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editorial note It is unbelievable how far Scratch Zine has come since the first day! It began with the simple idea of “students promoting student works”, but it has grown to become much more than that. It has become about promoting print copies, supporting other creative publications and giving students a chance to own their work. We are transforming the way UVa students see their undergraduate experience, encouraging them to step outside their comfort zone and celebrate their own creations. So I ask you today to read this print copy, share it with those you love and begin a conversation about the works in this publication. The support that this publication needs goes beyond writers, designers and artists. It comes from you - every person who reads the Zine and talks about the content in this issue is essential to the success of our mission. This issue’s theme, “Memories”, is used to highlight the end of the year as many 4th years look back at their time here at UVa. We also hope to make more memories moving forward. This semester, we had our first collaboration event with VMag, Yellow Journal, Q* and Iris to celebrate UVa’s Creative Media Publications. From merely an idea, we are now working together to create a united front and pave the path for future publications. I have to thank the team for getting us to where we are today. Publications are not easy to produce, especially with funding and time constraints. I could not ask for a better team to support this vision and execute it wonderfully. From my 4am texts to my sudden lists of tasks, this team has been with me through thick and thin. I am so grateful for being able to write this letter as the editor-in-chief – something I would not have imagined at the beginning. We also owe this success to our advisor, George Sampson, who supported this publication from the start. Beyond emotional support, he gave us the chance to hold our first launch and taught us how to properly run a CIO. Achieving this vision took more than just an idea; everyone’s contribution made a difference. Whether it was advice, creative contributions, financial support, or just coming to our events, we would not be here today without you. Samantha Kuo Founder/Editor-in-Chief 2


cover image by alena titova ‘tribute to summer’

peyton schwartz class of 2019 untitled ghost stories masking // southern california coco spagna class of 2020 submersion // golden gate four horsemen // dali scottish highlander // a fisher and his fisherman peaks alden myers class of 2021 the creek looms larger now

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WXTJ summer playlist


lauren budreau class of 2021 memories of marriage


alena titova class of 2020 lyudinovo


caroline crooks class of 2020 into the night an ode to your finger tips

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summer playlist

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It’s Summertime // The Flaming Lips, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Miles To Go // Alison Krauss and Union Station, Paper Airplane Only For You // Heartless Bastards, Arrow If You Want To // beebadoobee, Patched Up Sh’qweyla // Schwey, Schwey People In The Middle // Michael Grant & Spearhead, Home Head Alone // Julia Jacklin, Head Alone I Found That Essence Rare // Gang Of Four, Entertainment! Diving Woman // Japanese Breakfast, Soft Sounds from Another Planet Stop First // So Badly, Toward Heaven Still Bobcaygeon // The Tragically Hip, Yer Favourites Sun Medallion // King Tuff, Waiis Dead Summer Breaking // Mark Ronson, Kevin Parker, Uptown Special Car Wheels On A Gravel Road // Lucinda Williams, Car Wheels On A Gravel Road Freewheel // The Freewheel Trio, The Freewheel Trio

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into the night


an ode to your finger tips tap dance, like you always do, across the stage of my arm. i can feel the thump of the bass as you bounce index, middle, ring, pinky - repeat. gliiide along my collarbone, down my shoulder trumpet while it plays its riff, don’t stop until you’ve reached the crease of my elbow, and watch the hairs rise for a standing ovation while you still groove index, middle, ring, pinky - repeat. as the pulse of the drums fades to the background, swing into my hand. rest from the thrill of your performance, come to still on my chest, and recognize the familiar rhythm that taps inside: index, middle, ring, pinky - repeat.

from one of our own

caroline crooks

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scratch zine scrtach believes in the importance of visibility with our goal to display the diversity within the student body and encourage a campus-wide conversation about expression and identity the team founder/editor-in-chief samantha kuo assistant editor eliza hollerith administrative coordinator ellie westermann, libba mccraw outreach chair frankie mananzan marketing director

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