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Dear friends and growers,

after our long (intellectual and botanical) wande ring, here we are at the last issue of the year. As usual, the edition that ends each year’s informa tion cycle is enriched by one of our most famous features: the ‘Special Product’.

As in previous years, Special Product 2022 returns to tell the story of a highly specialised manufac turing community, the spearhead of an industry that is constantly evolving with a clear focus on the pressing needs of its consumers.

In your hands you have our Special Product 2022, a collection of the best that the market has been able to offer in this turbulent year full of upheavals inclu ding an infamous war that is again ravaging the Eu ropean continent, an energy crisis that is causing a lot of difficulties to European industries and, finally, inflation that is slashing household consumption. In short, we are living through a historical period when complexity has become such that continuing to study and report it becomes an increasingly daring and, for this very reason, necessary task.

But let us get back to our passions, i.e., our hands dirty with soil, hydroponic systems, optimised irrigation, automated parameter control through state-of-the-art control units, balanced nutrition of our beloved plants, their harvest, curing and, ultimately, quality and responsible consumption. Indeed, despite all the daily troubles, among which the energy price increase certainly stands out in importance, the community of growers, who are also our cherished readership, are searching for new solutions to continue pursuing their goals and build spaces of freedom and awareness through botanical practice.

We are all devoted to growing a living being that provides beneficial effects in our lives. This is a two-way relationship of mutual interest, love and attention in its purest state. Our observation and lis tening abilities and, therefore, our expected results become more ambitious year after year. Curiosity and humility lead us towards new discoveries, new

techniques and new products to improve our culti vation techniques.

The concept or, better said, the philosophy that should guide us in these confusing times is defi nitely one of planning, without losing sight of the need to ensure measure and balance in the setup and design of our grow rooms, and the installation of all the necessary components. Design, measu re and balance will ultimately drive down energy consumption.

Fortunately, over the last decade, LED technology has significantly contributed to the availability on the market of affordable products ensuring non-ne gligible energy savings and, consequently, higher returns. Giving plants the light spectrum that they need at every stage of their development clearly works towards a shorter but more efficient cultivati on cycle. Beyond lighting, however, how can money be saved in the next cultivation cycle? Certainly, by ensuring the thermal insulation of your grow space. Create a micro-climate where you are the absolute master. Leave no detail out and remember to use equipment that perfectly controls all the botani cal parameters involved in plant growth such as lighting, of course, but also temperature, humidity and CO2.

Leave nothing to chance and you will manage to harvest compact and resinous buds this season.

Rely on quality growers who can provide products designed for professional, hassle-free botanical processes. Remember that the key to your success is the very measure of your targeted investments. By using measure and balance, you will be able to achieve a healthy crop full of fragrances to enjoy this year too!

May Pachamama protect you and your passion!

Fabrizio Dentini

Soft Secrets Italia

Flower Sanitizer

Flower Sanitizer is a dedicated solution for indoor agriculture that proactively fights air pollutants.

Those pollutants are known for their severe impact on the plantation produce and quality.

• Increase flower productivity and lifespan

• Purification of enclosed spaces for a healthier work environment

• Safe to use

• Increases flower growth uniformity

• Simple to install

Long in-depth laboratory tests and comprehensive market experiments were

the foundation of our flower sanitizer product ensuring a high quality, cost effective and safe to use solution designed to create a healthier and greener environment for plants.

Flower Sanitizer complies with current Swiss and European regulations.

Soon available in your best growshop

www.clo2swiss.com www.flower-sanitizer.com

Level Climate Controller
24/7 Monitoring: • Ambient Temperature • Ambient Humidity • VPD • Soil moisture Climate control: • Water • Fan • Light • Humidifier Android, iOS & Web App: • Encrypted • Anonymous • No subscription
to install
user friendly.
Available Now !
Digiplant is your new assistant that will make your grow space connected & automated in a clear, simple and safe way. Thanks to its modularity and range, it can adapt to any existing indoor farm or garden, from small to big spaces.
Digiplant is already being used & trusted by growers, breeders and farmers.

