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News Highlights • Advanced Registration Discounts End on August 31 for 2019 RV Dealers Convention/ Expo • Let the spirit of celebrating your RV family continue throughout the year! • 2019 Parts Workshop October 30, 2019 • The 2019 Canadian RV Dealer –Call for Nomination

Inside this issue: Is the solution them, or is it me? By Dave Kahle


6-7 Advanced Registration Discounts End on August 31 for 2019 RV Dealers Convention/Expo 8 Let the spirit of celebrating your RV family continue throughout the year!

2019 Parts Workshop October 30, 2019


Cyber coverage for 14-15 an increasingly digital world The 2019 Canadian 16-17 RV Dealer –Call for Nomination


August 2019

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Dear Members, Each summer while our dealers are busily assisting consumers in fulfilling their RV lifestyle dream, the RVDA of Canada continues to work on numerous strategies to assist our members in maximizing their potential. In fact, The RVDA of Canada held its last board meeting in July. This summer meeting gives the association time to delve into our strategic goals as well as talk about the burning dealer issues that have been brought up by our membership. Advocacy and Government relations continues to be an important aspect of RVDA’s work. Our strategic goals reads: The RVDA of Canada is actively consulted in political, public, and industry policy matters, and is proactive in advocating policy that is in the common interest of RV Dealers across Canada. One of our annual endeavours is ensuring that we participate in the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance pre-budget consultations process. This year’s recommendations were as follows: Recommendation 1: Due to the geographic constraints of the existing programs, the Government of Canada should create an Apprenticeship Travel Grant that could be used by those who are required to travel in order to undertake an apprenticeship training program. This Grant should be targeted towards those enrolled in programs that are not offered in their city, town or province. Recommendation 2: This Grant should be a taxable cash grant of $2,000-$4,000 per person per year in order to provide support for items such as travel costs, lodging, and care arrangements for families. Recommendation 3: The Government of Canada should provide targeted and dedicated investment in camping/RV infrastructure in Canada’s National Parks. The 119 Federal campgrounds are comprised of over 10,800 campsites. Of these sites, 7911, or 80%, remain un-serviced. Investing in camping/RV infrastructure will play a critical role in the overall contributions of the tourism industry to future economic development and prosperity.


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As summer starts to wrap up, dealerships should begin planning their fall continuing education schedules. Our annual Trouble Shooter Clinic (TSC) will be in Halifax this year from October 28 – November 1, 2019. The 5 days of hands-on training for your technicians will be provided by the following: Airxcel Coleman/ Mach Air, BAL, Demco, Dexter, Equal-i-zer-Fastway, Go Power and Lippert Components. The cost per registrant is $1,050 + GST. RVDA of Canada will offer a tiered rebate based on registrations with a maximum rebate of $1550 per RVDA member location. Space is very limited with a capacity of 50 participants. Register early to ensure your technician has a seat. We will also be offering a 1-day Parts workshop on October 30th in conjunction with the TSC. This is a full-day of training uniquely on Parts selling. Learn how to anticipate what the customer’s needs are in this area. Of course, in November we will co-host the RV Dealers Convention Expo in Las Vegas. If you have not attended this event in the past, I highly recommend that you give it a shot. Many of our dealer members have told us that it truly is the premiere educational event of the industry. This year’s convention will be featuring exciting new speakers and there will be some very innovative learning opportunities for our members. Bring your key staff so that they too can gain the knowledge required to take your business to the next level. The next dealer registration deadline is August 31st so don’t delay in sending in your forms. Enjoy the rest of your summer,

Herb Cowen, Chairman of the Board RVDA of Canada

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Is the solution them, or is it me? By Dave Kahle

In this rapidly changing economy, everyone is looking for a simple fix to dealing with the uncertainty of our economic environment. It seems like few are happy with their situations. And all but a few point their fingers at the changing economy and vibrant competitive environment as the source of their dismay. The comments I overheard at one of my recent sales seminars were representative. One sales person complained that his customers were shrinking and going out of business. Several complained about customers’ pressure to lower prices. Still others complained about desperate competitors’ feverish attempts to generate cash flow by dramatically discounting. There must be a genetic inclination in the human race to look outside ourselves and blame those things that are outside of our control for our situations. We lament the conditions outside of ourselves and cast ourselves as victims. If only someone else would fix it. Maybe the government will make everything good again. Unfortunately, as long as our gaze is directed at “them” – those conditions in the market that have changed and are outside of our ability to control – we will never free ourselves from the constraints on our income and prosperity. We can’t do anything about “them.” The real secret to improving our conditions is to work on “us.” James Allen said: “Men are often interested in improving their circumstance, but are unwilling to improve themselves, they therefore remain bound.” Sales people, sales managers, and sales executives need to look inward -- at themselves and their sales teams -- for the solution to their problems. Sales people

