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January/February 2014

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Booming Roseville Receives National Attention Sutter Roseville Grows with the Community Young Professionals Find Roseville/ Granite Bay Appealing

Roseville/ Granite Bay, CA




Planning Conference and Principal for a Day photos courtesy of Chamber Staff. Holiday Parade photos courtesy of Lang Lew Photograhy.

City goals provide stability

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Which businesses have renewed their membership?

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Young professionals find Roseville appealing

Which businesses celebrated their membership with the Chamber?



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Members recognized at 15 year luncheon



Sutter Roseville grows with the community

Outstanding educational opportunities revealed

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Historic roots and enterprising outlook stimulates growth

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Learn about the Roseville Chamber’s 2014 President

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Members of the Roseville Chamber of Commerce in 2013




Randy Wilson


Sinclair, Wilson, Baldo & Chamberlain Attorneys at Law

Randy Wilson

Sinclair, Wilson, Baldo & Chamberlain Attorneys at Law

President-Elect Kim Silvers

Silvers HR LLC

Secretary/Treasurer Brian Ivie

Mercy San Juan Medical Center

Past President

Richard Robinson

Kaiser Permanente Medical Center

Vice Presidents Community Development & Education Brian Whitmore

Williams + Paddon Architects + Planners

Economic & Government Affairs Liisa Stark

Union Pacific Railroad

Membership Development Janette Moynier First Bank

2014 Board of Directors Ted Allegra

SureWest Communications

Ed Benoit

TRI Commercial Real Estate

Krista Bernasconi KFB Public Affairs

Pat Brady

Sutter Roseville Medical Center

Michelle Cannon

Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard

Welcoming in the New Year A

s we enter the New Year, I am honored to begin my tenure as President of the Roseville Chamber of Commerce.

Our firm, Sinclair Wilson Baldo & Chamberlain, has maintained an office in Roseville since 1957. I joined the firm in 1985, and have had the pleasure of serving the Roseville business community for the last twenty-nine years. One of my partners, Bob Sinclair, previously served as President of the Roseville Chamber and currently serves as Chair of the Roseville Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee. Roseville is a special place, and the Roseville Chamber is a special organization. Our mission is to provide value to our members, to promote the needs of business and industry, and to create the best community in which to live, work and do business. The Roseville Chamber provides numerous benefits to its members, including advocacy for business interests, access to decision makers, networking opportunities, business referrals, a political action committee, marketing assistance and conference facilities. The ability of the Roseville Chamber to meet the needs of its members is directly related to the quality of its representatives. We are extremely proud of our staff, and I encourage you to visit the office and seek their assistance with any issues that may be facing your business. It is my hope that each of you will closely examine and take advantage of the benefits the Roseville Chamber offers. Whether your business is a large manufacturing firm seeking an opportunity to interface with decision makers in similar businesses, a retail establishment seeking assistance with municipal agencies or a small professional firm seeking assistance with marketing efforts, I am confident the Roseville Chamber can add value to your business. If you have a question of me, please contact me directly at I look forward to hearing from you.

James Cuppet

SIMS Recycling Solutions

Jeff Dern

PRIDE Industries

Kristen Holihan River City Bank

Jeremy Masters Kee & Associates

Eric McIntosh

IGNITE Young Professionals

Eddie Ollmann

Westfield Galleria at Roseville

Bruce Stephenson GALLINA LLP

Kirk Taber

Taber Creative Group

Jared Thomas, DC Thomas Chiropractic



Roseville Insight


Roseville Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Staff Chief Executive Officer Wendy Gerig

Director of Administration Jackie Snider

Top Reasons for Relocation



Nan McElroy

oseville has made a name for itself in the past several years as it has managed continuous growth. Families and businesses see the value of relocating and expanding to the region.

Roseville is a remarkable place to live, work and do business because it offers a higher quality of life and accessible commercial and residential real estate. Here are some of the top reasons families and businesses are choosing Roseville:

Nancy Strand

Accounting Assistant Communications Specialist Kristin O’Brien

Events & Sponsorship Coordinator Katie Delyon

Membership Services Coordinator

•Developable land: residential, office and commercial land is zoned and ready for new tenants throughout the region

•Quality of life: with the combination of work and play options in Roseville it is a great place to raise a family and start or continue a career

•Schools: rank above the national and California average in several areas and are constantly achieving high test scores

Business Development Representatives

•Safe and clean community: Roseville’s crime is exceptionally low because of the dedicated public service departments throughout the City of Roseville.

