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News from RVDA Canada News Highlights  2017 RV Dealers International Convention /Expo

June 2017

 2017 Skills Canada National Competition,  2017 National Best Bulk Booth Awards Winner  2017 Canadian RVing and Camping Week Make A Wish Wrapped-up  2017 Dealer of the Year Award Call for Nomination  2017 Toronto Trouble Shooter Clinic

Inside this issue: RV Rental Association Survey: Grow in 2017


What we heard at the 2017 Skills Canada


2017 RV Dealers International Convention /Expo


2017 Go Rving Canada 12-13 and Make-A-Wish wrapped-up 2017 Toronto Trouble Shooter Clinic


Triangle RV– Winner of the 2017 Best Bulk Booth Awards


2017 Dealer of the Year Award, Call for Nominations


RVDA Golf Tourneys Across Canada



Program / Benefits

Newsletter Register and beat the Early bird promo for the RV Dealers International Convention/Expo, November 6-10 The dates are set for this year’s RV Dealers International Convention/Expo, November 6–10, at Bally’s on the Las Vegas Strip. This is the premier education event of the year for North American RV dealers and their staff. The convention is sponsored by RVDA–The National RV Dealers Association, RVDA of Canada, and the Mike Molino RV Learning Center. The RVDA Convention/Expo Committee is working to provide an array of workshops and networking events that will help dealers and their personnel build on an expanding market and “Gear Up for Success.” The convention will also feature an expo of the RV industry’s leading companies offering products and services to help dealers improve profitability. Companies interested in partnership and sponsorship opportunities and exhibitor information can contact Julie Newhouse at (703) 364-5518 or send an email to details on page 8

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Dear Members, We have just received the April 2017 retail shipment numbers and I’m very pleased to see that the numbers reflect positive growth. Overall, our present retail results are fairly consistent with last year showing a modest increase year to date. This is grew news since we had seen a decline over the last few years. So far, this year, the brightest spot for the industry has been Class C sales. The increase has been an impressive 57.8%. Strong demand for this segment should support solid revenue even if overall sales are flat or down again in 2017. We are hearing that dealer lag times to receive inventory are growing due to the huge demand in both the US and Canada. We forecast that this will continue to be an issue in the upcoming months. RVIA has predicted that RV industry shipments will reach 472,200 units in 2017 in North America, the highest annual total since the data has been collected, and a 9.6% increase from the number shipped last calendar year. Please keep this information top -of-mind as you head into the fall buying cycle. Ensuring that you have skilled and adequate staffing for your dealerships is also paramount these days. The availability of a skilled labour force will continue to hallenge our industry at all partner levels: dealership, campground and manufacturers. Tomorrow’s employee may look nothing like we have been accustomed to previously and we must be willing to adapt to the new workforce. To assist our members and the industry, RVDA of Canada annually participates in the Skills Canada competition. This year’s competition was held in Winnipeg at the beginning of the month. This year, our booth was arguably, the most popular area in the entire Winnipeg convention centre for the 2 days of competition. We estimated 4000 people came through the booth over 2 days. Photos are being added to the RVDA of Canada and RV Careers Facebook pages. Your RVDAs will keep investing in educational opportunities for members. Endeavours such as the Trouble Shooter Clinics, NTP-Stag Canada RV Technician


Bursary, and the RV Dealers Convention/Expo are but a few initiatives that you should ensure your staffs participate in. We must continue our commitment to education and training as educated employees are more committed and have longer retention records. As an industry we also need to ensure that we have adequate facilities and campgrounds for our customers to camp in. Included in our recent advocacy messages on Parliament Hill was the need to address infrastructure in our national parks to support the RV industry. As campground services continue to rise in demand, critical infrastructure needs, such as sizing requirements to accommodate larger RVs and access to appropriate electrical outlets and waste disposal facilities, remain unfunded. The funding could come from the Consolidated Revenue Fund and/or proposed funding from the recent budget. We also need to ensure that our private campgrounds are treated fairly and equitably by CRA. We are monitoring this issue very closely and may call upon members to continue a letter writing campaign to their respective Members of Parliament. We cannot see campgrounds classified as inactive businesses from a taxation perspective as this would surely put a great many of them out of business. Most campgrounds offer an extensive list of services to RVers and campers and should be viewed as qualifying for the small business tax deduction. Finally I just want to highlight the efforts of the Canadian RV and camping industry this past month during Canadian RV and Camping Week. Our campaign to raise funds for Make-A-Wish was another great success. You will find details on Page 12 –13. You can also still make donations by clicking on the following link: fuseaction=donate.event&eventID=528 I wish you all a wonderful summer! Sam Parks, Chairman of the Board RVDA of Canada

