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January 2019

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This 2019, let’s make a New Year’s resolution…


This New Year, let’s make you the priority, with our customized, flexible home support services personalized to your lifestyle needs. Available 24/7, our caring home support workers encourage independence in the comfort of your own home. This 2019, live life on your terms!

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ALL DREAMS ON DECK Maple Bay Marina has grown from a modest port to a busy marine hub, offering visitors everything from a bite to eat to a floating home to live in. At Island Savings, we give members like Maple Bay Marina the business advice they need and with our $6/month BizSimple™ Business Account† we help put your money into your project – not into unnecessary bank fees. See the full story at

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†The Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, a statutory corporation, fully guarantees all BC credit union deposits. Credit Union equity shares and investments such as mutual funds or RSP equity plans are not covered by deposit insurance.

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SAFE HAVEN Aging Gracefully in Our Forever Homes

DEPENDENT BY DESIGN A Communal Family Arrangement



SAVOUR THE MOMENTS Life Moves Fast with Little Ones

SPECIAL FEATURE The Peninsula’s Financial Experts


GETTING YOUR DUE The Self Advocating Senior

ON THE COVER Happy New Year! photo by Nunn Other Photography

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Health promotion and disease prevention are cornerstones of the work performed each day by nurses working in the home and community setting. The Good Food Box Program is a prime example of a local initiative designed to help promote seniors’ nutrition and good health.

Google Maps is one of the most amazing software programs I have ever used. I managed to locate the actual house that my grandmother lived in 60 years ago, and as I zoomed in on the front door many long-forgotten memories flooded back, as if a switch had been thrown.

BONNIE HARRIS PAGE 18 Financial and investment planning for our senior years can be very challenging. As a senior living specialist, I am pleased to be an information source for clients and can refer them to my established network of trusted experts not only in wealth management, but also tax planning and elder law.

TRUDI JONES & WENDY WHITE PAGE 68 The New Year is here and as the tree and ornaments come down a refresh may be in order for your home. Make a resolution to slim down on items that no longer serve a purpose, and may need revamping or shuffling around to create freshness and expansiveness. Home is haven!

MARYNA SHKVORETS PAGE 71 Failure is a stepping stone to success. I dare you to challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone – just to see what would happen. I dare you to stop talking yourself out of what you really want. And it all starts with failing once a day on purpose.

CAROL WHITEHOUSE PAGE 75 Three of my life’s loves – Girl Guides, community building and literacy – came together when I met the dedicated volunteers of Saanich Peninsula Literacy and the Open Air Library. Nothing brings people together like a good story.

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I love the new year: it’s full of optimism and possibility. Working on the first issue of Seaside Magazine for the year always fills us with hope and a sense of opportunity, of new beginnings and excitement at what the next 12 months will bring! This could be the year – we tell ourselves – that we could learn to scuba dive, become a street theatre performer, or spend weekends sword fighting or skydiving. And while you might quickly dismiss these as simply wild dreams, there is much that can be done if we make the decision to commit to something! For instance, if you throw both body and mind into it and put a positive attitude into action now, you could take part in the Elk Lake Triathlon in August. I just registered and hope to raise funds for Help Fill A Dream Foundation. Think how you will feel crossing the finish line and the fantastic sense of achievement if you’ve raised money for your favourite charity! Of course my dream may not be the same as your dream, but the idea is the same – decide to do something and simply work towards making it happen. The sense of accomplishment, whatever challenge you set for yourself and end result you attain, will be well worth all the effort. How has 2018 been for you? What will 2019 do for you? These are questions we all quietly ask ourselves as December draws a close. But don’t weigh yourself down with the “ifs” and “buts” of hindsight; now is the chance to seize your fate, throw away those feelings of contempt and relish in the wonder of the unknown. Will you make any resolutions for 2019? I say don’t; they never last anyway! Isn’t it better to be mindful of where we are now, and work toward where we want to be in the future? So let’s start 2019 as we endeavor to go on: live better and feel great! Whatever you do, here’s to us all achieving our dreams this year. Happy New Year!

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“Selling or Buying,” it’s a Great New Year. Call Today. Denise Gallup

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Dependent by Design by Linda Hunter

I recall it vividly – 1978 in college in Toronto, and the decision to finally move out. I remember the fear, the excitement, the packing, and the stress of finding a new place to live. Then it happened: my parents left home. I know, it's usually the other way around, but in this case, my father had chosen early retirement, so with their typical adventurous spirit my folks decided to trek from Toronto to Victoria, having never set eyes on the west. U.K. transplants, they had heard that the capital was a little bit British, had no winter to speak of, and was a beautiful place to grow old and die. I stayed behind, only to follow 16 years later, with three small children in tow, and the idea to do it all in reverse and move back in! My husband and I had often talked about raising our children with their elders, and since it was a pretty sure bet that I would be the one caring for my parents as they aged, it made sense to all live together. Having grown up without knowing my English grandparents, along with a husband who had emigrated from Scotland years earlier, we recognized the inherent value in sharing a home and raising children alongside their grandparents. How to make that communal arrangement successful was altogether another matter, so we went in with eyes wide open and limited expectations. A planner by nature, I began by making lists; lists of hopes and fears, suggested house rules, guidelines around privacy and shared spaces, and thoughts on how to manage the group finances while sharing the same roof. We had long conversations, laid down ground rules and asked the hard questions: who would pay for what, how would we respect differing viewpoints, how would we resolve inevitable conflicts, what would we do together and apart, and finally, how would we plan for aging in place and our parents' eventual death? One of the positives was that we had chosen to move in while everyone was still well and young at heart, so those challenging conversations were somehow made easier because they were still in the abstract. No one was ill, lonely or in need, and there was more to look forward to than to dread. Setting clear boundaries and sticking to agreed-upon guidelines was what would eventually see us through 11 years with my father and another nine with my mother; 20 years of shared living. In Sidney, in 1995, our budget allowed for a modest house, large enough for main level living and a sizeable suite underneath. We paid the down payment and my parents paid for their own renovations. Spaces were separate – private unless invited. We lived with fewer square feet and more cooperation, and while we paid the mortgage, my parents contributed monthly toward bills. My father enjoyed post retirement work until his death at 81 and my mother required minimal support and medical care until much closer to her death at 86. During our time together, they shared

stories and imparted wisdom, we shared our most meaningful moments and family's milestones, and together we all participated in life's tragedies and triumphs. This was made easier through the synergy of support: we handled the house repairs, my dad picked up children after school, my mother baked and helped with cooking and later, once able to drive, the kids helped chauffeur our seniors to activities and grocery runs. In life's later years, caring for my parents was made simpler by their sheer proximity. I provided at-home support, managed medical appointments and cooked our family meals, all while working from home. Our interdependent living arrangement made for an easier life, allowed for less stress and rushing about, and helped us meet the needs of my parents as they remained in their own home until end of life. While I recognize that connected living may not appeal to all and for some is not even possible, when it does work, it can serve as an important reminder of two of life's greatest lessons; that we are all in this together and that no one gets out alive.

Mobile Computer Technician Service Serving Greater Victoria for over 10 years!

• Virus and Malware Removal • System Cleaning for PC and Mac • Tutoring and Instruction • Setup of Printer, Wifi, Webcams, and Much More!

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Special Feature:

The Peninsula’s Financial Experts

There is no time like the present to get a handle on your personal finances. Regardless of your age or income, there are many ways that good financial planning can benefit you, both in the short term and the long term. Statistics show that many Canadians are living with increasing levels of debt, and without a clear financial action plan. If you don’t have all the answers at your fingertips, your first step towards a more secure future should be to take advice from an expert. Professionals will work with you to maximize the assets you have, and could reduce your debt in the long term.

Seaside Magazine is pleased to present a selection of the qualified professionals located on the Saanich Peninsula who are available to help you.

"[Canadian] household debt is around 170 percent of disposable income. In other words, the average Canadian owes about $1.70 for every dollar of income he or she earns per year, after taxes. That ratio is a Canadian record, and up from about 100 percent 20 years ago." ~ Canada’s Economy and Household Debt: How Big is the Problem - Bank of Canada

Fran Daviss


MORTGAGES BY FRAN INVIS - CANADA’S MORTGAGE EXPERTS Mortgage Consultant for Residential & Commercial Mortgages With over 40+ years’ experience in the financial industry and 21 years of mortgage experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge to serve you. Customer service is my passion; I think outside the box and bring enthusiasm to finding a mortgage that fits your life. As a Certified Financial Planner, I help clients plan their financial goals, including their largest investment: a home! As an independent mortgage broker, my business has been built on offering honest, impartial advice with attention to detail. I was voted the 2017 Professionals Winner in the category of Customer Service by Seaside Magazine.

778.426.0749 • 12 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | JANUARY 2019

Alistair Mackay CFP, CLU, CHS

ALISTAIR MACKAY FINANCIAL PLANNING Financial Planner and Insurance Advisor With over 30 years’ experience in the financial planning industry, Alistair assists clients with all aspects for their financial planning needs. He works with them to not only create a retirement or legacy plan, but also to review, monitor and adjust their plan to ensure it still meets their needs. Alistair also works with Disability Savings plans and Education Savings plans. He offers all aspects of Life, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance to ensure you have the correct protection in place for you and your family. Segregated Funds and Employee Benefits programs are also available. Disclosure: Financial Planning Services through Alistair Mackay Financial Planning. Insurance products offered through IDC WIN.

250.514.8424 •

Dominique Alford ALFORD WALDEN LAW Alford Walden Law offers a wide range of legal and notary services from their premises in the Landmark Building in downtown Sidney. Dominique has more than 21 years of extensive legal experience in a variety of practice areas, and particular expertise in business and corporate law, commercial law, real estate, wills and estate planning, estate and trust administration, and maritime law. She is devoted to providing wise counsel and guidance to clients across a wide range of legal services. Her admirable credentials and accomplishments include admission to the bars of British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba. Originally from Manitoba, Dominique began her practice in British Columbia in 2009 at the firm then known as Henley & Walden. When Michael Walden retired in 2012, Dominique acquired his law practice, integrating his clients into her own practice and becoming a partner at Henley & Walden LLP. On October 1, 2018 Dominique and her team of dedicated staff changed their location and established Alford Walden Law. With strong connections with her community, Dominique currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Saanich Peninsula Community Foundation, is the President and active member of both the Brentwood Bay Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of Brentwood Bay Foundation and is a founding member of 100 Women Who Care – Saanich Peninsula. Dominique and her trusted and highly experienced legal assistants are here to serve their clients and the Saanich Peninsula community as a whole.

*Alford Walden Law is a division of Dominique J. Alford Law Corporation

778.426.3330 • JANUARY 2019 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 13

Chris Cowland


COWLAND & ASSOCIATES Corporate & Personal Taxes, Estate Planning & Returns, Executor Services, Business Consultancy Knowledge does not just come from books. My team of accountants has an extensive breadth and depth of experience, and we constantly pool our resources to address client needs and situations. This sharing of ideas means that our clients don’t just get one worker bee, they get the whole hive. My dad used to say “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” We share that philosophy in the firm, and constantly redefine what we mean by “well.” Quickly, accurately, at an affordable price, delivered in a friendly manner? We try our best to deliver on each expectation. We are located in the heart of Sidney beside Capital Iron. We welcome new clients, and offer a free half hour consultation to see if we have a good fit. Please drop in!

778.351.3737 •

Del Elgersma & Lianne Macdonald LL.B


BEACON LAW CENTRE Celebrating 19 years of trusted advice and exceptional service. Del Elgersma and Lianne Macdonald started Beacon Law in 2000 with the goal of providing a unique way of delivering quality legal services in the areas of real estate, business law and wills and estates. They began by identifying and prioritizing their core values. These include a deep care for their clients and staff; striving for excellence; being accessible, forthright and fair; and a commitment to integrity and the highest ethical standards of practice. Together with their associate Kelvin Scheuer and their highly experienced team, Del and Lianne pride themselves on having built a successful business based on these values and on consistently offering trusted advice and outstanding service to ensure an exceptional experience with their firm. It seems to be working, as the firm has been voted the top law office in the Victoria Times Colonist Readers’ Choice Awards for the second year in a row, and has been voted the #1 choice for legal services in the Peninsula News Review for six years running! What makes Beacon Law Centre unique? Providing practical advice you can trust, in plain language. Having three convenient locations to serve you. And quoting work by the job, not by the hour. Anonymous client surveys give top marks for friendliness of the lawyers and staff, value for money, prompt service and plain language communication. If you are buying or selling a home, starting a business or need help with a will or estate, give Beacon Law a call. Let them help you make the best decisions for you and your family. Check us out at to see why we’re not your average law firm.

ROYAL OAK: 140-4392 W Saanich Rd | SIDNEY: 104-9717 Third St | BRENTWOOD BAY: 5-7115 W Saanich Rd

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Chloe Cross, BA, PFP

Janine Morris Chloe Cross, BA, PFP

Financial Planner


Let’s connect.

As BM Iw BMO Financial Group, I have the experience and expertise you can rely on. pe

Investment & Retirement Planning HUGHESMAN MORRIS Financial Planner Chloe Cross, BA, PFP Personal, corporate and estate tax Planning with As a Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Financial Planner Investment Helping & Retirement Planning people understand and feel comfortable with their taxes is so important

Let’s connect.

Investment Retirement Planning and something Janine is passionate about.&She strives to ensure each person

Chloe Ab Cr

I will help define or redefine your the financial objectives then develop a hasyou a positive experience when visiting office and aims to relieve anxieties Branch by providing clients with theSidney knowledge and confidence that she is here to help. personalized plan for success.

Chloe Cross, BA, PFP Financial Planner Investment & Retirement Planning

Working with Janine will take the unnecessary stress of managing your accounting Financial Planne 2461 BEACON AVE I am and tax Investment issues off your&shoulders; shePlanning will deal directly the CRA on your As a Financial Planner, Retirement with with My Service Commitment About me... Investment & Re SIDNEY, BC V8L 1X7 Vic Sidney Branch behalf Iand respond to any and all questions in a you timely manner. Whether you need BMO Financial Group, have the experience and expertise can rely on. accounting assistance or require help with personal, corporate or estate taxes, 2461 AVE att I am you a graduate of University I am committed to building solid, lasting ChloeBEACON Cross, BA, PFP I will help define or The redefine your of financial objectives then develop a 250-655-2122 Janine and the HughesmanPhone: Morris team are here to meet your needs. SIDNEY, V8L 1X7 FinancialBC Planner with a degree in Economics. I have Planning relationships Financial Planner des personalized plan for success. As aVictoria, Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement withwith all of my clients. Fax: 250-655-2117 Investment & Retirement Planning attained the Personal Financial Planning Consistently communicating, promptly yea BMO Financial Group, I have the experience expertise you can rely on. Phone: 250-655-2122 Financial Planner 250.656.3991 • and Investment & Retirement Planning My Service Commitment Aboutdesignation me... (PFP). I bring to my role 10 returning phone calls, and quickly Sidney Branch Chloe Cross, BA, PFP will help you define or redefine your financial objectives then develop a wit Fax: 250-655-2117 Investment & IRetirement Planning 2461 BEACON AVE years ofofexperience in personal banking on lasting administrative matters are Plann I am a graduate The University of I am committedfollowing to buildingup solid, Financial Planner As a Financial personalized plan for success. Let’s connect. Financial Planner SIDNEY, BC V8L&1X7 BMO Financial Grou Victoria,with with BMO a degree in Economics. I have relationships with of my clients. Investment Retirement Planning My Bank of Montreal. topallpriorities. Together, we will regularly Chloe Cross, BA, PFP I will help you defin attained the Personal Financial Planning Consistently communicating, promptly My Service Commitment About me... Investment & Retirement Planning review your plan, and make adjustments to Phone: 250-655-2122 Sidney Branch Financial Planner personalized plan fo My (PFP). Business designation I bring toPhilosophy my role 10 returning phoneInvestment calls, and quickly Planning I ca & Retirement Fax: 250-655-2117 Financial Planner 2461 BEACON AVE accommodate lifelasting changes as they arise. I amBAa Econ graduate of The University of I am committed to building solid, PFP, years of experience in personal banking following up onSidney administrative matters are About me... Branch fina SIDNEY, BC V8L 1X7 Victoria, with a degreemy in Economics. I have relationships with all of my clients. Investment &with Retirement Planning I can enhance Financial Planner Financial Planner BMO Bank of Montreal. clients’ overall long-term top priorities. Together, weAVE will regularly 2461 BEACON I am a graduate of The U My value to you attained the Personal Financial Planning attention, Consistently communicating, promptly pro SIDNEY, V8L 1X7 financial success with personal Phone: 250-655-2122 review your plan, andBC make adjustments to PlanningVictoria, with a degree i Investment & Retirement Investment Retirement Planning As a Financial&Planner, Investment &I Retirement My Business Philosophy designation (PFP). bring to myPlanning role 10 with returning phone calls, and quickly attained the Personal Fi connect. AsLet’s aFax: Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning with BMO FINANCIAL GROUP 250-655-2122 250-655-2117 I al accommodate changes they arise.on your financial propertheplanning and counsel. IPhone: will help as you focus BMO Financial Group, experience andongoing expertise rely on. up life designation (PFP). I brin yearsI have of experience in personal banking you canfollowing on matters are Fax:administrative 250-655-2117 BMO Financial Group, I have the experience and expertise you can rely on. I can enhance my clients’ overall long-term years of experience in p Chloe Cross, BA, PFP I also work with qualified and dedicated needs and priorities. Together, we will: ass I will help you define redefine your financial objectives thenMy develop a to you with or BMO Bank of Montreal. topvalue priorities. Together, we will regularly Financial with BMO Bank of Mont Financial financial success then with personal attention, I willPlanner help you definePlanner, or redefinepersonalized your financial objectives develop a plan for success. associates within BMO Financial Group • Articulate goals to wh review your plan, and makeyour adjustments Investment &Investment Retirement Planning & Retirement Planning proper planning and ongoing counsel. I will help you focus on your financial My Business Philos My Business Philosophy personalized plan for success. who can provide specialized services to • Define your time horizon accommodate life changes as they arise. About me... My Service Commitment hel As a Financial Planner, Investment & Planner, Retirement Planning with Sidney Branch I also work with qualified and Planning dedicated needs and priorities. Together, we will: As a Financial Investment & Retirement with I can enhance my client Let’s connect. I can enhance my clients’ overall long-term help ensure that your broader financial • Identify gaps 2461 BEACON AVE I am a graduate of The University of I am committed to building solid, lasting financial success with pe BMO Financial Group, I have the experience and expertise you can rely on. your goals associates within BMOyour Financial Group Financial Group, I have the My experience and expertise youtrust can rely on. • Articulate Service Commitment AboutBMO me... My value toAs you nee As aPFP BMO investment professional Ifinancial work to earn a Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning As a Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning with SIDNEY, V8L 1X7 success with personal attention, with a degree inor Economics. I your have relationships withconnect. all of my clients. a proper planning and wit ong ChloeBC Cross, BA,connect. Let’s IVictoria, will help you define redefine financial objectives then develop Let’s needs are met. • Implement your plan • Define your time horizon provide specialized services to a I and will help you define redefine your who financial objectives then develop confidence. At or BMO we know thatcan your financial “well-

Let’s connect. Chloe Cross, BA, PFP

Chloe Cross, BA, PFP

Chloe Cross, BA, PFP Let’s connect.

