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Mobile Films

Consensus Reality by Steven Palmer - Peterson - A schizophrenic architect must embrace his madness in order to uncover the secrets of New York and prevent the Demiurge, an ancient Gnostic god that's imprisoned beneath the city, from escaping. 1hr 22min

Mad House by Ross Perkins - Dale Mortimer is a successful businessman, with a wife and daughter. His happy home life is destroyed when three junkies use Dales smartphone to use his personal information against him and hold his family hostage. (Adult Content) 1hr 23min

Aunt Tillie’s Kitchen by Mickey Harrison - Aunt Tillie's cooking show must go on. So what if she's got double-vision? 3min 12secs

The 50th by Mohamad Mahfouz - “The 50th” features Jelena Mrdjenovich, 8-time world boxing champion, as she prepares to defend her title. Not many boxers reach their 50th fight and not many do so and never get knocked out. But Jelena has defied all odds and expectations. She’s had to cross more hurdles than most professional athletes and this next fight will be about more than just a title. Shot on an iPhone X. 1min 12secs

Tallulah: Walking The Human by Dania Eliot - Smith Meet Tallulah, a delightful creature who enjoys life and nature, as well sharing those loves with others. 4min 56secs

The Deepest Cut by Alexandra Guillossou | Community Stories Program Q & A - A documentary short about a father with secondary-progressive MS, who struggles with his father's inability to cope, his mother's guilt for passing multiple sclerosis to him, and his fear for the future of his two sons. The Deepest Cut alludes to the emotional conflict parents face when dealing with the mortality of their child. Alexandra Guillossou will present brief Q & A. 4min. 54secs

Silence In India by Prakash Gandhi Natarajan - Every single being in this universe has a purpose to live for, who at the end share and stand up for Love. 
It can be people, animals, nature, architectures. The Market Place 1min 59secs