June 2017

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Canadian National RV Retail Statistics Board of Directors Executive Committee Canadian retail sales statistics are now available for both motorized and towable recreational vehicles. These statistics will allow dealers to better manage the inventory on their lot by knowing which units are selling in their area, which price points are attracting buyers as well as knowing the local trends affecting their marketplace. The RV retail sales statistics compiled by Statistical Surveys Inc. are the result of matching manufacturer VIN numbers with RV registrations. The RVDA of Canada endorsement agreement includes free access for national monthly figures only, for members only. Going forward, these figures will be published in the RVDA of Canada bimonthly newsletter and archived at the “RV Statistics / National RV Sales” link on the member side of This information is copyrighted to Statistical Surveys Inc. and for your use only, not for distribution. In order to protect your endorsement benefit, please honour that confidentiality. To purchase more detailed statistics – by province, region or city – please contact Scott Stropkai of Statistical Surveys Inc. at 616-281-9898 ext 128 or To learn more about Statistical Surveys Inc., visit Elite Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Aviva Canada Inc., one of the leading Property and Casualty insurance groups in Canada which provides insurance protection to more than 3 million Canadians. Aviva Canada is on a mission to change insurance. "At Aviva, we listen to our customers' views and opinions because by listening and acting on your feedback, we become better at what we do. We want Aviva customers to feel they are being treated as people, not as a number. We want our customers to be confident and comfortable that they have the right insurance to cover their needs. And we want our customers to have a positive experience at Aviva. We've already started the change by introducing our claims service satisfaction guarantee which you can learn more by visiting Elite Insurance Company is Canada's largest insurer of specialty personal insurance products since 1954, covering recreational vehicles, mobile homes, antique & custom cars and pleasure crafts. To learn more about Aviva Elite and their mission to change insurance visit their website: Aviva Elite

Chairman, Sam Parks, Camp-Out RV, Stratford, ON Vice-Chairman, Jean-Francois Lussier, Horizon Lussier, Marieville, QC Treasurer, Herb Cowen Pike Lake Golf Centre , Pike Lake, ON Past Chairman, George Goodrick, Adventure Sports LTD , Dartmouth, NS Directors Gord Bragg Hub City RV Jim Gorrie GNR Camping World Bruno Tombari Bellavista RV Josée Bédard Ruolottes Chaudiere Darcy Turgeon Carefree RV Ltd Trevor Moase Vacationer RV Sales And Services Kyle Kehoe Kehoe RV Bruce Marsh Cape Breton Trailer Sales

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RV Rental Association (RVRA) Survey: Rental Revenue and Rental Fleets Expected to Grow in 2017 The North American RV rental fleet is expected to grow more than 12 percent in 2017, with almost two-thirds of rental operators expanding their rental fleets, according to a new survey by the Recreation Vehicle Rental Association (RVRA). “This segment of the market continues to be a winner for the RV industry,” said Scott Krenek, RVRA Chairman and owner of Krenek RV Super Center in Coloma, MI. “The RV rental market is healthy and growing. That’s why so many RVRA members are looking forward to a great summer. Renting RVs is not only a good business for dealers, it helps drive interest in RV travel and use.” Krenek owns and operates Krenek RV Super Center in Coloma, MI. Consumers can access the complete list of RVRA members companies at

