Discover Germany, Issue 68, November 2018

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Health and recreation far away from everyday and work-related stress Gaining and preserving good health is at the centre of the COR-Resort in Upper Bavarian Brannenburg. Especially people with challenging jobs and great responsibilities, often suffer from burnout or depressive moods. In the CORResort they find an ideal retreat – remote and discreet. The Medical Relax-Resort combines a high-class hotel with a private internal practice. Here, Dr. Ira Mayrhofer takes her time with everyone in need of regeneration and gets to the bottom of their symptoms, even in cases of an unexplained state of fatigue. When suffering from burnout and depression – especially at the beginning stages – there are often other stressrelated physical symptoms that influence the person’s well-being. It is therefore necessary to breach the vicious cycle between cause and effect. Dr. Ira Mayrhofer is a medical specialist for internal medicine, nutrition medicine, rehabilitation and psychosomatic primary care and most recently worked in a leading position at a renowned orthopaedic-internist rehabilitation clinic at the Tegernsee. The COR-Resort simply offers pure relaxation in the middle of the Wendelstein Mountain’s breathtaking landscape or 46  |  Issue 68  |  November 2018

– according to individual needs – additional, medically-led regeneration. People who want to regenerate under medical supervision after a long illness, are in the right place here too. At COR-Resort, guests will find the standard of a firstclass hotel and can book additional medical treatments through either private health insurance or paying themselves – without notes being filed and with utmost discretion. No data is digitally stored, to protect it from external access.

pressive moods and concentration disorder – without side effects and the use of psychotropic pharmaceuticals. The six exclusive suites of the resort, which have gained best ratings on, lie on the historic building’s upper floor and are fitted with designer furniture. The COR-Resort also provides a bar and library, a bistro, a conservatory and a hall for meditative relaxation. With a 7,000-square-metre-park, hiking and cycling trails, as well as ski slopes for sportive activities in the vicinity, those looking for relaxation of body, mind and soul will find ideal conditions – A TIME FOR A TIMEOUT, so to say.

Dr. Ira Mayrhofer.

It is not uncommon that hotel guests decide to have a medical consultation during their stay. Shock wave therapy, for example, helps against posture-related muscle tension. When suffering from stressrelated exhaustion, a high-dose vitamin infusion will be helpful and transcranial magnetic stimulation helps against de-