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Issue 27 | June 2015





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Your Shortcut to Scandinavia Bergen


Oslo Stockholm Bromma

SWEDEN Aalborg






London City

GERMANY Brussels






S n acks

Me als


Pap ers



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Discover Germany | Contents

Contents JUNE 2015


20 Photo: Kapten & Son



Helen Cullen takes a closer look at young upcoming artists and their works.

Marcel Ostertag We have met one of Germany’s finest young designers. Marcel Ostertag talks about life as a fashion designer, and the importance of high quality fashion made in Germany.

110 Swiss and German steam railways Our guest writer and railway expert Rhys Owen takes us on a journey with vintage and graceful steam trains.


Focus on German Fashion

Children’s Universe


Design Guide Austria


From furniture maker to design hotels we present the creative people and projects that shape Austria’s design landscape. 74



Great places to wine and dine, but this month it is about coffee too.

From perfect Swiss properties to talented German home stagers, this theme is a must-read for those who are considering buying or selling.




Timeless, classic, unconventional or provocative: Art has many different faces.

Grand Resort Switzerland

Wine & Dine

In Switzerland the award-winning Rocksresort is the ultimate place to spend a family vacation in summer and winter alike. Restaurant of the Month Ever eaten a dinner in the dark? Swiss Blinde Kuh in Zurich and Basel was the world’s first restaurant where sighted people could experience what it means to be blind during dinner time.

72 66

Perfect Property Solutions

Contemporary German Artists


The landmark hotel Suvretta House***** St. Moritz is renowned among luxury hotels for its relaxed elegance, gracious service, comfort and authentic mountain spirit.

Best of Saxony-Anhalt Discover the beauty of Saxony-Anhalt and read about the vital role of salt in this region.


Fashion See for yourself, the gorgeous creations of Marcel Ostertag’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Hotels of the Month Our Austrian contender is the roomz graz budget design hotel, a truly unique concept for today’s business travellers in motion.

Design All you need to make outdoor entertaining just perfect.

Little ones are the heroes in this special theme, where it is all about happy kids and parents too. 52



Germany’s fashion scene is thriving. We take a closer look at home grown talent. 35

that specialises in supporting people in the challenging crosscurrents between company, wealth and family. In addition we focus strongly on sustainability, plus we present a great selection of eye and ear specialists.

Attraction of the Month Meet the Frankfurter Kunstverein - one of Germany’s oldest and highly regarded institutions entirely dedicated to the presentation of contemporary art.

Culture It is all about the arts in this section, plus our top three spa and thermal bath tips for those who need a little time out.

112 Culture Calendar Save the date! Discover Germany’s Culture Calendar is your perfect guide to what not to miss in June.

Business Our legal expert Gregor Kleinknecht writes about inheritance law and property. We also present the Liechtenstein Academy

115 Barbara Geier Our columnist Barbara Geier explains the importance of anoraks. Issue 27 | June 2015 | 3

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Dear Reader,

Discover Germany

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Issue 27, June 2015

Emma Fabritius Nørregaard

Published 01.06.2014 ISSN 2051-7718

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Welcome to our June 2015 issue. June is one of my favourite months; filled with great events and lots to do before the summer holidays begin, it is the best time of the year to dive into social life and make the most of the warm temperatures. While we are busy figuring out what to wear in summer, fashion designers are already in full swing preparing the 2016 winter collections. Yes, correct. While we are lying at the beach sunbathing, they have to decide on how thick the protecting layers of next year’s winter shall be! And they have to choose the right colours too in order to be successful. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.There is much more to consider and our cover star, the fabulous designer Marcel Ostertag, confirms that there is much more to an outfit than just great design. In our German fashion theme we take a closer look at some of the biggest names in the industry and the amazing creative talent grown on our home soil. Little rascals and caring parents find plenty to discover in this month’s very special Children’s Universe, where it is all about tiny tots, their needs and how to put a smile on their little faces. Expecting mums, watch out for the prize draw featured on page 39 and take your chance to win a stroller set, a baby car seat or a very practical baby carrier. Read our Austrian Design Guide before you discover beautiful hotels, amazing restaurants and great holiday destinations such as Saxony-Anhalt or blissful thermal spas in this issue. In our business section we focus on exceptional real estate projects and service providers, while those experiencing issues with eyes or ears may find the perfect solution on our Vision and Beauty pages. As for me, I will enjoy June in full swing as it brings the Queen’s official birthday parade ‘Trooping the Colours’ and the legendary Royal Ascot horse races as well as the Wimbledon Tennis Championships to London. The last one will probably be commentated on by Boris Becker for the BBC, while we keep our fingers crossed last year’s runner-up Roger Federer!

Gregor Kleinknecht Daria Kocher

Enjoy the magazine!

Dorina Reichhold Rhys Owen

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4 | Issue 27 | June 2015

Tina Awtani

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SEB voted best Private Bank in German-speaking Europe Over 100 private banks were tested by Fuchsbriefe publishing house with IQF and risk analysis specialists Quanvest. Their conclusion in 2014 noted, “SEB Private Banking Luxembourg stands out in almost every category: in addition to brilliant advice, the competition cannot keep up in terms of either investment proposals or transparency.” Our international network of private banking offices will look after all aspects of your family finances, from daily transactions to long term investments. Its services cover everything from tailored financial management, through to helping you to optimise the legal and tax structures within which your assets are held. As one of the world’s strongest banks* and with more than 150 years of experience in private banking, we have just what it takes to ensure your future prosperity. To find out what SEB can do for your personal wealth, contact us in London or Luxembourg: Christian A. Hvamstad +44 (0) 20 7246 4307

Ulrich Graner +352 (0) 2623 2310

Gregor Neumann +352 (0) 2623 2881

*SEB is ranked 9th in the world according to Bloomberg report June 2014

Sweden • Norway • Denmark • Finland • Luxembourg • Switzerland • United Kingdom • Singapore • Estonia • Latvia • Lithuania

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6 | Issue 27 | June 2015



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Discover Germany | Cover Feature | Marcel Ostertag

MARCEL OSTERTAG German designer made in London Award-winning master graduate from London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, winner of German Fashion Hero TV format and one of the most talented young designers in the country, Marcel Ostertag (36), rocks the runways with his sustainable and vibrant creations for quality conscious women. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | MAIN PHOTO: GABO

The backdrop for our interview couldn’t have been more perfect. Ostertag invited us to the rooftop restaurant of the exclusive Shoreditch house in London. Even with the most illustrious characters from the art and media scene around us, the German fashion designer clearly stands out from the crowd showing off two giant parrot tattoos on his forearms. Our first impression? A rebel with a killer smile. Ostertag grew up in the village of Berchtesgaden. His parents divorced when he was a baby, which led to a strong bond with his mother and grandmother, who taught him how to draw, sew, knit and crochet.“I was always drawn to the arts,”he remembers and speaks fondly about his mother.“My mum is my greatest fan, she always stood behind me and supported me.”At the age of 14 he won his first design contest in Austria.“But back then designer was not really a job. I didn’t know that it is something one could study or do for a living,” he recalls. Few people know that Ostertag started a professional dancing career at this very young age. While attending boarding school, he performed on the stage of the Salzburg State Theatre as well as the Vienna State Opera. “For thirteen years I have been dancing for six hours a day,”he says. But then faith changed.“When I finished school at 18, I just bagged a great contract, but then I needed knee surgery.”A

dance career was no longer an option, but that didn’t throw the ambitious youngster back. Thanks to his splendid physique Ostertag successfully embarked on a modelling career and this was the time when he developed his passion for fashion. He enrolled at ESMOD Germany International Fashion School, but soon realised it didn’t offer the right environment to spark his inspiration. At the same time one of his modelling jobs took him to London, where the German fashion student further investigated his options and managed to impress with his creative skills.“Within three weeks I moved to London to start at St. Martins,”the designer recalls. Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design is arguably one of the finest fashion schools in the world and only a fraction of applicants are granted a place. Famous graduates include Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Matthew Williamson to name just a few. It was here where Ostertag met his mentor, the late Louise Wilson, one of the most influential figures in fashion for decades and course director of the prestigious fashion MA at Central Saint Martins.“She taught me so much.Thanks to her I am where I am and who I am today,“ the designer says while sipping a glass of Chardonnay as if he was making a toast to her.“It was her who

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 7

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Discover Germany | Cover Feature | Marcel Ostertag

made me look at my designs from different angles and re-consider every single step until the finished project is absolutely perfect.” His bachelor collection was voted the best in class and gained him massive media attention and made him continue with a master degree.“It was Louise who recommended me to start my own label straight after that and make the most of my personal skills, take advantage of the hype around my award-winning collection.” “I am very extreme” After six years Ostertag moved to Munich. “It was really hard to leave London, but I missed my family badly. Besides you get a lot more square footage for your money in Germany and I love space. Of course Munich is different than London, but Germany has a thriving fashion scene,”he says. Working in a former sound studio, where bands such as Queen and the Rolling Stones once produced their records, Ostertag and his team are juggling sketchbooks, pins and yarn.“Before a show I work 18 hours a day, seven days a week. This is

8 | Issue 27 | June 2015

exhausting. I could come up with a new collection every day. I am very extreme. When inspiration strikes, I sketch a whole collection of up to 100 pieces in one day,”he says and continues:“But this is the easy bit. The tough job starts after that. A dress I have in mind does not easily turn into a wearable piece, sometimes it requires a hundred fitting sessions to get it right.” Every single item from the atelier of Marcel Ostertag is produced in Bavaria with unparalleled attention to detail and impeccable quality. An Ostertag creation stands for high quality sustainable fashion that lasts for years and makes a woman feel confident and beautiful. In addition to two collections per year, he appears in various TV shows and cooperates with global brands. “I did a lot of work for Volkswagen China, Hyundai in Korea, worked as a ghost designer for other labels and teamed up with cosmetic brands such as Maybelline and Manhattan,” he says. One of his current projects involves British shoe label Clarks and he clearly enjoys the international proj-

ects.“We are also looking to expand to foreign markets as German designers are high in demand abroad,”Ostertag reveals. He is definitely a workaholic, allowing himself just one holiday per year (ideally to Bali). However, if he has some spare time, yoga and pilates help him to unwind. Or he takes Oscar, a French bulldog of which he has shared custody, for a walk. At the moment he is single, but given our impression from the past 60 minutes this won’t be for long as Marcel Ostertag is bursting with charisma. When we asked him if he could share a little style secret for the ladies out there, he instantly recommends: “When it starts with the thought ‘I have to dress up’ things already go wrong. Dressing stylish needs to come natural.”

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Discover Germany | Design | Dedicated to Design

Dedicated to Design... 2

Finally summer is here and the garden season kicks off. Time to invite the neighbours over for a BBQ, or enjoy an evening to remember with friends. An al fresco dinner is always best in good company and to make sure that your terrace space looks its best, we have found some cool items that make the most out of your outdoor space while entertaining friends and family.



Add a splash of colour to your outdoor space with the vibrantly designed cushions from German home textile expert Masaso. From £14. elips4sun is the term to remember when it comes to contemporary shade sails. As integrative elements in the arrangement of outdoor areas, they offer a myriad of different settings for outdoor living spaces. P.o.a.


Winner of the red dot award 2014 and highly useful, the my beacon® two-in-one event torch and patio heater is much more than just nice to look at. £193.


The Juwel vertical garden is a most clever way to turn even the smallest outdoor space into a green oasis. Filled with lovely flowers or useful salad, herbs and spices it is an absolute musthave. This award winning design is by Busse Design+Engineering GmbH. £50. Fed up with ketchup bottles falling off the table or looking out for the salt? This wooden organiser is ideal to keep things in place and looks cool in this picnic bench design. £16.


Issue 27 | June 2015 | 9

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Discover Germany | Design | Fashion Finds

Fashion Finds

Botanicals is the new buzz word when it comes to fashion. From flower prints to leafy patterns, the whole spectrum of nature’s finest produce will be found on the designer catwalks over the next few months. Green is definitely the colour of the season and our cover star Marcel Ostertag has just the right looks in his spring/summer 2015 collection. Titled Modern Bohemian Rhapsody, his contemporary boho-style designs are defined by a vibrant neon paisley mix of colours and patterns, all made in Germany of cotton, chiffon and high tech materials. EDITOR’S PICKS | PHOTOS: PRESS IMAGES

Casual yet elegant, this dashing silk tunic offers a hint of transparency. Long fringes complete the boho silhouette, making it the perfect companion for beach, bar and beyond. Tunic Salina £350.

10 | Issue 27 | June 2015

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Carmen Cita Jones is the brand to bear in mind when it comes to glamorous accessories. The founder, German born designer named Carmen Müller, lives and works in Switzerland. Disco Fever Earrings £210.

Another stunning design by Swiss label Carmen Cita Jones. Inspired by vintage jewellery, her creations add the extra bit of sparkle to any outfit. Necklace Aviary £568.

Go green and look great. The versatile leather bag made by Jost teams crocodile print with a woven look. Bag Tallinn £172.

Gorgeous evening robe for a night under, or amongst, the stars. Tailored to perfection, intricate patchwork design is what makes this silk creation simply irresistible. Long Dress Mobo Color Print £1,000.

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 11

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The original Feuerring Indulge in the Swiss art of grilling Simple and elegant design, sculptural aesthetics and a sensual accent: Who would think that these words are associated with a barbeque? However, the Feuerring is not only a healthy grilling device, but also an exceptional design object for outdoor spaces. Also functioning as a cosy fireplace, it seeks to celebrate conviviality, indulgence and pleasure in creativity. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: GUENTER STANDL

“The Feuerring is the patented original; a grilling device with which you can indirectly grill on a steel ring next to a crackling fire. One simultaneously enjoys convivial gatherings with guests, puts special emphasis on indulgence and good preparation of valuable ingredients and also lives with the strength and creative energy of an archaic fire,” Andreas Reichlin, inventor of the Feuerring, says. A true artist since his childhood, his inspiration for art and the Feuerring stems from nature as reduced

12 | Issue 27 | June 2015

shapes, simplicity and perfection play significant roles in his creations.The Feuerring passes on a big part of Reichlin’s philosophy of life: sociable and cosy get-togethers with a pristine, archaic form. Ten years ago, the Swiss steel sculptor had a vision of creating a design object which would intelligently combine art and functionality, when a personal health encroachment demanded for new solutions. Reichlin’s stomach had a problem with tol-

erating barbecued food from the grillage and thus he searched for an alternative to live his love for fire. He has found an intelligent solution for everyone sick and tired of steaks, fish or courgettes with a distinctive charcoal taste by presenting the Feuerring, a beautiful barbeque with an appealing design. He created outdoor art which enables healthy and delightful grilling adventures in every season of the year and which is sure to become the centre of attention at every gathering. Andreas Reichlin designed a well-shaped bowl constructed from specific alloy steel with a 12mm thick ring, which is welded to a 6mm thick bowl. The ring serves as a practical surface to grill meat, fish or vegetables. With a temperature of approximately 300 degrees Celsius, the inner side

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Discover Germany | Design | Feuerring

Main image: Nine Feuerring designs Right top: Feuerring Ovum and Luneli; even without fire it’s an aesthetic accent in your garden Right middle: Feuerring D100 for the small garden Portrait: Andreas Reichlin loves and lives the Feuerring philosophy with partner Beate Hoyer

of the ring is perfect for searing, while the outer side with its 180 to 200 degrees Celsius can be used for slow and gentle cooking. The grilled food is thus never exposed to the direct fire, and due to a tiny incline in the outer ring, grease and juices run towards the inside edge of the Feuerring’s grill ring. Andreas Reichlin explains: “Fat which drips into the embers and then rises as toxic vapours onto the grillables may present a health risk and it is also not really tasty. The Feuerring is able to give vegetables, fish, meat, cheese, fried eggs, Swiss hash browns or even raclette its original taste back; everything succeeds easily and without an unhealthy and charred aftertaste.” One doesn’t need to wait for the perfect embers with the Feuerring, but rather constantly grill beside a warm and crackling open fire. This designs an excep-

tional ambience and mood: sitting together with friends, exchanging ideas and talking, enjoying conviviality and culinary art.“Our strength lies in the lived philosophy of indulgence, conviviality, aesthetics and pleasure in creativity,”Andreas Reichlin adds. Topmost level of craftsmanship In his workshop in Switzerland’s Immensee, Andreas Reichlin created the patented original design made of massive steel plates with a big portion of accuracy and sensitivity after he worked meticulously on the design for five years straight. “The Feuerring was created out of passion and not to solely launch a new product,” Andreas Reichlin explains. Each Feuerring is entirely made by hand and is a true unicum as Andreas Reichlin solely works on commission.

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 13

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Discover Germany | Design | Feuerring

14 | Issue 27 | June 2015



Page 14

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Discover Germany | Design | Feuerring

name reveals. With a height of 50cm and a diameter of 110cm it is perfect for the smaller garden,” Andreas Reichlin adds. Whether one searches an object for their private garden or for their restaurant or hotel, the Feuerring is available in almost all dimensions and shapes and doesn’t leave a wish unfulfilled. It can even conquer uneven terrain due to an added, special foundation ring. Supplementary accessories, such as a wire brush for thoroughly cleaning the grilling surface, a cleaning scraper, a woollen blanket, a cushion or a cube made for either sitting or as a small table are, of course, available too.

The bowl of fire gets produced and welded perfectly into one shape directly in the designer’s workshop by experienced metal workers under the supervision of Andreas Reichlin.“We have a small warehouse and can deliver within three weeks. Our company primarily works with regional resources, whether in the production of the Feuerring or the manufacturing of additional products, in graphics and also in printing. Even our packaging comes from a nearby village and ‘makes sense’ as it gets produced in a welfare institution, it is simply unpacked after delivery and is versatilely useable,” Andreas Reichlin explains. Inspired by nature and friendship, the Feuerring’s design is functional and reduced on the one hand, and comprehensively tested and perfected over many years on the other. The outcome is a product which functions in all matters, be it grilling, making fire or easy cleaning.

“We appreciate passing on the love of life and values such as friendship, community, health and mindfulness through our Feuerring. We put special emphasis on authenticity and transparency,”Andreas Reichlin concludes. The Feuerring is a beautiful, reduced design bowl with a sensually aesthetic touch for every outdoor area, 100 per cent made in Switzerland. It is a barbeque that enables healthy and tasty grilling. It also poses as a crackling, archaic fire and is a device that seeks to emphasise indulgence, cosy conviviality and simplicity. An impressive objet d’art, an item of utility, as well as an exclusive design object for private or open outdoor spaces all year round, that is what the Feuerring stands for. For exactly these reasons, the Feuerring has found many copycats and the market is flooded with plagiarism. But there is only one original. Left: Chris Zueger, Swiss junior chef, loves the simplicity of the Feuerring Above: The Feuerring has space for many grillables Below: Aesthetic design for the gastronomy

The original Feuerring comes in various diameters and ten slightly varying designs, such as the Luneli, Luna, Ovum and Gastro. “We have a new model since March – our Tulip. It comprises of a slightly opened form and is kind of tulip shaped just as the

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 15

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True beauty lies within Are you looking for that truly special piece of jewellery? One that is beautiful from the outside as well as from the inside? Then look no further as Swiss jeweller Gübelin. The luxury jeweller and watchmaker invites you to see beyond the wellknown exterior and take a closer look at the enchanting centre of a gemstone. TEXT: SONJA IRANI | PHOTOS: GÜBELIN GROUP

Gübelin's success story started in 1854 with a watchmaker’s shop in Lucerne. Fast-forward 160 years and Gübelin is not only a household name for high-quality timepieces, but also for luxury jewellery made from the most exquisite gemstones. With their own gemmological laboratory, their own academy and ten exquisite boutiques in Switzerland and Asia, Gübelin’s experts are well equipped to look deep inside the stones, revealing their beautiful inner lives and unlocking their secrets, including

16 | Issue 27 | June 2015

where they are from, how they were formed and what causes their sparkle and shine. Gübelin Classics shine in new light Formed deep in the earth’s crust, each of the world’s most exquisite gems have a very unique colour, shape, beauty and even personality. Therefore, Gübelin’s master craftsmen and women tackled the challenging task of bringing those unique, natural features of a stone to life through its jewellery. The stunning results can be admired in the

new Gem Collection, in which every handcrafted creation features a matchless coloured gem in a classic, timeless design. As the colour red has been an almost universal symbol of passion, power and courage for millennia, Gübelin devoted a special collection to this fiery colour. The Red Collection now celebrates such majestic gems as the rubies, spinels, garnets and other red gems as well as their fire within. Both Gübelin Classic collections are on display in Switzerland. The in-house lab Gübelin’s fascination for the intriguing inner life of each stone goes back to gemmology pioneer Eduard Josef Gübelin (1913-2005). A member of the third generation of the Gübelin family, he provided

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Discover Germany | Design | Gübelin Group

important research findings and demonstrated to the world that instead of being marked as flaws, the inclusions inside coloured gemstones were in fact the key to their individual story. In order to further examine those astonishing inner lives of gems as well as to help protect its customers against the rising number of fake and treated gems, Gübelin opened its own gemmological laboratory in the 1920s. Today, the Gübelin in-house gem lab is one of the most respected gemmological laboratories worldwide and the only one that boosts an in-house reference collection of over 25,000 gemstones. Famous auction houses, gemstone dealers, royal families and collectors alike rely on Gübelin’s expert opinions when they want to make sure that their gems are real. If all this has made you curious to find out more about the wonderful and sometimes secret world of gemstones, the Gübelin Group and Unicorn Press have just published The Eduard Josef Gübelin Story: The Art and Science of Gems which is available in English, German and Simplified Chinese. The in-house school In order to share the company’s fascination and vast expertise in coloured gemstones with the wider public, the Gübelin Academy opened its doors in 2013 in Hong Kong.The academy’s two day seminars and courses are open to anyone interested in learning more about the fascinating inner life of coloured gemstones.The participants discover how to differentiate between untreated and chemically treated coloured gemstones as well as how the value of a

gemstone is determined by its quality, origin, rarity and colour. After successful completion of all three levels of the CGP programme, students are awarded with the Gübelin Gem Professional Diploma. Last year, the Gübelin Academy also launched courses in Switzerland. More information about the courses as well as future course dates for Zurich, Geneva and other locations can be found on the dedicated website of the Gübelin Academy. Beguiling boutiques Just as the laboratory and academy, Gübelin’s boutiques are a great place to learn more about the inner and outer beauty of jewellery. Gübelin’s ten prime locations in Switzerland, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong offer elegant spaces and a homely atmosphere where you can enjoy the full attention and expert service of Gübelin’s highly knowledgeable sales personnel. There is even the possibility of having your very own jewellery crafted according to individual wishes. Furthermore, the exclusive Gübelin boutiques in the Swiss cities of Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lugano, Lucerne, St. Moritz and Zurich offer its customers a broad selection of luxury watches from its renowned partners as well as worldwide skilled repairs and alterations through its highly respected watch atelier. Right top: Gübelin Academy Right: Boutique Guebelin Zürich Bottom left: Gübelin Ateliers

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 17

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Special Theme

Focus on German Fashion

18 | Issue 27 | June 2015

Page 18

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Page 19

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Focus on German Fashion

Three questions for Gerd Oliver Seidensticker, President of GermanFashion Modeverband Deutschland e. V.

Top model Franziska Knuppe wearing RIANI. Martina Cruse, managing director of RIANI and vice-president of GermanFashion, presents high-end German designer fashion: “Our recipe for success comes from the perfect cut and the ideal shape for modern women, sized from 34 to 46. Add stunning and exclusively produced materials as well as surprising details to the mix, and that’s ‘designed in Germany’. RIANI always suits you. Any time. Anywhere. Glamorous and stylishly understated.”

Portrait: Martina Cruse

Mr Seidensticker, from a very early age you understood exactly how fashions emerge. Can you explain that, please? The emergence of fashion is largely a societal process, born from a certain period of time. Within our nation, the creative minds seize upon a trend, expressing it through their products and pieces of work. We, as in the fashion industry, therefore call upon the designers, who possess the abilities and antennas to receive these impulses and reflect them in their work. It could be a certain mood for life that has captured the people, or a specific cultural event like music, film, idols or super stars. Take, for example, the huge impact that the film adaptation of The Great Gatsby had, every collection suddenly seemed to echo the film and channel the 1920s. And think about Jogi Löw, responsible for reawakening the tailored white shirt. Fashion converts the zeitgeist into materials, shapes and colours. It’s a visualisation of how one feels. Why is German fashion so popular across the globe? In my opinion there are three factors for success: firstly, it’s because of the outstanding design here.‘Made in Germany’is a promise of success. The principles that we hold in Germany are also expressed: we’re taking fashion to the streets, we succeed in making clothing both wearable and affordable. The second factor is our marketing: we don’t just sell the fashions to the dealers, but we also sell the shop floor marketing too. We know where our products sell best and we work hand in hand with the dealers.Thirdly, our extremely high reliability plays a part when it comes to delivery. What good is it to the population when that amazing summer dress isn’t delivered until September?

Portrait: Gerd Oliver Seidensticker

And now for a more personal question: do you exclusively wear German fashion? Or would your wardrobe reveal other international brands? Around 90 per cent of my clothes are from German brands. I appreciate that my trousers are extremely well cut, the high quality suits that my German colleagues wear and, of course, our shirts. But that doesn’t mean that I’m belittling international fashion designers in any way, I’m just a fan of German fashion and recognise its advantages.

GermanFashion Modeverband Deutschland e.V. represents the interests of the German fashion industry, and particularly the manufacturers of male and female outerwear, sportswear and professional-wear. We are available to answer any enquiries from our member companies on any branch-specific topic. We represent the interests of our member companies against legislators, the authorities, market partners and other organisations.

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 19

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Page 20

Watches made by KAPTEN & SON A young design for individual people Swedish design combined with German precision and Swiss movement, this is what KAPTEN & SON stands for. Founded in 2014, KAPTEN & SON in under a year has become a fast growing watch manufacturer. Based in Germany, the company already ships to all over Europe. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN | PHOTOS: KAPTEN & SON

'KAPTEN' is the Swedish name for captain and symbolises what the watches stand for: adventure, courage and spirit of discovery, things people should spend more time on. “For us as founders this stands in the centre every day,” says manager and co-founder Artjem Weissbeck. “In 2014 we decided to take the risk and start our own business instead of taking a secure and well-paid job.” The young professionals wanted to do what they really loved: watches with timeless designs. It was the beginning of a rather fast business success, after only two weeks their first collection was sold out. And the adventure still continues:“Everyday we sail a bit further without knowing what might come next, everyday a bit further to becoming an internationally known brand,”explains Weissbeck. In a digital age

20 | Issue 27 | June 2015

where people use their smartphones as a watch, it often seems as if there is no space for something as archaic and traditional as a wristwatch. But this is a trend the founders wanted to counteract, bringing the good old watch back to its former glory, transforming the watch into more than just an instrument to measure time, more than a nice looking accessory. KAPTEN & SON believes that choosing a watch is a decision towards detail and beauty, representing its owner’s character. Customers can choose between two models: Campus with a diameter of 40 mm and Campina with a diameter of 36 mm. These two basic models, each available with a white or black clock face, come with a choice of 14 different wristbands made from Italian leather or nylon giving each

watch an individual character. Some might choose a plain brown leather band, others a summer style nylon wristband striped in apricot and white. All straps are changeable in seconds and therefore suitable for any occasion. This is part of the concept: “KAPTEN always fits”. KAPTEN & SON watches are available online and through a constantly growing network of retailers. Watches cost between 129€ and 149€. Using the code “lovetodiscover15” KAPTEN & SON offers 15 per cent discount for Discover Germany readers.

