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MIDWEST EDITION diaspora Spying on NJ Muslims was legal, rules court FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2014

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an-Americans vie for top political jobs in the US; elections slate MIDWEST EDITION | EAST COAST EDITION | Volume 4 • Issue No.242 FEBRUARY 28, 2014 | THE COMMUNITY FIRST A NEWS WEEKLY | hiINDiALIVE.COM

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(Top L-R ) Neel Kashkari, Kamala Harris, Ami Bera, Ro Khanna, Vanila Mathur Singh; (Above L-R) Upendra Chivukula, Manan Trivedi, Amardeep Kaleka, Swati Dandekar and Manju Goel.

Political aspiration

California, while Ro Khanna, a former top Obama administration official, is challenging sitting Democrat Mike Honda in the 17th District. Challenging Democrat Khanna, former deputy assistant secretary of commerce, is yet another Indian-

Bobby Jindal and Nikky Haley are already holding the Governors’ jobs

American, Vanila Mathur Singh. An associate professor at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, she has entered the fray from the Republican Party. Democrat Upendra Chivukula, the first Indian-American lawmaker

on the rise official to join

At least 10 Indian-Americans vie for top political Vikram Pandit page 7 jobs in the US; elections slated for November

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itigroup’s former IndianAmerican CEO Vikram Kush (right) and Sophia. Pandit is partnering with the co-author of the popular $5 OFF ‘Freakonomics’ book series to per oz with  Biggest selection of 22K Gold Jewelry & Diamond Jewelry launch a new consulting business, this coupon (24K Bars/Coins)  We also carry Silver Items, Beads, & Astrological Stones according to a media report. 2625 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60659 Aimed at helping companies improve their c ultures and use of WASHINGTON: An epic duel running Tel: 773-262-4377 into an astounding 66 rounds between technology, Pandit’s new firm a 13-year-old Indian-American boy called TGG, is promoting “a novel and an 11-year-old girl in Missouri approach to address the challenges ended in a tie as the Spelling Bee that large complex organizations organizers actually ran out of words. face in compliance, fraud, corrupThe battle at a branch of the tion, and culture and hi INDiA weekly newspaper distribute free copies for readers, community for benefit of our readers as well as advertiser. hi INDiA reserves it’s right to distribute copies limited to 1 free copy per reader which is available in the stores near to your area, However if you need more copies, reader can callLibrary us and weSunday will send you the copies via r mail Kansas City Public e orpdeliver u t toa you t i @o$2.00 n , per ” copy. We distribute our Vikram Singh copies only at major Indo-Pak stores, where we have obtained the permission from the owner of the location. We reserve the right to protect our copies from illegal activities like, picking up more than one copy for other than reading purposes. We watch our inventory at the was stores constantly and we will notify authorities of any and all illegal activities as well as will file law-suite between Kush Sharma, a sevaccording to the for the punitive damages. enth-grader at Frontier School of InnoWall Street Jourfor American Progress vation, and Sophia Hoffman, a fifthnal. “We think AMI G PATEL, AGENT


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13-year old boy REGAL JEWELS locked in epic Spelling Bee tie


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US can do better, says Jindal The Louisiana Governor lashes out at President Obama over his alleged ‘inaction’ on economy to Politico, a media site focusing on politics. “There are differences here, and you just heard what I think ended up being the most partisan statement that we had all weekend,” he ‘I think there are things we can do instead of said. waving the white flag of surrender, instead of “I don’t know what the heck was a reference to white flag when it declaring this economy to be a minimum comes to people making $404 a wage economy’ week. I mean, that’s the most insane statement I’ve ever heard, quite frankly,” Malloy was quoted to be focusing its energies. “The Obama economy is now as saying. Jindal cut in with a response. If the minimum wage economy. I think we can do better than that, I his earlier statements were the most think America can do better than partisan thing Malloy heard all that,” Jindal said suggesting that weekend, “I want to make sure he the president rein in regulations hears a more partisan statement”: and expand drilling on federal that if Obama really wants to grow the economy, he should delay the lands to boost economic growth. Connecticut’s Democratic Gov- Affordable Care Act mandates. “We think we can grow the ernor Dannel Malloy said Jindal’s comments strayed from the civil economy. We think we can do betdiscourse that dominated the ter than the minimum wage econweekend meeting of the National omy,” he said, wrapping up his Governors’ Association, according rebuttal. said Jindal, who is term-limited and is considering a White House run in 2016. Slamming Obama for his execu-



ouisiana’s Indian-American governor, a potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate, has accused President Barack Obama of “waving the white flag of surrender” on the economy by focusing on a limited set of executive actions. “I think there are things we can do instead of waving the white flag of surrender, instead of declaring this economy to be a minimum wage economy,” he said emerging with a group of governors from a meeting on February 24 with Obama that stressed bipartisan cooperation. I think our economy, I think America can do better,”

tive order raising the minimum wage for federal contractors to $10.10 per hour, he said that’s the wrong place for the White House

Curb on book on Hinduism ignites row ‘US military cuts a slap P in the face’ IANS, WASHINGTON

enguin India’s decision to withdraw from publication and pulp copies of an American professor’s book on Hinduism in an out of court settlement has ignited a fiery debate here on freedom of the speech in India. The reactions have ranged from anger to sadness to jubilation depending on which side of the debate one is in. If the influential New York Times branded it “Muzzling Speech in India”, an Indian-American author and activist called it a “moral victory” for Hindus. Pulping of ‘The Hindus: An Alyssa Ayres, a senior fellow at Alternative History’ by Wendy the Council on Foreign Relations Doniger, who teaches Hinduism at was more circumspect. In an article the University of Chicago Divinity Ayres wrote that Penguin’s decision School, “is only the latest assault on “came as sad news” to her. “One of free speech in India”, the Times said the great things about India, in my view, is the wonderful acceptance in an editorial on February 21.


S of vigorous disagreement.”But now “it is getting harder to reconcile the India that symbolizes robust democracy, pluralism on a grand scale, and the lessons of tolerance, with another India tiptoeing to avert hurt feelings”, she wrote.

Few think Obama is respected internationally WASHINGTON: For the first time since he came to office more than five years ago, more Americans now believe U.S. President Barack Obama is not respected by world leaders than those who do, a Gallup poll found. Fifty-three percent of Americans think world leaders do not respect him, whereas 41 percent think world leaders do respect him, Xinhua reported. Although opinions about a president’s perceived world standing often align with his job approval rating, a majority of

Americans still thought world leaders respected Obama in 2010 and 2011 when his job approval was similar to what it is now, standing at an average 45.8 percent, Gallup found. The recent decline may be more tied to specific international issues from the past year, such as revelations the U.S. was listening in on foreign leaders’ phone calls, the war in Syria and an uneasy relationship between Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Gallup said. — IANS

outh Carolina’s Indian American governor Nikki Haley has blasted the Obama administration’s plan to make cuts to the reserve military force while reducing the size of the army to its pre-World War II size. “It really is a slap in the face to anyone who has served over this past decade multiple times and left their life to do this,” said the Republican governor, whose husband is in the National Guard and recently returned from a oneyear deployment to Afghanistan on February 24. “We have active duty, but the active duty hasn’t felt the pain that the National Guard has felt, and this is not how you show your thanks,” she was quoted as saying by CNN. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel unveiled the department’s spending plan for 2015 and beyond, which reduces the size of the Army to its pre-World War II size. All military forces, both active and reserve, would be cut under the budget plan. Speaking at a press conference by the Republican Governors Association following a bipartisan

Nikki Haley

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel unveiled the department’s spending plan for 2015 and beyond, which reduces the size of the Army to its pre- WW II size meeting of governors at the White House, Haley said Monday’s conclave largely had a respectful tone until the discussion turned toward military cuts at the end. Under the proposed budget, Hagel said the military would become a smaller, more tactical force capable of fighting on one war front and maintaining effective defenses for a second while shifting to more specialized capabilities. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey also endorsed the plan.








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Political aspiration on the rise At least 10 Indian-Americans vie for top political jobs in the US; elections slated for November ARUN KUMAR, WASHINGTON


s many as 10 IndianAmericans are eyeing high political office from Governor to Attorney General to membership of the House of Representatives in the November 2014 Congressional and state elections. With two Indian-Americans, Bobby Jindal and Nikky Haley, already holding the Governor’s jobs in Louisiana and South Carolina respectively, a third one, Neel Kashkari, a former top treasury department official, has entered the fray in California. Another Indian-American, Kamala Harris is seeking re-election for attorney general in California, America’s largest state in terms of population which is home to thousands of Indian-American techies. Ami Bera, the only Indian-American Congressman and the third ever, is seeking re-election from the Seventh Congressional District of

in New Jersey state assembly, now plans to run for the U.S. House of Representatives from the state’s 12th Congressional District with party colleague Rush Holt retiring. After losing twice, Democrat Manan Trivedi plans to run for the House of Representatives for the third time in Pennsylvania. Indian-American film maker Amardeep Kaleka is challenging 2012 Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan in the first Congressional District of Wisconsin. He is the son of the Wisconsin Sikh Temple (gurdwara) president Satwant Kaleka, one of the six victims of the August 2012 Oak Creek (Top L-R ) Neel Kashkari, Kamala Harris, Ami Bera, Ro Khanna, Vanila Mathur Singh; (Above L-R) Upendra gurdwara shootout. Chivukula, Manan Trivedi, Amardeep Kaleka, Swati Dandekar and Manju Goel. Swati Dandekar, the first IndianAmerican to be elected to Iowa American, Vanila Mathur Singh. House of Representatives in 2002, is California, while Ro Khanna, a former top Obama administration offiAn associate professor at Stanford now seeking to enter the U.S. Bobby Jindal and cial, is challenging sitting Democrat University’s School of Medicine, she Congress. Nikky Haley are Mike Honda in the 17th District. has entered the fray from the Indian-American Manju Goel is already holding the Republican Party. Challenging Democrat Khanna, seeking election on a Republican former deputy assistant secretary of Democrat Upendra Chivukula, ticket from the Eighth CongressionGovernors’ jobs commerce, is yet another Indianthe first Indian-American lawmaker al District of Illinois.

Pentagon official to join Washington think tank

Vikram Pandit launching NEW CONSULTING FIRM




ikram Singh, a leading Indian-American security expert at the Pentagon, is joining a Washington think tank to oversee its work on national security around the globe, while continuing his focus on Asia. As deputy assistant secretary of defense for South and Southeast Asia, Singh is currently the highestranking Indian-American at the Pentagon. He will be officially joining the Centre for American Progress (CAP) as the new Vice President for National Security and Interna-

Kush (right) and Sophia.

13-year old boy locked in epic Spelling Bee tie

Vikram Singh

Singh will join the Centre for American Progress as the new vice president for National Security and International Policy in March tional Policy in March. “We’re thrilled to have Vikram Singh lead our national security and international policy team,” said CAP President Neera Tanden in a statement. Vikram is a leading foreign policy thinker of his generation and has tackled the country’s greatest foreign policy challenges during his time at the State Department and the Pentagon. “As we continue to shape a pragmatic foreign policy strategy over the next decade, Vikram’s insights, sharp strategic mind, and experi-

ence will guide our work.” Before his current appointment at the Pentagon, Singh was the deputy special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan at the State Department. He has also served in the Department of Defense as a senior advisor, representing the department in National Security Council policy reviews of Pakistan and the war in Afghanistan. He later led the development of Pentagon’s post-2014 strategic approach to South and Central Asia.