Chloe Cross, BA, PFP Chloe Cross, BA, PFP

Chloe Cross

Chloe Cross, BA, PFP

BMO Financial I have the experience and expertise yo Financial Group, Isuccess. have the experience and expertise you can rely on. help you focus I also work with qualifie attained the Personal Financial Consistently communicating, promptly Planner am250-655-2122 graduate of The The University University of of BMO am committed toPlanning building solid, lasting IIFinancial am aa graduate of II am committed to building solid, lasting proper planning and ongoing counsel. I will on your Group, financial personalized plan for Phone: • Identify gaps I will help you define or redefine your financial help that yourfinancial broader financial Chloeobjectives Cross, BA,calls, PFP associates within BMO F Chloe Cross, PFP (PFP). I bringensure toredefine my role 10 returning phone anddevelop quickly Investment &BA, Retirement Planning objectives the Idesignation will help you define orwith your then a personalized plan for success. Fax:Victoria, 250-655-2117 Victoria, with degree in Economics. have relationships with allwith of my clients. with aa degree in Economics. II have relationships all of my clients. I also work qualified and dedicated needs and priorities. Together, we will: Financialup Planner who can provide special Financial Planner years ofme... experience in banking on administrative• matters are Myfollowing Service Commitment About Implement yourpersonalized plan needs are met. plan for success. personalized plan forpersonal success. Sidney Branch attained the the Personal Financial Planning Planningwith BMOConsistently Consistently communicating, promptly attained Personal Financial communicating, promptly associates within BMO Financial Group • Articulate your goals Investment Retirement help ensure that your br Investment & Retirement Planning Bank of Montreal. top priorities.&Together, wePlanning will regularly 2461 BEACON AVE me... I am a graduate of The University of Commitment I am committed to building solid, lasting Myphone Service About needs are met. My Service Commitme About me... My Service Commitment About me... designation (PFP). I bring to my role 10 returning calls, and quickly designation (PFP). I bring to my role 10 returning phone calls, and quickly who can provide specialized services to • Define your time horizon review your plan, and make adjustments to Sidney Branch Sidney SIDNEY,Branch BC V8L 1X7 Victoria, with a degree in Economics. I have relationships with all of my clients. My Business Philosophy life as they arise. 2461solid, BEACON AVEchanges 2461 BEACON AVE years ofI experience experience in personal personal bankingIattained following upcommitted on administrative matters are I am a graduate of The University of I am committed to building years of in banking following up on administrative matters are am a graduate of The University of that IConsistently amaccommodate committed to building solid, lasting help ensure your broader financial • Identify gaps am a graduate of The University of I am to building lasting the Personal Financial Planning communicating, promptly Phone: 250-655-2122 I can enhance myI clients’ SIDNEY, BC calls, V8L SIDNEY, BC V8L 1X7 Victoria, with a degree in Economics. I have relationships with all of my Victoria, a priorities. degree in Economics. I have with all 1X7 ofand myquickly clients. designation (PFP). bring tooverall my rolelong-term 10 returning phone with BMO Bank of of Montreal. Montreal. top priorities. Together, we will regularly with BMO Bank top Together, will regularly needs are met. • Implement your plan Victoria, with a degree in Economics. I with have relationships withwe allrelationships ofMy my clients. value to you Fax: 250-655-2117 financial success with personal attention, Consistently attained the Personal Financial Planning Consistently communicating attained Personal Planning promptly years of the experience inFinancial personal banking following upcommunicating, on administrative matters are Phone: 250-655-2122 Phone: 250-655-2122 review your plan, and make adjustments to review your plan, and make adjustments to attained the Personal Financial Planning Consistently communicating, promptly designation (PFP). I bring to my role 10 returning phone calls, and q proper planning ongoing will you focus on your financial designation (PFP). IMontreal. bring to my counsel. role 10 returning phone calls, and quickly with BMO Bank ofand topIpriorities. Together, we will regularly Fax:help 250-655-2117 Fax: 250-655-2117 My Business Philosophy accommodate life changes as they arise. years of experience in personal banking following up on administrat accommodate life changes as they arise. experience in personal banking following up onpriorities. administrative matters designation (PFP). I bring to my years role 10 returning phone calls, and quickly I alsoof work with qualified and dedicated needs and Together, weare will: review your plan, and make adjustments to My Business Philosophy with BMO Bank of Montreal. top priorities. Together, we with BMO Bank of Montreal. top Together, we will regularly accommodate life changes as they arise. associates within BMO Financialup Group •priorities. Articulate your goals can enhance enhance my clients’ overall overall long-term II can clients’ long-term years ofmy experience in personal banking following on administrative matters are review your plan, and make review your plan, make adjustments to value to services you Iwho can enhance my clients’ overall long-term can My provide specialized to • Define yourand time horizon My Business Philosophy My Business Philosophy My value toregularly you financial success with personal attention, financial success attention, with BMOwith Bankpersonal of Montreal. top priorities. Together, we will accommodate life changes accommodate financial success help ensure thatwith yourpersonal broaderattention, financial • Identify life gapschanges as they arise. I can enhance my clients’ overall long-term proper planning planning and and ongoing ongoing counsel. counsel. Iproper will help you focus on your your financial can enhance myand clients’ overall long-term proper will help you focus on financial review your plan, and make adjustments planning ongoing counsel. I will help you focus on plan yourto financial needs areII met. • Implement your My value to you My value to you

being” is not just measured in dollars and cents. “We’re here to help”™ is core to the wide range of services we provide to give you confidence in your financial future. With investment expertise, BMO Global Asset Management delivers a variety of investment strategies, innovative solutions and leading-edge Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds. Benefit from the experience and global perspective of Canada’s seventh-largest fund company and one of the top 50 asset managers in the world. Research, simplification and guidance all help you feel

My Business Philosophy

financial success with personal attention, success with personal attention, I also that work with qualified and dedicated needs and priorities. Together, we will: also work work with qualified qualified and dedicated dedicatedfinancial needs and priorities. Together, we will: II also with and needs and priorities. Together, we will: confident in the decisions create a secure future. I will help you understand your accommodate lifefinancial changes as they arise. Financial Planners, Investment & Retirement Planning are representatives of BMO Investments Inc., a financial serv proper planning and ongoing counsel. I will help you focus on you proper planning ongoing counsel. I• will help you focus on your financial Trademarks of Bank of Montreal. associates withinand BMO Financial Group Articulate your goals options by setting goals and building a plan. With insight, knowledge, strategy and associates within BMO Financial Group • Articulate your goals • with Articulate your goals associates within BMOmy Financial Group I can enhance clients’ overall long-term Ifrom alsoinvestment work with qualified and dedicated needs and priorities. Togeth Iwho also work qualified and dedicated needs andyour priorities. Together, we awill: can provide specialized services to • Define time horizon Financial Planners, Investment & Retirement Planning are representatives of BMO Investments Inc., a financial services firm and separate legal entity Bank of Montreal. Financial Planners, Investment & Retirement Planning are representatives of BMO Investments Inc., a financial services firm and a separate legal entity from Bank of Montreal. My value to you Planners,associates Investment & Retirement Planning of BMO I 02/15-160 recommendations I can make a difference to your•• Articulate financial well-being.Financial Trademarks of Bank Bank Montreal. within BMO Financial Group are representatives • Articulate your goals who can provide specialized services toattention, Define your time horizon associates BMO your Financial Group your goals ••within Define time horizon who can provide specialized to help ensure that your broader financial Identify gaps financial success withservices personal 02/15-160 Trademarks of ofofMontreal. TM/® Trademarks of who Bankcan of provide Montreal. specialized services to • Define your time horizon who can provide specialized services to •• Define your your time plan horizon needs are met. Implement help ensure ensure that your broader financial • Identify gaps • Identify gaps help that your broader financial proper planning and ongoing I will help you focusensure on your financial Portfolio reviews and counsel. ongoing adjustments help your portfolio is aligned with your help ensure thattolerance your broader financial • Identify gaps help ensure that your broader financial • Identify gaps needs are are met. • Implement Implement your plan plan needs met. I for also work with dedicated needs your and priorities. we plan will: are met. • Implement your plan needs are •met. Implement your risk. As aqualified BMO and Investment professional I help• Together, by offering Retirement Planning,needs investment TM/®



transactions, professional referrals, education savings, risk assessment and investment reviews.

associates within &BMO Financial Articulate Financial Planners, Investment Retirement PlanningGroup are representatives of• BMO Investmentsyour Inc., a goals financial services firm and a separate legal entity from Bank of Montreal. TM/® Trademarks of Bank of Montreal.


who can provide services • Define horizon Keeping youspecialized informed and to updated helpsyour youtime rest assured that your investments are in good hands. help ensure that your broader financial • Identify gaps My value as a BMO investment professional is the strength of BMO Global Asset Management; your met.Planning are representatives of BMO Investments Inc., a financial • Implement yourlegal plan Financial Planners,needs Investmentare & Retirement services firm and a separate entity from Bank of Montreal. TM/®

02/15-160 winning combination. If you have any questions or concerns, I am available in person, by the phone or email. Call me today to get started.

Trademarks of Bank of Montreal.

Financial Planning, Investment & Retirement Planning services are provided by BMO Investments Inc., a financial 02/15-160 services firm and separate legal entity from Bank of Montreal. BMO Global Asset Management is a brand name that comprises BMO Asset Management Inc., BMO Investments Inc., BMO Asset Management Corp. and BMO’s specialized Financial Planners, Investment & Retirement Planning are representatives of BMO Investments Inc., a financial services firm and a separate legal entity from Bank of Montreal. Financial Planners, Investment & Retirement Planning are representatives of BMO Investments Inc., a financial services firm and a separate legal entity from Bank of Montreal. Trademarks of Bank of Montreal. 02/15-160 Trademarks of Bank of Montreal. investment management firms. Financial Planners, Investment & Retirement Planning are representatives of BMO Investments Inc., a financial services firm and a separate legal entity from Bank of Montreal. TM/® Trademarks of Bank of Montreal.



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of BMO BMO Investments Investments Inc., Inc., aa financial financial services services firm firm and and aa separate separate legal legal entity entity from from Bank Bank of of Montreal. Montreal. of

sentatives of BMO Investments Inc., a financial services firm and a separate legal entity from Bank of Montreal.


Deneen Cunningham


MCVAGH CUNNINGHAM GROUP LTD. Insurance and Financial Planning. Smart Decisions. Real Results. Whether widowed or divorced, many women are faced with the need to re-think their financial priorities. Deneen takes complicated strategies and puts them into plain language to develop your customized plan. She is here to help you with the many decisions you’ll face being on your own. At McVagh Cunningham Group, we take a practical approach to financial planning. We address the four essential elements of a financial plan: taxation, return, inflation and longevity. An understanding of how these areas affect you allows us to help you make difficult decisions regarding your finances with new confidence. Once your plan is in place, we meet regularly to ensure you are on track. By empowering you to make smart decisions about your planning, we help deliver real results.

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Peggy Yelland


PEGGY YELLAND & ASSOCIATES INC. Full-service accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation We are a dynamic office of motivated accounting professionals, working to provide the best service possible to our clients. Year-end accounting, monthly and annual bookkeeping, and corporate and personal tax preparation are all undertaken with the utmost timeliness, reliability, professionalism, and integrity. As a local firm specializing in the construction industry, we understand the challenges faced by our clients. We have been in business for over 25 years; Peggy began her career as the controller for a major local company. After striking out on her own, she took that experience and has been instrumental in the success and growth of many small and medium-sized companies on the Peninsula and beyond.

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PATERSON HENN CPA - CHARTERED PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANTS Professional Accounting Services for Individuals, Businesses and Not-for-Profits. Our firm offers a wide range of services and expertise, including complex Canadian and U.S. personal tax returns, Estate and tax planning, Not-for-profit Audits and other financial reporting and corporate tax including small business and SR&ED claims. We work with you to ensure deadlines are met and the best tax outcome is reached. Communicating with clients is of the utmost importance in our office; whether through a face to face meeting, email or telephone conversation, we are available to offer sound advice quickly. Please contact our partners Caroline Paterson, CPA, CGA or Sheila Henn, CPA, CA to see how we can assist you or your organization.

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Sharon Bolton SELECT MORTGAGE CORP Tap the insight of a mortgage broker! Mortgage rules have changed the lending landscape, but it still comes down to credit, income and the property. It’s true you may qualify for less than you did two years ago; however, mortgage lending is very diverse – we work with major banks, credit unions and trust companies that have excellent products and interest rates. Equity lending and reverse mortgages are worth investigating. Private lenders have their place. Interest rates are forecast to rise in 2019. Whether you are considering buying a home or investment property, renewing or refinancing a mortgage now or in the future, it’s a good time to assess your situation. Please call me for a complimentary consultation.

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Viola VandeRuyt & Annette Quan VANDERUYT WEALTH MANAGEMENT GROUP NATIONAL BANK FINANCIAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT Life changing events such as death and divorce can leave women feeling overwhelmed by the many financial decisions – we can help! Women and their families approaching, and in the early stages of retirement, may face many challenges ranging from care of elderly parents or grandchildren to illness, while often combined with suddenly being single. VandeRuyt Wealth Management Group offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your financial needs now and in the future are being met with trustworthy, straightforward advice that takes into consideration your personal circumstances and values. Responsible Investing is an area of concern for many local investors and we work to ensure the values that are most important to you are honoured. Please call Viola for a chat and a no obligation second opinion on your situation.

Viola VandeRuyt, CIM, FCSI, CPCA Investment Advisor

Annette Quan, FMA, FCSI Senior Investment Associate

“National Bank Financial - Wealth Management (NBFWM) is a division of National Bank Financial Inc. (NBF Inc.), as well as a trademark owned by National Bank of Canada (NBC) that is used under license by NBF Inc. NBF Inc. is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF), and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NBC, a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: NA).”

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Cremation Service $1,095


our prices, We know how difficult the arrangement not our standard s process can be and the comfort and warmth that a meal can provide. At Sands, we extend our support by providing homemade soup for our families to take home, prepared by our In-House Chef Michael Williams.

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FINANCIAL PLANNING CONSIDERATIONS TO AFFORD PRIVATE SENIOR LIVING Full disclosure: I am not a certified financial advisor. However, I have worked with hundreds of seniors and families over the past 12 years during a very stressful time of their lives. One of the most important decisions retirees by Bonnie Harris Certified Professional Consultant on will make is if or when to move Aging, Community Relations Director from their home into senior Amica Beechwood Village living. There is no rule book! Seniors will weigh the pros and cons and decide whether to stay home, or take advantage of the hospitality services and amenities that seniors’ residences offer. There are so many options now available, and services that allow them to focus on well-deserved retirement and time with their family, friends and leisure pursuits. The best advice is to find a certified financial advisor who has experience with senior wealth management. Clearly there are very different considerations for seniors, especially if they plan to move into senior living and if they require personal care. Financial advisors will review a client’s current financial portfolio, then project how much money they will need during their retirement years. This plan should include potential care costs which, over the next 25 years, are expected to increase dramatically. Seniors benefit by being knowledgeable on the cost of healthcare in retirement and planning for it by saving effectively. Being informed will give seniors confidence to ask the right questions when consulting their advisor, who will help their clients understand the potential tax benefits and financial implications of moving to a retirement residence. For example, some hospitality and care services may be tax deductible, and private senior living companies will provide a statement each year to show those expenses. Here are a few questions seniors may want to ask when working with a financial advisor: • How should I invest the equity from the sale of my home? • How much money will I need if I should need care in the future? • What is more cost-effective: hire in-home care services or sell my home and move to a residence where the care is provided? • Are there tax credits to which I may be entitled? • How do I apply for disability credits to reduce taxable income? Many seniors have likely worked with a trusted advisor for many years. However, if someone does have concerns, they can check if their financial adviser or firm is registered using the national registered search on the Canadian Securities Administrators website,, or There is also no harm in obtaining a second opinion to ensure they have the right advisor that understands their unique financial situation.