Revenue Fuels Growth Fueling the growth in RV rental fleets is a rise in rental revenue over the past 12 months. Nearly a quarter of those responding to the survey (24 percent) said their rental revenue grew by 50 percent or more in 2016. Another 17 percent said their rental revenue increased 20 to 49 percent, while 22 percent said their rental revenue increased 10 to 19 percent last year. Increasing revenue is important, but so is profitability and 80 percent of those responding to the survey said their profit margins on RV rentals are adequate. There are more options for consumers to rent an RV than ever before, either by picking up the unit themselves or having it delivered to where they want to stay. In fact, 74 percent of the dealers responding to the survey say they’re willing to deliver a rented trailer to the campground -- or other location -- where the customer intends to use it. Among dealers who rent towables, 68 percent said more and more customers are asking to have a rented trailer delivered to the place where they will use it. The average length of a rental contract last year was for four to five nights, according to 44 percent of the dealer respondents. Another 33 percent said six to seven nights was the average length of their RV rental contacts. Thirteen percent said three nights was the average length, and 9 percent said it was seven or more nights. Larger RVs -- as measured by the number of sleeping areas -- are the most popular rental units, according to survey respondents. Forty-four percent of dealers said units with at least four sleeping areas are the most popular, while 24 percent said at least six sleeping areas was the most popular floor plan. Another 31 percent said at least two sleeping areas was the most popular. Although the survey results are overwhelmingly upbeat, the dealers acknowledged that renting presents challenges. The biggest challenge—listed by 24 percent of respondents—is that the rental season is too short. Another 22 percent said the acquisition of rental fleet units is their biggest challenge. Fifteen percent said staff training is the biggest challenge, and another 15 percent said remaining profitable is the biggest challenge. Source : News Release: RV Rental Association (RVRA) Survey Eric Sisk, RVDA of Amer ica

June 2017

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RV Rental Advice With the surge of interest in RV travel, Krenek recommends that people who want to take an RV rental vacation book as soon as possible to get their desired dates and the unit that fits their needs. “It’s wise to make reservations for the both the RV and campgrounds as early as you can,” he says. Prior to renting an RV this summer, RVRA recommends customers ask their rental agent these basic questions:

 Does the rental agency keep regular hours for drop off and pick up?  For first-time RV renters, does the rental company provide an orientation on the RV’s systems and components?  If customers have questions about the RV during the trip, is there a phone number they can call or text for help?  What are the terms for the security deposit?  Is the RV that was described online the actual model that will be available at time of pickup? Who owns the RV that you’re renting and how does the insurance coverage work? “RV rental vacations are a great way to make memories with family and friends,” Krenek says. “Some advance planning before you set out on your trip will make the experience even better.” RVRA is a unit of RVDA, and the survey was conducted through the RV Retailer Intelligence program, a service of the RV Assistance Corp. (RVAC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of RVDA. Source : News Release: RV Rental Association (RVRA) Survey; Eric Sisk, RVDA of America

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What we heard at the 2017 Skills Canada National Competition, “what an incredible trade.” Skills/Compétences Canada (SCC) hosted the Skills Canada National Competition from May 31 to June 3 in Winnipeg, MB. While the main focus of this event is on the over 40 skilled trade competitions with over 550 secondary and post-secondary competitors from across Canada, this event also exists to provide student visitors and the general public with handson experience. Through widespread promotion and industry participation, this national event aims to encourage Canada’s youths to consider skilled trades as a viable, rewarding career option. As an organization, Skills/ Competences Canada exists to encourage and support a coordinated Canadian approach to promoting skilled trades and technologies to youths. Students compete at the regional, Provincial/Territorial, National and ultimately at World Skills competition. Photos don’t do these competitors any justice as the level of competition is really high! Since our first participation in 2013 as a Try-A-Trade® and Technology partner, we have introduced the RV service technician trade wherever this event takes us. We were incredibly busy over the competition days as we were told we had “the best” activity throughout the building. We couldn’t have had such a successful showing of the RV service technician trade and other RV career opportunities without the help of local dealers, CRVA, Federated Insurance Canada, Leisure Travel Vans/Triple E, NTP-Stag Canada and SAIT.

