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News Highlights  The RV Tech Week June 1—8,2019  Call for Volunteers 2019 Skills Canada National Competition  Save the Date for the 2019 International RV Dealers Convention / Expo  Featured Program Benefits –Choice Hotels, Exclusive Member Only Offers

Inside this issue: 2019 RV Tech Week June 1 – 8, 2019


6-7 10 Steps to dewinterising and refreshing your RV Call for Volunteers 8-9 2019 Skills Canada National Competition

Fraud Prevention Tips from RBC Automotive Finance


14-15 How Strong Employee Retention Practices Create Value in Your Dealership 16-17 Card-not-present fraud is soaring; Is your business ready?

Lending your company car? Maybe think twice



April 2019

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Dear Members, Last month, the RVDA of Canada attended the inaugural RVX in Salt Lake City. We would like to congratulate the RV Industry Association for putting together this innovative event. It was a renewed opportunity for manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and campground operators to showcase the latest RV products, participate in educational opportunities and celebrate the RV lifestyle together. March also brought us the federal government’s 2019 budget. There were several measures which will benefit our members. Budget 2019 introduced the Canada Training Benefit, which will support workers with the cost of training, provide income support during training, and offer job protection so that workers can take the time to get the skills they need. Eligible workers between the ages of 25 and 64 can accumulate a credit balance at a rate of $250 per year, up to a lifetime limit of $5,000. The credit can be used to refund up to half the costs of taking a course or enrolling in a training program. This bodes well for those looking to attend skilled training courses. Budget 2019 also proposes to provide $58.5 million over two years, starting this year, to the Regional Development Agencies for the creation of a Canadian Experiences Fund. The Fund would support Canadian businesses and organizations seeking to create, improve or expand tourism-related infrastructure such as, accommodations or local attractions, or, new tourism products or experiences. We are reaching out to understand more about this fund and how our industry, including campgrounds, can participate in this project.


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The government introduced an EI Small Business Premium Rebate. Starting in 2020 any business that pays employer EI premiums equal to or less than $20,000 per year would be eligible for a rebate to offset the upward pressure on EI premiums resulting from the introduction of the new EI Training Support Benefit. We will be speaking to government about these proposals during our upcoming advocacy day on May 2nd. The RV and Camping Industry Hill day is an excellent way of making our industry’s voice heard. Thank you to all those that participated in our member advocacy survey to help establish our current messages, which are as follows: 

The government of Canada should continue to aggressively pursue the lift of the steel and aluminum tariffs by the United States. While Canada has started the process to ratify the CUSMA, the government should ensure that ratification in Canada coincide with the removal of these tariffs. The government should also provide additional support to the Canadian industries impacted by these tariffs.

Due to the geographic constraints of the existing programs, the Government of Canada should create an Apprenticeship Travel Grant that could be used by those who are required to travel in order to undertake an apprenticeship training program. This Grant should be targeted towards those enrolled in programs that are not offered in their city, town or province. This Grant should be a taxable cash grant of $2,000-$4,000 per person per year in order to provide support for such items as travel costs, lodging, and care arrangements for families.

Have a fabulous spring season. All the best,

Herb Cowen, Chairman of the Board RVDA of Canada

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2019 RV Tech Week June 1 – 8, 2019

At the start of the busy camping season, we wish to acknowledge and show gratitude towards all the RV apprentices, technicians and everyone that is involved in parts and service for keeping RVers safe and happy! We have designated June 1st to 8th to be the RV Tech Week. We encourage you and everyone involved to celebrate and recognize the achievements and contributions that RV Technicians make to the $6.1 billion Canadian RV industry

To participate in the RV Tech Week, please do ANY or ALL of the following: Educate your customers and your followers about the trade when they’re in the dealership and through your social channels but don’t forget to tag @rvcareers and add #RVTechWeek. Here are some facts about the Recreation Vehicle Service Technician trade:

FACT: RV Ser vice Technician is a r ecognized Red Seal trade in all Canadian Provinces. The Red Seal program is the national standard of excellence for skilled trades in Canada. In many cases, achieving trade certification in a Red Seal trade is equivalent to a post -secondary degree with the tremendous knowledge, skills and experience acquired on the job. FACT: Appr entices will lear n over 14 skilled trades under the one, RV service technician trade over a 3-year, (8-week) block release program. FACT: RV Service Technician troubleshoot, repair and service EVERYTHING in the RV except the engine. Follow the RV Careers channels on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (sorry, we’re assuming you’re not in the SnapChat demographic…) through your personal or company social media pages. This conversation can be carried through to the dealership! Don’t forget to tag @rvcareers and add #RVTechWeek! We take great pride in the work of RV Service Technicians! This RV Tech Week, fr om June 1 to 8, we invite you to like and share your (juicy) stories with us on our social channels Don’t forget to tag @rvcareers and add #RVTechWeek!

