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Michele Holmes

Debra Bartlett & Erin Mackenzie

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Suite 201 – 2400 Bevan Avenue New orBevan 250-589-0010 Suite 201 – 2400 Avenue Location 250-656-7176 250-656-7176 or 250-589-0010

Salt Spring Island 250-538-7411 or 1-855-252-5641 (toll free) 250-538-7411 or T.F. 1-855-252-5641



COMFORT FIRST The rise of Athleisure


JAMES TEIT A forgotten man rediscovered



OFF THE VINE Wine adventure in the heart of Mexico


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A BALLET STUDIO … A Local Indoor Fitness Quest A LOVE STORY FOR ALL AGES Advice at 16, 32 and 64 years together



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ON THE COVER Snow Can't Stop Us! Janice & Rue – photo by Sue Ferguson

Are you a woman in business? O

ur 2020 Woman To Watch Contest is underway! Are you a woman in business? If so, Seaside Magazine, in recognition of International Women’s Day, is looking for you! What’s Your Pitch? New for 2020, women entrepreneurs are invited to pitch their business live to a panel of experts.

What you could win!



W MAN toWATCH 9th Annual

You’ll be competing for a prize package that includes: $2,000 from Island Savings, a $1,000 credit from Monk Office, a 1 hour free consultation from Holy Cow Communication Design, a wellness package from Panorama Recreation and Lifestyle Markets and the chance to be the 2020 Seaside Magazine Woman to Watch! There will be a full business profile of the winner in the April issue of Seaside Magazine, introducing your business to the wider community.

What’s your pitch?

Existing businesses AND new businesses are welcome to apply – we are looking for interesting and innovative ideas and the entrepreneur that will bring them to life! Pitching live to a panel of judges is daunting: we will be expecting you to be well prepared. You’ll have a short time to make a big impression. Bring your business to life by highlighting what sets it apart from the competition. Do a demo or bring examples to show the judges. Know your vision and brand, and be prepared for questions! Let your numbers tell the story, we want to hear how viable your business plan really is.

Enter online at:

How it works

If your business is owned by a woman (or over 50% women owned), and you are doing business on the Saanich Peninsula, you are eligible to apply. To be considered, all applicants need to submit an application on our website. Due to the high number of applicants, only those who are shortlisted will be contacted. All applications will be carefully considered. The pitch-off will take place February 25th and the winner will be honoured at a reception to be held March 11th. Deadline for entries is February 14th 2020.






I'm pleased to be working on Ask Seaside, connecting readers with experts and specialists in the Saanich Peninsula community in the pursuit of answers to nagging questions. The sky's the limit on what you, our readers, may be pondering, so I look forward to the many topics and columns ahead!

Though the winter can be an awful time to landscape, installing colourful winter plants can keep a dedicated botani-nerd (somewhat) happy to be out in the rain. I hope that Seaside readers might share my admiration of plants and discover an evergreen that will brighten up their garden this month.

I was inspired to reframe the New Year's Resolution to encourage lasting change and greater self-acceptance in Seaside readers. I believe that a softer, more positive approach to health and wellness can elicit wonderful long term results and more joy throughout the process. Read along for my helpful action plan!

CASSIDY NUNN PAGE 16, 56 I love hearing people's love stories – how they met, how their relationships have evolved, what they admire about each other. My biggest takeaway from my interviews with three couples is that the best advice for a healthy, dedicated relationship is making it a priority to spend quality time together.

ASHLEY RUFFLE PAGE 25 My greatest joy as a financial advisor is helping people reach their goals while empowering them with clarity and confidence in their financial lives. I love working together with my clients to create a plan that will help them achieve what is important to them.

STEPHANIE STAPLES PAGE 10 Finding fun in fitness is paramount to me and I'm always looking for new ways to combine the two. Outdoor fitness on the Peninsula is super fab but it's certainly not the only option as I discovered some creative, unique and challenging indoor options for healthy living!

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This Month's Contributors: Jo Barnes, Kristen Bovee, Chris Cowland, Amanda Cribdon, Gillian Crowley, Sue Ferguson, Lara Gladych, Sherrin Griffin, Matt Hall, Janice Henshaw, Jesse Holth, Tina Kelly, Paula Kully, Alyssa Madill, Anne Miller, Cassidy Nunn, Tony Rechsteiner, Deborah Rogers, Ashley Ruffle, Joan Saunders, Stephanie Staples, Tania Tomaszewska

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Cedarwood The

Inn and Suites

Emerald Isle Motor Inn Victoria Airport Area

Victoria Airport/Sidney




What does living well mean to you? Balancing macros, juicing greens or putting time in at the gym? Or is it being without anxiety about one's imperfections, learning to improve through failure and pain, and trusting the force of renewal that naturally springs from a softer inner core? Looking and feeling younger is an approximately 60 billion dollar-a-year industry: that's millions of hormone treatments, plastic surgeries, skin creams, supplements and fitness regimes. As I gracefully age in my 50s, being healthy means the same to me as it did in my 20s, but the accumulation of years has had an inevitable affect on my body. The older body doesn’t bounce back from an injury or tough workout as it once did. And when you are constantly bombarded with messages and news about the latest anti-aging treatments and fitness methods, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. I often think we have to choose what our "grace" is; it could be about feeling great and staying healthy as much as it is about maintaining our looks. But let's face it: it can be tough getting older. I feel very fortunate to have so many well-established professionals in our community who I can rely on for aid; whether it's my massage therapist, local vitamin shop, or our community centre. In this issue of Seaside Magazine we have so many stories to amp up your quality of life and power your ability to feel amazing. Stephanie Staples (pg 10) goes on an indoor fitness quest in Sidney, while writer Jo Barnes (pg 12) and Dr. Kristen Bovee (pg 27) talk smart heart health. Enrich your life and the life of others by volunteering at Panorama (pg 15) and if you're feeling the push of putting new energy into your life, put on some of your favorite athleisure clothing (pg 28) while trying your hand at Nordic Pole Walking (pg 21)! Frowning furrows your brow, imprints your face with unpleasant expressions and can add years to your appearance, so head on over to Cowland's Chronicles (pg 55), as it will make you chuckle and put a smile on your face – remember: while smiling may add crinkle lines, it also brightens your eyes, plumps your cheeks, makes your whole face shine and may even make you feel better. So, when you see me next I'll be all smiles, hoping you won't notice any of my age lines as you'll be too focused on my inner glow and my pearly whites!

e u S

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Fitness Fun in Sidney! by Stephanie Staples

I consider it one of life's

greatest pleasures to enjoy all of the outdoor activities that living on the Saanich Peninsula affords but I went on a little local indoor fitness quest and am delighted to report some pretty cool experiences that you may want to try too! So a biker goes into a ballet studio ‌ Sounds like the start of a joke, but that was me as I entered Allegro Dance Studio and prepared to have my first ballet class. Expecting to meet a stereotypical featherweight ballet instructor named Evelyn, I was ever so surprised and happy to find David, a robust senior in black pointe shoes and ready to instruct us. For 90 minutes, he led us through the basic ballet moves with both patience and skill, drawing from his career as a principal dancer in Europe. I was not accustomed to soothing music in a workout, and it was a welcome distraction 10 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | FEBRUARY 2020

from concentrating on the foreign movements with a little French lesson thrown in as we learned pas de deaux and other moves that I can neither pronounce nor perform. It was all I could do not to burst out in laughter seeing myself trying to execute ballet moves in the huge mirror. My legs were screaming at me "What are you doing? We don't do that!" Nonetheless, it was a joyful time with a low sweat factor and a high mind workout. Dance class – a new way to make fitness fun! Pacific Ninja Gym. If I had to think of the last town you'd find a Ninja Gym, it would be in sleepy little Sidney by the Sea, but surprise: it's here! As a big fan of American Ninja Warrior, I was pumped to see their arrival and anxious to try them out. The cool factor is high in this modern, 18-obstacle fitness centre. Servicing locals from just seven years old to my undisclosed (menopausal) age, co-owner Brad Armstrong offers and teaches all of

the regular workouts and leaves the teaching of the Parkour classes to his expert 12- to 14-year-old instructors! Personalized orientation on the equipment ensures safety for the whole family, no matter what level of fitness you come in with. Shimmying, climbing and scrabbling on the obstacles previously only seen on TV made this big kid feel quite humble. I loved how it's more like playing there but with purpose, kind of sneaking in the exercise part! I appreciated the unique, casual, fun community environment as well. Leave your headphones at home, slap down your $16, you've got 90 minutes and it's Ninja time – go! Next stop: Vibeology Fitness and Wellness Studio. Quite honestly I didn't expect much: I'm fairly fit and a peek in the window revealed just four vibration platforms to stand on … how hard could it be? Mother/daughter duo Meghan and Dawn have run this hidden gem, quietly tucked away in downtown Sidney, for over eight years. The workouts are only 20 minutes long (you had me at hello!) but they say that by adding Whole Body Vibration (WBV) it's equivalent to an hour of a regular strength training workout. With two intensities on the machine and an overly optimistic view of my fitness level, I was ready to crank it up immediately but to my surprise, within moments on low I was huffing and puffing and looking for a place to take off some unneeded clothing. One of the ladies in my group was training for a triathlon, but some are there for therapeutic reasons, some for autoimmune issues and some for stress reduction. What's cool about this place is that absolutely anyone of any fitness level can do a session in record time and the small, personally-led classes ensure a custom workout for everyone. I loved the "Cheers-like" atmosphere where everyone indeed does know your name. Whether you are there for cardio, strength or flexibility, I bet your body will say thank you! I love to hike, bike and paddle my way around the Peninsula, but it's great to know that other fun options exist to get and stay fit!

MARKET The wise say “not to put all your eggs in one basket... Unless they’re market fresh!”

Interior Design At Trudi Jones Interiors we aspire to reflect our client’s personalities, tastes and lifestyle in our designs. Keeping our minds open and working closely with our clients allows this process to evolve.

250.213.7508 | |


Your Happy, Healthy Heart Seaside brings you to the heart of the matter with all you need to know to keep this vital organ healthy, happy and ticking along. • Saturated and trans fats can lead to higher blood cholesterol and the risk of coronary artery disease. Include more vegetable and nut oils, avocados and nuts and seeds in your diet.

by Jo Barnes

• Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" was her biggest hit and one of the best-selling singles in history.

• A good belly laugh is great for your heart! It reduces stress and can increase blood flow through your body.

• Many say the Heart symbol on playing cards traces back to the classes of Medieval Society. It represents the clergy and the struggle to achieve inner joy.

• Eating dark chocolate daily will significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.

• Over an average lifetime, the heart will probably pump almost 1.5 million barrels of blood.

• You are what you eat! Whole grains in your diet like oats, brown rice, barley and kasha are great sources of fiber and have other nutrients that help to regulate blood pressure and heart health.

• Anti-oxidant fruits and veggies will help prevent cardiovascular disease. Look for the dark green, dark orange and red choices like broccoli, red peppers, carrots, sweet potato, oranges and pink grapefruit.

• Your heart beats an amazing 100,000 times a day!

• Try Massage – your heart will thank you! Massage effectively improves blood flow, circulation and decreases levels of stress hormone cortisol.

• Regular exercise is key to overall heart health. Enjoy exercise with the whole family! Play frisbee or soccer in the backyard, swim at the local pool or hike in one of our beautiful Peninsula parks.

Doctors of the World:

Bringing Health to Marginalized Communities by Deborah Rogers

Our Saanich

Peninsula Food Bank does an incredible job supporting people in our community who are struggling to make ends meet, or Bev Elder, Saanich Peninsula Food Bank executive director; Alanna Jackson, have otherwise fallen through the cracks in the system. former Nurse Program Coordinator for Doctors of the World in Victoria They were excited when the opportunity arose last clinic started visiting Sidney in October last year. It's a new program, but year to welcome a new service to their Sidney location. already Tyson says they "have noticed more and more that some of the Tyson Elder, Operations Manager, explained how the community people who are using our services are planning their visits around when partnership was a natural fit for their clients: "we're always looking for the Mobile Health Clinic is here at the food bank. There is certainly a keen programs that can expand the health and well-being of our clients and interest in what services the Doctors of the World provide." community, and are thrilled to have the Doctors of the World Mobile Those provided services are really about primary health care. Health Clinic visit our food bank twice a month." Each clinic has a Registered Nurse plus a second person (usually a This specially-equipped, mobile "health clinic on wheels" has the volunteer): they focus on harm reduction, health promotion and simple, but essential, aim of providing primary care to our community's education, supporting people to take care of themselves. They give most vulnerable citizens, in an accessible and safe environment. The out harm reduction supplies, there's lots of wound care and foot care, program is run by Doctors of the World Canada from their Victoria vaccinations, contraceptives, and it's also a place to ask advice. office. If you don't know them, Doctors of the World are a nonTyson adds: "One of our favourite visits from Doctors of the World profit organization providing health care to marginalized community was when they were able to provide flu shots for anyone who needed members while advocating for access to health care for all. Speaking one. This included a dedicated volunteer who would have been with Tina Price, Volunteer and Logistics Manager, I learned that unable to afford the flu shot otherwise. We are very thankful for the "back in 1999 there were nurses in Montreal walking the streets with much-needed services that they provide to the community." backpacks, helping people in the homeless community – addressing There's a fundraising goal to sustain and grow the program (which gaps in the public health system and reaching people who were being locally has no government funding), which you can donate to missed. About five years ago they got their first mobile clinic, a van, online. Currently the mobile clinic will visit the Saanich Peninsula that allowed them the ability to get into areas where there was need, Food Bank twice a month, future plans are to continue the work and of course it provided privacy, took them out of the elements, and established (including visits to Sooke and Sidney as well as multiple meant they had the needed equipment to hand." locations in Victoria) but also possibly expand into a psychological In 2016 Doctors of the World conducted a needs assessment in support program, which has run successfully in Montreal for some Victoria as a public health emergency unfolded due in part to the time. This would be for both people experiencing homelessness, and opioid crisis, the "Tent City" movement and the housing crisis. They for the front line workers working with that population. determined that a mobile health clinic was needed in Victoria: there is a Doctors of the World are also looking for more volunteers and population of people experiencing homelessness, sex workers and people there's an information session coming up. Anyone interested in who use drugs who really need the program, alongside an Indigenous finding out more should visit: population that can be disenfranchised from healthcare services. en/mobile-clinic-victoria/. Launched in 2018, through a partnership with Telus Health, the mobile FEBRUARY 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 13

Special Feature

Maintaining your health is a great gift you can give yourself! It doesn't matter what age you are or where you're starting from: here on the Saanich Peninsula there are so many choices to help you take your first steps toward good health or the next step to another level of fitness. Why not try something new in 2020?

Life is made of extraordinary moments...






Curves Sidney 2425A Bevan Avenue, Sidney 250-656-9870

2425A Bevan Ave, Sidney


Strength Training Workouts

Carolle Batham

Our 30-minute circuit and caring community help build strength, improve endurance and increase flexibility so you can live the life you deserve. Find your Curves Moment and live Curves Strong! New Health & Wellness programs and New Membership option: My Curves On Demand Locally Owned and Operated.


Garage Cycle Spin Studio

Raina Draper Owner

BCRRP Certified group fitness instructor Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor (Inner Fit Studios)

Our boutique spin studio is truly one of a kind. With small class size in an ambient lit setting we will help you reach your fitness goals by riding to upbeat motivational music led by inspiring instructors all while having fun doing it!



Elevating Functional Fitness

Mel Nowak

Our goal is to help you work towards your health and fitness goals in a fun community of like-minded individuals. The daily workouts are constantly varied, functional movements that apply to everyday life. You will achieve results and overcome obstacles you never thought possible!

At Mpowerment Fitness the focus is on resistance training and getting everyone strong. Through one-on-one, private sessions with Mel Nowak, clients can expect individualized programs based on their fitness goals. All levels welcome in a judgement free zone.

2098 Deerbrush Cr, North Saanich

Peninsula CrossFit

Personal Training #20 - 2075 Henry Ave, Sidney

Fitness and Friendship:

· Oncology Esthetics · Restorative Facials · Results-Driven Skin Care

Panorama Recreation by Jo Barnes

A good fitness program can help

you build up muscle, strength and stamina, but a great fitness program allows you do all that and build up the community around you. When you visit your local recreation centre, there are definite benefits to you, but sometimes your presence and what you offer there can also benefit others, especially those who need support and assistance. Panorama Recreation offers all kinds of volunteer opportunities that provide the chance to enrich the lives of others, gain new skills and experience and contribute to the community. A critical need, however, is for volunteers who can work with community members who require assistance so they can participate in recreation. Panorama is hard at work developing a database of such volunteers, matching members needing assistance with appropriate volunteers. Why not step up and share your time and talents so as to make a way for someone else to enjoy and benefit from the recreation experience? Volunteering is rewarding and offers a wonderful avenue to develop employable skills, gain job experience, meet new people, share your interests and abilities, complete volunteer hours for school graduation and of course give back to your community. There are a variety of departments needing regular volunteers such as aquatics, arena programs, fitness and weights, youth and adult programs and special events. How might you get involved? You could volunteer in childminding, face-painting, swimming or skating lessons, the Take Heart and Breathe Well program, shadow guard (shadowing alongside a certified lifeguard), children and youth day camps or special events. Each volunteer position has a set of tasks related to it, some requiring specific skills or background. At Panorama, you'll receive ongoing support from staff and recreation coordinators and, depending on your commitment, may also be eligible for facility access. For details on current opportunities, visit panorama/about-us/volunteer-opportunities. How do you become a volunteer? You need to be 15 years of age and can apply online by providing your contact information, areas of interest, background in terms of skills and experience, availability and references. Volunteer packages are also available at Panorama Recreation or Greenglade Community Centre reception. Applications are reviewed and then usually a recreation coordinator will contact you regarding suitability. Once an appropriate opportunity comes available, you'll submit a criminal record check, complete an orientation, and you're on your way to volunteering! It's a brand new year, so by all means make a new commitment to your health. Why not enhance your skills and share your abilities with another member of the community as well? Volunteering at Panorama can not only enhance your life, but will enrich someone else's recreational experience too.

