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Year XIII n.1 | January-March 2018

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Sandvik DX900i: stronger and stronger Fiori Group An answer to everything booth 6 B 014

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A special birthday

2018 marks ADRIATECH’S 30th Anniversary since the company was established. Today Adriatech offers a stronger array of products, tools, equipment, and only the best quality for drilling activity


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Sandvik DX900i: stronger and stronger Fiori Group An answer to everything SCI media Visit us at INTERMAT!

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A special birthday John Melegatti

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Poste Italiane S.p.A. - Spedizione in Abbonamento Postale – D.L. 353/2003 (conv. in L. 27/02/2004 n. 46) art. 1, comma 1, CN/FC/AUT.0023

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A N 18! TR RU 20 EXINT mat R r P Inte

Year XIII n. 1 | January-March 2018

Year XIII n.1 January-March 2018


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A special birthday

2018 marks ADRIATECH’S 30th Anniversary since the company was established. Today Adriatech offers a stronger array of products, tools, equipment, and only the best quality for drilling activity

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New, innovative & ECO Mauro Cottimo

Machines > Sandvik Ranger DX900i

Stronger and stronger John Melegatti

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Companies > Fiori Group

An answer to everything Mauro Cottimo


Companies > Adriatech

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A special birthday 2018 marks ADRIATECH’S 30th Anniversary since the company was established. Today Adriatech offers a wider, stronger array of products, tools, equipment, and only the best quality for drilling activity John Melegatti

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Hole Opener


supports sport associations


hirty years ago, two young entrepreneurs, both with several years of experience spent in the oil & gas drilling fields, came together with the idea of giving birth to what would become ADRIATECH DRILLING TOOLS SPECIALISTS: 30 years of ideas, challenges, innovation, equipped with growing experience, knowledge,development

and a well-bonded and skilled team, today looking at the future with plans and ambitions of further growth. 2018 marks ADRIATECH’S 30th Anniversary since the company was established back in 1988. Since then, ADRIATECH has kept a steady speed and strength to become today a leading and reputable world wide supplier of QUALITY DRILLING TOOLS & EQUIPMENT.

The solution to all your equipment needs, wherever you are

ADRIATECH’s offices, warehouses and workshops are located in Pescara, a city in the Italian region of Abruzzo, characterized by golden, soft and sandy beaches that stretch for miles along the Adriatic Sea. Nice way to start your day at work: a long walk along the seaside…these little things that you do each day add up to keeping yourself healthy and fit. Healthy lifestyle and good work, this attitude towards well-being surely does help you achieve your goals in life. ADRIATECH started its activity back in 1988, working as agent/distributor

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Companies > Adriatech

Claw bits

of highly specialized and world wide known USA manufacturing companies of equipment for the oil, gas and pipeline fields; working with USA companies represented a good start: professionalism, competence, pride and passion, and a lot of hard work: essential ingredients to quality and success. The company assimilated every single lesson and gradually found the way to apply them to the water well drilling field, then to mining, piling, construction, geothermal, HDD settings and all those areas of interest where drilling techniques and products are involved. As years passed and ADRIATECH’s knowledge and competences grew, the products became more and more in quantity and better and better in quality and efficiency. Today ADRIATECH offers a wider, stronger array of products, tools, equipment, and only the best quality. The company works hard to stand behind each product, and the ISO Quality procedures implemented several years ago assist it in assuring state of the art products and service. It’s because

4  PF > n. 1 January-March 2018

it knows what their customers’ needs and goals are that the company stands by them in order to help them reach their targets successfully and on time. Getting familiar with customers’ needs, ever so demanding, throughout the years brought over the idea to set up ADRIATECH’s “Custom-Made Division”, the flagship enterprise, where the company manufactures tools that customers specifically need and ask for, and in the way they need them -tailored to suit their job. The Engineer-

ing Consultancy Staff personally assists each customer to make sure the final product is the tool that will do the job. At the same time, this challenging goal represents, today and in the future, a further step towards company development. ADRIATECH has today an extremely wide array of products and equipment. Just to mention a few: quality rock bits, PDC bits, claw bits, 3-blade and 4-blade DRAG BITS, down the

Adriatech Europe S.r.l. Adriatech Europe S.r.l. is an autonomous Italian company based in Pescara and is in business since 1988 as a supply company of quality equipment and goods for drilling activity. Adriatech Drilling Tools is specialized in the production and supply of energy related equipment for the following types of customers: • oil exploration and exploitation companies • drilling contractors • water well drilling contractors • foundation and piling contrators.

