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February 2018

Individual Pension Plans: An RRSP alternative to help secure your financial future Written by: Financial Planning & Advisory Service, Scotia Capital Inc. February 2018 Issue

Scotia Wealth Management™ is an innovative team-based approach to wealth management that addresses the entirety of your life—your family, your business, your future—one facet at a time. James McCrodan, FMA, CIM® Portfolio Manager Senior Wealth Advisor 250.389.2123

Many entrepreneurs and professionals often neglect making their RRSP contributions because they are solely focused on building their business or else find that RRSP limits are insufficient to provide an adequate retirement income. If you are 40 years or older, a business owner or manager, or an incorporated professional with an annual income over $100,000, an Individual Pension Plan (IPP) is something you might want to consider. An IPP is similar to an RRSP in that money accumulates over time, tax sheltered, in an account to provide you with retirement benefits. In addition, IPPs have the ability for larger tax deductible contributions than RRSPs, allow the option to contribute large deductible amounts for past service with your company and can be safe from creditors. Therefore, an IPP can be an ideal option, in the right circumstances, for your retirement and estate plan. What is an IPP? IPPs are defined benefit pension plans designed for one person. They are registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and are covered under the Income Tax Act. IPPs promise a specific level of pension income at retirement according to a predetermined formula. This formula is based on a percentage of your earnings over a given period, so it’s important to meet a certain income threshold during your working years. Your annual IPP contribution limit is determined by an actuary, and increases as you get closer to your retirement date.

Your IPP will also be sponsored and funded by your employer (which may be yourself). Once funds are contributed, they are locked-in by pension legislation. What are the Key Benefits? First and foremost, your IPP contributions are tax deductible and can exceed the usual RRSP maximums. Plus, there is a potential to fund previous years of service and contribute a significant deductible lump sum. Contributions and plan expenses are tax deductible for the employer which can, again, be your own company. In addition, the employer’s contributions are an effective way to move corporate assets into your IPP, where they can grow on a taxdeferred basis. Your income from the plan is defined and it is based on your years of service and the applicable actuarial calculations. Finally, under current legislation, IPPs may provide creditor protection to the funds in the plan. As an active businessperson, this is a layer of protection that may have future, unforeseen value. Assemble the Right Professionals Working with the appropriate group of professionals - such as an investment advisor, accountant, and pension actuary. It’s easy to open and administer an Individual Pension Plan that makes sense for your circumstances. Our team of specialists has the knowledge, resources, and expertise to help you create a plan that will increase your financial peace of mind today and through retirement.

The McCrodan Group ScotiaMcLeod, a division of Scotia Capital Inc. ®

If you would like to delve more deeply into this topic as it pertains to your own portfolio please call my office to arrange a confidential review.

The McCrodan Group ScotiaMcLeod, a division of Scotia Capital Inc. ®

® Registered trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia, used under licence. ™ Trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia, used under licence. Scotia Wealth Management™ consists of a range of financial services provided by The Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank®); The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company (Scotiatrust®); Private Investment Counsel, a service of 1832 Asset Management L.P.; 1832 Asset Management U.S. Inc.; Scotia Wealth Insurance Services Inc.; and ScotiaMcLeod®, a division of Scotia Capital Inc. Private banking services are provided by The Bank of Nova Scotia. Estate and trust services are provided by The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company. Portfolio management services are provided by 1832 Asset Management L.P. and 1832 Asset Management U.S. Inc. Insurance services are provided by Scotia Wealth Insurance Services Inc. Wealth advisory and brokerage services are provided by ScotiaMcLeod, a division of Scotia Capital Inc. International investment advisory services are provided by Scotia Capital Inc. Financial planning and advisory services are provided by Scotia Capital Inc. Scotia Capital Inc. is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada. Scotia Wealth Insurance Services Inc. is the insurance subsidiary of Scotia Capital Inc., a member of the Scotiabank group of companies. When discussing life insurance products, ScotiaMcLeod advisors are acting as Life Insurance Agents (Financial Security Advisors in Quebec) representing Scotia Wealth Insurance Services Inc. The McCrodan Group is a personal trade name of James McCrodan.


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febrUARY 2018



Death on Your Own Terms Choosing the Time

Fitness at any age Health & Happiness at Every Stage



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make a move 28 Healthy Days from Panorama Recreation

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kristen bovee page 33 With this issue and it being a month to appreciate our loved ones, this article inspired me to write a positive approach to heart health. We are told too often what "not to do," which elicits a negative stance leading to resistance. It is a simple guide to appreciate our heart since it is often taken for granted.

tina kelly page 61 Taking time to explore outside through these cold months can be a challenge. But venturing out may be just as important for your well-being as regular exercise, healthy eating, and adequate sleep. It turns out a vitamin like no other can be found among the branches and waves.

paula kully page 30, 34 My favourite thing about writing for Seaside Magazine is the variety of assignments. This month, in particular, was challenging and interesting. I went from finding out what happens behind the scenes with first responders to discovering there are fitness programs available for everyone!

jordan caldwell page 29 Have you lost your connection with food? Has fast food and delivery pushed you out of the kitchen? North Saanich offers a wide range of amazing produce and we're going to take full advantage of that by creating some great seasonal recipes. Dust off your apron and reclaim your kitchen!

laurie salvador page 45 Every year, I like to update my Will and my personal information so that my Executor or Health Care Representative has current information in case something happens to me. It's the least I can do to help them in a stressful time. Good housekeeping!

viola van de ruyt page 37 Sometimes people avoid a financial "checkup" for the same reason they avoid a physical checkup: they are afraid of what they might find. My first steps will help you get started without emotional stress. 2018 can be the year you take charge of your financial fitness and get on track.

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february 2018 | 7

first word I love February! Not only is it a special time for “love,” but we’re also one month closer to summer, my favourite time of year. All the rain and wind the past few months has seemed endless, and with the recent scare of the Tsunami in January, plus fighting my first flu in years, I feel like I have been in lockdown mode. In fact, I’ve caught up on a lot of work, including brainstorming more editorial and promotional ideas for this coming year. Twenty-eight years ago when I first got into this business – with no real intention of becoming a publisher – I read somewhere that publishers could play at being God. Figuratively speaking, of course! I took that to mean that publishers had absolute control over editorial content (and heaven help anyone who disagreed). The promise of control might be why many people want to be publishers, but what newcomers to the industry don’t realize is that publishing is more complex than that. In the past 18 months readers have become more aware of the power and responsibility that publishers have. With “fake news” to blame for impacting democracy and free debate, it has never been more important that we consider the sources we rely on and the stories we share. We are confident that Seaside Magazine is a “fake news” free zone though. For us, planning editorial content by


Fa in

Love with


Valentine’s Day 10am to 5pm

8 | february 2018

understanding our readers has been crucial to our success. I don’t play God with that! The process of choosing seemingly unlikely people and topics to profile, and taking the risk that those articles will be well received, keeps us on our toes and having fun. It’s impossible to please everyone, but we’re always aiming for the right mix of content to keep the majority informed and entertained. Health and wellness is a theme throughout this issue: writer Jo Barnes interviews five local residents of all ages, getting their real comments about the rewards of regular fitness. Editorial Director, Deborah Rogers, in her column “Deb’s Day Out,” lets Panorama show her some of their new fitness classes; sampling them all in one week! And writer Paula Kully speaks with Move Adaptive Fitness in Victoria, a company focused on empowering people with physical disabilities to achieve their potential. Keep your eyes peeled in March, as we will celebrate our Seventh Annual Women To Watch contest and coming in the spring we will be debuting our inaugural Kids To Watch Contest too. Don’t forget to send us your feedback on this issue - we love to hear from you!

Sue Hodgson,


Fall in love with Sidney this Valentine’s. On Saturday February 10th, Sidney businesses will share the love with their valued customers by featuring an all day celebration. Just look for the LARGE I Love Sidney icon in store windows to identify participating merchants. For contest and event details, visit:


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letters Seaside Magazine welcomes your feedback! Send letters to the editor via or post your comments on our Facebook wall! Letters may be edited for space and content.

I LOVE the images and content in the "What Does Your Holiday Decorating Style Say About You?" article [Seaside Homes, December 2017 Issue].

A Valentine’s message... from

our hearts to yours

Donna Petrie

We look forward to reading your magazine and usually find it OK at Tanner's Books in Sidney. We couldn't find it this time, you'd totally disguised it. Your magazine's name sure wasn't obvious. Love the old look – hope it comes back or at least the big Seaside name on the front cover. Marlene J. Reed

Thanks to your support, we’re able to keep improving our hospital with cutting-edge facilities and equipment. One essential diagnostic tool we are fundraising for this year is an

Thank you again for Seaside Magazine's generous support of the Sidney and Peninsula Literary Festival. The complimentary advertisement and the article written by Gillian Crowley were much appreciated and really helped to increase festival attendance. Janet Daines President, Sidney and Peninsula Literary Society

ECHOCARDIOGRAM MACHINE. Using ultrasound to create a picture of the heart, this non-invasive tool is ESSENTIAL IN DIAGNOSING A VARIETY OF HEART CONDITIONS. Donations will be used to renovate space in the Laboratory and purchase

In my wanders today, I picked up the January 2018 issue of Seaside

equipment for this vital addition to

Magazine – and I want to share with you that I think it is one of the best Seaside has published. Great articles, great commentary and a great topic with the emphasis throughout on seniors and seniors' lifestyles. I read the articles – and believe it or not, I usually am only a picture reader.

our hospital’s services.

Wendy L. Everson

PLEASE HELP US TO HELP OUR HEARTS IN THE COMMUNITY. Because more than what donations buy, it’s what donations do. Yours will change lives.

I grew up in Saanich and I'm back for the holidays visiting my parents who now live in Saanichton. I was flipping through your January issue this morning at breakfast and I couldn't help but notice how overwhelmingly white it is. I grew up in Saanich on a street that was mixed with white and Indians and many of my friends were Asian growing up. I believe Greater Victoria is much more mixed than what is conveyed in your issue.


I'm writing not to complain, as I don't live here, but to highlight this to you as likely you've never noticed. I now live in Kenya where I'm always in the minority and this has heightened my awareness of how it feels to be a minority. Best wishes and thank you for thinking about this in advance. Beth Rogers

your community, your health Editor's note: The article "Growing a Caring Circle: Mount Newton Centre" [January 2018 issue] was prepared by Dr. Belinda Parke RN MScN GNC(C), former Executive Director of Mount Newton Centre.


february 2018 | 9

Fitness at Any Age:

Health & Happiness at Every Stage by Jo Barnes

I feel like a kid again. My back doesn't hurt

anymore. I'm in a good mood. No, these are not paid testimonials from a chiropractor's brochure; these are real comments from real people of all ages who have discovered the rewards of regular fitness. Some want challenge or to improve their health; others want to be

Fabiola Owen, 71

part of a community. But regardless of age or stage of life, all agree that regular exercise makes a huge difference. Emily van der Kamp (30) started rowing six-and-a-half years ago after she returned from an extensive cycling trip through Europe and wanted to maintain the same level of physical activity. "I'd been biking about six to eight hours a day and was looking for

some kind of activity to do." An Occupational Therapist at Veterans Memorial Lodge at Broadmead, Emily enjoys indoor and outdoor rowing, weights, cycling and yoga. "It has a huge impact. It helps clear my head and keeps me calm. It helps me keep life in perspective." When asked for fitness tips, she replies: "Find an activity that you love to do or it's just a chore. And, have an alternate activity. Find a community; others can help motivate you." Paul Macris, a 35-year-old real estate agent with Holmes Realty, grew up playing high level soccer. In 2010 he saw a form of fitness called CrossFit on You Tube and thought he'd try it. "It's a fitness regimen of constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity." Paul welcomed a change from his normal routine. He works out for 30 to 60 minutes four to five times a week, which has led to rewards. "I am able to face the challenges of life and work with confidence, knowing that I can overcome whatever obstacles are placed before me." He suggests finding an activity you like and putting health first. "The benefits to your physical well-being far exceed the work required to improve your fitness capacity."

Oncology Esthetics® expands the practice of cosmetic medical treatments to serve people with, or recovering from, cancer. “My focus is to help you feel healthy & whole during or after cancer treatments. Therapeutic sessions will lead to improved complexion and decreased stress and anxiety.” ~ Alana Delcourt, the Peninsula & Victoria’s Only Certified Oncology Esthetician

Oncology Esthetics services are known to reduce the side effects that can be common from radiation or chemo therapy. Esthetic skin therapies can improve complexion and decrease stress. Using correct and safe skincare products will restore your skin’s health! 312 - 2453 Beacon Avenue, Sidney 250.686.6208 |

Duncan Kenzie (59) is a retired software company owner. When his daughter expressed an interest in karate, Duncan decided to join her. Now 21 years later, he's still practicing it three times a week at Puckett's Noble House of Karate and teaching a class of sevento 10-year-olds at Hastings Martial Arts in North Saanich. "I enjoy both the fitness part of it and social aspect. I like the challenge of having specific goals to strive for in karate." Duncan finds karate brings rewards. "I come home feeling emotionally invigorated, in a good mood." He encourages others towards fitness: "If you're feeling daunted by starting to do an exercise routine, take it one day at a time. Don't worry about any limitations you might have; do what you're capable of doing." Fabiola Owen is not your typical 71-year-old. She's passionate about fitness and does a two-hour gym workout daily including dance aerobics, february 2018 | 11

Emily van der Kamp, 30 stretching and weights. "I have a positive feel about life," she laughs. Despite a challenging upbringing in Colombia and dealing with other physical issues, Fabiola approaches life with a positive attitude and commits to her health. "I spend good quality time in the gym. I work on what's bothering me and resolve whatever issues I'm dealing with. I eat very well," she shares. "My goal in life is to keep healthy!" Does she have any tips? "If you're new to the gym and want to improve yourself, it's a good idea

Paul Macris, 35

to visit a fitness trainer." At age 94, Russ Redman is an inspiration when it comes to fitness. He works with local trainer Michelle Bourgeois, owner of Take 2 Personal Training. Russ Redman "I go out to Michelle's 94 for an hour workout each Wednesday. The rest of the week is homework, lifting weights and stretching exercises." Russ works out an hour daily and has noticed the results. "I am a diabetic. When I started regular exercise, my insulin intake dropped way down, about half. I do a set of exercises on a big inflated ball. My back doesn't hurt anymore." With his trainer's support and a tailormade exercise regime, he's reaping rewards. "It makes me feel good. It has had a big effect on keeping me going." No matter your age, Duncan turn a page on fitness. Kenzie, 59 The dividends are delightful. Photos by 12 | february 2018

Ron Phillips

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Crossing the Finish Line:

TC10K RunSport Training Clinics The Times Colonist 10K race is an annual event that attracts over 8,000 runners and walkers each year. On April 29, 2018, participants will follow a scenic, 10km circle route beginning in front of the legislature, and moving clockwise through downtown Victoria, Fairfield and James Bay. If you've thought about running or walking in the TC10K, you may want to consider joining a RunSport Training Clinic to help you prepare. Over the course of 14 weeks, members of all skill levels progress through a tailored training program in divisions such as Walk, Run Walk, Run, or Run Fast. The program takes place in three-week cycles, with each section teaching different skills. Every third week is a rest week, allowing for recovery and an adjustment to each training level. Benefits include the expertise of six-time TC10K winner Lucy Smith via online coaching, training tips from experienced leaders and the support of a group environment. The clinics are open to all fitness levels, including walkers and runners, and allow participants of all ages (16+) to improve their ability in a safe setting. The $134 cost includes the TC10K entry fee, merchandise such as a technical training shirt, an event shirt and a lit armband, as well as a finisher medal. It also provides special discounts from the Running Room and includes an all-clinics event at PISE (Pacific Institute for Sports Excellence).

by Jesse Holth

16 | february 2018

There are 15 clinics located throughout greater Victoria, each held at a different time and day of the week to fit a variety of schedules. The Panorama Recreation Centre (Greenglade) clinic takes place Sundays from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Led by RunSport Clinic Coordinator Elaine Strong, this Saanich Peninsula-based group is nicknamed the "PanaManiacs." Each year, they hold a PanaManiac Potluck on the last Sunday of training to celebrate all the hard work, dedication, and effort over the previous 14 weeks. Elaine says the goal of the program is for participants to "have a great time, improve their ability, [and] feel confident in their increased endurance and fitness." She calls the Panorama/Greenglade clinic "fun and supportive," noting that the team has 40 years of combined leading experience. At this clinic, there will be speakers presenting throughout the 14-week program on topics such as: Form and Technique; Footwear and Clothing; Nutrition; Hydration; Yoga/Pilates; Strength Training and Core Development; Inspiration and Motivation; and Race Day Preparation. Participants learn proper training techniques, and how to prepare a solid foundation of strength and fitness in order to walk or run the race. The motivational format encourages a healthy and active lifestyle even after the race is over. RunSport Training Clinics are a great way to help you stay focused, reach your goals, and cross that 10K finish line.

WOMAN - 7 t h A n n uA l -

Women in Business: Inspiring & Celebrating Your Success. Are you a woman in business?


If so, Seaside Magazine, in recognition of International Women's Day, is looking for you! If your business is 51% or more owned by a woman, and you are doing business on Vancouver Island, you are eligible to apply. All applications will be reviewed by an independent panel of judges and a winner will be selected. Please answer all questions below. Winner will be notified by February 9 and will be honoured at Tara Brunet, a reception to be held March 8th as part of Seaside’s Seaside Magazine’s Women to Watch event. 2017 Woman to Watch Award Recipient

Please answer the following questions about your business: • Describe your business: Please provide a summary and description of your business, including how long you've been in business, number of employees and products and services offered. • Innovation & Change: Please list all of the changes and innovations your company made in 2017. • Challenges: What is the single most difficult challenge you have faced and how was it overcome? • Integrity: What three words best describe your business values?

WIN! Winner will be showcased in the April

issue of Seaside Magazine, honoured at a private Seaside Women To Watch reception March 8 and also receive an amazing prize package! Deadline for application is noon on February 14th Apply at




Special Feature Maintaining your health is a great gift you can give yourself! It doesn’t matter what age you are or where you’re starting from: here on the Saanich Peninsula there are so many choices to help you take your first steps toward good health or the next step to another level of fitness. Why not try something new in 2017?

rugged fitness

Mobile Personal Training

Stuart Kidson

BSc Kinesiology, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist i offer the same quality of training you would expect at a gym, but in home or outside, utilizing what you have around you and keeping it simple. i work with clients of all ages, fitness levels and goals.


PanoraMa recreation centre Fitness & Wellness

Panorama recreation offers a wide variety of fitness and wellness programs for the saanich Peninsula. from the beginner to advanced participant, our experienced instructors will help you reach your goals and get you “Living Well and having fun.”


curves sidney

Strength-Training Workouts

Carolle Batham

Owner, B.Ed and Cleveland Clinic Certified a facility specially designed for women, curves features a complete 30-minute workout that is fun, fast and safe. circuit coaches will help you set goals based on your individual health and fitness needs. We'll provide you with great ways to work your whole body, through strength training and cardio, a variety of video-led classes and all new machines!

250.656.9870 2425C Bevan Ave, Sidney

Mctavish acadeMy of art Yoga and Mindfulness

take 2 PersonaL training and nutrition coaching Private Workouts, Small Group Personal Training Classes, Nutrition Coaching

Michelle Bourgeois

RT, BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Older Adult Instructor, Precision Nutrition Level 2 Nutrition Coach Michelle’s approach to health and well-being emphasizes the "personal" in Personal trainer by ensuring you are fully supported on your journey to feel your best. experience a boost in selfconfidence, reduced stress levels, weight loss, increased energy levels, age gracefully, and actively live pain-free.


Peninsula crossfit Elevating Functional Fitness our goal is to help you work towards your health and fitness goals in a fun community of like-minded individuals. the daily workouts are constantly varied, functional movements that apply to everyday life. you will achieve results and overcome obstacles you never thought possible!

Dawn Robertson & Meghan Raza

#20 - 2075 Henry Ave, Sidney

778.426.2146 TM

1720 McTavish Rd, North Saanich


Vibes Studio Sidney Owners at vibes we book only four clients for each 15-minute session, ensuring personalized attention and maximizing the use of a whole body vibration machine. no matter your age, physical abilities or fitness experience you are welcome at vibes. Workout smarter, Live better! book your free trial.



vibes fitness

Personalized 15-minute sessions


Join us at Mctavish academy of art for a variety of yoga classes to suit all levels. We have many drop-in classes as well as pre-registered classes and workshops. Monthly unlimited passes and Punch cards are available; we will see you in the studio!

