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8th Edition International Mobile Film Festival

April 27 & 28, 2019 Saturday & Sunday 10 AM - 9 PM Marina Village Conference Center 1936 Quivira Way, Room E1 & E4 San Diego, California 92109




Films & Presentations DAY ONE 10AM - 9PM


Saturday, April 27 10:00 AM Registration 10:30 AM Opening remarks 11:00 AM Presentation 11:30 AM Consensus Reality Feature Film Screening Q&A Steve Peterson 1:30 PM One Hour Intermission 2:30 PM Short Film Screening

MFF2019SanDiego 4:15 PM Community Stories Program 5:00 PM Short Intermission 5:20 PM Global Mobile Film Awards™ Awardee Presentation with Matteo Tibiletti


5:45 PM Sponsors Presentation 6:30 PM Short Intermission


6:45 PM Mad House Feature Film Screening Q&A Ross Perkins


8:45 PM Raffle & Closing Remarks Day One

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Guest Speakers - Awards DAY TWO 10AM - 9PM


Sunday, April 28 10:00 AM Registration 10:30 AM Opening remarks 11:00 AM Special Presentation 11:30 AM Special Screening - Alex & The Firefly Special Guest Speaker John Woosley Workshop 1:00 PM One Hour Intermission 2:00 PM Special Screening - 61 HUGS


Special Guest Speaker CK Goldiing 3:40 PM Q & A Panel with IMFF Filmmakers Short & Feature Film Contestants (Room E4)


5:00 PM Long Intermission 6:00 PM Red Carpet Extravaganza! (Room E1)


6:45 PM Awards Ceremony (Room E4) 8:15 PM Raffle & Closing Farewell Remarks


Podcast Show

*Schedule subject to change without notice. © 2019 S. Botello Productions™ All rights reserved.

Short Films Screening 29 short films shot with smartphones. Filmmakers from around the world share their films during #MFF2019SanDiego.

Feature Film Consensus Reality is a full feature length film by Steve Peterson. Shot with an Android Smartphone.

Feature Film Mad House is a full feature length film by Ross Perkins. Shot with an iPhone.

Special Guest Speakers About John Woosley (Writer/Director, Alex & The Firefly)John has been making films for over ten years and holds a degree in Film & Theater from The University of Kansas. While attending, John studied with Kevin Willmott (Writer, BlacKkKlansman) and directed his debut feature Angel of Music. John Woosley from Missouri will present his film, Alex & The Firefly. John will present a mobile filmmaking workshop seminar where you can learn how to make a movie using your smartphone. He will discuss how to get started and move you along to the production of your movie. Learn the tools and gear that will help you shoot higher quality films, including some useful apps for filming and editing. A very powerful presentation. *See schedule for date and time.

About CK Goldiing CK is a content creator and the founder of Icons & Machines Agency based in the UK. CK Goldiing from the United Kingdom will present his film, 61 Hugs and a moving and inspiring story. “Crippled by a lifetime of overthinking, CK is a typical artist – forever worried about rejection, people’s perceptions and how things look. One day, he is challenged to leave his house, walk the busy streets, and ask sixty-one strangers for a hug. Although terrified by the inevitable rejections ahead, CK accepts, clinging to his long-standing belief that ‘overthinking is the enemy of remarkable’. Filmed in one take using actual footage from the challenge, ’61 Hugs’ demonstrates the remarkable power of optimism, heart, goodwill, human spirit, spontaneity and the universe.” — 61 Hugs *See schedule for date and time.

A short presentation by Global Mobile Film Awards™ with Matteo Tibiletti flying into San Diego from Italy for the International Mobile Film Festival. Matteo won the 2018 Best Experimental Film Award. He will present an Honorary GMFA Award to one attending filmmaker from the short film competition.

