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Fall Bucket List!

Moms + Friendship

Lindsay Stuart, Edil Cuepo & Alexis Barad-Cutler share the importance of community & how mom friends get us through the everyday grind of parenting

High School Listings!

Thornton-Donovan School Individually Focused, Globally Engaged


“That’s Amore”: ITALY 2021–22 Co-Ed • Grades K-12 100 Overlook Circle, New Rochelle, NY 10804 | www.td.edu | 914-632-8836 October 2021 | Westchester Family



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FEATURES 12 | Books 10 children’s books that celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month 14 | Education The scoop on NYC school tours: what to know and how to approach them 28 | Toys Educational toys perfect for Fall playtime 34 | Cover Mom- Moms + Friendship Alexis Barad-Cutler, Edil Cuepo, and Lindsay Stuart on the importance of community and mom friends 38 | Fall Our family fall bucket list is here


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Stories & columns 6 | Editor’s Note October — Reconnecting

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8 | Ask the Expert Teaching your kids to set boundaries 30 | Ask the Expert Lifecoach and author Kristen Glosserman shares strategies on reconnecting with your partner 36 | Family Fun Apple picking 38 | Mom Hacks Easy Halloween snack dishes by Catherine McCord of Weelicious

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October - Reconnecting Many of us are back at it, routine, that is. And with most kids back to in-person schooling, lessons and reflections are happening. Teaching Your Kids to Set Boundaries (page 8) is a worthwhile read for parents to help their children figure out their space and limits with peers. Speaking of being back at school, we have a helpful piece, The Scoop on NYC School Tours (page 14 ), that shares both virtual and in-person school tours and how to navigate both! Let’s not forget about having fun; we have our Fall Bucket List (page 38) to remind us of all the activities and things to do in NYC.

Lastly, we did a thing this issue. We took our vaccinated team, met up with the coolest (and vaccinated) moms, took rapid COVID tests, and shot the cover. This cover story, written by Cris Pearlstein- moms Alexis Barad-Cutler, founder of Not Safe For Mom Group, Lindsay Stuart, owner of Glam Expressway, and Edil Cuepo of Rockaway Baby (page 34), share on having a supportive community, everyday parenting, and how moms friends are everything.

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ask the expert

Teaching Your Kids to Set Boundaries Tips for creating healthier and more fulfilling friendships By Christina Furnival


ach morning we send our children to school with a cheery message that goes something like, “have fun and be nice.” In hopeful anticipation, we await their endof-day report where they share stories of a fun-packed day of structured learning, loving friendships, fun playground games, and warm-hearted belly laughs. Fortunately, this happens most of the time. But there are times when our children come home deflated because another kid left them feeling down. If this is occurring with some frequency, we may need to help our children set boundaries to develop fulfilling friendships. What do we say and do? If you’re feeling lost on positive steps to take, I am here to help. This topic was all too common when I worked in community mental health providing therapy to children, adolescents, and their families. Friendship concerns are experienced by almost everyone. Relationships are complex! The good news is, this means a lot of good research has been done, and effective ways to work through these challenges have been identified. One such conclusion is that being able to set healthy boundaries is necessary for healthy relationships. Let’s explore boundaries and why are they important. As well as three tools for you to help your children build healthy and fulfilling friendships. (Spoiler alert…these work the same for adults too!) Boundaries and their Importance When we think of a boundary, we often envision a physical limit or barrier such as a crosswalk to safeguard pedestrians, clothing to shield skin from the elements, or a gated fence to define and protect a property line. Relational boundaries are less visible and more complex. To help, let’s use a physical boundary example to get to the heart of the matter. Imagine you have a beautifully manicured lawn and garden which you love and value. You invest lots of time to prune, water, and nurture the flora. But your green oasis currently doesn’t have a fence. This means that Fido, the neighborhood marker-


WestchesterFamily.com | October 2021

of-all-the-territories, can visit any time he wishes. He walks all over your grass and does his business wherever he chooses. He isn’t intentionally causing you hassle, but without a boundary, he does not know that he is not wanted on your lawn. As a result, YOU are left to clean up his waste. You are left stewing inside about your garden being destroyed and how annoying it is to clean up after someone else’s pet. With reflection, you decide to protect what’s meaningful to you by setting a boundary, and you have a fence installed. Now, Fido can clearly see that your yard is no longer for his gallivanting. You’ve set a physical boundary, making your wishes clearly known, allowing you to really take pride in what’s yours and feel the relief of your property being respected. Just like a physical fence set the boundary in the example above, when it comes to relationships, our words present the limit. A relational boundary has to be expressly spoken and defined so that your friends, family, or bosses will not be the metaphorical

Fido on the lawn of your life. To put it concisely: A healthy relationship boundary is a firm, but flexible, spoken expectation you set with another person to clearly define what you find acceptable (or not) in their actions towards you or others. The need to set healthy boundaries stems from our wants, preferences, feelings, comforts, and values. For example, if you value keeping the floor of your home free from dirt and germs, especially with a little one crawling around, you may have a house rule of removing shoes before you enter. When guests come over, you get to decide if that is a boundary you want to extend to them or not. Boundaries provide clarity by erasing ambiguity, allowing you and the relationship to be authentic. By setting healthy boundaries you construct the framework for a mutually enjoyable friendship, offering freedom to demonstrate love and respect for one another. Many people, especially those who are particularly empathetic, caring, and giving, express having a hard time setting boundaries

For more than 200 years, Emma Willard School has instilled in students a love of learning, the habits of an intellectual life, and the character, moral strength, and qualities of leadership to serve and shape their world.

:[Ád[ oekhi[b\ ^[h[$




Through daily moments of discovery, struggle, failure, success, and connection we develop resiliency of character, and the power of impassioned engagement with our world.

Our academic program is focused on what matters most in learning—relevance, enduring understanding, and multidisciplinary connection.

Each student is richer for the meaningful relationships forged here and our community is richer for their unique engagement.



LEARN MORE at emmawillard.org


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Ask the expert

because they don’t want to be seen as “mean” or aggressive. Healthy Boundaries Demonstrate Assertiveness, not Aggression In reality, and as the latest research tells us, the opposite is true. Setting a boundary is not mean; it actually shows kindness to both yourself and your relationship. It says that you value yourself and how you want to be treated, and you value the relationship enough to be honest and respectfully direct. Further, boundary-setting is related with better assertiveness and having higher selfworth and self-love. In that way, it is easy to see why not having boundaries is problematic. By not acknowledging and voicing our thoughts, values, and feelings, we are setting ourselves up for a failed mind- reading experiment. We silently and secretly hope (or even expect) that another person will be able to know us well enough to read our hints, tone, or gestures. This almost inevitably leads to miscommunication, discontentedness, and resentment. Ironically, aggression usually appears because of a lack of boundaries. When boundaries have not been set, an individual may tolerate unwanted behavior until, ultimately, they explode! Angry outbursts can be avoided by respectfully and assertively setting boundaries before you reach your boiling point. The very act of setting healthy boundaries prevents aggression. Teaching Boundaries to Children The ability to set healthy boundaries is necessary, and possible, at all ages and stages. By supporting your children to learn about and set boundaries, you are opening them up to a lifetime of healthy and fulfilling friendships and relationships. So high five to you for reading this article. I recommend these three tools for parents, teachers, and other trusted adults. 3 Tools to Set Healthy Boundaries for Fulfilling Friendships 1) Foster your child’s social-emotional abilities Setting a boundary begins with your child’s awareness of their feelings, and the ability to describe their feelings and express what they need. To do this you can: Play games that explore feelings. My favorites are Bright Spots Therapeutic Fun games. Try “sportscasting” to your child. This


WestchesterFamily.com | October 2021

A healthy relationship boundary is a firm, but flexible, spoken expectation you set with another person to clearly define what you find acceptable (or not) in their actions towards you or others. means that you narrate what you see them experiencing and feeling. This also means validating your child’s experiences. For example, at a family party, you notice that your child doesn’t want to hug a specific auntie. You could reflect with them, “When your aunt asked for a hug, I saw that you turned your body away from her and you looked downwards. It looked like you felt unsure or uncomfortable. I want you to know that I am proud of you for listening to your feelings. You do not have to hug anyone that you do not want to. In the future, you could use your words to say ‘No, thank you’ to be even more clear.” 2) Get specific about healthy relationships It is easy to forget that our children don’t always read between the lines of what we say. We may label friends as “good” or “best”, but we may not have actually explained what relational elements and behaviors earn those esteem labels. Specifically, explain to your child what a good friend says, how they act, what they do, and how your child will likely feel when they are with such a friend. For example, “A good friend says things like ‘Let’s play’ or ‘I like you’, and they share, take turns, and use their words to solve problems. When you spend time with a nice friend, you feel happy and loved.” It’s important that our kiddos know that words and actions should be aligned. And similarly, be specific when explaining what a not nice friend might say or do, as well as how they might make your child feel. For example, “An unkind friend may say, ‘You can’t join us’ or ‘I don’t like you’, and they may call you names or exclude you. When you spend time with an unkind friend, you might feel sad, confused, and hurt.” 3) Model boundary-setting Our children are sponges and so often learn more from our actions than words. The better that we parents model boundarysetting in our own lives, the more naturally our children will mimic our healthy lead. Now, this may require you to assess your own boundary-setting skills. Are there

