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Not only is Simpson Bay Resort & Marina being revamped into a premier resort, with the highest standard of any timeshare resort, its members now have a custom made program designed to enhance their vacation experience. Backed the leading Vacation Ownership Exchange company in the industry Interval International, the Royal Resorts Caribbean Collection is designed to deliver the highest level of customer service and to maximize each member’s precious leisure time.

HOW IT WORKS If you’re looking for an easy, flexible and affordable way to vacation, look no further. The Royal Resorts Caribbean Collection membership provides a points-based program designed to provide luxury vacations at renowned destinations. The pointsbased system allows you to tailor each and every vacation to your specific preferences, including length of stay, check-in date, accommodation size, and season of travel. As a Royal Resorts Caribbean Collection member, you gain access to our distinctive resort collection, which entitles you to an array of personalized vacation options. Members may travel to a variety of destinations including: Simpson Bay Resort & Marina The Royal Sea Aquarium Resort in Curacao Interval International resorts located on 19 Caribbean islands Over 2,700 Interval International resorts worldwide Members enjoy many benefits and services throughout the year: Use points to book cruise, golf, and spa packages Personal VIP concierge assistance 24/7 Receive hotel, dining, retail, and leisure discounts Earn rewards on car rentals How you use your points is completely up to you. For the ultimate in flexibility you can add points to your Royal Resorts Caribbean Collection portfolio at any time. As the vacation needs of your family change, you can add what you need when you need it. Existing fixed-week members of Simpson Bay Resort & Marina have the option to enhance their current membership by joining the Royal Resorts Caribbean Collection. Each year you can choose to occupy your fixed week timeshare as you always have, or to exchange your week(s) for flexible vacation points. Get more from your membership with year-round benefits and unmatched flexibility to customize your vacations.


Learn About Our Exciting Promotions We’re currently offering special pricing and incentives for new members. To learn more about the Royal Resorts Caribbean Collection membership program and how to get the most flexibility and travel options available, please visit our Membership Office located on the 3rd floor of The Villas. Please feel free to call us at ext. 5800 from the resort; or toll-free 1-888-852-8305 or email to










Welcome to St. Maarten/St. Martin! You’ve come to a very unique country where extraordinary beauty and friendliness contribute to a peaceful and charming Caribbean way of life. It is the smallest island in the world to be shared by two nations, the Netherlands and France, creating a distinctive European influence with a Caribbean panache. St. Maarten is also the culinary capital of the Caribbean, with an array of elegant culinary fusion that keeps “food lovers” returning each year. With more than 300 restaurants, the island has something for everyone. To this splendid island, Simpson Bay Resort & Marina brings a wonderful resort, offering a wealth of leisure activities. We have plenty of adventures for those who like to stay busy, and six swimming pools plus a beautiful beach for those who enjoy a more relaxed approach. I encourage you to attend our orientation to receive an overview of our weekly events and resort amenities. Please see your personal concierge for day, time and location. They can provide special details regarding water sports, tours, shopping, dining, beaches and island hopping. Keep in touch with the Resort and St. Maarten all year round by clicking on The website features information on the resort and the island, with photos, videos and a range of member services for your convenience. The resort staff joins me in extending a warm island welcome. Now sit back, relax, enjoy your vacation and please call on any of the staff – or me personally – whenever we may be of service. We are committed to serving YOU!

MARCEL JAVOIS General Manager, Simpson Bay Resort & Marina Ext: 5331

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eady for some fun in the sun? Simpson Bay Resort & Marina offers a variety of exciting ways to spend your vacation. At the resort you can lounge on the beach or poolside, brush up on some tennis skills, experience an aquatic adventure with Aqua Mania or stay pampered at L’Aqualigne Spa. Snorkel and scuba trips, island bus tours, and sunset party cruises are all available for those who prefer adventure.


Days of Fun Need some more ideas? Speak with the Concierge or the knowledgeable staff at Aqua Mania Adventures to begin planning an unforgettable experience. GETTING YOUR BEARINGS Stop by the orientation briefing for information on the island, resort activities, shopping and dining. Please check the weekly activity calendar for the time and location or call the concierge desk by calling Ext. 777. THE CONCIERGE DESK Stop by the Concierge Desk, conveniently located in the resort lobby, for complimentary assistance with all your vacation needs. All members and guests are welcome to fifteen minutes per day, per villa, of free computer/internet access at the computers in the lobby. Free wireless Internet access is also available throughout the resort. Visit the Concierge Desk daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. or call 777. PAMPER BODY AND SOUL AT THE SPA L’Aqualigne Health and Beauty Clinic offers a spectrum of treatments and therapies from massages to facials and more. Call Ext. 5211 for more information.

SMOOTH SAILING The calm waters of Simpson Bay are ideal for kayaks and sailing, and as a Resort guest or member you are entitled to the complimentary use of a kayak for one hour daily per suite available from Aqua Mania. Kayak hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and the use of a kayak is at your own risk. For your own safety, kayak usage is not permitted beyond the reefs; Resort Management recommentds kayak usage in the bay-area only. Children must be accompanied by an adult, limit two adults per kayak. POOL FUN There are six pools on property with one always right outside your villa! Float around in serene comfort or swim up to the pool bar for a drink and some island music. HIT THE BEACH Tan on the white sand beach, join in a game of volleyball or explore wildlife with a mask and fins. See our beach staff to get set up with beach chairs under a palapa.





Aqua Mania Adventures now has a booth located on Simpson Bay Resort & Marina beach at the end of the Flamboyant Building, and offers a variety of activities to help guests enjoy some fun in the sun!

Keep up with your daily workout at the Fitness Center, where you will find a variety of exercise machines to help you stay in shape. Call Ext. 5948 for more information. The fitness center is located in the Villas building.