Consensus Reality by Steven Palmer Peterson A schizophrenic architect must embrace his madness in order to uncover the secrets of New York and prevent the Demiurge, an ancient Gnostic god that's imprisoned beneath the city, from escaping. 1hr 22min Mad House by Ross Perkins Dale Mortimer is a successful businessman, with a wife and daughter. His happy home life is destroyed when three junkies use Dales smartphone to use his personal information against him and hold his family hostage. (Adult Content) 1hr 23min

Aunt Tillie’s Kitchen by Mickey Harrison Aunt Tillie's cooking show must go on. So what if she's got double-vision? 3min 12secs The 50th by Mohamad Mahfouz “The 50th” features Jelena Mrdjenovich, 8-time world boxing champion, as she prepares to defend her title. Not many boxers reach their 50th fight and not many do so and never get knocked out. But Jelena has defied all odds and expectations. She’s had to cross more hurdles than most professional athletes and this next fight will be about more than just a title. Shot on an iPhone X. 1min 12secs Tallulah: Walking The Human by Dania Eliot Smith Meet Tallulah, a delightful creature who enjoys life and nature, as well sharing those loves with others. 4min 56secs The Deepest Cut by Alexandra Guillossou | Community Stories Program Q & A A documentary short about a father with secondary-progressive MS, who struggles with his father's inability to cope, his mother's guilt for passing multiple sclerosis to him, and his fear for the future of his two sons. The Deepest Cut alludes to the emotional conflict parents face when dealing with the mortality of their child. Alexandra Guillossou will present brief Q & A. 4min. 54secs Silence In India by Prakash Gandhi Natarajan Every single being in this universe has a purpose to live for, who at the end share and stand up for Love. 
It can be people, animals, nature, architectures. The Market Place 1min 59secs

Baja Betty-Three Pawed Perfect by Joyce Axelrod This is a true tale of a seriously mistreated dog found wandering on a street in Baja, Mexico. She needed her shoulder amputated due to maltreatment. Luckily, she was rescued and then adopted by a San Diego couple who totally opened their home and hearts to her. All three of them got an unexpected and amazing reward! 3min 26secs 2Faces by Amingo Thora A couple preparing a love journey‌ 1min One Whistle by Georgie Barnes A bond between a man and his dog. 2min 46secs Golf Is Complicated by Seth Dacio Jacob Directo, who is in Westview High School's Varsity Golf team, gives his insight about golf in this Vlog style video. 2min 44secs Divine Spell: VideoTonePoems™ Suite III by Payson R. Stevens A videopoem meditation on the beauty of the Natural world and its power to draw us in with mesmerizing change of shape and form. The Pacific Ocean and California shoreline/surf zone is the thematic focus with the poetic voice searching for a symbolic "magic rock." A reminder to value our Home Planet, especially in the Age of the Anthropocene/Global Warming, when so much of the Natural World is under assault from human activities and impacts. 4min 25secs Stranded by Alex Hrisanthopoulos and Josh Bryant A young man is plagued with car trouble, leaving him alone on the side of the road. 2min 1sec Puppet by Oleg Loparev All people are innocent angels when they come into the world. But life gives us lots of temptations that cut our wings. Young woman comes under the influence of bad habits, that gradually destroy her. She is death's puppet now. (Freaky Film) 4min 59secs

Alienized by Smail Jarrou A stoned husband suspects that his wife is not actually his wife but it's an alien who took her body. (Adult Content) 4min 38secs Time And Love And I by Patricia Anderson Time and Love and I is about a couple who is in a predicament. Amber has to choose between William and the career of her dreams (between time and love). What is her choice? 5min The Fugitives by Frank Benitez The wedding couple on the road. She, excited and hysterical, dreams about the married life together forever. He, smiley and absent-minded, maybe does not think the same. 5min The Right One by Patrick Carelsz Impatient Marcel is waiting for his date, but she doesn’t show up. With his dating app he managed to score a next date, but he will confronted with reality. 3min 9secs traum(A)novelle by Francesco Faralli Why being to the hairdresser is becoming a nightmare? And what about all this confusion? 1min Happy Thoughts by John Gardiner With only one minute to live, a man turns to his happy thoughts in hopes of finding peace, but will they be enough? 1min 21secs Sweat by Beraat Gökkuş A music video shot by iPhone 6S. Only one long shot. 4min 47secs Jet Lag Consciousness by Max Schleser Every-body has its preferred drugs of choice. For me, all I need is a long trip on an airplane, an attempt to stay up as long as possible and then a journey through a neon city at midnight. 1min 16secs Clickbait by Ryan Phillips A short comedy horror about the dangers of clicking website links you know you shouldn’t! (Freaky Film) 1min 40sec