Oncology Esthetics® expands the practice of cosmetic medical treatments to serve people with, or recovering from, cancer. “My focus is to help you feel healthy & whole during or after cancer treatments. Therapeutic sessions will lead to improved complexion and decreased stress and anxiety.” ~ Alana Delcourt, the Peninsula and area’s only Certified Oncology Esthetician


Paramedical Tattoo & Scar Camouflage NEW UNIT 333 - 2453 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.686.6208 |

Good food tastes better with good company.

In the Summer of Love, you weren’t thinking about hearing protection. Donna Stewart Audiologist/Owner

Whether you just need a baseline hearing test, or you know it’s time to talk about hearing aids, give us a call. We can help you hear.

7159A W Saanich Rd

2020 02 Seaside.indd 1

Call: 778-426-4876


2020-01-15 1:26:48 PM

A by Cassidy Nunn

Love Story for

Over the years of being a wedding and portrait photographer, I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with so many incredible couples. My favourite part is hearing their story: what brought them together, what keeps them together, and what they love most about each other. This month I met with three Peninsula-based couples of varying ages; I learned a bit about them as a duo as well as sought out their advice to maintaining a healthy relationship. I’m newly married myself, but my husband and I have been together over 11 years now and so much of the advice I heard rang true, especially that quality time together is important. With our first baby on the way, I know this time will be more meaningful than ever!

Nunn Other Photography

Sarah and Kaine Sparks, 16 years together, live in North Saanich and run the micro winery Invinity Sparkling Wine House. They met while working as servers at Dunsmuir Lodge and after a few years of dating and travelling, the two decided to tie the knot in 2011. Almost nine years later, they're proud parents to three kids, run a business together out of their home and property, and remain the best of friends. Kaine's advice is to "treat each other like best friends." Be sure to "make time for each other," adds Sarah. Quality time for the couple is often spent together in the evenings, after the kids have gone to bed, whether that's going out for a date night to a local restaurant, taking part in a paint night, partaking in a wine tour, or simply staying in and cooking a more elaborate meal for just the two of them. They also put an emphasis on quality time spent together as a family and enjoy "doing anything we can with the kids," says Sarah, which often includes hiking, biking around the airport, working all together in their vineyard, or going out for dinner as a family. Luckily, the two say they have fun working together, but the key to that is also to know when to call it quits from working long hours on their business before burnout sets in. Sarah says her favourite quality in Kaine is his strength, "physically, mentally and emotionally; he's a beast!" and Kaine loves that Sarah is "fiercely protective of our family," and that she makes him a better person.

Love Conquers All

2536 Beacon Avenue, Sidney 250.656.5676 16 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | FEBRUARY 2020

All Ages Alice Bacon and John Carswell, 32 years together, are another couple who have a family, and live and work together, running their business Brentwood Bay Village Empourium. The two met in 1986 at Camosun College in the Applied Communications program. They became fast friends and after a couple of years their friendship turned into a relationship. The couple credits having a good foundation in their relationship before starting a business together, and divide up the responsibilities within the business. "What I love about Alice is she makes me think about things in a completely different way. Her perspective is often completely different than mine," says John. He also credits her sense of humour and how she always seems to find the brighter side of any issue. "I love John's intelligence and his tendency towards deep thought and his ability to cut through the clutter … he's an incredibly capable person," says Alice. The two have some separate interests and hobbies outside of their business as well but enjoy travelling and going out for meals together. Their "secret" to a healthy relationship? "When things get rocky, ride it out," advises Alice. "If you just wait it out often you can get some clarity." "Relationships evolve," adds John. After the initial romance and intrigue comes "the really interesting part of the relationship."

Dale and Gwen Philpott, 64 years together, met in Grade 13 in Prince George in 1949. The two went off to UBC to study after high school and at that point began dating; in 1955 they were married at the University chapel. The couple traversed the province throughout their careers as accountants, living in Princeton, Penticton, Kamloops and eventually settling in Victoria in 1983; they've called the Island home ever since. "We've always got along," says Dale. "We used to love to go dancing." They share a great sense of adventure and their travels have taken them to 62 countries on six continents. Together they raised three children and now have eight grandkids, and four (soon to be five!) great grandkids. "We're lucky that they're all here," says Gwen, adding that their family all lives close by. Dale's secret to maintaining a healthy relationship is "don't argue. I refuse to," to which Gwen quickly countered by saying: "I like to argue, just for sport!" She followed that up by adding: "just get along and be nice to each other."

Nunn Other Photography

Amanda Cribdon Photography


#107 - 2360 Beacon Ave, Sidney | 250.656.3486 | |

Love is in the Air! And Maybe the Possibility of a New Home? Call Our Informative Sidney Agents if You’re Thinking About Buying or Selling Your Home!

Ann Watley

Harry Fowler

Stephen Postings

Inez Louden

Patrick Achtzner

Gaye Phillips

Offering Real Estate Sales with Commercial, Residential and Strata Property Management Service Divisions

Nordic Pole Walking: a Total Body Workout Most Thursday and Sunday mornings in North Saanich you'll come across a group of women chatting and striding along, aided by their pairs of Nordic walking poles. They call themselves the "Jet Polers" as they often walk the path around the airport and on quiet roads nearby. The group is part of an exercise initiative rapidly becoming popular with those who want a total body workout. Nordic pole walking has been proven to use up to 46% more calories than walking or jogging and is suited for all ages and abilities. Currently, five clubs led by certified instructors walk in the Greater Victoria area and five more are located up-Island. Most of the Jet Polers got started by taking a course with Glenice Barber, an instructor qualified in the technique. "I became hooked on Nordic Pole walking in 2014 as I could see it was something I could do for the rest of my life and I like that it's good for the whole body," says Glenice, a slim dynamo who retired 11 years ago after two careers, the first in physical education and the second in early childhood education in Sidney. Glenice says that when used properly, the adjustable poles take weight strain off knees and hips, improve balance, strengthen the core muscles and encourage proper posture. New participants are encouraged to start out slowly and build stamina. They learn to hold the poles loosely via the attached half-gloves and then swing them from the shoulder alternately with each step. Rubber mini-shoes cover the tips of the poles to give grip on smooth surfaces. Glenice cautions that Nordic walking poles and trekking poles have different functions and techniques: Nordic poles are used to exercise on flat or undulating paths while trekking poles are designed to pull hikers up steep rocky terrain. Pole walking started when Finnish cross-country ski athletes were looking for a way to continue training over the warmer months. Canadian former Olympian rower (1976 Montreal Olympics), Linda Schaumleffel, introduced Nordic pole walking to Victoria when she discovered how much it helped her regain strength and mobility by Gillian Crowley

after a serious car accident. She is now an enthusiastic Nordixx Canada Master Pole Walk instructor who trains other instructors and gives inspirational talks across B.C. "NPW doesn't just exercise the whole body," Linda explains. "It lowers low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) and blood pressure, controls insulin and strengthens bones. Age doesn't make a difference." Many walkers find they can go faster and farther with the poles and exercise the upper body at the same time. Another group, those waiting for joint surgery, find the poles help to keep them active. Rob Dempster took private lessons from Glenice while waiting for hip surgery in 2018. He says: "I loved it right away. It helped me keep walking at a decent clip by giving me balance and rhythm." When walking without the poles, Rob says he favoured the bad hip which then threw "everything else" off balance and caused pain. The social value of the exercise is reflected in the chit-chat and laughter erupting from the group marching along in North Saanich. Ending up at a local coffee shop is a welcome part of the morning – even if the fancy coffees may undercut the calories burned! The next three-week Nordic Pole walking courses with Glenice will be April 7 through 28 and May 5 to 26 through Panorama Recreation.


We’ve Moved! Come Visit Our New Retail Showroom Next to Dairy Queen in Sidney!





Nunn Other Photography

D E B ' S D AY O U T

by Deborah Rogers

Demystifying Plant-Based Cooking "To learn how to feed my

family." "Following my doctor's recommendation." "I don't want to keep buying vegetables, then putting them in the compost!" These were some of the reasons given when participants of a new "Plant-Based Foods" cooking class were asked why they were there. And me? Well, I was there for my February "Day Out!" The rise of interest in plantbased eating has been unmissable in recent years. Many people globally now try for a Veganuary (that's 22 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | FEBRUARY 2020

a vegan January) and whether for diet, health, environmental or animalrights reasons, a shift towards eating less meat and dairy has taken place. Chantal Davis is our host and instructor, running the three-week class through Panorama Recreation. I got to take part in the inaugural class, though plant-based cooking is Chantal's life and she brings years of kitchen and nutrition knowledge to her students. After a brief survey of what the students wanted to get from the class, Chantal quickly got down to business. She had a menu planned for the evening, with a mix of pre-prepped items and those that the class would need to make themselves. There are questions that arise around a plant-based diet such as: can you ensure you get all the right nutrients, how do you get enough protein, what do you replace staples like butter and eggs with? The informal structure of the class allowed us to ask and discuss these points and more whilst we had our hands in bowls of fresh ingredients. First on the menu was a kale caesar salad. We split into groups, dividing up tasks like tearing the kale, whisking the dressing, and preparing chickpeas to roast in the oven. Chantal provided us each with a recipe booklet, and in our small groups we shared cooking tips and found out a bit more about where each of us sits on the plant-based scale.

I admit I tend to rely on pre-made dressings, so my first takeaway from this class was how good a vegan caesar dressing can be. It was packed with flavour from lemon, garlic and capers, and thickened with a scoop of hummus (also pumping up the protein factor). While we waited for oil-drizzled chickpeas to roast, we were introduced to a nifty bit of kitchenware. The Almond Cow is a plant-based milk maker! I'd never considered that you could make almond milk (or oat, cashew, hemp etc.) at home. But before our eyes we saw Chantal turn a cup of pumpkin seeds, pecans and oats into a jug of smooth, creamy(ish) "milk." This blew my mind a little bit: drinking milk from the fridge is just such a routine part of life I'd never considered that people might want to, be able to, or find benefit in, making their own. The benefit of course is that you can adjust the recipe to taste, you know exactly what's in it, once the cost of the equipment has been accounted for it's cheap, and there's no packaging. It could be a game-changer! In the next session Chatal will demonstrate how it's possible (easy even) to make tofu at home starting with soybeans and this nifty gadget. That I have to see. Back to our dinner … the chickpeas had crisped up nicely and were added to the top of the kale salad; garlic bread was sliced; and then we saw what Chantal had prepared as the main dish. It was an incredible lasagna. Containing roasted vegetables, a tomato lentil sauce, cauliflower ricotta and cashew cream, it checked all the nutritional boxes and introduced the class to some new ingredients. This was not a dish that could be knocked up in a two-hour class, but we all have the recipe to try it at home. Sitting down with a plate full of colourful, delicious smelling food,and a glass of the "milk" we'd made earlier, we spent the last portion of the evening discussing nutrition questions. The food was so good – and I can confirm that one avowed kale-disliker had his mind changed – dispelling the myth that plant-based means bland and textureless. I learned a lot about alternate sources of protein and trace nutrients, but more importantly I was reminded that it's worth experimenting with different ways of making familiar dishes. What do you want to see Deb do next? Send your ideas or invitations to

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by Ashley Ruffle Financial Advisor

Edward Jones

Investment Mistakes to Watch For ... at Different Stages of Life

As an investor, how can you avoid making mistakes? It's not always easy, because investing can be full of potential pitfalls. But if you know what the most common mistakes are at different stages of an investor's life, you may have a better chance of avoiding these costly errors. Let's take a look at some investment mistakes you'll want to avoid when you're young, when you're in mid-career, when you're nearing retirement and when you've just retired. When you're young … Mistake: Investing too conservatively (or not at all). If you're just entering the working world, you may not have a lot of money with which to invest. But don't wait until your income grows – putting away even a small amount each month can prove quite helpful. Additionally, don't make the mistake of investing primarily in shortterm vehicles that may preserve your principal but offer little in the way of growth potential. Instead, position your portfolio for growth. Of course, stock prices will always fluctuate, but you potentially have decades to overcome these short-term declines. Since this money is for retirement, your focus should be on the long term – and it can be difficult to reach long-term goals with short-term, highly conservative investments. When you're in mid-career … Mistake: Putting insufficient funds into your retirement accounts. At this stage of your life, your earning power may well have increased substantially. As a result, you should have more money available to invest for the future – specifically, you may now be able to "max out" on your RRSP or TFSA annual contributions and still boost your contributions to your employer-sponsored retirement plan. These retirement accounts offer tax advantages that you may not receive in ordinary savings and investment accounts. Try to put more money into these retirement accounts every time your salary goes up. When you're nearing retirement … Mistake: Not having balance in your investment portfolio. When they're within just a few years of retirement, some people may go to extremes, either investing too aggressively to try to make up for lost time or too conservatively in an attempt to avoid potential declines. Both these strategies could be risky. So as you near retirement, seek to balance your portfolio. This could mean shifting some of your investment dollars into fixed-income vehicles to provide for your current income needs while still owning stocks that provide the growth potential to help keep up with inflation in your retirement years.

When you've just retired … Mistake: Failing to determine an appropriate withdrawal rate. Upon reaching retirement, you will need to carefully manage the money you've accumulated for retirement and all other investment accounts. Obviously, your chief concern is outliving your money, so you'll need to determine how much you can withdraw each year. To arrive at this figure, take into account your current age, your projected longevity, the amount of money you've saved and the estimated rate of return you're getting from your investments. This type of calculation is complex, so you may want to consult with a financial professional. Avoiding these errors can help ensure that, at each stage of your life, you're doing what you can to keep making progress toward your financial goals. For more information, email

Trusted Legal Advice.

Dominique Alford ALFORD WALDEN LAW

With more than 22 years of extensive legal experience, Dominique is devoted to providing wise counsel and guidance to clients across a wide range of legal services. In addition to her legal practice, Dominique is very involved with her community. Supported by a friendly, helpful and professional staff with years of experience and dedication, the team at Alford Walden Law takes pride in serving the Saanich Peninsula community in the most proficient and professional way possible.

P: 778.426.3330 F: 778.426.3332 • #216 -2506 Beacon Ave, Sidney Business & Corporate Law • Commercial Law • Real Estate Wills & Estate Planning • Estate & Trust Administration • Notary Sevices FEBRUARY 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 25

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Neuroprotective Action PQQ-10 PQQ-10 protects cells from oxidative damage that can lead to cognitive decline, neurodegenerative disease, and cardiovascular problems. PQQ and CoQ10 work together to support the mitochondria, the cells’ energy producers. By protecting neurons and stimulating nerve growth in the brain, PQQ-10 also supports cognitive performance, including memory and attention.


Vegan Bone Builder Ionic Bone This bone builder offers many of the building blocks necessary for strong bones. The all natural Calcified Atlantic Seaweed mineral complex contains calcium and 72 additional minerals. The vitamin K2 comes in a stabilized form helping ensure you get ample amounts of this critical-for-bone-health vitamin. Extra magnesium and vitamin D round out this unique formula. ✔ Bioavailable calcium ✔ Complete mineral complex ✔ Stabilized vitamin K2Vital® ✔ Great taste!