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ETERNA Classic shirts and blouses re-defined Since 1863 the high quality shirts and blouses made by ETERNA serve as a symbol of timeless elegance, sophisticated engineering and a subtle contemporary note. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTOS: ETERNA

Deriving from the Latin term for eternity, “aeternum”, ETERNA creations are the epitome of timeless beauty. “Shirts and blouses by ETERNA underline the character of their wearers in a very special way, featuring artesian details and superior functions as well as fulfilling a fashionable claim without following temporary trends,” explains ETERNA CEO Henning Gerbaulet. Classy, comfortable and full of character, men and women can’t go wrong in wearing ETERNA, be it for business or leisure. With an ETERNA creation one is always well dressed. But ETERNA has more to offer than impeccable looks and perfect fits. In 1923 ETERNA was the first shirt maker to

develop semi-stiff collars and it was the first company to introduce iron-free garments in form of the EXCELLENT programme in 1983. All cotton is swiss+cotton certified, in 2011 the ultra comfortable Dynamic Cotton fabric was introduced and last year the world saw a new ETERNA revolution in form of Stretch Non Iron material. The constant pursuit of perfection and innovation goes hand in hand with a highly responsible manufacturing consciousness. “We are proud of our fair and sustainable production process. Our shirts and blouses are manufactured in our very own European manufacturing units and we guarantee the best social standards, of course without any form of child labour

and other kinds of exploitation. Of course environmental issues play an important role too. Sustainability on all levels of our production chain is a matter of course for us,”Gerbaulet points out. 2015 is an exciting year for ETERNA as the label is undergoing a re-launch, making sure that the striking features and unparalleled quality of ETERNA shirts and blouses are clearly visible far beyond the points of sale. Printed, plain or textured, comfort-fit, modern fit, slim fit or even custom-made with an embroidered monogram: Available options are endless and, given ETERNA’s impressive track record, the company is on the best way to reaching its goal of becoming Europe’s most desirable shirt and blouse brand until 2020.

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 21

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Hugenberg Contemporary fashion, timeless style Hugenberg is a small but innovative fashion label from Munich specialising in timeless, straight-lined but feminine knitwear, from dresses to cardigans. Using natural fibres and high quality techniques, it is long-lasting fashion that surpasses trends. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN | PHOTOS: HUGENBERG

In 1998 Susanne Hugenberg founded her knitwear fashion label and over the years constant innovations and her creativity brought the brand to international success. Working together with Adrian Zeichner, who is responsible for the business part, was key to her success. Using cotton, merino wool and cashmere for knitwear, the collection also features accessory overgarments made of silk and fur pieces. Every single item is carefully fabricated with natural fibres in the highest quality.

22 | Issue 27 | June 2015

“Knitting has always been an important part of my life,” says Susanne Hugenberg. During her school days she had started knitting jumpers and earning some money with it.“I even hired some friends to help me, because I was overrun by orders.”Later she worked as a retailer for a well-known fashion store, for the knitwear department, and realised a lack in young and contemporary knitwear fashion. Coming from a creative family of freelancers she decided to establish her own business.

Cardigans as signature style Pale blue, sheer white or ultramarine, the signature pieces of every collection are cardigans complementing nearly every outfit, making it more special. The style is straight-lined and classic but with Susanne Hugenberg’s special handwriting and a love for details. This is what impresses not only the fashion industry but also inspires its wearers: Many women have come to appreciate the quality and perfection in design as much as the choices of material, turning Hugenberg clothes into showpieces. “Urbane, straight-lined, and feminine”is how the label describes itself. Quality in design and materials is essential for Susanne Hugenberg.“The harmony of forms and colours I witness in my envi-

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Focus on German Fashion

ronment are the inspiration for my collection,” she says.“It is comparable to architecture: Design and colour have to come together in a harmonious over all concept.” Ready to travel the world: Jersey dresses made by Hugenberg Often enough she gets her ideas while travelling. Those trips inspire another important part of her collection: Jersey dresses, light and ready to be packed for the next trip around the world. Jersey is a fabric woven or knitted from thin threads, often enough containing stretchable components. This not only lets the fabric softly cling to the body but also prevents rumpling. Even a long day in the office, an eight-hour flight or being on board a train does not leave traces in the fabric. A fact that also applies if a jersey dress is transported in a suitcase.Take it out, shake it and wear it. One example of Hugenberg’s beautiful dress design is the v-neck black and white

Leo print dress, flowing softly around the body. A belt around the waist highlights every woman’s best features, hiding the flaws anyone might have. Or look at the dazzling ultramarine dress shining like the sea at night, simple but pleated lightly at the left side again accentuating the waistline, with the right accessory it is the perfect dress for a fancy dinner and a night out. Fashion for women who know their own style The fashion industry is changeable and constantly inventing itself over and over again. One trend follows another, sometimes not even lasting a year. This is nothing that Hugenberg does: “Quick trends are not our style,”says the label founder.“I want to make fashion that lasts longer than only one season.” Hugenberg’s products are long-living, a timeless style for women who know who they are and what they want, for women who do not strive to follow every unnecessary trend fashion magazines throw at them.

Not matter what kind of clothes, for Susanne Hugenberg the quality is essential, in the used raw materials as much as for the design and stitches. Good technical quality also guarantees sustainability, which is part of her success. Over the years her business has constantly grown and her collections’ quality has improved even further.“We are successful because of the work we do and not because of aggressive mapped out business strategies,” says Hugenberg. At exhibitions for example she treats her customers personally and tries to fulfil even individual wishes. Susanne Hugenberg’s knitwear, dresses and accessories can be bought at international retailers like Apropos in Cologne, Modehaus Fischer in Singen, Donna in Hanover, Jelmoli in Zurich, Ludwig Beck in Munich, Garhammer in Waldkirchen or Allegro in Trier.

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 23

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Casual chic made effortless The young fashion label CABO by MILKA, creates clothes that combine cool, linear designs with bold, colourful prints that jazz up any outfit while still keeping it casual. These clothes are comfortable and classy and make you fall in love with perfect basics and chic summer looks. TEXT: ELISABETH DOEHNE | PHOTOS: CABO BY MILKA

Casual chic isn’t just a fashion style, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a great everyday option for women who, despite their busy work schedules, aren't willing to give up looking gorgeous. It is about being confident and feeling comfortable. The label, headed by Milka Loff Fernandes, the well-known German host and entertainment personality, makes clothes that are both beautiful and effortless. Milka, the owner and creative director describes the label’s signature look as:“Colourful African patterns on straight and classic designs.

24 | Issue 27 | June 2015

This way you will be perfectly dressed for whatever you are up to, the office, the beach or meeting your parents in law.” Pluralism of styles and influences Hamburg is Milka’s home, where she was born and grew up. Her parents immigrated to Germany from Cape Verde, the narrowshaped archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean off the African coast. She says that she was raised with a natural open-mindedness for whatever any culture would bring with it and certainly a great deal of joy.“The one word which describes our brand best is

'criolu'. On the Cape Verde islands this word is not only the term for the local language, it also stands for the national identity and culture of the Capeverdean people. 'Criolu' basically means mixture,” says Milka. This effortless and authentic multiculturalism is also captured in her designs. Her fashion label, founded in 2012, combines the best of both continents: exciting African patters, colours and textures and European classic elegance, cool understatement and timeless pieces. Summer looks The label’s designs speak to the zeitgeist of modern, trendy and casual fashion. Comfortable, wider cuts are trending this summer. Vibrant colors and bright accessories add instant joy to any wardrobe.“CABO by

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Focus on German Fashion

MILKA dares you to express your inner strength and confidence by spicing up your outfits with our waxprint styles. In summer it is even easier to be adventurous and bold when it comes to color,” explains Milka. And after all, no one knows how to style an effortlessly chic summer look better than a fashion and entertainment professional.“I simply want to make clothes that I love. Styles that I feel most comfortable wearing," says Milka. "For example, I really appreciate great basics like my monochrome jumpsuit or a perfect white dress shirt that doesn’t wrinkle. I think your clothes should fit to your lifestyle perfectly, rather than causing you quite a headache whilst wearing them.” Fashion made In Europe CABO by MILKA emphasises the responsibility and sustainability of sourcing, pro-

ducing and selling clothes.These values are important to those who make them and to those who buy them. All fabrics including the waxprints are manufactured in Europe or by small businesses in Africa, which are run by women. Milka explains that:“To us high quality is key. We want to make sure that you can have a long-term relationship with your favorite CABO by MILKA item.This is why we produce all of our styles in a long-standing, family-owned company in Portugal. Every single piece is hand made and limited in edition. Our waxprints are produced in Holland. We are using tie die fabrics, which are made by small companies owned by women in either Ghana or South Africa."

blouse FOFA to beautiful dresses, the elegant ALEGRIA pants and accessories like great belts, the label’s online shop has much to offer. Custom designs as well as consultation are available as well. The website also provides all information on how to get in touch with the label and a list of selected shops offering CABO by MILKA. Below: Milka Loff Fernandes

At the moment, CABO by MILKA offers fashion for women, children and accessories. From basics like the

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 25

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The expert for cashmere creations Fashion label philo-sofie stands for 100 per cent pure, precious cashmere without compromise. Designer Barbara Schoppe’s creative collections deliver exceptional experiences and distinctive comfort. philo-sofie stands for premium, feminine fashion that evokes individuality, beauty and exceptionalism. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: PHILO-SOFIE

Specialised on producing fashionable styles instead of classical basics, philo-sofie stands out from competitors. Their uniqueness of processing cashmere in the rapid fashion industry is another factor that makes them special. “This probably poses as a contradiction for many but we have successfully proved ourselves with this concept,” says Barbara Schoppe, founder and designer. “We only use high-quality cashmere as it embodies the essences of a luxury product: the highest quality and an immediate comfort factor.”Cashmere is an entirely natural product, from when it is sheared from a goat to when it is manually and delicately separated into different qualities. It is a product known for its softness and luxury.

26 | Issue 27 | June 2015

Thanks to its complex production process, cashmere represents a ‘lifetime value’ and thus represents a very sustainable product. “We want women of all ages feel comfortable, beautiful and snug in our cashmere creations,” Schoppe explains. philo-sofie’s collections impress with stylish interpretations, exciting designs, a touch of extravagance and a meticulous selection of colours which are exclusively produced for them. “To follow fashionable trends each season, the colours get specially dyed. We don’t buy them ready-made in bulk as other labels. Consistent style trend-sourcing in combination with wearable shapes and sophisticated Italian knitting patterns are our recipe for success,”Schoppe explains.

With a special focus on meeting the highest standards, philo-sofie puts special emphasis on rigorous control in regards to quality and ecological sustainability and its service and personal contact to distributors and consumers. Founded in 2007 as a small family business, Barbara Schoppe fulfilled her own dream with philo-sofie.“Fashion, its beauty and covetousness have fascinated me from the cradle,”Schoppe notes. After 20 years in the fashion industry and after having gained professional experience at haute couture houses such as Chanel, Schoppe felt ready to create a label which would meet the requirements of consumers, as well as of the retail industry.“I wanted to reawaken desire and femininity in our market segment with high-quality materials in special styles and not with commercial mass-produced products,” Schoppe remembers.

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Focus on German Fashion


Ideal for travel and everyday wear If you are constantly on the go, but prefer to pack lightly, the super convenient blouses of TRAVELBLOUSE by KATHARINA HOVMANNmight well be the companions you’ve been looking for all your life. TEXT: SONJA IRANI | PHOTOS: M.A.M. FABIG

On one hand they are super-light and lowmaintenance, on the other they are modern and elegant. It’s easy to see why the blouses of TRAVELBLOUSE are regarded by many as the ultimate win-win combination. Created by Hamburg-based designer Katharina Müller-Lenz as an independent collection of her label KATHARINA HOVMAN, the travel blouses meet all the requirements of today’s well-travelled women, whether the trips are for business or leisure.“The blouses have practically no weight, so you can take them everywhere,”she explains.“The micro fibre taffeta material gives the blouses their unmistakable touch and makes them ultra light.The Microtaft fabric is woven from the finest possible fibre, crafted and refined in Italy.”The blouses dry in an instant and ironing won’t be necessary due to the memoryeffect of the delicate creases, another two aspects which make the travel blouses the ideal all-in-one partner for every journey. But the blouses wouldn’t be truly unique pieces if they were limited to travel only. Their classic, yet casual design make these versatile garments well suited for everyday

wear, too.“The blouses come in a variety of styles, from a business cut to a boyfriend, oversize or pull over shirt and shine in the most brilliant colours,” adds the experienced designer. Whether it's White, Powder, Lilac or Royal Blue you're after, the online shop has the right colour in store for every taste and every occasion. A household name within the fashion industry for the past 20 years, high quality is of utmost important to the visionary dressmaker of KATHARINA HOVMAN. That’s why Katharina Müller-Lenz herself sources the luxury fabrics and colour concepts for all her designs on-site in Italy. All that dedication and inventive spirit is by now well and truly internationally recognised. Originally from Hamburg, Katharina MüllerLenz ships her designs into all corners of the world. Additionally, her flagship boutique in Hamburg serves as a notable style and showroom hub for buyers from near and far.

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 27

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Fashion with a distinctive signature Cool, glamorous, individual and authentic, fashion brand Cotton Candy knows what it takes to stand out from the wide range of clothing brands available. The right price-quality ratio, as well as a sense of social responsibility prove that Cotton Candy offers more than the usual high street range. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: MICHAEL GUETH / COPYRIGHT: COTTON CANDY

Since the brands launch in 2012, Cotton Candy’s credo has remained the same: each piece has to be made into something special through elaborate fashioning, finishing or handicraft. Four collections per year impress with innovative colourings and prints, progressive incisions, handmade details or appliqués, as well as innovative textile refinement methods. Whether its cool layering and spray effects, casual washings with vintage character, handcrafted shredded or braid sections or startling table-prints, each item becomes an absolute eye catcher.“The special love for detail, a high degree of fashion, the harmonic colouration and our signature with a high recognition value makes us stand out,”Sandra Csikos, Head of Design and Product Manager, explains.

28 | Issue 27 | June 2015

A special emphasis is put on the production of the collection. Not only highest production or material quality, as well as dye aspects are in the focus. Additionally, each item is exclusively made in Europe.“It’s important for us that future generations will still enjoy our products. We want to create long-lived products that become one’s favourite item. We’re not here to make disposable fashion. The production of apparel is an age-old handicraft and should obtain that significance again,”Sandra Csikos says. She adds:“Sustainability offers the opportunity for young and upcoming companies like us to dissociate ourselves from big corporations. Sustainability is the foundation of and responsibility for future generations.”Committed to social responsibility towards humans and the environment, Cotton Candy solely produces in Turkey. “This enables short pro-

curement routes and the careful selection of production sites,”Sandra Csikos says. With its headquarters in Limbach-Oberfrohna, Cotton Candy is a brand by Just Fashion GmbH, which is known for its good service. Flexible logistics, personal and intensive customer service, no minimum order or a marginal cancellation rate“Cotton Candy stands for more advice and service,” Sandra Csikos adds.The elaborate approach pays off: its fashion can now be found in around 400 shops in Germany, as well as on the Dutch and Austrian market.

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Focus on German Fashion

Pimp my pumps With the innovative high heel stick-on HEELBOPPS you can personalise your look, protect your heels and make walking more comfortable – a win-win situation for every fashionista. TEXT: SONJA IRANI | PHOTOS: HEELBOPPS

“Wearing stiletto heels can get tiring quite quickly because you have to constantly watch out not to get stuck in the pavement, grass or grids, not to scratch the heel or twist your ankle,”explains Katharina Hermes, founder of HEELBOPPS. “With HEELBOPPS on their stilettos, women can walk elegantly, safely and carefree on every kind of surface. Plus, jewellery is no longer worn on the arm or neck, but on the heels, too! A little bit like at the court of the Sun King Louis XIV where red high heels were a status symbol.” Taking the concept of the Sun King further, the contemporary HEELBOPPS even allow you to re-invent your style every day.

“Onto plain black stilettos, for example, you can wear the HEELBOPPS style‘Black Snake’ and then comfortably walk around the office all day,”illustrates the fashion designer who previously worked for luxury brands like Alexander McQueen.“For the after work party, you can opt for HEELBOPPS‘Cleopatra’matching your gold jewellery. With ‘BOPP-Art’, red lipstick and that graphic colour block dress, your black stilettos will instantly look like a limited edition fresh off a Milano catwalk. For the Red Carpet, I would recommend HEELBOPPS made with Swarovski Elements.” Having invented the HEELBOPPS out of her own love-hate relationship with high

heels, Hermes brought her design idea to perfection in a two year development phase teaming up with engineers, machine manufacturers and plastics experts. Today, 50 different designs are produced in-house in Frankfurt and are therefore 100 per cent made in Germany. This hard work pays off.“In 2014, we won two German Start-Up prizes,” smiles the young entrepreneur. “This year, we are among the finalists of the prestigious DRAPERS FOOTWEAR AWARD 2015. Getting selected will surely generate more coverage in London.” Until then, fashionistas can get their hands on HEELBOPPS in boutiques worldwide, which can easily be found with the online store finder. In London, for example, it’s currently at the Lele Pyp boutique. Alternatively, simply buy them online.

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 29

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Timeless quality German knitwear label SELDOM is using innovative techniques and sustainable resources to create exceptional clothing which is sought after internationally. TEXT: DORINA REICHHOLD | PHOTOS: SELDOM

‘Clothing of timeless quality and consistency’ is the concept behind the knitwear label SELDOM. It was founded by Rolf Meissner in 1984 with the idea of designing and producing high-quality cardigans and jumpers which impress through their classic design. His concept proves to be very successful as the products are very much sought after in Europe and overseas. Currently the label has around 50 stores in Germany and more than 30 stores across Europe and Japan have SELDOM products in their stock.

using a seam. This method has several advantages. The material is used in the most efficient way and since there is no seam the wearing comfort is very high. The design is minimalised and thus creates a new interpretation of knitwear. SELDOM has combined this technique with a second one, which knits together two threads in different colours, creating unusual combinations. SELDOM is currently offering 22 different colours, based on ten basic colours. The result is a reversible jumper without any seams.

”Our products are understated and timeless and everyone can see they are something very special even at first glance,”explains Meissner proudly.The reason behind the pristine quality of the make is the unusual way it is manufactured. SELDOM is using the highly specialised technique of producing knitwear on a machine without

Each product can be created individually according to the customer’s personal preferences and manufactured within less than ten days. ”Our products outlast the shortdated zeitgeist. Many favourite items are being produced over many years and are subtlety refined over time,”states Meissner. Another important policy for SELDOM is

30 | Issue 27 | June 2015

to produce sustainably. Since 2015, the label uses only merino wool from sheep in South America within certified standards of organic sheep husbandry. For the future, SELDOM will continue to set high standards on material and the quality of the make in combination with innovative techniques, manufacturing knitwear which is a timeless synthesis of creativity and technical realisation.

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Focus on German Fashion

Simply dress better ‘Hidden Champion’ Wolfram Kopka from North Rhine-Westphalia is making yet another definitive mark on the hat industry with his casual and quirky No Hats® collection. Narrow brimmed and tall, No Hats® can be crumpled and stretched, folded, shook and put back to rights. The wearer defines how it is worn. TEXT & PHOTOS: NEW HATS | TRANSLATION: EMMIE COLLINGE

The latest fashion collection released by Cologne’s Wolfram Kopfa, the Brühl-based wholesaler of straw and felt hat bodies, is a distinctively clever collection of headwear that gives the hat industry a new lease of life. With his‘Aboût Accessories’line, Kopka kits out the mid to high-end fashion branch with stunning hats and scarves. Opting for a no-frills approach to haute couture, he’s created the No Hats® line for males and females. With headwear a wardrobe staple for the likes of the musician Pharrell Williams and the actor Johnny Depp, it’s evident that

they’re very much in fashion. Yet the predominant market for No Hats® isn’t to attract attention at the horse racing, as the hats are most at home on the sophisticated streets of anywhere from Hamburg to Munich, as well as the metropolises of Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo and NewYork. In the latest collection, the simple hat body has undergone some small but significant changes, which has resulted in a wonderful final product for everyday use. So this means it isn’t just for weddings or funerals,

a wearer of No Hats® doesn’t dress up, they simply dress better. Kopka is uncompromising when it comes to choosing materials. As a distinguished expert with years of experience, Kopka opted exclusively for 100 per cent beaver fur, as its fur is particularly thick and fine. Sheep’s wool fur is no rival in terms of quality, and beaver fur is notably finer than rabbit or hare. In the 17th century, beaver fur was the nobility’s fur of choice in fact. Today, channelling traditional artisan methods, the finest quality is guaranteed, providing the soft and easygoing nature expected from No Hats®. While produced solely in Europe, the No Hats® design is exclusively ‘Made in Germany’. Kopka provides his suppliers with all the decisive details such as form, colour and the material’s properties, and customers can choose between the sizes S, M, L and XL. No Hats® come in black, charcoal, elephant (mid-grey), forest green and burgundy. With the pocket umbrella-sized travel protective bag, the innovative headwear can be handily stored and protected from dirt and damage, making the need for a large, cumbersome hat box redundant for any No Hats® wearer.

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 31

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Focus on German Fashion

The jewellery of queens Maliina jewellery interprets the timeless pearl chain in a creative and modern way, allowing every woman to express her personal style. TEXT: DORINA REICHHOLD | PHOTOS: MALIINA JEWELRY

For centuries pearls have been a centrepiece in the jewellery collections of royalties. Recently a handful of designers have taken up the challenge to turn the pearl into a contemporary, exciting and adaptable piece. Among these designers, Maliina jewellery has transferred the timeless pearl chain into a creative and modern piece of jewellery, encouraging every woman to make it part of their signature style. The source of inspiration for their unconventional designs are nature and people, states the creative duo behind Maliina, the sisters Annette Widera and Klaudia Weih. All designs are handmade using natural materials such as pearls, semi-precious stones, silver and gold.

that pearls were reserved to be worn only by queens for many centuries. Maliina wants their pearl creations to be a woman’s best friend and to be worn every day, not only on special occasions. The sisters love flamboyance, colours and texture in their creations, which reflects the passion for their work. Their designs are modern, exciting and mirror the zeitgeist and the personality of each woman, making every item a very personal little treasure. Each of their jewellery lines have their own character, including high fashion, classic, mysterious, sexy or funky. ”Exciting design, multi-functionality and quality are the aspiration for our collection,”states Klaudia.

”Maliina jewellery originated out of our passion and love for beautiful and natural materials. A pearl nestles up onto the skin, absorbing the warmth of the body and makes every woman radiate with beauty,”explains Klaudia. It's no wonder

Maliina’s signature jewellery is the BOW design chain. It is the jewellery piece every woman's Maliina collection should start off with. It is made out of large, round pearls, which are attached to a satin ribbon. The ribbon enables the woman to wear BOW

32 | Issue 27 | June 2015

design in endless combinations such as short, long, as a choker or even as a belt or a bracelet.The sisters’endless creativity creates a diverse range of designs, inviting their customers to experiment with their jewellery and find a new combination every day to go with their outfit.The collection for autumn/winter 2015 is themed ‘chainmania’, a name that promises exciting creations to look forward to. Maliina jewellery will make every woman feel like a queen.

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Focus on German Fashion

More than just average When shirts and blouses feel like a second skin, when their colours accentuate one’s personality and when the highest quality is ensured, one can expect to wear the handmade clothing of Jacques Britt. The exclusive brand offers first-class products for almost every occasion from business chic to evening elegance and unconventional flower prints. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: ICONISTA

Jacques Britt was founded in 1969 by Gerd Seidensticker in Bielefeld. Through the affiliation with the Seidensticker consortium, one of the most famous shirt manufacturers in Europe, Jacques Britt profits from almost 100 years of shirt tradition and expertise. Since its foundation, the aspiration to design stylish and premium shirts, blouses and accessories for the sophisticated man and woman has remained the same. Today, a zebra embroidery tells the brand’s history of freedom and origin, from fashion and elegance, from individuality and a hint of arrogance. “Jacques Britt is a brand for those who

seek to be ‘different’ and ‘different’ means to be more than just average,” explains managing partner Gerd Oliver Seidensticker. Selected fabrics and materials, highquality craftsmanship, highest possible wearing comfort, innovation with attention to detail and great value for money – Jacques Britt’s high-quality shirts and blouses are sure to offer the perfect fit and excellent care maintenance due to premium finishing.“We do everything to offer our customers the best wearing comfort possible. We show our customers our full attention and our work isn’t finished

Rock your body With Germany-based fashion brand ROCKBODY there is finally a menswear label for all those seeking something high-quality, comfortable to wear, fairly produced and a little bit cheeky. TEXT: SONJA IRANI | PHOTOS: ROCKBODY

If you are a man that likes to make a statement with his clothes, you will love the range of designs offered by ROCKBODY. With mixtape, camera or donut prints, you can stylishly hint at your favourite pastime. The ROCKBODY t-shirts, polo shirts, long sleeves, sweatshirts and hoodies also feature a low neckline for a wider variety of looks. Sustainability is equally important. All clothes are GOTS certified and exclusively produced in Western Europe. ROCKBODY’s founder Alexander Schneider was inspired to study fashion by chance when he randomly switched on BBC News and saw a feature about Alexander McQueen’s S/S 1999 show: “I was instantly hooked by the fact that a model

could be spray-painted from top to bottom simply by the arms of two robots. I really wanted to be part of something so rebellious and creative.” Consequently in 1999, Schneider made his way across the Chan-

until our customers say‘this is my favourite shirt’,”Gerd Oliver Seidensticker adds.

nel to study fashion design at the renowned London College of Fashion. In 2013, his other passion of dancing inspired Schneider to name his newly founded label ROCKBODY. Today, he is looking across the channel once more.“The UK is likely to be our next market,”he reveals. By then, ROCKBODY may be enjoyed by more than just the men as the young fashion brand also prepares to launch collections for women, children and will include accessories soon.

Portrait: Alexander Schneider

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 33

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Focus on German Fashion

Go fashionably green For Arosha Rosenberger, eco fashion is more than just a temporary trend. Passionate about sustainability, the designs of her label Tuschimo are not only beautiful to look at, but can be worn with a clear conscience. TEXT: SONJA IRANI | PHOTOS: PETER JENSEN

Arosha Rosenberger was born in rural Sri Lanka. It was her mother, a seamstress, who initiated the upcoming designer’s love for fashion.The beautiful woods and nature she was surrounded by as a child continue to inspire her deeply until this day. After learning her trade at Victoria’s Secret in Colombo, studying fashion design, working for designer Raishma in London and starting a family in Germany, the talented tailor has launched her very own fashion brand: Tuschimo. “Tuschimo offers two lines”, she explains.“‘Tuschimo Eco’is all about sustainability, which has always been my biggest passion.”Following strict standards, Rosenberger supports fair trade, only works with fabrics that are GOTS-certified, reuses re-

cycled fabric leftovers and applies in Europe produced Hemp fabrics particularly suitable for sensitive skin.“The other so-called ‘Exclusive line’ features pieces which are available upon request only,” she adds. “These clothes are handcrafted, of the highest quality and are made from high-end fabrics such as silk and lace.” So what’s in store for the future? “I would love to see pretty Jennifer Lopez in my clothing one day,”she smiles. Until that day comes, the Munich local is not short of plans. An English website, her own online shop, a shop in Munich and international stockist partnerships are all in the making.