Scuba diving courses take place right off the beach, and offer guests the chance to experience diving for the first time. After completing the course, guests can explore the reef right in front of the resort! SUN TIPS Beware of over exposure to the Caribbean sun! It is very easy to get carried away with sunbathing, especially if you are not accustomed to the intensity of the tropical rays. Make sure to use sunscreen with the SPF suitable for your skin type. Choose environmentally friendly sun products and apply regularly after going in the water. The hottest part of the day is between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Please remember that you can still get burned even when it is cloudy.

TENNIS ANYONE? The Resort has four lighted tennis courts. For lessons with the Tennis Pro or to reserve court time, please contact your personal concierge Ext. 777 or the security office at Ext. 5911/5912. RESORT SHUTTLE SERVICE Use our shuttle service to get around the Resort. Call the Front Desk at Ext. 5421 or the Concierge Desk at Ext. 777 to request transport and a van will be sent to your building to take you wherever you want to go on the premises. Transport is available only on request.

BEACH TOWELS Get your beach towels from the towel booth across from the Abuilding, which is open from 7:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. daily. Beach towels are also available at the beach towel booth, which is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily, and at Aqua Mania Adventures, which is open from 8:15 a.m. to 5:15 p.m in Marina Plaza.

WIRELESS INTERNET Stay connected with free wireless Internet access available at the resort. Call the Front Desk at Ext. 5421 or the Concierge Desk at Ext. 777 for the weekly password. Upgraded internet access is available. Ask the front desk for rates.

“There are six pools on property with one always right outside your villa!�

Marina Pool DAYS OF FUN


C Pool

D Pool

The Villas Pool

B Pool

A Pool







Purchase cards at the Front Desk



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of Perfumes at Tijon


Create your own perfume at this Grand Case boutique. by Rona Gindin Why pick up a duty-free perfume in Philipsburg when you can create your own instead? Tijon, an airy boutique near the restaurants of Grand Case, invites you to play perfumier for a day. You’ll be drawn into the world of florals, fruits and woods as soon as you step into Tijon, a grand white space with blue and yellow accents. The store stocks its own body lotions and sun protectors, and you’ll find them tempting. But to invent your exclusive scent … now that’s a rare experience. Tijon offers three fragrance-making options. The most popular, Mix & Match, is an immersive experience that lasts 60 to 90 minutes. Upon arrival, you’ll be handed a gift bag with a 15 mil sample of one of Tijon’s 22 signature fragrances. Then the immersion will begin. You and up to 19 fellow students will be invited to peruse the perfume organ – a multi-shelf display holding small bottles of more than 300 scented oils. The oils are divvied up by aroma family. These include flowers (violet, gardenia), French (honey, spearmint) and fruits (lime, mandarin), plus base oils like amber, musk, vanilla and sandalwood. Fun extras like chocolate and butterscotch appeal to children. Once you know what you like, you’ll be handed a white lab coat and ushered into the lab, visible from the showroom through glass. Guided by owners John and Cyndi Berglund or a staffer, you’ll be told about the perfume-making process. To begin, you’ll choose one of 12 pre-mixed oils, containing a top, middle and base oil. You’ll drip some into a beaker, then add any three additional oils from the organ’s 300, and stir. You’ll repeat that

process using different scents in two more beakers. Then put a dab of each concoction on your skin, sniff, and choose your favorite. You’ll stir in the rest of the ingredients, such as distilled water and alcohol, and choose a name. Take your 1.85-ounce bottle of perfume and join the champagne toast. Mix & Match costs $85 and is held weekdays at 10:30 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Reservations are recommended. Cruise ship passengers often prefer the Fragrance in a Flash 10- to 20-minute version ($59), while more serious students opt for the two- to-three-hour version Perfume Class 101 ($129; reservations required). So pleased are customers with their distinctive dabs that many order extras online once they return home. “We’ll even get orders for eight bottles that someone wants to give as gifts for the holidays,” John Berglund says. Tijon is very much a family business. The business is named after the Berglund’s son, Tyler, whose name is blended with John’s to make “Tijon.” Daughter Rachelle now runs a second Tijon, located in La Jolla, California. Tijon’s St. Martin boutique is at 1 L’Esperance Road. The website is



SHOPPING SENSATIONS Shopping on French Saint Martin and Dutch Sint Maarten offers high quality duty-free goods delivered in charming island style. The island has a well-earned reputation as a shopper’s paradise. Here you will find the best prices on local crafts & arts, exotic foods, jewelry, liquor, tobacco, electronics, leather goods, as well as most elegant designer goods. Duty free, Tax-free shops abound. You can literally shop till you drop.

There are two main shopping areas on the island, chic Marigot on the French side, and Front Street in the heart of Philipsburg, on the Dutch side. The entire center and marina area of Marigot is a lovely shopping district with old CrĂŠole houses, bistro bars, cafes, restaurants, fashion and designer boutiques, jewelers and perfume shops. Philipsburg features over a mile of shopping. In addition to Front Street, there is Old Street with attractive gift stores and art galleries, and Back Street with a colorful local market, souvenir shops, and inexpensive clothing. Enjoy your shopping spree on either side of the island!