Cardio Optimizer High Absorption Curcumin



CurcuminRich Cardio Optimizer from Natural Factors contains TheracurminTM, the #1 absorbed form of curcumin, and 600 mg of heart-healthy omega-3 EPA and DHA. These powerhouse nutrients support the body’s natural inflammatory response, an important factor in maintaining cardiovascular health. ✔ Supports cardiovascular health ✔ Promotes a healthy inflammatory response for optimal health and wellness ✔ Extra-strength source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids ✔ Antioxidant protection from free radical damage


Effervescent Magnesium Bisglycinate Magnesium is an essential cofactor in hundreds of enzymatic processes in the human body. Many people use it to relieve the symptoms of restless leg syndrome and to help ensure they get enough for proper heart function and blood pressure. Health Canada estimates well over 50% of the population is deficient in this powerful mineral. ✔ 100% pure bisglycinate ✔ Highly absorbable ✔ 350 mg per teaspoon ✔ Great taste!



by Dr. Kristen Bovee Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic Hydrate IV Wellness Centre

Keeping the Female Heart Healthy

Heart disease is often a stereotyped male-centered condition when in fact, it is the number one cause of mortality in Canada in women over 55. Symptoms of heart disease in women can differ significantly than from men. Recent findings from a decade-long study showed blood pressure in women rises earlier and faster than in men, which is a significant risk factor for heart attacks and strokes. Our heart is a hard-working muscle and needs constant oxygen and nutrients to keep working. Women's hearts in particular are vulnerable to plaque buildup as their hearts and arteries are smaller. The plaque buildup in women's arteries tends to be softer and more likely to dislodge into the blood stream, increasing stroke and heart attack risk. Women without blocked arteries can still have heart attacks as a result of lower blood flow to the heart. Estrogen is a protective factor for women and heart disease. After menopause, cholesterol rises as a result of the reduction of estrogen production. The following are factors of health women can focus on to keep their heart working at its optimum from childhhood into menopause. Lifestyle Factors • Don't smoke – Studies found even people who smoked one cigarette per day had a raised cardiovascular risk. • Exercise – Women who are sedentary are four times more likely to die from heart disease than fit women. Walk 30 minutes daily, raise your heart rate for at least 10 to 20 minutes three to four times weekly, if not more, to keep the heart healthy. • Monitor: Women over 40 should take their blood pressure monthly and have their cholesterol checked yearly. Dietary Factors • Eat unprocessed foods – A healthy heart diet is high in fresh fruits and vegetables, moderate in lean protein, nuts, seeds, legumes and

whole grains and low in animal fats and sugar. • Consume the Mediterranean diet – Studies have shown that this dietary routine has the best outcomes for a healthy heart. See www. for excellent recipe ideas. • Limit alcohol – Even one glass of red wine daily can increase blood pressure. Women are generally more likely to be affected by alcohol. Limit alcoholic beverages to four drinks weekly. • Caffeine – Drink only one to two cups of caffeinated beverages daily. • Limit salt. Foods high in salt increase blood pressure; foods high in potassium (fresh fruits and vegetables) reduce blood pressure. Mental / Emotional • Moderate stress – Stress affects many systems of our bodies, not just our heart. It is important to identify areas of stress and find practical solutions to identify and reduce daily stressors. • Yoga and meditation – Done on a daily basis, these activities have been shown to reduce blood pressure by reducing stress and anxiety. Hormonal • Despite it having a bad rap, estrogen actually protects the heart. The lack of production of estrogen in menopausal women gradually causes cholesterol to rise. Studies have shown that moderate estrogen replacement therapy can help to reduce the production of cholesterol and reduce the buildup of plaques on arteries. • The stress hormone cortisol causes the increase in belly fat in women which increases the risk of heart disease. February is Heart month, a time to pay closer attention to the importance of cardiovascular health. Women (and men) of all ages are encouraged to pay attention to their diet, lifestyle, mental/emotional and hormonal status so they can age well with a healthy heart.

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Comfort First:

The Rise of Athleisure by Jesse Holth

It's everyone's dream: a

single outfit that takes you from the gym, to errands, to a night out, all while looking and feeling great. It's no wonder that "athleisure" – clothing you can wear during both athletic activities and leisure activities – has become so popular. The recent phenomenon has been dubbed a fashion revolution, and it's easy to see why: leggings have almost ubiquitously replaced pants; sneakers are no longer just for running; and casual, athletic-inspired streetwear is the new norm. So what athleisure trends will we be seeing more of in 2020? Eco-conscious sportswear. We care about our carbon footprint, and what we're doing to the planet – and want to make sure our fashion choices reflect that. People are increasingly calling for sustainable options, in response to decades of "fast fashion" and unethical labour practises. Clothing produced with fewer resources, a lower environmental impact, and the use of recycled or natural materials will continue to thrive. Fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo are trending over synthetics, and people are demanding transparency in the production chain, including human impacts like paying workers a living wage. Some companies are even turning to recycled plastic to create leggings, footwear and other activewear while cleaning up the earth and its oceans. Size and gender inclusivity. There is a wave of new companies specializing in gender-neutral activewear, as well as a wider range of sizes. Some actually base their sizing on body shape or type, instead of a specific gender. This reflects a movement of body positivity that has gained ground in recent years. Embracing who you are and what you look like is

a message that anyone can get behind. Even existing companies like Nike and Lululemon are catching on to the idea: retail is finally becoming less gendered, and they want to stay ahead of the curve. Athletic wear continues to be one of the least gendered types of clothing – sporty and casual can look the same regardless of gender. So find something you feel comfortable in, that feels like "you," and run with it. Wearable tech. One of the top fitness trends for 2020 will be wearable tech – gadgets like smart watches, specialized earbuds, digital insoles and other fitness trackers. These devices monitor everything from heartrate to calorie consumption to number of steps taken, reflecting a global movement to take charge of your own health and wellness. These tools can be empowering – knowing your metrics can help you increase your quality of life. Some wearables even include environmental sensors, which can tell you about pollution, UV light, noise, temperature, humidity and more. Others help with relaxation, meditation or improving the quality of your sleep. Retro style. Classic retro styles are back – and they're here to stay. Think high-rise leggings, looser silhouettes and a relaxed fit. From hightop sneakers like classic Reebok, to neon windbreakers, to oversized logos and branding, expect '90s-era fashion. Other trends you might see in athleisure this year include bright colours and patterns; pales and pastels; and animal prints. The popularity of retro styles is also thanks to a growing number of people wearing vintage or secondhand – reusing garments that have already been produced is a much better choice for the environment. Many brands have committed to using recycled materials or up-cycling from previously loved pieces. Athleisure is ultimately a blend of comfort, style, and function – something we can all appreciate.

SEASIDE talks with Tony Rechsteiner, Owner and Designer at Seaside Cabinetry & Design, about what's


On your luxury wish list? Owning a house with a water view. In home décor? Transitional – clean lines with a moderate amount of detail. When it comes to your go-to "uniform?" Business-branded apparel. On your skin? Bulldog Skincare. In haircare? Reuzel Pommade.

photos by Nunn Other Photography

In your closet? Mostly work clothes. Jeans, hoodies and T-shirts. In your shaving kit? A Brio Beardscape trimmer. In your bathroom cabinet? A water flosser. On your bedside table? Glasses and a Kobo. In the kitchen? My espresso maker – can't live without it! When you want a night out? The patio at the Surly Mermaid. On your playlist? The Zac Brown Band. On your feet? Blundstones. When adding sparkle to your outfit? A flashy pair of shoes or a nice patterned button-up.

When you want to smell irresistible? Not really a fragrance kind of guy … On your Netflix queue? Mostly kids movies these days! When you want to throw fashion out the window and be all about comfort? A thick hoodie, a baseball hat and a pair of Nikes. When you don't care how much it costs? Vacation time with the family is always money well spent. On your walls? Pictures of my wife, my daughter and our dogs.

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Hayley Wickenheiser - Thursday, March 26 Four-time Olympic Gold medalist, Hayley Wickenheiser is regarded as one of the best female hockey players in the world with an uncompromised determination and dedication to her sport. However, it’s not just her lethal slapshot that is respected by her teammates, fans and peers; Hayley is also a community leader, mentor, history-maker and accomplished businesswoman. Putting her BSc from the University of Calgary to good use, Hayley has led numerous projects with the goal of raising the profile of women’s hockey around the world. She is constantly working to provide mentoring opportunities for young athletes including her legacy project, the Wickenheiser International Women’s Hockey Festival. Teamwork and Success: What does a successful team need and how did Team Canada succeed on the World Stage? In this talk, Hayley recaps some of the best teams she captained and their memories on the Olympic stage.

Brad Wall - Thursday, April 16 A Conversation with Brad Wall Brad Wall’s legislative and economic achievements during his 10 plus years as Saskatchewan’s premier are many – job growth, population growth, infrastructure creation, a first ever AAA credit rating for Saskatchewan, and so much more. However, these accomplishments benefitted not just his province, but Canada as a whole. As such, he earned a national reputation as a forceful and articulate defender of Saskatchewan’s and Canada’s trade interests, particularly in the areas of energy and agriculture, all the while remaining a passionate advocate for the province’s most vulnerable, often saying that the purpose of pursuing economic growth is to “secure a better quality of life for all Saskatchewan people.”

Jesse Thistle - Tuesday, June 2 Jesse Thistle is a Métis-Cree-Scot Ph.D. Candidate in the History program at York University in Toronto, he also teaches there as an assistant professor (probationary lecturer) where he is working on theories of intergenerational and historic trauma of the Métis people. This work, which involves reflections on his own previous struggles with addiction and homelessness, has been recognized as having a wide impact on both the scholarly community and the greater public. From the Ashes: In this extraordinary and inspiring debut memoir, Jesse Thistle, once a high school dropout and now a rising Indigenous scholar, chronicles his life on the streets and how he overcame trauma and addiction to discover the truth about who he is.

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Christy Clark Thursday, September 24 Christy Clark served as the 35th Premier of British Columbia from 2011-2017, winning re-election in 2013. As the longest-serving female Premier in Canadian history, and the only woman in Canada ever to be re-elected as Premier, Ms. Clark worked relentlessly to grow the economy, control spending, and create more opportunities in her province. Some of her achievements while in office are astounding: She brought the province from over a billion dollars in deficit to 5 consecutive balanced budgets, approved and started work on the $8 billion Site C dam, moved BC from 9th in economic growth to 1st, while moving BC to it’s best annual job creation record. (First time that’s happened since 1963!) She also signed almost 500 co-operation and revenue sharing agreements with First Nations.

Amanda Lindhout Thursday, October 29 A House in the Sky: Amanda Lindhout was held captive in Somalia for 15 months in 2008. Using conviction, affirmation, gratitude, and positive thinking, Amanda survived the unimaginable. In this keynote, she will engage your audience when she presents the importance of being in control of your mindset. Amanda will describe what qualities enable survival, but also the capacity to thrive in the face of adversity. Amanda’s keynote presentations are for audiences of all sizesfrom Richard Branson’s living room to an arena of 20,000- she creates intimacy with the women and men in the room through her emotional, powerful storytelling. Her tale of survival builds suspense and momentum to reveal life-changing insights into mind conditioning, including actionable takeaways about reframing stories of pain into power.

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Stephen Parslow:

Nurturing the Freeride Park Stephen is 40, going on 14!

While he's been an avid mountain biker for a good part of his life, he's now learning to "dirt jump." He says the experience is both terrifying and liberating. Stephen bikes at the North Saanich Freeride Park and is its president. When I met him, I realized I'd come by Anne Miller across one of the most optimistic and genuine people I'd ever met. Stephen talks about the Freeride Park with enthusiasm and hope. The park got its start when North Saanich council listened to Mark Matthews, an enthusiastic and determined young teen with a dream. Mark's compelling arguments convinced the municipality to donate a piece of land for a bike park in 2002. Today, it is one of the busiest parks in North Saanich and is completely free for anyone to use. It has broad appeal to all ages and uses. Like a ski hill, jumps are rated from "green" up to "double black," getting more challenging over time. Stephen values what the park provides its youth, not only towards their health or as an alternative to the PlayStation. He's a big believer in offering them opportunities for risky play – having a safe place to allow them to fail. That's what creates resilient people, he says, which is critical in business and in life. "We achieve great things if we're willing to try things and to fail but if we always stick to the safe side, the big discoveries aren't going to happen." It's that willingness to take calculated risks that fosters entrepreneurs, and Stephen should know. He runs two businesses with his wife, Christine. Through Bread and Butter Creative, they offer custom app 32 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | FEBRUARY 2020

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development for small business. They also run another, completely different, business. Their acre of property supports a market garden they call Little Maple Farm. When selling their produce at the North Saanich Farmer's Market, they welcome the mentorship offered by fellow farmers. There is no competition, just everyone wanting to help out. Stephen notes he's pleased to live in an area with soil and climate conducive to the production of good local food. "Food security is an important issue." He fears, however, that as farmers retire, there will be a void as young growers face the difficult, sometimes impossible, challenge of land costs. No doubt, Stephen's passion and innovative thinking will kick in to address this issue at some point. Stephen has great hopes for the park; one includes funding. Currently, the park is funded 100% by community donations. Stephen is aiming for a more sustainable funding structure by looking at grants, annual crowd funding and, hopefully, displaying sponsorships in the park. Secondly, Stephen will focus on expanding the volunteer base. He's a big believer in having a large group of people, each contributing a small amount, thus, creating a resilient group who'll keep the park going for decades. His vision of volunteers includes kids who use the park, as it helps build their confidence and their skillsets. Stephen feels fortunate to be involved in the Freeride Park, in his work and in the place he lives. "Canada gives us a quality of life that's so incredible with phenomenal opportunities." His hope is to organize the park for long term success. Being such a positive person, he'll succeed and the community will benefit greatly. For more information, email Stephen Parslow via or visit















Show Some It's February and our thoughts turn to … chocolate. This wellloved, bitter, rich, decadent, by Joan Saunders delicious ingredient is an extremely versatile kitchen staple as it can move from savoury to sweet, from main course to dessert. One of the best ways to show some love, whether it's Valentine's Day or not, is to cook for family and friends. Cooking for others is a clear indicator of affection and, no matter if you're an adventurous cook or would rather stick to the basics, there are both simple and complicated ways to put together some chocolatey treats. The history of chocolate begins in Southern Mexico. The Aztecs believed that cacao seeds were the gift of Quetzalcoatl, the god of wisdom, and the seeds once had so much value that they were used as a form of currency. Raspberry Chocolate Bark


I believe that chocolate is still a form of currency, especially around Valentine's Day, so I thought that I'd create a chocolatethemed dinner for the family. First, a dive into some cookbooks for inspiration. There I rediscovered molé, a flavourful, versatile Mexican sauce which features chocolate. My research soon indicated that traditional molé may take up to three days to make; while I love my family, I decided that I don't love them enough to spend three days cooking a sauce, no matter how appealing. Eventually I found a recipe that seemed to be a reasonable facsimile of molé (albeit simpler) and forged ahead. It wasn't too complicated and so, with some shredded chicken, I put together enchiladas. Slathered with molé and some grated cheese, baked, then topped with avocado and sour cream, the result was delicious. You could taste the chocolate and, with jalapeños in the recipe; there was a nice little kick of heat. I'll definitely make this one again. (https://www. Next, some treats. It's nice to have some homemade chocolate goodies to give away so I decided on Secret Kiss Cookies. What's not to love about a walnut shortbread wrapped around a Hershey's Kiss then rolled in icing sugar? Fabulous. I usually make these in December but perhaps they're even more appropriate in February. Packed up in a little treat bag, these make a tasty gift. Finally? Chocolate Cake. I've found that you can never go wrong with a classic, and this time I stepped up my game and made a bark to decorate the top of the cake. It was a swirly mixture of dark and white chocolate studded with chopped up freeze-dried raspberries and pretzels. Very dramatic, yet surprisingly simple to create. Next time I would experiment with different flavours (I was thinking maybe chocolate and butterscotch with flakes of sea salt!). The only issue with the chocolate shards? I had to really shove them into the top of the cake and I worried that the whole creation would start to fall apart with the seismic fissures I unwittingly created. The topping also made the cake a bit tricky to cut but, what the heck, chunks of chocolate cake taste just as good as lovely, even slices. The result of my foray into cooking with chocolate? Cacao is definitely still a form of currency and, while you can't buy love, you can certainly buy some appreciation with a marvelous chocolatey meal.

Seaside D E N TA L

Dr. Geoff Newhouse & Dr. Sonja Baur ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS


#214 - 2506 Beacon Ave, Sidney Secret Kiss Cookies

Secret Kiss Cookies (from Hershey's Chocolate Lover's Cookbook) 1 cup butter ½ cup sugar 1 tsp vanilla 1¾ cups flour 1 cup finely chopped walnuts Hershey Kisses (about 24 to 30) icing sugar Beat butter, sugar and vanilla until fluffy. Add flour and walnuts, beat on low until well blended. Cover and refrigerate dough about one to two hours. Remove wrappers from Kisses. Heat oven to 375°. Using about 1 tbsp dough, shape dough around each Kiss to make ball. Be sure to cover each piece completely. Place on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake 10 to 12 minutes or until cookies are set but not browned. Cool slightly. While still warm, roll each cookie in icing sugar. Cool completely.

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Don’t spend your valuable personal time cleaning your home! Allow Sparkleffect to take the burden of cleaning your home from top to bottom which will allow you to reap the benefits of more free time to do the things you enjoy! Flexible appointments and same day bookings to work around your busy schedule, provide a personalized home cleaning program to fit the specific needs of your home. Sparkleffect uses environmentally safe non-toxic products to clean your home that are earth friendly and cause no harm to children or pets!

Professional. Affordable. Reliable. Sparkleffect guarantees high quality service to the Sidney,

North Saanich/Brentwood Bay/Cordova Bay areas. Excellent references. Insured and criminal record clearance.

Raspberry Chocolate Bark (from Layered by Tessa Huff) 8 ounces dark chocolate 3 ounces white chocolate ½ cup freeze dried raspberries, chopped (I got mine at Whole Foods) ½ cup chopped pretzel sticks Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Melt the dark chocolate. Melt the white chocolate. Pour the dark chocolate onto the lined baking sheet and smooth it into a ¼-inch layer. Spoon dollops of the white chocolate on top and swirl them with a wooden skewer. Sprinkle with the raspberries and pretzels. Let the bark cool in fridge, then break into pieces. Arrange on top of the cake so it looks abstract (as pictured). Add fresh raspberries if desired.