The RV Tech saved the day Best RV makeover Best RV moment with your customer Best RV moment with your (work) family

Best retrofit ever Best lines from an RV Tech Your RV discovery The RV Tech still saved the day


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What’s That Smell? 10 Steps to de-winterising and refreshing your RV By Somani Marrell Client Success Programs, PURIFYD SYSTEMS

Many of us have had the experience of opening the door of our RV after it being stored for the winter, only to be met with a less than fresh odour (to put it politely). These odours are an indication of possible leaks, mold, mildew, bacteria and other pathogens that regularly build up in RVs, but these culprits don’t always leave their calling card by alerting us with an odour often, they manage to grow and imbed themselves in what you may feel is your perfectly clean-looking/smelling RV, so don’t wait until you smell a problem – be sure to take preventative steps to avoid them. ‘

Here are the steps you can take to de-winterise your RV and ensure that it is road-ready, so you and the ones you love will have vacations filled with happy memories, unmarred by breakdowns or illnesses acquired from your home on wheels. 1) Exterior Give your RV a thorough washing to remove dust, debris, and other build-up that may have collected during winter storage. Use a gentle car soap to clean the vehicle and perhaps a bug and tar remover if you didn’t do a thorough cleaning of your exterior before storing your RV. Clean your awning and remove any mildew and stains. Here is a good article that will walk you thru the steps: Inspect the RV’s exterior. The biggest problem to check for is water leaks. Check all caulking closely for any cracks or damage, as well as windows, doors, roof vents and any other seams. If you find any cracks in the caulking or missing sealant, remove the old sealant and replace it. Also check for any other damage on your motorhome - make sure the awning is intact and operating properly, and check your lights and signals. 2) Batteries RV batteries will discharge by as much as 10% for each month in storage, so you’ll need to get them ready for use. Before you check your batteries:  Always wear safety glasses and latex gloves  Disconnect shore power Turn off all RV power and make sure the main cutoff is in the OFF position. Make sure all battery connections are clean. If the terminals are corroded, you can use hot water and baking soda to clean them up. Check for any cracks in the batteries that may have developed from winter freezing. Replace cracked batteries. Charge the batteries, then check the battery fluid levels and add distilled water as needed. Water should only be added to lead-acid batteries after they are fully charged. If you remove the batteries, be very careful with wiring. Make sure the positive and negative wires are clearly marked. And if you decide to replace the batteries, always replace multiple battery packs together. Never add a new battery to an old one. 3) Tires Your RV’s tires will likely have lost 2-3 psi per month while in storage. Check each tire on your RV—including the spare— for cracks along the side wall and treads. Inflate to the proper tire pressure, according to the tire manufacturer’s weight chart. Failing to check your tires could result in faster tread wear, uneven handling or a blowout on the road. 4) Interior Give the interior a thorough cleaning. While de-winterizing your RV, you’ll probably find spider webs, dust, and other debris. Look for evidence of rodents. Air out the RV and look closely for signs of damage, including discolored paneling or ceilings (signs of water leaks). Clean out every corner, including your water heater and refrigerator compartment drawers. As previously mentioned, your RV continually builds up a host of molds, contaminants, bacteria and pathogens. Even if you can’t see them or smell them, they are there – in the air ducts, on surfaces and floating around in the air. Think of the wet dog and the kids jumping from surface to surface, remnants of days at the lake or in the forest, the beverage spills, the raw foods that were prepared and stored, leaks while your RV was in use or in storage, bathroom use, and so on.


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RVDA dealers now have a new health protection system, called PURIFYD SYSTEMS Pro, that will eliminate these pathogens and toxins inside your RV and return it to a healthy, bio-neutral state. PURIFYD SYSTEMS Pro is professionally applied by your RVDA Dealer to your RV’s interior, eliminating the pathogens and toxins that build up in your air handling systems, on your regularly used surfaces and in the air. The treatment is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe for your family, pets and all surfaces and fabrics (it’s registered with Health Canada as safe for food handling establishments!). And, if you are sensitive to cleaning products you will appreciate that PURIFYD SYSTEMS Pro is also hypoallergenic. Getting a treatment done is easy. Simply add it to your regular service appointment or book one as a standalone service. Ask your dealer about a subscription for regular PURIFYD SYSTEMS Pro treatments. This will ensure that you keep the interior living environment of your RV healthy and safe for your family and pets, year-round. And while you are at your Dealer’s store, check out PURIFYD SYSTEMS PUR Strike in the parts store. Available soon, it is a hand-held, spot-decontaminant spray that is designed for a wide range of uses in between professional treatments. 5) RV Fresh Water System Check your motorhome’s fresh water system for leaks. Move the water heater’s bypass valve into the Normal position, then turn on the hot and cold water and check all faucets and pipes for leaks. If you used non-toxic RV antifreeze to winterize your fresh water system, you’ll need to drain and flush it from the system. To clean out the system: 1. 2. 3.