PeninsuLa yoga studio Iyengar Centre

Peninsula yoga studio is located in sidney’s Mary Winspear centre. We have classes for all levels and abilities taught by certified Iyengar teachers. required teacher training is a minimum of three years followed by ongoing professional development. for classes visit our website.

250.656.9493 2243 Beacon Ave, Sidney

word on the street

What Are Your Health & Wellness Resolutions?

Seaside Magazine wants to live up to our slogan of being "the voice of the Saanich Peninsula," so, in every issue, we'll be asking people to answer a simple question. We're looking for responses from all ages and across the diverse neighbourhoods that form our community. by Lara Gladych In this issue, health and wellness is the focus, so I asked people: "Do you have any health or wellness resolutions for the coming year?" I started off at Panorama Recreation Centre. Adam, 38, is the first passerby. "To get in better shape. My wife bought me a Fitbit for Christmas," he responds. "It tracks my steps and my calories, and I can see which days I've been really active and which days I haven't. I've always been active, but I'm more cognizant of it now. I'm in the office 95 percent of the time, so this thing goes red when I've been sitting for too long." Adam gives me a brief tutorial on the Fitbit, along with the app he's using with it. Mason, 18, says: "I had a goal in mind to lose 25 pounds by 20 | february 2018

April, and I can see myself doing that if I work hard and have the perseverance." Mike's candor makes me laugh. He's 56. I ask about health and wellness resolutions. "To be the best I can be. No false ones." When I ask how he's going to achieve this, he says: "by trying to keep shortterm goals." Fitness goals, I ask? "Partly. Health and lifestyle goals. Liposuction if this doesn't work!" On my second day of interviews I decided to change the wording of my question. I got rid of "resolutions" and started using "goals" instead. I stopped people as they were exiting the fitness class I attend. Sheila, 46, answers pensively. "To watch what I eat, exercise more, and take better care of myself instead of always worrying about everybody else." Brent is challenging himself to do three "active" activities per week. This might include hockey, or bike riding. He, too, is 46. I ask Cathy about health and wellness goals. "I want to stress less about my weight, and focus more on my physical strength and fitness." At 53, she has recently lost a close friend to cancer, and she shares that her friend's great regret at the end was that she had wasted so much time worrying about the extra 20 pounds she carried, wising she had

spent that time enjoying her life instead. I then speak with Heather. She's 43, and she tells me that she has a New Year's resolution "to live in the moment and appreciate every day. It seeps into everything. Being grateful that my body is working, and grateful that I don't have very much pain." Oh, and she wants to eat more fruits and vegetables. Lastly, at 44, Lesley wants "to stay fit, healthy and active, and to be a good role model for my family and friends." I ask her what health and wellness mean to her. "If you're healthy on the inside, you'll be healthy on the outside and have a good outlook on life. It's about how you feel." I stop by one of our Peninsula middle schools so I can hear from some of the younger people in our community. I'm awestruck by the maturity and thoughtfulness of their answers. Taiya, 13, says that health and wellness mean a lot to her. Her goals for the year are to get faster for soccer, and to start doing yoga. In fact, she got a yoga mat for Christmas. Her friend Isabel, 12, also plays soccer, as well as softball, and she participates in a strength and conditioning class at PISE once a week. "If you're healthy and active it helps with your academics and being able to concentrate. I want to improve my running and my upper body strength." Sadie, 13, is mindful of getting enough sleep, and is trying to make a new healthy recipe almost every day. Tahlia, also 13, says that it's mostly about balance for her, not just playing sports and getting enough exercise. Her goals are "more about mindset. Calming my brain down with such a busy schedule. I do that through yoga, and different activities like colouring and drawing." Liv, 11, thinks about "being healthy so that nothing bad happens later on." Her goals are "to eat healthier, and have a salad at dinner every night at home." She likes fruit and nuts in her salads. Beyond physical well-being, Liv and her friend Maddie, 11, think about emotional health. "Not putting yourself down is important," says Maddie, and Liv chimes in with "don't give up. Keep trying and pushing yourself." Maddie looks up to a sign on the wall and utters the words that make my heart melt: "just keep swimming." Just keep swimming, people. Perhaps it's just that simple.

Itchy, scratchy, desert dry, Teary, trashy, crusty, stye, Sticky, burning, makes you cry! You rub & rub & rub your eye!

central saanich

Dry Eyes Are No Laughing Matter – We Can Help. Book an Appointment Today and Be On Your Way to Happy, Healthy Eyes!

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february 2018 | 21

The Centre of Your Experience

What’s Happening at the Mary Winspear Centre

Johnny Reid

Chart-topping, multi-platinum, award winning singer- songwriter Johnny Reid will embark on the 2018 “Revival” National Tour, kicking off on February 26 & 27 at the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney, BC. Joining Reid on the “Revival” tour will be his long-time Big Band, The Soul Providers and A special appearance by - the Grammy nominated, JUNO Award winning group Glass Tiger.

With an illustrious career spanning more than two decades, the JUNO Award winning singer has captured the hearts of fans and audiences around the world. A critically acclaimed vocalist, the bluecollared, soulful singer-songwriter Reid is widely known for his lyrical honesty and musical ability, as demonstrated by his extensive catalogue of hit songs, album sales totalling over 1.5 million units, countless awards and multiple SOLD OUT national arena tours. A six-time JUNO Award winner and twenty-six time CCMA Awards recipient, Reid connects with audiences of all ages, thriving as a performer and songwriter sharing his stories and songs around the

world with incalculable influence. He’s a modern day working class hero with long standing collective appeal – one that captures the hearts of many one song at a time. “Revival is a celebration and chance for us all to congregate and celebrate each other. To sing, laugh, cry, scream, shout and dance the night away.” – Johnny Reid

Gord Bamford International country music star Gord Bamford brings his Neon Smoke Tour with special guest Aaron Goodvin to the Charlie White Theatre on March 1. Gord Bamford stands as one of the most decorated artists in Canadian country music history. No stranger to praise Bamford has amassed an impressive 24 Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) awards, multi Canadian JUNO Award nominations and is the two time winner (2013/2015) of Nashville’s Country Music Association “CMA Global Country Artist” award. Gord Bamford’s distinctive sound and song writing ability defines him as one of country music’s best neo-traditional artists. Bamford is not an overnight success. He has spent the better part of the last 20 years honing his craft, working to get where he is today.

Gord Bamford continues to work toward delivering the best in country music. With hits ranging from “Blame It On That Red Dress” to “When Your Lips Are So Close”, Gord Bamford has consistently released great music for country fans from all walks of life. Gord has a deep history of creating the songs that country music fans want to hear. Don’t miss a night of great country music with two of Canada’s most dynamic performers.

Alex Cuba & Alejandra Ribera An incredible musical double-bill brings together two award-winning artists Alex Cuba and Alejandra Ribera on March 7. Alex Cuba is a Latin Grammy/Juno winner, singer-songwriter who is not tied to tradition; Alex has a vast musical vision. His sugarcane-sweet melodies, pop-soul hooks and powerful guitar riffs, relinquish a conventional stereotype that exemplifies much of the Latin music landscape. In 2017, Alex completed his sixth album “Lo Unico Constante”, beginning in Spain and passing through Montreal to record a single with Jean Massicotte. Then meeting up with the rhythm section from “Healer” in Baker Studios to record and mix 12

songs that delve deeper into Alex’s songwriting roots, focusing on nylon string guitar and upright bass. Looking at the filin movement in Cuba of the forties that fused jazz and trova together with emotional but not sad lyrical content. Music that influenced his writing style to this day. The album has gone on to be nominated for Best Singer Songwriter Album at the Latin Grammys 2017 and Best Latin Pop at the 2018 Grammy awards.

Argentinean father and a Scottish mother, are reflected in her musical style. Ranging from melancholic jazz ballads to traditional Mexican folk songs, she sings in English, French and Spanish. Alejandra Ribera stands out by a distinctive voice that is hard to compare. She plays with the tone of her voice to create unique and evocative soundscapes.

In her sophomore release This Island, the award-wining songwriter continues her exploration of luminescence – this time leaving the depths of mythological waters and delving firmly into the experience of the human heart.

Joining Cuba is roots singer-songwriter Aleandra Robera, born in Toronto to an

Coming Events

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February 3 5 6 8 11 & 12 14 17 17 & 18 22 23 23 24 26 & 27

Salish Sea Feis Blood Donor Clinic Led ZepAgain Palm Court My Funny Valentine Family Day LEGO Festival Ageless Adveture Tours Bob Bossin Defining the Hive: Beginner Bee Keeping Class Abra Cadabra Austism Community Training Stage Stars Allegro Solo/Small Groups Johnny Reid

March 1 3 4 5 6 7 9 & 10 20-22 23

April 7

Gord Bamford Dance Extravaganza Pacific Dance Centre Blood Donor Clinic Dance Unlimited Alex Cuba Crafted Farmhouse Market Brett Kissel Tre Twitty & Tayla Lynn Brent Butt

seaside arts scene Park, 9565 Fifth Street, Sidney.

by Gillian Crowley If there are any events in the arts world coming up on the Peninsula, please let us know via:

My Funny Valentine Now in its 31st year, the Palm Court Orchestra will celebrate Valentine's Day early with a matinee concert that includes songs by Richard Rodgers and Lorenzo Hart plus romantic waltzes from operetta composer Franz Lehar. This popular orchestra will also perform uplifting polkas from Johann Strauss and palm court gems like Leon Jessel's Parade of the Wooden Soldiers. Featuring Victoria-based Rebecca Hass, mezzo soprano. February 8 at 2 p.m., Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney.

A Taste of Tulista To start off the new season of Gallery shows, the ArtSea Gallery presents a Taste of Tulista. Take this opportunity to see what exhibits and events will be happening at the ArtSea Gallery. Each artist will display enticing samples of the work they will be presenting in the Gallery and will leave you wanting more. February 15 to 21, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. ArtSea Gallery in Tulista

A Thought-Provoking Evening Join authors Monique Gray Smith and Richard Hebda for an evening of thought-provoking readings about journeys. Through her book Speaking Our Truth: A Journey of Reconciliation, Gray Smith explores how Canada's relationship with its Indigenous people has suffered as a result of both the residential school system and the lack of understanding of the historical and current impact of those schools. Another type of journey will be discussed by Dr. Richard Hebda, Curator Emeritus (Botany and Earth History) at the Royal British Columbia Museum. He is the senior editor of the recently-released Royal British Columbia Museum book Kwäday Dän Ts'ìnchi: Teachings from Long Ago Person Found about human remains found frozen in a northwest B.C. glacier. Ticket sales support the Spring 2019 Sidney Literary Festival. February 16 at 7 p.m. SHOAL Centre, 10030 Resthaven Drive, Sidney.

Paintings by Helen Rogak

Bob Bossin's Farewell Concert

A Beethoven Celebration

Deep Cove Folk Music Society presents Bob Bossin's Farewell

The Victoria Chamber Orchestra will perform an all-

Don’t just tell her …

Show Her .

for every occasion

The Dancing Orchid 250.656.1318

Concert with Stringband's MarieLynn Hammond, Ben Mink, Calvin Cairns, Paul Gellman and Dinah D. After a half century of performing, Bossin is hanging up his banjo. Considered a national treasure by many, Bob founded the legendary folk group Stringband in the early 1970s. He also wrote Davy the Punk, about his father's life in Toronto's gambling underworld in the 1930s and '40s. Don't miss this memorable concert reuniting the Stringband members. February 17 at 8 p.m. Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney.

2416 Beacon Avenue

24 | february 2018

Local artist Helen Rogak will be showing her latest oil paintings of landscapes and buildings. She has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in Victoria and Calgary, and her works are in private and government collections across Canada, the United States and Europe. February 23 to March 1, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. ArtSea Gallery at Tulista Park, 9565 Fifth Street, Sidney.

Beethoven concert featuring Symphony No. 4 and Symphony No. 6, also known as the Pastoral. Conducted by music director Yariv Aloni. The second movement of the lesser-known Symphony No. 4 was reportedly described by Hector Berlioz as the work of the Archangel Michael, and not that of a human. Enjoy a heavenly evening. More at www. or phone 250-598-1966. February 23, 8 p.m. First Metropolitan United Church, 932 Balmoral Rd (at Quadra), Victoria.

Spring Festival Spectacular Spring Festival, also known as Lunar New Year, is one of the most important traditions in Asian culture. To celebrate this tradition, Ocean Rain Arts Academy presents the first Spring Festival Spectacular with a collection of local elite talents, including the Ballet Etoile Canada, Island Circus Space, Duncan Martial Arts Group, Magicians, as well as local artists from Philippine, Japanese and Korean communities. Family entertainment. Tickets at UVic Ticket Centre. February 17, 7 p.m. Farquhar Auditorium, University of Victoria.

Make a Move We have all heard the slogan "sitting is the new smoking" and Panorama Recreation Centre know the risk factors associated with a sedentary lifestyle, but with our nonstop, busy lives how do we fit the added task of exercise onto our ever-growing to-do list? The question is, how can

From Panorama Recreation


walk a dog!

Start small by walking. Try five minutes, then slowly increase by a minute each day.

schedule it in


If it is in your calendar and on your To-Do list, you are more likely to do it. Schedule exercise into your daily routine, so it becomes as important as those meetings and brushing your teeth.


try a fitness class

Get out and try a fitness class at your local recreation centre. From indoor cycling, yoga, step, strength conditioning, Zumba and aquafit, there is something for everyone.

road trip


Vacation plans? Take your fitness with you. Pack some resistance tubing and running shoes with you on your trip. It’s easy to pack and will help you continue your exercise plan.

26 | february 2018

we afford not to? We live in a world where everything is fast, convenient and available at the touch of a screen, making it easier to sit and harder to move. With all of these advancements, we still don't seem to be getting any healthier; in fact research shows we are heading in the opposite direction. The rates of obesity in Canada continue to rise in

Pets are a great way to get out and get active. Take your dog for a walk or hike. Use a park bench to do a few tricep dips in between throwing the ball. Don’t have a dog? Offer to take a friend’s or neighbour's. They will be sure to thank you!

keep it simple


Healthy Days

by Krista Enderud


make time for friends Make an exercise commitment with a friend. Rather than meeting for coffee, meet up for a walk, jog or bike ride. You can still talk and enjoy each other’s company while holding each other accountable.


commercial break Busy


binge-watching your favourite shows? Use the commercial breaks to get up and move, run on the spot, do a few squats, hold a plank or do a few push-ups. Workout complete!

don't trip over it! Leave your fitness equipment out as a reminder for yourself to get moving. Leave a yoga mat and some dumbbells out in your living room so you can’t forget to use them.



family time

Children follow what you do, not what you say. Help them get active too by choosing an activity the whole family can enjoy. Go to the park together, play a game or go for a walk.


find a challenge

Find a fitness challenge to help motivate you. There are countless options to choose from including push-up, burpee, and upper or lower body 30-day challenges. Find one that sparks your interest.

go in groups Working out in pairs or groups helps to boost motivation, fun and commitment. Get a group of work friends together for lunch break walks or workouts, or find a gym pal!


set goals Set a goal that is attainable in small successive steps. Join a walk or run group and finally reach that 10K or work on practicing your form so you can complete that challenging exercise.


both adults and children at an alarming and steady rate. With rising rates of obesity comes increased risk of Heart Disease, Strokes, Type 2 Diabetes and Cancer, which makes the point that it is time to make a move. Adding more physical activity to your daily routine doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. It takes little to no equipment and you

get tech savvy

5 4

Download an exercise tracking app onto your phone and track your goals, steps and progress. There are many great apps available at no cost (Simple Step, My Fitness).


make fitness fun

Try and choose an activity you already enjoy like biking, hiking, swimming or dancing. You are much more likely to stick to your routine when you look forward to the activity.


remind yourself

Set reminders in your work calendar or on your cell phone to take a screen break and move. Get up and stretch, walk to the photocopier or do a few desk exercises.


take the stairs

All those extra steps add up! Make small changes in your daily routine to increase your step count. Try taking the stairs, parking further away and going to your coworker’s office rather than sending an email. You may be surprised to see how many steps you have gained in a day!

make it "you" time

Exercise is a great stress reliever and can help clear the mind and reduce anxiety. Make exercise a time for you to think, focus and feel better.

can find pockets of time throughout the day to fit it in. It can seem overwhelming to think we need to change our entire lifestyle all at once, so remember to break it down and start with small steps. Here are a few ideas to help get you moving! Krista Enderud Fitness, B.A. Psychology, is the Weights & Rehabilitation Coordinator at Panorama Recreation Centre.


change it up!

Stuck in a rut? Change it up. Your body adapts to exercise, so if you are still doing the same routine, it’s time to add some changes. It will keep you interested and your body guessing.

chop it up Don’t have any time to fit in exercise? Break it into pieces. Start with a 10-minute morning walk, a 15-minute walk on your lunch break and a 10-minute walk after dinner.


kickstart your day

friendly competition

Make movement the first thing you do each day. Wake up and move. You will start your day off in a positive way and feel energized for the rest of the day.

Challenge a friend or coworker to a little competition. Compare your steps at the end of each day, track your workouts and see who can accumulate the most at the end of each week.


team work It’s never too late to join a team! Try a walking or run group, soccer, hockey, pickle ball, tennis, dance or baseball. It’s a great way to meet others and get some exercise.


consistency is key Try to pick a time each day to get a few steps in, take a class or go to the gym. If you are consistent with your time – you are more likely to stick to your plan.



the great outdoors Fresh air is good for our minds and bodies. Try getting outside for walks, hikes, biking, paddling or swimming. We live in an excellent location for year-round outdoor activities.


use what you have

No need for equipment. Use what you have available at home. Climb the stairs, sit and stand from a chair, use soup cans for weights or try skipping rope.


tell your friends

Sharing your goals is a great way to ensure you stick to them. By letting your friends know you are making time to exercise, you are accountable to more than just yourself.


get some guidance Not sure where to start? Seek the help of a fitness professional. Try an orientation to the weight room or get the help of a personal trainer to show you how to exercise safely and effectively.


put yourself first Give yourself permission to move exercise to the top of your priority list. Look at it as preventative maintenance. By exercising, you will reduce stress, improve your health and reduce your risk for disease. Invest in your body!


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island dish

Wild Mushrooms on Toast **Be sure that any mushrooms you forage in the wild are edible.