Free. Independent. Levitating. The attitude ‘faster, more and the cheaper the better’ is omnipresent in the heads of many in the fashion industry. like a bird takes a different approach and shows that ‘eco’ can be very fashionable. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: ORION DAHLMANN I SCANLITHO.TEAMS

like a bird is the answer to a change in the textile industry, which puts increasing emphasis on high quality and sustainability. “There was a gap in the market. I believe that we have a lot of responsibility towards our environment and that’s why I have created like a bird five years ago,” Tanja Kliewe-Meyer, Managing Director, ex-

34 | Issue 27 | June 2015

plains. Since then, the label is known for its exclusive and playful prints and the use of high-quality natural materials, such as silk or cashmere. Feminine and sporty blouses and shirts with a love for detail are their signature, and with airy cotton batiste or movable jersey stretch, the fabrics are light just like a bird.

“We set ourselves apart from the market. like a bird tells the story of freedom and joie de vivre. We create feel-good clothes as our items are adapted to the needs of women and guarantee a perfect fit,” Kliewe-Meyer says. The young business from Loehne exclusively works with selected European production partners to secure the high quality of their products.“We know all of them personally. When many other fashion companies go to Asia, we believe that Europe has a lot to offer. We aim to be socio-ecological from A to Z,” she concludes.

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Special Theme

Children’s Universe

Playfully discovering creativity An extensive range of toys available on the German market makes choosing the right one a difficult task. On behalf of LEGO GmbH, TNS Infratest has asked German parents what constitutes a good toy: one that fosters development, awakens curiosity, gives children the opportunity to become creative and imaginative, one that has a high entertainment value and is safe at the same time. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: PRESS IMAGES

All of these factors are intelligently combined in the LEGO brick; a true pioneer of European high-quality toys. Since 1932, LEGO products have fascinated children and adults alike and the small, colourful bricks have lightened up children’s eyes over centuries. Creativity, fun and quality stands at the core of each LEGO brick. The success of the LEGO Group is built on the archetype of learning and the childlike rendition of exploring and understanding the world: “There is probably no more meaningful activity for the development of a child than playing,” confirms Dr. Armin Krenz from Kiel’s non-university Institute for Applied Psychology and Pedagogy. Building with the small, colourful bricks

trains the ability to think and stimulates creativity. Collective playing improves communicative skills and the best about it is that playing is a natural need for children which promises fun for hours. Over 3,000 different, easily connected and combined LEGO elements guarantee that everyone can create new, unique and surprising artworks so that young and old can unleash their creativity. Germany offers more opportunities to free ones’fantasy and become an explorer: Bavaria’s Gruenzburg is home to Germany’s LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort. Eight theme worlds feature around 50 attractions and thousands of models assembled from more than 55 million LEGO bricks.

Offering a unique experience for families with kids aged two to 12, they can discover European cities reconstructed in detail with LEGO bricks. They can sail with Captain Nick in PIRATE LAND, hunt for treasures at the KINGDOM OF THE PHARAOHS, program their own LEGO robot, construct their own city and much more. An underwater world by SEA LIFE exhibits more than 2,000 sea creatures and the Safari Tour passes wild LEGO animals. Dragon-hunters can ride the Fire Dragon roller-coaster and one can even get their first driving license at LEGOLAND. In the evenings, LEGO themed holiday cottages, luxurious themed-rooms in two castles and an adventurous Campground at the Holiday Village guarantee fun and action for the whole family. Playful learning, unlimited ideas, interactivity and active fun are the core principles of the Park and of the LEGO brand.

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 35

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The best for and from nature HiPP, the renowned producer of baby and infant food and the biggest processor of organic resources worldwide, has its headquarters in the upper Bavarian town of Pfaffenhofen. The family business is considered a pioneer of food production from controlled raw materials which stem from organic farming. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: HIPP

Claus Hipp and the Hipp family have been setting trends since the end of the 19th century, through times when farming was characterised by a high use of agrochemicals. HiPP bucked the trend by full-heartedly enhancing organic farming and setting new benchmarks. Since then, baby food can’t be imagined without the word ‘organic’. The manufacturing of high-quality products in harmony with nature is at the core of HiPP’s corporate philosophy. Thus, HiPP banks on organic quality and sustainability.“Above all, this includes organic cultivation and environment-friendly dealing with natural resources. Nevertheless, the long-term orientation of corporate action, the awareness of societal responsi-

36 | Issue 27 | June 2015

bility and a social togetherness are also important. When we sustainably shape the environment, society and the economy, we are fit for the future and ensure future generations an existence worth living. With the words of Prof. Dr. Claus Hipp this means:‘We want to keep the world liveable and loveable for the following generations‘,” explains Karin Pretzel, the person responsible for HiPP’s sustainability communication. Day by day more than one million HiPP baby food jars leave Pfaffenhofen, a clear indication that HiPP is Germany’s market leader for baby food. The desire for healthy baby and children’s food grows just as the

demand for HiPP organic products does. Karin Pretzel adds: “What started off as HiPP’s vision is our trademark today: HiPP stands for the best quality from organic cultivation, reliable partnerships in a strong network of contract farmers, the most modern food technology and strict residue analysis. High quality is our top priority!“ The sustainability concept is firmly established throughout all company levels, from the raw material procurement to waste recycling. HiPP helps protect the environment through organic cultivation and re-

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Children’s Universe

fish in the production and in the company catering increased from 30 per cent to 100 per cent within the last five years. HiPP‘s experimental farm for biodiversity is vividly demonstrating suppliers how sustainability, soil fertility and biodiversity can be increased in agricultural everyday life. “We work with scientists and conservationists. Numerous other projects and measures developed from sustainable action and thinking helped us to come first in representative ‘sustainability image' consumer surveys three years in a row,“ Karin Pretzel smiles. And because babies are very sensitive, organic food is obviously the best choice.“We carry out extensive quality tests during the entire cultivation and processing procedures for our baby food. Only perfect goods are allowed in our baby food jars. Even beforehand we take soil samples and evaluate if a habitat is worth considering. We closely work and accompany the organic farmers during cultivation and later, at the time of delivery, we check the goods purity again,“ Karin Pretzel explains. HiPP’s quality management plays a crucial role and their own laboratory, which works with the latest technology, belongs to one of the leading in Europe.

source-saving production. The extensive use of renewable energies even allows climate-neutral production in Pfaffenhofen, Austria and Hungary.“Just a small number of companies can say this and thus we were awarded the German Solar Prize in 2011," Karin Pretzel says. Certified environmental management systems, such as the European EMAS or the international environmental ISO 14001 are standard at HiPP. HiPP’s own Ethics Charter is special as it regulates the responsible dealings with market partners, as well as the behaviour in the company and with society and the environment. “Because nature sends more and more SOS‘s, the protection of the biological diversity is also a guideline of the company,“ Karin Pretzel notes. A true pioneer, HiPP has brought numerous projects for maintaining biodiversity to life. As an example, the proportion of MSC-certified

taste. “A result of this profound organic quality concept is the high level of confidence in our products by the consumers,” Karin Pretzel concludes. Main image: HiPP formula milk Opposite page, portrait: Claus Hipp receives the National German Sustainability Award, Europe's most prestigious award in the field of sustainable development. Left: HiPP’s headquarters (top) HiPP’s own laboratory is one of the leading in Europe (middle) Below: HiPP agricultural engineer during the audit

The company has even created their own organic label.“50 years of organic cultivation as family tradition stand behind this label. Through this, the brand was able to set new benchmarks for the quality of baby food which can be found in each HiPP product. We guarantee that ‘only the best from nature‘ is in the baby food jars and that the environment doesn’t get polluted," Karin Pretzel notes. The residue analysis is of additional importance: HiPP has imposed very strict limits on themselves voluntarily. They approximately examine 1,200 parameters for all raw materials and each jar of baby food has to pass up to 260 controls. Thus, HiPP‘s organic label only goes on products which have passed through their strict control and security system. As Germany’s industry leader, HiPP’s exceptional quality doesn’t only mean high standards in raw material selection, safety and reliability, but also a particularly great

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 37

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Baby’s best bet When you opt for Ergobaby, you are sure to have a winner on your side. Award-winning baby carriers and wraps will support your baby safely, comfortably, sustainably and healthily. TEXT: SONJA IRANI | PHOTOS: ERGOBABY

Designed out of one mother’s need, in 2003 Ergobaby was the first company worldwide to launch an ergonomic baby carrier. ”As the name suggests, Ergobaby pays special attention to the ergonomic aspects of our products,” hints Gunnar Dahl, Managing Director of Ergobaby Europe GmbH. “Thus, our carriers ensure the support of the child’s spinal development while evenly distributing the baby’s weight to the parent’s hips and shoulders, alleviating stress to the back and neck.” One for every occasion Today, the comfortable Ergobaby carriers, available from its online shop and selected

38 | Issue 27 | June 2015

retail partners, are worn by children and parents in 50 countries. By now, the company also offers a range of products for all their customer’s different needs. One of the most popular ones is Ergobaby’s revolutionary Four Position 360 Baby Carrier launched in 2014. It offers parents the convenience of four carry positions: front-inward, front-outward, hip and back. “The front-outward position is great for the baby’s active participation in its surroundings,” explains Dahl.“The child can already take part in family activities such as handicrafts, painting or baking, and the parents have both hands free.”

For the newborns, Ergobaby’s unique infant insert cushions ensure their necessary head and neck support as well as the proper positioning of hips, spine and sacrum. Meanwhile, the Performance Collection is the perfect fit for adventurous and active parents who love the great outdoors. “The Performance carriers feature a resistant and long-lasting exterior as well as moisture-

Portrait: Managing Director Europe-Gunnar Dahl

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Page 39

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Children’s Universe

have to adjust from warm interiors to cold temperatures outside.” Environmentally-conscious fathers on the rise

Above: Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow Below, from left: Ergobaby Bellybutton Collection 2015 Ergobaby Performance Charcoal Black Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier Grey

wicking mesh for ultimate breathability,” illustrates Dahl. “This allows for high air ventilation and thus regulates moisture due to perspiration. Both the baby and parent stay cooler and dryer. This is particularly beneficial on warm and windy summer days. But it also offers an outstanding level of protection in the winter preventing that sweating babies catch a cold when they

“Parents naturally want the best for their children,” says the Managing Director for Europe. “In terms of products for their children, sustainability, quality and ergonomics are top of the list. Parents want to know if the products are healthy and safe for their child and often ask if our products are oeko-certified. ”Therefore, Ergobaby came up with a 100 per cent sustainable solution for one of the “greenest comfort carrier product available” : The Organic Collection. Each carrier of this collection is crafted from 100 per cent organic cotton (Oeko-Tex certified) and is therefore sustainable, safe, ergonomic and comfortable. “We also notice that more and more fathers discover our baby carriers,” Dahl continues. “That’s why we have started to feature more fathers in our advertising, PR and social media activities. We have also taken their design requests into consideration and now feature more carrier styles that do without feminine colours and patterns. Highly popular with the fathers is our Performance Collection or the 360 Collection, with these carriers, every dad will look his best!” Stay focused and carry on One secret to Ergobaby’s success is its continuous innovation and research it undertakes, as Gunnar Dahl reveals: “We constantly ask midwives, paediatricians and occupational therapists for their expert opinion and continuously invest in the advancement of our products. This also includes medical research, which in previous

years increasingly focused on early child development. That’s why we know today that carrying from day one offers countless benefits for a child’s healthy development.” All this research has paid off to make the interaction of parents with their 'bundle of joy' even more enjoyable as Dahl continues: “This year, we launched our first ergonomic nursing pillow made from firm foam: The ‘Ergobaby Natural Curve’ was designed in close collaboration with nursing mothers and nursing experts. It addresses the main concerns of nursing mothers: comfort, back pain, and arm support.The unique contour enables the tummy-to-tummy position recommend by nursing experts and supports both intense bonding and relaxing comfort.”

Take part in our prize draw and win amazing Ergobaby products Exclusive to all readers of DISCOVER GERMANY, SWITZERLAND & AUSTRIA, Ergobaby gives away the following products which will make travelling with children even more easy: 1.

Prize: 1 x Orbit Baby Stroller Set


Prize: 1 x Orbit Baby Car Seat


Prize: 3 x Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier

Just scan the QR-Code with your smartphone or visit:

Closing date for the raffle is 1 August 2015.

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 39

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Page 40

A cosy safe haven for kids “We do while others try” – this is the motto of Qeridoo, a producer of high-quality children’s bike trailers. Impressing with an incredible price-performance-ratio, various magazines and journals agree that Qeridoo is the undisputed number one in Europe. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: PAWEL SIWEK I PAWEL PORECKI

Qeridoo’s secret of success is not rocket science. Cheap prices, multi-functionality, good craftsmanship, high quality, a special emphasis on safety and a wide range of designs.“We develop our products solely for the needs of everyday users. We think about single mums with a small budget for example. What if they don’t have a car but still have two children to take to kindergarten? We offer intelligent solutions with our needs-based children’s bike trailers,” explains founder and manager Nikolai Boldt. He adds:“We want that everyone is able to afford great quality.” Offering a wide range of children’s bike trailers for one or two children, as well as dog trailers, cargo trailers or even folding bikes, Qeridoo impresses with a broad spectrum of attractive designs made in Ger-

40 | Issue 27 | June 2015

many. Whether one seeks a classical or a practical, a sporty or an everyday design, everyone is sure to find their perfect fit at Qeridoo’s online shop or in selected stores. All of their models are also very multifunctional: “The children’s trailers can also be used as cargo trailers. Additionally, one can convert it into a piece of sports equipment as it’s perfect for sport activities such as jogging and inline skating,”adds Boldt. Because children’s safety is their top priority, the fabrics and materials used have undergone several tests for quality and pollutant limits.“A child is sure to be holistically protected in a crash and in all weather conditions,” Boldt says. An innovative company, Qeridoo is the first and only manufacturer in the industry

which offers the possibility to install a car seat in their Jumbo 1Kid 2015 bike trailer, known as the safest way to transport babies. Made out of aluminium, the trailers don’t rust and are very light, while also offering a maximum of comfort as all are springloaded (rather unusual in this price segment). Since its’ foundation in 2006, the small company offers a high degree of flexibility.“Due to our size, we can react to customer suggestions and individual requests, such as designing disability-friendly trailers,” Boldt concludes.

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arkie r

gut mar k


arkiert© gutm gutmarkiert©

Jacke von Lukas




Thomas 06184356




Michael Sch äfer




Namensaufkleber Bügeletiketten Textilaufkleber

h Sara r Meie

Alles markieren was man in den Urlaub, den Kindergarten und die Schule mitnimmt. Kinder erkennen mit Hilfe von Symbolen die eigenen Sachen wieder.

wasch- und spülmaschinenfest personalisierbar kinderfreundliches Material Auswahl aus verschiedenen Farben, Formen und Größen Versand innerhalb von 24 Stunden

* n i e h c Guts

10% Code:



*Bei Ihrer Online Bestellung einfach den Gutscheincode in das vorgesehene Feld eingeben. Tipp zum Schulanfang: Praktische Kombipakete mit allen wichtigen Etiketten. Nicht mit anderen Aktionen kombinierbar. Nicht gültig für digitale Gutscheine. Einlösbar bis 31.12.15 unter

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Page 42

Baby Stars – rock2sleep Because babies know how to rock If your baby wants to stay up all night and just won’t calm down, snu:mee might be the solution. A baby music box, baby monitor and MP3 player in one, it is an extremely versatile, affordable device that grows with children and lets them enjoy their parents’ favourite music. TEXT: JULIKA HÜTHER | PHOTOS: BABY STARS

When music producer Sven Martin and his friend and father of three Joachim Hamann, both fans of loud music, met up in 2010 and dreamt of a baby music box that would play industrial metal band Rammstein’s songs, the idea stuck. Soon after, Martin was in his studio, fiddling with instruments and sounds, and a few months later the first Baby Stars - rock2sleep album featuring child-friendly adaptations of rock and pop hits was released. Its success among nursery staff, midwives and parents lead to further albums, a download portal and finally to snu:mee, the music box, baby monitor and MP3 player. It plays downloaded songs and other MP3s and even self-recorded lullabies. As a baby monitor, it connects to parents’ smartphones, making it extremely flexible and allowing parents not only to

42 | Issue 27 | June 2015

hear but to talk to their little ones. When the child grows older, it can be used as a USB-chargeable MP3 player. With various cuddly sleeves on offer, it even looks cool. The snu:mee songs are chosen due to their popularity and because they enable children to relax and let go.They include international and German rock and pop songs as well as traditional lullabies and atmospheric sounds. The Baby Stars - rock2sleep team uses every opportunity to ask customers for feedback and ideas for songs, be it on trade fairs, in personal conversations, via their Facebook page or through surveys. “The calming atmosphere of our arrangements is created by choosing the right instruments and by playing them very softly and tenderly,”says Martin.“We pride our-

Main image & top: Baby Stars. © Torsten Pross/Jeibmann Photographic Above: snumee System. © Torsten Pross/Jeibmann Photographic

selves on using as many 'real' acoustic instruments as possible rather than adding a keyboard sound here and downloading digital sounds there.”The snu:mee sound quality is equally outstanding and the volume can be set and locked at certain levels to protect sensitive baby ears. “In the near future, we want to focus on the markets snu:mee is being sold in and tap into each country’s musical taste,”says Martin.“snu:mee will be further developed, be it through apps and software or accessories.” As the device grows with its customers, so does the company.

Portrait: Joachim Hamann & Sven Martin. ©Torsten Pross/Jeibmann Photographic

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Page 43

The Perfect tra travel avel companion. Orbit Baby – # #wemovewithyou · Eas Easy y one-handed d twist twist-and-lift -and-lift stroller stroller fold fold d · 60 sec seconds onds car seat s installation (I (Isofix sofix ssystem) ystem tem) ·E Ergonomic rgonomic doc doc-rotate-interface: -rrotate-interface: Orbit Orbit Baby’s Bab a y’s patented patented TM SmartHub S martHub technology hnology allo allows ws yyou ou to load d yyour our baby baby in and out o off the car with th ease and the baby baby to see ee the world world in 360 ·P atented so ft er rgonomic and comfortable comfortable e carrier handles Patented soft ergonomic · Car Cargo go B Basket asket with th huge stor storage age rroom oom - accessible ac ccessible fr from om 2 sides · UV50+ S Sunshade unshade e in 7 fr fresh esh ccolours olours with P Paparazzi aparazzi S Shield hieldTM ·F Family amily flexible upgradeable upgr pgradeable system system · Sa Safe fe ffor or your your kids, ds, good for for our planet – clean, lean, green green and ® BFR-free BFR -free with fabrics fabrics a certified certified by by Oeko-Tex Oeko-Tex e


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Page 44

According to Patricia Kuch, founder and creator of KORXX, our world needs curious people who self-confidently approach new things with tolerance and creativity. She believes that her product supports a child's development in every single way and also enables parents to create a pleasant playing environment for the whole family. The cork blocks are free from garish colours and highpitched noises, which many parents despise, and creates an enriching place of pure joy, fun and happiness. A thoughtful and inspiring idea stands behind these simple building blocks, which are created to provide a free creation of structures where creativity is encouraged from a very young age.

Joy, happiness and responsibility When we think of cork, we may think of wine bottles or notice boards, but Patricia Kuch has used this natural material in exciting new ways. Her company KORXX not only uses cork to produce high-quality children's toys, but to also defy the laws of physics. TEXT: MERYEM HAUER | PHOTOS: KORXX

These lightweight blocks, which are made of granulated natural cork, can be stacked in seemingly impossible ways. It may seem like magic (or magnets) at first, but it is simply due to friction. Children can construct surreal towers with these minimalist blocks that come in different shapes and sizes. In a

44 | Issue 27 | June 2015

world where children are exposed to increasingly sensory inputs, KORXX competes with a toy that sets a new standard in letting a child's imagination run free. Used within the educational, healthcare and the private sector, these toys create an ideal environment for a child's development.

But it's not just about fun and healthy development. Patricia Kuch is not only an entrepreneur, she is also a mother, who knows the importance of exposing children to safe and sustainable products.This is why the KORXX blocks are free of any detectable toxins, heavy metals and aromas. The Kuch family is no stranger to natural wooden products, having been using this material since 1887. KORXX understands the marvel of cork and its sustainable properties. A cork oak can grow to be 250 years old and can be harvested up to 20 times, whereby every harvest could bring up to 45 kilos of cork. Not only that, but the cork oak trees save up to 30 per cent more CO2 than other trees. But KORXX does not use just ordinary industry cork.Through particularly developed processes, the raw material is turned into special eco toy cork. These high-quality products are very durable, recyclable and have been tested in accordance to toy safety regulations. KORXX offers what all parents want for their children, a product that encourages creativity, helps with developing the mind and is safe to use. These simple blocks offer all this and more.

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Page 45

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Children’s Universe

A loyal companion for small music fans From a dad’s functional idea to New York’s MoMA, the hörbert is an exceptional children's mp3 Player made in Germany. Easy handling, phenomenal music quality, fun design and top-class workmanship guarantees that hörbert will become the number one companion for every little music and audio book fan. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: RÜDIGER SCHESTAG

After unsuccessfully searching for an easily operable music player for his son, Rainer Brang simply decided to invent one himself. “When someone now searches for a good player for children, they are better off than me back then,”the inventor explains. Consisting of wood and stainless steel, hörbert comprises of nine colourful buttons, each hiding an easy to handle and exchangeable music playlist. Thus, children can independently decide when and what to listen to. Rainer Brang and his team offer a sophisticated and safe toy with high-quality components.“We offer the total package of quality and fun,”Brang explains.

Exclusively using sustainable materials, German suppliers and a battery-saving digital interior, hörbert’s design considers safety, quality, health, the environment and robustness.“hörbert is a longstanding companion throughout childhood. The almost lost concept of durability and value is made visible, audible and perceptible again. Once the kids get to know hörbert, they’ll always want to have him by their side,” Rainer Brang explains. The company also offers personal engravings for online shoppers. hörbert has even made it to New York’s MoMA where it helps children to make art comprehensible.

Wood, stainless steel and phthalate-free buttons

For a familiar feeling when feeding






In the first months after birth, hygiene is your top priority – especially with delicate or premature babies. But often when travelling, it may have to lose its status. Here’s a solution.

Over 90% of German children´s hospitals use NUK teats.** **Evaluation of Mapa clinic data base 11/2014.


In the NUK First Choice Travel Set there are sterile NUK Disposable Bottles and NUK Disposable Teats that can be used immediately. Just remove the individually-wrapped bottle from its packaging, take off the cap, pour in the feed, screw on the teat and you’re ready. And when you’re finished, fi nished, simply dispose of the bottle and teat. tea The NUK First Choice Travel Set helps make feeding your yo baby on journeys just a little more relaxed.

NUK. Understanding Life.


NUK is a registered trademark of MAPA GmbH, Germany *In accordance with applicable regulation.

Ideal for travelling: the NUK First Choice Travel Set for single use

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Page 46

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Children’s Universe

Timeless, beautiful children’s furniture and toys by wohnstuecke – the result of great craftsmanship Classic designs with surprising details, wohnstuecke pieces are made from solid hardwoods and the best natural materials. From rocking horses to dressers, from little chairs to wooden boats, any child's imagination can run wild with these beautiful designs. The elaborate products are a joy for children and parents alike. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN | PHOTOS: WOHNSTUECKE

The brown body shimmers in daylight while the long mane sways with every movement. With its strong flanks ready to jump the horse finally moves forward, and then backward again. The rocking movement is accompanied by a child’s laughter and joyful cries, small hands grab the holster while the horse’s fearless rider gallops through an imaginary world. Rocking horses by wohnstuecke are special. Handcrafted out of wood they are durable even for centuries to come and not only bring joy to children, but make beautiful living accessories as well. They unite children, parents and grandparents in enthusiasm. The idea to make high quality rocking horses with a beautiful design goes back more than 25 years. During that time Birgit and Joachim Sauer’s three year old son had

46 | Issue 27 | June 2015

wanted nothing else but to have his very own horse. A living one was out of question and so his father built him a horse out of wood, bigger and better than any rocking horse that could be found on the market. This experience inspired Birgit and Joachim Sauer to establish their own business. Contentiously developing new elaborate products, wohnstuecke today has become a well-renowned brand in the premium sector featuring three product lines: rocking horses, wooden toys and furniture for children. Sometimes two products are combined in one. Who says a piece of furniture could not also be used as a toy? A wooden barge with a painted blue hull and billowing white sails makes its journey over the carpet on castors instead of waves. This houseboat

called, 'Moby Dick', can also be turned into a toy box or baby cot. On the other side of the child’s room stands a wooden horse with a mane and tail made of real blonde horsehair. It is the smaller of two models, the 'Pony'. Like the extra large version 'Premium', it is made from quality hardwood that distinguishes wohnstuecke products. All products are available at sophisticated toyshops or ordered directly from the company.

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Page 48

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Children’s Universe

Functionality first A competitive price-performance ratio, high quality and reliability have made Germany-based Altabebe a household name within the worldwide baby products industry. Now they increasingly offer the newest trend: functional products. TEXT: SONJA IRANI | PHOTOS: ALTABEBE

“We noticed that functional fabrics such as Sympatex or Coolmax are being more and more used in baby textiles,”explains Peter Kreuzer, CEO at Altabebe.“Normally, these fabrics are only used in outdoor or sport clothes. But they are great for baby products as they are breathable, windproof and water-repellent. There are also more products with additional features such as a footmuff that can equally be used as a play or diaperchanging mat.” Functional footmuffs are Altabebe’s specialty, what they are well-known for across the world.“The Altabebe brand is a market leader for winter-footmuffs in many countries,” says Kreuzer. In addition to the prac-

tical accessory that keeps your baby warm and protected from environmental influences, Altabebe’s current spring / summer offering also includes car roller shades, suncovers or seat covers for buggies. Altabebe is proud of their worldwide expansion within the past 15 years.“Achieving this wouldn’t have been possible without our customer’s trust, which we achieved in turn by our reliability and the high quality of our products. We also analyse every country’s particularities.”Thus, the German online business is now looking to expand in Britain with a branch in London opening later this year.“The British market is hugely important to us,” reveals Kreuzer.“Plus, it

Intelligent children’s furniture systems for everyone The idea of building an adventure bed for his son started it all. Since 1986 de Breuyn stands for high-quality children’s furniture systems with environmental vision. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: TOM MAY I JANNIS ELLENBERGER I FANNY ROGNONE

Obviously children’s furniture needs to be able to cope with a lot, as children grow quickly and their needs change rapidly. De Breuyn’s multifunctional furniture systems are the perfect solution: growing along with children and adjustable to their new needs. “Our children’s furniture systems are geared to the needs of parents and children and offer the best solution for every family situation. As a father of three I have always wanted our furniture to be fun and ergonomically adapted for children,”explains Joerg de Breuyn, founder and owner. With a special emphasis on a sustainable European production chain, all prod-

48 | Issue 27 | June 2015

ucts are solely made of pollution-free natural materials.The highest quality of craftsmanship is equally important. “We have developed five systems which are distin-

will help to expand our worldwide distribution even more.”

guished through form and design, so there is something for everyone,”Joerg de Breuyn says. Cool designs range from the playful debe.deluxe with its pirate and knight beds to the clear debe.destyle or an exotic range of outdoor furniture. Three of De Breuyn’s products are nominated for the German Design Award 2016. “The most beautiful thing is that we still enjoy our work – just like when we built our first adventure bed,” he concludes. De Breuyn’s furniture is available online and in over 400 specialist retailers worldwide.