June 2017

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Continuation What we heard at the 2017 Skills Canada National Competition,

“what an incredible trade.” Local dealerships provided great support during a very busy time of the year. Everyone showed up with great anticipation and eagerness to make some real connections with students, teachers and parents. There was a lot of noise, laughter’s and cheering throughout the competition days. Leisure Travel Vans/Triple E provided a class B for display, which we proudly pointed out that the unit is manufactured in Winkler, Manitoba. From the moment doors were open to the public, our booth was flooded with students, teachers, parents, competitors and even other exhibitors wanting to build their own folding stool. The process to build the stool was streamlined with preset jigs to hold the plywood in place to allow holes to be drilled with precision. The remaining assembly process with screws, nuts and bolts were also simplified. The last station was for stapling the canvas seat onto the legs. From scratch to finish, the construction took approximately 20 minutes. However, the line ups grew as the day passes and would take up to 2 hours! Once the participants were finished with their activity, they were welcomed to tour the Class B and learn about all the other opportunities the industry has to offer and the latest RV technology. Just as all the visitors had heard about our awesome activity, they also heard about the freshly baked cookies. The three ovens didn’t let us down and worked as hard as the volunteers did!

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Continuation What we heard at the 2017 Skills Canada National Competition,

“what an incredible trade.�

Once again, we absolutely blew everyone away with the complexity of our activities, the intricacy of the modern RV and the number of trades found in the one trade. More photos can be found on the RV Careers Facebook page. The following sponsors and supporters have provided tremendous support and made our participation possible for 2017!

June 2017

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June 2017

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Go RVing Canada and Make-A-Wish Canada recently wrapped up Canadian Rving and Camping Week and we are happy to report it was another great success! With over 70 Campgrounds and 22 RV Dealerships participating, $10,000 in donations were raised to support children with life threatening injuries through Make-A-Wish so far. And donations keep coming in! In addition, we held a wish reveal event for 6-year-old Parker from Ontario at Emerald Lake campground. Parker received a 1910 Rockwood Pop-Up Camper courtesy of Go Rving Canada. Fishing gear was also arranged courtesy of Fish TV. Parker’s wish was to have his very own RV to go camping and fishing with his family. This wish was granted and as you can see below, the happiness is immeasurable!

June 2017

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New to Canadian RVing and Camping Week this year was our Nationwide Marshmallow Roast! The largest simultaneous marshmallow roast ever! All participating campgrounds across the country gathered around the campfire and roasted marshmallows to support Make-A-Wish Canada! It created an amazing atmosphere of togetherness and joy! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who participated in making Canadian RVing and Camping Week another huge success. And with your help, we are hoping to continue to support Make-A-Wish in the future and grant even more wishes in 2018 and beyond!

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June 2017

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June 2017

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Triangle RV 2017 RVDA Best Bulk Booth Award Winner!

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Triangle RV 2017 RVDA Best Bulk Booth Award Winner Congratulations to the management and Team members of Triangle RV, BC for winning the 2017 Bulk Booth Award. As expected, the company’s reputable status in the industry precedes the amount of hard work they put in everything they do, this award is a recognition of Triangle RV Team’s talent and continuous commitment to the RV industry. The award adds another feather in their crown, Triangle has been nominated multiple times for Dealer of the Year and has been awarded the honor in B.C. three times. Our praises to Ms. Sylvia Miller who has been active for many years in the B.C. RVDA advocating for recognition in the industry. Triangle RV dedication and services extends to the general public and the society as well, the company supports the local military and works closely with CFB Esquimalt in promoting RV’ing for the navy personnel stationed in the province. Likewise, Triangle RV has been an active sponsor ever since the inception of the Cops for Cancer Bike Ride that runs 1000 kilometers on Vancouver Island, donating a motorhome as support for the participants and support crew. They have often been valued and appreciated, that likely the ride won’t be possible without the “mo-ho” for comfort and refuge. Living constantly to its company ethics in providing - the best possible customer service and to make the experience positive for customers, whether they are buying parts for an 80’s truck camper or shopping for a trailer or servicing a million-dollar diesel pusher- these has made the company uniquely exceptional and successful all throughout its existence in the business. Yet again, with these set of values in mind, they have achieved and received this year’s Winnebago Circle of Excellence award for customer service.

June 2017

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Triangle RV 2017 RVDA Best Bulk Booth Award Winner!


