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All the best of brand Scandinavia for you to taste, test and buy!




12-13 October 2013 Tobacco Dock 50 Porters Walk Wapping, London E1W 2SF


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The Scandinavia Show 2013 | Contents

Welcome to Tobacco Dock, Wapping

12-13 October 2013

SHOW GUIDE Contents Sponsors......................................... 4 Programme .................................... 7 Show Offers .................................. 14 Floor Plan ..................................... 19 Exhibitors...................................... 19 Organised by:


2 | 12-13 October 2013

Following previous years’ successes, Scandinavia Show 2013 is sure to take you somewhere truly extraordinary. Covering travel, food, design and lifestyle, Scandinavia Show exhibits the best exports that the Nordic region has to offer, along with irresistible shopping opportunities for all. We believe that Scandinavia has something for everyone, and this is the show to prove it! Our travel section aims at satisfying your wanderlust, presenting a parade of exciting destinations across the Nordic region that are sure to take your breath away. Tourism boards from all the Scandinavian countries will be present, so make sure to visit them for inspiration and fantastic offers. And why not get organising the practicalities out of the way as well? Travel companies like ACP Rail, Discover the World, and FlyNonstop will be at the ready to assist you. Make sure to keep the blood sugar at a constant high to maintain a suitably lively energy level for the

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The Scandinavia Show 2013 | Welcome

The Scandinavia Show 2013 All the best of brand Scandinavia for you to taste, test and buy! When you need a break from all the eating and whole weekend. With exhibitors like our favourite shopping, pop by the Atrium Stage for a full-on London haunt, Scandinavian Kitchen, the Swedish, Viking fight, give Nordic Noir film a go at NordiNorwegian and Finnish Churches, and Stockholm cana, or get some fresh air while getting up close Restaurant & Deli, our food section offers everywith a reindeer. thing from salt liquorice and cinnamon buns to rye bread and waffles, and needless to say, you can Whatever you do, we hope that you’ll enjoy the stock up on cloudberry and lingonberry jam as well. Scandinavia Show 2013! As expected by a Scandinavia-themed event, we have put together a brilliantly impressive design section, with quality brands like furniture manufacturer AKTA, retailer Danish Homestore, jewellery designer GråsilCO M P ET I T I O N ver and classic outdoor Win a Stressless® clothing producer FjällOrion Batick Latte Chair räven amongst the exand Stool worth £1349 hibitors. If there was ever a perfect opportunity to For more information and to enter, please visit pick out your first iconic Scandinavian design piece, this is it.

12-13 October 2013 | 3

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The Scandinavia Show 2013 | Sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors! Gold Sponsor

Official Silver Partner

Official Bronze Partner

Entertainment Partner

Official Partners

Bronze Sponsors

Media Partner

4 | 12-13 October 2013

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Direct to Tromsø from / one way

taxes 90* incl.


Snowmobiling? Husky sledding? Whale watching? Exploring the beautiful and tranquil Lofoten Islands? Or spending the night in a snow hotel? Northern Norway offers all these amazing activities, as well as the chance to see the Aurora Borealis – the magical Northern Lights, one of the most spectacular sights in the world. Stunning scenery, pristine air, great cuisine and friendly towns – it really is the ultimate winter adventure playground. For a free Northern Lights pack, call 01443 828 818 quoting SSG

* Fares are based on lowest one way fare, incl taxes and charges. Subject to availability. Photos: Ole.C. Salomonsen, Elaine Smith, Rune Nilsen, Anne Olsen Ryum, Bjorn Klauer, Terje Rakke.