Below: Room furnished with debe.destyle – Tom May (left). Room furnished with debe.delite – Jannis Ellenberger (right)

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Page 49

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Children’s Universe

Giving children the best of starts With almost 60 years of tradition, the NUK Brand have been known as pioneers when it comes to soothers and teats inspired by nature. In 1956 two dental experts helped to lay the company’s foundations with an innovative soother. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: NUK

Focusing on the special needs of mothers and children NUK based the shape of the soother on a mother’s nipple as she breastfeeds. With a product range that includes baby monitors and breastfeeding accessories, special attention is given to safety and quality, as NUK “undergoes stringent checks and has its own research and development department to improve and develop products,”explains Birgit Meyer, Marketing Director at NUK Baby Care. A true innovator for decades, NUK’s range of healthcare sector products is now available at pharmacies. NUK has always been known as a trusted partner of paediatric clinics and now parents can buy the

same high-quality, sterile products that are used in hospitals for the transition after a hospital stay or as a quick solution for when they are out and about.“We want to give all babies the best start in life,” she continues. Parents can purchase the NUK First Choice Travel Set which includes bottles and teats, perfect for immediate single use. “It guarantees that feeding is safe at any time,”Meyer points out. A handy twin-pack of sterile NUK Genius Silicone Soothers that meets the high hygienic requirements of products for newborns is also part of the range. Available in two sizes, the baglet is extra-soft and particularly kind to teeth.

Mick and Muck are celebrating their birthday “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…” TEXT & PHOTOS: MICK AND MUCK | TRANSLATION: EMMIE COLLINGE

This is the tune that’ll be sung loudly and proudly on 12 June, as the sprightly dog brothers Mick and Muck naturally want to celebrate this very special day with all their friends – so everyone’s invited, including you! But don’t worry, you don’t have far to

travel: this super colourful party can take place in your very own home. And Mick and Muck will provide everything needed to guarantee a great occasion: the invitations, little gifts for all the guests, their latest birthday adventure in form of a book and even

Above: MedicPro Travel Set (left). MedicPro Genius Soother (right),

music. Simply download the Mick and Muck song and you’ll be able to sing and dance together with Mick and Muck! Truly adventurous, Mick and Muck’s brightly colourful world is up for discovery with much more to uncover. And so that the big people can give the little people a taste of Mick and Muck, help yourself to a voucher worth 5€! Simply enter the code Party15 online and then you’re all set. Unfortunately the code doesn’t apply to book purchases. Mick and Muck are looking forward to a brilliant day with a humongous cake and lots of fun-loving guests!

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 49

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Page 50

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Children’s Universe

Trends for Kids A walk in the park for active parents When Trends for Kids (TFK) was founded in 1997, the objective was to create possibilities for parents to take their babies and toddlers along while running, inline skating or hiking. TEXT: JULIKA HÜTHER | PHOTOS: TRENDS FOR KIDS

TFK have exceeded their own expectations with their high-quality outdoor, sports and city ranges that meet and surpass safety and environmental standards and are constantly being developed to adjust to new trends, technology and regulations. Their buggies and prams are easy to handle, come with numerous practical features and provide a comfortable, safe ride for the little ones. The Joggster models, especially developed for runners, have patented hand and parking brakes coupled with disc brakes and a solid front wheel, which also makes them suitable for inline skating. Featuring

pneumatic tyres and quality suspension, most TFK prams also ensure children sit comfortably when their parents take them on cross-country walks. The range of buggies and prams has constantly grown over

A taste of French living Beautiful cushions, wash bags, storage baskets or reversible aprons: Linodi reinterprets extensive French domestic culture and creates items which are sure to embellish every home. Their exclusive products stand for a premium, vintage and, at the same time, modern lifestyle. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: SABINE HUNGER

Linodi is happy and colourful, but not loud. It is classic, but not antiquated and stands for practicality and beauty at the same time. The brand’s signature look combines century-old French ‘Toile de Jouy’ fabrics with

modern and young French Vichy checks. “This creates the typical Linodi look. That way, our products get their jolly ease and yet have a classical background. They emphasise a modern, French lifestyle,” Alice

the years. One of the newest additions to the City range is DOT, a buggy that is ideal for busy parents who like to travel. When folded, it is no bigger than a piece of cabin luggage and can be stored in overhead compartments, yet it offers a generous seat and an adjustable backrest which allows children to relax and lie back. The collapsible carrycot and the possibility to add a group-0 infant car seat make the DOT especially versatile and the large, foldable sun canopy and the handy travel bag will make travelling with children a walk in the park.

Ascherfeld, one of the two founders, says. She adds: “The Toile de Jouy fabrics tell wonderful stories and therefore are made for all generations.” Committed to high quality and fair conditions of employment, all products are exclusively produced in Europe. From sophisticated sleeping bags or crawling blankets to shopping bags and fabric boxes, Linodi also prides itself to realise special customer wishes. “We even realise whole rooms so that a real Linodi world emerges,” Ascherfeld concludes. Below: Linodi wash bags. (left) Linodi storage baskets. (middle) Linodi cushions. (right)

50 | Issue 27 | June 2015

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Page 51


Dalian International Conference Center, China; Foto Photo: © Duccio Malagamba

Wolf D. Prix & Partner


Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von \ Kindly supported by:

DEUTSCHES ARCHITEKTURMUSEUM Schaumainkai 43, 60596 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, GEÖFFNET \ OPEN Di, Do —So Tue, Thu —Sun 11.00 — 18.00, Mi Wed 11.00 — 20.00

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Special Theme


Design Guide Austria

International design made in Austria’s Mühlviertel Since 1933, the Steininger manufacturing company, located in St. Martin in upper Austria, has successfully combined traditional artisanal craftsmanship, innovative manufacturing techniques and a distinctly cosmopolitan design. The mastermind behind the company, which is now run by the third generation of the family, is the designer and manager Martin Steininger. TEXT & PHOTOS: STEININGER.DESIGNERS GMBH | TRANSLATION: EMMIE COLLINGE

With a childhood spent in his father’s workshop, Martin Steininger picked up carpentry early in his life. But it soon became clear that working finely by hand wasn’t enough, he began studying new production techniques, enhancing materials and seeking out designers and architects. Inspiration came rapidly from the likes of Adolf Loos, Josef Hofmann and Donald Judd amongst others. His own style evolved, and Steininger is now active across the globe, from Hong Kong to New York, with steininger.designers.

52 | Issue 27 | June 2015

Uncompromisingly minimal, Steininger’s designs are often defined by a stylish intensity of artistic expression. His high-end living concepts, which transform any interior, extend from the floor choice to the furniture right through to the lighting, leaving nothing to chance. Everything is painstakingly thought-out to meet the needs and desires of the clients. One of Steininger’s principles is that “even aesthetics are a function”. This results in designs of puritanical modernity and a luxurious simplicity, whose functions, in line

with the principle, are hidden behind appealing aesthetics. Take, for example, the kitchen island unit ROCK, a collaborative design by Steininger and Alberto Minotti comprised of four monolithic blocks. Inspired by Donald Judd’s artwork ‘Minimal Myth’, the kitchen units are made of six millimetre thin natural stone with mitre

Portrait: Martin Steininger, manager Steininger Designers

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Page 53

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Design Guide Austria

joints. Each ROCK unit appears as though made out of one piece of stone, rendering them more like an art installation than a kitchen. Many of the pieces are still made in St. Martin in upper Austria. Manufacturing, project management and fitting all occurs in-house under Steininger’s guidance. For customers, this guarantees the highest possible quality in all stages of the project. Alongside private and corporate clients, steininger.designers also work together with interior architects and project developers to realise entire interior design concepts for residential properties. Examples of these include Vienna Hills and deLUXE an der Mur. Steininger tends to combine his own design objects with renowned furniture brands and products from leading manufacturing brands, such as Boffi, Living Divani, Porro, Casalis, Gaggenau, Baccarat, Paola Lenti and Sub Zero. Ever luxurious and extravagant, the outcomes are always individually suited to the client. Projects by Steininger take place in Austria and far beyond its borders too.

thin concrete, anodised aluminium and stone, which reflects the company’s philosophy: An orientation towards international design with Austrian quality craftsmanship.

Main image: Penthouse S, designed and furnished by steininger.designers Below: Lakeside Villa W, designed and furnished steinigner.designers Bottom: Kitchen ROCK, designed by Martin Steininger and Alberto Minotti, and high cupboard WALL, designed by Martin Steininger.

steininger.designers is a modern and youthful company, which manages not to be hidebound to current trends. Lead by its owners, its handcrafted products are far removed from the mass market. Made to measure, each displays a genuine passion for technical and aesthetic details that embody unbridled luxury. Core competence in the kitchen Defined as the heart and soul of the home, the kitchen is also the beating heart of Steininger’s own design objects. Beginning with PURE and its herb beds in 2007, the aluminium kitchen SLIM followed in 2008. In 2009 he launched the stone kitchen BLOCK, PURE made out of concrete in 2010, the MODUL 2012 and the latest, ROCK, in 2014, designed together with Alberto Minotti. By creating sculptures for the home from concrete, stone and aluminium, the company articulates its ambition of obtaining the maximum from any material and form. This has seen the use of eight millimetre

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 53

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Page 54

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Design Guide Austria

BC2013 Upcycling vintage wine barrels Austrian artist and furniture maker Christian Bittner has become a household name amongst design experts due to his outstanding creations made of reclaimed wooden wine barrels. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTOS: SABINE KNEIDINGER

In his BC2013 Gallery in Traun, just south of the town of Linz, Bittner exhibits unique objets d’art made of decade old oak and fruit tree wood. Coffee tables, chest of drawers or seating furniture items feature names such as Chardonney LA 6 or Pinot Noir T 80, hinting at their origin. Reclaimed wood is the most sustainable raw material with the advantage of great character. No surface is like another and years of usage have added a striking patina to the durable material. Thus every single piece carefully hand-crafted in Bittner’s workshop is totally unique.The fully qualified carpentry master always had a passion for reclaimed timber, but it was the old wine barrels that brought him success with his bespoke creations.“I was looking for a different kind of raw material, when a few old oak wood barrels sparked my inspiration,”he says.“They totally embodied my core values. It had to be

54 | Issue 27 | June 2015

wood, and it had to be sustainable, so upcycling the old barrels just seemed perfect,” the artist explains. Traditionally only the finest oak wood has been used for the creation of wine barrels. “The barrels that I bring to life often have been used for over a century as wine storage. In almost every case the wood is still in prime condition, which allows me to create extremely high quality furniture from it,” Bittner says. Giving a wine barrel a new lease of life as a piece of furniture couldn’t be any more rewarding for the artist.“It is such an exciting moment when I open a new barrel for the very first time and it fascinates me over and over to see what the wine did to the wood over decades in terms of colour and pattern,”Bittner says. It is exactly this colour and pattern that add the very special character to the finished prod-

uct and Bittner’s constantly growing client base proves that he is on the right path. Apart from a new dining set and storage solutions for the living room, 2015 brings a new outdoor collection. So enjoying good old wine from the 1930s in the garden could well have happened on the barrel it came from, just in the form of a table.

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Design Guide Austria

Main image: Below: (left) Dining room from MIOTTOdesign (middle) Bedroom from MIOTTOdesign (right)

Austria’s first furniture-leasing service Sometimes people need to change their homes for a short or mid-term period of time. Even though they seek a homely ambience in these temporary homes, buying a wide range of furniture exclusively for a brief time doesn’t seem justified. WOHN.FEE has made it their task to intelligently resolve this problem.

kitchen, as well as bath, accessories can also be included and all this for only one rental charge per month in addition to a one-off service charge.


The lending period ranges from three months up to four years. Providing highquality, modern furniture from MIOTTO, the company’s rental furniture packages and individual solutions are sure to fulfil their customer’s individual wishes. During the process, a professional WOHN.FEE staff member will continuously oversee and supervise the realisation of each order from start to finish. “We are flexible and customers can expect a fast implementation of the project as we love our job and the daily emerging challenges. We put all our energy in every single property just as if it was our own,”Wallner concludes.

Founded in 2011 as a home staging company by Yvonne Werginz, WOHN.FEE has grown to be the number one in Austria with 120 successfully staged objects. A lot of know-how and an eye for detail is sure to shed the right light on every property so that they are sold in a better and faster way. WOHN.FEE’s style can be described as elegant and plain with a Scandinavian touch. “We bring a high degree of individuality into every home,”Jutta Wallner, home staging professional, explains. Even though WOHN.FEE is primarily famous for its home staging services, it now offers an exclusive additional service in furniture leasing. Still rather unheard of in

Austria, WOHN.FEE is the first company which completely furnishes apartments and homes for Austrians, expatriates, embassies, international companies or relocation services. “Real estate agents have continuously asked us during our home staging whether clients could also inhabit the staged home. We then researched into this topic and found out that there are no suppliers of high-quality and new furniture for leasing in Austria. We have found a great partner which quickly and flexibly provides premium furniture from MIOTTO to us,”Wallner says. Customers can chose from a wide range of furniture and their home will be completely furnished only two weeks after the order. Lamps and

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 55

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Design Guide Austria

Austria’s sustainable designers Making old truck tarpaulins into bags, traffic lights into floor lamps, rubbish skips into outdoor seating, bowling pins into vases, bicycle inner tubes into necklaces, books into seats or escalators into sofas; gabarage upcycling design stands for innovative upcycling design with a special emphasis on sustainability and society. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: GABARAGE UPCYCLING DESIGN

Established in 2002, gabarage upcycling design is Vienna’s first business which revamps residual material and industrial waste into simple and modern high-quality products. “Small-scale series and unicums coin our product range. Every day we work on new, exclusive designs, experiment with modern materials and let our creativity blossom,”explains shop manager Victoria Kadernoschka. While all of their products are handmade and manufactured inVienna, gabarage upcycling design’s unusual concept is based on design, sustainability and society. Putting a special emphasis on creativity and mutual inspiration, the company has made it its task“to show

people that our current throwaway society is avoidable and that something new can be created from something allegedly old. Lifecycles of products and materials are extended through upcycling,” says founder Gabriele Gottwald-Nathaniel. Additionally, gabarage upcycling design stands for an innovative societal approach which helps people who have suffered from an addiction.“We employ them as production staff, in the office or as shop assistants and thus offer them a job-oriented qualification,” Gottwald-Nathaniel says.“People stand at the centre of our company. Everyone deserves a second chance! Besides reintegration into the labour market, we

Building the foundation for exceptional projects Huska Bau, an Austrian engineering office for building services, is a highly competent partner for construction projects - from the initial idea to the completion. A highly experienced network of engineers, construction managers, architects and project managers offer holistic and competent support. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: GÜNTER HUSKA

“We reliably stand by our clients from the initial idea to the key delivery,”Günter Huska, founder and master builder, notes. Through a comprehensive network of engineers, architects, construction and project managers, as well as lawyers, IT specialists or tax advisors, Huska Bau is able to competently offer a wide range of tasks.“Thus, we aren’t specified on a single sector. Each team member has a different wealth of experience so that the whole team profits,”Huska adds. Huska Bau impresses with thorough consulting in all areas from regulatory issues

56 | Issue 27 | June 2015

Top: Lamps made out of old traffic lights Above: A sofa and table made out of an escalator

also emphasise destigmatisation and the redevelopment of their self-esteem,“ she concludes.

fine line between exceptional quality and cost effectiveness in the building industry is our working area,”Huska explains. Whether one seeks general renovation or reconstruction services, a new building, project management advice or an entire package of planning, building and implementation or quality assurance for their project, Huska Bau is sure to offer highest quality. “Expertise, quality, reliability, fairness and cost effectiveness are the foundation of each successful project,” Günter Huska concludes.

to construction damages. Their planning services are characterised by high quality from the very start and their management services competently represent their customers; whether they need help with project coordination or monitoring of deadlines. “We help find the Hotel room quality management, façade and construction work at Motel One in Vienna. (left) Local best solution. The building supervision and project management at housing complex in Vienna’s Cumberlandstrasse. (right)

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Page 57

Hotel of the Month Austria

A business hotel of a different kind Located opposite the Graz trade fair and close to the UNESCO world heritage listed town centre, the roomz budget design hotel offers a state-of-the-art interior, 24/7 service and everything the modern and cost-conscious business traveller could possibly ask for. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTOS: PRESS IMAGES

'The place to be for people in motion' is the slogan for the unique roomz hotel concept, matching exactly what today’s active business travellers require.“We are a modern design hotel, managed by a young and dynamic team. The place is ideal for business travellers, it fulfills all their needs, featuring free high-speed internet, an à la carte restaurant, modern meeting rooms and a bar that is open 24 hours,”Stefan Willensdorfer, general manager at roomz Graz, explains. Designed by star architect Gabriel Kacerovsky, 131 rooms are created in four different colour schemes: green, blue, brown and magenta. In addition, two luxury penthouse-apartments are available for discerning travellers. But it is not only the sleek rooms

one wouldn’t expect from a budget hotel. On the culinary side, there is more to get excited about. “One of our huge advantages is our strong emphasis on a high quality food and beverage department. Our breakfast buffet for example consists of warm and cold choices as well as a wide range of freshly prepared dishes on demand,” Willensdorfer says. The atelier restaurant menu includes an array of authentic Styrian dishes as well as international specialties, while small bites are available all day at the hotel bar. Three flexible top-notch conference rooms offer space for up to 88 people, which are equipped with the latest technology such as video beamers and high-speed WLAN with

unlimited download capacity. Various allinclusive conference packages comprise of venue hire and a wide choice of fully catered coffee breaks. With the trade fair exhibition ground and the Ostbahnhof station in easy walking distance, the building couldn’t be better connected. Affordable parking is also available, making arrival by car absolutely stress-free. Willensdorfer and his team ensure that guests are warmly welcomed.“A day without laughter is a wasted day. Our staff is constantly striving to create a cheerful ambience, from the reception to the restaurant or the housekeeping, guests encounter friendly locals engaging them in the typical Schmäh [local humour],”the General Manager says. Make sure to book early, as value-conscious and design-savvy travellers have already discovered roomz and the popular accommodation gets snapped up quickly.

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 57

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Design Guide Austria

A temporary home in Vienna The Hollmann Beletage implements a simple idea: Every guest should feel at home, even when far away from home. Located in the heart of Vienna, the 19th century building is surrounded by centuries of rich history.

fast menu with regional delicacies as well as the combination of timeless design and modern comfort ensure an exceptional stay.


Each room provides space to live and enjoy, lean back and relax, even for longer stays. The Hollmann Beletage provides a retreat from the busy city life and could be best described with the words of J.W. von Goethe: “Here I am human here they let me be”.

The timeless architecture of this welltended house, which goes back to the years of rapid industrial expansion in Austria, provides 25 rooms and one suite. The hotel’s charm tributes to the cultural identity of Vienna and was opened in 2003. It developed itself over the years; more rooms were created as well as a spa area, a beautiful green garden terrace and a cosy cinema. Three Austrian movies and theatre plays are shown daily on restored cinema chairs within a charming atmosphere. Robert Hollmann is the spirit behind this unique hotel that is located directly in the centre of Vienna, between St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Schwedenplatz. As a passionate cook, Hollmann worked in New York, Vienna and Honolulu. But these ex-

58 | Issue 27 | June 2015

periences were certainly not enough for the enthusiastic business man. After completing his education as a confectioner and hotel manager, he studied drama and theatre and played leading roles within theatres in Regensburg and Berlin. With the Hollmann Beletage, Hollmann created the very special atmosphere he always dreamt of while travelling around the world. The name of the hotel derives from the French word bel étage, which translates to beautiful floor. It refers to the preferred floor of each house or the best equipped apartment in the building. Nowadays the Hollmann Beletage has its own philosophy and offers a unique experience for every guest. A cosy living room with a fireplace instead of a lobby, a six-course break-

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Page 59

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Design Guide Austria

Finding your personal mixture for the perfect holiday The Hotel Post Bezau & Susanne Kaufmann SPA offers holistic luxury holidays in Western Austria’s breathtaking Bregenz Forest, one of the last primordial valleys of the Alps. TEXT: DORINA REICHHOLD | PHOTOS: HOTEL POST BEZAU & SUSANNE KAUFMANN SPA

It is the perfect holiday snap. Surrounded by picturesque and unspoilt nature, the Hotel Post Bezau radiates a warm and welcoming atmosphere with its stunning architecture. The building is kept in a traditional Austrian design with a modern twist. Being built almost entirely out of timber, the hotel fits naturally into the majestic landscape and invites its guests to find relaxation in its beauty and calm. In accordance to the area’s sense of consistency, the family-run Hotel Post Bezau & Susanne Kaufmann SPA is now managed by Susanne Kaufmann in the fifth generation. She wants her hotel to be a place where everyone can find clarity, relaxation and inspiration. "I am convinced that my guests know best what exactly it is they require for unwinding,”explains Kaufmann.

“That’s why I put my emphasis on giving each person space to discover their needs." The hotel offers plenty of choice for this, with its excellent in-house spa, the endless possibilities of outdoor activities as well as gourmet treats from the hotel’s restaurants and various cultural events. The Susanne Kaufmann SPA is a place of beauty, relaxation and holistic wellbeing. Using various techniques of natural care giving, as well as traditional Chinese medicine to detox the body, it offers an innovative concept of spa and detox. In addition, Kaufmann has created her own beauty products, Susanne Kaufmann Organic Treats, which are created using only natural ingredients and are sought after internationally. A very special treat guests should definitely not miss out on is a dinner at the hotel`s gourmet restau-

rant Irma, featuring two Gault Millau toques. The distinguished menu offers traditional cuisine blended with intriguing subtlety and the latest culinary trends. Cultural events at the Hotel Post Bezau are illustrious occasions. Kaufmann`s husband, the famous jazz musician and music producer AlfredVogel, organises various music events throughout the year at the hotel. Every summer the open air event Bezau Beats, for example, attracts visitors from far away with its modern interpretation of traditional folk music gatherings. Spoiling its guests with inspirations for the perfect stay, the Hotel Post Bezau & Susanne Kaufmann SPA guarantees a relaxing and luxurious holiday.

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 59

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Page 60

Grand Resort Switzerland

Mountain summer delight Suvretta House***** St. Moritz St. Moritz’ crown jewel offers the perfect retreat from which to explore the region’s abundant outdoor attractions, world-class dining and shopping. This five-star landmark hotel is renowned among luxury hotels in Switzerland for its relaxed elegance, gracious service, comfort and authentic mountain spirit.

gion. The serenity of the region blends well with the character of the hotel and the professional and discrete staff that makes everybody feel at ease.


This Grande Dame of Swiss hotels offers a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for all guests; single travellers, families with children, romantic couples, special events or business conferences. Many guests feel “home away from home” in the beautiful castle.

At the foot of the beautiful Alps and only steps away from the heart of town, the Suvretta House***** St. Moritz offers guests

an incomparable setting for an ideal getaway in summer and winter. A model example of thoughtful historic preservation, the hotel elegantly blends the comfort, convenience and understated luxury of today’s finest boutique hotels with an authentic mountain aesthetic. World-class dining and spa offerings contribute to a truly unique experience. An elevated experience in St. Moritz

Portrait: Suvretta House Directors Esther and Peter Egli

60 | Issue 27 | June 2015

The Suvretta House is located in a natural park landscape, surrounded by the Suvretta-Corviglia winter sport and hiking re-

Over 100 years tradition At Suvretta House, sophisticated hospitality is a living tradition. The elegant hotel first opened its doors over 100 years ago. And even though modernity has changed, both society and culture and the hotel’s philosophy has been a constant. The family-owned hotel, now in its fourth genera-

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Page 61

Discover Germany | Grand Resort | Switzerland

the delicious, rustic Swiss fare at the casual Suvretta Stube, summer dining on the terrace of the restaurant Chasellas, or indulge at the hotel’s mountain restaurant Trutz. A special treat is the traditional‘Full English Suvretta House Afternoon Tea’in the Hotel Lobby, an opportunity to unwind and enjoy homemade cream cakes, scones, selected teas and excellent coffees with classical piano music. Lastly, the Anton’s bar extends an invitation to all cocktail lovers, nighthawks and connoisseurs of wine and spirits. Outdoor activities and wellness “Beauty, health, exercise – the spacious wellness and fitness area includes a 25metre swimming pool with underwater jets and open-air whirlpool, solarium and sauna with finnarium, sanarium, vaporium or caldarium, bodybuilding and cardiovascular workouts under professional supervision,” states the hotel. The wide range of leisure and spa facilities is complemented by signature and special beauty treatments, massages and therapies.

can embark on mountain hikes, bike tours, the weekly Suvretta picnic or alpine and cross-country skiing in the winter. The hotel has its own skiing lift and direct connection to the Coviglia/Marguns skiing area. Hotel guests are provided with the best equipment in the modern ski room as well as skiing or snowboarding classes. Another highlight is the Curling Guest Club, which hosts events and tournaments around the Christmas and New Year’s time. Directions and getting there The summer season runs from late June until early September and during the winter, the hotel will be open from mid-December throughout early April. The Suvretta House***** is easily accessible by air, train or multiple highways from major cities. A free shuttle bus service provides transport to the village. Private or charter jets can land at the Engadin Airport in nearby Samedan. Distances: Davos (70 km), St. Gallen (190 km), Zurich (200 km).

In addition to pure relaxation and pleasant idleness at the hotel grounds, all guests

tion, is run by the two directors Esther and Peter Egli. They explain that the Suvretta House sees itself as an“Alpine hideaway for generations to come since 1912”. Today, the hotel offers 171 spacious rooms and junior suites, as well as ten beautiful suites and a total of 330 guest beds.They all afford a spectacular prospect of the Upper Engadine landscape of mountains and lakes. Culinary highlights Showcasing fresh and locally-sourced ingredients, the hotel’s array of dining options will excite and surprise you throughout your stay. Enjoy an exclusive and formal dinner in the Grand Restaurant, where chef Fabrizio Zanetti (15 points in the Gault Millau) delights guests with French and regional specialties. Other favourites include

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 61

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Page 62

Restaurant of the Month Switzerland

blindekuh The world’s first restaurant serving food in the dark The restaurant blindekuh, named after the game “Blind Man's Buff”, is indeed a very special place. Founded in Zurich, and extended to a second branch in Basel, it was the world’s first restaurant where sighted people could experience what it means to be blind during dinner time. Meals are held in pitch black darkness. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN | PHOTOS: BLINDEKUH

Standing in front of the Zurich blindekuh restaurant, the front is reminiscent of what this place once was: a Methodist church. A few steps lead toward a heavy two-winged door, then customers enter the lobby where the menu is projected onto a wall. Further

62 | Issue 27 | June 2015

into the building there is nothing to see but darkness. Pitch black darkness. The waiter or waitress leads customers towards the tables, asking the first to put both hands on his or her shoulders and the others to line up accordingly, thus forming a line.