Idrolab Hydroponics

Idrolab Hydroponics® is a leading manufacturer and supplier of systems, fertilisers and devices for hydroponic and off-soil (indoors or greenhouse) cultivation, designed and tailor-made for commercial growers all over Europe. The products and solutions proposed are the result of hundreds of harvests, countless hours of cultivation and the desire to always be at the cutting edge.

Idrotrays® is a new range of ABS plastic trays available in 7 different configurations. The trays in the Idrotrays range are entirely manufactured in Italy from 4mm thick virgin ABS plastic ensuring high product quality, excellent integrity, impact resistance, uniform thickness and a long lifespan. They are BPA free and fully recyclable. After vacuum thermoforming, all trays are finished using a laser-guided CNC milling machine to achieve a refined edge. They are designed to be perfect in any application with all cultivation techniques and all types of substrates and fit all growing spaces.

Idrotrays® and the rest of the Idrolab Hydroponics products make up a proven, dynamic and incredibly powerful range that is behind the success of so many growing operations throughout Europe.


Advanced Nutrients is an international marketer and manufacturer of hydroponics fertilizers, and plant nutrients. They offer the only complete cannabis growing system of fertilizers that optimizes all phases of your plants’ development from seed to senescence. Large-scale, craft producers and home-growers who put their formulations to work for their crops enjoy an unparalleled quality of their end-product.

Discover the only Water-Soluble Nutrient System that Hits the Shift and helps you bring your crop to its True Genetic Potential.

The Sensi Professional Series Grow & Bloom™ is a water-soluble base nutrient that leverages the Shift in the macro, secondary, and micronutrients your crop needs between both phases to reach the peak of its true genetic potential.

Voodoo Juice® Plus is the brand new root mass expander from Advanced Nutrients. This 3-in-1 quickdissolving tablet is hands down the most convenient, comprehensive and cost-effective way to unlock microbes for profitable, high-yielding crops.

Maximize the ROI of your next run with Big Bud® Powder, the world’s best-selling bloom booster –now available as a convenient and comprehensive water-soluble powder.

Visit their website advancednutrients.com and follow them on Instagram @advancednutrients_eu for growing tips, more information about their nutrients and exclusive updates!

Line https://www.advancednutrients.com
Nutrient’s Water-Soluble
High End Humidors for Curing & Storing Cannabis www.cannasseurclub.de


TECO S.r.l., founded in 1988, is an Italian designer and manufacturer of high-performance refrigeration units that can be used in various applications such as plugin OEM units for the commercial sector, chillers for offset applications, air conditioners and heat pumps for aquariums, and air conditioners specifically designed for hydroponics and aquaponics.

Hydroponics is synonymous with higher yielding, faster and healthier harvests than any other growing method, with the added plus of significant environmental benefits and lower water consumption.

In most hydroponic systems, the ideal water temperature should be between 18°C and 22°C to ensure maximum efficiency and lush, healthy harvests.

TECOponic MODELS HY150, HY500, HY1000 and HY2000 are designed and manufactured in Italy with the highest quality materials and components. In addition, TECO also offers larger models, i.e., HY3000 HY6000 HY9000, and the HY5K, HY8K and H15K heat pumps.

Models ranging from HY150 to HY2000 contain the environmentally friendly R290 gas, one of the best green alternatives with no direct effect on global warming. The use of R290 drives down energy consumption considerably compared to R134a refrigerators. Low consumption also means saving money.

Check our websites www.tecoponic.com/www.tecoonline.com and our TECOponic pages on Facebook and Instagram.


