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Year XIV n. 3 March - April 2018

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JMG Cranes Preview Intermat Demag New AC 45 City: fits everywhere

Poste Italiane S.p.A. – Spedizione in Abbonamento Postale – D.L. 353/2003 (conv. in L. 27/02/2004 n.46) art. 1, comma 1, CN/FC/AUT.0024

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Experience moving future since 1926

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Globalisation & export

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Designing, projecting, testing and assembling in-house all the products, Ravioli guaranteeing the high quality standards of Made in Italy

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JMG Cranes Preview Intermat Demag New AC 45 City: fits everywhere SCI media Visit us at INTERMAT!

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Globalisation and export John Melegatti

Poste Italiane S.p.A. – Spedizione in Abbonamento Postale – D.L. 353/2003 (conv. in L. 27/02/2004 n.46) art. 1, comma 1, CN/FC/AUT.0024

Editor in chief Manuela Cortesi Contributors Miriam Spada, Porfirio Ferrari, John Melegatti.

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Publisher Emanuele Giovannini

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Anno XIV n. 2 April-May 2017

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Experience moving future since 1926

Imp cover RIS 2018 def.indd 1

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Globalisation & export

Designing, projecting, testing and assembling in-house all the products, Ravioli guaranteeing the high quality standards of Made in Italy

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JMG knows his trade John Melegatti

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Two new cranes onsite at Intermat Linden Comansa John Melegatti p. 24

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New Demag® AC 45 City: fits everywhere Manuela Cortesi p. 20 RIS – Rivista Italiana del Sollevamento SCI media srl Via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, 62 40026 Imola (BO) - Italia P. IVA 03618411205 - R.E.A. BO-533436 Tel. +39 0542 22601 - E-mail: Per le immagini pubblicate si resta a disposizione degli aventi diritto che non si siano potuti reperire

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A successful crane Miriam Spada

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Jekko at Intermat 2018 For the first time Jekko will participate in Intermat 2018, the important international trade fair in the world of construction, at the Fassi Group stand E5-M-026 of Fassi France From 23 to 28 April (opening every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.), Jekko will participate at Intermat 2018 in Paris, the International Construction and Infrastructure Exhibition, alongside the Fassi Group’s brands, Fassi Gru and Marrel. Held every three years, the Parisian event is a leading trade fair for the entire industry, gathering together all the most qualified professionals in the construction and public works sectors; in fact, they represent more than 50% of the world’s 100 most important construction companies. The last edition brought together 1,500 exhibitors, 70% of them international, travelling from 40 different countries, and were visited by 183,000 operators from 167 countries. The equipment and products are divided into four categories: Earth Movement and Demolition; Roads, Minerals and Foundations; Buildings and Concrete Sector; Lifting, Handling and Transport. Mobility, housing, energy, digital, employment: these are the major challenges that make the construction and infrastructure sector one of the main drivers of regional transformation in economic, social and environmental terms. Intermat leads the way in this rapidly evolving market and has made innovation and new technologies one of the axes of development of the 2018 edition. All of these values are widely shared by the Fassi Group and by Jekko in particular. At the stand curated by Fassi France (E5-M-026) in the outdoor area, a careful selection of lifting equipment will be displayed in an area of 400 square metres. It will be an

important opportunity for Jekko to present the products that qualify the company as an international leader among mini crane manufacturers, the result of over 45 years of experience in the handling and lifting sector. Jekko is based in the province of Treviso in an industrial area of about 17 thousand square meters, of which over 7,000 are covered, and its entire range is distributed worldwide by a network of 30 official distributors. Jekko products are designed to work in confined spaces, allowing easy access through a single or double door. Weights and dimensions do not compromise lifting capacity or working radius, with the advantage of being able to operate with reduced loads on the ground and in attics. A complete range of models equipped with diesel, electric or battery-powered engines with a wide range of manual, hook or hydraulic jibs, rocker arms and handling accessories for pipes, beams or glass. All accessories are integrated with the functions and safety devices of the machines. Jekko believes and invests in research and development, as well as safety and compliance with standards - such as EN13000 - in order to offer customers an innovative and safe product. There will be three Jekko models on display at Intermat 2018: the SPX424 mini telescopic crawler crane with stabilizers - easily transportable and manoeuvrable, does not require long to set-up and is a practical lifting system that saves time, while ensuring high levels of safety and lifting capacity. The JF40 articulated crawler crane, on the other hand, is an articulated truck crane mounted on self-propelled crawler tracks, the future of crawler cranes. Finally, the new MultiLoader JML25, a self-levelling transport platform with crawler tracks, a unique innovation. The exhibition will be completed by two Fassi Gru models from the mid-range: a Fassi F185A.2.22 xe-dynamic in a special configuration for construction and a Fassi F255A.2.25 xe-dynamic, and two models from the heavy range: a Fas-

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n. 2 March-Apri 2018


si F455A.2.26 e-dynamic and a Fassi F820RA.2.27 xhe-dynamic. Marrel’s two hooklift systems Ampliroll AL 20 PA and Ampliroll AL 24, both with lifting capacities of 26 to 32 t, will also both be on display.