WASHINGTON: An epic duel running into an astounding 66 rounds between a 13-year-old Indian-American boy and an 11-year-old girl in Missouri ended in a tie as the Spelling Bee organizers actually ran out of words. The battle at a branch of the Kansas City Public Library Sunday was between Kush Sharma, a seventh-grader at Frontier School of Innovation, and Sophia Hoffman, a fifthgrader at Highland Park Elementary, CNN reported. The original pool of 25 students was quickly whittled to just Kush and Sophia. The two will go head-to-head again on March 8 for a spot in the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington. Indian-Americans have dominated the contest over the years. New York student Arvind Mahankali won the 2013 Scripps National Spelling Bee. Kush and Sophia burned through that list, as well as 20 other words organizers picked from the dictionary when they realized it was possible they might need more words, Mary Olive Thompson, outreach coordinator for Kansas City Public Library, said.


itigroup’s former IndianAmerican CEO Vikram Pandit is partnering with the co-author of the popular ‘Freakonomics’ book series to launch a new consulting business, according to a media report. Aimed at helping companies improve their c ultures and use of technology, Pandit’s new firm called TGG, is promoting “a novel approach to address the challenges that large complex organizations face in compliance, fraud, corruption, and culture and reputation,” according to the Wall Street Journal. “We think the results are transformative for companies looking to cre-

ate a culture of performance and integrity,” Hamid Biglari, one of Pandit’s former Citigroup lieutenants and a managing partner of the new venture, was quoted as saying in an email to top executives at Deutsche Bank. Another plus, according to the email cited by the Journal: Pandit and Biglari’s “domain expertise” from their time running Citigroup. Biglari’s email says TGG’s partners include Steven Levitt, coauthor of the “Freakonomics” series that combines economics with everyday decision-making, and Daniel Kahneman, a winner of the Nobel Prize in economics. Levitt and Kahneman already helped create a Chicago-based consulting firm called ‘The Greatest Good’. The venture is the latest effort by Pandit to bounce back after leaving Citigroup two years ago. TGG’s aim is to use insights into human behavior and so-called big data-the crunching of ever-greater volumes of information more quickly and deeplyto help large, complex companies analyze employee behavior, management decision-making, business models and strategy, the Journal said.







the World

from ians newswire

World community calls for unity in Ukraine

Heavy smoke rises during clashes between demonstrators and riot police in Kiev, on January 23. (Photo: IANS) IANS, KIEV


he international community has called on all sides in Ukraine to preserve the country’s unity and avoid violence after President Viktor Yanukovych was dismissed by parliament following more than three months of protests. Expressing strong support for actions taken by the Ukrainian Parliament, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on February 23 urged all sides in the conflicts to refrain from violence and respect Ukraine’s democratic institutions, Xinhua reported. In a telephone talk with his Russ-

EU mulls financial aid for Ukraine KIEV: The European Union (EU) is considering financial assistance for Ukraine to help it deal with its economic crisis, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said here on February 25. “We are mulling the combination of short-term borrowing and long-term loans,” Xinhua quoted Ashton, who is on a working visit, as telling reporters. She stressed that the EU is standing ready to provide Ukraine with loans, but only if Kiev implements economic reforms.

ian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, he said his country hoped Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and democratic freedom of choice would be respected by all the parties. The top U.S. diplomat also hoped that Russia could join the US and the European Union (EU) to help Ukraine “turn the page and emerge from this crisis stronger, united and moving forward through new elections and critically needed reforms”. On February 23, Ukrainian lawmakers voted to hand over the duties of the president to new parliament Speaker Oleksandr Turchynov, one day after the lawmakers ousted Yanukovych from his post and set an early election for May 25. Considering the escalation of the situation in Ukraine, Russia decided to call its Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov back to Moscow for “consultations”. In a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed that “Ukraine must quickly get a government capable of acting and its territorial integrity must be preserved”. The EU also expressed its support for Ukraine to stabilize the country’s economic situation and find a lasting solution to the political crisis.

South, N Koreas end family reunion SEOUL: South and North Koreas on February 25 ended the reunion of families separated by the Korean War, held for the first time in more than three years in North Korea’s Mount Kumgang resort. Hundreds of South Koreans returned Tuesday afternoon by bus to a resort hotel in South Korea’s east coastal city of Sokcho, from where they had left for the mountain resort in North Korea’s southeast coast, Xinhua reported citing Seoul’s unification ministry. A group of 357 elderly South Koreans met their long-lost relatives from North Korea at Mount Kumgang for three days through February 25, after the first group of 82 South Korean applicants ended their three-day

Journalists interview an woman during preparations of a reunion in Sokcho. (Photo: Xinhua) reunion event on February 22. Hundreds of Koreans met their family members separated by the 1950-53 war for 11 hours during their three-day stay in the mountain resort.

29 college students killed in Nigeria LAGOS: Police in the northeastern Nigerian state of Yobe on February 25 confirmed that gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram insurgents killed at least 29 students at Federal Government College in Buni Yadi. Sanusi Rufai, the police chief in charge of the restive state, told reporters in Damaturu, the state capital, that the attackers came Monday night and killed 29 students and burnt down 24 staff quarters, including the administrative block of the college.

“Some of the students were burnt to ashes by the insurgents. From the information I got, no female student was killed by the Boko Haram. Only male students were killed,” the police chief added. Military spokesperson for the state Lazarus Eli also confirmed the attack. Located in the northeastern region of Nigeria, Yobe state is one of the strongholds of Boko Haram, a sect which launched an uprising in the west African country in 2009.

South ASiA

Pak Taliban not for unconditional ceasefire IANS, ISLAMABAD


he outlawed Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has rejected the Nawaz Sharif government’s call for an unconditional ceasefire, a media report said. “If this is what we have to do, we would have done it 10 years ago,” the Dawn quoted TTP spokesman Shahidullah Shahid as saying on February 25. “It is the government which has waged a war against us and it is for the government to end it now. Let the government hold fire and we shall follow suit,” he told the newspaper. Shahidullah also blamed intelligence agencies for February 24 killing of TTP’s senior commander Asmatullah Shaheen Bhittani. He said Shaheen Bhittani had been on the hit list of Pakistani intelligence agencies for a ling time. The TTP spokesman added that there had been a few other incidents of killing of its commanders and his organization suspected them to be the handiwork of Pakistani intelligence agencies. “This is a drone’s alternative. Now we are being hunted through ground drones,” Shahidullah added.

35 militants killed in Pak air strikes ISLAMABAD: At least 35 militants were killed on February 20 as Pakistan Air Force warplanes pounded their hideouts in North Waziristan region after getting approval of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The bombardment comes a day after Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) said a ceasefire can be negotiated upon if the army stopped targeting its members. Official sources told Dawn online that militant hideouts in Dattakhel, Shawan and Mir Ali areas were

targeted. Military sources said the militants involved in the Peshawar cinema blast and an army officer’s killing in frontier region of Peshawar were targeted in Khyber tribal region. At least 172 people, including security personnel and civilians, were killed in 19-day period during the dialogues with the TTP. Sources said the decision over the attacks on militant hideouts in the region was made after three-day meetings between the government and military leaders.

Nepal’s new PM expands cabinet KATHMANDU: Overcoming a row over allocation of the home ministry portfolio with alliance partner Communist Party of NepalUnified Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML), Prime Minister Sushil Koirala Tuesday expanded his two-week-old twomember cabinet by adding 18 more ministers. Koirala administered the oath of office and secrecy to the newlyappointed ministers and one minister of state in the presence of President Ram Baran Yadav at a function in the President Office here. Ending the twoweek deadlock over the expansion of

the cabinet, Koirala’s Nepali Congress (NC) and the CPN-UML on February 24 agreed to 10 ministries each following the prime minister’s assurance to allocate the home portfolio to the CPN-UML. Among those administered the oath by Koirala was the deputy prime minister duo of Prakash Man Singh of NC and Bam Dev Gautam of CPN-UML. The ministers from the two parties were sworn-in in the presence of President Yadav, Vice President Parmananda Jha, leaders of political parties, dignitaries and other high-ranking government officials.

Lanka rejects UN report on war crimes COLOMBO: Sri Lanka’s government has rejected a call by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navanetham Pillay to establish an international inquiry to investigate alleged war crimes as the country prepares to face a fresh resolution in Geneva next week, a statement said on February 25. In response to a report compiled by Pillay after a visit to Sri Lanka in 2013 on alleged violations of international humanitarian laws including killing of civilians during the last phase of a three-decade conflict in 2009, the Sri Lankan govern-

ment insisted “conclusions and recommendations contained in her report reflect bias and are tantamount to unwanted interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state”, Xinhua reported. The permanent mission of Sri Lanka to the UN in Geneva said that “a trajectory that has emerged with regard to the recommendation of the high commissioner for the establishment of an international inquiry mechanism reflects the preconceived, politicized and prejudicial agenda which she has relentlessly pursued with regard to Sri Lanka”.



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india news




New front to take on Congress, BJP Around a dozen political outfits join hands to counter bigwigs Congress and BJP in the coming general elections IANS, NEW DELHI


grouping of 11 non-UPA, non-NDA parties on February 26 announced that they will work for defeat of Congress and BJP in the coming Lok Sabha elections and provide an alternative with “secular, federal and pro-people development agenda”. The parties, which include the Samajwadi Party, AIADMK, Janata Dal-United (JD-U), Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S), apart from the four Left parties, said it was “time for change and to throw out Congress from power” and “BJP and communal forces must be defeated”. The grouping said they would decide on the prime ministerial can-

Non-bailable warrant against Subrata Roy NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on february 26 issued a non-bailable warrant against Sahara group chief Subrata Roy for failing to appear before it in person as directed at the court’s last hearing. The case relates to the non-refund of money to investors. On February 26, as the court commenced, it enquired whether Subrata Roy and three other directors of two Sahara companies were present in the court.

The Supreme Court on February 20 had asked Roy and three directors of Sahara India Real Estate Corporation Limited (SIRECL) and Sahara Housing Investment Corporation Limited (SHICL) Ashok Roy Choudhary, Ravi Shankar Dubey and Vandana Barghava to be present in the court on February 26. The court was told that the directors of SIRECL and SHICL were present, but Roy could not come as he had to rush to Lucknow to see his ailing mother. The court then issued the non-bailable warrant against Roy and directed him to be present in the court on March 4.

Alliance has been marked by “massive corruption, unprecedented price rise, acute distress of farmers and glaring inequalities”, he said: “We do not want Congress and UPA to continue in power. We will work for defeat of UPA.” The BJP’s basic policies were “no different” from those of the Congress, he said, claiming that on the issue of corruption, the record of BJP-ruled states and that of the National Democratic Alliance government was “as bad or worse as (of) Congress and UPA”. “Today, the challenge before us by the BJP and its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is the challenge to the very edifice of secular society,” Karat said. (L-R) Sitaram Yechuri, H D Deve Gowda, A B Bardhan, Nitish Kumar, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Prakash Karat and Sharad “We need alternative to BJP and Yadav in New Delhi on February 26. The leaders resolved to provide an alternative to the two big parties. Congress. Leaders of 11 parties resolved today to work together to didate after the elections expected in resolved to fight upcoming Lok that leaders of 11 parties should present an alternative before the Sabha elections together,” he said. meet and decide on cooperation and country,” he said, but remained April-May. The meeting was not attended by working together,” he said. Briefing reporters after the meetnon-committal on the front extending, Communist Party of India- Asom Gana Parishad and Biju JanaOn seat sharing, Karat said each ing support to the Congress or takMarxist leader Prakash Karat said ta Dal but Karat said the leaders of party will ensure success in their ing support from it. the parties will work to provide an these parties had conveyed in states, while they will “pool The 11 parties also issued a joint alternative to the Congress and advance their reasons for not being resources at all-India level”. declaration which said that the rule Bharatiya Janata Party at the Centre. able to attend. “Keeping in mind Contending the “misrule” of of UPA-II government has been “Leaders of 11 parties have Lok Sabha elections, we decided Congress-led United Progressive marked by “all-round problems”.

HC frowns at Sanjay Dutt paroles IANS, MUMBAI


n an embarrassment for the Maharashtra government, the Bombay High Court on February 25 pulled up it up for showing “extra diligence” to convicted Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt in the matter of granting him repeated paroles. A division bench of Justice N. H. Patil and Justice V.L. Achliya also directed the government to form a committee of senior officials from the Home, Law and Judiciary departments, representatives of jail administration and others to suggest amendments to the rules and procedures related to screening of parole and furlough pleas by convicts. This committee must submit its

report and the state government’s steps in this regard within four weeks, said the bench. Dutt was recently granted a parole extention till March 21 by the Pune divisional commissioner on grounds that he had to tend to his ailing wife Maanyata. The judges also criticized the bond amount of `5,000 for granting parole.

Shinde retracts media remark NEW DELHI: Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde on February 25 clarified that he did not threaten to crush the country’s electronic media and was instead referring to the social media. “I have specifically said that social media incited violence against students from the North-East in Hyderabad and Karnataka. I have not said anything against journalists. My comments were misinterpreted,” he said. Shinde created controversy on February 23 for allegedly threatening to “crush” the country’s electronic media as he said a section of it was portraying the Congress party negatively. Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari defended Shinde and the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, and accused opposition Aam Aadmi Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party of “hounding the media”.

‘MPs may lose people’s respect’ proceedings,” Keishing told IANS. “But these days we see members ishang Keishing, 94, shouting on top of their voices in arguably India’s — and per- the temple of democracy and haps the world’s — oldest members rushing to the well of the lawmaker who has served four house instead of spending their terms in Parliament, laments the valuable time inside the house. I depths to which parliamentary am telling you people are watching proceedings have plummeted but what is happening inside Parliais confident that the younger gen- ment. I am worried that people eration will restore the balance. may not respect Parliament any The four-time Manipur chief more and aren’t you worried too?” minster, escaped many an assassi- he asked. nation attempt. At the same time, he has not lost Reminiscing about his two hope as he strongly feels that terms as a Lok Sabha member, the India’s younger generation “is veteran leader rued the behavior of well-educated and many of them members disrupting the proceed- are now taking part in active poliings as had happened in the last tics to take the country to a new few sessions. path of development and to do it “I feel very sad about what we further good”. now see in Parliament. It is no The tribal Thangkhul Naga, longer what it used to be. I who hails from Bungpa Khunou remember those constructive, village in Ukhrul district, made his articulate debates which make you maiden entry into the Lok Sabha think. Members respected the on the Indian Socialist Party ticket speaker and no one disrupt the in 1952. RAYMOND KHARMUJAI, IMPHAL




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Jaya’s mercy trip will scuttle her PM ambition

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister must have known that not only will her attempt to emerge as the champion of the cause of Tamil Eelam be shot down by the Supreme Court but also that she will be regarded with curiosity and distrust in the rest of the country AMULYA GANGULI, NEW DELHI


. Jayalalithaa may have edged ahead of her rivals in Tamil Nadu by her unusual move to try to set free seven people convicted in Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination after the Supreme Court commuted the death sentences of three of them into life imprisonment. But in the process, she appears to have botched her chances of being a serious contender for the prime minister’s post. In retrospect, however, the entire drama looks like a set-piece affair whose prologue and epilogue are known. For a start, the Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa addresses a function in Chennai on February 21.(Photo: IANS)

of their commitment to the sepachief minister could not have ratist agenda of the Sri Lankan believed that she would get away Tamils even if their chances of with a highly controversial initiaJayalalithaa’s success have become remote in tive whose legality was not the move has confirmed that the aftermath of the defeat of only point in doubt. She must have known that not only will the regional leaders are yet to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil acquire the outlook to play a Eelam (LTTE). Nor is it cerher attempt to emerge as the tain that the Sri Lankan champion of the cause of national role. They are Tamils want to go down that Tamil Eelam be shot down by unable to take a broader fateful road again. the Supreme Court but also that view But for a chief minister to initiate she will be regarded with curiosity a process by which those involved in and distrust in the rest of the counthe assassination of a former prime try. If anything, Jayalalithaa’s move minister of India will be able to has confirmed that the regional leaders are yet to acquire the outlook view. The kind of chauvinism roam free with impunity cannot but to play a national role. They are so demonstrated by Jayalalithaa can be seem unacceptable to a large body of preoccupied with local issues that expected from smaller parties in public opinion in the country. Even they are unable to take a broader Tamil Nadu which make no secret in Tamil Nadu, it is doubtful how

sizeable is the percentage of the population which will welcome such a move notwithstanding the belief that the AIADMK’s voting percentage will shoot up. It goes without saying that both the ruling AIADMK and the main Opposition party in the state have been guided by crassest of motives in seeking reprieve for those linked to the 1991 murder. The fact that the killers belonged to one of the most ruthless terrorist groups which not only killed Sinhalese politicians but also moderate Tamils groups shows the LTTE does not deserve the high regard with which it is held by some Tamil Nadu outfits.

A ‘volatility’ index in India adapting Chicago model VATSAL SRIVASTAVA, NEW DELHI


he Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffet once said participants should treat market fluctuations as a friend rather than an enemy. Indian investors will now have a product to do just that. The National Stock Exchange (NSE) introduced the VIX futures (volatility index with contract symbol of IndiaViX) on February 26. This derivative can be used by both hedgers who can protect the risks of their equity portfolios and speculators who can take outright directional bets on the expected nearterm volatility. The volatility index is also known as the “fear index” in the Western markets. It was first launched by the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) in 1993. Although the pricing of VIX is relatively complex and involves a

NSE should also look to introduce a VIX options contract soon deep understanding of implied volatility and the options market, the underlying trading idea is quite basic. The VIX shows the markets

expectation of the next 30-day volatility. Higher the India VIX reading, the more volatility market participants are expecting and vice-

versa. If investors are expecting large sideways movement in equity indexes, such as the S&P 500 or the Nifty, one trading strategy could be to go long on VIX futures. VIX values of greater than 30 are generally associated with large amount of volatility as a result of investor fear and uncertainty in the markets, while readings below 20 signify calmer or less-stressful times in the market, going forward. However, these levels should not be used as a rule of thumb while trading. At the peak of the turmoil during the financial crisis of 2008, the U.S. VIX had hit an all time high of 80. However, during the debt ceiling (fiscal cliff) debate over two years ago, the U.S. VIX stood below 20. The success of VIX futures in India would be determined by its liquidity. Over time, efforts must be made by the NSE and other exchanges thatv wish to launch the product in the future, to

educate the retail investor about the advantages of trading on this product and shore up the trading volumes. Further, NSE should also look to introduce a VIX options contract soon. Most fund managers in U.S. and Europe do not take positions in outright VIX futures to hedge their portfolios but prefer buying VIX puts or calls as per their strategy. Option contracts, limit an investors downside after having paid a premium. Although, trading in VIX began on February 26, NSE has been giving out India VIX data since March 2009. For 2014, the India VIX has been range bound. It closed at 15.88 on the first trading day of 2014 and ended at 14.04 last Friday as per NSE data. The India VIX and the Nifty should ideally display a strong level of negative correlation. On days of deep market correction, one can expect the VIX to move up sharply.



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2014 Illinois Primary Elections Tuesday March 18, 2014

The Indo-American Democratic Organization unanimously endorses the candidates listed below for Federal, State and Countywide offices. On Tuesday, March 18, 2014 make your voice heard and VOTE!!! U.S. Senate Richard J. Durbin Governor / Lt. Governor Pat Quinn / Paul Vallas Attorney General Lisa Madigan Secretary of State Jesse White Comptroller Sheila Simon Treasurer Mike Frerichs Illinois State Senate (Dist 39) Don Harmon Cook Co. Board President Toni Preckwinkle Cook Co. Clerk David D. Orr Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, MWRD Frank Avila Timothy “Tim” Bradford Josina Morita

This advertisement can be taken into the voting booth on election day.

Appellate Court Freddrenna M. Lyle John B. Simon David Ellis Countywide Vacancies Cynthia Y. Cobbs Maritza Martinez Caroline Kate Moreland William B. Raines Kristal Rivers Diana Rosario Patricia O'Brien Sheahan Alfred M. Swanson Thomas J. Carroll Daniel J. Kubasiak Andrea M. Buford 9th Sub Circuit Jerry Esring Anjana Hansen Abby Fishman Romanek 10th Sub Circuit Tony Kyriakopoulos 4th Sub Circuit John Michael Allegretti 12th Sub Circuit James E. Hanlon








‘Kundra open for probe’ Rajasthan Royals says it will cooperate in investigation about co-owner Raj Kundra’s alleged role in IPL betting ABHISHEK ROY, NEW DELHI


ajasthan Royals chief executive Raghu Iyer said the franchisee will cooperate with the investigating agencies if they probe its co-owner Raj Kundra’s alleged role in betting in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Iyer also stated that the IPL revenues will take a hit if the Twenty20 league is shifted out of India. Iyer told IANS that even Kundra has agreed to cooperate in the investigation if asked. As for this year’s IPL, he said if it is shifted to South Africa as once in the past, the revenues will take a substantial hit and hoped for a clear picture to emerge after a working committee meeting of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) slated for February 28. Reacting to Justice Mukul Mudgal’s report on spot-fixing and betting, Iyer told IANS that “the report has not indicted Raj, it has merely said his role in the alleged scandal should be further probed.”“In fact, Raj has also agreed to cooperate with the investigating agencies. As a franchise, our stand is very clear, we will cooperate with the investigation

Raj Kundra

‘We will abide by whatever the Supreme Court says in the matter next month and the BCCI decision’ agencies.” The Supreme Court panel headed by Justice (retd) Mukul Mudgal has come down heavily on Kundra and his celebrity actor-wife Shilpa Shetty for their role in betting in the IPL. Mudgal in his report to the apex court said the

couple should be suspended from participating in any activity of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), including IPL matches, pending outcome of the probe. “We will abide by whatever the Supreme Court says in the matter next month and the BCCI decision,” Iyer said on the sidelines of a seminar organized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). Asked whether the BCCI had its checks and balances in place when the IPL was launched, Iyer said: “They were, but maybe certain things go diluted. When the league was launched, only a billion- dollar company could bid for a team. These were BBCI’s decisions and we can’t complain about it hindsight if they didn’t work.” Iyer said whatever happened with Rajasthan Royals, whose three cricketers were arrested by Delhi Police for their role in alleged spot-fixing in the IPL, was unfortunate. “What more can we do to check the bona fides or the morality of a player? Rahul Dravid and I have always been asked whether matchfixing will end forever. The answer is: there will always be some individuals who will indulge in malpractices, these will be isolated cases.”

Saina seeded 7th at England Open BIRMINGHAM: Olympic bronze medallist Saina Nehwal has been seeded seventh in the $400,000 All England Open Badminton Championships to be held here on March 4-9. The World No.7 is the only Indian who has been seeded in the prestigious

Gilmour of Scotland. The Hyderabadi could have a possible meeting with 18year-old P.V. Sindhu in the semifinals. The World Championship bronze medallist will open her round against Yu Sun of China. Parupalli Kashyap and Kidambi

The world number 7 is the only Indian who has been seeded in the prestigious Super Series Premier tournament Super Series Premier tournament which will host its 104th edition at the National Indoor Arena. Saina, whose best performance at All England have been two semifinal appearances in 2010 and 2013, will open her campaign against Kirsty

Srikanth are the only two Indians to have got direct entry into the main draw of men’s singles. There are no other Indians currently in the main draws of any of the five categories. However, a host of Indians will be vying for the main draw by participating in the qualifiers.

India aim to retain No.2 Sodhi’s priority: Defending Asiad title position in ICC rankings IANS, NEW DELHI


ndia’s top double trap shooter Ronjan Sodhi has a clear cut goal for 2014 — He wants to defend his Asian Games title and do enough at the World Championships to secure a qualifying spot for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Besides the two tournaments, Sodhi has four World Cup meets and the Commonwealth Games to deal with. “It will be a packed year. The training so far has been good. The most



ndia started their campaign in the Asia Cup, which commenced from February 25 in Dhaka, with an aim to retaining the number-two spot on the Reliance ICC ODI Team Rankings at the April 1 cut-off date. At number two, India is the highest ranked side in the five-team tournament, with 115 ratings points, and will contest the tournament that also features fourthranked Sri Lanka, sixth-placed Pakistan, ninth-placed Bangladesh and unranked Afghanistan. The side that finishes top of the ODI rankings table at the April 1 cut-off date will receive a shield and a cheque of $175,000, while the side that finishes second will receive $75,000. India held the number-one rank from January 2013, but ceded the top position to Australia after losing the recent ODI series against New Zealand 0-4. Australia are now assured of the number-one ranking on the Reliance ICC ODI Team Rankings on the April 1 cut-off date, with 117 ratings points, and will receive the ODI Shield as well as the cheque of

$175,000. Even if India were to win all their matches in the Asia Cup, including the final, they would gain only two ratings points to move to 117, on par with Australia. But when ratings are calculated beyond the decimal point, Michael Clarke’s side will be ranked higher. Therefore, India can at best hope to retain the number-two position at the end of the Asia Cup, but their position will be challenged by fourth-ranked Sri Lanka.

competitive event will be the Asian Games where I defend my title. Not to forget, the World Championships will offer a quota place for the Rio Olympics,” Sodhi told IANS in an interaction here on February 25. Sodhi stressed on the importance of doing well at the World Championships in Grenada, Spain in September. Sixty-four Olympics spots will be up for grabs at shooting’s premier competition. “The worlds have a quota place and if you are able to qualify two years before Rio, you can sit and relax and go about your training in a planned manner,” said the 34-year-

and it is tough to forget what happened in London. I will prepare as hard as I can to not succumb to any form of pressure at Rio,” said the affable shooter. The Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna awardee heads to Italy again next month to prepare for the first World Cup to be held at Tucson in the U.S. on April 8-15. “Italy has been like a second home now. Like every year, I will be visiting the country three to four times a year.” He has been one of the four shotgun shooters to have received `50 lakh from the government for exposure and competing in international tournaments. “There is nothing to complain on the gov-

‘Italy has been like a second home. Like every year, I will be visiting the country three to four times a year’ old who still has nightmares about not making the double trap final at the 2012 London Olympics where he was considered a top medal prospect. “I am a human being

ernment front. It is doing a fantastic job and has come up with a policy that will groom shooters till the 2020 Olympics,” he added.




Registered voters don’t need a reason or excuse to vote early. Chicago voters may use any of the City’s 51 sites. Voters must present government photo ID during Early Voting.

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March 3 - March 15 Monday - Saturday 9 am - 5 pm WARD 1 2 3 4 5

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Stores selling e-cigs to kids to be fined BY A STAFF WRITER


ook County authorities will have broader power to crack down on vendors who sell and market electronic cigarettes to minors, under a measure passed by the county board on February 19. The measure is similar to a state law banning the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, but goes a step further by allowing the county Department of Public Health to issue a $250 fine to stores that flout the law which also requires e-cigarettes to be kept in secured displays. Just like with regular cigarettes, a

New rules in India for tourist-visa-on-arrival



s per current Government of India regulations, the ‘Tourist Visa on Arrival (TVoA) facility is granted only at eight airports in India--Delhi, Mumbia, Chennai, Kolkata, Thiruvananthapuram, Bengaluru, Hyderbad and Kochi. This facility is available for nationals of 11 countries--Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Singapore, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, and Myanmar. However, there is an increase in the number of cases of penalty being levied on airlines for bringing in passengers, wishing to avail of the ‘TVoA’, at airports, where this facility is not granted. For example, in one particular instance, a passenger was through checked up to Amritsar, where such facility was not available. This has resulted in penalty of Rs. 100,000 on an airline by the Bureau of Immigration. In order to curb the situation and avoid such instances/resultant penalty on the airline, the following instructions have been given for strict compliance: --Such passengers wishing to avail of the TVoA facility must be checked-in only up to the gateway airports in India as mentioned above and their baggage labeled accordingly. --Do not through check-in ‘TVoA’ passengers up to interior domestic stations. --Foreign stations should send an advance message of ‘VoA’ passengers, to the gateway station in India. --Domestic g Gateway stations in India should check that visa/travel documents are in order prior to boarding passengers on other domestic flights departing from an international terminal.

consumer would have to request an e-cigarette from a store attendant and show identification proving their age. The law, which only applies to unincorporated parts of Cook County and suburbs with a populations of less than 50,000, is tooled to stop e-cigarette companies from marketing to kids, said Commissioner Jeff Tobolski, D-McCook, who sponsored the measure. “They are bubble gum-flavored, they are cherry-flavored. They have these out, displaying them around the Tootsie Rolls and the gum — all the stuff kids love when they go into in the store,” Tobolski said.

“What is the point of giving these e-cigarettes to kids other than to get them addicted to nicotine, which will lead them to smoking cigarettes?”, he asked In other actions taken during the board

Salam Restaurant to please gourmets also in Lincoln Park


$300K for parents of girl killed by police car


INCOLN PARK (IL)— A longtime Middle Eastern restaurant in Albany Park has opened a location in Lincoln Park. Salam Restaurant, which started as a hole-inthe-wall storefront with five tables and two cooks in 1989, has been slowly expanding ever since. The Lincoln Park location at 1524 W. Fullerton Ave. opened on February 21 with a mostly traditional and very affordable menu with items such as masabaha, hummus, falafil, kabobs, kalayas and a shawarma plate. Most of the food has roots in Jordan and Palestine. Muhammad Shadeh, manager of both the Lincoln Park and Albany Park restaurants, said the owners liked the new location because the neighborhood lacked similar Middle Eastern options. “There’s a different type of people here,” he said. “The college people, businesses people

— we are trying to attract some other types of customers.” The new Lincoln Park space is decked out in Middle Eastern decor and has seating for about 50 people on the first floor and another 50 in a private party room in the basement. The current ownership of the restaurant had bought Salam, which translates to “peace,” from the original owner about 10 years ago and began the expansion from a small storefront to the Kedzie location.

NJ woman sues Dunkin’ Donuts after hot cider burns


meeting, commissioners awarded a $2.4 million settlement to 21 deputies who brought suit against Sheriff Tom Dart. The board also approved a $24,705 worker’s compensation claim made by Carmen Berrios — sister to Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios. According to county records, Carmen Berrios was an administrative assistant for the Board of Review, when she tripped over an outlet protruding from the floor in April of 2007 and injured her shoulder. At the time, her brother Joe Berrios was a commissioner on the Board of Review, which rules on property tax objections.


SSEX COUNTY (NJ) — A New Jersey woman who claims she was badly burned after spilling hot apple cider purchased at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Belleville has filed suit against the owneroperator of the franchise. Jennifer Fragoso, 24, said she had permanent scarring on her thighs even though she was treated at The Burn Center at St. Barnabas in Livingston. She claims she might still need surgery after suffering

second- and third-degree burns on September 24, 2012. Fragoso said she was sitting in her car in the parking lot when the lid came loose and the drink tumbled over. The suit was filed in Superior Court in Essex County against Dunkin’ Donuts and Anju Donuts. According to her lawyer, while Fragoso expected the cider to be hot, the “temperature exceeded reasonableness and posed a safety hazard.”

Suhani Bhakta



he parents of 12-year-old Suhani Bhakta who was killed in Wichita, Kansas on February 12, 2012, by a police car have been awarded $300,000 by the city of Wichita in a wrongful death lawsuit. Bhakta was killed when a police officer, Atlee Vogt, while responding to the burglary report, drove over the speed limit and did not use the car’s emergency lights or siren. The 7th grade student at Mayberry Middle School in Wichita died after she was hit while attempting to cross the street near the family’s motel. The family filed the lawsuit 11 months after the accident. While the Wichita police department maintained in court that Vogt was following police department procedure and might have been obstructed from seeing the girl by another vehicle, the judge ruled in favor of the Bhakta family.

Shobhana Verma to help expand voter services in Chicago Fund-raising scam by teen-agers



hobhana Johri Verma is the Chicago Election Board’s first-ever liaison with the city’s Asian-Indian voters and community organizations. Ms. Johri Verma’s work with the Election Board involves coordinating language-assistance in the polling places for Asian-Indian voters, as well as community outreach to Asian-Indian community groups. Her work involves recruiting bilingual Judges of Election who are fluent in English/ Hindi, English/Gujarati and English/Urdu. Under the federal Voting Rights Act, bilingual judges must be available in designated precincts to provide language assistance to voters on Election Day. Ms. Johri Verma’s duties also involve

Shobhana Verma promoting voter-registration and providing equipment demonstrations. She also oversees voting-material translations in Hindi for the Election Board. “Ms. Johri Verma brings extensive experience

in outreach, and we are pleased that she has agreed to work with us on expanding voter services in Chicago,” said Election Board Chairman Langdon D. Neal. Ms. Johri Verma’s experience includes defending and promoting human rights, including advocacy for rape victims, legal research to combat human trafficking, and film and print-media work in Chicago, Los Angeles and India on a variety of vital gender issues. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Master’s degree in Women’s Studies from Lucknow University, as well as a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies from the University of Cincinnati. She is also a parent volunteer in the Chicago Public Schools. Ms. Johri Verma joins an Election Board Community Services team that provides language assistance to Chicago’s Hispanic, Chinese and Polish communities.



t Louis – The Northwest R-1 School district said some parents had said they had been approached by two teens claiming to be raising money for a fourth-grader down with a serious illness. The principal of Brennan Woods Elementary learned of the sentimental storyline that turned out to be a scam earlier this week. The student they spoke about did not exist and the story was made up. Parents said the teens hit a nearby neighborhood going door-to-door with a story so convincing that at least one parent made a donation.


FEBRUARY 28, 2014





UPAGE COUNTY (IL) -- The Democratic Party of DuPage County (DPDC) celebrated its Presidents’ Day Gala 2014 with great enthusiasm on February 22 at Carlisle Banquets, 435 E Butterfield Rd, Lombard IL. Bob Peickert, DuPage County Democratic Party Chairman, said the exciting program was organized to celebrate “our growth in the county and our growth as a party”, and thanked the 300 supporters who came out to applaud the Democratic officials elected to national, state and local government in the most recent election. This year’s theme was “Rebuilding the Middle class, Rebuilding the American Dream”. The 2014 award winners were: Rose Fitzpatrick who received the Kathryn “Tinker” Harvey Pioneer Award and Steve Bosco from Naperville Township Democratic Party who was presented

Dr Seema Ashrafi is now interim associate dean

Dr. Seema Ashrafi



HICAGO-IL Dr. Seema Ashrafi, clinical associate professor, department of periodontics, has been named interim associate dean for academic affairs at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry. Her primary responsibility is the academic components of the DMD, International Dentist Degree, Advanced Standing DMD, and six specialty certificate programs. She oversees admissions for all students in the specialty programs and the student registration process for all programs. In her new role, Dr. Ashrafi also chairs the subcommittees on student promotions and chairs the institutional effectiveness committee. She approves students to take national boards, oversees the faculty evaluation and course evaluation process, and performs a variety of other academically related duties as well. She noted that her main goal was to help students. “I am the students’ advocate, and that’s exciting for me,” Dr. Ashrafi said. “I’m there for the students, and I want to help them and make sure everything at the college facilitates them doing their best work.” Dr. Ashrafi earned her DDS in 1993, her MS in Histology in 1994, and her Certificate in Periodontics in 1999, all from the College. She has been on the faculty since 1999.

The Democratic Party of DuPage County officers and volunteers

with Precinct Committeeman of the Year Award. A special recognition award was given to three incredible women who served on the DuPage County Board in 1974. They are Jane Spirgel, Mary Eleanor Wall and Elaine Libovicz who were honored with an award for their service to the county. Paul Vallas, who is running f or

Lieutenant Governor of IL, commended the efforts of Governor Quinn in creating more jobs, expanding early childhood education programs, improving K-12 and special education programs, creating funding for veterans benefits and implementing Medicaid reform in Illinois. Keynote speaker Bill Press, a talk radio host, liberal political commentator

and author, emphasized the importance of focusing on the current 2014 election and winning the House of Representatives back which requires the Democrats to win 17 seats. He strongly urged the Democrats to put in their best efforts and work hard to ensure victory in 2014. He stated important priorities for the Democratic Party which are raising the minimum wage, extending unemployment insurance benefit, and protecting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. T h e Tr u s t e e s a n d E x e c u t i v e Committee Members of the IndoAmerican Democratic Organization were represented by Dr. Ram Gajjela (past president), Dr. Ashish Sen (president) and Jitendra Diganvker (director). They were joined by several prominent community leaders from the Indo-Pak community. The sponsors for the Presidents’ Day Gala 2014 were Ram Gajjela and many unions, including UAW and the West suburban Teachers Union.