Good Food Box:

Reaching Out to Seniors

by Tom Barnes 4th Year BsN Student

A fresh take on a popular

program is taking root on the Peninsula in a bid to improve seniors' health and wellness. The community-driven Good Food Box Program has been widely successful throughout the capital region and has expanded its organic produce program to include the Saanich Peninsula. "We are reaching out to our neighbours," said Deb Greenway, the Better at Home Coordinator with Beacon Community Services. The Sidney-based seniors organization has partnered with the Fernwood Community Centre, hoping to reach isolated or vulnerable seniors having difficulty accessing fresh and healthy produce. While the program is available to everyone, the target audience is seniors living alone at home with little in the way of support from family and friends, or those who are living with cognitive or mobility challenges and are unable to visit the grocery store on a regular basis. "It really goes a long way in identifying the needs of others. These are the people we are trying to reach," says Deb. Louise and David Lovett were among the first to get involved with the program and say that as they age, they recognize the vital role proper nutrition plays in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. "We plan on living to 100 so we think it is a great idea and so far we've been very happy with what we've received," say the Central Saanich couple, who note that the cost of buying produce through the food box program ends up being a better deal than buying from the store. "It is good value and good quality," they add. Almost half of Canadian seniors admitted to hospital arrive showing signs and symptoms of malnourishment, according to

Cara Brighton, home and community care dietician with Island Health. Cara says maintaining proper nutrition in the later stages of life is "incredibly vital" in maintaining overall health, noting poor diet contributes to a host of other health challenges among the senior population through a heightened risk of infection from a compromised immune system, increased frailty leading to more falls and fractures, longer hospital stays and the need for more supports at home. "Family and care givers," Cara adds, "should be aware of the causes of malnutrition and seek help." Sudden weight loss, selffeeding difficulty, isolation, stress and swallowing difficulties are some of the more common causes of malnutrition with seniors, and the produce box program is a positive step towards maintaining health and wellbeing. "Many residents are not able to get out to purchase fresh foods or cannot afford the increasing cost of produce. This program offers bulk purchasing to help lower the cost of these items," Cara says. Meanwhile, Deb says it is difficult to estimate the number of seniors living in isolation or who are at risk of malnutrition. However, given the Peninsula's growing senior population and looking at how well the program has been used in other areas of the region, it's likely there is a significant number of people living at risk. While addressing the nutritional needs of seniors is the thrust behind bringing the program to the Peninsula, Deb says her organization is also using it as an opportunity to reach out to vulnerable seniors and to inform people of the raft of other services Beacon offers aimed at providing social outlets for seniors to interact with peers and engage in their community. For more information call Beacon Community Services at 250-656-5537.

Pop in to our office and pick up a copy of This useful guide contains information about achieving a balanced

Healthy Ea for Seniotring s

from Seniors BC.

diet, the use of supplements and how a healthy diet can support those with chronic illnesses. You'll also find planning, shopping and cooking tips including fast & easy recipes! “Eating well is important at any age, but it is especially important as you get older to help maintain independence, good spirits and a well-functioning body and mind.� or download at:

your community, your health 250-652-7531 JANUARY 2019 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 19

C.J. (Kip) Wilson

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Getting Your Due: The Self-Advocating Senior

Reasonable, Common Sense Legal Advice

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by Doreen Marion Gee

Life for many seniors in

B.C. is a far cry from the commonplace myth of the “rich” boomer. In her May 2015 Report, Seniors’ Housing in B.C., our provincial Seniors Advocate found that “Half of B.C. seniors live on $24,000 per year or less and more than 50,000 seniors are living on $20,000 or less.” In these lean-and-mean times, it is more important that ever that people in the older generation educate themselves and become well-informed about programs and resources that can raise their quality of life – and their bottom line. This involves getting accurate information from proper sources, asserting one’s rights to valuable benefits, and exploring ways to make money go further. Financially eligible seniors are entitled to the federal Old Age Security (OAS) monthly pension at age 65, a universal benefit not tied to employment history. Those on very low incomes can also receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), a monthly non-taxable federal benefit that is added to the OAS. The other two public pension benefits are the Allowance, available to seniors aged 60 to 64 whose spouse or common-law partner is receiving OAS and is eligible for the GIS; and the Allowance for the Survivor, for widowed individuals aged 60 to 64 whose annual income is less than the maximum annual threshold. Do not wait for Service Canada to contact you. Be proactive: if there is no letter from Service Canada in the month after turning 64, prompting you to apply for OAS, do it yourself. Then apply for the GIS. And, if appropriate, apply for the Allowance or the Allowance for the Survivor six to 11 months before your 60th birthday. Never depend on secondhand information; always go to the original source to get the facts. For example, everything about federal public pensions and contact information is at services/benefits/publicpensions. Remember to do your research and ask questions. Did you know that people can work and still get the

Make your donation

TWICE AS NICE It’s the season of giving and every $1 you give will become a $2 donation to the Foundation! OAS? The OAS payments would be steadily reduced if one’s earnings increase and when an income threshold is reached, OAS clawbacks begin. However, it is well worth it because the obvious advantages of a part-time income (below the OAS threshold) outweigh the tiny amounts taken from your pension. Seniors can also have assets and savings and receive Old Age Security. Administered by B.C. Housing, the Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER) program provides low-to-moderate income seniors a rental supplement every month to make their housing affordable. Applicants have to be 60 or older and presently paying more than 30% of their gross monthly income towards rent. There is no better time than now to apply: BC Housing just raised its maximum rent ceilings to reflect higher market rents, thus increasing the subsidies for many recipients. Chris Gerow, CFP®, RRC®, Senior Advisor, Investments, with Island Savings Insurance Services, has smart advice for seniors wanting to stretch their dollars: “Utilize a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)” advises Chris. “By investing in a TFSA you’re receiving tax free growth … and you don’t pay any tax when you cash your investments out of the account.” He cautions seniors against get-richquick investment schemes and recommends that “If you don’t want to risk your investments, then Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC’s) or Term Deposits may be the best solution.” Remember that you are the captain of that ship taking you slowly into the golden horizon. Being your own best advocate ensures sunny skies and smooth sailing. Sources:

Long-time donors to the Saanich Peninsula Hospital & Healthcare Foundation, Don and Ruth James, through the James Family Foundation, have challenged the community to match their pledge of $650,000 to this year’s fundraising efforts. Give now and your donation is doubled, helping ensure that you, your family and neighbours receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time. Your donation will help us support patient-focused, team-based medical care and bring family doctors to the Saanich Peninsula and to our hospital. Please give today.

your community, your health 250-652-7531


Building financial security Successfully building financial security is about more than investments. It’s about you, your family and your future. It’s about effectively responding to changes in the marketplace. It’s also about finding a trusted advisor to help set your course. I’ve been privileged to be that partner for numerous individuals and families, and I’d welcome the opportunity to be the same for you. Please contact me for a complimentary review. “I came from Saskatchewan to the Peninsula for a visit two years ago. The community welcomed me from the first day so making the decision to stay was very easy. I chose to join Raymond James because I like being able to provide individual solutions as an independent advisor. My investment philosophy of stressing the importance of income generation matches the needs of the people in the area. During my 20 years as an advisor I have enjoyed helping clients manage their financial affairs – many times over a cup of tea at their kitchen tables. There was just a feeling that this is where I was supposed to be.”

BRAD TIPPETT, Financial Advisor Tippett Asset Management of Raymond James Ltd. 1175 Douglas St. Victoria, BC V8W 2E1 250-405-2483

Raymond James Ltd., Member-Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

Power of Attorney by Laurie Salvador Salvador, Davis & Co.

Everyone thinks of preparing a

Will at some point, or at least it's on their "to do" list. In my opinion, it's actually more important to have a Power of Attorney. You see, there is legislation in place to determine who gets your estate if you don't have a Will (spouse and children first and then a list of other relatives if you die without a spouse or children). In B.C., that legislation is called the Wills, Estates and Succession Act. There is no default legislation to appoint a family member to take over your affairs in the event of your incapacity. A lot of people think that if their assets are jointly held they can act for each other, but that is not true. If you have a sudden illness or accident that renders you incapable of managing your affairs, and you haven't planned ahead with a Power of Attorney, someone close to you will have to apply to Court to take on this responsibility. This is a lengthy and very expensive process – up to $10,000. It could take months while you are in a hospital bed with bills mounting up and decisions to be made. Or you could be in a foreign country on vacation when suddenly you are in an accident and no one has the authority to make plans for you. It could be also that the person who steps forward is not the person you would have wanted handling your affairs. With no one to object to the appointment, the wrong person could have control of your finances. For this reason, I recommend the following documents for peace of mind, in this order: • Power of Attorney (for finances and real estate matters); • Will (to set out who gets what from your estate); • Representation Agreement (to appoint someone to make health care decisions for you if you are incapacitated). I am happily semi-retired, but my partners, Lisa Ehrlich and Todd Wiebe, would be happy to assist readers who have questions on this subject.

Let Us Do The Work … ... so you can sit back and take life in! Books In The City can help you get – and stay – in great financial shape!

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The Veterans & Seniors at Rest Haven Lodge

Need Your Support! Direct Your Gift Where It’s Needed Most… This year marks the beginning of an ambitious $262,700 campaign towards the purchase of 37 overhead lifts at $7,100 each. These lifts make transfers more comfortable and dignified for our residents while reducing staff injuries.

Double Your Gift, Double Your Impact… Our long-time benefactor, WWII Veteran Rudi Hoenson, will match your gift! The care of veterans and seniors is very close to his heart.

How to Donate… Visit our donations page at For questions contact Mandy Parker: 250-658-3226 or email



The Centre of Your Experience

What’s Happening at the Mary Winspear Centre

Aaron Pritchett Aaron Pritchett brings his Out On The Town Tour to Sidney on Friday, January 11 with special guests Kira Isabella and David James. Acclaimed for bringing “rock energy” to “country audiences”, Aaron Pritchett continues to hold the title of one of the most sought after artists in the business. His passion and intensity for his art overflows on stage and spills into his unwavering dedication to his fans. Pritchett’s tour announcement comes with the release of Out on the Town’s second single “Better When I Do,” available now at country radio. Following the success of his single “Worth A Shot,” that charted Top 10 at radio for four weeks straight, Pritchett’s new single will continue to please country fans combining his signature upbeat country licks with a story of free-spirited romance. “I am so excited for my new single, ‘Better When I Do’ to hit the radio airwaves across Canada and for my new album Out on the Town to be available for my amazing fans to buy this coming January,” says Pritchett.

“It’s going to be such a rush to see everyone sing along to the new music when I rock their cities on tour this January and February!”

Valdy The Mary Winspear Centre welcomes back Canadian music legend, Valdy, with a solo performance Saturday, January 12 at the intimate Charlie White Theatre. Paul “Valdy” Horsdal has been part of the fabric of Canadian pop, country and folk music for over 40 years. Combining the art of storytelling and music, Valdy captures life’s most special moments with warmth and magic. Playing around 200 shows a year for 4 decades, performing live is still enjoyable to the long-time Salt Spring Island resident. Valdy is an energetic performer, famous for jigging and dancing on stage, and establishing rapport with young and adult audiences alike. To date he has 14 albums, 22 singles, and four gold records, and has sold nearly half a million units worldwide. Famous for the hit ‘Play Me a Rock ‘n’ Roll Song’, Valdy toured the world several times over. He also has won two Juno Awards for Folk Singer of the Year and Folk Entertainer of the Year, along with seven additional Juno nominations.

He was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 2005, and the Victoria Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in ‘08, something he says is an honour, if not somewhat perplexing. “As a folksinger, I play it all. I was inducted into the Victoria R’n’R Hall of Fame, but I’m still a folksinger, thus cover ALL styles of music,” he commented. In June 2012, he received the Order of Canada for his lifelong dedication and achievements in the world of music, as well as his humanitarian, philanthropic, and social work. Playing crowd favourites, new material and even a few surprises, an evening with folk icon Valdy will entertain those both young and young at heart.

Montreal Guitar Trio Making thier debut apperance in Sidney, MG3 will perform Tuesday, January 29 in the Charlie White Theatre. Described by the CBC as the “hottest” guitar ensemble in Canada, MG3 has quickly established itself as a force to be reckoned with, as well as an interactive force in various musical forms. For over 20 years, the trio’s virtuosity, rigour, creativity and impressive stage presence -

where humour and interacting with the public go hand in hand – have been winning over audiences around the world. The trio, composed of guitarists Sébastien Dufour, Glenn Lévesque and Marc Morin, has given hundreds of concerts in some of the most prestigious venues across North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, including the legendary Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Rundetårnet in Copenhagen and the BB King Blues Club in New York City.

The Taffetas Join The Taffetas January 19 & 20 for a musical journey through the fabulous fifties It’s 1950-something, and these four singing sisters from Smithers, BC, are making their national television debut on the Dumont Television Network’s ‘Spotlight On Music’!

Audiences are sure to sing along with a few of their favourites as they enjoy this light-hearted look back in time.

The Taffetas brings us back to the sweet melodies reminiscent of the music of

Coming Events

2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney | 250.656.0275

January 5 7 11 12 12 18 19 & 20 26-27 26 29 31

Connie Francis, Patti Page, the McGuire Sisters, and the Chordettes with hits like: Johnny Angel, Mr. Sandman, You Belong To Me, Sh-Boom, Where the Boys Are, Sincerely, and many more.

Shari Ulrich Band Blood Donor Clinic Aaron Pritchett Camino 101 Valdy Wavelengths Community Choir The Taffetas The Wizard of Oz Robbie Burns Dinner Montreal Guitar Trio Matthew Good

February 2 4 7 9 12 21

Victoria Master Gardeners Blood Donor Clinic Palm Court My Valentine to You Salish Sea Feis Led ZepAgain ISSAMBA

March 4 9 15

Blood Donor Clinic Alfie Zappacosta The Comic Strippers

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Aging Gracefully in Our Forever Homes by Janice Henshaw

Many of us love our homes.

They are our safe havens, and we plan on staying in them until … well, until we can't. And like all worthwhile projects and plans, there are steps we can take that will allow us to make our homes safer and more supportive as our bodies start to change. Right now there is a lot of creative energy going into home modification, so it's a great time to be thinking about making choices for the future. It would be so easy if we all lived in a level entry home! But in a multi-level home, if stairs become an issue, a stair lift can be installed ($2,500 to $5,000 for a Stannah straight lift) or, a sleek, space-saving elevator. An elevator can be custom designed to match the style of your home and can add value for resale. According to Stiltz Home Elevators Canada, the average cost of installing a home elevator is between $25,000 and $45,000, depending on the complexity of the retrofit and style of the elevator. Other important features for our homes are wide halls and doorways for wheelchair and walker access. Another great idea is to have a spare bedroom in case you would like to hire a livein caregiver. A home renovation can be considered to achieve these changes, and the savings from not having to move into a retirement home can offset the retrofit costs. In the kitchen, lower counters provide a work surface that is easier to reach. It's best to avoid high overhead cabinets, especially if they require a step stool. Drawers under counters are more accessible than doors and shelves. How about a small island on wheels (with brakes!) that can be moved to allow for more space to manoeuvre? Deep sinks are trendy, but their bottoms may be too far to reach into. Motion-activated faucets work well for everyone. As for doors, levers are easier to use than knobs. When it comes to electrical outlets, higher is better, (18 to 24 inches) so we won't have to bend down so far. Lighting is important and should include bright lights for reading or mastering Sudoku (switch to higher wattage bulbs) and indirect lighting to reduce glare and shadows. Two-way switches for the bedroom allow you to turn on the light when entering the room and off from your bedside. Use LED lights to reduce light bulb changes. Motion sensor lights are great for navigating safely at night. Bathrooms are an essential place to make changes. If you are adding a new shower, consider choosing a roomy, no threshold, no door, walk-in shower with a non-slip surface. Include an attractive seat and support bars. An adjustable height showerhead and a handheld wand with a shut-off button can be very helpful as well. A transom window can bring in more natural light at the top of your shower. Warming towel bars are a sweet indulgence! If you love to relax and dream in your step-over tub, then one way to make it safer is to add strategically placed grab bars or a tub seat lift. A choice for the future is an attractive walk-in tub that has

a door that closes with a watertight seal. Cost and space may be an issue, but they come in different sizes, so you may find a shorter tub that will be perfect for your space. If the bathroom has a tile floor, apply anti-slip strips. Non-skid mats are not an option; they are a "must"! We can't leave the bathroom without discussing the toilet! A higher toilet or a seat extender can make the process a whole lot easier. Add a floor mounted pivoting and locking horizontal rail for ease of use and to ensure that one always leaves the throne with grace. A luxurious one-stop wash and dry toilet/bidet combination can be extremely helpful for hygiene purposes and skin care. And finally, living alone is a risk factor for social isolation. To age gracefully and with joy, it is helpful to embrace a larger world. Now might be a good time to consider the sensible trend of sharing our homes with a friend, a renter, or a family in need. Who knows how wonderful that could be? And it could help with retrofit expenses!

Happy New Year’s! ArtSea Gallery 2019 This year, the Gallery renters’ shows will be opening on Fridays and ending on Thursday evenings, so drop by on Fridays to be a part of the next exciting show!


January 11-17

Donna Jean, Diane Lair, Kit McDonald, Linda Rajotte, Arli Law. An eclectic group of artists.

TEXTILE EXPLORATIONS January 18-24 Private Group Studio Space. Open to public Thurs., Jan. 24

PHOTOS IN NATURE BY NANCY Jan. 25-31 Nancy Brown-Schembri Wildlife and landscape photos from Vancouver Island and world travels.

TASTE OF TULISTA on February 2 - 7 previews the balance of the upcoming shows for the year. So come in and get a “taste” of what’s happening in 2019.

ArtSea Gallery Hours: Every Day 10 - 4 (unless otherwise specified)

Visit our website for more information: by the sea


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Open Seven Days a Week! 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

A Delicious Meal. Our Glowing Fireplace. The Warmth of Family & Friends

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2300 Cano e Cove Road, North Saanich




cano ecovejo

Pub & Restaurant 9881 Seaport Place, Sidney 250.656.5643



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Take a Closer Look Pork Bites salt & pepper with honey at Waddling Dog chipotle sauce $9 Bar & Grill Louisiana Prawns hot sauce,



Us O

garlic butter, Cajun spice & garlic toast $11

An Inviting Place Calamari buttermilk marinated, to Grab a Pint jalapenos, lemon & tzatziki $12 and Munch on Potato Skins mixed cheese melted Comfort Food! over bacon and tomato $10. Add ground beef and jalapenos $3

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(served from 5-8pm)

Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs.

Savoury Pies Pastas Pizzas Chicken

Sunday Roast $25 250.655.0075

cheese sauce with jalepeno, tomato, cayenne pepper, served with house made tortilla chips $8

Deep Fried Pickles battered dill pickles served with ranch dip $8 Beef Sliders three mini burger sliders topped with the works! $12. Add a fourth slider for $3.5

Chicken Strips & Fries

Nachos peppers, onion, olives,

Popcorn Shrimp

Half & Half fries & onion rings with

jalapenos, sour cream & salsa $15.5. Add guacamole, pulled pork or spicy beef $3. Add chicken $5

breaded chicken strips with choice of dip $12 with cocktail sauce $9

your choice of dipping sauce $7. Substitute fries for sweet potato fries $2

Pulled Pork Poutine cheese

curds, gravy, fries & topped with pulled pork $13. Keep it classic $10

Chicken Wings a local favourite

Sweet Potato Fries served with chipotle aioli $7

Garlic Cheese Toast two pieces of french bread with melted cheese $6

Warm Pita Bread two pieces of pita bread with hummus or tzatziki $6

FEATURE $14.95 Dinners

Queso Dip

flavoured to your liking, served with ranch or blue cheese dip. Hot, Hot-BBQ, Hot Honey, Teriyaki, BBQ, Honey Garlic, Lemon Pepper, Dry Cajun, Salt & Pepper, Blue Moon, Sweet & Spicy Thai, Honey Chipotle $13

Global Flavour, Local Tastes.