Some may think that as a chef, you would eventually get tired by Jordan Caldwell of preparing food, simply because Training by Tara Brunet you're constantly surrounded by it, but I often wake up thinking about food pairings or how many litres of milk there are in the fridge! Although it can occasionally be overwhelming, food is like music. There are always different trends and variations that create a lifelong passion. When we combine nature with simple ingredients, we open up a whole new world. Nothing is better than immersing yourself in the elements with a single paring knife and a basket for all of the delicious and amazing nutrients just sitting on the earth's floor. Foraging can be equated to fishing: even if you are out there for hours and don't find anything, it still makes for a great day (although my girlfriend may disagree!). The Saanich Peninsula offers spectacular foraging, from wild mushrooms** in the mountains to sea asparagus near the ocean. Hidden in the hills of Finlayson Arm and Deep Cove are some great mushroom foraging spots. From winter chanterelles to pine mushrooms, Sidney and the surrounding areas are a hot spot for edible mushrooms. Mushrooms are an incredible group of edibles, with high nutritional value and medicinal properties. They're sometimes referred to as the "meat" of the vegetable kingdom due to their high protein content, while staying low in calories. Mushrooms are also incredibly versatile: from soups to sauces and pies, you can use them to create any dish you desire. For now we will keep it simple and prepare one of my favourites. Ghee, olive oil or butter 2 shallots, thinly sliced

300 grams of wild mushrooms 3 garlic cloves – 2 minced, 1 sliced in half ¼ cup walnuts 2-3 sprigs of thyme (leaves picked) sea salt cracked pepper 1 or 2 pinches of crushed chilies (to taste) 1 lemon 2 slices toasted sourdough Prepare the mushrooms. If they're fresh, simply wipe them off with a damp paper towel (do not wash them with water, as they will only absorb the liquid and get mushy when cooked). If dried, soak the mushrooms in lukewarm water for about an hour, until soft. Slice the larger mushrooms; leave the small ones whole. In a large frying pan heat ghee, butter or oil, then add sliced shallots. Sprinkle with sea salt and let cook on medium heat until the shallots begin to wilt and lose structure. Add the mushrooms, making sure that they are not crowded in the pan (this ensures that the moisture that comes out of them can evaporate easily, and they will not boil in their own juices); toss a couple times to coat them in oil. Cook for a couple minutes, then add the walnuts, garlic, thyme, crushed chilies, some salt and pepper. Shake the pan and leave to fry gently for three to four minutes. When the mushrooms have browned nicely, add a tablespoon of ghee/butter and a squeeze of lemon juice, and toss again. Toast your bread until golden. Remove from toaster, and rub one side of each slice with the cut side of a half clove of garlic. Place toasts on a large plate and pile the mushrooms on top, then sprinkle with extra thyme leaves. february 2018 | 29

behind the scenes

Central Saanich First Responders

by Paula Kully

There is something thrilling about

the moment you hear the wailing siren of a fire engine and see the long, red truck careening down the street. You have to admit: it generates a sense of sudden excitement. In the back of your mind, there is a realization that someone is in trouble and help is heroically on the way. Some years ago, I took a ride to the hospital in an ambulance on account of some strange flu virus that mocked a more serious condition. At the time, I was surprised to find the people who initially responded to the call were firefighters. (I have to say, I would have been happy to see firemen in my house at any other time.) They were amazing at taking care of me and setting my mind at ease until the ambulance arrived. They immediately took my vitals to ensure that I wasn't in any serious danger and then helped transfer me to the ambulance. Our local fire departments also provide first responder services. They are often the first to arrive at a 911 call or other emergency situation and in some cases, their presence can mean the difference between life and death as first responders are trained at the same level as paramedics who operate ambulances. The training is in depth, including everything from CPR to childbirth, and ongoing, such as in response to the current opioid crisis where first responders have undergone training to administer the life-saving overdose remedy Naloxone. Forrest Owens, the Assistant Chief and Training Officer for Central Saanich Fire Department, has been a firefighter and first responder 30 | february 2018

for 32 years. He began working for Central Saanich in 2006 and describes the Fire Department as a composite department, meaning it is made up of a combination of five full-time, paid firefighters and 48 volunteer firefighters. There is no average day in the life of a firefighter and first responder. They are often on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If a call comes in at 1 a.m. they must respond. Therefore, the families of firefighters are also impacted by the job and they too become part of the greater "firefighter family." Central Saanich receives its calls from the Saanich dispatch centre. All of their firefighters always carry a pager and when it alerts them to a call, they immediately head to the fire hall. From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday the fire hall is staffed, but outside those regular hours, volunteers are dispatched from their homes. Central Saanich has two fire halls and each firefighter is assigned a fire hall closest to their location. Forrest estimates that it takes under one minute for a team to leave the fire hall after their arrival. The department has developed a response matrix which determines the type of vehicle and equipment needed based on the call type. "We right size the call," Forrest explains. "We also have a duty officer on 24/7 and if they arrive first on the scene, they may cancel or request additional resources based on needs they have assessed." The variety of calls the department responds to are varied and include public assist calls for smoke alarm and CO detectors, lift

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250.655.1257 •


assists with BC Ambulance, Police assists with building entry, and of course the more severe accidents and incidents. The department also has a rescue boat and can respond to water incidents. Forrest's commitment to his work and the public he serves is evident in his response to questions about the more serious side of his job. He prefers to focus on the incidents with a positive outcome. For example, during the summer he was called to the Butchart Gardens where an American tourist visiting the Gardens had collapsed from a cardiac arrest. The situation was tense for a while but through administering CPR and the use of an AED (automated external defibrillator), the gentleman was successfully revived. He later spent time in hospital and was able to return home with no complications. So, the next time you hear a siren and you see that bright red truck, remember: these are the people who spend their days making sure ours are safe. Photo by

Whether you’re exploring new horizons or simply escaping the ordinary, the BMW X1 sets new standards for versatility, comfort, and driving passion. Seize any reason for adventure and accept no compromises along the way. The 2018 BMW X1 from only $42,995

European models shown for illustration purposes only.*Starting from price of $42,995 based on the 2018 BMW X1 xDrive28i with a MSRP of $40,300 and includes freight & PDI ($2,695). DOC fees ($395), tire levy ($20), environmental levies ($100), license, taxes, insurance and registration and if applicable PPSA (up to $45.48) are extra. ©2018 BMW Canada Inc. “BMW”, the BMW logo, BMW model designations and all other BMW related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and/or trademarks of BMW AG, used under licence. See BMW Victoria for complete details. DL 10135 #31009

february 2018 | 31 Studio

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Advanced Curcumin and Omega-3 EPA/DHA

CurcuminRich™ Cardio Optimizer for A Healthy Heart Your heart works hard day and night circulating nutrient-rich blood throughout your body and brain. Maintaining a healthy heart is therefore crucial to supporting your overall health and well-being. However, both inflammation and free radical damage can contribute to poor cardiovascular health, even in otherwise healthy individuals. Cardio Optimizer, part of the CurcuminRich™ line from Natural Factors, includes Theracurmin™ curcumin and omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which work synergistically to provide comprehensive cardiovascular support. Curcumin has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help protect the cardiovascular system from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Theracurmin curcumin from turmeric is

a scientifically developed supplement made up of extremely small particles of curcumin in a colloidal suspension, which increases both the solubility and bioavailability of the compound. In fact, Theracurmin is the #1 absorbed form of curcumin, providing the best possible support for healthy heart function. Omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA are powerful anti-inflammatories that provide important cardiovascular support, since ongoing inflammation can result in tissue damage, pain, and cardiovascular dysfunction. Both Theracurmin and omega-3 EPA/DHA also help reduce the cardiovascular damage caused by LDL cholesterol. The powerful natural ingredients in Cardio Optimizer provide comprehensive cardiovascular support for optimal heart health, as well as antioxidants for the maintenance of good health.

Broad Spectrum Heart Support


Inspired by nature and backed by science, we create new horizons in health and wellness by empowering you with the finest whole foods, supplements and lifestyle solutions.

Many factors contribute to heart disease and a multi-faceted approach to prevention is best. A healthy diet, regular exercise, minimizing stress and smart supplementation can help you achieve and maintain optimal cardiovascular health. The ingredients in Provascin offer broad spectrum support for the heart: • • • • • •

Antioxidants for tissue maintenance Support for healthy cholesterol levels Neutralize free homocysteine & ammonia Reduction of triglycerides Reduction of stress Improve glucose metabolism for weight management

• Promote heart and vascular health • Support joint health, comfort, and function • Support the body’s natural inflammatory response • Exert powerful antioxidant activity

Easy On The Stomach

Effervescent Magnesium Glycine Magnesium is truly a miraculous mineral and essential to our well being. Yet Health Canada reports that over 42 per cent of Canadians are deficient in this mineral. Calcium directly opposes magnesium within the body and a high intake of calcium — relative to magnesium — can throw off the delicate balance. • • • •

Highly absorbable Delicious raspberry flavour Glycine form is easy on stomach Easy way to meet daily requirement • 300g or 150g sizes


the natural path

by Dr. Kristen Bovee Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic Hydrate IV Wellness Centre

Our heart is the hardest working muscle in our body. It is a complex organ and has many components that make it work tirelessly whether we are awake or asleep. Considering heart disease is still one of the highest causes of death in Canada, we are still, with all our scientific advances, unable to curb the trend. The following is a list of five things you can start to do today to appreciate your heart in order to prevent heart disease. Take a brisk walk. Your heart, like any muscle, needs to be worked to function properly. In the journal Circulation in 2015 it found that, especially for the older population, the faster and longer a person walked, the lower the risk of heart disease. In addition, other moderate activities such as gardening, swimming, biking and hiking also lead to a significant reduced risk (by up to 50%). Find ways to reduce stress. Stress impacts many parts of our health and research is finding links on how it contributes to heart disease. What we do know is that the way stress affects the heart is in the behaviours that people turn to when under stress. Smoking, drinking, overeating, sleeping too little, or overworking are common ways that people deal with stress. More positive behaviours to reduce stress include meditating, exercising, journaling, and seeking professional help to teach us better coping tools. Consume foods with a high ORAC value. Our diet has one of the greatest impacts on our health. Our heart is highly vascularized, which means preventing damage to these vessels is essential. Antioxidants are particularly important for the heart because they help to prevent oxidative (“free radical”) damage to our vascular walls. ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and is the antioxidant capacity of a food. Foods that have the highest ORAC values include wild blueberries, elderberries, gogi berries, and dark chocolate. Keep your blood flowing. Perfusion of

Loving Approaches to a Healthier Heart our red blood cells to our tissue is essential to our survival, particularly for the heart. Foods that help the blood stay “thin” and oxygenate the cells include ginger, vitamin E, turmeric, cinnamon and cayenne pepper. However, be sure to limit these if you are taking a pharmaceutical blood thinner like Coumadin. Other ways of reducing your blood viscosity include staying hydrated, donating blood and eating foods that do not cause inflammation. Low inflammatory foods are those low in animal fats, non-GMO, low in glyphosates (ie. organic) and consuming foods you know you are not allergic to. See your doctor once a year. Heart disease and high blood pressure are often diagnosed

too late because the signs and symptoms are often only detected by blood work and physical exam. Having yearly checkups will keep you aware of the health of your heart. Remember, heart disease is not just about cholesterol: it’s merely a sign that there is something underlying causing the cardiovascular system to require more. Loving ourselves includes treating our bodies well and making the effort to prevent potential health problems. If we all make a daily commitment to take a walk on the Lochside trail, purchase foods from our local farms, keep a positive attitude, eat well and visit our doctor regularly, we are committing to ourselves and supporting a healthy heart.


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Innovations in Hearing Technology Hearing aids have changed dramatically in my 27 years as an audiologist. Innovations such as rechargeable batteries and the ability to wirelessly connect to the television or a cell phone have made hearing aid use easier and more enjoyable. As an independent clinic, Hear Central Saanich has access to a range of devices from the world’s top hearing aid manufacturers.

Adapting Fitness for Every Body

Call to schedule your evaluation and hearing aid demonstration. Locally owned and operated by:

Donna Stewart,M.A.,Aud(C),RAUD

7159A W Saanich Rd

Also serving Pender & Mayne

Call: 778-426-4876

by Paula Kully

dolezal consultants ltd.

Personal Financial Consulting Services for Individuals, Families & Businesses Peter Dolezal B.A., M.B.A. Author of: • The Naked Homeowner • The Naked Traveller • The Smart Canadian Wealth-Builder Truly objective advice & assistance in developing your comprehensive FINANCIAL PLAN for Wealth Creation & Preservation

NO Products to Sell Ensures Objectivity “Financial & Investment Planning” Contact Panorama Recreation Centre at 250.656.7271 to register for Peter’s Spring session: Wednesday mornings, March 14th to April 11th | 34 | february 2018

People are designed to move; no matter our age, size or physical capabilities, our bodies and minds work best when we have regular exercise. Laura Guido (above, with client Martin Olson) is the Gym Coordinator and Athletic Therapist at MOVE Adaptive Fitness in Victoria. She believes that fitness for people with disabilities is something that is becoming more recognized, popular, and in demand – and MOVE is providing programs to meet these demands. MOVE opened its doors in 2013 with a vision to empower people with physical disabilities to achieve their potential. Members are primarily adults and seniors living with physical disabilities such as spinal cord injury, Parkinson's disease, neurological conditions and people who have suffered a stroke. Prior to joining, members receive a free initial assessment and individual supportive therapeutic exercise program. MOVE offers weekly, chair-based group exercise classes, chair yoga, adapted dance and one-on-one assisted exercise therapy by a certified athletic therapist for those who need or prefer individualized attention. The accessible, drop-in gym is ideal for people who require adapted equipment and assistance in order to remain physically active and healthy. The gym is designed with a floor plan that accommodates wheelchair users and provides equipment transfer assistance to remove the barriers people face at other fitness centres. Trained volunteers from Camosun College and the University of Victoria's Kinesiology and Health and Wellness Programs provide assistance to members. "MOVE is a special place," says Laura. "We are lucky to have this incredible facility in the area! The members are inspirational and I couldn't imagine a better place to work." If you are looking for some fun, Panorama Recreation Centre in North Saanich has the only accessible waterslide in North America.

Something Happens to You … Happens to Him?

Notaries Public • Wills • Power of Attorney

In fact, the pool facilities at Panorama are fully accessible with change rooms, ramps, and a lift to the waterslide. There is also an elevator to the weight room where some accessible equipment is available. The staff at Panorama work with Recreation Integration Victoria to adapt as many of their programs as possible. Melanie Alsdorf, the Manager of Program Services at Panorama Recreation says: "We make every effort to adapt a program to fit a patron with a disability, as long as you call ahead so that we can be prepared." The Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence, next door to Camosun College's Interurban Campus, offers accessible equipment and adapted strength and conditioning programs designed for people with mobility limitations. Additionally, you can join the high-intensity wheelchair basketball program. Likewise, the Centre for Athletics, Recreation and Special Abilities (CARSA) at the University of Victoria offers programs for youth and adults that include wheelchair sports, spin classes, blind soccer, adapted strength and conditioning, inclusive dance and more. If you prefer to get moving outside in the fresh air, there are a number of great accessible trails in the region with accessible parking and washrooms such as Island View Beach and Lochside Trail. If you don't have trail equipment, Recreation Integration Victoria has a fabulous equipment loan program with access to handcycles, wheelchair bike trailers, all-terrain wheelchairs and joggers. Rental rates are exceptionally reasonable at $15 per week and a $100 damage deposit. With so many options and outstanding facilities on the Saanich Peninsula, barriers continue to be removed and fitness is accessible to everyone and every body. Photo by Nunn Other Photography.

#101 - 9830 Second St, Sidney 250.656.3951 |

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common cents how healthy is your Retirement plan? Whether you are still working and planning toward retirement or currently retired, it is important to give your retirement plan a "regular checkup." As retirement can last 30 years or more, do you have enough resources and a spending plan that will ensure you don't run out of by Viola Van de Ruyt money? What about psychologically VandeRuyt Wealth – are you ready with plans on how Management Group you'll spend your time and who you'll spend it with? When retirement benefits for people turning 65 were first created, that was the average life expectancy. People literally worked until they passed away. The concept of 30 years of not working for the average person did not exist. There are five big risks to your retirement plan not lasting: 1. Withdrawls – too much, too soon 2. Healthcare – health-related financial expenses 3. Inflation – increase in price of goods and service each year 4. Longevity – will you live longer than your resources 5. Asset allocation – too conservative for the other four risks or too aggressive Just thinking about these risks can be so overwhelming that it results in no action for some people. Instead of judging yourself about the mistakes you've made or the opportunities you've missed, why not try some compassion with yourself. Start by tracking what you spend; any method is fine, but you do need to include everything. Importantly, at this step it's just record keeping, no decisions. Don't forget the big annual ones like car insurance. Take it step by step. First: what are the essential expenditures? This will vary from person to person, but determine what is necessary for basic living. Then the rest is lifestyle. This is where you will look at what will be your retirement activities. For example: tennis at a neighbourhood outdoor court versus a golf club membership have a very different cost, even though both are active and social. Some quiet contemplation of your lifestyle for this next phase of your life will be helpful. The next steps will involve determining if you can afford your desired lifestyle, but this is the step where you need unbiased advice. You can't change the past but you can change your future. Money and finance are very emotionally charged, with feelings from childhood, divorce etc. clouding your judgement. This is the main reason you need professional advice. Finding an advisor that you can trust is the next and best step you can make for your "checkup." For more information visit

"Viola Vanderuyt is an Investment Advisor with National Bank Financial (NBF). National Bank Financial - Wealth Management (NBFWM) is a division of National Bank Financial Inc. (NBF Inc.), as well as a trademark owned by National Bank of Canada (NBC) that is used under license by NBF Inc. NBF Inc. is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF), and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NBC, a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: NA)."

RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, T3, Happy Personal Happy Personal T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs, We Aim To Be T4, T5, T3,Season! T4AP, T4AOAS, That Friendly Tax Tax Season! Partner! RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, T3, T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs, At Darren J. T4, T5, T3, T4AP, T4AOAS, Proulx, CPA, we RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, T3, can make the T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs, whole experience T4, T5, T3, T4AP, T4AOAS, of understanding RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, T3, and handling your T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs, accounting needs T4, T5, T3, T4AP, T4AOAS, simpler and RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, T3, easier. T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs, Let us start T4, T5, T3, T4AP, T4AOAS, working on RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, T3, making your T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs, personal, estate T4, T5, T3, T4AP, T4AOAS, or business tax RRSPs, TFSAs, T4, T5, T3, and accounting T4AP, T4AOAS, RRSPs, TFSAs situation add up to more than just puzzle pieces.

Tax & Accounting for Individuals, Businesses Trusts & Estates 250.656.1107

#105 - 9717 Third St, Sidney

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stories from the S ky

The Victoria International Airport is a busy place where people come and go as daily flights arrive and depart. Travellers move with determination to make connections or wait anxiously for loved ones to arrive. Airports are places of joy and sadness, departures and reunions. Everyone has a story, and it’s here that we’ll be sharing some of them.

by Jo Barnes

Do you remember when you were six years old,


photo by

you had a bad cold and your mom would bring you chicken soup? It seemed like mom was always waiting on you. But for some grown kids at the airport recently, it was their turn to wait eagerly on their moms. One fellow sits alone. The sparkle in his eye hints at the enthusiasm brimming under the surface. “I’m waiting for my mom. She’s coming in from Edmonton,” says Julienne Turcotte. Julienne’s holiday season was a little different this year. “Normally I go home for Christmas, but not this year. Both my siblings are still back in Edmonton. They were all together for Christmas.” Julienne goes on to share news about his own life situation and the reason for his mom’s visit. “My wife is expecting in March. It’s our first child and my mom’s third grandchild. She’s very excited.” Julienne’s mom soon appears; the ear-to-ear smiles from mother and son say it all. Maybe for Julienne, it’s another family Christmas all over again. It is early evening. A woman stands, holding the hand of an energetic little girl. “She’s very excited to see grandma,” says mom Marion. She saw her mother a few months ago, but can’t help but share her child’s excitement. “My mom is coming in from Kimberley to see her one and only granddaughter,” she smiles. Grandma arrives. It’s another arrival of a mom, but it’s also a special encounter between two moms of different generations.

For every

hello at the airport, it means there has been a goodbye somewhere else. “I’ve just come in from Hawaii,” says Kyra Forrest. “My family wanted to see me for Christmas.” Kyra, a UVic student, is originally from New Zealand, but now lives in Victoria. For her, the holiday season this year meant lots of travel. “We thought we’d meet in the middle and so Hawaii was chosen,” she says with a grin. She goes on to share about her travels including a scuba diving adventure which was a first time experience for everyone. “My parents booked a guide who took us out. We saw some turtles and also eels popping out of rocks. It was all new for my parents as well,” shares Kyra. As the conversation continues, it becomes very clear that while the holiday destination was definitely an excellent choice, it was the opportunity to spend time with her family that was truly precious. “We were in Hawaii for 10 days. It was a really good holiday; I enjoyed it,” she smiles. Kyra seems happy to be returning to UVic where she participates in the University’s vibrant sports scene. “I came here for the swimming,” she shares. “I’m on the swim team.” Now an ocean away from her Kiwi home, with her bag and cell phone in hand, she sits in the Arrivals area. She has said goodbye to her family at one gate and now awaits her home-stay “family” on this side of the Pacific.

Hormone Balancing & Chinese Medicine At Health Within, we can BALANCE HORMONES, regulate mentrual cycles, ease hot flashes and improve your overall health.

Elizabeth May, OC, MP Saanich - Gulf Islands

Treatments Can Include: • Acupuncture • Chinese Herbs • Lifestyle & Dietary Counseling Our goal is to facilitate your body’s built-in healing system & to promote balance & optimal health & wellness, from within.

250.656.2067 • * off McTavish Road, North Saanich 38 | february 2018

Mikiala Christie BA, RAc, R.TCM.P

250-657-2000 | 9711 4th St., Sidney BC V8L 2Y8


photos by Nunn Other Photography except where otherwise noted

A hundred years ago, making your way from eastern

Canada to the West Coast would have involved months of arduous passage by sea or weeks of uncertain travel. But today with the advent of the airplane, crossing the country can be done not in days or weeks but in a matter of hours. It’s late morning, and a young man is seated in Arrivals, his head popping up every once in a while to check the flight board. “I’m waiting for a friend from Ontario. Her name is Allie,” says Bryce Tickner. Allie is a UVic marine biology student who is returning from holidays. Bryce is a student himself but his studies have taken him out of the country. “I go to school in New York,” ionshares. “I’m studying rathe ry


nt ne

tme appoin

ns Retur Basic rting at sta ) imum Max

nal perso


e tax pr



al a loc Inc. is hich s e t ia oc mw & Ass ounting fir lland c c e Y : a s y e la Pegg ninsu ing ser vic w ich Pe Saan s the follo e e Tax provid Incom ps (5 Sli

business and I play on the golf team there. Right now it’s a way for me to get an education.” The conversation turns to Bryce’s observations about his experience over the border. “I go to Dominican College about 30 minutes outside of Manhattan. New York, well, it takes some getting used to; it’s a much bigger city,” he says. Bryce still has some holiday left before returning to school, so visiting with friends is important. “I fly out of here on the 11th, and I’m looking forward to catching up and swapping stories,” he says. Soon Allie arrives at the gate, and greetings and conversation ensue. It’s another cross country connection made easy by the speed of air travel.

Is Tax a Problem for You?

Income Tax | Bookkeeping | Payroll | Bill Paying | Construction Specialist

orate aying Corp Bill P onal & / Payroll/ rs e P • ping ry okkee ents dviso • Bo Statem Business A l ia c an New • Fin ing & ialists onsult C Road Spec n • anich 2B4 tructio a s S n t o s a • C . V8M 851 E 102-7 ichton, B.C n a 5 a S -784 0-652 .com s: 25 d Call u ggyyellan .pe www

We’re Here to Help.

Peggy Yelland

250.652.7845 #102 - 7851 East Saanich Rd, Saanichton Peggy Yelland & Associates Inc. is

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Meet Debbie

Debbie Short is our RN and Manager of Clinical Practice for the Saanich Peninsula and up Vancouver Island as far as Qualicum Beach. Debbie and her team of nurses are dedicated to enhancing the lives of our clients with the help of our amazing caregivers, working together to provide quality home support. Debbie has 12 years of home and community care experience and oversees our clients’ clinical needs. All of our Bayshore caregivers have the support of a nurse 24/7 to help assist them in providing the best care possible to our clients. Call our office today to discuss how our exceptional client-focused home support services could work for you!

Sidney 778.749.0014

Victoria 250.370.2253

Nanaimo 778.841.0109

Qualicum Beach 250.947.9775

#102 9840 Fifth St

#380 1900 Richmond Rd

#204 1650 Terminal Ave

650 Berwick Road North

Bayshore HealthCare has been enhancing the quality of life, dignity and independence of Canadians in their homes since 1966. Recently awarded a 2017 Vancouver Island Business Excellence Award in the Health Care category, a 2016 Crystal Award for Business Excellence in the category of Contribution to the Community and named one of Canada’s Best Employers 2016 by Forbes Media.



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ask a stylist It can be difficult to feel amazing every day, but I'm here to help you find answers and give direction when it comes to creating and organizing your wardrobe. Always remember: nobody's perfect! Email your questions to by Shai Thompson

February Style Tip: Not all reds are created equal. As we move into the season of love and Valentine's Day, we think about investing in a splash of red to celebrate love. If you are a "spring," vibrant tomato, poppy and watermelon reds are perfect for your skin tone. For summer tones, reds that have a splash of pink as well as deep wine and burgundy tones are best. Autumn rocks softer rusty reds, and vibrant reds with a hint of orange. If you are a winter, scarlet red and deep saturated burgundies are your best colours. Whether you are choosing a dress or a lipstick, get your red on and love thyself. If you reel from red, rock the pink palette; this will please cupid. Happy Valentine's Day! xox I need to refresh my T-shirts and I'm tired of always having to buy new every year because they start to look tired. I am aware of my responsibility to our environment, so what lines would you recommend that have style and staying power? I love that you are conscious of what goes into our landfills. I would like to address fabrics first. Any natural fabrics like cotton, linen and bamboo, to mention a few, are biodegradable. Some of my favorite T-shirt brands are James Perse, Vince and Velvet for the quality, for style and overall feel of the fabrics. My bottom is rather plump compared to my upper body that is slim. How can I dress my body shape best? "Fat bottom girls make the rockin' world go round." Lucky you: the Kardashians are making a killing off their voluptuous backsides. Let me give you some language to use when describing your body shape; you have what we call an A shape or pear shape. Shoulder pads will give you a stronger shoulder that balances out the bottom half of your body. A few wardrobe changes can make all the difference. Try this: A-line dresses, draw attention to your torso with bold patterns, and layer and accessorize with a bold presentation. Should I go ahead and buy a jacket that I can't do up? YES! Talk about getting treed by a squirrel! All day long, I see women leaving behind the perfect denim, leather or suede jacket because it won't do up, despite the fact that they wouldn't be wearing it as shelter from weather, but as a stylish layer. How many of you do up your jean jacket? If you can't remember, go to your closet now and try on a few of your jackets. Ask yourself this question: "How often do I do this jacket up when I am wearing it?" 99% of you do not do up your jacket! I watch you, I observe you and see how people actually wear the product they buy. So please, if you love the jacket, just buy it! I have finally met the love of my life and want to make our first Valentine's Day together as special as she is, HELP?! First of all CONGRATULATIONS you lucky man! Sure the chocolates are yummy and the roses are beautiful but come on … this is your time to shine and really show your lover how much House of Lily Koi

she means to you! Remember it's the thought that counts. Does she love a unique experience like a personal stylist for the day, or a vintage Sherman jewelry set her grandmother once had? Whatever it is she likes, take the day to acknowledge that and make it a unique experience for both of you lovebirds. Don't forget to end it off with lingerie and bubbles. I’ve seen and heard a lot about white booties or pumps recently; what's your take on this trend? There is trend and there is style. These are a fun fresh playful expression for any age. I'm seeing these in boots that resemble vintage looks from the '60s and '80s. My favourite is the white ankle bootie. This look rocks the wide leg crop denim with a high rise waist, thin belt, and T-shirt and leather jacket. If you love the look and feel confident in it, then go try yourself on for size.

The ArtSea Gallery Presents: Enjoy a “Taste of Tulista” First 2018 Show at ArtSea Gallery February 15 - 21, 2018 Our 2018 season opens February 15 with Taste of Tulista, a preview show of artist exhibitions coming to the ArtSea Gallery this year.

Also Coming This Month: Recent Works by Local Artist Helen Rogak February 23 - March 1, 2018 Collection of recent oil paintings of landscapes and buildings. The ArtSea Gallery has many creative and imaginative shows scheduled for 2018. Come in and enjoy the wonderful local art. Visit our website for more information:

Open Monday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 5th & Weiler, Sidney - Free Admission & Parking

by the sea

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Get the Look At ...

r e v o e k a M

Email for a chance to be made over by Seaside Magazine!


Redken Fashion Work 12 $20.59 Iron Shape 11 $20.59 Up-Do $60 Studio A Hair Design & Beauty Bar 250.655.0094 #101 - 2460 Bevan Avenue, Sidney

Lori Ann Montreal mesh cut-out dress HLK $78 250.656.1002 2424 Beacon Ave, Sidney

Luxury Consignment and Full Wardrobe Services

(All Shopper’s Drug Mart; for full details see in store) Darphin Micellar Water $42 Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray $40 Lancôme Translucence Silky Loose Powder $47 Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water $39

e r o f e B 778.351.3018 2507 C Beacon Ave, Sidney (entrance on Second Street)

lle Miche 250.656.1102 2341 Beacon Ave, Sidney



“Michelle is very much in transition from a busy homemaker to an empty nester. The boys and her husband have always come first in every way and she’s never put herself in the limelight.” (nominated by mom Joan) photos by | makeup by Shopper’s Drug Mart

Faux fur shawl HLK $58 Fascinator HLK $18

A Closer Look At ... Two-piece rhinestone jewelry set HLK $48

by Jo Barnes

Triumph "Modern Finesse" spacer T-shirt bra (#54414) and bikini (#54367). Sweet Talk & Lace Bra $68 / panty $36

Rhinestone Swarovski cocktail purse HLK $498 Halston Heritage Booties size 7.5 HLK $128

Fills, blow-outs and roller sets.

When it comes to hair styling and beauty treatments, you might not always understand the terminology, but the team at Studio A Hair and Beauty Bar know that making you feel welcome and understanding your needs is the universal language. "We really try to get to know our clients, what they like or don't like and what changes they want to make," shares salon owner Abby Lopez. Studio A is an attractive shop with a beautiful river rock exterior and its address, #101 at 2460 Bevan Avenue, makes it a convenient location. "I like that it's in an area where we get a lot of tourists," shares Abby. "This location is central to everything." The welcoming beauty centre offers a full menu of services including hairstyling for men and women, colour services, eyelash extensions, microblading (semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing), fully sculpted nails with nail art and manicures. And while staying current with trends is important, Studio A ensures that client needs come first. "We still do perms and roller sets here. Not a lot of shops still do this," says Abby, adding: "One of my older ladies was so happy one day saying 'You still do perms!' " With the approach of Valentine's Day, Abby is offering nail and eyelash specials in February including volume lashes at $150 (regular $170) and classic lashes at $115 (regular $130). "If you book on or before February 14, you'll receive a 10% discount on the eyelash fill and also on any nail service (gel manicures and acrylics)." Offering helpful consultation and pre- and-post care information, Abby and her staff share an overall desire to give professional and exceptional service. And, it's garnering attention. Recent reviews include "professional environment and amazing services", "highly recommended", and "amazing staff." With an ever-growing clientele, Abby is currently seeking another stylist. If interested, you can call her at the salon: 250-655-0094. Get your "fill" of great service and step out with "polish" at Studio A. Soon there will be a second location opening, so stay tuned!

Studio A Hair and Beauty Bar 250.655.0094 #101 - 2460 Bevan Avenue, Sidney

Give us your books - take back your life!®

Kindness & Respect: Security House Accounting Inc. by Doreen Marion Gee

Bookkeeping I Accounting I Tax Services

250 590 5162

3-2490 Bevan Avenue in Sidney I 766 Hillside Avenue in Victoria

Celebrating Life’s Moments.

Your One-Stop Shop for Wedding & Event Planning 250.668.6757 •


Groom That Dog by Janet Lynch Expert Dog Grooming A Safe Place for Your Dog Pick Up & Drop Off Available Now Featuring:

Anesthetic - Free Teeth Cleaning for Dogs & Cats by Cheyanne Cave

Flexible Hours • Pick Up & Drop Off Available 778.977.3647 • 10109 McDonald Park Road (Near Slegg Lumber)

44 | february 2018

This is part of a rotating series of articles on members of Sidney Meet Up, featuring people in business on the Saanich Peninsula. After brain-storming during our interview, "giving back" was the final choice for the focus of February's profile on Security House Accounting Inc. When I listened to accounts of their compassionate treatment of the people who come to them for help, that was definitely an easy call. Their caring and respectful attitude towards their clients can be traced back to the values held by Colleen Hoggarth, company founder and Sidney Meet Up member. With offices in Victoria and Sidney, Security House Accounting Services delivers a wide range of services such as bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation for small- to medium-sized businesses and individuals. Founded and owned by Colleen Hoggarth FCPB, Certified Professional Bookkeeper and Chief Number Cruncher, Security House is built on the principles of integrity, excellence and dedication to customer service. Jaber Almakhalas BBA, Certified Professional Bookkeeper and supervisor of the Sidney office, is eager to talk about the importance of "giving back to the community." For example, taking special care of the seniors in our community is a priority at Security House. Jaber describes how they accommodate seniors with mobility problems by taking their services to them in their homes. They will also provide a courier service to pick up and drop off documents. Respect for others underscores every transaction in this company. In today's ultra-competitive and impersonal business world, it is heartening to see Security House standing by values that matter, such as kindness and compassion. Jaber relates a recent incident when a woman called their office in a state of panic about a financial problem. Due to possible repercussions, she was in urgent need of immediate help. Under Colleen's direction, Jaber helped the woman on a weekend and resolved the problem – at no extra charge to her! "I cared about what happened to her," reflects Jaber. "Seeing the client happy made my day." This caring attitude starts at the top: "Colleen Hoggarth sets the bar – she sets the standards here." Regarding the upcoming tax season, Security House staff will prepare basic tax returns and they offer an "Express Service" with a three-day turnaround. If there are unusual complexities in a client's return, they will be referred to trusted experts. Once again, Security House always has their clients' backs, no matter what. Jaber enjoys his job: "I love to make people feel good. After a long day, I do not think about how tired I am, but just about the good things that I accomplished and the people that I helped." The tagline for Security House Accounting Services is "Give us your books – take back your life!®" However, it seems that Colleen and her staff do most of the "giving." For more information, visit or find them on Facebook.

Death on Your Own Terms: Choosing the Time

During my career as a Notary for the past 31 years, 95% of my clients would ask if they could by Laurie Salvador stipulate, in writing, that they don't Salvador Davis & Co. Notaries Public wish to continue to live if they are incapacitated and unable to speak for themselves. Like me, they have no interest in living if they are a burden to family and society. Finally, after years of debate, we have legislation that allows competent adults who are suffering from chronic incurable pain to ask a doctor to assist them to die. This precludes children and those who are not capable of making a decision for themselves. It also precludes us from giving another person permission to terminate our lives if we are not capable at a time when we reach that stage. This is for the public's protection and I believe it is a good safety measure for those who are vulnerable against family who may be anxious to settle an estate prematurely. To give you an example of how this works, a client of mine lost his dear wife of 70 years. He had no interest in living once she was gone. He took a bad fall and did not recover from it, nor did he want to try to recover. He begged the doctor to "let him go" and refused to eat. After two weeks of the patient reaffirming his desire to be with his wife, the doctor finally gave him an injection that helped him pass peacefully into the arms of his beloved. To me, this is how it should be. It's important to understand that this ability to assist in a planned death is restricted to doctors, and therefore it is still illegal for any

other person to assist with a death. Suicide is not illegal, but there is still a social stigma attached to it. Suicide inevitably causes emotional scarring to those left behind, and sometimes it fails. Shouldn't a person who wishes to die have the right to review options with a trained doctor and then make an informed decision as to when that should occur? Under current legislation, we cannot instruct another person (in most cases referred to as our health care representative) to ask a doctor to end our life if we are not capable of doing so at the time. My health care directive states that if I am not capable of making a decision and I have no reasonable chance of recovering to the point of being able to enjoy my life (such as cooking for my loved ones, creating art or appreciating a fine wine) then I would prefer to take the first exit and I would want my representative to decline any surgeries, tubes, ventilators – basically anything that would prolong my life. The challenge is to choose someone to be your representative that will honour those wishes. And who knows – perhaps some day in the future the legislation will open up the possibility of making the decision for assisted death in advance. My best advice is to have this discussion with your loved ones. Write down what your wishes are in the event of incapacity in an Advance Directive or a Health Care Directive and review it every few years. Give a copy to your general physician. That is your best hope for making your wishes known and hopefully respected. february 2018 | 45

inside out

Mind Your Health:

by Anne Brodbeck Streams Counselling

Counselling is for Everyone

Seeking help in our day and age still has many stigmas attached. Most people at some point in their lives seek counselling to overcome hurdles of various kinds. Let's face it: life's journey has many challenges and it is normal to be overwhelmed at times. Life's ups and downs are inevitable; the recipe for successful living depends on how we handle them. The reasons for needing help will vary from one person to another: loss, life transitions, depression, anxiety, addictions and old patterns or roadblocks hindering progress are a few of the many situations you may encounter. Some are more urgent than others. In any case, nothing is more important than feeling well. It is never too late to ask for help. Counselling can benefit everyone, from young children to those in their golden years. It is also a great resource for equipping caregivers and family members who play a vitally supportive role. Counselling offers potential for change no matter the age, whether for younger people as wholesome habits are being formed or for adults of any age who are open for growth. Many ask how long therapy should last. Short-term sessions may benefit some, while others may wish to pursue a longer journey. It is important to establish goals at the beginning of your counselling relationship with your therapist. Once a blueprint is designed to meet your needs, counselling sessions are extremely helpful as you learn strategies that will be applicable in real life situations. With your counsellor's support, you have the opportunity to use new

tools and evaluate their effectiveness. As you gain perspective, it is natural to adjust your goals as your needs change with your counselling journey. Finding the right therapist for your needs is paramount. It is important to find a qualified professional registered by a reputable association, provincial or national. Next, you must feel connected to this person and comfortable in discussing very personal matters. You may wish to ask the prospective counsellor about therapy style, philosophy and approach to psychotherapy. A good counsellor listens well and is able to guide clients to discover their solutions. Remember that you are the client and you have every right to evaluate service rendered. You may speak up at any time if you wish to adjust the course of therapy. Ask if your therapist would be available to you in the event of an emergency, or if they would offer group and family sessions. In my practice, I facilitate discovery by helping my clients draw their own conclusions and make autonomous choices. Through the therapeutic process my clients gain personal independence, self-awareness and confidence. I believe that recognizing existing strengths provides a solid structure on which to build strategies for a purposeful life. Counselling is not a crutch; it is a valuable opportunity for growth to learn new strategies for successful living. It offers a chance to gain a wider perspective and hope for the future. For more information, visit

Thank you from the bottom of our The staff and board of the Saanich

Director, Saanich Peninsula and the

Peninsula Hospital Foundation

Gulf Islands. Over the years Dr. Marsh

send our heartfelt thanks to

has been an eloquent and passionate

Dr. Ambrose Marsh as he leaves

advocate for the Saanich Peninsula

his role as Chief of Staff and takes

Hospital, we have valued his support,

on the new position of Medical

knowledge and energy.

your community, your health 250-652-7531 february 2018 | 47

chasing the golden years Love … not just for the Young It is officially the month for lovers,

Cooking Explorations

Come gather at the farmhouse for the first in our 2018 February 27 Tuesday series of 1-2:30 p.m. & 6-7:30 p.m. cooking explorations For More Information on featuring our Snowdon House Cooking Explorations Gourmet Visit Our Website at products!

Apricot & Icewine Tea Cake with Apricot & Bay Ice Cream

Asian AsianFusion FusionSalad Salad with withCherry CherryBlossom Blossom & &Peanut PeanutDressing Dressing

Tantalize Your Taste Buds!

Please Register by emailing Quinoa Tart or call with Almond 250.658.3419 by Feb 21 Max 12 people Cost $20 Nut Cheese and Spinach

and Mushroom Topping

Farm Shop Hours Tuesday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. 250.658.3419 • 1890 Mills Rd, N. Saanich 48 | february 2018

and with Valentine’s Day nearing, our thoughts turn to romance and our sweethearts or even wanna-be sweethearts. Although February 14 is known around the world as “the day of love,” seniors may struggle with this special day for several reasons. by Shauna Dorko Many seniors have lost the love Owner, Sidney SeniorCare of their life due to age-related circumstances – perhaps their sweethearts have passed away due to illness, or they may have been moved into old age facilities due to debilitating conditions like Alzheimer’s or dementia, acute mobility issues or other challenges where they require specialized 24-hour care. The anxiety, loneliness and depression that such separation between loved ones causes is not only hard for seniors to bear emotionally, but often results in physical deterioration as well. I’m sure we’re all well acquainted with the old adage that he or she “died of a broken heart.” During their elder years, seniors’ social lives may decline due to the passing on of their spouse and/or close friends. Seniors’ disabilities may impact socialization, including the potential to gain a new love interest, causing them to remain at home more. We all deserve to feel special on Valentine’s Day, so let’s not forget about the seniors in our lives. Here are a few thoughtful ways to brighten their day. • Send a special senior a lovely floral bouquet to let them know they are loved and thought of; • Ask them to share old photos of their sweetheart(s), or treasured romantic letters that they’ve received; •Take a senior out for lunch or dinner and spoil them, or if they are home-bound, bring them their favourite meal; •Bring or send a senior’s best-loved goody or treat – a favourite box of candy or chocolates to enjoy. Even better: something you’ve made for them yourself; •Help them download or set up their favourite romantic music in a medium they can easily access; •If distance is a factor, mail them a carefully-selected Valentine’s Day card, or simply call them to say “I love you.” Those three little words mean more to a senior than you will ever know. Because romantic love is often associated with the young, it may be easy to forget that seniors are still very capable of falling in love. I distinctly remember my grandmother saying to me while in my 20s: “I may look old, but in my heart I still feel like a young schoolgirl.” Written in collaboration with Sherrin Griffin. We welcome all comments, suggestions and ideas for future columns. Please email us at with “Seniors” in the subject line.

