Discover Germany, Issue 66, September 2018

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PURS – an excellent melange of culinary art, design and ambiance Some hotels and restaurants defy any attempt at a description. The quality of their cuisine, the wine on offer, the design and interior, the service – in short: the entire package – speaks for itself. Hotel and restaurant PURS, in Andernach at the Rhine, is one of them. However, we will still attempt a description for you! Hotel and restaurant PURS opened in spring 2018. Standing out not only via its truly exceptional location, it has, for various reasons, become a genuine insider’s tip within a very short period of time.“PURS resides in the old councillor’s and clerk’s house right in the quaint old town of Andernach. It’s quite a remarkable place and perfect for our unusual concept,” says Marian Henss, host and sommelier at PURS.

sorry to say, is often lacking in some hotels. In the internationally acclaimed art collector, antiquary and interior designer Axel Vervoordt, we have found an artistic genius who has helped us to elevate our project PURS to an entirely new level with incredible sensitivity. Vervoordt’s credo to create interesting rather than merely decorative things perfectly matches our own ideas,” Henss elaborates.

Unusual design creates a unique ambiance

The hotel and restaurant PURS is the first public space the Belgian Vervoordt has designed as an overall project – and it is safe to say that he truly outdid himself.

“Our hotel is noted for its welcoming ambiance, amongst other things, which, I am 30  |  Issue 66  |  September 2018

“Vervoordt attached high artistic and individual values to each of our rooms. Each room has been individually designed and carries Vervoordt’s unconventional signature. Our rooms appeal through their very own stylistic and formal idiom which easily connects history to modernity. The whole hotel is dominated by warm, inviting and pleasing earth colours that create a comforting and inviting ambiance,” Henss and restaurant manager Maik Treis enthuse, about PURS’ design concept. Culinary art without boundaries Restaurant PURS’ cuisine plays an important part in the project’s great success.“Our head chef Christian Eckhardt has already been decorated with two Michelin stars – a big success he intends on repeating in our restaurant PURS. The quality of his