Supersoil Products Intro

There are several Supersoil formulas among growers. Supersoil is a fertilisation and manuring technique in which the soil, not the plant, is fed by applying various products suitable for organic farming, as well as beneficial micro-organisms. The fertilisers and soil improvers provided are ‘digested’ by the micro-organisms, which convert these ingredients into fertilisers that can be assimilated by the plant through its roots.

In addition, these microorganisms contribute to creating an ecosystem in the root ball and surrounding area that benefits the plant, transfor ming non-assimilable nutrients into assimilable ones, creating a protective barrier against fungal diseases, and increasing the capacity of the plant to absorb water and nutrients.

At Mycoterra, we differentiate between two types of Supersoil cultivation techniques. The first consist in selecting a product (Mycoterra F1) that carries the nutrients necessary for the entire lifecycle of the plant and only micro-organisms, SW1, SW2 and bat guano have to be added (during flowering). According to the other technique, growers create their own ‘recipe’ from individual nutrients using the products described below in the section

CREATE YOUR FORMULA. These include sea weed meal, blood meal, bone meal, Phosphorock, Azorock, biochar, bat guano, diatomaceous earth, insect frass, alfalfa meal, fish meal, the ‘All-in-One’ product and calcium dolomite. In this case, we will provide you with several formula options on which you can base your particular formula.

Whatever the approach is, the application of SW1, SW2, bat guano and the micro-organisms (Kraken,

pandora and chimera) is however required.

Supersoil can be used both indoors and outdoors with excellent results, as it is totally organic. It is the most natural product that can be grown indoors and produces flowers with a delicious aroma and flavour. You should avoid germination in a substra te to which you have applied Supersoil products because seeds may not germinate or the roots of a cutting may be burnt.

Let the young plants grow a little in a light sub strate (with little fertiliser) and transplant them to Supersoil a couple of weeks later.



Greengo 3-in-1 Ultimate Pack

Most Natural Brand!”

What do rolling papers have in common with natural and eco-friendly? You might think not a whole lot, but Greengo is trying to change that. Because why wouldn’t you want more natural, sustainable rolling papers?

Greengo 3-in-1 Ultimate Pack

Ideal for traveling, a festival, or as an original gift. With the Greengo 3-in-1 Ultimate Pack you’ll always have everything on hand to roll a perfect “green” joint. You’re getting three products; rolling papers, tips and a rolling tray, together in one neat little package.

The ingenious design of the rolling tray folds out and can also be used to fill cones. As you’d expect from Greengo, both the rolling papers and tips are

100% natural and unbleached. The packaging is made of FSC-approved paper. The adhesive edge is made of 100% Arabic gum, the best and most natural way to stick your rolling papers. These rolling papers won an award at the European Product Awards!


• Dimensions of rolling papers: 110 x 44 mm (King Size Slim)

• Thickness of rolling papers: 14 gr/m2

• Number of papers per pack: 33

• Number of filter tips: 34

• 1x Rolling tray greengoproducts greengoproducts


The Power to Perform with Bionova!

Since the beginning of the 1990’s Bionova is worldwide well know as a pioneer in manufacturing ferilizers, stimulators and substrates for various crops. Used by commercial operations and hobby gardeners around the world to achieve the ultimate performance of their varieties.

Bionova products supply you the Power to Perform: - highly concentrated fertilizers and stimulators for highest cost efficiency - best quality sources for maximum performance


The cleanest and purest Fulvic Acid in the world for the ultimate immune system!

Patented Bionova silver formula to boost plants immune system!

If you don’t use The Missing Link, your plants are missing their full potential!

Why Bionova?

Bionova has a wide range of fertilizer for any type of growers needs and substrate choices. Mineral fertilizer as well as Organic fertilizer, however all organics Bionova has are 100% vegan as Bionova don’t use any animal sources in our liquid products. All main ferti lizers are dedicated per substrate and even a special mix for genetics like Autoflower there is a special Autoflower Supermix. All Stimu lators are from the highest quality sources around the world which Bionova has been gathering over the past 40 years and con stantly kept improving them until the point today where Bionova can say they found the best sources around the world to implement in their nutrient line.

