid off in spades!

The Panthers played great hockey in the final month of the season and gained momentum in their final Regular Season game played in the friendly confines of the Panorama Recreation Centre. The “Cats” defeated the Wolves from the Westshore in a heart-pounding 3-2 Overtime affair in front of what was easily the largest and most raucous crowd of the season. The game was dubbed PMHA and Fan Appreciation night and a special 3rd jersey was worn by the Panthers for this game. In a warm on-ice ceremony after the final buzzer, fans and PMHA players alike marched onto the ice and were gifted jerseys right off the backs of the players. It truly was a classic example of the Panthers working in the community for the community.

72 | march 2017

The following evening, the Club held their Annual Awards dinner to a packed house at the Glen Meadows Golf and Country Club. They then prepared for their biggest game of the season - a sudden-death match against the Oceanside Generals on Monday, February 20th. The Club ground out a 3-1 road win and advanced to Round 1 best-of-7 playoffs against the Campbell River Storm; the series slated to end on March 5th. “When I look back at late August it is hard to believe how far this group has come,” said General Manager Pete Zubersky. “We were the youngest Junior Club in Canada and now we are ready to win next season and beyond. We are very excited about the core group that is returning. We are saying good-bye to 20-year-olds Kai Turner and Duncan Cochrane who have now aged out. Both kids have truly been awesome leaders for the younger kids and our Organization wish them well in whatever the future brings their way.” The Panthers have started their marketing campaign headed by Team President Coreen Zubersky. The Panthers wish to take the opportunity to thank each and every sponsor - it is the lifeline of the hockey club.


Visit our website:

Jr. Hockey Club A Very Special Evening

The Awards Dinner on February 18th was held to a capacity crowd and it was a night that was both entertaining and memorable. Nineteen-year-old Captain Trevor Owens took home the Most Valuable Player Award even though he had missed a number of games due to injury. The most emotional moments came when the Steve Simpson Memorial -Character, Courage and Heart - was passed out to Ty Hermsen. Simpson was a 20-year-old former Panthers player whose life was taken when he was a passenger in a motor vehicle accident in the early morning hours on the Pat Bay Highway November 2nd, 2001. Pete Zubersky discussed the incident and how it impacted the players on the Panthers, including Steve’s 16-year-old cousin, Michael Simpson. Steve’s sister Wendy Watt then stood addressed the 100 people in attendance and discussed her brother and the impact his death has had on the Simpson family. Her message in front of a hushed gathering was all about the importance of listening to your inner voice and making the right decisions in life.

MARKETING opportunities with the Peninsula Panthers

Are you or your company interested in advertising and marketing opportunities with the Hockey Club? We will find an advertising package that is suited for you.

Please contact Rinkboards Coreen Zubersky Wallboards to discuss your Back-lit Signs advertising Jersey Sponsors options. Program Ads Game-Day Sponsors 250-652-1804 Email: and more


2016/17 P.M.H.A. / Fan Appreciation Game

Sponsored by:


2016-17 team awards Presented February 18, 2017

Wendy Watt

Most Valuable Player - Trevor Owens Ty Hermsen Rookie of the Year - Shota Yamamoto Top Scorer - Drew Coughlin Best Defenceman - Braeden Hansen Steve Simpson - Character, Courage & Heart - Ty Hermsen Unsung Hero - Kai Turner (pictured at right) Most Improved - Zack Evans Community Leadership - Gavin Yee Most Sportsmanlike - Marshall Brown Fan Favourite - Koby Hale Volunteer of the Year - Brad Tippett (All Photos by: Gordon Lee) march 2017 | 73

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Why buy a grad dress or tux when you can borrow one? The Magic Wand is a non-profit organization that offers an ecofriendly and thrifty alternative to prom outfits for male and female grads. Just a small fee for cleaning will be charged. Some students can’t attend their grads because of the cost. The Magic Wand for all students offers the opportunity to be inexpensively well dressed. There are over 100 new or gently used dresses and over 40 tuxes, suits and accessories to choose from. If you've already graduated, recycle your outfit by donating it! Visit www.the for more information, or call Elizabeth at 250-658-0246 for an appointment.

