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International Mobile Film Festival Event Day Two

Sunday, April 28

10:00 AM Registration

10:30 AM Opening remarks

11:00 AM Special Presentation

11:30 AM Special Screening - Alex & The Firefly Special Guest Speaker John Woosley Workshop

1:00 PM One Hour Intermission

2:00 PM Special Screening - 61 HUGSSpecial Guest Speaker CK Goldiing

#M F F 2 0 1 9 S a n D i e g o

3:40 PM Q & A Panel with IMFF Filmmakers Short & Feature Film Contestants (Room E4)


5:00 PM Long Intermission

6:00 PM Red Carpet Extravaganza! (Room E1)


6:45 PM Awards Ceremony (Room E4)

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8:15 PM Raffle & Closing Farewell Remarks


Podcast Show

*Schedule subject to change without notice.

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