The founders of the blindekuh restaurant got their inspiration during an exhibition at the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich in 1998, allowing people to experience what it means to be blind: On September 17, 1999 blind pastor Jürg Spielmann, blind social worker Andrea Blaser, blind singer Thomas Moser and visually handicapped psychologist Stefan Zappa opened the world’s first restaurant serving food in complete darkness. A concept Jürg Spielmann had tried out before with private guests at his own house.

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Page 63

Discover Germany | Restaurant of the Month | Switzerland

trance area. All waiters and waitresses are blind or partially sighted and therefore it is easier for them to navigate in the dark. To avoid collisions with their colleagues they rely on oral communication. For all those not up to the challenge of having dinner in darkness the Basel restaurant has a separate bar, where snacks and drinks are served in a lit area. After a somewhat rocky start, the blindekuh idea became an international success story The restaurant is carried by a trust. In 1999, the same year blindekuh was founded, a concept was designed for the Expo.02. The blindekuh-Pavilion was among the most successful projects during the exhibition. In March 2005 a second restaurant opened its doors in Basel. The head chefs in both establishments love to work with fresh and local produce, changing the menus weekly. The prices are in line with the respective local average.

But blindekuh is more than a restaurant. It also hosts performing arts. Often enough this demands quite a lot from actors and singers who are accustomed to see what they are doing and to perform in a setting where the audience can see them. But where the eyes fail, hearing becomes more alert. And therefore blindekuh is the perfect space for acoustic performances, be it a concert or a literary event. All cultural events are announced on the blindekuh website. Above that, blindekuh offers educational courses making it possible to uncover unknown talents and to enhance the use of the senses.

Left: Restaurant blindekuh in Zürich Below: blindekuh in Basel

Among Switzerland’s most important employers of blind people

Discovering the sense of taste For his guests this was a rather outstanding taste experience: With their eyes covered other senses suddenly became more alert: the nose detecting the finer notes in dishes and also the food’s taste became far more intense. Just imagine closing your eyes, not seeing but smelling. Is it rosemary or thyme? Maybe there are carrots on the plate and potatoes. But are they baked or mashed? Only taste can tell. But navigating fork, spoon and knife in the dark is everything but easy for those accustomed to seeing.

The concept has found imitators all over the world and has made dining in the dark quite popular with those searching for new taste experiences. Restaurants of this kind can now be found in NewYork, Moscow, in Berlin as well as in Hong Kong. Today employing around 30 visually handicapped people, the blindekuh restaurants are among Switzerland’s most important employers for the blind and partially sighted.

At the blindekuh restaurant the customers’ requests are shouted, which can lead to a certain noise level. Whoever needs to use the restroom during dinner time has to ask a waiter to be guided back to the lit en-

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Hotel of the Month



A pioneer for perfect holidays Innovative, contemporary and highly convenient are just a few words to describe the award-winning rocksresort design hotel located nearby the valley station in Laax, Switzerland. A vast range of activities for all age groups makes it the perfect destination for a great family vacation in style. TEXT: DARIA KOCHER | PHOTOS: ROCKSRESORT

“With the pistes of LAAX at our doorstep, stylish Aprés-ski and six restaurants, the resort is of course perfectly suited for a ski holiday,”says Tobias Treichler, Head of Direct Marketing and Advertising, LAAX. ”But in summer the resort offers a vast range of fun activities for families with children or teenagers. With the Freestyle Academy and the lakes of Flims and Laax nearby, the place couldn’t be better for an active vacation.” When the rocksresort opened in 2009, it shook the world of Alpine tourism. “The

64 | Issue 27 | June 2015

rocksresort was a never seen before stateof-the-art concept in the Alpine region when it opened. The use of regional building materials and the perfect integration into the surrounding nature make it sustainable and innovative. It is still a prime example for Alpine tourism, which meanwhile attracted a few copycats,” Treichler explains. Award-winning architecture 121 apartments are spread over eight architecturally stunning cubic buildings scattered around the central piazza with its

restaurants and shops, giving the whole valley a resort character. Renowned Domenig Architects took their inspiration for the project from the Flims rockslide, which formed the territory of today’s Flims Laax Falera some 9,500 years ago. Clear lines define exterior and interior, while only the finest natural and local materials have been used to complete the buildings, making it blend in perfectly with surrounding nature. Inside untreated, knotty oak is teamed with lime putty and concrete to create stunning apartments with large windows that offer a spectacular panorama over the surrounding mountain region. The interior consists of high-quality objects and design classics by top-notch design brands such as Cassina. The leaf gilded hanging lamp Malagola by Catellani & Smith and fabrics in natural

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Discover Germany | Hotel of the Month | Switzerland

tones add to the warm and very welcoming atmosphere. All bathrooms are equipped with a mini-spa, a steam room and a rainforest shower, all designed by Dornbracht. Overall, the exterior and interior offer a striking, unified and coherent picture. Whether visitors are looking for a four-bed apartment with 55 to 60 m², a six-bed apartment with 87 to 89 m² or an eight-bed apartment with 110 to 120 m², there is a perfect choice for everyone. The architectural concept led to numerous awards and memberships including the Design Hotels™ in Switzerland. In 2010, the well-known British magazine Wallpaper honored the rocksresort with a design award in the category ‘Best New Ski Resort’ and in 2011 the rocksresort won the ‘theALPS-Award’ for its outstanding tourism projects in the European Alps area. In addition the rocksresort design hotel was chosen by numerous reviews at TripAdvisor users in the top 25 ‘best small hotels in Switzerlan’and also in the top 25 ‘best family hotels in Switzerland’.

Full service concept and unique operating system rocksresort relies on the individuality of a holiday apartment vacation, while guests enjoy the benefit of a four-star hotel service. Provided by the adjacent signinahotel is a 24-hour staffed reception, spa, child care, ticket service, housekeeping, fridge replenishment prior the arrival and a free Wi-Fi throughout the rocksresort area. One of the very innovative things the rocksresort offers is the operating system. Apartments are available to buy and, while not in use, they can be let to other guests making the purchase a future-oriented investment. This ‘buy-to-use-and-let’ concept gives owners great flexibility and ensures maximum occupancy throughout the year.

Fun for the family The rocksresort’s surroundings provide a great variety of activities for families and adolescents. From an excursion to the impressive“Bündner”alpine world, to exploring hiking trails or climbing activities, there is a lot to keep the little ones and adults entertained. Against the backdrop geological wonders such as the Martin hole, the Rhine George or the World Heritage Site Sardona, it couldn’t get any better. Within the rocksresort a wide range of activities are available, reaching from badminton to an outdoor playground, a climbing area with giant a Mikado game to a karting circuit. And if the weather doesn’t cooperate, there is still plenty to do such as a visit to the Freestyle Academy. A comprehensive children’s programme includes arts and crafts, treasure hunts, excursions and storytelling events. “Those who spend their holidays here can totally relax right from the start. Everything is in walking distance, from shops to activities, and the vacation starts straight away,”Treichler says.

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Discover Germany | Wine&Dine | Schloss Janson

Main image: Family’s wine label Below from left: Wine shop. View of the bar. Blue room of the wineshop Kurt, Sarah and Children The gazebo in the ivy garden

Exquisite winegrowing since 1831 Situated on historic terrain at the beginning of the Palatinate’s famous ‘Deutsche Weinstrasse’, the family-run winery Schlossgut Janson impresses with an eventful past and present, as well as a wide range of superb red and white wines. The castle estate’s homely ambience invites wine enthusiasts from all over the world to enjoy, indulge and relax. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: SCHLOSSGUT JANSON I KIRSTIN HOUSER

“Those who seek to explore Germany’s ‘Weinstrasse’ are sure to come across our historic premises at least once,”Sarah Janson, American-born wife of owner Kurt Janson, explains. As the most northerly vineyard along the wine route, Schlossgut Janson in Bockenheim is the first stop for many. Loamy- and limestone soils produce well-balanced wines which impress with fruity, fresh, spicy or mature nuances. With over three dozen red and white wines from Riesling and Pinot Gris to Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir and Gewürztraminer, the team at Schlossgut Janson prides themselves in producing high-quality wines to suit every palate.

66 | Issue 27 | June 2015

The estate’s beautifully decorated wine shop poses as the perfect setting for tasting one of the family’s exceptional wines. “Other wine shops are minimalistic and modern but we took a different approach. Because wine is mostly drank at home among family and friends, we decided to create the same atmosphere for our guests,” Sarah Janson says. With antique furniture and attention to interior design, the vintner’s wife has created the perfect location for a glass of wine or a snack. Additionally, the beautiful courtyard and gardens within the castle walls are sure to enrich every summer day. The remaining castle foundations on Schlossgut Janson’s premises also

tell the story of an eventful history. Even though the castle itself may not exist anymore, the dukes of Leiningerland once resided here from the 12th century onwards. After the castle had been burned down three times, the noble owners had to flee and Kurt Janson’s great-grandfather bought the estate and its land in 1831. Now in its sixth generation, the family business focuses on viticulture and bringing an international character into the Schlossgut. A few years back, current owner Kurt went to America to do an internship at a winery in Long Island, New York. Not only did he bring back experience but also Sarah. Now married, the couple has successfully run the estate for almost nine years.“We combine an impressive local history with an international spin – and award-winning German wines to boot!” Sarah Janson concludes.

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Indulge in a sensational meal to enrapture all your senses... Begeben Sie sich auf eine Geschmackserlebnisreise der besonderen Art...

Dienstag - Samstag: 18:30 - 21:30 Salzburger Festspiele: täglich 18:30 - 24:00 Um Reservierung wird gebeten.

Tuesday - Saturday: 18:30 - 21:30 Salzburg festival: daily 18:30 - 24:00 Reservation is recommended.

Austria Ł 5020 Salzburg Ł Söllheimerstraße 16 Ł TEL +43 (0) 664 45 40 232 Ł Ł

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Discover Germany | Wine&Dine | Weinladen Ahlbeck & Tian

Offering the exceptional Those who seek excellent wines in a personal and sophisticated atmosphere in the middle of the holiday island of Usedom, are at the right place at Weinladen Ahlbeck. Owner Gabriele Pretzel impresses tourists and locals alike with her exceptional culinary offers. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: ULRICH FAUST I ANGELA LIEBICH

Before its opening in 2003, Usedom didn’t have anything comparable to Weinladen Ahlbeck and its varied range of delicatessen.“Our range is individually put together by us so that we are able to offer the most suitable wine for each occasion, each meal and each individual guest,” Gabriele Pretzel says. Around 500 different, carefully chosen wines from each wine-growing area in Germany, from Saxony and palatinate to Franconia, are on offer. Additionally, wines from Italy, France, Spain or South Africa are sure to impress every palate. Spirits and gourmet food (cheese, oil, vinegar, coffee, chocolate

or salami), as well as beautiful table decorations round off the portfolio. Whether one seeks delicate table linens or Italian cutlery, Weinladen Ahlbeck offers everything to visually complement every good meal. A Mediterranean ambience, alongside exclusive, high-quality products is sure to make every guest’s stay worthwhile. Since 2010, visitors can also enjoy Gabriele Pretzel’s Weinbar, which is situated directly on Ahlbeck’s esplanade and close to the historic pier.Visitors who want to visit the seaside spa town of Ahlbeck should make at least one visit to the Weinladen or Weinbar. They are sure to experience out-

Lovely light lunches One knows the dilemma of searching for a fast, light and healthy lunch in between working hours. It’s almost impossible to find a bite to eat that won’t make one feel either stuffed or still hungry throughout the afternoon. Munich’s vegetarian TIAN restaurant has created the answer for all working people out there. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: DANIEL SCHVARCZ

Located at theViktualienmarkt in the heart of the city, TIAN offers the exclusive vegetarian light lunch option.“You should take your time and enjoy a healthy lunch to vitally and energetically start your afternoon,“ says TIAN’s head chef Christoph Mezger.“It is light, good and different every

68 | Issue 27 | June 2015

noon,“ he adds. One can combine the TIAN light lunch according to their preference every day. Guests can chose between two tasty entrees (soup or salad), two flavorful main courses and one unconventional dessert and create their two- or three-course menu of choice.

Top & above left: Owner Gabriele Pretzel in the wine shop and at the cheese counter. Above right: In the wine bar

standing culinary delicacies and individual customer advice.

How does corn soup with leek and sesame sound? Or why not try black rice with wild broccoli, asparagus and aubergine? The vegetarian restaurant impresses with creative and tasteful meat free culinary delicacies in an urban, puristic ambience. Head chef Christoph Mezger puts a special emphasis on using sustainable, seasonal and regional ingredients.“I concentrate on the natural tastes of my ingredients to get the distinctive character out of each one,“ he says. The light lunch is available Mondays to Saturdays, from 12 to 3pm and varies between 19 and 23 Euros.

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Discover Germany | Wine&Dine | Cafethek

Cafethek: A step into the future of coffee On his latest visit to India, Lukas Niederhauser discovered something interesting. He found that the coffee his customers had always described as spicy, was in fact caused by pepper growing on the same trees as the coffee beans. Now Cafethek is devoting itself to terroir-coffee and the procurement of know-how, well-founded on the most recent developments. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: ANDREA JAUCH I ELENA MINEKOVA

“We discover such things over and over,” Cafethek’s founder Lukas Niederhauser says.“On tasting and analysing our singlelot coffees and talking to our enthusiastic customers, sensory qualities crystallise which reflect the factors of the production." Niederhauser notices direct links between the flavour, particular methods of processing or intercropping and the botanical origin in each of his coffees. “Coffee is a very young product, considering that wine has been cultivated for 8,000 years and the espresso has only been known since 1947. Coffee production and consumption are still separated by a long

and intransparent supply chain. The latest development is that coffee increasingly comes directly from the plantations and that products get more and more specified (soil, botany, processing, etc). Coffee is becoming a terroir-product,” Niederhauser explains.“If we consider allelopathy (intercropping) as an impact on coffee-flavour, we enter unknown territory. In our current range we offer coffee from intercropping with citrus fruit, sapodilla or avocados.” With primarily light roasts, Cafethek aims to achieve the widest possible range of different aromas: “We don’t roast our coffee to produce a certain characteristic

Top: Coffee and pepper intercropping at India‘s Palthope Estate Above: The Cafethek at a weekly market in Bern’s Muenstergasse

drink. We want to reveal the special terroir features.”



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Main image: Albert Hoosen Portrait: Christian Hans Albert Hoosen

Contemporary German artists Germany has long been recognised as one of the most vital and innovative birthplaces of contemporary art and artistic excellence in all of its forms. In recent times, internationally renowned artists such as Gerhard Richter, Georg Baselitz, Andreas Gursky, Thomas Schütte and Anselm Kiefer have enjoyed unprecedented success on the global stage. TEXT: HELEN CULLEN

There is a host of emerging artists following in their wake and we have chosen four of the most exciting creators to highlight their exceptional works. Christian Hans Albert Hoosen Berlin based artist Christian Hans Albert Hoosen creates drawings, paintings and collages. His work is full of grandiose metaphors, imagery and symbolism that call to mind expressionist poetry. His first solo exhibition in Hamburg in 2013 established his emerging position as one of the most electrifying artists on the contemporary Berlin art scene. His work methods are varied and spontaneous.“I paint on canvas, walls, wood, paper, whatever wants to be painted, or whatever makes its way into my studio,”he says.“I like working on huge

70 | Issue 27 | June 2015

canvases, getting lost in the situations, but I also love doing quick, rough drawings and will sometimes do 20, 30, or 40 in a row.” The themes he chooses to explore are inspired by observations on modern civilisation and deep reflections upon the past.“I call it a very personal form of anthropology,“ he explains. “Our society is full of weirdness and I explore everything that crosses my path, makes me think, or ruins my nerves. I am also inspired by memories of my grandparents talking about their pre and post war lives in western Germany and my own childhood vacations.” Katja Strunz Born in Ottweiler, but living and working in Berlin, sculptor Katja Strunz is one of the most prolific and successful artists in

her medium. Strunz sees her work as an instinctive personal process.“Creating art is my intuitive way of reacting to my perception of life or the world that I live in,” she explains. She has produced a myriad of critically acclaimed international exhibitions including gallery shows in New York, London, Glasgow, Pittsburgh and Sao Paolo. Strunz also participated in group shows at prestigious galleries such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris and was the 2013 recipient of the celebrated Vattenfall Contemporary Award.“I work with metal, wood and paper to create my sculpture installations,” she reveals. “My work is based on contemplation; it preserves the classical distance between the viewer and the art object because I am interested in how we experience space and time.” Clemens Behr The German street art scene is renowned for producing some of the most internationally acclaimed and respected urban street artists. Clemens Behr, a muralist and sculptor, creates incredible three-dimen-

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Discover Germany | Feature | Contemporary German Artists

sional graffiti installations that have permanent homes in cities worldwide.“It is a blessing to be able to travel so much and it is always a highlight to visit a new city for an exhibition or a commissioned work,” he says. His creations are visually compelling, but can be initially disorientating, as they are constructed to appear as extensions of existing buildings. “My work merges fine art, design and graffiti,”he explains.“I try to push the borders and walk along the lines they created and so the work is often an improvised aesthetic but one that reflects on its surroundings and space. I like to explore architecture and its destruction, working and painting with building materials.” Behr is scheduled to show work in San Francisco, Milan and Paris this year.

Niklas Goldbach Born in Witten, Goldbach creates films, video installations and print works that use architectural concepts to produce an ambiguous perception of the world that blurs reality and fiction. He has received prestigious scholarships such as the Fulbright Grant, completed an artist residency at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and his works have been presented in numerous solo shows, group exhibitions and festivals worldwide in cities such as Salzburg, Madrid, Tokyo, Berlin, Manchester, Paris and Oberhausen. His recent work has explored man made landscapes. “In my exhibitions, site-specific locations often turn into metaphors of societal conditions,”he explains. “The interaction between psychological settings and the urban and natural environment shaping our contemporary living conditions

and mind sets are really at the centre of my work.”Goldbach is currently exhibiting a solo show at Gallery Bendana Pinel in Paris and will be showing at the “Globale” Exhibition in Karlsruhe this autumn. Top: Katja Strunz. Photo: Katja Strunz/Gallery Ruzicska (left) Portrait: Katja Strunz. Photo: Markus Wächter Above: Niklas Goldbach - THE WORLD, Kunstmuseum Mülheim an der Ruhr 2013 (left) Niklas Goldbach - EVERYTHING IN ITS RIGHT PLACE, Gallery Bendana-Pinel Paris, 2015 (middle) Portrait: Niklas Golbach. Photo: Lars Borges Below: Clemens Behr in Sao Paulo (left) Clemens Behr - Great East (middle) Portrait: Clemens Behr

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 71

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Attraction of the Month Germany

An inspiring centre for contemporary art Established in 1829, the Frankfurter Kunstverein is one of Germany’s oldest and highly regarded institutions entirely dedicated to the presentation of contemporary art. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTOS: PRESS IMAGES

Spread over three buildings right in the heart of Frankfurt/Main, a vibrant mix of exciting artworks are on display in the Steinernes Haus am Römerberg, the Schirn Kunsthalle exhibition hall and the MMK Museum for Modern Art. The Frankfurter Kunstverein is a central platform for new trends and for presenting future-related topics, which gives especially young and upcoming artists the chance to display their creations and visions. “With the focus on the presentation of not yet established artists, many trend-setting artists and artistic developments have been discovered right here,”says Franziska Nori, director of the Frankfurter Kunstverein. Apart from exhibitions, the venue often serves as a stage for specific local proj-

72 | Issue 27 | June 2015

ects, performances and the facilitation of dialogues with artists, those shaping and those interested in the art world. It is a perfect place for artists and creative minds, and offers a wonderful opportunity to network and exchange ideas about art, culture, science and social topics. ”In my eyes, art acts as a mediator between theme-specific know-how, theoretical positions and life reality. Here at the Frankfurter Kunstverein I aim to work with artists, who approach topics such as the sciences or humanities with curiosity and interest, who source their information from these areas and allow a wider vision towards society today and what it could be in the future,” Nori explains.

Main image: Frankfurter Kunstverein. Photo: Norbert Miguletz, 2011 © Frankfurter Kunstverein Top: ACCADEMIA DEI SECRETI, 2015, Thomas Feuerstein – Psychoprosa, Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck. Photo: WEST. Fotostudio © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2015 Above: Trevor Paglen, They Watch the Moon 2010, Courtesy Galerie Thomas Zander, Köln Portrait: Trevor Paglen

Upcoming exhibitions include Psychoprosa (29 May to 30 August) by Thomas Feuerstein and The Octopus (20 June to 30 August) by Trevor Paglen.“Both artists raise societyrelevant questions in the context of art and science, that require discussion in a broader sense,” Nori explains. On 26 September Root. Indonesian Contemporary Art will open, featuring Jompet Kuswidananato, Eko Nugroho and Tromarama, three of the most promising and famous Indonesian artists of the younger generation. The spectacular bamboo installation by Joko Avianto is highly anticipated by insiders. Don’t miss out on visiting the Cafébar im Kunstverein, which features huge arched windows and high ceilings blended with a contemporary interior. In summer, the terrace on the iconic Römer landmark is ideal for a delicious al fresco nibble.

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Discover Germany | Culture | Käthe-Kollwitz-Museum Berlin

Käthe Kollwitz in dialogue with a new generation of artists Käthe Kollwitz had always been a close observer of life: its beauty and its cruelty, its pain and its joy. Something that is displayed in all of her work and can be witnessed at the Käthe-Kollwitz-Museum Berlin. Here Käthe Kollwitz’s sculptures and graphics find a connection to those of young and aspiring artists influenced by her work. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN | PHOTOS: KÄTHE-KOLLWITZ-MUSEUM BERLIN

In November 2014 the Käthe-KollwitzMuseum Berlin opened a new permanent exhibition displaying the art of Käthe Kollwitz, who, in all her life, connected her artistic work with clear social criticism and raw emotions displayed in her sculptures and drawings. A versatile woman with a disruptive life: Käthe Kollwitz counts among Germany’s most important 20th century artists. Her work is timeless. She portrayed both sides of life, the cruelness and suffering due to hunger and war and the truly happy moments. However, “we are not a Kollwitz mausoleum”, says director Iris Berndt. A mu-

seum has to change constantly, move forward, invent itself over and over again not clinging to a never changing status.“Käthe Kollwitz is a benchmark for us: artistically, humanly and politically. This is why we started a dialogue with young, aspiring artists, who not only engage with Kollwitz’s history, biography and network but also discuss questions concerning contemporary politics.” This dialogue starts in June with the Lotta Blokker exhibition. A contemporary Dutch artist, Lotta Blokker detected her attraction to and talent for sculptures quite early in life. After finishing school she studied sculpting

in Florence and, now in her mid-30s, her work already contains 30 life-sized bronze sculptures. Like Käthe Kollwitz, Lotta Blokker often felt connected to the work of Auguste Rodin. Lotta Blokker’s sculpture Secret and Kollwitz’s Das Liebespaar (Two Lovers) both were inspired by Rodin’s sculpture The Kiss. The Käthe Kollwitz Museum integrates seven Blokker sculptures into the exhibition, allowing her and Kollwitz’s work to form an artistic dialogue. “I think a return to realism can be noticed in contemporary art. This is where I also see Lotta Blokker who is, in my opinion, a very modern artist especially in her realistic approach,” says museum director Iris Berndt. But Blokker’s work goes further than simply portraying what reality displays. She states: “They always have a deeper meaning: Humanity, vulnerability and even immortality.”

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 73

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Special Theme

Best of Saxony-Anhalt

Welcome to Saxony-Anhalt The German state of Saxony-Anhalt is a place with many attractions including beautiful landscaped gardens and modern architecture. Historically important places are plenty and the state is well-known for its sights of international standing. TEXT: DARIA KOCHER | PHOTOS: PRESS IMAGES

Being one of Germany’s sixteen federal states that comprise the country of Germany, Saxony-Anhalt is the eighth largest and is located in the East of the country. It is bordered by Brandenburg to the northeast, the states of Saxony and Thuringia to the south and Lower Saxony to the northwest. Four UNESCO World Heritage sites include the small town of Quedlinburg, which is located in the north of the Harz Mountains and famous for its stunning cathedral that can be seen from far away. The historic town centre with its cobbled streets boasts 2,000 half-timbered houses. Secondly, there are the Luther memorials in Eisleben and Wittenberg. Back in 1517, the reformist Martin Luther nailed his famous Ninety-Five Theses on the church door in Wittenberg attacking the sale of papal abuses and indulgences. Today, the city is

74 | Issue 27 | June 2015

proud of its history and attracts visitors from all over the world, who want to see the bronze statue of Luther. The third UNESCO World Heritage is the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz: it reflects the mindset of the Dessau court with its unique concentration of historic monuments. The fourth site is a heaven not only for architects. as the famous Bauhaus school and master houses in Dessau shaped the world of design as well as architecture forever. Saxony-Anhalt was also the birth place for great and well known personalities such as the great artists of classical music of the Baroque period Georg Philipp Telemann and George Frederic Handel. It also has a history of mining with strip mining sites that have been turned into a tourist attraction named Ferropolis or the City of Iron. Since 2005 it is a museum and event venue, where rock concerts and hip hop festivals

take place. The calendar of cultural events in Saxony-Anhalt includes the Handel Festival in Halle (Saale), Luther's Wedding Festival in Wittenberg, the Emperor Otto Festival in Magdeburg, the Kurt Weill Festival in Dessau and much more.

Top left: Timbered houses in Quedlinburg, Harz. Photo: Ines Berger Top right: Wörlitz Castle. Photo: /Jens Klapputh Above: Martin Luther memorial in Wittenberg. Photo: © / Ines Berger

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Best of Saxony-Anhalt


Main image: Uenglinger Tor historic gate Above: Cathedral (left) St Annen (middle left)

Gothic and gorgeous The Hanseatic City of Stendal is the largest city in the Altmark region in northern Saxony-Anhalt and offers charming landscapes of natural beauty in the valley of the Uchte river as well as spectacular gothic architecture. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTOS: PRESS IMAGES

The historic town of Stendal is a conservation area spanning 94 hectares. The 22 stained-glass windows in the cathedral are a feast for the eyes and the most valuable bells in North Germany ring in the church towers of St Marien, and the town hall is home to the oldest profane wood-carving wall in Germany. The centuries old stone Roland statue in front of the town hall

measures a total height of 7.80 metres, making it the third-largest Roland statue in the country. In addition to its rich history, the Hanseatic city especially offers fascinating stories and many imposing buildings deriving from the Brick Gothic era. These monuments are reminders of the former wealth and importance of the old Hanseatic city. All sightseeing highlights

St. Marien church (middle right) Roland (right)

are clearly marked with explanatory signs and are perfect for a stroll, just like the many historical paths through the large city centre. The museum with the music forum 'Katharinenkirche', as well as the fire services museum of Saxony-Anhalt, complete the city's offerings while the Altmark Theatre strongly enriches the cultural landscape. Get inspired with a tour of the 850-year history of this beautiful city, where there is much to see and to explore!

