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Happy New Year from all of us at Henley & Straub LLP

When considering your 2022 resolutions, think of us first. We are here to help. Wills & Powers of Attorney | Estate & Trust Administration | Business & Commercial Law Residential & Commercial Real Estate | Dispute Resolution & Civil Litigation | 250.656.7231 | 201 - 2377 Bevan Avenue, Sidney

T his New Year, let’s make a resolution together.

This New Year, let’s make you the priority, with our customized, flexible home support services personalized to your lifestyle needs. Available 24/7, our caring home support workers encourage independence in the comfort of your own home. This 2022, live life on your terms!







SPECIAL FEATURE The Peninsula's Financial Experts


IN FASHION Spring 2022 Fashion Trends




ONE FOOD, THREE WAYS Garlic: Appy Night with Friends!


COMMON CENTS Staying on Track with a Wealth Advisor


SEASIDE HOMES Environmental Rebates: At Home & On the Road





THIS MONTH'S CONTRIBUTORS Dominique Alford, Jo Barnes, Keith Blott, Diane Dixon, Tabatha Golat, Sherrin Griffin, Ryan Hayter, Janice Henshaw, Jesse Holth, Elaine Hughesman, Tracey Jones, Paula Kully, Anne Miller, Cassidy Nunn, Emily Olsen, Deborah Rogers, Joan Saunders, Marita Schauch, Stephanie Staples, Viola Van de Ruyt

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ON THE COVER photo by Keith Blott at Shooting for Keeps

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Transitioning one's wardrobe through the seasons may seem daunting; however, just by adding a few key pieces you can easily achieve a look you desire. Choose seasonal colours, fabrics and accessories – perhaps a new bag, new footwear and some fun jewelry to enhance your wardrobe looking forward.

As an independent filmmaker, I'm always looking for interesting behind-the-scenes film facts, especially for Canadian content. This month's film recommendation – The Grand Seduction – is not only an easy watch, it also has great Canadian talent and an interesting production history. This charming film is well worth the watch.

Garlic is a favourite ingredient among many. It is important to use garlic sparingly as to not to overpower a dish; however, every so often, it deserves to be the star of the show! Read on to discover how garlic is highlighted in some of our favourite "appy-night" shareables.




Looking after your financial health is one of the ingredients to maintaining your overall well-being. There are a few key strategies you can put into place to be well on your way to better financial health. Believe it or not, budgeting can be fun!

Design trends come and go, often faster than we can blink! Good design goes back to basics and never goes out of style. I look at some trends that really aren't trends at all, but taking us back to some warm cozy and comforting roots of a welcoming home.

Never say never. When was the last time you tried something for the first time? When was the last time you thought someone was zany for trying a new experience? Have you ever tried something you thought you'd hate but were pleasantly surprised? Come meet the Sidney Sunrise Water Warriors!

2410 Beacon Ave, Sidney



19+ only. Government ID required. Licensed Cannabis retailer. Products authorized by Health Canada.


First Word

from the


Sue Hodgson

I didn't see the end of the year coming so quickly. I blinked and suddenly it's 2022! I'm going for a "let's take it as it comes" vibe this January, and I'll try not to force anything: no hardline resolutions, no unrealistic goals, no sacrifices. At Seaside we love showing you all the great things that are going on around the Saanich Peninsula, finding interesting stories and suggesting ways of making the most of our amazing community. We're going to carry on doing that, all year! That's not a resolution; it's a promise. Saying that, this issue is still bulging with the themes we like to reacquaint ourselves with at the beginning of a new year: financial and health. Then there's food, and everything from living off the land to local fashion trends. Make sure you check out our new column for 2022, Screen Scene (pg 45), where local filmmaker Tabatha Golat will be sharing her recommendations for what to watch on screen (big and small). There are so many things that bring me joy at Seaside but one thing in particular is getting to work with my amazing and talented colleagues for the past 11 years. Allison Smith (Editor in Chief); Deborah Rogers (Editorial Director); Steven Haley-Browning (Sales Account Manager); Leah-Anne MacLeod (Creative Director); Janis Jean and Amanda Cribdon (Staff Photographers); Lindsay Skrivanos, Irene Stevens (Bookkeepers); and Martyn Stimpson CPA, and all our writers and contributors. It's because of them that we continue to uncover the creative talent that runs deep throughout the community and allows us to bring these stories to life on and off the pages. I'm so grateful for each and every one of them. If one of your New Year's resolutions is to get more out of life – I think that's an achievable goal (that we can help you with!) and alongside that, let's remember to be more grateful for who and what we already have in our lives. Happy New Year!

e d i s a Se Sue

Photo by Janis Jean Photography. Clothing provided and styled by Style Coast. For more, visit














Keeping it Simple®

YOU SPENT 2 HOURS CHOOSING A TV SERIES How many reviewing your investments? Book a free second opinion today. 10 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | JANUARY 2022

Planning & Advice

Your Financial Literacy by Elaine Hughesman, Hughesman Morris Liversedge, CPA's

In an economy becoming

increasingly complicated with rising prices, especially in the housing market, "financial literacy" has become a hot topic. Becoming more fluent in financial literacy begins by understanding key areas and with simple practises easily put into place. Tax Brackets. This may not be the list's most important item, but it's the one I'm asked the most. Since my days of working at McDonald's, I've heard people say: "I don't want to work any more hours as it'll put me in a higher tax bracket." My response is that working more hours will always make you more money. In Canada, we have graduated tax rates. It means that each tax rate only applies to income earned within that tax bracket. Once you move to a higher tax bracket, only the income earned in that higher tax bracket will be taxed at a higher rate. Income earned in the lower tax bracket will not be affected. For hourly employees, sometimes when working an extraordinary number of hours in a pay period, you'll notice your net pay hasn't increased as much as expected. That's because payroll software used by your employer likely assumed you would be earning a higher wage for the rest of the year, so it withheld more taxes than necessary. But rest assured, if too much tax has been withheld, it just means a refund come tax season. Never be afraid of moving into a higher tax bracket. Budgets. The biggest impact you can personally have on your finances is to create a budget and then measure your spending against that budget. What does it cost to live the lifestyle you're living, and are you making enough to fund it? Draft a monthly budget that doesn't have to be too complex. Break expenditures down into simple categories like housing, groceries, transportation, entertainment, pets, etc. And then, for at least a few months, track your spending. You

can then measure those results against your draft budget to determine how realistic that budget is (I use the app Mint to track spending, but there are many options available). You can fine-tune your budget to reach realistic numbers. And from that point, you can determine how much can be saved to meet goals like buying a house, taking vacations and planning for education expenses. Savings. Listen to my Mom and always put 10% of your gross income into savings. I cannot reiterate this rule enough. Also, it's never too early to develop a relationship with a financial planner, to set yourself up for long-term financial success. Credit. Take care of your credit score and start building a good credit history. This will do you well when wanting to buy a house, start a business, get a credit card with good points etc. Banks and other lending institutions always pull your credit score to make sure you're a good candidate to take on debt. To build credit, you can take simple steps like ensuring your cell phone and other utility bills are paid on time. And, at some point, you'll want to get a credit card, but only after you've mastered the concept of budgeting as described above. To keep your credit score intact, always pay your minimum balance, but to keep your financial health in check, make sure to pay the full balance every month. You can monitor your credit score through Equifax, TransUnion or your bank, but try not to pull your credit report more than once a year – each time your credit report is pulled by a creditor or yourself it reduces your credit score (an exception is made where you're rate shopping between different institutions). Finally, CPA Canada has a number of great financial literacy worksheets. My favourite is the Financial Fitness Self-Assessment. It offers a great snapshot of how healthy your financial habits are. financial-literacy-resources/money-management-worksheets.

Anxiety over finances is stressful and can have a negative impact on your well-being, and that of your family. We've encountered new and unexpected challenges recently which may mean that your long-term financial plans will need reviewing or adjusting. Seaside Magazine is pleased to present a selection of the qualified professionals located on the Saanich Peninsula who are available to help support your financial health.

Alistair Mackay CFP, CLU, CHS

ALISTAIR MACKAY FINANCIAL PLANNING Financial Planner and Insurance Advisor

With over 30 years’ experience in the financial planning industry, Alistair assists clients with all aspects for their financial planning needs. He works with them to not only create a retirement or legacy plan, but also to review, monitor and adjust their plan to ensure it still meets their needs. Alistair also works with Disability Savings plans and Education Savings plans. He offers all aspects of Life, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance to ensure you have the correct protection in place for you and your family. Segregated Funds and Employee Benefits programs are also available. Disclosure: Financial Planning Services through Alistair Mackay Financial Planning. Insurance products offered through IDC WIN.

250.514.8424 •

efine financial objectives then develop a with BMO Bank of Montreal. top priorities. Together, we will regularly rsonal banking on lasting administrative matters are Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning with I am committedfollowing to buildingup As a Financial s. Let’s solid, connect. review your plan, and make adjustments to BMO Financial Group, have the experience and expertise you can rely on. I have relationships with of my clients. My IBusiness Philosophy eal. topallpriorities. Together, we will regularly Chloe Cross, BA, PFP accommodate life changes as they arise. I will help you define or redefine your financial objectives then develop a ing Consistently communicating, promptly My Servicereview Commitment your plan, and make adjustments to Financial Planner personalized plan for success. ophy 10 returning phoneInvestment calls, and quickly I can enhance my clients’ overall long-term & Retirement Planning accommodate lifelasting changes as they arise. of I am committed to building solid, My value to you PFP, BA Econ ing following up onSidney administrative matters are Service Commitment About me... Branch financial successMy with personal attention, cs.overall I have long-term relationships with all of my clients. Financial Planner top priorities. Together, we will regularly 2461 BEACON AVE I am a graduate of The University of I am committed to building solid, lasting My value to you nning Consistently communicating, promptly proper planning and ongoing counsel. I will help you focus on your financial SIDNEY, V8L 1X7 sonal attention, review your plan, andBC make adjustments to PlanningVictoria, with a degree in Economics. I have relationships with all of my clients. Investment & Retirement nning e 10 with returning phone calls, and quickly attained the Personal FinancialBMO Planning Consistently communicating, promptly FINANCIAL GROUP Phone: 250-655-2122 I also work with qualified and dedicated needs and priorities. Together, we will: accommodate life changes as they arise. I will help you focus on your financial oing counsel. ertise you canfollowing rely on. up on designation (PFP). I bring to my role 10 returning phone calls, and quickly nking matters are Fax:administrative 250-655-2117 g-term years of experienceassociates in personal banking following upFinancial on administrative matters are needs and priorities. Together, we will: and then dedicated within BMO Group • Articulate your goals ctives develop a Financial Planner, Investment and Retirement Planning My to you topvalue priorities. Together, we will regularly with BMO Bank of Montreal. top priorities. Together, we will regularly tion, • Articulate your goals nancial Group who can providereview specialized to to • Define your time horizon review your plan, and make adjustments to your plan, andservices make adjustments l. I will help you focus on your financial My Business PhilosophyAs a BMO investment professional I work to earn your trust and confidence. accommodate life changes as they arise. • life Define your horizon zed servicesaccommodate to changes as time they arise. ommitment help ensure thatwe your broader financial • Identify gaps Atlong-term BMO know that your financial “well-being” is not just measured in dollars and ted needs and priorities. Together, we will: g with I can enhance my clients’ overall My value to you ong-term • Identify gaps ader financial o building solid, lasting financial success with personalare attention, se on. value cents. “We’re here to help”™ is core to the•wide range of your services p you • Articulate your goals ely on.can rely My toAs you needs met. Implement planwe provide a Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning with ention, hgconnect. all of my clients. a proper planning and with ongoing counsel. help you focus on your financial es • Implement your plan to give youI will confidence in your financial future. tothen • Define your time horizon lop a develop

Chloe Cross

Chloe Cross, BA, PFP

BMO Financial I have the experience and expertise you and can dedicated rely on. e you can rely on. help you focus I also work with qualified municating, promptly sel. I will on yourGroup, financial • Identify gaps I will help you define or redefine your financial PFP associates within BMO Financial Groupa calls, anddevelop quickly objectives then develop sal then a cated needs and priorities. Together, we will: rdministrative• matters who can provide specialized services to are mitment Implement yourpersonalized plan plan for success. oup • Articulate your goals tirement help ensure that your broader financial ether, wePlanning will regularly ilding solid, lasting are met. Myneeds Service Commitment About me... mitment es tomake adjustments • Define horizon and to your time of my clients. e changes as they arise. VE I am committed to building solid, lasting lding solid, lasting ncial • Identify gapsI am a graduate of The University of ting cating, promptly

needs and priorities. Together, we will:

Articulate your goals and guidance all help you feel confident in the decisions Research, •simplification • Define your time horizon that create• Identify a secure financial future. I will help you understand your options by gaps setting goals and building • Implement your plan a plan. With insight, knowledge, strategy and investment recommendations I can make a difference to your financial well-being.


Victoria, with a degree in Economics. I have ofand myquickly clients. • Implement your plan you attained the Personal Financial Planning cating, promptly nistrative matters are -2122 ly designation (PFP). I bring to my role 10 cus on your financial and quickly r, we will regularly

17 nistrative matters es. Together, weare will: make adjustments to r, we will regularly nges as they arise. goals ers are make adjustments to me horizon larly nges as they arise.

ents yourto financial rn plan ogether, we will: rise.

years of experience in personal banking with BMO Bank of Montreal.

My Business Philosophy I can enhance my clients’ overall long-term financial success with personal attention,

relationships with all of my clients. Financial Planning, Investment & Retirement Planning services are provided by BMO Investments Inc., a financial services firm Consistently communicating, promptly and separate legal entity from Bank of Montreal. BMO Global Asset Management is a brand name that comprises BMO Asset returning phone calls, and quickly Management Inc., BMO Investments Inc., BMO Asset Management Corp. and BMO’s specialized investment management firms. following up on administrative matters are top priorities. Together, we will regularly review your plan, and make adjustments to accommodate life changes as they arise.

250.655.2122 •

My value to you

Financial Planners, Investment & Retirement Planning are representatives of BMO Investments Inc., a financial services firm and a separate legal entity from Bank of Montreal. TM/®proper planning and ongoing counsel. I will help you focus on your financial Trademarks of Bank of Montreal.

ns your financial 02/15-160 also Bank work with qualified and dedicated needs and priorities. Together, we will: ogether, we awill: rizon es firm and separate legal entity Ifrom of Montreal. arate legal entity from Bank of Montreal. Financial Planners,associates Investment & Retirement Planning of BMO Investments Inc., a financial services firm and a separate legal entity from Bank of Montreal. 02/15-160 within BMO Financial Group are representatives • Articulate your goals s 02/15-160 TM/® Trademarks of who Bankcan of provide Montreal. specialized services to • Define your time horizon n lrizon help ensure that your broader financial • Identify gaps needs are met. • Implement your plan nill:

Dominique Alford

separate legal entity from Bank of Montreal.


ALFORD WALDEN LAW Alford Walden Law offers a wide range of legal and notary services from their premises in the Landmark Building in downtown Sidney. 02/15-160


tment & Retirement Planning are representatives of BMO Investments Inc., a financial services firm and a separate legal entity from Bank of Montreal. of Montreal. 02/15-160



With over 24 years of extensive legal experience and expertise in wills and estate planning, estate and trust administration, real estate, corporate and business law, Dominique is committed to providing her clients with practical and easy to understand legal advice. Supported by friendly, helpful and highly skilled staff with years of experience and dedication, everyone at Alford Walden Law takes pride in serving the Saanich Peninsula community. An active and dedicated community participant, Dominique currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Saanich Peninsula Community Foundation, the Brentwood Bay Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of Brentwood Bay Foundation and is a founding member of 100 Women Who Care – Saanich Peninsula. When she is not assisting clients or out supporting her community, Dominique can usually be found cooking a gourmet meal for family and friends or scuba diving in a warm corner of the world! The COVID-19 pandemic presents challenging and unique circumstances and everyone at Alford Walden Law is here to help with your estate planning & administration, conveyancing and business law needs during these trying times. Alford Walden Law is currently open to the public by appointment only.

*Alford Walden Law is a division of Dominique J. Alford Law Corporation

778.426.3330 • 12 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | JANUARY 2022


Anne M. Delves

Financial Advisor, CFP®

I believe every investor should feel understood, in control, confident, and secure. That is why I chose a career as a Financial Advisor, and I strive every day to ensure all of my clients experience this. With 29 years of industry experience, I create tailored investment strategies that fit with my clients’ unique goals and circumstances. I specialize in retirement savings strategies, retirement income strategies, estate & legacy strategies, business owner considerations, and wealth protection strategies. Edward Jones, its employees and financial advisors are not estate planners and cannot provide tax or legal advice. Please consult a qualified tax specialist or lawyer for professional advice regarding your specific situation. Insurance and annuities are offered by Edward Jones Insurance Agency (except in Quebec). In Quebec, insurance and annuities are offered by Edward Jones Insurance Agency (Quebec) Inc.