Jekko SPX424 ▶▶ Maximum hook weight: 2,400 kg ▶▶ Arm extension: 2.6 - 8.5 m ▶▶ Rotation: 360° ▶▶ Kubota 20 hp Diesel and 3-phase electric engine ▶▶ Weight: 2,230 kg ▶▶ Overall dimensions: 3,150 x 780 x 780 x 1,950 mm

Jekko JF40 ▶▶ Maximum hook weight: 2,500 kg ▶▶ Arm extension: 6.8 m ▶▶ Rotation: 330°. ▶▶ Yamaha 10.4 hp and single-phase electric motor ▶▶ Weight: 1,500 kg ▶▶ Overall footprint: 2,380 x 780 x 1,815 mm

Jekko JML25 ▶▶ Maximum transport weight: 2,500 kg ▶▶ 180Ah-48V battery-powered and electric motor ▶▶ Weight: 1,800 kg ▶▶ Overall dimensions: 2,400 x 1,100 x 740 mm

News > Short Stories ATLAS COPCO

Atlas Copco Power Technique unveils vision for Powering the Future of global industry The leadership team of the Atlas Copco Power Technique business area has presented a strategic vision outlining how mega-trends such as digitalisation and the construction of smart cities will be powered by cleaner and more connected energy source technologies. Under the theme ‘Powering the Future’, Atlas Copco revealed how its latest advances in air, power and flow technologies, such as portable compressed air machinery, electrical generators, dewatering pumps and light towers, have been designed to reduce both carbon and noise emissions, providing end users with more efficient operation and lower cost of ownership. These advances will allow professionals working across multiple industry sectors, from construction to manufacturing, equipment rental, utilities, oil and gas, demolition and above-ground mining, to make the most of opportunities presented by mega-trends, while overcoming forthcoming legislation such as new emission regulation changes. Andrew Walker, President of the Atlas Copco Power Technique business area commented at the event: “Our core competency is providing power solutions to thousands of sites all over the world. We are now focused purely on three pillars - air, power and flow, and

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n. 2 March-Apri 2018

will continue to accelerate our research and NPD efforts in these areas to pioneer the technology of the future. We are committed to offering our customers and partners premium products that will deliver exceptional value and enhance the productivity of their businesses at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.” A number of new, and recently introduced, machine, rental and service focused innovations - that are designed to reduce both carbon and noise emissions, and increase energy efficiency were unveiled at the event in Alexandra Palace, London, including a product display and strategy overview from the newly formed (January 1, 2018) Power and Flow division. The Power and Flow division revealed how low-load operation problems are now a thing of the past thanks to the introduction of the new QAS 35 VSG Variable Speed Generator, which represents a game changer in terms of operational savings, performance and reliability. The superior low-load performance of the QAS 35 VSG, which features automatic variable speed control from 800 to 2550 rpm and a builtin Power Management System (PMS), enables fuel consumption levels to be reduced by up to 40 per cent against comparable models. At the same time it helps increase reliability in applications with an average load of less than 20 per cent, such as construction projects, outdoor events or telecoms service duties. Solutions for Modular Power Plant (MPP) applications were presented, including the brand new QAC 1450 TwinPower™ generator that delivers unrivalled versatility, optimised performance and excellent fuel economy. The QAC 1450 TwinPower is a 20 ft. ISO containerised unit housing two com-

pact 725 kVA generators; powered by V8 Scania engines with double bearing alternators. This configuration, with its fast-paralleling system, allows the two generators to work independently or in parallel with each other. With noise pollution in public spaces a growing concern, Atlas Copco outlined how its new ultra-quiet, diesel-driven, LED light tower has been specifically designed for use in urban areas. Delivering industry leading operating noise levels as low as 55 dBA, the renewed version of the HiLight B5+ light tower is ideally suited to provide illumination at events, temporary public lighting or enhanced visibility at construction sites located near residential areas. Optimum lighting performance is provided via the light tower’s LED floodlights, which are capable of covering a 5000 sq. m area at an average luminosity of 20 luxes. New safety and efficiency enhancements for light towers were also introduced. The HiLight B5+, and future light towers Atlas Copco produces, will be able to be equipped with a new innovation for light towers called the SmartMast™. The proprietary technology features intelligent in-built sensors that detect adverse environmental conditions, such as high winds, and will automatically lower the vertical mast when safety or stability is compromised. It is also programmed to alert end users to potential obstacles and impacts. Furthermore, it provides stability assistance when installing the light tower; by flagging up irregular surfaces and floors to ensure safe siting. Dewatering pump technologies were also exhibited, including both electric submersible pumps and diesel-driven centrifugal machines. From the latter category, Atlas Copco demonstrated a highly-efficient PAS pump. The PAS range was recently expanded to include


18 new models and is suitable for multiple applications, from dewatering on construction and mining sites to solids removal, drainage and even emergency situations involving flooding and shipping. The modular design of the PAS range allows many different configurations and comes in 4”, 6”, 8” and 12” models. All pumps in the diesel dewatering range feature a patented hinged door that provides fast access to the impeller and wear plates. This innovation makes issues previously related to on-site service and unclogging a thing of the past. Recent additions to the Atlas Copco family of submersible dewatering pumps were also shown. In particular, the company highlighted its WEDA+ range that recently underwent a topto-toe design overhaul. Providing hours, and even days, of unattended dewatering operation, WEDA+ submersible pumps are designed to meet the demanding requirement of raising water from great depths or lowering water tables in challenging environments. Submersible pumps are capable of running for thousands of hours without attendance. As they are subsurface units they can continue working under ice in freezing conditions; as long as the pump is completely submerged. Where appropriate to the task, electric pumps also offer environmental compatibility. For instance, quiet running is an essential feature of their performance when they are sited in populated areas or employed in night-time operations. The Portable Air division announced the forthcoming introduction of its revolutionary E-Air 250 plug-and-play portable, electric-powered compressor with Variable Speed (VSD) drive. Focussed on efficiency, the electric technology of the E-Air compressor offers up to 40 per cent greater flow for the same power consumption compared to conven-

tional portable compressors. This is the latest addition to the Atlas Copco E-Air range, but the first to appear under the 8 Series banner. The XATS 138 model was also on display. The XATS 138 provides a combination of efficiency and flexibility through its intuitive PACE pressure adjustment system that enables end users to precisely match air flow and pressure to their specific application needs. With the PACE (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics) system, operating flow and pressure can be adjusted, in a matter of seconds, by increments of 0.1 bar via an intuitive XC2003 controller. The fully integrated, ergonomically positioned controller facilitates diagnostics, tracks the compressor’s utili-

sation and indicates planned service interventions The Atlas Copco Speciality Rental division focusses on delivering packaged-solutions to a cross-section of industries. At the event they showcased the PTS 800 - part of their 100 per cent guaranteed oil-free compressor range - that provides an optimised and reliable source of reliable compressed air for a wide variety of rental applications. The diesel-driven PTS 800 delivers reliable air quality and flows of up to 800 cfm at 10 bar. It includes a fuelefficient engine that conforms to the latest standards and offers emission levels close to zero. This guarantees optimal efficiency and provides customers with the peace of mind they are fully compliant with the latest regulations.

