Discover Germany, Issue 84, March 2020

Page 74

The ‘Emser Thermenhotel’ gets built next to the Emser Therme, Bad Ems. Visualisation: © 4a Architekten GmbH

Where atmosphere meets light For its spa and wellness building designs, 4a Architekten creates atmospheric worlds that put the guest front and centre, aptly combining the three design elements of space, colour and light.

areas, through to indirect light reflected from wall and ceiling back into the room, all light concepts focus on creating a specific, non-intrusive atmosphere.


The guiding principle is always to create spaces and buildings that match the culture and history of their setting, no matter if hotel, bath or wellness project. The development always integrates the builder’s ideas and intentions as well as the economic framework to guarantee the best future usage. That way, individual solutions for both buildings and interiors are created, executed to the exact detail with a refined sense for ambiance, colour and material choices. The magic of space, colour and light The free form is the basis for many designs at 4a Architekten. As long as the formative and functional aspects suggest coming from one single source and each oblique 74  |  Issue 84  |  March 2020

angle represents a practical aspect, anything goes. With smooth transitions and layered facades, 4a Architekten creates buildings that are welcoming as well as generous and unpretentious. For both the exterior and interior, the choice of colour and material is a vital tool for designing a certain atmosphere. It can stimulate mind and soul and has the power to put a person literally in a different place, as it informs the subconscious. Especially for spa and wellness buildings, the colour scheme therefore has to be part of the project planning from the very beginning. This also goes for the direct and indirect implementation of light: from subtle, linear cove lighting, directly embedded in the architectural layout, to light islands which accentuate specific

Situated in Stuttgart since 1990, and in Moscow since 2008, 4a Architekten looks back on three decades of expertise. As a specialist for spa and bath architecture, the office counts both cities and communes as well as private investors among its clients. Spa hotel and thermal bath owners especially value 4a Architekten and its expertise in finding thoughtful and economic planning and restructuring solutions. With a skill for creating natural and highly atmospheric environments for relaxation and recreation, the office takes the threefold magic of the free form and the subtle implementation of light and colour right with them into the new decade.