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Left: Marta Hegyaljai Python, lic.phil.

working for the International Committee of the Red Cross as a delegate in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and in the Geneva Headquarters as well as working as a psychotherapist. Today, Python lives with her family in the bilingual canton of Fribourg (French/German) in Switzerland and supports teams and individuals as an independent coach. “I offer intensive coaching for business leaders and management teams. Together with my colleagues, I have developed a variety of programmes including a range of coaching and hypnotic techniques to get results as quickly as possible,”Python adds. The different methods are tailored to business-related needs and include, for example, Mein Tag (my day), a one-day multipleperspective coaching session with four clients and four individual coaches each focusing on a different aspect of the client. Another example is the rapid and efficient Tandem coaching, carried out with two coaches. There are many other types of sessions, amongst them is the burn-out prevention programme, which aims to reduce stress and instil balance to one’s life.

The road to success Business coaching and hypnosis We all sometimes wish we had a coach to guide us through difficult situations or empower us to achieve our goals. Through a combination of business coaching and hypnosis, Marta Hegyaljai Python has helped many clients to improve their wellbeing and master both private and business challenges. TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE | PHOTOS: KEREN BISAZ / WWW.MIRAGESPHOTO.COM

Over eight years ago Python was approached by well-established business coaches during a seminar and they asked her to collaborate with them. To this day, she has not stopped. Explaining her genuine passion for coaching, she says: “Working with clients, who are motivated and

40 | Issue 15 | June 2014

curious and who take responsibility for themselves and want to grow, is something that I found instantly fascinating.“ Her impressive professional track record includes ethnological field studies in Asia and Africa for the University of Zurich,

Python says:“I also offer business coaching for private clients, who want to analyse their current work situation, identify personal or professional goals or who would like to break through self-made barriers and reduce stress. These programmes are designed for a short period of time and with fair financial conditions. Hypnosis combined with coaching turns out to be particularly effective and long-lasting.” For the past three years Python has been training business coaches at the MBSZ (Marketing and Business School of Zurich). This year, as a certified instructor for hypnosis, she has also started offering Hypnosis Training at her OMNI Hypnosis Training Center Suisse Romande and France.