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Culinary Indulgence and Lifestyle – Made in Switzerland 2022

Give it a try! FrischSchoggi made by Läderach.

THE CHOCOLATE OF WORLD CHAMPIONS Food, indulgence and sweet temptation – Swiss chocolatier Läderach demonstrates how to manufacture chocolate with a unique passion for fine quality and total perfection. TEXT: SILKE HENKELE



When it comes to the sweeter aspects of life, the ‘Schoggi’ professionals from Bilten in eastern Switzerland are exactly the right people to speak to. For three generations, the Swiss family business has been dedicated to the creation of exceptional moments of culinary pleasure. Chief marketing officer Patrick Farinato describes what makes Läderach’s chocolate truly special: “We want to inspire and promote the passion for fresh, high-quality chocolate. The quality and taste of chocolate, of course, depends on the quality of the raw materials, which we select with great care. Only the best is good enough for our chocolate! Freshness also plays a major role. The faster a cocoa bean is processed, the better its taste can unfold. Our chocolate’s taste is 34 |

Issue 95 |

July 2022

rooted in the rain forests, where our cocoa beans grow under the best conditions. And there is, of course, the Swiss Alps where we produce our chocolate. The combination of all these components create the inimitable character of our products.” Another crucial factor, however, is Elias Läderach, the creative head of the company and creator of some superb chocolate works of art. Not only was the World Chocolate Master 2018 the first Swiss person to win this title, he also impressed the critical jurors in five other categories. Two of the award-winning creations, the Master Bonbon Mandarine and Master Tablet Caramel, are now available in stores. In his opinion, what truly distinguishes his chocolate creations beyond their quality and freshness?

“We have a lot of fun creating new things, we try out a lot. We believe in honest craftsmanship and work with a lot of passion for our chocolate,” says Läderach. “And we manufacture every piece by hand. This also makes our products exceptionally special.” Those who want to try the chocolate are in good hands at Läderach, as Farinato and Läderach stress: “Our concept FrischSchoggi has been copied often, but has never been matched. The concept is, effectively, the scale of our range. We offer flavours such as dark raspberry, whole milk classic, macadamia and many more (there are 25 varieties!). All are available in the shops as large bars, and customers can have a piece of their own choice broken off. This way, they can test the entire scope of our assortment.” Chocolate aficionados will be pleased to learn that Läderach’s masterly creations, including the FrischSchoggi, are also available online.