PHILIPSBURG The capital of Dutch Sint Maarten, Philipsburg, is rich in history and abundant in shopping. Founded in 1763 by John Philips, a Scottish captain in the Dutch Navy, the town’s history is still felt when you pass by the historic Court House that was built in 1793. Philipsburg became a bustling center for international trade including salt mining, which was the Dutch settler’s main interest in this unique island. Remnants of the original Great Salt Pond can still be seen while driving along Walter A. Nisbeth Road, also known as Pondfill Road. On most days, it is impossible to miss the gigantic vessels docked at the A.C. Wathey Pier. Great Bay, the bay in front of Philipsburg, can accommodate six large cruise ships at once. In fact, the pier was expanded in 2009 to accommodate the world’s largest mega class cruise ships. Today, Philipsburg is arguably the premier Caribbean destination for the world’s largest cruise lines. With its compact nature and easy-to-follow street plan, Philipsburg is made for pedestrian traffic and an ideal shopping experience. The Boardwalk, along the beautiful shores of Great Bay, is the place to grab a drink or have lunch while listening to live music. Head on up to Front Street for fantastic shops packed with jewelry, electronics and clothing stores. Front Street is also home to a variety of points of interest, including the St. Maarten Museum and the St. Maarten Guavaberry Company. Although guavaberries grow throughout the Caribbean, St. Maarten has taken their cultivation to special heights, and the St. Maarten Guavaberry Company offers liqueur, barbecue sauce, jam and other goods all made with the island’s native fruit. Make sure to stop by for free samples of their delicious Rum blends including the famous Guavaberry Colada. Turn north onto any alley (Dutch: steeg) or street (Dutch: straat) and you will find a busy shopping area, Back Street. The market here offers a taste of Caribbean flair with a variety of clothing stores and kiosks with great bargains. Getting from the Resort to Philipsburg couldn’t be easier. Take Aqua Mania’s water taxi, rent a car on site from Dollar/Thrifty & Paradise car rental, or ride the free bus each Wednesday and Friday. The air-conditioned bus tour, which is provided by AMA Jewellers, includes cold drinks and a guided tour that covers the history and interesting landmarks of Sint Maarten. The bus tour is hosted by Don Sharman, a 15-year resident of the island with a breezy personality and a million jokes (he considers himself more a showman than a tour guide). Don will guide you to many not-to-be-missed places including a courtyard homage to Holland, which features a restaurant, a sidewalk bar and a shop that sells Dutch cheese and chocolate. Once you experience the flavor of Philipsburg, you are sure to crave another trip to the Caribbean’s shopping capital.



MARIGOT Set sail from Simpson Bay Resort & Marina or enjoy a 10 min drive over the causeway, to experience French flavor in the port town of Marigot. Explorers will be well rewarded with an adventure unlike anything the Dutch side of the island has to offer. In contrast to the bustling cruise ship port of Philipsburg, Marigot is home to luxury yachts and charming boutiques. The cafés and bars along the marina offer some of the best pizza on the island, daily specials and fresh mussels, and remain packed with patrons throughout the day. Inland from the marina and those bustling cafés, you’ll find the Rue de la Liberté and the beginning of your shopping experience in Marigot. Shops offer many of the same high-end goods you’ll find at shops in Philipsburg – perfume, jewelry and clothing to name a few – but with a decidedly French influence. Many of the best boutiques can be found in the West Indies Mall, which lies at the base of a hill. Fort St. Louis sits at the top of the very same hill. Built in 1767 from plans developed by King Louis XVI, more famous for being guillotined during the French Revolution, this squat stone fort is one of the must-see sites in Marigot and offers a stunning view of the entire city. Another, perhaps more macabre site, is the city’s cemetery, which dates back to the early 19th century. The French Caribbean influence will be noticeable to anyone who has been to New Orleans and seen similar aboveground crypts. Along with these sites, visitors should be sure to hit Marigot’s open-air market, which takes place each Wednesday and Saturday from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the Rue de France, along the wharves. This is a wonderful time to enjoy many of the local farmer’s treats such as sweet potatoes, coconuts, tropical fruits, local spices, fresh fish, and of course the various local arts and crafts.


For Francophiles who visit the Resort, Marigot is a must-see. We recommend getting there nice and early so you can start your day with a warm croissant and a cup of freshly brewed coffee at one of the many cafes. After visiting the open-air market and the high-end shopping in the many unique boutiques, stop by Marina Royale. This marina is more than just a home for the yachts. Today, you will find a variety of waterfront cafes, craft shops, bistros, and a wonderful museum with Haitian artwork. Check out the view from Fort St. Louis and visit the cemetery along the Rue de Sandy Ground as you head out of town. This spectacular French Caribbean journey begins from your island home, Simpson Bay Resort & Marina. Experience Marigot by hopping on the Monday Island Bus Trip, spending a day or two exploring via the daily boat ride with Aqua Mania or by renting a car with Dollar/Thrifty & Paradise car rental. With as many boutiques and fabulous restaurants for which the island is renowned – France is calling!








The New Flamboyant building will be the final jewel of our collection. Life is always full of surprises! Twists, turns and new opportunities. A few years back, we embarked upon a complete renovation of Simpson Bay Resort, a task easy to conceive but very difficult to execute. Since 2011, year-by-year, we have been reopening every one of our buildings, all of them totally refurbished, offering you a new sense of comfort and elegance in your home-away-from-home in St. Maarten. Now, after so much anticipation, it is time for the Flamboyant building. We are so excited to begin this last phase of the renovation. We will be closing the Flamboyant building on May 7, 2016 for a complete renovation and we plan to reopen by early November 2016. With new sundecks adjoining the third floor master bedrooms overlooking the spectacular view of Simpson Bay, and enlarged bedrooms including a sitting area, the expectations of the new Flamboyant Building are through the roof. Updates will be shared through our official media. The New location of the Fitness Center Live life fully at Simpson Bay Resort & Marina. Dedicated to helping our members and guests get the most out of life, our resort presents an onsite Fitness Center with everything you need for a good workout. From rigorous strength training to the best cardio sessions, the Fitness Center in it’s new location on the first level of The Villas building will give you the opportunity to keep up with your daily workout and then reward yourself with a relaxing time in the main pool.