For every 15 gallons of tank capacity, add 1/4 cup of liquid household bleach to one gallon of water. Add the bleach water to the fresh water tank. Pump the water through all the water lines and fixtures, and let it sit for 4 hours. Drain the system and flush it out until the water tastes and smells bleach-free.

6) Propane System Check your propane system to be sure seals and hoses haven’t dried out and cracked. When you test your RV’s propane system:  Turn off all LP items before you begin  Don’t smoke!  No flames or sparks  Turn on the leak detector inside your RV Open the valve on the tank all the way. Smell for leaks. Apply a soapy water solution on the valve and regulator and watch closely for bubbling or spurting. Check for evidence of rodent damage on wires and hoses. Clean your LP gas appliances and test them by lighting them and letting them run for a while. If you suspect a leak, turn off the propane immediately and have a certified RV service technician inspect and repair the leak. If all the LP gas appliances work properly, make sure the RV’s appliances and accessories operate properly in the LP gas mode. After checking the refrigerator, turn it off and keep the doors open so it can return to room temperature before testing it in electric mode. 7) Appliances Test all of your appliances in electric mode. Check the outside access covers for your water heater and refrigerator and be sure they’re clean and free of debris. 8) Dump Hoses Check your sewage dump hose for holes and leaks. There’s nothing worse than discovering a leak when you’re dumping waste! 9) Waste Tank Valves Finally, check the seals on your waste tank valves. Before you do this, make sure the waste tank is empty. You might want to perform this check while connected to a dump station. Check the valve seal by carefully moving the handle in small increments to make sure it’s working correctly. If it’s sticking, you can add some valve lubrication to the tanks to restore the condition of the seal. By following this list for de-winterizing your RV, you’ll avoid all kinds of unwelcome surprises on your camping adventures. Spending the time to fully prepare your RV for spring and summer use lets you enjoy your vacations being secure in the knowledge that you have done everything you can to protect the ones you love. If you’re an RV dealer and interested in learning how your dealership can become certified to provide PURIFYD® SYSTEMS treatment services, please contact us at or by phone at 866-770-0711.

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Raise your hand if you believe in promoting the RV Service Technician trade to future generations! Join us at the 2019 Skills Canada National Competition When we say we are truly excited to promote RV Careers and showcasing the RV service technician trade, we really mean it! Skills/Competences Canada (SCC) is mandated to promote skilled trade and technology career options to Canadian youths. With the announcement of $40 million funding over 4 years to Skills Canada under Budget 2019, more than 350,000 youths will be fur ther engaged annually thr ough inter active exper iences that pr ofile skilled trade and technology careers.


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SCNC is the only national, multi-trade and technology competition for students and apprentices in the country. Every year, more than 550 students and apprentices from across Canada come to SCNC to compete in over 40 skilled trade and technology contests. Through these competitions, Skills/Competences Canada seeks to raise awareness about Skilled trade and technology sectors to youths and their influencers.

Will you answer the call for volunteers? RVDA of Canada has been participating in the annual Skills Canada National Competition since 2013 as a Try-A-TradeÂŽ and Technology partner. We have seen booth traffic increase, year after year. We continue to attract people to experience and ask questions about the RV Service Technician trade and other career opportunities. This event is open to the general public and all the elementary and high schools in the region are invited to attend. 83 % of visitors felt in the 2018 event that they have learned about new career options in the skilled trades sector. The proportion of 13 to 17 year old participants with a positive perception of skilled trades grew from 90% before the competition to 94% post-competition. We're very excited about our Try-A-Trade activity and our "highly" interactive booth. We need you to be present to help convey your passion for RVs to youths and their influencers (teachers, parents, grandparents, counsellors etc.) and to the general public through social media. If you have people skills, and believe in promoting this trade to future generations, contact Anita Lien at RVDA of Canada office at 604.718.6306.