Indian-American profs honored with IEEE awards BY A STAFF WRITER


r. Sanjay Madria, a professor in the Department of Computer Science at Missouri University of Science and Technology, is a recent recipient of the IEEE Computer Society’s Golden Core Award, a plaque awarded for long-standing member or staff service to the society. Madria’s research revolves around resource management, data management, security and handling attacks in wireless sensor networks, mobile ad hoc networks and cloud computing. In the Web and Wireless Computing Lab, the Indian American researcher has small miniature devices called motes that can self-organize themselves to create a wireless sensor network and can send data to a given base station. While Madria received his B.S. degree from Delhi University, he earned his master’s degree and doctorate from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

Dr. Sanjay Madria

Two Indian-American professors have received a 2014 IEEE Technical Field Award in their respective fields. The IEEE Andrew S. Grove Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions

Georgia grocery store is robbed by gunmen BY A STAFF WRITER


n employee at a grocery store in Cordele, GA, was shot during an armed robbery on February 24 as the business was getting ready to close for the night. The Cordele Food Mart on East 24th Ave. was attacked by a group of robbers who came in firing shots, and were caught on camera. The robbers knocked down a pregnant worker behind the counter and went for the cash register. One employee who was walking across the store ducked for cover but got shot and had to be hopsitalisd. According to store owner Neil Patel, the area is not safe as the robbers are still at large. “It’s getting worse and worse. I used to walk to the store. I used to walk to the house. Now I’ll be scared just to go from my store to my car,” said Patel, and recalled that ten years ago when he opened for business, there was virtually no criminal activity.

to solid-state devices and technology, was presented to Dr. Sanjay Kumar Banerjee, a Cockrell Regents Chair professor of electrical and computer engineering and director, Microelectronics Center at the University of Texas, Austin, “for contributions to column-IV MOSFETs and related materials processing.” Dr. Balaji Prabhakar, a professor at Stanford University in Stanford, Calif., received the IEEE Innovation in Societal Infrastructure Award “for his demonstration of the innovative use of information technology and distributed computing systems to solve long-standing societal problems, in areas ranging from transportation to healthcare and recycling.” The award recognizes significant technological achievements and contributions to the establishment, development, and proliferation of innovative societal infrastructure systems through the application of information technology with an emphasis on distributed computing systems.

Thick fog grounds 400 flights from Chicago’s airports BY A STAFF WRITER


Neil Patel

“I’ve been here almost 16 years and I haven’t seen nothing like this.” His other store, US Discount, on the same street, was also robbed in January.

HICAGO — Thick fog and high winds forced officials at Midway Airport to ground all inbound and outbound flights on Feruary 27 afternoon. The city’s Aviation Department also said that hundreds of flights from O’Hare were also canceled. On February 27 morning, the city was under a flood watch after mounds of snow and ice melted as temperatures rose to the high 40s. By mid-day, the city was covered in a dense fog that limited visibility Downtown to almost zero. By 4.30 pm, the city’s airports had canceled more than 400 flights, including more than 285 from O’Hare due to low visibility.




x 20


Anushka, Alia vie for KJo’s next

Survival of outsiders tough in B’wood: Neha Sharma

MUMBAI: Anushka Sharma and Alia Bhatt are reportedly vying with each other to star opposite Sidharth Malhotra in Tarun Mansukhani’s remake of 2006 film Priceless. The film is being produced by Karan Johar. “Karan is really impressed with Alia’s acting potential ever since he launched her in Student Of The Year. On the other hand, he is also keen to work with Anushka. Both fit the bill perfectly,” said a source. So the fight is close between the two. “Alia and Anushka are aware that Karan has them in mind. Both the girls are enthusiastic about the role and have their fingers crossed.”

MUMBAI: Actress Neha Sharma says the going gets tougher in Bollywood when you’re an “outsider”. “As an outsider (from a non-film background), survival in Bollywood is difficult as networking is very important...Many get work because of recommendations, but still there are auditions for actors,” Neha said here. The actress started her Bollywood career with Crook in 2010, and has since starred in films like Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum, Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story and Yamla Pagla Deewana. Neha is now gearing up for the release of Youngistaan, in which she shares screen space with Jackky Bhagnani. She says she is happy with her career graph “as I am not from the industry. I am still an auditioning actor and I am very satisfied at the moment.”

Did Kushal quit show because of Ajaz? MUMBAI: Kushal Tandon has reportedly quit TV adventure show Khatron Ke Khiladi and Ajaz Khan claims that Kushal left in a huff because of him. “When Kushal saw me in Cape Town, he quit the show. His entire body was aching... He had to leave,” said Ajaz from Cape Town, where the show is being shot. Ajaz also said that Gauahar, who is close with Kushal, too has threatened to quit the show when she saw Ajaz in Cape Town.

Dad surprised by Alia’s singing skills MUMBAI: Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, whose daughter Alia Bhatt has crooned a song in her second film Highway, says he had no idea she could sing as well. “It was a surprise for me! I had no idea that she also sings so well. When she become versatile and goddess Saraswati blessed her, we have no idea,” the 65-year-old said here at an event here. Alia has crooned Sooha saha for the movie, which released on February 21. The 20-year-old is getting a good response for her performance in “Highway”, a road film directed by Imtiaz Ali.

‘Wasn’t case of casting couch’ MUMBAI: Actress Geetika Tyagi, who has used a video on a social networking platform to accuse Jolly LLB filmmaker Subhash Kapoor of “forcing himself” on her and “dragging her” during a party held over a year ago, says it was not a case of casting couch as is being reported in the media. The video posted on YouTube shows Geetika slapping Subhash. She is seen confronting him too. Once the video caught the eye of viewers, Geetika released a statement blaming the media for giving the whole incident a different twist “without checking out the video properly”. “After much contemplation and courage, I took that step of uploading the stronger evidence,” she was quoted as saying.

Kangana relates to ‘Rani’ MUMBAI: Kangana Ranaut’s character Rani from the film Queen lacks confidence, but the actress says she relates to the fighting spirit and “never give up” attitude associated with the role. Directed by Vikas Bahl, Queen focuses on a girl named Rani, her journey of growing up as an individual, and how she rediscovers her identity while on a honeymoon alone.

‘Balika Vadhu is best thing to happen to me’ MUMBAI: TV actor Siddharth Shukla says that a role in popular show Balika Vadhu, which recently clocked 1,500 episodes, is the best thing that has happened to him. “I am really grateful to Balika Vadhu for the recognition I have got because of it. People know me and like me because of it. Balika Vadhu is the best thing to have happened to me,” Siddharth said here. Balika Vadhu went on air 2008 with the launch of channel Colors. Siddharth plays Shivraj Shekhar aka Shiv in the show, which stars Toral Rasputra as the female lead. The handsome actor salutes the show’s writers for managing to keep the audience hooked to it for so long. “It feels good that our show has completed 1500 episodes. Very few shows reach this milestone. Usually, today when there are so many channels and shows, most of them don’t continue for very long,” Siddharth said at a party.




‘Being self-made has toughened me’ The actor is proud to have carved a niche for herself without the help of any guardian angel ANJURI NAYAR, MUMBAI


n an industry dominated by the Khans and the Kapoors, Priyanka Chopra is proud to have made her own space without the support of any guardian angel. “I came into the movie business with no help and no one to guide me. I take pride in the fact that I am self-made and I have become tough over the years,” Priyanka, whose latest film Gunday released on February 14, told IANS in a telephonic interview from Mumbai. The ‘desi girl’ was born to a physician couple in the Indian Army. Her first brush with showbiz came when she stormed her way to success at the Miss World pageant in 2000. A career in movies was waiting to happen, and she was noticed with the 2003 film Andaaz. In her over 10 years’ association with Bollywood, she has essayed various roles and even pocketed a best actress National Award for Fashion. But Priyanka believes she still has a long way to go in the industry. “There is so much more that I have to do and which I will do. As long as people watch me or want to be entertained by me, I will find ways of entertaining them as I am a performer and that is what I intend to be,” said Priyanka, who has excelled in films like Kaminey, 7 Khoon Maaf and Barfi. For now, the shooting of a biopic on Olympic medal-winning boxer M.C. Mary Kom is keeping Priyanka busy.

Imtiaz not affected by ‘Highway’ response MUMBAI: Director Imtiaz Ali is not affected by the mixed response that his latest film Highway is fetching in theatres. In fact, he believes it just shows that his film is making people think. “I had to make this film and I made it, and put in my best. Mixed reactions mean that people are thinking,” he said in Mumbai at a PVR Cinemas hall on February 22.The director said: “I have no problem with it. It’s good that there are mixed reactions. At least there are opinions. It is actually dangerous when people just say, ‘It’s good’,” he added. — IANS


t is easy to dismiss all films of the horror genre as surplus spook, more amusing and annoying than scary. Once in a while there comes a clutter-breaker among the harvest of scare fests that descend on us annually in batches of boo-startle. Darr@The Mall is done with less stress on savagery than the genre favors. Though the head count does multiply alarmingly as the story progresses, we are pulled into the supernatural mayhem more by intelligent forces that grisly gimmicks. The characters get into the bloody mess without swimming in a tide of hysterical terror. The film is set in an eerily emptied-out mall where various supernatural shapes come and go at will leaving behind a harvest of unfinished business from a past trespass to be dealt with in the present. In a sense, this film is more about guilt and the conscience than horror in the highlands.


Yami relates to ‘Total Siyapaa’ character IANS, MUMBAI


ctress Yami Gautam says she can relate to her character in her forthcoming film Total Siyapaa because she has experienced the same situations in real life. A cross-border love story, Yami is seen as Punjabi girl Asha who falls in love with a Pakistani, Aman, played Pakistani singeractor Ali Zafar. “I think in terms of situations and gravity of the problems, I am little closer to Asha,” Yami said on February 23 here while promoting her film. Directed by E. Niwas and written by Neeraj Pandey, Total Siyapaa also features Kirron Kher and Anupam Kher. It is slated to release March 7.

‘Not portraying Rahul Gandhi’ MUMBAI: Actor Jackky Bhagnani is playing a politician in Youngistaan, but his role is not modeled on Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi. “I am interested in politics and I have always kept a tab on it. You may find the similarity in the looks, but I am not portraying Rahul Gandhi in the film,” Jackky told IANS. Directed by Syed Ahmad Afzal, the film also featuring late actor Farooque Sheikh and Neha Sharma will hit the

‘Darr@The Mall’: Scarily Yours, Truly Film: Darr@The Mall; Cast: Jimmy Shergill, Nushrat Bharucha, Arif Zakaria; Directed by Pawan Kripalani; Rating:***

screens March 28. Recalling his shooting experience with Farooque, who will be seen in a prominent role in Youngistaan, Jackky said: “Farooque Sheikhji is playing my kind of father. It is a triangle love story between me, Neha and Farooque sir’s character.” Farooque Sheikh died of a sudden cardiac arrest in Dubai in December last year. He was 65. “For Farooque sir’s character, he was our first choice because looking at him you realize, he is the most clean person...he’s so experienced, but he would hardly talk about himself.” — IANS

The narrative moves at an even pace, quickly eliminating characters so that we zero in on the evil core of the malaise without losing time or momentum There are some smartly done set-pieces of terror in the narrative meant to get the audiences riveted to the edge of their seats. A death in a skating rink is shot with austere anxiety. Director Pawan Kripalani goes easy on the gore, focusing rather on building the story up to a rather moving finale where the mystery of the mauling the mall is unravelled. Darr@The Mall is one of the more polished products of the much-abused horror genre.This one tends to hold itself back from the excesses associated with the genre. When was the last time we saw terror pumped without cleavage? The moaning glory is held up without cheap props. And that in itself is reason enough to applaud this film. — Subhash K. Jha






Spying on NJ Muslims was legal, rules court




EW JERSEY-A federal judge has ruled that the New York Police Department’s surveillance of Muslims in New Jersey was a lawful effort to prevent terrorism, and not a civil rights violation. In a decision filed on Feruary 20 in federal court in Newark, US District Judge William Martini dismissed a lawsuit brought in 2012 by eight Muslims who alleged that the NYPD’s surveillance programs were unconstitutional because they focused on religion, national origin and race. The suit had accused the department of spying on ordinary people at mosques, restaurants and schools in New Jersey since 2002. Martini said he was not convinced that the plaintiffs were targeted solely because of their religion. “The more likely explanation for the surveillance was to locate budding terrorist conspiracies,” he wrote. The judge added: “The police could not have monitored New Jersey for Muslim terrorist activities without monitoring the Muslim community itself.” Farhaj Hassan, a plaintiff in the case and a U.S. soldier who served in Iraq, said he was disappointed by the ruling.

“I have dedicated my career to serving my country, and this just feels like a slap in the face — all because of the way I pray,” he said. The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) in New York and the California-based civil rights organization Muslim Advocates, which represented the plaintiffs, also called the decision ‘troubling’.