Sales department and warehouse are located in via Prati 39 in an area of 1800 m2. Production takes place in a workshop, in an area of about 5000 m2, 1000 of which occupied by an industrial shed furnished of 5000 kg loading travelling deck. The working machinery of the workshop includes lathe, shalping, grinding, milling, hollow spindle machines with computerized control system, welding facilities for arc - mig - tig.


hole hammers and bits and hole opener bits, fishing tools of several kinds for all fishing purposes, drill pipes, drill collars, stabilizers, subs of all kinds, rotating and non-rotating hoisting plugs, custom-made hole openers for HDD and vertical drilling with fixed and demountable cutters. Also: reverse circulation equipment, rotating and non-rotating diverters, several handling tools such as casing elevators, clamps, rotary tongs, mud solid control equipment (desanders, desilters, mud hoppers), brush tools, milling tool and many more. The company’s aim is not only business, but also business ethics, an umbrella term under which ethical and moral rights and duties are applied in a company within its human resources and towards customers, suppliers, social institutions, environment, respect of human rights and moral behavior, honesty and integrity: ADRIATECH Management, within its staff, promulgates the understanding, awareness and application of ethi-


cal rules, exerting all efforts required to make sure that these rules are strictly observed, hence guaranteeing constant respectful attendance and service to all customers. Social outreach obligations: ADRiATECH has implemented an ethical corporate social responsibility policy. Such ethics lead ADRIATECH to play a significant role in social areas, dedicating time to a non-profit association involved with physically challenged children and youngsters in their every day fun-recreational activities. Also, social responsibility is applied in major sports activ-

ities that the company considers extremely important for a well-being lifestyle as individuals. Not only is ADRIATECH a supporter of a leading “Pescara Rugby” Sports Association, which seriously trains youngsters in Abruzzo in Rugby discipline, but also it has experienced a challenging International “Class40” Sailing Race that has seen ADRIATECH as major sponsor during some of the most important French races of the past years (Le Solidaire du Chocolat, Route du Rhum, and others).◀

Fishing tools

INFO Adriatech S.r.l. Via Prati, 39 65124 - Pescara (PE) - Italy Tel. +39-085 4156849

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Machines > Sandvik Ranger DX900i

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Stronger and stronger When mining and rock technology specialist Sandvik launched its new series of Ranger DXi ‘intelligent’ drill rigs, it chose Volvo Penta’s 8-liter engines to power the machines John Melegatti

6  PF > n. 1 January-March 2018


290-degree rotating superstructure which provides a 55m² drilling coverage area, a new rock drill, a new silent ‘iCab’ cabin and the ability for wireless transfer of data. “Our new Ranger DXi models have been created to provide an intelligent method of working that allows customers to get the best performance out of their machines for a high level of jobsite productivity,” says Jarno Viitaniemi, product manager at Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology. “The DX900i is the most powerful rig in its class, providing the largest coverage. And the new models are designed to make rock drilling easier and more comfortable for operators.”

Sandvik & Volvo


andvik’s Ranger DX900i and DX800i top hammer surface drilling rigs are designed to provide a rational approach to operational output with high levels of automation. They build on the global success of previous models in the Ranger line but have been redesigned to offer the latest technological advancements and optimal performance. The DXi models have a

The Ranger DXi models are used in limestone and aggregate production, for mining and some production drilling, and for infrastructure and road construction. To prepare for operation, a drilling plan stored via software on a laptop/PC and is transferred wirelessly to the machine. Automatic features enhance the volume of holes being drilled, with size and distance being set on the drilling pattern; the ‘iTorque’ system compensates for difficult rock. Drilling data is stored, and the operator can add extra notes. Automation optimizes performance and reduces wasted time and costs; and a remote control enables the opera-

tor to use the machine in challenging conditions. Sandvik has been working with Volvo Penta for more than ten years and requested help in prototyping the new Ranger DXi models in 2014; the machines were launched in 2017 and have sold particularly well in northern Europe, the US and Canada. The machines are used in climates ranging from -30 to +55 degrees Celsius, and when used in shift patterns, they may be used for up to 20 hours per day. Due to this, Volvo Penta’s 8-liter engines have to be robust and reliable. “The engines have proven to provide low fuel consumption and low noise,” adds Viitaniemi. “In the Nordic countries especially, Volvo Penta has good reputation and customers have been happy about us using their engines in our Ranger DXi machines. They have also been a flexible partner and given us quick answers to any technical questions.”

