Discover Germany, Issue 84, March 2020

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Luxurious saunas for small spaces A space-saving sauna with all the comfort that wellness enthusiasts expect from a sauna treatment: with the sauna S1, the sauna expert KLAFS AG has developed exactly that. When not in use, the extendable sauna is no bigger than a wardrobe, and is therefore suitable for small houses, flats or wellness oases in hotel rooms. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN  I  PHOTOS: KLAFS AG

Sauna treatments have many advantages for the body: they strengthen the body’s immune and cardiovascular system, improve the respiratory system and skin, relax the muscles and improve one’s overall wellbeing. A normal sauna needs space and is therefore usually only suitable for gardens, larger houses or for commercial use in hotels or spas. With the KLAFS S1, however, the wellness expert KLAFS has developed a sauna for small spaces. With the press of a button, it can be extended from wardrobe size with 60 centimetres’ depth to a comfortable sauna with 160 centimetres’ depth. “With the patented eMove-Technology, in only 20 seconds 26  |  Issue 84  |  March 2020

the S1 transforms into a functional sauna,” says marketing manager Bianca Schilter. KLAFS AG’s development team has reacted to changes in the housing market. Concentrated living means that many people are no longer buying a house, but instead, for example, a flat that is closer to the city centre. “And there is often no space for a separate wellness room, but there might be space in a guest room or office,”says Schilter. Thanks to the space-saving sauna, the room becomes multi-purpose. When needed, the user can simply extend the sauna. The sauna is fabricated from wood that keeps its shape even in hot or changing temperatures, and

the first-class insulation makes sure that the heat stays inside the sauna. Safety is, of course, an important factor: the electric oven, for example, can only be switched on once the sauna is fully extended. “When extending the sauna, one has to press the button the whole time and if something is in the way, the process stops automatically,”says Bianca Schilter. KLAFS S1 is suitable for private use as well as in the hotel industry, if, for example, a hotel wants to offer a private spa area within their rooms. KLAFS is the world-leader in the area of saunas, pools and spas. For 90 years, the company has been an innovator on the market – from the classic sauna to a modern adventure spa. Details about products can be found in the company’s catalogue, or on the website: