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Foreword Dear friends, This year’s Product Special features the most interesting items the cannabis market can offer for the wellbeing of your plants to help you turn your passion for growing into a fully-fledged professional activity. Needless to say, 2020 will be remembered as a watershed year, with ‘before’ and ‘after’ scenarios that have now become engraved in our memories as citizens and growers. This damn virus has forced the majority of us to change our habits and reorganise our lives. We have woken up to a sad situation where human beings are immensely more fragile than we thought and modern healthcare systems – except in very rare cases – are unable to respond to this huge challenge. The virus has hit hard, and continues to hit in some areas of Europe, but has not won. Last spring’s lockdown has been an unprecedented experience for most of us. Locked indoors at the most important time of the year for outdoor sowing, many growers opted for a ‘virus-free’ indoor growing cycle. I say ‘virus-free’ because like a fullbloom spring, the green passion that we all share was unstoppable. Quite the reverse, there was an upswing in the number of growers as a result of the terrible economic crisis that afflicts the entire continent. The cannabis supply chain has been restructured. With the mandatory closure of our beloved grow shops, wholesalers and shopkeepers have promptly responded by tapping the potential of ecommerce and supplied growers all over Europe with valuable products. As in any age of great transformation, today’s challenges often present us with a very expensive bill, but also a number of opportunities, if we are able to grasp them. We are living through a period comparable to that when primary living beings switched from aquatic life to land life. During this switch, amphibians evolved and found new oxygen in different forms as a key step for the continuation of the species. I deliberately use this evolution metaphor to suggest that the difficult time we are living through should encourage us to fight for survival. Home growing and growing for selfconsumption are benchmarks for our industry. This is why offering you highly professional products and equipment to grow increasingly specialised crops is the best way to fulfil our mission of helping you find

your own way to rich, delicious and fragrant harvests. We realised that, in cannabis growing, people’s passion and desire for economic recovery and rebirth have, in fact, defeated the virus. In anticipation of an uncertain future with few points of reference, this certainty gives us hope. With determination and the will to succeed, even the most difficult obstacles can be overcome. Believe in yourself as we do. Study, read, try it out and, if you are wrong, try again. You can steer your plants towards the perfect harvest if you always keep an empathetic look on them. This year’s Product Special features state-ofthe-art products and equipment for cannabis growing and testing. Enjoy your reading and sowing! Fabrizio Dentini Soft Secrets Italia


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Advanced Nutrients, more ready than ever to serve you in Europe

In 2020, we’re the #1-selling line of cannabisspecific fertilizer in the world. Growers in 107 countries rely on our fertilizers to help them cultivate the best cannabis they can. And by best, I mean the safest, cleanest, sweetest, stickiest, strongest flower the world has seen. We are thrilled to announce that, with newer and better laws replacing archaic cannabis regulations, Advanced Nutrients is investing heavily in expanding across Europe.

We are making Europe our second biggest market. We are developing our distribution strategy in Spain as well as in Europe to be able to

supply the demand for our nutrients. We are opening a new warehouse in Barcelona with ten times the capacity of our prior warehouse and are excited to make Barcelona the home of our new manufacturing plan. It’ll be able to produce enough nutrients to meet the needs of all customers in Europe. In the coming weeks, our International Business Buddies structure will be completed and we will have the ability to meet the needs of all of the EU and neighboring countries. Going forward, every Advanced Nutrients customer in Europe can count on our Grower Support for technical questions about our products and how to use them to get the best results. Advanced Nutrients – home of exhaustive research, proven science, and extraordinary yields!

www.advancednutrients.com 5

BAC Frooting Power

BAC has developed a new exciting product named ‘Frooting Power’. BAC’s Frooting Power is a unique, high quality growth enhancer containing phosphate as cell-division stimulator, which increases the number of flowers during the blooming phase and improves their strength.