Good co-operation Volvo Penta’s TAD852VE and TAD872VE are installed in the Ranger DX900i; and the TAD851VE and TAD871VE are used in the Ranger DX800i. Each model is an off-road, 6-cylinder engine featuring common-rail fuel injection, overhead camshaft and turbo. The TAD851VE and TAD871VE

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Machines > Sandvik Ranger DX900i

have a power output of 185 kW; while the TAD852VE and TAD872VE provide power of 210 kW. Optimized Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology and a light cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) contribute to efficient combustion. “We have been working with Sandvik for many years now and they have received good customer feedback on other machines with our engines in terms of the provision of an excellent power response, low fuel consumption and low engine noise, and so they decided to use our 8-liter engines in the new Ranger DXi series” says Pasi Järvelä, area sales manager Finland, at Volvo Penta. “In addition, we’ve given strong support during the research and development phase, and have good cooperation between out companies at all levels. We look forward to continuing a strong relationship with Sandvik in future.”

The new Ranger DX900i The new Ranger DX900i is the flagship model of the new Ranger DXi family. Featuring the most powerful rock drill in its class, Sandvik intelligence features and a counterweight, revolving superstructure enabling ultimate stability,

8  PF > n. 1 January-March 2018

Ranger DX900i characterizes the revolutionary generation of Ranger DXi top hammer surface drill rigs. With an ultimate drilling coverage of 290° (55 m2), it is the most powerful and efficient rig in its class. All the Ranger DXi-series top hammer surface drill rigs feature a revolving superstructure. Thanks to its 290-degree reach enabling drilling coverage of 55 square meters, you’ll save time and minimize the need to reposition your rig. Despite the rig’s ability to rotate, its counterweight structure ensures stability by maintaining weight opposite

the boom. Ranger DXi rigs are extremely mobile, thanks to a low center of gravity and high tramming power. Advantages: ▶▶ 290 degrees revolving upper structure with 55 m2 drilling coverage area; ▶▶ new rock drill family with 21-27 kW; ▶▶ Sandvik GT 60 tools enable higher productivity with straighter 92127mm holes; ▶▶ beat difficult rock with well-known iTorque control system; ▶▶ new iCab cabin with extremely low noise level 73,5 dB.◀

Technical data DX900i Recommended hole diameter

89 - 140 mm* (3 - 5.5 in.)

Drill rod / tube diameter

51 and 60 mm (2 and 2 ⅜ in.)

Hydraulic rock drill

RD927L / 27 kW


Volvo TAD852VE 210 kW / 1 800 rpm (Tier3)) Volvo TAD872VE 210 kW / 1 800 rpm (Tier 4)

Flushing air capacity

9.5 m³/min

Operator cabin




Transport Length

12.4 m (40.7 ft)

Transport Width

2.45 m (8 ft)

Transport Height

3.3 m (10.8 ft)


19,600 kg (43,210 lb)

*if larger than 127 mm holes drilled, consult factory


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Plants > Benninghoven

Transportable asphalt mixing plant in container design – type ECO

Plant with a 2 t mixer, a mixing capacity of up to 160 t/h and a mixed material storage silo of 60 t

10  PF > n. 1 January-March 2018


booth A K 180

New, innovative & ECO The newly developed and patentpending diverter chute unit on the type ECO asphalt mixing plant celebrates its world première at Intermat 2018 in Paris Mauro Cottimo


enninghoven presents the ECO system concept at Intermat for the first time. The type ECO asphalt mixing plant in capacity sizes from 100 320 t/h combines state-of-the-art, innovative Benninghoven technologies and a high standard of manufacturing in compact container sizes. This ensures maximum mobility and flexibility: type ECO systems can be operated as stationary plants, but can also handle fast location changes without problems. Because all main components are designed in ISO standard container di-

mensions (20 or 40 foot), transport by lorry, ship or rail is easy. The strength of the plants is their ability to be transported worldwide and that they can be designed as simply, cost-efficiently and effectively as possible. The powerful plants with fixed options ensure optimum mixture quality. As all Benninghoven plants, the ECO plants feature maintenance-friendly, high-quality and durable components. In detail, the increased ease of maintenance means: large service openings, optimum illumination of the work and maintenance areas

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Plants > Benninghoven

through LED technology, an intuitive traffic light lubrication plan, very good accessibility in all areas, availability of an electric and compressed air connection for tools and maintenance work, surrounding 800 mm walking and work platform width – to name just a few. Experience the heart of any asphalt mixing plant live – the weighing and mixing section and the new diverter chute container of the ECO plant range.