Membership Retention Representative

•Amenities and retail: with the variety of shopping options there is something in Roseville for your every need.

Roseville Chamber of Commerce 650 Douglas Blvd. Roseville, CA 95678 (916) 783-8136

Local Legislators Vote Business-Friendly


very year the California Chamber of Commerce publishes the floor voting record for the State Senate and Assembly members focusing on priority bills. Most bills in this record cover major business issues that are of great concern to both small and large companies.

Kellie Dunham

Advertising & Business Development Michelle Culbertson

Sara Seyydin

Scott Otsuka

Follow us on: A publication of the Roseville Chamber of Commerce, the Insight newsletter is produced bimonthly.

The Roseville Chamber is excited to report that both of our area representatives, Senator Jim Nielsen and Assemblywoman Beth Gaines are at the top in voting in accordance with the California Chamber on business-related issues. Roseville Chamber of Commerce, serving Roseville and Granite Bay, is proud to be an accredited fourstar Chamber of Commerce. The Accreditation Program was instituted by the U.S. Chamber to recognize effective organization performance. Only 10% of the Chambers throughout the nation successfully complete the accreditation process for this voluntary program and less than 1.2% achieve four-star status.

w w w. r o s e v i l l e c h a m b e r. c o m



Booming Roseville Receives National Attention


oseville has received national attention for being a great place to live being listed as one of the Top 100 US Wealth Centers – ranking even higher than Napa and Atlanta, Ga. Historic roots and an enterprising outlook have stimulated Roseville’s growth for several years, making it an optimal location for businesses and families. The quality of life that Roseville has to offer and the availability of developable land are among the many reasons that business owners have chosen to start or expand their companies in the region.

zoned for office development in Roseville. The quality of life in Roseville is also unparalleled. The city boasts one of the finest retail shopping experiences statewide, ranking 13th in California for retail. With $2.84 billion in total retail sales, it closely follows large metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose. The shopping experience includes the Westfield Galleria at Roseville, the Fountains at Roseville and a myriad of unique locally-owned stores.

The population in Roseville inflates to 150,000 in the daytime, demonstrating it is an up-and-coming hub for business. Despite the continued growth the city has seen, there is still plenty of opportunity for expansion, with 1,883 acres of land zoned for commercial development and 813 acres of land

Families choose Roseville because they can find premium real estate in a growing city, in addition to outstanding schools and a safe environment. They also say that while Roseville has big city comforts, it maintains a small-town feel. Roseville schools have continued to achieve well above the national and 4


California averages in several categories. Local students earn higher SAT scores and earn more high school diplomas than average. Families also appreciate the variety of educational options available to them from preschool to higher education, which likely attributes to 33 percent of residents having earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. Last year, an article published in The Sacramento Business Journal chronicled what many local residents have already begun to realize. Staff writer Ben van der Meer highlighted the fact that as the region’s second largest job center, Roseville is becoming more of a twin city to Sacramento than a suburb. “Estimates vary,” van der Meer said. “But south Placer County — led by Roseville — looks like it will lead the region with the fastest population growth through 2025.” Roseville Insight

Sutter Roseville Medical Center Grows with City of Roseville A

lthough Sutter Roseville Medical Center opened its doors just 15 years ago to replace the aging Roseville Community Hospital, it has ties to the Roseville community that span five decades. The City of Roseville is a strong, vibrant community and Sutter Roseville has enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of the city’s dynamic growth and status.

Sutter Roseville, with nearly 700 physicians and more than 2,000 employees, is committed to meeting the future needs and expectations of the Roseville community. The medical center will continue its close relationship with the city as well as its tradition of providing leading medical care to this continuously growing community. We look forward to serving the Roseville community for generations to come.

As Sutter Roseville grew from a small community hospital to a regional medical center, it’s had the good fortune to work closely with local schools and universities, local businesses and other non-profits in the region to not only improve health and wellness services but to improve the expanding community, too. Sutter Roseville Medical Center believes the key to providing excellent health care is having excellent partnerships. The medical center has found that in the City of Roseville. When the medical center gives to the community, in response to health care needs, the community gives back.

w w w. r o s e v i l l e c h a m b e r. c o m



What’s in it for Peg’s? L

eaving Nevada for the first time to expand their restaurant business, the owners of Peg’s Glorified Ham N Eggs chose Roseville as their newest location.