250.652.2075 •

Kelvin Scheuer & Karl Maier BEACON LAW CENTRE We are Vancouver Islanders, musicians, and friends. And we are “The Associates” at Beacon Law Centre. We combine our expertise with the firm’s Owners, Del Elgersma and Lianne MacDonald, who formed Beacon Law Centre in 2000. Together, we at Beacon Law Centre provide a unique customer experience in delivering quality legal services at our Victoria, Brentwood Bay, and Sidney offices. What makes our firm unique? Plain language and up-front trusted advice. Client satisfaction is our top priority. Work is quoted by the job, not the hour. You’ll never know what our hourly rate is because we don’t use one (unless you ask us to)! Our work focuses on three areas: real property matters, estates and estate planning, and company and business matters. Our “way” is to walk with our clients, from start to finish, through important legal transactions like buying a home, executing a family member’s estate, and setting up a company or business partnership. We collaborate with our professional partners including realtors, accountants and bankers to ensure our clients requirements are met in a timely and seamless manner. We are so pleased that Beacon Law Centre’s clients and friends have voted us “Best Law Firm / Legal Services” in Victoria and the Saanich Peninsula, year after year. If you need legal help in 2022, we hope to meet you soon! ROYAL OAK: 140-4392 W Saanich Rd | SIDNEY: 104-9717 Third St | BRENTWOOD BAY: 5-7115 W Saanich Rd

Call Kelvin or Karl Today: 250-656-3280 • JANUARY 2022 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 13

Ashley Ruffle

Financial Advisor

Helping people understand and feel comfortable and confident with their finances is important. Life can be stressful – we’re all pushed and pulled in a lot of directions every day. And because of that, there are often things we need to do but don’t because we don’t have the time or energy. Saving your money and investing in the future are two of those things. What are your dreams? What future do you see for you and your family? And what is stopping you from getting that future? Knowing where and how to invest your money can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be – if you let me help. Contact me and let’s plan a future of possibilities together. Edward Jones, its employees and financial advisors are not estate planners and cannot provide tax or legal advice. Please consult a qualified tax specialist or lawyer for professional advice regarding your specific situation. Insurance and annuities are offered by Edward Jones Insurance Agency (except in Quebec). In Quebec, insurance and annuities are offered by Edward Jones Insurance Agency (Quebec) Inc.

250.727.8685 •

Leslie Denko MORTGAGE BROKER Mortgage Alliance Cutting Edge Lending Providing Mortgages in your Community After 12 years in the financial services industry as a Financial Advisor, I have come to appreciate the importance of exceptional customer service and trustworthy advice. I made the change from the world of banking to Mortgage Brokering in 2018 and haven’t looked back since. When it comes to making a decision about your mortgage, a Mortgage Broker is essential, even more so now in these uncertain times. There are so many choices and implications to your decisions; I will walk you through the process and ensure you have considered all options before settling on the best one for you. Whether you’re purchasing your very first home, renewing a mortgage or refinancing to improve your quality of life, I have the experience and knowledge to help guide you through the process. My extensive background in Financial Planning is the foundation for my advice and my genuine desire to help others will make you feel at ease. You can be confident that I will put you and your needs at the centre of everything I do. Mortgage Alliance is the most recognized and trusted mortgage brokerage in Canada and as a Mortgage Alliance Professional, I have the expertise to get the right mortgage for your immediate and future needs. I work for you, not the banks, and provide unbiased guidance in your mortgage decision. I look forward to helping you with your mortgage needs; get in touch today.

250-216-8375 • • 14 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | JANUARY 2022

Barbara A. Armstrong Financial Advisor

Are you finding today’s market and economic news difficult to understand? Volatile markets are a normal part of investing. Have confidence in your long-term strategy. Let’s start the conversation.

250.384.8722 •

Deneen Cunningham CFP, CLU, CH.F.C, CHS

MCVAGH CUNNINGHAM GROUP LTD. Removing Complexity From Financial Planning. Knowing how to make the right choices about your personal finances can be challenging. We take a practical approach that empowers you to make smart decisions that deliver real results. As retirement becomes more real, you may have more questions about how your money will perform. Today’s retirement is about options, depending on your vision of the good life. Some people opt to work longer, reduce their hours, start a new business, or begin a work-life hybrid earlier than the typical retirement years. Why is a custom financial plan important? A custom financial plan outlines the steps you need to take to achieve your personal and financial goals. This plan addresses your unique needs and ensures that you’re ready for what you choose to do next. Deneen has worked in the financial services industry for almost 40 years. What motivates her is making people feel confident about their money and comfortable that they have a plan in place for their next life stage. She is known for her trust and advice as she enjoys the personal relationships she has with her clients. Known as a hard worker and seeker of thrilling experiences, Deneen has been a First Responder with the Piers Island Volunteer Fire Department for many years. She is currently a trustee for the Victoria Opera Foundation, and a non-voting member of the Insurance Council of BC.

Call Deneen Today: 250.475.1108 x 222 • JANUARY 2022 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 15

Fran Daviss CFP, AMP, MBI

MORTGAGES BY FRAN INVIS - CANADA’S MORTGAGE EXPERTS Mortgage Consultant for Residential & Commercial Mortgages “Fran is a delight to work with. Our law firm works with Fran and her clients on a regular basis and the level of attention, detail and time that she puts into each transaction is unparalleled.” ~ INFINITY LAW, Nav Parhar/Managing Partner “I highly recommend Fran Daviss as a mortgage broker. Whether you’re a first time buyer, or trying to take your next step, Fran is always there to explain everything along the way. She answered all my questions and made me feel like I really understood the process and she worked around the clock to make sure everything went smoothly.” ~ Robin Farrell, Mornings with Robin and AJ, Ocean 98.5.

778.426.0749 •

Martyn Stimpson


STIMPSON | CPA Accounting Professionals You Can Count On. If you are looking for an approachable, professional accounting firm to handle your personal and business tax needs, you have found the right firm. You have worked hard for the assets you have. Let our team of professionals help you safeguard both them and your financial future. Stimpson | CPA works primarily with business owners, investors and rental property owners. As knowledgeable accounting professionals, we are committed to helping you succeed. Whether you have a complex personal tax return or are a small business requiring financial statements and corporate tax return assistance, we are here to help and guide you. We also offer fixed-priced service agreements to handle all of your accounting needs with a monthly payment plan available. For the seniors in our community, our firm also provides personalized eldercare services as well as estate planning and final tax returns. We are centrally located, and free parking is available to all our clients.

Personal, Corporate and Estate Trust Tax Filings Estate Planning | Eldercare Services Free Consultation

250.590.5211 • 16 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | JANUARY 2022

Caroline Paterson & Sheila Henn CPA, CGA


PATERSON HENN CPA CHARTERED PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANTS Professional Accounting Services for Individuals, Businesses and Not-for-Profits Our firm offers a wide range of services and expertise, including complex Canadian and U.S. personal tax returns and Estate and tax planning. We work with not-for-profits and small businesses with their financial and taxation needs. Communicating with clients through secure methods is of the utmost importance to us. We continue to follow safety protocols and look forward to continuing to serve our clients while keeping our employees and our clients safe during this challenging time.

250.656.7284 •

The financial world seems so uncertain, Am I going to be okay? As global events unfold and investment markets change rapidly, it's common to wonder if your past financial decisions are going to continue to provide the returns you need. If you would like our complimentary “Will I be OK?” toolkit - just ask! It’s not just the global situation that creates uncertainty, life changing events such as bereavement and divorce can add an overwhelming number of financial decisions. We can help! For over 30 years we have been helping women achieve peace of mind about their financial future. Please call us for a chat or to arrange a review of your current financial arrangements. Annette Quan

Viola Van de Ruyt

Racheal Jamieson




Senior Wealth Associate

Wealth Advisor

Wealth Associate

National Bank Financial - Wealth Management (NBFWM) is a division of National Bank Financial Inc. (NBF Inc.), as well as a trademark owned by National Bank of Canada (NBC) that is used under license by NBF Inc. NBF Inc. is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NBC, a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: NA).


Sidney Sunrise Water Warriors

by Stephanie Staples

It was Carolyn's birthday

and I said I would come as a "gift" to celebrate. This would be the first (and I was certain the last) time that I would dip my body in the frigid Salish Sea in March. As someone who favours neither water nor cold, the thought of this plunge was really unpleasant, but a promise is a promise. I put on my bathing suit, my water shoes, got my biggest terry bathrobe and headed down to Lochside and Frost (the aptly-named crossroad). I joined up with the birthday girl and the founders of the Sidney Sunrise Water Warriors (SSWW): Cynthia Philp and J'lene Bradley. On starting the weekly dips, Cynthia and J'lene say it was Covid-inspired; it was something safe, fun and interesting that they could do at a time when there was so much they couldn't do. But something strange happened that cool March morning after I screamed bloody murder getting into the sea … upon getting out of the water, I felt fantastic. Not just a little bit fantastic, like superduper fantastic! Re-energized, re-invigorated, and more refreshed than I had ever felt before. And so began my weekly dips with this daring and growing group of co-ed'ers. Carolyn gave me the best advice of 2021: "You can only scream once. After that, you breathe your way through it." Everyone has their own style, technique and clothing choice: awesome Audrey upped the game by submerging sans bathing suit

to commemorate her birthday; I decided a hot water bottle would be a welcome post-plunge addition; lovely Linda has her thermos of tea ready to go for a sit-on-a-log, warm-up chat; clever Carolyn dons her shorty wetsuit as the season moves into winter. Some us of bring our guests when they come to visit; some just watch; some come in. Either way it's a pretty cool experience and one that I couldn't have had when I lived in Winnipeg. SSWW is nearing is first birthday and the group has steadily grown in numbers; we even had a tourist on his morning run join us. From 20-somethings to 70-somethings, people do the plunge for the challenge, the experience, to prove to themselves that they could do it and sometimes because they walked by us and it looked like we were having fun. Plus, the health benefits of polar plunging are well documented. The most interesting part though, is why, week after week, people keep coming back. I put it down to the feeling of accomplishment, the camaraderie of the group stepping forward together as the sun is rising, the beauty of the nature surrounding us and the challenge that each week brings. Whether we have to rush to work or can sit and enjoy a tea and chat, we all have started our day in a way that we are proud of; we are all enjoying an aspect of living on the coast that most are unwilling to try. Cynthia sums it up nicely: "the joy, friendship, laughter and exhilaration keeps me coming back each week." So if FOMO (fear of missing out) is making your ears perk up, don't overthink it; just show up. Showing up is 90% of the battle. You will feel proud! You will feel accomplished! You will feel brave! You will feel! As J'lene said: "I tell those who think we're crazy that I truly believe that thinking about it is so much worse than actually doing it!" We meet on Tuesday mornings at 7:45 (depending on the sun); everyone (and their dog) is welcome. You can find the most up-todate information on our Facebook page: Photos by Amanda Cribdon Photography

We are excited to have one of our long-standing teachers Lynsay Pacey step into the new role of Yoga Director at the Academy. Lynsay’s passion for community & love of yoga is su sure the breath new energy into this space & expand our already diverse offerings.

All of our classes are pre-registered; ensuring small class sizes & a welcoming environment. ----------->

Yoga Studio Schedule:

Monday: Core Flow 6:15-7:15pm Restoraave Yin 7:30-8:45pm Tuesday: Hatha 9:30-10:45am Beginners Yoga 6-7pm Wednesday: Slow Flow 9:15-10:30am Core Flow 6:15-7:15pm Yin 7:30-8:45pm Thursday: Gentle Hatha 9:30-10:45am Beginners Yoga 6-7pm Restoraave 7:30-8:30pm Saturday: Flow 9:45-11:00am

We also host fantassc instructors running privately registered yoga, dance & fitness classes:

Kirsten Roden RNS Dance Irish Dance Thai Chi Jeannie Stevens Peninsula Pound & More! Join Kirsten Roden for in Person or online classes, including: Fitness Yoga Total Body Tone Outdoor Bootcamp For sign up or more info visit: Email info:

for every occasion


250-658-2725 | 5325 Cordova Bay Road at Mattick’s Farm

Are you an instructor looking for a space to host your classes? Connect with us to find the perfect studio! 778-351-0088 1720 McTavish Rd, North Saanich, BC JANUARY 2022 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 19

Whole Body Wellness on the Peninsula Special Feature

Maintaining wellness for your whole body is a great gift you can give yourself! It doesn’t matter what age you are or where you’re starting from: here on the Saanich Peninsula there are so many choices to help you take your first steps toward good health, or the next step to another level of wellness. Why not try something new in 2022?


Bring health care to your residence, workplace, special occasion or event. Our team will bring a portable table & professional experience to you. Our services include Registered Massage Therapy, Relaxation Massage, Athletic Therapy, Personal Training & Reiki Therapy.

250.893.6116 We're mobile; we come to you!


A multi-practice yoga studio on the Saanich Peninsula Month Unlimited Intro Special $99 Open 7 days a week, we have a practice for everyone! A beautiful array of classes in a variety of styles. Develop the perfect practice that works for you. A place to grow. A place to flow. A place to be you. In All Ways.️


Fitness & Wellness

Panorama Recreation offers a wide variety of fitness and wellness programs for the Saanich Peninsula. From the beginner to advanced participant, our experienced instructors will help you reach your goals and get you “Living Well and Having Fun.”


778.426.2738 #4 - 2042 Mills Road, Sidney

BENECORE TRAINING Stronger. Safer. Together. A safe, inclusive training experience for the 45+ community. You will build strength, improve flexibility and connect with your neighbourhood. We are kinesiologists and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists who provide 1-1 or semi private training and large/small group classes.

250.217.9063 10030 Resthaven Drive, Sidney

INSIDE OUT by Emily Olsen The Connection Project

Your Mental Health:

A Light in the Darkness

These past two years have brought increased awareness to mental health; however, isolation, uncertainty and the growing need for improvements to mental well-being are at the forefront of many overdue conversations. Understanding this requirement is integral to the health of families, schools and communities. Many have expressed the need for meaningful discussions surrounding mental illness, but unfortunately for too long, stigma and discomfort have prevented the exacting change so desperately needed. As someone with lived experience, I know all too well how debilitating isolation and shame can be. If it weren't for the compassion and attentiveness of my doctor, friends and family, the outcomes of my life could have easily resulted in tragedy. When in crisis in 2001, I was lucky to have a doctor willing to show up in the middle of the night at the psychiatric emergency department to advocate for me, be blessed with a sister who knew something wasn't "quite right," and have a mother prepared to stand by me through it all. And that was only the beginning. Since that hospital stay, there were years worth of trials and tribulations as I sifted and sorted the personal challenges of my particular disease. I managed it because I knew I wasn't alone. But not everyone can reach out, and many suffer in silence – some without families or friendships, most without doctors. Moreover, the invisible nature of mental health has made it considerably difficult for so many to navigate a better reality for themselves. The complex

Simple Steps to a healthier 2022


manifestations of mental illness cause feelings of unworthiness and defeat, making it nearly impossible to articulate personal inner turmoil and resulting in loneliness and despair. It can be incredibly disempowering when a person experiences acute or long-lasting mental health challenges; however, there are many reasons not to give up hope. As the founder of the Connection Project, I have heard countless stories of overcoming adversity, resilience, and miraculous outcomes from people with first-hand experiences. In addition, I have witnessed the brilliance of precious individuals navigating one-of-a-kind journeys in the search for autonomy: each one determined to heal. There is great wisdom to learn from their experiences, and I am continually grateful for those who can and choose to share their stories courageously. "What can I do to help?" people often ask me. My answer is always: to listen. Be human. Sit. Stay a while. I tell people I love them all the time and without hesitation. It comes from remembering my own desperate longing for loving kindness and acceptance. People need to hear they are loved, feel it, and know they are in a space void of judgment or ridicule. So let go of the awkwardness that prevents this. When someone is vulnerable, we can help them by letting them know we acknowledge them. Solutions and advice can come later. Perhaps all that's required of us is to be a shoulder to cry on or a silent companion holding a light in the darkness. Start there. Be that person for someone. You might very well be the exact thing they needed.

Add some UP! Take the stairs instead of the elevator, or include some hills when you walk. Going up has benefits beyond raising your heart rate, you’ll also engage all your posterior muscles that help with posture and balance.


Switch your Snacks! A small snack can boost your energy and keep you going between meals, but it can also add unneeded calories and the temptation of sugary treats! Try substituting protein-rich, nutrient-packed treats like nuts, yogurt or fruit.