12  PF > n. 1 January-March 2018

Asphalt transfer within the plant with diverter chute unit

vertically downwards. This is a proven technology for excluding segregations in the mixed goods.

Benninghoven has always relied on the loading skip technology as a link between mixer and loading silo, whereby the skip volume corresponds to the volume of the mixer. The mixer drains the asphalt vertically downwards into the skip, the skip then positions itself vertically above the targeted loading silo pocket and again drains the stored mixed goods

For the new ECO asphalt mixing plant range, Benninghoven has now developed a new, more cost-efficient alternative to the skip track and had it patented. The new diverter chute unit features a purely mechanical structure which is therefore not subject to malfunctions. A new smart design means that no sensor system, motors, bra-

preview kes, etc. are required, while worldwide functional reliability is ensured. Another point worth mentioning is the fast and load-free positioning for silo selection. Separation effects in the end product are minimised through active cross mixing in the material transfer on the one hand, while on the other hand the proven geometry of the Benninghoven loading mixed materials storage silos ensures mass flow instead of core flow, which also prevents segregation in the mixed goods.

Weighing and mixing section Best mixed goods quality thanks to optimum fill level of the mixer and optimum mixing through the generously dimensioned mixer geometry. From plant size ECO 2000, all weighing and mixing sections are already equipped with the following interfaces: cold and hot recycling feed, bag feed, foam bitumen, granulate feed, fibrous material feed and adhesive feed.

Whether from the outset or for retrofitting later on – the plant is already prepared with all interfaces. Additional highlights of the exhibited weighing and mixing section: ▶▶ Key transfer system for increased safety ▶▶ Large service opening on the mixer cabinet, H x W = 600 x 1200 mm ▶▶ Individual colour options (from standard to individual) ▶▶ Transport-optimised container dimensions ▶▶ Purge air cleaning on the IR temperature sensor (reliable measurement of asphalt temperature) ▶▶ Central compressed air maintenance unit (oiler and separator/filter) ▶▶ Modular expansion of functions through BUS system ▶▶ Selection option between plug-in cables and permanent cable connections ▶▶ Weighing of white mineral not sensitive to disturbances (e.g. through

water hammer) thanks to special scales design ▶▶ Optimum mineral scales utilisation also in bypass operation.

Control system BLS 3000 The BLS 3000 system control also has convincing features such as simple, intuitive operation, a clear structure and realistic visualisation. The production process and the plant components are displayed in real time on just two screens. Recipe management, job processing and statistics are self-explanatory.◀

INFO BENNINGHOVEN GmbH & Co. KG Industriegelände 54486 - Mülheim an der Mosel Phone +49(0)6534 189-0

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Companies > Fiori Group


iori Group is an Italian company founded in 1942 with its headquarter in Finale Emilia in the province of Modena, is leader in the design, development and production of off-road vehicles for the production of Concrete Batching Vehicles and Dumpers for the construction industry. The company’s product portfolio is rounded off by the Group capabilities in finding the most effective solution for any customer in making and transporting concrete on-site with a great flexibility, minimizing energy costs and reducing environmental impact.

These characteristics have led Fiori Group to a continuous success and to deserve the undisputed title of the technological leader in its market segment.

Concrete Batching Vehicle (CBV 2.0 ) Following the above described prospective, Fiori Group has recently introduced on the market the 2.0 evolution of its Concrete Batching Vehicle (CBV 2.0), a computerized “system” that allows Fiori Group’s SLM (SelfLoading Mixers) to be used as a real batching plant on wheels.

An answer to everything Self-production of certifiable concrete on wheels, the Self-Loading Mixer DB X35 Big Bag and Horizontal Silos: Fiori Group is going to astonish you at Intermat Mauro Cottimo

BOOTH 6 H 104

14  PF > n. 1 January-March 2018

The CBV 2.0 is the most advanced system in the world that guarantees the self-production of certifiable concrete on wheels, in any environment and condition. In fact, this system allows controlling the dosage of all components, the mixing process, the moisture compensation of aggregates, the dosage of one or two additives, the possibility of wireless connection with an external cement metering unit, and the monitoring of repetitiveness and traceability of the entire work cycle. The CBV 2.0 has a wide colour and a simple and user friendly interface (available in different languages) that guides the operator through the creation of a wide variety of recipes, allowing him to produce concrete batches of the same quality and meeting the most different requirements. The CBV 2.0 vehicle differs from the standard Self-Loading Mixer equipped with electronic weighing system, as it provides the following additional features: ▶▶ Management of archives containing up to 32 components; ▶▶ Management of archives containing up to 20 mix recipes with quantity recalculation based on the desired batch;

