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they actually need it but because they have the desire to own something new. Perhaps someone saw a friend using a certain product and wants to own it too. Take a table and chairs, for example, of course everyone owns these but your opinion may change after looking at catalogues, prompting you to dislike your current ‘out-dated’ chairs. Whether you have chairs or not, the resulting action is the same as the customer decides to buy new ones; this is where design comes into force. Design is lifestyle, fashion sells A product’s modernity and fashion have become an incentive to buy it – just look at successful brands like Apple or Nike. People are attracted not only to their technically advanced products, instead, it is their marketing and social media strategies which attract buying, targeting the desires of consumers: the need to have what others have, the wish to own something nice, something valuable. Fanciful presentations and social media campaigns on Facebook or Twitter have become more and more important over the years. Channelling consumers’ desires is key to success and that is something designers have to acknowledge nowadays as products sell through emotions. Creating trends instead of following old ones

Rainer Bachschmid creates lifestyles with design

Designers like Rainer Bachschmid do not always follow existing trends but create new ones. Design solutions, developed by his design office rabadesign GmbH in Switzerland, always take this into consideration. Head designer Rainer Bachschmid, specialised in customised design, works for

In the middle of the Swiss Alps there’s a design office, hidden from the hustle and bustle of world metropolises. From the outside, it looks like a normal industrial complex, but the inside tells a different story: rabadesign is an internationally established, interdisciplinary and creative design office and full service agency. In our fast developing world, design has become a complex lifestyle aspect – always paving the way, often walking ahead. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN | PHOTOS: RABADESIGN

As we are living in a saturated world, dictated by desires and not by needs, design

16 | Issue 15 | June 2014

has to take into consideration what makes people buy a product; this is not because

Rainer Bachschmid