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C el eb ra in tin Bu g 4 si 2 Y ne e ss ar s


We have over 5000 items to choose from, including Vitamins, Personal Care, Bulk Foods, and Grocery! Natural Factors K&D BOGO Pack

WomenSense CardioSense

NATURAL FACTORS K&D provides two major fat-soluble vitamins for bone and vascular health; bioactive and highly bioavailable D3 (cholecalciferol), and menaquinone-7 (MK-7) from natto bean. Both vitamins act on calcium and guide the mineral towards where it is needed throughout the body. • Aids in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth • Helps reduce risk of developing osteoporosis when combined with adequate calcium • Supports healthy immune system function • Supports mother and child’s health during pregnancy and lactation • Plays a role in reducing the risk of some cancers

• Helps maintain cardiovascular health in adults • Helps support healthy cholesterol levels 90 Veggie • Provides support for healthy Caps lipid and glucose metabolism • Helps increase energy and resistance to stress • Helps relieve symptoms of non-complicated CVI • Uses herbal medicine to support the immune system • Provides antioxidants that help protect cells from free radical damage • Helps relieve inflammatory conditions of the gastrointestinal tract

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Salus Floradix or Floravit

Why Floradix® Liquid Iron and Vitamins? • Plant-based, liquid iron and vitamin formula • Easy on the digestive tract • Dairy, lactose and alcohol free • Free of artificial colours & flavours • Formulated for maximum absorption In-Store Coupon • Certified Kosher 700ml • Suitable for vegetarians • Non-constipating


Sisu Magnesium Relaxation Blend

Find your calm with Sisu Magnesium Relaxation Blend, a great-tasting, easyto-mix powder that delivers 250 mg of magnesium in bisglycinate/citrate forms and the restorative qualities of GABA and L-Theanine, which can help safely and gently alleviate the adverse effects of stress and improve quality of sleep. Delicious raspberry-lemonade flavour.


Genuine Health Clean Collagen

Enerex Serrapeptase

Relieve Pain, Swelling, Congestion A natural alternative to ibuprofen, NSAIDs, and salicylates (aspirin). Contains No Phthalates! • Reduces pain, inflammation and swelling • Reduces mucous; beneficial for sinus, ear, nose and throat congestion and infection • Improves circulation, speeds healing • Beneficial for arthritis, joint pain, muscle pain, sport injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome


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We are all made from collagen. It’s the most abundant protein in our bodies. But OFF beginning in our 20s, our bodies naturally produce less of it. Good news: Supplementing with clean collagen can help to prevent against collagen loss, helping us all look and feel awesome. Available in sustainably sourced Marine or Bovine.

2473 Beacon Avenue, Sidney • 250.656.4634

All Prices in Effect Until February 29th, 2019


by Alyssa Madill Feed the Fire Nutrition & Wellness

2020: Time to Reframe the New Year's Resolution

January's come and gone, and so have 80% of the New Year's Resolutions that were made. Let's reframe this, to promote lasting change. If you look up resolution on, you will find the synonyms of boldness, courage and energy. I was delighted to find these words listed. If you considered a synonym for "New Year's Resolution," perhaps daunting, unrealistic or shortsighted may come to mind. This is likely due to past experiences of failure that have tainted this phrase over time. But this appealing list of synonyms even includes dedication, heart, intention, purpose, spirit and tenacity! How would it feel to change out New Year's Resolution for one of these engaging phrases? "My 2020 act of courage is to …" "set up that side hustle I've been dreaming of", "try cooking for myself more often" or "try a meditation class." Or how about "My 2020 intention is to focus on my wellness and get more sleep." Doesn't that sound so much softer, and achievable? How we speak to ourselves and others has resounding impact. Go ahead and make the changes, but try making it sound like less of a punishment. If you're wondering why it has felt that way for all these years, we may have history to blame. New Year's Resolutions go back as far as 4,000 years to the Babylonians. Back then the year began in the spring – they would make promises to their gods in hopes for bountiful crops and there was little concept of the self. It seems that things got personal in the 1700s within the church – they would encourage their

followers to look back over the past year and take stock of mistakes they made, and then promise to do better the following year. They had good intentions, but I think it is vital to realize that our mistakes actually shape us. Poor choices we have made, opportunities we have missed, dark times we have endured – these all truly strengthen our resolve (and yes, resolve shares its origin with resolution). If we can learn from these mistakes and mishaps, we can become more wise, more tolerant and therefore more evolved. So please, no matter what happened in 2019 or even over the last decade, be kind to yourself and be thankful for those lessons. Since I'm a fan of step-by-step action plans, I'll summarize this idea into one tidy bundle for you. Give this a try if you would like to make some shifts in 2020 and throughout the next decade. You can start this at any moment; don't feel you need to wait for a new year, month or week. 1. Contemplate and reflect, but don't categorize past mistakes vs. successes. 2. Ask yourself "What's working for me already?" and "What would make this even better?" 3. Choose one to three things to work on. Less is more. 4. Select your favourite synonym for the word resolution. 5. Create your own sentence that encompasses your personal action moving forward. All the best on your journey!


Peninsula Eats:

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Open Daily 11am - 9pm Buffet 11am - 3pm Homemade, from Scratch Food Variety of Baking • Ice Cream Lunch Items Including Quiche, Soups, Salads and Sandwiches ine bar

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t s g h g f l i i e r n s ate e e ist • c c h l s e e & s win hee n e u • y c w i men alt c i i c r t spe -cen ese che

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Mediterranean mix Greek olives $5

MARCONA ALMONDS sunflower oil, sea salt $4

SPICED CANDIED PECANS chipotle, rosemary, maple syrup $5


1164 Stelly’s X Road, Brentwood Bay


STUFFED MEDJOOL DATE Saint Agur blue, candied pecans $3

PARFAIT OF CHICKEN LIVER sourced from Four Quarters Meats – grainy Dijon mustard, cornichons $14


scallion whipped feta, roasted red pepper hummus, olive tapenade, veggies $16


balsamic roasted beets, wild arugula salad, rosemary sea salt, extra virgin olive oil $24


Fromager d’Affinois Brie / roasted garlic, house-made pepper jelly; Rosemary Manchego / quince paste, Marcona almonds; Silo 7-year old Cheddar / house-made apple butter, cornichons; Saint Agur Blue / fig bread, house-made maple bacon jam

Choose Your Toppings For Tacos, Burritos & More!

Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Espresso. Dinner Thurs - Sat


2395 Beacon Avenue, Sidney, BC 250-655-4500

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r. c o hte BC aug d ney s d r i e S f a r m n Av e , e h t o . eac www 60 B - 23 101


Take Out / Dine In Full Service Catering Available

g ervin Now S ahi M i Mah imp! & Shr

CHARCUTERIE BOARD (MEAT) a selection of international and locally sourced charcuterie, grainy Dijon, cornichons $19


assortment of three cheeses and three charcuterie, house-made pepper jelly cornichons, olives, grainy Dijon mustard + accompaniments $29 * all sharing boards are accompanied by fresh baguette from The Fickle Fig

The Peninsula’s Only Micro Coffee Roaster

Mon-Fri 7am to 5:30pm Saturday/Sunday 8am - 5pm

2367 Beacon Ave, Sidney | 778.351.3003 Phone Orders Welcome, but Please Keep it Simple and Ask for “Fully Loaded!” Now Selling Mexican Groceries & Candy!

Saanichton & Victoria Airport (past security by gate 5)

Delicious, Locally Owned & Family Operated

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Open Mon - Fri 8am to 3pm (closed weekends) #17 - 2235 Harbour Road, Sidney


Soup & Salad SAN MARZANO TOMATO SOUP served with pesto Parmesan

roasted red onions, tart cherries, Parmesan, balsamic vinaigrette $10


CAESAR SALAD Romaine hearts, candied spiced bacon, fried capers, pesto focaccia croutons $14

croutons and fresh baguette $8

aged Gruyère, rich beef broth, sherry $14


caramelized onions, Gruyère, mixed greens with balsamic vinaigrette $17

BAKED BRIE roasted garlic,

rosemary, candied pecans and pistachios drizzled with honey and truffle oil. Served with fresh baguette $18


Fontina Val d’Aosta, fresh herb and garlic oil. Served with fresh baguette $18


made garlic marinara sauce $17

SMOKED MAC & CHEESE Appletree smoked Cheddar, smoked Raclette $15


The Best Selection of Local, Craft & Import Beers on Tap

Visit for our full catering menu. CHEESE PLATTER


• Country Ham and Cheese / smoked ham, Welsh Cheddar, apple butter; • Kind of Blue / Gorgonzola, house-made maple bacon onion jam; • French Onion / cave-aged Gruyère, caramelized onions, herb butter; • Triple Cheese Melt / three cheeses, herb butter, honey drizzle.

Great Food. Friendly People.

A Sample of Our Catering Menu ~ Platters

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BISTRO SALAD Arugula, Romaine,

5 cheeses chosen from our wide selection of imported and Canadian cheeses. Includes fresh baguette, jam, crackers, olives, cornichon, nuts, dried and fresh fruit and other accompaniments. Small $75, 6-10 people; medium $115, 12-15 people; large $180, 20-30 people


Includes a variety of international and locally cured meats along with grainy Dijon mustard, our signature chutney, crackers, fresh baguettes, nuts, dried and fresh fruit and other accompaniments. Small $60, 6-10 people; medium $85, 12-15 people; large $120, 20-30 people

Contemporary West Coast Dining



Includes 5 cheeses chosen from our wide selection of imported and Canadian cheeses and a variety of international and local cured meats along with grainy Dijon mustard, our signature chutney, jams, crackers, fresh baguettes, nuts, dried and fresh fruit and other accompaniments. Small $100, 6-10 people; medium $150, 12-15 people; large $225, 20-30 people.


The Farmer’s Daughter charred scallion whipped feta, roasted red pepper hummus, olive tapenade, seasonal vegetables, crackers and fresh baguette. Small $60, 6-10 people; medium $90, 20-30 people; large $150, 50-60 people.

Home of the Skookum

Open 10am to 12am Daily

Open Wed/Thurs 11:30 to 9 Friday through Sunday 9 to 9

Family Friendly Until 10pm!

2250 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

2380 Beacon Avenue Sidney 250-655-1013

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7806 East Saanich Road, Saanichton

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Willy Dunford*

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Mary Secord-Fisher

Sidney’s Got Soul With Checo & the Sweet Soul Choir & special guests, the Bankes Brothers and Alexis Van Den Bulk.

Ralph Meuser

Maryan Van Stolk*

Winnie Wu

Friday, February

Steffen Hagen

Mona Palfreyman

, 2020

Mary Winspear Centre 2243 BEACON AVE W, SIDNEY, BC

Join us for a benefit concert in support of the Parkland School Music Department Get your tickets online at or Newport Realty Beacon Avenue Thank you to our sponsors and co-sponsors SPONSORED BY:

Tickets are $30.00 Doors open at 6:30 pm Show starts at 7:00 pm

* PREC = personal real estate corporation




Our Hearts Hold the Key to Health & Wellness

Considering that February is "Heart Month," it seems fitting to tie this organ of love into Seaside's Health and Wellness focus this month, and explore how heart health affects us as by Sherrin Griffin we age. VP, Operations, According to the Heart and Stroke Sidney SeniorCare Foundation of Canada, heart disease affects approximately 2.4 million adults in Canada. Matters of the heart are among the top five reasons for hospitalization at any age, and the top reason for our seniors' populace. Our hearts work extraordinarily hard for us over our lifetime. By the time we reach our senior years, our hearts have beaten several billion times. Unfortunately, over the years, poor dietary and lifestyle choices take a toll on our heart. We tend to be less active and more sedentary in our senior years, whether due to illness, limited mobility or simply apathy. The normal process of aging causes our heart and blood vessels to stiffen, which can lead to heart failure, coronary artery disease, and atrial fibrillation in later years. Blood vessels become less flexible and collect plaques, slowing the blood flow from the heart and making it harder for blood to move through them. Hypertension (high blood pressure) may result; the most common heart condition for those 75 or older. Seniors are also at risk for dizziness, fainting or falls when they stand up abruptly due to blood pressure not being able to adjust as quickly to sudden movement. We are discovering more about this muscular organ of ours every day. Other than the obvious dietary and lifestyle factors, the aging

heart is also affected by less blatant and more metaphysical influences; many that we don't fully understand yet. A new in-depth analysis, conducted by Canada's Heart and Stroke Foundation, has revealed that the interconnection between our hearts, our brains and our minds is much stronger and more complex than previously thought. Our mental and emotional states can take a heavy toll, especially on the aging heart. Living with depression and/or anxiety can elevate stress hormones and blood pressure, and also overexcite our "fight or flight" response which can be very detrimental to heart health. We're all familiar with the unexplainable accounts of elderly spouses who pass away within months or even days of each other, including the highly publicized and touching news report of how actress Debbie Reynolds passed away a mere day after her beloved daughter Carrie Fisher. We will never really know if Ms. Reynold's passing was caused by a weakening of the heart due to a sudden surge of stress hormones or by the unbearable sadness from the loss of her daughter. But we do know now that the age-old adage "died of a broken heart" may not be too far from the truth, and is actually becoming an established fact in medical literature. There is no doubt that a strong emotional component affects the heart in a physical way. Evidence from interviews with centenarians has shown that a joyful heart is a significant contributor to longevity. And the ways to achieve a happy heart are through connection to family and community, a sense of purpose and fulfillment, and an overall positive outlook on life. One of the most optimistic people I know is my own father, fast approaching his ninth decade with the heart health of a man half his age; due proof that his positive outlook on life may indeed lead him to centenarian status. FEBRUARY 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 41


by Tania Tomaszewska

Wine Adventure in the Heart of Mexico

Wine touring in Mexico? You bet! Last month I was lucky to spend time in Querétero and San Miguel de Allende, about a threehour drive north of Mexico City and in the corazon (heart) of Mexico. In this land of tequila, mezcal and beer, wine consumption and production has traditionally not been a huge part of Mexican life, but enthusiasm and investment are spurring growth in winemaking and enotourism here. Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California (near the U.S. border, just south of San Diego) is the prominent Mexican wine region, but other states like Querétero and Guanajuato (which neighbour each other) are putting themselves on the wine map. Vineyards in this region sit at about 2,000 metres above sea level. It's semi-desert and arid with high daytime temperatures, but benefits from cold nights and big diurnal swings (like our South Okanagan Valley region) which helps grapes to retain acidity.

There aren't many pests around, so the main risks for producers are heavy rains and hail storms during their very short growing season. Soils are mixed and include tepetate (a volcanic rock tough for vines to get through) and clay. There's some dry-farming, but irrigation is largely part of life. Like other wine regions, the pursuit of passion takes on the challenges. Sparkling and whites seem to do best (with grapes like chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and muscat). But many reds are produced, especially blends using Bordeaux varietals, syrah and tempranillo. Off-dry styles are popular with local consumers, but I focused on tasting their dry wines. These are generally light-bodied, low alcohol, high in acidity and low in tannins – so very food friendly. As a few Mexican sommeliers have noted to me, big bold tannic reds are really not part of the Mexican wine scene yet. I hit six wineries in the Querétero and San Miguel de Allende area over two days. Here's a snapshot of two bodegas to give a flavour of the range of styles on offer. Viñedos Azteca For something completely different, check out Viñedos Azteca – an old-style Mexican ranch replete with hacienda buildings and an integrated equine experience. The love for horses and wine comes through in everything here, from the wine labels to sleek silver horses ridden through the grounds by caballeros (performing impromptu tricks for visitors along the way). You can take it all in over a degustacion flight of four wines while relaxing at one of their small outdoor tables in a tranquil gardened courtyard. Viñedos Azteca focuses on artisanal winemaking of six reds: cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, merlot, malbec, syrah


and tempranillo. A stand-out for me was their 2018 cabernet sauvignon malbec blend called Cahuayo (which means "Horse" in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs). Ezequiel Montes, Querétero, México. De Cote Casa Vitivinicola Owned by two brothers and built by famed Mexico City architects Serrano Monjaraz in 2014, De Cote greets you with a grand modern winery building and rooftop patio restaurant with sweeping views across their 125 acres of estate vines.

A fantastic guided tour took me into the vineyard, through their impressive winemaking facilities, down into a large subterranean cellar filled with French and American oak barrels, and then to a lovely outdoor tasting area to try the two wines which they poured that day. De Cote produces more than 20 varieties, but I got to try just a few. I liked the 2017 Chardonnay and 2015 Tempranillo Shiraz and would go back to taste their Reserve range. Ezequiel Montes, Querétero, México. For more info: www.ttwineexplorer or on Instagram @ttwineexplorer.

2020 •

Amazing Thailand Culinary & Culture Tour with Chef Heidi Fink, Nov 12 - 22 • $3,399 pp* Explore New York City with Colleen Johnson, Sept 24 - 30 • $2,799 pp* USD Scenic Cotswold Hiking Tour with Jane Johnston, Sept 26 - Oct 3 • $4,099 pp*

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Lash lifts are a "perm" for your lashes - giving them a natural, fuller looking curl. With no upkeep required and no damage to the lashes - appointments take approximately 1 hour and the results last 6-8 weeks!

Lash Lift $65 • Lash Lift & Tint $85

vs. 9805 Seaport Place, Sidney, BC 250.655.9797





Questions? Queries?

