Rendez Vous en Asie the Magazine

Rendez Vous en Asie the Magazine

Tokyo, Japan

Rendez-Vous en Asie - The Magazine (RVAM) is a free, monthly, bilingual (English & Japanese) magazine launched in 2011 under the framework project "Rendez Vous en Asie," a platform for promoting cultural exchange through art, music and fashion.

Edited and written in Tokyo by a pluricultural team including Japanese members, thus reflecting the inclusive philosophy of the project “Rendez-Vous en Asie,” RVAM offers a clear and objective overview of cross-cultural issues and events intersecting three regions: Asia (Japan), Africa and the Caribbean.

RVAM includes several sections: the editorial, which chronicles news across African; the country of the month section, which presents cultural aspects of a country in the three regions; and a photo novella, which traces the lives of Africans and Caribbeans living harmoniously in Japan.

RVAM is published via a digital version (available Online) and hard-copy edition. Future editions will be made available on mobile devices.