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SCI media Visit us at Intermat! Paris 23 - 28 April 2018

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Intermat 2018

Kobelco says “yes”

It’s a long way to Intermat, but Kobelco is strongly determined to showcase its new machinery and strenghten its presence in the French market



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SCI Media Visit us at INTERMAT! Paris 23 - 28 April 2018

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Kobelco says “yes” to Intermat 2018 John Melegatti p. 6

Contributors John Melegatti, Simone Mimuli, Marianna Senni, Miriam Spada

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Anno XXX n. 3 | April 2018

Year XXX n.3 - April 2018

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27/03/2018 08:43:09

Intermat 2018

Kobelco says “yes”

It’s a long way to Intermat, but Kobelco is strongly determined to showcase its new machinery and strenghten its presence in the French market

Preview Intermat > VF Venieri 70 years of Italian excellence Miriam Spada p. 12

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It’s time to defeat downtime. Our new KDI engines are loaded with maximum power and torque, so you never It’s time to defeat downtime. Ourultra new KDI engines are loaded with have to stop. They’re also compact and equipped with maximum power and torque, so you never have to stop. They’re KOHLER ® Flex technology — a suite of integrated engine also ultra compact and equipped with KOHLER ® Flex technology — systems that allows you to meet every emission standard on a suite of integrated engine systems that allows you to meet every emission standardStage on earth, Stage of V. The futureisofhere. power earth, including V.including The future power is here. BE UNSTOPPABLE. BE UNSTOPPABLE.

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European construction equipment industry withstands uncertainties Sales of construction equipment in Europe grew by 15% in 2017. After a very strong first quarter growth slowed down in the second quarter, before taking off again in Q3 and Q4. Current levels of sales are on par with the levels seen in 2006 and 2008, but the industry is still 20% below the 2007 peak. The troubled markets in Southern Europe and Central and Eastern Europe showed growth at above average levels. As a result, the North-South disparity is gradually becoming less pronounced. These are the main findings of the CECE Annual Economic Report 2018, published on 15th March.

Performance in 2017 The positive trend of the European construction equipment market was confirmed in 2017. “It came as a relief to see that the recovery of Italy and Spain continues and even gains momentum”, explained Sebastian Popp, economic expert at CECE. “Even though Southern Europe is still on a comparably low level, it is important to note that the gap between North and South is getting smaller.” In the large volume markets of Northern and Western Europe, the sector is close to historical record levels already. All customer segments had good business in 2017, and especially fleet renewals of the rental sector boosted demand. “The ongoing recovery of Europe’s construction industry, improved business in the mining and quarrying sectors, and a favourable economic environment with low interest rates further stimulated investments”, commented Popp. If none of these fundamentals changes significantly in 2018, demand should also remain strong in 2018.

2  MT > n. 3 - April 2018

Outlook 2018 The CECE Business Barometer reached new heights at the beginning of 2018. The February index value surpassed the previous record levels seen in the spring of 2017, with 75% of European manufacturers describing their current business as good or very good, and another 21% considering business to be satisfactory. This is the most positive opinion ever recorded by the monthly CECE survey. However, there were some differences between the product groups. While around 70% of earthmoving and road equipment manufacturers anticipate further sales growth, only 40% of concrete equipment producers expect to see more growth. Furthermore, 20% of concrete equipment producers believe their business may decline during the next six months. Component manufacturers were the most optimistic in the February survey, with almost 80% of companies anticipating additional growth. Factors that could result in a negative impact on the industry include the looming free trade crisis, as well as ongoing political and economic uncertainties, such as Brexit. However, machine delivery times could also become a significant limiting factor to growth in sales in 2018. As equipment demand has picked up around the world, with many regions seeing growth improve at the same time, manufacturers’ production capacities may prove insufficient to serve all markets at the same pace. A lot of manufacturers have already reported some difficulties in obtaining components from their suppliers at the rate required. An additional factor in the very strong markets in Western Europe, is the restricted availability of machine

operators, which poses a natural limit to equipment sales. This can result in the genuine level of machine demand exceeding what is possible in terms of operational machine supply. Considering the range of factors which both support and limit equipment sales, a 5% to 10% increase in the European market is a realistic forecast for 2018. This would mark the fifth consecutive year of growth for the construction machinery industry, and may also be the final year before a downturn in the cycle in 2019.