Let Us Find the Answers for You! Who do you turn to when by Lara Gladych you have a question? Is it Google or Siri, maybe Alexa? At Seaside Magazine we are fortunate to know local experts in all the fields (or we'll know someone who knows someone), so next time you have a question, Ask Seaside! Each month I'll take your quandaries and queries and do the research for you. Send your questions to Q: The recent sightings of the Royals and other celebrities on Horth Hill have made me want to know what are some other great hiking trails in and around Sidney? A: "In order of increasing difficulty, these are some great options. Tod Inlet is an easy, shorter hike, located near Butchart Gardens. Round trip down to the inlet and back takes about an hour. John Dean Park, just five minutes from Sidney, is of moderate difficulty with varied terrain. There are many trails of various lengths to choose from, and the highlight is the beautiful view of the Saanich Peninsula and Gulf Islands from Pickles Bluff viewpoint. For those seeking a challenge there is Mount Work, about a 20-minute drive from Sidney, where you'll find steep sections, a good 2.5 hours of hiking round trip, and an elevation gain of 230m. You'll look down on Saanich Inlet from the viewpoint near the top. Dogs are to be on leash on all but the Mount Work trails." ~ Colette Hopkins, local triathlete, trail runner and Team 4 Hope member Q: Having just lost a dear friend to cancer and feeling such sadness and loss I wonder: how do others process their grief? A: "Grief presents differently from one person to another, and the process of grieving is unique for everyone. Individuals can often feel alone when their grief doesn't look the same as what others are experiencing. It's important to give yourself permission to feel whatever you are feeling, and remember that there is a danger in suppressing whatever comes up with

grief as you may lengthen the process by not acknowledging these feelings. Sharing with a counsellor or someone you trust will likely help normalize the feelings you are experiencing. Know that the intensity will vary from one day to the next. Lastly, postpone big decisions: focus on what you must do next. Be gracious, and allow yourself time to heal." ~ Anne Brodbeck, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor at Streams Counselling Q: "What is the best way to get a better sleep? Is there something I can eat or drink or do before retiring?" A: "The biggest sleep-related problem for people right now is coming through the retina; blue LED and screen light is disrupting circadian rhythm. Be more mindful of screen

time, especially after sundown. Blue-blocking lenses are helpful, as is breaking up your days with time spent outside. As far as what you can eat, concentrate on higher quality fats such as omega-3 from marine or vegan algal-based sources, and minimize refined foods for better blood sugar balance before bed. Imbalances in blood sugar at night will certainly lead to poor sleep quality. Magnesium is important in the evening, too, ideally in the form of an epsom salt bath, or in a high quality supplement when a bath isn't practical. Because of our latitude we are at risk of vitamin D deficiency. Optimizing vitamin D levels, ideally early in the day, will assist in better sleep quality later on." ~ Carmine Sparanese, Lifestyle Markets Sidney

Amber Wilkin SAANICHTON LAW OFFICES With 14 years’ experience as a legal assistant, Amber is a strong asset to Saanichton Law and their conveyancing department. In her spare time you will find Amber exploring the Island and going on adventures with her family. She is a proud mom of three children.

Full Service Real Estate Practice Sales • Purchases • Refinances First Nations Lands • Real Estate Listings for Sale Subdivisions, Easements, Rights of Way


C.J. (Kip) Wilson

6 - 7855 East Saanich Road, Saanichton 250.544.0727 | FEBRUARY 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 45


Stem to Stern Massage Clinic: Mending Through Massage by Paula Kully

Massage has been used for centuries, throughout various cultures, to treat many different ailments ranging from pain, stress, muscle tension, even insomnia. Sidney's Stem to Stern Massage Clinic brings the benefits of massage to the people of the Saanich Peninsula. Everything they do is geared towards bringing calm, relaxation, healing and mending to the individual – beginning with their location near Sidney's tranquil waterfront walkway and the ambience of their space. Following is what Samantha Whitney,

owner, had to say about the benefits of massage. What can a first-time client expect when they come to Stem to Stern? A feeling of peacefulness comes over you when you enter Stem to Stern. The moment you walk in, you will immediately feel that you stepped out of everyday life and into a well-deserved holiday. Our classy, European ambience and warm treatment rooms ensure relaxation and our professional, knowledgeable staff mean you'll have a memorable experience that leaves you

wanting more. With spring around the corner (at least on the Saanich Peninsula), what do you recommend for people who want to get into shape after their level of exercise or movement has lessened during the winter months and holiday season? Strengthening and stretching is a daily ritual we should all do. It helps keep fluids moving throughout the body, and reduces stresses and strains. By keeping the body active, soft tissue and joints will move better. Keeping the neck and lower back warm with

On the Path to


Lasting Change with Holistic Nutrition


Dr. Loren J. Braun New Patients Welcome • Emergency Treatment Insurance Accepted • IV Sedation Available

Alyssa Madill, R.H.N. Authentic, Heart-centred, Passionate

Women’s Health | Body - Mind - Spirit Bio-individualized Nutrition

Mobile visits on the Saanich Peninsula 250-589-3677


#215-9764 Fifth St

Above Capital Iron 46 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | FEBRUARY 2020

a close layer when going outside in the cold helps to protect you from chills and reduces aches. Remember to keep your water intake up and get outside as much as you can. Always consult a doctor to help monitor your progress. Slow and steady wins the race. What kinds of therapies do you and your staff provide and what are the purposes of these therapies? Our modalities at Stem to Stern are designed to help clients get back to their daily active living choices and to keep them continuing as long as possible. Clients of all ages, from eight to 105 years old, are welcome to book a service for relaxation, sports or to reduce stresses and strains. We provide treatments for breath, anxiety and Chakra work, and pre and post-natal massages. We also provide reflexology for connection to the body, hot stone massage for an immune boost and specialized senior chair massage designed for the aging body and its sensitivities. Those

circulation our bodies can remove unwanted waste and fluid. I believe that regular massages, whether you're hurting or not, can help keep disease out or slows down the progression. What are your recommendations to a client to prepare for a session in order to get the most out of it? To be able to get the most of the treatment, I would recommend that you do not have anything busy to do after. Wear comfortable clothing so you are warm and cozy on your way home. Allow your body to relax during each session and be present and your daily home use designed just for you. open to suggestions to help continue your wellness path at home in between treatment. What are the benefits of massage? I am a bit biased about this question as Once a week is ideal for maintenance. It's like an oil change: everything just moves I began doing massage at the age of two and have trained for 32 years. I have always smoother. Snoring and drooling during a believed wholeheartedly that the right massage session are the highest compliments, because can keep the body balanced and provide a if you can relax that deeply, then we are doing well. better stance and alignment. With increased bound to a wheelchair can receive a back treatment with our special equipment to accommodate and allow for a great massage. We also have personalized yoga courses for

"Snoring and drooling during a session are the highest compliments, because if you can relax that deeply, then we are doing well."

Family & Implant Dentistry

now at:


Now Offering Sedation #104 - 9845 Resthaven Drive, Sidney | 250.656.1199 FEBRUARY 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 47

Professional Real Estate & Property Management Services

Frances Wade

Maureen Vincent

Bill Knowles

Dan van der Vlugt

Anna Clemente

Stephanie Peat

Tony Clemente

Add a subheadin g John Bruce

Frank Berke

2405 Bevan Avenue, Sidney BC






Saanich Peninsula Shops & Services DCC Cabinets Local, affordable custom cabinets … right here on the Saanich Peninsula! We offer a full-service shop, from design and manufacturing through to the installation of our exceptional product. 250.412.3472 2071 Malaview Ave, Sidney (call for appt.)

Seaside Cabinetry & Design is a boutique-style cabinet showroom located in downtown Sidney. Custom Design, Merit Cabinetry, Lifetime Warranty. We have hundreds of styles and colours to choose from.

Showroom Open by Appointment 250.812.4304 | 9715 First St, Sidney


professional house cleaning

Dust if you must, but there's not much time With rivers to swim and mountains to climb Music to hear and books to read Friends to cherish and life to lead Hire keekeeklean we will be there From your kitchen to bathrooms we really care. Residential/Holiday/Office $35hr; Final $40hr. Licensed | Registered | WCB Protected 250.896.6540 (Sidney) 250.857.1628 (Victoria)

Bright Greens Canada It's spring year round at Bright Greens Canada. Pick up premium leafy greens, salad mixes, microgreens and edible flowers Saturdays from 10 to 2 and learn about our innovative, sustainable farming technology. 250.213.9352

Lifestyle Select is Sidney’s Best Value in Quality Vitamins, Natural Skin Care, Organic Foods And More...

250.656.2326 9769 Fifth Street, Sidney

Seaside Cabinetry & Design Seaside Cabinetry & Design is a family-run business that is owned and operated by husbandand-wife team Tony Rechsteiner and Jessica Kwasnica. Since they opened in 2015, they've expanded to their beautiful new showroom in downtown Sidney at 9715 First Street. Before opening Seaside Cabinetry, Jessica was a kitchen designer for 10 years and Tony a home builder and renovator – the perfect team to work together on transforming their clients' spaces! They do cabinetry for all rooms: Kitchens, Butler's Pantries, Dining Rooms, Libraries, Living Rooms, Bathrooms, Mud Rooms and Laundry rooms. Their showroom is beautiful and spacious and has hundreds of cabinetry and countertop samples to work with at-hand. Jessica loves taking a space and designing the unexpected, while Tony gets creative with grand spaces. They are both extremely passionate about design and love working with the Sidney locals as well as people from and all over Vancouver Island. Getting to know their clients is a key aspect to their success. Seaside Cabinetry & Design prides themselves on quality cabinetry, professional design services and installations and personalised service. Come and meet them at their showroom by appointment and get going on your new space; maybe a new kitchen is in your future!




Saanich Peninsula Shops & Services

Sidney by the Sea Dental Hygiene Clinic

Brown's The Florist When it comes to wedding and event work, Brown's The Florist has a team of talented designers who have the know-how and skill to create custom flowers just for you. In fact, our locally-owned and operated company has a combined floral design knowledge of 365 years! We are also very proud to mention that our employee retention rate is over eight years and we have a team of 27 who all rotate and work in our three flower shops – Sidney, Downtown and the Westshore. Floristry is a trade and it's full of knowledge that is passed from one designer to the next. Our team is just that, a team – together we work on many projects and when you choose Brown's The Florist you can trust that we will listen to your request and pay attention to the details. We are very excited about our brand new website as it has our own designs and our own content. It took us over two years to build as we are florists, not IT professionals! However, considering our company roots date back to 1870, we are pleased to announce that our Instagram, Facebook and new website (www. ) are some of the best in our industry.

We focus on preventative dental hygiene in a relaxed environment. Complimentary complete dental hygiene exam and diagnosis ($100 value). We are accepting new patients! Paulette Reid, RDH, BBA, MSc 250.655.4884 #102 - 2423 Beacon Ave, Sidney

WE'RE MOVING TO A NEW LOCATION! But we don't want to move all this furniture with us. Take advantage of great savings and hurry in while there's still lots to choose from! 250.655.7467 (SHOP) 9819 Fifth St, Sidney

Wine Kitz Sidney Flowers are beautiful, a card packed with endearing words touches the heart, but nothing says "I love you" quite like the gift of wine. Visit WINE KITZ today to purchase a Gift Certificate for your loved one this Valentine's Day. 250.654.0300 #5A - 2042 Mills Rd West, Sidney

Le Petit Lapin Boutique The eyelash extensions specialists on the Peninsula! Treat yourself to a romantic set of eyelash extensions or try a more subtle look with our eyelash lift and tint. Stop by to admire our selection of local jewellery and accessories or find us online at 250.656.7189 | #105 - 2360 Beacon Ave, Sidney

You are investing in your community by supporting its unique businesses. Appreciate what makes our neighbourhoods different. Our one-of-akind businesses are an inherent part of the distinctive character of our Saanich Peninsula neighbourhoods; that is what brought us here and will keep us here. Stay local and stay connected to the merchants in your community. By supporting independent businesses today, you are investing in a unique and sustainable future for the Saanich Peninsula community. Hook & Hook Designs We have expanded! Visit our new 2,000sf showroom-design centre for all your design needs. We custom build all our cabinetry and custom furniture on-site in Sidney and we also offer the following: Architectural Plans/Designs | Window Treatments Wallpaper | Rugs | Lighting | Flooring | Furniture 778.351.4665 | #2 - 2042 Mills Road, Sidney

Muffet & Louisa Cleaning products made in Europe – good for you and the planet! Scrubbers without plastic and cleaners without palm oil or damaging additives.

Wine Kitz Sidney

250.656.0011 102 - 2360 Beacon Ave, Sidney

Garage Cycle Spin Studio Garage Cycle is a boutique spin studio providing an exhilarating cardio workout inspired by outdoor biking. With small class size, ambient lighting and uplifting music, cyclers are assured to enjoy a personalized and inspiring ride. 778.873.7881

Brown's The Florist Brown's The Florist is your local choice for flowers and floral gifts. We are locally owned and passionate about the environment so we make a point of supporting our local growers and economy. Look forward to longer days and brighter skies with our new Spring arrivals from Part Two, ELK, Up!, Gentle Fawn, and many more. Shop in-store and online. 2418 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.655.0774 @boutiquemoden |

We are open seven days a week and deliver from Sidney to Sooke and some of the Gulf Islands. Sidney | Downtown Westshore

To Derek and Donna Finlayson, February marks not only Valentine's Day and the love they share but also their love of making fine wine for their customers. WINE KITZ Sidney opened its doors in May of 2002, and since then has been providing award-winning wines at the local and international levels to the people of the Saanich Peninsula, Gulf Islands and Greater Victoria. Donna and Derek offer on-premises winemaking services, and quality wine to suit every budget and occasion. The Finlaysons love their community and the people in it, so WINE KITZ is the perfect fit for this duo! Their passion for this locally owned and operated, family-run business is apparent to all who step through the doors – the environment is clean, friendly and inviting. WINE KITZ also accommodates the home vintner with a great selection of wine kits, equipment and supplies for purchase. If you require any equipment or supplies that are not present in their retail store, be sure to ask as they have a number of suppliers they source from. For more information, please visit Donna and Derek at their WINE KITZ location at Unit 5A2042 Mills Rd West, Sidney. 250.654.0300 or visit their website at

W H AT ' S T H E W O R D ?

Watchword on Wellness by Jo Barnes

Hello Readers! Hope you're off to a

great 2020! I don't know about you, but I slept well last night and am full of beans! You may be wondering what legumes have to do with vitality, but let me explain. The phrase seems to have come into use around 1850 when it was customary to give beans as fodder for horses. It was thought that horses with this kind of diet had more energy. So maybe throw a few chickpeas or lentils into your dish today. You'll not only fill up your fiber quota, but increase your energy level too! Last month marked the start of a new year. For some of you, the festive season might have left you a bit run down. Have you been sideswiped by sickness? Do you just feel out of sorts? It's a wellrecognized phrase, but where did it originate? Some say it traces back to early typesetting. Metal types were called "sorts" and were stored in individual compartments. If stored incorrectly or were deficient in number, they were referred to as being "out of sorts." Others suggest it's based on the Latin "sortem" meaning condition or category. No matter the explanation, here's hoping you're back to your optimum condition very soon. In fact, I hope you feel completely in the pink! Don't get me

wrong: that's not a suggestion for some bold new fashion look for 2020. It's an expression meaning you're in excellent condition. The phrase relates to the dianthus or pink, a flower so popular in the 16th century that it was a favourite of Elizabeth I and took on the broader meaning in society of "the peak of perfection." And for you music lovers out there, here's hoping you're fit as a fiddle! The phrase from the early 17th century meant "suitable or fit for purpose." A fiddle required a lot of care and attention to keep it in good shape and sound. May you feel hale and hearty and be in great condition like a well-maintained fiddle. Let me close and wish you a clean bill of health! It does sound rather formal, like an official statement or something passed on the parliamentary floor, but my meaning actually relates to physical health. The phrase has 17th century nautical origins. A ship would receive a certificate, called a clean bill of health, from the departing port confirming that it carried no presence of any contagions either on board or via its crewman. So readers, as you sail through the months ahead, hope you're hale and hearty! See you next time for some new expressions that are sure to be the cat's meow!

Join us for a

February 27, 2020 Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria Keynote speaker: Gregory Marshall, Naval architect Guest speaker:

Dr. Alexandre Henri-Bhargava, Neurologist and medical educator

Organizing Stasia Hartley, committee chair: Area Director, Vancouver Island, Bayshore Home Health

Take a leading role in supporting people affected by dementia. Visit



N E W & N OT E WO R T H Y News, changes, updates, launches? Email

by Paula Kully



The future is now

Sidney's One Stop Furniture will be getting a new home with more space in March. They are moving from their current location beside Boondocks to the former Capital Iron building at 9768 Fifth Street.

Harbour Air and magniX closed out 2019 in a momentous way by successfully flying the world's first electrically-powered commercial passenger aircraft. Harbour Air CEO and founder Greg McDougall piloted the plane and launched the electric era of aviation.

Feeling groovy One of the Peninsula's many tech companies has recently changed things up. Regroove changed both its name – formally Itgroove – and location. The business recently moved to Brentwood Bay.

Trading spaces


At the close of 2019, the Times Colonist announced their Readers' Choice Awards. Congratulations to the many Peninsula businesses and locations that won, including Rascals Pet Market, Beacon Law Centre, Monk Office, Russ Hay's the Bicycle Shop and the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal.

The best of business


10 Acres is the place to be ... Haro's and Georgia Café at the Sidney Pier Hotel have changed hands. Restaurateur Mike Murphy, who owns the 10 Acres Farm & Restaurant Group, which includes their farm on the Saanich Peninsula, is currently undertaking an extensive renovation of Haro's before re-opening in the spring as 10 Acres at the Pier. This will include a new menu, dining room and patio. A shorter closure and renovation of Georgia Café will also take place before the spring.

Healing hands

More awards will be given out on January 30 at the Vancouver Island Business Excellence Awards. Several Peninsula companies have been nominated such as Parsell Vineyard, and The Cut Cartel; good luck!


Design for the future The District of Central Saanich undertook a community engagement process for the Saanichton Village Design Plan. Draft plans will be available for the public to review on February 12, 6:30 p.m. at the Saanichton Village Association's AGM, Saanich Pioneer Museum.

A new Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy clinic has opened in the heart of Saanichton. Jessica Hall recently opened Island View Physiotherapy and Wellness, located at the corner of Mt Newton Cross Road and Wallace Drive. Jessica has 10 years' experience as a manual therapist, and is excited to join this community.

