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60% Indica 40% Sativa

60% Indica 40% Sativa

55 / 60 days

60 days

18% - 22%

16% - 20%

Vanilla, Skunk & Pineapple

Deep fruit Strawberry

Trippy, equal head & body

Happy Energetic

50° early Oct. 50° early April

50° early Oct. 50° early April

110 cm 200 cm

120 cm 200 cm

500 g/m2 700 g/plant

550 g/m2 700 g/plant




















70% Indica 20% Sativa 10% Ruderalis

90% Indica 10% Sativa

15% - 19%

5%-9% THC 8%-12% CBD

60 / 65 days from germination

55 / 60 days

Spicy Sweet

Hash Perfume

Long lasting intense stoned

Pain relief Relaxing

60° 75 days 60° from germ.

50° early Oct. 50° early April

110 cm 125 cm

90 cm 150 cm

400 g/m2 100 g/plant

400 g/m2 500 g/plant














Goji Haze Genetics: 75% sativa, 25% indica. Goji Haze is a crossbreed from a Strawberry Fields plant born in the US North-East and a European Skunk with Thai sativa genetics. Goji Haze produces rather regular plants and is highly resistant, with large and compact buds. Flower time: 9/10 weeks after germination. A pleasant fastblooming sativa. Ideal for both SCROG and SOG growing methods. Harvest month: Goji Haze can bee grown outdoors in southern regions and is ready for harvest in late October. Plant size: Indoors: 120-160 cm. Outdoors: 140-190 cm. Yield indoor: 300-550 gr/m2. Yield outdoor: Sumo Seeds’ Goji Haze yields 600 to 1000 gr. Allow enough space between plants and plenty of sunlight. Taste/aroma: Fruity with notes of sour Goji berries. A sweet sativa. Effect: A sativa with a high psychoactive and energetic effect.




Genetics: Afghan, Neville Haze. Flower time: ± 10 weeks. Harvest month: Late October. Plant size: 1.60 m on average. Yield indoor: ± 650 gr/m². Yield outdoor: Variable. Taste/aroma: Fruity taste. Effect: Very strong with an amazing high.



Amnesia Kush

Genetics: Amnesia Haze x OG Kush (80% Sativa/20% Indica). Flower time: 65-75 days. Harvest month: Early October to mid-October. Plant size: Up to 3 meters. Yield indoor: 500-600 gr/m2. Yield outdoor: 600-800 gr/plant. Taste/aroma: Amnesia Kush has a really intense flavour and aroma, with strong and fresh notes of citrus. Effect: The effect is powerful, cerebral and long lasting. Ideal to break away from daily routine and to make the most of your free time.



AutoBrooklyn Sunrise® Genetics: Brooklyn Diesel x NY Auto. Total life cycle in weeks: 10-11 weeks. Plant size: 80-100 cm. Yield indoor: 200 gr or more per plant in optimum conditions with ample light. Yield outdoor: 100 gr or more. Taste/aroma: Spicy, with hints of AK and a rich retro hashish / diesel aroma. Reminiscent of the USA East Coast varieties from the early 1990’s and with a complicated and deep array of flavours. The hardhitting high means you will still be wondering what the flavours are an hour later. Effect: A strong euphoric ‘up’ high with a buzzing body stone and a powerful relaxing effect. Excellent for recreational or medical use. This variety has longer lasting effects than average. First time growers should note this is an easy and uncomplicated variety to grow under a wide range of conditions. Recreational growers will enjoy the soothing, powerful cerebral effects.



AutoColorado Cookies® Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies X AutoBlueberry. Total life cycle in weeks: 10-11 weeks. Plant size: 70-90 cm. Yield indoor: 250 gr or more per plant in optimum conditions. Yield outdoor: 125 gr or more. Taste/aroma: Blueberry flavours from one parent are complemented by the sweet tropical mango taste from the other Girl Scout Cookies parent. Its a sweet mix of rich flavours which contrast with a deep pungent traditional cannabis aroma. Deliciously tasting cannabis, the way it should be. Effect: A strong indica dominant body stone relaxes your body, the carefully selected Blueberry / Girl Scout Cookies parent genetics give this variety a blissful feel-good effect. Good for anti-anxiety and general relaxation, the strong body stone will be appreciated by medical patients. A strong variety which some people may find is best suited for enjoyment at the end of the day.