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Canadian retail sales statistics are now available for both motorized and towable recreational vehicles. These statistics will allow dealers to better manage the inventory on their lot by knowing which units are selling in their area, which price points are attracting buyers as well as knowing the local trends affecting their marketplace. The RV retail sales statistics compiled by Statistical Surveys Inc. are the result of matching manufacturer VIN numbers with RV registrations. The RVDA of Canada endorsement agreement includes free access for national monthly figures only, for members only. Going forward, these figures will be published in the RVDA of Canada bimonthly newsletter and archived at the “RV Statistics / National RV Sales” link on the member side of This information is copyrighted to Statistical Surveys Inc. and for your use only, not for distribution. In order to protect your endorsement benefit, please honour that confidentiality. To purchase more detailed statistics – by province, region or city – please contact Scott Stropkai of Statistical Surveys Inc. at 616-281-9898 ext 128 or To learn more about Statistical Surveys Inc., visit


Elite Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Aviva Canada Inc., one of the leading Property and Casualty insurance groups in Canada which provides insurance protection to more than 3 million Canadians. Aviva Canada is on a mission to change insurance. "At Aviva, we listen to our customers' views and opinions because by listening and acting on your feedback, we become better at what we do. We want Aviva customers to feel they are being treated as people, not as a number. We want our customers to be confident and comfortable that they have the right insurance to cover their needs. And we want our customers to have a positive experience at Aviva. We've already started the change by introducing our claims service satisfaction guarantee which you can learn more by visiting Elite Insurance Company is Canada's largest insurer of specialty personal insurance products since 1954, covering recreational vehicles, mobile homes, antique & custom cars and pleasure crafts. To learn more about Aviva Elite and their mission to change insurance visit their website: Aviva Elite


The Annual Economic Review is intended to deliver a comprehensive look at the economic indicators affecting the RV industry in Canada. These products are intended to provide members with current economic information, which can assist them in gaining insights into the changing economic dimensions of the RV industry and the economy at large. Download this report on RVDA of Canada member site under Member services / Industry Relations tabs (login required)

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Even the most brilliant marketing campaign will be wasted if you don't have talented and creative professionals to back it up. You need a team of employees with a shared mission and a dealership environment that encourages them to stay. How do you get to that point? Consider these ideas: Hire for cultural fit, not just for experience Good retention starts with good hiring practices. You may think you've found the most knowledgeable, well-versed manager in the history of RV sales, but if that person makes your other employees scan the want ads, it's a bad hire. View a candidate through multiple lenses, including whether he or she can "click" with existing employees. Create employee-friendly policies, and be willing to change them

Tom Stinnett of Tom Stinnett Derby City RV in Clarksville, IN, noticed that employees were abusing the sick-day policy he instituted, using up sick time as soon as they accrued it. 'We realized we needed a better, more positive way to let them have that time, so we just gave them six more vacation days instead." Now, employees decide how to use the time, and the negative feelings about people "skipping work" are gone. If employees have family issues or serious health concerns, the dealership works to accommodate their needs instead of falling back on an inflexible policy. "That's what employee retention is really about respecting your employees and showing them appreciation," says Stinnett. "It's hard not to feel friendly when you're chatting and sharing barbecue and potato salad." Feed everyone regularly People love to eat with each other- that's why there are so many company picnics and potlucks. It's hard not to feel friendly when you're chatting and sharing barbecue and potato salad. And that sense of camaraderie carries through into everyday work. Give your staff some surprise treats or catered meals: Bring in breakfast, have a quarterly dinner, or take lunch orders.


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A survey of over 1,000 full-time professionals found that 60 percent said having more food at the office would make them feel more valued and appreciated. They also said that company-provided lunches helped foster better working relationships and more internal collaboration. Make wages competitive If your RV dealership tries to rely on perks instead of competitive wages, then you'd better get used to turnover. Offering a fair, living wage is part of showing respect to employees, says Stinnett. And give employees advancement opportunities within the dealership, bonuses when applicable, raises on a regular basis (contingent on performance), and other financial incentives. When employees feel like stakeholders in the business, they invest their energy in turning the company into a success. And they refer others to the dealership for job openings, giving you a steady pipeline of talent. Make rewards into a team effort Don't reward just the sales team for hitting the numbers. "Whether you're on the floor or you're doing administrative support, you're equally important in getting to the sales number we want every month," says Stinnett. At his dealership, the reward comes in the form of cash, delivered in an equal amount to every employee at a monthly appreciation event. That sense of equality helps retention because it creates strong teamwork that people are reluctant to leave. 'We have a culture of recognition here, and the bonuses are part of that," Stinnett says. "Making sure that you take nothing and no one for granted is one of the most powerful ways that you can make sure employees stay with you." Employee retention policies don't have to break the budget or turn into overly complex programs. People just want to feel appreciated and that they're part of a team. Having policies that support your employees is crucial for more than morale. Good policies create a deep sense of community and establish your dealership as the place to work. This, in turn, attracts a higher caliber of talent and ultimately lowers your cost-per-hire expenses. Maryellen Adams is director of the automotive division at CareerCo, working with clients in the automotive and RV industries as a recruitment/staffing expert. Source: RV Executive Today