preview The vehicles equipped with the CBV 2.0 does not require operators experienced in the field of concrete production. ▶▶ Dynamic weighing and achievement of the target quantity with vehicle tilt compensation; ▶▶ Water compensation in hygroscopic components (moisture in the aggregates); ▶▶ No. 2 additive tanks, with respective separate circuits; ▶▶ Automatic management of the water pump and additive pump; ▶▶ Control of the mixing process (start/ end time, number of drum revolutions) and of the mix homogeneity (slump/stabilization); ▶▶ Automatic measurement of moisture levels in aggregates via moisture probes integrated on board; ▶▶ Wireless remote controller for HS silo control for automatic cement feeding to drum; ▶▶ Advanced USB port for software/ firmware upgrading, slip downloading, and uploading/downloading of components and recipes; ▶▶ History data log of the batches produced for later printing or downloading via USB. Fiori Group SLMs’, when equipped with the CBV 2.0 device and combined with the Silo, become a perfect solution for applications that require large quantities of concrete production.

Wheel loader

+ Batching + plant

In fact, the combination of these three products result in a complete solution that increases the productivity up to 35% by also significantly reducing the time/cycle.

The Horizontal Silos Horizontal Silos, which can be used for the storage and dosage of cement, lime, fly ash, sand, and many other materials in powder and granular, are particularly suitable for mobile construction sites. They are the perfect complement of Fiori Group SLMs’ for increasing the site productivity and eliminating the dust while loading the cement. These type of silos are easily transportable and can be simply positioned (no requirement of anchoring or building a concrete slab) thanks to their telescopic adjustable lifting legs. Additionally, they eliminate the burden of restoring the support surface after use. The advantages of Fiori Group’s “HS” models are the follows: ▶▶ Loads cells for checking the content weight while unloading;

Transit mixer



▶▶ CANlink for remote control (Bluetooth) from CBV 2.0; ▶▶ Internal dust filter (air cleaning) for which the material falls within the same silos; ▶▶ Plastics water tanks for water storage; ▶▶ No need of permission for installation; ▶▶ Minimal environmental impact; ▶▶ Quick and easy disassembling, moving and reassembling in another site, with no need of cranes; ▶▶ Extreme flexibility of the unloading positions, the auger being rotatable by 190 degrees; ▶▶ No need of anchoring to the ground, thus more adaptable to “mobile” units; ▶▶ Easy and variable batch of the content; ▶▶ Transportable with no need of special trucks; ▶▶ Assembly and disassembly take place in a very short time thanks to 4 swivel feet;

The horizontal silos

can be used for the storage and dosage of cement, lime, fly ash, sand and many other materials in powder and granular, are particularly suitable for mobile construction sites

CBV 2.0 wide colour display and user friendly interface

PF > n. 1 January-March 2018   15

Companies > Fiori Group

▶▶ Very quick loading (25mc/h of product); ▶▶ Fluidization’s air nozzles for facilitate the unloading of cement (automatically activated); ▶▶ Safety valve for pressure control mounted on the roof.

The X35 Big Bag – The concrete machine Fiori Group extended its products range in 2017 with the launch of the SelfLoading Mixer DB X35 Big Bag (that is a special version of the X series, front loading machines). This model won the Innovation Award at the Verona SaMoTer 2017 Exhibition classifying at the first place for its originality and innovative technology. The DB X35 Big Bag is a Self-Loading Mixer that, instead of the conventional loader, features a patented device for lifting and weighing big bags of dry premix comprising aggregates and binders. The device carries out all the lifting, weighing, and opening procedures concerning the full big bag during the mixer loading stage and then repositions the empty bag, with only one worker required to oversee use of all functions. Operations are optimised and the mix produced can be certified. Depending on the situation, the SLM can render the construction yard either partly or entirely independent, without the need for a number of machines currently required for the logistics of concrete production. The advantages vary depending on the worksite and how the company is structured. First of all, it is important to see how the use of big bags changes on-site concrete production management: ▶▶ Logistics become more streamlined and protected because there is no longer any need for bulk aggregate storage;

16  PF > n. 1 January-March 2018

▶▶ Fewer resources are required; ▶▶ Complex pre-certified mixes can be produced by the manufacturer; ▶▶ Efficiency increases while environmental impact is lowered.