Sales people must understand that it was OK just a few years ago to “have your own style of selling,” to never invest in your own improvement, to make your living off of your existing relationships. Today, all of these are obsolete ideas that must be changed. It’s time to look inward and fix yourself. To effectively deal with the changing economy, sales people must become more strategic and thoughtful about the investment of their sales time, and they must bring value both to the customer and to their employers in every sales call. They must view their jobs as professions, not just jobs, and become serious about improving themselves. In a world where it is blatantly obvious that good sales people sell more than mediocre sales people, they must decide to become better. That means investing in their own improvement and striving to achieve higher levels of competency and thus, better results. Those sales people who survive and thrive in this climate will be those who understand the path to their prosperity lies not in the outside world, but in themselves.


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Sales Managers Likewise, sales managers must stop coddling those sales people who aren’t interested in, or committed to, continuous improvement and greater levels of productivity. They need to put in place practices and disciplines that call for quantifiable expectations on the part of their sales team, regular measurements, and greater thoughtfulness and strategic planning. They must demand continuous improvement and thoughtful efforts to increase market share. Sales managers must look inward, understanding that their chances of success are dependent on them, not the market, understanding they can do it better, and doing it better brings better results.

Sales executives

They must examine their sales forces and use this window of opportunity to weed out those sales people who have no interest in developing, who don’t have the capability to succeed as a professional sales person, and who aren’t committed to their own personal success. Now is the time to review the bottom third of their sales forces and aggressively seek to upgrade.

CEOs, and CSOs (Chief Sales Officers) need to recognize that the current state of the economy, and the resulting impact on the attitudes and perspectives of employees, has delivered a once in a lifetime opportunity to make significant changes in the structure of the sales force. Recall just a little over a year ago. To make wholesales changes in sales territories, account responsibilities, the role of the inside and outside sales person, sales management practices, compensation plans, and expectations for continuous improvement – all of these initiatives would have been met with resistance from the majority of the sales force. Today, most sales people are willingly cooperative, acutely aware that they can be easily replaced if they don’t follow your lead. Those CEOs and CSOs who look inward and use this window of opportunity to streamline and rationalize their sales systems will increase their productivity and lay the groundwork for disproportional growth when the economy turns up. The world is full of victims who lament their condition and blame their fate on sources outside of their control. Leaders accept their responsibility to look inward and improve themselves.

Original Post URL: Dave Kahle is one of the world's leading sales authorities. He's written twelve books, presented in 47 states and eleven countries, and has helped enrich tens of thousands of sales people and transform hundreds of sales organizations. Sign up for his free weekly Ezine. His book, How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime, has been recognized by three international entities as "one of the five best English language business books.” Check out his latest book, The Good Book on Business.

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Advanced Registration Discounts End on August 31 for 2019 RV Dealers Convention/Expo RVDA dealer members who register by August 31 will save over US $300 per person that attends the 2019 RV Dealers Convention/Expo and lock in the low advanced rate for the rest of their staff—even those who register at later dates. The convention/expo, which takes place Nov. 11 – 15 at Caesars Palace, is the premier education and networking event for RV dealers in North America. Registration includes three days of education workshops for dealership professionals, a mini-rental school, special programs for young executives, Vendor Training +Plus on Tuesday, and opportunities to socialize and network with industry peers during receptions and lunch in the Solution Center. The education component of the convention is carefully planned by industry leaders to meet dealer demand for relevant education using only top-rated presenters. Each year the Convention/Expo Committee integrates new presenters into the speaker lineup, and this year there are more than a dozen new presenters. For a complete list of speakers and workshops, go to the convention/expo website. Rooms are available at Caesars Palace and The LINQ Las Vegas in the RVDA room block at special convention rates. Visit the convention website for more information about the workshops and speakers as they are announced. The schedule-at-a-glance can be viewed here and will be updated periodically as the convention approaches. The convention is sponsored by RVDA–The National RV Dealers Association, RVDA of Canada, and the Mike Molino RV Learning Center. The tracked education program includes targeted content on F&I, sales, social media/eMarketing/BDC, fixed operations, rental operations, and general management. In its planning, the convention committee focuses on providing dynamic presentations on the most important relevant and timely topics in the RV industry. The committee strives to offer a program that includes both well-known experts from within the RV industry, as well as new presenters with fresh and thought-provoking ideas from other industries. The Mike Molino RV Learning Center is a leading resource for targeted publications, certification programs, online learning, and live workshops – all designed exclusively for dealership staff. The professional development and educational resources offered by the Learning Center help dealers maintain professionalism and efficiency.