Great Food. Friendly People.


The Best Selection of Local, Craft & Import Beers on Tap

1164 Stelly’s X Road, Brentwood Bay

2250 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Espresso. Dinner Thurs - Sat

Family Friendly Until 10pm!




The Peninsula’s Only Micro Coffee Roaster

Mon-Fri 7am to 5:30pm Saturday/Sunday 8am - 5pm


Fresh-Baked Bread and Muffins, Espresso Beverages, Tasty Sandwiches

Made In-store

Chicken or Beef



Open Monday - Friday 8am to 4pm (closed Sat /Sun) Winter Hours: Closed Dec. 22 - Jan. 3; Jan. 12 - Feb. 10

1931 Mount Newton X Road, Saanichton

Sandwiches & Wraps Open Faced Roasted Baron roast beef sandwich topped with

gravy, sautéed onion and mushroom $16

Beef Dip slow roasted & shaved thin, au jus, grilled hoagie $14

Pulled Pork

house pulled pork, bbq sauce, topped with coleslaw $13.50

Santé Fe Chicken

chicken breast, smoked bacon, cheddar, mozza, guacamole, jalapeno aioli, grilled French bread $14

Triple Decker Clubhouse turkey breast, smoked bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, mayo $15

Louisiana Chicken Wrap crispy breaded chicken strips, hot sauce, blue cheese dressing, lettuce, tomato, cucumber on a flour tortilla $ 14

English Hot Beef

roast beef served on yorkshire pudding, topped with gravy & sauteed onions $ 15

Cajun Chicken Caesar Wrap chicken breast, caesar dressing,

#17 - 2235 Harbour Road, Sidney

romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese in a flour tortilla $13

Popcorn Shrimp Wrap

popcorn shrimp, lettuce, tomato, mayo and sweet & spicy Thai sauce in a flour tortilla $12

Fish Tacos

three flour tortillas, grilled cod, shredded lettuce, diced tomato, cilantro, mixed cheese and topped with mango salsa $13

Chicken Quesadilla

grilled flour tortilla, Cajun chicken breast, cheese, peppers, salsa & sour cream $14

Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese A classic with a twist! House pulled pork with melted cheddar $13

Regular Grilled Cheese $10 Reuben

shaved Montreal style corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, 1000 island sauce on grilled rye bread $14.50

Contemporary West Coast Dining

Co-op Food Centre 2132 Keating X Rd


Steak Sandwich charbroiled 6oz NY sirloin steak, sautéed mushrooms & onions on grilled garlic toast $16.50 Fish & Chips our beer batted fish

Daily Features

MONDAY: Burger & Beer

SATURDAY: Wings 2 to 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. till close

Waddling Dog burger with a sleeve of domestic lager $13

$0.55 each. Minimum 10 per flavour; must purchase a beverage.

TUESDAY: Tacos served with

choice of soup, salad or fries. Beef: shredded lettuce, diced tomato, mixed cheese and topped with salsa & sour cream. Chicken: shredded lettuce, mixed cheese and topped with chipotle mayo. Popcorn Shrimp shredded lettuce, diced tomato, mixed cheese and topped with Thai sauce. $12

WEDNESDAY: Wings 4 p.m. to close $0.55 each. Minimum 10 per flavour; must purchase a beverage.

Sizzling Fajitas mixed vegetables, cajun chicken on a sizzzling wok, served with soft tortillas, sour cream, salsa and guacamole $18 SUNDAY: Wings 2 to 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. till close $0.55 each. Minimum 10 per flavour; must purchase a beverage. Three Course Roast Beef Dinner choice of soup or

salad to start, 6 oz roast beef served with a Yorkshire pudding and roasted potatoes with your choice of dessert $27 * available 5 p.m. to close *

THURSDAY: Pizza Chef’s creation,

Hawaiian, meat lovers, 4 cheese, pepperoni, mushroom, pierogi or vegetarian $12

FRIDAY: Cod & Chips served with fries, coleslaw and tartar sauce. One piece $9; two pieces $13

Home of the Skookum

served with coleslaw, tartar sauce and your choice of side. 1 piece cod $11; 2 piece cod $15 1 piece halibut $18; 2 piece halibut $25

EVERY DAY: Wings 9 p.m. to

close $0.55 each. Minimum 10 per flavour; must purchase a beverage.

Saanich Peninsula’s Best Pub Scene

Open 10am to 12am Daily

Open Monday/Tuesday 9 to 3 Wed. through Sunday 9 to 9 Neighbourhood Pub & Liquor Store Open 11:00am Daily & 10:00am Sunday Featuring Daily Specials, Music Bingo & Deals for Seniors

2320 Harbour Road, Sidney


7806 East Saanich Road, Saanichton

7100 Wallace Dr, Brentwood Bay

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Planting the Seeds of a Good Life: Horticulture Therapy at SPH by Chryseis Green SPHHF Staff

Connecting with nature has

so many benefits. At the Saanich Peninsula Hospital we see it as residents of the Residential Care Unit spend time with loved ones and on their own, outdoors in the good weather. When you introduce young children into the mix, you can see connections – to memories and to the larger community. Horticulture Therapy is one of the many facets of improved whole person care; something that staff strive for at SPH. Horticultural therapist Sheila Weitman, in conjunction with SPH Activation and Recreation therapists, facilitated a Thursday Gardening Group for some Residential Care residents. They undertook activities in the Unit's Graham Garden during the spring, summer and fall: planting, tending and harvesting. It started with eight to 10 keen residents who were excited to get their fingers into the soil and start tidying up the raised garden beds. During the summer Sheila and the staff began working on an additional program that paired pre-schoolers with senior buddies. Aged three to five, from Almosthome Childcare/Preschool Ltd., they arrived with their instructors, ready to sing songs, do arts and crafts, play games like parachute and eye spy, share stories and experiences, and garden outside. Laura Ouilette, Program Director at Almosthome, says: "Visiting our 'big buddies' has been an incredibly valuable experience for everyone involved. Their relationships have grown so much in the time we've been doing visits, and it is heartwarming to see the amazing bonds that have been created, and how comfortable they've become working and playing together. As we do something or make something together at school, one of the first things our little friends want to do is to tell or show our 'big buddies' on our next visit! Our 'big buddies' have become a very important part of our day-to-day activities." And it's not just great for the kids. SPH staff say that the positive outcomes and interactions of our Horticulture Therapy group has doubled with the addition of the pre-schoolers. True joy is expressed on the faces of the people who are participating. Some residents even started to talk! "I love this! This is fun!" a resident commented. This was the first time she had spoken a

sentence since arriving four weeks earlier. "It is like they are coming back to life – laughing and talking," says one staff member. One of the most powerful connections Sheila and staff members have observed is the simple gesture of human connection and touch. "We forget that our residents so rarely receive a hug, hand shake, high five or hand holding. This intergenerational group provides many opportunities for them to engage in meaningful interactions with the little buddies. A huge highlight was the day Oliver found a green tree frog! All the big buddies had a marvellous time looking at the wee frog and sharing stories of their childhood, catching frogs and going swimming." Sheila sums it up perfectly: "There is pride in their creative self-expression, feelings of connection within the group and the community, and stewardship of this place they call home."


Panorama Recreation Centre Caregiver Respite Program Panorama Recreation Centre is excited to launch a new Caregiver Respite Program for participants suffering from cognitive decline and their respective caregivers. This program is designed to provide caregivers with some respite time while their loved ones enjoy guided social time, light exercise and recreation activities. Instructors will lead participants through a variety of activities, games and exercises to enhance cognitive engagement, mobility and balance. Classes will follow a structured itinerary of social time, exercise, refreshments and activity to provide participants with consistency and familiarity. Activities may include music, games, pet therapy and guest speakers. The Caregiver Respite Program delivers supervised activity in a safe atmosphere while providing caregivers with some time for themselves to do errands or enjoy the facilities at Panorama and Greenglade. Panorama is looking forward to the opportunity to provide this program for participants within this demographic. The Caregiver Respite program is unique as it encompasses the importance of exercise and social engagement for participants along with support and time for caregivers. This program will help Panorama broaden their rehabilitation program offerings to help meet the growing

The 50-voice Victoria Soul Gospel Choir performs Motownstyled renditions of Soul and R&B classics, led by the dynamic Checo Tohomaso.

Tickets $ 30

Allegro Performing Arts Centre has developed one of the finest and most diverse dance programs offered in Victoria.

Thursday, February 28 | 7:00pm Doors 6:30pm

Available at the Winspear Centre and Newport Realty offices

Victoria: 1144 Fort St. Sidney: 2444 Beacon Ave.

needs within the community. The Caregiver Respite program will be offered once a week in two-hour sessions for 12 weeks and is anticipated to start in spring 2019 with details to come. Please contact Fitness, Weights and Rehabilitation Coordinator, Krista Enderud for information at 250655-2184 or

Sidney’s Got Soul

Sponsored by

Mary Winspear Centre - 2243 Beacon Ave W, Sidney

A benefit concert in support of the Saanich Peninsula Community Foundation 32 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | JANUARY 2019

Considering Book Club by Virginia MacLeod

As we take a pause for the season with no December meeting, Deborah asked me for my thoughts about the success of our joint venture, the Seaside Book Club. I was reading about some of the top reasons why people join book clubs: • You meet interesting people. • You read things you wouldn’t otherwise read. • Some books need to be discussed to be appreciated. • You eat some great food. • Sometimes it’s good to just chat and get out of the house for a few hours. After two years and 23 books with the Seaside Magazine Book Club I can confirm that all of these things are true and more! We have new friends and some members who have been with us since the very first meeting. Nobody has to clean their house to host us (Thank you SHOAL Centre!). Quince Café has shared some truly magnificent baking with us. It’s okay if you are away for a month (or longer). You can always follow along in the magazine and join in person when you can. And, Deborah keeps us focused on the books. Oh, the books we have read! At our meetings, we usually bring two or three options for the group to choose from. From time to time our members point out things like “we haven’t read a mystery” or “it’s time for some non-fiction” or “please, can we read something a bit lighter?” then we try to bring some as choices for our next read. The voting is always interesting and we often end up reading books we would never have picked up otherwise. How do we know it’s a success? I think about the U.K. cousin who reads all of the books we are reading, or the couple from Washington who planned their sailing schedule around our meetings. One of our long-standing members claims the club got her out of a reading rut. She said it was really uncomfortable for her at first having her reading directed by the group, but after a few months (the first year) she found it really energizing. She is still haunted by All the Broken Things by Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer. The Seaside Book Club starts up again at our January meeting, Wednesday January 16 at the Shoal Centre from 6:30 to 8 p.m. We’ll be discussing The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George. JANUARY 2019 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 33


Dedicated to in Our Community


Immune & Energy Support

Support a Healthy Lifestyle

Pure Food

Fermented Organic



eeping your immune system strong can be an uphill battle when faced with physical, psychological and environ­ mental stress. Super Mushroom combines six organic mushroom superfoods – reishi, maitake, shiitake, cordyceps, chaga and lion’s mane – with Wellmune ® beta glucan and nutrient­dense Farm Fresh Factors™ for an immune and energy support formula charged with the vibrant energy and goodness of nature. All six mushrooms have well­known health benefits for immune, antioxidant and cognitive support, as well as adaptogenic activity for increased energy and resistance to stress. The addition of clinically studied Wellmune beta glucan primes and supports the immune system to better manage everyday stress.



hole Ear th & Sea Fermented Organic Protein & Greens is a 100% fermented, plant­based superfood formula featuring 21 g of the cleanest possible plant­based vegan protein per serving. Fermented Organic Protein & Greens features an organic fruit, vegetable, and grass blend, the majority of which are grown at Factors Farms in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. The formula also features a blend of micronized medicinal mushrooms including cordyceps, reishi, himematsutake, shiitake, maitake, and turkey tail rich in polysaccharide to help you thrive. In recent years, scientists have found that fermentation, a traditional food preservation technique, can enhance the bioavailability of nutrients from food, effectively “predigesting” otherwise indigestible plant materials to release a food’s full nutritional potency while easing digestion.

1 2 3 4 5 6

Heirloom Seeds

Organic, non-GMO seeds

Factors Farm

Our own organic farms

Hand Harvested

Fresh-picked for peak power

Raw Processed

Gentle, low-temp blending

Sustainably Packaged

Heat, UV light and oxygen protection

Natural Vitality

Phytonutrient-rich blends

THE WHOLE DIFFERENCE Nature doesn’t deliver naked, isolated nutrients. Neither do we. The Whole Earth & Sea difference starts with organically grown raw materials then gently processes them whole with our own proprietary technology to preserve their natural goodness. Whole plants provide a broad spectrum of phytonutrients that make raw nutrition the preferred choice. Likewise, our supplements deliver a complex matrix of vitamins, minerals and enzymes surrounded by the bioenergetics of raw foods.

With Whole Earth & Sea, the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts.



CBD 101: by Dr. Kristen Bovee Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic Hydrate IV Wellness Centre

How & Why Does it Work?

Over the last few years I have had more and more patients come to me to ask my opinion on the use of cannabis as an alternate treatment for pain, addiction, mood disorders (anxiety), immune and neurological conditions, and cancer. Because of its limited psychoactive effect, CBD is the component patients most often inquire about. The importance of this phytochemical is growing as a result of our recent changes in access to cannabis and developing research on this and other cannabinoids. The following is some basic information on CBD to know when considering using this medicine for chronic conditions when pharmaceutical approaches either don’t work or have too many side effects. • What is CBD? CBD, or cannabinodiol, is a phytocannabinoid that is only one of over 100 cannabinoids identified from the cannabis plant. It is oil soluble and can be taken by mouth (spray or swallowed) and inhalation (smoke or vapour). It does not have the intoxicating effects of THC. It is generally well tolerated but may have certain side effects including fatigue, diarrhea, reduced appetite and poor sleep quality. Its biochemical effects are a result of helping regulate the endocannabinoid receptors in our body as well as other neurotransmitter receptors such as serotonin. • The Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The mechanisms of why CBD works have to do with our own cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2), which are part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in our bodies. This is a system of cell receptors that respond to certain kinds of molecules called cannabinoids, two of which our bodies produce endogenously (called anandamide and 2-Ag). The purpose of this system is to help with aspects of sleep, digestion, hunger, mood, motor control, immune function, reproduction, pleasure, pain, and memory and temperature regulation. • Why CBD Works. CBD works by helping our own endogenous (or self producing) cannabinoids work longer and stronger. It helps maintain an optimal balance of endocannabinoids. So, when the body does not produce enough endocannabinoids or cannot regulate them properly, one can become susceptible to conditions that this system is meant to regulate (such as fibromyalgia, anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome, to name a few). • Not Just Cannabis. Interestingly, cannabis-derived CBD is only one way to support this important system in our body. Evidence has shown that omega 3 fish oils help us produce more

of our own cannabinoids. There have also been other plants identified that contain cannabinoids that support the ECS. These include: echinacea species, radula marginata (liverwort) and helichrysum unbraculigerum amongst others. We are in a dynamic time in researching plant medicine. Cannabis has helped us start to understand the complex human endocannabinoid system and its importance in regulating our bodies. It has also helped us identify other plants that contain cannabinoids, which could also provide relief from many chronic conditions.

Tickets $25 available here: wavelengths-community-choir or call 250.656.0275

All proceeds to our project in Mozambique:



Talking with Donna Stewart: Hear Central Saanich by Paula Kully I am excited to have a new opportunity this year with Seaside Magazine. I will be taking on the "In Good Health" column and my first profile for the year is Hear - Central Saanich. Hear is a locally owned audiology clinic located at 7159A West Saanich Road in Brentwood Bay. Let's start with the who, what, when, where, why and how by asking owner and audiologist Donna Stewart about her business. How long has Hear been operating on the Saanich Peninsula?

Hear has been open since March of 2010. Are you the sole owner, and how many staff do you have? We are a small, locally owned business. I am the audiologist and owner. My husband is involved in the business end of things, but I like to remind him he is a “non-voting shareholder.” Pat is the office administrator. What inspired you to open a hearing clinic on the Saanich Peninsula? After years of working for a large corporation, I decided I wanted to get back

to my roots and become part of a community where I could contribute to its betterment. I was raised in a small town in Saskatchewan and felt Brentwood would be a perfect fit for me. I am thrilled with how supportive the people in the area have been and I try to give back wherever possible. For instance, I’m currently on the executive of the Rotary Club of Brentwood Bay and a founding member of 100 Women - Saanich Peninsula. What sorts of services do you offer? We offer a wide variety of services


New Patients Welcome!

Winter can present its own unique batch of communication challenges. If you notice difficulty understanding speech in some listening environments, it’s time for a hearing test. Give us a call. We can help you hear.

Registered Massage Therapy is now offered at Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic.

4 painful conditions massage therapy can help with: Fibromyalgia

Dr. Mitra Hashemi


Donna M.Stewart Audiologist and Owner

7159 W Saanich Rd

Call 778-426-4876


2019 01 Seaside .indd 1

2018-12-12 8:56:39 AM

Charlotte Musgrave, RMT

Family & Implant

#104 - 9845 Resthaven Drive, Sidney

Arthritis Headaches Post-Operative Pain 250.655.1660 #102-9725 Fourth St, Sidney

including, of course, hearing tests. We also provide hearing aid evaluations, which determine if you are a hearing aid candidate, hearing aid adjustment, cleaning and repair. As well, we provide assistance with hearing aid funding applications to Veterans Affairs, Workers’ Compensation and other third parties and financing where payments can be spread out for up to three years. Aside from hearing aids, we also carry other products that help you make the most of the hearing you have. When should people start having their hearing tested, and why is it important? Although hearing loss can happen at any age due to a variety of reasons, it is generally caused by age so the older a person is, the more susceptible they are. It is recommended that people begin getting annual hearing checks at age 60, or sooner if working in high-noise environments or if other risk factors exist. Research tells us that the sooner hearing

loss is addressed, the better the long-term outcomes, and therefore, quality of life. . Aside from aging, what are the most common causes of hearing loss, and what can people do to prevent it?