Free Tax-Filing Service for Low Income Residents Tax time may not be many people’s favourite season. But several

9 2 5

6 7 9 2 4 3 1 2 4 8 6 4 2 3 5 7 9 1

Puzzle by

KEEP YOUR BRAIN HEALTHY The Alzheimer's Association recommends doing puzzles like Sudoku to strengthen brain cells and the connections between them. Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square. *Sudoku Solutions may be found on page 78. 74 | march 2017

Magic Wand for Grads

local volunteers find considerable pleasure in it. Beacon Community Services’ Community Volunteer Income Tax program volunteers eagerly offer free tax preparation/filing for those with low income (individuals earning $30,000 or less per year; maximum $40,000 for couples). “We have 15 tax volunteers, trained by Revenue Canada. Many also took additional training to assist with specialized tax needs. Seniors and people with disabilities or who have Aboriginal status, for example, sometimes fall into that category,” says Deb Greenaway, Beacon Community Services’ Volunteer Services Coordinator. The confidential service is open to low-income clients of any age or background if their file doesn’t involve investments or selfemployment income. Greenaway notes the charity’s volunteers are always happy to help set taxes right; they’ll even prepare taxes for those who are several years behind on filing. The process is simple. Clients meet with a volunteer for 10 to 15 minutes and leave their information. Volunteers e-file the return within seven days. “The program is a unique part of Beacon’s mandate to help people and improve lives,” says Deb. She adds that volunteers are especially thrilled when they identify credits or rebates that put more money in someone’s pocket. In March and April, Beacon’s Volunteer Income Tax program is “drop-in” at SHOAL Centre from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m. Visit for more information.


Love Love at at First First Sight Sight

It was love at first sight. As soon as I saw her, I knew I had to have her. She by Chris Cowland was a few years older than me, but time had been gentle with her. Her curves were exquisite, and she had an outstanding pair of headlights. It was the best £500 I ever spent. I’m talking, of course, about my 1948 MG TC, one of 10,001 built in Abingdon, England, soon after the war. These were the cars that many U.S. and Canadian troops imported on their return home from war-torn Europe. With their sporty lines, rear-hinged “suicide doors” and genuine coach-built bodywork hand crafted around an ash frame, they certainly stood out against their North American cousins. Their 1250 cc motors with twin carbs would give around 55 horsepower, but with the aerodynamics of a barn door, they could only reach around 78 miles an hour. But what fun getting there! Back to my story. I was living in Putney, working for Price Waterhouse in the late 1970s. My daily driver was a 1957 MGA coupe, and it attracted the attention of a stockbroker I had met in a pub. John told me about an MG he had owned since his student days. Fifteen years previously, he had naively begun a full restoration but soon realized he had no mechanical skills whatsoever, and the car had ended up in around 20 boxes stored in his garage. We closed the deal the following weekend, but I requested the use of his garage for a few weeks so I could start the reassembly. Parts for the

car were (and still are) readily available, and a couple of screwdrivers and a socket set were all the special tools required. I will never forget the look on John’s face when the engine burst into life four weeks later, and I drove the car down his driveway under its own power. As an impecunious accounting student, funds for the restoration project were severely limited. Enter my friend Wullie, a 300-pound chain-smoking one-eyed Glaswegian bouncer who owned a compressor and spray gun which he had once used to paint his house. Wullie would do pretty much anything on earth for a crate of lager. We spent about two days rubbing down the paintwork, and then laid out the body panels on top of my dustbin in the back yard. Not a great choice of spray booth, but one tip we soon learned was that it is easier to remove dead flies when the paint has fully dried. The results looked good the further back you stood. Some bits were iffy, but Wullie, in the manner of Lord Nelson, would raise his hand over his one good eye and affirm that “it looks grrrreat to me.” You don’t argue with a 300-pound bouncer. I have had some unforgettable experiences with this scruffy little car. One day about 40 years ago I picked up a new date at a train station, and instead of slamming the suicide door closed, she clicked it shut firmly but carefully. Nobody had ever closed that door so lovingly. Once again, it was love at first sight! We just celebrated our 37th anniversary last week. Maybe it’s time for another lick of paint for the old girl? The car, I mean. march 2017 | 75