Boost your Zzzzs! Sleep deprivation is related to many health issues. Prioritise your sleep by setting a nighttime routine, going to bed and rising at the same time each day, removing distractions from the bedroom and being aware of your caffeine consumption.

your community, your health 250-656-2948 JANUARY 2022 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 21



THE BEST IS YET TO COME As we welcome a new year, Downtown Sidney businesses continue to offer sincere thanks and appreciation to the local community who have gone above and beyond to ensure the health and wellness of our economy. Through your efforts in keeping your dollars local, Sidney has been able to keep its doors open and its streets vibrant - we've even gone as far as to see multiple new businesses opening which is quite the feat! As our community organizations and businesses begin planning for the coming months, the support of our residents will remain the fuel behind Sidney's ability to remain creative and adaptive. The Sidney BIA looks forward to the coming year with renewed community offerings and options for participation. While we make our way back to more "normal" days, we rest in knowing that the heart of our community is that of kindness, resilience, and most of all support of one another. Visit to discover local blogs, event happenings, and more.

Downtown Sidney at © Sidney Business Improvement Area Society

F R O M T H E K I TC H E N by Joan Saunders | photos by Amanda Cribdon Photography

Sticking to the Plan It's January, and apparently this is the time to make resolutions. It's when we take stock and figure out what goals we have for the new year. And, of course, we know that keeping the promises we make to ourselves is not always the easiest thing to do, no matter how strong our original intentions. I have had a variation of the same resolutions for years: eat well; move more. And some days it's so much easier than others to stick to the plan. When I'm feeling lazy, there's not a great deal of motivation to figure out what to make for dinner that will taste fabulous and still be healthy and satisfying. This is where Purgatory Eggs comes into play. I discovered this recipe about a year and a half ago, and it's become a go-to meal. It's quick, it's not difficult, it's packed with loads of flavour and you can have the ingredients sitting in the cupboard, ready to throw together at any time. It's basically a puttanesca sauce in which you poach some eggs. If you'd rather not have eggs, use the sauce to top off pasta. You could also add spinach or arugula which will cook down beautifully and amp up the veggie quotient. What I love about making this meal is that you pile up the salty, yummy ingredients on a cutting board and just chop away at them, making a gorgeous mound of tasty, colourful goodness. I add a tin of anchovies, but you can always leave them out if you'd prefer. The recipe originally only called for two anchovies, but heck, why leave a few in the tin to get lost in the back of the fridge? So I throw in the whole lot.

We usually eat this for dinner with two eggs each, and it's surprisingly filling. It could also be a breakfast or brunch dish as it's akin to Shakshuka except with a Mediterranean slant rather than Middle Eastern; both are so good at any time of day. Pile up the toast with sauce and eggs and dig in. My son precariously loads up a whole piece of toast with the mixture and eats it like an open-faced sandwich. But I say go for it, as it's a savoury, delicious way to stick to the plan for at least one more day.

Purgatory Eggs Serves 3-4 (can easily be halved to serve 2) olive oil 4 cloves garlic ½ cup flat leaf parsley leaves 4 tbsp pitted black olives 2 tbsp capers, drained 1 tin anchovy filets (less, or none, if preferred) 2 tsp dried oregano ¼ tsp crushed red pepper flakes

1 28oz can diced or crushed tomatoes 4-6 large eggs ½ cup grated parmesan or pecorino cheese, plus extra to finish if desired slices of hearty, crusty bread (I generally serve one slice per egg)

On a cutting board, pile all of the tasty goodness: garlic, parsley, olives, capers, anchovies (if using), oregano and red pepper flakes. Using a big knife, chop through them until you have everything cut up into smaller pieces, like a mound of salty, tangy little pebbles. Heat a large skillet over medium heat. Once it's hot, add a glug (about 1 tbsp) of olive oil and warm it up. Add the pile of garlic/ parsley/capers mix to the pan and cook, stirring, for about 3 minutes. Now carefully add tomatoes, as you don't want them to spatter, and stir to mix it all together. Lower heat to medium/low and simmer sauce for 5-7 minutes. Using a spoon, make a small divot in the sauce for each egg that you're going to cook. Crack them into the sauce. Sprinkle the eggs and sauce with parmesan; cover the sauce and eggs with a lid to help them cook. For dinner, I do two eggs per person. This is when you can toast your bread. If I'm doing more than a couple of slices, I brush each piece with a bit of olive oil on each side and place the bread under a preheated broiler. Watch the bread carefully and flip once to toast each side. The eggs will cook in about 5-7 minutes, depending on how many you're poaching. It takes longer for more eggs. Watch carefully so you don't hard cook them, but the softness of the eggs is up to you. Spoon into bowls and add a bit more cheese and parsley if desired. Serve with the toasted bread. Combined and adapted from:

COMMON CENTS by Viola Van de Ruyt Investment Advisor VandeRuyt Wealth Management Group

A Pet Care Centre That Loves Your Pets as Much as You Do!

SUCCESSFUL RESOLUTIONS: STAYING ON TRACK WITH A WEALTH ADVISOR January 1 is the day many of us will make our annual New Year's Resolutions. Unfortunately, before the month is done, many of these resolutions will have already fallen by the wayside. Having an accountability partner or coach can often help you to stay on track when it comes to goals like regular exercise or eating right. They help you get over those emotional hurdles and tackle the obstacles together. What about if your resolution involves saving for your retirement or ensuring your financial freedom? Are you trying to do it all yourself, or do you have a trusted coach or accountability partner? A good Wealth Advisor can help fill this "coaching" role. Your Advisor is your guide through the complex financial world, helping make sense of it all for your situation. The most important coaching though is in helping you calm the emotional roller coaster that can derail you. This derailment can take the form of overspending, hoarding cash, panic reactions to news reports or hot tip greed. 2022 will bring a new round of forecasts for our economy, and probably lots to worry about, but in reality what will matter more to your future financial success is whether you have someone to guide you through the noise and help you stay on track. If you are one of the rare individuals who truly loves spending their time doing financial research, combined with the discipline and patience to make careful decisions and stick to them when times get tough, then chances are you're not needing to make a New Year's financial resolution and may not need a "coach." If, however, you have decided that 2022 is the year you set a resolution that will have a positive impact on your life, whether it's financial or health related, you'll be much more likely to be successful if you find the right accountability partner or coach for your resolution. There are no rules that say goals must be achieved without getting help. For more information visit Viola Vanderuyt is a Wealth Advisor with National Bank Financial (NBF). National Bank Financial - Wealth Management (NBFWM) is a division of National Bank Financial Inc. (NBF), as well as a trademark owned by National Bank of Canada(NBC) that is used under license by NBF. NBF is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF), and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NBC, a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: NA).

Comfortable, clean & healthy fresh air environment Exercise yards up to one quarter acre Feline “Cuddle Time” • K-9 Playschool course All managerial staff “Certified Kennel Technicians” Recommended by veterinarians • Full grooming services available

A Full Service Pet Care Facility

250-652-2301 2918 Lamont Road, Saanichton • email: Just minutes from Victoria Airport & BC Ferries Terminal

Dr. Brendan Wallace O.D. | Dr Mike Joljart O.D. Dr. Samantha Bourdeau O.D.

#101 - 2376 Bevan Avenue, Sidney 250.655.1122 JANUARY 2022 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 27

I N FA S H I O N by Diane Dixon, Moden Boutique

Spring 2022 Fashion Trends Are you ready? At this time of year, when the weather is cool and the daylight hours are short, it's time to think about transitioning our wardrobes from winter to spring. Lightweight outerwear, denim jackets (Kaffe is one of my favourites), vests – quilted and fabric, and the shacket (Gentle Fawn is a beautiful choice) can easily be paired over your heavy sweaters that have been a staple in your fall/winter wardrobe. The denim jacket has been a closet staple since the 1970s. Considered to be a casual piece, it can be "dressed up" by wearing it

over any more formal attire. Vests are great pieces for layering and they are a big trend for spring. Layer a simple shirt, a lightweight pant and sneakers with your vest and your look becomes chic. You can add multiple layers; a statement blouse, a flared pant with your vest and you have a totally different look. A vest becomes a very versatile piece in your spring wardrobe. The shacket is a cross between a shirt and a jacket and they are fast becoming an outerwear essential. Wear your shacket instead of a blazer, or your denim jacket to bring a very effortless vibe to your look. 28 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | JANUARY 2022

Heavier denims are replaced with cotton pants, chinos (I love Part Two), and joggers. Chinos are as versatile as denims and can be worn casually or dressed up for a semi-formal event or a casual business meeting where dress pants are too dressy. Cotton pants in various colours can also play the same role as the chinos. No longer seeming out of place, joggers are now a "cool and contemporary " item when styled correctly. Choose a jogger that is fitted rather than baggy. Pair them with a blazer, a trendy coat, wear them with high heels. Wide leg and flared trousers will definitely be on the rise throughout 2022. Floral tops and blouses add a beautiful touch of femininity (again – Part Two). Florals are the symbol of freshness and beauty. Floral tees are also popular and very stylish. With a subtle embellishment of a flower on a pocket, or one with the print all over, you'll bring a fresh pop of design and colour into your wardrobe in a simple way. Stripes are one of the first examples of woven textiles and continue to be seen in the fashion industry year over year. They are considered to be a forever staple in every woman's wardrobe. If your taste is classical, eclectic, or feminine these fashion pieces possess that "ultra fresh feeling" women crave. Striped knits – sweaters, tees and polos (I opt for Yaya and Armed Angels) also can create a bit of whimsy and a nautical look. Romantic and feminine silhouettes are carried into the spring collection, as is casual, practical and "smart" casual. Bold colour combinations, as well as shades of yellow – marigold, lemon and daffodil – or rich tones of red and saffron, will definitely add muchneeded spice into your spring wardrobe. Accessorize with colourful handbags, funky sunglasses and fun jewelry and you're all set!

SEASIDE talks with Dominique Alford of Alford Walden Law, about what's


When you want a night out? Dinner at Il Terrazzo or Riva with good friends. On your playlist? The 1975, Bad Company, The Tragically Hip, Fleetwood Mac, James Arthur. On your luxury wish list? Scuba diving in Turks & Caicos. In home décor? Modern, simple and clean. On your Netflix queue? Squid Game, Money Heist, Ozark, Locked Up. When you need more than a clutch? My all-time favourite Louis Vuitton "Totally" purse – it fits everything! When you want to throw fashion out the window and be all about comfort? Yoga pants, a soft sweater and cozy slippers.

When you want to smell irresistible? Philosophy's "Pure Grace." In your bathroom cabinet? Wonder Luxe body oil by Hadaka – it's a miracle product and smells divine! In your makeup bag? Charlotte Tilbury makeup products, six different brands of mascara & lip balm. When it comes to your go-to “uniform?” A pair of Fidelity Jeans and a Gentle Fawn sweater from Moden Boutique. On your skin? The Ordinary by Deciem.

On your bedside table? Untamed by Glennon Doyle, an iPad and lip balm. In your closet? A massive assortment of mixed pieces, including an unusually large number of grey sweaters … my clothes collection fills every single closet in my home. On your feet? I'm a shoe addict with a special affinity for John Fluevog booties! When adding sparkle to your outfit? Diamond stud earrings. In the kitchen? Razor sharp knives and an Anova sous vide immersion cooker – once you try cooking with one you will never go back … you can quote me on that!

Photos by Janis Jean Photography

L I T T L E A DV E N T U R E S by Cassidy Nunn | photo by Nunn Other Photography

Walks With a Toddler "Meow meow?" my 20-month-old daughter asks, pointing earnestly at our neighbour's driveway. It was about six months ago, when our neighbourhood strolls first began, that she saw a cat in that particular driveway. Only once did she see that cat – just once! And yet every day for the past half a year she's checked eagerly to see if it may have returned. She's not too bothered after I tell her "sorry sweetie, no meow meow today." Off we go, onward for a good solid three steps before she stops to point excitedly at a soggy leaf on the ground. She tries to scoop it up, but her hands are too full: she's brought along one of her many stuffed horses for the walk, plus her favourite book, which now is so tattered from its many adventures and read-throughs that you'd be hard pressed to make out the title (but it's horse themed as well, and I feel a small sense of joy that my hopes she'll follow in my horse-loving footsteps are proving true). She moves the stuffed horse to her book-filled hand and expertly squeezes it under her armpit so her right hand is freed up. She picks up the wet leaf and very seriously places it in the red wagon I'm pulling. A random collection of various household objects have come along for this walk: a zucchini from the garden, my husband's baseball cap, an empty pail, a dustpan and a blanket. With her now empty hand, she pats the bushes at the base of another neighbour's drive. They're a bit prickly and she pulls her hand back, searches my face as if to see if she should be concerned, before gently patting them again, experiencing the texture. A seaplane

flies overhead and her arm shoots up to the sky as she throws her head back and points, a wide smile showing off her few small teeth. We do this so often now that on the rare occasions when I'm out without my daughter, I find myself instinctively wanting to point to the sky every time I hear the whirr of a helicopter, so ingrained has the action already become. It's the same when I drive by sheep – if she's not in the vehicle with me, I have to stop myself from exclaiming "sheepies!" out loud. Suddenly, as if she's remembered a very important place she has to be, she bolts toward the next yard – see ya later Mum! She's off to visit the stone statue of a donkey which she insists on feeding (palm flat, just like I've taught her for feeding horses) as she mutters "num, num, num." After we've given the statue its nummies, we say our goodbyes and march on. Some days it takes us close to an hour to walk our block. On others, we don't even make it off our own property or occasionally there's a meltdown mid-walk and we have to turn back. So while the walk is a part of our routine, it's not a guarantee. Having a toddler gives a whole new meaning to the term "stop and smell the roses;" that's exactly what she has taught me to do. I've come to love and look forward to our daily neighbourhood dawdles. It forces me to slow down, observe more intently, to breathe in the fresh air and get outside no matter the weather. We've now met all our neighbours and we're really enjoying our newfound sense of community. JANUARY 2022 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 31

What's Happening Harry Manx

Saturday, January 15

Harry forged his distinctive style by studying at the feet of the masters, first as a sound man in the blues clubs of Toronto during his formative years and then under a rigorous tutelage with Vishwa Mohan Bhatt in India. Bhatt is the inventor of the 20-stringed Mohan Veena, which has become Harry’s signature instrument. Harry played slide guitar for many years before meeting Bhatt in Rajasthan,in fact he had been living in another part of India for many years already, but he started at the beginning under Bhatt’s tutelage, unlearning most of what he knew about playing a slide instrument. He learned Eastern scales and eventually ragas, deceptively complex and regimented musical patterns that form the basis of Indian composition. Learning the voicings of Indian music is a subtle art that comes with time. Harry spent most of twelve years in India learning that. It was later on that Harry decided to explore the connection between Indian ragas and blues scales which eventually led to the Indo-blues hybrid that has become his style. Born on the Isle of Man, Manx immigrated to Ontario with his parents when he was a child. He started working with bands as a ‘roadie’ at age 15 and gradually worked his way up to becoming the regular sound man at the well-known El Mocambo (blues) club in Toronto. There he worked with a slew of blues legends. Harry admits that blues is still at the heart of much of his work. “I’ve always had one foot in the blues from those days … what I got from those artists is a groove. That’s what I’m particularly interested in is the groove, and that’s the way I play blues”. “I went to Europe when I was 20 and started making money as a busker,” recalls Manx. “I’ve worked mostly as a musician since then, though I did some theatre work for a while. I was a one-man band with a drums and a cymbals for a time too. It was really a lot of fun” Manx’s time in India has imbued his music with an intangible spiritual quality. “the song reveals who you are, it’s the vehicle for your message, your inspirational ideas or your story,” explained Manx. “Like many people I’m interested in my own development as a person and that’s represented in my songs, I’m searching for truth through art and spirituality. My songs are a synthesis of everything I’ve absorbed, all my experiences and I share that. I’m glad that it means something to people.”

2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney | 250-656-0275 |

Shaun Majumder Friday, February 18

Shaun Majumder is an actor, writer, comedian, and social entrepreneur from the small town of Burlington, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Shaun moved to Toronto where he trained as an actor and started working with The Second City as an Improviser, and Yuk Yuks as a stand-up. Some of his early credits were working on series in Toronto like CTV’s The City and John Woo’s Once a Thief. Shaun then made the move to Los Angeles where he starred in shows like Cedric The Entertainer Presentson Fox, NBC’s The Firm, and ABC’s critically acclaimed Detroit 187. He was also Kumar’s brother in the first Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Other credits include CTV’s Robson Arms,Less Than Kind, The Ladies Man, TNT’s Breed, CBC’s Hatching, Matching and Dispatching, and Republic of Doyle. Shaun spent 17 years as one of the stars of CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes, leaving the show in 2018. In January 2013, Shaun’s documentary series called Majumder Manor debuted on the W Network in Canada, about his dream to transform his rural hometown of Burlington, Newfoundland into a high end, sustainable tourist destination.