Do you want the highest yield?

Silution is highly concentrated 1:5000 www.bionova.nl/Silution

What’s inside Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid is one of the 3 components of hu mus and arises during the digestion of plants by micro-organisms. It is a substance with many positive effects on plant and substrate health. For example, fulvic mobilizes nutri ents to and within plants. Iron and magnesium ions are indispensable for photosynthesis, and fulvic acid promotes the function of transporting those ions in the soil into plant cells by a chelating effect, thereby leading to activation of photosyn thesis.

Fulvic acid plays an essential role in nature in mobilizing minerals and making all kinds of compounds to help plants absorb nutrients.

Do you want XL flowers?

X-cel is highly concentrated 1:1000 www.bionova.nl/X-cel

bionovanutrients.com bionovanutrients


Mono silicic acid

 Crops have higher resistance against stress.

• Stronger cell walls.

• Better defence against plant infections and pests.

• Thicker trunks and branches with more and shorter internodes.

• Plants are more able to support weight on their branches.

• Higher dry weight content of the end product.

Boron  ensures the right cell division and formation of new plant’s organs.

Zinc  precursor in the auxins production. Auxins are plant natural growth hormones and the lack of this limits the development of shoots, roots flowers and fruits.

Fulvic acid  We use the best quality fulvic acid in the world in our Silution to make this Silica nutrient the best plant available silica in the world!

Natural organic plant based extracts  increases the crop’s physiological activity being quickly mineralized and absorbed by plants.

Kelp and humic acids  increases the chlorophyll development and more root-hair development, improving the absorption of

oxygen, quickens the root and cell development and the transport of ions.

Bacteria  to increase and unlock more available nutrients.


additional feeding source.

bio-stabilized silicic acid enriched with world class fulvic acid!  Guaranteed
Highly efficient in usage, because of a high concentration The most stable and plant available silica in the world! WHAT’S
The only
acid as the pH is
1,0, it’s NOT a silicate Organic extracts stimulate the metabolism, in particular the photosynthesis and consequently the forming of carbohydrates More dry weight of the end-product
Various vitamins and amino acids  hormone household is actively stimulated.
WHY 1:1000 NPK 1-0-0 INPUT Organic EU P146614 1:5000
trace elements  function as
Enzymes  speed up any chemical reaction. Hormone household of the crop is actively stimulated by the combination of amino acids Significantly increases yield quantity and quality of any treated crop

Dry Rufino XS

This is the most advanced extraction machine on the market and offers three machines in one. The first compartment is for dry trimming. In the second compartment, the biomass undergoes a dry extraction and residues are produced. The third part of the production process consists in injecting CO2 into the chambers, both to speed up the trimming process and to get more out of the hash extraction. The machine is equipped with software to control the CO2 injection and the speeds of the conveyor belt, the trimming tube and the extraction tube. With this software, 4.0 technology subsidies can be requested from the European Union or from the national government of a EU member state. The machine processes between 500 and 600 kilos per hour of dry biomass, there is also a model with a higher

capacity. It is designed and manufactured entirely in Spain, with stainless steel, without any Chinese parts; even the meshes, blades and software are made in Spain, so it can be repaired quickly in case of wear. A conveyor belt can be adapted to convey the biomass to a big bag. Another conveyor belt feeds the biomass. In spite of its processing capacity, it is small in size and can therefore be transported in a van. This machine is the top of the range of the Green Fantasy, a leading-edge manufacturer that can also offer simpler machines, for all needs and budgets.


DryPart Grow and Bloom

DryPart Grow and DryPart Bloom is a singlecomponent powdered fertiliser, made in France along with all our liquid, powdered, mineral and organic fertilisers. This allows us to guarantee the quality of production, and eliminate unnecessary intermediaries and transport. Making DryPart a locally produced and cost-effective product.