"It's a very fine ethical line that's been walked when diagnosing hearing loss, prescribing the solution and then selling the final products." Aside from aging, hearing loss can occur due to a wide range of causes including injury, excessive noise exposure, viral infections, illness, ototoxic drugs, diabetes, heredity and the list goes on. When reviewing your case history, we can identify potential risk factors specific to you and

discuss hearing conservation recommendations. Is there anything else that you feel is important for people to know? I think one of the things that differentiates Hear from other hearing clinics in the area is that we are 100% independent. The majority of hearing clinics are partially or wholly owned by hearing aid manufacturers. As an independent company, I have no brand loyalty to hearing aid manufacturers. My loyalty is to my customers. Of course, I have favourite brands, but my preferences are very fluid – I find different manufacturers are leading the technology race at different times. My decision about what to prescribe is based on the customer sitting in front of me rather than what product is sitting on my shelf. It’s a very fine ethical line that’s being walked when diagnosing hearing loss, prescribing the solution and then selling the final products. It’s something I take very seriously, and I wouldn’t want brand loyalty to affect my recommendations.


Dr. Loren J. Braun New Patients Welcome • Emergency Treatment Insurance Accepted • IV Sedation Available

We Are Proven to Get You Better Faster!



7865 Patterson Road, Saanichton 5401 Hamsterley Road, Victoria

#215-9764 Fifth St

Above Capital Iron


We are pleased to announce that

Shelley Mann and Michelle Martin have joined us as independent representatives. Both bring a wealth of skills and experience to our office, and they look forward to helping with all your real estate needs.

Shelley Mann

2481 Beacon Avenue Sidney, B.C. V8L1X9 38 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | JANUARY 2019

Michelle Martin

Take What to See & Where to Be





by Jo Barnes

Our NEW & Expanded Community Events Calendar!


JAN 18

Wavelengths Community Choir Inaugural Concert Mary Winspear Centre, 2243 Beacon Ave, Sidney

They come from the local area. They represent the larger global community But they’re all on the same wavelength when it comes to the universal language of music. Under the creative direction of Denis Donnelly, Wavelengths Community Choir is a diverse group of talented singers who share not only songs by legends like Bob Dylan or John Lennon, but choral music from Africa, Ancient Persia, the Applachians, Ireland and Italy. Some members of the group have extensive music backgrounds; others are new to it. But all participants share a keen enthusiasm in sharing the joy of singing in harmony.


Polar Bear Swim


JAN 1 next to Tulista on Lochside Dr Plunge into the New Year with a swim in the Salish Sea!



Tot Tuesday Taster

Speaker Series


JAN 11 The Centre for Active Living 50+ 1229 Clarke Road, Brentwood Bay. 250-652-4211. Speaker: Marlene Davie, Alumni Engagement Officer at UVic and President of Mt. Tolmie Community Association. Topic: “The Value of Being a Volunteer.”

Creative Movements

JAN 2 Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea Every Tuesday. 9811 Seaport Pl, Sidney. Parents and preschoolers can enjoy special ocean-themed stories, crafts and activities. See for weekly themes or call 250-665-7511.


New Year, New Beginnings

JAN 5 Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park Guided adult walk – 18 yrs +. Burn off some of the holiday treats on a 10km walk around the lakes with a CRD Regional Parks naturalist. Discover the fascinating cultural and natural history of this multi-use park. There is no fee for this program but you must pre-register by January 2 as space is limited. Visit


Shari Ulrich Quartet

JAN 5 Mary Winspear Centre

2243 Beacon Ave, Sidney. Presented by the Deep Cove Folk Music Society. Juno winner and inductee to BC Entertainment Hall of Fame, Shari Ulrich, performs with Julia Graff, Cindy Fairbank, & Rob Becker. Tickets:

10 -1130AM

Winter Birds of Island View Beach

JAN 6 Island View Beach Regional Park

Guided walk – 8 yrs +. Island View Beach is one of the premier winter birding locations in the region. Join a CRD Regional Parks naturalist to look for hawks, owls, sea ducks, loons and more. Wear warm clothes and bring binoculars, if you have them. Meet at the grassy area adjacent to the picnic shelter off Homathko Road. 2 -330PM

Scottish Folk Workshop

JAN 6 The Centre for Active Living 50+ 1229 Clarke Road, Brentwood Bay. Come learn basic footwork and formations. Wear light weight soft soled shoes. All ages welcome. Free for members and first timers, $3 drop-in for others. 40 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | JANUARY 2019


JAN 12 McTavish Academy of Arts

Until March 2. 1720 McTavish Road, North Saanich. Ages 3-5. Theme: Join the Circus! Little ones will enjoy exploring music and movement “under the bigtop.” All the fun culminates into an in-class demonstration at the last class of the session.; 778-351-0088. 6 - 8PM

Under the Bird Tree

JAN 16 Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park Guided walk – 5 yrs and under. Birds are fun for little ones - especially when they are by a winter bird feeder! Join a CRD Regional Parks naturalist and look for our fine feathered friends, make a bird craft, and enjoy a short exploration in the woods. There is no fee for this program but you must pre-register by January 11 as space is limited. Visit


The Elegant Clarinet

JAN 13 St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church 10030 Third St, Sidney. Presented by the Sidney Classical Orchestra. Conductor Stephen Brown and Clarinet Soloist Rebecca Hissen. 250-480-1133;; 1030-1130AM

Facility Tour and Information Session

JAN 15 Greenglade Community Centre

2151 Lannon Way, Sidney. Are you new to the area? Want to learn more about the variety of programs and services Panorama Recreation offers? Join in for a facility tour! Attendees will each receive two free passes. 6 - 9PM

Electric Pineapple Paint Party

JAN 18 McTavish Academy of Arts

1720 McTavish Road, North Saanich. Step-by-step instruction in painting your own pop art pineapple – supplies, tropical themed cocktails and appies provided.; 778-351-0088.

6 - 8PM

Minute to Win It Teen Lounge

JAN 18 Greenglade Community Centre

2151 Lannon Way, Sidney. Grades 6-9. Ka-Boom, Defying Gravity, Junk in the Trunk, Stack Attack and Music Bingo – we are bringing your favourite challenges to teen lounge! brochure_hyperli/47.

CFUW Meeting

7 - 9PM

JAN 22 Mary Winspear Centre 2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney. The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) Saanich Peninsula presents guest speaker Dr. Kate Evans, Family Physician, on “Establishing the Peninsula’s First Youth Clinic & Other Health Challenges”


Sidney Better Breathers Club Shoal Centre

10030 Resthaven Drive, Sidney. 4th Monday of each month. 1:30 to 3 pm. A free support and educational group for people with lung conditions (sponsored by the BC Lung Association). 1-800-665-5864.

Caregivers of Family and Friends Support Group

Saanichton Bible Fellowship Church

2159 Mount Newton Cross Road. 2nd Wednesday of each month. 1 to 2:30 p.m. 1-800-665-5864.

Sidney Sister Cities Association

Vancouver Island Regional Library, Sidney 6PM


Magic - A Workshop Series

JAN 24 The Gardens at HCP

505 Quayle Road, Victoria. A workshop series exploring magic in the everyday. Presented by Emily Olsen. Explore life through the lens of various themes (Jan. 24 Connection; Feb. 7 Worthiness; Feb. 21 Gratitude; Mar. 7 Birth & Death; Mar. 14 Creativity; Apr. 11 Kindness; Apr. 18 Magic). Each evening will begin with a short guided meditation, followed by presentations, conversations and a guest speaker. The goal is to inspire people to tap into their unique gifts and work towards creating magic in their own lives, in the lives of others, and for the betterment of the world. Can be taken individually or as a series; register www.via

7PM / 2PM

3rd Thursday of each month at 7 p.m.

Peninsula Newcomers Club Luncheon Haro’s Restaurant & Bar, Sidney

2nd Thursday of each month at 11:30 a.m. Pre-booking required.

The Wizard of Oz

JAN 25-27 Mary Winspear Centre 2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney. Presented by Mountain Dreams Productions. A delightful 80th anniversary celebration of the iconic 1939 MGM film. Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m; Sunday at 2 p.m. Tickets:

6PM - 8PM

Pro-D Day Skate / Swim

JAN 8 Panorama Recreation Centre 1885 Forest Park Drive, North Saanich. Just $2 each! Skate from 1 to 2 p.m; Swim from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Join in the fun – music, games, and prizes! JANUARY 2019 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 41

N E W & N OT E WO R T H Y News, changes, updates, launches? Email Last Flight

by Paula Kully

BY LAND OR AIR Big Wheels Keep on Rolling Empire Hydrogen was recently awarded the Vancouver Island EcoStar Award for Technology Excellence. Since 2009, Empire Hydrogen Energy Systems has been working towards developing and marketing a green solution to reduce the environmental impact of gas and diesel vehicles around the world. The result is the Empire Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement System that cuts fuel costs, improves performance and reduces harmful exhaust emissions from big internal combustion engines. This award recognizes years of effort and the investment of millions of dollars in developing the most advanced H2, O2 fuel enhancement system available.

No one knows how to give a send-off like the Royal Canadian Air Force. Their recent retirement of the Sea King Helicopter was a two-day, gala affair that took place on November 30 and December 1 and brought between 1,200 and 1,500 people from across the country to our region. Designed in the late 1950's and procured by Canada through a dynamic acquisition program in the early 1960s, the CH124 Sea King helicopter has served Canadians with distinction since May 1963, making it the longest serving aircraft in the Canadian Armed Forces.

HEALTH & HOME Something (or Someone) for the Pain

Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic is thrilled to welcome the newest member of their team, Charlotte Musgrave. Charlotte is a Registered Massage Therapist who graduated from Victoria's West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2018. She has a special interest in helping patients treat chronic pain ranging from previous injuries

to fibromyalgia, stress-related tension, headaches, scar tissue and trauma release. Charlotte is now accepting new patients! Call 250-655-1660 to book.

Home is Where the Heart is Realtors Shelley Mann and Michelle Martin are moving on from Remax to join the team at Holmes Realty. They are both very excited to be part of an amazing group of realtors and to be working with a Real Estate company that gives so much back to the community. They love the location, being on Beacon Avenue and welcome their clients to drop by for a visit.

NEW YEAR – NEW BEGINNINGS Let's Make that a Double If you want a burger on the Saanich Peninsula, where do you go? Well, Chuck's Burger Bar of course! There are many great restaurants in the area that serve fantastic burgers, but Chuck's specializes in burgers. They have become so popular that they have expanded and recently opened a second location on Yates Street

in Victoria. Congratulations to Chuck's! We are certain the good people of Victoria will love your burgers just as much as we do.

The Spice of Life Indian food lovers will be thrilled to know that Sidney now has an Indian restaurant! The Fresh Tandoori Flame Indian Bistro just opened up on the corner of Beacon Avenue and Fifth Street.

Dressing in Style If you've taken a stroll down Beacon Avenue lately, you may have noticed a new storefront. Moden Boutique just opened between Fifth and Fourth on Beacon and their mission is to connect women to the clothes they choose. They believe in beautiful, timeless, sustainably made pieces that make you look and feel your very best. Moden, which means "mature" in Norwegian, is the brainchild of owner/operator Devon Bird. Devon has an impressive background in women's fashion including lead merchandiser with Saje (she opened stores for them internationally) and Banana Republic. Ladies, you are going to love this new shop!

Don’t just tell her …

David Busch

for Saanich-Gulf Islands for every occasion

The Dancing Orchid 250.656.1318

2416 Beacon Avenue


Real Representation, Real Results 250.479.1241

Authorized by Joey Vaesen, Financial Agent

Show Her . |




Saanich Peninsula Shops & Services Part of what makes our neighbourhoods special are the businesses that thrive within them. As Saanich Peninsula entrepreneurs we strive to meet the needs of, and give back to, our diverse community. We ask that you please take a minute to think about the large potential of your consumer dollar.

When you shop local, more revenue remains in your community, supporting parks, schools and more! For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $46 is recirculated back into the local economy.

Statistics courtesy of Photos courtesy,




Saanich Peninsula Shops & Services keekeeklean

Brentwood Crossing Shopping Centre

professional house cleaning

BRENTWOOD CROSSING SHOPPING CENTRE Located in the heart of Brentwood Bay, this vibrant shopping centre boasts ample parking, a vast array of local businesses and shopping experiences.

Chef on the Run Chef on the Run Sidney, a family business owned and operated by Alan and Julia Ripley, was started in Sidney in 1997. Alan and Julia's daughter Toni Lee runs the kitchen, one of a team of friendly, welcoming staff. Ready-to-heat meals are cooked fresh daily in Chef on the Run's commercial kitchen. Each week, they offer seven different entrees, five starch and 10 vegetable dishes to choose from. Along with the ready-to-eat meals are a takeout (eat-in) deli with made-to-order sandwiches and homemade soups or a daily local delivery offered Monday to Friday and weekly service to Brentwood Bay, Cordova Bay, Salt Spring and up-island as far as Qualicum Beach. And for those craving something with a European flair, Chef on the Run boasts an imported English grocery! Everyone can benefit from so many meal options, from seniors and singles to busy families, RV and boating folk and even local businesspeople stopping by for lunch or dinner. Chef on the Run offers a combination that's hard to beat: delicious ready-made cuisine and service with a smile from one family to yours. For more information, visit

We appreciate your business! 7103 West Saanich Rd Brentwood Bay

Christmas is over, all the toys & stuff, Mom said let's clean up – enough is enough! Nothing to worry about; no need to be sad, Keekeeklean to the rescue, nothing that's bad. Residential $32hr; Holiday/Office $35hr; Final $40hr. Licensed. Registered. WCB Protected.

250.896.6540 |

PET MARKET From top quality Canadian raw, dry, or dehydrated foods to local treats, toys and accessories, Rascals only provides the very best for your furry friend at great prices for you. Open 7 Days a Week & We Deliver!

778.426.4290 | 5 - 7103 West Saanich Rd, Brentwood Bay

Chef on the Run

Seven different meals each week: your choice of rice, pasta or potato and two vegetables plus main for just $9.50. Balanced and nutritious; cooked and ready to reheat for an easy meal! Delivery available; call for details. 250.655.3141 9781 Second St, Sidney

Wow! What a deal … $500 off Fjords Power Recliners all month long. 100% top grain leather in the style and colour of your choice. See in store for full details! 250.655.7467 (SHOP) 9819 Fifth St, Sidney

You are investing in your community by supporting its unique businesses. Appreciate what makes our neighbourhoods different. Our one-of-akind businesses are an inherent part of the distinctive character of our Saanich Peninsula neighbourhoods; that is what brought us here and will keep us here. Stay local and stay connected to the merchants in your community. By supporting independent businesses today, you are investing in a unique and sustainable future for the Saanich Peninsula community.

Wine Kitz Sidney

Vibes Fitness

Are you interested in SAVING MONEY?

Try Vibes in January with our $99 Intro Offer. New classes starting now! Follow us on Facebook – @vibesfitnesssidney – for new class schedule, information, promotions and more.

WINE KITZ offers a great selection of quality, award-winning wines at a fraction of the cost of commercial equivalents. Wine you'll be proud to serve! On-premises wine-making available. 250.654.0300 #5A - 2042 Mills Rd West, Sidney

778.426.2146 | 2506 Beacon Avenue, Sidney

Vibes Fitness Sidney

$99 I n t r o

M o n t h

Offer Expires January 31st, 2019 Conditions Apply

Gift Certificates Available

Brown's The Florist Our wedding work showcases our attention to detail. Know someone getting married this year? We would love to offer them a free floral consultation. Email us at Sidney • Downtown • Westshore

Groom That Dog

Muffet & Louisa Don't miss our winter sale! Take 20% off store wide and on paid bedding and towel orders from M&L December 29 to mid-January. 250.656.0011 9813 Third St, Sidney

We offer expert grooming in a relaxing, safe atmosphere for your dog. We also feature anestheticfree teeth cleaning for dogs and cats by Cheyanne Cave of Happy Tails Teeth Cleaning. Two new groomers will soon be joining our team; stop by and say hi! 778.977.3647 10109 McDonald Park Rd, Sidney

Muffet & Louisa Happy New Year to everyone from all of us at Muffet & Louisa. Although you may not see their faces every day, Devon, Johanna and Megan are still very much around and bringing their special touches to Muffet & Louisa as they have in the past. You will find Jen and Muffet in person in our lovely store that we are so grateful to share with Margot and Tracy and the other good people at Dig This. So, despite our world not being in the best shape as we greet the New Year, I have a great deal for which to be grateful. After a year in our new home, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful customers who have supported us so well through the downsize. Your enjoyment of our lovely building and patience with our smaller space has been very rewarding. We will continue to make some changes and find wonderful new products to make your lives more comfortable as the year progresses. In the immediate future, don't forget our annual sale from December 29 to mid-January, when we will be looking for spring flowers and complaining about the rain! We wish you health and happiness in 2019 and look forward to the pleasure of your company. ~ Muffet Bilyard-Leake




Saanich Peninsula Shops & Services

Focus Hair Design The team at Focus Hair Design wishes you all a Happy New Year! Come on by to check out our January Promotion; we look forward to seeing you!

Sidney by the Sea Dental Hygiene Clinic We focus on preventative dental hygiene in a relaxed environment. Complimentary complete dental hygiene exam and diagnosis ($100 value). We are accepting new patients!

Deep Cove Customs Established in 2014, we set out to fill a void we saw in quality, affordable custom cabinets. Previously, the only options were inexpensive, mass produced semi-custom kitchens, or expensive high-end over the top custom kitchens. We strive to bridge the gap. All of our kitchens are fully custom, manufactured using quality materials and solid manufacturing methods. Working closely with our client, we start with the design and produce a cost-effective, exceptional product. We offer a wide variety of options that allow you to customize your final design, from door and drawer style, finish and colour, hardware, a full line of quartz and laminate counter tops and a wholesale line of sinks. We manage to keep our cabinets affordable using our parametric cabinet library, our new state-of-theart production facility including CNC machines and our high volume purchasing. Our team of installers are personally trained to install with care and quality. The end result is a beautiful custom high-end kitchen, at a fraction of the cost of any other comparable kitchen. We also supply kitchens for high volume developers, operating with a business model that justifies and provides accurate timeline management and supply capabilities.