AutoDaiquiri Lime® Genetics: “Californian Orange X USA Sour Diesel” X DP AutoFem. Total life cycle in weeks: 10-11 weeks. Plant size: 80-110 cm. Yield indoor: 250 gr or more per plant in optimum condition. Yield outdoor: 125 gr or more. Taste/aroma: A lovely combination of fresh lime citrus from the Californian Orange contrasts with a flash of dank sour USA diesel. Both are great tastes on their own, but together they give a deep and penetrating connoisseur aroma which you will love. Some of the best taste and flavours we have yet found in any auto variety. Effect: This is for the auto sativa fans out there! The strong high is enjoyable with a clear high which dissolves stress. The Diesel heritage ensures a hard-hitting effect, its an intense yet enjoyable USA auto experience with a strong cerebral effect and an unusual fruity citrus/sour taste. Nutrient regime should be light to get the best effects.



Black Jesus OG

Genetics: Soul Star ( black pheno ) x Tahoe Cut OG. Flower time: 8 weeks. Harvest month: Early October. Plant size: Medium. Yield indoor: 600 gr-1.000 gr. Yield outdoor: Up to 1.5 kg. Taste/aroma: A delightful authentic US Kush OG with sharp citrus fruit touches. Intense smell. Effect: Extremely strong for its very high THC content.



Blue Haze

Genetics: Blueberry x Amnesia Haze. Flower time: 9-10 weeks. Harvest month: End of October. Plant size: Indoor 70-90 cm, outdoor 170-190 cm. Yield indoor: 475-575 gr/m2. Yield outdoor: 625-675 gr/per dried plant. Taste/aroma: Sweet with heavy-yielding traits of the Blueberry. Effect: Stoned (long-lasting). Body relaxing.



Candy Creamy

Genetics: Black Afghan x Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino. Afghanistan (indica), Brasil (sativa), India (indica), Afghanistan (indica). Flower time: 8 weeks. Harvest month: Late September/early October. Plant size: Low/medium. Yield indoor: 500-600 gr/m2. Yield outdoor: 550-700gr/p. Taste/aroma: Very sweet taste with a marked burnt-sugar aroma. Effect: A perfect balance between body/muscle relaxation and pleasant brain feelings. THC 18-20%.



Caramelicious Feminized

Genetics: Californian Orange #5 x Secret Strain. Flower time: 8 to 9 weeks. Harvest month: September/October. Plant size: Indoors, 70 cm / outdoors, 210 cm. Yield indoor: Up to 450 gr/m2. Yield outdoor: Up to 550 gr/m2. Taste/aroma: A marvellous sweet aroma with a caramel overtone. Effect: With its high THC and CBD content, this strain is particularly fit for medicinal use and produces a long, pleasant and happy effect.



CBD+ Jack Diésel Genetics: CBD élite clone x Jack Diésel. Flower time: 65 days indoors. Harvest month: Early October outdoors. Plant size: Extremely strong and resilient plant, with good branching and a large quantity of flowers. Yield indoor: 400-500 gr/m2. Yield outdoor: 450-600 gr/plant. Taste/aroma: While retaining the notes of our delicious Jack Diesel, this strain combines a citric ‘tangerinelime’ taste with lighter overtones similar to incense or lignum vitae and has one of the most complex and distinctive bouquets. Effect: It stands out for its neat and totally new bodily effect – just the opposite if compared to the high and alert state caused by our Jack Diesel. Strongly advised for medicinal use.



Choco Cheese

Genetics: Chocolope Skunkberry x Exodus Cheese. Flower time: 8 weeks. Harvest month: October. Plant size: 1.25-1.75 m. Yield indoor: 400-600 gr/m2. Yield outdoor: 400-800 gr/m2. Taste/aroma: Sweet, fruits and berries. Effect: Analgesic, appetite whetting and causing high euphoria in the body and mind.



Cream Caramel® (Strain SWS04)

Genetics: A cocktail of Indicas. Flower time: 8-9 weeks. Harvest month: Late September / early October. Plant size: 1.70 m. Yield indoor: 400-550 gr/m2. Yield outdoor: 350-600 gr/plant. Taste/aroma: Very sweet and intense caramelised and candylike aroma similar with a base of earthy tones deriving from the genetics of Blue. Effect: For therapeutic and medicinal use, with relaxing and antidepressant effects.