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Let the spirit of celebrating your RV family continue throughout the year! We celebrated the first annual RV Tech Week in style and we hope you did as well! We received some great feedback from dealers about how much their fixed operations staff enjoyed the festivities and the recognition throughout the week. But, don’t let the spirit of celebrations stop there! We hope you will continue to highlight the achievements and contributions that RV Technicians make to the $6.1 billion Canadian RV industry as well as the skillsets required by the RV technician to keep customers safe and happy RVing. FACT: RV Service Technician is a recognized Red Seal trade in all Canadian Provinces. The Red Seal program is the national standard of excellence for skilled trades in Canada.

In many cases, achieving trade certification in a Red Seal trade is equivalent to a post-secondary degree with the tremendous knowledge, skills and experience acquired on the job. FACT: Apprentices will learn over 14 skilled trades under the one, RV service technician trade over a 3-year, (8-week) block release program. FACT: RV Service Technician troubleshoot, repair and service EVERYTHING in the RV except the engine. Educate your customers and your followers about the trade when they’re in the dealership and through your social channels but don’t forget to tag @rvcareers


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Canadian retail sales statistics are now available for both motorized and towable recreational vehicles. These statistics will allow dealers to better manage the inventory on their lot by knowing which units are selling in their area, which price points are attracting buyers as well as knowing the local trends affecting their marketplace. The RV retail sales statistics compiled by Statistical Surveys Inc. are the result of matching manufacturer VIN numbers with RV registrations. The RVDA of Canada endorsement agreement includes free access for national monthly figures only, for members only. Going forward, these figures will be published in the RVDA of Canada bimonthly newsletter and archived at the “RV Statistics / National RV Sales” link on the member side of This information is copyrighted to Statistical Surveys Inc. and for your use only, not for distribution. In order to protect your endorsement benefit, please honour that confidentiality. To purchase more detailed statistics – by province, region or city – please contact Scott Stropkai of Statistical Surveys Inc. at 616-281-9898 ext 128 or To learn more about Statistical Surveys Inc., visit


Elite Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Aviva Canada Inc., one of the leading Property and Casualty insurance groups in Canada which provides insurance protection to more than 3 million Canadians. Aviva Canada is on a mission to change insurance. "At Aviva, we listen to our customers' views and opinions because by listening and acting on your feedback, we become better at what we do. We want Aviva customers to feel they are being treated as people, not as a number. We want our customers to be confident and comfortable that they have the right insurance to cover their needs. And we want our customers to have a positive experience at Aviva. We've already started the change by introducing our claims service satisfaction guarantee which you can learn more by visiting Elite Insurance Company is Canada's largest insurer of specialty personal insurance products since 1954, covering recreational vehicles, mobile homes, antique & custom cars and pleasure crafts. To learn more about Aviva Elite and their mission to change insurance visit their website: Aviva Elite


The First Quarter Economic Review is intended to deliver a comprehensive look at the economic indicators affecting the RV industry in Canada. These products are intended to provide members with current economic information, which can assist them in gaining insights into the changing economic dimensions of the RV industry and the economy at large. Download this report on RVDA of Canada member site under Member services / Industry Relations tabs (login required)

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Feeling frustrated about all aspects of parts? What to stock? What to keep on or off the shelf? How to anticipate what's hot and what's so last season? How to make your show room as fabulous as your online store and vice versa? How to work with service people (and people in general)? Lastly, the golden question (geez, you have lots of questions), where to get training for parts people??? We are bringing you a full, 9AM to 4PM day of training to answer all and more of your questions above to Halifax, NS on October 30, 2019. We will help you focus on the art of selling so you can sell ANYTHING parts! Yes, brands, make, model year and all of that fine detail matters (eventually). But, first, you need to be able to anticipate what customers want and even strongly suggest what they think they want before they know they actually wanted it!