250.656.8122 #102 - 2527 Beacon Ave, Sidney

Paulette Reid, RDH, BBA, MSc 250.655.4884 #102 - 2423 Beacon Ave, Sidney

Peninsula Academy of Music Arts Your community music school offering instruction for all levels. Ukulele and guitar classes for adults and children, private lessons for piano, guitar, bass, voice, drums, violin/fiddle and more. 778.426.1800 1662 Mills Rd, North Saanich

Homefront Ideas Kristy has designed and project managed renovations for 18 years specializing in kitchens and bathrooms. Please come visit our show room to see kitchens and custom furnishings 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. 250.656.2691 | 2071 Malaview Ave, Sidney

Deep Cove Customs Local, affordable custom cabinets ‌ right here on the Saanich Peninsula! We offer a full-service shop, from design and manufacturing through to the installation of our exceptional product. 250.412.3472 2071 Malaview Ave, Sidney (call for appt.)


Tales from Wales by Chris Cowland

Hearing the annual reading of A Child's Christmas in Wales on CBC Radio during the recent holidays reminded me of my own childhood. My mother was christened Glenys Eira Wheaton, born in Caerphilly, south Wales. We lived in a small English village called Eton Wick, close to Windsor, but my Welsh grandparents lived just outside Aberystwyth on the west coast of Wales. Every summer we would make the 200-mile drive to visit our Welsh relatives. That sounds pretty tame, but it was a major expedition in a 1954 Morris Minor. Dad would start his preparations about a week earlier, changing the oil and filter, and crawling around with a grease gun to attend to around 20 greasing points around the steering joints and chassis. This would put him in a foul mood, coupled with the prospect of spending a week with his mother in law and having to listen to my mother's incessant chat for the five hours of the journey each way. I also dreaded the journeys. I would be relegated to the back seat, and my parents were both smokers. They never joined the dots to realize the direct correlation of their smoking and my car sickness. That aside, the drive through the picturesque English villages along the A44 was magical – even their names were evocative of quaintness: Beaconsfield, Chipping Norton, Morton on Marsh, Wyre Piddle … . Eventually we would cross into Wales, with the welcoming border sign "Croeso I Gymru" (Welcome to Wales). Dad would always toot the horn as we crossed the border. The roads would become less trafficked and a patchwork of hedged fields would come into view on the green hillsides, which soon became mountains. My green-tinged cheeks would quickly become greener as dad threw the Morris round one hairpin bend into the

next, and the roadside stops would become more frequent. I loved my grandparents' cottage and its thick stone walls. You could sit right inside the window well and watch the birds in the garden, or quietly read a book. Unless it was Sunday. My grandmother thought it was ungodly to play on a Sunday, and my toys would be stripped from me. The only book I was allowed to read had a cross on the front cover! After my grandad died, grandma moved back to Carno, the village where my mother had lived most of her youth. We would stay up in the mountains close by, on a 600-acre sheep farm called "Caeau-Duon," or "Black Fields." The taste of fresh-churned butter and milk still warm from the cow will never leave me. I used to feed the chickens, collect

eggs and feed milk to the orphaned lambs. I had one particular favourite, who was born with just three legs. She would hop over to me every morning and evening for her bottle of milk. Until one memorable day when she did not show up, and my aunt looked really guilty when I asked if she had seen the poor beast. I don't need to finish this part of the story … . Carno became famous later on as the headquarters for the Laura Ashley clothing factory, but I remember it best for its one pub, the Aleppo Merchant. On Saturday nights it would be crowded with farmers, and after a few pints there would always be rousing renditions of Welsh songs and hymns that would bring me to tears with their powerful beauty. I wonder if Dylan Thomas was ever there.


ingrid jarisz


2444 Beacon Ave Sidney, BC V8L 1X6 | 250.656.4626


2 1


Scene Around Town Seaside Magazine's Holiday Get-Together









1. The Seaside team: Steven Haley-Browning, Account Manager; Kelsey Boorman, Design Assistant; Sue Hodgson, Owner/Publisher; Irene Stevens, Bookkeeper; Allison Smith, Editor-in-Chief; Deborah Rogers, Editorial Director; Cassidy Nunn, Nunn Other Photography 2. Ted Daly, former Sidney Councillor and Mayor of North Saanich 3. Susan and Chris Benesch, Earth's Option Cremation & Burial Services 4. Craig Smith, Help Fill A Dream Foundation; Richard Ostle, Peggy Yelland, Peggy Yelland & Associates Inc. 5. Dawn Robertson and Meghan Raza, Vibes Fitness 6. Viola Van de Ruyt, VandeRuyt Wealth Management Group; Dominique Alford, Alford Walden Law 7. Jo Barnes, Seaside Magazine columnist 8. Dr. Mitra Hashemi, Coast Dental Care; Tannaz Jafarkhani 9. Pete & Coreen Zubersky, Peninsula Panthers 10. Brad Tippett, Tippett Asset Management of Raymond James Ltd.; Sue Hodgson, Seaside Magazine 11. Susi and Lola McMillan 48 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | JANUARY 2019












12. Elaine Hughesman, Hughesman Morris; Jessica Kwasnica, Seaside Cabinetry & Design 13.Denny Warner, Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce; Janine Morris, Hughesman Morris; Sue Hodgson; Chris Cowland, Cowland & Associates 14. Wendy White, Trudi Jones Interiors; Anne Brodbeck, Streams Counselling; Trudi Jones, Trudi Jones Interiors 15. Steven Haley-Browning and Allison Smith, Seaside Magazine 16. Bohdan Jarisz, Interconnect Communications; Sue Hodgson; Ingrid Jariz, Newport Realty 17. Howard and Susan Martinson, Rascals Pet Market 18. Hillary Brown, Island Savings 19. Deborah Rogers, Seaside Magazine; Tim Maloney 20. Alana Sparanese; Sue Hodgson 21. Kelsey Boorman and Irene Stevens, Seaside Magazine 22. Mayor of Sidney Cliff McNeil-Smith and Daphne McNeil-Smith All photos by



The Common Cold: What’s Your Remedy? by Lara Gladych

Seaside Magazine wants to live up to our slogan of being “the voice of the Saanich Peninsula,” so, in every issue, we’ll be asking people to answer a question. We’re looking for responses from all ages and across the diverse neighbourhoods that form our community. I did a little bit of reading online as to why we so often get sick with the dreaded winter cold after the holiday season. To no one’s surprise, it’s largely related to depleted immune systems. The stress (be it good or bad) of Christmas preparations and celebrations takes a toll on our bodies, as does lack of rest when we’re over-scheduled. Overindulgence in alcohol is more common over Christmas and New Year’s, and this, too, weakens our resistance to sickness. 50 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | JANUARY 2019

Another interesting factor in the transmission of germs and catching “a bug” just in time for the lull of the new year is our greater proximity to others during the social season. We’re more likely to be indoors because of the cold temperatures outside, and in crowded spaces such as busy stores and parties where viruses are easily spread. As we slow down in January and recoup from all the fun and celebrating, many of us are left with sniffles, coughs and the plethora of other accompanying symptoms that come with a cold or flu. As such, this month I decided to ask people what their favourite home remedies are when they find themselves plagued with the common winter cold. Scotch is Fred’s favourite cold remedy during the chilly months. He’s 80. When I asked his wife if she has her own go-to concoction,

Fred jumped in with: “She helps me drink it.” She burst out laughing, as did I. Lemon and honey is in fact Pat’s drink of choice when she’s sick. She’s 69. Tiffanie, 37, likes ginger tea to soothe a cold while her husband Matthew, 47, relies on sleep. Their son, Alex, five, loves Paw Patrol tissues when he’s got a stuffy nose. Vitamin D liquid keeps Marie, 68, feeling healthy. “I sit down and have glass of hot rum. It’s what we always used to do: have a Hot Toddy,” said Ken, 71. I asked him what goes into his personal concoction: “I make mine with rum and black coffee.” “I don’t get colds very often, but [when I do], hot lemon.” This was Valerie, 68. “I bought this bee pollen [product] at Urban Bee, and I take it all the time. It has nothing to do with colds, but I take it for energy. It’s quite unusual but it’s really good. I also take a tablespoon of molasses daily.” I tell Valerie that I’ve recently discovered the Hot Pepper Infused Honey from Urban Bee, which I add to my own hot lemon and spice concoction. Thora, 83, loves “whiskey, fresh lemon and lemonade.” Bedrest was Shirley’s answer. She’s “old” (her words, not mine!). Her companion, Sharon, 67, favours “any kind of good soup,” but has no preference in terms of chicken versus tomato, or cream versus broth. Dan, 32, had the most original answer: “That’s a tough one. A Neo-Citran-tini. It’s Neo-Citran with a splash of vodka. Are you allowed to write that? It’s pretty good.” We both chuckled. I asked Dan if he coined the name, and he told me that he used to work at his uncle’s restaurant and that it was his uncle who first gave him the cocktail one day when he came in sick. I’m not positive that this one is doctor-approved, so try at your own risk, readers. “That one’s easy: hot water with lemon and honey. And sleeping with a sweatshirt and socks on to sweat it out – which was better when I slept alone.” Katie, 33, and her friend Teala, also 33, made this their mutual answer. “Be honest, dear,” says Diana, 81, to her husband John, 85. John’s anti-cold drink is “black rum and Coca Cola.” Diana says she doesn’t get sick, nor does she take any regular supplements to ward off viruses. Jim, 71, was the first to mention any kind of medicine, and his go-to is Dristan. “When sick with a winter cold I’d say hot lemon and honey with a Tylenol crushed in it,” said Leah, 52. “I’m going with her answer,” affirmed her friend, “because I’d be calling her to ask!” “We get our vaccinations for the flu, we take fish oil – but not the capsules, because they don’t work – and vitamin D.” This is couple Glenda, 64, and Emery, 69. Before they leave me, Emery shares a few last words: “I have one more remedy for you: Mexico.” It’s hard to top that one, my friends.

“A Neo-Citran-tini,” says Dan. “It’s NeoCitran with a splash of vodka.” Try at your own risk, readers!

Planning a vacation? Start it off right by having a professional do it for you.

Let Carolyn use her 40 years of experience to perfectly orchestrate your vacation, whether it be a cooking class abroad, a private tour, cruising or just sitting by the pool. She can plan every detail of your dream holiday, while keeping your budget in mind. Having Carolyn craft your vacation allows you to skip the worries and simply enjoy!


Machu Picchu: Andean Wonder NEW NTS PATIE E OM WELC


Machu Picchu is one of those iconic places that you have to visit to truly appreciate. A series of plazas, terraces and stone structures – history come to life. The images we have all seen on the pages of glossy magazines do not do this ancient Inca wonder justice. This 15th-century citadel sits high in the Andean Mountains of Peru. Shrouded in cloud forest, it is one of the finest unspoiled examples of Inca architecture. We can thank Hiram Bingham for revealing Machu Picchu to the western world. Fortunately, this hidden treasure was never discovered by the Spanish. A local farmer led Hiram Bingham to the former royal retreat in 1911. Access to this mystical city is by a 3.5-hour train ride from Cuzco. If you are more adventurous (and don’t mind missing your shower) you can take the four-day physically challenging hike on the Inca Trail. The train will take you to Aquas Calientes, a small town named for its many hot springs. From here it is a 30-minute edge of your seat bus ride zig-zagging up the side of the mountain. A victim of its popularity, visitors must adhere to specific entrance times and be accompanied by an official guide. It is best to hire a private one. We travelled to Peru three years ago. After a few days exploring by Carolyn O’Meara Vision Travel Solutions


Lima and the Sacred Valley, we travelled by train to Machu Picchu. After the harrowing bus ride up the mountain, we climbed up the steep stairs past the watch tower and out on to the terraces that provided us with our first real view of Machu Picchu. The view is difficult to put into words: it is so much more than ruins. It is a city on a massive scale. Flanked by deep gorges, this royal retreat dominates the mountain top. I would definitely recommend that you leave your fear of heights at home. Our entrance tickets included permits to hike Huayna Picchu, the mountain peak that towers over Machu Picchu. If you are interested in this hike get your tickets early as only 400 permits are issued a day. We were excited to try Huayna Picchu; however, realistically this “hike” is more of a technical climb and we chose not to attempt it, electing to do the slightly less difficult hike to the Sun Gate – after all, we were on vacation! Our climb to the Sun Gate was through thick cloud cover which turned out to be a blessing in disguise when the clouds cleared and we realized just how steep the cliffs were that we were scrambling up. Once at the Sun Gate, the skies cleared and we were treated to a spectacular overlook of Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu. One thing that we were struck with was the majesty of this place, the precision of its architecture and the ingenuity of its ancient builders. You cannot go here and not be in awe of this UNESCO treasure. You owe it to yourself to put Machu Picchu near the top of your travel wish list. Email me at if you would like more information.

Dr. Samantha Bourdeau O.D Dr. Andrew Lewis O.D. 101-2376 Bevan Ave Sidney, BC V8L 4Z9 Phone: 250-655-1122



Your Wardrobe:

What's in Store for 2019? by Debra Lewis

Now that the holidays are behind us, thoughts turn to spring. Warmer weather may seem far away, but spring fashions begin to break ground in January and you will find some harbingers amidst the sale racks. The Spring Summer 2019 runways featured new looks and familiar favourites in brights and neutrals. Athleisure remains current but for the spring took a turn towards California-inspired beach wear. In a trend bridging safari and utility there were jumpsuits, belted trousers and jackets in many shades of khaki. Tie-dye was popular top and bottom in T-shirts, sweaters and jackets as well as skirts and dresses. Scarf prints in clothing and accessories carried through from autumn 2018, but in spring 2019 colours. And for the more daring there were designs in netting, tulle and feather, as well as '70s and '80s-inspired nostalgia designs like biker shorts and even puka shells. Remember those? Shirley Millar of Beautiful You Image Consulting advises that spring fashion colours, like nature's palette, tend to be warm and clear. Spring 2019 colours veered away from pastels to bolder shades: royal blue; orange-red, turmeric and coral; lilac and hot pink; chartreuse and moss green. If one colour predominated it was yellow, in all shades from buttercup to gold . Neutrals included midnight blue and earth tones in cream to toffee, sand to granite-brown. In patterns, black and white polka dots replaced stripes. So what will you find in store for the spring? Geraldene Coates, owner of Sidney's own Marmalade Tart Boutique, says: "Blue is a big spring colour for us, in all shades, from


royal to pale blue. We also have some black pieces coming in – black has been hard to find for a while – as well as some beautiful creams and soft whites." Items popular from year to year are their selection of linens, in simple tailored and more oversized styles, and their oneof-a-kind handmade pearl necklaces, which "sell out almost overnight when they come into the store." Geraldene is finding more choices available from European makers, and is excited about a new line coming from Greece, which includes "some beautiful soft knits." Claudia Knoglinger is the owner of Bernstein and Gold on Yates Street in downtown Victoria. Her store specializes in select clothing, jewelry and other accessories from both local and international designers. On spring 2019, Claudia says: "Brighter colours are making a comeback. Foil metallics, cherry red, pops of yellow are all exciting. And lilac is a neutral now." Her selection of classic, clean denim is popular, as is the emphasis on sustainability, with companies looking for more sustainable ways of producing and dying denim. But she adds: "People have their denim and they're wanting other fabrics, too. We're selling a lot of corduroy." Boyfriend jeans are "more fitted yet still playful." The skinny jean remains relevant, but "the emerging trend is 'the new '90s' – pleats, more relaxed lines, higher waist and the shorter, ankle length." In athleisure wear, she adds, the sports stripe continues through to next year. While jeans and pants will always be popular, Claudia adds: "This is the year of the dress – mid to ankle length. We'll all be wearing them, for both day and evening." It seems there is a lot to look forward to in 2019!

SEASIDE talks with Denise Tidman, executive director, Norgarden / The Peninsula, about what’s


On your bedside table? Educated by Tara Westover. And reading glasses! They are everywhere; they seem to multiply … On your playlist? Eclectic, Lumineers, Cold Play, Amos Lee, George Winston, Norah Jones, KD Lang. On your skin? Yonka; I’m lucky I have my moms skin. On your Netflix queue? British or Scottish detective shows. I swear I’m going to start speaking with an accent soon … When you need more than a clutch? My girlfriend made me a gorgeous purse that is my go-to. On your walls? I have a very tolerant husband so there are many horse pictures and a special landscape of Jeffrey Boron’s. I bought it after my grandpa passed away because it reminded me of his property. When it comes to your go-to “uniform?” I spend a lot of time in my riding gear, but at work it’s varied. I do love dresses; they make me feel feminine. On your feet? Paddock boots at the barn or John Fluevogs if I want to make a statement.

photo by Nunn Other Photography

In your closet? Banana Republic In your makeup bag? Jane Iredale and Bobby Brown In the kitchen? I have recently discovered Chef ’s Plate. It means I don’t have to think about dinner and it forces me to try things I would never think of making. When you want to smell irresistible? Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensee – it smells yummy! In haircare? Biosthetique.

In your bathroom cabinet? So much stuff, just ask my husband! He bought me a Dyson blow dryer for Christmas last year and I love it! When you want a night out? My husband and I are foodies! We love Stage Wine Bar and locally you can’t beat Zanzibar. On your luxury wish list? A new Butet saddle. In home décor? Comfortable and welcoming. When you don’t care how much it costs? Finding sunshine with my husband and daughter during our wet winters.

Look Good - Feel Even Better

Be Calmed

Take Care of You in 2019!

60 minute Customized Facial and 60 minute Signature Pedicure YOUR CHOICE $160 PER PACKAGE

Head To Toe 30 minute Relaxation Massage 30 minute Refresher Facial and 60 minute Classic Pedicure

We are located in The Sidney Pier Hotel 9805 Seaport Place, Sidney, BC 250.655.9797


U N I Q U E LY P E N I N S U L A Framing Your View With Motorized Heat Control PET MARKET

Draperies & Upholstery (hookless EZ Drape) Great Pricing!

Why not start 2019 off by bringing your pet into Rascals! While you’re here, enjoy watching your pet go crazy over the delicious smells from the bulk treats and chews in our candy shop.