Make sure you use Frooting Power in the last 3-4 weeks of the blooming phase and only on healthy plants because it is a very powerful fertilizer and… requires a lot from your plants. When used in combination with your basic fertiliser, the result is stunning. Never use Frooting Power in conjunction with another growth enhancer. Available in packs of 325 grams, 1 kg and 5 kg.

www.baconline.co.uk BG Products BV Spectrumlaan 39 2665 NM BLEISWIJK The Netherlands


Flamez Cones 64-pack & Flamez Cones 1000-packs

A Cone For Every Smoke These pre-rolled cones from Holland are known for their great pricing and perfect quality. Offering high quality smoking gear since 2005, Flamez has mastered the production of rolling papers and cones. Their cones offer you the feeling of having rolled that perfect joint, without rolling it yourself! The Cones are available in 1 ¼ and King Size. The cones are made with regular rolling papers and unbleached rolling papers. Flamez offers you a cone for every smoke!

Get sorted, get Flamez! The Flamez 64-pack of cones is great for consumers and will last the typical cannabis consumer a good month. Coffeeshops and dispensaries will really enjoy the 1000-packs. Created with precision and the best possible resources you are assured of a great product. You will find that their cones have other qualities as well. The filter tips are available in various colors and sizes. This ‘color coding system’ is a great way to distinguish your different herbs. The various colors and prints can be used to represent different blends. Never again will you grab the wrong strain of cannabis for your customer.

Dutch Leaf Valkenjachtstraat 17-19, 5042 WH Tilburg The Netherlands T: +31 (0) 13 57 22 959 www.dutchleaf.com info@dutchleaf.com


@flamezproducts 7

Hesi GrowMix cu

To match the range of fertilisers for soil and the specialised boosters, Hesi has also added a soil substrate to its product-range in 2020. We are super excited to tell you about the journey to find the perfect partner, and all the ins-and outs about the advantages of the Hesi GrowMix. The qualitative characteristics of a soil were particularly important during production: stable, airy structure, water storage capacity and pH buffering. But maybe one of the most important requirements: sustainability. As with the fertilizers and boosters, Hesi follows its own unique path. Instead of the often used white perlite, Hesi GrowMix contains natural clay minerals which, in addition to their water retention function, also have ion exchange properties, i.e. they bind minerals and nutrients - and only release them when the roots need them. However, clay is not only a water and nutrient buffer, but with its buffering capacity against pH fluctuations, it also tolerates minor slips. In addition, the clay remains mixed in the substrate and does not float to the surface, as Perlite often does.

www.hesi.nl 8

lture substrate

GrowMix’s consistency – what’s in it? GrowMix consists of a 80% sustainable produced 50/50 mixture of white and black peat, which naturally has a high water and air capacity and is free of contaminants and germs. The other 20% is made up of regional, highly organic bark humus which, thanks to its medium sized and large pores, can easily absorb oxygen and water. This makes the GrowMix particularly breathable. The composting of the bark of coniferous wood releases numerous nutrients during decomposition and undesirable tannins are fermented. This makes the soil more fertile and revives the microflora - and as a nice side effect, brings a fresh, pleasant forest smell. As the icing on the cake, carbonated lime provides a stable pH value and improves the crumb structure. GrowMix contains the basic nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as all trace elements for the first two weeks and ensures good growth of your plants. Depending on the plant type and size, fertilization should be started from the third week onwards. For more information check our website www.hesi.nl or follow the instagram/facebook accounts for the latest news items, tips & tricks or competitions @hesi_global, @hesi_dach, @hesi_france, @hesi_chile, @hesi_russia 9

Greengo Kingsize Cones 3-Pack & Greengo 1 ¼ Cones 6-pack Greengo Cones The world’s finest unbleached rolling papers are now also available as a ready-to-use cone. Known for its distinctive watermark, the brand is already a favorite among many cannabis enthusiasts. And with good reason; Greengo is 100% natural and is made without harmful chemicals or additives. The Greengo Cones are made with 100% natural and unbleached FSC™ Greengo rolling paper and their filter tips are made from recycled paper. The ideal burning speed of the cone and the unbleached and chlorine free paper gives you a smooth experience.