Desconocida Kush Genetics: Bay 11 x an unknown Kush. Flower time: indoors, 60 days. Harvest month: outdoors, mid-October. Total life cycle in weeks: 12 weeks. Plant size: 1.5 m. Yield indoor: 450 gr indoors. Yield outdoor: +800 gr/plant. Taste/aroma: Kush, incense with metal touches, lemony haze. Effect: Medicinal, analgesic, sleeping and eating disorders.



Dutch Dragon Genetics: 75% Sativa / 25% Indica. Flower time: 63-70 days. Harvest month: North: End October / South: End April. Plant size: Dutch Dragon is a beast that likes to grow if you let it. Planted early in the season it can grow up to 3 meters outdoors! Yield indoor: 500 gr/m2. Yield outdoor: Yields of more than 1000 gr per plant are possible in sunny areas. Taste/aroma: Sweet, Floral, Fruity and Citrus. Effect: Creative, Relaxing, Narcotic. An upful bud, a buzz that brings a big smile in the morning smile, allowing creativity to flow through the day. For the evening its audio visual enhancement powers will will make your night sparkle.



Frisian Duck®

Dutch Passion Seed Company

Freedom Squeeze Genetics: UK Skunk crossed with Afghani. Like a chameleon, the strain formerly known as ‘Freedom Cheese’ changes its coat and now has the tag ‘Squeeze’. Apart from the name this best-selling strain remains the same. Flower time: 55 days. Harvest month: Mid October. Plant size: Up to 250 cm. Yield indoor: 525 gr/m2. Yield outdoor: Up to 1000 gr. Taste/aroma: Strong and cheesy old school aroma and flavour. Effect: A powerful stone from this popular hybrid. Intense, long-lasting and satisfying, a stairway to heaven.



Green Poison® (Strain SWS14)

Genetics: Secret ingredients. Flower time: 7 weeks. Harvest month: Mid to late September. Plant size: 2 m. Yield indoor: 500-650 gr/m2. Yield outdoor: 500-700 gr/plant. Taste/aroma: Intense, sweet and fruity aroma with Skunk tones. Effect: Strong stimulating and exciting effect.



Haze Auto CBD

Genetics: Haze XXL Auto x pure CBD (Sativa dominant). Total life cycle in weeks: 10 weeks. Plant size: Up to 1.2 m. Yield indoor: 300-500 gr/m2. Yield outdoor: 25-100 gr/plant. Taste/aroma: Deep intense flavour and aroma, with hints of Haze and incense. Effect: The rather cerebral effect it provides is more than bearable.



Industrial Plant Auto CBD

Genetics: Industrial Plant x pure CBD. Total life cycle in weeks: 10 weeks. Plant size: Up to 1.2 m. Yield indoor: 300-500 gr/m2. Yield outdoor: 25-100 gr/plant. Taste/aroma: Deep aroma and a really pleasant taste with hints of sweet fruits, Skunk, citrus and species that is a real treat for the senses. Effect: The physical and mental effect it provides is moderate and not as long-lasting as usual.




Genetics: Hybrid from extremely potent Indica varieties. Flower time: 58-63 days. Harvest month: End of September. Plant size: Approximately 2 metres (grown in soil substrate). Yield indoor: 500 gr/m2 and more. Yield outdoor: 500 gr/1.5 kg. Taste/aroma: With fresh flower notes, a touch of mint and eucalyptus and earthy nuances. Effect: Narcotic and relaxing effect.



Kritikal Bilbo

Genetics: Afghani crossed with Skunk. Flower time: 45-55 days. Harvest month: North: September / South: March. Plant size: Medium height, rapid growth and early flowering. Yield indoor: 550-600 gr/m2. Yield outdoor: 1500-2000 gr. Taste/aroma: Intense, sweet and fruity. Effect: A potent Indica effect.