Three Week Delivery!

Commercial & Residential • Sales & Installation • Sidney & Victoria 250.656.4642

Open 7 Days a Week & We Deliver!

778.426.4290 • 5 - 7103 West Saanich Road, Brentwood Bay

Rodco Interiors:

One-Stop Decorating Shop by Jesse Holth

This is part of a rotating series of articles about some of the unique shops and services available on the Saanich Peninsula. Roger Comartin has a diverse background – once a football player, he also has a degree in education. But once he started building houses and installing draperies, something clicked. He realized he had an eye for colour, expanded into window fashions, and launched an interior decorating career spanning four decades. Roger owns and operates Rodco Interiors, a fullservice interior decorating business, with his son Field. They've worked on countless projects over the past 25 years, from residential to commercial. At the Brentwood Bay Lodge, they installed Solarweave shades to minimize glare in the restaurant and still maintain visibility. At Rest Haven Lodge, they provided new linoleum flooring, and at Brentwood College they designed unique wood chairs for the dining room. While their specialty is custom window treatments, Rodco offers a wide range of services, including colour and fabric selection, floorings, reupholstery and even new furniture. For example, one condo renovation project involved new cork flooring and self-leveling concrete, as well as a custom fireplace, new paint, and re-upholstered furniture. When I ask Roger what his favourite part of the job is, he says





there's "always something new." He enjoys the challenge of each unique project, and fulfilling the needs of the customer. "You have to be versatile," he says, noting that they have to know what looks good, and how to put it all together. "I [also] get to be creative," he says, telling me about a project at Craigdarroch Castle where they constructed around a dozen large angels to decorate the castle. They work well with interior designers, as they did in this case, using different materials and fabrics to create the final result. "The biggest one hung in the stairwell, at 20 feet high and 10 feet wide." Rodco Interiors is dedicated to finding the right product for the right price. They provide custom solutions for complex spaces, and measure, order and install motorized or manual blinds, drapes, and curtains to improve any space. They offer in-house consultations, as well as free estimates and measurements to find the right product for your home. Roger and Field source quality products from their network of suppliers, using their expertise to match the needs of each project. With transparent pricing, a passion for customer service and creative design ideas, they have everything you need to refresh and modernize your interior. A trusted, family-owned business for over 25 years, Rodco Interiors might just be the decorating solution you've been looking for.

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D E B ’ S D AY O U T

Slipping & Sliding at Panorama Rec

by Deborah Rogers

The prospect of my Day Out

this month gave me shaky hands! Another “outside my comfort zone” activity – something I’d like to be good at, but haven’t dared to try before. Readers who grew up in Canada will almost certainly have


skated at some point in their lives, but I grew up in rural southwest England. It was not cold enough for frozen ponds, and the nearest ice rink was an hour’s drive away. I remember watching Torvil and Dean win gold in the 1984 Winter Olympics, but otherwise ice skating had never touched my life until I moved here, and enrolled my children in lessons. The cold of the arena, the wet floor, the hard surfaces: it just takes me back to the drama of making sure one child has his gloves and helmet and boots laced properly, whilst an errant toddler is trying to escape up metal stairs. I had only ever associated the ice rink with stress. This was my chance to put that connection in the past and approach the arena with a different mindset. When I connected with Rhys Dunford, Arena Program Assistant at Panorama, by email ahead of my lesson I got my excuses in early: “at 41 I’m a total newbie to skating, think you can get me up on my feet in 20 minutes?” His reply put my mind at rest: “I will sure try my best! Most of my adult students either have never stepped on the ice before or haven’t done so in years.” Rhys invited me to join him at a quiet Adult Skate one Thursday afternoon. When I arrived there were already a few adults elegantly taking turns around the rink. It was quite a different energy from the after-school mayhem I’d previously experienced. I was feeling more and more positive about the whole thing! Once I had some skates on (and helmet of course – a head injury is not to be underestimated) the nerves reappeared. It just doesn’t seem that the most practical way to stand up on a slippery surface would be to attach two very thin blades to your feet. And yet, and yet ... I told myself “people have been doing this for years! Children can do it! Those people on the ice in front of you are in their 60s and 70s! Come on Deborah!” and with Rhys encouraging me from the rink, and photographer Cassidy behind me to

capture the moment I would fall on my face, I stepped, gingerly, onto the ice. Breaking news: I didn’t fall! I don’t know why the fear of falling is so strong. Rhys was very reassuring as he told me that it’s something that everyone does, and sometimes the best way to get over the fear is just to let it happen! He advises cautious skaters to consider wearing protection (knee pads, hip pads) if it will help them relax. Observing other skaters gracefully gliding past told me that holding a relaxed posture was going to help. So I relaxed, focused on Rhys, and tried to let my body get the feel of the motion. Tip one as we edged slowly around the rink was to make a vee shape with my feet and push off from the back foot. Suddenly the motion felt more natural. It’s a push and glide, push and glide (and occasional steady of myself against the arena wall). Once I’d completed a couple of laps we stopped and Rhys showed me a technique from his kids’ lessons. He marked a spot on the ice with a marker for me to attempt to shave away, learning the sideways pushing motion that’s required for efficient skating. I wasn’t that great at it to be honest, but on my next lap I was moving a bit faster, touching the side less, and able to look ahead more often. My heart rate was raised, cheeks a little rosy and there was definitely a burn in my glutes! Rhys said that people come back to skating after many years off the ice, or start as complete beginners, at any age. Through the winter there are adult-only skates at all the local arenas. There’s no excuse not to go again it seems. What do you want to see Deb do next? Email with your ideas or an invitation!

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2475 Mt. Newton X Road, Saanichton 250.656.6868 | JANUARY 2019 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 59


A Grand Beachfront Home in North Saanich



“This house is a masterpiece, built with integrity and attention to every detail. It’s a labour of love with no expense spared and will be a dream to come home to at the end of each and every day,” says homeowner Miriam as the electrician works nearby to put the finishing touches on the last of the home’s beautiful light fixtures. The impressive 5,400 plus square foot two-storey home on Bayside Road in North Saanich was finished in October. Built on a 22,000-square-foot lot, it includes 85 feet of low bank waterfront and spectacular views of Tsehum Harbour and Blue Heron Basin. Miriam and her husband Felice, owners of Salon Felice in Uptown Centre, have built several homes in the past as well as salons and spas. “A great design, that takes in all the sunshine in all the right places, spaces and rooms that can be used for different purposes and positioning the house just right on a unique property. These are things that developers do not always consider or want to spend money on,” says Miriam. “We pride ourselves in doing it right the first time and paying attention to detail so that the home can be enjoyed to its full potential.” The four-bedroom home has an office and five bathrooms. It was built by LIDA Homes Inc., and, with input from Miriam, designed by Rus Collins, the principal designer and owner at ZEBRA DESIGN. “I tried to give the house a nautical feel on the exterior to complement Miriam and Felice’s elegant coastal interior,” says Rus. “The use of cedar shingles, (Iron Mountain custom blend, Benjamin Moore) wide window trim and knee brackets along with the tall ‘lighthouse’ stairwell tower all add to this nautical look.” The main level grand cathedral entry features handsome custom crafted wood doors, huge windows and custom paneling with heavy crowns that extend to the top of the two-storey tower. A staircase to the left leads to the upper floor, which sweeps out in a dramatic curve with patterned white rails and a stunning lighting fixture from McLaren Electric which all contribute to the “wow factor right out of the gate,” says Felice. At the time of my visit, there was no furniture in the house, so the dramatic view of the ocean, islands and sky through the expansive wall of windows made it hard to choose between admiring the ocean or the grandeur of the entryway. A Regency natural gas fireplace faced with Fantasy Brown granite is mounted on the side wall with


space for a TV above. The fireplace has several options, one of which allows it to be lit without overheating the room so that you can enjoy its ambience without getting too hot. Lovely large windows light up the kitchen, which has Shaker cabinets designed and built by Tim Grey of Dream Catcher Kitchens. Next to the windows, there is a stunning, 12-foot centre island topped with “Fantasy Brown” granite that is a light creamy white with waves of browns and soft grays. “It spoke to me immediately when I first saw it,” says Miriam. “It reminded me of the ocean and sandy beaches, perfect for this oceanfront home.” Because of the

island’s size, it required two pieces of granite that were butterflied and book matched. All the granite, marble, and quartz countertops were fabricated by Andrew and Aleta Klassen of Canary Custom Services. The island includes a bar sink and Fisher Paykel “Drawer Style” dishwasher that can wash a full or partial load in one of its two drawers. Hidden inside the island is a microwave and next to it is a dual zone wine fridge. Other appliances include two Wolf built-in convection wall ovens, a Sub-Zero fridge and six-burner Wolf natural gas range top. A solid slab of Fantasy Brown Granite was used for the backsplash behind the Wolf Range Top. “No tile could look better

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An expansive wall of windows offers a dramatic view of the ocean, islands and sky.

Admiral´s Roofing ATTN: Paul Pellow 5417 WEST SAANICH RD VICTORIA BC V9E1J9 CANADA

Reliable • Responsible • Professional • Guaranteed James David fax 1 866 725−6046 ; toll 1 877 478−4593

than this beautiful granite,” says Miriam. A walk-in pantry with a second fridge ensures there is room for everything.The fine-looking cabinetry hardware from Hickory Hardware has a touch of copper that matches the lighting. This look is pulled through all the way to the accessories: all the hardware for the doors has the same hint of copper. Anew Gray (Sherwin Williams) is the main floor wall colour. The engineered hardwood flooring (Timeless Oak-medium brown/ grey planks with black knots) gives the home a beachy yet elegant feel. Ceilings on both levels are nine feet high, and all the doors and

Fully Insured 14661997AB 14661997AB / TD / 3UWWP / E / 2506521818 / Y / / Reroofing HB01 / James David / 1−667038233 New Construction Admiral´s Roofing / 100818 (VIC)Victoria / Roofing Contractors / 1 Skylights Repairs Torch on Systems *14661997AB*

They’re On Top Of It.

Call 250.652.1818 For a Hassle-Free Estimate • #9 - 6782 Veyaness Rd, Saanichton BC


A stunning 12-foot centre island is topped with granite that reminds the owner of the ocean and sandy beaches, perfect for the waterfront home.

The ensuite’s free-standing tub is positioned to allow a bather to take in the sea. (below): A contemporary gas fireplace in the master bedroom is perfect for a cosy afternoon on a rainy day.

windows are over height, at eight feet, creating a feeling of grandeur and saturating the home with light. The upper floor wall colours include SherwinWilliams’ Worldly Gray, Useful Gray and White Tail for the trim. On entering the master bedroom, the viewer is struck by a unique custom-built ‘Headboard Wall.’ A stunning wall of windows faces the ocean, and a side wall features a contemporary gas fireplace with black crystals and driftwood, perfect for a cosy afternoon or evening on a rainy day. The striking ensuite has a free-standing solid surface white tub positioned to allow a bather to take in the sea. A roomy walk-in shower has body sprays and a rain shower head. The 24- by 36-inch high gloss porcelain floor tiles were made in Italy and are called Calacatta Gold. The non-slip tiles 66 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | JANUARY 2019

Sweet Dreams Boutique® beautiful bedding & linens

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HWY. #17

are a soft version of Italian marble. A highly efficient boiler system provides radiant in-floor heating and on-demand hot water for warm feet and warm water even on cold mornings. The lot has been professionally landscaped and features a “smart sprinkler system” that shuts down if it senses rain. The expansive driveway finished in interlocking paving stone leads to a spacious three-car garage to the right and the house’s gorgeous main entrance to the left. Tucked away through a back entry is the beautifully appointed in-law suite. Three outdoor patios offer varied seating options, and a natural stone slab staircase leads down to the beach. “Seeing the finished product through to the end is a momentous task,” says Miriam, because both she and Felice want the best for every home they build. It’s all about the details that are not often thought about, they say, such as cast iron pipes in the walls so that you don’t hear the toilets flush upstairs, or high-quality windows to prevent drafts in winter and an overly hot house in the summer. “The thing we love best about it is seeing the final result,” Miriam concludes, “and listening to people’s comments about all the things they love in the homes we have built.” But, as the saying goes, a rolling stone gathers no moss. Felice and Miriam are in the process of selling this home as they have already envisioned their next dream home.









Refresh for 2019 The New Year is a great time for resolutions – this might well include freshening up your home. by Trudi Jones Small changes can really make a and Wendy White difference to the overall functionality Trudi Jones Interiors and enjoyment of your space. Start by taking a visual inventory of your space and the items in it. Currently many people are moving toward a simplified lifestyle, including "editing out" items no longer

serving a purpose, be that functional or aesthetic. Less can be more in terms of flow through spaces and the feeling of expanding the space. Remove items that no longer serve the purpose or you can do without. Identify several key items that you want to highlight – perhaps a piece of furniture that may have sentimental, functional or visual value. This can be the catalyst for your refresh/redesign project. Choose large items you want to keep first, moving your way through to smaller accent pieces. Begin adding these items back into the space, thinking – "how can I create a lovely little 'vignette' or a


This oriental screen was the taking off point for this re-do. Reflecting the lovely colours of the birds and trees on the screen with accent cushions, a throw and complementary drapery pulls the look together. 68 SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA | JANUARY 2019


Adding a statement area rug and seasonal accessories like flowers, plants and artwork make a huge impact in a space

picture, a place that the eye can rest and find interest in, grounding the eye and enabling positive user experience." Examples of this might be placing a pair of wing-­backed chairs before the fireplace, or creating a cozy conversation area, setting sofa, loveseat, chairs and coffee table within easy talking distance. Place a comfortable lounge chair by the window to sit in the sun, watch the birds or read on a cool winter day. Now might be the time to think about refreshing paint colours. Notice the direction the windows are facing. A true north-facing room will not have sunlight coming in, so a warmer tone of paint may be used than in a south-facing room. A feature wall using a more saturated colour than the other walls can serve as a focal point for the space. Lighting is of paramount importance in defining and creating functionality in a space. Think of layering lighting, using ambient or general lighting, but don't stop there. You also want to make sure your task lighting is doing its job and placed in the right location for reading, hobby activities, cooking etc. Also think of accent or feature lighting such as chandeliers and LED strip lighting. Consider LED replacement bulbs. Contrary to popular belief that LED lighting is cold and blue, they now come in a number of "colour temperatures," which means that an LED can simulate the warmer glow that we are familiar with in the old incandescent bulbs. Also, a great thing is that once they have been replaced they should last approximately 25 years (based on three hours of use per day)! Now for the smaller items – this is where you can really have fun with texture and colour! Change out toss cushions, throws, lampshades, area rugs, artwork and ornaments seasonally. I like to remove many of my area rugs during the summer to feel the cool wood on my feet and make it easier for cleaning with pets but in the winter I love those carpets! Lastly, think about adding some greenery; a touch seems to soften the space. Careful not to overdo it and aim for low maintenance plants. Often just adding the right accessories, cushions, area rugs, artwork etc. can make all the difference. Lighting and colour plays a big part in creating that flow and cohesiveness in the home. For more information, visit

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INTERIOR DESIGN With Over 60 YEARS EXPERIENCE New & Vintage Lighting • Furniture • Rugs, Upholstery & Designer Fabrics Original Local Artwork • Giftware & Small Treasures

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Hot Properties For Sale on the Island

#402 - 9710 Fourth St., Sidney $1,145,000 incl. GST

Brentwood Bay WATERFRONT $2,475,000 Seldom do homes with SW exposure and access to the warm, calm waters of Saanich Inlet become available. Immaculate home features approved and professionally built dock with deep water moorage and foreshore lease. Incredibly maintained, 1996 quality built 4 BD, 3 BA home of 3,025sf with natural light and views from almost every room. MLS 390937. Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626 (personal real estate corp*)

9578 Epco Drive Sidney Wonderful family home in move in condition with a main floor open living plan, 3 bedrooms up with a 1 bedroom suite. Situated on a 7500 sq ft corner lot. $679,900.



MOVE IN READY! This south-facing two-bedroom penthouse has lovely water views of Bazan Bay. Featuring a den, expansive patio, covered parking and generous storage so you can live comfortably. Outfitted with efficient appliances and contemporary finishes, Vela is conveniently located just two blocks from Sidney by the Sea’s bustling downtown. MLS 401225.

Shelley Mann 250.213.8229

Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626

(personal real estate corp*)

One-Level Living in Saanichton

Here’s a unique opportunity for someone who wants a modern, bright, home with over-height ceilings of 9'5", fabulous open plan, 632sf, with quality finishes including hardwood floors, quartz counters, full s/ steel appliance package, in-suite W/D, heated tile floors in luxurious bathroom and loads of flexible living and storage spaces and bonus is commercial live work zoning too! ML 401270.

Pride of ownership is evident in this immaculate 3 bed, 2 bath rancher located in the desirable Polo Park Community, just a short distance to the amenities of Saanichton Village. Fully-fenced 12-month Zen garden featuring tea house-inspired shed, bamboo water-feature & beautiful landscaping. MLS 402084.