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 75

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Page 76

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Best of Saxony-Anhalt

The ‘Cultural Capital of Saxony-Anhalt’ Halle (Saale) is called the “Cultural Capital of Saxony-Anhalt” with good reason. Over the course of its 1,200 year history, Halle has become famous for its beautiful old town, the unique and romantic scenery along the Saale River, its tradition of Handel and the Francke Foundation. TEXT & PHOTOS: TOURIST-INFORMATION HALLE

With a population of approximately 233,000, Halle is the largest city of Saxony-Anhalt and one of the five biggest cities in the New Länder, along with Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, and Chemnitz. The town is known for its beautiful five towers, which can be found on the Market Square. The two round caps, as well as the two blue peaks of the Marienkirche Church and the Roter Turm tower. Additionally, 53 per cent of the town is green space and riverbanks, including the extensive riverbanks between Halle’s Old Town and New Town, making Halle one of the greenest major cities in Germany. There are many reasons to visit the city on the Saale River all year round, especially for

76 | Issue 27 | June 2015

tourists interested in cultural or city trips. Halle has a salty past and is named for the city’s industry of developing the salt springs found in the city, which has been ongoing for centuries. The tradition of salt seething is demonstrated at the Technisches Halloren-und Salinemuseum. Halle is the only major city in Germany which was not destroyed during the carpet bombing of World War II. Since the cityscape remained intact, it is an historically-valuable old town that reflects the character of the times. Music is an important part of the Halle culture. For those enjoying classical music, one of the highlights of Central Germany is the

Annual Handel Festival, or Handelfest, which takes place each June in Halle. The music festival honors the works of George Frederick Handel, who was born in Halle. The famous Handel House is filled with information on Handel’s life and work, Halle’s long tradition of music, along with a large collection of antique musical instruments. Fans of contemporary music will enjoy one of the world’s largest Beatles museums, which opened in 2000 and contains more than 2,500 rotating exhibits of Beatles memorabilia. Halle’s reputation as a modern site of education and science is rooted in the 500-year history of the Leopoldina, a University of Art steeped in tradition that was officially nominated by the National Academy of Sciences in 2008. In 2006, the University opened a state-of-the-art media centre. Architectural monuments of different epochs document the development and

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life of the city of Halle. The historical Old Town contains one of Germany’s largest architectural monuments, the Giebichenstein Castle. Built in the 12th century, the Giebichenstein Castle was once the seat of government for the Archbishops of Magdeburg. Today, it is used to house the University of Art and Design. Halle’s Cathedral, which was once used as a monastery, was built without a tower and so it appears to be quite modest compared to other German cathedrals. However, due to its remarkable acoustics, it is often used for concerts and plays. The Moritzburg, a late Gothic fortress and castle, which was partially destroyed during the Thirty Years’ War, was extensively restored between 2005 and 2008. The Art Museum of the Saxony-Anhalt Region contains a wonderful collection of classical art that is not to be missed. The Foundation of the Great Pedagogue August Hermann Francke originated as a poorhouse and orphanage in 1698. Today, these buildings accommodate one of the oldest libraries in Germany, with more than 60,000 books from the 17th and 18th centuries. It is not only the historical seat of learning, it is the largest timber framing ensemble in Europe and home to a peerless Baroque collection of art and natural products.



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Halle’s cultural highlights include the Handel Festival in June, the Long Night of Sciences in July, the Open Churches Night as well as the Lantern Festival in August and the famous Christmas Fair in December.

Top: Market place of Halle with Händel memorial (left) © Michael Bader / IMG Main house of Franckeschen Stiftungen zu Halle (middle) © Ingo Gottlieb Händel memorial (middle right) © Janos Stekovics / Stadtmarketing Halle (Saale) GmbH Marktschlösschen with tourist information (rigth top) © Thomas Ziegler / Stadt Halle (Saale) Leopoldina National Academie of Sciences (right above) © Thomas Ziegler / Stadt Halle (Saale) Below: The State Museum of Saxony-Anhalt in Halle © Thomas Ziegler / Stadt Halle (Saale)

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Salzlandkreis Where art, mining history and natural landscapes form an entity The Salzlandkreis is located right in the centre of Saxony-Anhalt and takes its name from the mining tradition that shaped it. For centuries salt – German Salz – has been produced in the region. Its centre was in Staßfurt where the culture still lives on and can be enjoyed at the beach of Central Europe’s only salt lake. Here the sun shines more often than anywhere else in Germany.

biosphere reserve Mittelelbe, protected as UNESCO natural heritage.The Saale river’s beauty, especially during sunset, can also be experienced when taking an evening boat trip with the Saalefee.


The above-mentioned history and tradition of salt mining has also left its impact on the tourism sector. The newly developed “salzige Tour” (salty tour) allows you to learn everything about different ways of extracting salt from the ground, from salt work to potash salt mining. The latter is portrayed in an exhibition at the Salzlandmuseum Schönebeck.

Speaking of the Salzlandkreis’ touristic value one has to mention its outstanding position between the Harz Mountains and the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz, between the two cities of Halle and Magdeburg. Especially day visitors will enjoy the calm and beautiful landscape between the rivers Saale, Elbe and Bode, by bike or while paddling with a canoe along one of the rivers.There is something to be found for all age groups, from children to seniors. Pilgrim routes, the Luther route and parts of

78 | Issue 27 | June 2015

the Way of St. James, also lead through the Salzlandkreis. Biosphere reserve Mittelelbe – protected as UNESCO heritage site A good idea might be a bicycle trip along the rivers Saale and Fuhne on the splendidly constructed bikeways, especially in the morning when only a few people are on their way. In the evening bird spotters might enjoy watching the alluvial forests’ fauna. Where Saale enters Elbe lies the

Salt city Schönebeck – salt as a spa ingredient Schönebeck (Elbe) lies at Magdeburg’s doorstep directly at the river Elbe’s shore

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Best of Saxony-Anhalt

in soothing baths, hence the classical architecture today featuring the historical setting for modern spa treatments.

have been redeveloped and while the Salzlandkreis itself offers calm surroundings, the region is well connected to bigger cities.

Pre-historic settlements and cultic sites

Many ways lead to the Salzlandkreis, for example the historical tour called Himmelswege, marking archaeological sites from the pre-historic era. Findings in SaxonyAnhalt are of international importance, since there once was a significant pre-historic centre. In spring 2016 a circular earthwork from the early Bronze Age in Pömmelte-Zackmünde, also called eastern Germany’s Stonehenge, will open to the public.

Main image: The castle of today's district capital and former residential city of Bernburg. Photo: Michael Wittrisch Left: River Saale, the Salzland museum, the "Riegelbau" in the Bestehornpark Aschersleben. (middle) Below: The iconic Europaradweg R1 cycling path leads through the Salzlandkreis. (top) Kayaking along the Bode river (middle) "Strandsolbad" in Straßfurt (bottom)

Later, during the early Middle Ages, Romanesque architects left their traces, building churches and cloisters in the surrounding areas. Today the Straße der Romanik, the road to Romanesque heritages, leads along the most important achievements of this time, for example in Frose, Bernburg, Nienburg, Pretzien or Hecklingen. SaxonyAnhalt’s oldest city Aschersleben tells about the region’s historical importance as well: the massive town fortifications have been preserved until today. With the Grafikstiftung Neo Rauch, exhibiting the modern artist’s work, Aschersleben is also a cultural hotspot.

and therefore is the Salzlandkreis’ northernmost centre. The Salzlandmuseum Schönebeck was founded in 1924 and offered space for archaeological findings and documentations related to the region’s history, until today they are part of the museum’s collection. In 1954 the exhibits were moved into the renaissance town hall in Bad Salzelmen. Today the museum’s collection contains about 60,000 pieces.

Other remnants of history are the many castles along the Saale. The castle in Bernburg for example was first mentioned in 961 and had been home to the dukes of Anhalt-Bernburg. Rebuilt and extended over many centuries, today the impressive building displays features from various architectonical epochs. From around the same time comes the water castle Egeln, once residence of the mighty Ascanian house. Castle Freckleben, Gänsefurth, Plötzkau, Schneidlingen, Hohenerxleben, Wilsleben, Barby and Hecklingen are other names to be mentioned in this context.

Above that the healthy aspects of salt come also into play in the Schönebeck district of Bad Salzelmen, where at the spa gardens visitors will find Europe’s longest graduation house. Since 1802 here in Bad Salzelmen brine’s healing powers have been used

But the area is not only a good place for holidays but living and working as well. Whoever lives in the region profits from a landscape that has recovered its natural beauty especially since the German reunification 25 years ago. Villages and cities

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Top 3 Spa & Thermal Bath Tips

Welcome to bliss Ith Sole Therme thermal bath in Salzhemmendorf impresses with a wide range of customised offers, healing water and everything one needs to forget their busy everyday life. From wellness and sauna landscapes to sport, seasonal food and hairdressing salons, the thermal bath poses as the perfect place for exclusive days of relaxation. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: ITH SOLE THERME

“Ith Sole Therme is almost a holiday resort as it congregates absolutely everything under one roof.You can spend a whole relaxing day here without getting bored,” says manager Lena Lielje. Posing as a relaxation thermal bath, and not as a water park, Ith Sole Therme’s offers comprise of an extensive sauna landscape, unusually warm indoor and outdoor pools of up to 36 degrees Celsius, whirlpools and cosy relaxation rooms. Those who want to be active can join aquacycling classes or spend a few hours in the ISoFiT Club, an exclusive, unconventional gym with experienced personal trainers. From herbal stamp massages, facial and body care and hot stone treatment to an aroma oil experience, the SPA Team is sure to spoil their guests with diverse wellness offers. Using 100 per cent

80 | Issue 27 | June 2015

natural beauty products and essential oils, every manicure or bridal make over is sure to pamper the skin, mind and soul. A brine spring with six per cent sulphur content rounds off the program. The salty water is said to be good for neurodermatitis, asthma and rheumatic diseases. Ith Sole Therme has been a privately managed family business for 23 years and this can be felt throughout the premises. “Because we are privately managed we can offer better services which can be individually aligned to our guests’ wishes,” Lielje explains. “We also have a large number of employees per guest and all of them, whether wellness advisor or physiotherapist, are highly qualified,”she adds. The interior impresses with a combination of an-

cient Roman ambience and modern lounge furnishings. From 1 October, the brand new restaurant will serve seasonal and regional healthy dishes which will contribute a large part to the guests’wellbeing.Younger guests from 18 years onwards can look forward to the midnight lounge, an unforgettable event with DJs, live acts, lounge music, unusual sauna infusions and tasty cocktails. Ith Sole Therme’s slogan,‘I looked for a thermal bath and found happiness’, is sure to become true for many guests to come.Those interested in visiting can purchase day passes or season tickets on site or online.

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Discover Germany | Top 3 Spa & Thermal Bath Tips | Mediterana

Mediterana Transporting body and soul into southern realms The multi award-winning Mediterana is not just a spa, it immerses customers in the warmth and traditions of southern cultures. With its numerous saunas, pools, spas, sports and massage areas, courses and treatments and its own natural spring, body and soul are transported into a world of relaxation and luxury. TEXT: JULIKA HĂœTHER | PHOTOS: MEDITERANA

Based on the three-pronged philosophy of sports, fitness and wellness, Mediterana, situated near Cologne and comprising 18,000 square meters, offers the ultimate spa and wellness experience. 15 sauna and bathing areas, a thermal spa area with six indoor and outdoor pools all supplied with water from Mediterana’a own natural spring, which is added to and treated to promote health and support different bodily functions. Yet these are only some of its highlights. The massage and beauty area offers massages from around the world, holistic healing and treatment methods and exclusive beauty treatments such as microdermabrasion and wellness manicures and pedicures. Customers can also benefit from individu-

ally adapted programmes in the sports area and a huge array of courses, including swimming lessons for kids.The outstanding catering, mostly using fresh and regional organic produce, includes oriental style wellness food and fine dining inspired by the Italian and French cuisines. But Mediterana has even more to offer. Its holistic approach can be seen, felt, heard and tasted. Inspired by the traditions of the ancient Arabic bathing culture and travels to different countries, the Spanish-Moorish complex was first created for Mediterana’s opening in 2000, later followed by the Indian-Arabic complex including Ayurveda. The authentic recreation of these cultures, which now transports customers into a dif-

ferent world seven days a week, was achieved by importing antique doors, furniture and ornaments and employing native craftsmen.These craftsmen specialise in different design and restoration work such as the Moroccan tadelakt plastering and the fitting of Arabic terra cotta mosaic tiles. In addition, treatments and events such as the hammam, authentic massage techniques and beauty treatments as well as musicians from the represented cultures, who play at Mediterana every week, ensure the southern atmosphere is recreated to perfection. The Mediterranean hospitality and customer focus are an important part of this concept. At Mediterana, staff listen to customers' suggestions and go above and beyond to ensure customers feel they are understood, in good hands and are comfortable. But most of all to help them feel they can step into a different world where body and soul can relax and revive.

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 81

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Discover Germany | Top 3 Spa & Thermal Bath Tips | Badeparadies Schwarzwald

A piece of paradise Right in the heart of the German Black Forest lies the Badeparadies Schwarzwald, a sweet escape from everyday life, which provides pleasant moments of wellness surrounded by palms and a tropical atmosphere, perfect for a short break for the body and soul. TEXT: MERYEM HAUER | PHOTOS: BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD

Located inTitisee-Neustadt, the Badeparadies Schwarzwald offers a wide range of ways to enjoy the Black Forest scenery, while letting the soul dangle.The Palm Oasis with over 180 real palms conveys a Caribbean feeling and promises pure relaxation. Guests can enjoy the calmness and opt for one of the many ways to loosen up their tensed muscles, such as floating in the 36 degree warm Dead Sea Brine, enjoying a drink at the cocktail pool bar, trying special massage jets and neck showers or taking a break on the heated loungers. Infrared cabins and steam baths are ideal to relieve stress and on sunny days the roof opens up to intensify this tropical ambience. Sauna

lovers have plenty of choice within the beautiful Wellness Oasis, where every sauna has its own specific characteristics such as the panoramic sauna, the birch sauna, fire sauna or the waterfall sauna. A cool plunge pool on the rooftop garden comes with a magnificent view over the Black Forest. The Galaxy Schwarzwald is perfect for adventure seekers, featuring 18 water slides, the world’s biggest stainless steel half pipe or an exceptional wave pool. A separate family area will be opened in summer 2015, ensuring that kids have even more to discover.

RESTAURANT MIRABELL A wide selection of tasty wines and the love for the native cuisine will make every visit to the Restaurant Mirabell a unique experience. The restaurant pampers its guests with Austrian and international delicacies. The inviting ambiance of the restaurant and its romantic Mirabell Terrace offer unforgettable culinary moments. Restaurant Mirabell Auerspergstrasse 4 5020 Salzburg, Austria

RESTAURANT GOLDENER HIRSCH Discover authentic Austrian cuisine at its best. The Gourmet Restaurant Goldener Hirsch offers an ambiance with Salzburg charm and award-winning cuisine as well as a selection of fine local and international wines. Restaurant Goldener Hirsch Getreidegasse 37 5020 Salzburg, Austria

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Discover Germany | Business | Solicitor Column

Make a will instead of two TEXT & PHOTO: GREGOR KLEINKNECHT

Don't worry, this is not yet another exhortation telling you to make a will. Although it would be helpful if you came to the conclusion that you should be getting advice on how the changes in the law, which I am going to tell you about in a moment, will affect your will and property. The good news is that life has just become both easier and more flexible if you are a national of an EU member state but are habitually resident in another member state and own property in at least one of them. This is because of Regulation (EU) No 650/2012, also known as the 'Brussels IV Regulation' in the legal trade. The idea behind the Regulation was first mooted in a European Union report on wills and succession some ten years ago; it finally comes fully into force on 17 August 2015 and will apply to the estates of individuals dying after that date. The UK has not actually opted into the Regulation (and neither have Denmark and Ireland) but it still applies if you are a British citizen living in the Brussels IV area. Buried in Articles 21 is a new general rule which provides that ”[u]nless otherwise provided for in this Regulation, the law applicable to the succession as a whole shall be the law of the State in which the deceased had his

habitual residence at the time of death”. In the past, a British citizen who was habitually resident, for example, in Spain, would have made two wills: one dealing with his property in the UK and the other dealing with property located in Spain. In practical terms, he must now update his will if he wants to avoid all of his property located outside of the UK to become subject to Spanish forced inheritance rules. The solution lies in Article 22, which permits that ”[a] person may choose as the law to govern his succession as a whole the law of the State whose nationality he possesses at the time of making the choice or at the time of death”. That choice of law must be made expressly in the will. The rules therefore now permit our British citizen to make just one will, subject to an express choice of English law, in which he overrides the effect of Spanish law and leaves both his UK and Spanish property pursuant to English inheritance law with its freedom of disposition. As always, the devil is in the detail and the rules are of course somewhat more complicated than that but the basic idea behind the changes is still very welcome. Just make sure that you obtain advice on your specific circumstances, because matters such as exceptions in the Regulation, your matrimonial property regime and tax implications must also be factored into the equation.

Gregor Kleinknecht LLM MCIArb is a German Rechtsanwalt and English solicitor, and a partner at Hunters Solicitors, a leading law firm in Central London. Hunters Solicitors, 9 New Square, Lincoln’s Inn, London WC2A 3QN E-mail:

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Shaping personality, capability and responsibility The Liechtenstein Academy has committed itself to supporting people in the challenging crosscurrents between company, wealth and family. With a special focus on fostering personality development, the highest teaching quality and sustainable, long-term thinking, the institute is supporting its stakeholders in bearing responsibility within the family, the company and society as a whole with its singular educational offer. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: LIECHTENSTEIN ACADEMY

“Since its foundation in 1995, the initial idea behind the Liechtenstein Academy is that people should not only gain technical expertise, but develop a variety of personal skills in order to act as responsible personalities,“ Hans Rudolf Maag, Co-Executive Head, explains.That’s why the Liechtenstein Academy seeks to strengthen individual personalities, while psychological, emotional and intellectual skills are at the core of their teaching values.“We see the person as a whole and focus on developing personal strengths. Only those who understand themselves can understand others,“ Maag notes. The non-profit competence centre’s subjects range from seminars that teach mediative competence in advising families on

84 | Issue 27 | June 2015

subjects such as ‘dealing with complexity‘, ‘self-awareness‘,‘economic psychology‘, or ‘conflict confidence‘. Because the academy’s unique educational offer is “more concerned with integrated personality development than with specific technical issues, we develop tailor-made programs, which combine the latest scientific knowledge with well-proven practical methodology,“ Maag says. He adds: “Our aim is to genuinely inspire every participant by providing high-quality course content and a modern, dynamic, confidential and trusty learning environment where one can exchange ideas with like-minded people.“ Participants can expect to benefit from the knowledge and skills of the faculty mem-

bers and a broad network of experts – who are all true specialists from the fields of science and industry. Their clients The competence centre supports companies, professional service providers and families. Maag says:“All of us, but especially leaders and people with demanding professional responsibilities, need to reflect on and steer their own development. In doing so, we have to confront the great issues of life and develop skills such as emotional intelligence, social competence, empathy or mental strength. All these areas are interrelated and thus, an integrated approach forms the basis of our service offer.“ Families learn how to sustainably develop their organisations and foster family members‘ core competencies. The academy’s subject range for companies is based on the belief that employees strongly contribute to the success of a company with their personalities. Thus, the Liechtenstein Academy seeks to create a balance between body and mind. Senior executives can expect to develop forward-looking, integrated leadership skills and leadership perspectives.

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Discover Germany | Business | Liechtenstein Academy Foundation

“The clients of service providers are wealthy persons who frequently have very special demands. That’s why the service provider must be familiar in dealing with all the constellations involved,”Maag notes. The programs of the Liechtenstein Academy Foundation help the course participants to explore these issues, to quickly establish new client relationships or consolidate existing ones. All courses offered by the Liechtenstein Academy are carefully customised based on the customers’ needs. The campus The Liechtenstein Academy impresses with a magnificent campus - Freudenfels Castle near Stein am Rhein on the southern bank of Lake Constance. The intellectual centre of energy, which is sure to foster new ideas and creative thinking, is a charming baroque castle and modern hotel surrounded by vineyards and beautiful nature. Only an hour drive away from Zurich, the magnificent vast view across Lake Constance and an exceptional tranquility is sure to enchant every guest. Various modern seminar rooms, which can also be rented for events, offer an ambience far away from stressful everyday life. Whether in a converted former cowshed or a ballroom with a view on to Lake Constance, Schloss Freudenfels has a lot to offer for its customers.“Immersing oneself in

this special environment opens one’s mind for reflection and fosters receptiveness for new experiences. This is an inspiring venue,“ Maag explains. The lovely castle hotel impresses with exquisite, health-conscious cuisine that also caters for individual wishes. 25 generous, modern and elegant single and double rooms will pose as an oasis of relaxation. Guests can work out in the castle’s own fitness room, jog or go biking in the green surroundings or relax in the library and in the cosy fireside lounge. Table tennis, table football and game consoles are offered too. A highlight is the possibility of renting out the hotel’s own rowing boats. Innovative teambuilding exercises can be booked with a professional coach.“The location is relatively small and thus personal. We usually only have one group a time at the hotel so that they can feel like true castle lords,“ Maag adds.

Right: Castle and baroque garden with view across Lake Constance The library Celebrating in classy ambience The guest wing Refreshments in the inner courtyard

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 85

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Baroque ambience with great charm Seminars, conferences, company dinners, weddings, birthday parties or concerts: We conjure up very special events and culinary delights exclusively for you. Discover and experience our conference centre and hotel Schloss Freudenfels with magnificent views across Lake Constance. Welcome!

Schloss Freudenfels AG Schlossweg, CH-8264 Eschenz Phone +41 52 742 72 11

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Focus on Sustainability

Social sabbatical The new way in human resources Founded in 2011 and based in Haslach near Freiburg, Manager für Menschen specialises in a different kind of matchmaking: top managers willing to take a sabbatical while achieving something positive and rewarding are placed as advisors in less privileged regions around the world, where support and knowledge is urgently needed. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTOS: MANAGER FÜR MENSCHEN

Social sabbatical is the term to bear in mind for highly skilled professionals, corporations and international help organisations alike.“Manager für Menschen places executives for a limited time in social projects, giving them the opportunity to make the most of a sabbatical. For companies we offer innovative sabbatical and career development solutions, while organisations benefit from a flexible pool of highly qualified and interim-advisors,”says Elke Dieterich, founder and managing director. Organisations the company teams up with are based in countries like Cambodia, Tanzania or Namibia and, unlike in a volunteer

or help programme, an eye-to-eye level partnership is established, where both sides learn and benefit from each other. It is a win-win situation, which leads to longterm improvement for everyone involved. Dieterich or members of her team have visited many of the international projects in person and she is proud of the long-term co-operations that have been established. “Today I combine my social engagement with my passion for travel and the interest in foreign cultures. I turned my passion into a profession,”she admits. Going abroad, while doing some good, is easier than one would expect as Man-

Main image: Community projects in Cambodia with interim-advisor Jochen Wild. Above: Master plan development and management consultancy of a township project in South Africa with interim-advisor Joachim Mayer. (left) Consulting of an AIDS-orphans-project in Tanzania with Elke Dieterich. (middle) School project in India with interim-advisor Annelie Müller. (right) Portrait: Elke Dieterich, founder and managing director

ager für Menschen offers comprehensive introduction and preparation. “Detailed destination country information, checklists and guidelines as well as a one and a half day workshop are all part of the preparation process,” Dieterich explains. Those who took the plunge have nothing but positive words for their experience. ‘This was one of the best experiences I ever had in my life’ is just one of the quotes returning executives describe their adventure with. The list of projects Manager für Menschen offers is constantly growing and so is the demand for social sabbaticals. Topics like awareness, resilience and self-guidance are currently further developed as part of the leadership programmes and 2015 brings exciting news. “Together with an expert we now offer a unique combination in the area of Social Sabbatical-Outplacement,” Dieterich reveals.

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 87

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Discover Germany | Focus on Sustainability

meinwoody Portrait: Ozan Durukan

making the world a better place Growing your own herbs and vegetables is easier than it looks and, thanks to Seed Evolution, now everyone can enjoy the pleasure of producing their very own organic food. And if this is not enough, why not plant your very own tree to support the Earth? TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTOS: MEINWOODY

Based in Coburg, right in the middle of Germany, three eco-conscious entrepreneurs embarked on a venture to re-invent the concept of urban gardening in 2011. Seed Evolution was born and the label meinwoody was established. Environmentally friendly, authentic and absolutely organic, their product range contains only natural materials and leaves no waste behind.To the contrary: A beautiful and most tasty result grows literally out of the box. Seeds of vegetables and herbs are delivered in coconut fibre containers, which grow into 100 per cent organic cooking ingredients even on the smallest balcony or window board.

88 | Issue 27 | June 2015

“meinwoody strives for a change in paradigm," founder and managing director Ozan Durukan explains. "The planting and seed world needs to be simplified and protected. We offer an online store that is driven by the 'cradle to cradle' concept and aim to break traditional economic structures and re-define these. Planting the future, taking over self responsibility and communicating is our mission.” Together with Ayhan Durukan and Michael Beetz he made a dream come true. “We wanted to change the world a tiny bit and start being a good example. We knew that if we wouldn’t take the first steps, nothing would change on our planet,”he recalls.

Every seed comes from responsible sources and there is no need to have a green thumb, as meinwoody offers plenty of support for aspiring gardeners. Harvesting your own organic tomatoes after months of loving care is without a doubt a truly rewarding experience. Beside vegetables and herbs, meinwoody also offers tree-planting sets. Especially corporate customers cherish the “tree2b” personalised tree gift set offer, which perfectly symbolises a prosperous and eco-friendly future. 2015 will be an exciting year for the team as a new EcoCrowd crowdfunding campaign, initiated by the Deutsche Umweltstiftung [German environmental foundation], gets on the way starting 1 June at:

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Discover Germany | Focus on Sustainability

soulbottles A sustainable alternative to PET and plastic Using tap water is not only cheaper but also better for the environment, especially if the tap water is filled in sustainable glass bottles. With stylish designs and a groundbreaking concept, soulbottles proves that long transport routes and plastic bottles can be avoided. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN | PHOTOS: SOULBOTTLES

The soulbottles idea was born four years ago when Georg Tarne and his best friend Paul Kupfer began searching for alternatives to plastic bottles, that were normally used on trips to have something to drink at hand. They wanted a bottle free of plasticisers, but found none. Georg started to reuse old whiskey and vodka bottles, to the amusement of his friends. Together with Paul he started experimenting at home and finally held the first handmade bottle in his hands. After a successful crowd funding campaign the soulbottles production started. soulbottles are to 100 per cent free of

plastic, exclusively produced in Germany and Italy and are climate-neutral and fair.“It is our aim that people rediscover the taste of tap water”, says Fabia Straub, PR executive at soulbottles. “Filling up our bottles not only saves money but unnecessary plastic

garbage currently overfilling our waste disposal sites and polluting the oceans.”It also saves CO2 usually needed to produce and transport plastic mineral water bottles. soulbottles include their customers in many ways. New designs are found in competitions where everyone can hand in a design concept and vote which one will later be printed on bottles. Alternatively, the Berlin-based company gives business partners the opportunity to use their own corporate design as soulbottles prints. For every bottle sold, soulbottles donates one Euro to a WASH project in Nepal, aiming to give people in underdeveloped countries access to clean drinking water.