Dulcinea by Francisco Lidon Plaza A young knight and his shield bearer travel the country roads in search of adventures pretending to be in a chivalry novel. But these are very hard times and it won´t be easy to become Don Quixote and find the lady he loves, Dulcinea. 4min 51secs Breath by Mehmet Mıcık A choking man is suddenly saved by a homeless refugee, formerly a doctor in his native country. 1min Pretty Man by Dimitri Castiglioni A cross-dressed man is preparing himself in an empty theatre for the performance he is about to give. He talks about him, his life, his demons... 1min # Selfie by Narelle Nash A young woman’s reality and social media obsession converge with drastic consequences… but what is real? (Freaky Film) 5min Upend by Blake Worrell A father falls into an adventure in search of his son. He ends up in the most unsuspected places, but will anyone believe him? 4min 50secs Sixty Seconds Of Silence by Hassan Kelydari It''s about differences between classes of communities about sources and Colonialism by the governments. 1min Crack Your Potential by Makena Harkins A girl struggling with writer''s block looks within for inspiration. 4min 55secs Timing by Ryan Ruffing A lonely man ponders his failures in romance. 1min 56secs

#MFF2020SanDiego Submissions Open June 19, 2019

A brief history of the programs by S. Botello Productions™. SBP was established in July 2006. Based in California, SBP was active as a professional media production company providing services to organizations, individuals and companies. Founded by Susan Botello from San Diego, it provided graphic design, video production and some independent film work. Susan's professional experience began in 1998 beginning with a local video production company. The idea of the International Mobile Media Film Festival began with a vision after September 11 that began to conceptualize in 2003. In 2004, the idea of a film festival was postponed because Susan wanted the festival to not be a website but a traditional festival. In 2009, the festival was officially launched publicly with other programs in mind to support it. The Mobile Film School was conceptualized at around the same time of the festival. However, SBP waited until the first festival took place to announce it during the inaugural festival and held it's first workshop during IMFF2012. Mobile Film School officially launched in September 2012 with two collaborative partners in the mobile film industry. It has since provided a number of workshops, master classes and a mobile filmmaking bootcamp. It also hosts workshops during each film festival. As more and more films shot with smartphones accumulated awards in different film festivals, including non-exclusive mobile film festivals, the Global Mobile Film Awards™ was designed to provide films which had won awards an exclusive opportunity to win annual best of the best awards in an Award Ceremony which has been dubbed, The Oscars of mobile film. GMFA is not a festival. It is an online award with mobile and non-mobile film festival members providing the opportunity to awardwinning films. SBP Podcast is The Voice Of Mobile Film™ for everyone who ever wanted to or is curious about making movies and videos using smartphones. It launched in October 2017. It mostly publishes a roughly one hour long episode once a week with a guest. As we celebrate 10 years in the mobile film industry, we have come to make many friends all over the world who appreciate what we do. Many filmmakers who attend and/or participate in our film festivals, mobile film events, workshops have become part of a global growing community. We decided to create a hashtag: #MobililzeStories to help them receive support online by others and us. But we also wanted to create a monthly themed smartphone video contest and local events where people can attend locally, connect, learn, share and support each other. A little mingling too. MobilizeStories is a mobile film community network.

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International Mobile Film Festival 2019 April 27 & 28 1936 Quivira Way San Diego, California 92109 Room E1 & E4


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