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Card-not-present fraud is soaring; Is your business ready? So-called “Friendly Fraud” is on the rise — and it’s your enemy. Friendly fraud now accounts for 86 per cent of all chargebacks, according to a recent study. It can cost your business in many ways: lost revenue, lost merchandise, chargeback fees, shipping costs, transaction fees, and the time it takes to deal with the dispute. Unlike identity theft fraud, where a stolen credit card — or cloned card — is used to complete a purchase, friendly fraud occurs when an authorized cardholder disputes a legitimate charge, and the bank forces through a refund under the pretense that the merchant has done something wrong. Both types of fraud can negatively impact your business, but we’re going to focus here on friendly fraud, which has increased more than 40 per cent over the past two years. Don’t let the name fool you; friendly fraud can be innocent (the cardholder didn’t know better), but it can also be intentional (the cardholder is manipulating the system). Either way, merchants often end up on the losing end of these chargebacks because they aren’t properly equipped to prevent or fight them. Why do cardholders file chargebacks? In order to better protect your business from friendly fraud, it’s crucial that you understand the most common reasons that your customers are filing chargebacks. They include:      

Frustration with trying to contact the seller about the purchase or return policy The item or service wasn’t delivered The item or service wasn’t as described, or the item was broken The merchant didn’t cancel the customer’s recurring payment when requested The original transaction wasn’t authorized by the cardholder The customer called their bank to inquire about a charge, and their bank issued a chargeback without the cardholder even realizing

Recent surveys show that as many as 80 per cent of customers are now contacting their bank before exhausting their options in dealing directly with the merchant. This sobering statistic has huge implications for sellers. The chargeback process was created to protect cardholders from unscrupulous merchants, but, since most chargebacks are now filed prematurely, the onus is really on merchants to create policies and best practices for their staff in order to limit the damage. What can you do to prevent chargebacks? There are many simple actions your business can take to reduce chargebacks and their associated costs. We’ll cover five here: 1. Act promptly during customer disputes Have clear customer service procedures around complaints and refund requests. By working directly with the cardholder in a prompt manner you can avoid costly fees and promote goodwill. Remember, 8 out of 10 customers who file chargebacks are doing so simply out of convenience, or due to a misunderstanding. It also helps to set accurate expectations with the customer around refund timelines so they don’t take further action unnecessarily. Many cardholders are still unaware that it often takes 5-7 business days for a refund to appear back on their card. 2. Make your transactions easy to identify When cardholders don’t recognize a transaction on their billing statement, they might dispute it, so make sure your transactions are easy to identify. Ensure that your Doing Business As name, and not your legal name, appears on customer’s statements. You also want to make it as easy as possible for customers to contact you when they have concerns about a transaction, so make sure your customer service phone number is on your sales receipts. You can even have your customer service number display on the cardholder’s statement.