Step aside AI! This is real experience and intelligence! We will help you get excited about selling parts (again) and even help make that TP display sexy (if you must).

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Register early! Registration deadline is not until October 7, 2019 but only 15 spaces are available to those that want to improve their parts selling scores.

Four Points Sheraton Halifax 1496 Hollis St. Halifax, NS B3J 3Z1 Phone: (902) 423-4444

Classes are held from 9AM to 4PM. Each class is limited to 15 students.

A room block is available at CA$173 per night plus applicable taxes for traditional queen room.

Register no later than October 7, 2019 to ensure your technician has access to hands-on training this fall!

Reservations can be made by calling (902) 423-4444 and Room block will be released on Sept. quote RVDA or reserve online. 27, 2019.

Cost per person: CA$ 250+GST ($262.50)

Yes to training in Halifax

Sponsored by


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Cyber coverage for an increasingly digital world Think cyber risk insurance is what your business needs? REQUEST A QUOTE


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Our partner, Federated Insurance, is excited to announce the official launch of its new cyber coverage! This comprehensive insurance solution from Federated Insurance was designed in the face of evolving cyber risk and the recent changes to privacy breach reporting and record keeping rules. Among the key changes are availability to more types of businesses, increased limits, and bundled first-party and third-party coverage. Federated has also built in coverage for regulatory fines, data residing on service providers’ systems, and a worldwide coverage territory. With Cyber Assist* included at no additional charge on all Federated Insurance cyber risk policies, you get easy access to consultation on proactive measures to protect your business from cybercrime, as well as reactive assistance in the event of a privacy breach. It’s all part of Federated’s commitment to keeping RVDA members safer in today’s increasingly digital world. Interested in learning more? Visit the cyber page on

Knowing your business matters. Federated Insurance can design specialized and comprehensive insurance programs specific to the needs of you and your business. Call 1.844.628.6800 and speak to a Commercial Insurance Specialist today or visit us at

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RVDA Member Discount Programs & Benefits

Discounts on hotel rooms – access to Choice Hotels program discounts of 15-20% at over 325 hotels in Canada & 6,300 hotels worldwide, & some complimentary services at select hotels. Aeroplan or Choice Privileges points can be earned. Book travel be online, on your mobile device or via a toll-free number.

on select Exclusive discounts up to 35% off select FedEx services when shipping within Canada, to the US, or internationally. If you have a FedEx account, simply enroll in this program through the dedicated FedEx webpage that can be found at the member link If not, see the member benefit page for a link to do so. View FedEx services at

Discounts and offers for top attractions, shows and other entertainment! Now you’ll have access to exclusive discounts, special offers and access to preferred seating and tickets to top attractions, theme parks, shows, sporting events, movie tickets, hotels and much more. Be sure to visit often as new products and discounts are constantly being added!

on tools An array of products at very competitive prices in over a dozen Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) categories, with two discount structures – based on national volume and on catalogue prices. Inventory at each branch location is tailored to the local market. For a complete list of products available, a credit application form to sign up for an account, & a contact for complete details on this program, click here.

Petro-Canada SuperPass Credit Card Discount With use of the Petro-Canada SuperPass credit card, members of Explorer RV Club & RVDA of Canada can realize significant savings, convenience, control & security. Click here for an information / application form & contact information


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RVDA Member Discount Programs & Benefits

Discounts on 3 payroll & employment compliance resources An exclusive 20% discount on 3 of their publications: Human Resources PolicyPro, Human Resources Advisor and HR infodesk; & free trials of information services. The constantly-updated information will help you understand employer obligations & legal requirements, & stay updated with Canadian federal, provincial & territorial employment legislation.

Substantial savings on UPS services Preferred pricing with UPS for Canada-wide, USA and other destinations for expedited and standard services via Wholesale International Couriers and Freight Forwarders through UPS’ website. Visit the member link or contact information to set up an account.

Discounts on promotional products Volume-based preferred pricing on a wide range of promotional products in over 700 categories. Imago Marketing is able to distribute to all locations across Canada Visit the member link above for the member code. For more information, contact Jessie Lo at or 604.304.6246.