Professional, bright, clean, easy to get around THEME Is there a main theme? Does it fit the décor PRODUCT DISPLAY Well presented, organized, attractive (both inside & outside units) STAFF Appropriately dressed, uniforms support theme of show SIGNAGE Professional, prominent, easy to read

As the company valued their people, many of the staff at Triangle have been with the company for decades. Together, employees get involved in the business and worked as a team on projects large and small. Staff members and families are encouraged to experience RV’ing to further understand their customers. Themes, while a lot of work, bring the staff together. Everyone contributes - gets it on from suggesting, picking and planning the themes and participates in the physical setting up and taking down of our decorations. Despite the challenges and sometimes daunting logistics “team Triangle” takes it all in stride and makes it happen. The reward is the feedback from customers who come back year after year to see what we’ve done. Triangle RV stated and we quote “This award has been a morale booster for all of us at Triangle RV. Recognition at the Island RVDA Show put smiles on everyone’s faces and “high-fives” all round. To find out that we have won at the national level makes all the effort worthwhile.”

FENCING/SKIRTING Appropriate, hides work areas or hitches

Indeed, employees and customers are the two biggest assets of the company and with the commending support from the RV Triangle management; the bond between the two has only flourished.

EXHIBIT AREA Clean, no boxes/garbage in view, booth within contracted area LIGHTING Bright, all bulbs working, highlights area, adds to presentation.Bulk space is defined as a booth over 1000 sq. ft. Check with your provincial / regional RVDA for local information on shows and judging.

Truly, your award is the result of everyone’s hard work, congenial efforts and a fearless spirit. Again, we congratulate you and wish you the best as you embark on your next exciting adventure. Your achievement is an example to all of us!

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June 2017

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June 2017

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For more information please contact: Eleonore Hamm, RVDA Canada: at 604.204.0559

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2017 RVDA AGM and Golf Schedule

Ontario Golf Tourney August 9, 2017 Pike Lake, Ontario Visit RVDA Ontario T. Free: 1-888-331-8885 Local : 905 -659-8800 Email:

Alberta Springs Golf Resort August 9, 2017 Visit RVDA Alberta website or email Karen Renaud at

Manitoba Golf Tournament August 24, 2017 Visit Ph. (204) 975-8219 Em.

BC Fund Raiser Golf Day September 6 2017 Harrison Hot Springs, BC Contact : Joan Jackson Ph: 778-489-5057 Cell: 778-908-4699 Email: Website: www.r

June 2017

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June 2017

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Federated Insurance

iA-SAL supplies innovative after-market products to the RV market. An industry leader since 1963, iA-SAL's RVDA- endorsed products include:  Creditors' Group Insurance: Life, Disability & Critical Illness  Extended Warranty Program (SPP: SAL Protection Plan)  Diamond-Kote Appearance Protection Products  Silent Sentinel Anti-Theft Etch Program Check your member directory, or member listings at, for your provincial contact.

COMMERCIAL FINANCING Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution Finance RV Inventory Finance Contact : Carlos Lobo 1290 Central Parkway W, Ste. 1100 Mississauga, ON,. L5C 4R3 (905) 361-3837; Cell: (416) 573-1520 RVDA / SPADER 20 GROUPS Spader Business Management RVDA/Spader 20 Groups, managed by the Spader Companies, help dealers improve management skills, recognize market trends and solve problems. 1.800.772.3377 (US and Canada) | WEB AND ONLINE SERVICES RVHotline Canada 1-866-642-2343 RVHotline Canada provides New and Used RV online classified and inventory services exclusive to members of the RVDA. Every month, tens of thousands of RVers select this web site to look for RVs. RVHotline Canada also promotes the RV industry by providing additional online resources to the RV community. Affordable quality web design and free web hosting for participants complement the offering.

Federated Insurance provides customizable Group Employee Benefit coverage. Contact: Western Canada: Wayne Budge at 1-800-665-1934 Eastern Canada: Mauro Di Tullio at 1-800-361-0790


Federated Insurance Federated

Insurance Company of Canada provides direct underwriting of Property and Casualty Insurance for RV dealerships. In addition, the Inventory Floor Plan Advantage is available from Federated Insurance for Commercial Distribution Finance (CDF) customers. Burnaby, BC – 1-800-939-7788 Edmonton, AB

– 1-800-661-8617

Calgary, AB


Regina / Saskatoon, - 1-866-291-0523 Winnipeg, MB


London, ON


Mississauga, ON


Laval, QC & Atlantic Region


PAYMENT SOLUTIONS Baseline Processing looks forward to providing great group-rates to all RVDA of Canada members. Baseline provides payment solutions and expertise to more than 1,000 merchants across North America. With their large network of processors and industry leading technology for every payment environment, Baseline can meet your needs with aggressive rates that are easy to understand. Their commitment to Cost-Plus pricing means complete transparency and significant savings for merchants of all sizes. No teaser rates. No hidden fees. No cancellation fees. Just Baseline’s exceptional service and dedication to building long-term relationships. Ask about unique solutions for B2B recurring billing and about upcoming rate decreases for the Canadian Travel and Entertainment Industry.