Fred and JoAnna Lee worked in the restaurant industry for more than 35 years in 18 restaurants. After long careers in the business, they decided to retire to Reno, NV. After working seven days a week for most of their lives, they quickly decided retirement wasn’t for them. Peg’s Glorified Ham N Eggs was a small business that they wanted to have to pass the days, but it was a hit. The quality of food and the hearty portion sizes are just a couple of reasons it has been so successful. With their booming business and four locations in NV, they decided to branch out and find the perfect location in Roseville.

Fred and JoAnn Lee Original Founders of Peg’s

Peg’s is a down-home type of establishment where everyone is considered family when they walk through the door. It’s family owned and operated, with even the grandkids working there. The Lee’s came to Roseville and couldn’t deny the welcoming environment and friendly people, making it the perfect fit for the first California Peg’s Glorified Ham N Eggs.

Roseville Attracts Young Professionals R

oseville is appealing to the young professional demographic with a high quality of life, numerous and growing career opportunities and a community-oriented mentality. Ignite Young Professionals is the Roseville Chamber

The career opportunities and commercial and residential real estate options make Roseville a prime location for young professionals. Roseville is set-up for expansion, which is exemplified through the amount of land zoned for commercial buildings and office spaces. Along with the potential growth of business, the housing market is appealing, with newer developments that are attractive for first-time homebuyers. On top of the housing, business and career opportunities in Roseville there are numerous leisure and weekend activities

Photos courtesy Lang Lew Photography

of Commerce’s premier social organization for people 21 - 40. This organization was established to equip the Millennial Generation with the connections and skillsets to be successful. Ignite is set on continuing the influx of young and innovative talent to Roseville. Ignite encompasses individuals who are actively working toward business development and community projects to better the overall region. The success of Ignite is signified through the surge of membership in 2013 alone. The membership rose from 192 to 314 individuals in just one calendar year. 6


that have strong appeal to this generation. With a shopping experience that rivals large metropolitan areas and restaurants for every taste, there are activities for all interests. The Roseville Chamber values the growth of the young professional population and is continuously seeking new members and ideas to help expand this demographic.

Roseville Insight

CITY OF ROSEVILLE UPDATE Ray Kerridge City Manager

City Goals Provide Stability Happy New Year! Each year, the Roseville City Council reviews and sets goals for the coming year. For 2014, the City Council goals focus on fiscal soundness, economic vitality, sound utilities, a great downtown, infrastructure maintenance, legislative and regulatory advocacy, and civic engagement. Many of the goals have been consistent guideposts set for many years by many Councils. This has provided stability for our city and helped with the well-planned and wellexecuted growth we’ve seen. Consistent leadership also provides business with a level of comfort. What you see is what you get in Roseville. As Roseville grows, it takes a greater effort to stay connected to events and people in our federal and state government and to our residents and businesses. The newly added goals of legislative and regulatory advocacy and civic engagement are a recognition of this. These are and will be important elements to our continued success. I urge each of you to stay connected to your city as well. With your help, Roseville can continue to grow and prosper to the benefit of our entire city.

Finding Your Fit A

s one of the lucky few who found a job right out of college, I was instantly enamored by my over-crowded Outlook calendar and drunk on self-importance from my new smart-phone pinging me with emails and calendar Danielle Vaticano invites as I sat at lunch Account Executive with my ‘professional’ FSB Core Strategies friends and talked about the ‘business’. Within a few weeks I launched a quest to join every social and political organization in the tri-county region, intent on committing myself to leadership roles as soon as they could process my online application. I bounced from meeting to meeting, and even went to a couple meetings about meetings, desperately hoping that I would feel moved by the topics and satiated by the work we were accomplishing in the community. I tried social organizations and professional organizations dedicated to my field, even exploring increased leadership positions at my church; I was determined to find my fit. Spoiler alert - It didn’t happen.