About the Report The CECE Annual Economic Report contains sections on the macro economic situation, the performance of the construction sector, the main markets and main segments of the European construction equipment industry. The report includes also information from the national CECE member associations, shedding more light on regional developments in the European construction equipment sector.

About CECE CECE, the Committee for European Construction Equipment, represents the interests of over one thousand construction equipment manufacturers through national trade associations in 13 European countries: Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Russia and Turkey. CECE Manufacturers employ around 150.000 people directly and 2 to 3 times as many indirectly. They invest and innovate continuously to deliver equipment with highest productivity and lowest environmental impact. Efficiency, safety and high-precision technologies are key.

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• JOYSTICK, hydraulic and electrical, dual and single axis, single and multiple

• Piston and gears PUMPS and MOTORS

• Directional control VALVES

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Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco Power Technique unveils vision for Powering the Future of global industry The leadership team of the Atlas Copco Power Technique business area has presented a strategic vision outlining how mega-trends such as digitalisation and the construction of smart cities will be powered by cleaner and more connected energy source technologies.

our research and NPD efforts in these areas to pioneer the technology of the future. We are committed to offering our customers and partners premium products that will deliver exceptional value and enhance the productivity of their businesses at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.”

Under the theme ‘Powering the Future’, Atlas Copco revealed how its latest advances in air, power and flow technologies, such as portable compressed air machinery, electrical generators, dewatering pumps and light towers, have been designed to reduce both carbon and noise emissions, providing end users with more efficient operation and lower cost of ownership.

A number of new, and recently introduced, machine, rental and service focused innovations - that are designed to reduce both carbon and noise emissions, and increase energy efficiency - were unveiled at the event in Alexandra Palace, London, including a product display and strategy overview from the newly formed (January 1, 2018) Power and Flow division.

These advances will allow professionals working across multiple industry sectors, from construction to manufacturing, equipment rental, utilities, oil and gas, demolition and above-ground mining, to make the most of opportunities presented by megatrends, while overcoming forthcoming legislation such as new emission regulation changes. Andrew Walker, President of the Atlas Copco Power Technique business area commented at the event: “Our core competency is providing power solutions to thousands of sites all over the world. We are now focused purely on three pillars - air, power and flow, and will continue to accelerate

4  MT > n. 3 - April 2018

The Power and Flow division revealed how low-load operation problems are now a thing of the past thanks to the introduction of the new QAS 35 VSG Variable Speed Generator, which represents a game changer in terms of operational savings, performance and reliability. The superior low-load performance of the QAS 35 VSG, which features automatic variable speed control from 800 to 2550 rpm and a built-in Power Management System (PMS), enables fuel consumption levels to be reduced by up to 40 per cent against comparable models. At the same time it helps increase reliability in applications with an average load of less than 20 per cent, such as construction projects, outdoor events or telecoms service duties.

Solutions for Modular Power Plant (MPP) applications were presented, including the brand new QAC 1450 TwinPower™ generator that delivers unrivalled versatility, optimised performance and excellent fuel economy. The QAC 1450 TwinPower is a 20 ft. ISO containerised unit housing two compact 725 kVA generators; powered by V8 Scania engines with double bearing alternators. This configuration, with its fast-paralleling system, allows the two generators to work independently or in parallel with each other. With noise pollution in public spaces a growing concern, Atlas Copco outlined how its new ultra-quiet, dieseldriven, LED light tower has been specifically designed for use in urban areas. Delivering industry leading operating noise levels as low as 55 dBA, the renewed version of the HiLight B5+ light tower is ideally suited to provide illumination at events, temporary public lighting or enhanced visibility at construction sites located near residential areas. Optimum lighting performance is provided via the light tower’s LED floodlights, which are capable of covering a 5000 sq. m area at an average luminosity of 20 luxes. New safety and efficiency enhancements for light towers were also introduced. The HiLight B5+, and future light towers Atlas Copco produces, will be able to be equipped with a new innovation for light towers cal-