Electric Pick & Carry Cranes JMG Cranes srl Via Sito Nuovo, 14 29010 Sarmato (PC) - Italy t +39 0523 8486 e


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HERMES AWARD 2018: Five nominees announced Five nominees for the HERMES AWARD 2018 have now been selected by an independent jury headed by Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster, Managing Director of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). Five nominees for the HERMES AWARD 2018 have now been selected by an independent jury headed by Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster, Managing Director of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). 2018 marks the 15th season in which Deutsche Messe is awarding this prize in the context of HANNOVER MESSE. The coveted Hermes Award now ranks among the world’s most prestigious prizes for industrial technology. Each year’s award recognizes a product characterized by outstanding innovation, and which is on show at HANNOVER MESSE for the first time. “While the winner won’t be announced until the show’s opening ceremony, the companies who make it

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n. 2 March-Apri 2018

into the Top 5 can already be considered as being among the world’s most innovative,” said Dr. Jochen Köckler, Chairman of Deutsche Messe’s Managing Board. All five nominees will be honored in front of a large audience of VIPs at the official HANNOVER MESSE Opening Ceremony on 22 April. Dr. Wahlster will then announce the winner, after which Germany’s Minister for Education and Research, Anja Karliczek, will give a congratulatory address and present the award. Dr. Wahlster made the following overall observation on this year’s submissions: “The nominated entries reflect the trend towards self-learning and autonomous systems that lever-

age the full power of artificial intelligence and smart sensor technology. It’s solutions like that that are driving the second wave of digitization. At the same time, all five entries have remained faithful to a human-centric approach to development by employing cognitive or physical support systems, such as AR glasses and exoskeletons.” The companies nominated for the 2018 HERMES AWARD are as follows (in alphabetical order): Alpha Laser, Puchheim, Germany: Alpha Laser’s entry is a new type of mobile laser welding system for flexible repair operations. What makes it special is the fact that it comes with safety goggles featuring integrated 3D AR visualization functionality. Thanks to this functionality, the operator can focus on the welding task at hand while remaining fully aware of his/her surroundings. The welding task appears in magnified form in the field of vision, and process-relevant data such as the crosshair is also displayed in the image. The laser is triggered by an ergonomically designed handset which allows it to be deployed flexibly and safely. Endress+Hauser Messtechnik GmbH + Co. KG, Weil am Rhein, Germany: The iTHERM TrustSens TM371 is a hygienic, compact, in-line thermometer with a self-calibrating sensor. It is used for safety and quality-related process temperature measurements, such as are used in the food and life sciences industries. The unit’s sensor


self-calibrates against the materialspecific Curie temperature of an integrated reference sensor. Thanks to the precision and long-term reliability of the Curie temperature-based reference system, the iTHERM TrustSens TM371 is audit-proof and eliminates the need for regular recalibration. GBS German Bionic Systems GmbH, Augsburg, Germany: The German Bionic CRAY X is a wearable human-robotic exoskeleton, which helps users with the manual handling of goods and tools. By pairing human intelligence with machine power, the unit’s smart mechatronic system effectively supports and amplifies the wearer’s movements. Users can match the level of support they receive with the individual task at hand by way of a smartwatch interface. The underlying software is cloud-based and open source. The German Bionic CRAY X makes light work of heavy lifting and enables the reintegration of people with impaired or declining physical abilities into the workforce. TH Ingolstadt / Continental AG , Ingolstadt/Hannover, Germany: SAFE is an integrated safety system for autonomous driving applications. Using cameras, radar and LIDAR sensors, SAFE can reliably predict the likely severity of an impending accident as well as trigger the vehicle’s protective systems prior to and at the moment of the collision. SAFE’s integrated Safety Domain Control Unit determines which protective measures are activated. Predictive vehicle safety systems are a critical part of autonomous driving systems because they help increase acceptance

of driverless mobility solutions. Upskill, Austin, Texas, USA: Upskill’s Skylight Augmented Reality (AR) project is all about boosting productivity and collaboration by making webbased information available via AR technology. For instance, machine operators wearing AR smart glasses can use Skylight to tap into step-

by-step instructions guiding them through complex tasks. The Skylight Application Builder, Skylight Connect and Skylight Web modules enable users to create, test and implement new AR solutions on a single, shared platform. Skylight also allows process data to be directly integrated into the AR application.

