Discover Germany, Issue 79, October 2019

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Thomas Ferrero, chairman of the managing board of PTV Transport Consult GmbH.

The reduction of greenhouse gases in the transport sector is one of the major challenges of our time. Photo: © Fotolia

PTV Transport Consult can pinpoint the effects of digitisation, interonnectedness, and autumation on the future development of mobility and provide an adequate basis for transport decisions and measures. Photo: © iStock

Changing mobility Efficient mobility which brings people and goods safely, quickly and in an economically friendly way, from A to B - not a pipedream, in fact, but very much possible. TEXT: SILKE HENKELE  I  PHOTOS: PTV TRANSPORT CONSULT GMBH

“Mobility is one of society’s most discussed topics. New forms of propulsion, autonomous driving, urban logistics and air pollution control are the exciting fields in which we operate. Together with our clients, we design sustainable and innovative concepts and solutions for transport and traffic,” summarises Thomas Ferrero, chairman of the managing board of Karlsruhe-based PTV Transport Consult GmbH, on the consultancy’s fields of activity. The mobility expert sees the future in the multimodal world: “Each means of transport has its individual strengths. An airplane, for example, offers speed over large distances. Trains, meanwhile, can transport large quantities of passengers and goods economically in an environmentally 128  |  Issue 79  |  October 2019

friendly manner. The aim is to optimise transport and logistics chains and to combine means of transport in a way that optimally exploits these advantages.” PTV Transport Consult’s experts are highly diversified and thus cover a unique expertise in the field of mobility. “The proximity to research and education gives us the valuable advantage of knowledge with regards to future-orientated solutions. We are able to offer highly qualified and sustainable solutions to practically all challenges or queries. We advise on a strategic level - our solutions serve as a basis for our clients’ decisions.” PTV Transport Consult’s clients include public institutions such as the Federal

Ministry of Transport and affiliated institutions, transport authorities of the federal states, but also quasi-state companies such as the Deutsche Bahn or transport associations. “A growing number of clients,” stresses Ferrero, “now come from the private sector, mainly from the industry. It has to deal with increasingly complex questions of mobility - such as staff mobility, factory traffic in large industrial plants or innovative approaches to production processes, such as the use of autonomous vehicles.” When asked about the future of mobility, Ferrero responds: “With regards to current projects, we notice an interesting trend. This points towards multimodal and electro mobility and possibilities for the use of new technologies such as autonomous driving. Mobility as we know it today will change over the coming years. We prepare our clients for this change.”