led the SmartMast™. The proprietary technology features intelligent in-built sensors that detect adverse environmental conditions, such as high winds, and will automatically lower the vertical mast when safety or stability is compromised. It is also programmed to alert end users to potential obstacles and impacts. Furthermore, it provides stability assistance when installing the light tower; by flagging up irregular surfaces and floors to ensure safe siting. Dewatering pump technologies were also exhibited, including both electric submersible pumps and diesel-driven centrifugal machines. From the latter category, Atlas Copco demonstrated a highly-efficient PAS pump. The PAS range was recently expanded to include 18 new models and is suitable for multiple applications, from dewatering on construction and mining sites to solids removal, drainage and even emergency situations involving flooding and shipping. The modular design of the PAS range allows many different configurations and comes in 4”, 6”, 8” and 12” models. All pumps in the diesel dewatering range feature a patented hinged door that provides fast access to the impeller and wear plates. This innovation makes issues previously related to on-site service and unclogging a thing of the past. Recent additions to the Atlas Copco family of submersible dewatering pumps were also shown. In particular, the company highlighted its WEDA+ range that recently underwent a top-to-toe design overhaul, resulting in several innovative new pumps that offer up to 20 per cent overall reduction in power consumption compared to previous models; combined with

greater efficiency, simplified maintenance and increased capacity. Providing hours, and even days, of unattended dewatering operation, WEDA+ submersible pumps are designed to meet the demanding requirement of raising water from great depths or lowering water tables in challenging environments. Submersible pumps are capable of running for thousands of hours without atten-

dance. As they are sub-surface units they can continue working under ice in freezing conditions; as long as the pump is completely submerged. Where appropriate to the task, electric pumps also offer environmental compatibility. For instance, quiet running is an essential feature of their performance when they are sited in populated areas or employed in night-time operations.

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Preview Intermat > Kobelco


fter another successful year characterized by the introduction of brand new machines and several authorised dealers all across France, Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. (KCME) is ready to participate to Intermat with the KCME stand (E6 C120 – outdoor area). The fair provides an irresistible opportunity to meet important customers and new dealers, as well as showcase its new machinery. “France is a country of huge importance for KCME so we are really proud to be supporting Intermat this year. Events like these are fantastic for meeting our dealers and suppliers as well as giving us the opportunity to engage with our customers and talk to them about our construction equipment. Everyone at KCME is looking forward to meeting you all at Intermat 2018!” declares KCME Managing Director, Makoto Kato. At the trade fair, Kobelco will be presenting a various range of new machinery.

SK400DLC-10 and SK550DLC-10 demolition machines

Kobelco says “yes” to Intermat 2018 It’s a long way to Intermat, but Kobelco is strongly determined to showcase its new machinery and strenghten its presence in the French market John Melegatti

6  MT > n. 3 - April 2018

Following the feedbacks from the European market, and after several years of research and development, the Japanese leader of demolition sector announces the launch of the all-new SK400DLC-10 and SK550DLC-10 demolition machines. These are two versatile new models, featuring Kobelco’s proven NEXT system for both high elevation and foundation demolition work, providing a safe and quick solution for the assembly/disassembly of attachments and maintenance and enabling easy transportation between projects, for significant cost savings. Kobelco already leads the Japanese market for demolition equipment, and chose the BAUMA exhibition in 2016 to showcase its NEXT Series SK-


400DLC-9 to the European market for the first time. The brand has been collecting feedbacks from dealers, customers and operators throughout the following 12 months and has noticed an increasing demand for demolition and heavy machinery. These elements led to the further improvement and development of the machine before its official launch. The next generation Kobelco SK400DLC-10 and the more capacious SK550DLC-10 are now set to lead the way in high performance building demolition equipment in Europe. The Kobelco SK400DLC-10 has its roots in the highly acclaimed SK350LC-10, in fact it shares the same turbo-charged Stage IV-compliant engine and hydraulic system for high performance and low fuel consumption, while the SK550DLC-10 is based on the larger SK500LC-10. However, the machines can also be adapted for multiple applications on the job site, including high elevation demolition projects or breaking up foundations. A NEXT system to demolish them all The NEXT ultra-high attachment is best suited to the demolition of multi-storey buildings from ground level. Both the SK400DLC-10 and SK550DLC-10 boast four ultra-long attachment configurations and can reach a maximum

height of approximately 24.7m and 27.5m respectively. The separate boom configuration is ideal for tackling the lower floors of tall buildings where the concrete is at its thickest. The maximum working depth of the SK400DLC-10 is 6210mm, while the SK550DLC-10 can work to 6260mm below ground level. Each boom attachment is reinforced for increased durability and reduced structural fatigue, and has a block structure that simplifies the assembly/disassembly process so that the downtime on site is reduced. Attachments are connected by hooking the upper (backside) pin to the opposite pins on the lower side. All attachment joints have the hydraulic piping mounted to the side for easier access and maintenance. Another element contributes to the machine’s longevity: the top plates of the booms have neither been drilled nor welded to avoid additional stress. The NEXT system allows the low storage height of the ultra-high attachment when collapsed. This attachment is designed with the jib and arm cylinders crossed over the shorter inter arm, while the back of the arm remains flat. As a result, the height of the attachment in its stored position is approximate-

ly 2m, which means that it can be transported between projects on a standard trailer, saving significant logistical costs. Other factors contributing to easy transportation include a hydraulic extension/retraction mechanism, which can reduce the width of the crawlers to approx. 3m in compliance with some strict European transport regulations, and the two-part counterweight, which can be separated more easily than an integrated counterweight.

MT > n. 3 - April 2018  7

Preview Intermat > Kobelco

SK210HLC-10: the Hybrid from the future The brand new Kobelco SK210HLC-10 is of particular significance, for it is the first true hybrid specialist excavator in the 21-tonne operating class. Inspired by over 80 years of Kobelco design, innovation and manufacture, the Japanese company has been at the forefront of hybrid technology since 1999 when development for a hybrid excavator began. With the new SK210HLC-10 and the introduction of its latest hybrid technology, combined with SCR (Selective catalyst Reduction) and DEF/ AdBlue to reduce particulate matter, Kobelco has once again overtaken the limits in terms of efficiency, power and carbon footprint reduction. The core of the SK210HLC-10 is two major power supplies, firstly, a Stage 4 (Tier IV) Hino Motors turbocharged diesel engine producing 117 kW (2000rpm), coupled to which is a new and larger Kobelco generatormotor. In an industry-first, the use of a large-capacity lithium-ion battery provides exceptional “power-assist” via the new generator-motor. Up to 25 kW power assist results in significant reduction in engine load, which promotes superior fuel efficiency. The new lithium-ion battery also has greater retention of stored electricity; this in turn also provides greater control functionality to a new allelectric swing motor. This new swing motor also reduces engine load by not being directly linked to the hydraulic system and, therefore, to the engine. Another plus point is the regenerative function of the swing motor – when

8  MT > n. 3 - April 2018

the swing motor decelerates it generates charge to the lithium-ion battery. Fuel efficiency delivers greater working efficiency. SK210HLC-10 delivers class-leading work volume e.g. Hmode with an increased torque setting delivers in the region of approximately 7% greater digging volume over a conventional-powered equivalent (SK210LC-9). The rise in work volume doesn’t come at the cost of increased fuel consumption. Thanks to the power-as-

sist, the engine can run at a steady more consistent speed/load in most work applications. Boom and arm structure Innovative technology is also found in boom and arm structure of SK210HLC-10. Revised pin and boss structural reinforcement design furthers Kobelco’s reputation for strength and reliability. Like all Generation 10 excavators, the SK210HLC-10 has control levers with lighter-feel for increased sensitivi-