A range of opportunities In a conventional SLM the different materials are loaded into the mixer by either a front-loader (aggregates) or manually (binders in bags). The equipment featured on the Big Bag device is aimed not only at construction companies, but also at rental companies and manufacturers of cement and aggregates. We offer a solution that is optimised for the use of bulk bags containing all the solid ingredients of the dry mix, already supplied by the manufacturer measured into the quantities required for the various mix designs. From the company point of view, this is an extremely simple system, which can also be used by inexperienced operators as the responsibility for the quality of the concrete now lies with the manufacturer of the bulk bag of dry premix, rather than the worker. As with the top-end SLMs manufactured by Fiori Group, operation is fully automated and so the onboard control system dialogues with the operator, keeping the worker informed of the production process as it progresses and

DB X35 Big Bag

the procedures to carry out. From the point of view of manufacturers and distributors of cement and aggregates, the Self-Loading Mixer version of Fiori Group designed specifically for big bags (and protected by an international patent application) can be included in the supply package, by partnering up with machine rental firms for the time needed purely for the concrete preparation and casting procedures. Their actual corporate purpose would remain the supply of bulk bags containing the premix, which can then be turned, simply and easily, into certified concrete.

Average productivity of a SLM The productivity is strictly linked to the intrinsic modularity of Self-Loading Mixers: a 1 m3 machine can run 4 cycles an hour, which means an output of up to 4 m3/h, while a larger machine (up to 4 or 5 m3) can run 3 cycles an hour, producing from 12 to 15 m3/h. Depending on the needs, one site can have several vehicles, so as to optimise activities according to the actual needs, with the advantage that they can also be moved from one site to another. By and large, when compared with off-site mixing plants, SLMs offer the advantage of a standalone production which is unaffected by external varia-

Self-Loading Mixer special version of the X-series

preview bles. What is more - and this aspect should not be underestimated - the quality of the product is controlled by the company first hand. Compared with construction site yards that have an on-site mixing plant, advantages include versatility of use (mobility both on and off the site) and the possibility of having several, separate vehicles (if one SLM stops, the others keep on working). For automatic cement loading, SLMs can be very conveniently combined with vertical dispensers and, for large sites, horizontal silos. Opening the bags containing the binder is the longest and most complex activity, which can be eliminated using storage systems that can communicate - during automated loading operations - with the computer system featured on the Fiori Group SLMs’.

Dumper Fiori Group has recently launched its new Dumpers: D 70 SW and D 100 SW. These new Dumpers have unique characteristics difficult to be found in the market, and have a modular vision designed to simplify future implementation. D 70 SW and D 100 SW Dumpers are designed to be fully compliant to the strictest regulations of visibility and safety, particularly for the European and North American markets.

Visibility and Safety Frequent accidents, due to the scarce visibility and poor operator’s protection, led the industry (and its regula-

tors) to ”push” the manufactures of site dumpers, to re-design their products in order to find ways in which the use of Dumpers can be made safer on site. The new site Dumpers must be designed to prevent accidents by enhancing visibility, operator protection, stability and comfort. The new D 70 SW and D 100 SW models of Fiori Group follow the new standards (including ISO 5006 and ISO 14401) and are equipped with a ROPS/ FOPS 2 cabin. The D 70 SW and D 100 SW with 180° swivelling tipping body, are the only “reversible driving” 4WD x 4WS Dumpers in the world with tri-lateral tipping system. Additionally, there is a rear camera as a standard equipment to guarantee full visibility to the operator directly from the cabin of every angle of the vehicle, especially when the dump body reaches its maximum height.

D 100 SW

Additional features: ▶▶ Very limited turning radius and amazing manoeurability with 4WD x 4WS steering; ▶▶ One of the most reliable Hydrostatic Transmission available in the market; ▶▶ Hydraulic Stabiliser Jack that is activated during lateral unloading operations in order to reduce imbalances of the vehicle. When the dump body is raised and rotated by 90°, the jack activates to stabilize the vehicle while it is unloading, therefore it gives the operator the best stability and safety perception of the vehicle itself. All such characteristics make Fiori Group Dumpers’ reliable and easy to operate vehicles ideal also for the rental market.◀

The only “Reversible Driving” 4WD x 4WS Dumpers in the world

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PF n.1 | January - March 2018  

PF Drilling & Special Foundations Magazine Number 1 January - March 2018

PF n.1 | January - March 2018  

PF Drilling & Special Foundations Magazine Number 1 January - March 2018