situations in which you have shied away from setting a boundary that would now be a great example to your child? If so, maybe you speak to your child about the problem, and what boundary you will set. For example, let’s imagine you have a friend who has a habit of not giving you their full attention when you’re speaking. It has always bothered you, but you’ve never actually spoken up about it. You could explain to your child your boundary-setting plan, “When I have something to say, it’s important to me that the person I speak to is listening. So I am going to let my friend know that I will wait until they are available to listen before I speak.” And then your child can witness as you set the boundary. Our kids are always watching how we act and handle challenges, and by modeling boundaries, our children will more deeply understand their power. Setting healthy boundaries can feel challenging to do, especially at first and if you aren’t used to speaking up for yourself. The same will be true for your children, but they have you to cheer them on and to support their growth. These tools are simple to understand but require intentional repetition and practice. Please know that I believe in you; you’ve got this! Remember, you’re giving your children a gift that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. They and their developing sense of self, confidence, and healthy friendships will thank you! Christina is a wife and mom to two wild and wonderful kiddos, a licensed psychotherapist (LPCC), the founder of her website ChristinaFurnival.com and therapeutic motherhood blog Real Life Mama, and a children’s book author of a social/emotional wellbeing series, Capable Kiddos! Check out her timely and topical book “The Not-SoFriendly Friend — How to Set Boundaries for Healthy Friendships”, available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Worksheets to accompany learning can be found here — these age-specific worksheets on friendships and boundaries.

Study SkillS • Math Sat/aCt PreP * Writing reading • hoMeWork helP


OPEN HOUSE: SAT. OCTOBER 16 FROM 9 A.M. TO 12 P.M. ON CAMPUS www.harveyschool.org/open-house • Grades 6–12 with 5-day boarding for 9–12 in Katonah, NY

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10 Children’s Books that Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month By Maya LaidLer


s kids grow up they learn more about the world around them. They also learn more about themselves and or their classmates’ heritage as this is a big part of growing into their own identity and connecting with their community. Celebrating Hispanic heritage teaches kids that their culture is something to take pride in and commemorate as a part of who they are. Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month this year, with educational kids books that will have your kids learn about Hispanic heritage in a fun engaging way. The Life of – La Vida De Selena by Ariana Stein


WestchesterFamily.com | October 2021

Age: Newborn- 4

Teach your kid about one of the most iconic Latina music singers of our time, Selena Quintanilla! This simplified bilingual book will convey her inspiring biography in an easy-to-understand and relatable way. They will learn about her favorite food, pizza, and who she cherished the most in the world, her family and fans. Chicano Jrs Mexican Adventure by Raúl Jiménez Age: 3-18

Chicano is a young boy visiting Mexico for the first time to see his family. Follow his adventure, his cultural shock, and escapades in traveling! This bilingual children’s book can help your kid study language while

learning about Mexican culture through the eyes of a Mexican-American kid. The book is bright, colorful, and eye-catching! Dreamers by Yuyi Morales Age: 4-8

With lyrical text, brief autobiographical essays, and detailed illustrations, this picture book memoir looks at the gifts migrants bring as they move to a new country. It is a story of the things you always hold on to no matter where you go: your resilience, your dreams, your hopes, and your history. A Spanish language version, called Soñadores, is also available. Just Ask! Be Different, Be Brave, Be You by Sonia Sotomayor Age: 4-8

Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic Supreme Court judge, writes a book encouraging kids to ask questions and embrace their own uniqueness. The story follows her childhood story of being diagnosed with diabetes and other kids with different struggles as they all work to build a community garden.

isn’t sure how to answer this constantly asked question, and by asking her Abuelo and receiving an unexpected answer, she learns about self-acceptance, identity, and belonging.

Alma and How She Got Her Name by Juan Martinez -Neal Age: 4-8

Join Pepe goes to the Hispanic Day Parade with many of his friends for a grand celebration of culture and identity. With so many cultures such as Mexican, Dominican, Panamanian, Colombian, Honduran, Nicaraguan, Chilean, Puerto Rican, Salvadoran, Guatemalan, and Cuban represented at the parade, kids can see their own traditions and arts illustrated in a fun celebration of their heritage.

When learning how to write her name, Alma Sofia Esperanza José Pura Candela discovers just how many stories of her ancestors are packed into it and learns just how perfect her name is for her. This book does a great job of explaining to kids the uniqueness of names and will be sure to leave them asking similar questions about their own names. Where Are You From?/ ¿De dónde eres? by Yamile Saied Méndez Age: 4-8

Being asked “where are you really from” can be a startling question for kids. This lyrical picture book tells a story of a young girl who

Pepe and the Parade: A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage by Tracey Kyle Age: 4-8

Waiting for Biblioburro by Monica Brown Age: 5-8

Ana, a Colombian girl who loves reading but only has access to a few books in her small village meets a traveling librarian. With more books than she can dream of, she is even encouraged to create her own! This story incorporates a few Spanish words which

make it great for a read-aloud and teaches the universal value of reading. How Tia Lola Came to Stay by Julia Alvarez Age: 9-12

Miguel meets his quirky charismatic Tiá Lola who arrives from the Dominican Republic to help his Mami after his parent’s divorce. His tiá seems to weave a magical spell of love that Miguel and his family desperately needed. Miguel learns to love his eccentric tiá and appreciate his experience of living in two cultures. Undocumented: A Worker’s Fight by Duncan Tonatiuh Age: 12 and up

Perfect for older kids, Undocumented tells the story of Juan, a hard-working immigrant from Mexico that came to the U.S without papers. Exploited and underpaid as a busboy, he risks everything to stand up for himself and his community. This inspiring tale will teach kids about the injustice of exploitation, the bravery and strength of immigrants, and the importance of standing up for yourself and others.

Kindergarten Play Day & Open House

Saturday, October 16, 10am to 12pm Information Session with Play Day for children Four and five year olds are invited to visit Blue Rock School for a morning of storytelling, crafts, and outdoor play while their parents learn about our progressive approach to education infused with the arts, nature, and imagination. To register or schedule a private tour please contact us at

admissions@bluerockschool.org or 845-535-3353

BLUE ROCK SCHOOL Where Learning Comes Alive!

Independent K-8 School in West Nyack, NY


Grades 2-8 | Hours 8:20 - 2:20 PM JCOS offers Art, Music, Technology, Band and Gym Enrollment: Rolling Admissions, based on availability Small class size Certified Special Education teachers and specialists who provide on-site services Multisensory techniques to help children succeed both academically and socially 16 North Broadway | Irvington, NY 105333 | 914.591.9330 | jcoschool.org

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The Scoop on

School Tours By Mia Salas


here are many steps in the school search process, but one of the most important ones is the tour! Looking for a school can definitely be challenging especially for us New York parents. There are so many factors to consider to make sure that the school is a right fit for our kids. And as schools open up more, the COVID-19 guidelines for tours have also shifted. That’s why, we’re going to focus on the school tour to make sure you know what to look for on your tour, the scoop on virtual vs. in-person tours, and more. Overview of school tours You may be wondering why a tour is important in the first place. What can a tour really tell me about the school that I didn’t already read online? The truth is, a lot! Whether virtual or inperson, you get a feel for the environment. A school can seem great online, but once you’re walking through the hallways or seeing inside the classrooms, you could realize that it’s not quite the right fit for your child’s personality. And vice versa — so we recommend not discounting a school just by your online research, because a tour may just change your mind. A tour is also the perfect opportunity to ask questions. Getting your questions answered through an online portal or via email/phone can be a bit of a back-andforth process, but on a tour you have plenty of people — whether that be teachers, administrators or tour guides — accessible to get your questions answered on the spot. Finally, tours are often coupled with (or you can register on the same day for) open houses and information sessions, where you can learn even more about the school. These may include topics such as student support,


WestchesterFamily.com | October 2021


Marianapolis is a Catholic co-educational boarding and day school nestled in northeast Connecticut. Located 3 hours from NYC, Marianapolis serves students from around the globe. Experiential learning is the core of the Marianapolis pedagogy, featuring short-term explorations – from cranberry bogging to blacksmithing – and a week of travel-based study in the spring. The traditional college-prep curriculum can be coupled with targeted tracks in Business & Entrepreneurship, Social Justice, or Innovation. Since 1926, Marianapolis’ family-oriented, valuesbased community has empowered each student to hone their vision for the impact they will make on our ever-changing world.

www.marianapolis.org | (860) 923-9245 admission@marianapolis.org 26 Chase Road, Thompson, CT 06277