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Empire state of mind Empire Crane harnesses new business opportunities As a forward-thinking company, Empire Crane knows that keeping up with industry trends and pursuing a philosophy of innovation will create both stability and expansion for the future. The US crane dealership is increasing its fleet and opening new premises, in order to offer customers the best level of service. As part of its expansion plan, the company has bought two new ro-

tating telehandlers by Magni, for rental purposes, due to increased demand. It has also placed an order for seven new Demag AC 45 City cranes, and will be one of the first distributors in North America to offer the units. “Magni telehandlers are becoming increasingly popular because of their incomparable versatility,” says Luke Lonergan, CEO and vice president of Empire Crane. “They have 360-degree continuous rotation and a number of in-

terchangeable attachments, so they really stand out in today’s market. They’re compact, easy to transport, very technologically advanced, but are still simple to use. We expect them to grow both our revenue and our customer base, as they are a great asset.” The Magni RTH 6.30 SH has a maximum lift capacity of 6 tonnes (6.61 US tons), a maximum lift height of 29.9 m (97.9ft), and capacity at maximum height of 2.49 tonnes (2.75 US tons). Its sister model, the Magni RTH 6.35 SH, has the same maximum and lift-at-height capabilities, but can reach a height of 34.9 m (114.5 ft). Both models feature Magni’s patented quick-fit design that allows for easy switching between attachments such as forks, winches, man-baskets and tyre clamps. This makes them multifunctional as they can be operated as aerial platforms and forklifts. The AC 45 City is the newest model in the Demag line-up and is compact, easy to transport and versatile. The new 3-axle compact crane has a lift capacity of 45 tonnes (50 US tons), is equipped with a 31.2 m (102.4 ft) long main boom and a maximum system length of 44.2 m (145 ft). With its carrier length of just 7.2 m (23.6 ft) and overhead height of 3.16 m (10.4 ft), the Demag AC 45 City crane is well suited for tight working jobsites and many indoor lift projects.

Internationally known dealer Empire Crane was founded in 2002 by brothers Luke and Paul Lonergan, after working in the industry for more than two decades. The company offers sales and rental contracts of new and used cranes, spare parts sales, and

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n. 2 March-Apri 2018


equipment servicing. Originally based in New York with its name inspired by the state’s nickname as the ‘Empire State’, the company is headquartered in Syracuse (in New York State), and has branches in Boston, Massachusetts, and in Bridgewater, New Jersey. As well as serving customers across the New England region of the US, Empire Crane also has international customers in South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Customer service is the number one priority Empire Crane knows that gaining customers’ trust and loyalty involves not only supplying the products they want, but also in offering great precontract and after-care service. “Servicing our customers is our number one priority,” says Lonergan. “We understand how important it is for our customers to have their cranes up and running 24/7. If the crane breaks or if something goes wrong, we understand the burden that it can become.

“Our teams carry out routine maintenance procedures and thoroughly acquaint operators with the technologies and controls in their machines. If there is ever an issue at a jobsite, our service teams go out to the crane as soon as possible, and we offer any assistance that could help the customer while their machine is out of commission.”

Leveraging a new online trading platform In its vision to support customers and advance its business activities, Empire Crane has joined Krank, a new network

trading platform that allows companies to buy, sell and rent equipment online. Krank allows users to create private networks and offer large items equipment such as cranes, wheel loaders, trucks and excavators, either within those groups or through the public marketplace. The platform does not charge the high fees associated with traditional equipment salesrooms and auction houses. “We joined Krank because it thinks outside of the box,” says Lonergan. “It’s different from all other listing sites because it allows us to connect personally with the people who are interested in our listings, as well as those whom we’ve done business with for decades. In allowing 1,000 free listings, there is no risk to us, only reward. It’s a great tool to keep in touch with our fellow dealers to see what machines they have for sale, and to find out what our customers may be looking for. “Krank also allows us to connect with people that we’ve never met before if they are interested in one of our listings. Meeting new people and making connections is vital to sales and can only help our business grow more.”

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International award for Linden Comansa’s CUBE cab

The Linden Comansa cranes, like his one that is already working in Charlotte, NC, USA, are being delivered with the CUBE cab since October 2017

This tower crane work place receives the prestigious iF prize, one of the world’s most important awards for industrial products design Offices with the best view to the city are highly coveted by the executives of large companies. And if they are located in the higher floors, these work places tend to be more spacious, comfortable and with a spectacular design. In the case of tower crane operators, the great views are not usually a problem, but it really was having a workspace that would perfectly combine comfort, productivity and design... until manufacturer Linden Comansa launched its CUBE cabin at the end of 2017. BigD, the Spanish industrial design studio who conceived the cabin, decided to submit the project to the prestigious iF Awards, and the commitment to improve the working conditions of the crane operator was the winner in the section on vehicles and automotive, which fitted best to tower cranes. The award was presented last March 9 in Munich, Germany. For Linden Comansa and BigD, this award represents the icing on the cake of a project that took almost two years to complete. According to Alberto Munárriz, Linden Comansa’s General Manager, “the iF award recognizes the great work of BigD, who knew how to put themselves on the shoes of a crane operator from anywhere in

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n. 2 March-Apri 2018

the world to offer him a pleasant work space with the greatest possible comfort. In addition, the CUBA cab offers an innovative aesthetic design, very different from what the market offered so far, and includes all of the technical requirements that we needed to add to the cabin as a fundamental part of the crane”.

“A prestigious award, if it is given by a totally independent body, is a double prize,” says Adrián Larripa, CEO of BigD. “What the jury appreciated isn’t only the purely aesthetic appearance, but the whole project. The CUBE cab is a small portion of the product tower crane, but it is its nerve centre in the handling and control of the loads.

Thanks to a comprehensive analysis of the experience of use of the crane operator, we created a completely usercentered cab design, providing huge comfort and increasing the cab’s capacity to implement new crane functions that could arise for future needs. This project also led us to engage with suppliers to achieve these improvements with a reasonable impact on the cost of the cab”. BigD is a products and services design and innovation consultancy, expert in Design Thinking processes, Industrial design and Digital interface.“ At BigD

we specialise in user-centred design, achieved through what is called Design Thinking. This design methodology, rather than confront problems in a linear fashion - the most common in the engineering field - does it through a more orbital process, in which many options are explored, rapid prototypes and tests are carried out and the option with better results is chosen. It is a process of continuous improvement that, in this case, resulted in a very innovative cabin even in non-aesthetic aspects as it is the comfort of the user”, explains the CEO of BigD.