The Greengo Leaf Cone Filler Many cones get a bit wrinkled after shipments or opening of the package. Greengo developed a great solution to this problem with its very own Greengo Leaf Cone Filler! The Greengo Leaf Cone filler offers a few solutions. The Leaf Cone Filler protects the shape of the Cone and makes it easier to remove from the packaging, while staying in perfect condition. Once it’s out of the package, you can use it to add your preferred herbs.

3-pack 6-pack

Cone length 109 mm Filter tip length 26 mm Thickness 14 gr/m2 Packs per display 35 Cones per pack 3

84 mm 26 mm 14 gr/m2 21 6

Dutch Leaf Valkenjachtstraat 17-19, 5042 WH Tilburg The Netherlands T: +31 (0) 13 57 22 959 www.dutchleaf.com info@dutchleaf.com

www.greengoproducts.com 10


Green House Feeding BioEnhancer

Green House Feeding has developed a very unique product, which is internally referred to as the swiss army knife in the grow room because it can be used in every stage of the plants life cycle and has many different uses, ranging from rooting of clones or germination of seeds, over foliar application to media drenches. Being part of the Green House Feeding Bio Line, this bio stimulant contains Humic & Fulvic Acids, Seaweed extract, Trichoderma Harzianum and Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens. The unique combination of ingredients helps plants with the uptake of locked up nutrients by boosting the cation exchange capacity and stimulating the plants metabolism.

It also provides a high number of trace elements and natural phytohormones, which helps to enhance root growth naturally. Plants treated with BioEnhancer tend to have a higher resistance to stress and pests and the soil is very resistant to pathogens due to the rootcolonizing Trichoderma Harzianum and Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens. Organic EU


Green House Feeding BioEnhancer may be used in organic farming and is Control Union and OMRI certified.

Registration No: CU 855395 The product may be used in Organic Farming under the EU Regulation 834/2007 + 889/2008.


The most cost-effective fertilizers in the world? Since the beginning of the 1990’s Bionova is worldwide well known as the manufacturer of premium fertilizers, stimulators and substrates. For small cultivators and commercial operations worldwide. The experience behind their premium products comes from years of studies and research, combined with practical experience which brings reliable products where you and your plants can rely on. From small cultivators to commercial operations worldwide Bionova is available all around the world with a certified product range. They provide extremely concentrated fertilizers and stimulators, from small cultivators to commercial operations worldwide with their dedicated service and knowledge.

www.bionova.nl 12

Better environment and better harvest Bionova cares about the environment and future of our planet by being completely CO² neutral. It’s an innovative company, improving their products constantly and developing new products like VEGANICS, the organic vegan fertilizer free of animal ingredients. Their minerals are food-grade or natural and organic. So it’s 100% pure, premium quality, made in ­Holland. Certified and registered, meeting medical demands. Most cost-effective fertilizers in the world? Main goal of Bionova is to provide the most cost-effective fertilizer in the world. They supply maximum concentrated fertilizers and stimulators, as no cultivator benefits from low concentrated fertilizers because these are high in costs. Curious to see which quantities you need for your ­operation, and which costs will be involved? Get in touch with one of their professionals.

The most cost-effective Bionova Silution Bionova X-ceL fertilizers in the world? for the highest yield

for XL flowers

Since the beginning of the 1990’s Bionova is worldwide well known as the manufacturer of premium fertilizers, stimulators and substrates. For small cultivators and commercial operations worldwide. The experience behind their premium products comes from years of studies and research, combined with practical experience which brings reliable products where you and your plants can rely on.

Bionova Silution for the highest yield • Crops have a higher resistance against the negative impact of stress • Stronger cell walls • Stronger defence against plant infections and pests • More resistant against temperature differences and/or extreme temperatures • Thicker trunks and branches, with more internodes • Plants are more able to support the weight on their branches • Higher dry weight content of the end From small cultivators to commercial product

operations worldwide Bionova is available all around the world with a certified product range. They provide Do you want extremely concentrated fertilizers and stimthecultivators highest yield? ulators, from small to commercial www.bionova.nl/Silution operations worldwide with their dedicated service and knowledge.