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Photo: Laurent Patin



Sail Norway’s iconic coastline this winter

Why HURTIGRUTEN is the best way to explore the Norwegian Coast

The beautiful Lofoten Islands

Join a fascinating snowmobile trip †


pp from s s y t a h d ig 5 t fl g direc Includin t ra nsfers d an sø – Trom sø

K irkenes

Comfortable ships with an intimate atmosphere

– Trom





Visit the North Cape

Go in search of the incredible Northern Lights on an authentic Hurtigruten coastal voyage. There really is no better place to witness this breathtaking phenomenon. NASA have forecast some of the best ‘lights’ in a decade due to the solar maximum, and our ships sail the iconic coast of Norway, far from the effects of urban light pollution and directly beneath the Aurora Oval (the epicentre of Northern Lights activity). On board our ships you’ll enjoy fantastic local cuisine, comfortable cabins and the company of like-minded passengers. We also offer a choice of exciting and interesting excursions including dog-sledding, snowmobiling through the polar night and the rugged North Cape.


310 6703, see your travel agent or visit 3584


Hurtigruten works in partnership with National Geographic’s Centre for Sustainable Destinations to promote responsible tourism along the Norwegian coast.

Prize is a 12-night Classic Round Voyage for two including full board and must be taken between 1 Oct 2013 and 31 March 2014. Whilst we will do our best to book the dates of your choice, the holiday prize is subject to availability so please be prepared to be flexible. Flights, excursions and transfers are not included in the prize. The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative is available. Winners are subject to their own travel insurance. Prize is subject to Hurtigruten’s normal booking terms and conditions.†Optional excursion, not included.

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The Scandinavia Show 2013 | Programme

Entertainment Programme 2013 This year’s Scandinavia Show is back with a whole new repertoire to get you buzzing about Scandinavia. Welcome to a world of fantastic performances, enlightening presentations, unique displays and a fun play area for the youngest. This year, you can not only learn all about the Northern Lights with Hurtigruten and take Nordic Experience’s advice about Arctic family adventures, but you can get fit and learn a new skill or two as well. The main stage alone offers both rollerskiing lessons and Scandinavian fitness classes, while you can go for a husky ride outside or learn from the Vikings during a fight. Those less inclined to move around can simply enjoy the beautiful harmonies of one of the choirs on the Atrium Stage. If you have children, do not miss the IKEA and Lego play area and the opportunity to shake hands with the Moomins.

Saturday 12 October 2013

Sunday 13 October 2013

Main Stage:

Main Stage:

11:00 Signe Johansen: Scandilicious Temptations 11:45 Linda Hedenstrom: Get in on the Action with Scandinavian Fitness! 12:30 Discover The World: The Northern Lights 13:00 Meet Madame Katastroff 13:45 VisitDenmark: The legends of Magnificent Denmark 14:30 Hurtigruten: How to spot the Northern Lights 15:15 Linda Hedenstrom: Get in on the Action with Scandinavian Fitness! 16:00 Troll Aktiv: Adventurous Holidays 16:45 Guild Travel: Experience the Four Seasons of Finland!

10:45 11:15 11:45 12:45 13:30 14:15

Atrium Stage: 10:30 The Swedish School in London: Swedish musical traditions! 11:15 Friskis&Svettis: Sweat and Smile, Swedish Style 12:00 Swedish Choir: Join in on a Proud Part of Swedish Music Tradition! 13:00 Viking Fight: Coming of the Danish Vikings 14:00 Finnish Choir: Join in with the Resounding Voices of the Sea! 15:00 Viking Fight: Coming of the Danish Vikings 15:30 Friskis&Svettis: Sweat and Smile, Swedish Style 16:30 Viking Fight: Coming of the Danish Vikings

Iain Ballentine: Rollerskiing Lessons Iain Ballentine: Rollerskiing Lessons Iain Ballentine: Rollerskiing Lessons Visit Iceland: Spectacular Holidays Flynonstop: Norway Direct Signe Johansen: Scandilicious Temptations 15:00 Linda Hedenstrom: Get in on the Action with Scandinavian Fitness! 15:45 Nordic Experience: Arctic Adventures for the Whole Family!