DryPart is the most concentrated of our fertilisers. It is a complete, standalone fertiliser that provides all the nutrients plants need at all stages of growth. It combines two mineral formulas, one for growth, the other for flowering. It can be used for all types of plants, and a variety of hard or soft water types. It is also suitable for all substrates, whether you grow with coconut coir, hydroponics, soilless or soil.

DryPart Grow and DryPart Bloom are highly water-soluble and are used separately. They are composed of the highest quality primary, secondary and micro nutrients, in the right concentrations to give maximum aroma and production, even in the softest water. Both formulas contain regulators that stabilise the pH of your nutrient solution at the previously adjusted level. It is the perfect fertiliser for professional growers, microfarms and open-field production.

The dry powder format makes DryPart highly portable and easily stored, making it a popular choice for outdoor gardeners. It is available in 1 kg bags.




There is a growing demand for organic replacements for the products that we love. Fertilisers are no exception. We wanted to create a fertiliser that offers the benefits for organic cultivation and results in better harvests.

We started off, looking for an organic fertiliser that can guarantee the safety of our environment. It had to be purely vegan; meaning no animal products should be used. The perfect formula takes care of your plants in an organic way, with 100% natural products. And so, our newest product line was created: BIO HESI.

BIO HESI is produced from plant extracts and derivatives from food production, complying with the certification requirements for ecologicalbiological and organic crops.

BIO HESI comes in two variations: GROW which contains a higher concentration of nitrogen to promote growth, while BLOOM has higher levels of organic phosphates to promote the flowering of plants.

BIO HESI is suitable for all cultivation methods. This news Hesi products are completely liquid, they do not crystallize, clog pipes or drippers. As usual with Hesi products, they are simple, very easy to use with guaranteed results and for a fair price.

Align with nature and magic will happen.





F.O.G is the leading Swiss manufacturer and consulting service provider in the horticultural LED lighting industry.

Through partnerships established with the largest European and Swiss institutions, F.O.G has designed state-of-the-art LED horticultural lighting. Our partners include:


University of Lausanne

Department of Plant Molecular Biology


The Geneva Haute école du paysage d’ingénierie et d’architecture

Plants & Pathogens Laboratory


The Conthey Swiss Federal Research Centre

Our advantages:

Research and development in Switzerland

30% to 78% increase in active ingredients and terpenes

40% to 80% reduction in the electricity consumption of lighting and heating systems Our systems are futureproof and can be repaired during their service life

Our services:

Design of turnkey indoor, vertical and greenhouse growing projects

Energy consumption and efficiency optimisation Climate and irrigation automation

Power-supply, PV, irrigation, air-conditioning, security, fertilisation, crop-monitoring and airextraction systems, and related training.



SiCaMag® Booom: An ‘energy drink’ for your plants

SiCaMag® is a semi-mineral premium plant fertiliser that will really make plants explode with green! With this ‘green thumb in a bottle’, your favourite plants will become even lusher, healthier and more resistant!

The special thing about SiCaMag® is the 3-in-1 premium combination of the most important plant nutrients: In only 1 bottle we have combined topquality silicon, calcium and magnesium for you to avoid buying separate nutrients and manage your plants smoothly and with no troubles. Our patented formula is suitable for plants of all kinds and ensures bioavailability as a result of the perfectly balanced proportion of nutrients in the mix. The laboratory-tested, certified ingredients in SiCaMag® provide a synergetic effect that will be visible in your plants after just a few days, even with reduced dosage!

While conventional agricultural silicon in fertilisers takes several weeks to take effect, SiCaMag® premium silicon deposits in the plant cell after only 2 days after fertilisation. For SiCaMag® we exclusively use organically stabilised (ortho)silicic acid as premium silicon source (SiO2). In combination with magnesium and calcium, our patented formula ensures amazing results.