Better environment and better harvest Bionova cares about the environment and future of our planet by being completely CO² neutral. It’s an innovative company, improving their products constantly and developing products Bionova X-ceLnew for XL flowerslike VEGANICS, the organic vegan fertilizer free of animal Bionova X-ceL is the excellent stimulator to ingredients. Their minerals are food-grade develop XL flowers, which can be applied to all or natural and organic. So it’s 100% pure, sorts of flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs. premium quality, made in Holland. Certified Bionova X-ceL significantly increases yield and registered, meeting medical demands.

quantity and yield quality of all tested crops.

Most cost-effective fertilizers in the world?

Bionova X-ceL is a 100% certified organic/ Main goal of Bionova is to provide the most vegan stimulator, which can be applied in any cost-effective fertilizer in the world. They type of watering system or by foliar spray.

supply maximum concentrated fertilizers and stimulators, as no cultivator benefits from low concentrated fertilizers because these are high in costs. Curious to see which quantities you need for your operation, and which costs will be involved? Get in touch with one of their professionals.

Do you want Send an e-mailXL toflowers? info@bionova.nl www.bionova.nl/X-cel call +31(0)416 65 00 82 or visit their new webshop www.bionova.nl

www.bionova.nl bionovanutrients bionovanutrients

Send an e-mail to info@bionova.nl call +31(0)416 65 00 82 or visit their new webshop www.bionova.nl 13

Solux Galaxy Pro LED 1800E 630W System Galaxy Pro Led System is a highperformance, full-cycle lighting solution for professional horticulture, which adapts light intensity to the changing needs of your plants during their growth and flowering cycles. The Solux Galaxy Pro LED System has an actuator that can be mounted on a side frame or wall to avoid direct contact with the system. The advantage of having a separate actuator is that the system does not heat up and retains its full efficiency. In addition, the light fitting is much lighter. For the control of all light fittings, the Galaxy Pro LED System can connect to the Solux Master Controller. It was designed as the lightest LED system on the market for professional growers to apply advanced growing practices with high Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) together with sophisticated CO2 supplementation. It also uses premium quality Samsung LED chips. The Galaxy LED system can illuminate all types of vertical grow racks and grow tables through a range of mounting options, with a precise, uniform footprint of light over the plant canopy. Different PPFD output levels

www.hortitec.es 14

can be selected for accurate dynamic control of PPFD at every stage of cultivation. Whether you are growing cannabis plants, food plants or plants for ornamental purposes, the Solux Galaxy Pro LED System allows you to optimise your growing space and obtain the highest yield from your crops while maximising quality. Features • Efficiency: 2.7 μmol/j • PPFD: 1717 μmol/s • Full spectrum • Light distribution: 120º • Input voltage: 100-277V, 347V • Different rack mounting options • Suitable for lighting all types of vertical grow racks and grow tables • Precise and uniform footprint of light over the plant canopy • An indoor lighting solution for all growers wishing to improve the efficiency of their lighting system and maximise the quantity and quality of their crops • Dimensions: 119.5x111x6.7 cm (3.9 x 3.6 x 0.2 ft) • Weight: 12.5 kg (441 oz)

The Lumatek LED range has taken the lighting industry by storm in 2020...

Based in Europe, Lumatek have been industry leaders and innovators for over 15 years. Having released the first ever electronic HID ballast nearly two decades ago, this year they brought growers the finest, best LED lighting fixtures on the market. Lumatek full spectrum horticultural LED solutions balance light quality (spectra) with light quantity (intensity and duration) sufficient to provide single-source lighting for entire grow cycle from cloning, vegetative through flowering period. Rated by wattage, the ATS200W & 300W fixtures will be perfect for smaller spaces up to 1m2, while the big hit Zeus Range (465W, 600W, 1000W) will cover exceptionally from 1m2 to 1.7m2.