“In addition to willfully ignoring the harm that our innocent clients suffered from the NYPD’s illegal spying program, by upholding the NYPD’s blunderbuss Muslim surveillance practices, the court’s decision gives legal sanction to the targeted discrimination of Muslims anywhere and everywhere in this country, without limitation, for no other reason

After LLM at 63, he aspires for a doctorate at 67 BY A STAFF WRITER


is advancing age did not deter an Indian American from pounding books to obtain a masters degree in law when

he was 63. Now 67, New Jersey-based Bhagwan Dass Ahuja is still champing at the bit to register himself for a doctorate in Law. At a time when most people hang up their boots, Ahuja, father of four with threee grandchildren, cleared the LLM degree at the age of 63 from James E Beasley School of Law, Temple University, Philadelphia, and is now aspiring to register for Ph D in Law on Human Rights even though he is now aged 67, said to be a ‘rarest of rare’ case. Born to poor parents in India in 1947, Ahuja studied under street light and was forced to accept a job at Rs.80 a month after passing out of the high school in 1966. Married in 1969, he raised four kids and worked as a clerk, rose to the post as bank manager before he decided to shift to


the United States carrying with him two law degrees--LL.B and LL.M. Starting his career al over again from scratch by working 16 hours a day. Four years ago, he decided to pursue his dream of obtaining a Master of Laws (LLM) degree by enrolling himself in Phladelphia’s James E. Beasley

Law school, Temple University, one of the best and premier law schools in the US. Both his daughter, vice-president at Morgan Stanley in New York, and son, a computer software engineer in the US and another Canada-based son are all praise for their father who they said was a self-made man and had set an example for others. Today, Ahuja is lLegal consultant licensed by the Supreme Court of the State of New York. He is a member in good standing of New York State Bar Association. He is an Indian Attorney & Counselor at Law in good standing helping NRIs (settled in the US) for their legal issues back home in India through his associates in different courts, including the Supreme Court of India and may represent clients for all kinds of US Visa services through U.S embassies in India also. “We must have self-confidence, firm determination and be ready to work hard; nothing is impossible in this world,” says Ahuja.

Less sugar, more vitamins in Choco Vita, says Quickfoods BY A STAFF WRITER


rinceton Junction (NJ) – Quikfoods, the maker of QuikTea®, has announced the national introduction of Choco Vita, a malt food beverage that is healthier than its competitor Bournvita®. Choco Vita contains less sugar and more vitamins, making it the more nutritious choice. For generations, mothers in India and around the world have included a malt-based chocolate powder in milk to enhance the taste and nutrition for children. Based on the recommendation of the National Institute of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, and various

studies, Quikfoods has reduced the sugar content in all its products in an endeavor to help customers lead a more nutritious life. Sugar is a major culprit in childhood obesity and therefore Choco Vita contains significantly less sugar than the market leader in its category. Choco Vita is fortified with Vitamin B12, a nutrient that helps keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all cells. Vitamin B12 also helps prevent a type of anemia that makes people tired and weak. Additionally, according to the Diabetes Foundation of India, 6070% of Indians have low Vitamin

B12 levels and vegetarians are at a much higher risk of low Vitamin B12 concentrations. This lower level of Vitamin B12 can diminish a child’s potential. New studies published also link B12 deficiency to long-term memory problems. Choco Vita contains 200% of the daily recommended allowance of Vitamin B12 in each serving. Cadbury’s Bournvita® contains no Vitamin B12. Quikfoods is offering introductory discount. Ashish Shah, CEO of Quikfoods, said: “Empower your child to be what they want to be, with a nutritious drink that tastes great, and has less sugar and more vitamins.”

than their religion,” CCR legal director Baher Azmy said. The lawsuit followed a series of stories by The Associated Press news agency based on confidential NYPD documents that showed how the department sought to infiltrate dozens of mosques and Muslim student groups in New York and elsewhere.

Philadelphia’s missing woman found dead in car

Nadia Malik



HILADELPHIA — An autopsy showed no sign of injury on the body of a missing woman found inside a car that was parked near Philadelphia’s main train station and had several parking tickets on the window. The police said the autopsy showed no visible sign of injury on the body of 22-yearold Nadia Malik of Delaware County’s Marple Township even as authorities were awaiting toxicology reports. The body of Malik was found lying face-down under a pile of clothes a gym bag in the front seat of a car parked near Philadelphia’s main train station after she had been missing for 11 days. Authorities said the car was first ticketed on February 10 and ticketed repeatedly after it was towed on Valentine’s Day because it was blocking snow removal. The police are likely to question Malik’s boyfriend who is awaiting extradition from Ohio. He hasn’t been charged in the case.






lmost seven years after the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre, the university is once again dealing with another tragedy – the loss of one of its students. Samanata Shrestha, a biology major of Nepali origin was found murdered February 10. The 21-year-old was reported missing after her parents couldn’t reach her. ‘Sam’, an honors student who hailed from Vienna, Va., had dreams of going to medical school. Within 24 hours, Shrestha’s parents reportedly asked Blacksburg, Va., police to check on the aspiring doctor, and soon a homicide investigation began. Investigators found Shrestha’s car abandoned on the side of the road on February 10 and her body was in the rear

Samanata Shrestha

seat wrapped in a sleeping bag. However, Collegiate Times, Virginia Tech’s school newspaper, reported that Shrestha was found in the car with marks around her neck that indicated that she was strangled. Meanwhile, the police have arrested three people for their involvement in the murder. While Jessica Michelle Ewing (22) was charged with one count of seconddegree murder, Keifer Kyle Brown (23), a recent graduate of the school, and Michael Christian Heller (23), a Blacksburg, Va. resident, were both charged with ‘accessory after the fact’. The police have accused Brown of helping to transport, conceal or alter the dead body. However, the police said that the relationship between the suspects and the victim, as well as a motive for the killing, was still under investigation.

Ewing is a senior at the school, double majoring in fisheries science and biological sciences. Brown graduated last August with a degree in interdisciplinary studies. They are both being held without bond. Brown is in the Montgomery County Jail, but Ewing has been transferred to the Western Virginia Regional Jail. In an open letter to the community, Virginia Tech president Charles Steger said that one teacher described Shrestha as a ‘faculty member’s dream’ because of her love of learning. “That an inspiring young woman would lose her life to violent crime hurts beyond belief,” Steger wrote. The Epsilon Sigma Alpha fraternity at Virginia Tech and the Nepalese Student Association were to host a candlelight vigil for Shrestha February 10, but the university was shut February 13 due to the snow storm. Shrestha was active in both these organizations.

Thieves steal safe with Plea to NYC Mayor for Diwali holidays in schools BY A STAFF WRITER $250,000 jewelry




ARAMUS (NJ)— Using a stolen pickup truck and backhoe, thieves pulled off a brazen heist at the Jewelry Center in Paramus on February 14 morning that netted them about $250,000 in jewelry. Alerted by the alarm, the police arrived at the Jewelry Center--the largest jewelry retailer in the United States with 44 merchants--just before 6 am to discover a series of smashed doors on the western side of the building. “Police determined that the suspects had backed a Ford F350 pickup truck through the glass doors, then attached a steel cable to the truck and a safe that had been located near the doors,” Paramus Police Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg said. “The burglars then used the pickup truck to pull the safe out of the building into the parking lot. The suspects used a small backhoe to load the safe into another unknown vehicle that fled the scene.” The backhoe was reported stolen from a Route 17 construction site in Paramus while the pickup truck was believed to have been stolen in Essex County. Both vehicles were left at the scene. At least $250,000 in jewelry was in the safe. At the time of the heist, dozens of snowplows were in the area clearing lots but the police still have no description of the suspects.

ew York (NY) -- A coalition of about 40 New York City organizations and temples has urged Mayor Bill de Blasio to include Diwali alongside the new proposed public school holidays for Eid and Lunar New Year. The Diwali Coalition of NYC has, in a letter sent to the Mayor earlier this week, highlighted the importance of Diwali for the city’s Hindu, Jain, and Sikh communities and drawn his attention toward scors of the city’s public school children who celebrate this popular festival of lights. “Diwali is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in our community,” said the Coalition member Dr. Uma Mysorekar, who is also president of the renowned Ganesh temple in Flushing, Queens. “For Hindus, Diwali celebrates the victory of good over evil and is a time for families to come together to pray for the well-being of all. We hope the Mayor will take our community’s request to heart and include Diwali among the new public

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

school holidays.” Congressman Joe Crowley (NY-14), co-chair of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans, along with Reps. Charles Rangel (NY-13), Grace Meng (NY-6), Carolyn Maloney (NY-12), Yvette Clarke (NY-9), and Gregory Meeks (NY-5) have also come out in support of

SAB TV now has largest reach in North America BY A STAFF WRITER


EW YORK -- Sony MSM Network has announced the addition of San Francisco as the next key free-to-air territory for SAB TV through its tie-up with KFTL TV28. SAB TV will be available on Channel 28.10. SAB TV, a 24/7 South Asian television channel in the United States and India’s premier family comedy channel, is already available on channel 23.4 in the US’s largest Designated Market Area (DMA) of the New York metro area and channel 44.4 in the fifth largest DMA of Dallas/Fortworth, TX, with a combined reach of over 10 million households. San Francisco, the US’s sixth largest DMA, adds another 1.7 million households, including key ethnic groups in the Bay Area. This new digital initiative makes SAB TV the first freeto-air South Asian channel with the largest reach in North America. Viewers can now enjoy SAB TV programs for free within the NYC, DFW and the Bay Area areas with no monthly subscription or fees. To access this free-to-air channel, viewers in the coverage area will need a low-cost UHF antenna hooked to their television sets that are

DTV-capable. UHF antennae are available at most electronic retail stores. SAB TV reinforces its brand message ‘Asli Mazaa SAB ke Saath Hai’ with a current programming line-up that includes a host of popular shows such as ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’’, ‘Baal Veer’, ‘Chidiya Ghar’, ‘Jeannie Aur Juju’, ‘Lapataganj’, ‘FIR’, “Pritam Pyaare Aur Woh, and other popular comedy shows. This light-hearted fare makes for an enjoyable family-viewing experience. KFTL’s General Manager, Ian Milne, commented: “SAB TV is a strong addition to KFTL’s high quality line-up of programming reflecting the cultural diversity of the San Francisco / Oakland / San Jose community that we are so proud to serve.”

the inclusion of Diwali. In a letter to Carmen Farina, Chancellor of Education, spearheaded by Crowley, they noted the “increased recognition” Diwali has gained on the national stage. Crowley and other members hosted the first-ever Congressional Diwali celebration in 2013, and the White House has recognized Diwali under successive administrations. Both letters also pointed toward the huge number of temples and gurdwaras in the five boroughs as well as the plethora of Diwali celebrations in the city that drew thousands each year. The Diwali Coalition of NYC also noted that the City Council of New York had last year urged the Department of Education to “establish Diwali as an official school holiday for NYC public students”. Organizations forming the Diwali coalition range the full spectrum, from national groups such as the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) and Sikh Coalition to local faith-based organizations like Sadhana: Coalition of Progressive Hindus and Judson Memorial Church to interfaith organizations such as the Interfaith Center of New York

10 more US states may legalize online gambling



TLANTIC CITY — A group that tracks gambling-related legislation worldwide says least 10 US states are considering Bills to legalize or expand Internet gambling this year. The study by Gambling Compliance also finds slim chances for a national law to regulate Internet poker. It predicts a major effort by opponents of online gambling to block it in Congress. So far, three states allow Internet gambling: New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. The report says proposals for new or expanded Internet betting could be considered in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In California, one of the largest potential markets, Indian tribes are trying to agree on how to legalize Internet poker. The report also says Nevada may consider expanding online bets beyond poker.




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South Special



Clarity on Telangana’s formation day soon The Centre summons Andhra Chief Secretary to assess the preparedness of bureaucracy to run the affairs of two states IANS, HYDERABAD

Seemandhra leaders spar over new capital


early a week after Parliament passed a bill for bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, the central government is yet to decide on the day when two states will formally come into being. The Union Home Ministry summoned Chief Secretary P.K. Mohanty to Delhi on February 26 for a meeting, which is likely to give some clarity on the day when Telangana will come into being. The central officials are expected to gather information from Mohanty about the preparedness of the state bureaucracy to implement the bifurcation. The top bureaucrat will give his report on how prepared is the bureaucracy to run the affairs of the two states and handle law and order, official sources said. The Chief Secretary is also likely to brief the Home Ministry about the preparedness to hold elections in two states. Mohanty already held talks with officials of various departments and gathered information about the cadre to be divided between the two states — Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The centre will issue a gazette notification after deciding the appointed day and this is likely before the Election Commission

People welcome Pro-Telangana Congress parliamentarians who played a crucial role in passage of Telangana Bill at Shamshabad Airport in Hyderabad on Feb.23.

