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Introduction Dear Reader, Soft Secrets is proud to present the new Product Special 2017. For the eighth time in an annual row, this special issue acts like a showroom for our clients, who want to present themselves to the broader cannabis community. It is, so to say, a handy guidebook for specialised shops all over Europe. There are a lot of spectacular and not-so spectacular developments in our green sector. On the other side of the pond, the United States are on a irreversible path towards full legalisation! And even though our Europoliticians are hesitant at best, and outright negative at worst, the normalisation and decriminalisation of the use of cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes is a trend that will not stop at the borders of the USA. Of course, the green sector is constantly evolving, with or without the politicians, and our special issue is further proof of this fact. Innovative companies across Europe try to create more and more new products and applications every year. To keep our readers constantly up-to-date on what the green market has to offer, Soft Secrets always follows these developments closely. We focus our attention on the European market because our continent is home to many enthusiastic entrepreneurs who continue to work hard to further develop and professionalise the market. As the primary and most-renowned cannabis magazine in the world, we are extremely proud to be the first to present many of these products. We hope you will find our special issue useful and the products we present helpful for your green hobby! Amsterdam, Cliff Cremer International editor-in-chief, Soft Secrets

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Bulldog the




Dutch Hydroponic Solutions




Hemp trading


Magnus Light


Mama Editions








Nuova Pasquini & Bini




Purple Pot


Royal Queen Seeds




Zambeza Seeds




Credits: Editions: Discover Publisher BV Address: Postbus 362, 5460 AJ Veghel, The Netherlands. Telephone: +31 (0)73 5498112 Website: www.softsecrets.nl E-mail: info@softsecrets.nl No part of this publication may be copied or reproduced without the prior permission of the publisher or the copyright owners of the material. The pu-blisher declines all responsibility for the contents and opinions contoained in the advertisments. The publisher does not accept any responsibility for contents that do not originate from the editorial office.


BAC bloom stimulator

The BAC bloom stimulator favours the growth of positive microorganisms in every environment. Water absorption and transport will be improved. Plants will produce fuller flowers faster and the soil will be better protected against all types of pathogenic fungi. This stimulator also has a purifying action on pipes and sprinklers and a stabilising effect on the plant PH. The stimulator is highly concentrated (1:10.000).



The Bulldog™ Metal 4-part Grinder

Since the opening of its first coffeeshop in 1975, The Bulldog has become part of the cannabis culture. With 5 coffeeshops, 3 bars, 3 souvenir stores, 2 hotels, a resort and a rich smokers’ line, The Bulldog Amsterdam has been offering its services on a 24 h basis. Our key pluses that make the difference in comparison with other brands is our wide assortment and high-quality smokers’ products. Our collection also includes our Metal 4-part Grinder, a stout, practical implement, small enough to be held in your hand. It will grind your weed with diamond-shaped teeth and store it into an engraved compartment. The rubber band between rotary elements makes rotation flexible and silent. An in-built sieve allows you to collect all THC crystals and kief in the back part. Specifications: Material: Metal Logo: engraved storage compartment Weight: 116 g Diameter: 51mm Wholesale: sales@thebulldog.com


www.thebulldog.com info@thebulldog.com

Phantom grow tents With the ultramodern grow tents of Dutch Hydroponic Solutions, growers now enter a new era. Phantom grow tents are much stronger than ordinary tents and all made in 600D fabric, meaning that they are more resistant to wear and tear than those with standard 190D or 210D fabrics. In addition, all grow tents of Dutch Hydroponic Solutions are internally coloured in bright white. This characteristic ensures that light is much better reflected than is done in ordinary tents with a silvery internal part. All tents are also equipped with a double advanced suspension system, basically a double cross placed in the upper part of the tent. This system, together with very thick angles and joints. ensures a higher bearing capacity in the Phantom tent in comparison with ordinary grow tents. This means that, in a tent measuring 100x100x200 cm, a weight of 70 kg can easily be hanged. Moreover, the solid posts of Dutch Hydroponic Solutions are of the best quality. Currently, the standard thickness of posts is either 16 or 19 mm, but Phantom grow tents have posts as long as 22 mm. The larger is the tent, the ticker are the posts. Finally, Phantom grow tents of Dutch Hydroponic Solutions have an increased standard height compared to ordinary grow tents, to provide optimum grow space. Tent pluses include: t "O FYDFMMFOU QSJDF RVBMJUZ SBUJP t 5IJDLFS UVCFT t " XFBS SFTJTUBOU GBCSJD % t " IJHI TUBOEBSE TJ[F t #FUUFS MJHIU SFGMFDUJPO For further information and to be informed on a store near you, check our website on: www.phantomgrowtent.com Dutch Hydroponic Solutions St. Laurensdreef 45, 3565 AJ Utrecht, the Netherlands Tel: +31(0)30 210 21 81