STEM, fine arts and more. So now that we know why tours and other visits to the schools you’re considering are important, let’s dive into the differences between in-person and virtual tours. During the pandemic, schools quickly shifted to virtual tours, which could mean anything from pre-recorded videos to a more live, 3D tour experience, depending on the school. But as we gradually move into a world of less restrictions, many schools now offer inperson tours again. If you’re debating between virtual vs. in-person tours, here’s a quick breakdown on what they offer: Virtual tours The obvious benefit of virtual tours is that they’re convenient! No need to schedule a date and time or move around your work schedule to attend. No need to pick the perfect outfit out for the day or stress about prepping your family. Virtual tours are low pressure and easy to attend, which makes them a much better option for some families. In fact, there are still some schools that are only offering virtual open houses or meetings with admissions. The one caveat is that some schools do host live virtual tours and open houses, in which case you would need to choose a date and time and join your scheduled session. But even still, you can do so from the comfort of your own home! While you may be concerned about not getting the “feel” of the school if you go

School Tour FAQ Should I bring my kids on the tour? This is dependent on the school! Some schools specifically ask that you not bring your kids on the tour, while others welcome your whole family. Keep in mind that tours can be long, and you want to make sure you can stay focused and get all your questions answered. We all know how restless kids can get sometimes, so if you the school allows kids on the tour, consider whether your child will benefit from attending and if they can stay engaged for that long. Will going on a tour increase my chances of getting accepted to the school? Yes and no. Most tours are not evaluating your family, but it always helps to show


WestchesterFamily.com | October 2021

with the virtual option, schools have worked hard to ensure that virtual tours feel as real and comparable as in-person. This includes options such as 3D tours, live chats for questions, live sessions and more, all based on the same experience as in-person tours. In-person tours Many schools are back to offering in-person tours, so what are the pros here? First, you have more direct access to teachers, administrators, and other families. We all know that virtual encounters can sometimes be awkward — only one person can talk at a time and it can be difficult to get your thoughts or questions in when there’s other people on the call. With an inperson tour, you can chat with other families or pull an administrator aside for a quick question. In some ways it’s more formal because you’ll be interacting with a lot of different people at the school, but it’s also more casual in the way you can ask questions and chat. The most obvious benefit here is that you’ll physically be in the classroom and facility spaces, so you can see for yourself what the school’s environment is like. If you’re considering an in-person tour, be sure to check the school’s specific guidelines, as some schools are only offering in-person tours for families who already applied and others have very limited inperson availability. We recommend booking soon if you’re thinking of doing an in-person tour!

interest! Not only are tours and open houses helpful opportunities for you to learn what you can about the school, they also show the school that you did your homework. You’re interested in the school, and you took the time to check it out. Should we dress up for an in-person tour? Be yourself! While we recommend dressing nice, it’s also important that you bring your authentic self to the tour. Try not to stress too much about your appearance, because the tour is about you and what you can learn about the school (not vice versa)! What are good questions to ask on my tour? First, ask whatever is important to you. Think about your priorities: is financial aid top of mind? Is class size super important?

Tour Checklist

Whether you do a virtual or inperson tour you are going to want to take notes. There is so much you are seeing and listening to at once, that you may not remember what you’re specifically looking for. That’s why, we put together a brief checklist of some of our top things to look for on school tours. Ask yourself these questions as you go and check off the boxes! ❏ Does the school feel supportive and encouraging? ❏ Did the teachers I meet seem like the right fit for my child? ❏ Did the teachers seem enthusiastic and positive? ❏ Would my child be excited to enter this classroom? ❏ Is the class size small/big enough for my child? ❏ Was there technology used in the classrooms? ❏ Are there dedicated spaces or outlets for student support? ❏ Do the administrators seem passionate about the school and its mission? ❏ Can I see my child making friends with the other students at the school? ❏ Did I leave feeling excited about the school?

After you come up with questions from there, we also have a few that are always good to ask: Is after/before-care an option? What kind of academic support is available? What extracurricular activities are offered? Will my child have leadership opportunities here? What does the admissions process look like from here? How are families kept up-todate with what’s happening at school? This is not a comprehensive list, but some questions to get you started! If I don’t go on a tour, should I still apply for the school? Sure! While tours are definitely important, if you have a good feel for the school already, it doesn’t hurt to apply. You can also attend an open house, meeting with admissions, or just chat with other families that you know already at the school.

October 2021 | Westchester Family



High school Guide H

igh school is important. Your not-so-little ones are on their way to becoming adults, which means that those last four years in high school are crucial! You want your kids to be prepared with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in college and beyond. Yet New York has many options for high school, so it can be overwhelming to decide which type of school is right for your teen. That’s why we’ve rounded up high schools in and near Westchester that suit the needs that work for your family and, most importantly, your child.

EF Academy 582 Columbus Ave, Thornwood, NY 10594 914-495-6056, efacademy.org

Cardinal Spellman High School 1 Cardinal Spellman Place, Bronx NY 718-881-8000 x206, admissions@cardinalspellman.org

Cardinal Spellman High School is the premier, co-educational, college preparatory, Catholic high school in the New York Metropolitan Area. Each student is prepared for personal success in college and life through various programs of studies and activities. Graduates are awarded millions in college scholarships and attend top-tier and Ivy League schools across the nation. In addition to the strong academic foundation, the school also allows its students to develop strong social skills while receiving support in a nurturing environment. Visit cardinalspellman.org to book an Open House Tour.


WestchesterFamily.com | October 2021

EF Academy’s mission is to open the world through education. At their international, private high school, they welcome day and boarding students from countries worldwide. Students engage in a learning experience to explore diverse perspectives through collaboration, analysis, and reflection. This results in developing the skills necessary to respond to the challenges and opportunities facing their generation. At EF Academy, they foster true global citizenship through their multicultural learning community. A big part of what makes EF Academy New York unique is its superb location in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Still, an even more significant part is the brilliant people who belong to our community. Register for EF Academy’s Open House on their campus in the heart of Westchester on November 3, 6:30 pm at 582 Columbus Ave in Thornwood, New York.



College Level AP, AP, College Level andand AP, College Level and AP, College Level and Honors Courses Honors Courses Honors Courses

Honors Courses States Accredited Middle States Accredited AP,Middle College Level and Middle States Accredited

Middle States Accredited Full Sports Program Honors Courses Full Sports Full SportsProgram Program

The Sacred Heart Players Full Sports Program Middle States Accredited The Sacred Heart Players The Sacred Heart Players Theatre Group The Sacred Heart Players Full Sports Program Theatre Group Theatre Group Extra -Group Curricular Activities Theatre Extra - Curricular Activities Extra - Curricular Activities The Sacred Heart Players and and More! Extra - More! Curricular Theatre Group Activities and More!

and ExtraMore! - Curricular Activities

34 Convent Avenue Yonkers,NY NY10703 10703 34 Convent Avenue Yonkers, 34 Convent Avenue Yonkers, NY 10703 914.965.3114 sacred hearths.org 914.965.3114 sacred hearths.org 34 Convent Avenue Yonkers, NY 10703 914.965.3114 sacred hearths.org 34 Convent Avenue Yonkers, NY 10703 914.965.3114 sacred hearths.org 914.965.3114 sacred hearths.org


and More!


Live Locally, Learn Globally Bilingual Program Nursery to Grade 12 International Program Grades 1-8 IB Diploma Program in Grades 11 & 12 ATTEND A VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE November 29, 6pm Preschool & Lower School No Knowledge of French Required

November 30, 6pm Middle & High School RSVP: www.fasny.org October 2021 | Westchester Family



French-American School of New York Manor Campus (Nursery-Grade 3) 111 Larchmont Avenue, Larchmont, 914-250-0469 Village Campus (Grades 4-8) 145 New Street, Mamaroneck, 914-250-0451 Harbor Campus (Grades 9-12) 320 East Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck, 914-250-0477 fasny.org

Emma Willard School Troy, NY 12180 518-833-1300, admissions@emmawillard.org emmawillard.org

For over 200 years, Emma Willard School has been a leader in girls’ education, challenging students to question, reason, learn, grow, and lead. Located in Troy, NY, Emma Willard School offers day and boarding students in grades 9-12 a balance of academic rigor and individual wellness, emphasizing personalized opportunities to grow and create. Our program pillars of intellectual flexibility, community, equity, and justice ensure that students walk away with a life-long sense of purpose.

Founded in 1980 as a one-classroom preschool, the French-American School of New York (FASNY) has offered the best bilingual education for local francophone families and expatriate students for more than forty years. In those 40+ years, FASNY has evolved to become an international and bilingual N-12 day school educating more than 700 students on three campuses in Mamaroneck and Larchmont, New York, no french required! It is the only school in the New York metropolitan area accredited to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma and the French baccalaureate. All students also graduate with a New York State high school diploma. Whether studying in the French-American Program or the International Program, FASNY encourages its students to be active participants in their education. The teaching and learning methods are based on mutual respect and a set of values that students and teachers follow, with a growth mindset always at the forefront. FASNY’s goal is not based solely on excellent results and academic rigor but on supporting their students to become well-rounded individuals set up for success outside of FASNY and beyond. Live Locally, Learn Globally at FASNY.

