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Travel the world In the heart of Munich For over 150 years, the Museum Fünf Kontinente [Five Continents Museum] has celebrated the richness and beauty of global cultural and ethnic diversity in a most spellbinding and open-minded way. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTOS: MUSEUM FÜNF KONTINENTE

Located in the prestigious Maximilianstraße, visitors of all age groups are welcome to step inside and travel the world to discover the cultural magic of Africa, America, Asia, Australia, the Near and Middle East and the South Seas. Permanently showcasing more than 160,000 items of ethnographic interest and amazing works by international artists, 135,000 photographic documents, as well as a library stocked with over 100,000 books, the Museum Fünf Kontinente is a treasure chest for those longing to explore the exciting mysteries of other nations. Special exhibitions include Unter demVulkan. Kunst der

Ömie aus Papua-Neuguinea [Under theVulcano. Oemie art from Papua New Guinea] and the spectacular Myanmar.Von Pagoden, Longyis und Nat-Geistern [Myanmar. Pagodas, Logyi and Nat Spirits]. Based on the expedition of Lucian Scherman, former director of the museum, and his wife Christine to the country of Burma in 1911, the exhibition offers unparalleled insight into the culture of the “Golden Country”. “We see the museum’s collections as a creative expression of the richness of human cultures from the past and present. With ever growing global interrelations in

MAKK A unique hotspot for art and design The Museum of Applied Arts Cologne, MAKK for short, is the only museum in Europe with a strong focus on art in combination with design and also displays the entire spectrum of European handicrafts from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. TEXT MARILENA STRACKE | PHOTOS: MAKK

The MAKK is based in the heart of Cologne and not only impresses with its permanent exhibition but also receives international attention for their future-oriented special exhibitions. Museum Director Dr. Petra Hesse reveals what art and especially design lovers can look forward to in 2015: “Two remarkable exhibitions are happening this year. One of them is called SYSTEM DESIGN. Over 100 Years of Chaos in Everyday Life [until 7 June 2015]. It deals with the system concept in design and is, with its focus on that specific design history, the first of its kind.”

46 | Issue 23 | February 2015

More than 150 exhibits by over 90 international designers, both historical and contemporary, deal with, partly, quite sur-

mind, we also focus on current as well as future-oriented issues,”director Dr. Christine Kron explains. Top: Museum Fünf Kontinente. Photo: Marianne Franke Above: View of the Pagodas (10th-13th century), Bagan, Myanmar. Photos: Heinz Schoeneich (left) Monastery novice in festive gear during hair cutting ceremony. Photo: Wolfgang Ott (right)

prising issues in regard to the system concept in design. As with most other exhibitions at MAKK there are special programmes for kids, says Dr. Hesse, who ensures that visitors of all ages are cared for. She continues: “The special exhibition LOOK! Fashion Designers from A-Z [19 September 2015 to 31 January 2016], will take our visitors to the exciting world of Fashion. We will show a selection of our most important acquisitions of Haute Couture and Prêt-à-porter, starting from sketches by Alexander McQueen to Zadig &Voltaire.”

Design section with the Winkler Collection, MAKK. © Rheinisches Bildarchiv Cologne (left); Shelves and desk “Eames Storage Unit”, Ray and Charles Eames, 1949, Herman Miller Furniture Company. © MAKK / Photo: Sascha Fuis Fotografie Cologne (middle); Opening Ceremony, Prêt-à-porter, Spring/Summer collection 2014, MAKK. © Rheinisches Bildarchiv Cologne / Photo: Marion Mennicken (right)