Bif Naked

Saturday, February 19

Bif Naked showcased her life’s journey etched in tattoo ink across her body and with her unique ability to transform her true life stories into song lyrics, she found her voice as a solo artist, started her own record company Her Royal Majesty’s Records and at 23 years of age became a Platinum and Gold Album selling International Recording Artist. Throughout her remarkable career, armed with her unique talent and instantly identifiable look, Bif would captivate the imagination of audiences and media alike, releasing ten albums and 24 videos. She embarked on seemingly endless international tours, several feature films and multiple television roles, only to be struck down with breast cancer at the age of 37, the newly married Bif would discover the passion for advocacy, and a triumphant return to health and what she cherished most of all- her own resilience, strength and her unfaltering relationships with her adopted (dog) children Anastasia the bichonfrise, and Nick Naked her maltese poodle dog. It’s already been a long, winding road... this is Bif Naked’s story so far....

Every Day Offers a

Make Some Real Easy Lifestyle Changes

RealEasy with PGX ®


Meal Replacement Shakes

RealEasy is packed with nutrition and helps balance and regulate blood sugar. These great-tasting shakes are suitable for reduced-calorie diets. With 2.5 g of PGX per serving, you’ll enjoy a lasting feeling of fullness. Delicious RealEasy Meal Replacement shakes can be enjoyed once or twice daily along with one nutritious and complete meal, three tasty snacks, such as berries and nuts or yogurt, and lots of water. The whey shake contains 25 g of protein per serving while the vegan contains 22 g of protein per serving. Available in vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate flavours for the whey shake, and chocolate or vanilla for the vegan, RealEasy Meal Replacement shakes reduce cravings and curb appetite, allowing you to diet without hunger and stay full and satisfied for hours. Filled with vitamins, minerals, protein and the addition of PGX, RealEasy with PGX Meal Replacement shakes make it real easy to regulate blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, and slim down.



Fifth at Bevan

9769 Fifth Street


Victoria 2950 Douglas Street ◆ 250.384.3388 Cook Street Village 343 Cook Street ◆ 250.381.5450

T H E N AT U R A L P AT H by Dr. Marita Schauch, ND Tall Tree Integrated Health Centre

New Year: New Definition of Health What does it mean to be healthy? In my experience, a lot of people are under the misconception that health means you feel amazing all the time. There is a lot of consumerism in health and wellness that has led us to believe that there is some sort of magical treatment, supplement or lifestyle change that will "fix" us and make us healthy forevermore. As we come into the new year, I wanted to start to redefine health in a way that relies less on unattainable perfectionism and encompasses more of the human experience. Healthy people have bad days. You don't need to feel amazing all the time to be healthy. Our bodies go through cycles and seasons; sometimes we just feel lousy and that's OK. It doesn't necessarily point to something that needs to be "fixed." If you're experiencing a problem for longer than a few days, it's definitely a good idea to check in with your healthcare provider but remember that sometimes we just don't feel good, but we are still in excellent health. Getting sick is a part of being healthy. Being healthy also doesn't mean you never get sick. Healthy people can get sick too, and it is part of developing natural immunity and actually making yourself stronger in the long run. Getting sick is an opportunity to evaluate your choices and give your body the reset it needs. Healthy people sometimes make "unhealthy" choices. Being

healthy doesn't mean you're never going to eat another cookie, or you're never going to skip a day at the gym. We may think that to be healthy we need to eat perfectly, exercise every day, always get enough sleep and never miss a meditation. We often keep ourselves from truly enjoying our lives and our good health by setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves and guilting ourselves when we can't meet them. But there are times for discipline, and there are times for uninhibited joy and indulgence; finding that balance is the key. Health is a continuous journey. We are never "done" being healthy. It is an ongoing journey, and what we need to be in our best health changes often. Good health is about being in tune with our body and its needs. Some days you might need more sleep than others; some days you may need to eat more; others you may need to fast. We need to stop approaching health like it's some kind of formula; we are a lot more complex than that. Every moment you have the opportunity to make a choice that leads to better health and wellness. Health is a gift. If we get caught in a spiral of perfectionism, we can forget to actually enjoy the gift of the health we have. Often, it's not until something happens to disrupt our inner balance that we realize how precious it is. There isn't always something to improve; sometimes we just need to stop and be grateful for what is.

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Garlic Three Ways

by Ryan Hayter, Chef/Owner, The Marigold Café photo by Janis Jean Photography

The winter months are my favourite for entertaining. Cured meats, cheeses, dippable and handheld items make for the perfect Appetizer Night shared with good friends. Garlic is often the cornerstone ingredient in this style of fare. A wonderful way to prepare garlic is by peeling it, submerging it in oil, and cooking it slowly; this method brings out garlic’s natural sweetness and is referred to as “Garlic Confit.” Garlic Confit is soft and sweet, and can be used in spreads, aioli, and baked on flatbreads. This method also produces the most delicious byproduct – garlic oil – which can then be used in almost anything! I use it in dressings, marinades, drizzled on soup, and when making crostini (crackers) from day-old baguette. For full recipes visit SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA or email us at NEWS@SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA

GARLIC, SPINACH, & ARTICHOKE DIP (8+ servings) 340g spreadable cream cheese 400ml can drained/ quartered artichoke hearts 20 cloves garlic confit 1/4 cup mayonnaise 1/4 cup sour cream 250g Philadelphia cream cheese (room temp.) 3/4 cup shredded parmesan cheese 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese 1/2 bunch spinach – chopped 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp ground black pepper Your choice of crackers, bread, crostini, and/or tortilla chips for dipping

GARLIC AIOLI & TRUFFLE PARMESAN FRITES (8 servings) Garlic Aioli 1 cup mayonnaise 2 tbsp garlic oil (see garlic confit recipe) 4 cloves garlic confit – finely chopped 1/4 tsp ground black pepper Truffle Parmesan Frites 8 servings frozen French fries 1/4 cup grated parmesan 1 tbsp white truffle oil 1/2 tbsp kosher salt 1 tsp ground black pepper

GARLIC CONFIT, PROSCIUTTO, & PEAR FLATBREAD (8 appetizer servings) Garlic Confit 1 large bulb of garlic (approx. 20 cloves) 1 cup canola or vegetable oil Flatbread 4 - 6 tbsp pesto 10 mini bocconcini 1 bartlett pear 3 strips fine-sliced prosciutto 15 roasted cashews 10 cloves garlic confit 12-15 leaves baby arugula 2 tbsp balsamic reduction 2 store-bought flatbread crusts (or make your own!)

BEHIND THE SCENES by Deborah Rogers | photo byJanis Jean Photography

Carl Joosse & Sean McNeil with their families at the McTavish Academy of Art

Growing Through Creativity:

McTavish Academy of Art 38 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | JANUARY 2022

Years ago the hallways of the McTavish Academy of Art (MAOA) would have echoed with the sounds of children and teachers, and the bell marking out the day. The former elementary school closed in 2008, and sat empty until 2016, when a group of entrepreneurs with a passion for art and community managed to secure the purchase and began to bring their vision of accessible art and creative expression to life. Now we're five years into that vision and the hallways of MAOA are still ringing with the sound of children (after all, there's a preschool and beforeand after-school care onsite). But there's also guitars and ukuleles, and the music of dance classes. Listen closely and you might hear the hushed tones of yoga instruction, or the teacher of a watercolour or acrylics class. What you find behind the doors of MAOA is creativity, in all its forms, and people of all ages. Carl Joosse, one of the founder partners, has spent many years learning about and witnessing the positive effects that the arts have on society.

Working on a scheme that provided musical instruments to at-risk youth, he saw the way that access to music empowered the participants. It provided an outlet, boosted self-esteem and demonstrably led to better outcomes in other areas of the child's life: "You see the change in a person when they have that opportunity to tap into their own creativity." Alongside Sean McNeil (MAOA co-founder), the pair now oversee an organization that works to fill a need in our community. They see themselves as facilitators – opening space and providing support for the arts projects that the community brings to them. They took some risks launching the venture, and the last five years have seen changes, refinements, and let's not forget, a global pandemic. For a business so connected with people and community, being forced to close their doors was devastating – to the people who enjoyed using the space, but also to the finances. How wonderful then to get a chance to look at the machine, and meet the staff, who have managed to keep things afloat. I say machine, because it's due in part to a piece of technology, (along with long, long hours and the absolute desire to keep running), that MAOA has developed a new revenue stream. It saved the day, but also provided a way of taking their philosophy of accessible arts to a Canada-wide audience. Carl calls it "art for the unartistic," but I think that undersells the creativity of the beautiful laser-cut art sets that MAOA is now producing and selling through their website. Each kit starts out as a drawing by the talented Eliska, who then builds a digital model that can be separated into layers. The pieces are cut with a laser cutting machine, and then kits assembled. It could be an orca leaping from the waves, or a Christmas ornament; a treehouse for woodland creatures, or a superhero model. The construction process is the same – each layer is painted, then glued together, making delightful 3D pieces of art. Making and selling art kits wasn't part of the original plan, but it's easy to see how it fits with the ethos. Art is for everyone, and can be experienced in many forms. Sometimes the structure of a kit, or attending a paint party, is the way to take a first step to unlocking creativity and trying new techniques. Alongside classes in watercolours, oils and acrylics are writing workshops, woodturning and photography. There's also dance and gymnastics. Local organizations are using the space too, including the Island Woodturners Guild, the Canadian Art Therapy Federation and Saanich Peninsula Hospital's Long-term Care for their art therapy classes. I've been to several events at MAOA since it opened, and a few classes too. I love the energy that you feel in the building, from the art on the walls to the people in the hallways. It's always bustling and you get a real sense of the way that a small team is pooling resources, and working long hours, to make something special for the community. Sean and Carl both talk about MAOA being a "family affair;" it's true for them, but it includes you too: creating at MAOA makes you part of something bigger.

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Hairskeen is a range of unique hair replacements that combines high technology, aesthetics and naturalness to regain your hair in a simple way and without surgery.

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Your Peninsula Health Network

Andrea Lewi li n ore s Sh


eC o-C

h a ir

Saanich Peninsula Hospital is provided by

Shoreline Doctors

Did you kn o


60% of physician service at

Then, in ale Hen 2020, le y Shoreline Co-Chair COVID arrived in our community. We are proud of the work done by our physicians and clinic staff to “turn on a dime” and move to telehealth to continue providing care to our patients. And even with the challenges of COVID, our doctors remain committed to teaching residents and medical students. D

It has not always been smooth sailing! CRA charitable status was required before Shoreline could approach the Saanich Peninsula Hospital & Healthcare Foundation for funding, and a shortage of funds for both operations and renovations led to a request to the Town of Sidney for a “bridge” loan. Council was supportive and assisted Shoreline with a $190,000 loan. Charitable status was granted in 2017, with support from the Foundation following soon after. Recruitment of physicians began in earnest, and then we discovered how much time and work A group of doctors with their practice it takes to get patients attached to on Bevan Avenue offered their space each physician. to the Society, and renovations began to create a new, larger space into In 2018, we were approached by a which new physicians could be recruited. We are so grateful to them group of physicians in the Brentwood Bay Area, and a second Shoreline and to the physicians we have recruited who are keen to serve both clinic location was found. More renovations followed. community and hospital. Shoreline was created as a non-profit society in 2015, by a group of Saanich Peninsula residents and physicians who were concerned about the shortage of family doctors in both the community and the Saanich Peninsula Hospital. SPH runs on a “rural” model, which means physicians from the community also provide care in the hospital. A shortage of physicians in the community impacts both family medicine and the operations of the hospital.

Shoreline Medical is a

Registered Charity

We’re proud of our achievements Shoreline has grown from 5 original physicians to 25 (11 in the Brentwood Clinic and 14 in Sidney). Our original goal was to attach 10,000 patients to a doctor within 5 years, and we achieved that goal, through a combination of attaching new patients and preventing patients of retiring doctors (six doctors in total) from losing their doctor. Our total patient roster is now close to 17,000 people, which represents over 40% of the population of the Saanich Peninsula and more than 26% of the catchment area of the Saanich Peninsula Hospital! Once a week Youth Clinic in Sidney providing confidential support to youth age 12-24. Integration of other team members, including 2 RNs,

1 LPN, clinical pharmacists and other allied healthcare workers.

There is still much work to do We are keenly aware that physician retirements are still happening, and many physicians are not choosing family medicine, as they pursue other options with better work-life balance. As a result, the number of people without a family doctor has not dropped much since we started. Everyone at Shoreline is both concerned and a bit frustrated about the difficulty of solving this problem, but we remain committed to our original goal: that every person on the Saanich Peninsula will have a family physician. As a charity and community-driven group, our goal is to serve everyone who lives here to the best of our ability and funding. Please know how committed we all are to helping our community get the physician care we all need and deserve.

What's Happened to the Walk-in? Shoreline runs the ONLY walk-in clinic on the peninsula, and with 10,000 residents without a doctor, it’s very busy. Since the start of the pandemic, you MUST phone in, not walk in. We know this is a challenge, but we also know the importance of this service. We are working to adapt as fast as we can, please be patient, and kind to our staff.

Wishing you very good health, Dale Henley and Dr. Andrea Lewis Co-Chairs, Board of Shoreline Medical Society

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ARTS SCENE by Jo Barnes | photo by Amanda Cribdon Photography

M.A.C. Farrant:

Life Becomes Literature

Childhood can shape

let's celebrate

being together this year

we’re excited to host you this holiday season. JOIN US & CELEBRATE BEING TOGETHER AGAIN WITH YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILIES & COWORKERS, at the Pier.


all of us. For this local writer, it not only shaped who she is, but it has also impacted the subject and style of what she composes on the page. M.A.C. (Marion) Farrant, an award-winning North Saanich author, draws from the experiences of her upbringing to create works that are personal, accessible and infused with humour. "I was part a large extended family," shares Marion. "I was raised with opportunities for creative expression and humour." From a very young age, Marion was raised by her aunt and uncle. Opportunities to be creative were available and valued in the household. "My interest in being creative goes back to childhood. I took dancing lessons and would put on musicals with children from the neighborhood," says Marion. "Creative expression was important." Her upbringing eventually served as the impetus for writing. Her memoir, My Turquoise Years, set in 1960, is about a 13-year-old who is raised by an aunt and has grown up hearing all about her errant globetrotting mother. Just as the protagonist is coming of age, her mother suddenly declares she will be visiting, news that throws a major curveball for everyone. "The story reflects six weeks of my life when I was 13, and my outrageous mom came to visit," comments Marion. The book garnered positive reviews from readers, many of whom felt a connection with the words on the page. "People often said 'that's my childhood!'" says Marion. "People appreciate the off-the-wall humour."

Marion adapted My Turquoise Years for the stage, and it premiered in 2013 at the Vancouver Arts Club Theatre. "The play honoured those who raised me," she notes. "It was a celebration of resilience." Literature has always had great appeal for Marion. "In high school, I was ignited by what I was reading," she shares. "I could write good essays. That was rewarding." After graduation, Marion studied Modern American poetry at Simon Fraser University. Subsequently, she travelled in Europe and then enrolled at UVic where she completed sufficient courses to become an accredited B.C. Registered Social Worker. She worked finally at Seven Oaks Children's Centre. The need to be creative and to engage in literary expression kept beckoning to Marion, and in 1985, she left the social work field. The years to follow brought other life changes. A son and daughter were born. The days were busy, but Marion pursued her love of the written word. She balanced daily writing with other household demands. "I wrote on my own. I would write at the kitchen counter," she recalls. "I wanted to be a serious literary writer." After sending out a number of her stories to magazines, Marion began to submit her work to potential publishers. Eventually, she received encouragement, and in 1991, her collection of stories Sick Pigeon was published by Thistledown Press. Writing is a solitary activity, often requiring the writer to press beyond self-doubt and creative blocks. For Marion, however, it is well worth the effort and brings a lot of satisfaction. "There is nothing like the exhilaration I experience creating something that has a life of its own," she shares. "Writing; I love the thrill and joy of it!" Her writing has gained attention over the years. Her novel The Strange Truth About Us was awarded a Best Book of 2012 by The Globe & Mail, and in 2014, her work The World Afloat won the City of Victoria Butler Book prize. In 2019, Marion had just begun a memoir entitled One Good Thing. With the arrival of the pandemic, the book became a helpful project for her. "All through the pandemic, it was a godsend and gave me focus," says Marion. One Good Thing, a B.C. bestseller now for 11 weeks, is a memoirbased reflection of living through our current times using the theme of the business of gardening. "It's about calm abidance in the chaos of the world and how to live through the pandemic," relates Marion. "It's about where you are in the present moment and how to cherish each day." She is currently working on what will be her 18th book. It will be in the same tone as One Good Thing but will highlight jigsaw puzzles this time around. Readers can look forward to the same humorous style and Marion's flair for revealing the absurdity of life. The natural ability to poke fun at life's situations and translate that into words is rewarding for Marion. "Writing: it's both a gift to receive and also to give away to others," says Marion. "I hope readers connect with it." Life can pull the rug out from under us. But instead of staying down on the floor, Marion got up and used her experience to reach out to entertain and inspire others.

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donor match pledge.