The Centre may impose President’s rule or extend the term of the assembly announces the schedule for Lok Sabha elections. Union minister Jairam Ramesh has already stated that the appointed day will be so fixed to enable preparatory work relating to distribution of cadre, finance, assets and liabilities is completed satisfactorily. He hinted that the appointed day may be three months from the date of notification as in the case of

Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Uttarakhand. The assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh are due along with the Lok Sabha elections. Since it may take three months for the two states to formally come into being, the assembly elections may not be held simultaneously with Lok Sabha polls. Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) is demanding that the elections should be held in two separate states. The central government may impose President’s rule or extend the term of the assembly by a couple of months before conducting the assembly elections.

HYDERABAD: After unsuccessfully trying to stall bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, leaders from Seemandhra are now fighting for new capital for successor state. As the formation of Telangana state has become a reality with Hyderabad as common capital of the two states for 10 years, the leaders from Seemandhra (Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra) have turned their attention to new capital of successor state of Andhra Pradesh. The bifurcation bill passed in Parliament last week provides that Hyderabad will be the common capital of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for a period not exceeding 10 years It stipulates that central government will constitute an expert committee to study various alternatives regarding the new capital for the successor state of Andhra Pradesh and make appropriate recommendations in a period not exceeding 45 days from the date of enactment. Leaders from south coastal and north coastal Andhra want the new capital in their regions while those from

Rayalaseema are making a strong pitch for Kurnool, which served as capital of Andhra State till 1956 when Telangana was merged to form Andhra Pradesh and the capital was shifted to Hyderabad. Leaders from Rayalaseema have gone to the extent of threatening that if Kurnool is not made the capital, a movement for separate statehood to the region would be launched. Rayalaseema Parirakshana Samithi (RPS) leader Byreddy Rajasekhara Reddy on February 24 launched twoday fast in Kurnool to the demand that it should be made the capital. Minister of State for Railways Kotla Suryaprakash Reddy and state minister T. G. Venkatesh are making a strong bid for Kurnool as the new capital. “Kurnool should be the new capital because Rayalaseema made the sacrifice in 1956 for a united state of Telugus,” said Venkatesh. Chinta Mohan, MP from Tirupati, however wants the temple town to be the new capital. Tirupati is located in Chittoor district, one of the four districts of backward Rayalaseema region.

Congress intensifies efforts Telugus will now have two states to form govt in Andhra MOHAMMED SHAFEEQ, HYDERABAD




he Congress leadership has intensified its efforts to install a new government in Andhra Pradesh following resignation of chief minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy over the state’s bifurcation. The leadership is looking for an alternative arrangement in view of its leaders from both Seemandhra and Telangana opposing the idea of the president’s rule. Deputy Chief Minister Damodar Rajanarasimha Monday met Congress president Sonia Gandhi in Delhi amid reports that the leadership is in search of a successor to Kiran Reddy. Rajanarasimha, who hails from Telangana and is said to be one of the leaders in race for the chief minister’s post, reportedly urged Gandhi to name a party leader from back-

Congress is looking for Kiran Reddy’s successor to hold the baton in Andhra.

ward class as the next chief minister. Congress general secretary incharge of party affairs in the state Digivijaya Singh held series of meeting with state leaders in Delhi on February 24. State Congress chief Botsa Satyanarayana briefed him of the political situation in the state.

s the formation of a separate Telangana state is only a signature away, united Andhra Pradesh is now history. Telugus will perhaps become the only nonHindi community to have two states — Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, the residuary state comprising Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra. The existing state with a total population of 84.6 million and 23 districts will be split into two. Hyderabad, one of the 10 districts of Telangana, will be the common capital of the two states for 10 years. Telangana will have a population of 35.28 million. The residuary state will be left with 13 districts — nine prosperous districts of coastal Andhra, and four backward districts of the Rayalaseema region. Despite many commonalities,

People celebrating the passage of Telangana Bill, at Gun Park in Hyderabad.

the people of Telangana and Seemandhra, as Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra are together called, came from different historical, geographical and socio-economic backgrounds. There are vast differences in accent, culture, customs, food habits, festivals and even the deities worshipped.

The people of Telangana always had a grievance that the other regions were not only plundering their resources but also insulting their dialect, culture and customs. They always cite the case of Telugu films, in which only villains or comedians speak in a Telangana accent. Will Telangana prove to be a panacea for all problems?


south cinema



Varalaxmi plays

Shruti croons number for ‘Race Gurram’

Karakattam dancer

CHENNAI: Actress Shruti Haasan, who is equally popular for her singing prowess, has crooned a dubstep number in upcoming Telugu actioner Race Gurram. She says the entire team worked hard on the song. The song is titled Down Down Duppa. “What an awesome shoot for Down Down Duppa! (I) hope you love the song. we have all worked so hard on it,” posted Shruti on her Twitter page. Director Surendar Reddy says it was Thaman’s idea to make Shruti sing. “I don’t interfere in the music department much. It was Thaman’s idea to make Shruti sing as he felt her voice would be apt. The song has come out very well and its catchy tune will keep the audience on their feet,” Surendar told IANS.

The actress would undergo a dance training for her role with the dance skills only can even attempt this role. She will aralaxmi Sarathku- undergo training in Karakatmar will be seen tam soon. I’m sure her passion playing the role of a for dance will help her to play Karakattam dancer this role with ease,” Bala told in National Award winning IANS. She also starred in Madha filmmaker Bala Pazhanisaamy’s yet-untitled Gaja Raja, which is yet to upcoming Tamil directorial. release. Sasikumar will play The actress will undergo the male lead in the film, special dance training for which will have music by maeher role. Karakattam is an stro Illayaraja, who has already ancient folk dance in composed twelve songs. “He which the dancer per- composed twelve songs in less forms with a pot on the than a week. The music will be biggest highlight of the film. It head. “Varalaxmi has been will take back audience to a signed for the film. She long forgotten era of folk is a trained dancer and music in Tamil Nadu,” he I thought someone said. IANS, CHENNAI


‘Legend to be first big summer release in Telugu’ IANS, CHENNAI


f all goes as planned, Nandamuri Balakrishna-starrer Telugu political drama Legend, scheduled to release March 28, will be the first big-budget release this summer in the language, says its director Boyapati Srinu. “In all probability, the film will release March 28 worldwide. It will be the first big release in

Telugu this summer. We are almost done with the shoot except for some patch work. We recently completed shooting in Dubai and London,” Boyapati told IANS. “If not on March 28, then it will come out April 4. We have locked these two dates and are planning to release the film on either of these days,” he added.


Amala not yet confirmed for film with Dhanush IANS, CHENNAI


irector Vetrimaaran has clarified that he has not yet signed southern actress Amala Paul for his yet-untitled Tamil thriller with Dhanush, but he is definitely considering her for a role in it. “We haven’t finalized on the leading lady yet. Amala Paul has been considered during our recent discussions, but we haven’t approached her with the story yet. In about a week’s time we should be able to finalize the heroine,” Vetrimaaran told IANS. Amala and Dhanush recently completed shooting for Tamil romanticcomedy Vela Illa Pattathari. Meanwhile, Dhanush recently started shooting for his second Hindi project with filmmaker R. Balakrishnan.


‘Aaha Kalyanam’ -

faithful remake sans creativity


aha Kalyanam, the southern remake of Hindi entertainer Band Baaja Baaraat, is a faithful attempt by debutant director A. Gokul Krishna. But the biggest problem with it is that it’s a frame-toframe copy of the original and that too sans creativity. For all those who have watched the original, the film will turn out to be unsatisfying, while for the rest it’s a decent one-time watch with humor that crackles at regular intervals. Despite solid performances by the lead cast, Aaha Kalyanam misses the soul of the original

and that was to be embraced the most. Sakthi (Nani) and Shruti (Vaani) are two fresh college graduates, who partner up to start a wedding planning venture. It turns out to be successful in a very short span of time. Having championed the art of the business with small-budget weddings, they move to the next level, where they have to lock horns with Chandrlekha (Simran), a prolific wedding planner in the industry. With honesty and dedication, they beat her hands down. When Sakthi and Shruti began working together, they swore not to mix finance with

falls in love with Sakthi, who is worried that he has broken her trust, and, therefore, tries to avoid her. When Shruti comes to learn that Sakthi is avoiding her for reasons she fails to understand, she kicks him out of the company, triggering off rivalry between them. The problem with most Indian remakes is that they try to live up to the standards of the original, when ideally they should be concerned about the reaction of the audience. In its attempt to recreate the original for Tamil audience, Aaha Kalyanam merely reproduces scenes from the former with a Film: “Aaha Kalyanam”; Cast: Nani, different cast. Even with a new cast, some Vaani Kapoor, Badava Gopi and scenes of the film give you the feeling of Simran; Director: A. Gokul Krishna; watching the Tamil dubbed version of Band Rating: **1/2 Baaja Baaraat. romance and that there will be no room for Overall, Aaha Kalyanam is like going to a love in their relationship. But that rule gets colorful wedding and being served tasteless overridden when an incident which brings food. —Haricharan Pudipeddi them intimately close. Subsequently, Shruti


x 28






A visit to the island will more than quench your thirst. The undulating landscape in Bali is a real treat for the eyes as well as the soul

re you a sea urchin who wants to soak in the sun in a serene ambience? Do you also fancy ancient temples and the fascinating stories around it? Then a visit to the island of Bali in Indonesia — a predominantly Hindu enclave in a country with the world’s largest Muslim population - will more than quench your thirst. Bali’s undulating landscape is a real treat for the eyes as well as the soul. Bali is an Indonesian province where 84 percent of the population is Hindu followed by Muslims and Christians. It has tropical weather conditions and July-August are considered the best months to visit. The picturesque city of Nusa Dua, 40 km from Denpasar, the provincial capital of Bali, points to the aesthetic sense of the its planners. The city is dotted with huge lush green parks. Statues of various Hindu mythological figures and sculptures of dancing women and various tropical animals and birds are spread across the city. During the religious festivals, the Balinese people dress up the sculp-

tures. Even temples put umbrellas over the heads of the statues. A visit to Uluwatu Temple will sweep you off your feet. Located on the edge of a cliff overlooking the blue sea, it has a therapeutic effect on visitors. Constructed in the 11th century, it is one of the nine directional temples meant to protect Bali from evil spirits. Beaches in Bali are a hot spot for swimming, surfing and sunbathing. Since the mercury never dips substantially in this zone, one can travel light.

Airlines). Thence, fly by carriers like Air Asia, Lion and others to Denpasar. Flight time from New Delhi to Kuala Lumpur/Singapore: 5 hours 30 minutes. Flight time from Kuala Lumpur/Singapore to Denpasar — less than 3 hours. * Accommodation: Ranges from `3,000 to `50,000 ($47-$792) per night. For the really high end traveller, there is the Bulgari hotel where a room costs `150,000 ($2,380) a night. A meal for four in a mid-range restaurant will cost `2,000 ($31) without alcohol. Cuisine to watch out for: Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice), Mie Goreng (fried noodles), Opor Ayam (Chicken curry), Tuna Sambal Matah (Seared Tuna with raw Sambal), Sambal Udang (Prawns in spicy sambal sauce).

HOW TO REACH From India, travel through Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia), Singapore (Singapore Airlines and others) or Bangkok (Thai

‘Retain Indianness’ NIVEDITA, NEW DELHI


esigner Rahul Mishra, who is the first Indian to win the coveted International Woolmark Prize (IWP) in Milan, says it is a blend of “deeply rooted Indianness” presented with a modern approach which will drive budding designers to global visibility. Mishra was announced the winner of the 2013-14 (IWP) during the final awards

event held at the Triennale Museum on February 21. The Delhibased designer sounded excited and emotional as he spoke to IANS following his victory at IWP, where international icons Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld have won in the past. “I think at this moment, it is going to inspire numerous aspiring designers of our country to choose a path which is deeply rooted in Indianness, but modern in totality,” Mishra said. His Merino wool collection, which won the prestigious award, attempted to portray the journey of human race and the process of metamorphosis that our planet

has undergone in the last century. The feeling of victory is still sinking in for the designer, who says he got emotional soon after his name was announced. “It feels is so surreal and it is still sinking in. It’s like winning at the Olympics! I had gone as an underdog. I am very proud that I could show a new side of Indian fashion and represent India’s craft at the highest level. “These 30 minutes (of presenting my line) in my life have redefined my own brand as well as my

Rahul Mishra with his prize; (far left) Mishra’s creation that he showcased.

support system in terms of handloom and handicraft. I am a very proud Indian now because I could showcase the true India in front of so many people and while competing with the best talents in the world,” he said.