www.hydroponic-solutions.nl info@hydroponic-solutions.nl




Ï & ƅƆ ƍ Ɛ ƕ Ɛ Ɔ ƈ Ï yƆƏƄƆƐƆƏƐ Ƈ Ɛ ƕ Ɛ Ɔ Ɔ Ï yƆƏƄƆ ƆƏƐ ƗƈƆ ^ Ɛ ƕ Ɛ Ɔ Ɔ Ï ƑƌƆ Ɛ Ƌ Ƈ Ɛ ¹ ƐƆ ƈ Ï ƌ§Ƌƈ ƏƆ Ƌ ƍ Ɛ ƕ Ɛ ¨ Ɔ Ï Lƈ Ƌƈ Ə Ƌ Ƈ Ɛ ƈ ƐƆ ƈ Ï ^ ƍƏ Ɠƈ Ƈ Ɛ ƕ ƐƆƖƕ Ï ƋƆƍ ƑƉƆ Ƈ Ɛ ƕ Ɛ§ƖƑ Ï ƅƐƈƒ ƐƆ Ɛ Ɔ ƈƋ ƋƈƇƆ Ï ƅƐƈƒƆƆƏƐ ƆƐ Ƅ ƗƆƌƋƆƒƆ Ï ƊƐƈƒƈƆƏƐ ƗƈƆ ƗƆ ƋƆƄƆ Ï ƅƐƈƒ Ƌ ƒƈƗ ƗƆƋ ƑƆƋ Ï ƅƐƈƒƆ Ƌ ƒƈƆ ƗƑ Ƌ Ï ƐƐƈƒ Ƌ ƒƈƐ ƗƆƋ Ƒ Ƌ Ï ƊƐƕƓƑƉƆ ūƕƅƈƆ ƋƆƄƕ Ï ƊƐƈƒƑƉƆ ƍšƗ ¹ ƈƒ Ɛ Ï `ƆƗƑƅƆ ƐƏƆ Ï yƆƏƌƈ ƗƆƏƐ ƐƏƆ Ï `ƆƗƑƖƈƆƏƐ dƐƏƆ Ï `ƆƗƑƅƆ ƆƋ Ɔ ƐƏ§ Ï `§ƗƑƈƐ ƋƆ ƐƏƆ Ï `ƈƗƑƅƆ Ƌ ƐƏƆ Ï `ƆƗƑƊƑƉƆ ƐƏƆ Ï d ƈ ƑƉƆ ƐƏƆ



Growtube Aeroponic growing system

Direct irrigation of plant roots with fogging nozzles inside a Growtube. Through net pots, plants receive a lot more air, which speeds up growth. An arrangement of the Growtube that favours recirculation helps control and optimise nutrients in the storage tank. Conic retaining rings fastened by a special welding system are used to anchor net pots safely inside the Growtube – even in a slanted position of up to 30°. This allows Growtubes to be arranged vertically one above the other, which will enable you to exploit space optimally. Therefore, this system is perfectly fit for a sea-ofgreen growing method. With this system - made of UV-stable polypropylene (PP) suitable for foodstuffs – plants are not exposed to harmful substances. Your perfect place for a successful supply.



Cultivation Folding Tray Neptune Hydroponics

Neptune Hydroponics just launched a new and practical folding to grow on the ground, and available in various tray sizes. This 400 gr/m2 polypropylene tray is characterized by its easy assembly and provides irrigation due to its tight nature. The lightness of the material with which it’s made of die-cutting and cloven allow easy folding, its presentation in a box facilitates storage and

shipping, which are more economical, discreet and with minimal risk of breakage.



