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Mobile Films

Baja Betty-Three Pawed Perfect by Joyce Axelrod - This is a true tale of a seriously mistreated dog found wandering on a street in Baja, Mexico. She needed her shoulder amputated due to maltreatment. Luckily, she was rescued and then adopted by a San Diego couple who totally opened their home and hearts to her. All three of them got an unexpected and amazing reward! 3min 26secs

2Faces by Amingo Thora - A couple preparing a love journey… 1min

One Whistle by Georgie Barnes - A bond between a man and his dog. 2min 46secs

Golf Is Complicated by Seth Dacio - Jacob Directo, who is in Westview High School's Varsity Golf team, gives his insight about golf in this Vlog style video. 2min 44secs

Divine Spell: VideoTonePoems™ Suite III by Payson R. Stevens - A videopoem meditation on the beauty of the Natural world and its power to draw us in with mesmerizing change of shape and form. The Pacific Ocean and California shoreline/surf zone is the thematic focus with the poetic voice searching for a symbolic "magic rock." A reminder to value our Home Planet, especially in the Age of the Anthropocene/Global Warming, when so much of the Natural World is under assault from human activities and impacts. 4min 25secs

Stranded by Alex Hrisanthopoulos and Josh Bryant - A young man is plagued with car trouble, leaving him alone on the side of the road. 2min 1sec

Puppet by Oleg Loparev - All people are innocent angels when they come into the world. But life gives us lots of temptations that cut our wings. Young woman comes under the influence of bad habits, that gradually destroy her. She is death's puppet now. (Freaky Film) 4min 59secs