German International School New York (GISNY)

The Harvey School

50 Partridge Road, White Plains, NY 10605 914-948-6513, admissions@gisny.org, GISNY.ORG

260 Jay Street, Katonah, NY 10536 harveyschool.org, 914-232-3161

Outstanding bilingual education and a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes the sciences. For over 40 years, German International School New York (GISNY), an independent Pre-K through Grade 12 college preparatory program, cultivates students to develop into curious, analytical, and conscientious global citizens. GISNY is the only school in the tristate area accredited to offer the NYS High School Diploma and the German International Abitur, a globally recognized diploma, which facilitates access to universities worldwide. Their new science wing is a state-of-the-art Maker Space allowing their students to fully explore projects in the fields of design thinking, life sciences, and artificial intelligence. GISNY’s Pre-K and Kindergarten programs offer a bright, spacious, and nurturing environment. With their Nature-Based Early Childhood Education Program, the students enjoy most of their school day outdoors- exploring, learning, and playing on the beautiful 20-acre campus. Children entering the Pre-K or Kindergarten programs are not required to speak or understand German and build the foundation of being bilingual by first grade. Learn more and register for their virtual open house (upcoming dates: 10/20 and 11/17) or schedule a private campus tour @ GISNY.org/admissions.

The Harvey School personalizes an educational journey to be as unique as each student. Students don’t conform to a singular “portrait of a graduate.” They have unlimited opportunities to unlock their potential and chase what fulfills them, instilling a desire for greater knowledge, broader perspectives, and cultural awareness. At Harvey, helping students find their “thing” has everything to do with trust. When students connect with their teachers, they dream big, try new things, and take risks. The result: extraordinary personal and intellectual growth. Because joy matters, Harvey equips students with everything they need to live meaningfully, happily, and successfully. Harvey’s diverse, inclusive, and welcoming community includes students from over 100 communities in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey and international students from seven countries. Located on a beautiful 125-acre hilltop campus in Katonah, New York, Harvey provides a co-educational college-preparatory program that cultivates academic excellence, artistic exploration, athletic achievement, and service to others. There’s nothing more powerful than a student who believes they can make a difference.


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High School Where your future begins...

Open House


TACHS Code: 214

Open a world of opportunities for your child with a bilingual education that emphasizes the sciences at German International School New York, a Pre-K to grade 12 college preparatory program.

October 20, 2021 @ 3 p.m. November 17, 2021 @ 3 p.m. Learn more and register at GISNY.ORG

Saturday, October 23rd 10:00 am - 1 :00 pm




Up to 24 College Credits

Entering Pre-K or Kindergarten children are not required to speak or understand German and build the foundation of being bilingual by first grade.

Portfolio Assessments Internships & Mentoring Clubs & Sports

NEW state-of-the-art STREAM Center & NEW Digital Art and Animation Lab

Join our Virtual Open House and learn how we nurture independent thinkers and develop global citizens.

Contact: Gina Nieves, Admissions Director gnieves@stbarnabashigh.com 718.325.8800 ext. 20 425 E. 240th St. Bronx, NY 10470

GISNY.ORG | admissions@gisny.org


White Plains, NY 10605 | (914) 948-6513



OCT. 24TH, 11AM-3PM OCT. 26TH, 5PM-8PM

*FILL OUT AN INQUIRY AT CARDINALSPELLMAN.ORG FOR A FAST PASS TO SKIP THE LINE! One Cardinal Spellman Place Bronx, NY 10466 718-881-8000 X 206



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The Knox School

Marianapolis Preparatory School

St James, NY 11780 631-686-1600, admissions@knoxschool.org, knoxschool.org

Thompson, CT 06277 860-923-9245, admission@marianapolis.org, marianapolis.org

Founded in 1904, The Knox School is the oldest established private school on Long Island in New York. Our inclusive environment serves grades 6-12 and Post-Graduate, providing students with a broad world perspective and a wide range of skills to prepare them for the next phase of their journeys. At Knox, everyone knows your name, and each student’s potential is unlocked and maximized because of the boundless experiences a Knox education provides. We are proud of our 100% acceptance to top four-year universities. Whether you are an aspiring engineer or equestrian, artist or architect, performer or physicist, a Knox education unlocks every student’s potential and prepares them for success after high school.

Marianapolis is a Catholic co-educational boarding and day school nestled in northeast Connecticut. Located 2.5 hours from NYC, Marianapolis serves over 300 students from around the globe. Experiential learning is the core of the Marianapolis pedagogy, featuring short-term explorations – from cranberry bogging to blacksmithing – and a week of travel-based study in the spring. The traditional college-prep curriculum can be coupled with targeted tracks in Business & Entrepreneurship, Social Justice, or Innovation. Since 1926, Marianapolis’ family-oriented, values-based community has empowered each student to hone their vision for the impact they will make on our ever-changing world.

The Montfort Academy

Oakwood Friends School

125 E. Birch Street, Mt. Vernon NY 914-699-7090, themontfortacademy.org

22 Spackenkill Road, Poughkeepsie, NY admissions@oakwoodfriends.org OakwoodFriends.org, 845-462-4200

The Montfort Academy is a classical curriculum co-educational Catholic high school which forms the mind, body, and soul of its students. The Academy offers classes in Latin, Greek, Philosophy, Logic & Rhetoric, Great Books literature, Astronomy/ Astrophysics, and classes in math, science, history, the arts, and more. Students regularly engage in Socratic discussions in their daily classrooms to think more deeply about the most critical issues. Advanced Placement courses are available in U.S. history, English language, English literature, calculus, and biology. Activities and clubs include Marine Biology, Speech, Chess, Drama, Art, National Honor Society, Schola/Choir, and our most popular Astronomy Club. The athletic program includes boys and girls soccer, cross country, spring track, basketball, softball, baseball, and volleyball. College admissions are robust, with 10% of their recent class accepted into Ivy Leagues and 30% into the top 1% of colleges. Montfort received an A+ rating by Niche.com and is ranked the #1 diverse school in Westchester, providing a rich experience.


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High School 5 & 7 Day Boarding Programs, Grades 9-12. Full In-Person Programming, Academic & Extracurricular On a picturesque, 66-acre coed campus, infused with nature, surrounded in all directions by cultural enrichment and “fun” entertainment and dining venues, Oakwood Friends School prepares high school students for lives of achievement, accomplishment, compassion and conscience. The Oakwood high school experience is guided by Quaker principles, symbolized by the acronym SPICES (Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, Stewardship). Oakwood’s Staff is fully trained to engage students both in-person and remotely. SEL (Social & Emotional Learning) is integrated into the programming, with full-time school counselors to support students in- and outside the classroom. Oakwood engages students in a diverse and inclusive community: from the classroom, to the stage, to the sports fields and beyond, the school helps students step outside their comfort zone, find their voice, and expand their understanding. With the largest enrollment in over 50 years. Virtual Open Houses Sundays Oct 3 and Oct 17 at 10 AM. For more info and to RSVP, visit OakwoodFriends.org

A Real Catholic High School That Prepares You: To attend the best colleges, To be successful in this world, To be with God forever in the next world.



Sunday October 17th 3PM-6PM Tuesday October 26th 6PM-8PM

Scan for online application.

Please register at www.themontfortacademy.org

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Sacred Heart High School, Yonkers

Saint Barnabas High School

34 Convent Ave, Yonkers, NY 10703 914- 965-3114 ext.114, sacredhearths.org

425 East 240th Street, Bronx NY 718-325-8800x20, Stbarnabashigh.com

Sacred Heart is a coeducational school in Yonkers, founded by the Capuchin Franciscan Friars in 1923. The school is Middle States-Accredited and follows New York State Regents guidelines. Collegelevel courses are offered in English, business management, precalculus, and astronomy through an association with Westchester Community College. Advanced Placement courses include biology, English, and calculus. The athletic program includes volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, and track. Activities include drama club, art club, culinary club, music club, campus leadership, student government, and choir. Enrichment programs include international travel and campus ministry. Enrollment: 275; 98 percent of graduates go to college. President: Father Robert Abbatiello, O.F.M. Cap.; principal: Frances Acosta; tuition: $9,150; Call for more information. Open house: Saturday, Oct. 16, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and Thursday, Oct. 21, 6 p.m.-8 p.m.

Saint Barnabas High School (SBHS) is an all-girls Catholic, college preparatory school in the northeast Bronx, bordering Westchester County, offering academics for students from AP/Honors, College Credits, Regents, and Support Services with a variety of extracurricular clubs and sports including volleyball, cross country, track and field, basketball, softball, and golf. Students can earn up to 24 college credits and participate in internships, including law with NYS judges, medical, educational, and business fields. SBHS develops confident and capable young women from diverse backgrounds, helping them to reach their fullest potential. They have a new stateof-the-art STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) Center and contemporary digital art and animation technology programs. Accessible by car, bus, train, Metro-North from all boroughs and Westchester. Contact Gina Nieves, Director of Admissions, at 718-325-8800 x20 gnieves@stbarnabashigh.com. TACHS# 214. Open House, October 23, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Thornton-Donovan School

423 Main St., Wilbraham, MA 01095 413-596-6811, admission@wma.us, wma.us

Wilbraham & Monson Academy 100 Overlook Circle, New Rochelle 914-632-8836, td.edu

Founded in 1901 as The New Rochelle School and Kindergarten by Judge Martin Jerome Keogh. Judge Keogh offered his office space at 247 Main Street, New Rochelle, New York, to serve as the school’s first home. Renamed Thorton-Donovon School in honor of two beloved teachers Emily Scott Thornton and Cleophe Donovan, Thornton-Donovan serves as a boutique-like K - 12 school in a bucolic-like setting that offers education in an oldfashioned way. Its five homes, located on five acres, are all loaded with tech, and its small class size average of 10, making it very much like homeschooling. T-D is a K-12 120-year-old independent and international day school with a tuition of $23,500.00.