preview ty and a new lock lever and control box, all of which reduce operator fatigue. A Kobelco advanced hydraulic oil contamination detection system is standard equipment. Sensors of the oil filter can detect changes in flow pressure and alert the operator via the in-cab monitoring system, the same system that tells the operator at a glance the charging levels of the new lithium-ion battery pack. Complementing the rear facing CCTV is a second CCTV attached to the upper right-hand structure. An Arm Interflow System is automatically used when lowering the boom – the boom’s weight on the downward shift forces fluid to the hydraulic arm and reduces power required from the main pumping unit. Factory fitted quick hitch piping comes as standard. Operator working conditions play a major part in work productivity. The latest Generation 10 Kobelco machines feature impressive cabin features that are standard equipment. Full air-conditioning and perfectly placed revised venting maintain a constant temperature and air quality regardless of the operating region or location. Operator storage boxes are plentiful, a cup holder and a 12v feed socket with a modern Bluetooth media unit installed. Commenting on the introduction of SK210HLC-10, Product Marketing Manager, Peter Stuijt, said: “The allnew SK210HLC-10 is working proof of the fact Kobelco is a leading authority in hybrid excavator technology. The machine is remarkable for its exceptional ability to increase productivity levels while reducing operator costs. Reduced fuel consumption is obviously a key feature of SK210HLC-10, but to do so with improved working efficiency and performance is perhaps even more spectacular.

ED160BR-5: great performance for granted Kobelco announces the heir of the ED160 Blade Runner, ED160BR-5. If the ED160BR-3 gained its reputation as a dual-purpose machine by having the ability to excavate and dozer terrain with remarkable precision and work performance, the new ED160BR-5 is set to be considerably enhanced through an increase in working efficiency and fuel economy. The new ED160BR-5 winks to the nature. Further advancements in ‘clean technology’ has led to the integration of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system. Matched to a turbo-charged diesel engine, the overall peak power output is increased by approximately 5.4% to 78 kW when compared with the previous model. The iNDr system makes the ED160BR-5 quiet in operation, not just in working areas but also in the operator’s cab, where noise is significantly reduced. iNDr’s primary function is to filter dust from the cooling air reaching the engine and, therefore, raises the reliability level even further. The raised height of the ED160BR-5’s cab allows an unrestricted and safe view of the dozer blade, whether digging or dozing. Aiding site work is a ground clearance figure of 455mm from lower section of track to undercarriage, tall enough for work-

ing across many varieties of terrain. Curved track shoes further promote the ED160BR-5’s agility and ability to work in tight working areas in conjunction with the short radius design. The dozer blade action features Power, Angle and Tilt (PAT) adjustability thanks to an operator controlled single lever. Not only can terrain or material be dozed forward but also 25-degrees to the right or left to keep clear the route ahead. The 3.260mm wide blade is foldable at two points: with the blade ‘wings’ folded the width reduces to 2.460mm. Coupled with the ED160BR-5’s narrow gauge, transportation to and from site is easily achieved. About the ED160BR-5, Peter Stuijt says: “The role of the ED160BR-5 is a multi-purpose one. From one machine an operator can clear an area, excavate, fill and level to a high finish. In terms of application, its uses across a live working site or rural areas are many and varied and can save customers in terms of time and, therefore, cost. “Further savings are of course gained with the increase in working performance and efficiency to deliver along with reliability thanks to over 80 years of experience in quality excavator design and manufacture. For example, a 5.2% increase in digging volume per hour (compared to the previous model) in H-mode has been realised in order to raise working efficiency.”