Three Bio Nova Ways to Succes The Basic Method… Yes, it can be this simple, by using just 2 products The A & B system for all inert or artificial substrates: t /VUSJ 'PSUF " # JO FRVBM BNPVOUT GPS SPDLXPPM BOE TJNJMBS substrates t $PDP 'PSUF " # JO FRVBM BNPVOUT GPS DPDP GJCSF Or the SuperMixes: t 4PJM 4VQFS.JY GPS TPJM PS GJFME VTF t )ZESP 4VQFS.JY XJUI ESJQ FNJUUFST PO TPJM PS PO BOZ PUIFS HSPXJOH medium t /'5 "RVB 4VQFS.JY JO TZTUFNT XJUIPVU HSPXJOH NFEJVN t -POH'MPXFS 4VQFS.JY JO BMM TZTUFNT GPS QMBOUT UIBU GFBUVSF B MPOH flowering period t 6TF 1, DPNCJOFE XJUI "-- 4VQFS.JYFT EVSJOH GMPXFSJOH period The Dedicated Way… add 4 more products: Add your selection of the following products to the basics listed above: t #JP3PPUT XIFO QMBOUJOH PS SF QMBOUJOH GPS PQUJNBM SPPU QSPUFDUJPO and development. t #/ ;ZN UP CSFBL EPXO QMBOU XBTUF NBUFSJBM JOUP VQUBLBCMF FMFNFOUT t 5.- 5IF .JTTJOH -JOL GPS JODSFEJCMF IFBMUI BOE B GBTU XPSLJOH immune system. t 9 DF- #PPTUFSyUIF CPPTUFS SFBEZ UP CF DPNCJOFE XJUI BMM PS BOZ PG UIF BCPWF UP CPPTU ZJFME BT XFMM BT quality of any treated crop.


Your Green Compa www.bio

These four products on their own or combined increase your possibilities and bring immediate rewards. The plants benefit and you learn. Increased understanding brings deeper insight into the needs of your plants. Because you can grow smarter, your yield improves in every way. The Professional Way…Taking it to yet another level: If you are on a never ending quest for quality and quantity, or want to experiment with special cultivars: Use the full range of products in combination with all PG UIF BCPWF 6TF 1 BOE , JOTUFBE PG 1, GPS a more accurate response to the needs of the plant. Use the main elements as single fertilizers like Nitrogen, 1IPTQIPS BOE 1PUBTTJVN , BT XFMM BT $BMDJVN BOE Magnesium, to tweak your fertilizer solution to your own standards and insights on your specific plant’s immediate needs. MicroMix, a combination of trace elements, CitricAcid to add carbohydrates; FreeFlow, SprayMix, AlgaeMix and Vitrasol, all organic additives, even more products for the QSPGFTTJPOBM UP DIPPTF GSPNy Of course, with such a diverse line of products, the possibilities are endless. Combinations of the three Bio Nova Ways are possible for those who want to experiment.

anion in every way onova.nl


Everything starts from light Light is one of the key elements for plant growth and blooming. With LED lamps specially developed for indoor growing, Magnus Light is the only brand that uses the technology normally applied to professional greenhouse growing. A simple replacement of your traditional HPS and MH lamps with our LED Magnus Light lamps can deliver 200% more light to your crops with 50% saving on energy costs. You can now replace your lamps one by one. Magnus ML-350 is very powerful for indoor growing. COB (Chip On Board) 350 absorbs 300 to 320 W. Each Magnus lamp has an inbuilt dimmer for light control over a range of 10% to 100%. We are also among the few brands offering 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Below are the key characteristics of our lamps: t GBTUFS QMBOU HSPXJOH t VTF XJUI BOZ DMJNBUF TZTUFN t MPDBM SFNPUF XJSFMFTT DPOUSPM t DPOWFOUJPOBM )14 BOE .) MBNQT DBO CF SFQMBDFE POF CZ POF t B TJOHMF MFOT XJUI ¡ CFBN BOHMF t B VTFGVM MJGF XJUI BDUJWF DPPMJOH PG IPVST PG PQFSBUJPO t NPSF MJHIU MFTT IFBU t MPX FOFSHZ DPOTVNQUJPO If you cannot find products meeting your specific needs on our website, please contact us for further information. www.magnuslight.com



Mama Publishing Gardens Series

The Very Best Grow Books Available Worldwide! The Best of Indoor Growing (Soil & Hydro) by Jorge Cervantes: 520 pages / 410 illustrations / 1400 contacts / jardinoscope.com The Best of Hydro Growing (Indoor & Outdoor) by William Texier: 360 pages / 130 illustrations / 1400 contacts / hydro-scope.com 5IF #FTU PG 0SHBOJD (BSEFOJOH *OEPPS 0VUEPPS CZ ,BSFM 4DIFMGIPVU Mig: 500 pages / 500 illustrations / 800 contacts / bio-scope.net “Never before has there been such an important contribution to indoor cultivation… and readers finally have access to these Gardening Bibles.” THE INDOOR GARDENER “A highly anticipated book.” MAXIMUM YIELD “How to become the perfect indoor gardener. ” LE JARDINIER D’INTERIEUR “You’re going to understand how it works… it’s impressive!” FRANCE 5 (NATIONAL TV) “Outstanding drawings. I keep my reference copy close at hand.” JORGE CERVANTES “William Texier is considered one of the most knowledgeable hydroponics experts worldwide. ” SOILLESS GARDENING