Making it green

Something for the fur friends


Saanichton has a new pet store! Village Pets supports local rescue organizations and businesses like Landshark Leashes that are made from recycled climbing ropes with 10% of sales going to a local animal rescue.

The Farmer's Daughter owners Jessica and Tom are now not just partners in business but also in life, as they officially tied the knot in the Cayman Islands during their January vacation. Congratulations!

s turn .95 e R ic 59 Bas g at $ x.) n ti ma Star slips (5

The Town of Sidney will be hosting a public open house on January 30 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Greenglade Community Centre to provide information about the Reay Creek dam project.

Peninsula romance

Making Taxes Easy.


Peggy PeggyYelland Yelland&&Associates AssociatesInc. Inc.isis aalocal localSaanich SaanichPeninsula Peninsulaaccounting accounting firm firmwhich whichprovides: provides: • • Personal Personal&&Corporate CorporateIncome IncomeTax Tax



See You Mañana It's December as I write this, sitting outside in shorts and a T-shirt. No, I'm not embarking on a Polar Bear swim; I'm sitting on the balcony of my casita in Mulegé, on the Baja Peninsula, Mexico. I don't enjoy busy touristy areas, so this small town of 3,800 people on the Bay of Conception, Sea of Cortez, is perfect. The local economy is driven by agriculture and fishing, with around a dozen good (cheap!) restaurants and numerous taco stands. A recent groundbreaking development was the opening of the Mulegé Brewery, which features a wide selection of excellent craft beers for around $5 a pint. Life here is wonderfully unhurried. You quickly learn that "manana" does not mean "tomorrow," it just means "not today." We have been coming here for nearly 10 years, and have picked up eight rescue dogs over that period. Mexican dogs and cats are rarely spayed or neutered, and as a result many puppies and kittens are born and left to starve. The first pup we rescued was Carlito, dumped at the roadside in a cardboard box. At first he was too scared to come inside, so we left food, water and a blanket at the front door, and would be greeted with licks and a beating tail every morning. One day we returned home from shopping in the next town to find no Carlito. It turned out that a mining engineer renting a casita close to ours had taken a shine to the dog, and he had been puppynapped. The engineer somewhat aggressively rejected my request to return Carlito, but agreed to my suggestion to "let the puppy decide." I said I would return shortly. In my absence a bit of a crowd gathered to witness the showdown. It took me five minutes to fry a slice of bacon and crumble it into my right trouser pocket. I sauntered back – hands in pockets – patted Carlito on the nose, and then the engineer and I backed off 10 paces, and called the dog simultaneously. It was no contest! We shook hands in settlement (the engineer must have attributed my slimy grip to nervousness). One of my neighbours adopted a kitten last year, and then left her with a housekeeper when she returned to Idaho for the summer. Around three weeks later she received a dozen increasingly urgent calls from the housekeeper complaining of the total breakdown of the septic system. She cut short her home visit to return, hire a contractor, and fix the septic. Two days of digging revealed no problems, but the housekeeper was observed frying fish one evening. Now, this cat had been fed nothing but

by Chris Cowland

dry cat food her whole life. "Well, I ran out about two weeks ago, and have been feeding her fish ever since." It turned out that the disgusting odours in the house were merely cat farts, brought about by the drastic change in diet. Our favourite restaurant is El Patron, right on the beach at the end of the river estuary. The floor is raked sand, there is no glass in most of the windows, the walls are recycled driftwood and the roof is palapa. It was completely flattened by a hurricane four years ago; total damages amounted to about $50. Their specialty is fish, but I can guarantee I won't feed any to my neighbour's cat for a joke, as there are never any leftovers!



songs of our world S U N D AY, F E B 2 N D , 2 : 0 0 P M S AT U R D AY, F E B 8 T H , 7 : 3 0 P M

Songs in celebration of the natural beauty and unique diversity of our earth C H A R L I E W H I T E T H E AT R E M A RY W I N S PE A R C E N T R E S I D N EY TICKETS $25 Av a i l a b l e b y c a l l i n g 250.656.0275 or online at

t i c k e t s . m a r y w i n s p e a r. c a

With special guests Coastline Fiddles Directed by Ivonne Hernandez Pro c e e d s t o T h e Ca i a C o n n e c t i o n , o u r c h a r i t y i n Mo z a m b i q u e


Creekside Equestrian Western riding and showing is popular across the world, with several different disciplines on offer to compete by Cassidy Nunn in, from reining and western pleasure, to rodeo events such as barrel racing and cattle penning. The roots of western riding are based around cattle ranching and the types of skills a horse and rider would need when working on a ranch. The equipment and riding style used in western disciplines is different from that of English – the western saddle has a horn at the front which traditionally would be used to hold a lasso or rope. The rider rides using only one hand on the reins, which comes from the rider needing to have the other hand available for roping cows, 56 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | FEBRUARY 2020

Nunn Other Photography

S TA B L E & F I E L D

opening and closing gates, etc. Most (but certainly not all) western riding horses on the competition circuit are the American quarter horse breed; with its compact, muscular body, it can make the quick and intricate manoeuvres needed on a ranch. On the Peninsula and South Island, western riding is less commonly found, but local Jenna Saunders has been excelling in bringing western riding opportunities to her students and clients here on the Saanich Peninsula through her business Creekside Equestrian for the past five years and coaching for the last eight years. Her boarding and training facility is home to 12 horses – some boarders, some her own – and she coaches students from beginner to advanced. Jenna caught the horse bug early and not surprisingly, as horses have long been a part of her family, with her mum raising miniature

horses and her uncle owning and racing thoroughbreds in Vancouver. She started out, like so many do, at a young age with English riding lessons and began competing by age 10. It was around this time that she had her first ride on a Western Pleasure horse: "I felt that jog for the first time and was like, 'yep, this is it!'" she recalls. She switched disciplines at that point and hasn't looked back since. When she was 12 she purchased Calvin, her first trained Western Pleasure horse, and began competing and winning on him throughout her teen years with plenty of championships in the Quarter Horse circuit across B.C., Alberta and Washington State. Reining was the next type of western riding she wanted to try and so she sold Calvin to purchase her first reining horse, Cal's Martini Bar, or better known as "Martin" around the barn. Many horses have what's called their show name, or registered name, which can often be long winded and a bit of a mouthful, so they'll have a shorter nickname, or "barn name" for everyday use. Jenna focuses on coaching her students in Western Pleasure, which requires the horse and rider team to show off their slow and steady gaits through walk / jog / lope with a group of riders in the ring at the same time. They're judged on cadence, rhythm, loose rein and the overall look. The rider should look like they're doing nothing – which is no easy task when controlling a 1,000-pound animal! Reining is Jenna's other passion to compete in and coach, and she describes it as being, "based on five different manoeuvres done in a pattern." Those manoeuvres include circles, spins, stops, flying lead changes and backing up. The sliding stop is when the horse accelerates to a gallop in the arena and then suddenly shifts gears to come to a sudden stop. Reining horses wear specialized flat, longer metal shoes called "sliders" on their hind feet for this specific purpose, which allows them to more easily slide into the stop. Special clay-based footing is also needed in arenas used for reining horses and for that Jenna will often trailer her clients to the Saanich Fairgrounds indoor arena or out to Shannick Farm in North Saanich to practise as her arena at home doesn't have the unique footing. When not busy coaching and riding, Jenna, who is also a new mom, volunteers as a "B" leader for the Saanich 4H Horse club, is the current president of the Peninsula Reining Club, is involved with the Coastal Cowgirls Drill Team and continues to run, alongside her business partner, the K9 Country Cottage – a doggy daycare and boarding kennel. Jenna and her students are already preparing for the fastapproaching 2020 show season. "My students are all extremely supportive and excited," she says. She's just been back in the saddle since having her baby and hopes to find herself in the competition ring again soon as well. For more information visit

"Jenna caught the horse bug early and not surprisingly, as horses have long been a part of her family."

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Sa ve


o ed c pri dise r la an u reg erch m

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Peter Dolezal

Financial Markets Outlook - 2020 Peter Dolezal is a semi-retired Sidney resident. He offers INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL CONSULTING SERVICES to individuals, couples and companies. To date, he has assisted more than 230 clients across Canada, principally in Greater Victoria and the Lower Mainland. No Financial Products to Sell Leads to Truly Independent Advice.

Annual financial market forecasts, by even the most sophisticated strategists, have consistently been proven to be about as accurate as the results of a coin toss. Without making specific predictions for 2020, it is nevertheless useful to consider facts which may help identify current strengths and weaknesses of various markets: •


Peter’s Spring Seminar: “Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement” Wednesdays, 10:30 – Noon April 1 - 15 Contact Panorama Rec Centre at 250.656.7271

Author of

The Smart Canadian WealthBuilder

(Third Edition) Included in the curriculum of several Canadian Colleges.

Despite high double-digit growth in 2019, for the 8th year in the last decade, the S&P/ TSX Index again underperformed the S&P 500 and Global 100 Indexes – this time by about 31% and 26% respectively. By contrast, in the first decade of the 2000s, the S&P/TSX Index was a standout performer among most world Indexes – largely the result of the strength of its resource and financial sectors which dominate the CDN Index. Today, the S&P 500 Index has an estimated forward P/E (Price/Earnings) ratio of 19.7 – exceptionally high by historical standards. In comparison, Canada’s S&P/TSX and the European Stoxx 600 Indexes show much more modest P/E ratios of 16.1 and 15.4 respectively. •

The U.S. annual deficit, roughly US$1.1 trillion, is running at about 5% of GDP – about five times the 1.1% deficit of Canada; the U.S. Federal Government Debt/GDP ratio stands at approximately 105%, a record high – much higher than Canada’s 31%.

Despite a recent strengthening relative to its U.S. counterpart, the Canadian dollar is very close to its lows of the past decade. Interest rates worldwide continue to hover near record lows, with little likelihood of an early change of direction. Trade disputes and Brexit uncertainties, while not fully resolved, are at least on a more predictable trajectory.

While we cannot with any certainty predict what these facts mean for 2020, we can reach a few directional conclusions as we enter the next decade: a) Relative to U.S. markets, Canadian and European equities appear to present better value; b) Given its relative deficit and debt position, the U.S. dollar should eventually weaken, strengthening the value of the CDN dollar. This trend would propel the demand for, and value of, CDN resources. Notwithstanding the more bullish prognosis for CDN and World Markets vs. those of the U.S., the prudent equities investor is wise to moderate geographic risk by investing approximately one third in each of Canada, U.S., and Global markets – hedged, as much as possible, against currency fluctuations. This objective can most easily be achieved through low-cost ETFs or Index funds, which track the actual performance of the sectors chosen. Over the long term, that approach should prove sound, regardless of actual results delivered in 2020.

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Rodco Draperies & Interiors by Jesse Holth This is part of a rotating series of articles about some of the Saanich Peninsula's unique shops and services. Draperies are one of the most important aspects of interior design. The right window treatment can redefine your living space, create sophistication and elegance, or add a much-needed pop of colour. With a wide variety of textures and patterns available, Rodco can find the perfect solution for you. Owned and operated by father-and-son team Roger and Field Comartin, Rodco specializes in custom window treatments and upholstery. With a design philosophy based on client satisfaction, they're sure to keep your home looking fresh, stylish and modern. Draperies can create sleek, clean lines and pull your room together. But that's not all: window coverings are also practical. Save on energy bills, as they provide insulation and keep your home warm during the winter months. Draperies act as a buffer against the cold outdoors, preventing heat loss where you need it the most; windows are the main source of heat escape. In the summer, draperies provide necessary shade and protect your furniture and artwork from sun damage. One of the great things about window treatments is their versatility – they can make a space feel larger, or more intimate and cozy. Other important features include privacy, light control and easy operation such as motorized blinds. Drapes are the perfect complement to any style, from modern and contemporary to rustic farmhouse. Choose everyday luxury with your perfect choice of fabric, pattern, and design, and watch your windows transform from boring necessity to stunning centerpiece with custom drapes. Rodco also provides drapery and upholstery expertise for local businesses, including commercial, institutional, and the hospitality industry. Some previous clients include Float House Victoria, where they provided hallway drapes for customer privacy and comfort; Bodega Tapas Wine Bar, where they installed window treatments to reduce outside glare for patrons; and the Fairmont Empress, where they fitted new motorized roller blinds. Whether it's a standard window, a specialty nook or a sliding door, Roger and Field have you covered. Providing custom draperies and design, Rodco has been decorating homes in the Victoria area for 25 years. Add a special touch to any room with their professional services. To book a consultation or take advantage of Rodco's free measurement and estimate service, call 250-656-4642.

Framing Your View With Motorized Heat Control

Draperies and Upholstery

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Return of a Kelp Forest

Victoria Cremation Service *Includes: Cremation, Arranging & Administration, Local transfer of deceased and shelter, a vehicle used for administration and transferring and a minimum required cremation container. Arbor Memorial Inc.


Arbor Memorial






0.3125” all around


Victoria Cremations Ad-2


4 Colour Process


3.75”w x 4.925”h


Through March 15th Stroll through the Spring Prelude; our indoor garden is bursting with thousands of fragrant blooms while outdoor gardens stir. View the Historical Display in the original residence. Explore the history of The Butchart Gardens from cement factory to garden glory. 60 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | FEBRUARY 2020 250.652.5256

They say life is all about balance. When it comes to life in kelp forests – and other natural systems – no truer words could be spoken. Human actions regularly upset these natural balances and in the case of some kelp forests, the by Tina Kelly imbalance has been more than a Shaw Centre for 100 years in the making. the Salish Sea Urchins are a significant prey item for sea otters and kelp is a main food source for urchins. Removing one link in this three-species food chain has caused an ecological shift scientists are now trying to reverse. In the 1800s, British Columbia's fur trade was booming. Sea otters were plentiful and their fur was luxurious and lucrative. By 1929, otters were extirpated from the B.C. coast. In the absence of a voracious predator – sea otters – the population of urchins exploded. These urchins grazed and grazed, leaving large expanses devoid of kelp. A land comparison familiar to many locals involves deer; in the absence of predators, deer numbers increase and vegetation is overgrazed. Scientists coined the term urchin barren to reflect an underwater landscape that has had most, if not all, kelp removed by urchins. With dwindling kelp forests comes the loss of critical habitat for many species including herring, salmon, rockfish and abalone. The latter two are considered threatened and endangered, respectively. While healthy kelp forests thrive with biological life, they also play a role in geological processes: kelp forests protect shorelines from erosion. Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage Site and the Haida

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James Teit:

A Forgotten Man Rediscovered by Gillian Crowley

Now that I’m on my own, how do I manage my financial future?

We understand the emotional rollercoaster that comes from the loss of a spouse. The average age of widows in Canada is a shocking 56: it’s important to consider how your retirement finances would change if you lost your partner.

For over 30 years we have been helping women achieve peace of mind about their financial future. If you are looking for a second opinion, or have questions, call us for coffee and a chat.

Viola Van de Ruyt Investment Advisor 250-657-2220 Annette Quan Senior Investment Associate 250-657-2222

National Bank Financial - Wealth Management (NBFWM) is a division of National Bank Financial Inc. (NBF Inc.), as well as a trademark owned by National Bank of Canada (NBC) that is used under license by NBF Inc. NBF Inc. is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NBC, a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: NA).


A long and fascinating journey has led Wendy Wickwire to discover an important but overlooked figure in B.C.'s history: James Teit was an ethnographer, hunting guide and friend of the Indigenous communities in the B.C. Interior and beyond. In 1977, Wendy started to record the songs and stories of Indigenous elders in the BC Interior as part of her history studies. Born in Nova Scotia, Wendy's early immersion in music and later a degree in ethnomusicology led her eventually to Teit whose wax cylinder recordings of Indigenous stories and songs she discovered rerecorded on tape at the Canadian Museum of History in Hull. Teit's undervalued life and legacy are now revealed in Wendy's 2019 book, At the Bridge: James Teit and an Anthology of Belonging published by UBC Press. Throughout the book she acknowledges the assistance she's received from Indigenous communities. A Shetland Islander, Teit immigrated as a young man to Canada in 1884. He eventually settled on a ranch near Spence's Bridge where he married Lucy Antko, a Nlaka'pamux woman, who died 12 years later of pneumonia. Over his lifetime he immersed himself in the Pacific Northwest's Indigenous cultures, recording their songs and making copious notes about their stories, hunting/fishing practises, plant knowledge and more. Later, as a translator and advisor, he assisted the chiefs who were trying to negotiate land claims with the provincial and federal governments in the early 1900s. Wendy's research revealed that Teit had published 11 monographs under his own name and supplied a huge amount of field information about B.C.'s Indigenous culture to Franz Boas, considered Father of North American anthropology, and Marius Barbeau, a Canadian anthropologist regarded at the time to be an authority on folk and Indigenous traditions. Neither gave Teit his due and after his death they virtually ignored and

erased acknowledgement of his contributions to their work. Wendy's comprehensive biography explores Teit's ethnographic studies and political activism within the context of the times: the settler colonization of the land and the racism experienced by B.C.'s Indigenous people. It's mind boggling to realize that 120 years later B.C. is still dealing with the land claims issues that were being discussed and negotiated then. "We don't have anyone like James Teit in the historical record," says Wendy. "He learned three Indigenous languages, recorded their songs and stories, paid women well for cultural items such as clothing and baskets, and unlike others, was not pushing a religious agenda. In contrast with other anthropologists of that era, he was scrupulous about recording the names of the singers, story-tellers and creators of cultural items." Even though Teit had to support a family through his guiding business, he found time to aid Boas and others with their research (for meagre pay) and helped the chiefs to cross the language barrier in their land negotiations. His friends warned him he would pay a price for his close connections with the Indigenous communities and, indeed, he was blackballed by the colonist society and other ethnographers. "Writing this book has been such a rewarding experience," says Wendy, who recently retired from UVic's History department. "The source material kept me motivated in the classroom and there is so much more my students and others can pursue." The book's detailed endnotes supply a catalogue of sources for future research. When living in Lytton and Merritt during her research, Wendy

spent extensive time with elders who remembered the old songs and could still sing them. "It was a pleasure to start my book with my memories of what these amazing people shared with me." One of Wendy's greatest rewards is hearing Indigenous people say they feel Teit's story should be known Canada-wide. She says: "I think Teit's life is a testament to Reconciliation – it's amazing to find ethnography that is so rich in cultural immersion and sympathy." Wendy Wickwire will discuss her book March 6 at 7 p.m. at Shoal Centre, in a fundraiser for the Sidney Literary Festival. Photo of Wendy courtesy Leithen M'Gonigle; photo at top left courtesy Sigurd Teit.