June 2017

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/ Benefits on select Exclusive discounts up to 35% off select FedEx services when shipping within Canada, to the US, or internationally.

on hotel – access to Choice Hotels program discounts of 15-20% at over 325 hotels in Canada & 6,300 hotels worldwide, & some complimentary services at select hotels. Aeroplan or Choice Privileges points can be earned. Book travel be online, on your mobile device or via a toll-free number.

on 3


– an exclusive 20% discount on 3 of their publications: and HR & free trials of information services. The constantly-updated information will help you understand employer obligations & legal requirements, & stay updated with Canadian federal, provincial & territorial employment legislation.

If you have a FedEx account, simply enroll in this program through the dedicated FedEx webpage that can be found at the member link If not, see the member benefit page for a link to do so. View FedEx services at

on your – now at a Exclusive RVDA members pricing at all Canadian locations on copying; 25% other services; and free shipping, where available. Find local locations at, or order services online. Visit the member benefit link for the Preferred Customer Number and discount card. A Quick Reference Guide can be found on the member benefits page.

on tools

on UPS Preferred pricing with UPS for Canada-wide, USA and other destinations for expedited and standard services via Wholesale International Couriers and Freight Forwarders through UPS’ website. Visit the member link above for contact information to set up an account.

An array of products at very competitive prices in over a dozen Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) categories, with two discount structures – based on national volume and on catalogue prices. Inventory at each branch location is tailored to the local market. For a complete list of products available, a credit application form to sign up for an account, & a contact for complete details on this program, click here.


Card with use of the Petro-Canada credit card, members of Explorer RV Club & RVDA of Canada can realize significant savings, convenience, control & security. Click here for an information / application form & contact information,

on and


St. John Ambulance

Preferential pricing for First Aid Certification with AED (defibrillation), & many more courses; and a 10% discount on all First Aid products and supplies, where applicable. eck c ss availability online. Find contact information for registration and links to classes / programs at the member benefit page.

Volume-based preferred pricing on a wide range of products in over 700 categories. Imago Marketing is able to distribute to all locations across Canada Visit the member link above for the member code. For more information, contact Jessie Lo at or 604.304.6246.

Marks: select 10% discount on the numerous items listed on our member program card, including work clothing, gloves, belts, winter and safety accessories and CSAApproved Footwear. Show your card at the check-out counter

Discounts on Dale Carnegie Training programs 10% discount off local pricing for any Dale Carnegie Training program. Contact your local training office for class details / dates, or find an office near you. Download &

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Credit Card Processing Understanding Your Rates Making sense of your credit card processing statement can be challenging. The major Canadian Processors have a number of strategies they employ to keep merchants confused. The best way to see through their smoke and mirror tactics is to understand who profits from your fees. There are three groups involved. First, the Networks are paid. Visa and MasterCard collect 0.10% on every transaction involving their cards. These rates are non-negotiable so we can skim right over them. The second group is comprised of all the banks who issue credit cards. When a bank issues a new type of card it’s assigned a group of rates. These are the card’s Interchange Rates. At the moment every card type is given 6 Interchange rates:  Card-Not-Present (Non face-to-face charges)  Card Present (Swiped through a POS Terminal)  Recurring (Multiple charges to the same card, by the same merchant, following a very specific set of steps)  Everyday Needs shopping (purchases from certain business types who sell “necessities”)  Grocery Store transactions  Gas Station charges Interchange rates progressively decrease as we move from Card-Not-Present (most costly) to Gas Stations (lowest cost). To further muddy the waters a 7th Category is being added July 1st. Now before you throw up your hands and give-up on ever keeping track of your fees let me just say this: The 7th Category is going to be hugely beneficial to many RVDA members. And that’s because the new category includes several sectors of the Travel & Entertainment Industry. Rent RVs? Own a Campsite? Your rates should go down July 1st. That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that the third group who profit from your fees, the Processors who complete the transactions, have to choose between lowering your rates and pocketing the difference. As you can imagine, they haven’t had a particularly good track record in these situations. Fortunately RVDA members who transfer to the new Processing Plan will receive these rates automatically. If you’re unable to transfer before July 1st it’s a good idea to speak with your Account Manager. If you no longer have an Account Manager or don’t think you’ve ever had one I now look after the RVDA’s credit card processing. You should feel free to contact me with any questions.