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Wilbraham & Monson Academy, voted 7-time TheRepublican/ MassLive Reader Raves winner for “Best Private School” in Western Massachusetts, is for students who are looking for a transformational educational community. WMA is a global experience that features 23 Advanced Placement courses and various honors tracks and creates global thinkers by offering a curriculum that integrates the mastery of traditional core disciplines while also incorporating courses specific to our Center for Entrepreneurship, Economics & Finance and our financial Trading Center. Our brand new 4,800-square-foot state-of-the-art STEM Lab, new $6.2 million Athenaeum Library, and athletic facilities complement our 400-acre campus, allowing students to engage in 30+ competitive, recreational, or civic activities.

Unlocking Unlocking Student Student Potential Potential Since Since 1904 1904

Small classes taught Small classes taught by teachers who inspire by teachers who inspire

Be challenged by Be challenged by signature academics signature academics

100% acceptance 100% acceptance to top universities to top universities Achieve greatness through elite Achieve greatness through elite athletics like Crew & Equestrian athletics like Crew & Equestrian

Celebrate individuality with Celebrate individuality with Visual and Performing Arts Visual and Performing Arts

Premier Boarding & Day School for Grades 6-12 + PG - Long Island, New York Premier Boarding & Day School for Grades 6-12 + PG - Long Island, New York

Schedule a tour today: Schedule a tour today: Phone: (631) 686-1600 ext 414 Phone: (631) 686-1600 ext 414 Email: admissions@knoxschool.org Email: admissions@knoxschool.org Website: www.knoxschool.org Website: www.knoxschool.org 541 Long Beach Road 541 Long Beach Road Saint James, NY 11780 Saint James, NY 11780

@Knoxschool @Knoxschool25

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Learning Support for Your Child is Here


he last two years of school have been challenging. And what we have learned thus far is the resilience of fantastic educators, schools, and of course, our kids. While there have been hurdles, this is understandable; we have never dealt with a pandemic (!).

Sylvan Learning Center of Pleasantville

child may have a learning challenge

Here are a few signs that may mean your child needs some learning support: • They seem frustrated, more so than ever, and are vocally sharing that they cannot understand a specific subject • Their teacher has expressed that your

Learning Support comes in many different forms. New York has it all, from intensive tutoring for those experiencing learning challenges to those who offer coaching and enrichment classes to help children fulfill their highest potential. Some tutoring and enrichment programs provide scholarships, so make sure to check out what they offer to decide which service is the best fit.


57 Wheeler Avenue Pleasantville, NY 10570 914- 579-2584 sylvanlearning.com/ pleasantvilleny Pleasantville.NY@ sylvanlearning.com Sylvan is the leading provider of tutoring to students in grades K-12 in Reading, Math, Writing, Study Skills and SAT Prep. Sylvan’s trained and certified teachers provide personalized instruction to each student. At Sylvan, students develop the skills to do better in school and the confidence to do better in everything else. Ask about their NEW FAMILY SAVINGS offer for a Sylvan Insight Assessment and 10 tutoring sessions


Homefield Bowl • Bumper • Juniors • Disco iNClUdeS:

Following all CDC guidelines

• 1 hour & 30 minutes of bowling • Each gets a choice of hot dog, pizza or chicken nuggets with french fries & soda • QUIBICA Automatic Scoring

ToTAl PARTY Time: • 2 Hours

914.969.5592 · www.homefieldbowl.com Book a party and receive a



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Happy New Year!


Terrific January Activities


New World Stages 340 W. 50th St.




For groups or birthdays call 866.642.9849


free game with this ad

938 Saw Mill River Road, Yonkers

2019 Camp Directory


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s families nest into fall, we have been learning from the toy experts about educational, calming, and fun toys for kids of all ages. These picks are perfect as kids’ who may still be transitioning back to school. Check out some of our favorites, as we have toys that fit all budgets!

Tech Toys That Teach Pixicade is as simple as Draw, Snap, and Play with their exciting new app-based video game design system that provides a unique play experience for kids to turn their artwork into playable video games and then share them. Families will love that it was developed in part by an NYC public school teacher; that the three colorful interactive books have over 100 game examples and 30 learning activities for hours of fun instruction offline; and there are seven game types teaching a variety of skills, including literacy, problem-solving, rapid prototyping, and logic. Pixicade.com, $24.99


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Green Games Family-owned Adventerra Games teach kids real-life tips for how to help our environment with fun and engaging games like Hungry Bins, Recycle Rally, PowerHaus, WaterGame, and Global Warming. Families will love that they are made from eco-friendly products and teach about the environment through play! Kids will love learning while having fun through STEM games like PowerHaus that teaches kids they have real power to fight climate change by moving through the game and deciding which habits to change and which appliances and home improvements are better for your wallet and the world. Adventerragamesusa.com, $19.99

STEM Toys Families will love National Geographic Toys’ innovative, hands-on science and STEM kits. Kids will love The National Geographic Super Gross Chemistry Set with 45 different super gross experiments to try, like making a jar full of creepy eyeballs; boiling boogers and creating snot bubbles; making atomic pee and farting slime; watching goo defy gravity; and more. Kids will love learning about polymer science, chemical reactions, pH science, phosphorescence, and biology, all while having a total blast! Additional STEM sets like the Amazing Reactions Chem Set and Rock Bingo will rock kids’ worlds. Amazon.com,Starting at $24.99

Learning through Crystal Fairy Fun Crystalina light-up fairy dolls combine the empowering energy of crystals with LED lights, blending collectible dolls with cool lights and role play! Each Crystalina doll embodies a crystal element and aura, including Turquoise (Healing), Rose Quartz (Love), Amethyst (Wisdom), and Aventurine (Luck). Each doll comes with a kid-wearable crystal-shaped amulet that pass colorful “crystal powers” like wisdom and confidence in the form of LED light patterns back and forth between the doll and the amulet. We love that the dolls come with brushable hair and a variety of skin tones to reflect diversity. $12.99

Squish Stress Away Toys Kids will love the sweet and savory Squishmallow Food Squad featuring the lovable Carmelita the S’more and her collectible, delectable friends like Bernardo the Burrito, Tex the Taco, Bernice the Boba, Sinclair the Avocado Toast, and Clara the Ice Cream Sundae. Families will also love the smaller, budget-friendly Squishville Mystery Mini Plush. This adorable and squishy assortment features everyone’s favorite Squishmallows plush characters in a mini 2-inch size. Kids will love these mystery miniSquishmallows plush toys that come with a fashion accessory they squeeze into and mixing and matching fashions. Squishmallows. com/ Starting at $4.99

Match, Make, and Mix In just three easy steps, match, make & mix Color Fusion, a custom nail polish maker can create up to 200 custom colors in either a shimmer style or glossy style finish, allowing kids to create up to 120 manicures or pedicures, and match their nails to your favorite outfit or accessory. Families will love that the Color Fusion Nail Polish Maker uses water-based nail polish formula and is removed by scrubbing hands with warm soapy water. Along with the companion app, kids will love to up their nail game with custom matching colors and unique nail art designs since, with a library of over 200 colors, the possibilities are endless! Target.com, $24.99