A long-time resident of the Saanich Peninsula, and their family, feel so strongly about our X-ray machine campaign that they’ve offered a generous donor match pledge. They’re challenging the community to donate to our Picture Perfect campaign and will match donations, dollar for dollar, up to a value of $700,000.

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Life at Amica Beechwood Village is once again its wonderful, normal self. Take walks in the private gardens. Enjoy extraordinary cuisine, anytime. Catch up with loved ones, face-to-face. Experience exceptional Assisted Living care and support in a premium residence with safe social connections that make life easier, and better, for everyone. Right now.

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SCREEN SCENE by Tabatha Golat

keeping all your precious toes warm this winter!

THE GRAND SEDUCTION: QUIET LAUGHS AND CHARM These long dark days of winter are perfect for a quiet night in, snuggled under the blankets with an entertaining film to pass the time. As an avid film fan and independent filmmaker, I love any excuse to stay in and watch a movie – or better yet take a trip to the local theatre. Between Covid restrictions and rainy days indoors, I'd imagine most of us have watched our fair share of pop culture hits. If you're looking for something a bit different this month – with the added bonus of Canadian content – check out The Grand Seduction. The Grand Seduction, 2012, (streaming on Netflix) is a Canadian comedy directed by Don McKellar. While the name suggests something a bit more taboo, this charming film is anything but. Set in the (fictional) dying fishing town of Tickle Head, the townspeople scheme to entice a big city doctor into becoming a full-time physician to secure a lucrative business contract that will reignite the town's economy. As the unofficial leader of the plot to charm Dr. Paul Lewis (Taylor Kitsch) into throwing away his bigcity career for a quiet life in Tickle Head, resident Murray French (played impeccably by Brendon Gleeson) concocts an elaborate plan to convince the newly-arrived doctor to stay, which involves the townspeople playing a fake cricket match (the Dr.'s favourite sport), tapping the doctor's phone, and a lucky fishing trip. Full of quiet laughs and charming moments, this film is great for the entire family. Shot in Newfoundland, the scenery alone is worth the watch (as long as you're able to look past the grey skies and dismal weather portrayed in the film). Fun fact: The Grand Seduction is a remake of the awardwinning 2003 French-Canadian film La Grand Seduction. The film went through many different production iterations, changing directors and producers until the original film's writer Ken Scott and director Don McKellar formed an alliance and began production. At one point in 2011, Robin Williams was even set to star in the film; however, due to scheduling conflicts it was recast. Looking for current hits to watch? Check out the new Amazon show The Wheel of Time. This fantasy series is an adaptation of a long line of novels (14 to be exact) from the early 1990s. If you're a fan of Game of Thrones but want something a bit less gruesome, this is a good bet. Also on my list: Don't Look Up, Netflix The Morning Show, Apple TV The Power of The Dog, Netflix Licorice Pizza, in theatres

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N E W & N OT E WO R T H Y by Paula Kully

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A DAY AT THE MUSEUM A Well Deserved Honour Sidney's own, Commander (Retired) Peter Godwin Chance, was rightfully honoured on November 24, the occasion of his 101st birthday, when he cut the ribbon to officially open the Peter Goodwin Chance Battle of the Atlantic exhibit at CFB Esquimalt's Naval and Military Museum. Peter is the last surviving naval officer of the hard-fought battle that raged from 1939 to 1945 during WWII. He dedicated more than 30 years of his life to the Royal Canadian Navy, including serving aboard HMCS Skeena during the Second World War.

Pages From the Past The first phase of the Sidney Museum and Archives' digitization project of the Peninsula News Review is complete! An incredible database and walk through time have been created that includes approximately 3,800 issues from 1912 to 2002 that were stored on microfilm. Phase 2, which is expected to begin


in 2023, will fill in the gaps by digitizing printed issues. The database can be accessed through the Museum's website: www.

FROM THE BOOKSHELF Sister City's Bookish Mayors Two-term City Councillor, Matt Miller is the new Mayor of Anacortes Washington; Sidney's closest Sister City. Matt and his family have lived in Anacortes since the late 1990s. He is a decorated Naval Flight Officer with 22 years of active service. He also has something in common with our own Mayor – he and his wife owned the children's book store – Toy Stories – in Anacortes for 14 years.

Fun Fights Fear – Literally Rotary Club of Sidney by the Sea has partnered with local author Stephanie Staples to raise funds for literacy initiatives like 1000X5 Children's Book Project. Stephanie wrote the book Noah and the Try-creatops to help her young grandson overcome

his fears. The book is accompanied by a delightful video edited by Kostya Tyoschin, a song produced by Gentil Misigaro, and illustrations by Duane M. Abel who also illustrated the book. The video can be viewed at and copies of the book are available at Tanner's Books, Holmes Realty, Coastal Heat Pumps, Peninsula News Review, Brentwood Bay Village Emporium and Beacon Law in Sidney and Brewood Bay. All proceeds go towards children's literacy.

fully vaccinated as per Canadian federal government policies.


A-List Shopping at Aveune B

Banking on it Sidney resident James Haley-Browning has returned to his position of branch manager of the Sidney TD. James is happy to be back in the community he lives in and is looking forward to reinvigorating TD into our neighbourhood. He intends to have TD reconnect with the community and make the bank's presence known through local events and other initiatives.

NEW IN TOWN Creative Beauty A new beauty shop recently opened in Sidney at 9713A Second Street. Lovely Canvas is a female-owned private studio, specializing in elegant fine line tattooing and customized brow services including nano blading, brow tinting and laminating. In December, Jennifer Etherington opened Avenue B Home Decor at 2417 Beacon Avenue in Sidney. Jennifer's lovely shop is filled with gift ideas for any occasion throughout the year. You will also find unique home décor, paintings, and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces for your home


Taking to the Skies

The Next Decade is in Good Hands

The Victoria International Airport has welcomed Alaska Airlines back to YYJ. There have been no international flights at the Airport for 21 months due to the Covid pandemic but finally, on November 30, the skies were reopened to international air travel. Alaska Airlines resumed its daily service between Seattle and Victoria. Of course, travellers must have Covid testing and be

The Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea recently held its Annual General Meeting where the new Strategic Plan for 2022 to 2032 was rolled out, and four new members were elected to the board. All four are currently members of the society and will serve a two-year term. Congratulations and thanks to Lesley Wood, Lorraine Patterson, Taylor Reidlinger and Brian Liversedge.

Introducing Joyful Aging An Energetic Approach to Life Coaching at Anam Cara Skin & Soul Sanctuary

Having practised the Art of Esthetics for 20+ years, I have experience with “one on one’’ sacred listening. It only feels natural to have been certified as a Life Coach that uses intuition, energy and heart! I am offering a very unique form of coaching that will support all of your transitions in life. Are you aware that your emotions, thoughts and beliefs affect your soul’s path? They do, and this energetic and mindful approach will support you to discover YOUR very own Divine wisdom! My intention is for you to meet your goals with open mindedness and curiosity. Let’s face it: getting older has its concerns no matter what stage we are in. We are living in times of great change and uncertainty; this causes many people to search for more meaning in life. If you are ready to live more compassionately, integrally, purposefully and JOYFULLY this is for you! Isn’t it time for you to discover that you have the power and insight to live in a way that is truly relevant for you today? Make this your year to rediscover your ageless joy! Call me for a FREE Clarity Chat!

These sessions … Will. Change. Your. Life.

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You are investing in your community by supporting its unique businesses. Appreciate what makes our neighbourhoods different. Our one-of-a-kind shops and services are an inherent part of the distinctive character of our Saanich Peninsula neighbourhoods; that is what brought us here and will keep us here. Stay local and stay connected to the merchants in your community. By supporting them today, you are investing in a unique and sustainable future for the Saanich Peninsula community.

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DCC Cabinets Get ready for a great year. Start things off on the right foot, as you set foot in your "New Year, New Kitchen!" Deep Cove Customs has all your cabinetry needs covered, whether it's new laundry room cabinets, or turning a boring old bathroom into a "throne" room fit for a king. We're a full-service cabinetry and millwork manufacturing, distributing, and installation company servicing lower Vancouver Island as well as the Gulf Islands. We provide quality custom cabinetry for all applications, whether it be kitchens, vanities, closets, built ins or millwork packages. We strive to provide excellent service from start to finish on all projects. With a showroom at 2071 Malaview Avenue in Sidney, open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., we're available for our clients to answer any questions they might have. If you are in the market for a work desk, new kitchen, or have any cabinetry needs planned for your new year, stop by our showroom to view options with our staff. We have no-charge consultations, free estimates, and all design aspects for your job are at no charge when you become one of our clients. Contact us at and

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When you don't sleep well,it is often easy to assume that it can't be a problem with the mattress because it's relatively new and was expensive. Don't make that mistake. Come and see us to

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Seaside Cabinetry & Design is a boutiquestyle cabinet showroom located in downtown Sidney. Custom Design, Merit Cabinetry, Lifetime Warranty. We have hundreds of styles and colours to choose from. Showroom Open by Appointment

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We are locally owned and passionate about supporting our local growers, economy and the environment. We are open seven days a week and deliver from Sidney to Sooke and some of the Gulf Islands


Garage Cycle Spin Studio Garage Cycle is a boutique spin studio providing an exhilarating cardio workout inspired by outdoor biking. With small class size, ambient lighting and uplifting music, Cyclers are sure to enjoy a personalized and inspiring ride. 778.873.7881

DCC Cabinets

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Local, affordable custom cabinets … right here on the Saanich Peninsula! We offer a full-service shop, from design and manufacturing through to the installation of our exceptional product. 250.412.3472 2071 Malaview Ave, Sidney (call for appt.)

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Unique, quality furniture for every room in your home. With the option to customize, you have freedom when choosing that perfect piece. #202 - 9768 Fifth St, Sidney 250.655.7467 (SHOP)

Garage Cycle Spin Studio Newly relaunched and located in a new studio on the Peninsula, Garage Cycle is a boutique spin studio providing an exhilarating cardio workout inspired by outdoor biking. With small class size, specialized LED lighting giving you that nightclub vibe and uplifting music, indoor cyclists are guaranteed to enjoy a personalized and inspiring ride. Both Shaye and Raina have over 10 years of indoor cycling experience and focus their efforts in tailoring their classes for any level, beginner to expert. Offering 30 minute express, 50 minute signature, and now 60 minute advanced classes, participants will be taken through a thrilling and empowering cardio journey – cycling through various types of terrain from climbing hills and steep mountains to flat road intervals, finishing off with a sprint to the finish line! Garage Cycle allows you the time to drown out a noisy and chaotic world and focus on a great workout letting those feel good endorphins flow!! Located at 9298 Rideau Ave, North Saanich. Class Schedule: • Monday 10 a.m. & 6:30 p.m. • Tuesday 12 p.m. & 5:30 p.m. • Wednesday 6 p.m. • Thursday 12 p.m. & 5:30 p.m. • Friday 10 a.m. & 6:30 p.m. • Saturday & Sunday 9 a.m.

M E E T YO U R N E I G H B O U R S by Anne Miller | photo by Amanda Cribdon Photography

John Pollock:

The Itinerant Vet I recall when my younger sister was born at home, over 50 years ago, delivered by our rural family doctor. By coming to our home, Dr. White could witness our situation, with excited siblings around, my aunt's capable assistance, the spotless kitchen and my father's need to return to work the next day. By assessing things as a whole, he could feel confident that my mother was calm and the baby would be well cared for. House calls today are rare. At least, for most families. If your family includes an animal, however, and you live on the Saanich Peninsula, you're fortunate. I recently met a veterinarian whose new business is established on a model of house calls for pets, small ruminants and poultry. Dr. John Pollock is new to Canada and the west and learned that, while most


area vets offer euthanasia at home, he may be the only veterinarian to offer this unique, comprehensive service. He presents compelling reasons for doing so. As an ambulatory veterinarian, John addresses some of the major needs that animal caregivers face. He notes, for instance, that many seniors, whose pets need care, are limited by lack of transportation or by living in apartments or community homes. John travels to them instead of having them trek to a vet's office. He also visits those whose dogs or cats present challenges to vet office visits due to an animal's fears or aggression or simply the difficulty in getting larger, older pets into cars and carriers. John averts such ordeals by creating a relaxed environment rather than one of turmoil. Notably, because of the challenges and restrictions that Covid presents, pet owners cannot always accompany their pets on veterinarian visits. People greatly appreciate an at-home visit which allows owners to be present with their pets, interact with the doctor and minimize risks of exposure to Covid. Nonetheless, Dr. Pollock takes any Covid-related precautions required. There is another important aspect of this model of care. By making house calls, John can take a holistic view of a situation within its context. In this way, he can see the obvious connections among the factors influencing the animal's health issues and thus, he will address the presenting problem along with providing advice, other resources and complementary care as needed. Finally, by recognizing this pet as a member of your family, John observes people's appreciation as he cares for these loved animals in their home environments, especially valued during an at-home euthanasia. Faced with the inevitable reality of a pet's death, both family and pet benefit from John's care. This relaxed, family experience allows ample time, tears and support in dealing with this loss. Domestic pets aren't the only animals under John's care. He is the only vet living on the Peninsula who makes house calls for issues dealing with sheep, goats and llamas and he is willing to care for exotic animals like pot-bellied pigs. Gradually, John is noticing a growing unmet need with backyard poultry. Increasingly, it seems, people want to raise their own chickens for eggs yet many are not sure about all that's involved. That's where John's faith in continuing education kicks in. He informs and teaches. Having been a clinical teacher of veterinary students for 16 years, John will do an on-site, overall assessment of the situation, diagnose problems and offer consultations on how to treat the issues, parasites being one of the greatest threats. Better yet, John encourages a brief consultation with him so that would-be poultry farmers get started on the right foot. John gains great personal satisfaction from meeting people in their own environments. Meeting people in their homes and on their land, and observing them with their animals, gives him muchneeded information upon which to offer solutions to their animal problems. As a bonus, he gets to make acquaintances with likeminded people and spend his days outdoors. He feels this is where he belongs. Find out more about Anne Miller, personal historian, at or get in touch with her via email:

Holmes Realty is proud to present our newest Realtor,

Christina James A career in Real Estate has been a long-term goal for Christina. Born and raised in Beautiful Victoria, Christina loves living on the stunning Saanich Peninsula of Vancouver Island. She has had a career in sales and customer service since 1990 with locally owned and operated companies and has over 10 years of interior design and home staging experience. She has a passion for helping people and giving back to the community. In her spare time Christina enjoys spending time with family and friends, practicing yoga, swimming, kayaking, and hiking. Perhaps you are planning to start a family here or coming to retire, or just want to experience the island life? Whatever the case may be Christina can help you find a home in a neighbourhood that suits your needs and make the transition as easy as possible.



Your Best Friend Deserves the Best in 2022!




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We wish you all good health and happiness for this year!

Focus Hair Design:

Ringing in the New Year This is part of a rotating series of articles about some of the Saanich Peninsula's unique shops and services. Here we are in 2022, a time for new beginnings and the celebration of a fresh start after a difficult couple of years. At Focus Hair Design, they're ready to help you turn over a new leaf with a talented team of stylists. I thought I'd share a peek behind the scenes so you can get to know their dedicated staff. Ella is the amazing receptionist, who moved here last year from Quadra Island where she grew up. She really enjoys meeting Focus Hair Design clients and getting to know them. In her spare time, she loves to read and write in her journal. Shiori was a stylist in Japan, but she left to find adventure and arrived in Victoria in 2018. She loves to cook and do yoga – although not at the same time! – and is now enjoying the adventure of reading novels in English. Brigitte was born and raised in Victoria and has been hairdressing for almost 40 years. When not creating magic with her scissors, she loves to crochet toques and slippers. She also likes spending time with her husband Curtis and their cats Hazel and Parker. Alyssa moved to the Island from Ontario and loves spending time by the ocean. She also loves spending quality time with her boyfriend and her cats, Oliver and Doris. Annabelle was born and raised on Vancouver Island, and loves to play guitar and compose songs. She is enjoying adapting to a minimalistic lifestyle with her boyfriend in a tiny home in Deep Cove. Mark has been called many things over the past 42 years, from Follicle Engineer to Splicer Protein Technologist – there are even some who know him affectionately as "The Butcher." He has loved not only his job but the amazing staff, the unending list of faithful clients who have been loyal to him for three decades, and the bonds of friendship that have morphed from working with familial generations. Mark continues to aspire to be a "cut" above and he is grateful for ongoing support throughout these unusual times. As owner of Focus Hair Design, Clare loves being in such a creative profession and finds creative outlets in her spare time as well – from performing with the Peninsula Players, to writing poetry, sketching, or her latest adventure of aerial acrobatic classes at the Langford Circus School. It is important for Clare to feel connected to nature, whether she's out on the ocean on her paddleboard, or ensuring ecofriendly products for her Green Circle certified salon. The team at Focus Hair Design looks forward to seeing you soon! by Jesse Holth

Great Team Monthly Promos Certified Green Circle Salon Mondays - by appointment only • Tues - Sat 9-5 • Closed Sundays 102-2557 Beacon Avenue, Sidney • 250.656.8122

Open 7 Days a Week Eat in-house, outdoors on our patio, or take-away. 7900 Lochside Dr Saanichton, BC (Mt. Newton Cross Rd Exit) themarigoldcafevictoria | | 250-544-6359

Thank You to everyone for taking our Covid journey seriously and Thank You for your support! Welcome, Be Smart About Being Healthy and Safe

Yes we can help you with upholstery blackout blinds & draperies for your bedroom or for your WHOLE strata Draperies


& Upholstery

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Lounge in luxury with our newest collection from Part Two. Shop our new arrivals in-store and online now. 2418 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.655.0774 | @boutiquemoden

Peninsula Flavour:


Happy New Year!