Discover why members fell in love with Simpson Bay Resort & Marina. Come to the new Membership Center Simpson Bay Resort & Marina entices even the most discriminating travelers. Our resort offers a warm welcome, distinctive style and unparalleled services and amenities, along with an unbeatable location in St. Maarten. As if that weren’t reason enough to own a piece of this paradise, our members receive additional special benefits. Come and discover them at our new Membership Center located on the 3rd floor of The Villas building, just below the lobby. Step by and start living life to the fullest. Relax while we do the rest The new service at the bars in Simpson Bay Resort & Marina Quiz: What do you get when you mix sun, beach, pool, an island, drinks, smiles, memories, fun, friends and the vibe of a neighborhood hangout? Answer: The beach and pool bars at Simpson Bay Resort & Marina. Some days, you just need a break. A place to slow down, breathe deeply and relax, and there is where we appear. Now, all of our bars have waiters to give you personalized service and be there when you need them. No matter what your pleasure, you’ll find the perfect spot - and the perfect drink - right here. The best is yet to come… All the people behind this dream that we called Simpson Bay Resort & Marina feel very happy that you have enjoyed the enhanced quality of our resort. We will continue our efforts to meet your requirements and expectations in the future. Meanwhile, your unwavering support and trust is what makes it all worthwhile. For now this is all we can share. Stay tuned for more leaks.















Approximately 6 miles from St. Maarten lies Anguilla, a small island with a big heart, casual and simple, a unique blend of high style and low-key elegance with the best of the good life, including pristine beaches and breathtaking waters. Here is where you can do one of the most exciting things in the Caribbean: Swimming with dolphins. Right at Simpson Bay Resort & Marina – a big, spacious sail catamaran called Tango, departs for an unforgettable day to Anguilla – and the magical world of Dolphin Encounters. Enjoy a leisurely sail across the channel, with drinks, snacks served, into scenic Cove Bay. Taxis transfer guests to the park where friendly staff meet and greet and welcome participants to their Dolphin Experience. Dolphins are sweet and intelligent, they will show you how to have fun in the water. You will get up close and personal with them and learn many interesting things about these incredible marine animals and their habitat. You can choose from various programs, each of which will definitely be an experience of a lifetime. If you are of adventurous nature, the Dolphin Royal Swim program is perfect; you have the opportunity to be kissed, hugged and even play with the dolphins. This program also in-

cludes the famous foot push in which you feel like you are flying! Another fun activity is the dorsal tow; the dolphins will take you through the water surface as you hold onto their dorsal fin. With the Dolphin Swim program, you will have the opportunity to be kissed, receive a wet hug and even dance with a dolphin! It includes the belly ride in which you hold onto the dolphin’s flippers as he swims backwards across the water. Another fun activity is the Boogie Push, where the dolphin pushes you across the water surface while you ride a boogie board. Want to make sure your life changing experience is captured on camera? When reserving the special Swim Adventure Memories program you get to experience the magic of swimming with dolphins plus photographs you will cherish for life. Lastly Dolphin Discovery has prepared the ideal program for you to spend time with dolphins in their own habitat. The Dolphin Encounter program is designed for all ages and for every member of your family. You and your family or friends will learn the most interesting things about these beautiful and smart marine animals. They will show you how intelligent and sweet they are in every activity, from their ten-

43 der kisses and hugs to funny dances and songs they will establish a special bond with you! Taxis transfer guests back to Cove Bay for lunch at the well-known Smokey’s Restaurant. Delicious food and cold drinks followed by sunning, swimming and relaxing make for a perfect day. After guests are welcomed back on board Tango, the sail home is festive with lively music and shared stories of an unforgettable day. The Tango package includes snacks, drinks, dolphin swim and lunch. Visitors, who do not wish to participate in the swim, can accompany friends and family for a day of sailing, swimming and relaxing. Other guests on Tango can stay for the day at Cove Bay or tour by taxi to the very famous and pristine Shoal Bay.

Sign up for their programs now at Aqua Mania Adventures on the Marina of Simpson Bay Resort, online at www.stmaarten-activities. com or by calling ext 5214 or 1721 544 2640 / US 1 321 422 7037




No matter what you’re craving Sint Maarten and Saint Martin is a great place to dine. Delight your palate with the tasty culinary choices ofered in more than 350 restaurants.


& Night Life The island, we’ve been told, has the most restaurants per square mile in the Caribbean. Sint Maarten and Saint Martin are truly international destinations making up the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean. There are hundreds of gourmet restaurants, bistros and sidewalk cafés on this little island. Heralded by crimson sunsets over azure blue seas, unforgettable nights await you in Sint Maarten and Saint Martin. The island’s legendary nightlife attracts visitors from all over the world. Test your luck at roulette, blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em poker and more at lively casinos located on the Dutch side of the island. Dance the night away at stylish clubs and discotheques or relax at local beach bars, laid back lounges and beachside BBQs with steel drum bands, or sail the evening away on scenic dinner cruises. When it comes to dynamic dining and nightlife, St. Maarten / St. Martin offers something for everyone.
















The tropical dry forest of Pic Paradis is a habitat not found elsewhere on St. Maarten. The abundance and diversity of birds at this site is the highest for this and surrounding islands. While nothing is far from anything else on Saint Maarten, the island’s highest point, Pic Paradis, is the starting point for many walks, and can be accessed on foot or by car. However it’s worth the effort: from the 1,391 foot (424 meter) summit you’ll see panoramic views of Saint Martin, the surrounding sea and neighboring islands laid out like a map. The site can be accessed by driving to the top of Pic Paradis where public access allows you to hike down, or from below at the private nature reserve of Loterie Farm, which has many amenities including a restaurant, pool, and rope courses. Guided tours are available and reserve staff maintains the trail. The trees provide shade and relief from the heat with occasional lookouts to enjoy the view of the ocean and surrounding valley. Birding is especially good in the afternoon.