Sensory Toys Dimpl Pops and Dimpl Pops Deluxe are perfect for the elementary set who are going crazy over sensory/fidget toys. Kids love the Dimpl Pops board of 18 rainbow dimpl bubbles to poke and pop over and over. Parents love that it encourages fine motor skills, sensory learning, and calmness and is perfect for travel, relaxing at home, sensory discovery, and learning. Plus, it is 100% food-grade silicone, BPA-Free, fully safety tested, and hand washable. Kids also love the keychain version, Simpl Dimpl, which comes in multiple colors and designs, and has gone absolutely bonkers on TikTok. Kids love to clip it to their backpacks and play with it during class. Fatbraintoys.com, starting at $12.99 October 2021 | Westchester Family


ask the expert

Reconnecting with Your Partner Lifecoach and author Kristen Glosserman shares strategies By Donna Duarte-LaDD


e all know that we were a bit at times on autopilot during the height of the pandemic. You and your partner got through this challenging time, and like most of us, did the best you could. We took each day as it came. We put one foot before the other. There were those times we let things slide since we were in one space together with nowhere to go. But now school is back in session, and while COVID is still a factor in our lives, we are starting to get back to normalcy. And, gasp, your partner is getting on your nerves again. This is all part of ‘getting back to normal.’ And now that we have space both mentally and figuratively, the regular life stuff is hitting us again. We connected with expert Life Coach and author (If It’s Not Right, Go Left) Kristen Glosserman on getting back to a healthy relationship with the one you love. As kids return to school and new variants pop up, making for the uncertainty of our next steps, how can couples get back to connecting without being in survival mode? Connecting, really connecting, with your partner is like anything else: if it’s important to you, then you’ll have to allocate time and energy to it. So, if you have found that partnership was de-prioritized over the last year or two, you want to bring it back to the top of the list. Remember, it’s about energy; wherever we put energy is where it will grow. My husband and I have designated one night of every week as our date night. I talk about this, and how “Love is a Choice” in my new book, If It’s Not Right, Go Left. As a couple, Marc and I are very consistent with our date night, giving each other one night a week alone, just the two of us, where we can have that space every couple needs. With back-toschool, so much of parents’ energy goes into


the children and their schedules and needs. I know every parent is completely tuned in to that right now. Still, it is important not to lose sight that you still have a partner, and that area of your life still requires energy and effort. On our date nights, Marc and I stay conscious of the direction of our conversation, agreeing to talk about something other than the children or work. We’ve managed to create a discipline around our communication. It’s a practice, like yoga, and it’s something you start small and keep getting better at. Whenever we catch ourselves slipping in a negative direction, we use healthy, positive communication to stay close instead of drifting apart. Just by using positive language with your partner, you really can control the energy dynamics. The other night, my husband and I were bickering, and the next morning we both said, “I want love.” It works. For date night inspiration, why not try: • A new activity together, like going for an after-dinner walk or jog. • Playing tennis or going bowling, just to

WestchesterFamily.com | October 2021

shake things up a bit. • Trade places in the kitchen, where Marc is awesome. I have my traditional favorite repertoire, but he challenges me with newto-me recipes, such as Beef Wellington or cooking up a whole fish. • Try to adjust your mindset and get on the same wave as your partner. Remember, it’s about the shared experience more than anything else. So be spontaneous, and jump in the car for a miniadventure; just a short distance from your home base, there could be something new and exciting worth checking out. COVID made it hard to travel, so Marc took us exploring nearby in the Hudson Valley, where we discovered some amazing places together. After 20 months of total togetherness, how can couples maintain a healthy relationship as couples spend more time apart? I think it’s about finding the value and benefit in change, any change. Change is hard, and change is good: that’s an important lesson in my book. So this newest change—more time apart instead of total

togetherness—can be a good thing if you choose for it to be. Just think, now we have an opportunity to be on our own, to put a little more energy into our individualism and independence. Then, we can come back together and share that experience with our partner. It’s healthy when we choose to see change as a positive; that’s a great mindset. In any partnership, too much time together or apart—or anything too extreme—doesn’t benefit anyone. So yes, we got used to a lot of togetherness, and maybe it was too much. Embrace change by recognizing that there has been something beautiful about all this time together, and now it’s OK to do things differently. Recognize that there will be less time together, and choose how best to spend that limited time. YOU get to choose. Now, we can focus on the quality, not the quantity, of our time together. We can make those together moments count! I recommend that you choose one night to be a family and stay home and cook. We like to do that with an early, cozy dinner on Friday or Sunday. Where will your moments be? How will you enjoy the time together you do have? Choose those moments because if we don’t choose, they won’t happen. With everyone’s schedules altered and in flux, we may have to create some new traditions… great! Change is hard, and change is good! At the end of each chapter in my book, I give readers ThinkWork, my version of homework for grown-up success. So ask yourself these questions: • How can this time apart be beneficial to me? • What do I want to accomplish on my own? • What would I like to create more space for? • When is the best time for us all to come together? When communications have ceased between a couple, how can they begin to speak to each other again? Relationships—even the really good, strong ones—will go through highs and lows. I know, I’ve been married 15 years. Whenever we drift apart, it’s essential to have the hope and the belief that we can come back together again. And we do that by having small, achievable goals. It might be something as simple as bringing your partner a cup of coffee or tea, asking if they need anything when you’re running out to the store, or offering to assist with something they’re working on. Communication is the

Photo Credit: Aletiza Photo

Kristen Glosserman with her family. bedrock of any relationship, and questions are a great way to get couples connecting again: Do you need anything? Can I help you today? That line of questioning can restart the communication and get a couple talking. Just the other week, Marc and I found ourselves at a real stand-off. The realities of back-to-school pressures were getting the better of us. After a day or two of “drifting,” I wanted to move us back together and in a positive direction. So I stayed up late and wrote my husband a letter. It’s a tactic I often use when trying to initiate a makeup. These are the guidelines I always follow: • Be genuine in your outreach. • Remain kind. • Explain your position and be willing to move forward. • Don’t expect anything in return. Feel lighter with the knowledge that you’ve done your part in moving the situation in a more positive direction, and watch how things slowly resolve themselves. Try it and see! Many couples have shared that they were on autopilot during the height of the pandemic, and problems are resurfacing. How does a couple know when it is time to see a therapist? You can choose to move things in a healthy and positive direction. However, if the communication is breaking down and the two of you can no longer work together effectively, then it may be time to get help. And help can come in many forms; it may be a neighbor or marriage counselor, a

psychotherapist, or life coach. Whoever you consult for help, remember the “change is good” mindset, view this challenge as an opportunity to move your relationship in a healthy, positive direction. The title of my book is If It’s Not Right, Go Left: I believe that when things aren’t right, it’s time to do something different. Whenever the two of you are not making progress—when you’ve tried to connect, have asked each other questions, creating small goals together yet not meeting them—then the progress, the hope, the joy of the partnership are just not happening because the communication has broken down. Get help. And by the way, help is not a failure; it’s a win because now we’re getting back on track, moving in a positive direction. Getting help is one of the strongest, smartest things you can do in any situation, but especially this one. Glosserman found her true calling, Life Coaching, while overcoming a difficult time in her late 20s. She holds Coaching Certifications from the Institute of Life Coach Training, New York University, and Wharton. Glosserman has coached executives from Wall Street to American Express- among others. A Positive Discipline Parent Educator and proud mother of four, Glosserman brings her relatable approach to parenting into her practice, providing practical, straightforward advice that works. A partner with her husband Marc in the hospitality business Hill Country Barbecue Market, Glosserman is completing her first, soon-to-bepublished book If It’s Not Right, Go Left. Follow her on Instagram @kristenglosserman. October 2021 | Westchester Family



Bucket List Get started on the season with our ultimate to-do list for New York families

By Donna Duarte-LaDD


all is here, and there is no better place to be than New York City. And while COVID is still very present, unlike last year, we can finally get out. So head over to see a Broadway show, go on a hayride, or perhaps make a family road trip. Whether it’s hopping on the free Staten Island Ferry to get a sneak peek of Lady Liberty or using your Culture Pass to visit a museum- New York has many things to do! So go apple picking or hop on the train for a closer adventure, we have the ultimate fall bucket list for the season! City Fall Foliage Head over to Central Park, where the park’s 18,000 trees turn into a beauty of fall hue; the best part is that seasons change a bit later in Central Park. Official Fall Foliage Map can be found here at centralparknyc.org/activities/ guides/where-to-find-fall-foliage-in-centralpark. Enjoy Hot Chocolate While Levain Bakery cookies are iconic, their hot chocolate is also a treat. This is the perfect cold-weather treat made with hand-shaved Valrhona dark chocolate and the steam milk of your choice. Ride a New York Carousel Head over to Brooklyn Bridge Park and, for $2, take a ride on Jane’s Carousel while enjoying the East River; if it isn’t too chilly, pack a picnic and break for lunch before heading home. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge If you have done this walk before, then you know-walking the Brooklyn Bridge is not only one of the most iconic things to do in New York; it is gorgeous. So don’t forget the camera or phone as you can also check your holiday card off the list with this adventure.