$10 – Burger & Fries or 1 lb Wings after 8pm (Sun-Thurs)

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THE GOLDEN YEARS by Sherrin Griffin VP, Operations, Sidney SeniorCare

Seniors Wrote the Book on Gratitude One of my New Year's resolutions this year is to practice more gratitude. The art of gratitude has become a growing trend, and as much as I am not fond of trends for their often brief nature, this one I am definitely onboard with. It is easy to become overwhelmed with all that is going on in the world. The practise of gratitude helps to keep us grounded and appreciative of the cornerstones of life – family, friends, a roof over our head, food on the table … . I can't tell you how many times I've subjected my poor parents to my anxiety-ridden musings about the "sorry state of the world." My mother smiles at my drama patiently, and talks me "off the ledge" with her soothing, calm words of wisdom. I wonder how she keeps it all together so well. It's obvious now that she, for one, definitely understands the importance of practicing gratitude, and has been doing it for years along with her other senior counterparts. Even the horrific nature of this pandemic has not broken the steely reserve of our seniors. No matter how dire the situation, they have held themselves with grace and dignity while the rest of us have been moping around in our jammies, eating too many pints of Ben & Jerry's and drinking too much shiraz while we commiserate with our peers about a few gray hairs and a few extra pounds. Seniors are the ones who have grounded us, kept us sane and given us much-needed perspective that "this too shall pass." They have epitomized grace under pressure, and there is much we can learn from them about how to cope with the challenges and stress that life throws our way. Over the last 22 months, while the rest of us have battled frayed nerves and emotional exhaustion, studies have shown that seniors were less likely to experience pandemic-related anxiety, depression or stress. "Why?" you ask. Well, it seems that seniors have a few things up their sleeves: • Seniors have a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and valuable coping mechanisms, accrued over many decades of life experience. • Dealing with multiple life challenges over the years develops resilience. Seniors are often

stronger mentally and emotionally, due to years of conditioning. • Seniors' greater experience level and built-up tolerance helps them to adapt better in the face of adversity, trauma or stress. • Seniors are often more likely to be positive when confronted with an adverse event, with confidence that they can get through it because of all the other difficult situations they've gotten through over the years. • Seniors accept that change is a part of life, even seemingly catastrophic change, and they are able to acknowledge the challenges presented by change without losing their perspective on the "big picture." While many still view seniors as the more fragile age group, and although they may be

more vulnerable physically, this pandemic has shown us that when it comes to mental and emotional health, seniors are survivors who know how to thrive in even the most challenging of circumstances. This New Year, let's resolve to deepen our connections with seniors, whether they be our parents, grandparents, friends of the family or the seniors that we see at the local grocery store or neighbourhood dog park. This is the year to build stronger bonds by engaging, connecting and sharing with older adults on a more regular basis. Seniors have so much to teach us about gratitude, resilience and inner strength; qualities that will help us to not only get through the next year, but to thrive and come out victorious.

We are a boutique style Mattress and Bed store. Our goal is to provide a good selection of excellent beds and mattresses for all your needs in a pleasant environment in the absence of pressure, sales gimmicks and ridiculous markups. We want the experience to leave you comfortable and smiling! Our pricing is fair and includes free local delivery. We also remove and dispose of your old items. We feature Restwell’s Back Supporter series. These are made in Surrey BC, provide incredible support and comfort, are affordably priced and are built to last. Many of us are moving to smaller spaces. Sidney Mattress & More handles Small Space Solutions including Trundle Beds, Chest Beds and Murphy Beds. If you’d like to dress up your space, we handle upholstered and wood bed frames and headboards. Need pillows, sheets or mattress protectors? We have those too! Please come and see us and

Introducing our new Assistant Manager, Lily!

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LIVING OFF THE LAND by Jo Barnes | photos by Janis Jean Photography

Saanichton Farm:

Rooted in Resilience

To the casual observer, farming seems to be all about routine: feed the livestock, water the crops, fertilize the soil and repeat each season. However, successful farmers embrace the reality that there is no such thing as routine. Bryce Rashleigh, of Saanichton Farm situated off Stelly's Cross Road, is a third-generation farmer who has learned the value of adapting to whatever conditions come your way. "The only thing constant is change," shares Bryce. "I got to live my dream in agriculture, and I enjoy the challenge of adapting to change." As someone who comes from a long line of farmers, Bryce is well versed in caring for crops, livestock and the land. "Farming, it's always been in me," he says. As well as growing hard red spring wheat, malting barley and haylage, milling grain, and raising chickens and turkeys, Saanichton Farm manages and provides assistance to numerous other farms. "We are a hub," says Bryce. "We help and work 90 properties, a total of 1,000 acres, from Deep Cove to Blenkinsop Valley." With such a large number of farms to serve, there is always plenty of work to be done. Bryce has a number of workers and strives to both support the Canadian market and individual employees working for him. "We have always done it with Canadian labour and paid a living wage," he notes. 56 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | JANUARY 2022

Like many farmers, Bryce faced some real challenges with the arrival of the pandemic. There was a sharp decline in local markets. It hit two of his prime customers especially hard: the horse-drawn carriage tourist industry and the Island dairy and beef producers. This resulted in Bryce having a surplus of hay and no customers. "During Covid, we had 5,600 round hay bales here," he says. "We needed to sell this hay. We almost came to the end of it all." The solution had its roots in the fact that Saanichton Farm has always been firmly integrated into the farming community. Adding to the pandemic situation, summer brought drought and fires to western Canadian farmers. In response, Bryce has been transporting haylage to impacted farms so that they can feed their livestock and maintain their operations. "We shipped 29 semi-truck loads throughout B.C. and to the Alberta/Saskatchewan border," says Bryce. Media stories through CBC, CTV and Times Colonist began to prompt action from others. A local company, FAS Fuels, provided fuel, and Penta Transport Ltd. assisted with freight costs. Customers and Vancouver Island residents also extended a hand in the form of personal donations. "People from all over donated money for freight costs," remarks Bryce. "One lady came to buy eggs. She donated money, saying 'it's for the cows.'"

Let us take you closer to the authentic beauty of Antarctica

More recently, the record flooding in B.C. prompted new challenges to this outreach. Bryce and his team travelled up through the B.C. Interior and made their way to Alberta where they delivered hay bales to stricken farms. The return trip brought a variety of road hazards including snow and eventually impassable road conditions due to flooding. "We eventually made it back to Kelowna. We had to leave our trucks there due to flooding on the highway," shares Bryce. "We locked them in a friend's compound. We knew we needed to get home." While stressful and challenging, Bryce did the trip because, for him, it is all about connecting with fellow farmers, meeting needs, and strengthening the farming community. "We need to be Canadians helping Canadians," he says. "We are in this together." Recently, the farm was recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and awarded the Century Farm Award. It represents over 100 years of continuous farming at four farm locations. His grandfather John Stanley Rashleigh farmed 16 acres in the Coombs-Hillier area in 1919 and, with his wife Elizabeth, operated the farm there until 1928. They bought a larger property near Qualicum Beach and operated a mixed farm including dairy. Subsequently in 1936 they moved the farm to a new location at the corner of East Saanich and Mount Newton Cross Road. It was home to three generations of the family until 2006 when it was purchased by the Thomson family. From the proceeds, Bryce and his wife Jill bought their current farm which now stands only a mile from the original farm. "We are living in a beautiful part of the world and in the land of plenty," shares Bryce. "It is a privilege to farm land, and it keeps us going." For over 100 years, the Rashleigh family have been stewards of the land. Bryce's grandfather; his father; and now Bryce, his wife Jill, and his family have taken on the challenges of cultivation, crop marketing, and now, more than ever, climate change. A love of agriculture and a commitment to community; these will always be routine for these farmers.

Bucket List Destinations, Unbeatable Prices Book by January 31, 2022 and save up to $3,900 on select voyages. TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU 105-2423 Beacon Ave, Sidney | 250.999.9800 1889 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria | 250.595.1161 BC Reg. 75524/63139

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o ed pricise r a l d regeurchan m

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Peter Dolezal

Fixed Income – Bonds vs. Preferred Shares Peter Dolezal is a semi-retired Sidney resident. He offers INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL CONSULTING SERVICES to individuals, couples and companies. To date, he has assisted more than 275 clients across Canada, principally in Greater Victoria and the Lower Mainland. No Financial Products to Sell Leads to Truly Independent Advice.


Peter’s Winter Seminar: “Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement” Wednesdays, 10:30 – Noon February 2, 9 and 16 Contact Panorama Rec Centre at 250.656.7271

Author of

The Smart Canadian WealthBuilder

(Third Edition) Included in the curriculum of several Canadian Colleges.

For whatever portion of a Portfolio an investor deems an appropriate allocation to Fixed Income, Bonds and Preferred Shares are useful holdings – both well worth considering. As always, in terms of diversification, multiple holdings are much safer, whether considering Bonds or Preferred Shares. ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) are suggested as the most economical vehicle for achieving diversification. Preferred Shares are considered Fixed Income because the dividends they pay are not only extremely safe, but also paid at a much higher rate than dividends of the same company’s Common Shares. Preferred dividends must be paid in full, before dividends can be paid to common shareholders. Despite being considered Fixed Income, Preferred Shares are however still investments in the underlying corporations. In a major Equity market correction, they too will decline in value, although not nearly as severely as Common Shares. Therefore, an investor cannot look to Preferred Shares as a means of hedging against equity corrections. Particularly worth considering today are Rate-Reset Preferred Shares. Unlike Bonds, the capital value of rate-reset holdings tends to move in the direction of interest rates. Hence, with current longer-term rates definitely on an upward trajectory, rate-resets may be a worthwhile inclusion in today’s Portfolios. Bonds, on the other hand, move in the opposite direction of interest rates. With rates on an

upswing, downward pressure is exerted on Bond values. The longer the term to maturity, the greater the downward pressure. While this does not disqualify Bond holdings from a Portfolio, it is safer to choose those with very short-term maturities, to minimize downward pressure on value as rates rise. Bonds in a Portfolio remain very important during periods of Equity correction. Shorter-term Bonds tend to hold steady, and may even increase in value, as Central Banks reduce interest rates to stimulate economic recovery. The obvious question: How to allocate Bonds vs Preferred Share holdings in a Portfolio? A useful option may be to allocate 50% of the Fixed Income holding to each. In doing so, the investor receives a steady, high dividend yield on the Preferred holding, with the added potential of a capital value increase if rates rise. On the other hand, although the income stream will be much lower, the Bond holding will hold a relatively stable value regardless of Equity market declines. The main value of Bonds lies in the ability of an investor to access them as the sole source of needed withdrawals during a major Equity market downturn. Bonds are a safety net ensuring, during a market downturn, that the investor will not need to sell Equity holdings in order to meet withdrawal requirements. With equal buckets of Rate-Reset Preferred Shares and Short-Term Bonds, the investor will be well-positioned to minimize the negative effects of either interest rate increases, or Equity Market corrections. A strategy worth considering.

For personal financial consulting services, contact or visit for Client Testimonials and more

Panorama Recreation:

Swinging and Smiling into a New Year by Jo Barnes

It's a new year! Hang up a bad habit.

Hang on to good friends. Or just hang … from the end of a bungee cord! There are a variety of new programs being offered in 2022 through Panorama Recreation including a novel way to exercise called Bungee Fitness. You're tethered to an elastic bungee cord which is attached behind your back to a harness and a specialized shackle called a carabiner. Quickly gaining popularity, this exercise option is great for aerobic movement, toning and strengthening, but without the high impact on the body. Come join the fun! Classes begin January 11. Love to cycle? How about a spin in the water! AquaSpin begins on January 13. You'll ride a Hydrorider Aquabike and enjoy a high intensity cardio workout with low impact on the back and joints. Bring your swim wear, water shoes and your enthusiasm! Get into gluten-free baking on January 27 in the Gluten-Free Sourdough class! You'll learn the basics of making a gluten-free sourdough starter, methods to make healthy homemade bread, and information about the best flours for gluten-free baking. Starting January 17, Intermediate Bridge provides an opportunity for players to advance their bridge game. The class will cover bidding as well as declarer play and defense. Check out details on both adult and youth programs on the website:

Do you have budding tennis enthusiasts in your household? Endorsed by Tennis Canada, Progressive Tennis, starting on January 13, teaches the game in a fun, interactive way. Red Ball classes (ages seven to eight) focus on the skills of rally and serve; Orange Ball (ages nine to 10) progresses from the basics to cover racquet skills and stroke technique. Keen to draw or paint? Children's Fine Art (ages nine to 12) beginning January 12 introduces young people to drawing, painting and sculpture. Participants' art will be on display at Greenglade Community Centre. Starting January 9, using Lego Wedo 2.0 kits software, kids aged six to nine can take their building skills to the next level in Lego Robotics. They'll explore the basics of engineering and learn about gears, motors, and sensors. 2D Video Game Design, Level 1, beginning January 9, offers youth aged nine to 13 an opportunity to build a video game. Participants will plan a storyboard, create the characters and unique environments, program a final showdown and have the opportunity to take their game home for future fun. In the pool, in the garden, on the court, or even on the end of a tethered harness, you'll enjoy new ways to exercise the mind, body, and soul with Panorama Recreation in 2022. Live well. Have fun.

New Year, New Career! Bayshore Home Health is looking for passionate and caring home support workers. We have clients on the Saanich Peninsula and in Victoria and we need more staff to help us with this growing demand. Join our team and make a difference in the lives of those we care for. We offer competitive wages, benefits and flexible work schedules.

Lacey Lanktree

Lacey and Kerry are our awesome recruitment team and would love to talk with you!

HR Recruitment

Call or email us at In Sidney call 778 749 0014

Kerry Bowman

Manager of Recruitment & Retention

Contribution to Community 2016, Employer of the Year 2018

Business Excellence in Health Care Award 2017 & 2019





by Paula Kully

Try Physiotherapy.

250.652.0132 We keep you doing what you love.

The Science of New Year's Resolutions – with Dr. Scott Simpson, Saanich Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic New Year's Resolutions – like them or not, they are a


CALL TO BOOK PHYSIOTHERAPY AND ACUPUNCTURE 103-9816 Seaport Pl | 250.208.5942 |




prevalent part of our society's customs. Unarguably, the top New Year's resolutions have something to do with personal fitness – lose weight, exercise more, eat healthy and so on. If you are planning to make such a New Year's resolution, Dr. Scott Simpson has some great advice to help you succeed. In your experience, what are the main reasons people set fitness as their New Year's resolution? I think it's a culmination of a few factors. The holiday season gives us wonderful opportunities to enjoy great company, great food and great gifts. As it comes to an end we naturally reflect on how we can better ourselves for the upcoming year. On top of that, we feel refreshed to embark on new challenges. We all want to feel good in a lasting way and there is no better way toward this than setting fitness goals. Fitness helps us feel better, lose weight and be healthier on most health metrics. From your professional perspective, why do people make New Year's resolutions and more specifically, why is fitness the number one resolution? We all know that exercise makes us feel better. The hard thing is making a habit of it. We want to find exercise programs that are enjoyable and adaptable. We want goals that we can measure and work towards. To use a running analogy: we want to be running toward something rather than running away from something. Fitness is simple but not easy. It can be harder than people think to find the right balance of activity so we can consistently build ourselves up. The small percentage of people who actually keep their resolutions is somewhere around eight percent. Why do most fitness resolutions fail? The biggest reason why people fail with their fitness


Proud to be both the Panthers' Team Dentist and a Panthers' Team Dad!

resolutions is that they try to do too much too soon. At the start, we are all super excited, willing to do anything to succeed. The body is like a plant though; you can't just decide one day that you want the plant to be huge and give it two litres of water! Little by little, if we nourish the plant gradually and progressively, the plant can then absorb more and more water and put it to use. Another way to think about it is compound interest. People like quick results, but if you can consistently get 10% weekly compound interest, your growth will be phenomenal over the long run. Can you provide science-based strategies to help people succeed with their fitness resolution? A great way to approach fitness resolutions is to make SMART goals. That is: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. To a large extent, we use these goals at the clinic when working with injury. Firstly, it's a matter of finding goals that are specific and measurable, such as: "I want to run 10k in X minutes." As you can see here, we have already crossed off the first two. When we talk about achievable, it is important to set a reasonable target. If you ran a 10k a few years ago in an hour, running it in 50 minutes might be a reasonable goal. In terms of relevance, it's important that this goal is relevant to helping you reach attributes that you are happy with. For example, training for a 10k might be excellent for losing weight and having more energy at work, but can you commit the time to the training? Lastly, the time-bound factor keeps us committed to the target. That might be the TC10K or the Sun Run for example. If you have a target with a specific, measurable goal (i.e. 50-minute 10K) at the end of April, it makes it easy to work backward from the target to outline a gradual and progressive (compounding) training plan. We are fortunate to have more ways to measure training than ever before: pedometers, heart rate monitors, power meters, etc. I like to tell patients that the common link between injury prevention and improved performance is efficiency. It's not about training harder, it's about training smarter, with a long-term perspective. Using SMART goals helps us do the right thing, for the right person, at the right time.

