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Mobile Films

Alienized by Smail Jarrou - A stoned husband suspects that his wife is not actually his wife but it's an alien who took her body. (Adult Content) 4min 38secs

Time And Love And I by Patricia Anderson - Time and Love and I is about a couple who is in a predicament. Amber has to choose between William and the career of her dreams (between time and love). What is her choice? 5min

The Fugitives by Frank Benitez - The wedding couple on the road. She, excited and hysterical, dreams about the married life together forever. He, smiley and absent-minded, maybe does not think the same. 5min

The Right One by Patrick Carelsz - Impatient Marcel is waiting for his date, but she doesn’t show up. With his dating app he managed to score a next date, but he will confronted with reality. 3min 9secs

traum(A)novelle by Francesco Faralli - Why being to the hairdresser is becoming a nightmare? And what about all this confusion? 1min

Happy Thoughts by John Gardiner - With only one minute to live, a man turns to his happy thoughts in hopes of finding peace, but will they be enough? 1min 21secs

Sweat by Beraat Gökkuş - A music video shot by iPhone 6S. Only one long shot. 4min 47secs

Jet Lag Consciousness by Max Schleser - Every-body has its preferred drugs of choice. For me, all I need is a long trip on an airplane, an attempt to stay up as long as possible and then a journey through a neon city at midnight. 1min 16secs

Clickbait by Ryan Phillips - A short comedy horror about the dangers of clicking website links you know you shouldn’t! (Freaky Film) 1min 40sec