Atrium Stage: 11:00 Viking Fight: Coming of the Danish Vikings 11:45 Icelandic Choir: Icelandic Harmonies 12:30 Dania School: Join in with the Harmonies of the School 13:00 Viking Fight: Coming of the Danish Vikings 15:00 Viking Fight: Coming of the Danish Vikings 14:00 Icelandic Choir: Icelandic Harmonies

Nordicana 13:30 Nordic Noir Film experience by Arrow Films

All Weekend Children's Area and Outdoor: Reindeer, Huskies, Children’s Play Area with Lego and IKEA, Viking Camp, Face Painting and a visit from the Moomins. Nordicana: Meet Magnus Samuelsson

12-13 October 2013 | 7

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The Scandinavia Show 2013 | Programme

Main Stage:

less healthy) Scandinavian treats. Signe Johansen

Saturday 11:00 and Sunday 14:15

and make sure to enter the prize draw to win a free personal training session!

©Debi Treloar

Saturday 11:45 and 15:15, Sunday 15:00

Signe Johansen: Scandilicous Temptations Danish pastries anyone? How about some warm, Norwegian waffles? And who, we dare ask, has ever said no to a Swedish cinnamon bun? Signe Johansen is a food writer of Norwegian heritage living in London, where she has earned a Masters in the Anthropology of Food and worked for some of the Uk’s top restaurants. Her writing on Scandinavian food has appeared in all major mainstream and trade publications in the UK, and her supper club EatScandi was recently featured in the New Yorker. With a resume like this you would think she has enough on her plate – but think again. She has also authored two well-received cookbooks on Scandinavian treats: the 2011 Secrets of Scandinavian Cooking… Scandilicoius and the 2012 Scandilicous baking, while running a popular food and lifestyle blog called Scandilicious. No questions could possibly remain. Scandinavians know their delicacies! Stop by Signe’s healthy waffle stand at the show and learn more about healthy (and the little 8 | 12-13 October 2013

Linda Hedenstrom: Get in on the action with Scandinavian Fitness! Scandinavians are known for being outdoorsy and keen on fitness, always complementing workouts with solid, rustic food. Want in? Well then make sure not to miss Scandinavian Fitness and former Olympic Athlete Linda Hedenstrom’s talk on how you can achieve your personal fitness goals through regular exercise and nutrition with a Scandinavian twist. From our stage she will enlighten you on the latest workouts you can perform at home, and give insightful tips on healthy eating to accompany your training programme. Her promise? No fads, just real results. Don’t miss this chance to receive personal advice from the Scandinavian Fitness professionals –

Discover The World: The Northern Lights In our 30 years’ experience of arranging holidays to Scandinavia we’ve discovered the best places to view this incredible phenomenon. With this winter’s increased levels of solar activity, we’re predicting another incredible season! Join Cathy Harlow as she shares her experiences of searching for the aurora, and gives tips on how to increase your chances of viewing this spectacular occurrence. Our speaker: Cathy Harlow has worked as a professional travel guide for over two decades and is also an accomplished travel writer and photographer.

Saturday 12:30 Madame Katastoff: Meet Madame Katastroff! Ever wonder how to play the recorder without using your mouth? We know you have, and the Scandinavia Show is just the Discover The World: The Northern Lights

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Page 9

The Scandinavia Show 2013 | Programme Madame Katastoff

plete with stories about the legendary Danish Vikings. Psst! We will even lay some of the myths to rest…

Saturday 13:45

ence in planning great yearround trips includes an array of activity trips, so of course we will show some of our best activities at our center based in Evje.Why not try our specialty, rafting, or some of the unique new activities for 2014?

Saturday 16:00 place to find out. This year Madame Katastroff – internationally recognized drag queen with quite a few tricks up her bejeweled sleeves – is celebrating her 15th anniversary of making people around the world chuckle with laughter through a clever combo of stand-up and visual comedy. Her show “Madame Katastroff’s Evening of Curiosities” has already enjoyed massive success since the August premiere at Royal Vauxhall Tavern, and now the glee, glitz and glam is taking to the Scandinavia Show stage. Enjoy!

Saturday 13:00 and Sunday walking around

Hurtigruten: How to spot the Northern Lights with Hurtigruten! The Northern Lights are as fabled as they are famous – attracting thousands of visitors to travel with Hurtigruten each year. Join us for an intriguing talk on the science behind the lights, how to spot them and how to successfully capture them for your photo album.