New Secondary Guarding System for RUTHMANN STEIGER® As first manufacturer of truck-mounted aerial platforms, RUTHMANN developed a Secondary Guarding System protecting the operators against the risk of entrapment. Aerial platforms are still the safest method to work at heights. However, there are now and again accidents leading in worse case to lethal consequences and being attributable in the most cases to human error. In the IPAF accident statistics 2016, 66 fatal accidents with aerial platforms were reported. One of the main causes was the fact that the operator became trap-

ped between working cage and another object. In order to protect his customers and the operators of STEIGER® against this risk, the manufacturer of aerial platforms developed a new Secondary Guarding System. The rubber switch strip placed in front of the control panel effects, as secondary protection system, an interruption of the movements of the aerial platform. The stop is initiated through a pressure on the switch strip. Afterwards, only movements in the opposite direction are possible. If the switch strip remains pressed, for example in the event that the operator is not able to free himself, a horn signal sounds in order to alert other people about this incident. All movements will be carried out at low speed in order to free the stuck person. In normal operation, the unobtrusive protective strip does not disturb the operator of the aerial platform. The lower arms can comfortably be rested on

it when steering the joysticks. The Secondary Guarding System only reacts in the event of special occurrences, in case the operator presses on the bar with his chest or abdomen. LUTHMANN Italia had previously developed a similar system for the BLUELIFT spider platforms. With immediate effect, all RUTHMANN STEIGER® of the T-, TBand TBR-series can be equipped with the new Secondary Guarding System. Existent machines could also be retrofitted problem-free with the system. The RUTHMANN Service is ready and mounts the system for its launch to a special price for his customers. „We would like herewith to give as many customers as possible the opportunity to let have the Secondary Guarding System being retrofitted at a small price and to do therefore an important preventive work”, says Managing Director Rolf Kulawik.

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Preview CeMat > Ravioli S.p.A.

Ravioli’s Mission & Vision “We look at the market through our customers’ eyes, therefore we guarantee high corporate flexibility to satisfy the specific requirements of each client. We strongly believe that trust and respect are the solid basis of every experience and relationship, both professional and human.” “We are focused on mutual esteem, teamwork and sharing the same common goals to be reached through reciprocal cooperation and active participation

of the people involved. We aim to the continuous growth of our Company as a source of satisfaction, membership, common identity and personal fulfilment for each person: our internal team, our external partners, clients and suppliers.” “Our activities are constantly carried out according to the corporate philosophy and ethical behaviour, as well as respecting human relationships and our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.”

RAVIOLI will be at

2018, 23 - 27 April HALL 26 K18

Globalisation and export Designing, projecting, testing and assembling in-house all the products, Ravioli guaranteeing the high quality standards of Made in Italy John Melegatti

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n. 2 March-Apri 2018


PME Evolution

Copper-graphite, silvergraphite or touch system contact brushes for signals are available, executions range from 6 to 60 rings 20/50/100 A. Protection degree IP65, optional angular sensors are available upon request


orn in 1926, after more than 90 years of successful activity, Ravioli S.p.A., brilliant, dynamic and famous all over the world, is manufacturer of mechanical and electromechanical devices for industry. Based in Milan, northern Italy, the Company celebrated its first 90 years in 2016, which are perfectly narrated in a special book written on the occasion of the anniversary. Ravioli S.p.A. is very well known worldwide thanks to the development of a solid and reliable network of dealers and partners,

started more than 30 years ago. The management strongly believed in globalisation and export since the 80s, long before many other Italian Companies even started to think about foreign markets. Designing, projecting, testing and assembling in-house all the products, Ravioli maintains the production strongly rooted in the territory, guaranteeing the high quality standards of Made in Italy, accordance to EU Norms and Directives, user-friendly design, customer care and technical assistance as well as innovative and updated solutions for each product.

The complete range of Ravioli’s production contains numerous solutions for different applications, such as Radio Remote Controls, Push Pendant Stations, Slip Rings and Limit Switches, for cranes, hoists, overhead cranes and other machineries suitable for lifting industry; D.C. Contactors, Motor Reversers and Twin Connectors, suitable for electrical vehicles for industry such as cleaning machines, material handling, eco-friendly vehicles and aerial platforms.

Rotary Limit Switches Series Driver FRM

They are equipped with 3 internal rotation axes, which create simultaneously their own, even independent ratios. The series ranges ratios from 1:1 to 1:900 and a series of optional sensors mounted inside

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Preview CeMat > Ravioli S.p.A.

PRE Smart

is characterised by an extremely easy cabling which assures a more immediate and user-friendly approach, letting the user save money and time and giving the possibility to immediately use the product at his own convenience and need. Moreover, the new PRE Smart is provided with an innovative housing, which can be laterally open to allow the user to reach the internal rings and brushes, directly from the side opening, for an easier and quicker maintenance, avoiding the complete dismounting of the Slip Ring and the related waste of time and money.

From 2000, through the project Green e-motion, Ravioli also started to develop a specific type of its Limit Switches Series to be applied for pitch and yaw control, on wind turbines for the production of wind power. In occasion of international exhibitions in 2018, Ravioli S.p.A. is waiting to meet you at, such as WIN Eurasia 2018 in Turkey, CeMAT Hannover in Germany, CeMAT Shanghai and Bauma China in China, the Company presents this year some peculiar innovations regarding its products. The most important and imminent among which is the restyling of its Slip Ring type PRP, which will be called PRE Smart. The new PRE Smart is characterised by an extremely easy cabling which assures a more immediate and user-friendly approach, letting the user save money and time and giving the possibility to immediately use

the product at his own convenience and need. Moreover, the new PRE Smart is provided with an innovative housing, which can be laterally open to allow the user to reach the internal rings and brushes, directly from the side opening, for an easier and quicker maintenance, avoiding the complete dismounting of the Slip Ring and the related waste of time and money. The new PRE Smart is another flagship to be added to the already well known Ravioli’s range of Slip Rings, which includes ROLLER and EXD types. Thanks to its reduced dimensions, ROLLER is specifically designed to be used in applications requiring axial and radial limited sizes, combined with high rotating speed - up to 100 rotations per minute. Equipped with aluminium bottom and cover, which guarantee strong mechanical resistance and high protection degree IP65, ROLLER is provided with a range of additional options such as absolute encoder and air passages according the customer’s needs. Slip