Edutech 2018 Connects Students with Job Prospects The primary purpose of EduTech is to connect high school students with the manufacturing and tech sector businesses of the Saanich Peninsula in a Trade Show / Job Fair format and to inspire those students to plan for a rewarding career at one of our local companies. "I have heard from the Sidney North Saanich Industrial Group for years that employee attraction and retention, taken as a single issue, is one of their biggest challenges. EduTech is an effort to fill that gap in the future" says John Juricic of Harbour Digital Media Group, one of the key organizers. "This is not a typical job fair – it's a platform to inspire students to work towards a career at one of our amazing local companies! As we know there are roles within the manufacturing and tech sector businesses for everyone, and EduTech is a perfect place to demonstrate that" claims Juricic. EduTech was originally organized by the Sidney Breakfast Club in the late 1990s, and has been resurrected by a small working group of volunteers who feel that the need to connect schools and industry still exists today. After consulting with potential vendors and School District 63 representatives, the working group has confirmed that EduTech will be a one-day event at the SHOAL Centre in Sidney on Thursday, February 15. The event will be open from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. for participating schools and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. to the public, with an invitation-only mixer from 3 to 4 p.m. Late last year, Sidney's Economic Development Commission (EDC) successfully requested that Council permit EduTech to be a subcommittee of the EDC. "Giving EduTech a professional body to work with provides credibility to the volunteers bringing this event

back to life," says Erin Bremner-Mitchell, Council Liaison to Sidney's EDC. "This event supports our effort to engage more closely with the business sector on the Peninsula." The lack of skilled trade workers was a topic of conversation at the EDC table last year, but the Commission was unsure of what we could do to help solve the problem," explains Bremner-Mitchell. "Making EduTech a subcommittee is a perfect partnership, considering three of the volunteer organizers are already members of the EDC." Juricic explains that the working group is "looking forward to inspiring students and the community with the vast opportunities the manufacturing and tech sector industries offer here on the Saanich Peninsula during EduTech 2018." For more information, visit

Retirement Preparation Seminar for Women


Top Tips to Avoid Becoming a Bag Lady

Monday, Feb. 26th at 6 p.m

Please call Annette for a personal invitation

The Countdown to April 30th Is On … ... but it’s no time to stress! Books In The City can get you ready and in great financial shape Annette Quan

Senior Investment Associate

Viola Van de Ruyt Investment Advisor

250.657.2222 250.657.2220


National Bank Financial - Wealth Management (NBFWM) is a division of National Bank Financial Inc. (NBF Inc.), as well as a trademark owned by National Bank of Canada (NBC) that is used under license by NBF Inc. NBF Inc. is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF), and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NBC, a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: NA)

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O t R N



b R Y


The Latch

the latch inn & restaurant • sidney

West Coast Creations

4 courses $55

Weekend Getaway!

$249/night with 3-course meal & 2 glasses of wine (Fri-Sun)

Locally Hand Crafted: Clothing / Jewellery / Gifts / Accessories

Valentine’s Day Dinner

2328 Harbour Rd, Sidney


Local Designs That Delight: On the Rocks With Reziah Imagine having two careers in the course of a day where you move from analyzing the secrets of the sea to discovering beauty from the earth. Reziah Khan works at the Ocean Science Institute, but over the last year she's been frequently swapping her computer software for a sewing machine, needles and threads. Reziah is owner of On the Rocks by Reziah and designs unique clothing and jewelry. "I have a biology degree, a science background. But I really like being able to be free to create," shares Reziah. The gifted designer started out making jewelry using natural stones. "I started off playing with rocks. This is where my business name came from," she says with a grin, adding: "Vancouver Island is also known as 'the rock'." A cultural dance enthusiast, Reziah taught Bollywood and Caribbean style dance at McTavish Academy of Arts. One day a student brought a skirt with her for dance class, and it prompted an idea. "I'd been sewing dance costumes for my daughter who dances at Allegro Dance," she shares. "I decided to make a skirt that was dressy but casual and made a prototype." Hence, the Ziah Skirt (named after its designer) was born. "It's very versatile, suits many body types and has a wide forgiving waistband," says Reziah. Each multi-tiered skirt is made from fabrics

typically used for the Indian sari, including silk, georgette and chiffon. The design is attractive and flowing; the colours are rich and vibrant. "I'm from a dance background, so I like flow and femininity in the garb. I want women to feel elegant," says Reziah. "There's nothing like the feel of soft fabric against the skin." In 2017 Reziah showcased her creations at Bastion Square open air market and the Public Market on Douglas. Response was positive, and since then customers have been using descriptors like "unique", "artistic", "comfortable" and "well made". Reziah has also added jacket shawls to her inventory. Each one is beautifully tailored, full length with belt, pockets and handcrafted jewelry embellishments. Her storefront is located upstairs at 2405 Beacon Avenue and is currently open Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, visit Reziah is passionate about creating quality items that are unique. "I want to create a locally made, well made product. I'm hoping to see sales grow." A business that began with the firmness of stones now includes the flow and grace of fabric. But the positive energy behind everything is just as strong. In fact it's solid as a rock. For more information visit

Framing Your View With Motorized Heat Control

Funeral Arrangements Made in the Comfort of Your Home

by Jo Barnes

2-For-1 Blinds!

All Types, Great Pricing Upholstery & Draperies (hookless EZ Drape)

•• Low Low Cost Cost Cremation Cremation •• Green Green Burial Burial •• Pre-Planning Pre-Planning Arrangements Arrangements •• Traditional Traditional Burial Burial •• Obituaries Obituaries •• Locally Locally Owned Owned

Earth’s Option CremATiOn CremATiOn & & BuriAL BuriAL ServiCeS ServiCeS

Commercial & Residential Sales & Installation

Sidney & Victoria 250.656.4642 50 | february 2018

Call 24/7: 778-440-8500 | #5 - 831 Devonshire Road, Victoria




Saanich Peninsula Shops & Services Part of what makes our neighbourhoods special are the businesses that thrive within them. As Saanich Peninsula entrepreneurs we strive to meet the needs of, and give back to, our diverse community. We ask that you please take a minute to think about the large potential of your consumer dollar.

When you shop local, more revenue remains in your community, supporting parks, schools and more! For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $46 is recirculated back into the local economy.

Statistics courtesy of Photos courtesy,




Saanich Peninsula Shops & Services

Deep Cove Customs Local, affordable custom cabinets … right here on the Saanich Peninsula! We offer a full-service shop, from design and manufacturing through to the installation of our exceptional product. 250.412.3472 | 2071 Malaview Ave Sidney (call for appt.)

Deep Cove Customs Established in 2014, we set out to fill a void we saw in quality, affordable custom cabinets. Previously, the only options were inexpensive, mass produced semi-custom kitchens, or expensive high-end over the top custom kitchens. We strive to bridge the gap. All of our kitchens are fully custom, manufactured using quality materials and solid manufacturing methods. Working closely with our client, we start with the design and produce a cost-effective, exceptional product. We offer a wide variety of options that allow you to customize your final design, from door and drawer style, finish and colour, hardware, a full line of quartz and laminate counter tops and a wholesale line of sinks. We manage to keep our cabinets affordable using our parametric cabinet library, our new state-of-theart production facility including CNC machines and our high volume purchasing. Our team of installers are personally trained to install with care and quality. The end result is a beautiful custom high-end kitchen, at a fraction of the cost of any other comparable kitchen. We also supply kitchens for high volume developers, operating with a business model that justifies and provides accurate timeline management and supply capabilities.


deep cove custom


Beacon Pet Hospital We provide care and treatment to a wide range of pets including cats, dogs, birds, ferrets, rabbits and pocket pets. February is National Pet Dental Month; to promote regular oral health care for your pet we are offering a 20% discount for dental cleaning and extractions during the month of February. Visit our website for additional information. 250.656.5568 | 9711 A Fifth St, Sidney

Acanthus by the Sea Home Décor Inc.

store closing out up to 80% off everything! Sale starts February 13th, 2018. 778.426.4436 #11 - 9843 Second St, Sidney

Brown's The Florist Brown's The Florist is proud to carry locally grown Eurosa roses in all the colours of the rainbow. We are open and deliver seven days of the week. Sidney: 250.656.3313 2499 Beacon Ave Downtown: 250.388.5545 757 Fort St



Westshore: 778.433.5399 #102 - 2972 Jacklin Rd

You are investing in your community by supporting its unique businesses. Appreciate what makes our neighbourhoods different. Our one-of-akind businesses are an inherent part of the distinctive character of our Saanich Peninsula neighbourhoods; that is what brought us here and will keep us here. Stay local and stay connected to the merchants in your community. By supporting independent businesses today, you are investing in a unique and sustainable future for the Saanich Peninsula community.

Going Platinum Hair Design & Esthetics Going Platinum is a Full Service Salon located in the heart of Sidney, B.C. Whether receiving a Platinum Pedicure or a Colour and Cut service, all our staff are highly experienced and will be sure to exceed your expectations! 250.655.3443 | 2426 Bevan Ave, Sidney

Wine Kitz Sidney Let's celebrate our ANNIVERSARY together with an exciting Sales Event! Mention this ad to receive 15% off a wide selection of wines. The sale takes place February 1 to 17. See in-store for further details. 250.654.0300 | #5A - 2042 Mills Rd West, Sidney

Lotus Village Yoga Visit Lotus Village to learn and practice Mindfulness & Meditation. Our upcoming Mindfulness for Educators Retreat (February 23 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.) focuses on teaching strategies with Mindfulness practices to support the classroom. Meditation classes are Mon/Tues/Thurs 7:30 to 8 a.m., Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. and Thursdays at 7 p.m. Join us and feel the benefits in your mind and body! Quote "Seaside" when booking via email to receive a gift card! 778.351.3934 | 617 Wain Rd, North Saanich |

One Stop Furniture Shop

No matter who you're snuggling up with this Valentine's Day, we've got the perfect furniture to fit you and that special someone in your life. 250.655.7467 (SHOP) 9819 Fifth St, Sidney

Muffet & Louisa Fondly dubbed our "sexy flannel," our Germanmade, natural cotton flannel bedlinens and nightwear are oh-sosmooth and very rich and luxurious feeling. Soft flannel robes and pyjamas make sexy gifts on Valentine's day! Don't forget we've moved – our new address is below. 250.656.0011 9813 Third St, Sidney

Wine Kitz Sidney To Derek and Donna Finlayson, February marks not only Valentine's Day and the celebration of their partnership in marriage (20 years!), but also the anniversary of their partnership in business: the Incorporation of Wine Kitz Sidney in 2002. Wine Kitz Sidney opened its doors in May of 2002, and since then has been providing awardwinning wines at the local and International level to the people of the Saanich Peninsula, Gulf Islands and Greater Victoria. Donna and Derek offer on-premises wine-making services, and quality wine to suit every budget and occasion. The Finlaysons love their community and the people in it, socializing and wine-making, so Wine Kitz is the perfect fit for this duo! Their passion for this locally owned and operated, family-run business is apparent to all who step through the doors – the environment is clean, friendly and inviting. As a thank you to their community, Donna and Derek would like to invite you to help celebrate with an Anniversary Sales Event from February 1 to 17. Mention this ad to receive 15% off a wide selection of wines. For more information and full details, please visit Donna and Derek at their Wine Kitz location.




Saanich Peninsula Shops & Services

Vibes Fitness Tara Logan YFL Certified, RYT-200 Paincare Yoga Certified, RYT-500 Prenatal/Postnatal Certified International Yoga Therapist

Lotus Village Yoga Welcome to Lotus Village Yoga, your local health and wellness centre providing regular yoga practices, meditation, mindfulness, children's programs, and a wealth of support throughout the community, or "village," where we live here on the Saanich Peninsula. Lotus Village welcomes everyone in, from beginners looking to try out yoga for fitness to seasoned yogis continuously building their practice, and everyone in between. The variety of classes, workshops and retreats enables you to learn about different yoga styles, explore your creativity and expand your understanding of yoga, all with the goal of listening to your inner voice and increasing your sense of peace in this world. The Lotus Village studio was built to follow and support the community's empowerment in their health, and we bring in local health care practitioners, health educators and many new holistic options. From the supplies that built the studio, to the local contractors, to the teachers and faculty, we are a local operation that values community on every level. You support local children's mindfulness programs and mental health programs for our community every time you come, bring a friend or attend a workshop. Family and friends are the culture at your locally loved studio. Start 2018 focused on a healthy mind and body. Check out our weekly schedule and exciting upcoming retreats at!

Streams Counselling


Heather fits in her Vibes 20-minute workout three times a week for the last six years. Why not you! Safe, Supportive and Effective workout guided by a Trainer. 778.426.2146 2506 Beacon Avenue

Anne Brodbeck, Registered Counsellor

Streams Counselling is a safe place to be heard, discover and grow. We offer an environment to allow people to explore and gain self-awareness. We provide tools and strategies for successful living.


Red's Chair If nobody is asking who did your hair, it's time for a visit to Red's Chair! Professional hair styling services in the privacy of a home salon. Open Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (By appointment only.) Annilee Armstrong 250.888.7755

Homefront Ideas Design. Renovate. Furnish. Specializing in Kitchens and Bathrooms for 18 years! Premium 100% CanadianMade, Affordable Custom Sofas, Chairs, Beds and Ottomans. 250.656.2691 | 2071 Malaview Ave Sidney |

Capital Cat Clinic

A quiet, spacious and gentle environment on the Peninsula, dedicated to cats only. Medical care, surgery, X-Ray, dentistry, anesthetics, boarding and grooming are all on site. 250.881.1218 | 5411 Hamsterly Rd Saanich |

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BUSINESS Calling All Techies Feed your curiosity! EduTech is happening in Sidney on February 15. The conference promotes by Lara Gladych and advances career awareness by bringing together the Peninsula Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Sectors, secondary students (9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.) and local community members (4 to 7 p.m.). Shoal Centre, 10030 Resthaven Drive.

Trading Up Level Ground Trading is moving from their current location in Central Saanich to a larger, custom-designed facility nearby. The space is nearly double the size, and was built to cater to visitor tours with the inclusion of 17 viewing windows overlooking production and packaging, as well as a Tasting Room, where guests can sample coffee and connect to the stories behind each one. Drop by for a visit at 1757 Sean Heights, Saanichton.

Online Makeover The Saanich Peninsula Community Foundation has a new website to share: They wish to extend a big thanks to Holy Cow Communication Design for freshening up their logo and creating a welcoming and informative online resource. Visit the site to read SPCF success stories and testimonials that highlight the valuable support the Foundation has provided to the local community. Remember, the 2018 deadline for grant applications is February 28!

With Thanks The staff and board of the Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation would like to send their heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ambrose Marsh as he leaves his role as Chief of Staff and takes on the new position of Medical Director, Saanich Peninsula and the Gulf Islands. Over the years Dr. Marsh has been an eloquent and passionate advocate for the Saanich Peninsula Hospital, and they have valued his support, knowledge and energy.

great sadness that I announce that our much loved Pitt & Hobbs is closing. We tried our best and stayed open as long as we could, but it just reached a point we have to let it go. I have enjoyed having this wonderful little shop, in this wonderful little town, more than I can say. Our customers have become our friends and we are going to miss you all so very much. Thank you for allowing us into your life. Know that we loved you." Erin Middlebrooks ~ Shopkeeper.

Cheers to You Wine Kitz is celebrating its 16th anniversary as an on-premises wine-making service this month! Owners Derek and Donna Finlayson are marking the occasion with an Anniversary Sales Event, running from February 1 to 17. They both have a genuine love of people, and take pride in their clean, warm and friendly location which is owner-operated and family-run. Peruse their selection, which includes award-winning wines from both local and International competitions. They look forward to seeing you soon. 5A-2042 Mills Road West, in Sidney.

HEALTH & WELLNESS Feet First West Coast Foot Care is a new business providing in-home foot care services. Owner Layne Butler Nurse has post-graduate training in advanced foot care and is a member of the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses (CAFCN). Nursing foot care alleviates and prevents thick and fungal nails, corns, callouses and diabetic foot problems. The service provides one-on-one therapeutic communication and touch, and each appointment ends with a leg and foot massage. Serving Sidney, North Saanich and Greater Victoria.

creating fresh interiors

Legacy Project The Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea has received new project funding to further expand its learning about the Coast Salish Indigenous peoples, and specifically, about their historical and cultural connections to the Salish Sea and the local bioregion. Key funds came from multiple sources including a BC/Canada 150 grant, the Town of Sidney, and additional donor contributions, all towards furthering the The Coast Salish Legacy Project.


Fond Farewell Sidney's Pitt & Hobbs is closing its doors for good. "It is with

Remarkable Interiors Tracey Jones 250.812.1625

Styles by Stacey

Stacey Kaminski 250.208.5025

february 2018 | 55


Road Trips

We bring calm, care & expertise to your move 4 Downsizing 4 Full Service Moves 4 Estate Dispersal

Act Together Moving Services Victoria Area: 778-351-3888 Lower Mainland: 604-385-0092

Who Says You Can’t Spoil Your Pets All Year Round? Feed Them the Best.

Now Carrying Canadian Naturals, Made in Canada! Large Variety of Cat Foods including Weruva, BFF, Fussie Cat & Almo Nature Sidney’s Largest Royal Canin, Acana and NRG Supplier(call for requests & info)


250.656.3314|9767 Fifth St, Sidney| 56 | february 2018

To paraphrase the Eagles: "they can be heaven or they can be hell." I have a couple of examples of each. by Chris Cowland My first car was a 1960 Morris Mini Van, designed by Sir Alec Issigonis. It sported a tiny 848cc motor which could propel this luxury go-kart to around 75mph/120kph. Sitting so close to the ground on 10inch wheels, this felt exceedingly fast! Sir Alec designed his cars with simplicity in mind. These early cars had small sliding glass windows which barely supplied a square foot of ventilation. Being a 17-yearold schoolboy, I could just about afford the $50 purchase price. My first ever road trip was a 10-day tour a round France with my Irish school buddy Crazy Cormac. I packed a tent, a small camping stove, a kettle, some tea and a dozen cans of baked beans. I picked up Cormac in Dover, loaded his box of food, and we headed off and caught the Dover-Calais ferry. Sitting in the lounge, I asked Cormac what food he had brought. "Baked beans, a dozen cans" he replied. We sailed off into the Perfect Storm of flatulence … this was the road trip to hell. Cormac scored first, his eyes gleaming like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. I chokingly cursed Sir Alec and his pathetic ventilation. We varied our diet by occasionally dining at French restaurants. One memorable meal was in a seafood bistro in the harbour of Sète, a small fishing town just west of Marseilles, on the warm Mediterranean coast. It was made famous by the poet Paul Valéry and the singer Georges



Sidney Art Store

Lamy Fountain Pens C








2411 Beacon Avenue Island Blue Print Co. Ltd. Downtown: 905 Fort St., Victoria, BC Tel: 250.385.9786 Sidney: 2411 Beacon Ave., Sidney, BC Tel: 250.656.1233 Toll Free: 1.800.661.3332

Attention Saanich Peninsula Charities: The Saanich Peninsula Community Foundation is Currently Accepting Grant Applications Deadline February 28, 2018 For More Information Visit or call 250.686.0260 and speak to Elaine Hughesman photo by

Brassens, and I vowed I would visit it again sometime. The opportunity arose in 1978. I mentioned in an earlier article that I had met a Canadian girl who had passed the crucial test of not slamming the door of my 1948 MGTC. She and a girlfriend were planning their own road trip on motorcycles, meeting in the south of France, crossing through Italy and ending up in Greece. I was invited to participate in the first part of the trip, and would return on my 550 Honda after the girls met up. Based on my glowing account, Sète became the focus destination. We spent several gruelling days covering the 600 miles through France, as we preferred the side roads and small towns to the Autoroutes. As we neared the town, my chest tightened. Cranes were all around the skyline, old streets had been torn down and replaced with hi-rises, and the traffic to the downtown harbour was blocked solid. Imagine telling a new girlfriend about a quaint town like Langford that you had visited 10 years previously, with its country roads and tree-lined streets, and arriving into a traffic jam on Veterans Memorial. This naturally triggered our first row, but it also made me realize for the first time that I could not bear life without her. Too tired to drive further, we found a cave to camp in on a secluded beach. As we watched the setting sun, listening to the crump of the waves, I asked her to marry me, and the rest is history. Thankfully, I had learned my lesson, and there were no baked beans on the menu.