Saturday 14:30

Visit Denmark: The legends of magnificent Denmark The year is 1013 and Danish Viking King Forkbeard is crowned the King of England. This year, a millennium later, we celebrate a remarkable anniversary of shared English-Danish heritage. Come and hear VisitDenmark and VisitEastDenmark present a range of inspirational ideas on holidaying in Denmark – com-

TrollAktiv: Adventurous holidays with TrollAktiv! Using our knowledge of over 20 years of adventure tourism in the south of Norway we will present the scenic hotspots of the south – guiding you through how to get here, what to do and the “must see” sights in the local area. TrollAktiv’s two decades of experi-

Guild Travel: Experience the four seasons of Finland! Energetic skiing trip with a few buddies or summer break to Moomin Valley with the family’s youngest? Whatever your desire, Finland boasts the diversity to match it. Let Guild Travel inspire you with their presentation on Finland’s dynamic four seasons and the destinations to go with them!

Saturday 16:45 Iain Ballentine: Rollerskiing Lessons Sign up for a new kind of skiing adventure with Iain Ballentine at the Scandinavia Show! Did you think Scandinavians only ski when there is snow on the ground? Think again. Rollerskiing, cross-country skiing using elongated inlines, offers an effective and low-impact workout that caters to multiple muscle groups – not to mention your balance. A popular form of exercise in the Nordic countries, we 12-13 October 2013 | 9

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Page 10

The Scandinavia Show 2013 | Programme

feel it’s about time that the UK embraces this alternative form of skiing; accessible enough to be done year round on all locations with good tarmac. So why not attempt a go at the Scandinavia Show? Come meet Iain Ballentine, private instructor at The Rollerski Co, and learn more about your next skiing adventure. It’s closer than you think!

Sunday 1st lesson 10:45, 2nd lesson 11:15, 3rd lesson 11:45 Visit Iceland: Spectacular holidays with Visit Iceland! Home to Europe’s largest glacier, northernmost capital and numerous geysers, it’s not difficult to see why Iceland offers some of the most spectacular travel experiences known to man. Come by Visit Iceland’s presentation to discover the beautiful diversity of this Nordic country!

Sunday 12:45 Visit Iceland

Flynonstop: Norway Direct Experience the breath-taking Norwegian nature with Flynonstop! It has hardly escaped anyone that Norway is renowned for its enthralling landscapes – ranging from beautiful fjords to serene plateaus. Flynonstop takes you directly to these magical sceneries, offering a personal approach to premium service all the way there. Stop by the Flynonstop talk to learn more!

Sunday 13:30 Nordic Experience: Arctic adventures for the whole family! Stop by Nordic Experience, one of the UK’s leading Scandinavian

Tour Operators, who along with two of their key Norwegian partners – the Kirkenes Snow Hotel and Lyngsfjord Adventure in Tromsø – will tell you all about exciting Arctic adventures and unusual places to stay in Scandinavia!

Sunday 15:45

Atrium Stage: The Swedish School in London: Swedish musical traditions! The Swedish School in London takes great pride in its talented students. Every December the entire school takes part in a traditional Lucia choral concert. Another annual highlight is the summer term musical, which culminates in every class and student performing over two nights of singing, dancing and acting. Visit the Scandinavia Show to hear these brilliant students perform a selection of traditional Swedish songs and contemporary choices from across the school calendar! Don’t forget to drop by stand 52, where you will have the opportunity to learn about the school, its sixth form and the Swedish school system. Should you wish to pay the school a visit, please feel free to contact the administration for an appointment.

Saturday 10:30 10 | 12-13 October 2013

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The Scandinavia Show 2013 | Programme

Friskis&Svettis: Sweat and Smile, Swedish Style Sweat and smile, Swedish style: this is the slogan when the Swedish fitness revolution Friskis&Svettis takes to the stage to get you moving with their invigorating and innovative fitness routines. Friskis&Svettis is a non-profit organisation aiming to make high-quality, fun and enjoyable exercise available to everyone. More than half a million people have already been seduced by their revolutionary approach to exercise and now you can find out why – all you have to do is join in!