Go to the Top of Rock The entire family will appreciate our gorgeous city even more at seventy floors up with the stunning views of the city that can be seen from Top of Rock. There are three floors (67th, 69th, and 70th) where you can check out picturesque views of both the Hudson and East Rivers and the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and Chrysler Building. See a Broadway Show Broadway is back, so hop on a train and take in some big Apple favorites like The Lion King, Aladdin, Harry Potter, and The Cursed Child, which are kid-friendly and helps support the theatre district. Visit the Lego Store Check out the new-ish Lego Store on Fifth Avenue location (636 Fifth Avenue), where kids will have a fun experience at the brick Lab or customizing a Minifigure at The LEGO Minifigure Factory or just doing the free stuff and enjoying the store. Fall at Prospect Park Spend a fall day and enjoy nature and pockets of woodlands at Prospect Park. Visit Lefferts Historic House, Prospect Park Zoo, or take the kids on the Carousel Carousel ( the only wheelchair accessible Carousel in the nation) located at Prospect Park’s Children’s Corner or head over to one of the parks seven (!) playgrounds. The Great Jack O’lantern Blaze Visit the Hudson Valley and go back to the 18th century at Van Cortlandt Manor 525 S Riverside, Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520. With a magical night of more than 7,000 pumpkins that light up the landscape in what is The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze, the events run until November 17th but hurry, they sell out fast. Culture Pass is Back Culture Pass is back after being on hold

WestchesterFamily.com | October 2021

during the pandemic. Museums require vaccinations, and if you are 13 and older with a Brooklyn, Queens, or New York Public Libray card, you can reserve a pass for free admission to many of NYC’s museums, public gardens, and more! Take a Gondola Ride or Row Boat on the Central Park Head over to Loeb Boathouse and take a Gondola or rowboat ride. Boats are $20 per hour (CASH ONLY) and $5 for each additional 15 minutes, with a $20 cash deposit; boats hold four people per boat. Gondola rides are $50 per half hour and need to be reserved in advanced 212.517.2233. Boats are available until November with weather permitting. Located at Park Drive North, E 72nd Street. Make it Fashion: Dior Exhibit Visit the Brooklyn Museum’s Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibit for a mom (or dad!) day out and a dose of French culture. Learn about the history and legacy of the House of Dior via haute couture garments, photographs, archival videos, sketches, and more. Harry Potter Store Take your wizards to the Harry Potter Store, where they can visit three stories of 21,000 square feet of magic and have an in-store experience via digital technologies that integrate with the Harry Potter Fan Club app. Drink Apple Cider Is it even Fall if you don’t enjoy some cliche treats, like hot apple cider? Pick a cup up at your local farmers’ market this season. See a Movie Outdoors See a Drive-in Movie. Head over to Skyline Drive-In and watch one of their familyfriendly movies. Do not have a car? Check out their outdoor seating!

busy city life. East River Ferry Ride the East River Ferry and explore NYC check out Governors Island, South Brooklyn, and more! Summit One Vanderbilt Take in the beautiful city skyline from 1,000 feet in the air! The new Summit One Vanderbilt is the newest skyscraper opening on October 21st that allows visitors to look over NYC in their all-glass enclosed elevator and transparent glass sky-boxes. Walk the Highline Explore the Highline, one of the hands-down most fun-filled free outdoor spaces in NYC. This elevated park, built on an abandoned train, is perfect for a stroll, yummy eats, and a warm drink when the food court is open. Visit AMNH The American Museum of Natural History is always fun, and frankly, exploring the museum never gets old. The best part is New York residents decide what they pay for general admission. Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience Check out 20,000 square feet of a gorgeous light and sound experience. Showcasing the artist’s most compelling works in incredible installments and the main attraction projects his work in 360 degrees. Queens County Farm From pumpkins, mazes to livestock, the Queens County Farm is not far from the city and an easy way to enjoy the outdoors. Tea at the Plaza If looking for a splurge head over to The Palm Court In Plaza Hotel. Waiters are happy to see you and are incredibly accommodating. Kids will love the English cucumber sandwich, cookie, and cream Oreo macaroon, all topped off with pink cotton candy.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden Explore The Brooklyn Botanic Garden after dark while walking through their illuminating light display, Lightscape. This colorful experience is put together across a one-mile trail of the gardens and showcases 18 works of light art! Lightscape opens on

November 19th, but tickets are on sale now. Little island at Pier 55 Visit the Little Island off of Pier 55 for a unique public park experience. This small island uses stunning architecture and landscaping to create a peaceful escape from

See the Statue of Liberty via The Staten Island Ferry Get on the Staten Island Ferry, first because it is the Staten Island Ferry and it’s aweinspiring–––; secondly, it has one of the best views of The Statue of Liberty, and it is *FREE*. Catch it at the Whitehall Terminal in Manhattan. October 2021 | Westchester Family


You Can Sit With Us Lindsay Stuart, Edil Cuepo, and Alexis Barad-Cutler share the importance of a supportive community and how our mom friends are the people who help us get through the everyday grind of parenting

By Cris Pearlstein


aving worked in fashion magazines for over a decade I’m not easily starstruck, mostly because when you work with celebrities you quickly learn they are human beings, just like anyone else. But I don’t work in that industry anymore so now I get excited about a different type of person: moms. These days nothing gets me more starstruck than a cool mom with something to say, who is honest and open about her experience as a mother. Being assigned this story was my version of being backstage at the Oscars. The three women on this cover have a lot in common: they all have multiple kids, they are all New Yorkers, and they were all moved to create something to fill a void they saw in their lives. Alexis Barad-Cutler founded Not Safe For Mom Group, a social platform that describes itself as “a mom group for the uninhibited” where you can “ask anything, say everything, and be anonymous” because she was censored as a parenting writer. Lindsay Stuart, a former makeup artist and HSN host, opened Glam Expressway, a fun boutique she felt was missing in her DUMBO neighborhood. And Edil Cuepo, who, in an effort to gain external validation for her choice to quit her job when her daughter was born, started Rockaway Baby, a website and community that honors, celebrates, and features the stories of SAHM’s everywhere. These moms not only have a lot in common with each other, but they have a lot in common with all of us. They each rely heavily on their communities to support them, their friends to keep them sane, and their own instincts to mother in the way that feels right to them. IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME ALEXIS: “About 10 years ago I was writing about motherhood for a lot of different outlets, and I was known for talking about


WestchesterFamily.com | October 2021

the stuff that no one else would. A lot of people thanked me for saying what they were thinking but wouldn’t say out loud. It was really satisfying to use some of the more traumatic events of becoming a new mother, which at the time had made me feel very alone, as an opportunity to connect with other women and help them feel better about what they were experiencing. I wrote a piece about looking for a babysitter online, likening it to online dating—the outlet, a super-cool mom-focused website, took it down after a wave of comments proved the story to be controversial. I was angry. I began experimenting on Instagram and I secretly created a page called Not Safe For Mom Group that felt like an extension of the kind of writing I was doing. When that outlet censored me I just felt like all of this we’re here for you, mama stuff we were being sold was a lie, and I felt it was especially unfair to the young moms who were coming up. I then decided to go live with my Instagram page—I wanted it to be a repository for moms to let things out, a place where we would not be silenced, and where we can say what’s on our minds without being told it’s controversial. When you’re a mom, you’re still just a regular person, and you may have thoughts that aren’t always maternal and nurturing. You can be a mom and be loud and angry also.” LINDSAY: “I always loved fashion in high school and university (I was voted best dressed!) but I never claimed to be a fashion expert. I just always felt like I could recognize what women like, how they want to look, and how they want to feel. As a makeup artist I was trained in color theory so that definitely helped, and being on live TV with HSN taught me how to talk to different people. I always felt like all the stores in DUMBO were so high-end and not relatable for me as a mother with four children. As moms we’re spending money on activities and extracurricular stuff for the kids, we’re

putting them first, and we’re not necessarily chasing down the next designer thing that’s on trend. So in 2017 I opened my store—we sell a mix of fun, statement pieces. We have a little something for everyone.” EDIL: “My website all started from the shame I felt after deciding to leave my career to stay home with my daughter. The old me would have gone back to work in a heartbeat, but by 12 weeks I was completely changed. Every day looked the same the first year I was home, and I felt lost and unproductive no matter how exhausted I was at night. And since it was wintertime with a newborn I had long periods of isolation. Even when I knew in my heart it was worth leaving my job to raise my daughter, I still craved external validation. The same support and recognition working moms got I wanted as a SAHM. I wanted to find moms who’d been in my shoes to tell me I made the right decision. I couldn’t find a community that did exactly that so I created it—my website is a space that honors and spotlights a mother’s decision to stay home because that decision is a BIG DEAL. We may not always be showered and dressed, but we work just as hard as any CEO.” SELF-CARE IS FAMILY-CARE ALEXIS: “The people in the NSFMG community have really helped my life and my parenting, but the bigger the group grew the harder it was on my psyche, and the harder it was on my family because I was carrying the emotional weight of a lot of people’s pain. During Covid I had to take a lot of mentalhealth breaks because it was just so sad, people were really suffering. There were a lot of situations where the mom had a job and was taking care of the kids, and the dad didn’t have a job, and the kid was sick, and the mom was a teacher, and they had an aging parent to care for—almost everyone writing in every day had this kind of life filled with real-life challenges. My three team members have

friends, have date nights, have a well-balanced life. I think balance is the key to happiness in motherhood. If you work too much you’re going to feel guilty about not being there for your kids, but if you’re with your kids too much, let’s face it, you’ll go crazy.” EDIL: “As a stay-at-home mom with a husband who works full-time and is in law school, I don’t get a dedicated day to practice self-care, instead it’s sprinkled throughout my week. It comes in small doses, and it’s often done alongside my kids—it’s listening to The Daily podcast, when the baby is napping, it’s going for a walk, it’s journaling, it’s staying up late to watch crime or reality shows, or it’s keeping myself engaged by helping a friend out with marketing for their business. These moments are superimportant to me, they’re how I tell myself ‘I love you and I see you’. I know that if I can’t take care of myself no one else will. Also, when I do these things I’ll say it out loud so my daughter is aware—I’ll say, “I really love this book so I’m going to sit and read now” or “my body could use some fresh air, let’s go for a walk.” I want her to know that I do things for myself, too, even when it’s not big and obvious. I want her to grow up knowing how to love and care for herself.”