Rings type EXD are designed and manufactured in compliance with Atex Certification for Zone 21 and 22, and they are suitable for potentially explosive dusted areas. This range provides a wider and more flexible number of solutions, combined to peculiar needs and requests of the customer. Along with Slip Rings, Ravioli S.p.A. is constantly developing its range of Limit Switches and Pendant Stations, to guarantee all-round solutions for the industrial lifting. Many products can also be highly customised according the user’s needs, both in terms of colours (for Pendant Stations) and in terms of technical features, application of encoders and sensors (for Limit Switches and Slip Rings).


Copper-graphite or silver-graphite brushes for signals are available, executions range from 6 to 24 rings 10 A. Protection degree IP65, one or more fluidic passages or angular sensors are available as optional upon request

16  RIS >

n. 2 March-Apri 2018


Twin Connectors serie EUROPA 80 A, 160 A, 320 A includes 2 versions: shock resistant housing – suitable for all applications requiring high resistance against shocks; acid- proof polymer housing – suitable for applications needing elevated resistance against acid

D.C. Contactors Serie LOGO

Thanks to reduced dimensions, LOGO D.C. Contractors are used in electrical vehicles and D.C. handling machinery. Contacts are in silver alloy and double breaking, particularly suitable for heavy duties. They can also be manufactured with special knurling which allows to transmit signal currents.

These innovations fit entirely with the constant growth and improvement of each family of products, along with the Company’s will to combine mechanical and electronic components in each product, in order to provide more and more integrated devices, to satisfy the customer’s needs and to perfectly respond to Industry 4.0. Many devices, from PME Slip Rings to FRM Limit Switches, are provided with encoders

and special sensors which elevate the technology standards and the performance of each product. The productive processes, from ideation, design and realisation, to quality controls, tests and final approval are all strongly integrated to one another, in order to let all the teams and divisions perfectly cooperate, be informed at any time of the different steps in the production and work efficiently and correctly lined.◀

INFO Ravioli S.p.A Via Passo Pordoi, 4 20139 Milan Italy Tel. +39 Fax +39

Pendant stations LADY series

Particularly resistant and therefore also suitable for applications in severe circumstances, Ravioli push-button pendant stations for auxiliary circuits series Lady are built in robust material and with an ergonomic design

RIS > n. 2 March-April 2018  17

Preview Intermat > JMG Cranes

JMG knows his trade JMG Cranes is a global leader in design and manufacturing of electrical mobile battery-operated Pick & Carry Cranes that find application in a wide range of industrial fields John Melegatti


18  RIS > n. 2 March-April 2018


ffers a wide range of fully innovative and high quality battery-operated mobile Pick & Carry cranes with a load capacity from 0.9t to 58t. The JMG’s Pick & Carry cranes are specially designed to last in time and to have low operative costs. The compactness and the high performance allow to handle heavy loads in narrow spaces. In addition, the powerful battery makes these machines an eco-friendly, low-noise, zero emission and suitable solution for each application field.

preview To provide the perfect machine for each customer’s need JMG has split its range of Pick & Carry cranes in: Lifter from 0.9t, Walk-behind from 2.2t to 2.5t, Radio-remote control from 2.2t to 13t, Cabin cruiser from 4.5t to 58t and Carry-deck from 10t. The successful team of JMG Cranes is composed by highly qualified staff that can assist and advice in each phase before and after the crane delivery. JMG Cranes is particularly focused on safety: each model is provided with an electronic load moment indicator system (LMI) and equipped

with sound and visual signal devices, complying with to CE regulations. To satisfy our customers and add value, JMG Cranes offers a wide range of services: feasibility study, customization, training of personnel, after sales assistance and spare parts.◀

During the exhibition JMG will expose: - MC60S - MC250 BOOTH 5B G 022


25 t


4770 x 2150 x 220 mm




3195 x 1380 x 1845 mm

INFO JMG Cranes Via Sito Nuovo, 14 29010 Sarmato (PC) Italy +39 0523 8486


Electric Pick & Carry Cranes JMG Cranes srl Via Sito Nuovo, 14 29010 Sarmato (PC) - Italy t +39 0523 8486 RIS > n. 2 March-April 2018  e


Machines > DemagÂŽ AC 45 City

New DemagÂŽ AC 45 City: fits everywhere Designed for use in confined space conditions Manuela Cortesi

20  RIS > n. 2 March-April 2018


hen Demag showcased its AC 25 City in 1996, heads turned everywhere in the industry: It was more compact than any other mobile crane before it, and yet it featured powerful performance characteristics and only needed one single cab for both traveling and crane work. The industry quickly realized that the new crane was simply unbeatable inside narrow buildings and in urban environments. The resulting customer interest was so big that Demag launched the AC 40 City only one year later, with this new machine not only becoming the


most successful model of this class with over 1,000 units sold, but also being awarded the “Crane of the Year” title. Additional models followed, and thanks to the name it gave this model series, Demag is considered the inventor of the City class today. Now, with its AC 45 City crane, Terex Cranes is debuting the latest model of the series – all under the storied name of Demag, which in 2016 was brought back along with its rich tradition. “That means that we really have to deliver on two fronts. After all, the Demag City class stands not only for quality, but also for innovative technology,” says Frank Schröder, Director Product Management All Terrain Cranes, about the expectations of the company’s customer base. This is why the new Demag AC 45 City is not just able

to do everything its legendary forerunners were already able to do: It is able to do it much better.