Saturday 11:15 and 15:30 The Swedish Choir

Swedish Choir: Join in on a proud part of Swedish music tradition! It is estimated that more than half a million people in Sweden sing in choirs – so what would the Scandinavia Show be without its share in this delightful tradition? Coming to our stage is the Swedish choir from Ulrika Eleonora Church in Marylebone, an ensemble of fifty cheerful singers who know just the right melodies to have you humming all day long. Spanning everything from Middle Age folk song to contemporary tunes, it would be an understatement to call their repertoire versatile. We say “välkomna” to the Scandinavia Show!

Saturday 12:00 Viking fight: Coming of the Danish Vikings – fun at the Scandinavia Show! It's a 1,000 years since Danish Viking Forkbeard became King of England – the beginning of our shared heritage! Ever wondered how a true Viking lived or what they did for fun? Would you like to

hear the tales of the legendary Beowulf? The show programme invites everyone, both young and old, to try out traditional Viking activities such as ‘pulling ropes’ or making your own bead necklace – perhaps getting your very first Viking tattoo? Find out more about Denmark Viking self-drive holiday offers from DFDS Seaways, Taber Holidays, Best Served Scandinavia and Viking Invest. Do you have what it takes to survive the world of the Vikings? Come and have some fun – fight a Viking at the Scandinavia Show!

Saturday 13:00, 15:00 and 16:30, Sunday 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00 Finnish Choir: Join in with the resounding voices of the sea! Back for the second year in a row is the all-female choir from Finland bearing the alluring name Merenkurkut – Finnish for ‘Voices of the Sea’. The ensemble serves the Finnish community in and around the London area, and sings everything from spiritual and traditional folk music to brand new pop tunes. Whether singing a cappella or melodies accompanied by various instruments, this ensemble boasts a wide musical skillset. Join in with the harmonies of this captivating choir!

Saturday 14:00

12-13 October 2013 | 11

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Page 12

The Scandinavia Show 2013 | Programme

children cannot master! Don’t miss the school’s interactive sing-along at the Scandinavia Show stage, where you can take part in some traditional Danish singing games!

Sunday 12:30 Icelandic Choir: Icelandic harmonies at the Scandinavia Show! Representing the proud and longstanding Nordic tradition of choral singing, the Icelandic Choir in London is set to grace our stage with their array of enthralling voices. This amateur group consists of around 20 men and women, Icelandic and nonIcelandic – all with great musical talent and appreciation for the language and singing traditions of this Nordic country. This appreciation inspires the repertoire: traditional Icelandic folk songs sung with unquestionable energy and passion. Lead by distinguished conductor Helgi Ingvarsson, this choir is sure to leave you in awe. Welcome to our stage!

Sunday 11:45 and 14:00



Get up Close with the beautiful Reindeer Real Reindeer Ltd are the 'herd leaders' in the UK for reindeer hire and exhibiting reindeer at events, from small private parties to large public gatherings. Husband and wife team Martin and Angie Flint run Real Reindeer with their children from their farm in rural England. Their close association with a Sami family (the traditional Scandinavian reindeer herders) in the Arctic Circle has enabled them to acquire the knowledge and expertise for successful reindeer keeping.

Nordic Noir Film experience by Arrow Films It started with Millennium, Wallander and Borgen… but will the world’s fascination with Scandinavian dark fiction ever come to an end? We think not. Nordicana – hosted by the Arrow Films’ Nordic Noir label, the leading UK distributor of TV Nordic Noir on DVD and Blu-ray – is the UK’s first ever expo celebrating Scandinavian crime, thriller, fiction and film. Its inaugural festival in June showcased the best in Nordic entertainment, food, drink and design, and is set to return in 2014. If you’re not already hooked – we say “Velkommen” to the noir side and the Scandinavia Show!

