Discover Germany, Issue 96, August 2022

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“Connect. Create. Collaborate! The idea behind LabCampus is the creation of a place where people or companies from very different industries meet, use synergy effects and thus create innovative solutions for the future. On LabCampus, you rent more than just an office. The residents become part of an idea, a creative community that sets impulses. Internationally as well as nationally, regionally and supra-regionally,” summarises managing director Dr. Marc Wagener.

On around 500,000 square metres, new living and working environments are gradually evolving. Environments such as LAB 48, which will open its doors for the first innovators this summer. “LAB 48 is the first office building that will open on LabCampus; LAB 52 and other concepts will follow successively – a maximum of flexibility always guaranteed. Depending on the residents’ wishes and needs, separate rental units or whole floors are available for rent; exterior spaces can also be used. There are also individual design options available for the office units themselves. Classic variants with single or double offices, open-space zones with designated rest areas or entirely open layouts for flexible usage are available.”

LabCampus thus not only has a promising name that already implies the concept of collaboration but also symbolises an inspiring working environment. State-of-the-art build84 |

Issue 96 |

August 2022

“The future catalysts decide themselves on their future working environment. In this respect, LabCampus offers maximum variability and, as of summer 2022, supports the residents in preparing optimally for future working environments. A matter of course for us on an innovation campus,” stresses Wagener.


ings, showrooms and restaurants, individually adaptable workspaces, open lobbies, prototyping areas where new ideas can be introduced, tested and developed into marketable products, and expansive green spaces are all trademarks of the site.


LabCampus, located at Munich Airport, is a supreme example of the successful interaction of design and new work: namely an innovation centre and a promise of great things to come. Testing and feedback potential at Europe’s first five-star airport included!

The interior design is equally flexible. What will it be? A contrasting mix of graphic elements, muted colours with an industrial touch and stylish furniture classics? Futuristic flair with bold colours and neon highlights? Or sustainable materials and colours, organic designs and accentuated plants and wooden elements?

Interested in this ground-breaking concept? Become a part of the future as of summer 2022 and arrange a viewing appointment today:


Shaping the future with collaborations! When innovative ideas meet new working environments, the results are remarkable, if not groundbreaking.