Offering the highest fixture efficiency of 2.7-2.9 μmol/J, together with the lowest €/μmol rate, a solid 5 Years Warranty, among many other unique features, the Zeus is now considered the best option in regards to quality vs price vs performance LED product in the industry. 2021 will be no different... Lumatek has already announced some incredible new upcoming products and innovations that will bring the lighting industry to the next standard. Early 2021 will see new Lumatek LED products like the Zeus 1000W Pro and Zeus 1000W Xtreme PPFD CO2, 100W FullSpectrum Bars, UV + FarRed Supplemental bars, an Attis Pro range upgrade and more! Keep up to date with all their news and arrivals throught the year via our channels as well as Lumatek’ own social and online presence - www.lumatek-lighting.com

www.lumatek-lighting.com 16

Mr.Hide Extracts

Mr. Hide Extracts® closed loop extraction machines use isobutane and propane as solvents. They are designed to process any type of plant material to obtain a BHO (Butane Hash Oil) concentrate containing active ingredients and terpenes. The gas used for the concentrate production is purged and stored again for re-use as many times as necessary, which avoids continuous gas purchases. In addition, the closed-loop gas circuit of Mr. Hide Extracts® machines ensures greater safety. Our Mr. Hide Extracts® extractors are manufactured entirely from sanitary grade 314 and 316l stainless steel under the strictest quality controls. In particular, after assembly, machines are tested for 8 hours of operation at 8 bar pressure. Extractor components include a storage tank with a pressure gauge, a recovery tank, columns for plant material, seals, clamps, a set of hoses, filters and a trolley. Our top quality, user-friendly BHO extractors are developed by and for industry professionals and offer the following features:


• maximum performance • 99% gas recovery • removal of contaminating residues of solvents • an 8-hour running test right after assembly • a safety valve • models are fitted with a sight glass • made in Spain

info@mrhideseeds.com 17

ercole pot

Take advantage of growing plants in the innovative Ercole pot Once planted out, plants grown in these pots not only have a considerable reduction in growing time, but are also guaranteed quick rooting in the surrounding soil and immediate growth. Thanks to its specially developed airsystem (due to the side holes), once the roots get in touch with the air and light, they stop their circular pattern. In this way, the side root system does not go into stress and the growth of the stem is faster and more vigorous than in a standard pot. • Develops the root system more quickly • Improves drainage • Keeps the root system healthy

• Anti-spiral action • Improves the growth of the plants • Reduces the stress caused by transplantation Use the right substrate to get the best result It is possible to improve this result, by carefully choosing the kind of substrate to be used with the Ercole pot. A compact and well-draining substrate improves the development and root system of the plants grown in Ercole, because this pot creates an environment similar to that of an open field. The best substrate to be used is a particular mix of peat, coco fiber, coco pith and a controlled release fertilizer. The coco fiber allows for major water retention and gives the substrate a structural stability, increasing the capacity of the mutual exchange between water and air. All of these factors demonstrate how a wise choice of substrate affects the results in a remarkable way, both technical and commercial, when growing in the Ercole pot. Visit our website to discover our complete range of plastic pots and all of our new items.

www.pasquiniebini.com info@pasquiniebini.it NUOVA PASQUINI E BINI Spa • Loc. Tei – zona industriale La Galeotta 55011 Altopascio (LU) ITALY • Tel: 0039 0583/264656 Fax 0039 0583/269115 18


LEDEVEN is a French company specialised in the design of LED lighting solutions for professional use in horticulture, vegetable growing, research centres and laboratories.

Available in wattages (320W / 480W / 660W) and 2 sizes (73x73cm / 119x109cm), ATRIS bars adapt to all growing areas from a small 80x80cm tent to larger grow rooms.

The ATRIS line of LED bars is LEDEVEN’s professional solution dedicated to indoor and tent lighting.

ATRIS LED bars are equipped with a rotary knob to vary light intensity and RJ14 (Input/ Output) ports for the connection of an external 0-10V controller.

ATRIS bars have a full enhanced UV light spectrum suitable for all plant development cycles. The enhancement of the UV spectrum improves plant oil and resin production, root ball size and resistance to bacteria and moulds, and also contributes to better branching.

Finally, ATRIS LED bars only use splashproof Osram LEDs and are covered by a 5-year warranty.

www.ledeven.net 19

Pro Organic Pro Organic Grow - Pro Organic Bloom Highly concentrated, fully Organic,1-part liquid nutrient.