Specialist for excellent presentations

Keynote Coach Der Regisseur unter den Top-Trainern! Frank Asmus ist Regisseur, „Best-of-Trainer“ 2014 und Top Executive Coach für strategische Präsentationen. Seine Kunden sind Konzernvorstände, Geschäftsführer und Unternehmer. Frank Asmus lehrt als Kommunikationsexperte u.a. an der Technischen Universität Berlin. +49.30.44 04 27 76 ·

Referenzen: Apple Inc., Airbus S.A.S., Allianz SE, Audi AG, Axa Konzern AG, BASF SE, Bayer AG, BMW Group, Robert Bosch GmbH, Continental AG, Deutsche Telekom AG, Henkel AG, HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG, Kühne + Nagel AG, Liganova GmbH, L'Oréal Deutschland GmbH, Merck KGaA, Novartis AG, Pfizer Deutschland GmbH, Roche Diagnostics, SAP AG, Shopware AG, Siemens AG, Software AG, Swarovski KG, Volkswagen AG, u.v.a.

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Discover Germany | Focus on Sustainability

Main image: Bench MIA for a couple Below: Bench NOLA (left) 4 seater Bench MIA (middle) Summerhouse with table UNO and benches KARL (right)

NEUBERGA Turning a garden into a haven of piece When warm summer sunbeams draw entire families and groups of friends out to their gardens to enjoy conviviality and lust for life, one needs the perfect furnishings for these occasions. Berlin-based NEUBERGA offers intelligent garden solutions wrapped in new and timeless designs. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: NEUBERGA, GERALD ZEHETNER

In an era where short-lived trends and rapid innovation cycles are the norm, companies like NEUBERGA pose as a refreshing change. NEUBERGA’s original idea was to offer a variety of high-quality garden spaces, such as summerhouses or sheds. Now, with a special focus on the production of high-quality, durable and sustainable outdoor furniture, the business seeks to extend the product range for garden lovers from all over the world. NEUBERGA primarily uses handicraft techniques long believed to be lost and supports resources and the environment through strict material selection. “Those

90 | Issue 27 | June 2015

who seek to pursue and live sustainably should consider regional resources, quality work, as well as the regional supply chain. I try to pursue this approach with my brand,” Gerald Zehetner, founder and owner, explains. Founded in 2008, NEUBERGA’s range of goods is deliberately kept small.“We offer thought-through items which will still be enjoyed by your children and grandchildren,” Gerald Zehetner says. “The special thing is that we exclusively use European larch wood and that our constructions don’t need screws, metal parts or plastic. They are not only designed for gardens or ter-

races, but can also be used as a cosy dining area in the kitchen.”Bench MIA is equipped with a cut-out heart and is a perfect centrepiece for one's favourite place. Table UNO and the benches NOLA and KARL can be bought individually or as a set.“Each item which leaves production gets branded and equipped with the current serial number. Customers can chose from various standard lengths but I also produce individual requests with other dimensions,” Gerald Zehetner explains. NEUBERGA is geared towards sustainability and offers all the advantages of a reliable traditional brand. With a special emphasis on using natural oil finishes for wood protection, NEUBERGA seeks to spare chemicals, as well as energy-intensive chemo-technical and thermal wood finishings. Impressing with personal consultation and detailed implementation, the furniture comprises of a puristic design which poses as the sober opposite of opulent blossoming and wild naturalness of gardens.“Thus, the design is kept unobtrusive and offers an optical haven of peace,“ Gerald Zehetner concludes.

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Main image: Team Property One Below: Property One’s office (left) Partners and president of the administrative board (right)

Special Theme

Perfect Property Solutions Switzerland

The family office for real estate Property One Partners AG is an exclusive real estate provider which handles every aspect of a real estate investment, from the initial idea to successful marketing and sale of the property. A true family office, Property One seeks to comprehensively and neutrally advise on and accompany its clients through real estate. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: PROPERTY ONE I KEVIN HINDER I BRUNO HELBLING

“We seek to give our clients a positive real estate experience and we will be there every step of the way,”Kevin Hinder, one of the four founders and partners, notes. A person of contact for direct residential property investors, the Swiss company seeks to accompany their primarily Swiss and German clients from the acquisition to the development and realisation. Customers appreciate their pragmatic approach to finding solutions and the interconnection of all relevant topics. Calling themselves a ‘family office for real estate’, clients with bigger real estate port-

folios can assign various tasks to Property One.“We stand out because we solely look after the property asset class. That’s why we use the supplement‘…for real estate’,” Hinder adds. A reliable team of experts ensures that each project is completed in a quick, cost-effective and successful way. Private clients and professional investors can request that Property One serves as the primary contact responsible for planning, coordinating and organising all of the players involved. “We are constantly tracking the market and property prices, and can put our clients in touch with the

right contacts. We provide financing advice, support the construction phase, ensure that quality standards are met, handle marketing activities and design customised profit-sharing models,” Hinder explains. Each project essentially consists of three phases: the search for a property, plot or investment opportunity, followed by the project development phase and the implementation and potential sale as the final step. “We want to provide our customers with the best possible support to guarantee successful transactions. This is why our team focuses on areas that are decisive in optimising costs and maximising returns for investors. We collaborate with outside service providers to provide comprehensive solutions from a single source,” Hinder says.

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 91

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Because living is precious Offering a diverse real estate portfolio which impresses with the highest quality, uniqueness and first-rate locations, Property One puts special focus on upscale and luxurious properties. One of Property One’s projects impresses with high-class living opportunities in a harmonious setting blessed with sunshine from morning till evening, as well as a beautiful panoramic view across Lake Zurich. Located in Switzerland’s Schindellegi at an altitude of 764 metres above sea level, SunSet presents 12 exclusive residential units equipped with exquisite materials.They represent the highest standards of living, as well as extraordinary, contemporary architecture. The units for sale, which range from a prestigious villa

92 | Issue 27 | June 2015



Page 92

or loft apartment to garden residences, are tailored to a wide variety of different needs and offer plenty of interior design leeway to meet individual desires.

Located close to Zurich (32 km) and Zug (24 km) in the Swiss canton of Schwyz, Schindellegi’s surroundings enjoy proximity to unspoiled nature as well as excellent

2_0_DiscoverGermany_June 2015_Issue27:Scan Magazine 1



Page 93

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Perfect Property Solutions Switzerland

Main image & left: Visualisation of a villa Bottom left: Close to nature, short distances and exceptional views Below: View across SunSet and Lake Zurich

a low municipal tax base for private persons, makes Schindellegi a coveted place to live. The project’s architecture and planning creates many reasons for potential buyers to immediately fall in love. Harmoniously nestled into nature and situated at the edge of the village, buyers can expect absolute silence. The outside areas are spread out over various levels and take into account the four seasons and the different views.“A smart set-up of the individual residential units guarantees a maximum of privacy with an open view,” Kevin Hinder explains.

infrastructure and shopping opportunities to meet everyday needs within walking distance. Popular hiking destinations are just a short drive away and a low tax rate, with

The modern architectural experience is one of a kind and comprises of exciting surprises. Discreet single garages, generous room dimensions, galleries or two-storey exterior spaces and extra-large master bedrooms with separate dressing rooms and generously appointed master baths are just some examples of the exclusivity that is offered. While also offering the possibility to realise special wishes, the homes can be individualised and made into a customer’s personal dream home. Various additional entrances for home offices, teenage years or household employees can be realised on request and kitchens can be installed in an open, half-open or closed way. Expansion wishes are considered and the interior de-

sign can be holistically adjusted by customers through personal support by an experienced, personal interior architect during the construction phase. Wine lovers can look forward to an optional installation of professional wine cellars as SunSet offers freedom for individual design possibilities to establish the highest living pleasure. “We can expand individual objects and we provide personal interior designers. We make space for individuality when handling large-scale development projects. Our know-how and individual support means that we can almost always make unique solutions work,” Hinder notes. Three individual villas, four semi-detached houses, two gardenmaisonette flats, two attica maisonette apartments and one loft house for sophisticated demands are on offer. An elaborate interior concept offers a maximum of flexibility and generous outdoor spaces, while modernity is stylishly implemented and integrated in the surrounding nature. SunSet stands for stylish, luxurious, modern, exclusive and a unique living experience for sophisticated demands. Occupation is planned for the end of 2015. The objects can be bought turnkey ready and furnished for a highly attractive price-performance ratio.

Issue 26 | May 2015 | 93

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Perfect Property Solutions Switzerland

The gold coast on Schwyz territory Property One’s diverse portfolio consists of more prime examples of exceptional architecture and planning. Their project Rivarama offers 28,000 m2 of land for construction in an exceptional location with a breath-taking panoramic lake view across Lake Zurich and the mountains. Offering 18 individual plots from just under 1,000 m2 to more than 3,000 m2, Property One is the perfect partner for clients who seek to build their own single-family home or duplex with an architect of their choice.

Main image: View from the plot Left: View across the central pavilion Panoramic view across Lake Zurich The community building

94 | Issue 27 | June 2015

Nestled into green natural surroundings, a renowned golf course, an elegant marina and a natural reserve lie in close proximity. A carefully chosen, loose organisation of the houses and the gently sloping hillside create the best views, ample privacy and perfect sun conditions. Located in the small village of Nuolen, Rivarama offers a wide range of activities in nature, as well as good infrastructure, a close proximity to Zurich (30 minutes) and Zurich Airport (45 minutes) and favourable tax conditions. The sunny hillside location is available for construction

with no project obligation and the buyer is free to work with the architect of his or her choice. The composition and development of Rivarama were meticulously planned so that all proprietors can fully enjoy the unique location. A highlight is the central pavilion with a barbecue area, as well as the sun deck and the children’s playground which were exclusively built for Rivarama residents.“The way towards one’s dream property is always an individual one.That’s why we offer personal architects on request who incorporate individual ideas and needs, who implement a client’s preferential architectural style and who also harmonise on a human level,”Hinder says. Potential buyers who want to find modern, exceptional architecture with large windows for a full enjoyment of the breathtaking view should hurry up as almost half of the 18 plots have already been sold.

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With our team of 10 consultants, each a

Page 95

specialist in leadership, change management and intercultural cooperation in the workplace in an international environment, we support and accompany managers with managerial and change questions. Alongside conventional management methods, we work primarily with the hypno-systematic concept of coaching and organizational development processes, as developed by Dr Gunther Schmidt. A balance of systematic consultation and the use of all available individual resources.

Organizational and Leadership Development

Tilman Peschke Founder of Peschke Consulting Trainer at the Milton Erikson Institut Heidelberg DBVC Coach

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Page 96

Portrait: Andre Hardmeier, Franchise Switzerland CEO Below: The worldwide ERA network

the brand awareness and the related brand recognition. “Licensees can start off with a successful business strategy and therefore can effectively invest in their own enterprise from day one. They are legally independent entrepreneurs, are internationally networked while enjoying national branch networks and regional expertise and can benefit from existing business connections or purchases. We offer the most modern technologies, the newest marketing tools, as well as operation manuals, training and introduction to the market,“ Hardmeier adds.

An enticing network of real estate experts ERA stands for one of the best known and most successful real estate networks worldwide. Whether one opts to sell their house or buy a new apartment, ERA is sure to offer outstanding customer service. As an international real estate franchising business, ERA also presents the possibility to easily join their network, with many perks included. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: ANDRE HARDMEIER

Forty-six countries, over 31,000 employees and around 1,100 branches in Europe make ERA the market leader of free real estate agencies.“We work together and share our knowledge. We are a big family across all borders,“ says André Hardmeier, Franchise Switzerland CEO. Founded in 1971 in the United States, the idea behind the company’s licence system is as simple as it is impressive. It unites people who have an affinity for being an entrepreneur, as well as for real estate and the general public, in a strategically sophisticated partner network.

96 | Issue 27 | June 2015

“We comprise of the knowledge, the experience, the tools and the technology needed to transform a lateral recruit into a successful property entrepreneur. Our franchising grooms new entrepreneurs and further improves existing ones. Success can be more easily achieved when one profits from the network experience and the expertise of licensees,“ Hardmeier explains. An ERA franchisee has the opportunity to join business conferences in every country ERA operates in. Other benefits include international networking for worldwide referrals,

As the only real estate network in Europe with an ISO certification, ERA Switzerland is sure to provide professional and highquality work processes. With a focus on innovation and selling residential properties, the company is sure to understand people’s concerns, wishes and dreams around real estate.“We want to be one of the most significant real estate companies worldwide and set new standards in consulting and service. We are driven by our passion for our clients and stakeholder groups, which we delight with our above-average results on a daily basis,”Hardmeier concludes.

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Perfect Property Solutions Switzerland

Individual, independent and innovative real estate Marjut Malmström is not just in the business of selling bare properties. She finds that distinctive element in a property that transforms it from a house into a home. By putting the main focus on individual consulting and supporting the philosophy that every client should receive customised solutions, her real estate agency has become a major force in an extremely competitive industry. TEXT: MERYEM HAUER | PHOTOS: IRES IMMOBILIEN GMBH

The successful housing agency IRES IMMOBILIEN GMBH was established in 2009 as a result of Malmström's existing national and international network as well as her education, expertise and experience. The multi-lingual business woman, who was born in Finland, found her own home in Switzerland where the housing agency is based. Located in Schaffhausen at the German border between Zurich, Konstanz and Stuttgart, it provides competent advice for both national and international clients.

IRES IMMOBILIEN GMBH, who administrates properties in Zurich, Winterthur and Schaffhausen, supports the philosophy that every property should be presented in a way which makes it distinguishable in the market. To be able to bring a client's head and heart together when choosing their dream home, it is necessary to capture the special character of each property and to present it accordingly through expressive photography as well as by Home Staging. Offering this service free of charge to the

sellers, the already existing facilities of the property can be redecorated or redesigned, which can easily lead to an increase in value and to a faster selling closure. IRES IMMOBILIEN GMBH specialises in offering personalised real estate services to a national and an international clientele, through a personal and trusting relationship with their clients who are either selling their precious homes or are looking for a new one. By bringing a fresh breeze in the way a property is prepared and presented, potential buyers looking for their dream home in Switzerland will be in competent hands with IRES IMMOBILIEN GMBH’s attentive and personalised service.

Portrait: Marjut Malmström

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 97

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Page 98

“The secret is that I present a property in a way which immediately appeals to as many people as possible because I display a lifestyle which suits the property and the target group.” MW Immobilien & Homestyling perfectly and attractively prepares objects for photos and house viewings so that prospective buyers take a closer look.Verena Mumford and her team manage to transform formerly dull and unexciting rooms into spacious, light-flooded spaces with modern and minimalist furnishings with a big portion of expertise and an eye for detail.“Each customer gets my full attention, as well as a tailor-made sales concept and home staging,” the certified Master Stager (ASPM) and Buyer Trend Specialist emphasises.

Selling properties quicker As a true pioneer of home staging in Switzerland, Verena Mumford, from estate agency MW Immobilien & Homestyling, was one of the first people to offer home staging and home-styling services in the alpine country. With extensive expertise she seeks to sell properties quicker and better through effective interior transformations.

The first consultation is free and the home staging process can be organised in the course of one day. MW Immobilien & Homestyling also offers home-styling services which will bring a new shine into private homes for those who are tired of their old furnishings.


“My calling is to give people a better sense of life. As an interior designer and home staging expert, I’m well equipped to do so in my customer’s living spaces. My speciality is home staging for sale purposes where I try to show properties from their best side,”Mumford explains.The phenomenon of home staging is relatively new in Switzerland, especially for inhabited and empty properties. So far, home staging was predominantly used in show flats for newly constructed buildings, but today it has emerged as the most successful sale optimisation for houses and flats. MW Immobilien & Homestyling, which offers properties in and around Zurich, saw the benefits of home staging very early on. The service that makes them stand out from other real estate agencies is that each of their homes gets a professional home staging makeover from Verena Mumford. “Prospective buyers are tremendously picky and questioning. That’s why properties

98 | Issue 27 | June 2015

need to present themselves particularly well so that buyers already get filled with enthusiasm by only looking at the pictures,” the home staging expert notes. She adds:

Below: Living room before home staging (left) Living room after home staging (right) Bottom: Bedroom before home staging (left) Bedroom after home staging (right)

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Page 99

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Perfect Property Solutions Switzerland

A big portion of Scandinavian cosiness ‘Beautifully decorated – quickly sold – happy clients’; this is the motto of Inger Blomquist Fäh, a home staging and home styling expert based in Zurich. Her company RE-DONE seeks to harmoniously style homes for a faster, easier and more profitable selling or renting process of properties. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: RE-DONE

Born and raised in Sweden, Inger Blomquist Fäh has previously worked with importing and selling Swedish design furniture.“I didn’t only want to trade, but actively work with decorating rooms,”she explains. Thus, RE-DONE has been established in 2006 as one of Switzerland’s first home staging companies. In the mean-

time, she established contacts with various manufacturers and was able to grow a warehouse full of furniture and accessories. She is able to convert every home in an oasis of homely ambience. Offering home staging for occupied, furnished properties she “refurnishes, stows away unnecessary items and adds or exchanges to create

space and harmony“. The Swede also does home staging for empty flats and new buildings: “This is very important since empty rooms look smaller than they are and people have difficulties to imagine them furnished.“ “Home staging can create a neutral and appealing atmosphere so that potential buyers immediately feel at home,”she explains. She is sure to find the right furniture for each individual property and each target group up to the smallest detail, even at short notice. While also offering home styling services for private clients, the entrepreneur always banks on client support and fulfills individual wishes.

Dream homes at the Turkish Riviera Why should one invest money in Turkish property? Real estate agency Al-Active Immobilien focuses on property at the Turkish Riviera and has a clear answer: 300 days of sunshine, guaranteed increase in value and best price-performance ratio. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: AL-ACTIVE IMMOBILIEN

“Alanya is the most popular vacation spot for our German-speaking customers,” Sehhan Arabaci, founder and manager, says. Many Europeans have settled here and most people speak German or English.The beach resort impresses with 26 kilometres of shoreline, an international airport, a mystical history, friendly people, a clean and rustic ambience, as well as a fantastic view over the Mediterranean and the Taurus mountains. The region is still developing and Alanya’s future looks bright; it's the perfect time to buy property. Alanya prides itself with quick land register processing and safe investments with a ca. 20 per cent increase of annual value.“Personal consultation and

service is our top priority so that individual dreams are fulfilled. We don’t only sell vacation homes, but rather homes forever,” Arabaci says. The estate agency stands for top prices, reliability and expertise while solely selling properties which are thoroughly examined by them. Since its foundation in 2003, Al-Active Immobilien is sure to accompany their clients at every step of their acquisition and beyond.They fill fridges or clean properties so that their clients can fully enjoy their vacation upon arrival. ‘You only live once and we show you where’ is the company’s philosophy.

Portrait: The team of Al-Active Immobilien

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 99

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Page 100

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Perfect Property Solutions Switzerland

Striking condos on Zurich´s gold coast The latest high end property project at the shore of Lake Zurich is an architectural masterpiece with stunning views across the glistening water. Clean lines and a generous layout make the new Whitehouse8 condos some of the finest properties on the market. TEXT: DARIA KOCHER | PHOTOS: WHITEHOUSE8

The Whitehouse8 condo complex comprises of four exclusive apartments in the Herrliberg community on Zurich’s iconic Gold Coast. All condos are built according to the Minergie-construction standard, which is a quality seal of approval for new and refurbished low-energy-consumption architecture. Outstanding construction and design standards are what the project stands for and even the most discerning customer will find satisfaction in the Whitehouse8. The characteristics of the entire building include the interaction between the cubic shapes and the Whitehouse8 architecture brand signature shades of white. Light and airy, though solid and contemporary architecture, define the new prime example of

100 | Issue 27 | June 2015

modern condo living. The object is distinguished by an energetically positive and very flexible floor plan concept, allowing generous use of space with floor to ceiling windows. Classy conservatories, lavish terraces and balconies complete the harmonious overall picture of the Whitehouse8 perfectly. Reinforced concrete, parting walls made of calcareous sandstone and lightweight concrete, high-quality wall and floor coverings add a sophisticated touch to the project. Top notch construction meets precious materials allowing a high-quality appearance and substance alike. The flexible concept allows the customer to bring his own ideas into the rooms and turn individual wishes into reality. The individual apartments at the prestigious

Seestrasse each extend over the entire floor and offer a lot of free floor space to arouse the ideas and adapt them according to personal preferences. Luxury fittings for kitchen and bathrooms and a sleek interior design concept are the icing on the cake. The unique location of the apartments in Herrliberg with stunning views over the Lake Zurich with its individual ambience and timeless architecture couldn’t be more perfect. And by the way, Herrliberg´s tax rate is among the lowest in the entire canton of Zurich.

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Page 101

First feelgood hotel in the Allgäu

Holiday or meeting in the Alps – or both?

The first feelgood hotel in the Allgäu region provides highlights such as a unique atmosphere in its big Alpine Wellness World, a 300 sqm natural bathing lake in the garden of the hotel and an attractive and versatile programme for guests. Each room offers hidden details to explore and takes the guest on a journey throughout this beautiful place. Bold, a little bit cheeky and rather distinctive – and this isn’t just the décor! Lively and unreservedly welcoming, the team at Hotel Oberstdorf pride themselves on offering a wonderfully laidback atmosphere, which few can rival. Many guest activities such as live music, cooking afternoons, hiking trips and whiskey tastings are offered.

Hotel Oberstdorf Feelgood-Week 8 Days/ 7 Nights including halfboard, Alpin Wellness, whisky tasting, show cooking and more from EUR 628/p.p.


· Reute 20 · D-87561 Oberstdorf Tel +49 (0)8322 940 770 · Fax +49 (0)8322 940 777 00 · Oberstdorfer Hotel Besitz und Betriebs GmbH & Co. KG, GF: Sebastian Reisigl

Amongst a delightfully modern Alpine ambiance and with a genuine feel-good atmosphere, this is where you'll find the time and space for creative conferences and workshops. With the hotel's own cooking studio, natural bathing lake and the spectacular mountain view, your company's event will evolve into a long-lasting experience for the entire team.

Feelgood meeting packages include • Overnight stay with breakfast buffet • Conference package with lunch buffet and coffee break • Light and airy conference room equipped with the latest technology • Evening buffet, group cookery workshop in the hotel’s own cooking studio or a barbecue beside the bathing lake • Access to the Alpine Wellness World 2 Days / 1 Night from EUR 158/p.p.

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‘HOME STAGING’ - putting your property in the limelight It’s irrefutable that first impressions count for consumers. Naturally, while we don’t buy everything that catches our eye, we rarely purchase something that doesn’t immediately appeal to us. And one thing is for sure: there’s no second chance for a first impression!

are equally as off-putting, as potential buyers won’t be jumping at the chance to renovate and sanitise the entire house and garden.“The first impression is crucial and the decision about whether or not to buy a


When we’re trying to ‘sell’ ourselves in the best possible way, be it a job interview, through our own website or at a gathering, we invest time in our appearance, perhaps by heading to the hairdressers or to a professional photographer, donning our best clothes and dressing to accentuate our strengths. Often the property we own is our most valuable possession both emotionally and financially.Yet when we put our own homes, or the parental homes that we inherit, onto the market, we rarely expend much energy when it comes to presenting

102 | Issue 27 | June 2015

them in the best possible light with the objective of selling them as quickly as possible, for the highest possible price. Empty rooms tarnished with scuffs and imprints from the former owners’ furniture, torn-up carpets and paintings are unappealing. Similarly, barren ceilings with a naked light bulb do little to attract potential buyers. But, at the other end of the spectrum, furnished and very much ‘lived in’ homes with heavy, dark curtains, patterned bathroom tiles and an over-grown garden

Portrait: Christina Wellhausen, WELLHAUSEN Immobilien Styling, Berlin. Home Staging Professional & Press and PR manager at DGHR e. V.

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Page 103

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Perfect Property Solutions Germany

Special Theme

Perfect Property Solutions Germany

property is usually made within the first three or four minutes,” reports an experienced estate agent. Most buyers struggle to imagine themselves, their lifestyle and their furniture in a ‘used’ property, one in which people still reside and often furnished in an old-fashioned manner. And, as Home Stagers are only too aware, very few people are able to successfully imagine empty rooms fully furnished to their tastes. HOME STAGING involves targeted measures, which frequently result in a successful sale and often even an increased value for the sale of a property! With the help of a professional Home Stager, the property will undergo certain crucial modifications to ensure optimal presentation and that its potential and strengths are showcased. In turn, this boosts its appeal to interested parties and awakens the initial impulse for

potential buyers.“The principle is basically the same as when you’re presenting a used car. In essence, it’s also an older model, and perhaps it does have a few cosmetic defects, but with a few investments these can be rectified so that features are emphasised. As a result, demand will increase and those pesky negotiations on lowering the price can be avoided and the property can be sold as quickly as possible for the desired price.This is the opposite of photographing a dirty car with a broken headlight and an overflowing ashtray. As Home Stagers we see ourselves as‘visual property marketing designers’,”explains Christina Wellhausen. As a ‘Home Staging Professional’, Wellhausen is the coordinator for Berlin/Brandenburg and the press and PR representative for the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Home Staging und Redesign [DGHR German Association for Home Staging and Redesign], which is the official professional association for Home Stagers within the German-speaking regions. The concept of Home Staging is perhaps best told through a success story by DGHRmember Susanne Humbert („raumwerte“, project picured above): An empty penthouse maisonette on the edge of the city was on the market with the original price of 225,000 €, although this asking figure was reduced six months later to just 199,000 €. “During the six months in which the empty property was unsuccessful on the market, all the interested buyers bemoaned the lack of an additional room. Based on this feedback I used the generous hall area on the first floor to create a working space with a desk, which gave the impression of an extra room,”revealed the Home Stager who’d been drafted in to this property by the new estate agent.The cost of the Home Staging cost approximately 3,400 € (net), including painting, repairs and cleaning.

market and successfully sold within four days!“I handed the finished property back on the Tuesday, and the first viewings took place on the following Saturday. The first interested party immediately signed an‘intent to buy’ document. There were further viewings and offers, but the initial interested party eventually bought it for the notarised purchase price of 229,000 €. Home Staging generally costs between one to three per cent of the asking price, depending on the state of the property. And it’s a worthwhile investment: as the property looks more attractive, demand rises and the property is sold quicker, usually within three months, for the best and most realistic price. Frequently, it comes down to a bidding war, with the highest offer winning when several buyers are interested, as in the example outlined above. Professional Home Stagers, members of the professional association of Home Stagers in Germany, the DGHR e.V are subject to a quality standard for their work, which requires qualified contracts and professional insurance. Furthermore, concealing or hiding damage and/or building defects is absolutely taboo! The DGHR’s code of honour binds its members to this.