Mama Publishing T. +331 77 32 54 36 T. +331 77 32 57 89 info@mamapublishing.com jardinoscope.com hydro-scope.com bio-scope.net mamapublishing.com


Metrop not ‘just’ nutrients

Metrop uses the very best Macro & Micro-elements raw materials available in the world, some of those ingredients exclusively only used by Metrop. This is why Metrop can make BOE BDIJFWF VOQSFDFEFOUFE IJHI MFWFMT PG /1, BOE .JDSP elements in their Fertilizer. With a 1: 2000 dilution Metrop is 10 times as concentrated as most nutrients. Metrop fertilizers are therefore allowed to carry the European Commission-FERTILISERS indication. Metrop basic product-line consist of : Metrop MR1 grow .3 JT B UPQ VOTVSQBTTFE GFSUJMJ[FS XJUI IJHI /1, bio-minerals and natural extracts. Metrop MR1 is biological degradable. Metrop MR2 bloom MR2 is the bloom-power fertilizer. The unique DPNCJOBUJPO PG /1, XJUI B 1, PG XJMM CSJOH you high yields and the biggest buds ever. Metrop Calgreen Calgreen compound makes durable strong cell walls that results in more compact, heavier tops. Metrop ROOT+ The world’s purest and greatest root-product, ROOT+ is a very high-quality nutrient and vitamin accelerator. Metrop AminoXtrem Amino’s stimulate and accelerates an explosive formation of large buds and extensive root grow. Metrop MAM MAM is the first and only fertilizer developed especially for mother plants.



Magic Oil

Product range MagicOil offers a wide range of cold-pressed oils. Just take our Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for instance, available in five concentrations ranging from 0.8 to 20% of CBD (cannabidiol), with each concentration also available in five bottle sizes ranging from 5 to 100 ml. A product suited to all consumers Offering a choice of concentrations and bottle sizes is not the only thing we do to meet consumers’ needs. Our product assortment also includes a CBD-rich oil made from black cumin (Nigella sativa). Black cumin oil has a more delicate taste than hemp oil and improves consumers’ health in its own special way. A custom-made oil Did you prepare your own cannabis oil? Just send us a small sample and we will have it tested by a specialised lab. We will then tell you how much CBD you should add to it to create a new product with the desired concentration. Of course we are also prepared to offer the CBD crystals you need. Is there anything else you wish to know, or do you want to place an order? Check our website on www.magicoil.nl.



Ercole pot Take the advantages of growing plants Into the innovative Ercole pot Once bedded out, plants grown in these pots, not only reduce considerably the growing time, but guarantee a sure taking of the roots t and an immediate growth. Thanks to its developed air-system (given by the side holes), once the roots get in touch with the air and light, stop their circular pattern. In this way, the side root system does not go to stress and the growth of the stem is faster and more vigorous than in a standard pot. t %FWFMPQ UIF SPPU TZTUFN JO B RVJDLFS XBZ t *NQSPWF UIF ESBJOBHF t ,FFQ UIF SPPU TZTUFN IFBMUIZ t "OUJ SPPUJOH BDUJPO t *NQSPWF UIF HSPXUI PG UIF QMBOUT t 3FEVDF UIF TUSFTT DBVTFE CZ UIF USBOTQMBOUBUJPO Use the right substrate to get the best result It is possible to improve this result, working on the kind of substrate to be used with Ercole pot. A compact and draining substrate improves indeed the development and the rooting system of those plants growth into Ercole, because inside the pot a situation similar to that of an open fi eld is reproduced. The best substrate to be used is given by a particular mix of peat, coco fi ber, coco pith and a controlled release fertilizer. The coco fi ber allows a major water retention and gives to the substrate a structural stability, increasing the capacity of mutual exchange between water and air. All these factors demonstrate how a wise choose of the substrate eff ects the results in a remarkable way, both technical and commercial, of the growing into the Ercole pot. Visit our website to discover all our range of plastic pots and all the news.