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Akash grocery is looking for part time/full time help, minimum graduate education. 1 year experience computer skill

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Weekend workers needed for Demo marketing (6-8 weekends) in Chicago, IL and several more cities in USA. Young women & men Must be personable, well-mannered and able to work on their own. Demonstrate top Indian brands ranging from instant tea Heading : Arial Black 14 Font White color to cookies. Excellent 'in-your-face opportunity with customers' to learn and earn. Must have own transport.

Call 917-331-4924 immediately


Motels in Kentucky needs Housekeeping Couple & Laundry couple. Accommodation provided.

Call: 606-344-3248


: Arial 12 Font Black Need peopleHeading to work atBlack warehouse in color Schaumburg, IL Should have knowledge in computer.

Contact: 312-375-4782 or 630-814-9245


Part time waitress wanted for Indian Restaurant located at 279 N Barrington Rd, Streamwood, IL 60107.

Call: 630-872-0221


Experienced Pharmacy Technician in Newark & Paterson, NJ. Good communication skill & work authorization required. Send resume.


Front Desk, Manager, Maintenance Man & Housekeeper wanted for Motel in Florida, Ohio & Michigan. Call: Rakesh Patel 313-467-0051 or Email:


Couple needed to manage Independent Motel near Chicago. Descent Salary. Accommodation provided. Must be legal to work and should have good English.

Contact: 224 381 5501/ 224 381 5502 MOTEL HELP

Motel in Arkansas needs couple for Housekeeping Heading : Arial Black 14 Font White color & Laundry. Accommodation provided. Call after 7 p.m.



Hiring for Night Auditor. Must be fluent with English writing/speaking.Motel in South Chicago land area! Accommodation Provided.

Call: 312-513-2015.

MOTEL FOR SALE Heading : Arial Black 12 Font Black color

67 Unit Econo Lodge Motel for sale in St. Genevieve, close to St Louis with 3 bedroom house at busy location. Owner financing available with the reasonable down payment.

Call: 937-626-9854

RESTAURANT FOR SALE Upscale Indo-Chinese Restaurant for sale at busy shopping complex in Virginia. More than 250K investment, urgent sale due to operating owner's health problem. Very good opportunity to start new business.

Call Dulal @ 571-383-6695 Email:

inside text : Arial 11 Font Black color


Looking for a reliable and mature live-in Nanny to take care of 1 year old baby based in Augusta, GA. Expected to start immediately

Call: 917-582-7407


16 room Motel with 3 BR cottage and 3 BR owners /manager house .Motel is located in the "Hamptons", prestigious resort in Long Island/NY, 70 miles from NY city. Established year round business, lease ends year 2024 .Gross Sale $460,000 per/yr. makes huge net profit of $275,000 per/yr. Quick sale, price $450,000 firm. Seller can do $100,000 financing

Call Owner any time @ 631-496-6786


MOTEL HELP Looking for HOUSE KEEPING Couple for Franchise Motel in IOWA. LEGAL STATUS MUST.

Contact: 319-493-0686 MOTEL HELP

Looking for young energetic, fluent English speaking for Franchise Motel in Northwest Indiana near Chicago for Front Desk position. Must have legal status & computer literate. Free accommodation will be provided.

Call : 219-613-8950 or email resume to:


Gas Station with property for sale near Chicago in small town. Inside business $50 K + Lottery. Gas Sale 23+. Asking price $396. Low expanses under $1000 per month.

Call: 630-890-6407

MOTEL HELP Wanted Housekeeping Couple & Motel Manager Couple for Franchise Motel. Experience Preferred. Good salary and accommodations provided Please call 213-926-2727 or 314-497-3292

MOTEL HELP Looking for housekeeping/Front Desk Couple for Motel in Indiana near Chicago

Call: 219-512-2800


Chicago Metro area franchise motel looking for a hardworking and motivated housekeeping couple. inside text : Arial 11 Font Black color Very good salary and accommodation provided.

Please Call 630-400-5257 or 630-917-4794

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Call: 347-321-3381


Well occupied, furnished Indian restaurant for sale in St. Louis. Busy location, very good business. for more information

Contact: 314-409-7874


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Motel in Atlanta, GA needs 2 couple for Housekeeping and Laundry work. Salary and accommodation provided

Call: Neil Patel 404-642-1611

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Independent Motel in Iowa, 3 hours far from Chicago need Night Desk clark. Single or Couple. We provide accommodation with kitchen.

Call: Dan 224-522-9695 or Mina 319-491-3746

MOTEL HELP 42 Rooms franchise Motel in South IL need a couple for Manager position with experience. Legal to work and should be fluent in English.

ntWmrfrvkd fvjle vK sYh Au

Call Dean @ 618-262-4800


Motel in North Carolina needs front desk and housekeeper. Accommodation provided

Call Joshi @ 954-235-2338


Well equipped & very nicely furnished Indian Restaurant on Sale & Rent located in the heart of Devon Ave Market. Best location in Chicago. Only serious enquiries please.

Call: 312-479-5506

CONVENIENCE STORE FOR SALE Located in a high-end neighborhood, parking for customers, next to a very busy coffee shop. All inventory, Tobacco, ATM, Bill pay system (all phone carriers), Western Union etc. Monthly Rent 2100.00. Approximately 1000 sq ft. Asking a very reasonable price 32,500 (Negotiable). Serious buyers only.

For more info pls call: 847-239-3894


2 SUNOCO GAS STATIONS for quick sale.High volume convenience & repair shop. With Property & without property. Close to Philadelphia, PA. Golden opportunity. Very low price. Serious buyers

Call: 201-923-6678

HOTEL FOR SALE 19 Unit Hotel in Ohio for sale. Low expenses, High profit, 'GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY", Owner financing available with the reasonable down payment.

Call: 937-626-9854


Florida-Highway motel 65 rooms, 10 acres of land, 3 bedroom house 3,000 sq. ft restaurant Share market price 1.8 million dollar. Liquidation price $7,25,000. Private financing available

Call: 609-540-1009





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may affect eyesight Over 70 pc men claimed they rarely felt depressed, compared to half of women who admitted to feeling low quite frequently

BEIJING: A woman in China, who spent many hours peering at her smartphone in the dark, found that her right retina had become detached. Liu felt her right eye had been “veiled”. She habitually plays with her smartphone for two to three hours each day in the dark, Xinhua reported



en are healthier and happier about their appearance than women in general, according to a new survey. Health and Happiness, a nationwide study of 2,000 men and women found that men reported a higher rate of happiness when it came to their weight, shape, appearance, and the way they are perceived by others. Women, on the other hand, were found to be more self-conscious and slightly less satisfied with their happiness levels at around 49 percent. Women are also much more likely to try dieting compared to men, reports Men don’t feel stressed as often either. Almost 60 percent of male respondents said they only felt stressed once a month, whereas 60 percent of women said they felt anxious once a week or more. Over 70 percent of men also claim they rarely felt depressed or had mood swings, compared to half of women who admitted to feeling low or unhappy at least once a month, if not more. Headaches, bloating or poor digestion were less of a problem among men. Almost half of them said they rarely got headaches, compared to 64 percent women who said they experienced them at least once a month or more. For 70 percent of men, bloating and poor digestion would only occur once a month or less, but almost half of women said it

. The doctor who treated Liu said she suffered a partial retina detachment and blamed using her smartphone in the dark for the trouble. Zhao Bingkun, an ophthalmologist in Zhejiang province, said long hours staring at bright screen in the dark can cause the ciliary muscle to overcontract, affecting its ability to accommodate the changes in the lens when viewing objects at varying distances. Retina detachment can lead to blindness, and ophthalmologists are seeing a growing number of patients suffering from the condition after staring at the screens of computers and handsets for too long. A man in China’s Fujian province, who spent 10 hours each day running a shop at online marketplace, lost vision in his right eye in November last year.

Memory loss could be Alzheimer’s IANS, WASHINGTON

I was a weekly or daily problem. “The general perception is that women are more health conscious, but what this survey shows is that women do actually have more health issues to deal with, especially relating to digestion, mood, anxiety and sleep,” said leading nutrition expert Patrick Holford.

“The results show that respondents considered the absence of disease to be an indicator of good health. But being healthy means more than that - it’s abundance of well-being indicated by good energy levels, a stable mood and a sharp mind, all of which achieve optimum health,” added Holford.

Your week ahead... Aries Be aggressive and colorful, and you will get your way. Opportunities for romance will flourish through travel. Satisfy your passionate mood. Communication will be your best bet.Your lucky day this week will be Wednesday.

Taurus Don’t promise to deliver the goods if you aren’t positive that you can meet the deadline. Try to convince a good friend to take a holiday with you. Your lucky day this week will be Sunday.

Gemini Don’t let your partner goad you into wearing your heart on your sleeve. Consider selling your homemade crafts at the flea market. Problems with fire or oil may cause disruptions. Your lucky day this week will be Thursday.

Cancer Your mate could get on your nerves if he or she backs you into an emotional comer or puts restrictions on your time. Don’t let your emotions interfere with moneymaking deals. Your lucky day this week will be Thursday.

Leo Direct your energy into physical entertainment. Don’t be afraid to pursue unfamiliar grounds. If you’ve been really busy, try to schedule some time to spend with loved ones. Your lucky day this week will be Thursday.

Virgo Travel will be favorable. Resist overspending on luxury items. Try to be understanding. This will be a good day for research and for sitting down with some good, informative reading material. Your lucky day this week will be Sunday.

f you think you are developing Alzheimer’s, you could be right, warns a study. The study suggests that selfreported memory complaints might predict clinical memory impairment later in life. “Have you noticed any change in your memory since you last came in? That question led to some interesting results,” said Erin Abner, assistant professor at University of Kentucky when she asked 3,701 men aged 60 and higher this simple question. “It seems that subjective memory complaint can be predictive of clinical memory impairment,” Abner added. The results are meaningful because it might help identify people who are at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease sooner. People

who notice memory and thinking lapses should understand that these are early markers of risk for Alzheimer’s disease. “We might eventually be able to

intervene earlier in the aging process to postpone and/or reduce the effects of cognitive memory impairment,” stressed Abner. Abner, however, emphasizes that her work shouldn’t necessarily worry everyone who’s ever forgotten where they left their keys.

(February 27 - March 5) Libra Get thinking about prolonging longevity. Do not trust others with important information. Avoid any hassles. Concentrate on spending quality time with children. Your lucky day this week will be Thursday.

Scorpio Don’t count on correspondence to clear up major problems. You may have problems with skin, bones, or teeth if you haven’t been taking proper care of yourself. Your lucky day this week will be Sunday.

Sagittarius Be careful not to overexert yourself. You need to lie back and enjoy a little rest. Don’t evade important issues; you may find yourself backed into a corner. Your lucky day this week will be Sunday.

Capricorn Plan to visit friends or relatives. Don’t shy away from potential mates they want to introduce you to. You won’t be admired at home if you haven’t been taking care of your work. Your lucky day this week will be Friday.

Aquarius Don’t let children hold you back from doing things you enjoy. You must be careful not to reveal secrets or get involved in gossip. A lack of support have been the main problems. Your lucky day this week will be Wednesday.

Pisces You will easily blow situations out of proportion. Do whatever your mate wants; it really doesn’t matter as long as you’re together. Strengthen your position among your peers. Your lucky day this week will be Thursday. —Michael Thiessen





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For Catering Inquires Please Call: Ravi Rawat - 847-749-9088 | Jagmohan Jayara - 847-962-7915 725 West Golf Road | Hoffman Estates | IL 60169 Ph.: 847-519-0445 | Fax: 847-519-0424 ofďŹ |








TICKETS $20 , $30,$40 - Friday, March 21 ,2014 - 8:30 PM. JAIN CENTER, 435 ILLINOIS 59, BARTLET, IL 60103 CALL FOR SPONSORSHIP : 773 552 5083 - 815-630 1246 - 630 951 0012 TICKETS : HEMANT BRHMBHATT 773 552 6083, RUPESH MEHTA 815 630 1256, HINA TRIVEDI 630 951 0012, BHAVNA MODI 630 913 3893, ARVIND SHAH 847 971 3377, JIGAR 630 362 0685

hi INDiA Midwest Edition 02.28.14  

South Asian Views On Global News

hi INDiA Midwest Edition 02.28.14  

South Asian Views On Global News