Your Community, Your Gift, Your Legacy. february 2018 | 57

Peninsula Eats:

MENU of the

The Peninsula’s Only Micro Coffee Roaster

Real, Delicious Food for the Active Appetite

Mon-Fri 7am to 5:30pm Saturday/Sunday 8am - 5pm

Open 8am to 3pm Daily

A Delicious Meal. Our Glowing Fireplace. The Warmth of Family & Friends. Looking Forward to Seeing You This Winter. Kitchen Hours: Sun to Thurs 11-9 Friday & Saturday 11-10

MONTH 2300 Cano e Cove Road, North Saanich

e: aPonrty 14th D e i d E Februa g n g n Si int the Beaco a

1931 Mount Newton X Road, Saanichton

ng andi unge L n o Beacrant & Loaily u .D Resta at 11 a.m idney Open n Avenue, S eaco 2537 B

90 56.66


Take a Closer Look at What’s Available at Beacon Landing Restaurant & Lounge

A Seaside Table and a Fabulous Meal


Selections from the


Beacon Landing Visit for more information and the full menu

Crisp Pork Button Bones sous vide pork button bones, pineapple, hot & sour glaze $15 Potstickers shrimp or vegetable dumplings, ponzu, sriracha mayo $14 Lettuce Wrap bulgogi pork & beef, kimchi, cashews, hoisin, sprouts, julienne vegetables, lettuce $15

Great Food. Friendly People. The Best Selection of Local, Craft & Import Beers on Tap DJ Every Friday

cano ecovejo

risotto, panko crust, pea shoots, crisp prosciutto, marinara $14 Ahi Tuna Poke ahi tuna, avocado, mango pineapple salsa, sweet soy, wasabi aioli, sriracha aioli, wonton crisps $17 Mussels & Frites white wine, cream,

From the Garden

Landing artisan greens, quinoa, candied pecans, feta, apple, mango soy emulsion full $14 half $10 Caesar romaine, caesar dressing, croutons, pecorino full $14 half $10 Chop shaved brussel sprouts, toasted cashews, tomato, bacon, parmesan, egg, miso emulsion full $14 half $10 Cobb wedge of romaine, bacon, tomato,

Between Two Slices

Starting Out Seaside Chowder cup $10 / bowl $14


Calamari flash fried, banana peppers, cucumber dip, lemon $16 Baked Oysters bacon, onion jam, spinach, San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil $17 Crab Cakes bacon jam, coriander yogurt, fruit salsa $16 Arancini smoked gorgonzola stuffed

Contemporary West Coast Dining Open Daily 8am to 9pm

8oz AAA Beef Burger lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, red pepper relish, mayo, mustard, brioche bun $16

Free Range Chicken Breast lettuce, tomato, aged white cheddar, pickle, bacon, garlic grilled French loaf $16 Steak Sandwich flat iron steak, arugula salad, sautéed mushrooms,

A Perfect Venue for Birthdays, Anniversaries and Weddings! Sunday Brunch 10-2 Traditional High Tea Open Wed to Sun 5-9 pm

Pub & Restaurant 9881 Seaport Place, Sidney 250.656.5643

garlic, thyme, chilies, tomato $18 Fish & Chips beer-battered fresh local white fish, tartar, apple slaw, lemon (market price) Pizza margherita, Italian deli or fig & prosciutto $17 ea.

bleu cheese, egg, avocado, grainy mustard dressing $16 Moroccan Lentil & Kale roasted beets, chick peas, black beans, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, onion, coriander, feta, basil emulsion $16 Add to salads: wild salmon, shrimp, prawns, chicken or portobello $8 ea / halibut, flat iron steak or fresh seafood $12.50 ea

roasted red pepper, ciabatta bun $22 Wild Sockeye Salmon lettuce, tomato, bacon, avocado, chevre, ciabatta bun $17 Marinated Portobello Mushroom arugula, tomato, goat milk cheese, pickled beets, red pepper aioli, ciabatta bun $15

Come Visit Us In Our New Location! Open 11am - 10pm Tues - Sat 11am - 9pm Sundays

Family Friendly Until 10pm Daily!

The Latch 2250 Beacon Avenue, Sidney


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E AT • D R I N K • B R O W S E Licensed cafe, gift shop and art gallery Open 7 days a week

Open 11am - Late Night

8 - 8 Sun to Thurs 8 - 9 Fri/Sat

A Year-Round Farmers’ Market, Bakery & Bistro Featuring Seasonable, Sustainable, Local & Organic Farm Produce and Products from the Saanich Peninsula. Open Daily 7am to 5pm

9681 Willingdon Road, North Saanich

1780 Mills Road, North Saanich

Brentwood Crossing, 7103 West Saanich Rd.

2476 Mt Newton X Road, Saanichton

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Global Flavour, Local Tastes.

Open 10am to 12am Daily

A Family Restaurant Serving Freshly Prepared, Quality Food


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Features Beef Tenderloin bacon, baked new potatoes, Smyth Farm vegetables, béarnaise $40 Wild Sockeye Salmon roasted leek & lump crab salad, creamed pea purée $30 BBQ Pork Back Ribs hand cut steak fries, Smyth Farm vegetables $28 Spaghetti & Meatballs Morning Star bison meatballs, San Marzano tomatoes, basil, garlic, parmesan $25 Quadra Island Scallops carbonara risotto, parmesan wafer, bacon compote, roasted yam, cauliflower cream $34 Seafood Risotto prawns, scallops, mussels, halibut,

sockeye salmon, ling cod, peas, tomato, pecorino $34 Wagyu Beef Burger lettuce, tomato, bacon, aged white cheddar, mushrooms, onion rings, red pepper relish, brioche bun $24 Stuffed Spaghetti Squash portobello & plantain ratatouille, smoked white cheddar $21 Roasted Cauliflower fresh local vegetables, red curry coconut broth, sticky rice cake $20 Lobster Cannelloni butter-poached Nova Scotia lobster, spinach & ricotta cannelloni, mushrooms, kale, white wine pistachio cream $33

Finishing Up - sweet endings Sticky Toffee Pudding caramel, vanilla ice cream $8.50 Beacon Landing Pie baked fresh daily & served à la mode; ask your server about today’s creation $8.50

Chocolate Pâté caramel, oreo crumbs, toasted pistachios, fresh berries $8.50 Crème Brûlée vanilla bean custard, burnt sugar $8.50

Mon-Thurs $12 Dinners

Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Espresso. Dinner Thurs - Sat

(served from 5-8pm)

Prime Rib Sun. $21.95

Visit Our Website for More Details on Our Nightly Features! 250.655.0075

9100 East Saanich Rd, North Saanich

All You Can Eat Cod $13.50 Wednesdays & Sundays 10153 Resthaven Drive, Sidney


Neighbourhood Pub and Liquor Store



1164 Stelly’s X Road, Brentwood Bay

Prices exclude tax

Home of the Skookum


7806 East Saanich Road, Saanichton


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Feeling at home means enjoying the things you like to do. Which is why at Amica, you can always enjoy your day the way you want to.

I didn’t expect it to feel like home.

Expect an all-inclusive community, personalized to you with a range of first-class amenities and services. Independent Living

Supportive Living

Trial stay suite available. Call 778-764-1114 now to book your trial stay.

Amica at Beechwood Village 2315 Mills Road, Sidney 778-764-1114

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2018-01-22 2:02 PM

Love Chocolate

pub: Seaside Magazine community: Beachwood (BW) insertion: Februray



riddochcommunications #545 67 mowat ave • toronto • 416.515.7562

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yourself in STOCK/SUBSTRATE our calorie free n/a treatments!

Haven Signature Pedicure

60 Minute Customized Facial



Includes a luxurious warm chocolate paraffin treatment

Featuring a Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque by Eminence

Share the Love

Book in either treatment with a loved one or friend and receive 10% off. Treatments and offer valid during the month of February 2018.

We are located in The Sidney Pier Hotel 9805 Seaport Place, Sidney, BC • Tel: 250.655.9797 • 60 | february 2018

salish sea news

Vitamin N Prevention is the best medicine. To prevent scurvy, take vitamin C. To avoid osteoporosis, experts recommend a combination of vitamin D, calcium and magnesium. Try vitamin B for stress and for by Tina Kelly excellent vision, take enough vitamin A. To prevent Nature Deficit Disorder, the prescribed vitamin is N. Nature Deficit Disorder first appeared in 2005. Not the disorder itself, but rather the term coined by author Richard Louv in his bestseller Last Child in the Woods. Louv's book was a battle cry against the trend of decreased time for children to play and explore in nature; outdoor time was being replaced by TV, video games and indoor play. Louv correlated this lack of nature with the rise in obesity, attention deficit, and depression and argues "direct exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development and for the physical and emotional health of children and adults." Louv's follow up book – Vitamin N: the Essential Guide to a Nature-Rich Life – touts vitamin N as the prophylaxis for this disorder. Vitamin N isn't purchased in a bottle; vitamin N is nature. Geography blesses us with countless locations for a healthy dose of vitamin N, but I polled those whose job it is to know nature – park naturalists and environmental educators – and received the low-down on their favourite spots around the Capital Region. Not surprisingly, many of their responses involve the sea. Witty's Lagoon Regional Park, Island View Regional Park and Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site all made the list. Highlights of the latter are beach access, a rich intertidal zone and sweeping views of Juan de Fuca Strait and the Olympic Mountains. Robyn, Parks Canada Interpretation Coordinator, appreciates the site's varied ecosystems including a beautifully restored Garry oak meadow. Garry oak ecosystems, although significantly fragmented throughout the region, are havens for birds and rare plants. Another recommended pocket of Garry oaks can be found in Uplands Park; this park – with a striking ocean view – is extremely visitor friendly with trails, benches, and picnic spaces. For one local park naturalist, mountains are her medicine: Mt. Work, Mt. Wells and Mt. Manual Quimper. If mountain heights are daunting, the centrally located Christmas Hill popped up in the survey. Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary is a local gem featuring marshland, trails, and a nature house. A special place for Tracey, CRD Parks Coordinator of

Environmental Interpretation, is Heritage Grove in Francis/King Regional Park. This lush landscape features a dense understory of ferns and moss towered over by 500-year-old Douglas fir. One spot repeatedly popping up for Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea team members is Gowlland Todd Provincial Park. Skirting the east side of Saanich Inlet, this 1,280-hectare park boasts access to mountains and ocean, 25 kilometres of trails, rich biodiversity, meadows, old growth forest and a wetland. Enjoying nature doesn't necessarily require planning, commitment, and a car; you'll be surprised what pockets of nature are nestled in your neighbourhood. Look for a park, trail, creek, stand of trees or community garden. Vitamin C: $7.99. Calcium: $10.99. Vitamin A: $8.99. Vitamin N: free. Where will you get your next dose? Your underwater Vitamin N prescription can be filled at the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea. february 2018 | 61

deb ’ s day out

photos by

A Week of Workouts

by Deborah Rogers

I like the idea of a strong healthy

body that will allow me to keep active into old age, and the New Year always brings the desire to try to be a bit fitter. For this month's "Day Out" I'm letting Panorama Recreation show me some of their new fitness classes and I'm sampling them all in one week. Will I find something unusual and exciting, or will the new classes prove too much for my old body? Monday: 6 p.m., Circuit Training, Greenglade. There were only four attendees, which meant excellent attention from our instructor, Liam, and of course nowhere to hide! The class consisted of a simple circuit of exercises, 15 in total, hitting all parts of the body. Using the weight room equipment we worked legs, glutes, shoulders, biceps, triceps and our core – oh how we worked our cores! It's a great class for sustained elevated heart rate – and really you can stand a minute 62 | february 2018

of almost anything (though when circuit two came round I couldn't suppress my groan). There's nothing relaxing about this workout – it's hard (especially at the end of a work day) and it's supposed to be. Tuesday: 5.30 p.m., Spin Glow, Panorama. How did I feel after Monday? Sore arms and abs especially, and tired after a day at work. I didn't feel like pushing myself but that's the thing with spin: it's just you and the bike. The "glow" idea is what's new for 2018 – the class format is the same but in the dark with fun coloured lights spinning across the floor. Did it make a difference? Well, yes, I liked not being able to see the sweaty people around me (or maybe it was them not being able to see me that appealed) and it was certainly a change of atmosphere after a day in the office. Spin class

is hard though, no mistake. Take it song by song and you'll get through, but it's a leg-burning, heart pumping sort of workout. It's loud in there, and hot. I was a puddle at the end of it. Wednesday: Ouch, my hamstrings! But I have slept like a baby, which feels incredibly refreshing. A gentle run and very thorough stretch helped ease the legs a bit, but to be honest I'm slightly dreading tomorrow's class. Thursday: Noon, Tri-circuit, Panorama. I felt full of energy this morning! The prospect of a lunchtime workout kept me on my toes and before I knew it I was flying out the door. Midday doesn't work for everyone, so I was surprised to find nine of us ready on the mezzanine for Angela's class. The idea is a quick, efficient workout that almost anyone can do, and scale up or down to suit their fitness level. The tri refers to three sets of equipment (rather than my triceps thankfully, which have still not recovered from Liam's brutal sets of dips on the bar on Monday!). There are spin bikes (again) kettlebells and floor mats and at each station you spend a block of time working on alternate sets of exercises. I loved the energy of the class and that there wasn't too much to think about with only three pieces of equipment. Time flew and before I knew it I was stretching it out and back to the office. Certainly my favourite class so far, but that may have had a lot to do with the time of day, which seemed to suit my body much better than the afterwork slot. Friday: Noon, TGIF Yoga, Greenglade. The old classrooms have been converted to great yoga studios, with fresh clean flooring and large

wall mirrors. Lighting was low as we were encouraged to view it as restorative rather than a workout. That suited me! It was a very gentle stretch and relax, kind to my body after the punishment of the week, but really too relaxing for a workday lunch hour. I was ready for my PJ's rather than the meeting I had to attend, but my hips and back felt much better. Sunday: a long run. It took a while to warm up my tired legs, but I felt energized.

A solid week of exercise feels good for the body and soul, and I love knowing that I've worked every part of me this week. Thanks to Panorama for offering such a variety of classes and times. There are many other activities offered at both venues; I may well try something else new, now that I have the taste for it! What do you want to see Deb do next? Send your ideas or invitations to news@

The future of driving is here. Will you be a part of it? Power, efficiency, and everyday practicality. The Cayenne E-Hybrid combines all of these aspects in a unique way.

Lease at



for 36 months†



Porsche Centre Victoria A Division of the GAIN Group

737 Audley Street, Victoria BC, V8X 2V4 | t. 250-590-3022 e. |

porschevictoria †Limited time lease offer of $1,621.55 per month for 36 months at 3.91% with $0 down available on the 2017 Porsche Cayenne S e-Hybrid Platinum Edition demo model with 15,800 kms(St#605910) through Porsche Financial Services on approved credit and includes MSRP($111,420), All Weather Package($495), PDIS($1,380), destination($1,250), environmental levy($100), tire levy($20), doc fee($395), and lease aquisition fee($850), with $15,000 incentive applied. License, insurance, and taxes are extra. Due on delivery of $1,897.30 includes PPSA fee($32.51 incl. tax) and first month’s payment($1,864.79 incl. tax). Total lease obligation of $67,164.95 includes 35 payments of $1,864.79 and due on delivery($1,897.30). Offers end February 28, 2018 and are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Rates are subject to change slightly from month to month with varying residuals and total obligation. Vehicle shown for illustration purposes only and may be an upgraded model or include optional equipment. Porsche Centre Victoria DL2230 # 31209

february 2018 | 63

in good health

The Autonomic Nervous System: A Silent Hero That Deserves Our Attention by Phillip Tiicham Muir This is one of a series of profiles on some local businesses that are working to keep us all in good health. When it comes to showing gratitude, we often forget to thank and appreciate our own bodies for all they do for us. In this case I'd like you to take a moment to appreciate your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Not sure what that is? You're not alone. Linda Walker of Peninsula Physiotherapy & Massage shared some of her vast knowledge and wisdom on the topic. Linda

compares the ANS to "the engine of your car, or the CEO of the company." As your body's driving force, the ANS ultimately controls the day-to-day functions we take for granted, like heart rate, breathing and blinking. Being a big advocate for primary prevention (avoiding a problem or injury before it happens), Linda encourages us to make healthy lifestyle choices that will give us a "race car engine" ANS system. Because the ANS affects your immune system, following her guide will help you to prevent disease


and injury. Linda encourages 20 minutes of daily breath awareness (meditation), six to eight hours of sleep every night with deep REM cycles, and upside-down yoga poses (inversions). Though many of us strive for healthy lifestyle choices, circumstances sometimes mean the ANS suffers. If you're going through a prolonged stressful time, struggling to achieve deep REM sleep, or lacking proper nutrition, your ANS is likely affected. The right lifestyle choices sometimes aren't all


• New Patients Welcome! • Emergency Treatment • Insurance Plans Accepted • IV Sedation Available

...the Leading Cause of Blindness Worldwide When detected in the early stages, glaucoma can be regulated, preventing severe vision loss and eventual blindness. Book an Eye Exam Today!

64 | february 2018

Dr. Samantha Bourdeau O.D Dr. Andrew Lewis O.D. 101-2376 Bevan Ave Sidney, BC V8L 4Z9 Phone: 250-655-1122


#215-9764 Fifth St

Above Capital Iron

that's needed to assure your ANS is healthy though, as physiotherapy often comes into play too. "Whenever healing is slowed, or there is chronic pain syndrome" the ANS is not firing on all cylinders. Peninsula Physiotherapy & Massage treats afflictions such as posttraumatic stress disorder, chronic regional pain syndrome and fibromyalgia with a holistic approach, incorporating the ANS in every case. It seems pretty straightforward to seek proper treatment for our ailments, control how much sleep we get and remain conscious of what we eat. The one factor many of us feel is beyond our control though, is stress. We see stress as largely environmental and eminently harmful. There's new research though which suggests that stress may not be as harmful as we think it is, if we change the way we look at it. Linda urged myself and readers to look up a Ted Talk by a health psychologist named Kelly McGonigal. You can find Kelly's talk on

Back Pain Culprits Your Posture

injuries or unusually slow healing. The ANS is a homologous system, so even if you're just noticing one symptom, there may be many areas where your body's operating below prime. More than anything, the team of healthcare professionals at Peninsula Physiotherapy & Massage would like us to think of their services for primary prevention, and avoid system breakdowns in the first place. They're happy to see anyone at any time though, and will always cater their treatment and/or prevention tactics to fulfill your personal goals. Now that you understand just how valuable your ANS is, be thankful for all of to cope with stress, so it's actually the way its behind-the-scenes magic. Be thankful too we deal with and view stress that is harmful. Clearly the main factors are within our control for professionals like Linda, who teach us how to care for and respect our bodies. With a after all. wealth of services offered between their Sidney If you still aren't sure whether you're taking and Brentwood Bay locations, Peninsula care of your ANS, consider whether you're Physiotherapy & Massage is a great place to experiencing changes in appetite, tiredness, turn to for a healthier 2018! lack of concentration, irritability, repetitive YouTube by searching "How to Make Stress Your Friend." From Kelly's research we learn that our bodies have built-in mechanisms

"Though many of us strive for healthy lifestyle choices, circumstances sometimes mean the Autonomic Nervous System suffers."

Family & Implant


New Patients Welcome! Your Job

Your Workout Your Bag

Solve Your Back Pain For Good With Science. Dr. Mitra Hashemi

250.656.1199 250.652.0132 7865 Patterson Road, Saanichton 5401 Hamsterley Road, Victoria

#104 - 9845 Resthaven Drive, Sidney february 2018 | 65

photo by


What does health & wellness mean to you?

Emily van der Kamp: Occupational Therapist at Veterans Memorial Lodge at Broadmead

To me health and wellness means having the mental and physical fortitude to withstand the challenges of life that I think are worth taking on. By challenges I mean things planned and unplanned: it could be a challenge I’ve deliberately sought out, like a tough training plan, or something that I find myself thrown into or taking on unexpectedly like helping out in an emergency, or just having the capacity to do something nice for someone else when the opportunity crops up, like helping someone move.