The most compact crane in its class Where other cranes literally hit their limits, the new Demag® AC 45 City crane delivers, Terex Cranes says. And the manufacturer can prove it: For starters, the new 3-axle unit redefines compactness in the 45-tonne lifting capacity class with a total length of only 8.68 meters, a width of 2.55 meters, and an overall height of just 3.16 meters. And the fact that its height can be reduced to less than 3.00 meters makes it unbeatable when space is at a premium, as is the case indoors. There, the new AC 45 City can also take full advantage of another plus factor in

its design: Since the base section of its fully hydraulic main boom is also particularly compact with its length of 7.80 meters, the AC 45 City is also able to work in buildings with a relatively low clearance while still keeping its boom at a steep angle. This advantage comes in handy, for example, when assembling overhead cranes, as the AC 45 City crane can lift heavy loads at a small radius. In addition, its fully hydraulic 31.2-meter main boom means it can get ready to start working much faster than comparable cranes with booms that need to be set up with pins. This means that the Demag AC 45 City is perfect for a wide variety of jobs. Another advantage is its vast configuration flexibility, which makes it possible to customize the crane perfectly for the requirements at hand – for in-

RIS > n. 2 March-April 2018  21

Machines > Demag® AC 45 City

22  RIS > n. 2 March-April 2018


IC-1 Plus control system with new functions

stance, with the 1.3-meter-long runner for loads of up to 25 tonnes or with the three-sheave hook block, which allows for six-part reeving. And with offsettable main boom extensions of 7.10 or 13 meters, the system length can be increased to an impressive 44.20 meters. In addition, the Demag AC 45 City also comes with features such as an axle load indicator, a hook height indicator, cruise control, and cameras for load, hook and hoist monitoring and for backing up. Remote radio control and storage boxes are included as well.

Without a doubt, one of the absolute engineering highlights of the new Demag crane is the innovative IC-1 Plus control system. The system calculates the crane’s lifting capacity for every boom position as a function of the superstructure’s slewing angle, and in real time to boot. This means that the lifting capacity for a specific radius is no longer limited to the lowest value for a pre-calculated 360° lifting capacity, as used to be the case. Instead, the crane can always take full advantage of the maximum available lifting capacity. This advantage is particularly useful when it comes to lifts in which the outriggers are extended in an asymmetrical configuration. In addition to the real time calculation for lifting capacities dependent on slew angle, the IC-1 Plus control system also has a “smart” feature to calculate and show the working range of the real time lifting capacity within +/-30° slew angle. Moreover, the control system features an automatic counterweight detection function that the crane operator needs to confirm. Together with the IC1 Plus control system, the new Demag crane is additionally able to work with any outrigger configuration with continuously variable adjustments, meaning that the AC 45 City can be adjusted for all space conditions and load requirements. On top of this, and for the first time ever, the crane offers the possibility of working with the IC-1 Plus control

system both when using the runner and when telescoping under load. The AC 45 City also makes a compelling case when it comes to its setup, as it features an automatic leveling system that enables the crane to balance itself with computer assistance when the outriggers are extended.

Compliance with axle load limits The new AC 45 City crane is also characterized by the fact that it is designed to stay in the 12 t axle load limit, as the 3-axle unit does not weigh more than 34 tonnes even when outfitted with its full equipment. That way, the crane can get to work without the need for any additional transport vehicles. And when using a reduced counterweight, the crane even falls below the ten-tonne limit, meaning that it still can perform a broad range of lifts, as lifting capacities remain strong. And since it only weighs around 26 tonnes when not carrying any counterweight, a permanent permit can be obtained if need be. Last, but not least, the drivetrain with six forward gears and one reverse gear leaves nothing to be desired: The 260-kW MTU motor meets Euromot 4 requirements and, together with the crane operation start/stop function, ensures cost-effective and environmentally friendly operation. This is just one of the many reasons why the Demag AC 45 City is perfectly positioned to continue expanding on the success of its predecessors.◀

Terex Corporation Terex Corporation is a global manufacturer of lifting and material processing products and services delivering lifecycle solutions that maximize customer return on investment. Major Terex brands include Terex, Genie, Powerscreen and Demag. Terex solutions serve a broad range

of industries, including construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, shipping, transportation, refining, energy, utilities, quarrying and mining. Terex offers financial products and services to assist in the acquisition of Terex equipment through Terex Financial Services.

RIS > n. 2 March-April 2018  23

Preview Intermat > Raimondi Cranes

Two new cranes onsite at Intermat Raimondi Cranes and GP Mat International to Intermat 2018 in Paris Miriam Spada

24  RIS > n. 2 March-April 2018

BOOTH E6 C 087



aimondi Cranes SpA, established in 1863, will be exhibiting at Intermat 2018 in Paris, France, together with its exclusive French agent, GP MAT International (GP MAT). Onsite from April 23-28 inclusive at the Paris Nord exhibition center Villepinte, France, Raimondi Cranes and GP MAT can be found at Extension 6 stand C087. “As a proud member of the French construction community, GP MAT endeavors to continue to engage with our existing clients at every possible opportunity. In addition, we hope that Intermat 2018 will allow us, in partnership with Raimondi Cranes, to

present our newest solutions to our market,”said Frank Torchard, President, GP MAT International. “Our activity at French exhibitions stems from the aim to showcase both GP MAT’s effectiveness and fleet capabilities, and to introduce the unparalleled quality of Raimondi products to new customers and to heavy machinery enthusiasts alike,” continued Torchard. Erected onsite will be the Raimondi MRT234 equipped with elevator, and the Raimondi LR330, launched in February 2018. “France is one of Raimondi’s strongest platforms. Our French market share in Raimondi is reflective of our dedication

to manufacture intelligently-designed tower and luffing cranes, and the significant quality service put forward by our valued partner GP MAT since 1996. Together with GP MAT President Torchard and his senior team members, Raimondi’s entire executive team will be onsite at Intermat,” said Eng. Domenico Ciano, Technical Director, Raimondi Cranes. “Under Torchard’s leadership, GP MAT has positioned Raimondi’s heaviest lifters on many strategically important French jobsites. We will continue to build on our extremely fruitful partnership by supporting their work with Raimondi’s technical specialists and export and aftersales care experts,” said Ciano.