The first and only complete certified organic nutrient for all substrates. The Terra Aquatica Pro Organic formulas are specifically designed to meet the needs of all plants throughout growth, flowering and fruiting. We base our formulations on ecological principles that respect the environment whilst providing plants with balanced, effective nutrition. Pro Organic actively improves the root environment by feeding microbes that live in harmony with your plant. This provides the essential nutrition and environment to deliver healthy vegetative growth, flowering and fruiting. Pro Organic is ideal for every type of plant and will work wonders as a standalone product: when we say “complete” we mean it: you don’t need additional elements for a successful, bountiful grow, in most waters. Terra Aquatica Pro Organic is perfectly soluble and well adapted to automatic and

www.terraaquatica.com 20

drip irrigation systems, or hand watering in conventional gardening. To improve performance even further, and to give gardeners more flexibility to optimize their grows, the Terra Aquatica line also includes a range of complementary organic additives and we also sell the high quality beneficial microbes you need to make organic gardening work without rich soil.

The Smart Grow Controller

The Smart Grow Controller is your personal linux-server that creates a fully automated indoor growing systems. Here to help grow rooms flurish as growers relax.

Easily accessible from anywhere and at any time. No matter how paranoid you are, with the secured connection at home you won’t risk spreading information. Personalize all your grow devices to do exactly what you’d like them to do. Too complicated? Ask SGC for help and get free profesional assistance.


info@smartgrowcontroller.com 21


TECO S.r.l, an Italian company specialised in the design and construction of highperformance cooler units for different applications, has recently created the TECOponic brand and developed the HY product range of chillers for hydroponics. Hydroponics allows more abundant, faster and healthier harvests than any other method of cultivation, while offering considerable benefits to the environment. In HYDROPONICS, the control of water temperature is extremely important. The ideal water temperature is between 18°C and 22°C, which ensures maximum efficiency and lush, healthy harvests. To this end, the chiller models HY150, HY500, HY1000 and HY2000 were designed and manufactured in Italy with top quality materials and components.


A rotating outlet makes it possible to install the chiller unit inside the grow box to enable the outflow of heat.

Restrictions on the use of certain gases in cooler systems have encouraged the company to develop a product using the ecological gas R290, one of the best eco-friendly alternatives without direct effects on global warming. The use of R290 resulted in considerably lower energy consumption compared to coolers using R134a. Low consumption also means saving money.






Every Cannabis plant starts as a seed, take a look at our outdoor cannabis seeds.

MR K & MRS D Flow and Tips

Are you looking for medical seeds? Keraseeds has one selective but very qualitative range of medical cannabis seeds!

Thanks to our Autoflowering cannabis seeds, it is now even easier to grow cannabis plants in your own garden. Whether you have a long or short summer, your cannabis plant will be ready for harvest in 8-9 weeks!

Are you looking for medical seeds? Keraseeds has one selective but very qualitative range of medical cannabis seeds!

These cannabis seeds come directly from experienced growers and provide our customers with healthy and powerful plants that will produce a rich harvest.

Every Cannabis plant starts as a seed, take a look at our wide selection of California cannabis seeds.

Abc Cbd Oil The CBD oil from AbcCbd is an organic diet supplement, made of high quality European hemp.

KeraSeeds CBD Oil

MR K Truffles

CBD does not cause intoxication of some sort whatsoever. CBD is the third most common cannabinoids in cannabis, but it has none of the cognitive effects where his counterpart THC is notorious for.

Magic Mushroom BY

Web: www.keraseeds.com | T: +31 (0)13 879 5007 | Whatsapp: +31622037144 | Mail: info@keraseeds.com

Solutions per 100 ml Calibration solution EC 1413 Calibration solution pH 7.00 Calibration solution pH 4.01 Storage solution KCI € 5.95 per bottle

Combo pen P100 Pro pH, EC & temp.

Soil/Substrate meter S300 Pro pH & temp.

Combo meter P700 Pro 2 pH, EC, CF, PPM & temp.

€ 85.00

€ 119.00

€ 229.00


When it has to be precise