"The body is like a plant: you can't just decide one day that you want the plant to be huge and give it two litres of water!"

New Patients Welcome • Emergency Treatment Insurance Accepted • IV Sedation Available 250.655.7188 | #215-9764 Fifth St. |

hear inc.

Audiology is so much more than hearing aids. Whether your issue is dizziness, speech processing, hearing loss or excess earwax, give us a call. We’d love to help.

Donna Stewart Audiologist/Owner

Because we’re 100% privately owned, we work for you, not a hearing aid manufacturer. Saanichton: 778-351-1145 Brentwood: 778-426-4876

Brittani Trapp

Doctor of Audiology

Family & Implant Dentistry

Now Offering Sedation #104 - 9845 Resthaven Dr, Sidney 250.656.1199 | JANUARY 2022 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 61

In this moment... A new adventure was planned.

Connecting people with the right spaces. M HCO L L EC T I V E.CA

Rest Haven Lodge: Making a Difference Today and in the Future Rudi Hoenson was a great friend to Broadmead Care. During his life, he spent hours at Veterans Memorial Lodge, visiting veterans, spending time in the coffee shop with friends, and donating to help support the people who live with us. When Rudi passed away, his legacy confirmed his personal values. Through a gift in his Will, he will help protect important programs and services for Canada's veterans now, and in the future. You have more power to make a difference to support the seniors, veterans, and adults with disabilities than you realize. Leaving even a small portion of your estate to charity can result in a bigger contribution than you ever thought possible. For example, a gift of 1% of your estate will have an enormous impact on the important programs and services we offer. And, you can still support those you love, with 99% of your estate. In short, you can take care of your loved ones, and help others. That's a win-win! There are many benefits to giving in this way, including some potentially significant tax savings. Recently we have partnered with Will Power ( to help people decide how they can contribute a charitable gift to Broadmead Care as part of their estate planning process. Take a look at the free resources and tools on the Will Power website to learn about other ways to give, and connect with financial advisors to discuss how to maximize your donations. We are grateful for every contribution we receive. It was important to Rudi to make life better for the people who live and work at Broadmead Care, and we are thankful for the many ways his life and legacy have supported us. If you have questions about leaving a legacy gift to Broadmead Care, please contact Mandy Parker at 250-658-3226, or email We are a proud partner in the Will Power movement. You can visit our Will Power page here:

"Leaving even a small portion of your estate to charity can result in a bigger contribution than you ever thought possible."

Our Top 16 Titles for 2021 View the list at

Five Little Indians Braiding Sweetgrass: Michelle Good Fiction | PB $22.99

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse Charlie Mackesy Graphic Novel | HC $28.50

The Midnight Library

Nature | PB $26.95

Finding the Mother Tree:

Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest

Suzanne Simard

Environmental Science | HC


Fresh Water for Flowers

Matt Haig Science Fiction | PB $21.99

Valerie Perrin | Hildegarde Serle Fiction | PB $25.50

A Song for the Dark Times

Where the Crawdads Sing

Rebus #23

Ian Rankin Mystery | PB $17.99

The Rose Code

State of Terror


Political Thriller | PB $24.99

Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Louise Penny | Kat Quinn Knowledge and the Historical Fiction | PB Hillary Rodham Clinton Teachings of Plants

Delia Owens Fiction | PB $24.00

The World Be Kind, Be Calm, According to Dogs: Be Safe: An Owner’s Manual

Adrian Raeside Humour | PB $14.95

Unravelling Canada: A Knitting Odyssey

Sylvia Olsen Canada | PB $24.95

Four Weeks that Shaped a Pandemic

Dr. Bonnie Henry | Lynn Henry Memoir | HC $26.95


Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century

Jessica Bruder Current Affairs | PB $22.95

21 Things You May Erebus: One Ship, Not Know About Two Epic Voyages, the Indian Act and the Greatest Naval Bob Joseph First Nations | PB $19.95

Mystery of All Time

Michael Palin History | PB $23.00

Open for browsing everyday, 9am to 5pm

at Beacon & Fourth in Sidney | open 7 days a week 250 656 2345 | JANUARY 2022 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 63

Professional Real Estate & Property Management Services

Stephanie Peat

Dan Van der Vlugt

Anna Clemente

John Bruce

Tony Clemente

Frank Berke

2405 Bevan Avenue, Sidney BC



SEASIDE HOMES by Janice Henshaw

Environmental Rebates – At Home and On the Road

Rebates – now that's an exciting and productive research area to enjoy at the start of 2022. Who doesn't like to upgrade their home or vehicle and then get part of the purchase price back? It's now more important than ever to explore environmental rebates before making major purchase decisions. Here's a question to start off: what do you think is the most environmentally friendly way to heat a home – besides the sun? According to a BC Hydro survey called "Cold comfort: The link between home heating and climate change," more than one third of British Columbians believe that the answer is natural gas. Well, BC Hydro refutes that belief; they say that gas furnaces significantly contribute to climate change and that heating a single-family house by gas emits about 2,000kg of carbon dioxide per year. JANUARY 2022 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 65

According to current research, making a switch from fossil fuels to using an electric heat pump at home is one of the most significant steps we can take to reduce our carbon footprint. We live in a moderate, oceanic climate on the southern part of Vancouver Island in which heat pumps excel at keeping us warm in the winter – or cool

I’m Not Just a Real Estate Agent I’m Also Your North Saanich Neighbour VANCOUVER ISLAND REAL ESTATE EXPERTISE

Making Realty Dreams a Reality Thaddeus Monckton, Realtor - B.Ed.,M.A.


Macdonald Realty Ltd. | 66 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | JANUARY 2022

in the summer. But only 10% of us use electric heat pumps! Why? Susie Rieder, the Senior Media Relations Advisor at BC Hydro, says that 60% of survey respondents in 2021 said they would be interested in installing a heat pump, so that's good news for the future. Another question asked: "What is holding you back from installing a heat pump? The number one reason was cost, at 31%. A further 27% said they rented and had no control of their heating system. 23% said they did not know what a heat pump is. There are three significant benefits to installing a heat pump: 1. An electric heat pump in place of a gas furnace will substantially reduce home heating emissions. 2. Heat pumps extract heat from the outside air to warm your home. It somehow changes the process in the summer (a little magic?), so you have air conditioning! 3. Heat pumps require less maintenance than combustion heating systems, and they have an average lifespan of 15 years. That's pretty impressive. To address the cost issue – rebates will help. BC Hydro offers a $3,000 rebate top-up if customers switch their home heating from fossil fuels to an electric heat pump. When combined with the provincial CleanBC rebate and federal rebates (NRCan Canada Greener Homes Grant), customers could save up to $11,000. Several municipalities offer top-up rebates too. Start

with the BC Hydro Residential Rebates webpage to find more information on many different rebates, product eligibility and installation requirements. Fortis Gas offers several rebates; they even doubled up on some rebates last year. Let's hope they do so again! Rebates are available on major appliances and home renovations, including natural gas fireplaces, water heaters, insulation, and even a bonus rebate. Also, Fortis offers up to $1,000 when customers replace their old natural gas space heating or up to $1,500 for an eligible highefficiency ENERGY STAR® combination heating and hot water system. Check out details of rebates at "Fortis Gas – Rebates and Offers." Enter your location to find current rebate offers in your area. For example, if you add Saanich as your residence, there is a rebate for replacing exterior windows and doors – $50 per opening up to a maximum of $3,000.


GREAT SELECTION of Daniadown, Revelle, Brunelli, Laundress, Cuddle Down & more

pillows | duvets | covers | sheets 250.656.0510 2492 Beacon Ave, Sidney

250.383.6133 636 Broughton St, Victoria




Have warm, dry towels, all the time In stock! Sidney BC JANUARY 2022 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 67

Holmes Realty is proud to present our newest Realtor,

Rick Cochrane Rick Cochrane spent nearly 15 years working in the non-profit sector and has spoken and worked with thousands of people. With his extensive experience working with and alongside people, Rick has become an exceptional communicator, creator, and connector. His love for people is also closely matched with his love for the outdoors. Vancouver Island’s natural beauty is, in part, what brought him and his family to Victoria from Red Deer, Alberta. Rick’s desire to serve his client’s particular needs coupled with his market expertise, knowledge, and negotiating skills set him apart. He is someone who would love to connect with you to talk about your real estate dreams and goals and then put a strategy in place to achieve them. So, whether buying or selling, Rick Cochrane will provide you the special attention one expects of a dedicated and trusted real estate professional.




The second huge change to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to recycle the gas guzzlers that sit in our garage or out on the street – the vehicles we commute in. Residents, businesses, non-profit organizations and local government organizations leasing or buying a new electric vehicle in B.C. are eligible for a rebate of up to $3,000 on the after-tax vehicle price, thanks to the "CleanBC Go Electric program." (Vehicles with an MSRP of more than $55,000 are not eligible.) The program provides $1,500 for the purchase or lease of a shorter-range plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. Our new language – do you know what a ZEV is? It's a "zero emissions vehicle" – one that has the potential to produce no tailpipe emissions. To encourage electric vehicle adoption, the Liberal government has promised an additional $1.5 billion investment in Canada's popular incentive program iZEV (the "i" stands for incentive), which offers buyers up to $5,000 in rebates when buying a ZEV. (These rebates are not available for vehicles over the current MSRP of $45,000 – check "list of eligible vehicles under the iZEV Program" on the Transport Canada website). If you can, the next step is to go out and buy an electric car or truck if you can find one – they are a hot commodity! Driving one means coasting by gas stations with no guilt and a big grin on your face. And there is another benefit. The more new EV's we buy, the more used EV's that will become affordable for others to buy in the future!






Amanda Cribdon Photography

Custom Window Coverings, including Motorization • Drapes & Blinds Bed Linens • Marine Interiors • Upholstery & Slipcovers Serving Sidney to Victoria and the Gulf Islands

Paula Grypma 250.656.7659 101 - 9818 Third St, Sidney

Over 6,000 public charging stations have been installed across our country and more than 2,500 in B.C. It's a revolutionary change in the automobile and trucking industry, and we are lucky enough to see the start of it. Still, it's most convenient to charge our EV's at home. B.C. has initiated and funded a home EV charging program that BC Hydro and FortisBC administer. Single-family homes can receive 50% of the purchase and installation costs up to $350. EV charging rebates also apply to condos, apartments, and workplaces. Indigenous communities in B.C. are eligible for enhanced charger rebate offers. Check out the District of Saanich for its EV top-up rebate plan. SCRAP-IT, a registered not-for-profit independent society, offers a $6,000 rebate when you purchase a qualifying new EV or a $3,000 rebate when you buy a qualifying used EV. Other incentives include a rebate for your home charging installation, and if you want to scrap your old car for a new electric bike, SCRAP-IT offers a rebate of $750. Your first step? Read all the details for any rebate carefully so that you are aware of all the terms and conditions that ensure your project is eligible. Have patience, too, as many people are applying for rebates. Rebates = positive change. For 2022, let's use these environmental rebates and work on other innovative ideas to make positive changes that help heal our environment – it's the biggest and most important challenge of our lives!


Outdoor Oasis Tree & Landscape Ltd.


Hot Properties



For Sale on Vancouver Island

This stunning WATERFRONT on Cordova Bay's "Street of Dreams" is a rare find! Updated, cozy 3BD/1BA Cottage is the perfect spot to enjoy the property and plan your West Coast Retreat. Incredibly sunny, gently sloped, 50'x 300' lot offers fabulous views and a very private pocket beach with great access and privacy. MLS 878829

(personal real estate corp*)

This PENTHOUSE is sure to impress from the moment you enter. Spacious, quality designed and updated 2BD, 2BA home with almost 1,200sf of sophisticated living. Exceptionally designed with incredible natural light, SW corner location and vaulted ceilings. Enjoy the Gas Fireplace along with many updates: Cherry Hardwood floors, spa-styled bathrooms, newer paint, kitchen counters and appliances. MLS 890171 Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626


CUSTOMS HOUSE - $2,929,900

(personal real estate corp*)


Ingrid Jarisz* and Maryan van Stolk* 250.656.4626

(personal real estate corp*)

Features an exclusive offering of just 57 luxury private residences. Located within the original HERITAGE sandstone façade, Suite #209 offers a fantastic layout, large original window openings & views spanning to the south & west capturing postcard views of Parliament Buildings, Inner and Upper Harbour water views. Book your private viewing today. MLS 886921 Mona Palfreyman 250.656.4626

SAYWARD HILL $1,898,900


Victoria's best VIEWS & LIFESTYLE, sandy beaches, world-class golf at Cordova Bay, biking trails & shops at Mattick's Farm all at your front door. 1,865sf open concept that has been well maintained & move-in ready! Chef's kitchen, 2 balconies ,Master retreat with spa-styled ensuite, heated floors, and 2 secured parking stalls. MLS 891132

Quiet .31 acre setting surrounded by gardens, pathways and majestic trees. Beautifully crafted 4 BR family home with easy main level living. Expansive kitchen, granite, stainless appliances, skylights & sliding doors to the entertainment sized patio. Generous living and family rooms each with cozy fireplace. Surrounded by picture windows & graceful outlooks. Close to great schools, recreation, airport, ferries, Brentwood, Victoria & Sidney.

This 1950's classic character home is situated on approximately .44 acre of walk-on waterfront and has its own boathouse. The unspoiled panoramic views of Tsehum Harbor & Mount Baker will take your breath away. Row out to your own boat on a mooring and begin to explore the Gulf Islands. MLS 891067


Maryan van Stolk* 250.656.4626

Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626

(personal real estate corp*) 70 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | JANUARY 2022


ON DESIGN by Tracey Jones, Remarkable Interiors

photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Interior Trends 2022 I hesitate to use the word "trend" because I am a firm believer in the opposite of trend … classic and comfortable never go out of style! But as we emerge from two years of living/working/ schooling at home, now more than ever people are seeking ways to create beautiful cozy spaces that also function well. Here are a few things we see becoming more prominent in our homes. Vintage. Vintage is making a comeback, pairing beautifully with new. Not only is shopping vintage an efficient and sustainable option, it adds important personality to a space. Vintage pieces reflect history and ensure a unique and humble beauty that are only found in the worn weathered and incomplete.This is all about seeing flaws as an asset. And a wonderful reminder for all of us – imperfection is a beautiful thing. Cozy. Continuing on with natural materials and natural tones that give us a feeling of comfort and coziness, we are seeing a shift away from fast décor (just like fast fashion) and now aiming for longevity and timelessness. Neutral and natural never goes out of style and creates a peaceful environment – something we need now more than ever. Woods, earth elements and natural surfaces … from flooring to décor, nature and "real" take centre stage but in a quiet way. Biophilic design. The focus on green hues for 2022 can be attributed to nature-based designs. The love of caring and tending for indoor plants exploded in 2020/2021 and we will see this become a standard design staple, whether the goal is to bring nature inside or to simply freshen the home with natural tones.

To note, the paint colours of the year for 2022 from two major paint companies are both green hues: Benjamin Moore CC 550 October Mist and Sherwin Williams SW 9130 Evergreen Fog. Work From Home. We are seeing inviting and inspiring spaces with high functionality. The home office has taken on a whole new meaning. This is no longer a closed door, neglected after thought space! Finding the perfect balance of comfort, functionality and aesthetics is the main task when decorating a home office, and the ability to provide this balance is welcome news in the run-up to 2022. When technology and style can marry seamlessly, that's a beautiful thing! Take time to prioritize the needs of your work from home space. Think: work surface, seating, virtual meeting backdrops. The criteria by which you can determine your correct design choice are very simple – it is your desire to work, and a feeling of complete harmony with the space around you. Textured Fabrics. This goes hand in hand with all of the above … texture is king for creating a layered, inviting space. Cozy textured natural fabric not only feels amazing but looks gorgeous. Bouclé, velvets, sherpa and nubbly linens on sofas, chairs, pillows and in drapery. Layer them all! Think of buying locally-made artisan pillows instead of those mass produced to create a unique look. Add a fun and useful ottoman in a soft bouclé. As we head into 2022, we've forgone polished for functional, and collected instead of store-bought. The message? Homes that are real rather than resembling an untouched show space. For more information visit JANUARY 2022 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 71

You have the will power to do more than you think. A gift in your Will lets you take care of your loved ones and support the people who live in Broadmead Care Homes. Learn how your gift can make a difference now, and in the future. Visit or call 250.658.3226 to learn more.