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3. Respond quickly to bank/processor requests for information In instances when the cardholder doesn’t contact you but, rather, goes directly through their bank to issue a retrieval request (copy of a receipt) or a chargeback, you should respond quickly to inquiries from the issuing bank or your credit card processor. Also, ensure that your management team is receiving dispute notifications in a timely manner. Too many businesses are still relying on snail mail as opposed to email notification for chargebacks, and this can result in missing the tight deadlines to respond to disputes. 4. Have a clear refund policy in writing Your customers should always know exactly what your cancellation or refund policy is. Include this policy in clear language on transaction receipts. If you sell online, your refund/cancellation policy must be clearly displayed on your website, and you should require customers to click an “I agree” button prior to online check out. If you don’t offer refunds, this information should also be communicated. When you do issue refunds, they must be done using the same credit card as the original sale. 5. Obtain signed proof of delivery To avoid a “non-receipt of merchandise” chargeback, you must obtain signed proof of delivery for all merchandise or services that aren’t immediately delivered at the point of sale. When taking installment payments, deposits, or prepayments, disclose the terms in writing, including shipping and handling charges, and taxes. Inform your customer if currency conversion rates will cause installment amounts to fluctuate. Do not process the first installment before shipping goods, and make sure to process the installments on the same date each month. If a cardholder disputes the quality of the merchandise delivered, this is a very difficult dispute to overcome. Try to resolve the issue directly with the customer and document your efforts to satisfy them. Ensure proper packaging of shipped goods, and make sure the goods are suitable for the purpose for which they are sold. As always, detailed and organized records are your best friend when fighting a chargeback. (Editor’s note: Breakout) Technology, Training, and Preventing “True” Fraud With the incredible increase in data breaches, including the recent Marriott breach which compromised 500 million customer records, “true” fraud (identity theft, as opposed to friendly fraud) should also be a legitimate concern for members of the RVDA. As winning disputes after the fact is very difficult, it is critical that you process transactions correctly. The most effective way to reduce fraud is by combining the right technology with employee education and training. Some helpful tips:  DO require a password (or an admin swipe card) for the Refund and Manual Entry functions on your physical payment terminals. Have a system for who is authorized to process refunds.  DO keep your eye on the transaction process. Many card-present scams occur when employees are distracted during the sale.  DO NOT allow Canadian customers to swipe and sign. If their chip and PIN isn’t working, ask for another form of payment.  DO NOT issue a refund onto a different card than the one used for the sale.  DO use a virtual (web-based) terminal instead of a physical terminal for card-not-present transactions. This will allow you to take advantage of your processor’s security features like real-time Address Verification Service (AVS).  DO collect CVV/CVC codes on all card-not-present transactions. This is mandatory as of Oct. 14, 2018.  DO be suspicious of: email orders; first-time customers; larger-than-normal purchases; orders consisting of several of the same item; and, orders split across multiple cards.  DO NOT start taking online orders without first having a discussion with your gateway provider about their fraud prevention tools. Tailoring those settings will allow you to strike the right balance between security and ease of commerce.  DO empower your staff to trust their instincts. If employees are skeptical about a transaction — perhaps the customer is trying to hurry them through the sale over the phone, or the customer is making unusual demands about shipping timelines or the shipping address — there should be a process in place whereby orders can be pended for further review before fulfilling the request. You can always call your credit card processor and ask for a “Code 10” to gain an approval (or decline) over the phone. If you’d like to learn more about chargeback and fraud prevention, or any topic related to credit card processing, please reach our team at Baseline Processing. As a member of the RVDA, you have full access to our expertise, as well as our group rate plan. We’d love to help you design and implement a system that protects you from chargebacks and fraud without hindering your ability to do business. Call Tom Bremner, Association Sales at 604-606-7950 ext 5

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Lending your company car? Maybe think twice submitted by Reza Kamrani, Account Representative, Associations Many people may not think twice about lending their car to someone, especially if they’re a friend or colleague. Some might also use their personal vehicle for business purposes, assuming it’s not a big deal. But in both of these instances, major problems could arise if something goes wrong. So it’s important to think twice before lending out a company vehicle, and know as much as you can about what risks you’re opening yourself up to. What could happen? Once you lend your car or truck out, you can’t control what happens to it, but you could be negatively impacted by someone else’s actions. For instance, if the person borrowing the vehicle is in an at-fault accident, your insurance premium may increase. Another thing to keep in mind is that third-party coverage may also be affected if the driver does something that violates your insurance policy and gets involved in an accident. You could be implicated in the third-party insurer’s recovery attempt as they could sue both the driver and vehicle owner. Your insurance coverage may not respond to the loss as a result of the violation, so you and the driver would have to pay for your own legal counsel. Let’s start with some questions Because of the potential negative ramifications associated with lending out your company vehicle, it’s important to ask some questions before doing so. And yes, this applies even when lending a car to your own employees. Some possible questions to ask include:  Do

you have a proper driver’s license for the type of vehicle you’re using? You may wish to obtain a copy for your records, but also keep in mind applicable privacy law requirements when it comes to collecting personal information.

 What will the car be used for?  How long will you need it for?  Where will you be travelling (out of province,  Who will be driving?  How many passengers will you have?

out of the country)?


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Some other things to keep in mind You can never be too careful in a situation like this. There are a number of best practices that you should perform, just to make sure you’re doing everything you can to avoid an unwanted situation. Some important things to know are listed below:  

There should only be as many people in the vehicle as there are seat belts. See if there are any restrictions on the license of the person you’re lending the vehicle to. Younger drivers especially may still be in some stage of their Graduated Driver License, which places restrictions on their driving status. Giving someone keys to your company vehicle gives them consent to drive it – even if there was no written or verbal agreement. Vehicles with company logos can be great advertising but may also be detrimental to your business’ image if the vehicle is used irresponsibly or gets in an accident.

Coverage, coverage, coverage You can’t control what someone does when they’re using your company vehicle, but you can be careful about who you lend it to, and determine the measures you have in place in case of an accident.