OF THE WORLD on pic paradis

The climate of St Martin is basically dry, except for Pic Paradis, which receives a lot more rain than down on the lowlands. The road to Pic Paradise leads off the main island ring road near Friar’s Bay Beach on the west coast. Towards the summit the road can only be navigated by four-wheel drive. Alternatively, you can follow the road on foot and with the aid of a map take a different route down, to descend on either the French or Dutch side. On foot, nature-lovers will love the lush tropical vegetation here, the vegetation gets thicker the higher you climb. The air gets a little cooler also so it’s a good place to live, you’ll see some beautiful homes one the way. Once at the top there are some great views of Orient Bay, Orleans, Philipsburg, Marigot and Simpson Bay Lagoon. As you can see hiking is the main activity here, however also you can try the Flyzone, where - strapped in a harness - you can fly on a cable over the forest canopy.





acation is all about relaxing and having fun. Here are a few tips to make sure your stay on island is nothing but smooth sailing.



ISLAND LINGO While English is spoken everywhere the official languages on the island are Dutch in Sint Maarten and French in Saint Martin. You may also hear Papiamentu in Sint Maarten and Creole Patois in Saint Martin. With over 160 different nationalities on the island, you will also hear other world languages such as Spanish, Chinese and Hindi, just to name a few.

MONEY MATTERS The official currency of Dutch St. Maarten is the Netherlands Antilles Guilder (NAF) and on French St. Martin it is the Euro. US dollars and all major credit cards are widely accepted and there are ATMs throughout the island. Identification is needed in order to cash travelers checks.



PHONES To place a call from the resort to numbers on the Dutch side of the island, dial 9 + the 7-digit number. To call the French side of the island, dial 9 + 00590 + 590 + the 6 - digit number; for cell phones on the French side, please dial 9 + 00690 + 590 + the 6 - digit number. Please note that Country Sint Maarten is now part of the North American dialing plan; the North American prefix is 721 followed by the 7 digit number. For example, if you call Simpson Bay Resort & Marina from North America, dial +1-721-544-2503.


The resort it equipped with surveillance cameras and utilizes 24 hour security. In addition, the staff is trained to be on the alert for anything amiss. However, you should still use the in-room safe to store your valuables. Never leave your belongings unattended in parked cars or on the beach. Walking alone at night on the beach or in areas with no streetlights is not recommended. Likewise, do not draw attention to yourself by displaying large amounts of cash or expensive jewelry. When on vacation it is always a good idea to carry copies of your passport, credit card numbers and the phone number of your credit card company in your wallet.

NEWSPAPERS Leading US and European newspapers are available on St. Maarten. For local news, check the St. Maarten Daily Herald and its Thursday Out & About section. Newspapers can be purchased at Peli Deli, located next to the Red Piano.

ISLAND SHOPPING The Island capitals, Philipsburg in the Dutch side and Marigot in the French side, are both duty-free zones full of jewelry and watches, lead crystal, French perfumes, electronics and designer labels. Other good buys are paintings by island artists, local hot sauces, preserves, and Guavaberry liqueur, which is distilled from the berries of a native tree. Ask the Concierge about a free shopping trip to Philipsburg and the water taxi shuttle offered by Aqua Mania Adventures to Marigot. Shopping hours: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. in St. Maarten and 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. on the French side.

RENTING A CAR Rent a car and explore the island at your own pace. Dollar/Thrifty & Paradise Car Rental is located in the Resort lobby. Open Sunday to Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Saturday from 8:15 a.m. to 6 p.m.

TIME ZONE Atlantic Standard Time year round (equivalent to Eastern Daylight Savings Time).

BRIDGE INFORMATION Simpson Bay Lagoon on St. Maarten is a major port for mega yachts and sailboats. To allow boats to enter or leave, the Simpson Bay Bridge has to open. The bridge opens on Airport Road at: 8:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 3 p.m., 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. The new Causeway Swing Bridge opens at: 8:15 a.m., 9:45 a.m., 10:15 a.m., 11:45 a.m., 3:45 p.m. and 5:15 p.m.








GRAND CASE Two nations, two names. Two types of vacations, casinos, beaches and jungle. St. Martin/Sint Maarten is an exotic rum cocktail of French cuisine, Dutch ambience and Caribbean relaxation set on a 37-squaremile island in a sparkling sea of aquamarine. In French St. Martin you have the opportunity to feel the Mediterranean flavor in a tropical way in Grand Case. About 15 minutes by car beyond Marigot and nestled in a northern crook on the French side of Saint Martin, you will find Grand Case, a tiny outpost of French civilization, with an inordinate number of excellent restaurants and a couple of top-notch boutique hotels. Grand Case is a French/Creole small town with kids doing wheelies on bikes, and bougainvillea spilling over picket fences. Top that off with a lovely beachside setting, a main street lined with seriously good restaurants, and an airport where commuter-size airplanes buzz Main Street at regular intervals daily. It’s like a French Mayberry, except here Aunt Bea is a 5-star chef. The town’s low-slung Creole architecture evokes the feel of France’s other New World possessions, such as New Orleans. Grand Case is famously known for it’s delicious French Gourmet food and features more than two dozen restaurants on its mile-long main street. People come from all over the island to these restaurants that are located all along the Grand Case Boulevard.

63 You will see why this town is beloved by tourists and locals for its gourmet cuisine. You can obtain food at very reasonable prices, and if your budget allows, a first class dining experience. Indulging in a delectable French meal after a long day in the sun is one of Grand Case’s greatest pleasures. Cap off your evening by sipping local rum as you marvel at the “green flash” of the sun kissing the sea good night. Late at night the streets tend to be crowded and some of the restaurants close on Mondays. Many of the restaurants offer you free shots of their homemade rum after you have finished your meal or if you order dessert. Boating, snorkeling, diving…there are endless ways to explore the aquamarine waters of Grand Case. This very Caribbean beach is unique as it combines beach fun with village life! The Bay of Grand Case is also the perfect place for a sunset stroll. The sunset views from the Eastern end are magnificent. And while you are enjoying your walk, you can get a firsthand impression of the panoramic views of the bay. Grand Case has a perfect mix of attractions for a truly Caribbean vacation. It is as Caribbean as you can get and at the same time has all the flavors of French ‘haute cuisine’ and ‘savoir vivre’. Spend the day on one of the calmest beaches on the island, perfect for children, but with beach bars lively enough to keep the parents amused. The area comes alive at night when the finest restaurants in the Caribbean show off their best.



