Discover Benelux, Issue 60, December 2018

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Sample some of Caspian Tradition’s first-rate caviar.

The ‘black gold’ of gastronomy TEXT: LIDIJA LIEGIS  |  PHOTOS: CASPIAN TRADITION

If you are looking for a special treat for Christmas or any other festivity, order a sample of the finest caviar from Caspian Tradition. The company sells 14 different species of sturgeon roe, ranging from the highly coveted Beluga caviar, to the gold-coloured Oscietra, which comes from sturgeons living in natural lakes. Another popular choice is Imperial Gold, a Sino-Russian hybrid, which the company describes as “exceptional this year”. Based in Brussels’ Waterloo, Caspian Tradition is Belgium’s largest and most prestigious caviar firm. Husband and wife team Arya and Ahmad Razavi founded the firm in 1995; Ahmad’s family has vast experience in the field, having worked in the caviar industry for 40 years. Caspian Tradition’s in-depth knowledge of caviar and the constant presence of the Razavis are behind the firm’s success. 36  |  Issue 60  |  December 2018

Arya and Ahmad Razavi work closely with their producers in the field, and they are firmly committed to supporting sustainable caviar breeding.

A range of luxury gastronomic products So what distinguishes Caspian Tradition from other caviar sellers? Not only does it provide premium products, but

Over the years, the caviar industry has undergone profound changes and traditional wild caviar has become a forbidden commodity. Wild sturgeon fishing for export has been banned in the Caspian Sea, yet the firm has managed to negotiate this shift by exploring caviar breeding of all origins and thus preserving the Caspian Sea species. The company strives to meet the highest international standards, importing, packing and distributing the luxury commodity from its high-tech centre in Waterloo. It exports 90 per cent of its produce, serving an international clientele from across Europe, and as far afield as Singapore, the UAE and New Caledonia.

Arya and Ahmad Razavi.