© Federated Insurance Company of Canada. All rights reserved. This document is provided by Federated Insurance Company of Canada (“Federated”) for informational purposes only to augment your own internal safety, compliance and risk management practices, and is not intended as a substitute for assessment or other professional advice by a qualified person or entity. Federated makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this document. Federated shall not be responsible in any manner for any loss, or any direct, indirect, consequential, special, punitive or other damages, arising out of your, or any other person’s, use or reliance on the information contained in this document.

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Federated Insurance provides customizable Group Employee Benefit coverage. Contact: Western Canada: Wayne Budge at 1-800-665-1934 Eastern Canada: Mauro Di Tullio at 1-800-361-0790

iA-SAL supplies innovative after-market products to the RV market. An industry leader since 1963, iA-SAL's RVDA- endorsed products include:  Creditors' Group Insurance: Life, Disability & Critical Illness  Extended Warranty Program (SPP: SAL Protection Plan)  Diamond-Kote Appearance Protection Products  Silent Sentinel Anti-Theft Etch Program Check your member directory, or member listings at, for your provincial contact.


Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution Finance RV Inventory Finance Contact : Carlos Lobo 1290 Central Parkway W, Ste. 1100 Mississauga, ON,. L5C 4R3 (905) 361-3837; Cell: (416) 573-1520 PORTABLE Wi-FI PRODUCTS Stealth Enterprises

The Stealth Wi-Fi system is a powerful receiver operating on its own private network. This means an end to net traffic, using Wi-Fi hotspots on your mobile device and expensive data overages, all while providing a service with an 80% stronger signal over using a cellular device to get online. To discuss the program, please contact: Brad Morrison at 403-389-6863


PURIFYD® is an innovative subscription-like, health protection service that will eliminate, on an ongoing basis, the biological pathogen and environmental contaminant buildup that occurs in confined spaces like recreation vehicles. Stephen Dunn at (604) 230-5175

RVDA / SPADER 20 GROUPS Spader Business Management

RVDA/Spader 20 Groups, managed by the Spader Companies, help dealers improve management skills, recognize market trends and solve problems. 1.800.772.3377 (US and Canada) |

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Insurance Company of Canada provides direct underwriting of Property and Casualty Insurance for RV dealerships. In addition, the Inventory Floor Plan Advantage is available from Federated Insurance for Commercial Distribution Finance (CDF) customers. Burnaby, BC – 1-800-939-7788 Edmonton, AB – 1-800-661-8617 Calgary, AB –1-800-342-9157 Regina / Saskatoon, SK –1-866-291-0523 Winnipeg, MB –1-800-665-1934 London, ON –1-800-461-3117 Mississauga, ON –1-800-387-5953 Laval, QC & Atlantic Region –1-800-361-0790

PAYMENT SOLUTIONS Baseline Processing looks forward to providing great group-rates to all RVDA of Canada members. Baseline provides payment solutions and expertise to more than 1,000 merchants across North America. Their commitment to Cost -Plus pricing means complete transparency and significant savings for merchants of all sizes. No teaser rates. No hidden fees. No cancellation fees. Just Baseline’s exceptional service and dedication to building long-term relationships. Contact : Tom Bremner : (604) 606-7950

ONLINE MARKETING/ ADVERTISING SOLUTIONS ReachLocal, a global company, is an online marketing

and advertising solution provider for small, medium, and large businesses, creating advertising to consumers in local markets. It provides internet and mobile internet marketing solutions to business clients. contact: Linette Moore at (416) 380-2900


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/ Benefits on select Exclusive discounts up to 35% off select FedEx services when shipping within Canada, to the US, or internationally.

on hotel – access to Choice Hotels program discounts of 15-20% at over 325 hotels in Canada & 6,300 hotels worldwide, & some complimentary services at select hotels. Aeroplan or Choice Privileges points can be earned. Book travel be online, on your mobile device or via a toll-free number.

If you have a FedEx account, simply enroll in this program through the dedicated FedEx webpage that can be found at the member link If not, see the member benefit page for a link to do so. View FedEx services at

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– an exclusive 20% discount on 3 of their publications: and HR & free trials of information services. The constantly-updated information will help you understand employer obligations & legal requirements, & stay updated with Canadian federal, provincial & territorial employment legislation.

on UPS Preferred pricing with UPS for Canada-wide, USA and other destinations for expedited and standard services via Wholesale International Couriers and Freight Forwarders through UPS’ website. Visit the member link above for contact information to set up an account.

Card with use of the Petro-Canada credit card, members of Explorer RV Club & RVDA of Canada can realize significant savings, convenience, control & security. Click here for an information / application form & contact information,

on and First Preferential pricing for First Aid Certification with AED (defibrillation), & many more courses; and a 10% discount on all First Aid products and supplies, where applicable. eck c ss availability online. Find contact information for registration and links to classes / programs at the member benefit page.