what ’ s happening 3RD THURSDAY OF each MONTH

march 6

Sidney Sister Cities Association General Meeting

Canadian Blood Services Blood Donor Clinic

Vancouver Island Regional Library, Sidney, 7 p.m. More information at

12 to 7 p.m. at the Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney 1-888-2-DONATE

Speakers and discussions on the association’s ongoing projects. tuesday evenings Saanich Peninsula Toastmasters Meeting

Blood. It’s in you to give. march 13 Commonwealth Day Luncheon 11:45 a.m. at Government House, 1401 Rockland Avenue, Victoria 778.679.9331 |

2nd Thursday of each Month

Guest speaker will be Dr. John Innes, Dean, UBC Forestry "Queen's Commonwealth Canopy & the Great Bear Rainforest." The Queen's message will focus upon "A Peace-Building Commonwealth." Tickets from David Spence, Royal Commonwealth Society, Vancouver Island (see above for contact information).

Peninsula Newcomers Club Luncheon

march 17

Vancouver Island Regional Library, Sidney 7:30 p.m.

Toastmasters has a specific structure that provides a safe forum for speaking while giving encouragement and support.

Haro’s Restaurant & Bar, Sidney Pier Hotel Pre-booking required and more information at

Just moved to the Saanich Peninsula? Ladies – come join our club!

Spa Night at Brentwood Teen Lounge 6 to 8 p.m. at 1233 Clarke Road, Brentwood Bay 250.656.7271 |

Hippity hoppity...

How does an evening of pampering sound? We will have a variety of spa products available for you to pamper yourself. Bring your friends for this fun evening! Valdy 7:30 p.m. at the Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney 250.656.0275 |

Canadian music legend and folk icon Valdy will play crowd favourites, new material and even a few surprises. Sure to entertain those both young and young at heart! march 20 Mystery Creature (guided walk - all ages) 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Coles Bay Regional Park, North Saanich 250.478.3344 |

Solve the riddles to find the clues hidden along the trail with a CRD Regional Parks naturalist. Then piece the puzzle together to discover who the mystery creature is. Meet at the information kiosk in the parking lot off Inverness Road. march 20 A Myriad of Myths in March: Stories at Fern Street 7:15 p.m. at 1831 Fern St. (Park on Begbie.) 250.477.7044 |


The Victoria Storytellers Guild welcomes you to hear and tell stories on the third Monday of every month September through June (except December and June when we meet on the second Monday of the month istead). Admission $5; students $3 (includes tea and goodies). march 26 Busy Beavers (guided walk - 5 yrs +) 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. at Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park, Saanich 250.478.3344 |

Bring your young ones to the shores of the Beaver Lake Ponds to see an active beaver lodge. Children will have a chance to learn more about this amazing mammal and its marvellous adaptations. Meet at the grassy area adjacent to the picnic shelter in the Filter Beds parking lot.