New Live / Work Townhouse! $439,000 incl. GST

Ingrid Jarisz* 250.656.4626

(personal real estate corp*)

. Michele's Team | 250.656.0911

404 Kinver Street Esquimalt

Beautiful new onelevel strata duplex on a quiet cul de sac in North Sidney. Two bedrooms plus den, good-sized single garage, 9ft ceilings with crown moldings, spacious kitchen with lots of cabinets, gas furnace, FP, hot water heater and kitchen stove. Fully landscaped and fully fenced back yard. Includes GST! ML #401434. $699,000. Tom Fisher 250.656.4626

Custom designed & artfully finished 5Br 4bth home with 2851 sqft of flexible living space. Hardwood floors, granite counters, gas fireplace, windows galore and a dramatic staircase invite you home. Large family room, option for 2nd laundry, detached workshop/ studio/garage add to this charming property. Excellent location, quiet real estate marketing & sales neighbourhood and steps to the ocean. 250.217.9751



New Half Duplex! North Sidney


Fail Once a Day: A Different Kind of New Year's Resolution by Maryna Shkvorets

Let me ask you a question:

what was the last thing you talked yourself out of doing? Was it maybe applying for a dream job, or even starting your own company? Was it asking someone you admire for guidance and mentorship? Or was it some amazing idea, like taking a year off to travel, that popped into your head and then left just as quickly? Whatever it was, you probably talked yourself out of it with a version of "What's the point; it won't work out." How do I know this? I see this all the time as a public speaking consultant: powerful players who thrive on success and then refuse to step out of their comfort zone because they might fail. My prescription to this ailment? Fail once a day. Go for something so audacious that there's no way you'll succeed, but instead of "What's the point?" change your self-talk to "Let's see what I can get away with?" For my own clients, I give "fear challenge" homework like strike up a conversation with a stranger while acting as someone 10 times more confident than you really feel. Or propose to give a talk at work or at a conference. Or even contact your local television station with a pitch. To get started, ask for a discount at Starbucks, email TED organizers and offer to give a talk, ask to test drive a Lamborghini, apply for a job at the Canadian Space Agency (or NASA while you're at it!). Scary? Yes. But these challenges teach an important lesson: rejection is hard, but it doesn't kill you. When you're going for something you really truly want, a "no" may feel like a punch in the gut. Almost like being asked "Who are you to ask for this and what makes you think you deserve it?" It's way safer to just not go for it, right? To talk yourself out of it. But for every opportunity you talk yourself out of, there's

Elizabeth May, OC, MP Saanich - Gulf Islands

someone who is willing to go for it, leaving you thinking "Wait, that could have been me!" You have to train that rejection and failure muscle, and what better way to do that than by being proactive. Yes, you'll probably be rejected by NASA. No, you probably won't be invited to give a TED talk. And maybe you'll get that Starbucks discount, but it's OK if you don't. Rejection isn't personal. It just means that whatever you proposed didn't work out. When you fail at something audacious, it's easy to not take it personally. And if you keep building that muscle, you'll see that going for something you truly want – and failing – isn't the end of the world. It may be disappointing, but it's not the end of the world. Suddenly, applying for that cool job or asking someone out seems like a doable feat. And who knows; you just might get away with it. I'm sure you've heard that "failure is not an option," but I want you to flip the script. Failure is a stepping stone to success. It means that you stretched yourself out of your comfort zone and you tried something that you don't know how to do yet. And I say bravo to that.


#212 - 1959 Polo Park Court $393,750

Modern condo with water views in the heart of Saanichton Village 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 850 square feet

C. J. (Kip) Wilson

SAANICHTON LAW OFFICES Wills & Estates • Estate Planning • Real Estate • Mortgages • Corporate

250-657-2000 | 9711 4th St., Sidney BC V8L 2Y8

#6-7855 East Saanich Road, Saanichton 250.544.0727 • • JANUARY 2019 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 71

New Year, New Career! Meet Kerry Bowman, our talented Human Resources Coordinator. Kerry is responsible for assisting great care givers in joining the Bayshore family. If you have a passion for care giving, whether you’re a registered or unregistered care giver, we have a career for you, from Sidney to Nanaimo and now open in Qualicum Beach. Join our team where you can have flexible hours to fit your lifestyle, working with amazing clients in a location of your choice. We offer benefits, competitive wages and fabulous team support. For more information on the Bayshore opportunity call Kerry today!

Sidney 778.749.0014

Victoria 250.370.2253

Nanaimo 778.841.0109

Qualicum Beach 250.947.9775

#102 9840 Fifth St

#380 1900 Richmond Rd

#204 1650 Terminal Ave

650 Berwick Road North

Bayshore HealthCare has been enhancing the quality of life, dignity and independence of Canadians in their homes since 1966. Recently awarded a 2017 Vancouver Island Business Excellence Award in the Health Care category, a 2016 Crystal Award for Business Excellence in the category of Contribution to the Community and named one of Canada’s Best Employers 2016 by Forbes Media.


Your Neighbourhood Liquor, Wine, Cold Beer and More Store! Knowledgeable, Friendly Staff | Loyalty Program | Extensive Selection | 9am - 11pm Every Day

2134 Keating X Rd 250-652-4400

3170 Tillicum Rd 250-384-0060

759 Yates St 250-383-2588

Liquor Express Vancouver Island


#12 - 1153 Esquimalt Rd 250-361-3530

930 View St 250-361-1469 @liquorexpressbc

498 Old Island Hwy 250-391-4458

Savour the Moments: Life Moves Fast with Little Ones by Phillip Tiicham Muir

For six months now I’ve

been neck-deep in the world of diapers, feed times, naps and strolls. No, I haven’t retired: I’ve become a father. After half a year I still look at my beautiful son, asking him: “where did you come from?” Before you start telling me how babies are made, I can assure you I do understand the science behind it. What I can’t wrap my head around though, is how this fully functional mini-human grew from the size of a plum in just one year. It’s astounding to witness a life begin from the very start, it really is. I wasn’t totally unprepared for parenting, having been a stepfather for a couple of years prior. Starting from scratch is a whole different ballgame though. I’m sure many of you are parents, but for those who aren’t, this is the best way I can describe life with your first new baby: it’s a lot like the first time you fall in love. You look at this person and wonder how on earth you came to be together, and no words can describe the warm fuzzies you feel for them. Now imagine that same person wakes you up multiple times every night, screaming in your ear, then pees, poops and slobbers all over you. If this was your special someone, that puppy love would likely fade fast and you’d look for someone far less annoying. In the case of a baby though, you still want to smother them in kisses, even after they’ve sapped the last of your energy and dignity. Rollercoaster though it is, I know it’s all par for the course, so I soldier on. I’m fortunate enough to be on parental leave, which means I can devote more of my energy to our babe. My mistake was planning all sorts of projects for my leave, thinking I’d suddenly have so much time on my hands … how naïve I was. One thing I can say for having a baby is that it forces you to slow down a little, and enjoy life in your community. When only a walk or drive will settle the little tyke, you have no choice but to do some window shopping on Beacon Avenue or drive West Saanich Road from one end to the other. The Peninsula is a pretty special place to raise a child, especially having grown up here myself. I have fond childhood memories of Cole’s Bay, so it was the perfect place to show my son the ocean for the first time. He met his Great Grandma at Butchart Gardens and got his first good look at trees in Gowland Tod Park. We will be moving away shortly, but the Saanich Peninsula will always have a warm place in our hearts. I find the need to savour every moment, no matter how big or small, because my child is constantly learning, developing and will never be quite as dependent on me as he is now. It’s dependence that’s changed my life the most, I think. While family, friends and significant others rely on us to some extent, it’s different with a child. With a little one you’re not living for yourself anymore, because their needs come first from now on.

If I could pass on any advice to other first-timers, it would be to take everything in your stride. Know that all plans are tentative, every moment of solitary downtime is precious, and every moment with your babe is even more precious. A child is a wonderful embodiment of time and its linear nature. There’s no turning back to the days before they could smile, crawl, talk, walk or ride a bike. There’s no return to innocence.



A Warm Meal for the New Year Here is

2 cinnamon sticks 3 cloves garlic 1 bottle dry red wine 1 bunch fresh thyme 1 litre chicken stock 2 tbsp grapeseed oil 1 tbsp olive oil

a recipe to by Jordan Caldwell warm you up from the inside out! While you let the short ribs braise, you can set your New Year’s Resolutions and pack away Christmas décor. The liquid that you are braising the short ribs in can be used to make a sauce by simply adding a slurry (1 tbsp cornstarch to 3 tbsp water) to thicken it and then drizzling it over the entire meal. I used butternut squash in this recipe, but you can utilize any squash you prefer. You are getting three different textures in this meal, with a smooth and creamy puree and the crunch from the roasted corn salad. Everything pairs together beautifully for a delicious well-rounded meal. I made this for my Meal Prep Service, and the reviews were outstanding!

Squash Puree: 1 lb squash 3 sage leaves 1 tbsp paprika 1 tbsp cumin 4 tbsp olive oil Corn Salad: 2 ears of corn 1 red onion 1 tbsp grated ginger 1 jalapeño pepper 1 tsp sriracha 1 bunch cilantro 1 lime

(serves 4 people)



5 3 8 1 9 4 2 7 6

Puzzle by

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9 6 1 5 2 7 3 4 8

6 9 5 2 7 1 4 8 3

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8 1 2 4 3 5 7 6 9

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Puzzle by

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Hardly Simple 1 5 9 3 4 8 6 2 7

Middle of the Road

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Sudoku Solutions

Short Ribs Place a large pot on the stovetop over high heat and add the olive oil and grapeseed oil. Season the short ribs well with fresh black pepper and kosher salt, place the meat in the

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Short Ribs: 2 lbs short ribs 1 carrot 2 celery sticks 3 bay leaves

pot and sear on each side until the short ribs develop a nicely browned, charred color. Then add the chopped carrots, onions and celery and caramelize well (about 5 to 10 minutes) until the vegetables are tender. Add the red wine, spices and chicken stock. After cooking for 10-15 minutes, add the fresh thyme, cover the pot and let simmer for three hours. Remove the short ribs once they are falling off the bone tender and let rest. Squash Purée Heat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. In a bowl mix the smoked paprika, cumin and olive oil together. Add the sage and diced squash. Season with salt and pepper to taste, place the mixture on a tray and put into the oven for about 40 minutes – until the squash is tender. After the squash has cooled, put it in the blender and grind until the texture is smooth. Finish with salt, pepper and a touch of tabasco. Roasted Corn Salad Butter the ears of corn and coat with sriracha sauce. Place on a try and roast in the oven at 375°F for 40 minutes, or until the corn develops a charred color. Cut the kernels from the cobs with a sharp knife and place into a bowl. Add the ginger, sliced red onion, a few slices of jalapeño peppers, the juice from one lime, cilantro leaves, salt and pepper to taste and a drizzle of olive oil. Mix well. To Serve Begin plating by spreading the squash puree on the bottom of the plate, then add the roasted corn salad. Place a few pieces of short ribs on top with a few spoonfuls of the jus from the stock in the pot. Finish with a drizzle of olive oil and fresh thyme. Enjoy!

Literacy: A Family Affair I can’t imagine a world without the written word. By reading this magazine, you are a literate person sharing in a literary experience. Like any learned skill, reading is taught and requires practise to be successful. The Conference Board of Canada gave Canada a C Grade in an international comparison study where it found that 48% of Canadians have inadequate literacy skills. What does this mean? Low literacy rates affect business competitiveness. This affects the success and prosperity of our entire society. I am selfish: I want more variety in my grocery shopping, more options for entertainment in my community, more information to make my life easier and more informed. Literate people are generally healthier, more active, and are better problem solvers. Literate people are better able to consider options, analyse media messages and decide for themselves what is truthful in news and advertising. Literacy in all its forms is a skill that is best started at a young age. Families can start teaching and role modelling literacy to children long before they can read. The Peninsula1000x5 Children's Book Recycling Project aims for all children to have books in the home and to have heard 1,000 books by age five. Handling books, listening to stories and time spent with an important adult builds language, imagination and connections in the developing brain. Family Literacy Week, from January 20 to 27, is another great way to celebrate learning together as a family. This year's theme: "Let's Make It" will offer up a variety of ideas, tips and activities for you to share with your family. It is never too late to improve literacy. It is recognized by UNESCO as a continuum of learning to enable an individual to achieve his or her goals, to develop his or her knowledge and potential, and to participate fully in the wider society. Literacy is not only a family affair but a community affair. Saanich Peninsula Community Literacy is committed to strengthening lifelong learning by building awareness and supporting community actions. Their signature program, Open Air Library, is offered in the summer months and welcomes all ages to choose a book, relax, and read together in the outdoors. The Booksmack event, a partnership with local libraries, offers an enthusiastic and informed rapid review of great books. Additional literacy related activities and services can be found at; • Sidney / North Saanich library – Teen Advisory Volunteer Group, Storytime at the Sidney All Care Residence • Central Saanich Library Branch – Family Story Time, by Carol Whitehouse

StoryWalk kits, DigiLab for Teens • Beacon Community Services – Mother Goose, Best Babies, Youth Employment Program • Peninsula Connection for the Early Years – Peninsula 1000x5 Book Recycling Project, Books for Breakfast • Victoria Literacy Connection – Noisy Kids Reading Club, One-on-One adult support • Sidney Lit Fest – Festival April 2019, Fall Reading Series The most important parts of the community are its members. You don't have to be part of a group or specially trained to promote literacy and improve someone's life. Be proactive. Do you know someone who struggles to read their prescription or decode the labels on food packages? Offer to explain and mentor them, or, accompany them to a literacy activity on the Peninsula. Get involved. In the end we all benefit. To learn more about the programs mentioned in this article or get involved, visit

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Peninsula Panthers

A Glimpse of the Holidays Past

The Peninsula Panthers played their last home game before the Christmas break on December 14th, but played two more games on the road after that. Once 60 minutes were in the books in a game played in Saanich at the George Pearkes Arena on December 21st, the players on the Club bid their farewell to their teammates as they commenced a two-week break. Most of the players hail from the Saanich Peninsula and Greater Victoria however, others had to travel to other destinations such as Salt Spring Island, Delta, Comox, Port Alberni and Winnipeg to be with friends and family. “The Christmas Break is an important time in the season,” quipped General Manager Pete Zubersky. “These kids have been going hard since late in August, and almost every one of them have bumps and bruises that will be better with some time off. But more importantly, the break will give them all a chance to simply get away from the game and I know they will be chomping at the bit to get going when the puck drops on January 4th.”

The Panthers have 14 games remaining in the regular season including four on the road and nine in the friendly confines of the Panorama Recreation Centre. The squad will welcome in Matthew Sparrow, who is a 19-year-old, 6’2, 220 lb. power-forward who can score. Sparrow was obtained in late November from the Nanaimo Buccaneers but was home in Edmonton waiting for his injured knee to mend. He can score and will add some grit, size and speed to the roster.

“These final 14 games in the regular season are important for us to really power forward into the playoffs and prepare us to win hockey games,” explained Zubersky. “Our final game is on February 22nd and the playoffs will start in the last week of February, and we want to make a protracted run in the post-season this time around. I really love our squad. We have all the parts in place to do something special and so the next six weeks will be about getting our power play and penalty kill in order and exactly where we want it to be.” The Panthers wish to take this opportunity to thank fans out on the Peninsula for the outstanding support the Club receives. We hope that you all had a great festive season and now it’s Go-Time!!

Peninsula Panthers’ McDonald’s Player of the Week Bodhi Oates pictured 11-year-old Brendan Dawes belted out two Christmas songs before the above is very engaged on the bench beside #14,18-year-old Bryson Hines. National Anthem in a game back on December 7th against Nanaimo.

Jr. Hockey Club PANTHERS’ UPCOMING home games Panorama Recreation Centre 1885 Forest Park Dr. North Saanich

Puck drops every FRIDAY at 7:30 p.m.

JANUARY 4 2019 11 18 25

vs. Kerry Park Islanders vs. Victoria Cougars vs. Saanich Braves vs. Westshore Wolves @ppanthersvijhl

Visit our website:

Photos by Gordon Lee Photo by Gordon Lee

We wish you a New Year rich with the blessings*of love, joy, warmth and laughter. Best*wishes for peace,*health, happiness and*success in 2019! We’ll see* you on *Jan. 4th @ 7:30 p.m.

Happy New Year!!!

A Pet Care Centre That Loves Your Pets as Much as You Do!

Comfortable, clean & healthy fresh air environment Quality, nutritious foods • Exercise yards up to one quarter acre Feline “Cuddle Time” • K-9 Playschool course All managerial staff “Certified Kennel Technicians” Recommended by veterinarians • Full grooming services available

SUDOKU Middle of the Road

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250-652-2301 2918 Lamont Road, Saanichton • email: Just minutes from Victoria Airport & BC Ferries Terminal

SIDNEY’S ART STORE imagine • create • inspire

art & framing

Victoria: 905 Fort St., Victoria BC V8V 3K3 Tel: 250-385-9786 Sidney: 2455 Beacon Ave., Sidney BC V8L 1X7 Tel: 250-656-1233


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A Full Service Pet Care Facility

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Puzzle by Hardly Simple


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Puzzle by

KEEP YOUR BRAIN HEALTHY The Alzheimer's Association recommends doing puzzles like Sudoku to strengthen brain cells and the connections between them. Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square. *Sudoku Solutions may be found on page 74.



In the middle of November – on one of those dark, wet days – I met with Sue and Allison for my favourite meeting of the year. While our writers were working on their articles for the December issue, we were turning our thoughts to 2019! As Editorial Director I don’t deal with the day-to-day editing, layout and administration of the magazine; Allison takes care of all those details. I get to think about the bigger picture. What content would our readers most want to see? What’s working, what isn’t and what do we need more of ? I’m sometimes surprised that we manage to keep finding fresh content when we focus so exclusively on local issues. How is it possible? I think it’s because of the people of the community. They’re always changing, so we always have new eyes to look at things through. Now January has rolled around again. Typically a time for reflection, for plans and, for many, to make changes. I’ve never been an “out with the old, in with the new” type, but at the magazine we’ve made some decisions. You’ll see them in the pages of this issue, and in issues to come throughout the year. We’ve lost some columns, added new ones and revamped others. We’ve taken inspiration from other publications, from reader feedback and from our gut instincts. Now we get to share these changes with you, and wait (with bated breath) to see your response. You’ll see that we have combined our previous Arts Scene column with the What’s Happening and Kids Calendar into one expanded events section: Take Note (pages 39-41). Keeping our readers in the know about everything happening on the Peninsula is a large part of our remit and we wanted to present the variety of opportunities in the best way possible. It’s hard to lose a column that has been running a long time, and please note I asked the team if they thought Deb’s Day Out had run its course – not yet was the answer! I hope you find the changes we’ve made refreshing and valuable, and that they ensure that Seaside Magazine is always the first place you look to stay connected with your community. Happy New Year!

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Editorial Director JANUARY 2019 | SEASIDEMAGAZINE.CA 79

SIDNEY All Care Residence We’re All About Care …

At Sidney All Care Residence, Music Therapist Rebecca Olsen visits the residents, giving them the experience of music and making moments matter. January is Alzheimer’s awareness month in British Columbia; come visit us to experience the power that music therapy has on those affected with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. For more information on any of our life enriching programs or to book a tour and complimentary lunch please call: Judy Peterson, Community Enrichment Manager at 778-351-2505.

All Care, We Care, I Care!

Proudly Offering Long Term and Palliative Care

778.351.2505 • • 2269 Mills Rd, Sidney