Discover Germany, Issue 86, Architecture Special, October 2021

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Summer residence, Canada. Visualisation: level 3, Wiesbaden

‘WE CREATE PLACES WITH CHARACTER’ Solothurn-based ern+ heinzl Architekten embody working in partnership and mobility between national borders. In concrete terms, this means: tailor-made architecture that exudes creativity and curiosity.

“We develop our projects in partnership. We live a partnership style, not only because we are both privately connected, but because we value reciprocity and exchange – together with our team, but also with customers,” explains Christiane Ern, who founded ern + heinzl Architekten alongside Simeon Heinzl.

36  |  October 2021  |  Issue 86

‘WE STAY FLEXIBLE’ A lot has happened since ern + heinzl Architekten was founded in 2000. While the team initially commuted between two offices in Berlin and Switzerland, the architecture office now operates between the Swiss office and the Düsseldorf’s university in Düsseldorf. “We love diversity. Thanks to this constellation, we remain flexible and this is

felt by the customers in our projects, which we can develop flexibly according to the location and the needs of future users,” explains Heinzl. FOCUS ON SUSTAINABILITY For the ern + heinzl team, architecture is more than just fulfilling a space allocation plan. “We are looking for the space and the special atmosphere –