Spring is on its way!

march 28 Canadian Federation of University Women Saanich Peninsula Branch Monthly Meeting 7 p.m. at the Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney

The CFUW, Saanich Peninsula invites the community to its monthly meeting to hear a presentation by Lisbie Rae, speaking about "Victoria Grandmothers for Africa." Free. 76 | march 2017

New Brand for Community Arts Council of the Saanich Peninsula by Marie Savage

The Community Arts Council of the Saanich Peninsula (CACSP)

is pleased to announce that after an 18-month rebranding process the council will now be publicly known as “ArtSea.” The rebranding came after much thought by the CACSP board and a successful grant application to the Victoria Foundation in 2015. With the funds received, the CACSP was able to hire consultants to lead the board through the rebranding process. “We support and run a wide variety of programming on the Peninsula and wanted a way

for people to know that each one of those come under the same umbrella. Having a strong brand will help people recognize the council is very active supporting programming for everyone from children to seniors in many areas of the Arts,” says Lesley Turner, CACSP board member. The “ArtSea” brand will bring to the forefront the wellorganized, quality programming that the CACSP has been quietly and successfully running for almost 20 years. For more information, please contact Lesley Turner, Vice President, ArtSea at 250-858-1754.


You’re in good company. Each day 124,000 Victorians read the Times Colonist. More than 214,000 of us read one or more editions of the newspaper each week.

More than just your community newspaper. The Times Colonist will publish 14 magazines in 2017 to complement a growing line of digital products and services.


is a winner. Times Colonist subscribers can enter more than 50 contests each year, ranging from VIP concert tickets to trips for two to California, Mexico, Tuscany, Paris, London and Rome.

Boosting the local economy. Along with our 175-plus full-time employees the Times Colonist employs more than 1,100 youth and adult carriers.

Our readers, our advertisers and our many community partners help make your daily newspaper stronger than ever. Thanks! march 2017 | 77

last word The other day, a “non-daycare day,” I was trying to quickly check my work email on my phone while playing with my daughter. Apparently she noticed my divided attention: “no mommy phone,” she said, and gently took it out of my hand and put it on the table. A good reminder to me that when I’m working, I should be working, and when I’m with my daughter my focus should be on her. Technology helps when you’re a working mom, keeping us connected while allowing us to step away from the office, but it only goes so far. In my opinion, the key is to figure out a plan, get organized, and somehow find the right balance between profession and parenthood. Easier said than done! This year marks our sixth annual Women to Watch issue, and looking over these pages I can’t help but think of the Women to

GARDEN CENTRE NOW OPEN! { Plants { Garden Decor { Outdoor Furniture { BBQs { And so much more!

Let us help you with all your indoor and outdoor projects!

2356 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250-656-2712

Middle of the Road 6 9 3 2 5 7 1 8 4

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78 | march 2017

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Hardly Simple

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Sudoku Solutions

Mon-Fri 8am-9pm, Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 9am-5pm

Watch in my own life. At its core, I think Women to Watch can mean something different to everyone. To me, it means “Women Who Are Making It All Work.” Surrounding me are women at various stages of their lives, trying to juggle kids, work and for some, going back to school. In the 1950s, it was expected that a wife would keep her home exceedingly tidy and well-managed. Probably a much simpler task in those days, when the women rarely, if ever, worked outside the home. Nowadays, most of the moms I know go back to work a year or so after their child is born. And that’s where the “fun” begins: making it all work. A popular new CBC show, Workin’ Moms, follows the struggles of four women who are trying to find that work life balance, a search I think many of us are familiar with! Whether you work Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 or part-time, squeezing time in on evenings and weekends, being a working mom can make us feel stressed out and guilty because our attention always feels divided. The women featured in these pages have been there, done that, or are still going through it every day. They can act as an inspiration to every woman, no matter our circumstance, because they are making it all work … and rocking it! So whenever you feel like you’re just not good enough, in parenthood or career, think of these women: all the wonderful women to watch in our Saanich Peninsula community.

Allison Smith, Editor

Arriving April 2017 RIVIERA SUV 445

Sidney, BC 250.656.1138

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Come join us for one of our amazing recreation programs. Together we will discover new interests and reawaken old hobbies!

To Find Out More, Book Your Free Lunch & Tour! Proudly Offering Long Term Complex Care, Respite and End of Life Care Services 778.351.2505 • • 2269 Mills Rd, Sidney