Resort Tips



Please take a few minutes to read this section and familiarize yourself with Simpson Bay Resort & Marina’s regulations and the additional services available. We appreciate your cooperation in helping all our members and guests enjoy their vacation, and in helping our staff maintain the resort in tiptop condition. We trust you will have a wonderful stay at Simpson Bay Resort & Marina. Please stop by the Membership Sales Office to renew old acquaintances, pick up the latest information on where to go and what to do, or learn more about the advantages of becoming a member here.




The Resort staff will do everything possible to make your stay pleasant and comfortable and if a problem should arise please report it to the Front Desk. You can rest assured that the matter will be taken care of as quickly as possible, often within minutes. Aside from maintenance requests, situations sometimes occur as a result of human error, for example, confusion over similar sounding names or breakages during Saturday unit changes. Accidents will happen and rather than expecting some form of complimentary compensation, a sincere apology from resort personnel should suffice. The Resort is not a hotel nor is it managed as such. It is non-profit and member dues cover operating expenses only. There are no funds to cover free dinners, extra nights, or gifts. The cost of such compensatory awards would come directly from member dues. Accepting this fundamental difference is essential to understanding why compensation is not permitted for any minor inconvenience you might encounter during your visit.

VISITOR POLICY Simpson Bay Resort & Marina is a private club and access is controlled. All members, guests and other visitors must register at the Front Desk upon arrival. May we suggest that you use discretion when inviting new acquaintances to your unit. All members, guests and visitors must agree to follow the published resort regulations and those of the affiliated facilities they may use during their stay. The Resort also reserves the right to terminate the use of resort facilities to anyone refusing to comply with the rules. The law of St. Maarten, to the exclusion of the laws of any other jurisdiction whatsoever, shall apply to and shall govern, and the courts and authorities of Country St. Maarten shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising from any accident, injury, or illness occurring during your stay at the Resorts or as a consequence thereof.


CHECKING IN Check-in time is 4 p.m. Upon check-in you may request the number of keys you require. A $250 USD refundable deposit is required upon check in. CHECKING OUT Check-out time is 10 a.m. This time is strictly enforced and villas that have not been checked out at the Front Desk and vacated will be charged $100 USD per hour. Housekeeping will remove all belongings to prepare the villa for the next occupants. Complimentary luggage storage is available with the Bellman and changing rooms with showers are available in the gym.

67 MEDICAL SERVICE An independent doctor provides 24-hour medical service. Guests must pay all medical expenses (doctor’s fees, hospital charges, ambulances and prescriptions) directly to the provider. The Resorts assume no responsibility for any medical service provided. CONCIERGE DESK A group of friends in St. Maarten you haven’t met yet. Enjoy the island to the fullest with best recommendations of Restaurants, bars, beaches, the do’s and don’ts. Come to the concierge desk located in the lobby from Monday to Sunday or call 777. NO SMOKING For the health and comfort of fellow guests, a no smoking policy is now part of the official Rules and Regulations. Smoking is permitted on the terraces with the sliding doors closed and using the ashtray provided. Smoking is strictly prohibited at all times inside the units. The policy helps keep your unit in better condition and reduces the need for additional cleaning. Violators of this rule (including smoking in the villa, on the terrace with the sliding doors open or with the ashtray inside the villa) risk a fine up to $150 USD. This fee is the amount it will cost to clean the villa and to relocate the guests the following weeks. Thank you for your cooperation.

OCCUPANCY POLICIES Your unit has been designed to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Observing a few simple rules will ensure the comfort of our members and guests and help keep maintenance costs to a minimum: 1. P  lease do not use bath linens to remove make up, clean dirty items, or in the kitchen. 2. Please do not place plastic items in the dishwasher. 3. Please do not sit on the furniture when wet or covered with suntan lotion. 4. P  lease do not hang towels, bathing suits or other items from the terrace railing. 5. P  lease do not drape damp clothing over the lamp shades or furniture. 6. Please do not litter. 7. In order to prevent mildew, condensation, or odors, please use the air conditioning only when all doors are closed. 8. Each unit has a safety deposit box located inside the closet.

MAID SERVICE Maid service is provided as follows: • • • •

Saturday check in: Tuesdays Two week stay: Tuesdays and Fridays Sunday check in: Wednesdays Two week stay: Wednesdays and Mondays

Each unit contains two extra sets of bath linens. Maids do not clean the kitchen. Before check out all kitchen items must be cleaned and returned to their storage space. If the kitchen and utensils are not clean, a service charge of $75 USD will be levied. Daily maid service is available upon request. Additional fees are $25 USD per day for Studio/Junior Suite, $35 USD one-bedroom villa and $45 USD for a two-bedroom villa. Please review the kitchen inventory, sign the inventory form and return to the Front Desk. Housekeeping will check the inventory and any shortages or unit damage beyond normal usage will be charged to

VOICE MAIL + PLUS You may use the telephone voice mail system to leave messages and if a reply is required, answers will be provided at the earliest possible time. The system allows members and guests to maximize their vacation enjoyment and not spend time looking for or waiting to talk to Managers. To use Voice Mail + Plus, simply dial 1999 and then follow the prerecorded instructions to leave your message for different departments.

the occupant. Please check the condition of the kitchen counter upon arrival, if you notice any damage, please report it to the Front Desk to avoid an additional charge upon check out.