Sunday 13:30

All weekend Dania School: Join in with the harmonies of the Dania School! Catering mainly to bilingual English/Danish children, the Dania School in London offers a unique and dynamic learning environment. From English to Danish to music – there is nothing these 12 | 12-13 October 2013

Huskies For the third year running we welcome back the cute huskies. You can get real close and have your photo taken with the huskies.

All weekend

Meet Magnus Samuelsson Former world’s strongest man and actor from Arne Dahl, Magnus Samuelsson will be paying The Scandinavia Show a visit. All weekend

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The Scandinavia Show 2013 | Show Offers

Show Offers Are you looking for a holiday experience out of the ordinary? Perhaps a snowmobile ride in Santa’s Lapland or a weekend break to one of Europe’s chicest capital cities? How about a beautiful piece of design to adorn your home or even your wrist, not to mention the chance to win some mouth-watering liquorice? Scandinavia Show 2013 has got the best offers, the most competitive discounts and a world of Scandinavian brands and experiences for you to immerse yourself in. Pop by stand V125 for 25% off Mayamin’s gorgeous children’s clothes, get a 15-minute neck, back and shoulder massage from Therapy Suite Harry Kurvinen for only £10, or head straight for the Braid Bar to get the Scandi Look for the bargain price of £15. Happy Shopping!

an independent self-drive, Discover the World offer all of this and more. Travel with the Scandinavia experts.

ECCO 63 Inspired by their Scandinavian heritage, world leading shoe brand ECCO designed a comfortable and fashionable collection. Sign up for the ECCO LYMINGTON CLUB and receive 10% discount on all styles.

is much to see and do locally, and no better place to stay than your own delightful “maritime suite”! ACP Rail 103 "ACP Rail are Scandinavian rail travel experts. Our passion is promoting rail travel around Scandinavia thanks to it's stunning scenery. Visit us to see the Scandinavian rail experience for yourselves!"

Almondy 53 With over 30 years of baking passion, Almondy’s almond biscuitbased cakes come topped with consumer chocolate favourites, Toblerone and the Rainforest Alliance certified Daim Bar. The entire range is gluten free.

Det Lille Hotel Risor Norway 107 Det Lille Hotel in historic Risør offers 14 suites in beautifully restored wooden buildings.. There 14 | 12-13 October 2013

Discover the World 100 Whether you want to take a northern lights break to the ICEHOTEL, cruise Norway's epic coastline or explore Iceland on

Fjällräven G18 For over 50 years, Fjällräven has balanced Swedish quality with uncompromising functionality and exceptional durability to create much-loved outdoor clothing and equipment for outdoor enthusiasts all across the globe.

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Page 15

The Scandinavia Show 2013 | Show Offers Gråsilver (Stand 61)

Therapi Suite Harry Kurvinen 44 Therapy Suite Harry Kurvinen (BSc Pharm.,Massage Therapist) is offering 15 min neck, back and shoulder massage for £10! Also Popular Finnhook ,“Kipukoukku” for self-massage for £36! Save £10!

Flynonstop 107 Flynonstop is a new Norwegian airline offering direct flights from London city and other european destinations, to Kristiansand Norway.

Gråsilver 61 Gråsilver has a vocational passion for Scandinavian design creating a unique and distinctive modernist jewellery collection The collection consists of rare one of carefully selected vintage pieces designed by celebrated Scandinavian designers. Gråsilver have curated a collection of exquisite pieces that are contemporary, iconic and timeless

Growers Cup G18 With Grower’s Cup, brewing a cup of delicious, fresh coffee on the go is easy: pour hot water into the lightweight, durable bag containing some of the world’s best freshly ground coffee, wait and enjoy.

Gulid Travel 104 Guild Travel is a specialist travel agency organising travel to Finland and it’s neighbouring countries. We have the knowledge and experience to plan your holiday according to your wishes.

Holiday Norway 107 Holiday Norway is a tour operator based in southern Norway, and for many years has helped people discover the best of Norway. Everything from simple Norwegian cabin holidays, to luxury tailor-made tours.