Photo by Michelle Rose Photo

become a lifeline for me, we text all day long. It was hard to make the investment to hire help and grow my team, but I feel these things in my body and I don’t do too great with that. Since they all came from the community, I knew I could trust them—they’re so hardworking and smart, I feel so lucky. Our community manager took over the DMs, she’s the one who interacts with our community. I used to live in our DMs, reading until 5am sometimes, responding, writing to people

in crisis, and she’s now my boundary. She’ll send me the ones I need to respond to or flag, but it’s pulled me out of those bad places. I need to be strong for the community, I need to be able to lead it. When I wasn’t strong the community wasn’t strong.” LINDSAY: “Mothers tend to lose themselves, because we always sacrifice for our children, but you have to remember while you’re doing what’s best for your children you still are a whole person—you need to see your girl-

WORDS OF WISDOM ALEXIS: “I can’t stress how important it is to take advantage of all the opportunities there are to make mom friends. Go to a playground and strike up a conversation, or go to a class. Filling your days with things to do gives them some meaning and gives yourself some routine. The endless days with no other human interaction is a recipe for disaster, depression, and sadness. They don’t all have to be your best friends, you just need people to hang out with.” LINDSAY: “I know a lot of people are not going to like hearing this but don’t take advice from people who don’t have children. I had an actual argument with a friend over this, she was hurt and said, “I feel I can advise because I’ve been a child.” I made the analogy that we’ve all been in a car, but we’re all not driving it. I block out anything from a person who hasn’t experienced motherhood.” EDIL: “For any new mom who might be in the same place as I was back then, feeling shame surrounding their decision to stay home, my blog is there. The stay at home mom stories I’ve collected are there to empower, enlighten, and, most especially, make a mom feel less alone. Never underestimate the power of self-love, stories, and community.” October 2021 | Westchester Family


family day out



Great spots to visit in and around Westchester!


all is here which means it is time to start enjoying fun family adventures that are part of living in this beautiful state. And while last year during the height of the pandemic most farms had limited hours many are open again with outdoor activities. So get out and enjoy — for really, there is nothing like New York in the fall and apple picking is definitely one of those fun days out that we all look forward to every season!

Things to keep in mind : • Some are farms have changed their hours since last year, we recommend checking the website • Masks are required at some farms past the age of two • You may want to bring your own bag • Some farms are reservation only, check the website to assure you make your reservation • Most stores are open on the farms but may be implementing social distancing • We strongly encourage you to look up the website or call the farm you plan to visit as many farms have to change their hours during the pandemic. The farms have worked hard to accommodate visitors and are happy to be open for apple picking for fall 2021!

Wilkens Fruit & Fir Farm 1335 White Hill Road, Yorktown Heights 914-245-5111. Wilkensfarm.com

Fraleigh’s Rose Hill Farm 19 Rose Hill Farm, off Rte. 9, Red Hook 845-758-4215. Pickrosehillfarm.com

Dutchess County, N.Y.

Greig Farm 223 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook 845-758-1234. Greigfarm.com

Westchester County, N.Y.

Barton Orchards 63 Apple Tree Lane, Poughquag 845-227-2306. bartonorchards.com

Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard 130 Hardscrabble Road, North Salem 914-485-1210. Harvestmoonfarmandorchard.com

Cedar Heights Orchard Crosby Lane, Rhinebeck 845-876-3231. rhinebeckapples.com

Lawrence Farms Orchard 39 Colandrea Road, Newburgh 845-562-4268. lawrencefarmsorchards.com

Stuart’s Farm 62 Granite Springs Road, Granite Springs 914-245-2784. Stuartsfarm.com

Fishkill Farms 9 Fishkill Farm Road, Hopewell Junction 845-897-4377. Fishkillfarms.com

Mead Orchards 15 Scism Road, off Rte. 9, Tivoli 845-756-5641. meadorchards.com


WestchesterFamily.com | October 2021

Masker Orchards 45 Ball Road, off Rte. 17A, Warwick 845-986-1058. maskers.com Ochs Orchard 4 Ochs Lane, off Rte. 94, Warwick 845-986-1591. ochsorchard.net Pennings Orchard 169 State Rte. 94 South, Warwick 845-986-7080. penningsorchard.com Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery 114 Little York Road, Warwick 845-258-4858. wvwinery.com Rockland County, N.Y. The Orchards of Concklin Rte. 45 and S. Mountain Road, Pomona 845-354-0369. theorchardsofconcklin.com

Ulster County, N.Y. Apple Hill Farm 124 Rte. 32 South, New Paltz 845-255-1605. applehillfarm.com Dressel Farms 271 Rte. 208, New Paltz 845-255-0693. dresselfarms.com Hurd’s Family Farm 2187 Rte. 32, Modena 845-883-7825. hurdsfamilyfarm.com Jenkins-Lueken Orchards 69 Yankee Folly Road, New Paltz 845-255-0999. jlorchards.com

Meadowbrook Farms 29 Old Myers Corners Road, Wappingers Falls 845-297-3002. meadowbrookfarmmarket.com

Long Island, N.Y. Seven Ponds Orchards 65 Seven Ponds Road, Water Mill 631-726-8015 Wickham’s Fruit Farm U-Pick yearly membership required purchase on arrival at the farm, $20/ family 28700 Main Road (Rte. 25),

Cutchogue 631-734-6441. wickhamsfruitfarm.com

Fairfield County, Conn. Blue Jay Orchards 125 Plumtrees Road, Bethel 203-748-0119. bluejayorchardsct.com Silverman’s Farm 451 Sport Hill Road, Easton 203-261-3306. silvermansfarm.com

Locust Grove Fruit Farm 199 North Road, Milton 845-795-5194. locustgrovefruitfarm.com Prospect Hill Orchards 40 Clarkes Lane, Milton 845-795-2383. prospecthillorchards.com Weed Orchards Hayrides, farm animals, cafe and bakery 43 Mt. Zion Road, Marlboro 845-236-2684. weedorchards.com

Orange County, N.Y. Applewood Orchard & Winery 82 Four Corners Road, Warwick 845-986-1684. applewoodorchards.com

Wilklow Orchards 341 Pancake Hollow Road, Highland 845-691-2339. wilkloworchards.com October 2021 | Westchester Family


mom hacks

Easy Snack Dishes for


recipes by catherine Mccord of Weelicious


f looking for a fun way to celebrate Halloween with fantastic main dishes or snacks Catherine McCord of Weelicious and One Potato never disappoints with her creative recipes. Think spooky deviled eggs and wrapped mummies that are simple and most importantly loved by kids. Whether you are hosting a small Halloween party or make snack time a bit spooky for the kids, we have some of Catherine’s most fun and spooktacular recipes!

DevIleD egg sPIDers (makes 12 spiders) Prep Time: 10 mins, Cook Time: 10 mins Ingredients • 6 hard boiled eggs • 1 teaspoon dijon mustard • 1/4 cup mayonnaise (or vegan mayonnaise) • 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt • 15-20 whole pitted olives (black, green, or kalamata)

MuMMy Dogs (serves 8) Prep Time: 10 mins, Cook Time: 15 mins Ingredients • 8 veggie, turkey or beef dogs • 1 recipe pizza dough Preparation 1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. 2. Line a cookie sheet with foil and lightly grease with cooking spray. 3. Cut the pizza dough into 8 even strips using a pizza cutter or knife. 4. Stretch each piece of the pizza dough until it’s about 4 times the length of the hot dog. 5. Starting at the top, wrap the pizza dough around the hot dog until it’s completely covered allowing a small space for the face. 6. Place the wrapped hot dogs on the cookie sheet and bake for 15 minutes. 7. When the hot dogs are cool, dot the ketchup and/or mustard with a toothpick for the eyes. 8. Serve. Accompaniments ketchup, mustard


WestchesterFamily.com | October 2021

Preparation 1. Slice the eggs in half lengthwise. Remove the yolks and place in a mixing bowl. Add the mustard, mayonnaise, and salt to the yolks and mash together with a fork. 2. Using a piping bag or sandwich bag with the bottom tip cut off, pipe the egg yolk mixture back into the center of the egg white. (You can also just spoon the egg yolk mixture back into the egg white) 3. Slice 12 olives in half lengthwise. Place one half, cut side down, on top of each deviled egg. 4. Slice the remaining olives in half again lengthwise and then into 4 slices to make the legs. 5. Place 3-4 legs on each side of the olive halves on top of the deviled eggs. Accompaniments How to Boil An Egg: weelicious.com/2014/07/29/how-to-boil-anegg-video/

talks 12 Must-watch for parents We’ve got a list of top-notch experts to speak on timely parenting topics and dish out essential advice. Break the cycle of parental burnout, transform your relationship, learn the latest science on child development and more with our free New York Family Speaker Series.

D�n’t mis� �u�! One quick registration gets you access to the entire lineup. Register now:


For additional questions or sponsorship opportunities, please email us at speakerseries@newyorkfamily.com

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