w w w. r o s e v i l l e c h a m b e r. c o m

The trial and error went on for a few years and I became increasingly less optimistic I would ever make an impact on my community that I was proud of and actively enjoyed. Earlier this year I agreed to fill in for my boss at a planning meeting for an event at the Roseville Chamber of Commerce, intent on taking notes and reporting back to her so she would be prepared for the next meeting. Little did I know, the stars were about to align and I was on the path to finding an organization that welcomed my talents and celebrated my ideas and enthusiasm. Just one short year later, I am more involved with the Roseville Chamber than ever, having found that working with an organization that promotes the health of the regional businesses community is actually a passion of mine. I am proud of the work the organization accomplishes and inspired by the community leaders that I have come to know and lean on as mentors. While finding the best-fit organization for me was an arduous process, in the end, it was valuable in that I found what I was looking for and learned a few things along the way that could be useful for someone in my shoes, trying to find their own fit. Give yourself a time frame. After a series of

failed attempts to find what I was passionate about, I began giving myself a time frame for how long I planned to stay involved with a group to see if it was a good fit for me. In that time frame I committed fully to getting to know the membership and serving on committees, but stayed aware of my level of engagement and commitment to the issues. If at the end of my ‘time frame’ I didn’t find myself fully connected, I moved on. Share your ideas. New members can offer a surge of fresh ideas for an organization and yours are just as important as your fellow committee member. Have the confidence to offer your suggestions when attending meetings and look for opportunities for your talents to be of use. Show up. Committing yourself to an organization usually means that you are passionate about the issue and people you will be working with, making it easier for you to demonstrate your dedication. From volunteering for the shift that no one wants at an upcoming event to cold calling potential sponsors to raise money, when you show up and do the work, you may find that doors will open to opportunities in the organization that you never knew existed.





Outstanding Educational Opportunities S

tudents who are fortunate enough to attend our schools in South Placer County have opportunities to participate in a very fine educational program, supported by myriad of enrichment activities offered during and before or after our school days. From Transitional Kindergarten through grade 12, students may select from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), visual and performing arts (choral, classroom, and instrumental music including band and orchestra, and drama, arts, crafts and media design), World Languages (Spanish, French, Mandarin and others…and in the near future…Computer Coding…coming soon!), intramural and competitive sports and other physical educational and fitness challenges and programs, and access to state of the art technological resources and learning tools, wrapped around our exceptional instructional lessons in each of our wellappointed classrooms and school campuses.

Other hallmarks of our schools include our unique and highly regarded partnerships with our communities – such as BECOME, Parent Teacher Clubs, Educational Foundations and specialized business relationships, such as the newly created, successful and continuously growing Placer County Speakers Bureau, created and led by Chairperson Cendrinne DiMattei. Our students and staff are fortunate to work together with business leaders in our community to further enhance college and career awareness and readiness for success.

Maximize Education) binds us together as we seek to honor and recognize outstanding service, and communicate and support each other in excellence. For each of these reasons, South Placer County has earned its fine and well regarded reputation for offering and providing outstanding quality schools to serve our most valuable resources – our children- our future.

As we focus upon quality learning opportunities for our TK-12th grade students, we remain committed and dedicated to ensuring that our South Placer communities continue to be a “destination” for families seeking excellence. Our work with the Roseville Chamber of Commerce and BECOME (Business and Educators Collaborating to

Ambassador Happily Promotes Area for a Living Mark Koumelis Keller Williams Realty - Shelly & Mark Koumelis Q: Why did you choose to become a Realtor here? I have been a licensed

Realtor since 1982 and began selling real estate in Roseville in 2001 shortly after moving my family here from the Bay Area.

Q: What are the top three reasons you hear as to why people move here? People move to Roseville because homes are far more affordable than other areas such as San Francisco and San Jose. Roseville has so much to offer including excellent job opportunities, top ranking schools, while still being centrally located to the state capital, and less than two hours away from Lake Tahoe or San Francisco.

Q: How long have you been a resident here? My family

moved to Roseville in October 2001 for several reasons. In addition to being closer to family who previously relocated to Roseville, the cost of living compared to Santa Clara where we moved from, was extremely attractive. With two young children, top ranked schools, large parks, and open space with natural preserves were all extremely important to us.



Q: What is one of your favorite parts of being a member of the community of Roseville? Knowing that I had a stake in its growth. Whether that was participating in groundbreakings, as I did when the Fountains was being developed, or meeting with new business members, (big and small) in the community and contributing to those local business. I take pride in Roseville! This is my community. My children have grown up here. They attended school here. It is where my business is based out of, and I am fully vested in its continued growth and future success. I enjoy being able to help people achieve the American Dream of home ownership in Roseville, whether that is the excitement of their first home, stepping up to something roomier, or settling into a retirement community, there is something here for everyone.

Q: Why do you recommend people relocate to Roseville? Lifestyle! Whether you are just out of college, have a growing family, empty nesters, or retired and living the good life on the golf links, the options are endless! Jobs, shopping, schools, libraries, nature preserves, fabulous restaurants, activities and more. You won’t be disappointed. This is a very warm and welcoming community that I am proud to call home.