These include a strengthened cell nucleus, stronger resistance, optimised nutrient uptake, the development of deeper and stronger root systems and much more.

www.GrowNRW.de www.SiCaMag.de


Roican is an Italian company that researches, produces and distributes the best CBD products and derivatives throughout Europe.

Born out of the passion of three young entrepre neurs for the world of hemp, with the vision of im proving the development of the industry and the goal of bringing innovation through a scrupulous selection of each product and powerful commu nication, Roican sets itself apart from all the other companies on the market.

With more than 100 top-quality products in our catalogue of Flowers, Hash, Extracts, Oils, E-li quids and much more, we serve a large part of the market, guaranteeing a stable and continuous supply to all our European customers, including

wholesalers, retailers, shopkeepers and end consumers.

Of all our Flowers, Hash and Extracts, the 3 most popular and purchased products by our internati onal clientele are Frosted Sunset (indoor flowers), Lemon Punch (super dry hash), and Short Breath (extract with more than 87% CBD).

For more information or requests for free samples of our entire product line (wholesale & retail) please contact us!

Our contact details: Website: www.roican.eu Email: roican.sale@gmail.com Instagram: roican.eu


UGro probiotics and substrates

Simply Organic SL designs, manufactures and supplies UGro COCO, the highest-quality peat- free, ecological coconut substrates and UGro BENEFITS, plant-based growing solutions products that boosts plant growth, eliminates old roots and accelerates the root system.

UGro BENEFITS BACKmagic is a non-pathogenic endospore root-care formula that eliminates old plant roots and keeps the irrigation facilities of the plant clean for longer, slowing down the obstructions caused by the organic matter. It works quickly to combat stress and regulates stem elongation, germination, dormancy flowering, flowering development and leaf and fruit senescence. Improves development and weight of flowers and fruits.

UGro BENEFITS Rhiza1200 is a fast-acting, nonpathogenic rooting powder that starts working in 24-hours, by accelerating your plant growth and enhancing the accumulation of valuable molecules in your plant. The active natural ingredient, Rhizophagus irregularis significantly increases the shoot and root biomass. The results speak for themselves!

UGro COCO Plug Tray is for cuttings or seed, characterized by a high aeration capacity that guarantees exceptional good drainage, considerably reduces the proliferation of fungi and ensures that rooting produce faster. It has been produced with an ideal and exclusive combination of coconut substrate and perlite of controlled and certified origin, treated with slowrelease fertilizers.


The Next Big Thing in Fertilizing

We are proud to present our unique, user friendly all-in-one powder formula! Developed by Holland’s finest biochemist and is made to support each stage of Cannabis plant development.

By applying old-school chemistry with the newest enhancing techniques, our plant food brings outstanding results. It’s produced, packaged, and tested in-house to ensure a consistent product.

TOP Plantfood A+B Set is a complete high quality water-soluble fertilizer. The A component has a complete NPK value of 10-24-24. The B-component add a high calcium and magnesium content with fully chelated trace elements for better absorption. It contains food grade ingredients to prevent heavy metal contamination and is designed for smooth fertigation.

TOP Plantfood is suitable for all mediums, such as soil, coco, hydro and aqua. The prepared nutrient solutions – after dissolved in water – remains stable for at least 30 days. Even under extreme conditions and has a special composition for maximum water solubility.

Our product is sustainably produced with green energy, it’s easy to transport and store and gives hardly any waste.

We provide professional support from our own laboratory and testing location. Feel free to contact us through our website www.topplantfood.com



Futurola has been all the rage in the Amsterdam scene since 1984.

With Futurola as your partner, you can benefit from our experience in the production of joints, CSC (Cannnabis Social Club) or coffee-shop packaging and rolling paper for your shop or kiosk.

Call us, we help You ♥



Thanks to their resistance and the special air-system, Ercole pot for hydroponics makes roots grow stronger, healthier and not spiralized. The holes guarantee a better oxygenation and an excellent drainage.

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