Hurtigruten 115 Hurtigruten offer unforgettable coastal voyages in Norway. Go in search of the Northern Lights, sail beneath the Midnight Sun and so much more. Great offers are always available.

12-13 October 2013 | 15

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Page 16

The Scandinavia Show 2013 | Show Offers Hurtigruten (Stand 115)

Inari-Saariselka Tourism 105 Inari-Saariselkä in Finnish Lapland is one of the leading and most diverse year-round destination for Arctic nature and cultural tourism offering the northern lights, Sámi culture and the nightless night.

Kell Scott Haircare 43 Get the ‘Scandi Look’ with our Braid Bar. We are here to give you a head-turning makeover, simply pop by the Braid Bar and select one of the many styles for just £15. 16 | 12-13 October 2013

Kosmopol G26 Kosmopol -A Swedish Cocktail Bar located in the heart of Chelsea, owned and opened by the award winning bartender Fredrik Olsson. This year teaming up with Peter Herring And Hven

1000 language jobs advertised through the UK and overseas.

Mayamin V125 Wrap your child in the comfort and beauty of Scandinavian clothing. Visit Mayamin today to get up to 25% off and enter our free competition to WIN amazing prizes.

Rukka & Nokian 57 Waterproof rainwear and footwear from Finland. Rukka kids rainwear and Nokian kids waterproof footwear: two classic Finnish brands now available in the UK from importers Sunproof Limited.

Multilingual Vacancies 67a is now one of Europe's top jobboards specifically targeted at a multilingual audience with over

Nordic Design Forum 59 Lastu baskets are a modern take on a true Finnish classic, a woven birch basket. The baskets come in 4 different sizes. Delightful!

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Page 17

The Scandinavia Show 2013 | Show Offers Nordic Design Forum (Stand 59)

even grind coffee beans and spices!

Radio Nordic 107 “The voice of Scandinavia” new radio station covering the best in music news and views in english!

RedDog Design 62a RedDog Designs your handheld life - the collection from RedDog are smart and glamorous toolkits to help busy people organise and accessories their day-to-day lives.

Scandinavian Kitchen G26 ScandiKitchen’s stand offers visitors a taste of Scandinavian everyday cuisine: Swedish meatballs, hotdog and fine seafood. Together with our partners Kosmopol Bar, Abba, Falkenbergslax, Felix and Per-i-Viken charcuterie, we’d love it if you popped by.

Northlight Homestore 71 Visit Northlight at Stand 71, and find the best in Scandinavian Design. Show offers include, Fleece Elk blankets at the special price of £22.50 and 3 Rotary Candleholders for just £25.00

OmniBlend P100 With minimal preparation, you can make a steaming hot soup in minutes using fresh ingredients! Additionally, it can make delicious ice creams, refreshing smoothies, dips, sauces and can

Scandi Living 69 Scandi Living will bring you the autumn & Christmas collection by Linum incl. beautiful cushions, organic bedlinen and magical Christmas tablelinen. Also rugs by Pappelina, Christmas decorations and gifts by Dalahome, Sagaform and other top Scandi brands.

Roots Living 60 Rootsliving will attend the show with our Danish friend Kaj. Put your name down and you might win the whole Kaj family. ( 5 Danish goblins in different sizes)

ScandiKitchen’s cafe in the West End has remained a focal point for foodies for over 7 years. Its grocery section and online store ensure customers from all over the UK can enjoy fine Scandinavian food and drink.

12-13 October 2013 | 17

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Page 18

The Scandinavia Show 2013 | Show Offers

Swedish Church 52 Welcome to the Swedish Church. You can buy “fika” – coffee and homemade cinnamonbuns – and tickets for the Christmas prize draw with great prizes such as flight tickets, hotel weekends & shopping vouchers Stockholm Restaurant & Deli 51 The Taste of Scandinavia at Stockholm Restaurant & Deli! This authentic Swedish Restaurant opened in West London a year ago -come and taste the homemade, exquisite Scandinavian food!