NUOVA PASQUINI E BINI Spa Loc. Tei – zona industriale La Galeotta 55011 Altopascio (LU) ITALY Tel: 0039 0583/264656 Fax 0039 0583/269115


Purple Pot Preservation, Optimisation, Vibration! Purple Pot is an excellent and longlasting jar – among the best on the market – to preserve and improve your sweet aromatic or therapeutic herbs and all plant extracts. Bio-photonic glass filters solar radiation. Violet sunrays and a part of the UV-A and infrared spectrum will go through but everything else will be blocked. This synergetic effect provides the ideal type of protection against the ageing of dried flowers caused by visible light and increases the effectiveness of your vegetable panaceas. Through its unique filtration properties, Purple Pot protects and improves smell, taste and ‘vibration’ of your precious medicines. Curring your herbs like this you will bring out a magic flavour! A full range of products is on offer from small essential-oil flasks (5 to 200 ml), pocket-size boxes (5ml), and jars of various sizes right up to a large 2-litre chemist jar. You will have the option of using these ‘naughty’ jars at home or in any situation, so as to make the most of your cherished treasures and enhance their effect and taste as a result of perfect preservation. FRANCE DISTRIBUTOR: GUANO DIFFUSION (www.guano-diffusion.com) EUROPE DISTRIBUTOR: DEVA DIFFUSION (www.purplepot.com)



New website launch! Royal Queen Seeds have just launched an all new website aimed at making buying their cannabis seeds even easier. Thanks to their new intuitive design and layout, finding the exact seeds for your needs has become a breeze. Plus, it is always nice to see a company invest more in their infrastructure – it helps show they mean serious business! One of the most exciting features of the revamp is the addition of five new languages, allowing a wider range of people across the Europe to be able to access their great genetics. These languages are Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, and Finnish. All of Royal Queen Seeds’ cannabis seeds are now neatly divided into categories, being feminized, CBD, and autoflowering strains, as well as a dedicated section for CBD oil, and growing products. It makes navigating through their catalogue a much more pleasant experience, and really showcases some of the fantastic genetics they have on offer. Also, with the new site comes a new line of seeds focusing on high-quality autoflowering CBD genetics. They are some pretty unusual blends, and well worth checking out. So be sure to head over to www.royalqueenseeds.com to check out what they have done!


www.royalqueenseeds.com info@royalqueenseeds.com

Best Value Cannabis Seeds With 18 autoflowering and 21 feminized strains on offer, as well as prices starting from just €2,- a seed. With Zambeza, you will surely find the perfect cannabis seeds to suit your needs. Zambeza offers all of its superb seeds at some of the lowest prices around. You will struggle to find such expertly bred genetics with better prices anywhere else! Organic, Potent, and Expertly Crafted CBD Oil Zambeza is proud to now offer its own brand of expertly crafted CBD oil. They use state of the art CO2 extraction techniques to produce our oil from organically grown EU hemp. The result is a pure and potent oil completely free of any unwanted additives, fungicides, or pesticides. As the CBD oil is made from hemp as opposed to cannabis, it also contains less than 0.2% THC, making it legal in much of the EU. You can see the latest independent lab test on the Zambeza website! 39 Diverse Cannabis Strains Available Zambeza’s extensive range of cannabis seeds covers all of the bases. No matter your preference, there is something for everyone. Breeders have been hard at work to ensure that no one is left out and that Zambeza can offer superior genetics.



Taking your high to new heights With over 500.000 pageviews each month many of you already know www.zamnesia. com, Europe’s largest online Seedshop, Headshop, Vaporshop, CBDshop, Smartshop and Shroomshop. Growth through success Zamnesia takes great pride in providing the best possible prices on their products. To offer even further value, they regularly update their webshop with limited time offers. Quality of products and brands are regularly tested as well. Coupled with customer service through Live Help, online, via e-mail and via telephone, it has enjoyed a rapid growth since its start late-2012. Available products Zamnesia offers an extensive range of Cannabis Seeds from all major seed banks and top class breeders. Quality grinders, scales, bongs, rolling papers, chillums, etc. will help you enjoy the final grow result. But if you’re not into any of this, an extensive range of energizers, truffles and magic mushroom grow kits will be sure to entertain you during the weekend. So what are you waiting for? With more than 5.000 mind blowing products available in-store, secure and anonymous payment platforms and expert after sales advice, why go anywhere else?


www.zamnesia.com info@zamnesia.com

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