OCCUPANCY LIMITS Type of unit Accommodates Studio - Sleeps 2 Studio - Sleeps 4 One Bedroom Two Bedrooms Penthouse Three Bedrooms

2 persons 4 persons 4 persons 6 persons 6 persons 8 persons




Pool hours are from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., daily. Unaccompanied children under the age of twelve must use the shallow pool area. Children under parental supervision are allowed to use any pool area. To check out beach towels please present the towel card you received at check-in. Please return towels and retrieve your card which must be handed in at the Front Desk during check-out. Beach towels can be exchanged once a day from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. 1. Do not use the pool while service signs are posted. 2. No diving or jumping is permitted. 3. No splashing near the swim-up bars. 4. No bonfires on the beach or pool areas. 5. Radios,  CD or Mp3 players are not allowed in the pool or beach areas without personal earphones. 6. B  ottles or glass items are not allowed in the pool or beach areas. 7. F  loats, rafts and beach equipment are not allowed in the pool area except in the children’s pool. 8. No running or horseplay in the pool area. 9. Do  not take the terrace furniture from your unit to the beach or pool area. 10. When returning from the beach, please shower with fresh water provided near the beach. 11. Pool lifeguards are not available. Swim at your own risk. Please Note: Parents will be held directly responsible for the actions of their children. Please make sure that all family members know and understand the pool rules.


YOUR FEEDBACK PLEASE Your feedback is critical in our performance and improvement process. We appreciate you spending your vacation time at the Resort and ask that you take a moment to complete the survey so we may better serve you on your return visit.

69 ABOUT THE BEACH The turquoise waters and brisk warm breezes of the Caribbean are beautiful and alluring, but safety is still important. Please observe the warning flags prominently displayed on the beach. Black: Do not enter. Red: Strong wave action - unsafe for swimming. Yellow: Moderate wave action - swimming not advisable. Green: Calm sea - enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. All beaches in St. Maarten are Federal property and Simpson Bay Resort & Marina assumes no responsibility for injury, theft or other incidents in this area. Use of the beach and ocean is at the personal risk of the member or guest. Lifeguards are not available and swimming is at your own risk. Swimming at night is not recommended. Do not stake out your territory by placing towels or other items on the furniture or under beach umbrellas. All such items left unattended will be removed promptly by security. It may be possible to reclaim personal items by adequately describing them; however, the Resort beach towels and other equipment so removed will be charged to your account.



$10 USD per hour ($2 USD per extra child). Please contact the Front Desk 24 hours in advance or the Housekeeping department at Ext. 5600, 5615 or 5620. •


Stamps and mail service are available at the Post Office in Simpson Bay Resort & Marina. •


Boarding Passes can be printed in the concierge center (charges apply), call Ext. 777 for information. •


Bellman: $1.50 USD per bag Maids: $3 USD per day A 15% service charge is automatically added to your bill in most of the restaurants on the island. •



Please call the Operator or the Front Desk for assistance. •


Resort refrigerators are equipped with an ice maker. You may also purchase ice at most convenience stores. •


Please check with the Operator by calling 0 as dialing long distance can be expensive. Long distance calls are charged to your villa. Dialing the US: 9 + 1 + area code + phone number International: 9 + 011 + country code + city code + phone number. There is a charge for local calls. •


110 AC (same as in the United States).

For medical services please call the Front Desk at Ext. 5421.


Contact the Front Desk or Security Department.


To become a distinguished Resort Members or receive Membership information,

Please visit the Membership Sales office or call Ext. 5800 for enrollment information. Drop in to learn how to maximize your membership and streamline your portfolio. •


There are laundry rooms in the Dieffenbachia, Bougainvillea, Caladium and Marina buildings and on the third floor between the stairs in both wings of the Villas. All are open 24 hours. You may purchase tokens to use the washing machines and dryers from the Front Desk or at the towel booth across from the Abuilding, $2 USD per token. • TAXIS Available upon request, please ask your concierge or the Front Desk for assistance calling a taxi. A $10 USD refundable deposit is required before calling for a taxi, if none are available. • PARKING A parking permit is required to park your car in the Resorts. This may be obtained at the Front Desk. Please lock your vehicle; management is not responsible for theft or damage.



• MAINTENANCE REQUESTS A maintenance request form is located on the kitchen counter. Please use this form to report any maintenance problems to the Front Desk. • NO ADVERTISING Use of the accommodations and facilities associated with Simpson Bay Resort is limited solely to Simpson Bay Resort members and their guests, exchangers and renters. Resort accommodations and facilities are provided for recreational purposes only, and any use associated with commercial ends is expressly prohibited including, but not limited to, resale of Simpson Bay Resort & Marina Memberships. No “for sale” or “for rent” signs or other advertising shall be placed or distributed in any part of the common areas or the units. The right to place and maintain such signs belongs solely to Simpson Bay Resort & Marina. RESORT DIRECTORY

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES FIRE Familiarize yourself with the fire extinguisher location nearest to your villa and, in the unlikely event of a fire, please observe the following procedures: • Report the fire to the Front Desk at Ext. 5421. • If possible, close all windows and doors. • Leave your unit at once. • D  o not use the elevator – exit the building by the stairs as marked. HURRICANES Hurricanes do not happen instantly and there is ample warning of an approaching storm. You will be advised by Management on the proper safety procedures to follow should the situation arise.


Alexander’s Local Classic


Aqua Mania Adventures


Bon Appetit


Concierge Desk


Fitness Center


Front Desk General Manager House phones L’Aqualigne Spa Lobby bar Local Calls

5421/5422 5331 5424/5426 5211 5940 9 + 7 Digit Number

Membership Sales Office


Operations Manager


Operator & Fax Services


Peli Deli


Pool Bar (B)


Pool Bar (Marina)


Red Piano Bar Security department

5454 5911/5912

Splash Jewellers


The Stone


Thrifty/Paradise Car Rental


Voice Mail




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Lord & Hunter 10

12 13


Alexander’s Local Classic

11 12 13



IN-HOUSE TELEPHONE DIRECTORY To call units within the resorts

Caladium Allamanda Room A1B A2B A3B A4B


71011 71021 71031 71041


Room A1A A2A A3A A4A


71012 71022 71032 71042

Room Ext.