Swedish School 52 The Swedish School in London was founded in 1907. Since 1976 the school is situated in Barnes. The school accepts pupils from preschool age up to Sixth Form. Come and talk to us about the school at stand 52

Story North 67 Story North - a story in wood and white. Carefully considered pieces from the Nordic countries and other corners of the world.

Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK 123 The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK is a not for profit membership organisation aimed at promoting the exchange of ideas, networking and trade between Sweden and the UK.

Turku Touring 105 Turku Touring is a marketing and sales organisation that provides tourism services for Southwest Finland. Turku has medieval origins and is located on the southwest coast of Finland on the shores of the famous Archipelago with over 20 000 islands.

Visit Helsinki 105 Helsinki, Finland's capital of culture and class, is one of the most inviting and engaging places to visit in Europe. A world class city with cosy, coastal and relaxed vibe. Welcome to HELSINKI, probably the best small city in the world! Tina Engell 64 Tina Engell is an established goldsmith based in Bath. In her workshop in the city she designs and makes precious jewellery by hand. Owing to her Danish background, the strength of her jewellery design is simplicity, boldness and individuality.

Troll Aktiv 107 TrollAktiv offer an exciting range of outdoor sports including white water rafting in the beautiful Setesdal valley in Norway. Located just north of Evje, one hour 18 | 12-13 October 2013

from Kristiansand we have activities for all ages.

Visit Norway 117 ‘Northern lights, skiing, fjords, dog sledding, Edvard Munch, picturesque hiking trails, vikings Norway is full of experiences. Join our competition to win a Bergans by Norway jacket, perfect wear for your next Norwegian adventure’

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Page 19

The Scandinavia Show 2013 | Floor Plan & Exhibitors

Downstairs for: - Atrium Stage - Information - Nordicana - Childrens Area

Floor Plan

MAIN STAGE 102a 102 103


Opening Hours Saturday 12 October ......10-18 Sunday 13 October..........10-17


P100 G26

Stairs to Atrium


V125 Info V126 50

100 104

115 116

Northlight Homestore ............71

RedDog Design ....................62a

Den Norske Klub ..................120

RootsLiving ............................60

Discover the World ..............100

Rukka and Nokian ..................57

Ecco ........................................63

Scandi Living ..........................69


Scan Magazine....................V126

Finlux ................................58/54

Scandinavian kitchen and Kosmopol ......................G26

Hurtigruten ..........................115

Story North ............................67

Jensen's Bermondsey Gin ....................55

Stressless ............................G20 Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the United Kingdom ..............................123 The Norwegian Church ........122

Kell Skott Haircare ................43

The Swedish Church ..............52

Mayamin ............................V125

Therapy Suite Harry Kurvinen ......................44 ......................67a NBS Windows ........................70 Nordic Design Forum ............59





122 121



Visit Iceland ..........................101 Visit Norway..........................117 VisitDenmark / DFDS Seaways......................118


Fjällräven 65

66 67


67a 44

The Finnish Church ................56

Katarina Halvarsson ............121

Mikala djorup / tina engell ..............................64


Stephen Morris ..................102a

Holiday Norway ....................107

Karlsson Scandinavian Design Ltd ..............................50

59 58 57 56 / ........................103 Stockholm Restaurant & Deli ......................................51



Dania School ..........................66



43 69 70 G20 71

Disabled Toilets

The Stressless Space

Box Office Huskies & Reindeer



Nordicana ..........................V127

JTC OmniBlend ..................P100


52 120

Nordic Experience ................116

Guild Travel ..........................104



Almondy Ltd ..........................53

Gråsilver ................................61




All Things Liquorice..............102

Floral Symphonies ................62




Fjällräven ............................G18

Scandinavian Kitchen


The Scandinavia Show Tobacco Dock 50 Porters Walk Wapping London E1W 2SF


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‘The Stressless Space’

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The Scandinavia Show 2013 Show Guide  

All the best of brand Scandinavia for you to taste, test and buy!

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