MT > n. 3 - April 2018  9

Preview Intermat > Kobelco

SK500LC-10: the big boy This latest Generation 10 machine incorporates many new detail changes but is particularly marked for being designed to provide exceptional low emissions and increased working performance to maintain unparalleled working efficiency. The SK500LC-10 is also the latest Kobelco excavator to comply with the Stage 4 (Tier IV) exhaust emissions regulations. Strength and power are the key to high performance and the new SK500LC-10 provides this via the driving force of a Hino intercooled turbo-charged, sixcylinder diesel engine. This provides an uprated performance specification of 1.470Nm of torque and, in turn, 271 kW of power. In working terms, the SK500LC-10 provides a digging force of 267kN as standard and 292kN with Power Boost engaged, as well as an increased digging volume of 13% (in H mode). Also fuel efficiency is an important factor with customers and Kobelco, with more than 80 years of manufacturing and design experience, is a lead-

10  MT > n. 3 - April 2018

ing force in reduction operating costs. The fuel consumption of the SK500LC-10 has improved by approximately 6% in Eco-mode/S-mode compared to the former (dash-9) model, while maximising fuel efficiency in Hmode. Kobelco design quality is also highlighted with the SK500LC-10’s latest cooling system. An all new hydraulically-driven twin fan engine cooling system replaces the traditional fan belt design to reduce engine workload. The hydraulic version also prevents overcooling by use of integrated sensors to reduce the speed of the twin-fan unit. As a result, the new system, along with the arm interflow, promotes increase in fuel efficiency and reliability. Enhancing reliability are new filter components regarding fuel (new pre-filter and water trap design) and hydraulics. to ensure a minimal future carbonfootprint. Technically advanced systems featured in the engine’s dynamics have been designed especially to ensure a minimal future carbon-footprint: DOC (Diesel Oxidisation Catalyst), and the combination of SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) act to reduce the amount of DEF/AdBlue fluid consumption.

Pick the configuration that suits you best

Different configurations are available for different working applications and also to assist in transportation to working sites. The LC (Long Crawler) is the standard SK500LC-10 version. The VLC (Variable Long Crawler) variant of the SK500LC-10 features a mechanically adjustable undercarriage to change the machine’s gauge. On its wide setting, stability is ensured. Retracted is beneficial to transportation logistics in countries with transportation limitations. The ME (Mass Excavation) version features shorter boom and arm configuration to promote the use of a larger bucket e.g. to use in certain quarry/ mine applications. This configuration is only available with the SK500VLC-10. An option to add 600mm doublegrouser shoes to the standard triplegrouser items is also available. Serviceable and highly durable Serviceability on the SK500LC-10 is greatly enhanced. The upper deck/ cabin layout enables easy access to the engine compartment for daily operator checks and scheduled servicing needs. The spacious cabin has also been updated in-line with the other Generation 10 machines and features the latest media unit and air-con delivery vents for maximum effect. Operator control levers have a lighter-feel, and a new ‘lock’ lever and control lever box are also featured. High durability working performance of Kobelco construction machinery in all areas of work is amplified by Generation 10 machines; the very latest in hydraulic design and manufacturing features throughout SK500LC-10. New filters also promote long-term durability of all components in the hydraulic circuitry due to 1.8 times greater filtration capacity compared to Dash 9 models.


a crawler extension/retraction mechanism as standard and the crawlers can be further retracted to just 680mm to avoid obstacles underneath the machine. The SK08 has a tail swing radius of 725mm and a maximum tail overhang of 305mm. The machine’s boom swing, which provides a digging width of up to 310mm outside the left crawler (crawler retracted) when the boom is swung 85 degrees to the right, also enables the smooth digging of side ditches close to walls. The SK08’s 7.7kW high output engine delivers 10.0kN of digging force and its generous working range includes 2830mm digging reach and 1460mm digging depth. Small, but sturdy and easy to maintain

SK08: a small excavator for great works Narrow spaces don’t scare anymore with the SK08’s super-compact design, Kobelco’s smallest excavator. The SK08, which has an operating weight of just 1035kg, is a super-compact mini excavator that is ideal for working in confined areas such as on residential job sites where space is restricted, or assisting larger machines with the demolition of buildings from the inside. The SK08 is ideal for working inside buildings as its slim upper structure allows the machine to pass through doorways and enter narrow passages of just 700mm wide (with 730mmwide protecting structure removed). In addition, the SK08 is equipped with

