Discover Germany, Issue 89, January 2022

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INVESTMENTS IN ATTRACTIVE STOCK EXCHANGES As a society of savers becomes a society of investors, money should be doing more for you than merely generating a reasonable return on investment. This is where the experts come in. TEXT: SILKE HENKELE  I  PHOTOS: FREEDOM HOLDING CORP.

These experts are undoubtedly behind Freedom24, the broker for independent private clients of Freedom Finance Europe Ltd. The active member of the Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) and member of the clearing system Euroclear is listed in Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings, and classified as ‘Category A – very low risk’ by the German rating agency Creditsafe. The fact that the company is the only European broker on NASDAQ further substantiates the platform’s security and company’s reliability. Deputy sales director Shanna Strauss-Frank explains: “Freedom24 is a platform that connects investors with the biggest international stock exchanges, giving them access to an exceptionally wide range of financial products such as equities, options, bonds, ETFs etc. Our clients also have access to IPO (initial 62  |  Issue 89  |  January 2022

public offering) trading and are thereby able to directly profit from the flotation of well-known American, European and Asian companies such as Airbnb or Rivian. The entire trade settlement, by the way, is managed by TraderNet, a trading platform that has been developed specifically for Freedom24 and which meets the highest security standards.” Investors are supported by precise market analyses composed by a team of Freedom Finance-analysts who have a very keen eye on international politics and stock exchanges. This is expertise that Strauss-Frank considers one of the most important tools for successful investments: “The success of investments of course also depends on the availability of the right information at the right time. This is where we come in. Thanks to our analysts we are able to react very quickly to even the

slightest market developments. We provide investors with timely, well-informed strategies for effective portfolio and risk management and give them valuable support for their investment strategies. For further questions on any of these topics, a team of specially trained consultants is available 24/7.” If successful investments partially depend on the right information, profitable investment conditions are at least as important. Shanna Strauss-Frank adds: “As inflation rises, investments in shares become more attractive in a society of investors. Consequently, investors want to make maximum profit with us. We are focused on this goal. We offer free online banking and easy currency conversions, thus making investments easy and effective. Each new investor is automatically signed-up for a free, fixed-interest D-Account, on which US-dollar credit earns an annual interest at three per cent that is paid out daily. This is one further way we support savers to become successful investors.”