Dr. Samantha Bourdeau O.D. | Dr. Ryan Trottier O.D.

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January Book Club by Deborah Rogers

How wonderful to be back to our meetings in the Sidney/ North Saanich Library's Nell Horth room! And what a great start to the year with a large and engaged group, and a novel filled with action, larger-than-life characters and a murder-mystery. Isabel Allende is an internationally acclaimed author with many fiction and non-fiction books to her name. She is especially well known for The House of Spirits and The Japanese Lover, both recommended further reading from the many Allende fans within our book group. We discussed Allende's 2018 novel In the Midst of Winter, part black comedy crime-caper, part meditation on the restoring power of love. Its setting, in a Brooklyn brought to a halt by a powerful snow storm, made it a perfect winter read. Allende assembles a seemingly mismatched cast of characters, brings them together under stress, and then takes the reader on a journey with them, dealing with the immediate aftermath of a minor fender bender and all that unfolds from it. We have Richard, an NYU academic living alone, with a life so tightly structured and controlled he barely seems to be living. There's Lucia, the tenant of Richard's basement apartment, a Chilean professor newly arrived in New York to work in Richard's department. And there's Evelyn, an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala, caught up in her employer's complicated and illegal life. Our readers were under no illusions that it was a contrived scenario that brought these characters together, but it didn't seem to detract from the enjoyment of the book. What we get is three back stories, all set in South America, and all dealing with issues of corruption, violence, political instability and people having to survive in the worst of conditions. These stories are ones that Allende knows well, and she has related similar tales in her other books. Her insight and ability to portray chaos and despair with such a light touch made this book. The plot had its problems, and points where the reader's credibility was stretched almost too far, but the beauty of Allende's writing captivated us. It's a lighter read than some of her other work yet still manages to succeed as a commentary on present-day immigration issues and the way so many people live precarious lives, that can be disrupted by one tiny incident. Thanks to everyone who came along to the meeting and to Quince CafĂŠ for the refreshments. We meet next on Tuesday February 11 to discuss Atul Gwande's Being Mortal. 6:30 to 8 p.m. in the Library's Nell Horth Room. To find out more, or sign up to the Book Club email list: 64 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | FEBRUARY 2020




What to See & Where to Be




by Jo Barnes

Our Community Events Calendar!

2PM and 7:30PM (respectively)

FEB. 2 and 8

WAVELENGTHS COMMUNITY CHOIR IN CONCERT Mary Winspear Centre 2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

Some use their vocal talents. Others showcase their abilities with instruments. But the performance is the result of a shared joy of music! The upcoming concert presented by Wavelengths Community Choir will combine the vocal talents of this diverse group of talented singers with the amazing instrumentation of local string ensemble Coastline. Under the direction of Denis Dennelly, Wavelengths is a delightful community choir whose participants come from all over the Greater Victoria region including the Saanich Peninsula. An award-winning group of talented teens, Coastline is directed by internationally acclaimed fiddler Ivonne Hernandez Tickets $25. Call 250-656-0275 or visit or

Have something for Take Note? Email



FEB. 7


Shoal Centre

10030 Resthaven Drive, Sidney These two award-winning writers will be reading from their newly published memoirs. Carla Funk, born and raised in the Mennonite settlement of Vanderhoof, reminisces about her childhood in a small town. Thanh, a talented writer from Vancouver Island, shares about her turbulent coming-ofage in B.C. Tickets $10 (including refreshments) at Tanner's Books and online. Proceeds from ticket sales to support the 2021 Sidney LitFest.



FEB. 7

Mary Winspear Centre

2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney Celebrate Valentine's with the romantic music of Johann Strauss, Franz River and Robert Stolz. This special event features soloist Lambroula Pappas, a Vancouver Soprano, who has performed with numerous Canadian Symphony Orchestras and operas houses of Spain and USA. The concert will be a tribute to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's famous New Year Day concert.;



FEB. 9

2295 Weiler Avenue, Sidney This second annual fundraiser for Wounded Warriors of Canada, the evening features some great music including pieces by Henri Mancini, Robert Buckley's "Highway of Heroes" and a toe-tapping medley from The Music Man. Special guests: Karen Hough on horn and David Watson on piano. Admission is by donation. or visit 2:30PM


St. Elizabeth's Church 10030 Third Street, Sidney The community chamber choir takes you on a journey through the galaxy and beyond and offers a variety of choral gems including works by Canadians composers Eleanor Daley, Amy Stephen and Mark Sirett, as well as other works by Randall 66 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | FEBRUARY 2020

10AM - 1PM

FEB. 9

Horth Hill Regional Park, North Saanich Explore this beautiful park at the tip of Saanich Peninsula. Guided by a CRD Regional Parks naturalist, you'll have the opportunity to discover the unique plants and birds of the area. Wear sturdy footwear and also bring a lunch. Free program – for more info: 250-478-3344 or



FEB. 11

Brentwood Bay Village Empourium 7103 West Saanich Road, Brentwood Bay Toronto-based folk troubadour Jon Brooks accompanied by Neil Cruikshank will deliver a delightful evening of music. Nominated many times for Canadian Folk Music Awards, Brooks is a talented singer songwriter. Tickets are $20 available at the café or by phone 778-351-0178. Desserts, snacks, coffee and alcoholic beverages available.


9:30 - 11:30AM

FEB. 13

Greenglade Community Centre

Peace Lutheran Church


Stroope, Daniel Elder and the Australian Dan Walker. Special guest: High Notes Flute Choir. Tickets $20 (from choir members, Tanner's Books, and at the door.

2151 Lannon Way, Sidney Bring your little ones in for a morning of fun – special treats provided and a chance to make a card for someone special.


7 - 8:30PM

FEB. 14

The Centre for Active Living 50+ 1229 Clarke Road, Brentwood Bay (next to the library) Contact: Janet at:


10AM - 4PM

FEB. 15 - 17

Artsea Gallery in Tulista Park 9565 Fifth Street, Sidney Bring your imagination and build, create and play with a room full of boxes! It's a free event for the whole family.


All Day

FEB. 17

Panorama Recreation Centre 1885 Forest Park Drive, Sidney Celebrate Family Day with free admission! Free yoga 10 to 11 a.m; free swim 1 to 2:20 p.m; free skate 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.


6:30 - 8:30PM

FEB. 19 MARCH 11

McTavish Academy of Art 1720 McTavish Road, North Saanich Led by landscape designer Hazel Yeo, you'll learn how to draw up a working plan to scale, choose the right plants, assess and enhance soils, and also explore garden styles and design layouts. Cost $189.



FEB. 25

Mary Winspear Centre 2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney Guest speaker will be Angela Mangiacasale, Chairperson at Wear2Start. Members free, Non-Members $10.


7 - 9AM

FEB. 27

Fairmont Empress Hotel 721 Government Street, Victoria Trillium Boutique Senior Living presents an event highlighting the issue of dementia. Keynote speaker: Gregory Marshall, Naval architect and guest speaker Dr. Alexandre HenriBhargava, Neurologist and Medical Educator. Tickets online: Fundraising-events/A-Breakfast-to-Remember


2 - 3:30PM

FEB. 28

The Centre for Active Living 50+ 1229 Clarke Road, Brentwood Bay (next to the library) Guest Speaker is Dr. Edward Ishiguro - Professor Emeritus, Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology at UVIC. Topic: Human Diet and Nutrition: The Influence of Gut Bacteria. Admission is by donation. Refreshments served. Everyone welcome 250-652-4611.

ONGOING THE SAANICH PENINSULA STROKE RECOVERY ASSOCIATION 9300 Willingdon Rd, Sidney Meetings Mondays from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Offering speech, exercise and caregiver support to stroke survivors and their caregivers. Info: Lyall Copeland 250-652-3016 or visit

SIDNEY BETTER BREATHERS CLUB Shoal Centre, Sidney 4th Monday of each month. 1:30 to 3 p.m. A free support and educational group for people with lung conditions (sponsored by the BC Lung Association). 1-800-665-5864.

YES WE CAN! COPE WITH DEPRESSION Powell Hall, St. John's United Church, North Saanich First Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. For anyone dealing with depression. Strategies and education offered towards the healing process. 250-208-1446 or

CAREGIVERS OF FAMILY AND FRIENDS SUPPORT GROUPS Saanichton Bible Fellowship Church: 1 to 3 p.m.

Second Wednesday of each month.

Shoal Centre: 7 to 9 p.m. Second Thursday of each month.

SIDNEY SISTER CITIES ASSOCIATION GENERAL MEETING Vancouver Island Regional Library Third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m.

PENINSULA NEWCOMERS CLUB LUNCHEON North Saanich Yacht Club Second Thursday of each month at 11:30 a.m. Pre-booking required.

SAANICH PENINSULA TOASTMASTERS MEETING Vancouver Island Regional Library, Sidney Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m.

YOGA WITH ENSEMBLE WELLNESS Sidney Studio Yoga for different levels. Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. For more info: 250-898-6772 FEBRUARY 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 67



Ocean views! Set upon a 1.12 acre hillside in Lands End, with southwest exposure keeping the home bathed in light. Featuring cathedral entrance, heated floors, stainless steel appliances and wrap around deck. 5 bed 3 bath 3,491 sqft.

This impressive James Grieve designed luxury waterfront estate captures the splendour of an old countryside manor. Historically inspired details with livable family design. 6 bed 8 bath 6,420 sqft.

$1,495,000 — 419324

$3,750,000 — CALL FOR DETAILS





60 minute Customized Facial Shampoo & Style Finishing Touch Light MakeUp Application

$145 (120 min)


Your Escape includes 2 deluxe Jane Iredale samples - wrapped up in a cute gift box with the gift card ready to give!

Services must all be booked on the same day. Available for purchase until February 14th eligible for booking throughout the year.

9805 Seaport Place, Sidney, BC • 250.655.9797 • 68 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | FEBRUARY 2020

H.O.W? We Can Help! The Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce has been connecting with the business community on the Saanich Peninsula for 108 years now and by far some of our favourite start-up stories are from those who could be described as "accidental entrepreneurs" – regular people with little to no business experience, who nonetheless have an idea or product they feel compelled to bring to market. The nature of small business often means you have to be your own accountant, lawyer, bookkeeper, marketing and social media team at the same time as you satisfy your financier, customers, yourself and often your family members. In essence: be all things to all people from conception onward. That's a big ask for someone venturing into a new world, let alone for those with an established business background. We aim to assist small and homebased business people who are struggling to keep up with all these expectations. Thanks to generous support from the Town of Sidney and Districts of Central and North Saanich, we have designed a day of fun and unique learning experiences comprised of numerous workshops and activities. There will be open discussions with industry experts, one-on-one sessions, podcast opportunities and support from successful entrepreneurs addressing the challenges that have been identified by workshop participants. Closing out the afternoon, we are pleased to announce our Keynote Speaker, Darian Kovacs of Jelly Marketing. Darian is known for off-the-wall ideas, fantastic stories and huge energy. He is committed to making sure your brand or business reaches its market goals and will be presenting ideas you can implement yourself. The full-day event is happening February 25 at the Mary Winspear Centre. Limited tickets are on sale now at Even though the day's activities are serious business, the event will be presented in a lighthearted manner, allowing for maximum participation and sharing of expertise. We've got lunch and break times covered with creative and customizable food and beverage options. Possibly for the first time in your business' history, you'll have the opportunity to explore ideas, solutions and possibilities with other like-minded people and create a true support network. Whether you are an accidental or intentional entrepreneur, we are here to serve you.

"You'll have the opportunity to explore ideas, solutions and possibilities and create a true support network."

Were you on the Naughty List for not doing your Will?

#101 - 9830 Second Street, Sidney 250.656.3951 | FEBRUARY 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 69


When you’re ready, let us get to know you. Together we can create a personalized senior living experience to support your unique needs, even as those needs change. P R I VA T E T O U R S AVA I L A B L E


778 - 4 0 0 -2 88 0

ArtSea Presents:

Arts and Cultural Programs for the Community Did you know that ArtSea presents many of your favourite arts and culture programming and community events on the Saanich Peninsula? The dedicated volunteers at ArtSea are already busy preparing for the year ahead; be sure to mark your calendars with these 2020 dates: The 200 Boxes Family Day event, from February 14 to 17 at the ArtSea Gallery in Tulista Park, invites the entire community to build, create and explore in a warm and welcome space filled with boxes – some empty and some crafted into castles, airplanes and spaceships. The sky is the limit when kids of all ages come together with their imaginations and a room full of boxes! At the end of May, the gallery is alive with music when the Folk 'n Fiddle Festival hosts community jam sessions for local musicians. During July and August, ArtSea will host a new invitational art show, Art by the Sea, complementing the regular programming at the ArtSea Gallery which features a new artist-led show almost every week. Throughout the year the gallery presents the work of local artists and artisans, including paintings and sculptures, wood, glass and metal work, as well as fabric and wearable art. Do not miss the Salish Sea Lantern Festival on August 22, where thousands of people come out to witness or participate in a magical procession of shimmering handmade lanterns along the waterfront in Sidney. The event kicks off in Beacon Park with activities for all ages and performances by local First Nations and eco-rock musicians. Also keep your eyes peeled for lantern-building workshops offered during the spring and summer months. In the fall, ArtSea presents the Sidney Fine Art Show and Sale,

October 16 to 18. This is one of the largest and most prestigious juried art shows on Vancouver Island, attracting more than 3,000 people over three days. The following weekend, residents and visitors are invited to explore and experience the Saanich Peninsula and more than 25 artists' studios during the ArtSea Fall Studio Tour from October 24 to 25. This is one of Vancouver Island's longest running self-guided tours, offering a diverse range of talent and treasures. ArtSea has recently partnered with the Town of Sidney to oversee the Sidney Seaside Sculpture Walk; be sure to stop and enjoy this outdoor art exhibition as you stroll along the beautiful waterfront! And watch for information and updates to this amazing cultural asset that serves to enrich the unique character of the Saanich Peninsula. As you imagine the year ahead, what programs excite you the most? Visit us at the ArtSea Gallery in Tulista Park and let us know. While you're there, chat with a local artist, watch an artist demonstration, find your favourite phrase in the SENĆOŦEN dictionary, or gather information about community events. You can also visit the ArtSea website ( for upcoming art shows or community events, a directory of ArtSea member artists with samples of their beautiful work, or to register for upcoming ArtSea events or programs. If you prefer social media, check us out on Facebook or Instagram (@ArtSeaCommunityArtsCouncil) – share your event photos, discover what's happening and how to get involved in the community. We are looking for program volunteers and a new Director to join our vibrant organization – if you are interested in joining the ArtSea team, send us a message ( – we would love to hear from you! FEBRUARY 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 71


Move, Stay, or Renovate?

story by Janice Henshaw photos by Andrew Bradley, Itty Bitty Sign Shop

What is the best thing to do when your home is looking tired and out-of-date? Put up a "For Sale" sign and move to another home? Ignore the faded colours and saggy furniture and be happy that your bank account doesn't have to take a hefty hit? Or renovate? This can simply mean a fresh coat of paint, a new couch, fresh flowers and new pillows, or ‌ a major makeover. Susan and Richard had lived in their three-bedroom, onelevel home on Lochside for 18 years and decided it was time to make one of these choices. They first looked at homes for sale to the north and, although the views were great, most of the homes they were interested in were situated on very small lots. When they looked south, they saw that the ocean view consisted mainly of looking towards James Island. It made them appreciate their own view even more because they can see Sidney and the surrounding islands, San Juan Islands, and south down to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. After looking at various homes, Susan and Richard realized that if they moved, they would want to renovate a new house to get exactly what they wanted. So, instead, they decided to stay and renovate their own home. As many homeowners know, progress is slow at first as they go through the process of hiring the right people to bring their ideas to reality. Plans are made and changed, new drafts are created and reviewed, and permits have to be taken out. Susan and Richard know that it is essential to check references and hire people who do quality work, not just people who happen to be available. They hired Hook and Hook Renovations & Design to be their project manager. Structural changes were in order; the kitchen was moved from the back of the house to a new location on the ocean side to take in the stunning view. Three load-bearing exterior walls were bumped out so they match up with the existing exterior. To carry the roof load over the new patio doors, three LVL (laminated veneer lumber) beams were installed. Custom-built Douglas Fir windows by Oakridge Windows were added to the new kitchen and dining area and all the other windows and doors were refinished. The exterior stucco of the home was painted in a warm gray

colour called Iron Mountain (Benjamin Moore). Two interior walls that separated the original kitchen from the living room, entry and dining room were opened up. The old kitchen space is now a new bar area with custom face frame in-lay cabinetry with solid wood dovetail drawers (an ancient fine woodworking technique used to make strong joints in cabinetry such as attaching the front of a drawer to the sides) by Hook and Hook. The renovation has created a new living room and dining room, dispensed with a family room and changed the third bedroom into an office. In the new great room, LED rope lighting was installed above the crown moulding as the homeowners did not want pot lighting of


any kind. Incorporating the rope lighting meant dropping the crown moulding one inch from the ceiling. The lighting adds a lovely, serene glow that is reflected off the ceiling. Hook and Hook also added under-cabinet lighting and lighting to create glowing shelves. The kitchen has all new cabinetry and the expansive island has lots of storage and a convenient microwave drawer. The high-end Wolf & Viking appliances were purchased from Lansdowne Appliances. Elegant quartz stone countertops (Britannica) produced by Cambria are a "creamy marbled background of neutral white that provides a stage on which gray islands and peninsulas meander among intertwining ashen veins dotted with veiled charcoal speckles."