Main image: Prime example for a successfully completed project by Home Staging Agency "raumwerte", based near Düsseldorf. Photos: Susanne Humbert. Below: DGHR e. V. – a strong team. Photo: Tina Merkau

The property was eventually put back on the

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 103

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Page 104

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Perfect Property Solutions Bavaria Germany

Top: A bathroom before (right) and after (left) home staging Below: A bedroom before (right) and after (left) home staging

A great deal of creativity Cornelia Reichel’s home staging services in the Greater Augsburg and Munich area, create an atmosphere in which most people immediately feel comfortable. With her modern and neutral furniture, as well as a harmonic colour concept, she is able to present every property from its best side to facilitate selling or renting processes. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: JACQUELINE SCHAFHAUSER I CORNELIA REICHEL

“Each property has its peculiarities. That’s why I don’t offer home staging ‘à la carte’ but rather an individually tailored offer for each home, each target group and each owner,”Reichel explains. Many studies confirm that real estate purchases from private persons is not only a decision of the mind, but rather a decision from the heart. Reichel knows that it’s important to let potential buyers imagine themselves spending their future in a property. She says:“No one will feel comfortable in an empty, sober new building which makes it impossible to grasp the proportions. And no one will see the charm of an old building with patterned wallpapers from the '70s. The feeling of ‘this is it, I need to have this’ is something totally different.”

target group.“I would describe my style as modern with influences from country house and vintage style, as well as maritime or Mediterranean elements,”Reichel adds. After having spent years in retail store design and window display, she decided to look for an own business idea. “I came across a reportage about home staging on TV. Because I always had exceptional furnishing ideas and was the contact person for living problems in my circle of friends, I immediately knew: This is it! With this I can apply my creative talent for living areas,” she explains. Thus, since its foundation in 2011, her business impresses with an exceptional instinct for the peculiarities of each property and a great deal of creative ideas for its presentation.

That’s why the home staging expert adjusts her interior style to each property and

Her clients love her creativity, the harmonic design concepts, as well as her reliability.“I

104 | Issue 27 | June 2015

offer a total package from home staging and coordination of craftsmen services to my photos for my clients’ exposure,” she says. Through the longstanding build-up of an extensive supplier base, her own big furniture and accessory warehouse, as well as an experienced team which supports her with the setup and dismantling, Cornelia Reichel is able to work flexibly and quickly react to the respective requirements.

Portrait: Cornelia Reichel

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Page 105

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Perfect Property Solutions Bremen & Lower Saxony

After (top) and before (below)

”Many people don’t have the imagination to visualise their lives playing out in other spaces, amongst other people’s beds or beauty products. But on the other hand, empty properties appear unpleasant and the feel for proportions just isn’t there.” Home staging therefore involves tidying, renovating or furnishing. Schmidt creates a wholly individual solution for each project in order to achieve the best possible result, The qualified banking administrator and marketing specialist, who has a reliable and efficient network of workmen to hand, bills the service at cost, and is therefore always specific to the individual property. Hailing from Bremen, Schmidt concludes: “My clients get a comprehensive service from just one person. I personally make sure that everything is completed to the optimal level. This keeps costs down and ensures that the property is fit to achieve its best possible selling price!”

First-class presentation – first-class sales performance Michaela Schmidt is a home stager – a professional when it comes to optimising the presentation of homes on the market. “People looking for new homes do their initial search on the internet. So only by presenting your property in its best light will you generate interest and attract potential buyers. This anticipation then has to be fulfilled at the viewing,” explains Michaela Schmidt. TEXT & PHOTOS: HOME STAGING WESER | TRANSLATION: EMMIE COLLINGE

From working alongside estate agents, it’s clear that they loath to miss out on the pos-

itive impact of these services. “Buying a home is an emotional act,” says Schmidt.

Portrait: Michaela Schmidt

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 105

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Page 106

Mini Theme

Vision & Beauty

Pioneers of eye laser therapy One can imagine how hard it is to decide whether to get eye laser surgery or not. After all, one of the most important sensory organs is at stake. The Augenlaserteam Munich has made it their task to dispel patients’ fears and to make the treatment as pleasant as possible. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: AUGENLASERTEAM MUNICH

“I went through eye laser surgery myself and that’s why I know exactly how one feels right before the operation,” explains Dr.Thomas Christmann, eye specialist.“We have 20 years of experience and I compare our job with flying: the technology is fantastic and pretty much does everything on its own; however, I’m still glad when I know that an experienced pilot is sitting in the cockpit,”he adds. Established in 2007 in Munich-Pasing, the Augenlaserteam is equipped with ultramodern laser technology and comprises of a team of highly skilled oculists. With a special emphasis on ethics, quality and safety, the team primarily focuses on a high degree of intensive human attention. Patients are sure to be holistically cared for from the first contact until the‘goodbye’after successful surgery. Offering a special anti-anxiety-programme which is geared

106 | Issue 27 | June 2015

to individual needs of patients, the Augenlaserteam seeks to prepare for and accompany patients through the surgery. Special offers include laser eye treatment under anaesthesia, in hypnosis, after deep relaxation treatments or medicamentous relaxation. A homeopathic additional therapy is possible too.These offers, combined with a special relaxing atmosphere throughout the doctor’s office and individual advice, are sure to facilitate the entire process for the patient. After all,“the positive, anxiety-free preoperative attitude is half of the postoperative healing,” according to Dr. Christmann. The Augenlaserteam’s range of operative services includes the gentle and pain-free Femto-Lasik, the inexpensive transepithelial PRK (photorefractive keratectomy), the uncomplicated Lasek method or the EpiLASIK treatment. Always having an ear for

Main image: Waiting area Above: Dr. Thomas Christmann at the laser

the wishes and concerns of their patients, the team puts special emphasis on additional telephone support, preoperative and postoperative care, as well as offering quick appointments and ‘in-time-appointments’ without waiting time. If a patient needs help with booking a hotel, the team is sure to help.“Our patients appreciate that we listen and take them seriously,” Dr. Christmann says. With a big portion of expertise, empathy and solicitude, the Augenlaserteam Munich ensures that their patients holistically feel good, before, during and after eye surgery.

Portrait: Dr. Thomas Christmann

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Aesthetic sensitivity at its best With over 3,000 medical procedures, Dr. med. univ. Michael Marek’s experience as an oculist and eye surgeon is unprecedented. Situated in Brunn am Gebirge/Mödling, his private surgery offers a wide range of services from successfully operating cataracts and glaucoma to retinal surgery. However, his top priority is aesthetic eye surgery. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF

Dr. Michael Marek and his team impress with extensive aesthetic sensitivity and attention to detail when it comes to their main focus. From ptosis correction and operation of hooded eyelids to lacrimal sac removal and wrinkle therapy with botox and vistabel, the doctor has gained wide appreciation in Vienna and the surrounding area for his surgical prowess and special qualification for aesthetic operations in the eyelid area. “We don’t automatically operate on everybody as we try to estimate whether a surgery is needed and possible. We only operate when we know that the result will

be good,” Dr. Michael Marek explains. He adds:“An aesthetical operation is only successful when it doesn’t look operated after the procedure.” Dr. Michael Marek impresses with thorough patient orientation. While taking time for personal talks, the doctor seeks to dispel fears through understanding his patients, answering questions and explaining every little step of the process. His surgery boasts short notice appointments, no waiting period and an informal ambience. Once a year, his team visit Bangladesh to perform eye operations. “The feeling of helping my patients is amazing and is a

Top: Waiting room of Dr. Marek’s surgery. Photo: Michael Marek Portrait: Dr. Michael Marek. Photo: Prinz Wolfgang Photography

major factor of why I chose this profession,” he concludes.

Improving the joy of healthy vision Covering the whole range of ophthalmology, Hamburg’s zentrumsehstärke is not a regular ophthalmological practice. Since 2014, PD Dr. Stephan J. Linke, Dr. med. Johannes Steinberg and their dynamic team impress with personal consultation, an elegant and modern ambience throughout their premises, prompt appointments on University campus and close vicinity to Hamburg airport. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: ZENTRUMSEHSTAERKE

As the first and only practice on university grounds in Germany, zentrumsehstärke has a close proximity to Hamburg-Eppendorf’s University Medical Center.“We are well connected to the university which enables joint research and close communication, as well as access to the newest technical achievements. Practically seen, we have no limits,” Dr. Johannes Steinberg says. Since 2014, the modern zentrumsehstärke offers everything from simple eye checks to state of the art femtosecond laser treatment or corneal and lens surgery

including multifocal lenses to replace reading glasses. With a focus on refractive sur-

Portrait: Dr. Johannes Steinberg (left) and PD Dr. Stephan J. Linke (right).

gery (laser treatments), zentrumsehstärke is also committed to research in various fields, such as the further development of eye laser systems. Patients are impressed by the personal ambience and individual care offered. “We listen to individual needs to get the best possible outcome. ‘Advisory medicine’gets increasingly neglected, but is of special relevance in the field of vision with its growing opportunities due to technical progress,”Dr. Johannes Steinberg says. Experience, innovation, transparency and empathy, these are the fundamental principles of the zentrumsehstärke. “We guarantee these through our long-term experience, as well as our research and teaching activities,” PD Dr. Stephan J. Linke concludes.

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 107

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Top: Before surgery. Below: After surgery Portrait: The Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist Dr. Hermann Raunig

The end of protruding ears Protruding ears can make life difficult for those affected, as they’re often teased during childhood and on the receiving end of nicknames like 'big ears', Dumbo or 'taxi-cab ears'. Though the reasons for protruding ears are varied, in many cases this can lead to psychological problems. Yet there is a very gentle surgical procedure that could actually prevent this cycle.

can Journals for Plastic Surgery. Since 1998 Dr.Hermann Raunig has carried out 8,500 operations, of which 1,970 were corrections of a protruding auricle, in his role as an ENT consultant in the Spittal/Drau hospital.

TEXT AND PHOTOS: DR. HERMANN RAUNIG | TRANSLATION: EMMIE COLLINGE Up until now, corrective surgery techniques developed in the 1960s have often had unwanted side effects, such as noticeable lumps, reactions to the stitching threads, or unpleasant scarring appearing some years later.

The intervention takes on average 20 to 40 minutes per side. A local anaesthetic is sufficient for teenagers and adults, and children up to 13 years old usually have a general anaesthetic. A dressing is needed on the ear for about a week afterwards.

The Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist Dr. Hermann Raunig of Spittal, has long been dissatisfied with the results of the previous technique, so has spent the last 15 years developing new modifications, step by step, to give a natural curve to the anthelix, and a reduction of the concha. In contrast to previous methods, pain and scarring are rare with the Raunig method and the resulting natural appearance is the greatest benefit.

The optimal time for ear correction is at about six years old, says Dr. Raunig, as newborns with protruding ears can often have this corrected by a sticking process, thereby avoiding the need for a later operation.

108 | Issue 27 | June 2015

International recognition Dr. Raunig’s successful and minimally invasive pinna plasty techniques have since attracted international recognition. Reports have been published in renowned Ameri-

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Femto-Lasik The Gold Standard of Refractive Surgery Worldwide about 1 million people undergo laser refractive surgery every year to correct their myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism to get independent from their glasses or contact lenses. Why is Femto-Lasik the most frequently used method in laser refractive surgery today ? What is most important for patients who are interested in laser vision correction: 1. How complications can be avoided ? 2. How is the pain during and after surgery ? 3. How many days after surgery is it possible to drive a car and go back to work ? In addition to the high end Allegretto wave Eye-Q excimer laser, Professor Philipp is the first in Austria to offer Femto-Lasik with the new FS 200 laser which is one of the most innovative femtosecond-lasers and the fastest platform worldwide. Since all surgery is performed with 2 lasers with an unprecedented accuracy of about 7µm the procedure is also called ´bladeless Lasik´. Furthermore, Femto-Lasik is almost a painless surgery and offers the most rapid visual rehabilitation possible today. Thus, driving a car or going to work usually is possible only one day after surgery. Using this new technique complications can almost completely be avoided. Actually, with Femto-Lasik we have the safety net in laser vision correction which we have wished to have for a long time. In addition to Femto-Lasik Professor Philipp offers LASEK, Epi-Lasik and trans epithelial PRK (no touch method) which all are advanced surface ablation techniques (refinements of PRK) particularly useful for patients with thinner corneas and less tear production.

Wolfgang Philipp, MD, Professor of Ophthalmology Specialized in Cataract and Refractive Surgery Dr. Ferdinand Koglerstraße 30 6020 Innsbruck, Austria Phone: 0043 512 395002

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Discover the magic of steam railways The German-speaking world has many steam railways and transport heritage museums. These can be appreciated by the connoisseur, or simply enjoyed as a trip into the past. TEXT: RHYS OWEN

In Baden-Württemberg in South-West Germany, the Kandertalbahn is a standard (1,435mm) gauge line that is run by volunteers. After being kindly allowed into their Kandern workshop to see their classic Prussian T3 0-6-0 tank locomotive, I enjoyed a very jolly“bummel”through pleasant countryside to Haltingen where (together with some wide-eyed children) I watched an Austrian 2-8-2 tank locomotive 378.78 being uncoupled, run round her train and coupled up again. I enjoyed a brief trip on her footplate on the way back to Kandern before giving up my place to someone else. In central Germany the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen (Harz Narrow Gauge Rail-

110 | Issue 27 | June 2015

ways) is a network of three 1,000mm gauge lines in Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. This is a year-round operation that is slickly run by seasoned professionals. Most of the locomotives are post-war 2-10-2 tank engines (the sole pre-war 2-10-2T is something of a pet). Wernigerode is a pleasant town with a castle and the HSB works, next to Wernigerode Westerntor station, can be toured for a fee. My wife and I bought a special ticket that included a visit to the Brocken’s summit as well as a second trip to anywhere else on the 140 km system. If you like to see and hear steam locomotives working hard, the steep climb up the Brocken is exhilarating,

but our second HSB trip from Wernigerode to Quedlinburg was also a delight. At Drei Annen Hohne we changed from one train to another that took us to the lonely junction of Eisfelder Talmühle. Here we found 0-4-4-0 Mallet tank locomotive 99 5906 being watered. Once coupled onto her train, she gave us a splendid run through glorious countryside to Quedlinburg. Where else in the world can you change trains twice, with all three trains being steam-hauled? In Switzerland we sampled the BrienzRothorn-Bahn, an 800mm gauge rack railway at Brienz, in the Bernese Oberland. This railway uses the Abt rack system in which a rack consisting of two sets of staggered teeth laid between the rails engages with cog wheels on the locomotive. On this line the ordinary rails are used only for carrying purposes, the Abt rack being used to provide the traction needed for the en-

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Discover Germany | Feature | Swiss & German Steam Railways

Germany, Switzerland and Austria all have transport museums such as Berlin’s Deutsches Technikmuseum and Luzern’s Verkehrshaus. An active community of railway enthusiasts, model engineers and railway modellers gives rise to a considerable transport literature. Even if you speak no German the transport heritage of these countries can still be enjoyed.Veteran railway equipment is, in its own way, as valid a historical artefact as a painting. Arranging journeys by rail is easily done using the website.

Main image: Harz-Sternhaus-Haferfeld-Rauhreif Mallet Loco 99 5701 working hard. Photo: Bernd Seiler of FarRail Tours Left: Mallet 99 5706 at Quedlingburg's rather ecclesiastical station. Photo: Herr Bernd Seiler of FarRail Tours (top) Oiling up Kriegslok 52 7596. Photo: Dr Neng Yun Jin-Phillipp (below) Below: DFB no 4 gleaming in Realp depot. Photo: Rhys Owen Bottom: BRB no 16 being watered during the ascent of the Rothorn. Photo: Rhys Owen

gine to push the train up the Rothorn mountain. Shut for many years after the First World War, the BRB never became electrified. Now most of its services are operated using four 0-4-2 tank locomotives built in 1992 and 1996. Of sophisticated design, these are among the most modern steam locomotives in the world. Using light oil rather than coal as fuel permits operation by one man. The BRB also has older, coal-fired, steam locomotives and some diesel locomotives.The views from the train as it climbs the mountain are superb. The 1,000mm gauge Dampfbahn FurkaBergstrecke operates trains on a section of line made redundant following construction of a tunnel from Oberwald to Realp. We arrived too late at Realp in the Canton of Uri to ride on the train but I was kindly allowed into the engine shed to examine their collection of rack tank locomotives. The DFB is a rack and adhesion line, that is,

most of the time the locomotive hauls the train on ordinary adhesion track, but on very steep gradients a rack allows the locomotive to haul its train up (rather like people use stairs). Some of the line’s original locomotives were recovered from Vietnam together with two larger 0-8-0 rack tank locomotives that DFB volunteers are refurbishing elsewhere. Apart from steam railways a number of organisations operate steam specials over parts of the standard gauge railway network. Several companies organise tours that include trips on such trains but you can use the internet to go it alone (although most of the sites are in German). Thus we found ourselves part of an excited crowd waiting at Titisee station in 2012. After a while, Kriegslok 52 7596 appeared on a special train, eliciting gasps of delight from the youngsters and a reminiscent gleam in the eyes of older folk.

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 111

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Culture Calendar Start saving dates for the myriad of great events scheduled for the weeks to come. From music festivals and exciting exhibitions to fantastic sport events and social highlights, Discover Germany’s Culture Calendar is your perfect guide to what not to miss in June. Kiel Week Regatta (20 – 28 June)

Bach Festival, Leipzig (12 – 21 June)

Summer nights with free concerts close to the water, Kiel Week Regatta (Kieler Wochen) not only claims to be the largest sailing event in the world, but also one of the largest summer festivals in Northern Europe. On water top-class international sailors will compete against each other and on land, a top-class music festival and funfair with a lot of extras is sure to entertain every visitor.

Commemorating the life and work of Leipzig’s most famous resident Johann Sebastian Bach, the city is preparing itself for renowned artists from all over the world who will perform Bach’s classical masterpieces in beautiful historical venues like the Thomaskirche.

Rock am Ring, Mendig Air Base (5 – 7 June) With more than 150,000 rock fans every year, Rock am Ring is without question Germany’s biggest open air music festival. For its 30th anniversary, the iconic festival is inviting the very biggest names of rock music, such as Bad Religion, Foo Fighters or Zebrahead.

112 | Issue 27 | June 2015

Berlin Gay Pride (21 – 27 June) Every summer, Berliners raise their rainbow flags to celebrate Christopher Street Day with a spectacular Gay Pride Parade. The festivities take place in the Berlin district of Schöeneberg and around Tiergarten. In addition, the city hosts the largest gay lesbian street festival in Europe, which takes place one week before the Christopher Street Day Parade.

Main image: Boat parade. © Landeshauptstadt Kiel / Bodo Quante Top: A sailing regatta 2014. © Thomas Eisenkrätzer Above: Opening concert. © Landeshauptstadt Kiel / Thomas Eisenkrätzer

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Discover Germany | Culture | Culture Calendar

Munich Opera Festival (21 June – 31 July) Celebrated every summer since 1876, the Munich Opera Festival at the National Theater offers an excellent program of opera and ballet performances throughout June and July. Highlights include the free open-air concerts 'Opera For All' (8 and 9 July). F1 Grand Prix of Austria, Spielberg (18 – 21 June) Spielberg’s Red Bull Ring will host this year’s sporting highlight in Austria. Tens of thousands of fans can expect a top-class motor sport spectacle with an intriguing framework programme filled with live music and air shows. Arlberg Classic Car Rally, Lech Zürs (25 – 28 June) Once a year, dozens of automotive treasures of automobile history come to Austria’s Lech Zürs. A rally under the motto ‘with friends through an

alpine stunning scenery’ annually attracts many car fans and participants, not only because of the exceptionally relaxed and individual ambience on 530 kilometres. IRONMAN Austria, Klagenfurt (28 June) Europe’s biggest triathlon is annually attracting around 2,500 participants from over 60 nations and thousands of visitors. 3.8 kilometres of swimming in crystal clear waters, 180 kilometres of biking through exceptional scenery and 42 kilometres of running through the heart of Klagenfurt and Carinthia pose as an exceptional event not to be missed.

costumes, a beach party, a festival tent, bars and some DJ’s will cater for a top-class spectacle.

Top: Open-air concert on Leipziger Markt. © Bachfest Leipzig/Gert Mothes (left) The booked up Nikolai Church during the Bach Festival in Leipzig. © Bachfest Leipzig/Gert Mothes (right) Below: Berlin Gay Pride. © visitBerlin. Photo: Günter Steffen (left) Grand Prix in Spielberg, 2014. © GEPA pictures/ M. Oberlaender (right) Bottom: Competitors start the race at the Austrian Formula One Grand Prix in Spielberg, 2014. © GEPA pictures/Red Bull Content Pool (bottom)

Dragon Boat Cup, Eglisau (27 – 28 June) Uniting sport, culture, lifestyle and loads of fun, the dragon boat race in the picturesque town of Eglisau will attract 68 participating teams and many more visitors. Weird and wonderful

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 113

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Top: The Arlberg Classic Car Rally. © Lech Zuers Tourismus / Christoph Schoech Below: The Albanifest in Winterthur. © Albanifest Far below: Eglisau’s dragon boat race in 2012. © Yves Maurer Bottom: Alpine herdsmen wearing traditional Appenzell costumes during a cattle procession at the Seealpsee in Alpstein in Appenzell. © Christof Sonderegger/ Appenzellerland Tourismus AI (left) The ascent to the alpine meadows in Toggenburg in Canton St. Gallen. © Sonderegger/ Switzerland Tourism (right)

Zurich Festival (12 June – 12 July)

Albanifest, Winterthur (26 – 28 June)

The enchanting city of Zurich celebrates its cultural diversity with the annual Zurich Festival. A variety of outdoor and indoor venues throughout the city centre will host art, theatre, contemporary dance, ballet, music, opera and literature events. The last years have seen operas by Verdi and Puccini at the Opera House or Anne de Keersmaeker’s dance project at the Theaterhaus Gessnerallee.

For the 44th time, the Albanifest will turn the historic city of Winterthur into a big festival. Young and old meet at the biggest annual old town festival in Europe with its musical diversity, funfair rides and showmen. The spectacle annually attract around 100,000 visitors.

Tellspiele, Interlaken (18 June – 29 August) Since the end of the 19th century, the Swiss freedom fighter Wilhelm Tell is Switzerland’s national hero. No other open-air theatre stage will take visitors so authentically close to Wilhelm Tell and his story. 200 actors, as well as cows, horses and goats turn the performance into an impressive experience. Around 2,000 covered seats make each show resistant to any weather conditions.

114 | Issue 27 | June 2015

Alpine Cattle Drive, all of Switzerland (end of June) An old custom, the traditional and annual cattle drive up to higher Alpine pastures for summer can be witnessed throughout Switzerland. One of the most spectacular ones is found in Adelboden on the high plateau of Engstligenalp. Over 500 colourfully decorated cows are led 600 metres up a narrow, steep and rocky ascent towards green, juicy meadows. Sporty nature enthusiasts can walk with the procession and others can look at the cows from above in the cable car. This colourful and traditional migration is one of the most spectacular in Switzerland.

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Discover Germany | Culture | Barbara Geier

Dressing reasonable Never judge a book by its cover. I know, I know. However, can you spot Germans by their North Face parkas? You bet you can. TEXT: BARBARA GEIER

Every nation has a certain style, and if I was only allowed one word to label the German one, I’d say sensible. For example, looking at all the tourists roaming the streets of London, it’s very easy to pick out German travellers. Their clobber invariably involves an anorak as we call it (and the word doesn’t have any second, negative, meaning as it does in English), good, sturdy shoes (after all, there’s a lot of walking to do) and a scarf. Because as you might know, Germans are always cold and/or afraid of catching colds. You might say that’s typical travelling gear, they wouldn’t necessarily walk around like this at home.To which I’d reply that actually they do. Maybe not always with the anorak and sturdy shoes, but most of the time dressed sensibly one way or the other. Germans always dress appropriately for the occasion and definitely for the weather. No walking around in t-shirts or very short dresses in winter, for example, to pick the main difference to their British counterparts. If there’s one thing that Germans really don’t understand about Brits, it’s how unreasonable they are when it comes to dressing. And nothing is more shocking than important items of clothing simply missing: “The women! Can you imagine, in winter, they’re not wearing tights!” Indeed, you certainly wouldn’t see girls in Germany on a night out in short skirts and without tights unless the thermometer has hit certain temperatures and those would have to be in the twenties (Celsius, that is). So, yes, if I had to compare the German and British style, I’d say it’s mainly being rea-

sonable versus not being reasonable, it’s wearing things that match versus men wearing very colourful and/or striped socks (I have yet to see German men who do that). It’s flamboyant and eccentric designers such asVivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen against the overall more conventionally elegant and subdued fashion coming out of Germany. Experts will probably correct me now, and I know that there are lots of young and edgy German designers breaking the mould. However, the labels known internationally are a different story. Boss comes to mind as a German name that has made it on the international fashion scene and while their creations are, albeit very beautiful, they are certainly not cutting edge. And I’m leaving Karl Lagerfeld aside here, because he’s a whole different story and nationality of his own, in a way. Apart from that? Any globally known names? Maybe Adidas, which is a truly international brand and lifestyle label associated with 'coolness', so much so that a lot of people don’t actually know that it’s German. I had many surprised reactions from people not wanting to believe that something like Adidas, so much loved by rappers and cool urban types, can be German. In any case, should it ever come up in a pub quiz: The name is made up of Adi, which is the founder’s nickname, based on his first name Adolf (not really a name associated with being 'cool' and definitely not a good one to have in Germany or anywhere else for that matter) and the second bit,“das”, stands for the first three letters of his last name Dassler.

If this has so far left you with the impression that I think Germans are badly dressed or are not stylish, you’re wrong, by the way. Just the opposite. When I’m back home in Germany it actually always strikes me how much more attention and care (compared to the UK) people seem to dedicate to what they’re wearing and how they’re wearing it. In places like Munich, for example, I certainly always feel a bit of a slob and positively underdressed. There are lots of chic people there. And a bit of North Face, too, yes. After all, being reasonable always goes a long way, at least in Germany.

Barbara Geier is a London-based freelance writer, translator and communications consultant. She is also the face behind, a German travel and tourism guide and blog that was set up together with UK travel writer Andrew Eames in 2010.

Issue 27 | June 2015 | 115

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Immer mehr Aktiv-Sportler setzen auf den HiPP Früchte-Spaß. HiPP Produkte eignen sich besonders als gesunde Zwischenmahlzeit und als schneller Energielieferant. Denn sie sind extrem bekömmlich und enthalten nur Früchte und Getreide in bester Bio-Qualität. Ohne Farb-, Aroma und Konservierungsstoffe. HiPP ist offizieller Ernährungspartner des Olympiastützpunktes Bayern und des Deutschen Ruderverbandes. Deren Profisportler, Sportärzte und Ernährungsberater sind von HiPP überzeugt.

Olympiastützpunkt Olympiastützpunkt Bayern DEUTSCHER RUDERVERBAND

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