RIS > n. 2 March-April 2018  25

Preview Intermat > Raimondi Cranes

Raimondi LR330

The Raimondi LR330 was launched in February 2018

26  RIS > n. 2 March-April 2018


Raimondi Cranes and GP MAT International can be found at Extension 6 stand C087 According to the organizers, the 2018 edition of Intermat Paris expects more than 1,500 exhibitors from four main sectors: earthmoving and demolition, roads, minerals and foundations, buildings and concrete, and lifting, handling and transportation. The trade fair, held every three years,

boasts over 183,000 visitors from 167 countries. Reportedly, more than 50% of the worldwide top 100 largest building contractors visit Intermat Paris, representing multiple industries: building contractors, design and research consultancies, technical inspection centers, laboratories, transportation, manufacturers, quarry and mine operators, contracting authorities, rental companies, distributors, importers, and wholesalers.◀

Raimondi MRT234 topless tower crane Raimondi Cranes has enjoyed considerable market interest for the MRT234 at pre-sell stage. The ideal customers for the MRT234 are medium to large construction companies, and heavy lifting fleet rental companies. Thanks to its performance and its flexibility in terms of jib and tower configurations, this crane can be advantageously employed on a wide variety of jobsites. One of the particular strengths of the MRT234 is the Raimondi flattop design, allowing it to be installed on crowded jobsites

that necessitate many cranes onsite operating simultaneously that require overfly. Based on Raimondi experience with previous models that showcase this overfly-friendly design, the company is certain the MRT234 will be welcomed in the European, Middle Eastern and Australian markets. Safe erection and safe maintenance was also a top priority for the MRT234 during conceptualization; Raimondi’s technical team wanted to elevate safety while enabling faster install times.

Technical Data




Max Hook Height

EN14439.C25 FEM 1.001

City 39.3 m HC5s 64 m City 42.2 m HC5s 60.4 m

City 128.9 ft HC5s 198.2 ft City 138.4 ft HC5s 198.2 ft

Max Lifting Capacity

12 t

26455.5 lb

Max Radius

70 m

229.66 ft

Lifting Capacity At Max Radius

2.25 t

4960.4 lb


2/4 Falls

Hoist Gear

55 kW

73.8 hp

5.5 kW

7.4 hp

6.6 kW

8.9 hp

Slewing Gear Trolley Travel Gear


RIS > n. 2 March-April 2018  27

Preview Intermat > Liebherr

The outreach of the new Liebherr 172 EC-B 8 Litronic flat-top crane is 2.5 m longer than that of its predecessor

A successful crane Liebherr has reworked the successful 172 EC-B 8 Litronic flattop crane and will present its successor to experts for the first time at Intermat 2018. The jib has been extended to 62.5 metres and enables even more accurate division. The new flat-top crane will be presented on the new 16 EC tower system alongside the LiUP internal crane driver elevator Miriam Spada

28  RIS > n. 2 March-April 2018


Technical Data Lifting capacity at max. radius

1,800 kg

Max. radius

62.50 m


EN 14439



Max. lifting capacity

8,000 kg

Max. hook height

62.40 m

Hoist gear

45 kW FU / 24 kW FU

Slewing gear

7,5 kW FU

Trolley travel gear

5,5 kW FU

62.5 metres. Its maximum load capacity is still 8000 kg. The finer division of the jib in 2.5-metre steps means that the crane can be adjusted even more precisely to site conditions and, if necessary, to the awkward edges of buildings.

New tower system

BOOTH E6 B 056


he 172 EC-B 8 Litronic FlatTop crane has been modified – its range has been increased by 2.5 metres and it can now be combined with the new Liebherr tower system. The Liebherr tower crane can now hoist 1800 kilograms at the jib head with a radius of

The crane can be supplied with the new 16 EC, 16 HC, 17 HC and 21 HC tower systems. The maximum free-standing hook height of the Flat-Top crane remains at 71.4 metres. At the event in Paris, the 172 EC-B 8 Litronic will be on a 16 EC tower system. This compact system is a new addition to the Liebherr tower system product portfolio and available in two metretonne classes. The range comprises 16 EC 160 and 16 EC 240 towers, with the first figure being the external dimensions of 1.60 m x 1.60 m and the second figure specifying the metre-tonnes. The crane is also supported on a new 20 EC cruciform base with external dimensions of 4.50 metres.

LiUP crane driver elevator There are already around 30 LiUPs in use in France alone, with more being ordered for delivery this year. That provides plenty of reason for Liebherr to exhibit the crane driver elevator once again at the Intermat. The LiUP is powered by a lithium-ion battery with an energy recovery system and is compatible with both the EC and the HC tower system. The elevator can be installed on the inside of the tower. The rails for the Liebherr crane driver elevator are coordinated to the length of the Liebherr tower sections, only require one-time installation and, if they are installed on the inside of the tower, do not have to be removed for dismantling and assembling the tower crane. New tower systems can be ordered from the factory with or without rails.◀

RIS > n. 2 March-April 2018  29

RIS n.2 | March - April 2018  

RIS Lifting Equipment Magazine Number 2 March - April 2018

RIS n.2 | March - April 2018  

RIS Lifting Equipment Magazine Number 2 March - April 2018