Discover Germany, Issue 86, Architecture Special, October 2021

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Hotel Bauhofstrasse Ludwigsburg. Photo: Brigida Gonzalez

A VISUAL SYMPHONY OF ARCHITECTURE Stuttgart-based architecture studio VON M follows an integrated approach and convinces with interdisciplinary concepts, including not just classic construction but also interior design and communication. The studio’s creative mission is to bring together different specialisms to deliver a holistic visual experience that fulfils each project’s individual potential.

The expertly realised concepts might differ, but the high quality and clear

60  |  October 2021  |  Issue 86

and concise design language delivered by the team remains consistent. THE FUTURE IS MADE OF WOOD It should come as no surprise that VON M has been recognised numerous times by the design industry for its outstanding contributions. Most recently they have been awarded the prestigious German Architecture Prize 2021 for Hotel Bauhofstrasse in Ludwigsburg. VON M’s design covered all aspects from construction to furniture, and as always, future-oriented sustainability exists at its core.

With wood being its featured material, the result is a beautiful minimalistic and CO2-neutral building that was created using a modular construction system. “Thanks to this wooden modular system a range of rooms were built entirely off-site in Austria and later installed in the building,” Siegert adds. Another project that received multiple awards (including the German Architecture Award 2017) is a kindergarten in Ludwigsburg. Here, the VON M team showcased their expertise when it comes to working with wood, but


When VON M founder Matthias Siegert talks about his team and their principles there is a certain poetry to it. “We are like a visual orchestra,” he explains. “Our team consists of architects and interior designers, but also an architectural historian, who covers historic context. Like an orchestra, all the sub-disciplines build the whole piece when they come together, and our clients bring yet another layer so that each result ‘sounds’ a little different.”