A5B A6 A8 A10

71051 71061 71081 71101

Room A5A A7 A9 A11




Room Ext.


B102 B104 B106-2 B110 B112-2 B116 B118-2 B122 B124 B126 B128 B130 B132 B134 B201 B202 B203 B204

72102 72104 72106 72110 72112 72116 72118 72122 72124 72126 72128 72130 72132 72133 72201 72202 72203 72204

B205 B206 B207 B208 B209 B210 B211 B212 B213 B214 B215 B216 B217 B218 B219 B220 B221 B222 B223 B224 B225

72205 72206 72207 72208 72209 72210 72211 72212 72213 72214 72215 72216 72217 72218 72219 72220 72221 72222 72223 72224 72225

B226 B227 B228 B229 B230 B231 B232 B233 B234 B302 B304 B306 B308 B310 B312 B314 B316 B318 B320 B322 B324

B326 B328 B330 B332 B334 B402 B404 B406 B408 B410 B412 B414 B416 B418 B420 B422 B424 B426 B428 B430 B432 B434







73112 73122 73132 73142 73152 73162

C17A C18A C19A C20A C21A C22A

73172 73182 73192 73202 73212 73222

C11B C12B C13B C14B C15B C16B

73111 73121 73131 73141 73151 73161

C17B C18B C19B C20B C21B C22B

73171 73181 73191 73201 73211 73221

72226 72227 72228 72229 72230 72231 72232 72233 72234 72302 72304 72306 72308 72310 72312 72314 72316 72318 72320 72322 72324

Room Ext.

Room Ext.

Room Ext.


B152 B154 B156-2 B160 B162 B164-2 B168 B170 B174

B176 B178-2 B251 B252 B253 B254 B255 B256 B257 B258

B259 B260 B261 B262 B263 B264 B265 B266 B267 B268 B269

B270 B271 B272 B273 B274 B275 B276 B277 B278 B279 B280

72176 72178 72251 72252 72253 72254 72255 72256 72257 72258

Bougainvillea (b2)

72259 72260 72261 72262 72263 72264 72265 72266 72267 72268 72269

Room Ext.

Room Ext.

Room Ext.


B352 B354 B356 B358 B360 B362 B364 B366 B370 B372 B374

B376 B378 B380 B452 B454 B456 B458 B460 B462 B464 B466

B468 B470 B472 B474 B476 B478 B480 B552 B554 B556 B558

B560 B562 B564 B566 B568 B570 B572 B574 B576 B578 B580


Ext. 72326 72328 72330 72332 72334 72402 72404 72406 72408 72410 72412 72414 72416 72418 72420 72422 72424 72426 72428 72430 72432 72434










73012 73022 73032 73042 73052

C6A C7A C8A C9A C10A

73062 73072 73082 73092 73102


73011 73021 73031 73041 73051

C6B C7B C8B C9B C10B

73061 73071 73081 73091 73101

Dieffenbachia Room








D1 D2 D3 D4 D5

74011 74021 74031 74041 74051

D6 D7 D8 D9 D10

74061 74071 74081 74091 74101

D11 D12 D13 D14 D15

74111 74121 74131 74141 74151

D16 D17 D18 D19 D20

74161 74171 74181 74191 74201







F13 F14 F15 F16 F17 F18

76131 76141 76151 76161 76171 76181

F19 F20 F21 F22 F23 F24

76191 76201 76211 76221 76231 76241

Flamboyant Room


F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6

76011 76021 76031 76041 76051 76061

F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 F12









M201 M202 M203 M204 M205 M206 M207 M208 M209 M210 M211 M212 M213 M215 M216 M217

78201 78202 78203 78204 78205 78206 78207 78208 78209 78210 78211 78212 78213 78215 78216 78217

M218 M219 M220 M301 M302 M303 M304 M305 M306 M307 M308 M309 M310 M311 M312 M313

78218 78219 78220 78301 78302 78303 78304 78305 78306 78307 78308 78309 78310 78311 78312 78313

M314 M315 M316 M317 M318 M319 M320 M401 M402 M403 M404 M405 M406 M407 M408 M409

78314 78315 78316 78317 78318 78319 78320 78401 78402 78403 78404 78405 78406 78407 78408 78409

M410 M411 M412 M413 M414 M415 M416 M417 M418 M419 M420 M510 M512 M515 M517 M520

78410 78411 78412 78413 78414 78415 78416 78417 78418 78419 78420 78510 78512 78515 78517 78520

76071 76081 76091 76101 76111 76121


Bougainvillea (b2)

72352 72354 72356 72358 72360 72362 72364 72366 72370 72372 72374


C11A C12A C13A C14A C15A C16A



72152 72154 72156 72160 72162 72164 72168 72170 72174


71052 71071 71091 71111


72376 72378 72380 72452 72454 72456 72458 72460 72462 72464 72466

72468 72470 72472 72474 72476 72478 72480 72552 72554 72556 72558

Ext. 72270 72271 72272 72273 72274 72275 72276 72277 72278 72279 72280

Ext. 72560 72562 72564 72566 72568 72570 72572 72574 72576 72578 72580

The Villas at Simpson Bay

Villa numbers run from 101 to 113, 201 to 213, 301 to 313, 401 to 413, 501 to 513, 602 to 613, 703, 704, 709. 710, 711, 712, 810 and 811. To call the suite dial 8 + villa number + 0 To call the room dial 8 + villa number + 1 To call the kitchen dial 8 + villa number + 2 Example: Villa Suite Room Kitchen 101 8 101 0 8 101 1 8 101 2





Resort Life Vol. 5, N 1, 2016 • by Royal Resorts Caribbean  

Activities and Entertainment for a week of fun at Simpson Bay Resort & Marina - St. Maarten

Resort Life Vol. 5, N 1, 2016 • by Royal Resorts Caribbean  

Activities and Entertainment for a week of fun at Simpson Bay Resort & Marina - St. Maarten