Discover Germany, Issue 59, February 2018

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drycon® at the Euroshop 2017.

Speed and quality


– a solid basis for happy customers Basically, it is easy: The fitting of a new store is supposed to be finalised quickly and in good quality. drycon® with its offices in Bonn and Cheltenham is a developer of fitting concepts that shop owners will love. “My business partner Michael Blanchfield and I established drycon® in London in 2006. During the course of my postgraduate studies I had already noticed a lack of general contractors for innovative and high-quality shop fitting. This observation served as a basis for our idea to become a European service provider and general contractor for high-quality shop fittings and to offer our services at reasonable prices in Western Europe. Our enthusiasm for Europe, languages and retail concepts was key for the development of our concept to commission international, reliable business partners and to thus fit complex store concepts in a short time,” explains Frank Althaus, one of the two founders and CEO of drycon® Ausbau GmbH. “We don’t consider foreign languages as a threat but see them as a welcome chal72  |  Issue 59  |  February 2018

lenge. Exemplary for our European concept was the fitting of the new Michael Kors shop in Stockholm for which we commissioned an electrician from the UK, an architect from Switzerland and a site manager from Spain,” stresses Althaus on the internationality of drycon’s® projects. “drycon® with its team of international experts pursues a common goal, namely the completion of a complex project in a given time period and in the first-class quality our customers can rightly expect from drycon®,”Althaus further clarifies. The fulfilment of these goals are not only facilitated by drycon’s® visions or the references of satisfied customers, but also by the personal enthusiasm drycon’s® team attaches to each project. drycon’s® attitude to consider lifelong learning as a solid basis for growth is corroborated by their new,

very own innovative type of plaster called drycon®-crete that is highly esteemed by, for example, the flagship stores of Vans or The North Face. “We highly appreciate loyalty and attach great importance to the cooperation with our reliable business partners. drycon® also actively engages in trustful customer service, which enables us to realise our customers’ requirements in the best possible manner,” concludes Althaus. Vans store, Gothenburg.