January Meeting by Deborah Rogers

We had some new faces alongside familiar friends at our first Book Club meeting for 2018: welcome everyone! Up for discussion was My Real Children by Welsh/Canadian fantasy and science fiction writer Jo Walton. An award winner when it was published in 2014, I had high hopes that this would be a hit with the group, having thoroughly enjoyed reading it myself. Presenting two possible, or alternate, lives for one woman, I had found the novel engaging, relevant and intriguing. Our discussion at the meeting though presented many differing viewpoints, which of course is exactly as it should be! The book's categorization as sci-fi was the first point that our readers had a hard time with. Those who had read a lot of sci-fi found it a poor example with no apparent reasoning behind presenting a woman who is experiencing a fracturing of reality and experiencing multiple lives. Those who hadn't read sci-fi were simply perplexed by the introduction of moon bases and alternate versions of real historic events into what is essentially a domestic drama and character study. The novel hinges around a decision that the young Patricia makes: should she marry or not? She says "yes" and her life takes one path; she says "no" and her life goes in a different direction. But what happens when Patricia is old and starts to remember both of those lives; what does it mean that she remembers both versions? Walton was certainly successful in drawing a picture of womens' life experiences and how, in the period the novel starts (1940s England), they were so determined by societal expectations. Some found the writing humdrum and too basic, while others enjoyed the quick read nature of the novel. We couldn't help but turn our discussion to other books that have used similar narrative devices, like Kate Atkinson's Life After Life. And then we talked about science fiction in general. I didn't get the sense that many of those who attended were going to rush out and read another book by Walton, though I just might! In an attempt to keep our reading material broad, the selection for our February meeting is the non-fiction Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? by Frans De Waal. The meeting will be held on February 14 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. upstairs at the SHOAL Centre, Resthaven Drive. Visit book-club for more information and to sign up! february 2018 | 67

seaside homes

At the end of the kitchen, there is a dramatic rotunda with huge view windows; it’s an amazing place to eat breakfast or just to sit and think “wow.”

A Wish List, a Dragon and a Jaguar Story by janice henshaw photos by

"I love our home, I wouldn't sell it for a hundred million dollars, says Mack. "It has everything I ever wanted." The 4,000-square-foot, South Pender Island waterfront home is built on a peninsula and has its own boat dock. Sided in Beachwood stained shingles, it blends in serenely with the surrounding fir, cedar, and arbutus trees. The low bank, southwest exposure provides close-up ocean views and blazing sunsets. It's a glorious place to sit and watch playful sea otters, grazing deer and buzzing hummingbirds. "Our home and property is a spiritual place," says Alma. "Honouring the property and giving thanks is something we have always done." Alma has practiced Holistic Health and Shamanic healing for over 20 years. She often holds a "despacho" ceremony to express gratitude towards the earth and the vital energy of the Universe. In their search for a Gulf Island retirement home site, Alma and Mack created a wish list and, after three years, found the perfect two-acre property. Their architect Dennis Moore described the building site: "It presented the unique situation of a home with waterfront orientation on three sides. This provided both opportunities and challenges: opportunities for long views outward, to see activity on the water close up, and to gain direct sunlight throughout the day, but also challenges in the planning of the home, to make the spaces both inwardly personal and private but at the same time wide open to the setting." A Feng Shui Master was also brought in for consultation. "Feng Shui practitioners believe that building on a point of land can be detrimental. The wind can blow away your health and wealth," explains Alma. Dragon energy is symbolized by the rock face that starts behind the guest cottage (its tail) and then rolls down in front of it. "The dragon energy protects us as it wraps around the cottage and flows toward the ocean." To harness this energy flow, a connecting edging of rock was added along the sides and front of the peninsula. To surround and "contain" the house, the lower exterior walls were faced with hand-split rock. Their pattern creates a flowing sense of timeless energy. In the front entry, the handsome cedar door contains 10 panels of stained glass and the adjoining door frames a gorgeous stained glass panel that depicts a blue heron and arbutus tree, all created by artist Carol Swann of Synergy Glass.

seaside homes | february 2018 | 69


Visit our Newly Expanded Hardware Gallery 102-2537 Beacon Ave Sidney 250-655-7732


2536 Beacon Ave., Sidney, BC 250.656.5676 Snake Chain Bracelet System (U.S. Pat. No. 7,007,507) • © 2018 Pandora Jewelry, LLC • All rights reserved

70 | february 2018 | seaside homes

We Have All The Bases Covered! Maintenance


Arbor Services The central fireplace stretches 13 feet across and 20 feet high. An open landing resembling a bridge overlooks the floor below.

Construction • • 250.385.4858

seaside homes | february 2018 | 71


72 | february 2018 | seaside homes

The morning sun shines through the glass and makes the blue water shimmer as though it were moving. Walking into the house gives you a luxurious feeling of spaciousness, openness and light. The ceiling soars to 30 feet in the entry. The central fireplace is magnificent, faced in light stone from two quarries. It stretches 13 feet across and 20 feet high. There are three inserts: two on the main floor and one upstairs in the main bedroom. Don Bastian, a Sidney carver and wood artist, created a beautiful wooden light that hangs on the end of the fireplace, and Coast Salish artist Susan Point created a meditative five-foot wide carved cedar piece mounted above it. Alma explains that "The circle represents the Medicine Wheel and the male and female fish represent the four directions. Yin-yang, a perfect balance." In addition to the fireplaces, the house is heated by two outside heat pumps; the crawlspace plenum provides fresh air and circulation for heating and cooling. Because of Feng Shui design, a door didn't work to provide access to the crawlspace and media panel so, instead, a sliding cabinet was built into the back corner of the chimney.

Admiral´s Roofing ATTN: Paul Pellow 5417 WEST SAANICH RD VICTORIA BC V9E1J9 CANADA

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James David fax 1 866 725−6046 ; toll 1 877 478−4593 *14661997AB*



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Hassle-Free Admiral´s Roofing / 100818 Estimate


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Serving the Community With the Same Trusted Owner For Over 30 Years

Fully Insured

We Offer Services All Winter


New Construction Skylights Repairs

Torch on Systems #9 - 6782 Veyaness Rd, Saanichton

Your Natural Resource ... Quality Hardwood | Live-Edge Slabs | Wood Countertops

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Only the glass French doors are full-length glass; the windows are placed four feet up so Veuillez theyapposer votre signature pour confirmer votre approbation aujourd’hui. form a picture in themselves. Please sign to confirm your approval today.

48 heures . / For corrections, please contact your Consultan

Signature _______________________________________________________________________

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J’ai pris connaissance des conditions au verso et j’y consens. / I have read the conditions on the reverse and I acce

14661997AB Page 1 of 1 Annonce diffusée est de 100.0% de la taille réelle imprimés. / Ad shown is 100.0% of actual printed si

In the living room, Alma points out how the windows are held back, creating solid wood corners to follow the theme of flow and containment. Only the glass French doors are full-length glass; the windows are placed four feet up from the floor so that they form a picture in themselves. The main floor is fir, a gorgeous combination of brown and golden honey highlights. Edge-grain fir and varied-grain fir were cut into different widths from one to five inches, and then laid in a repeating pattern. To provide continuity, the slate tile stairs are trimmed in the same fir. All the corner walls inside the house are rounded to create flow. At the entry to the kitchen, the antique style cabinets were also built in a curve. Their creamy colour matches the light stones of the fireplace. The fridge is concealed behind a cabinet panel and, beside it, a tall cabinet contains large roll-out drawers for easily accessible storage. A roll-up door hides the toaster and other appliances. A large granite island contains slide-out refrigerator drawers. The sink includes a useful compost opening and vegetable drain to the side.

Made in Sidney!

250.656.0848 • 10189 McDonald Park Rd., Sidney, BC

seaside homes | february 2018 | 73

The fridge is concealed behind a cabinet panel and a large granite island contains slide-out refrigerator drawers.

Become Become a a confident confident online online investor. investor. Take control of your investments Take unparalleled control of your investments with confidence. with unparalleled confidence.

With innovative, leading-edge tools and ® innovative,approach, leading-edge and aWith client-focused BMOtools InvestorLine ® a client-focused approach, BMO InvestorLine can help you take your investments to the next level. can help you take your investments to the next level.

To learn more about BMO InvestorLine, speak to: To learn more about BMO InvestorLine, speak to: Chloe Cross, PFP Chloe Cross, PFP Financial Planner, Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning Investment & Retirement Planning 250-655-2122 250-655-2122 2461 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

Financial Planners, Investment & Retirement Planning are representatives of BMO Investments Inc., a financial services firm and a separate legal entity from Bank of Montreal. ® Registered trade-marks of Bank of Montreal, used under licence. ® BMO InvestorLine Financial Planners, Investment & Retirement Planning Holding are representatives of BMO Investments Inc., a financial services Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of Montreal Inc. Member-Canadian Investor Protection Fund and IIROC.firm and a separate legal entity from Bank of Montreal. ® Registered trade-marks of Bank of Montreal, used under licence. ® BMO InvestorLine Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of Montreal Holding Inc. Member-Canadian Investor Protection Fund and IIROC.

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#4-2353 Bevan Avenue



76 | february 2018 | seaside homes

Between the guest room and bathroom, glass tiles built into a curved wall add light.

At the end of the kitchen, there is a dramatic rotunda with huge view windows; it's an amazing place to eat breakfast or just to sit and think "wow." As in the entry, the ceiling rises to 30 feet but here it is all wood and has cedar-encased beams. The walls of windows look over the sea and are supported by boxed peeler posts that are visible on the outside of the house as well. Also on the main floor are a laundry room, Mack's den and TV room, guest room and two bathrooms. A window above the guest bathtub is etched with sea otters and starfish. Glass tiles built into a curved wall add light. Upstairs, the main bedroom ensuite is accessed through French doors and has a tiled walk-in shower. All dressers are behind closet doors. At the top of the stairs, an open landing resembles a bridge. To the north side is Alma's office, her meditation room, and, above the garage, a room in which she carries out her Shamanic healing treatments. The main bedroom features ocean views on two sides, French doors that open to a private deck, the third fireplace, and high arched windows. It has a sitting area with couches, a fridge and coffee bar. Fresh sea air floats in through the tilting EuroLine windows. A stylish cast iron bathtub shines in the sunlight. The wall colours, rugs from Hong Kong and the the cozy terra cotta quilt all connect with the rich tones of the arbutus trees that grow outside. The landscaping is largely natural, because Alma and Mack have a deep respect for the land and wanted to disturb it as little as possible. The excavation for the house was made within six inches of the foundation wall. Only their garden is fenced, leaving room for the deer to wander the rest of the property at will. Although they have a well, they collect rainwater in a reservoir in the crawlspace, which is then pumped into a 7,000-gallon collection system and pressurized for all outside watering. Back on the main floor, in front of the fireplace, you can look up and see the stained glass window that opens from the master bedroom. It is a dreamy representation of Alma and Mack's retirement home journey: finding the property, and building the house. It includes their wish list, footprint shapes of a jaguar, Alma's shamanic protector, and the sun, moon and stars; it's the completion of their story.

Hot Properties

For Sale on the Island

Oceanfront Island Retreat Cortes Island Stunning 17.6-acre waterfront estate with 1,750 sq ft west-facing waterfront, located in Gorge Harbour on Cortes Island. Rare deep water moorage, 60 ft dock with year round boat/plane access, 2,450 sq ft 3 bed/2.5 bath over 3,000 sq ft of wraparound decks and boardwalks that lead to a charming 2 bed/1 bath selfcontained guest cottage. MLS #382097. $1,499,000. Suzi Jack* (*PREC) 250.656.5062

Investment Property in James Bay 117 Superior Street, Victoria Here is a great investment opportunity! This 8 Unit Residential Apartment character building is in a great neighbourhood and has future development potential. 2017 gross income $69,300. Only one block to the waterfront and a 10-minute walk to downtown. Great location for vacation rentals. MLS 382580. Michele's Team 250.656.0911

Haro View Penthouse $1,495,000 Enjoy unobstructed, breathtaking views of the ocean, mountains & golf course from this stunning luxury condo in Cordova Bay. This executive, top-floor, corner condo features soaring ceilings and oversized windows that flood the home with warmth & light. The spacious floorplan includes an open concept living & dining area, complete with gas fireplace, and family room in which to relax. MLS 386698.

#402 - 9900 Fifth St, Sidney $363,000 Affordable living with style! Spacious and bright SE facing top floor condo ideally located only a few blocks from the waterfront and Sidney’s town centre. Great features: spacious new glassedin balcony, open living/dining floorplan, in-suite laundry, covered parking and a large separate storage locker. Freshly painted and ready for occupancy! MLS 386870.

Private 1.01 acre sanctuary. Sophisticated, elegant, yet casual West Coast comfort. Gourmet kitchen, formal and casual dining spaces and adjoining living and family rooms great for entertaining and family functions all soaking up the views and sunshine. This home has a bright, spacious separate legal suite, or great space for guests /extended family. A must see! $2,049,000. MLS 386720. Maryan Van Stolk 250.656.4626 (*PREC)

so ld !

Panoramic Sea to Sky Vistas 1123 Highview Pl, North Saanich

The Pinnacle 46 luxury Sayward Hill condominiums 75 %

Stephanie Peat 250.656.0131

Ingrid Jarisz* (*PREC) 250.656.4626

Featuring spectacular views of Cordova Bay and Ridge Golf Courses, Mt. Baker and Haro Strait! DESIGN: de Hoog & Kierulf Architects; INTERIORS: Kimberly Williams. Steel and concrete construction; secure underground parking and storage. Anticipated completion Summer 2019. After a day on the greens, enjoy the panorama from your fabulous terrace. PRICED FROM $1.2 million (incl. GST). Ingrid Jarisz* (*PREC) 250.656.4626

#402 - 9710 Fourth St, Sidney $1,298,000 First Time to Market Private, Peaceful, Perfect! Amazing North Saanich waterfront. Custom designed West Coast home nestled between other exclusive waterfront properties. Gourmet kitchen with granite counters, natural gas stove and high-end appliances for the chef in the family! Original oak flooring .This 3 bed and 3 bath on main with a no-step entry can be your dream home for many years. Willy Dunford* 250.656.4626 (*PREC)

MOVE IN READY! This south-facing twobedroom condo has lovely water views of Bazan Bay. Featuring a den, expansive patio, covered parking and generous storage so you can live comfortably. Outfitted with efficient appliances and contemporary finishes, Vela is conveniently located just two blocks from Sidney by the Sea’s bustling downtown. MLS384352. Ingrid Jarisz* (*PREC) 250.656.4626

Ask our residents:

Life is full here. Joyce and Sandra share a passion for crib and storytelling.


2290 Henry Ave. Sidney l 250.656.8827 l

A Third Generation Legacy Of Award-Winning Custom Home Excellence CONCEPT ❘ CONSTRUCTION ❘ REALIZATION 4-TIME WINNER Project Of The Year Grand Care Award

78 | february 2018 | seaside homes


Shot on location at Peninsula at Norgarden

Independent and assisted living choices for today’s senior

west coast gardener

by Colin Eaton Garden City Tree & Landscape

I started my landscape career almost 20 years ago and I have worked with hundreds of people in this and associated trades. That exposure has taught me that the single most important company asset is its people. For better or worse, your people define your business by fulfilling the promises you make to a client. A company's brand and growth relies on the fulfilling of these promises. Happy people equates to quality work. So how do you, as a consumer, determine if your contractor employs qualified and quality people and if they are happy? References. Do not be afraid to ask for references. It will tell you a client's experience with the company and its employees. A reference request does not happen often but when it does, I have no problem providing a client with a list of past and present clientele. Is the work in-house or contracted out to a third party? 95% of the work we complete is in-house, and we do this because it gives us greater control of scheduling and the product. If any portion of the work is subcontracted, you are well within your right to ask how much of the work is sub-contracted, who is doing the sub-contracting and the qualifications of the sub-contractor. • Feel free to ask to meet the subcontractor; and • Feel free to ask for subcontractor references. Experience and qualifications. There is a large selection of landscaper businesses in Greater Victoria: some good, some bad. New

It’s All About the Quality of the Team landscape businesses seem to appear weekly. There is something to be said about a landscape contractor that has weathered the highs and lows of the economy; they must be doing something right! • How long has the company been in operation? • Who owns the business? • How many employees do they employ? Seasonally or full time? • What qualifications do the employees have?

Do some "digging." Social media, google review, internet search, word of mouth – they are all there to help you in your research of the business and its people. You can learn a lot about what others are saying with some easy internet searching or asking around. Better to do your homework before the work starts than regret later. Happy landscaping for 2018! Have questions to ask our team of experts? Send your gardening queries to

Timeless Elegance, Unmatched Quality

Jessica Kwasnica A . A . , D i p. I D Tony Rechsteiner

Professional services from design through installation

9715 First Street, Sidney | | 250.812.4304 seaside homes | february 2018 | 79

FOR TOTS, KIDS & TEENS March 2 to April 20: The Groove for Kids. By exploring movement and groovin' to different musical styles, children learn to be imaginative, creative, to express themselves and build confidence. Fridays, 3:15 to 4 p.m. 6 to 9 years. 6/$39. Cedar Hill Recreation Centre, Cedar Hill Art 1. Register: 250-475-7121.

March 5: School's Out!

$2 Skate. Hey kids, enjoy Pro-D Day

Vancouver Island Regional Library: Sidney / North Saanich branch. Info: branches/sidney-north-saanich. 250-656-0944

March 26 to 29.

Create Your Own Comic Book. In this exciting comic book design workshop, teens will learn the basics of illustration and graphic design, how to be a storyteller and create visual concepts, and start their very own comic book. Monday to Thursday, 1 to 4 p.m. 13+ years (or prior experience). 4/$158. McTavish Academy of Art. Register and supply list: 778-351-0088.

April 3 to May 8: Engineering for Kids Chemical Engineering. Children experience the fascinating worlds of science and engineering as they find a solution to clean up an oil spill, develop rocket fuel, and learn about pigmentation. Tuesdays, 4 to 5:30 p.m. 8 to 12 years. 6/$125. Saanich Commonwealth Place SCP Arbutus Room. Register: 250-475-7600.

with a fun-filled skate around a nice cool ice rink with your friends. Monday, 1 to 2:20 p.m. All ages. $2 admission. Panorama Recreation Centre - Arena A. Info: 250-656-7271.

April 3 to May 22: Mom and Babe Yoga.

A beautiful relaxing time for mom and baby as they connect to mind, body and breath. A special space to sing songs, play with toys, and massage baby. Tuesdays, 4:15 to 5:15 p.m. 8/$100. $15 drop-ins welcome. McTavish Academy of Art. Register: www. mctavishacademy. ca. 778-351-0088.

March 7 to 16: Weight Training for Teens. Teens will develop muscular strength, learn to use the weight room equipment, and benefit from a customized strength program just for them. Wednesdays and Fridays, 3:30 to 5 p.m. 13 to 19 years. 4/$45. Panorama Recreation Centre Weight Room. Register: 250-656-7271.

March 17 to April 2: Spring

Break 'Pet-acular.' Hey kids, enjoy the 'purr-fect' place to spend Spring Break. Want a howling, yowling good time? Come and enjoy programs and activities that will get your tail wagging! Times and details TBA. All ages. Free. Vancouver Island Regional Library: Sidney / North Saanich branch. For more info: 250-656-0944

March 19 to 23: Soccer - World Cup Soccer Camp.

April 7 to May 26: Creative Movements for 3-5 Year Olds - Journey into Space. Tots will love exploring space in rocket ships and

Be the next David Beckham in this fun-filled program taught by coaches with national team and professional experience. Mini games, skill development drills, and fun competitions. Monday to Friday, 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. 6 to 12 years. 5/$125. Gordon Head Recreation Centre Gordon Head Lobby. Register: 250-475-7100.

marching around planets – while doing a variety of movements that will introduce them to music, dance and yoga. Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. 3 to 5 years. 8/$100. McTavish Academy of Art. Register: 778-351-0088.

March 22: Puppet Show: Elephant and Piggie. The beloved

Family Drumming Discovery. Kids and parents will enjoy handson bucket drumming and a relay course incorporating different instruments. Parents must preregister everyone. Sunday, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Age 2 to 4 years. with parents. $5. Gordon Head Recreation Centre - Gordon Head Auditorium. Register: 250-475-7100.

characters, created by author Mo Willems, will come to life in a puppet show put on by our friendly librarians. Make a craft afterward. Thursday, 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. All ages. Free.