Specializing in designing and renovating kitchens and baths Computer space planning • Celebrating 19 Years



Hardwood Floors



10189 McDonald Park Rd., Sidney 250.656.0848 |

250.656.2691 | FEBRUARY 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 75

Cambria describes quartz itself as "one of the hardest materials found in nature, even harder than granite and it is maintenance-free, which means that, unlike granite, quartz never needs to be chemically polished or sealed." The backsplash is formed from white subway tiles and, behind the propane cook-top, there is a black and white marble mosaic. White split face stacked marble highlights the fireplace and wine rack wall. Norstone – a stone veneer manufacturer – defines split face as "a stone that has been broken or split to show a rougher finish. A split face is desirable as it provides natural texture and stratification that is hard to duplicate outside of nature." New paint has been applied throughout the home, says Andi, the principal designer at Hook and Hook. The walls are painted in Balboa Mist OC-27 and the ceiling and trim in Decorators White CC-20. The main cabinets are in Revere Pewter HC-172, and the kitchen island provides a dramatic and joyful pop of colour in Roseate 207810, a shade of pink-red (all Benjamin Moore). 76 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | FEBRUARY 2020

All the old flooring was removed and replaced with gorgeous 12- by 24-inch honed marble tiles. Honed marble is more porous and less buffed than polished marble. Under-floor propane heating was added throughout the home to replace the previous heating system, which had been located in the ceiling. Susan found the prior heating system completely ineffective: every room used to be cold. "The new heated floors are wonderful. It's the best thing ever – they provide such a nice heat. And because of the in-floor heat and new appliances, our hydro bill is now half of what it used to be." Susan says that Colin Gill of District Plumbing and Heating and Aaron Lohr of Sitka Electric, both local companies, "went above and beyond with many repeat visits at our request – they provided prompt and efficient service." Other quality features include a built-in TV with custom face-frame in-lay cabinetry. Larry Hook loves to build furniture and he does beautiful work," says Susan. He did all the millwork (woodwork) and custom-built the 7.5-foot dining room table, the glass-topped metal coffee table, bar table, the fireplace surround




and headboard for the main bedroom. "He is a perfectionist, and very meticulous in his work." Larry, for his part said: "I enjoyed being able to plan out my day watching the sun rise over the ocean. And I liked working with Susan and Richard because they appreciated all the custom features that we were able to provide." Andi Hook "did a ton of research," which Susan found very helpful in narrowing down choices. Andi also helped source all of the area carpets and helped with furniture shopping. At first, Susan had tried ordering furniture from a popular online home dĂŠcor website but she became frustrated after numerous delays, back order notifications, and shipped items that arrived broken. Susan next ordered furniture from One Stop Furniture Shop in Sidney and appreciated their helpful and timely service. All the work was finished in September and Susan and Richard are very happy that they went ahead with the decision to renovate their home. Susan says: "The best thing is that we've always had a nice view, but now when we walk in our home there is a wall of windows and a panoramic view to enjoy; it gives our home a whole different feel."



> Architectural Designs > Interior Design > New Builds & Renovations > Custom Cabinetry & Furniture > Project Management

Hook & Hook Designs Visit our new 2,000sf Showroom @ #2-2042 Mills Road | 778.351.4665 FEBRUARY 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 77


At the centre of everything, life’s a Breeze

A collection of 37 one, two and three-bedroom homes in Sidney.



Now selling.


At Aura, Live Your Own Dream


Sophisticated homes in the heart of Sidney.


This is not an offer for sale. An offer for sale can only be made in conjunction with a Disclosure Statement. E & OE.

We work. You relax.

778.351.4120 | paciďŹ | 2C, 9851 Seaport Place, Sidney, BC |

Instagram: @PRLandscapes

Sidney’s Got Soul Join us for a benefit concert in support of the Parkland School Music Department with Checo & the Sweet Soul Choir & special guests, the Bankes Brothers and Alexis Van Den Bulk

Friday, February 21, 2020

Mary Winspear Centre

Tickets are $30.00 at or Newport Realty Beacon Avenue Doors open at 6:30 pm | Show starts at 7:00 pm

Sponsored by:

Mary Winspear Centre - 2243 BEACON AVE W, SIDNEY, BC

Thank you to our sponsors and co-sponsors

HOME CREATION & REINVENTION At Tidman Construction, we can help turn your dreams into reality, from concept to completion.



by Matt Hall Red Feather Horticulture

One of the most common

Adding Winter Colour with Conifers

design requests by our customers is ensuring that they have colour in their garden over the entire year. Thankfully, we live in a gardening climate where we can have 12 months of flowers. That said, some of the winterflowering perennials and shrubs can leave a lot to be desired once the weather warms and the rest of the garden catches up. One way that we like to soften this effect is by using evergreens that are vibrantly coloured (or change colour in the cold). Here are a few of our favourite conifers that will be sure to brighten up your winter garden. Elegant Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria japonica "elegans"). Every year we get a call from someone wondering why their new cryptomeria is dying. It's easy to think the plant is in dire straits when it goes from lively chartreuse in the summer to a livid rusty-chocolatey-purple once the weather changes. This is completely normal and actually has a tremendous visual effect in the garden (especially in such a large tree). Equally fun is watching it turn green again in the spring (don't blink or you might miss it). Alternately, "heatherbun" is another cryptomeria with similar colours but stays at only four feet tall. Icee Blue Juniper (Juniper horizontalis "Monbar"). A great trailing juniper anytime but it excels in the cold when the plant turns a shade of purple. Don't fret if the thermometer stays above freezing; the cool blue foliage is striking all year long. For a similar colour but more upright shape, try a Blue Star juniper. Firefly Heather (Calluna vulgaris "Firefly"). When planting for winter interest, it might seem like a bit of a leap to choose a summer-flowering heather over their much cherished winter-flowering cousins. But one look at the fiery brick-red winter foliage of this plant will make anyone stop and stare. It's no slouch during the rest of the year either as its colour will move through lemon yellow-gold-bronze in the shoulder months. Sungold Cypress (Chamaecyparis pisifera "Sungold"). There aren't many shrubs as golden as Sungold. They do trend toward green in the late spring and early summer, but the foliage will yellow through the fall. Sungold will grow in part shade but will only reach its resplendent potential in a full sun bed. Silver Korean Fir (Abes koreana "Silberlocke").This fir is a terrific addition to any garden where a lighter-coloured evergreen is required. The underside of the needles are silver but they curl up to become the dominant colour giving the entire tree a "frosted" look all through the year. As an added bonus, a silver fir will keep a neat

upright form and won't require much shaping. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list and a deeper dive into any of the genuses listed will be sure to give you many more types to try. To see photographs of the plants listed in the article, head over to the blog on our website ( If you have a winter interest conifer to suggest or if you just need some help in your garden in 2020, please feel free to drop us a line at Good gardening!

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Hot Properties

For Sale on Vancouver Island

Desirable Deep Cove Family Home!

Deep Cove Rancher $998,000

A casual sophistication embraces you as you enter this customdesigned, home offering 4BD/4BA, 3,187sf, set on over half an acre of manicured grounds, lawns and mature trees all with loads of natural light and sun inside & out. Excellent layout & space for the entire family + bonus room over the double garage holds many possibilities. MLS 415725.

Maryan van Stolk* 250.656.4626

Custom built, onelevel home situated on one of the most desirable, quiet streets in soughtafter community of Deep Cove on a level, sunny .57 acre estatestyle lot. Quality built, offering fantastic floor plan of 1,901 sf, 3 Bed, 2 Bath, this home has been meticulously maintained and it shows. MLS 418899 Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626

Lands End Ocean View Home $1,975,000

Build Your Dream Home Starting at $620,000

Enjoy 180° of panoramic views from this custombuilt, quality home designed for entertaining and perfect family living. 4,366sf, 4 Beds & 4 Baths, with an abundance of natural light offered from floor to ceiling windows which capture the beauty of the West Coast from every room, balcony & patio. MLS #415128.

Arbutus Place at Deep Cove. This impressive 6-lot subdivision with south-western exposure was recently completed to high quality standards. Fully serviced lots ranging from 0.42 to 0.52 acre. Favourable topography to suit a variety of home designs. Great location close to parks, trails and the best beaches to enjoy swimming, kayaking and sunsets.

(personal real estate corp*)

Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626

(personal real estate corp*) 82 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | FEBRUARY 2020

(personal real estate corp*)

Steffen Hagen 250.656.4626

Townhouse in Shoreside Landing - $869,000 Ideal location, close to most of Sidney's amenities. Beautifully finished 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom end unit sequestered at back of complex with many recently added quality upgrades. Bright residence with over-height ceilings and expansive windows in principal area, master bedroom on the main level, impressive storage areas. MLS 417383. Magdalin Heron 250.656.0911

Deep Cove Custom-Built Waterview Home

11118 Trillium Pl, North Saanich, BC $1,050,000

Our Amazing Crew Makes Us the Natural Choice!

Design • Construction • Arbor Services Irrigation • Maintenance • • 250.385.4858

Located on a quiet road on a private 0.57-acre lot in the heart of Deep Cove, this custom-built water view home is sure to impress. Over 3,000 square feet if finished living space with 5 bedrooms and 3 baths, this home has a lower level that could accommodate a suite. MLS 419961. Michele's Team | 250.656.0911

Stan Laursen President

Cozy Family Home 546 Joffre Street

Honest, reliable, competitively priced Seniors’ discounts • Free in home estimates Charming 4 bedroom 2 bath home with great Esquimalt location. Hardwood floors, updated kitchen, cozy wood fireplace and both living and family rooms. Lovely large flat yard, fully fenced with fruit trees, veggie beds and hot tub. Loads of upgrades. Easy walk to recreation, shopping, amenities. $749,000. MLS#420049.

Kimberly real estate

marketing & sales


A custom window coverings company Family run and celebrating 48 years of experience in creating beautiful spaces for our clients.

Draperies | Blinds | Shades | Shutters | Motorization 250-940-2986 FEBRUARY 2020 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 83

Peninsula Panthers

February 2020 - Action-packed Month

Hockey fans, both young and old, on the Saanich Peninsula are in for a bevy of treats in the shortened month of February. There may be only 29 days in the month, but there is plenty happening and it will seem like a season. On Family Day Monday, February 17th at 1:00 pm, the Peninsula Panthers will welcome in the visiting Saanich Braves for their annual Peninsula Minor Hockey Association Appreciation Game. Twenty-three jerseys, pictured to the right, will be gifted immediately after the final buzzer to the lucky PMHA winners in a random on-ice draw. There will also be five of the special Family Day jerseys gifted to lucky fans in the audience. All names drawn Must Be in Attendance when the draw is made to win the jerseys. This event is one of the highlight games on the Panthers’ schedule and there will be a lot of wide eyes throughout the afternoon. After the 1st period, the Club will attend to the Lobby and will sign souvenir programs which will be gifted to the autograph seekers. This moment is as special to the players on the team as it is to the young fans, and is a memorable time in the game. Last season the game was held on Family Day, and pictured below are various fans and players involved in the autograph-signing session. Please ensure that you mark down the start time: 1:00 p.m. on Family Day, February 17, 2020. All PMHA players wearing jerseys, and coaches/managers, will be admitted at no charge. Fans are encouraged to arrive early for this special event!

P.M.H.A. / Fan Appreciation Game - February 18, 2019 Last Season’s Lucky Winners of the Panthers’ 3rd-Jersey Draw

Jr. Hockey Club The Panthers will open the post-season at home Monday, February 24th at 7:30 pm. If the season were to end today, we would be taking on the Westshore Wolves in the best-of-7 series and most of the local pundits feel this will be the Cats first round match-up. Game 2 would be played in Colwood on Wednesday with Game 3 right back at the Panorama Recreation Centre on Friday night, February 28th. The Club would love to see you, it’s the place to be Friday’s on the Peninsula. A huge shout out to the fans, sponsors and volunteers of the Hockey Club. The team could not survive without the enormous support of the three groups, each helping the Panthers to function. This season is going to be a memorable one!

Panorama Recreation Centre


The Peninsula Panthers will hold their Annual Awards Banquet on Sunday, February 22nd - dinner is served at 6:00 p.m. sharp. The banquet will be held at Mary Winspear Centre on Beacon Ave in Sidney - all tickets are $60. The Panthers invite all family, friends and fans to attend the festivities and tickets may be purchased at any Panthers’ game or contact Coreen at 250-652-1804.

UPCOMING home games Puck drops Fridays at 7:30 p.m.

7 14 17

vs. Victoria Cougars

21 22

vs. Westshore Wolves

vs. Westshore Wolves vs. Saanich Braves

(1:00 p.m. Monday - Family Day)

AWARDS BANQUET - 5:30 pm (Public Welcome - Tickets available)


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#15 Matt Lawrence All Photos by Gordon Lee Photography

Peninsula Panthers Annual Awards Banquet Saturday, February 22, 2020 at the Mary Winspear Centre Refreshments 5:30 p.m. Dinner 6:00 p.m.

Last season’s winners of the Most Valuable Player Trophy - shared by Riley Braun and Josh Lingard pictured here with Head Coach Brad Tippett. The two players played on the same line, along with Tanner Wort, and were considered one of the top lines in the VIJHL.

As the Club closes in on the final game of the regular season and looks forward to the post-season, they also have a focus on their annual Awards Banquet. The night is a real highlight of the season and a chance for family, friends and fans to come out and mingle with the players and management of the Peninsula Panthers. The evening always proves to be one packed with laughter and emotion as stories of the seasons gone by are shared. Tickets are available for purchase from Coreen Zubersky in the Lobby at any Peninsula Panthers home games or by calling 250-652-1804. Tickets for the deluxe banquet are $60 and the evening will be an enjoyable one.

AWARDS TO BE PRESENTED: Most Improved Player Community Leadership Volunteer of the Year Top Scorer Most Sportsmanlike Player Unsung Hero Best Defenceman Steve Simpson Memorial Fan Favourite Rookie of the Year Most Valuable Player Top Playoff Performer Scholastic Achievement (in memory of the Humboldt Broncos)



In February we celebrate Valentine's Day, and love makes an appearance in several of our articles this month. From the Kitchen's Joan Saunders shares her best recipes for ways to use chocolate as a form of "love currency" (pg 34) and writer Cassidy Nunn chats with three couples who share their advice for keeping a marriage strong and healthy (A Love Story for All Ages; pg 16). In February 2016 I wrote about the love I have for my daughter and, apologies to my partner, but in this year's Valentine's missive I'm going to skip him yet again and write about another kind of love: the one between humans and their dogs. We've all seen them: the people cradling their pups in a baby carrier; pushing them in a stroller; or bringing them into every shop, no matter what blatant signage is on the door. Or perhaps you have childless friends who insist that their dogs are their babies (and just as much work!). Your child-ruled, sleepdeprived, cartoon-addled brain may scoff at these scenarios and no, of course human babies are not the same as dog babies ... but science supports that the feelings of love we experience for our children – and canine companions – comes from the same place. From "Of the chemicals that play a role in our relationships with dogs, oxytocin is the star of the show … Because dogs affect us and our oxytocin levels much the same as human babies do, the bond we have with our dogs can feel like the bond between mothers and children. The mechanism behind the connection is the same." Now, as we are on the cusp of adding a puppy to our family, I am over the moon with the idea of meeting our new little "bundle of joy." I'm obsessed with researching different breeds and scouring the classifieds and animal shelter websites many times a day, on the hunt for that perfect pup. The takeaway is this: whether the love of your life is your husband, wife, children, or pet, it's all valid. Love is a wonderful thing and should be celebrated, no matter what form it takes.


n o s i l l A

SUDOKU Middle of the Road

Puzzle by

6 1 7 3 8 5 4 2 9

2 5 4 7 1 9 6 3 8

8 3 9 2 4 6 5 7 1

Puzzle by

9 6 3 8 5 7 2 1 4

*Here is the solution to the puzzle found at left!

4 2 8 1 6 3 9 5 7

3 6 6 4 8 3 7 5 7 4 9

1 7 5 4 9 2 3 8 6

2 4 6

Directions: Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain just one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square.

3 9 2 6 7 1 8 4 5

3 7

The Alzheimer's Association recommends doing puzzles like Sudoku to strengthen brain cells and the connections between them.

5 8 1 9 3 4 7 6 2

4 1

6 6 1 5 3

7 4 6 5 2 8 1 9 3

4 8 1 5 2 8

3 1 4



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