Mango Sapphire

Genetics: OG/Afghan X x Bubba’s Gift (15% Sativa/ 85% Indica). Flower time: 50-55 days. Harvest month: Late September to early October. Plant size: From 2 to 3 meters. Yield indoor: 400-600 gr/m2. Yield outdoor: 1000-2000 gr/plant. Taste/aroma: Mango Sapphire is a marijuana hybrid with a very well defined flavour and aroma, accompanied by nuances of exotic fruits, coconut, mango and a slight touch of sour fruit. Effect: Its soothing effect is potent and long-lasting.




Genetics: “High on CBD secret Strain” x Critical Bilbao. Flower time: 50-55 days. Harvest month: October. Plant size: 1.20 m. Yield indoor: 500-600 g/m2. Yield outdoor: 1 kg. Taste/aroma: Fruity with citric nuances. Effect: Physical.

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Papa’s Candy

Genetics: Laos x Pakistán. Flower time: 45 to 55 days. Harvest month: Early October (northern hemisphere)/ early April (southern hemisphere). Plant size: 2 m (outdoors). Yield indoor: 350 to 540 gr x m2. Yield outdoor: 500 gr to 1 kg x m2. Taste/aroma: Aniseed and strawberry chewing gum. Very sweet. Effect: Very cerebral during the day, very narcotic during the night.



Power Kush

Genetics: Critical x OG Kush. Flower time: +/- 50 days. Harvest month: Late September. Plant size: Indoor 80-100 cm, outdoor 120-160 cm. Yield indoor: 475-525 gr/m2. Yield outdoor: 500-600 gr/per dried plant. Taste/aroma: Sweet, sour and spicy. Effect: Stoned, relaxed and creative.



Stress Killer

Genetics: Lemon Haze x Juanita la Lagrimosa x Ruderalis. Flower time: 7-8 weeks. Total life cycle in weeks: 10-11 weeks after germination. Plant size: Indoor 90-140 cm, outdoor 120-160 cm. Yield indoor: 450-500 gr/m2. Yield outdoor: 110-160 gr/per dried plant. Taste/aroma: Sharp lemon flavour. Effect: Clear high, mental focus.



Tangerine Kush

Genetics: Kush x (Blueberry x New York Diesel ) F5. Flower time: 8-9 weeks. Harvest month: September. Plant size: 180 cm. Yield indoor: 450 gr/m2. Yield outdoor: 500 gr. Taste/aroma: Orange and lemon with Kush tones. Effect: Relaxing and powerful.



Think Big® Genetics: Think Different X AK420. Total life cycle in weeks: 14 weeks. Plant size: 1.0-1.5 m. Yield indoor: 300 gr or more per plant in optimum conditions. Yield outdoor: 200 gr or more in warm, sunny climates. Taste/aroma: The fine Think Different/AK genetic line gives a spicy taste with a sweet flavour and a deep oldschool hashy taste. Effect: A strong sativa effect initially leaves you wondering if there is a Haze heritage to the variety. This is a strong smoke, the first half an hour is best spent relaxing while the mind is massaged gently. The body effects can then be felt, a smooth yet powerful body stone complements the psychedelic impact. The result is hugely enjoyable and will be familiar to anyone who has enjoyed the best selling Think Different variety which provides the base genetics for this super heavy yielding variety.




Genetics: A crossbreed from vigorous auto Indica varieties. Total life cycle in weeks: 11 weeks. Plant size: 70-85 cm (indoors) / 95-110 cm (outdoors). Yield indoor: 400 g/m2. Yield outdoor: 70 -90 g per plant. Taste/aroma: Intense taste with sweet and fruity nuances and spicy touches. Effect: Relaxing, with a powerful mental high.



White Berry Genetics: 75% Indica / 25% Sativa. Flower time: Approximately 50 days. White Berry is a popular choice for indoor growing thanks to a very quick flowering time (just over 7 weeks). Harvest month: North: Early October / South: Early April. Plant size: Slender and medium sized plant with all the bud growth concentrated around her single cola. Being an early harvest strain, White Berry should not exceed 1.5 m outdoors. Yield indoor: 425 gr/m2. Yield outdoor: This short, early strain will nevertheless yield 450 gr/plant. Taste/aroma: Sweet, Fruity taste with Pine overtones. Once cured, the smoker will appreciate the delicious berry flavour. Effect: White Berry’s high is ‘complex and versatile’. Happy and Lucid effect for an Indica dominant strain.



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