April 8:

Look Who is Joining Us for Family Day! 80 | february 2018

in Sidney at 2494 Beacon Avenue

in Victoria at 1831 Oak Bay Avenue

By Doreen Marion Gee

See individual websites for more information, registration and online brochures with lists of more classes & programs.

April 12 to May 17: Hawaiian Hula Dancing. A unique

dancing experience for children. Using their hands and hips while keeping rhythm with the music, they will portray the story within the song. Thursdays, 3:45 to 4:30 p.m. 6 to 12 yrs. 6/$60. Greenglade Community Centre Room 4. Register: 250-656-7271.

May 22: Petite Picassos - Painted Wooden Picture Frames. Moms, dads, and tots can share smiles and fun as they create little Picasso-perfect masterpieces together. Parent participation required. Tuesday, 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. 2-5 years. $10. Greenglade Community Centre Room 7. Register: 250-656-7271.

May 22 to June 26:

Junior Aerospace Engineering. Little engineers will be introduced

April 20: School's Out! $2 Swim. Hey kids, enjoy

to fundamental concepts of aircraft and spacecraft design – then explore and construct airplanes, rockets, and helicopters. Tuesdays, 3:45 to 4:45 p.m. 4 to 7 years. 6/$120. Greenglade Community Centre Room 6. Register: 250-656-7271.

Pro-D Day having fun with your friends - swimming, splashing and playing in a beautiful pool. Friday, 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. All ages. $2 admission. Panorama Recreation Centre Pool. Info: panorama. 250-656-7271.

May 23 to June 27:

April 24:

Art Adventures. An introduction to artistic creation for little ones, parents' participation required. Toddlers will create a piece of artwork while discovering painting, collage, and sculpture. Wednesdays, 10 to 11 a.m. 2 to 4 yrs. 6/$65. $13 Drop-in, if space available. Cedar Hill Recreation Centre, Cedar Hill Art 1. Register: 250-475-7121.

Tot Tuesdays "Crazy Crabs." Little ones will enjoy a story, crafts and hands-on activities – all about those zany, crazy crabs – and must be accompanied by an adult. Tuesday, 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. 3 to 5 years. No registration. Regular admission; passes and memberships accepted. Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea. Info: 250-665-7511.

May 1 to June 12:

Ueshiba Aikido-Beginner for Kids. Children learn a peaceful approach to self-defense and practice unarmed techniques, in the spirit of harmony. Tuesdays, 4 to 5 p.m. 8 to 15 years. 7/$68. Gordon Head Recreation Centre - Gordon Head Bert Richman Auditorium. Register: 250-475-7100.

May 6: Sea Shirt Sunday. Create your own ocean-themed fashion T-shirt, pillow or bag. Bring pillow case, cloth bag or T-shirt (white shirts available for purchase). $2 for fabric paint. 1 to 3 p.m. All ages. Regular admission; passes and memberships accepted. Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea. Info: 250.665.7511.

May 27:

Plants and Pollinators - special event. Parents and kids will explore the wildflowers of the Garry Oak meadow and the pollinators that co-exist with them. Games and a wildflower walk. Sunday, 12 to 3 p.m. All ages. Admission by donation. Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. Info: 250-479-0211.










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May 20:

Family Kayaking Group #2. Enjoy a wild kayaking adventure with your family. Registered participants get 45 minutes of kayaking fun. Children 5 to 7 years must be accompanied in a kayak by an adult. Sunday, 10:45 to 11:30 a.m. Age 8+. Free with swim admission. Saanich Commonwealth Place. Register: 250-475-7600.

For more information email or call 250-516-6489 february 2018 | 81

Peninsula Panthers

Coming Down the Stretch....

The 2017/18 season in the Vancouver Island Junior Hockey League has been one which has seen more parity than every before. The Comox Valley Glacier Kings have officially been eliminated from the post season however, all of the other eight teams are getting set for the playoffs which will be upon us in a short three weeks. And all eight Clubs are tinkering with systems and lineups as they prepare for what looks to be a post season that should be one for the ages. As the teams come around the Clubhouse turn and enter the stretch in the regular season, we managed to catch up with Peninsula Panthers’ General Manager Pete Zubersky just a few days before Seaside Magazine went to press. “We are a very, very young squad,” said Zubersky. “But we have such a talented group of players who are poised to do something special in my opinion. We have only one 20-year-old player and only three a year younger. Everyone else is 18 or younger which makes us the youngest squad in the League, perhaps in Junior Hockey anywhere in the country. We built what I felt was the best Junior B squad in the entire Province several years ago and then it was time to rebuild. Our Head Coach Brad Tippett came along at the start of last season and was able to get comfortable with the players and the League and now in his 2nd season, really has things figured out. We were talking the other night and we both agreed that we might be more than a little dangerous in the playoffs.” Every single game for the Panthers as they come down the stretch is crucial in terms of playoff positioning. The Nanaimo Buccaneers and Campbell River Storm have the top two spots nailed down in the VIJHL however, the next six spots are up for grabs, it is that tight. The playoff format sees 1 vs 8 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5. The “Cats” from the Peninsula are looking to grab a seeding from six or higher and that would get them in a spot that they feel could help their playoff chances. “We would like to avoid the Storm and Buccaneers in the first round,” quipped Zubersky. “They are the two powerhouses in the League right now but can be had. I would like to see our guys get a crack at another team first and if we can get through the initial round, we will pick up a great deal of playoff experience. We have eleven or twelve guys who have not yet been involved in a long playoff series and it would be nice to get that under our

#16 Skyler Diamond-Burchuk belts right away. It would also be sweet if we could avoid travelling up Island in the first round. If we had the Cougars, Braves or Wolves as a dance partner for the first round, we would see the games with a lot of fans in attendance. Playing in front our big crowds in our building really helps out.” The Panthers are always looking for Peninsula Minor Hockey grads to help fill their lineup and the 2017/18 season was no different. Braeden Hansen, Josh Lingard, Tanner Wort, Riley Braun, Bailey Ross, Logan Speirs, and 20-year-old Captain Ty Hermsen all played their minor hockey right here on the Peninsula. The majority of the remaining players hail from the Greater Victoria area however, Matt Lawrence and Skyler Diamond-Burchuk are both from Winnipeg Manitoba and have interesting stories. Diamond-Burchuk began to communicate with Tippett late last season. The two players were involved in High School Hockey in Winnipeg and were trying to decide what the next step in their lives would be. Lawrence was looking to attend the University of Manitoba in his home town while Diamond-Burchuk was not quite sure what the future would hold for him. He did know that he wanted to go to University at some point. The two players and their families came to the Peninsula late last

P.M.H.A. / Fan Appreciation Game - December 17, 2017 Lucky Winners of the Panthers’ 3rd-Jersey Draw

March to attend the Spring camp and immediately fell in love with the area. The Club told both of them that they were in the plans and commitments were made to have them back for this season. Lawrence has been working, putting school on hold for the moment while Diamond-Burchuk is enrolled at the University of Victoria.

Panorama Recreation Centre


Jr. Hockey Club

UPCOMING home games 2 9 12 16 17

Puck drops Fridays at 7:30 p.m.

vs. Nanaimo Buccaneers vs. Westshore Wolves vs. Victoria Cougars

(1:00 p.m. Monday)

vs. Kerry Park Islanders

Diamond-Burchuk recently made some noise midway through January AWARDS BANQUET - 5:30 pm when he travelled to St. Paul, Minnesota to compete in the Red Bull Crashed Public Welcome - Tickets available Ice event, a downhill race on skates. One of the world’s most breathtaking @ppanthersvijhl winter sports events, these races take place in front of more than 100,000 wild fans. The event sees competitors from Europe and North America and it is Visit our website: certainly not for the faint of heart. The track measures 1600 feet long and drops an amazing 12 stories. Diamond-Burchuck faced some The VIJHL held their 2018 prospects game up “.....we have such a Island in Campbell River on January 7th. The immediate adversity when one of his skates blew out as Panthers had a record 10 players named to the the time trials were taking place. He managed to get them talented group of players South Division squad including Chris Akerman, in enough repair to finish the races however, it destroyed Thomas Spink, Josh Lingard, Tanner Wort, Riley who are poised to do any chance of him winning the event. The Peninsula Braun, Matt Lawrence, Skyler Diamond-Burchuk, something special in my Carson Cox, Shota Yamamoto and Marshall Panthers’ defenceman finished 12th overall in the Junior’s Brown. The South lost the game 3-2 in Overtime. opinion.” event - 21 years of age and younger - and was at the very top when it came to the Canadian contingent. The Club is Pete Zubersky, looking for both Manitoba boys to shine in the playoffs. General Manager

Community Event - Coming Soon

The Mary Winspear Centre will host professional Lego builder Robin Sather on Sunday and Monday, February 11th & 12th - 10:00am - 4:00pm. Sather will build a life-sized edition of Panthers’ goaltender Chris Akerman over the two days. The Peninsula Panthers will be in attendance playing hockey and setting up skills stations on Sunday for the young fans in attendance. Kids, be sure to bring your sticks! The Panthers are then scheduled to play a 1:00 pm game on Monday afternoon, Feb 12th, Family Day at Panorama Recreation Centre. The Victoria Cougars will be coming in for the matinee affair and it will be a great way to catch up on some of the best hockey that the Peninsula has to offer. The Panthers will then play the Kerry Park Islanders on Friday night and the annual awards banquet will follow on Saturday evening. The Club will practice early in the next week before hitting the playoff trail later in the week. R U Ready!!

#15 Matt Lawrence

Peninsula Panthers Annual Awards Banquet Saturday, February 17, 2018 at the Mary Winspear Centre Refreshments 5:30 p.m. Dinner 6:00 p.m.

Last season’s winner of the Steve Simpson Memorial Trophy Character, Courage & Heart - Panthers’ Captain Ty Hermsen pictured here with Steve’s sister, Wendy Watts.

As the Club closes in on the final game of the regular season and looks forward to the post-season, they also have a focus on their annual Awards Banquet. The night is a real highlight of the season and a chance for family, friends and fans to come out and mingle with the players and management of the Peninsula Panthers. The evening always proves to be one packed with laughs and emotions as stories of the seasons gone by are discussed. Tickets are available for purchase from Coreen Zubersky in the Lobby at any Peninsula Panthers home games or by calling 250-652-1804. Tickets for the deluxe buffet are $45. and the evening will be an enjoyable one. Photos by Gordon Lee Photography

AWARDS TO BE PRESENTED: Most Improved Player Community Leadership Volunteer of the Year Top Scorer Most Sportsmanlike Player Unsung Hero Best Defenceman Steve Simpson Memorial Fan Favourite Rookie of the Year Most Valuable Player Top Playoff Performer

Sudoku Solutions

Heating Bills Giving You Chills? Heat Pumps are a smart, eco-friendly choice for your home.

Middle of the Road Puzzle by

7 5 4 3 2 9 6 1 8

6 3 8 1 5 7 4 2 9

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Puzzle by

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8 9 6 7 4 1 5 2 3

2 7 5 3 9 6 8 1 4

1 3 4 8 5 2 9 6 7


3 5 7 9 1 8 2 4 6

9 6 1 5 2 4 3 7 8

759 Yates Street 250-384-4136, ext. 3

6 1 9 4 8 3 7 5 2

3170 Tillicum Road 250-384-0060

7 2 8 1 6 5 4 3 9

Knowledgeable, Friendly Staff | Loyalty Program | Extensive Selection | 9am - 11pm Every Day

5 4 3 2 7 9 6 8 1

Your Neighbourhood Liquor, Wine, Cold Beer and More Store!

84 | february 2018

2 1 9 4 6 8 7 3 5

2475 Mt. Newton X Road, Saanichton 250.656.6868 |

Liquor Express Vancouver Island

1 8 6 2 4 5 3 9 7

Hardly Simple

We Have a Heat Pump for Every Budget!

2134 Keating X Road 250-652-4400

3 7 2 8 9 6 5 4 1

Save with an $800 BC Hydro Electric to Heat Pump grant!

9 4 5 7 1 3 2 8 6

Get consistent heat in the winter and filtered air conditioning in the summer for up to 50% less than oil, gas, or baseboard heating.

what ’ s happening february 6: Talk on Connecting Land and Sea

Gather fond memories of cotton candy, cows and corn stalks and join us for an old-fashioned tea. Share your stories, show your memorabilia, and take a walk down memory lane. RSVP via email above.

Megan Adams says recent research tells us the extent to which bears rely on salmon on the Central Coast of British Columbia, and opens new possibilities as to how bears and people can continue to share fish sustainably. Adams is a PhD candidate with the Applied Conservation Science Lab at UVic and a biologist with the Raincoast Conservation Foundation. Working with the Wuikinuxv Nation and the Central Coast Bear Working Group, she studies spatial variation in dietary salmon of black and grizzly bears and its potential implications for fisheries and land use. A free public lecture.

february 27: Canadian Federation of

7 to 8:30 p.m. at Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea 9811 Seaport Place, Sidney 250.665.7511 |

february 11: Love is in the Park

(guided walk - all ages)

1 to 2:30 p.m. at Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park, Saanich 250.478.3344 |

University Women Saanich Peninsula Meeting

7 p.m. at Mary Winspear Centre, 2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

The CFUW Saanich Peninsula invites the community to our February meeting to hear a presentation by Dr. Sylvia Olsen, speaking on "Making Poverty: A Short History On-Reserve Housing Programs." Free admission; all welcome. 3RD THURSDAY OF each MONTH

Sidney Sister Cities Association General Meeting 7 p.m. at Vancouver Island Regional Library, Sidney

Speakers and discussions on the association's ongoing projects.

Come discover what animals are breeding in the park. Participate in family fun and all age-appropriate activities related to tree frogs singing, eagles cart-wheeling, hummingbirds dancing, owls hooting and more. Meet at the grassy area adjacent to the picnic shelter in the Filter Beds parking lot off Beaver Lake Road.

2nd Thursday of each Month

february 13: FREE Family Day Fun

tuesday evenings

All day at Panorama Recreation Centre (1885 Forest Park Drive, North Saanich) and Greenglade Community Centre (2151 Lannon Way, Sidney) 250.656.7271 |

Celebrate Family Day with FREE admission to swimming, skating, weightroom and fitness classes sponsored by Peninsula Co-op. Skate 1 to 2:20 p.m. / Swim 1:30 to 3 p.m.

Peninsula Newcomers Club Luncheon Haro's Restaurant & Bar, Sidney Pier Hotel Pre-booking required. More information at

Just moved to the Saanich Peninsula?Ladies – come join our club! Saanich Peninsula Toastmasters Meeting 7:30 p.m. at Vancouver Island Regional Library, Sidney

Toastmasters has a specific structure that provides a safe forum for speaking while giving encouragement and support.

February 13: Cupid's Cuties at Kindergym 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at Greenglade Community Centre 2151 Lannon Way, Sidney 250.656.7271 |

Happy Valentine's Day! Join us for some special treats and love-ly crafting at Kindergym this morning! Ages one to five years with a parent. Regular program drop-in rates apply. february 16: Speakers Series

1:30 to 3 p.m. at The Centre 1229 Clarke Rd, Brentwood Bay 250.652.4611 |

Speaker will be Jennifer Cairns, Founder/CEO of eGurus Technology Tutor. Topic: Technology for Seniors. You can do amazing things with technology these days, but trying to keep abreast of what's new and figure out what's best for your needs can be really challenging. Jennifer will bring us up to date in how the latest technology can work for us. Admission is by donation. Refreshments served. Everyone welcome. february 19: February brings Faeries, Folk and Legend. Stories at Fern Street (since 1989) 7:15 to 9:30 p.m. at 1831 Fern St. (Park on Begbie.) 250.727.3097 |

Join us for stories told in the oral tradition by members of Victoria Storyteller's Guild and friends. Doors open at 7:15 p.m; stories start at 7:30 p.m. Admission $5; students $3 (includes tea and goodies). february 27: Celebrate Saanich Fair's 150th Anniversary! 2 to 4 p.m. at Saanich Fairground (Main Building) 1528 Stelly's X Road, Saanichton february 2018 | 85

last word “What does health and wellness mean to you?” That’s the question we asked Emily van der Kamp, one of the people featured in this issue (see pages 10 and 66). I emailed her the question late one night and first thing the next morning her answer was waiting in my inbox. It seemed to come so easily to her, with eloquent wording such as: “To me health and wellness means having the mental and physical fortitude to withstand the challenges of life that I think are worth taking on.” Emily succinctly put into words what, for some of us, doesn’t come so simply. I admit with regret that I have never been very concered about my health. Exercise doesn’t come naturally to me and I tend to love food that falls into the “junk” category: not a great combo. But as I get older, and especially since I had my daughter three years ago, I’ve come to realize that my health can’t take a backseat any longer.

You’re in good company. Each day 124,000 Victorians read the Times Colonist. More than 214,000 of us read one or more editions of the newspaper each week.

More than just your community newspaper. The Times Colonist will publish 14 magazines in 2017 to complement a growing line of digital products and services.

I’ve gotten serious about not just eating better, but also really thinking about what I’m putting in my body. My sister-in-law is staying with us, and she has inspired me to explore the world of coconut oil, maple syrup, whole wheat flour and grass-fed beef. In addition to changing the way I think about food, I’ve finally found an exercise plan I may just be able to keep up long-term. 30-Minute Hit is a kickboxing exercise circuit that squeezes lots of high intensity moves into its very manageable time. Perfect for the working mom and something I actually find fun; a requirement for me if an exercise regime is going to last beyond the honeymoon stage! So, healthy eating – check; exercise – check. Is that enough to be well? Not quite. I’ve come to understand that being “healthy” is more than eating nutritious food and exercising. For me, the final piece of the puzzle is being mentally well, and taking time for myself. An avid reader in the past, I’ve only recently started to read a lot again, thanks to the book club a friend and I started. Hobbies that fell by the wayside as social media pushed its way to front and centre years ago are starting to appeal again, as is cooking for pleasure and not just as a means to provide sustenance. Some days, there isn’t space for more than a few minutes of quiet time to myself, but it’s enough to re-energize me and keep me feeling both healthy and well.

Allison Smith, Editor


is a winner. Times Colonist subscribers can enter more than 50 contests each year, ranging from VIP concert tickets to trips for two to California, Mexico, Tuscany, Paris, London and Rome.

Boosting the local economy. Along with our 175-plus full-time employees the Times Colonist employs more than 1,100 youth and adult carriers.

Our readers, our advertisers and our many community partners help make your daily newspaper stronger than ever. Thanks! 86 | february 2018



Middle of the Road

9 7

7 2 6

3 6 6




5 3





3 1




8 9 5

8 1 7

4 3

Puzzle by

Hardly Simple

6 3 4 2 1 3 1

8 2 6


5 3 8

9 5 4 4 9 1 2 1 6 8 9 2 3 6

Puzzle by

KEEP YOUR BRAIN HEALTHY The Alzheimer's Association recommends doing puzzles like Sudoku to strengthen brain cells and the connections between them. Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square. *Sudoku Solutions may be found on page 84.

Through March 15th

Stroll through the Spring Prelude; our indoor garden is bursting with thousands of fragrant blooms while outdoor gardens stir. View the Historical Display in the original residence. Explore the history of The Butchart Gardens from cement factory to garden glory. 250.652.5256

Your Independent Investment Advisor Gerald Kazanowski, B.A. Econ., CFP

Financial Advisor, Manulife Securities Incorporated. Life Insurance Agent, Alexander Odas Kaz Consulting Group Ltd. Financial Advisor Associate

Manulife Securities Incorporated

We are independent, trustworthy, knowledgeable and regulated. Our approach is a transparent, confidential and personal process to help turn your dreams to reality. Working together to achieve your financial goals because we are all unique, special and different.

TFSA | Fee-based Program | ETFs, Mutual Funds Stocks and Bonds | RRSPs, RRIFs and LIFs GICs | Other Specialty Investment Products

250.656.9942 | #302 - 2400 Bevan Avenue, Sidney february 2018 | 87

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When Was the Last Time You Did Something for the First Time?

Eleanor Vickets and her grandson Steven are arranging flowers together. Eleanor worked at a floral shop for years and has never arranged flowers with her grandson, who is a recreation assistant at Sidney All Care Residence. Eleanor is very excited to share her love for flowers and carry on the tradition. A simple request of doing something for the first time that means the world to Eleanor and her grandson. At Sidney All Care Residence, your adventures are just beginning!

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