The SK08’s reinforced structure is designed to withstand tough working conditions, such as on demolition job sites, and excellent lateral stability is assured due to outer flange-type lower rollers. The position of the bucket cylinder hose inside the arm and hose protection cover on the back of the boom, as well as boom and dozer cylinder protection covers, also help to prevent damage to the hydraulic cylinders and piping. This machine also uses a direct type of hydraulic control that is simple to use. This enables the operator to directly move the hydraulic spools instead of using a pilot type system. Although the pilot system is more ergonomic, direct control is more dependable, particularly on demolition job sites where working conditions can be challenging. Easy maintenance of the SK08 is ensured via a number of important fea-

tures: a wide opening hood for easy access, corrosion-resistant aluminium radiator and fuel filter with easy water drainage. In

addition, unnecessary downtime can be avoided through the use of long-life hydraulic oil, which has a replacement cycle of up to 1000 hours. Peter Stuijt declares: “The new SK08 is Kobelco’s smallest mini excavator and its arrival opens up a whole new market for us. Europe’s infrastructure is developing rapidly and as a consequence, the demand for small yet high performance excavators has also increased over the past 12 months. This machine is therefore ideally placed for Europe’s busy construction sector, including residential areas where there are space restrictions.” Kobelco’s showcase at Intermat 2018 also includes the SK17SR-3, SK25SR-6, SK28SR-6, SK35SR-6, SK45SRX-6 and SK55SRX-6 mini excavators, SK75SR-3 Side Drain, SK85MSR-3 Two-Piece Boom, SK140SRLC-5 Side Drain and the larger capacity SK260LC-10 Long Reach excavator, as well as the all-new Kobelco CKE900G-2 hydraulic crawler crane.◀

MT > n. 3 - April 2018  11

Preview Intermat > VF Venieri

T 70 years of

Italian excellence At Intermat, the Italian company presents a multifunctional product to be a strategic partner for construction site and earth moving Miriam Spada

12  MT > n. 3 - April 2018

he historic Italian company that celebrates its 70th birthday, at Intermat 2018 presents numerous innovations, from the various customizations of the most popular and appreciated vehicles on the market. Specialized in production of small and medium-sized wheel loaders and backhoe loaders for earthmoving, industry and agriculture, VF VENIERI at Intermat presents the complete range, but the focus is on the latest innovations produced in Lugo: two new wheel loaders: the VF 1.63C and the VF 4.63H; and also a wheel loaders with telescopic arm the VF 8.63TL.

VF 1.63C “Venierina” Called “Venierina”, the VF 1.63C, the smallest among Venieri’s articulated wheel loaders is characterized by a new design that shows off practicality, visibility and operational dynamism. The 50 HP YANMAR engine with Stage IIIa / Tier 3, which reaches high torque already at low revs. With the VZKP kinematic, the new VF1.63C allows to have an high breakout force (3.840 kg), while maintaining the perfect parallelism when using forks and


VF 1.63C “Venierina”

Multi-purpose machine for the modern needs of the work site

Booth 5B F 002

VF 4.63H wheel loader

Equipped with a new completely redesigned linkage

all types of equipment. The availability of three different cabs (cabin, canopy and rollbar roof), standard headlamps and front and rear hydraulic output clearly indicates how the 1.63C is a compact wheel loader with high- performance and operational features. The adaptability to any kind of ground and the 4 standard quick coupling systems (Steer skid, Euro, SMS) make the “Venierina” a multi-purpose machine for the modern needs of the work site and excellent compatibility with most of the equipment already in possession to the costumer.