Roseville Insight

220 Riverside Ave Roseville, CA 95678 Ph: 916.783.8317 Fax: 916.783.8950

w w w. r o s e v i l l e c h a m b e r. c o m



ribbon cuttings

Cost Plus World Market

Haney Garcia Realty Group

Roseville Honda Honda Motorsports Motorsports Roseville First Bank


Rabobank N.A. The Joint...The Chiropractic Place

Vantage PA, LLC

Welcome New Members Ambassadors of Compassion Amy Casado, CASp-294 Bates Winter & Cameron LLP BBVA Compass Wealth Management Bouncey House Rentals Capitol Public Finance Group, LLC Chick-fil-A Granite Bay Clinical Massage Therapy Crystal Blue Plumbing, Heating & Air Desert Pacific Exterminators Domus Construction and Design/Statewide Dynamic Staffing, Inc. Erik’s Delicafe Farmers Insurance - Lou Carlin Fast Track Hobbies Glo From Head 2 Toe Gold Exchange Icon Financial IWM Athletics (InspiredWarrior) Jeff Gibson-Lifestyle Real Estate Company Kinova USA Land Home Financial Services, Inc. Mathnasium



NewVision Realty Group Pairings, Inc. Paramount Equity Mortgage-Megan Elizabeth Reeves Parker’s Auto Care Perry Refrigeration Placer Appliance Repair Power Pros Rabobank N.A. Irena Ralchev - Broker/Financial Representative Rhino’s Kids CA Chapter of Kids Wanna Help Roseville Police Charitable Corp. Sacramento CPR Classes Silk Road Soda Company Taj Oven The Tax Office Inc. The Pool Managers Vapor Parlor Rocklin Wake Island Watersports Wedbush Securities Whitney Oaks Insurance Services Inc. Windsor Assets Yogurtland

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Salon Rouge Roseville Insight

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Acorn Arboricultural Services Inc. Alta Manor Ames-Grenz Insurance Services Anti-Gravity School of Dance, Inc. Baygell Properties Big O Tires #5233 BLUEPRINT Financial and Insurance Services, LLC California Bank & Trust California Exteriors Inc. - Custom Concrete & Exteriors Cardno CarMax Comstock Mortgage Costco Wholesale Custom Benefit Administrators Function 45 Event Entertainment Gina Garbolino Hallie’s Hospitality Heroik Media Independent Automobile Dealers Assoc. of California Integrity Financial Group Jimboy’s Tacos - Sunrise Krispy Kreme Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard Larry Snider - Horace Mann Insurance Lincoln Training Center Love Your Lashes LPA, Inc. MAPFRE Insurance Melton Financial Group Wealth Advisory

Muscular Dystrophy Association NMP Associates North Roseville Rec Center Op-d-op, Inc. Placer Land Trust Placer Power Partners Premier Graph-X Inc. Quarry Ponds Town Center River City Alarm Co. Roseville Auto Smog Roseville Youth Soccer Club RSC Associates, Inc. Property Management Rubino’s Ristorante SAFE Credit Union Community Banking Scarlett Protective Inc. Sleek Salon Sole Desire Steam Engine Financial Coaching SunCal Real Estate Group Terraces of Roseville The Training Company Trident Society Volt Workforce Solutions Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market #5980 Western Feed and Pet Supply Whole Foods Market

Integrated Fire Systems, Inc. Jensen Smith, CPAs Jim Hall Productions Law Office of Roger Billings Ludy’s Main Street BBQ & Catering Millstone Peterson & Watts, LLP Paul Martin’s American Grill Seniors First Tahoe Joe’s Famous Steakhouse The Pampered Chef Town Planner Community Calendar Union Bank - Pleasant Grove

PLUS 10 YEARS Ben Bridge Jewelers


YEARS PLUS America’s Party Rental Amsterdam Woodworks California Transmissions Community 1st Bank Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill Finely Organized Hampton Inn & Suites Roseville

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American Asset Recovery, Inc. AppleOne Employment Services Bob’s Roseville Car Wash and Chevron Bright Beginnings D & P Creamery Enterprise Holdings Golfland SunSplash Waterpark Granite Bay Christian Pre-School Lafler Moore Connerty & Webb, LLP Maidu I - Village Senior Apartments North State Building Industry Association Paul Baker Printing, Inc. Richland Communities, Inc. Roseville Public Cemetery District Taylor Road Self Storage Tommy Apostolos Fund Valley Yellow Pages

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how to register visit click on the Events Calendar call 916.783.8136




THURSDAY SEO TRAINING 10:00 am - 11:00 am




FRIDAY ECONOMIC & GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS 7:30 am - 9:00 am Roseville City Hall, 311 Vernon St.








