Discover Germany, Issue 37, April 2016

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Hannover Messe 2016

Above: The infrastructure box developed by Weidmüller and Belden/Hirschmann allows flexible production of small lot sizes – avoiding increased work effort or lead time. It was developed as solution for the SmartFactoryKL in Kaiserslautern. Top right: Weidmüller’s Freecon Contactless initiates the era of contactless energy transfer. Middle: u-link simplifies remote maintenance and accelerates the service process. Bottom: The Weidmüller energy management tool allows for systematically reduced energy consumption and therefore costs.

Connecting machines and industries with solutions made in Germany Industry 4.0 and smart factory are key words when speaking about the future of industrial production. Machines for example can learn how to communicate and work out emerging problems on their own. The German company Weidmüller is a specialist for industrial connectivity and develops solutions for companies all over the world.

needs, saving energy for example. “We have won the GreenTec Award for our own energy efficient productions. The customer so can profit from the experiences we have made ourselves,” says Sommerwerck.


Weidmüller today has a wide portfolio. “We for example work in different areas of energy management or address machines’ communication capabilities,” Sommerwerck explains. To give an example: Weidmüller helps establishing intelligent production systems using tools that not only evaluate data from various production lines and machines, but provide the infrastructure for data exchange, making production far more effective.

Industrial connectivity has many advantages, for example in condition monitoring. Solutions developed by Weidmüller are designed to detect mistakes in the production process at an early stage. This allows customers to react in time and conduct maintenance work on the spot or via remote access. Predictive maintenance solutions by Weidmüller can even narrow down when machines will likely malfunction and thus prevent it entirely. “Our name has been synonymous with power, competence and reliability in machine construction, the process industry, device manufacture, the energy sector and traffic engineering for more than 160 years,”says Marion M. Sommerwerck,Vice President Corporate Communications 68 | Issue 37 | April 2016

at Weidmüller. Carl August Weidmüller founded the company in 1850, initially concentrating on the rapidly developing textile industry. “Even then Weidmüller’s focus was on connectivity, even though of a different kind, the factory produced snap buttons.”This has changed dramatically: Weidmüller now develops solutions for industrial connectivity. With a first international branch established in 1959 in the United Kingdom, Weidmüller now operates in more than 80 countries. “Our solutions always refer to a very specific demand or problem customers might have,” Marion Sommerwerck describes the company’s mode of operation. To be effective they have to be customised and adjusted to fulfil a customer’s

With Weidmüller, customers can rely on industry know-how and development competence gained over more than a century. And on specialists with an eye for what the future of industrial connectivity might bring. To experience this first hand: Weidmüller will be at the Hannover Fair, Hall 11 B.60.