VF 4.63H wheel loader The VF 4.63H wheel loader is equipped with Yanmar engine (72 HP) IIIB/Tier 4i with particulated filter. The engine is ready for the introduction of the Stage V which will come into force in 2019; standard transmission 30 km / h, optional Bosch Rexroth high efficiency 40 km /h. Equipped with a new completely redesigned linkage to the latest state of the art, for maximum breakout force and interchangeability with previous versions, the VF 4.63H stands out for its total stability guaranteed by oscil-

MT > n. 3 - April 2018  13

Preview Intermat > VF Venieri

VF 4.63H

With spherical cabin, the new sound proof technology and special “anti vibration” rubber shock absorbers

lating rear axle fixed to the frame with maintenance-free supports. The new spherical cabin guarantees an excellent visibility to 360° which gives the best view to work with maximum efficiency and allows the maximum control of any attachments. Thanks to the new sound proof technology and special “anti vibration” rubber shock absorbers it was possible to reach a deeply noise reduction inside cabin, in order to assure a maximum wellness for the operator. The door with double opening allows the operator to work with the entrance door closed, with top glass opened, ensuring maximum ventilation even with the A/C off and without protruding parts out of shape. VF Venieri at Intermat presents some innovations, both for the evolution and expansion of the brand range, and for the reference market, the new telescopic wheel loaders. A fundamental turning point that allows the Italian brand to also be included in the agricultural market.

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VF 8.63TL The VF 8.63TL with an operating weight of 8.200 kg, a maximum height with forks of 5.255 mm, and a maximum load of 3,200 kg, is the largest telescopic wheel loader pro-

duced by Venieri. For the first time VF Venieri does not use the high pressure hydrostatic transmission on its wheel loaders, but the Venieri Electronic Power-shift (VEPS). The presence of well 6 gears forward and 3 gears rear to fully electronic management allows you to have traction control a traction control suitable for farmers. For the engines, the partnership with Deutz is confirmed thanks to the TCD 3.6 which, with its 3.6 liter split in 4 cylinders, has a power output of 100 kW (136 HP). The electronic optimization of torque and power curves allows for a significant reduction in fuel consumption. The engine conforms to Stage IV using the EGR, DOC and SCR. The hydraulic system follows the VF Venieri philosophy of strentgh , dynamism and control. The maximum capacity of 140 l / min is reached by a

VF 8.63TL

It is the largest telescopic wheel loader produced by Venieri


“VF Venieri confirms the proposal of highly customized machines” - states Filippo Muccinelli Venieri, General Manager of Venieri S.p.A. – with high technological value and 100% made in Italy quality. We are able to combine our historical experience with earthmoving machines with the flexibility necessary to meet the demands. Our customers can work in the most extreme places as in the most difficult situations, without limits, being able to count on our machines, practical and irreplaceable, because Venieri’s machines can be adapted 100% to the needs of operators. VF Venieri indeed boasts a global organization working with 75 partners worldwide“. To enhance its presence at this international fair, VF VENIERI was running for the important competition aimed at innovations inherent in techniques and solutions for the construction and infrastructure sector called “INTERMAT INNOVATION AWARD” with the new system called “Electronic System for Efficiency and Safety”. The electronics system installed on the machine grant to manage the hydrostatic transmission, the steering system, the hydraulic system and the machine balancing, with the goal to reach the next level of efficiency and safety.◀ gear pump that serves a Load Sensing distributor: it maintains control and simultaneous movements without losing the fundamental brilliance needed in agricultural applications. The cabin, with the general design, gives maximum visibility without compromising on comfort with a car concept. ROPS and FOPS approved,

has an internal volume of the largest in the category without increasing total external dimensions. It is a telescopic wheel loader that plays a key role in the development of the VF-Venieri range and the presence of the agricultural market of the Italian manufacturer, which emphasizes more and more its vocation to this type of application.

INFO VF Venieri S.p.A. Via Piratello, 106 48022 Lugo (RA) - Italy Tel: +39 0545 904411

MT > n. 3 - April 2018  15

MT n.3 | April 2018  

MT Earthmoving Equipment Magazine Number 3 April 2018

MT n.3 | April 2018  

MT Earthmoving Equipment Magazine Number 3 April 2018