An array of products at very competitive prices in over a dozen Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) categories, with two discount structures – based on national volume and on catalogue prices. Inventory at each branch location is tailored to the local market. For a complete list of products available, a credit application form to sign up for an account, & a contact for complete details on this program, click here.

on Volume-based preferred pricing on a wide range of products in over 700 categories. Imago Marketing is able to distribute to all locations across Canada Visit the member link above for the member code. For more information, contact Jessie Lo at or 604.304.6246. Discounts and offers for top attractions, shows and other entertainment! .Now you’ll have access to exclusive discounts, special offers and access to preferred seating and tickets to top attractions, theme parks, shows, sporting events, movie tickets, hotels and much more. Be sure to visit often as new products and discounts are constantly being added!

Discounts on Dale Carnegie Training programs

10% discount off local pricing for any Dale Carnegie Training program. Contact your local training office for class details / dates, or find an office near you. Download & present this offer to them to qualify for the discount.

Marks: 10% discount on the numerous items listed on our member program card, including work clothing, gloves, belts, winter and safety accessories and CSAApproved Footwear. Show your card at the check-out counter


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Did you know about the RV Careers website? The RV Careers site was developed to raise awareness to career opportunities available in the Canadian RV industry. It provides some background information to the various departments found within an RV dealership, apprentice and technician training opportunities. It also contains information for employers on how to hire and work with apprentices and apprenticeship authorities and how to access the numerous Federal, Provincial and private grants available.

Hiring? When you visit the site, the first thing that should jump out at you is “jobs.� And, the call-to-action would be to see what jobs are available and to look deeper for the job and training requirements.

You can add, edit or remove your job posting whenever you like. You will be able to receive job applications via e-mail. Before this listing expires (in 45 days), you will be notified to either update or delete the posting.

You have full control of your job postings!

To post a job, go to the employers tab and log in using your RVDA of Canada user name and password. Contact RVDA of Canada at 604-718-6325 or e-mail if you do not have this information.

Upcoming Events

Newly added events include career fair, RV lifestyle, trade show, workshop, and online training events. The news listing will keep you and your staff up to date on training and industry events.

Education for those currently working in the industry vs. those looking to enter the industry If you currently work in sales, parts, or service, you will want to visit the Education page.



There are training and educational programs for technicians, parts/service management programs, sales, marketing and F&I programs, administration/ accounting programs and awards available. For apprentices and anyone wishing to

become an apprentice, detailed information can be found on the Become an apprentice page. There are many programs such as youth and pre-apprenticeship where high school students can get practical work experience. If there isn’t one in your area, there’s information available under the Employer page on how to start and implement your own apprenticeship program.

Financial incentives and assistance programs There are many financial incentives for both apprentices and employers to participate in an apprenticeship as well as assistance from Provincial and Federal governments and your local RVDA. On the financial incentive page, it lists numerous benefits for apprentices to participate in an apprenticeship and for employers to hire apprentices. There are numerous Federal, Provincial and RVDA Financial assistance programs such as bursaries and grants. If you have any suggestions or comments about how we can improve the site, please email us or comment on the RV Careers Facebook page!

News from RVDA Canada

RVDA of Canada Mission Statement: The RVDA of Canada is a national federation which exists to protect and promote the interests and welfare of RV Dealers across Canada in order to enable the industry to maximize its potential.

Newsletter Editorial Staff The RVDA of Canada Member Newsletter is produced and distributed through the national association office : RVDA of Canada, Richmond BC For Inquiries please contact us at: #145 – Coppersmith Way Richmond, BC V7A 5J9 Ph: (604) 718-6325 Fax: (604) 204-0154 powered by

Board of Directors

Emails :

Vice-Chairman, Gord Bragg, Hub City RV, Lantzville, BC

Eleonore Hamm, Anita Lien,

Executive Committee Chairman, Herb Cowen, Pike Lake Golf Centre, Pike Lake, ON

Post your Positions at

Treasurer, Josée Bédard Roulottes Chaudière Lévis, Quebec

To post a job, simply go to the employers tab and log in using your RVDA of Canada user name and password.

Past Chairman, Jean-Francois Lussier, Horizon Lussier, Marieville, QC

Contact RVDA of Canada at 604-718-6325 or e-mail if you do not have this information.


Amee Inocencio,

WWW.BUYLOCALRV.CA RVDA of Canada’s “BUY LOCAL” campaign promotes “Buy your RV close to home. It’s better in the long haul, to consumers. We encourage you to download a copy of brochure available at the member’s website.

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