FRIDAY CHAMBER LUNCHEON 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Maidu Community Center, 1550 Maidu Dr. Program: Networking Know How Speaker: Jim Pelley, Roseville uLinkNetwork Sponsored by: River City Chiropractic Catered by: Ludy’s Main Street BBQ & Catering




february sponsors

Event/meeting to be held at the Roseville Chamber of Commerce Office, 650 Douglas Blvd,

January Events


january sponsors




THURSDAY NETWORKING BREAKFAST 7:00 am - 9:00 am Sierra View Country Club, 105 Alta Vista Ave. Sponsor: Law Office of Lynn Dean



WEDNESDAY SEMINARS FOR SUCCESS 11:30 am - 1:00 pm Speaker: Kirk Taber, Taber Creative Group Topic: 50 Shades of Marketing WEDNESDAY INSTALLATION DINNER 5:30 pm Cocktails 6:30 pm Dinner & Program Timber Creek Ballroom, 7050 Del Webb Ave.

February Events 06

THURSDAY SEO TRAINING 10:00 am - 11:00 am


THURSDAY HAPPY HOUR (hosted by IGNITE) 5:00 pm-6:30 pm Buca di Beppo, 1212 Galleria Blvd.


FRIDAY ECONOMIC & GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS 7:30 am-9:00 am Hyatt Place Roseville, 220 Conference Center Dr.






WEDNESDAY BUSINESS SHOWCASE & MIXER 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Granite Bay Golf Club, 9600 Golf Club Dr., Granite Bay










FRIDAY CHAMBER LUNCHEON 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Maidu Community Center, 1550 Maidu Dr. Program: State of the County Speaker: David Boesch, County of Placer Catered by: Dave & Busters


WEDNESDAY SEMINARS FOR SUCCESS 11:30 am - 1:00 pm Speaker: Robb Crippen, Comcast Spotlight Topic: Helping local advertisers create custom, multi-screen marketing solutions.




THURSDAY NETWORKING BREAKFAST 7:00 am - 9:00 am Sierra View Country Club, 105 Alta Vista Ave. Sponsor: AccedeO Inc.

Roseville Insight

Do you STAND out in a crowd? STAND OUT as our sponsor! Limited opportunities to sponsor a Roseville Chamber Breakfast or Lunch available.

Sponsor a Roseville Chamber Lunch- $500:

Each sponsor receives the following - A 8' table display at the luncheon.

- A 5-minute commericial about your business at the luncheon. - Two complimentary lunch reservations. - Your company listed in our Insight newsletter & on our website. - Your company featured on our quarterly event placemats for 3 months. - Exclusive access to each place-setting at the luncheon to distribute your company's - Promotional material. - Lunches held the 3rd Friday of each month January-November.

Sponsor a Roseville Chamber Breakfast- $250:

Each sponsor receives the following

- A 3-minute commercial about your business at the breakfast. - Exlusive table display at the Breakfast. - Two complimentary reservations. - Your company listed in our Insight newsletter & on our website - Exclusive access to each place-setting at the luncheon to distribute your company's - Your company featured on our quarterly event placemats for 3 months. - Breakfasts held the 4th Thursday of each month January- October & 2nd Thursday in December. For more information on sponsorships, please contact your Roseville Chamber at 916-783-8136

Roseville Chamber of Commerce 650 Douglas Blvd. Roseville, CA 95678

Presorted Standard U.S. Postage PAID Roseville, CA Permit No. 76


Make It Your New Year's Resolution to Refer or Join the Chamber Today! TOP 10 REASONS TO BE A MEMBER OF THE ROSEVILLE CHAMBER #1 Support for a Strong Business Environment & Community #2 Increased Visibility #3 Credibility #4 Access to Decision Makers #5 Advocacy

#6 Business Development #7 Member-Only Privileges #8 Member Discounts #9 Cost Effective Advertising #10 Networking with more than 1,300 members!

For more information, contact Sara or Michelle at 916-783-8136

Roseville Chamber's Jan Feb 2014 Newsletter  
Roseville Chamber's Jan Feb 2014 Newsletter