For more information about Baseline Processing please visit our website or contact: Tom Bremner: (604) 606-7950

June 2017

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A website for everything RV Careers!

It’s been 2 years since we launched the RV Careers site! But, have you heard about it? As the name suggests, “RV Careers” site contains information about career opportunities in the RV industry. This site contains trade-related and education/training opportunities for those already working in the industry as well as information for those looking to learn more about the RV service technician trade and how to participate in an apprenticeship. When you visit the site, the first thing that should jump out at you or anyone is “jobs.” And, the call-to-action would be to see what jobs are available and to look deeper for the job and training requirements. Newly added event and news listing will keep you and your staff up to date on training and industry events and the latest RVDA and industry news. You have full control of your job postings! You can add, edit or remove your job posting whenever you like. You will be able to receive job applications via e-mail. Before this listing expires (in 45 days), you will be notified to either update or delete the posting. To post a job, simply go to the employers tab and log in using your RVDA of Canada user name and password. Contact RVDA of Canada at 604-718-6325 or e-mail if you do not have this information. If you currently work in sales, parts, or service, you will want to visit the Education page. There are training and educational programs for technicians, parts/service management programs, sales, marketing and F&I programs, administration/accounting programs and awards available. For apprentices and anyone wishing to become an apprentice, detailed information can be found on the Become an apprentice page. There are many programs such as youth and pre-apprenticeship where high school students can get practical work experience. If there isn’t one in your area, there’s information available under the Employer page on how to start and implement your own apprenticeship program. There are many financial incentives for both apprentices and employers to participate in an apprenticeship as well as assistance from Provincial and Federal governments and your local RVDA. On the financial incentive page, it lists numerous benefits for apprentices to participate in an apprenticeship and for employers to hire apprentices. There are numerous Federal, Provincial and RVDA Financial assistance programs such as bursaries and grants. If you have any suggestions or comments about how we can improve the site, please e-mail us or comment on the RV Careers Facebook page!

News from RVDA Canada Newsletter Editorial Staff The RVDA of Canada Member Newsletter is produced and distributed through the national association office : RVDA of Canada, Richmond BC For Inquiries please contact us at: #145 – Coppersmith Way Richmond, BC V7A 5J9 Ph: (604) 718-6325 Fax: (604) 204-0154 powered by

RVDA of Canada Mission Statement: The RVDA of Canada is a national federation which exists to protect and promote the interests and welfare of RV Dealers across Canada in order to enable the industry to maximize its potential.

A brand new video promoting RV Service Technicians!

Emails : Eleonore Hamm, Anita Lien, Amee Inocencio,

Post your Positions at To post a job, simply go to the employers tab and log in using your RVDA of Canada user name and password. Contact RVDA of Canada at 604-718-6325 or e-mail if you do not have this information.

WWW.BUYLOCALRV.CA RVDA of Canada’s “BUY LOCAL” campaign promotes “Buy your RV close to home. It’s better in the long haul, to consumers. We encourage you to download a copy of brochure available at the member’s website.

We are super excited to launch a brand new video dedicated exclusively to promoting RV Service Technicians! This is the English version and the French version is currently in production. The video aims to get people to imagine working in a job that is highly diverse with endless possibilities. As you know, the RV technician's job is never boring as the technology is constantly changing. The trade combines 14 major trades such as electrical and plumbing into one skilled trade. Once the technician develops a good foundation, the work is limited only by their imagination. They are required to always think outside the box to troubleshoot and to perform diagnostics. This video will truly inspire and excite you! Help us broaden the reach by liking, sharing this video and adding to your playlist. This video was developed with assistance from the following:

2017 june newsletter  
2017 june newsletter