Rudi’s legacy will help protect important programs and services for Canada’s veterans who live with us.

Broadmead Care Society is a registered charity. #129290383 RR0001





Book a 60 minute Organic Custom Facial during the month of January and receive a complete mini skincare routine from Eminence Organics, perfect for your skin type. $115 before tax. Call to book today!


Overcoming Adversity: Eagle Heights; One Year On Even when you think that there's nothing to gain, nowhere to go, you are at the end of the road … it turns out there is a bright side to adversity! After the sad passing in 2020 of Sidney residents Bill and Joan German, the founders of Eagle Heights Africa in BC Society, the organization was in great danger of sinking. Board members had two choices: they could "call it quits" or continue with the work Bill and Joan had started – offering a few Kenyan students the chance of an education. It was decided to keep going. "The students depend on us," we reasoned. Now, one year on, EHA-BC is miraculously still afloat. Unaware of the turmoil going on in Sidney, the students in Nairobi, Kenya, bravely faced the pandemic (the vaccination rate in Nairobi at time of writing is only 18.5%), dealt with online learning, and did what teens do best – they grew! New uniforms and fresh hygiene supplies were needed for them to return to their various recently reopened boarding schools. Thanks to the incredible generosity of their sponsors, their lot has even improved as the students now have their very own laptop computers. Evident from their most recent report cards, they too have overcome adversity by maintaining good grades throughout the pandemic; two students are top of their class! We know this because we are in constant touch with Eagle Heights-Kenya which sends progress reports each term. To add to this bright picture, Eagle Heights in Sidney has a new board member: Dr. Sally Hughes, PhD. Sally has agreed to be StudentSponsor Liaison. She chats with sponsors, ensuring that their student is communicating and that progress reports are passed on. As an experienced social worker, Sally listens, understands and keeps the board informed. "Having taught in several African countries I have some awareness of how the education system operates, and have a passion for assisting in furthering education at all levels in Africa," Sally says. She has passed on some heartfelt messages. One new sponsor expressed her "sense of reward and meaning [that is] attached to becoming a sponsor, and tries to communicate the importance of this act to her own children." To learn more, visit

Monthly Giveaway! #loveyourlocal with the monthly Seaside Magazine giveaway box, filled with amazing gifts from our local businesses.

How to Play? Find the image of the box hidden somewhere in this issue. Visit by January 31st to let us know where you found it.

"The students in Nairobi, Kenya, have overcome adversity by maintaining good grades throughout the pandemic."

Thanks to November’s Community Partners: Woodshed Pizza • Deep Cove Market Stonehouse Pub • RockCoast Confections Snowdon House Gourmet & Gifts Author Valerie Green *one entry per person, per issue. Each entrant is eligible to win the Seaside box giveaway no more than once per calendar year.



Peninsula Newcomers Club Luncheon

by Jo Barnes

JAN 13


Boondocks Bar and Grill

Lego Exhibit

JAN 2–MAR 31 10AM-4PM

Sidney Museum 2434 Beacon Avenue, Sidney The popular LEGO Brick Exhibition returns to the local museum! The theme is sea-faring vessels to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Anacortes Ferry. The exhibit features hundreds of LEGO sets from the Museum’s own collection as well as kits loaned from local collectors. Come participate in the “Brick Count” contest.

Beginners Drawing

JAN 4-FEB 8 9:30AM-12PM 5:30PM-8PM

McTavish Academy of Art 1720 McTavish Road, North Saanich Contemporary painter Steve Chmilar leads this interactive course which covers the basics of drawing including line, form, shape, shading and perspective as well as techniques of mark making and measurement. Novice artists can learn and explore in a fun, relaxed and supportive setting. All are welcome.

Art on the Deck


ArtSea Gallery Tulista Park, 9565 Fifth Street, Sidney While ArtSea Gallery is temporarily closed, due to COVID-19, you can still take a peek at the stunning treasures in this collection through the window at the ArtSea Gallery in Tulista Park. Creative pieces using a variety of activities including glassblowing, soap making, pottery, painting, weaving and many more! Free.

43rd Harriers Pioneer 8K Race


Tourist Information Centre The Prairie Inn Harriers host the first race of the Island Race series. The event starts and finishes at the Tourist Information Centre parking lot, 10382 Pat Bay Highway. Number, food and awards pickup is at the North Saanich Middle School located at 10400 McDonald Park Road in Sidney.

Teen Sport Drop-In

JAN 11-MAR 15 6-8PM

Greenglade Community Centre Gymnasium 2151 Lannon Way, Sidney Every Tuesday night it’s a great night of supervised sport in the gym! A leader will facilitate whatever sport the group decides they prefer to do as well as introduce a unique sport once a month. Free admission. 74 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | JANUARY 2022

5th Street, Sidney Since 1987, this local club has been welcoming women to the Peninsula. Pre-booking required. Come and hear about the diverse music opportunities on the Saanich Peninsula and enjoy some music melodies played by Bob DeWolff and his guest. For further details please visit:

Botanical Mixed Media (Age 16+)

JAN 16


McTavish Academy of Arts 1720 McTavish Road, North Saanich Class participants will use different materials and learn how to render a three dimensional, organic form, all with the end objective of creating beautiful botanical-themed artwork.

Dance Victoria Presents: John by Helen Walkley

JAN 20 7:30PM

Mary Winspear Centre 2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney This poignant dance event is a memoir of choreographer/ creator Helen Walkley’s oldest brother John who disappeared from Vancouver in May 1969, never to be heard from again. Helen is the 2020 recipient of Dance Centre’s Isadora award, peer recognition of an artist’s lifetime achievement. Performed by Josh Martin and Billy Marchenski, this show is a relevant and beautifully striking piece of dance theatre.

Family Literacy Week

JAN 23-30

A time to raise awareness about the importance of reading and engaging the whole family in literacy-related activities and finding ways to connect through caring, playing and listening. All ages including parents, children and grandparents are encouraged to build skills in a fun way together! This year, South Island Literacy and the Greater Victoria Alliance for Literacy have come together to build awareness of all of the great activities and services available to families during this week. Find a full list of participating organizations and venues:

CFUW Saanich Peninsula General Meeting

JAN 25 7PM

Mary Winspear Centre 2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney The public, friends and guests are welcome to attend the CFUW SP Speaker Series. "Proof of Vaccine" for COVID-19 will be required for entry. Guest speaker: Celia Stock, North Saanich Councillor & Former Senior Executive, Government of Canada, NWT & Yukon. $10 per person.

Community Choir Online Benefit Concert Via Zoom

JAN 29 7PM

Wavelengths Choir and Gettin’ Higher Choir collaborate to present a delightful musical show. The talented singers will be joined by special guest Peggy Seeger, one of the most distinguished folk musicians of our time. All proceeds from this event will go to HAT (Habitat Acquisition Trust) and BBBS (Big Brothers/Big Sisters). Watch the concert online in the comfort of your own living room! For information and login registration please visit: or

CPR Level C Certification (Age 12+)

Does your community project need funds? We can help!

JAN 29


Greenglade Community Centre, Room 6 2151 Lannon Way, Sidney The course includes the use of AED, how to recognize and treat early signs of heart attack, how to help someone who is choking, and how to perform CPR when there is more than one rescuer.


Toastmasters for Seniors (Virtual) Tuesdays | 10-11am

Accepting grant applications now for projects that benefit Saanich Peninsula residents. Find out if your group is eligible: Application deadline

February 28, 2022 YOUR COMMUNITY • YOUR GIFT • YOUR LEGACY • SP-CF.CA • 250-686-0260

Sidney Sister Cities Association Virtual Meeting 3rd Thursday

This is a wonderful opportunity, via Zoom platform, for seniors to speak and socialize. For online meeting details, email with subject "Seniors Toastmasters".

The group remains active during the pandemic! They are also being joined by members from Anacortes Sister Cities Association and hope to be attending their meetings over the coming months. For information on how to join our virtual meetings, please contact the Secretary at

Caregivers Connect: BC's Virtual Support Group 2nd & 4th Thursdays | 2-3:30pm

Saanich Peninsula Business for Business Network Virtual Meeting

This virtual support group brings people from across the province together twice a month around a mutual experience of caregiving for a family member or friend. This is a time for reassurance, where caregivers can realize they are not alone. Pre-register each week to attend. Visit or Call toll free 1-877-520-3267 extension 1.

The Saanich Peninsula Chapter of BforB is a peersupport (mastermind) group for local business owners and leaders of professional practices. Guests are welcome, at no charge. For current members and other details at For info: westwriter.

Thursdays | 8-9:30am

Have something for Take Note? Email

Peninsula Panthers

The Christmas Break Report Card

The 2021/22 season in the Vancouver Island Junior Hockey League has now hit the Christmas Break and the Clubs are starting to slot into their positions in the standings. The Peninsula Panthers sit solidly in second place in the South Division with their eyes set on the Victoria Cougars who are one rung higher on the ladder. The South Division has been a dogfight all season long with pretty well all games coming right down to the final buzzer. Coming out of the break and into the New Year should prove to be more than a little bit interesting. The standings are far from being nailed down and the games will continue to be hard-fought. With that in mind we are taking a look back at the 37 games which are now in the books and will also look ahead at what the near future might hold. The Club have been playing short for much of the season due to some key defencemen going down with a number of significant injuries. The group of forwards have done a nice job up front and the trio of Logan Speirs, and brothers Riley and Payton Braun have been without doubt the most dominant line in the League from the drop of the first puck this season.

GOAL: “B+” Goaltending had been the Achilles’ heel of the Peninsula Panthers for the first 15-20 games however now has become one of the strengths night in and night out. Twenty-year-old netminder Connor Svienson was counted on to play a significant role going into the season but work commitments stymied that plan early. After only a handful of games, Svienson was handed a promotion at work and his final season in Junior Hockey came to an unexpected close. Seventeen-year-old Rogan Bacon was signed to join the Club in the backup role but with the way things played, he was forced into the starter’s role and into the spotlight. It was probably not a role that he was ready to take and as a result struggled which ultimately played a significant part in the Club doing the same. On Thanksgiving Monday the Panthers swung a deal with the Port Alberni Bombers and obtained the playing rights of 19-year-old Ashton Lukan for cash. Lukan took some time to adjust and several weeks later, the Panthers pulled yet another deal bringing in 19-year-old Brady Kelly who had been plying his trade in Springfield, Massachusetts in a Junior A League. Upon his arrival, the Panthers had a logjam between the pipes and they moved Bacon to the Nanaimo Buccaneers, a move that was beneficial to all the netminders. Lukan and Kelly have been in a friendly and healthy

#33 Ashton Lukan

#30 Brady Kelly


competition for playing time and both have been spectacular at times. The Club is more than pleased with the tandem, two goalies who were not even on the radar when the first puck dropped in early September. The Club has been moving up in the standings with the changes between the pipes. The position deserved an overall “B” rating but should move a notch or two higher very soon.

DEFENCE: “B” Matt Seale leads all VIJHL defencemen in scoring and he surely is the lynchpin on the back end for the Panthers. Seale is in the Top 20 in scoring and runs the vaunted Panthers power play which sits right atop the entire League. But he is not a one-trick pony and is a go-to guy in all situations for the Club. This Veteran is back for his 4th year with the Club and he too is counted on each and every night to log huge minutes for a Team which suffered some substantial injuries in the past two months. Reid Fryer and Evan Crawford are significant pieces that the Panthers cannot do without and are used primarily on 5-on-5 or short-handed situations. Both have been used a bit on the 2nd power play unit and have done a good job. Robson Scott is a big defenceman with some real skill and he is getting better each time out. Scott has the potential to add some physicality and the Club is working to bring more of that aspect into his game. Gri f fin Gilmour has been in and out of the lineup quite a bit but hopefully will be more of an impact moving forward. Mason McNeill broke a knuckle from a shot and the team is looking for his return later in January. And Theodore St-Denis had a significant knee injury but it was determined that surgery would not be needed. Doctors are telling him that he may be back as early as February which would be a late Christmas present for the team. FORWARDS: “B” While the Speirs, Braun and Braun line have been scoring at will, the Club has started to see some secondary scoring creeping into the box scores each night. Aleko Sdrakas and Denver Maloney are wingers on the 2nd line and both are utilized on the power play and penalty kill. The forwards group are getting better as the season wears on and it will be important for this trend to continue.

#18 Aleko Sdrakas

#29 Denver Maloney

Jr. Hockey Club UPCOMING home games


Panorama Recreation Centre

Puck drops Fridays at 7:30 p.m.

2 7 14 21 28

vs. Saanich Predators

@ 2:00 p.m.

vs. Victoria Cougars vs. Lake Cowichan Kraken vs. Saanich Predators vs. Westshore Wolves @ppanthersvijhl

We wish you a New Year rich with the blessings*of love, joy, warmth and laughter. Best*wishes for peace,*health, happiness and*success in 2022! We’ll see* you on *Jan. 2nd @ 2:00 p.m.

Happy New Year!!!

Visit our website:

Photo by Christian J. Stewart Photography


Last Word

from the


Allison Smith

Photo by Janis Jean Photography. Clothing provided and styled by Style Coast. For more, visit

Last January, I wrote: "The dawn of a new year always brings with it new hope, and none more so than this one." Then, we were all looking forward to a new year, a fresh start, and hopefully a final goodbye to Covid. Surely 2021 would be better than 2020, we told ourselves. How could it be worse? Despite those high hopes, 2021 has been another rough year, to say the least. The heartbreaking discovery of a mass grave at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School was quickly followed by similar finds at other residential schools. Record high temperatures at the end of June sparked wildfires and took lives. One of those wildfires quickly took hold of Lytton, B.C., largely destroying the entire town. In November, record rainfalls fell, resulting in landslides, flooding, loss of human and animal life, massive damage to critical highway infrastructures and the devastation of small communities. And now, with a vaccine available for young children and with it renewed hope that we might finally see the end of this pandemic, a new word enters our lexicon: Omicron. So how to have faith that there's a light at the end of the tunnel, even when the tunnel is so long you may not see it? We concentrate on the good that comes from the bad – the volunteers who jumped in their boats to rescue marooned cattle, people and pets; the calls to action to expose and educate ourselves about the atrocities that occurred at residential schools; the local farmers who donate hay to feed livestock; the first responders who continue to work tirelessly to help others. At Seaside, we put one page in front of the other: planning for the next year with new ideas, writers and columns. Cassidy Nunn is back in this issue with her new parenting column, Little Adventures (pg 31). ÁLEENEĆ will continue this year; wonderful feedback from you has shown that writer Glenn C. Jim's voice is very welcome. Peninsula Voices will be taken over by writer Stephanie Staples, who is excited to share with you some new stories of local residents, and Stephanie will also be taking on Deb's Day Out (new column name TBD). And local filmmaker Tabatha Golat launches her column "Screen Scene" in this issue (pg 45), in which she'll delve behind the scenes of some of her favourite films and series. It's our hope that we provide you with a bright spot every month, something to sit and relax with, and get immersed in for a little while, leaving the world and our worries behind. We hope you have a wonderful 2022, and that you are all safe and well. Happy New Year.

n o s i l l A

An Exciting New Business on the West Side of Sidney FULL RETAIL LIQUOR Great Prices, Even Better Service

Reach out to a wider Victoria and Vancouver Island market.

Open 7 days a week

9am - 9pm

9429 Canora Road, Sidney


Reach vicToria’s acTive 55+ consumers Be part of this informative

and fun to read magazine every last tuesday & thursday of the month in the times Colonist!

Close to half the adults in Greater Victoria are 55+. They are active consumers with high disposable incomes and are devoted newspaper readers. Over 68% read the Times Colonist every week looking to Victoria’s daily newspaper as the most valuable source for health, finance, travel and lifestyle information as well as news.

Reaching more than 236,000 readers every week! To adverTise: 250.995.4464


To subscribe: 250.382.2255


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SIDNEY All Care Residence

At Sidney All Care Residence we promote health and wellness on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We provide individualized, resident-focused care, healthy fresh meal options, and recreational activities centered on keeping everyone’s minds and bodies happy and healthy. Our popular exercise programs are designed to be accessible to all levels of physical abilities.

To learn more about health and wellness programing, please contact our Community Relations Manager Sharon Unsworth at 778.351.2505 or

Proudly Offering Long Term, Respite and Palliative Care

778.351.2505 • • 2269 Mills Rd, Sidney