Discounts on Dale Carnegie Training programs 10% discount off local pricing for any Dale Carnegie Training program. Contact your local training office for class details / dates, or find an office near you. Download & present this offer to them to qualify for the discount.

Marks: Discounts (in-store) on select workwear 10% discount on the numerous items listed on our member program card, including work clothing, gloves, belts, winter and safety accessories and CSA-Approved Footwear. Show your card at the check-out counter

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Did you know about the RV Careers website? The RV Careers site was developed to raise awareness to career opportunities available in the Canadian RV industry. It provides some background information to the various departments found within an RV dealership, apprentice and technician training opportunities. It also contains information for employers on how to hire and work with apprentices and apprenticeship authorities and how to access the numerous Federal, Provincial and private grants available.

Hiring? When you visit the site, the first thing that should jump out at you is “jobs.� And, the call-to-action would be to see what jobs are available and to look deeper for the job and training requirements.

You can add, edit or remove your job posting whenever you like. You will be able to receive job applications via e-mail. Before this listing expires (in 45 days), you will be notified to either update or delete the posting.

You have full control of your job postings!

To post a job, go to the employers tab and log in using your RVDA of Canada user name and password. Contact RVDA of Canada at 604-718-6325 or e-mail if you do not have this information.

Upcoming Events

Newly added events include career fair, RV lifestyle, trade show, workshop, and online training events. The news listing will keep you and your staff up to date on training and industry events.

Education for those currently working in the industry vs. those looking to enter the industry If you currently work in sales, parts, or service, you will want to visit the Education page.



There are training and educational programs for technicians, parts/service management programs, sales, marketing and F&I programs, administration/ accounting programs and awards available. For apprentices and anyone wishing to

become an apprentice, detailed information can be found on the Become an apprentice page. There are many programs such as youth and pre-apprenticeship where high school students can get practical work experience. If there isn’t one in your area, there’s information available under the Employer page on how to start and implement your own apprenticeship program.

Financial incentives and assistance programs There are many financial incentives for both apprentices and employers to participate in an apprenticeship as well as assistance from Provincial and Federal governments and your local RVDA. On the financial incentive page, it lists numerous benefits for apprentices to participate in an apprenticeship and for employers to hire apprentices. There are numerous Federal, Provincial and RVDA Financial assistance programs such as bursaries and grants. If you have any suggestions or comments about how we can improve the site, please email us or comment on the RV Careers Facebook page!

News from RVDA Canada

RVDA of Canada Mission Statement: The RVDA of Canada is a national federation which exists to protect and promote the interests and welfare of RV Dealers across Canada in order to enable the industry to maximize its potential.

Newsletter Editorial Staff The RVDA of Canada Member Newsletter is produced and distributed through the national association office : RVDA of Canada, Richmond BC For Inquiries please contact us at: #145 – Coppersmith Way Richmond, BC V7A 5J9 Ph: (604) 718-6325 Fax: (604) 204-0154 powered by

Board of Directors

Emails :

Vice-Chairman, Gord Bragg, Hub City RV, Lantzville, BC

Eleonore Hamm, Anita Lien,

Executive Committee Chairman, Herb Cowen, Pike Lake Golf Centre, Pike Lake, ON

Post your Positions at

Treasurer, Josée Bédard Roulottes Chaudière Lévis, Quebec

To post a job, simply go to the employers tab and log in using your RVDA of Canada user name and password.

Past Chairman, Jean-Francois Lussier, Horizon Lussier, Marieville, QC

Contact RVDA of Canada at 604-718-6325 or e-mail if you do not have this information.


Amee Inocencio,

WWW.BUYLOCALRV.CA RVDA of Canada’s “BUY LOCAL” campaign promotes “Buy your RV close to home. It’s better in the long haul, to consumers. We encourage you to download a copy of brochure available at the member’s website.

Dale Hopkins RV City

Trevor Moase Vacationer RV Sales And Services

Jim Gorrie GNR Camping World

Kyle Kehoe Kehoe RV

Roland Goreski Campkin’s RV Centre

Bruce Marsh Cape Breton Trailer Sales

Marc Rémillard, Centre du Camping Rémillard

Collin Yaretz South Thompson RV Ltd.

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2019 August Newsletter  

2019 August Newsletter